1817 Gleaner

Gleaner 1817

Published on Friday, at Wilkes-Barre by Isaac A. CHAPMAN

3 Jan. 1817

Married – At Salem on Sunday the 29th of Dec. by Alexander JAMESON, Esq., Jonas ROMICK to Miss Susan MASTERS, all of that place.

Public Notice is hereby given that the Collector of the Revenue of the 20th Collection District of Pennsylvania, or his deputy will attend the office in Wilkesbarre until the 16th day of January inst. At the house of Philip MYERS in Kingston, on Friday the 17th inst. at 11 o’clock A. M. At the store of H. GAYLORD in Plymouth, on Saturday the 18th inst. In Susquehanna County, at the Prothonotary’s office at Montrose, on Monday the 27th day of Jan. inst. at ten o’clock in the forenoon. And in Bradford County, at the Prothonotary’s office in Monmouth, on Friday the 31st day of January, inst. at ten o’clock in the forenoon. For the purpose of receiving the entry of carriages, with the harnessed therefore, agreeably to the act of Congress, passed the 15th day of December 1814, which entry is thereby required to be made, as well in cases where carriages have been entered under the act passed July 24, 1813, as where they had not been so entered, for failing to do which a penalty of double the amount of the duty imposed by the act of the fifteenth December, 1814, will be incurred. Andrew BEAUMONT, Collector.

The Law Partnership of WELLES & MALLERY, is this day by mutual consent dissolved; but the business which has been commenced before the present time will be continued and terminated by both. R. WELLES, G. MALLERY, Wilkesbarre, Jan. 2nd, 1817.

10 Jan. 1817

Andrew BEAUMONT Esq. is appointed by the Governor, Prothonotary of Luzerne County, in place of David SCOTT Esq., appointed Judge.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Jan. 1st:
Stephen ARNOLD
Zebulon BUTLER
Daniel BROWN
George CLARK
Erastus COLE
Lemuel CAREY
Daniel DILLY
Thomas DYER
Joseph FELL
Mary FOX
Thomas GEARY
Ambrose GEARY
Daniel GOULD
Oliver HELME
Valentine HULSIZER
Joseph MAIRS
Frederick MANHOLD
Charlotte MAUS
Caleb MAIN
Stephen PARKER
Gottfried RAISH
Richard STOWES
Wescot STONE
Archibald SMILEY
Crandal WILCOX
Elizabeth WILCOX
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, January 1st:
Samuel BREES
William CHURCH
Fisher GAY
Sylvinia HOYT
Thomas MANN
Thomas B. NASE
Ebenezer PARISH
Matthew PORTER
William SEARLE
peter SETZER
Comfort SHAW
Abigail SPACE

List of Letters in the Post Office at Pittston, Jan. 1st:
Jeremiah BENNET
Eliphalet SMITH & Ebenezer MARCY
Isaac WILSON & Stephen ABBOTT
Isaac WILSON & Samuel FELL

The Members of the Wilkes-barre Religious Tract Society, are requested to pay the amount of their Subscriptions for the present year, to their Treasurer. By order of the Board of Trust. E. CORELL, Sec’y.

17 Jan. 1817

The Susquehanna is frozen now for the second time this winter, the streams are all very low, and much difficulty is apprehended from the want of water.

Amos ELLMAKER, has been appointed Attorney General in the room of Mr. INGERSOL, who is said to have resigned. The truth is, Mr. INGERSOL was turned out of office, but as there was no very good reason for doing such a deed in a rough manner, he was very explicitly invited to resign.

Silver Lake Bank was organized on the 4th inst. and the following gentlemen were chosen directors:
Robert H. ROSE
Eleazer DANA
William CAMP
Isaac POST
David POST
Benjamin LATHROP
George SCOTT
The Directors at their meeting on the 6th inst. chose Robert H. ROSE, President and Putnam CATLIN, Cashier. Montrose.

Misses JEWETTS, Milliners, respectfully return their acknowledgements to the Public for the patronage which they have received, and now give notice that they have removed from their former stand to Franklin Street, second door from Mr. SINTON’S Store, where they have just received from New York an extensive supply of the most fashionable Bonnets, Hats, &c., which, with their usual supply of Millinery, they offer for sale at the most reduced prices. Wilkesbarre.

New Goods at his store in Providence and in Salem, Wayne Co. George HARBERGER

H. BUCKINGHAM, has for sale, Wholesale or retail Coarse Cloths, Stockings, Mittens and Silk-Twist. Kingston.

A Stray Mare came to the premises of the subscriber the 10th day of January inst., about twelve or fourteen years old, with one ear cut off. The owner is desired to come, prove property, pay charges, and take her away. Stephen HOLLISTER, Plymouth.

The person who has my Preceptor in two volumes, will please to return it. Charles CATLIN, Wilkesbarre.

21 Jan. 1817

Appointed by the Governor. Samuel MAFFET, Esq., to be Notary Public for the County of Luzerne.

Died – At New-Haven, (Con.) on the 11th inst., the Rev. Timothy DWIGHT, D. D., President of Yale College, in the 65th year of his age and the 22nd of his Presidency.

Died – At Philadelphia on the 16th inst., Alaxander J. DALLAS, Esq., late Secretary of the Treasury.

Died – At Pittston, on the morning of the 21st inst., William SEARL, in the 66th year of his age.

The Treasurer of Luzerne county will attend at his office in the fire-proof building at Wilkesbarre, on Wednesday of each week. Joel RODGERS, Treasurer.

Elopement. Eloped the 20th inst. from my bed and board, without any just cause, my wife, Rachael. This is to caution all persons against trusting her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts by her contracted. Henry REIMER. Jan. 21st.

Stray. Came to the enclosure of the subscriber last spring, a stray heiffer 2 years old with a crop on each ear, the owner may have her of E. ATHERTON, Kingston.

31 Jan. 1817

Married – At Kingston, the 12th inst., by David PERKINS, Esq., Joseph BLANE to Miss Mary SHAVER.

Married – On the 19th by the same, Peter SHAFFER Jun. to Miss Elizabeth BIRD.

Married – On the 23rd, by the same, Elisha HARRIS, of Exeter, to Miss Celinda HARDING.

Died – At Northmoreland on the 28th inst. Elehu ROGERS.

Susquehanna Bank, At Wilkesbarre. The number of shares required by law to enable this institution to obtain a charter, we learn have been subscribed, and it is expected the Bank will go into operation the ensuing year.

Ohio Lands For Sale, in the county of Geauga (formerly part of Trumbull County). Terms of sale and a variety of particulars relative to the said lands may be had at the Land Office of Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Wilkesbarre.

7 Feb. 1817

Legislature of Pennsylvania. An interesting bill for land holders and settlers, has been before the House of Representatives for several days, and considerable debate had thereon. If the bill passes, it will be greatly in favor of those people called ‘Squatters.’

Fire. On Thursday at 11 o’clock A. M. a fire broke out in the joiner’s shop of Mr. ABBOTT in this Borough. The progress of the flames was so rapid as to render every attempt to save even the smallest article ineffectual. The wind fortunately blew from the nearest buildings, and no further injury was suffered. The loss is considerable to a very worthy and industrious young man; but it is confidently expected from the known liberality of this community that he will not be permitted to bear the loss along. Do we require more, and yet more fatal experience, to prove the necessity of a fire engine, a fire company, and other steps in arrest the progress of this destructive element?

Real Estate at Public Vendue, on the third Monday in February inst., at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, unless previously disposed of at private sale. Land in Pittston Twp., Tunkhannock, Wilkesbarre Borough, Putnam Township (certified to HART & COLT), on Buttermilk Falls Creek (warrantee name of John Paul SHOTE), Lackawanna, Hanover, Newport, Rich Mill on North side of Tunkhannock Creek (patented in the name of Francis SWAIN), Vauxhall on the waters of Marcy’s Mill Pond, north of Tunkhannock Creek (patented in the name of Joshua BEAN), Port Norris, on same side of Tunkhannock (patented in the name of Peter MECKLENBURG, and late property of Isaac OSTERHOUT. At the land office of CATLIN OVERTON & Co., Wilkesbarre. (See article for more description on parcels of land)

14 Feb. 1817

Charles MINER, one of the Editors of the True American and formerly Editor of the Gleaner, has announced to the public that in consequence of a long and severe indisposition, he has relinquished his concern in the True American.

Married – At Waterford, Susquehanna County, Stephen GERE to Miss Abigail OLNEY

Married – John KINGSLEY to Miss Edith R. CASE

Married – Thomas WILLIAMS to Miss Betsey LORD

Married – Preston FITUS to Miss Tryphena WHITNEY Could his surname be TITUS?]

Married – At Springville, John BARD to Miss Almeda WILSON

Married – Elias BULLARD to Miss Phebe DEAN

Married – Beona TUTTLE to Miss Susan ROSENCRANTZ

Married – Jeremiah SPENCER 2nd to Miss Polly GILES

Married – At Bridgewater, Reuben PAMETER to Miss Louisa NICHOLS

Died – At Providence on the 5th inst., John TAYLOR, in the 64th year of his age. He has left a large family to mourn the loss of a husband, a father, and a friend.

Notice. All those indebted to the subscriber for Ferriages or any other way, are requested to come forward and settle their accounts by the first day of March next, or he will be under the disagreeable necessity of making cost for those who shall neglect this notice. Oliver HELME, Kingston.

21 Feb. 1817

On Friday last the thermometer at this place stood at 20 degrees below zero, being 52 degrees below freezing point.

Susquehanna Bank. Agreeably to the provisions of the “Act regulating Banks,” the undersigned being the seven persons first named in the Charter of the Susquehanna Bank, hereby give notice to the Stockholders that an election for thirteen Directors to manage the concerns of the institution will be held at the Court House, in Wilkesbarre, on Saturday the 22nd of March next, between the hours of 2 and 5 o’clock in the afternoon of said day. Matthias HOLLENBACK, Stephen TUTTLE, Joseph SINTON, Henry BUCKINGHAM, Jacob CIST, James BARNES, Daniel COLLINS.

Notice. Easton & Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road. The President and Managers of the Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company have declared a dividend of two dollars on each Share of the Capital Stock of said Company on the 3rd inst. which will be paid to the Stockholders in Luzerne county, or their legal Representatives at the Office of their Treasurer on demand. Stephen TUTTLE, Treasurer, Wilkesbarre.

Public Vendue at the house of Jane CALDWELL on Monday the 10th day of March next. A quantity of household furniture, horses, cows, grain on the ground, farming utensils &c. Jane CALDWELL, Hanover.

28 Feb. 1817

Caution. All persons are hereby cautioned against cutting timber, or carrying away shingles or other lumber from lands belonging to Thomas ALLIBONE, situate on the waters of Nescopeck and Lehigh, under penalty of the law. I. A. CHAPMAN, Agent.

Married – At Hanover on Sunday evening last, Caleb INMAN, to Miss Betsey HARTZELL.

Married – At Tunkhannock by the Rev. Davis DIMMOCK, Peter TOWNSEND to Miss Polly OSTERHOUT.

Died – At Tunkhannock, Edward GOODRICH. (no date)

For Sale, A Farm, Containing one hundred and seven acres situate in Pittston Luzerne County, Pa. There are about Seventy acres cleared, adjoining the farm formerly claimed by John PHILIPS on the west of Lackawannock Creek. On the premises are a frame dwelling house 44 feet by 22 and a good barn, with a good well of water and several fine springs. It is in the midst of a fine settlement and convenient to mills and other water works.
Also a tract of woodland situate in Exeter, containing one hundred acres.
The title to the first mentioned lot is by patent form the state. The other is held by certificate not being yet patented. For further particulars enquire at the land office of Isaac A. CHAPMAN, at Wilkesbarre.

Statement of the Receipts & Expenditures of the County of Luzerne for the year 1816.

Orphan’s Court Sale. By virtue of an order of the Orphans’ Court of Luzerne County, will be exposed to Public Sale, on the premises on Monday the 31st day of March next at ten o’clock A. M. as Estate of Jude GOODALEDEE*, one certain track or messuage of land, situate in the certified township of Putnam, so called adjoining lots number twenty-nine and seventeen in said certified township, containing one hundred and eight acres and one hundred and twelve perches, be the same more or less. One third of the purchase money to be paid on the confirmation of the sale and execution of the due, one other third in six months there from, and residue in twelve months from the confirmation aforesaid to be succeeded by mortgage on the premises. Attendance will be given at the above time and place by Elisha HARDING & David OSTERHOUT. (*This surname is probably GOODALE)

Orphan’s Court Sale. By virtue of an order of the Orphans’ Court of Luzerne County, will be exposed to Public Sale, on the premises on Wednesday the 26th day of March next, as the estate of Jared MARCY, dec’d, viz.
One tract of land situate in the township of Pittston in said County, bounded north eastwardly by the road leading from Peter HALLOCK’S to JINKINS’ Ferry, north by the Lackawana River, west by lands of Ebenezer MARCY, and south by lands of Enos FINCH, containing about fourteen acres, be the same more or less. (See 5 Dec. 1817)
One other tract of land situate in the said township, adjoining the main road leading through Pittston, lands of Joseph MARCY, and lands of said Jared MARCY, and containing ten acres.
And also, one other piece of land situate in said township, bounded by the main road aforesaid, by lands of Peter HALLACK, by other lands of the said dec’d and lands of Joseph MARCY, containing two acres.
Attendance will be given and the conditions of sale made known by Rufus BENNET and Jared MARCY, administrators.

RINEKING & JACOBS, Tayloring Business, recently from Philadelphia,, at the house lately occupied by John J. WARD, corner of Franklin and Centre Streets in Wilkesbarre.

Seth WILSON, Taylor, commenced business at the stand formerly occupied by ROBINSON and KING, near the corner of Northampton and Bank Streets, Wilkesbarre.

7 March 1817

Married – In this town, on Sunday evening last, by the Rev. George LANE, Benjamin DRAKE to Miss Nancy ELY.

14 March 1817

Legislature of Pennsylvania. Saturday, Feb. 8. A petition was presented by Mr. DENISON, from the inhabitants of Nicholson Township, Luzerne County, that said township be erected into a separate election district. And of Mr. BREWSTER, from inhabitants of Jackson Township, in Susquehanna County, that said township may be annexed to Gibson election district, and that the general elections may be held at the house of James BENNETT.

A Teacher Wanted. The trustees of Plymouth Academy are desirous of obtaining a Teacher capable of instructing in the Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and English Grammer, and who can come well recommended for moral character and capability, will meet with good encouragement, by applying immediately to either of the subscribers. Noah WADHAMS, Benjamin REYNOLDS, Plymouth.

For Sale, a farm containing one hundred and twenty six acres, in Union Township, Luzerne County. There are about fifty acres cleared, twenty-five of which is meadow, all on the east side of Huntington Creek. On the premises are a good frame house and frame barn, with a good spring of water near the door. About 40 bearing apple-trees, and a good proportion of timber. Also a farm of the same size, adjoining the above; for further particulars enquire of John BOWMAN, near the premises, or of Jesse BOWMAN, Brier-Creek Township, Columbia County.

21 March 1817

Estate of William SEARLE, late of Pittston, requests payments and demands. Miner SEARL and Henry VAN STOCH, Pittston, Administrators.

