1823 Susquehanna Democrat

The Susquehanna Democrat (1823)

Published on Friday Morning, Wilkesbarre, PA
By Samuel MAFFET, West Corner of the Public-Square

3 January 1823

Moses LEVY, Esq. has been appointed by the governor of Pennsylvania, to be President Judge of the District Court of Philadelphia, in the place of Jared INGERSOLL, Esq., dec’d.

Died – In this town, on Wednesday last, Isaac WICKIZER, aged about 45 years.

House of Representatives Reports:
A supplement to an act declaring Wysox Creek from the mouth thereof to Jacob MYER’S mill dam a public stream or highway.
Bills that were read a third time and passed:
An act granting compensation to Josiah LEWIS for certain lands certified to Connecticut claimants in 17 townships of Luzerne
An act authorising a sale of the real estate of Jacob MILLER, dec’d
An act for the relief of Henry STOUFFER, a revolutionary soldier

List of Letters On Hand in the Post Office At Wilkesbarre, January 1st:
James BEE
Henry H. BURR
Cornelius BELLAS
Margaret BOBB
James COB
Daniel CARY
Samuel FELL
Edward INMAN
Richard JONES
Jehoida P. JOHNSON
Gilbert LAIRD
Henry F. LAMB
John LINES & Co.
Robert MINER
Robert MEAKS
William MILLER
Thos. B. MOUNT
William SPEENE
Squire WEDGE
Jacob CIST, P. M.

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office At Kingston, January 1st:
Thos. BOND
Clinton BROWN
Jer’h B. DUEL
Chauncey DARBY
Franklin JENKINS
Denton MOTT
Christian G. OEMIG
Henry TEEL
Elizabeth WORDIN
George G. WATSON

10 January 1823

Married – In Philadelphia on the 12th ult, by Rev. James LINN, John POTTER, of Pennsylvania, to Miss Amelia BURNSIDE, niece of Thomas BURNSIDE, Esq., of Bellefonte.

Died – In Philadelphia, on Saturday morning, Dr. M. LEIB, Prothonotary of the District Court, the City and County of Philadelphia.

Died – At the same place on the 20th ult, John MELISH, Geographer in the 52nd year of his age. He was a native of Pertshire, Scotland, emigrated and settled in 1808.

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office At Tunkhannock, January 1st:
Huldah BATES
Rebecca CHURCH
Joseph CAMP
Abraham HOLMES
Robert F. HIGHT
Cornelius P. LOTT
Daniel P. MILLS
Benjamin A. ROSE
Samuel SNELL
Newton SMITH
William TAYLOR
Obadiah TAYLOR

Estate of Joseph CHAPMAN, late of Nescopeck Township, request demands and payments. Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Administrator.

17 January 1823

There will be six eclipses this year, only one of which will be visible here, viz. Of the Moon, on the 22nd July, beginning at 28 minutes past 8 (evening) and ending 52 minutes past 3 in the morning of 24th. (dates ok)

Samuel M’KEAN, a journeyman tailor, who served his apprenticeship in Chester or Delaware, near Paoli, was cruelly murdered in Pittsburgh, where he resided, on the night of Dec. 21st. He received a wound on each side of his throat, dividing all the principal veins and arteries of the neck, and was dragged some distance from the place, where the atrocious deed was perpetrated. All efforts to detect the inhuman murderer had been eluded at the latest date from Pittsburg.

Died – In this Borough, on Saturday last, Mrs. Jemima, consort of Abraham PARRISH, aged 43.

Died – On Monday last, Anna, aged about 13, daughter of Isaac WICKIZER, lately deceased.

Died – Lately in Newport, David THOMAS, in the 72nd year of his age.

Died – Lately in Pittston, Elizabeth DRAKE, aged 15 years, and on Saturday the 11th inst., John DRAKE, Jr., only remaining children of John DRAKE of that township. They have gone to rest their Savior’s arms.

A meeting of the subscribers of the Mauch Chunk Road will be held at the house of Charles J. CHRISTAL in Hanover on Tuesday the 21st inst.

Legislature of Pennsylvania
Senate – The bill, An act authorising the Secretary of the Land office to grant a patent for a certain lot of land in the township of Huntingdon, Luzerne County, was read a third time and passed.
House of Representatives – A petition praying for authority to raise money by lottery to build an academy at Berwick.

The Editor of this paper being about to undertake a distant journey, and as his absence must necessarily be three months, and may extend to six months, he offers the Establishment For Sale. It will be disposed of upon such terms as it is believed would present no obstacle to such a competent person disposed to conduct a paper. Information necessary to enable applicants to decide upon the subject, if applied for forthwith, will be given with frankness.

For Sale or Rent – The house and lot situate about one mile from the Borough of Wilkesbarre on the New Turnpike leading from Wilkesbarre to Easton. Gilbert BARNES.

To Rent – That Tavern House lately occupied by C. T. RICHARDSON, in the township of Blakeley. The property consists of three acres of good land, well fenced, new dwelling house, stable and waggon-house, horse shed, Grist Mill and a small furnace within fifty rods of the house. C. T. RICHARDSON, Pittston Ferry. The rent is only 50 dollars.

24 January 1823

Estate of David THOMAS, late of Newport Township, request payments and demands. Samuel MAFFET and Leonard STEYR, Executors.

Stop Thief. A Woman has lately been in this neighbourhood, soliciting the charitable assistance of those most likely to commisserate an unfortunate female in a delicate situation. Many donations were made with cheerfulness – but it has since been ascertained that she was an arrant thief, and used her stolen goods to enlarge her person and impose upon the public. She has been traced to near Easton, where she will probably attempt similar practices. She sometimes called herself Mrs. PORTER and oat others JOHNSON.

Farm For Sale, in the township of Kingston, adjoining lands of Oliver PETTIBONE, John GORE, James HUGHES and others, containing about 130 acres, about 80 acres of which is cleared. On premises is a house and barn, good orchard. For further particulars apply to William ROYAL, living near the premises, or to the subscriber living in Germantown, Philadelphia County. Jacob SUMMERS.

To My Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in April next for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Seth WILSON.

31 January 1823

Singular Legal Decision – A woman was acquitted at the present Court of Sessions at Albany, of the crime of Bigamy, or having two husband, by her proving that she had three. The indictment declared that she was married to her last husband, John BUTTERFIELD, while she had another husband living, by the name of EDGE; which she disproved by showing that EDGE was not her lawful lord, inasmuch as she had a former husband, Munson W. COOK, still in existence; and under the direction of the court the jury acquitted her.

One Dollar Reward. Ran away from the subscriber on Tuesday the 21st Jan., an indented Apprentice to Cabinet Making Business, named Cain STARK, about 17 years of age, 5 feet 5 inches high, light complexion & dark hair. Jacob J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre.

Deplorable – In the township of Sugarloaf, on Tuesday last, Henry MOWRY, aged about 30 years, committed suicide, by suspending himself from a tree about 80 rods from the neighborhood, he was found on the following morning, and an inquest held over his body. The circumstances that led to this unhappy event are unknown.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held on 3rd March, as the estate of Capt. Samuel BOWMAN, deceased, for land in Wilkesbarre.

Information Wanted. John GANNON, left Dublin, Ireland, in August 1815, and arrived at New York on or about October of the same year. By occupation a currier, son of Thomas GANNON, of Blacklane, Dublin, by applying at 118 Chatham Street, New York, he will hear of something very much to his advantage.

Vendue, will be sold at Public Vendue, on Friday the 21st February, at the late residence of David THOMAS, deceased, in Newport Township, a variety of household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils and stock, a large assortment of chair maker and wheel rights tools, together with a quantity of unfinished work and stuff partly dressed out. Leonard STEYER, Samuel MAFFET, executors.

Marshal’s Sale to be held at the District Court of the United Sates for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 29th March, for land in the county of Susquehanna (late Luzerne) viz: Twenty acres, at the junction of the Clifford & Wilkesbarre and Coshecton and Great Bend Turnpikes, bounded by Asa PARK, John LAW, heirs of Henry DRINKER. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Return J. MEIGS, Post Master General of the United States of America, against John KENT, Asa DIMMOCK and William TANNER. Elijah SHOEMAKER, Deputy Marshall.