Notice. The Partnership of STERLING & FASSETT is dissolved by mutual agreement, all therefore indebted are requested to come forward and make immediate settlement of their accounts by notes or otherwise, as Jasper FASSETT who has done all the business of the firm, is much out of health and unable to attend to his business, the books and accounts of said firm are placed in the hands of Josiah FASSETT Esq. who will attend to making any settlements, all those who neglect to come forward for settlement by the 15th day of April next will be Sued indiscriminately. Daniel STERLING, Jasper FASSETT. Windham.

All those that are indebted to Daniel STERLING are requested to come forward and settle their accounts. Should they neglect, legal measures will be taken to bring them to settlement. Daniel STERLING, Braintrim.

28 March 1817

Married – In this town, on Saturday evening last, by Rev. George LANE, Seth WILSON to Mrs. Rebecca PORTER.

Married – On the same evening, by the same, Thomas JONES to Miss Susan REIMER.

Died – In this town on Sunday last, Capt. Zebulon BUTLER

Died – On Thursday last, James, son of Oliver S. ADAMS.

For Sale, The House, and lot of Land thereunto belonging, late the property of Jeremiah DECKER, situate in the town of Athens, township of Athens, Bradford County, Pennsylvania. The house is nearly new, built of frame, two stories high, about forty feet front on the main street in said village, and about the same depth, divided into convenient apartments, with a spacious piazza in front, and commodious back buildings, all of the best materials and workmanship, built in the modern style, very conveniently calculated for a Tavern and Store, having been occupied for those tow branches of the business by Jeremiah DECKER, and is now in the tenture of Jesse ADAMS. There is also on the premises commodious Stablery and log tinement. The lot is about 200 feet front, and about 300 feet deep to the River Susquehanna, whereon it has a front. For information and terms, apply to Seth S. BARSLOW, at Wysox, Bradford County, or the under mentioned in Philadelphia. John LOHRA or Titus BENNET, trustees for J. DECKER’S creditors.

4 April 1817

Died – At Pittston on Monday morning last, Ebenezer DRAKE, aged about 45 years.

Susquehanna and Tioga Turnpike. Any person or persons willing to contract for making any portion of the Susquehanna & Tioga Turnpike road between the town of Berwic in the County of Columbia and the Towanda Creek in Bradford County are requested to call upon either of the subscribers in Brier Creek Township, near the town of Berwic, who are duly authorized to receive proposals for that purpose. Silas ENGLE, Thomas BOWMAN, Daniel FOWLER, Briar Creek.

Estate of Zebulon BUTLER, late of Wilkesbarre, requests payments and demands. Garrick MALLERY, Steuben BUTLER, administrators.

Dissolution of Partnership. The Co. Partnership heretofore existing between George GORDON and John M. GORDON is this day dissolved, by mutual consent the business will in future be carried on by John M. GORDON in Providence where all accounts with said firm must be immediately settled. George GORDON, John M. GORDON, Wilkesbarre. 20 March 1817

John M. GORDON has for sale at the stand lately occupied by Geo. GORDON & Co., in Providence a general assortment of Goods which he will sell cheap for Cash or Country produce.

Days of Appeal. Notice is hereby given that the Commissioners of Luzerne County will attend at the following places for the purpose of hearing such as may feel themselves agrieved in the Levy of County Tax, for the present year, viz.
Hanover & Newport: At the house of John CARVER, Monday 21st inst.
Sugar Loaf: At the house of Conrad HARMAN on Tuesday 22nd.
Nescopeck: At the house of John BITTENBENDER, on Wednesday 23rd.
Salem: At the house of Henry HEPLER, on Thursday 24th.
Union & Huntington: At the house of Miles SUTLIFF, Friday 25th.
Plymouth: At the house of Daniel PRINGLE, on Saturday 26th.
Kingston: At the house of Philip MYERS, on Monday 28th.
Exeter & Northmoreland: At the house of Elijah AYRES, on Tuesday 29th.
Windham: At the house of Joseph BURGESS, on Wednesday 30th.
Braintrim: At the house of John STERLING, on Thursday, 1st May.
Tunkhannock: At the house of Charles OTIS, on Friday 2nd.
Nicholson: At the house of Ebenezer STEVENS, on Saturday 3rd
Abington: At the house of Lemuel STONE, on Monday 5th.
Greenfield: At the house of Michael VAIL, on Tuesday 6th.
Providence: At the house of Stephen TRIPP, on Wednesday 7th.
Pittston: At the house of Joseph FELL, on Thursday 8th.
Wilkesbarre: Commissioners Office on Friday 9th.
The lists of children, whose parents are unable to pay for their schooling will, will also be regulated at the same time.
James REEDER, Lord BUTLER, Isaac HARTZELL, Commissioners.

Notice. The subscriber after acknowledging the liberality and promptitude of many of his customers, would inform those concerned that he has set out with a fixed resolution to collect in his debts. His several relations to society render it peculiarly unpleasant to him to be under the necessity of resorting to legal measures to enforce payment; but such appear to be the habits of many in the country, that they give themselves no concern about paying their debts until prosecuted, such will most assuredly be called upon. George LANE, Wilkesbarre.

Public Notice. Retailers and all those who are delinquent in the payment of the United States duties and taxes must with the least possible delay comply with the Requisition of the laws to prevent the unpleasant attention of compulsion. Harris JENKINS, Collector, Wilkesbarre.

New Goods at REYNOLDS, GAYLORD & Co., Plymouth.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, April 1st:
William APPLE
Benjamin BAILEY
Catharine COOVERT
Rev. Amos CHASE
Richard DILLY
Abijah EATON
Jeremiah FULLER
Benjamin FULLER
Frederick GROUP
Daniel GOULD
William GOULD
Isaac GRUVER & John JACOBS Jun.
Michael & John HOOVER
Frances IRWIN
Elizabeth JACKSON
Henry KAIN
James LINN
Josiah H. MINER
Shalon M. PERRY
Ebenezer PARRISH
Godfrey RAISH
Denah RAY
Benoni STONE
Leonard SANTEE
George SACKS
Phillip SWARTS
Wiscot STONE
William M. WALKER
Isaac WISE
Lucretia WOODS
William WRIGHT
George & Frederick WAGONER
Sherman WATSON
Jacob CIST, P. M.

List of Letters in the Post Office at Kingston, April 1st:
Samuel BREES
Daniel BROWN
Aaron DEAN
Thomas CASE
David C. SILL
Silvanus FULLER
Fisher GAY
Daniel HOYT
William JONES
Daniel LEE
Griffin LEWIS
Josiah LEWIS
Philip MYERS
Christian MILLER
Andrew RAUB
Nathan SMITH
Elnathan WILSON

11 April 1817

For Sale. A Farm containing one hundred and twenty six acres, situate in Union Township, Luzerne County, Pa. There are about fifty acres cleared, twenty-five of which is meadow, all on the east side of Huntington creek. On the premises are a good frame house and frame barn, with a good spring of water near the door. About 40 bearing apple trees, and a good proportion of timber. Also, a farm of the same size, adjoining the above; for further particulars enquire of John BOWMAN, near the premises or of Jesse BOWMAN, Brier Creek Township, Columbia Co.

Notice. The stockholders of the Wilkesbarre Bridge Company re requested to meet at the Court House in the Borough of Wilkesbarre on Monday the 5th day of May next, between the Hours of two and six o’clock in the afternoon for the purpose of electing one President, one Treasurer and six Managers for the ensuing Year. Benjamin PERRY, Secretary.

Law of Pennsylvania. An act to prevent the making, issuing, reissuing and circulating certain description of notes and tickets in the nature of bank notes, for other purposes. (Ten sections of the law listed)

We this week publish a new law of Pennsylvania, concerning the circulation of such notes as are not of charted Banks. In consequence of this law, Bridge and Turnpike notes can no longer be received at the bank at this place, but Bridge and Turnpike notes are still current and are received at all the stores and taverns &c. and paid by the Treasurers, of those institutions, in this Town. We observe the law does not forbid one individual from receiving them of another.

Thomas DUNCAN Esq., a federalist of Carlisle, is appointed by Gov. SNYDER a Judge of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, in the place of Jasper YEATES Esq., dec.

Died – At Kingston, on Wednesday last, Elisha ATHERTON, aged 52. For many years a respectable inhabitant of that place.

Died – (From Daily Advertiser, Philadelphia) On the 10th inst., in the 76th year o his age, at Belmont in the County of Wayne, Samuel MEREDITH Esq. Mr. MEREDITH was a native of Philadelphia, and was among the foremost of those patriots, who, at the commencement of the revolution, took an active and decided part with his country. He encountered the hazards and endured the privations attendant on the times, being personally engaged at the cannonade of Trenton and the battle of Princeton; and afterwards with his family suffering in exile on the occupation of Philadelphia by the British. His country held him in high esteem, and at a subsequent period conferred on him the appointments of member of the State Legislature, and of Congress under the confederation.
From early youth he was intimately known to Gen. WASHINGTON, who justly appreciated his worth, and appointed him, on the organization of the government in 1789, Treasurer of the United States. In this office he continued till the close of 1801, when he resigned it to enjoy, among his family and early friends, the pleasures of retirement. It is here in the domestic relations of husband, father, brother and friend that Mr. MEREDITH appears particularly to have been esteemed and beloved. His integrity, affability, cheerfulness, affectionate and hospitable disposition, peculiarly endeared him to all within the circle of his friendship and affection. While the young won by the charm of his frank and bland familiarity, felt ever honored and happy in his society. His patience under acute suffering from complicated maladies, which he bore without complaint, excited the deepest sympathy. This suffering his family endeavored to alleviate by the most tender assiduties. May their sorrow at his departure be softened by the reflection that it was not until he had arrived at an advanced age that he ended his well-spent life, and that he has left his virtues a rich inheritance to his children.

Died – In the meridian of life, on Sunday the 23rd March at Harrisburg, where she was called to pay the attentions of an affectionate wife to a sick husband, Mrs. Martha READ, daughter of the late Samuel MEREDITH, Esq. Her excellent qualities and amiable disposition, which shone with mild luster in the several relations of daughter, wife, mother and friend, intimately endeared her to the circle who most sensibly feel their bereavement at her departure.

Arks For Sale. The subscriber offers for sale two Arks proper for taking coal down the River, one of which is at Wilkesbarre, the other at Tunkhannock. The terms of sale will be made known on application to H. BUCKINGHAM, Geo. CHAHOON or John BUCKINGHAM. Tunkhannock.

Letters on hand in Providence Post Office, April 1st:
Rev. Urias ALLEN
Benjamin BROWN
Ebenezer COBB
Isaac BOYN
Jacob MYER
Benjamin SLOCUM, P. M.

Notice. All persons indebted to William BARNES, are requested to make immediate payment, to James BARNES or B. D. BARNES, who are hereby duly authorized to settle my accounts. Wm. BARNES.

Valuable Lands. The Trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Academy, Philadelphia, offer for sale a body of about 10,000 Acres of very valuable New Lands, partly in Tioga and Lycoming Counties. These lands were a donation by the state of Pennsylvania to this Academy at the time of its institution.

Two Farms for Sale, delightfully situate on the line between the Township of Kingston and Plymouth, directly opposite and in view of the Borough of Wilkesbarre, for further particulars – apply to Henry BUCKINGHAM near the premises.

18 April 1817

Abstract of Laws of Pennsylvania (See article for complete listing)
1) An act to improve the navigation of the river Delaware.
2) An act for the proposed of improving the navigation of the Susquehanna River.
3) Three thousand dollars appropriated to improve the navigation between the towns of Northumberland and Columbia.
4) 2000 dollars for improving WILLIAMS’S road, along Lycoming Creek, crossing the head of Towanda.
5) 300 shares of the stock of the Wilkes-barre and Easton Turnpike road, when the company shall have been incorporated.
6) 10,000 dollars to be subscribed in the stock of the Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre turnpike road.
7) 5,000 to be subscribed on the stock of the Milford and Owego turnpike road.
8) 1,000 appropriated and to be subscribed in the Milford and Owego turnpike.

The following communication we did not receive until last week, or we should have freely given it an earlier insertion.
” In the course of the dispensations of Providence, I have been deprived of a son 12 years of age, who slipped under the ice in the Susquehanna river, opposite my house in Athens township, on Saturday the 8th instant, and was seen no more. It is possible that when the river breaks up this spring, he may be case on some of the islands and be found; should such be the case, the person who may find him, will render the greatest consolation to his bereaved parents, by giving him a decent burial. The expenses in such case shall be promptly paid, and the obligation greatfully acknowledged by the bereaved parent. Moses PARK, Athens, March 11th.

Died – At Kingston, on the 11th (14th?) inst., William BARNES, Merchant, formerly of Wilkesbarre.

Militia Notice. Notice is hereby given, in obedience to the 17th section of the Militia Law, passed in 1814, the several Colonels within the bounds of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Pennsylvania Militia, are hereby directed to have their regimental or battalion trainings on the following days to wit:
The first Battalion in the 70th Reg’t, commanded by Col. Isaac DIMICK, on Monday the 12th day of May next. The second battalion, on Tuesday the 13th.
The second battalion in the 76th Regiment, commanded by Col. Frederick BAILEY, on Wednesday the 14th. The first battalion, on Thursday the 15th.
The first battalion in the 2nd Regiment, commanded by Col. Isaac BOWMAN, on Friday the 16th. The second battalion, on Saturday the 17th.
The Colonels to designate the places for training, with the privilege of meeting by regiments, on either of the days above mentioned for the training of their battalions.
The Captains or commanding officers of companies are directed to pay particular attention to the supplement of the Militia Law passed March 1816, and make returns of their rolls accordingly to the Inspector on or before the day of battalion training.
Isaac POST, Inspector 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, P. M.
N. B. The supernumerary officers that marched to Danville in 1814, can receive their pay by presenting their accounts, approved by the Brigadier General, to Isaac POST at his office at Montrose.

Notice. The Managers of the “Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company” are requested to attend a stated meeting, at the house of Isaac SLOCUM in Tunkhannock Township, Luzerne County, on Friday the 9th day of May next at 8 o’clock A. M. Punctual attendance is requested as business of importance will be laid before the Board. By Order of the President. Benjamin PERRY, Secretary, Wilkesbarre.

Notice. The President and Managers of the Clifford and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company, are requested to attend a stated meeting, at the house of Cyprian COBB, (formerly William SIMRILLS’) in the Township of Greenfield, Luzerne County, on Tuesday the 29th day of April instant at 10 o’clock A. M. on business of importance. Benjamin PERRY, Secretary, Wilkesbarre.

25 April 1817

Regimental Orders. The Commanding Officers of Companies in the 76th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, will cause their respective Companies to be disciplined agreeable to law on the 1st Monday of May next; and also be careful to furnish the Inspector on or before the battalion trainings with the proper rolls required by the supplement of 1816. The 2nd Battalion will meet at Chapman CARR’S in Montrose on Wednesday the 14th, and the 1st Battalion at Major Isaac SLOCUM’S in Tunkhannock on Thursday the 15th of May next, at 10 o’clock A. M. equipped for inspection and military discipline as the law directs. Capt. Miner SEARLE, Capt. Abel MARCY and Lieut. Josiah ROGERS, are directed to hold Court of Appeal for the 1st Battalion at Maj. Isaac SLOCUM’S in Tunkhannock on Wednesday the 28th day of May next; and Capt. Isaac GOODSIL, Capt. Heil TUPPER and Lieut. Francis FORDHAM, will also hold a Court of Appeal for the 2nd Battalion, at Edward FULLER’S, in Montrose, on Wednesday the 28th day of May next. Courts of Appeal to convene at 10 o’clock A. M. The Presidents of the Courts of Appeal will observe that they must now make a return to the Auditor General agreeably to the supplement of 1816. Frederick BAILEY, Colonel, 76th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, Waterford.