7 February 1823

Whereas my wife Pathena has left my Bed and Board without any just cause or provocation. I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, after this date. Geo. FRENCH, Wilkesbarre.

Statement of Receipts and Expenditures for Luzerne County, 1822.

For Rent, the Tavern Stand and Farm, late property of Capt. Frederick CRISMAN, deceased, situated in Hanover Township, and now in occupancy of John FREDERICK. Persons desirous of renting said Property, will please to make application in writing on or before Saturday the 22nd of February, to either of the subscribers. William ROSS, George CHAHOON, John MILL, Lazarus STEWART.

Removal to their new store on Market Street. ANHAEUSER & GILDERSLEEVE, WIlkesbarre.

14 February 1823

Col. Daniel PUTNAM, of Connecticut, a son of the well known hero of that name, has obtained a verdict in the superior court of that state for three hundred dollars damages and costs, against the Rev. George S. WHITE, Rector of the Episcopal Church, for having falsely and maliciously charged the Plaintiff with perjury in obtaining a pension as a revolutionary officer.

A phenomenon! There is a spring in Herkimer County, New York, which always discharges and equal quantity of water, never rising or falling and what is most remarkable, always, about 24 hours before a north-east storm, the spring grows muddy, and continues so from 4 to 10 hours according to the power of the storm coming. This spring has been known for many years, and whenever it grows muddy, through the sky may be clear, and the weather perfectly mild, and without any appearance of a storm, the inhabitants predict such an event with the same certainty, as they would the rising of the sun.

Attention Rifle-Rangers!!! The Members of this Company are requested to meet at the house of John FREDRICK, Inn Keeper, in Hanover, on the 1st day of March next, at 3 o’clock P. M. precisely.

Notice. The Subscriber respectfully informs the public, that he has commenced the Cabinet and Chair Making Business, In the Shop formerly occupied by Oliver HELME, in the township of Kingston. James C. HELME.

A Stray Pig Came to the enclosure of the subscriber sometime in December last, a white boar Pig. John FOSTER, Wilkesbarre.

21 February 1823

Married – At Pittston, on Saturday the 8th inst., by the Rev. KENDALL, Jonathan BULKELEY, Esq., Sheriff of Luzerne County, to Miss Elizabeth SIMONDS.

Married – At Hanover, on Sunday the 9th inst., by Samuel JAMESON, Esq., John BLANCHARD to Miss Sarah LAZARUS.

Married – At Chenango-Point, N. Y., on the 30th January, by Rev. NILES, Ira JONES, of Exeter, Luzerne Co., to Miss Cornelia EDWARDS, of the former place.

Died – In this Borough on Friday evening last, Cromwell, son of Job BARTON, aged about two years.

Died – In Kingston, on Monday last, James LAIRD, a native of Ireland, aged about 80.

Died – At Northumberland, on the 7th inst., after an illness of about four months, very sincerely lamented by her friends, Miss Catherine FRICK, aged 16 years and four months.

Died – At Danville, on the 6th inst., after an illness of a few days, Anne, only daughter of George A. FRICK, Esq., aged about 3 years.

Drowned – In October last, in Sodus Bay, Lake Ontario, Asa R. SWIFT and Ashley VAN DUZER, Esquires, of Palmyra, Ontario County, N. Y. Capt. Asa R., was the eldest son of Gen. John SWIFT, formerly of Luzerne County. Gen. SWIFT was treacherously killed during the late war by a British prisoner after his surrender to a detachment of Americans commanded by Gen. SWIFT. Asa R., served as a First Lieutenant of Cavalry a twelve months campaign during the late war & was in service at the time of his father’s death. He was afterwards promoted to a captaincy, and as well for his own gallantry and good conduct, as from the respect to the memory of his father, the Legislature of New York presented him with an elegant sword, as a testimonial of the high estimation in which they held his character and services. To his friends in this valley an apology is due for so long delaying this notice but the great length of the original communication rendered it next to impossible for us to publish it at an earlier date.

Drowned – On Saturday the 8th inst., near Chestnut Street wharf, Philadelphia, Pemberton, second son of Alderman John BINNS. He was skating and fell into an air hole.

The bill for improving the Susquehanna and completing the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal, passed through committee of the whole of the house of representatives yesterday.

28 February 1823

Fires! The Tavern house at Stoddersville occupied by A. P. CHILDS, was lately destroyed by fire. And the week before last the house of Jacob RUDOLPH of Hanover, was burned down.

Married – Lately, by Rev. John MILLER, of Abington, Seth GOODRICH, of Salem, Wayne County, to Miss Mary PURDY, of Greenfield, Luz. Co.

Married – Henry FELLOWS to Miss Jerusha GRIFFIN, both of Providence. (no date)

Married – Baily STONE to Miss Ruth OSTERHOUT. (no date)

Married – Christopher REYNOLDS to Miss Betsy AGER, of Abington. (no date)

Married – Harvey VAIL, to Miss Jerusha, daughter of Roger ORVIS, Esq., of Greenfield. (no date)

Died – Suddenly in this town, on Tuesday last, Mrs. Sarah SLOCUM, wife of Joseph SLOCUM, in the 42nd year of her age. She was well and cheerful on Friday evening; and before eleven o’clock on Tuesday she was a corpse! She leaves a husband and children.

Died – In Newport, on the same day, at an advanced age, Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Wm. JACKSON.

Fatal Accident! A Coal Bed belonging to Judge HOLLENBACK, about two miles from Wilkesbarre, in which two men, Thomas JOSLYN and Thomas JOSLYN, Jr., father and son, were at work, suddenly caved in on Tuesday last, and buried the young man, under the Coal and Rubbish. The father, after the most intense labor for about half an hour, succeeded in getting his son out, but not in time to save his life. The young man was so severely injured that he died the same night, having remained speechless & senseless from the time he was got out till he died.

Estate of John KELLY, Jr., deceased, late of Kingston, request payments and demands. Sarah EATON, Administratrix.

7 March 1823 – (No articles found)

14 March 1823

Died – In this Town, on Monday morning last, after a short but severe illness, John ELLSWORTH, a much respected and useful citizen, aged about 50 years, formerly of Windsor, Connecticut.

Died – In Kingston, on Tuesday last, Emmeline, daughter of Henry TEAL, aged about 9 years. Her death was occasioned by her having attempted to get on a waggon loaded with boards, while moving, but slipped, and fell in such a situation that the waggon passed over her body. She lived a bout 12 hours, after she received the hurt.

Cautionary Notice. The Subscriber cautions the Public against purchasing or in any manner trading for, a certain note of hand, dated on the 4th November 1822 (as he is informed) drawn by him in favor of a certain Thomas CONDELL, a man of color, for the sum of five hundred dollars, payable sixty days after date, and witnessed by Daniel C. MARSH and Henry BROWN, as the same was obtained through fraud, at a time when I was laboring under a mental derangement, and without any consideration whatever. The subscriber also cautions the Public not to purchase, or in any manner trade for, any note of any description, given by him, to any person whatsoever, as it is known, to the citizens of Wilkesbarre that for some time he labored under a derangement of mind, and he may have been prevailed upon to give other notes, of which however, he is at present altogether unconscious. The subscriber feels it to be his duty to embrace the happy return of his reason to give publicity to the above caution. James LAIRD, Jr., Wilkesbarre.

James A. GORDON, Attorney At Law, Will attend to professionals business, at his Office, in this village, a few rods east of the Court House. Montrose.

Stray Steer, Came to the enclosure of the Subscriber about the middle of September. Warren DAVISON, Dallas.

Tayloring. The Subscriber respectfully informs the inhabitants of Wilkesbarre and its vicinity, that he has returned, and commenced the Tayloring business, In the Shop formerly occupied by Mrs. KENDALL, in Market Street, where all orders in his line will be thankfully received. John J. WARD.