2 May 1817

Died – At Waterford, on Sunday the 20th inst., Mrs. Nancy, consort of Capt. David MORGAN, and daughter of Rufus KINGSLEY, formerly of Lisbon, (Conn.) aged 29 years, after a short but distressing illness. It may be truly said of this amiable woman, that in life she enjoyed the confidence and esteem of all who knew her, and her death was sincerely lamented by all her relatives, neighbors and acquaintance. On Tuesday her funeral was attended by a large concourse of people, and a solemn and impressive discourse, delivered by the Rev. E. KINGSBURY, from Hebrews 9th, 27th. – “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.”

Estate of William BARNES, late of Wilkes-barre, request payments and demands. James BARNES, Adm’r., Plymouth.

Dissolution of Partnership. The Partnership of SMITH & FULLER is this day dissolved by, mutual consent. The business in future will be continued by Charles FULLER; it therefore becomes expedient that all persons indebted to the above mentioned firm, either by note or book account, should make immediate payment to Charles FULLER, who is duly authorized to settle all accounts due to, and likewise from the firm. Zury SMITH, Charles FULLER, Wilkesbarre.

9 May 1817

The following gentlemen were elected on Monday last, officers of the Wilkesbarre Bridge Company for the ensuing year. President – Joseph SINTON Treasurer – Jacob CIST

Managers – James BARNES, Henry BUCKINGHAM, Elias HOYT, Stephen TUTTLE, George M. HOLLENBACK, Daniel COLLINGS.

Married – In this town, on Wednesday evening last, by Thomas DYER, Esq., Edward COVELL to Miss Sarah S., daughter of Gen. William ROSS, all of this place.

Died – On Sunday last, at Moyallen (near Wilkesbarre) Thomas, an infant son of Sidney TRACY.

Died – At the seat of Judge HANSON, in Maryland, Hon. Thomas P. GROSVENOR, aged 38 years; a Representative in Congress from New York; a gentleman of distinguished talents. He was a native of Windham County, Connecticut.

Died – At Saco, (Mass.) Maj. Gen. Cyrus KING, aged 54, late member of Congress.

Dreadful Fire. Sunbury, April 24. On Saturday night last, the brewery of E. LYON, in Northumberland, caught fire, and thought every exertion was made to arrest the progress of the flames, the brewery, the distillery, the dwelling house &c. occupied and owned by Mr. LYON, as also the stable and kitchen of Mrs. FRICK were consumed. The amount of property lost is estimated at upwards of eight thousand dollars.

Suicide. On the 19th inst. Jacob MILLER, of Sunbury, aged 26, put a period to his existence, by hanging himself with a silk handkerchief, in the cellar of the house in which he lived. The deceased has the appearance of being a harmless young man.

An Act concerning certain released and uncertified lands within the limits of the seventeen township of Luzerne County.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in General Assembly met and it is hereby enacted by the authority of the same, That all lands lying within any of what were formerly known as the seventeen townships in the county of Luzerne (under the act of the fourth day of April one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine and its supplements) that have been heretofore released by Pennsylvania claimants under said acts and not certified to Connecticut claimants may be applied for and titles shall be granted for the same in the same manner and on the same terms that other unappropriated lands within the said county are disposed of and so much of the act of the fourth of April one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine as requires the said released lands to be sold at public auction is hereby repealed.
Provided nevertheless, That any person or persons having improved or heretofore claimed any of said lands shall have a preference in making applications for two years and no longer on payment of interest or purchase money from date of settlement. And proved also that nothing herein contained shall be construed to extend to lands released by Pennsylvania claimants lying within what are called “The Pitches” or to any tract or tracts or parts of tracts of land excluded by the original township lines and for which compensation has not been made but the same shall revert in the original owner or owners thereof their heirs or assigns.

A German Redemptioner. 40 Dollars Reward. Absconded from the subscriber on Sunday, the 20th of April, inst. a German Redemptioner who arrived at Philadelphia, the 12th of November last, passed by name of Charles MYERS, about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, about 22 years of age, well proportioned, red face. His face much disfigured with small pox, short hair. He had on a grey roundabout a striped jacket, a new pair of striped pantaloons, an old pair of shoes, a fur hat half worn. He is by trade a Blacksmith, but has been employed by me at the Gunsmith trade. He is a good German scholar, a Catholic Professor and understands a little French and Latin languages. He can talk no English. The above reward and all reasonable charges will be paid on delivery of said Charles MYERS to me or the 40 dollars if lodged in any jail and information sent thereof to Jacob ROPP, Halifax, Dauphin County.

Orphans’ Court Sale for estate of Jude GOODALE, to be held on the premises on Monday the 2nd day of June next at 10 o’clock A. M. (Ad previously listed in Feb. 28th issue)

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held on the premises on Monday the 2nd day of June next at 10 o’clock A. M., as the real estate of Abraham RICE, dec. One certain tract or messuage of land, situate in the township of Providence, in the county aforesaid, bounded on the south by the certified township line of Providence aforesaid, on the east by lands of William WERTZ and others, on the north by lands of William KNAPP, and on the west by lands of Samuel W. FISHER, containing one hundred acres. Attendance will be given and terms of sale made known at the time and place above mentioned by Isaac HART, administrator. By the Court. A. BEAUMONT, Clerk.

Public Vendue. Will be sold at Pubic Sale, on Saturday the 30th day of May next, at the House and Store of the late Zebulon BUTLER, dec. all the personal property of the said deceased, consisting of Store Goods, Farming Utensils, Household Furniture, Horses, Cows, Hogs, &c. The Sale will commence at 10 o’clock A. M. Attendance ill be given, and terms of sale made known by Garrick MALLERY, Steuben BUTLER, Administrators.

16 May 1817

Regimental Orders. The 2nd Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia is directed to meet at Beachgrove Plantation, Salem Township, near the house lately occupied by Nathan BEACH Esq., on Saturday the 17th of May next, at 10 o’clock A. M. completely equipped for the discipline. The line will form at 11 o’clock, when the officers roll will be called, and the different company rolls at half past 11 o’clock precisely; those being absent at either roll call will incur the penalty of the law. Capt. George TAYLOR, Lieut. John J. WARD and Lieut. Thomas HARTZELL, are the officers appointed to hold the Court of Appeal for the 1st Battalion, to meet at the house of A. CRESMAN in Hanover, on Friday, the 30th day of May next, at 11 o’clock A. M. Capt. Henry BOWMAN, Lieut. Richard DODSON, and Lieut. John BADLACK, are the officer appointed to hold the Court of appeal for the 2nd Battalion, to meet at the house of John JONES in Berwick on the same day and at the same hour. The president of the several courts will make returns of the absentees to the Auditor General, agreeably to the supplement of 1816. The captain or commanding officer of each company will be punctual in furnishing the Inspector with the rolls required by the supplement of 1816, on or before the general training. Isaac BOWMAN, Colonel, 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, Wilkesbarre.

New Lands For Sale or Exchange. About forty thousand acres of excellent land, situate in the county of Susquehanna and State of Pennsylvania, in the midst of the finest settlement in that county, is offered for sale. There are several hundred families already settled upon the tract of which this composes a part, and they are principally industrious and intelligent people from different parts of New England. Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Wilkesbarre. (See ad for more information)

20 Dollars Reward. A reward of from five to twenty dollars according to amount of damage proved, will be paid to any person who will inform against those depredators who have been cutting timber on a lot of land in Sugar Loaf Township, formerly owned by John ECHY, of Philadelphia, so that they may be prosecuted to conviction in the Court of this County; and also the same will be given for information against any person who may hereafter trespass in like manner on said land. For Anthony ECHY, Henry BUCKINGHAM, Kingston.

Married – In Boston, Samuel M. MACKAY, Esq., Aid to Major General BROWN, to Miss Catharine G., daughter of late Hon. Samuel DEXTER.

Died – In this town, on Saturday last, Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of John EVANS, Esq.

Wanted. A smart active lad, form 12 to 16 years of age, as an Apprentice to the Tobacco Manufacturing Business. M. HENTZ, Wilkesbarre.

Susquehanna Bank. We the subscribers have been appointed Trustees for certain purposes expressed in an article of agreement, entered into on the 12 day of April last, do hereby, in pursuance thereof, inform the public that a number of shares in the Susquehanna Bank have been placed at our disposal, which those who are inclined, have now an opportunity of taking up. Ten dollars on each share will be required, which must be immediately paid either in specie or the notes at par in Philadelphia, of some chartered bank of this or one of the neighboring states. No other notes will be received without the current discount. This regulation has been deemed necessary to enable the bank, without loss, to keep up the credit of this paper, and to place all the stockholders on an equal footing as regards their payments. For the above purpose we will attend at Mr. REEDER’S Inn, at Wilkesbarre, on Monday the 2nd day of June next, at 10 o’clock in the morning; and on Tuesday the 3rd, at the same hour, at Mr. BUCKINGHAM’S Store in Kingston. Should the object of our appointment require it, we will attend at Mr. REEDER’S in Wilkesbarre, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon of each day, as many of the succeeding days, as may be necessary for that purpose. Benjamin DORRANCE, Henry CLYMER, Wilkesbarre.

New Store – William WRIGHT. Respectfully informs the citizens of Wilkesbarre and its vicinity that he has just received from New York a general supply of dry goods, groceries, crockery, Queens Ware, Hardware & Cutlery; which he will sell on the most reasonable terms for cash or country produce. Wilkesbarre.

Notice. To the Supervisors of Highways. All transcriptions for Unseated Lands, not returned, copied and handed to the Treasurer before the second Monday in June next, cannot be legally collected until after June 1820. Joel ROGERS, Treas’r.

Notice. The Stockholders in the Wilkes-barre Bridge Company are hereby notified that an Instalment of ten dollars on each share must be paid to the Treasurer, at his office, on or before the 15th day of June next. Another instalment of ten dollars on the 15th day of August; and a further and last instalment of ten dollars on the 15th of October next. By order of the Board. Jacob CIST, Treasurer. N. B. A penalty of five per cent per month, for neglect of payment of the instalments as they become due, will be exacted.

Notice. The Subscriber having disposed of his Real Property and stock in trade, and intending shortly to depart for France, requests all those who are indebted to him in any way whatever, to come and discharge their accounts immediately. All accounts unsettled after the first day of June next, will be placed in the hands of Thomas DYER Esq. for collection. Attention to this notice will confer a favor on the subscriber, and save him the disagreeable necessity of resorting to coercive measures. He has a variety of household and kitchen furniture, which he will dispose of at a very cheap rate. Lewis DELAMANOM, Wilkesbarre.

Tale of the “Hermit of Wyosox,” Bradford County, including a poem.

23 May 1817

We have been requested to inform the citizens of Wilkesbarre and its vicinity, that Rev. HOYT has been unexpectedly called from home, and that his last and farewell discourse to the inhabitants of this place will be deferred to the first Sabbath in June.

Married – In Harrisburg, on the 29th ult. by Rev. WILSON of Cumberland County, John TOD, Esq., late speaker of the Senate of this state, to Miss Mary R., eldest daughter of the late Gen. John A. HANNA of that borough.

Married – On the same day, at Lancaster, Henry SHIPEN Esq., to Miss Elizabeth W., daughter of E. R. EVANS, Esq., of Sunbury, deceased.

Bank at Wilkesbarre. Notwithstanding information has been given that those who are sued by the Bank may, by paying the expense incurred, renew their notes in the usual way, or give their Bonds payable in one year with interest. Those interested are now informed that unless they avail themselves of the present conditions, the most rigorous methods will be pursued without delay. John BETTLE, Cashier.

Mr. DELACHAUZX, from Switzerland, respectfully informs the inhabitants of Berwick that he has established himself as a watch maker. In which business he doubts not to be able to accommodate all who may favor him with their patronage.

Notice to Turnpikers. By a resolution of the President and Managers of the Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company, on the 9th of May inst., the subscriber was appointed a superintendent and contractor for the purpose of making the southern section of the artificial road, commencing at the west bank of the Susquehanna River, nearly opposite the mouth of Tunkhannock Creek, and extending to the Borough of Wilkesbarre. I will attend at the house of Isaac KEELER, in Northmoreland, on Monday the 2nd day of June next, for the purpose of receiving proposals for making the said artificial road by the mile or otherwise. Ezra TUTTLE.

Notice. The executors of the Estate of Henry DRINKER, dec. hereby give notice to all persons indebted to the said estate, and whose debts have become due in whole or in part under contract stipulations, by Bonds, Mortgages or otherwise, that for the discharge of the trust committed ot them, and towards finally settling the affairs of the said estate, it becomes their duty to call on all from whom debts are due and payable , to make payment of the same forthwith. William DRINKER Jun. will be deputed to receive any payments which may be made in Luzerne County and in the Townships of Waterford, Springville, Bridgewater, Rush and Auburn in the County of Susquehanna, and will remain in the said Counties a reasonable time for the purpose. John and Job TYLER, in Susquehanna County, and Jason TERREY, of Wayne County are Agents of the Executors, and will receive payments from persons who have become debtors under their agencies. It is hoped by the Executors that prompt payments will prevent any necessity for resorting to collections by other hands, and by legal enforcement.

30 May 1817

Take Notice, that I have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, of the County of Luzerne, for the benefit of the insolvent laws; and that they have appointed the twenty-fifth day of June next, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, to hear me and my creditors at the Court House, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre. At which time and place my creditors can shew cause, if any they have, why I should not be discharged agreeably to the provisions of the Acts of the Assembly, in such cases made and provided. John HAMER, Wilkesbarre.

Coppersmith. Joseph OAT, opposite the Washington Hotel, Wilkesbarre, informs his friends and the public that he can furnish them with copper and tin ware of any description, at a short notice, for cash. Also, an assortment of Brass tea & Wash Kettles on hand.

Notice of Tayloring Business by John J. WARD, next door to the store of Messrs. B. DRAKE & Co. and nearly opposite the Store of Jacob & Joseph SINTON, in Market Street.

Notice. By virtue of an act of the General Assembly of the State of Pennsylvania, entitled “An act to authorize the Governor to incorporate the Lackawanna Turnpike Road Company.” the undersigned Commissioners hereby give notice that books will be opened to receive subscriptions for Stock of said Company, on Monday the 30th day of June next, at the following places respectively to wit: At the house of John WRAGG in Stoddartsville, at the house of David OSTERHOUT in Tunkhannock, at the house of Ebenezer SLOCUM in Providence, and at the house of Joseph FELL in Pittston, and kept open six hours in every juridical day for six successive days, or until two hundred and fifty shares shall be subscribed therein. John STODDART, Ebenezer SLOCUM, John GARDNER, Dleazer CAREY, Com’rs.