Information Wanted. The Subscriber, an old revolutionary soldier, takes this method of soliciting from such of his fellow soldiers and officers as may still be living, their aid in substantiating his claims on the bounty of his country. He first enlisted (according to the best of his memory) under Captain TORY, sometime in the year 1786 or 77, for three years or during the war, in Albany, New York, served under Captain LIGHT in the Congress or continental regiment, commanded by Col. HAYSON; Sergeant DUFFY being the Orderly Sergeant in Capt. LIGHT’S Company, Major TORY being the first Major in the Regiment, the names of the rest of the officers & soldiers I have forgot.. I was in a number of small engagements and skirmishes and at the taking of Lord CORNWALLIS at Little York on the Chesapeake Bay; the winter following we marched to Pompstown Plain, New York, where I was discharged after peace was declared. Should any person be now alive who can make proof of the fact of my service as a soldier, they are earnestly requested to communicate the same to the editor of the Lancaster Gazette, and thereby confer a favor on an old soldier. William METEER.

21 March 1823

Legislature of Pennsylvania:
In the House of Representatives, the bill for improving the Susquehanna and completing the
Chesapeake and Delaware Canal was taken up on a second reading. The first section, appropriating $60,000 to the Susquehanna, after considerable discussion passed, 59 to 34. The second section, being under consideration, Mr. LEHMAN offered a substitute authorising the Governor to subscribe $100,000, after $60,000 shall have been subscribed by individuals. After an animated discussion, this section was negatived 4 45.
An act to authorize Josiah WRIGHT, Robert LEWIS and Sarah LEWIS, to convey a certain real estate.
An act to incorporate a company to make a turnpike from the intersection of the Wilkesbarre and Clifford turnpike with the Coshecton and Great Bend Turnpike, to the Belmont and Ocquago Turnpike.
An Act authorising a subscription to the stock of the Luzerne and Wayne County Turnpike.

Married – In Hanover on Sunday last, John ULRICH ASHLEYMAN of that place, to Miss Maria GRUVER of Wlkesbarre. [Note – is ASHLEYMAN his surname?]

Died – In this town on the evening of the 19th inst., in the 25th year of his age, Myron B. HELME, after a short illness of about three hours, during which he suffered much pain.

15 Dollars Reward. Ranaway from the Subscriber, some time in August last, an indented Apprentice to the Baking Business, named Matthew GRIFFITH. But has since changed it to Martin JONES. He was lately heard of, being at work on the Lehigh Canal, but has since left that place in the company with one Barney BIGLER, and gone to Berwick, on the North Branch of the Susquehanna. He is about 19 years of age, a short lad for his age, grey eyes, fair complexion and light hair. Frederick TYRON, Frankfort, Philadelphia Co.

Appeals. The County Commissioners have appointed times and places for hearing the appeals on the County levies for 1823.

Pensioners. A Certificate of transfer from the Roll of New Jersey to that of Pennsylvania, in favor of David W. MARTIN, has been received from the War Department. Samuel MAFFET, Prothonotary of Luzerne County.

Notice. Zenus BARNUM and Meritt SLOCUM, have dissolved their business by mutual consent. The business will be conducted by Zenus BARNUM. Tunkhannock.

Removal. BARNUM & SLOCUM, inform their friends and the general public that they have removed their goods from Wilkesbarre to the store formerly occupied by Stephen C. KING, in Tunkhannock, where they have a supply of fresh Goods.

28 March 1823

A meeting of delegates assembled in convention at Harrisburg, named the following persons be committees of correspondence for their respective districts (all counties listed):
Wayne County: John K. WOODWARD, George BUSH, Thomas SPANGENBURG, Benjamin KING, Nathaniel B. ELDRED
Pike County: Daniel DINGMAN, Francis A. SMITH, Solomon WESTBROOK, Jr., Samuel S. THRAIL, Daniel JAYNE
Columbia County: Wm. MONTGOMERY, Aleul MARR, Thomas MOORHEAD
Bradford County: George SCOTT, William MEANS, Samuel M’KEAN
Luzerne County: George DENISON, George M. HOLLENBACK, Jonathan HANCOCK, Benjamin
Susquehanna County: William JESSUP, Jabez HYDE, Jr., Samuel WARNER

Vendue – A variety of household and kitchen furniture and other articles, will be offered to sale by Public Vendue at the residence of Eleazer CAREY, in this Borough at t0 o’clock tomorrow morning.

The Post office has been removed from the house of Charles FULLER to that of Elijah AYRES in Exeter, Luzerne County. Mr. AYRES is appointed Post Master in the room of Charles FULLER, resigned.