100 Barrels of Rye Whisky and a Quantity of Country Gin, for sale by the barrel. Elias HOYT, Kingston.

Wool Carding at Shoemaker’s Mills in the upper part of Kingston on the shortest notice and in the best manner. Samuel SHOEMAKER, Kingston.

6 June 1817 [Starts new Vol. 2 # 1]


Published on Friday, at Wilkes-Barre

Wilkes-Barre Bridge. We observe with much pleasure the progress which is making with the Bridge at this place. The work was commenced on the opening of the present season, under the superintendance of Mr. POWEL, one of the contractors. The two abutments are nearly completed, and the piers ready to be sunk as soon as the present swell of water has subsided. Present appearances give us the most ample assurance that the contract will be completed by the stipulated time.

On Friday last, a person of the name of Matthew SEARS, was brought to this place and confined in jail, a charge of passing counterfeit money. He was apprehended we understand in Salem, and had counterfeit notes on one of the Baltimore Banks. The example of Seneca PAGE and others, we hope will induce our police officers to be a little more vigilant in guarding him.

The cut worm is destroying cornfields in Baltimore……..It has been well ascertained that sowing the wheat after the first frost, effectually prevents the fly. Farmers are too apt to sow early. On the Susquehanna in the sate of Pennsylvania, the fly is not known where the grain is put into the ground after the first frost in September. The writer from his own experience, can assert this as a face.

Philadelphia, May 19. The cut worm. It is stated that the cut worm has already become very destructive to young Indian corn. An easy remedy is said to be found in making a few holes with a sharp stick about the hill, into which the worms fall and are unable to get out. These holes we are informed, have been found half filled with them in one night, by those who have made the experiment.

Emigration. Jeremiah MEAD, and his brother with their children (30 in number) left New York on Wednesday last; in 4 waggons, on their way to the state of Indiana.

Married – At New London, (Conn.) Major Thomas WILLIAMS, of New York, to Miss Lucretia, daughter of Hon. Elias PERKINS.

Married – At North Stonington, Isaiah W. HALLOWAY, of Charleston, R. I. to Miss Nancy BENTLY.

Married – At Waterford, Daniel AMES, of Montville, to Miss Asenah POWERS. (no date)

Married – Winthrop HULBUT, of New London, to Miss Patty SMITH. (no date)

Died – At Norwich, (Conn.) Jonathan CROCKER, aged 50. (no date)

Died – At Weston, Mrs. Ruth EDWARDS, aged 70, late wife of Deac. John EDWARDS, of Trumbull. (no date)

Died – At Newtown, Mrs. Phineas TAYLOR. (no date)

Died – At Middletown, Mrs. Abiah SAVAGE, aged 80. (no date)

Died – At Danbury, Thomas HOYT, aged 36. (no date)

Died – At Granby, on the 21st inst., Mrs. Phebe, wife of Capt. Abner CASE, aged 38. (no date)

Take Notice, that I have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, of the County of Luzerne, for the benefit of the insolvent laws; and that they have appointed the twenty-fifth day of June next, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, to hear me and my creditors at the Court House, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre. At which time and place my creditors can shew cause, if any they have, why I should not be discharged agreeably to the provisions of the Acts of the Assembly, in such cases made and provided. Joseph STEPHENS.

Sale. Will be sold at Public Sale, on Saturday the 14th inst. at two o’clock P. M. at the house of John P. ARNDT, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, to the highest and best bidder, for the term of nine months, commencing on the 1st day off July next, The right of the Borough to the Ferry over the River Susquehanna, opposite said Borough. Conditions made known at the time of sale. Jacob J. DENNIS, Barnet ULP, Committee appointed by the Town Council for the sale of said Ferry.

13 June 1817

Artemas SHATTUCK, of Middlebury, N. Y., on the 16th inst., had his foot caught in a tree while chopping wood. Eventually he was able to sever his foot with his penknife at the ancle joint and on his hands and knees was able to crawl home. (Batava, N. Y., May 24) (See article)

A very unpleasant occurrence took place in Berwick, on the day of the late Regimental Review in Salem. According to our information, a person of the name of CULP got into a dispute with another of the name of CUSTABATER; when CULP, seizing a rifle which was in CUSTABATER’S hands, struck him with it a violent blow, which being aimed at his head fell upon his shoulders, and broke the stock entirely from the barrel, leaving the barrel in CUSTABATER’S hands, who immediately struck CULP upon the head with it. CULP fell and lay some time, but at length recovering, he mounted his horse and proceeded homewards. Night came on, and early in the next morning CULP was found dead by the side of the road. He appears to have been intoxicated at the time of the conflict. CUSTABATER has given himself up for trial.

Pork & Whiskey For Sale By the Barrel by George CHAHOON & Co., Wilkesbarre.

Masonic Notice. The Anniversary of St. John The Baptist will be celebrated on Tuesday the 24th inst., at the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre. The members of Lodge No. 61, and also of other Lodges, are requested to attend. The members will convene precisely at 10 o’clock; a discourse will be delivered at 12, and dine at 3. Arnold COLT, Noah WADHAMS, Fisher GAY, B. D. BARNES, Committee of Arrangements, Wilkesbarre.

Belmont & Oghquaga Turnpike. Two books will be opened in Wayne County to receive Subscriptions to Stock. Thomas MEREDITH, Jirah MULFORD Jun., Sanford CLARK, Joseph TANNER, Benjamin KING, Asa STANTON and Tho’s SPAFGENBERG commissioners.

Caution. The Public are cautioned against taking the purchase of two judgment notes I gave to Moses WHALEY, one for 95 and the other for 78 dollars, dated March 20th, 1817, as the conditions on which said notes were given have not been complied with. I am determined not to pay them unless compelled by law. Wyllys D’WOLF, Windham.

Wool Carding will be done by the Subscriber at ROBINSON’S Mill, in Windham Township. The Machine will be in complete operation by the 15th day of June, inst. Those who will favor him with their custom may depend on having their Wool Carded in the best manner. The wool must be picked and grease sent with it. R. ROBINSON, Windham.

Wool Carding at their Machine on Laurel-Run a little north of the Borough of Wilkesbarre. H. PARSONS and J. P. JOHNSON

20 June 1817

Died – In this town, Mrs. Ellett WOOLEY, at an advanced age .

Fire. The late elegant house of Doctor F. VANDERBURG, of Geneva, N. Y., was on Monday night last laid in ashes – loss estimated at about three thousand dollars. (Geneva, N. Y., May 28)

Suicide! On Monday, the 2nd inst., Dr. BAKER, of Kutztown, a young man of good circumstances and respectability, put an end to his existence by hanging himself! His body was found, sometime after the execution of the deed, suspended from a tree by a handkerchief, about two miles from Kutztown. He was much subject to melancholy, but from what cause we cannot tell. (Easton paper)

Discovery of another Mammoth, at the village of Chester, five miles ___ of Goshen, Orange County, on Tuesday and Thursday the 27th and 219th of May last. The discovery was made by and in the presence of Dr. Samuel L. MIREHILL, Messrs. William, Peter and Isaac TOWNSEND, John YELVERTON, P. S. TOWNSEND, MD, Townsend SEELY, MD, Miller WHARREY and Silvanus MILLER, Esq. The fact which led to the search originated from a conversation between the above mentioned gentlemen at the house of the Hon. Anthony DAVIS, in this village on Monday evening, May 26. It was mentioned in the course of this conversation, that a large bone had been dug up here in a bog meadow, about twelve years since, which at that time excited a great deal of remark among the neighbours. Mr. YELVERTON, brother to the owner of the bog meadow, recollected the occurrence distinctly, and on the following morning pointed out the particular spot. He felt satisfied himself that a number more lay undisturbed in the soil. After exploring along the ditch of the meadow for only a few yards, we struck upon something of the sound and feel of bone – and on removing out the mud and water, laid bare the massive relics themselves. The bones were carefully removed, and brought to this city on Saturday last by Drs. MITCHELL and TOWNSEND; and are now deposited in the apartments of the Lyceum, under whose sanction these gentlemen were travelling at the time of this important discovery. (Columbian).

Married – At Norwich (Conn.) on the 5th inst. by Rev. MITCHELL, Eliphalet TERRY, of Hartford, to Miss Lydia COLT.

Married – Jabez BACKUT to Miss Arsenath PARKIS (no date)

Married – At Colchester, Amos ROGERS of Montville, to Mrs. Polly CHACE. (no date)

Married – At Philadelphia, on Thursday, the 5th inst. by Rev. PILMORE, Rev. James ABEREROMBIE, DD, Senior Assistant Minister of Christ’s Church, St. Peters and St. Mary’s, to Miss Mary MASON, of the Island of Barbadoes.

Died – At New London (Conn.) Thomas ALLEN, jun., aged 36. (no date)

Died – Mrs. Hannah, wife of Samuel STROUD, aged 25. (no date)

Died – Miss Mehitable, daughter of Capt. Daniel CHAPMAN, aged 26. (no date)

Died – On the 7th inst. Mrs. Lydia MANWARING, aged 80.

Died – At Colchester, Mrs. Miriam, wife of Asa DANIELS. (no date)

Died – Mrs. Sarah, wife of Cephas CONE. (no date)

Died – In Canterbury, Mrs. Abigail, wife of Nathan HYDE, aged 60. (no date)

Died – At East-Haven, suddenly, on the 20th ult, Samuel TUTTLE, aged 78, senior warden of the parish of Christ’s Church.

Died – At Manlius, N.Y., Leonard KELLOGG, of the firm of KELLOGG & CLARK, publishers of the Manlius Times.

Died – In England, Rev. Thomas TAYLOR, the oldest preacher in the Methodist communion, aged 77. He is said to have traveled 100,000 miles, and to have preached 20,000 times.

Wanted, As an Apprentice to the Printing Business, a smart, active lad, of from 14 to 16 years of age. One from the country would be preferred. Enquire at this office.

27 June 1817

William CHILDS, Esq., is appointed Cashier of the Susquehanna and Marietta Trading Company. Vice Jacob ROHRER, Esq. resigned on account of ill health.

Fourth of July. At a respectable meeting of Republicans, convened at the house of Harris JENKINS, Kingston, on 24th June inst., for the purpose of electing a Committee of Arrangement for celebrating the Fourth of July next, it was unanimously voted that Oliver PETTIBONE be Chairman and Fisher GAY Secretary of said meeting. Voted also, that William SWETLAND, John PERKINS, Samuel THOMAS, Samuel SUTTON and John TURNER, be a Committee to superintend the proceedings, and to make preparatory arrangements for said day.

Parts of the page for the following is missing or cut from the paper:

Meadville, Penna., May 30. Tuesday last came on the trial of George Speth VANHOLLAND, charged with the murder of Hugh FITZPATRICK, late of Bloomfield Township, Crawford County, in February last, and continued until Wednesday evening, when the jury retired, and after an hour’s absence returned with a verdict. – “Guilty of murder in the first degree.” Thursday he was again brought to the bar of the court to receive the awful sentence of death……The sentence which this court now judges __nd awards, is, That you be taken from hence to the goal of the County of Crawford, for__ __nd from thence to the place of public exe__n and that you be there hanged by the ______ until you are dead.

Horror. We learn that Capt. MORRISON has been committed to jail in Augusta (Mai__) the charge of having attempted ___ __er his divorced wife in the street, by ____ loaded gun at her. At the last ____, were hopes of recovery of the ____ __ate lady.

Married – On Tuesday the 10th inst., by Rev. George DUFFIELD, Charles GORDON, Esq., of North Carolina to Miss Barbara, daughter of And___ GALBRAITH, Esq., deceased, late of _____, Pennsborough Township, Cumberland County.

Died – At his seat in Thompson, (Co. ____) on the 30th ult., after an illness of four d___, Noadiah RUSSELL, Esq., in the 58th year of his age.

Died – At Killingly, on the 2nd inst., after a s__ and distressing illness, Oliver TO_____, 2nd.

Died – At Preston, Jabez STORY, aged 8____. (no date)

Died – At Lyme, Lucretia, dau. of ____ Alfred MITCHEL, of Norwich. (no date)

Died – At Boston, Mass., Hon. Tristram ______TON, aged 79. He was formerly a Senator in Congress and had sustained various other public offices, with high reputation. (no date)

Died – At Boston, Mass, William B____DICK, late editor of the Boston Evening Gazette. (no date)

Died – At Milton, on Wednesday morning, the ____ inst. after a lingering illness Jac_____ SEYDEL, Innkeeper, aged 38 years.

Died – At Philadelphia, on Friday last in the 73rd year of his age Fre__ H___, formerly Post-Master General of the U. S., a native and long an inhabitant of that city.

Died – In Marlborough, Capt. John PARKER, at the advanced age (according to the best information) of One Hundred and Twenty years! For a long time past he has been supported, by the town. (no date)

Died – In Germany, Dr. S. STILLING, famous journalist. (no date)

Take Notice. All those who are indebted to Lewis DELAMANOM (late Merchant in the borough of Wilkes-Barre( are requested to call at the Store, lately occupied by the said Lewis and settle their accounts with the subscriber, who is fully empowered to settle the same. A Speedy compliance with this request may save cost. Solomon DESERENS.

The Pews. In the Wilkes-Barre Meeting house, will be let on Saturday the 5th? day of July next, at 4 o’clock, P. M.

4 July 1817

Died – In this town, on Wednesday evening last, Mrs. Celinda ABBOTT, aged 23 years, consort of Abial ABBOTT.

The Small Pox has made its appearance in the vicinity of Wilkes-Barre. Three cases are already known within a mile below the town. A meeting of the citizens was held on Wednesday evening at the Court House, for the purpose of adopting such measures as might be thought proper to prevent the extension of the contagion. Our citizens will now see the propriety of having their families vaccinated without delay, and fortunately good vaccine matter, we understand, is now in town.

Extract For An Act, to alter and establish certain post roads. Be it enacted by the senate and house of representatives of the United States of America, in congress assembled that the post roads hereafter named be discontinued. In Pennsylvania: From Wysox by Orville and Warren to Nanticoke and From Silver Lake or Montrose to Binghamton. Sect. 2 And be it further enacted, that the following be established post roads: From Montrose, by Orwell and Warren to Athens and From Shickshenny, by Huntington, Jackson and Evernville, to Jersey-town.

Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
William BARNES
Joseph S. BARNES
John BOWN or William BOWN
Elemuel CAREY
William CAMM
Alpheus DAVIS
Jonathan DAVIS
Elijah DONE
Charles FULLER, G. GORDON & Co.
Jacob GOOD
Daniel GOULD
William HART
William M. HART
Barnard HUGHES
Abraham HEART
John KELLY or Benjamin HALLOWAY
Edward INMAN
Franklin JENKINS
Jehoida P. JOHNSON
Thomas JONES
John A. LOEB
Joshua LEG
George LEE
Samuel MILLER Jun.
Capt. John NEILSON
Strange N. PALMER
Stephen PAYNOR
Artemesa PRESTON
James H. PHINNEY or Oliver PHELPS
Alanson B. SHAW
Doctor White G. SPENCER
Frederick STEPHENS
Edwin TACY
Melchoir TRANSU
William S. WAIT
Jacob CIST, P. M.

11 July 1817

The annual meeting Pennsylvania Grand Encampment of Knight Templers, held at Masonic Hall in Philadelphia on Friday the 13th of June. Complete list of the Grand Officers elected.

A Monster in Human Shape. Goshen, New York, June 17.
On Saturday last was committed to the common goal in Orange County, Julia, wife of James ELLIS, of this town for an attempt to murder. It seems a misunderstanding the day previous, about the disposal of the only cow of her husband, to furnish herself with a new suit (as she had been very recently wedded to him) resulted in this awful attempt on his life, which, as nearly as we have been able to learn, is as follows: After much wrangling and many harsh words, towards the close of the day, she in a rage seized a broad axe which stood in the cooper’s shop (a building to which they had resorted for shelter since the late destruction of their house by fire) and aimed a deadly blow at his head, in dodging which his shoulder received the stroke, which cut through his collar bone and nearly severed his arm and shoulder from his body. Alarmed for the consequences of the brutal, inhuman act, she left him weltering in his blood, and fled to a copse of wood which was situated not far distance from the scene of horror, where she secreted herself for the night. Horror of conscience, a parched, feverish tongue, hunger, or some other cause, exposed her to view the day following, when she was taken and secured in prison, there to await her sentence in September term. Mr. ELLIS’S life is despaired of. It will be recollected that a very short time since Mr. ELLIS’S house was consumed by fire – one of his children perished in the flames, and another still languishes under the lacerating pains of that unfortunate event. We forbear stating what public opinion was at that time, lest we should incur the imputation of excutating and undue prejudice. Mrs. ELLIS remains unconvicted – there existed many hard thoughts.

Thomas M’KEAN, Esquire, one of the worthies who signed the Declaration of our Independence, died at Philadelphia on the 24th inst.

Land For Sale. The subscriber having purchased the tract of land formerly owned by Phineas BOND, Esq. situated on the head waters of the Loyal Sock and Towanda Creeks, through which a turnpike road is now layed out, and to be commenced this season, running from Berwick on the Susquehanna to Towanda and Tioga, called the Berwick and Tioga Turnpike.
The above land is acknowledged to be of the first quality, equal to any land in the state of the same extent; but as those who wish to purchase any part of the above described land will probably examine for themselves it is though unnecessary to say more than to assure them that they will not be disappointed as to the quality of the land. Terms will be made easy on application to the subscriber in the town of Berwick, PA. Theodore PHINNEY.

Public Vendue. Will be sold at public sale, on Saturday the 26th July, inst., at the store of the late George JEWETT, of Tunkhannock, deceased, all the personal property of said deceased; consisting of Store Goods, &c. The sale to commence at ten o’clock A. M. Attendance will be given, and terms of sale made known by Charles JEWETT, Tunkhannock.

Estate of John KEAN, late of the township of Salem, in the County of Luzerne, requests payments and demands. Jesse HICKS, Acting Administrator.

Notice. To the Heirs of William COBB, dec. Take notice that an inquest will be held at the late dwelling house of William COBB, deceased in the township of Salem, in the County of Wayne, on Tuesday the 12th day of August next, between the hours of ten o’clock A. M. and two P. m. of that day, for the purpose of making partition of the real estate of the said deceased to and among his heirs and representatives, if the same can be done without prejudice to, or spoiling of the whole; otherwise to value and appraise the same according to Law. At which time and place you are requested to attend if you think proper. Salmon JONES, Sheriff, Bethany. (See 17 October 1817)

18 July 1817

For sale three likely Cows, enquire of E. BROWN, Kingston.

Sunbury, July 9. The Fourth of July, as far as our information extends, has been pretty generally celebrated in this part of the Commonwealth, with but little acrimony or party bickerings. An accident happened at Milton owing to the explosion of a cannon, by which two persons were severely injured.

The Storm, which was but partially felt in this town on Sunday evening last, has been very destructive to property about nine miles distant from this place, on the N. E. branch of the Susquehanna. we are credibly informed that the farm of Mr. DEPUY has suffered much. It is supposed that he will not receive no more than the seed from fields of grain which promised upwards of three hundred bushels; one half of his orchard has been destroyed, and a great part of his finest timber torn up by the roots. Messrs. WOOLVERTON and HANGHAWOUT’S farms have also suffered severely by this storm, and the roof of Mr. WOOLVERTON’S barn was blown off. The storm, of hail, rain and wind, was about a quarter of a mile in width, and extended from west to east. What has been the extend of damage we cannot at present say. The waggon-shed of Mr. DEPUY was moved several feet by the wind.

Died – In this town, an infant son of George DENISON, Esq. (no date)

Died – In Plymouth, Mrs. Patty, consort of Daniel LAMOUREAUX. (no date)

Notice. Proposals for filling in the earth of Abutments of the Wilkes-Barre Bridge, will be received by either of the Subscribers, until the first of August next. Elias HOYT, Stephen TUTTLE, James BARNES, Daniel COLLINGS, Committee.

Military Election. Notice is hereby given to the enrolled Militia within the bounds of the first Battalion, 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, that an election will be held at the house of Isaac HARTZELL, Esq., in Hanover township, on Friday the 8th day of August next, between the hours of 10 A. M. and 6 o’clock P. M. for the purpose of electing by ballot, One Major for said battalion, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Major Oliver HELME. Isaac POST, Inspector.

N. HENTZ, Tobacco Manufacturer, Wilkesbarre, informs his friends and the public that he can furnish them with all kinds of Tobacco. Which will be sold at the Philadelphia prices. He informs the public that he does not make use of copperas, but manufactures his tobacco from the best Virginia leaf. N. B. Two Apprentices wanted to the above business.

25 July 1817

Died – In this town, Mrs. Sally, consort of John BETTLE, Esq. (no date)

Died – Adeline, an infant child of Ira ASH. (no date)

Died – At Plymouth, Mrs. Abigal, consort of William PACE. (no date)

Died – Mrs. PARISH, consort of Capt. Ebenezer PARISH (no date)

Awful Casualty. Jacob MARQUART (from Middletown, Dauphin County) was struck by lighting at the saddlers’s shop of Abraham M’CORMICK, at White Post, on Saturday last and instantly killed. Ewell BAKER and Mr. M’CORMICK were also injured.

Special Meeting. The managers of the Clifford and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Road Company, are requested to meet at the house of Henry COBB in the township of Greenfield, Luzerne County, on Friday the 15th day of August next at 10 o’clock A. M. on business of importance. Punctual attendance is requested. By order of the President. Benj. PERRY, Sec’y.

Surveying by George HAINES, Wilkes-Barre.

Letters Remaining on hand in the Post Office, Kingston, July 1st:
Gideon BEEBE
Archippus CHILDS
Thomas CASE
Leonard DEVANS
Aaron DEAN
Abraham DATES
Sylvanus FULLER
Fisher GAY
Oliver HELME
Elias HOYT
Margaret HUNTER
John IKE
Elijah IDE
William LOVE
Josiah LEWIS
Daniel C. MANN
Christian G. OCHMIG
Ariel V. HANN?

1 August 1817

Norwich, Conn., July 16. Law Intelligence. At the Court of Common Pleas, June term, William GREEN, alias GAY, was convicted of stealing 52 dollars from the desk of William CHAPPEL, and sentenced to be whipped 10 stripes, fined and imprisoned. Dyer COMSTOCK was tried and convicted of an outrageous assault upon the person of his mother and daughter with a sharpe axe, sentence find and imprisonment. Silas STEWART was convicted of a desperate assault upon the person of Elias PECK, with an axe, and sentenced to find and imprisonment. Henry BAGGS alias Francis Leander SHUYLER and Avery BAGGS, were committed to the County goal in this city, charged with the robbery of Messrs. HULL & WHEELER’S store, in March last. SCHUYLER is charged also with the robbery of Mrs. WITTERS house, in June 1816; the robbery of the inn of Eleazer P. ADAMS; the stealing of a horse from Mr. J. GIFFORD in March of last year; and sundry other offences. SCHUYLER pretends to be a confectioner from Philadelphia – He is in fact from Washington County, R. I.

Died – In this town, Mrs. COLLINGS, at an advanced age. (no date)

Died – Mrs. WHITTON. (no date)

Accident – A child of Mr. SIVERLEY’S was killed by a loaded waggon passing over it, on Saturday afternoon last.

Died – In Easton, George BIDLEMAN, aged 53. (no date)

Nicholas BIDDLE, Esq., has resigned his seat in the Senate of this Commonwealth.

8 Aug. 1817

Moscow, New York, July 17. A murder was perpetrated on the evening of Saturday last, at an Indian settlement a few miles south of this village, upon the body of John JAMISON, and Indian, by another Indian called Young Doctor, assisted by his brother. JAMISON’S head was beat in the most shocking manner with stones, and afterwards cut in several places with an axe.

Cannon Factory, established by Peter TOWNSEND, Esq., on Chambers’ Creek, Newburgh.

Died – At Painsfield, Ohio, on the 7th ult, Hon. Samuel HUNTINGTON, aged 49, native of Norwich, Conn. He moved to Ohio in the summer of 1801.

Died – At Mayfield, N. Y., Mrs. Catharine STARR DENISON, consort of Thomas DENISON, in the 82nd year of her age. (no date)

Died – At New York, Capt. Thomas S. SEYMOUR, of Hartford, Conn. of the late 25th Regiment U. S. Infantry, a brave and meritorious officer. (no date)

Died – In Newport, Lieut. William S. NEWEL, of the U. States Marine Corps, formerly of Charleston, aged 21. (no date)

Died – On the 17th of May last, at Middlesex (Stamford) Conn., Eliseph WHITNEY, aged One Hundred and Three Years, three months and three days. He left 7 children, 51 grandchildren and 15 great grand children.

Most atrocious Murder – Mr. HUNTER, one of the Justices of the peace for Delaware County, Penn., as shot in the back, one day last week while mounting his horse, and expired three days afterwards. He had been requested to draw up a will for Mr. WORRELL, now deceased, who had many relatives, but chose to leave all his property to a little boy, somewhat a stranger to the family; and the validity of the will was consequently questioned – the trial was to have taken place this week – and the cowardly villain who shot him, supposed it would be reversed by putting the principal witness out of the way. We forbear saying no more. A reward of 300 dollars is offered for the supposed murderer. (See 22 August 1817)

Notice. All persons indebted to the subscribers by note or book account are requested to call and settle before the 20th inst.,; after which time all unsettled accounts will be put in proper hands for collection. Adrian FERTE & C., Berwick.

15 August 1817

Elias B. TERRILL, of Orange, New Jersey, in bringing his horse from the field on Wednesday last, got the halter twisted around his arm; when the horse being frightened ran off and dragged him a considerable distance. He died of his bruises a few minutes after his release.

Accidents – Mrs. KENNEDY, wife of Thomas G. KENNEDY, Esq., of Newton, Penn. was lately drowned in a creek near her residence. She was in the act of rescuing her son, who had fallen from a boar into the creek. The boy was preserved.

On the 8th ult, a son of Egbert EXBERTSON, aged about 13 fell from a boat on which he was learning to swim, and was drowned. N. Y. Advertiser few days since, with two heads, four eyes, three ears, six legs, four before and two behind, and two tails. It is now living.

The late rains and the destruction of bridges have prevented the mail from going up the river any further than

Indiana, Penn., May 5. Extraordinary – A cow of Mr. D. SAMPLE, who lives near this borough, had a calf a Tunkhannock, and we understand that all the newspapers were destroyed, and that the mail got very wet. Our subscribers therefore will not receive our last paper in consequence of the above circumstances.

The Freshet. The Susquehanna and its tributary streams, have been so swelled by the late rains, that property to a very great amount has been destroyed within 100 miles of this place. The extent of the injury we have not yet ascertained; we learn however that several mills have been entirely washed away, and a great number of mill dams destroyed. The find large bridge over the Tunkhannock at its mouth, went away on Saturday night, and on Sunday a portion of it rested against one of the piers of the bridge now erecting at this place. The bridge over the Meshoppen at its mouth was also nearly destroyed. Besides lumber, drift-wood, &c. which came down the river, there has been taken up household furniture and provisions. Fortunately the wheat and rye harvest, which has been very good, was already gathered in. We hear of no lives which have been lost in consequence of so sudden and unexpected a fresh.

Charles MINER, formerly Editor of the Gleaner, and more recently one of the Editors of the True American, has purchased the establishment of the Chester and Delaware Federalist, published at West-Chester, Pennsylvania.

A Sketch of the History of Wyoming. The Subscriber contemplates putting to press during the next year. A Sketch of the History of Wyoming: and he respectfully requests that such of those who may be now living, and bore an active part in the early transactions of this country, and who are solicitous for the correctness of the work, will be good enough to furnish an account of such particulars as may have come to their knowledge, assuming them that the favor will be very gratefully received; and any well authenticated information, in addition to the collection already made will be very thankfully reciprocated. Isaac A. CHAPMAN

Died – At Wethersfield, Ct., on the 24th ult, Miss Elizabeth G. TALCOT, aged 32. (Listing of organizations she gave money to in her will – See article)

22 August 1817

Flood destruction in the Borough of York, Pennsylvania, on 9th August. (See article)

It will seem by the accounts which we this day publish, that the late heavy rain has been very extensive and destructive. In Luzerne and Susquehanna Counties, we learn that the bridges are generally carried away – several mills in Susquehanna County – all the mill-dams and most of the mills on Mahoopany – the mills at the mouth of Meshoppen – Mr. SUTTON’S mills in Exeter, and many others whose names we do not recollect, are entirely destroyed.

It is said that the person who has been accused of shooting Edward HUNTER, Esq. of Delaware County, has been apprehended at Jendintown. (See 8 August 1817)

Susquehanna Bank. The Subscribers, or one of them, will in pursuance of their appointment, attend at the following places for the purpose of receiving subscriptions for Stock in the said Bank, viz:
Wilkes-barre: At James REEDER’S on Saturday the 23rd inst. and Saturday the 30th.
Kingston: At Naptali HULBUT’S, on Monday the 25th.
Plymouth: At William C. JOHNSON’S, on Tuesday the 26th.
Berwick: At Mrs. BRYAN’S, on Thursday the 28th.
Pittston: At Joseph FELL’S, on Monday the 1st of September.
Tunkhannock: At Isaac SLOCUM’S, on Friday the 5th.
Braintrim: At Daniel STERLING’S, on Saturday the 6th.
Henry CLYMER, Benjamin DORRANCE, Wilkes Barre.

Orphan’s Court Sale. To be held at the late Mansion House in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, on 6th day of October next at ten o’clock in the forenoon as the real estate of Zebulon Butler, Esquire, late of the Borough of Wilkes-Barre. One tract called Butler’s Bower, being parts of lots Nos. 26 and 27 in the first division and part of lot No. 13 in the town plot or second division, containing 46+ acres and another tract in same, being lot No. 12 and part of lot No. 11 and an Island in the river Susquehanna, containing 80+ acres. Garrick MALLORY and Steuben BUTLER, administrators. (See 21 Nov. 1817)

Remedy for the Difficulty of Hearing by Dr. D. GREEN, Reading, Penn., Berks county.

Notice. Is hereby given to the Stockholders of the Clifford and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Road Company, that by a resolution of the Board of Managers of said company, that the following installments on each and every share of the stock must be paid to the Treasurer of said company. Five dollars on or before the first day of November next and Five Dollars, on or before the 1st day of January 1818. In case of default of payment on said shares five per cent interest per month will be required. Asa DIMOCCK, Treasurer, Clifford Township, Susquehanna County.