Died – At Plymouth, on Wednesday, the 19th inst., Col. Philip SHUPP, aged about 69 years, formerly of Northampton County.

Public Lands belonging to the Township of Wilkesbarre are offered for sale, viz: Lots number two and three in the township, containing 1782 acres and another containing 24 acres. For terms and further particulars, enquire of the subscribers: Hezekiah PARSONS, Eleazer BLACKMAN, Committee.

4 April 1823

Robert and Frances Mary RUTHERFORD resided, and kept a tavern, in Trenton on or about the year 1774. One of their daughters Frances Mary SHARD, died in England in 1820. Should any of the lawful heirs of the latter be living, and see this notice, they may obtain information perhaps highly interesting to them by applying to the editor of this paper. Should any other editor by republishing this notice, by the means of its meeting the attention of such heirs, we have no doubt a generous reward would follow the benefit conferred. Trenton American

List of Letters On Hand – In the Post Office, Tunkhannock, April 1st:
Thomas E. BAKER
Jacob H. BROWN
George W. BAKER
George CAIL
Robert F. HIGHT
Abraham HOLMES
Catherine JONES
George LUTES
Charles OTIS
Benjamin & Samuel ROSE
William STARK
Jonathan THARP
Nehemiah TINKHAM

Married – In Abington on Monday last, by the Rev. John MILER, John CONNER, of this township to Miss Rusilla MATTHUSON, of the former place.

Married – In this borough on the same day, by Thomas DYER, Esq., Dolomon DOTTER, of this township, aged 64, to Mrs. Barbara LOUNDENBERGER, of Kingston, aged 54.

Snow Storm. Sunday morning last an average of about 15 inches of snow and high winds.

In a letter the editor of the Montrose Gazette complains of the Wilkesbarre Post Office and complains of the extortion at the Tunkhannock ferry.

GREEN & BOWMAN Boot and Shoe Manufactory, North side of Public Square, Wilkesbarre.

J. GREEN will be at the house of Benjamin SAYRE, Montrose, during the next court and at the house of William MEANS, Jr., Towanda, during the next court, with goods.

11 April 1823

Estate of Christian MILLER, late of Sugarloaf Township, requests payment and demands. Jacob OXRIDER, Administrator.

Estate of Thomas MANN, late of Northmoreland Township, requests payments and demands. Cyrus A MANN, Administrator.

Notice. Whereas Elizabeth, wife of John ANDRES, has grossly slander Martin, son of Conrad LINE, and a suit has been commenced therefore, by the said Martin LINE; now therefor in order to avoid a legal investigation of the said slander in a court of justice and the consequence that would result from a proof of said slander by the Plaintiff; the said Elizabeth ANDRES does acknowledge and declare, that the report said to be spread abroad by me, is without any foundation in truth and in fact; and that I never did witness any improper conduct in the said Martin, as was reported to his discredit, but from all imputations of that kind, he is perfectly free and clear, as far as my knowledge extends. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand before Witnesses. Elizabeth “X” ANDRES. Witnesses: Jesse HICKS and George RAUGHT

Taken up On the Susquehanna River, April 9th, seven squares of Boards and a quantity of loose Shingles. The owner is requested to call at JENKIN’S Ferry, prove property, pay charges and take them away. David JENKINS, James SHAW.

Important Notice! The Young Men of this and the adjoining townships are respectfully invited to attend at A. PARRISH’S Tavern, on Monday evening, the 14th inst., for the purpose of consulting on measures necessary to be adopted, preparatory to the formation of a company of Volunteers. Young Men of bravery, now manifest your willingness to defend the rights and privileges of your country (should they be infringed on) by meeting at the above place. All lovers of liberty will be expected to attend.

Caution. Whereas my wife Lucy has been in the habit for some time past of involving me in debt – and taking things from my house against my will – this is therefore, to forbid all persons trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting after this date. John HUNNEYWELL, Dallas, April 7th.