29 August 1817

Homer, New York, Aug. 4. Infanticide – ON the 28th ult, Betsey BENNET, of this town, was suspected of having the night before become the mother and murderer of an illegitimate child. Search was made and the child found dead, in a hollow stump near the house of George BAKER, on lot 96 where the said Betsey resided. A Coroner’s Inquest was called. The suspected mother of the child, who before denied the whole, now owned that the child was hers, and that she had put it where it was found; but said that it was not alive when born. The Jury of Inquest, on the examining of the body of the child, found marks of violence on the forehead and throat; the former apparently by a stone, the latter evidently by a hand, the impression of the fingers being visible. The verdict was returned of Willful murder by the said Betsey BENNET. She was immediately ordered into custody and awaits her trial at the next term of Circuit Court, probably in the month of June next.

Horace Speth VANHOLLANDT, executed for the murder of Hugh FITZPATRICK, on Saturday last. (Meadville, Tenn., August 1)

Melancholy – On Friday last, as a wedding party were returning, the horse of William HALL became unmanagable – the rider was thrown from his seat against a tree and instantly killed. The deceased was a respectable young man, in the heyday of life. (Lewistown, Aug. 8)

5 September 1817

Died – At New-Orleans, on the 26th ult, Major Thomas A. HELMES, formerly of the United State Dragoons.

The report that the murderer of Edward HUNTER, Esq., being taken at Jenkintown proves incorrect. A man answering the description of CRAIG (the murderer) has been apprehended in Danbury, Conn., and committed to jail. Two gentlemen from Delaware County (says the Chester Federalist) have gone to Danbury in consequence of the information obtained.

Attention. “Why Didn’t You Tell Me You Would Sue Me.” To avoid this common and palliating question I conceive to be the only use of a dun in the newspaper. Merely as a complaint, I now tell all those whose accounts are due, that unless they either settle with me, or renew their old promises, they soon must be Sued. Elias HOYT, Kingston.

Susquehanna Bank. Agreeably to the provisions of the “Act regulating Banks,” the undersigned being the seven persons first named in the Charter of the Susquehanna Bank, hereby give notice to the Stockholders that an election for thirteen directors, to manage the concerns of the institution, will be holden at the Court House in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, on Saturday the fourth day of October next, between the hours of 2 and 5 o’clock in the afternoon of said day.
Jacob CIST
Stephen TUTTLE

General election will be held in Luzerne County on Tuesday the fourteenth day of October next. Stephen VAN LOON, Sheriff.

12 September 1817

Fatal Accident. During the shower of rain which fell on Wednesday last, a most fatal accident happened at Newport. A young man, son of John GRAVER, while mowing away a load of oats, was struck by lightning and instantly killed. His sister, leaving a small child in the house, ran out to see the corpse of her brother, who had been so unexpectedly called from time to eternity. She returned a few moments after, but imagine her feelings and surprise when she saw the child she had left, lying dead on the floor! No bruises or marks of violence were to be seen on its body, and the cause of its sudden death was not then, not is it yet, ascertained.

The Independent Republicans in the County of Luzerne met to appoint delegates to attend a county meeting at the house of N. HURLBUT in Kingston, on Tuesday the 23rd inst. at 1 o’clock P. M. for the purpose of forming a general ticket to be supported, also two delegates to meet delegates from Susquehanna County, at the house of Isaac SLOCUM in Tunkhannock, on Wednesday the 24th inst. from a ticket for such officers as the two counties jointly elect.

Independent Meeting. At an unanimous meeting of the Mechanics and workmen employed in erecting a Bridge over the river Susquehanna at the borough of Wilkes-Barre, convened at the Washington Hotel, to take into consideration the subject of the ensuing general election. George CHAHOON was called to the Chair and Joseph C. POWELL appointed secretary.
The object of the meeting being disclosed, the following resolutions were unanimously adopted.
Resolved. That as independent men, unawed or uninfluenced by violent party men or measures, but having a heart the real & substantial interests of our country – looking forward to “Principles and not men,” we will unite with our fellow-workmen at the upper and lower end of Schuylkill, and at Pittsburg, in support of General Joseph HEISTER, the last revolutionary officer that can probably ever again be elected governor of Pennsylvania.
Resolved, That knowing as we do his ardent desire for the internal improvement of Pennsylvania, and knowing that he will encourage the erection of bridges upon the acknowledged principle of bridge architecture which we pursue, (and not that which depends on a single link for its support,) and by a sound and liberal policy increase the happiness and prosperity of the State, we will give him our support, and do most sincerely recommend him to the people.

Orphan’s Court Sale. Will be exposed to public sale on the premises at the estate of George JEWETT, dec. on the 21st of October next – One equal undivided third part of the following described tract or parcel of land, to wit. One tract of land situate in the township of Tunkhannock, on the outlet of MARCEY’S Lake, and containing 400 acres or thereabouts, with two saw mills thereon, generally known by the name of BARNUM’S Mills. Attendance will be given at the time and place, and terms of sale made known by Charles JEWETT, Administrator. (See 5 Dec. 1817)

Estate of Charles COOPER, late of Pittston, requests payments and demands. Nathaniel GIDDINGS, Administrator.

19 September 1817

Supplement act enjoining certain duties on the holders of warrants not executed, and on the holders of unseated lands. (See article)

John CRAIG, of Charlestown Township, Chester County, who on the 19th of July last, shot Edward HUNTER, Esq., of Newtown Township, Delaware County, and for whose apprehension a reward of 300 dollars was offered, was brought to this city last evening, in irons, and committed to prison. True American

On Thursday morning last the trial of Cornelius JONES commenced at Bethany, Wayne County, for the murder of his step-father, Isaac ROSWELL, in February last. It appeared that the prisoner had taken great pains to procure the fatal poison and that the sickness under which the deceased labored for a considerable time before his death, had been induced by arsenic thrown into pap; the principal part of which had been discharged from his stomach in a few minutes after it had been swallowed. The night preceding the death, the prisoner had attended him and towards morning he put opium in cinnamon tea and arsenic in cider, which he gave him for drink. The prisoner confessed all the circumstances to several respectable inhabitants of Bethany. The Jury having returned their verdict of guilty of Murder in the first degree. It only remains for the court to pronounce the sentence of the law.

Died – Suddenly, At Lyme, Conn. on the 2nd inst., Mrs. Lucreita, wife of Samuel STERLING, aged 81 years.

Died – At Waterford, on the 2nd inst., Ezekiel ROGERS, aged 31 years.

Died – At N. Stonington after a short illness, Mrs. Nancy, consort of Capt. Hosea WHEELER Jr. She was a member of the 2nd Baptist Church of N. S.

Died – Very suddenly, on Saturday evening the 7th inst., after a short illness, Mrs. Mary Ann G. the truly amiable consort of James LAPMAN (or LUNMAN?), Esq., aged 43 years. A mother of ten children. Connecticut Gazette

Died – At Tumasse, Pendleton, S. C., on the 11th ult, General PICKENS, a distinguished revolutionary patriot.

Died – At Philadelphia, on the 1st inst., Samuel SMITH, of Philadelphia, aged about 80 years, long and approved minister in the Society of Friends.

Died – At Saybrook, on Friday last, General William HART, at an advanced age.

Died – On the 15th ult. at his seat in Greene Co, Georgia, Hon. Peter EARLY.

Orphan’s Court Sale. Will be exposed to public sale on the premises at the estate of George NACE, dec. on the second Monday of October next – a parcel of land in Kingston Township, being part of lot No. 18 in the third division, containing 45 acres. Attention will be given, and conditions of sale made known at the time and place of sale by Elias HOYT, Executor.

26 September 1817

The undersigned informs the patrons of the Gleaner that he has transferred his interest in the establishment to the junior Editor, and that the paper will hereafter be conducted by him. Isaac CHAPMAN.

Federal Meeting on Sept. 23rd at the house of N. HURLBUT, Kingston, Rosewell WELLES, Esq., was chosen Chairman and Eleazer CAREY, Secretary. Voted unanimously that the following be recommended: Joseph HEISTER for Governor; Alexander JAMESON for County Commissioner and Benjamin BAILEY for Auditor.

At a meeting on Sept. 24th at the house of Isaac SLOCUM, Tunkhannock, Eleazer Carey was chosen Chairman and John PERKINS, Secretary. voted unanimously that the following be recommended: George LANE and Cornelius CORTRIGHT for Assembly of Luzerne and Susquehanna Counties; Nathan PALMER for Congress.

Died – In this town, Mrs. GEORGE, consort of William GEORGE. (no date)

Died – In Kingston, a child of Isaac CARPENTER. (no date)

Married – At Danbury Conn., Henry CATLIN, Merchant of Willingboro’, Susquehanna County to Miss Mary GRUBB, formerly of Wilkes-Barre.

Notice. The Commissioners of Luzerne County will attend at the house of Peter HALLOCK, Inn keeper, in Pittston, on Monday the 6th of October next, at 11 o’clock in the forenoon for the purpose of selling at public vendue to the lowest and best bidder – the building of a Bridge, across the Lackawanna Creek at or near WRIGHT’S Forge, agreeable to the plan and conditions at the time and place made known.

Regimental Orders. Monday the 20th of October next being the day designated for the commencement of parade, for discipline of commissioned and staff officers – they will parade on that day, at 10 o’clock, A. M. on the Publick Square in Wilkes Barre and on the two succeeding days at 9 o’clock A. M. at the same place. The Courts of appeal will meet on Friday the 7th day of November next in the first battalion, at the house of Archippus PARRISH, in Wilkes-barre at 10 o’clock A. M. In the second battalion at the house of John JONES in Berwic, at the same hour. Isaac BOWMAN, Col., 2nd Reg. Penn. Militia, Wilkes-Barre.

Take Notice. Whereas, Mary, my wife has eloped from my bed and board for reasons best know to herself: this therefore is to forbid any person or person to harbor, trust or deal with her on my account, for I shall not pay any of her contracts. Reuben PURDY, Palmyra, Wayne Co.

3 October 1817


Published on Friday, at Wilkes-Barre

Annual meeting of the Union Auxiliary Bible Society for the Counties of Luzerne, Susquehanna and Bradford, will be held at the Court house in the village of Montrose on Wednesday the 15th of October. E. COVELL, Sec’y.

Regimental Orders. The Regiment, Staff and Commissioned Officers of the 76th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, are directed to meet at Edward FULLER’S in Montrose, on Monday the 20th day of October next, at 10 o’clock A. M. for the purpose of military discipline, agreeably to the 16th section of the militia law of this Commonwealth. Frederick BAILEY, Col., 76th Regiment, Penn. Militia, Waterford.

Gleaner Accounts. All persons indebted to the Subscriber, on account of the Gleaner, for the year ending on the first of June last, are requested to make payment without delay. From those in the adjoining townships, all kinds of country produce will be received if delivered. Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Wilkes-Barre.

A Stray Ark. Came on the premises of the subscriber, about the 17th inst. the owner by proving property, and paying the expense of this advertisement, can have the same. Nathan BEACH, Beach Grove.

Tanning and Currying – At the Tan-Yard formerly occupied by Samuel THOMAS, Esq., (on the road leading from the main road in Kingston to SWETLAND’S mill). Joseph G. SOMMERS, Kingston.

The Partnership of CHAPMAN and HEPBURN is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The Gleaner will hereafter be conducted by Patrick HEPBURN, to whom all the accounts of the late firm have been transferred. Isaac CHAPMAN, Sept. 25th, 1817

10 October 1817

Mr. HEPBURN, I have observed in your paper, that at a meeting at Tunkhannock, I was proposed as a candidate for Congress for this District. That nomination was premature, and without my knowledge. I understand a meeting of conferees has since been held at Bloomsburg, at which General Adam LIGHT of Union County was nominated and recommended as a candidate for Congress for this congressional district: I therefore wish it to be explicitly understood that I decline being considered as candidate for that office and hope I shall not receive a vote at the ensuing election. Nathan PALMER, Wilkes-Barre.

At an election for Directors of the Susquehanna Bank, held the 4th inst. the following gentlemen were elected:
Jonathan HANCOCK
Stephen TUTTLE
Eleazer CAREY
Elias HOYT
Benjamin DRAKE
And at a meeting of the directors, held on the 6th inst., Joseph SINTON was chosen President.

Letters In the Post Office At Pittston, Oct. 1st:
Charles COOPER
Thomas EVANS
Nathaniel GIDDINGS & Isaac WILSON
William M. HART
John HUTCHINS & Ebenezer MARCY
Joseph KNAPP
George H. PERRIN
Nicholas SANTEE
Isaac WILSON & Stephen ABBOTT

Letters On hand at Providence, Oct. 1st:
Thomas YOUNG
Benjamin SLOCUM, P. M.

Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkes-Barre, Oct. 1st:
Nathan ALLEN
Joseph S. BARNES
William BAYER
Benjamin BOLTON
Balthazar De HART
Jonathan DAVIS
Elijah DOAN
Jeremiah FULLER
Benjamin FULLER
Thomas GEARY
Parthena GORDON
George GORDON & Co.
William HULTZ
William HARRIS
William HOYT
Freelove HUFFMAN
William JONES
Henry H. KING
Matthew LEARD
Robert LOVE
Elias LONG
Sarah M’MEAN
Christian MENSH
Archippus PARRISH
Benjamin POWELL
Sec. of Lodge No. 61
Moses SILL
George SMITH
Conroth SHAFER
Sephias SPACE
Benjamin B. SMITH
Elizabeth STEWART
Abraham TOLLES
Susanna TOMSON
Andrew WOOD
Daniel WALL or Nicholas SCULL
Lucretia WOODS
Soloman ZELIFF
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Cloth Dressing. The Subscriber has now in operation two Fulling Mills, at his old stand, and an experienced workman to carry on the different branches with neatness and dispatch. All accounts from six to five years standing, must be paid by the 1st of November next and save cost. Samuel SHOEMAKER, Kingston (SHOEMAKER’S Mills)

To Clothiers. Charles FULLER has just received an assortment of best quality Dye Stuffs, which he offers for sale for cash only. Also for sale, a few Canister superior England Rifle Powder. Wilkes Barre.

Take Notice. A raft of sawed rails was taken up about the 12th of August last, near LINES’ Ferry. The owner is desired to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take them away. John SANTEE, Jr., Salem.

10 Dollars Reward. Ran away from the subscriber on Saturday evening last, an apprentice to the Tailoring Business, named Joseph M’KEEL, aged about 19 years, small of his age, of a very dark complexion, and had on a black coat and pantaloons, and white vest. Took with him a striped swansdown vest. From his geoteel appearance he might not be suspected of being a runaway. The above reward and all reasonable charges will be paid to any person who will bring back said runaway, or secure him in jail so that I may get him again. Anthony BROWER, Wilkes-Barre.

17 October 1817

Died – In this town, Phoebe, aged about 7 years, daughter of John HENRY.

Married – At East Windsor, Conn. on the 28th ult. Daniel HINSDALE Jr., of Hartford, to Miss Catharine, daughter of the late Doctor Simon WOLCOTT, of New London.

Married – At Suffield, Conn. on the 29th ult, Jared N. STEBBINS, merchant, of Hartford to Miss Dorothy SPENCER.

Married – At Wetherfield, Conn., Orsen P. PHELPS, of Granby, to Miss Sally, daughter of Capt. Richard BUNCE.

Married – At Norwich, Conn., Gardner THOMAS, Purser in the Navy, to Miss Mary Ann HOPKINS.

Married – At East Haddam, Conn., Thomas MOSELEY, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Oliver WARNER

Married – At East Haddam, Conn. (?), Thomas BURNS (one of the late sufferers with Capt. RILEY) to Miss Jane LORD.

Died – ON the 18th inst. at the village of Auburn, N. Y. in the 42nd year of his age, Samuel R. BROWN, author of the “Views of the Campaign of the North Western Army,” – History of the late War, in two volumes, and the “Emigrant’s Gazetteer.”

Died – At Augusta, Georgia, on the 11th inst., John K. BARBER, aged 35. He was from Boston.

Died – In Maryland, on Friday the 12th inst. in the 68th year of his age, Maj. Hanson BRISCOE, clerk of the county court of Cumberland.

Died – In New-Orleans on the 22nd ult James HALL. He was distinguished as an experimental agriculturist, in the South Atlantic States, and especially in Virginia, where he introduced certain new modes in the culture of Indian corn, for which, and some other improvements in agriculture, he has obtained a patent.

Died – In Litchfield, Conn., on the 5th inst. Mrs. SHELDON, wife of Dr. D. SHELDON.

Died – In Middletown, Conn. on the 22nd ult, Miss Clara, daughter of Edward SMITH, aged 33.

Died – At Weston, Conn., Mrs. Sally, wife of Ebenezer SANFORD, aged 24.

Died – At Montville, Conn., William SKINNER, aged 66, formerly of New-London.

Died – At Suffield, Conn., Isreal Holly KING, aged 26 years.

Died – At Hamden, Conn., on the 13th ult, Mrs. Anne ALLING, aged 43, daughter of Rev. Abraham ALLING. (Both surnames listed as the same.)

Died – At Farmington, Conn., on the 20th ult., Mrs. Sylvia, wife of Almer BIDWELL, of New York, aged 27.

Died – At Farmington, Conn., Mrs. Mary WOODRUFF, aged 72.

Died – At St. Louis, M. T., Edward HEMSTED, Esq., aged 38, formerly of New-London.

Susquehanna Bank Stockholders Meeting will be held at the house of the subscriber on the third day of November next, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Also on Monday the 17th of same month, at the place and time aforesaid, an election for thirteen Directors of said Bank for the ensuing year. Stephen TUTTLE, Cashier, Wilkes-Barre.

Notice. To the Heirs of William COBB, dec. Take notice that an inquest will be held at the late dwelling house of William COBB, deceased in the township of Salem, in the County of Wayne, on Tuesday the fourth day of November next, between the hours of ten o’clock A. M. and two P. m. of that day, for the purpose of making partition of the real estate of the said deceased to the real estate of the said dec. to and among his heirs and representatives, if the same can be done without prejudice to, or spoiling of the whole; otherwise to value and appraise the same according to Law. At which time and place you are requested to attend if you think proper. Salmon JONES, Sheriff, Bethany. (See 11 July 1817)

Fulling Mill – The subscriber has commenced the business of Dying, Fulling and Dressing Cloth at his mill on Laurel Run, near Wilkes-Barre. Hezekiah PARSONS. N. B. Grain of all kinds received in payment if delivered at Jehoida P. JOHNSON’S Mills.

Notice. All persons indebted to the Subscriber are requested to call and settle their accounts before the 1st of November next. A compliance with the above will save cost. William WRIGHT, Wilkes-Barre.

24 October 1817

Election Returns for Luzerne County: (number of votes after name)
Governor – William FINDLEY (983) Joseph HEISTER (832)
Congress – Adam LIGHT (637) John MURRAY (1057)
Assembly – George LANE (783) Cornelius CORTRIGHT (856) James REEDER (977)
Jonah BREWSTER (976)
Commissioner – Alexander JAMESON (809) Elijah SHOEMAKER (985)
Auditor – Benjamin BAILEY (833) Valentine SIEWELL (946)

Married – At Danbury, Conn., Eli M. WHITE of New-York, to Miss Caroline, daughter of Col. Russel WHITE.

Died – In Hartford, Conn. on the 1st inst., Thomas OLMSTED, aged 73.

Died – At Windsor, Conn. after a short and distressing illness, Eleazer GAYLORD, aged 64.

Died – At Norwilak, Conn., Mrs. Maria, wife of John NEWKIRK, aged 59.

Died – At Saybrook, Conn., on the 2nd inst., Israel SHIPMAN, aged 86.

Died – At Saybrook, Conn., on the 5th inst., Abner GRIFFIN.

Died – At Hebron, Conn., Mrs. Anna BACKUS, aged 72.

Died – On the 16th September, on board the Congress frigate, on his return from Hayti, Septimus TYLER, Esq., late agent to the U. States to the Courts of Chrisophe and Petion. He was originally from Brooklyn, Conn. and received his education in Yale College, where he was graduated in the year 1808.

Notice – All persons who have given Bonds to the Branch Bank at Wilkes-Barre, are hereby informed, that 10 per cent, every sixty days, will be taken on their bonds as they become due. Those concerned are earnestly requested to avail themselves of the regulation, as they may rest assured it will be rigidly enforced. John BETTLE, Cashier, Wilkes-Barre.

Fulling & Dressing Cloth by HOLGATE, ROYAL & Co., Kingston.

31 October 1817

On Friday morning, the 24th int., James M. WELLES, of Harrisburg, was found dead in the Susquehanna River. The day before, he was in good health and spirits, and the evening found him in the society of his friends; nothing peculiar was observed in his conduct; but on retiring at night, it seems he had formed a resolution to put a period to his existence. For this purpose he cut a deep gash in his arm, and then walked towards the river. He was traced by the blood, which flowed from his arm, to the bank, and was found a few rods below the place where he had flung himself into the water.
The character of Mr. WELLES was good, and was highly esteemed by all who knew him. In the morning of his days, and in the beginning of his usefulness, thus to terminate his life, is afflicting to the feelings of his connexions and friends; and that affliction is increased at the ignorance of the cause which produced his death.

Notice. All persons indebted to B. DRAKE, DRAKE & CORTRIGHT, or DRAKE & PALMER, are requested to make payment to B. DRAKE without delay, and save cost. Benjamin DRAKE, Wilkes Barre.

New Goods at B. D. BARNES.

7 November 1817

Married – At Huntington, on Monday evening the 20th October last, Zephon P. FLOWER, of Athens, to Miss Polly PRESTON, of the former place.
By mutual happiness their mutual aim
Their hopes, their fears, their wishes, all the same.

Married – At Kingston, on Wednesday the 22nd ult., by Rev. LANE, Reuben HOLGATE to Miss Hannah PARKER.

Died – On the Plains, Joseph, an infant child of Joseph MURPHY. (no date)

During the fore part of the present week the river Susquehanna rose to an unusual height. It began rising on Saturday last, and on Tuesday morning the water overflowed the upper part of the bank, opposite the Borough. Much damage, we apprehend, has been done, as for several years past the river has not been so high.

On Monday last, several children were employed on the bank of the river catching drift-wood. One of them, a daughter of Mr. HENRY, about 10 years of age, was unfortunately precipitated into the water, and has not since been seen. This should instruct parents to prevent children from visiting the river when there is so much danger of their being drowned. (See 5 Dec. 1817)

The Susquehanna Presbytery, (lately Luzerne Association,) has recommended the last Thursday of November, inst. to be observed by the Churches and Congregations in their connexion, as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer.

Died – On board the U. S. ship Independence, in Boston Harbor, Midshipman Delozier HIGGINHATHAM, of Baltimore, aged 24. His remains were respectfully entombed Oct. 17th.

Died – In Springfield, Mass., the Hon. William ELY, late a member of Congress.

Died – In Gennessee Co., N. Y., Mr. J. ELY. While employed in working on the Canal, himself, cart and horses were precipitated off the banks. He fell upon some rocks below, and was instantly killed, but the horses were thrown into the river and escaped unhurt.

Died – In Germantown, on the 4th inst., after a long and severe illness which she bore with unexampled fortitude, Miss Adeline, daughter of Gen. John PEABODY, aged 19, formerly of Newburyport.

Died – In Pittsfield, Mass, Nathaniel FAIRFIELD, aged 87, one of the first settlers; and the first man that made use of the plough in that place.

Wanted. Sixteen feet in length, a quantity of Plank, suitable for building Arks. For which good pay will be made. Enquire of the printer.

Notice. Two black Heifers, about two years old, and one dark Steer nearly Black, about two years old; got into the drove of the subscriber between this place and KEELER’S Ferry. The owner can have them by proving property, by applying to Stephen TUTTLE, Wilkes-Barre.

14 November 1817

Trial of James ASHCROFT (the elder), David ASHCROFT (brother of the preceding prisoner), James ASHCROFT (the younger, son of the first prisoner), William HOLDEN and James ROBERTSON for the atrocious murders at Pendleton, near Manchester. On Saturday the 26th of April, Mr. & Mrs. LITTLEWOOD went to Manchester, leaving their family in good health and when they returned at seven in the evening, found the housekeepers dead. (See article)

Execution, Hudson, New York. On Friday last, the 17th inst., was executed (hung) in this city, pursuant to her sentence, Margaret HOUGHTALING, for poisoning a black child about fifteen months old, called Lewis SPENCER, the son of a woman living in the house of John M. CROUSE of Kinderhook, with whom the criminal also lived. The Crime was committed in August last – she had her trial in September, and was sentenced on the 15th of that month. Her last words were – I die innocent! After being suspended about thirty minutes, her body was lowered and placed in the coffin, and interred, under the direction of the Sheriff, in the city burying ground. (See article)

A History of the Moravians.

Notice. The Stockholders of the Bridge-water and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Road Company, are requested to meet on the 1st Monday of January next, at the house of Thomas H. DOYLE* (formerly OTIS) in the Township of Tunkhannock, to elect one President, twelve Managers, one Treasurer of said Company for the ensuing year. Benjamin PERRY, Secretary, Wilkes-Barre.
(* In the Dec. 12th paper this name is listed as DOY)

Notice. The Stockholders of the Clifford & Wilkes-barre Turnpike Road Company are requested to meet at the Court House in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, on the first Monday of January next, to elect one President, one Treasurer, and twelve Managers for said Company for the ensuing year. Benjamin PERRY, Secretary, Wilkes-Barre.

21 November 1817

Promotion. Lieut. Thomas WRIGHT (of this town) to be Captain, in the 8th Reg. U. S. Infantry.

History of the first settlement of Wyaloosing. [Wyalusing]

Execution. On Saturday last, the 15th inst., was executed (hung) at Bethany, Wayne County, Cornelius JONES, aged about 22 years, for the murder of his step father. (See 19 Sept. 1817)

Emigration. From the 19th of September to the 24th of October, five hundred and eleven waggons accompanied by more than three thousand emigrants, passed through the town of Easton, Pennsylvania, on their way to the western country. They are principally bound for the state of Ohio.

Died – At Putney, Vert., Mr. HUBBARD, aged 25. This person was insane and had been confined by his friends in a cage, in a room where a fire was kept for his accommodation. The fire had been raked up carefully the evening preceding; but the maniac reached a coal with a stick which set fire to the straw in the bottom of his cage, and he was found suffocated in the morning amidst the burnt straw.

Information Wanted. Samuel PITTS, of Sivonia, Ontario Co, N. Y. (now deceased) purchased a pair of Copper Stills, some four or five years ago, whether in Philadelphia, Reading or some other place in the eastern part of Pennsylvania. Said Stills were said to have been sent on to Wilkes-Barre, or some other town on the Susquehanna river, in order to be forwarded on to he place of the owner’s residence. The Administrators are ignorant of the place where the Stills were deposited, and have hitherto been unable to find them. Any person who can give information so that the said Stills can be obtained, will please to communicate the said to Thomas WRIGHT, of Wilkes-barre, who will reward them suitably for their trouble, or to Gideon PITES, Admin’r., at the Outlet of the Honogog Lake, Richmond Township, Ontario Cty., New York.

Notice is hereby given that the annual election will be held at Jirah MUNFORD’S tavern, Belmont, Wayne County, on the 1st Monday in January next, for the purpose of choosing on President, twelve Managers, on Treasurer and such other officers as may be necessary to conduct the business of said Turnpike Company for one year, and until such other officers shall be chosen. Thomas MEREDITH, Secretary.

Orphan’s Court Sale. To be held at the late Mansion House in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, on 27th day of December next at ten o’clock in the forenoon as the real estate of Zebulon Butler, Esquire, late of the Borough of Wilkes-Barre. One tract called Butler’s Bower, being parts of lots Nos. 26 and 27 in the first division and part of lot No. 13 in the town plot or second division, containing 46+ acres and another tract in same, being lot No. 12 and part of lot No. 11 and an Island in the river Susquehanna, containing 80+ acres. Garrick MALLORY and Steuben BUTLER, administrators. (See 22 Aug. 1817)

28 November 1817

Freshet. The late rains have swelled the Tioga River, and the streams emptying into it. On Sunday night last the water had risen fifteen feet. Much damage has been sustained in the loss of cattle, grain, fences, &c. Newtown has suffered greatly. The Ontario Repository states in that section of the country much damage had also been done. The bridge at Genesee had been carried off, and the toll bridge building at Avon considerably injured, many mill dams and bridges on the smaller streams, swept away. At Rochester, several buildings near the river are considerably damaged; and on the Genesee flats, large quantities of hay, &c. destroyed. The stream have not been so high for eight years.

List of Senators and Members of the House of Representatives for the 1817-18 session.

Married – At Huntington on the 14th inst., by Abiel FELLOWS, Esq., William TUBBS to Miss Ann DOWNER, all of Huntington

Married – On the 13th, by Charles E. GAYLORD, Esq., Daniel CULVER to Miss Charlotte TUBBS.

Married – At Newtown, N. Y., Lyman COVELL, Merchant, to Miss Susan DUNN. (no date)

History of the first settlement of Wyaloosing. Part 2 [Wyalusing]

Cortland, N. Y., Nov. 1 – Horrible Act – A few days since, Capt. Enoch ALLEN, of Virgil, South Settlement, was apprehended in Berkshire, Broome County, for passing counterfeit money. He escaped from his keepers and went home, where he remained concealed one or two days. On the 29th ult. he took his rifle, cocked it, put the breech against the wall, and the muzzle to his breast, and pushed the trigger. In the act of firing, the breech of the gun slipped, which altered the course of the ball; and instead of going through the heart as he calculated to have it, it entered his breast, and came out at his shoulder. So far was he from exhibiting signs of remorse, at the horrid deed, that he requested the surgeon to give him something to hasten his exit. He expired the following day – the victim of his own weakness and depravity.

Married – At Philadelphia, on the 28th October, by Rev. CARR, at the residence of Stephen GIRARD, Esq., Gen. Henry LALLEMAND, to Miss Harriet GIRARD, niece of Stephen GIRARD, Esq.

Married – On the 25th ult, near New Brunswick, NJ, M. AGELUCCI, His Most Christian Majesty’s Consul for Baltimore, to Mademoiselle L. VILLFRET.

Married – At Pomfret, by Rev. LYON, Denison WATTLES, Esq., Atty. at Law of Manlius, N. Y., to Miss Mary G., daughter of Wm. HUNTINGTON, Esq., of Lebanon.

Died – On the 14th in Havana, Henry C. FRICKE, in the 22nd year of his age. He was born in Pennsylvania, and for the last six months resided in Baltimore. Early in the month of September, he left this city for Havana, where he intended to have established himself, but unfortunately fell a victim to the prevailing disease of that climate after five days illness, leaving a mother and many relatives to mourn his untimely end. Federal Republican

Died – In Solebury Township, Bucks County on the 30th ultimo, Oliver PAXSON, an aged and exemplary member of the Society of Friends.

Died – At Franklin, Conn., Miss Eunice, daughter of the late Joseph HYDE, aged 18.

Died – At Lyme, Deac. Elisha MARVIN, aged 75.

Died – At Lyme, Miss Jemima, widow of Capt. William STERLING, aged 76.

Died – At Richmond, R. I. George PERRY Esq., aged 54, a man of respectability and candor. To his bereaved family, and a numerous circle of friends, is loss is irreparable.

Died – At Care Loran, a small island near the mouth of Ornoke, the Rt. Rev. Bishop of Augustora, whither he had fled on the fall of his residence into the hands of the Spanish patriots.

Notice. Is hereby given to the Stockholders of the Susquehanna & Lehigh Turnpike Road Company, to meet at the house of John BROWN, Inn keeper, in Columbia, on the first Monday of January next, for the purpose of choosing one President, one Treasurer, and twelve Managers, for the ensuing year. Alexander JAMESON, Secretary.

Notice is hereby given tot he Stockholders of the Susquehanna and Tioga Turnpike Road Company, that an election for the choice of a President, twelve Managers, and Treasurer, to conduct the business of the said Company for one year, and until other such officers shall be chosen, will be held at the Merchants Coffee House, Philadelphia, on Monday the 5th day of January next at 11 o’clock in the forenoon. W. H. DILLINGHAM, Sec’y.

5 December 1817

For Sale at the office of the Gleaner, and store of George LANE, sacred music for Christina Churches, Singing Schools & Private Societies.

Nov. 19. The Execution of Amos, a black man for the crime of a rape, took place on Thursday the 12th at Danbury, Conn. An appropriate sermon by Rev. ANDREWS. He arrived at the gallows at 3 o’clock and at 12 minutes past the scaffold dropped. The concourse of people was immense, the general opinion is that there were more than fifteen thousand. Let those who wish to see scripture to justify the executing for a rape, read Deuteronomy XXII, 25, 26 and 27.

History of the first settlement of Wyaloosing. Part 3 [Wyalusing]

Married – At Pittsburgh, on the 2nd inst. Capt. Andrew MORRISON, of this place, to Miss Elizabeth FOSTER, of Pittsburgh.

Married – On Thursday evening last by the Rev. CRAIGHEAD, Samuel M’MANNIS, to Miss Julia, daughter of James CONDON, of this place.

Married – On the same evening last by Rev. WHITSILL, William GARNER, to Miss Lucinda HILL, both of this place.

Married – At Poughkeepsie, Melancthon T. WOOLSEY, Esq., captain in the U. S. navy, to Miss Susan S. TREADWELL.

Married – At Colchester, Conn. Thomas M. SKINNER, of Auburn, N. Y., to Miss Elizabeth DURNFORD, of St. Georgia’s, Bermuda.

Died – At Princeton, N. J. on Sunday morning, 23rd inst., Mrs. Mary M., wife of Rev. Ashbel GREEN, D. .D. President of Nassau Hall.

Died – In Dresden, the Baron Jacobi KHISET, a celebrated Prussian diplomatist.

Died – In England, Rev. James COOKE. He was as eminent for his genius as his piety; and though not neglecting religion, he benefited mankind by numerous mechanical inventions in agriculture and manufactories. He was the inventor of the modern improvements in drill-husbandry; and devoted much of his life in the cultivation of the soil.

Died – Also in England, Sept. 5. Major B. POYNTER, aged 75. He served with Wolfe, in America, and was at the attack on Quebec.

Died – Also in England (?), Maj. Gen. H. CHURCHILL

Died – Also in England (?), Sir J. EASLE, Knt., aged 72. F. R. S. – Surgeon Extraordinary to the King.

Notice. I wish to pay my debts. Those indebted to me will be careful to pay by the 1st of January next and save costs. William RUSSELL, Wilkes-Barre.

Was Drowned in the Susquehanna River, on the 3rd November last, a child of John and Elizabeth HENRY, aged nine years. She had on when she fell into the river, a linsey petticoat, with two buttons on the back, a frock of domestic manufacture, and black stockings. Should a child answering the above description, have been found, it is requested that information be forwarded to the before mentioned persons. If the child should be found, the parents request that it may be decently interred; and they will pay any reasonable expense attending the same, by forwarding information as above. Wilkes-Barre. (See 7 Nov. 1817)

Orphan’s Court Sale. Will be exposed to Public Sale, on the premises, on Monday the 22nd day of December instant, at ten o’clock, A. M. as the Estate of Jude GOODALE, dec. a certain messuage or tract of land situate in the township of Tunkhannock, being part of lot No. forty-eight, in the certified township of Putnam, so called, beginning at a corner on the other part of lot No. forty-eight, thence south seventy eight degrees, east one hundred and seventeen perches and eight tenths to a corner, thence by number twenty-nine and south twenty-seven degrees, west one hundred and sixty four perches to a corner, thence by lots Nos. seventeen & eighteen, north seventy five degrees one hundred and seventeen perches and eight tenths to a corner, thence by part of lot No. forty eight, north twenty seven degrees, east one hundred and sixty perches to the place of beginning, containing one hundred and eight acres and one hundred and twelve perches, be the same more or less. Also One other piece of land, bounded by the part of lot number forty-eight, above described, on the east and west by the public highway, and south by other lands of the estate of Jude GOODALE, dec. containing thirty acres, be the same more or less. Attendance will be given, and terms of sale made known at the above time and place by Elisha HARDING and David OSTERHOUT, Administrators.

Orphan’s Court Sale. Will be exposed to public sale on the premises at the estate of George JEWETT, dec. on the 22nd of December next – One equal undivided third part of the following described tract or parcel of land, to wit. One tract of land situate in the township of Tunkhannock, on the outlet of MARCEY’S Lake, and containing 400 acres or thereabouts, with two saw mills thereon, generally known by the name of BARNUM’S Mills. Attendance will be given at the time and place, and terms of sale made known by Charles JEWETT, Administrator. (See 12 Sept. 1817)

Orphan’s Court Sale. By virtue of an order of the Orphans’ Court of Luzerne County, will be exposed to Public Sale, on the premises on Wednesday the 29th day of December next, as the estate of Jared MARCY, dec’d, viz.
One tract of land situate in the township of Pittston in said County, bounded north eastwardly by the road leading from Peter HALLOCK’S to JINKINS’ Ferry, north by the Lackawana River, west by lands of Ebenezer MARCY, and south by lands of Enos FINCH, containing about fourteen acres, be the same more or less.
Attendance will be given and the conditions of sale made known by Rufus BENNET and Jared MARCY, administrators. (See 28 Feb. 1817)

12 December 1817

The stone Mess-House at Fort Niagara (erected by the French a century since) has fallen down, in consequence of the recent rains.

Died – In Washington City, on the 28th November, of a consumption, Miss Marian A. BRADLEY, aged 22 years.

John LAMARDE, has been tried at Baltimore, on a charge of the murder of Andre CLEMENT, and found Guilty of Murder in the first degree.

Died – At Somers, Mrs. Bertha PARSONS, aged 75.

Died – At Cornwall, on the 4th inst. Deacon Eliakim MALLERY, aged 69.

Died at Harwinton, on the 12th inst., Julius, aged 3 years, son of Deacon Benjamin CATLIN. His death was occasioned by falling into a vessel of boiling water on the day preceding.

Died – At Bradford, Miss Parnel FYLER, aged 22.

Died – At Wallingford, Mrs. Jerusha MUNSON.

Died – At Middletown, Miss Mehitable P. TIFLIN, aged 14.

Died – At Sea, on his passage from Ireland to this country, John CART, aged 35, formerly of New Haven.

Died – In the tavern of James SHOAFF, in Shippensburg, on the 4th ult, a stranger who called himself Isaac HUFF, and said he was from Connecticut near Cheshire, in New Haven County. The friends of said deceased can learn particulars by addressing a line to the innkeeper in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania.

Died – At New-York, Mrs. Joanna S. SHELTON, aged 25, wife of Joseph P. SHELTON, late of Bridgeport.

Died – Mrs. Julia, wife of Capt. Lemuel FORSYTH, aged 26, formerly of N. London.

Died – At Eilington, on the 14th inst. Mrs. Esther, wife of Flavel WHITON, aged 24.

Dissolution of Partnership of Z. and O. DAVENPORT on the 18th November last. Persons indebted to the late firm, are requested to make payment to Ziba DAVENPORT, who is authorized to settle the same. Ziba DAVENPORT, Oliver DAVENPORT, Plymouth.

19 December 1817

D. PARKER, adjutant and inspector general, has issued a general order, dated at Washington, 1st December, informing all the cadets belonging to the military academy, that unless they join the academy at West Point, before the first of March next, they will be dismissed the service.

Died – At Clover Hill, near Washington City, Nov. 28th, 1817, Miss Mary Ann BEADLEY [poem]

Died – On the 29th October, Mr. SPENCER, recently from New York, brother to Judge SPENCER.

Died – On the 16th inst. (20 miles above Mobile) Capt. Nathan SWASEY, of New Windsor, N. Y., master of the schr. Eliza of Boston.

Died – James HADLO, a cook of the above vessel.

Died – At Darien, Georgia, Capt. Billie DODGE, of this city.

Died – At Norfolk, on the 17th October, Agur GAYLORD, aged 88.

Died At Southington, Mrs. Ruth FINCH, aged 66.

Died – At Windham, Mrs. Edeth REED, aged 91.

Died – At Glastenbury, on the 28th ult. Ebenezer PLUMMER, aged 90

Died – At Glastenbury (?), on the 2nd inst. Capt. George HUNT, aged 49.

Died – At Derby, Capt. John TOMLINSON, aged 82.

Died at Newtown, Samuel SANFORD, aged 60.

Died – At Farmington, widow, Martha COWLES, aged 81.

Died – At Middletown, Mrs. GRIFFIN, aged 33.

Died at Saybrook, William WING, of Hartford, aged 56.

Died – At Simsbury, Almon D. SLATER, a soldier of the 6th Regt. U. S. Infantry.

Died – At Savannah, on the 25th, Lawton INGRAHAM, aged 25, a native of Warren, R. I.

Notice. The Co-partnership of Lord BUTLER & CO. is dissolved by mutual consent. All debts contracted and due to the firm of Lord BUTLER & Co. at Tunkhannock, will be settled with, and paid to Stephen C. KING, at his Store in Tunkhannock. all other debts due, including the former balances due Stephen C. KING, will be settled with and paid to Lord BUTLER, at his store in Wilkes-Barre.

New Goods at the store of Lord BUTLER, Wilkes-Barre.

Dry Goods at the store of Stephen C. KING, Tunkhannock.

Proposals by L. P. FRANKS, printer, for publishing by subscription, An Original Work, entitled Men As They Are, on the Coyirations of the Hermit of Wysox, On Society and Manners. Including a History of the Troubles of Wyoming, Accompanied with Historical and Explanatory Notes. Conditions. This work will be comprised in two vol. printed on fine paper with a handsome type, and delivered to subscribers at Three dollars per copy. Should sufficient encouragement be received, the work will be put to press in the Spring, and be ready for delivery early in the ensuing summer. (See ad for more information)

The Grub Work. Common salt, mixed with seed of any kind, is stated from experience, to be a certain preventative against the ravage of the Grub Worm.

26 December 1817

Pennsylvania Legislature, Dec. 9th, 11th
1) Resolved. That so much of the said message as relates to the passage of the law, to secure the payment of the balance due the Commonwealth from John NICHOLSON, deceased, by inducing the discovery of lands belonging to the estate of aid NICHOLSON, be referred to the committee on ways and means.
2) Mr. ROGERS offered a resolution, that the committee on the Judiciary system be directed to inquire and make report, what amendments are necessary to the several acts preventing clandestine marriages. Laid on the table.
3) A bill was reported for making a turnpike road from New Milford to Montrose.

Congress – House of Representatives. Military Bounty Lands, Mr. JOHNSON (of Kentucky) reported a bill authorizing a commutation of Soldier’s Bounty Lands. (See article for details)

Married – At Huntington, on the 14th inst., by Rev. BAKER, Gideon POST, of Union, to Miss Ann DODSON, of the former place.

Died – In Waterford, Ohio, on the 24th September last, John HOYT, aged 24 years, son of Caleb HOYT of Huntington, Luzerne County.

Died – In this town, very suddenly, on Tuesday evening last, John BETTLE, Esq., aged 56 years, Cashier of the Philadelphia Branch Bank.

Suicide – New Haven, Conn. Dec. 9. Last evening, about 5 o’clock, Marcus HOTCHKISS, aged 27, Journeyman to James ENGLISH, Cabinet Maker, of this place, was found hanging by a rope in the chamber of Mr. E’s shop – he tied his hands behind him, and kicked the chair from under his feet. Though suspended by a few minutes, the exertions of several Physicians to restore life were of no avail; the deceased had been in apparent good health and spirits, and no cause can be assigned for the unfortunate deed.

Married – At Brooklyn, L. I. by Rev. Hugh SMITH, Lt. G. W. HAMERSLY, of the U. S. Navy, to Miss Phebe BOERIM.

Married – At New Haven, Conn., George I. WHITING to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of Hanover BARNEY,

Married – George MORSE to Miss Sally HOTCHKISS.

Married – At Chatham, Augustus ADAMS, of Colchester, to Miss Charity EDDY.

Married – Philip WHITE Jr., to Miss Lucy NILES.

Married – Rossel RICH to Miss Phebe LEONARD.

Married – At Wethersfield, Rossel BURDICK to Miss Betsey WEEKS.

Married – At Hebron, Zelotes RIDER, of New-Hartford, to Miss Amy BILL.

Married – At Lyme, Silas BURROWS, of Hebrons, to Miss Lucy SMITH.

Married – At Lebanon, Erastus W. CLARK, to Miss Lucretia BUEL.

Married – At Columbia, Charles E. WEST, to Miss Lucy CLARK.

Married – At Saybrook, Henry H. ABEL, of Lebanon, to Miss Wealthy A. PRATT.

Died – On the 23rd Nov. at New-Orleans, with a liver complaint, William C. C. CLABORNE, Esq., late governor of Louisiana, and recently chosen senator of the U. S. from that state.

Died – On the 7th Dec. at Pennsylvania Hospital, Capt. Brazilla GARDINER, aged 35 years.

Died – At Charleston, S. C. on the 18th ult, Elisha HAMLIN, a native of Connecticut.

Died – At his farm in Baltimore County, on the 2nd inst., Rev. Sater STEVENSON, aged 77 years and 1 month. He was a distinguished minister of the Gospel in the Methodist Society.

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