Brigade Orders. The Militia and Volunteers within the bounds of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, are hereby notified to parade and train on the following days in May next:
1st Battalion, 2nd Reg., Commanded by Col. John SNYDER, Monday the 12th and the 2nd Battalion on the 13th.
Volunteer Battalion, commanded by Major Christopher BOWMAN, on the 14th.
115th Reg., commanded by Col. Harris JENKINS; and the Volunteer Battalion commanded by Major John L. BUTLER, on the 15th.
116th Reg., commanded by Lieut. Col. Miles AVERY, on the 16th.
76th Reg., commanded by Col. Jeremiah BAKER and the Volunteer Battalion commanded by Major Martin HALL, on the 19th (at or near the house of William WARD, New Milford, Susquehanna Co.)
2nd Battalion, 70th Reg., commanded by Col. Oliver B. BUSH, on the 20th, and the 1st Battalion on the 21st.
Samuel THOMAS, Inspector of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, P. M., Kingston.

Easton & Wilkesbarre Turnpike Dividend declared on the 31st inst., of One Dollar, on each share of Capital Stock. Steuben BUTLER, Treasurer.

18 April 1823

Take Notice. The Co-partnership of GREEN & BOWMAN is this day dissolved. Joshua GREEN & Wm. L. BOWMAN, Wilkesbarre, April 17th.

Caution. Counterfeit Three Dollar Notes of the Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania, are in circulation. The genuine Notes of this denomination have been called in.

Fifty Dollars for the Thief – $10 for each Horse. A Post Horse and a Brown Mare were both missing from my stable this morning and supposed stolen. Charles MINER, Westchester, Pennsylvania, April 7th.

Estate of Myron B. HELME, late of the Borough of Wilkesbarre, requests payments and demands. Oliver HELME, Kingston.

Wholesale and Retail Stores of Thomas BORBIDGE & Co. and BORBIDGE and DONLEY, have just received a large supply of Spring and Summer Goods.

Dissolution of Partnership existing under the firm of BREES & PHILLIPS is this day by mutual consent dissolved. Samuel BREES, A. C. PHILLIPS, John BREES, Kingston, April 24th.

Wyoming Guards, are to meet at the house of N. HURLBUT, Kingston (without uniform) on the 26th. Jas. WARNER, O. S., Wilkesbarre.

25 April 1823 – Paper Missing

2 May 1823

An Act – For the recovery of fines assessed upon citizens of this state, for the non-performance of military duty during the late war with Great Britain, and for other purposes.

Married – In Abington, on Thursday the 24th ult, John WEISS, of Exeter, to Miss Peggy ROSS, of the former place.

Married – At the same place, on Sunday the 20th ult., by Rev. John MILLER, Philip DAN to Miss Maryann CURE, all of Abington.

Married – At Pittston, on the 22nd ult, by Peter WINTER, Esq., Samuel SAILOR, to Miss Hannah GARDNER, all of the former place.

Luzerne Washington Guards. The members of the above company will meet at A. PARRISHES, on Monday evening next, on business of the utmost importance.

New Millinery & Mantua-making Business, on north side of Public Square, Wilkesbarre. Nancy W. FELL and Maria WORTHINGTON.

New Millinery. Nancy S. DRAKE has opened a Commission Shop, at the Old Stand lately occupied by Mrs. KENDALL, Borough of Wilkesbarre.

Luzerne Volunteer Battalion will meet at the house of Col. Naphtali HURLBUT, Kingston on the 15th. Jeremiah BLANCHARD, jr., Adjutant.

The 116th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, 1st Battalion will meet at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington on the 16th and 2nd Battalion at the house of Charles OTIS, Tunkhannock on the 17th of May. Miles AVERY, Lieut. Col., Tunkhannock.

The 115th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, will drill the 5th May at such as the several Captains or commanding Officers shall direct., and the Regiment will meet at the house of Naphtali HURLBUT in Kingston, on the 15th May. Harris JENKINS, Colonel, Kingston.

Caution. Whereas an agreement by mutual consent, has been entered into between myself and Polly, my reputed wife, and bonds have been entered into for a separate maintenance – this is therefore to caution all persons against trusting or harboring her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. John SECOR, Blakeley, April 24th.

List of dead Letters, Remaining in the Post Office, Wilkesbarre, April 1st:
William APPLE
William ABBOT
William BROWN
Timothy BARNES
Doct. CRAR__
Nathan CAREY
Priscilla CRISMAN
Nathaniel CRANDALL
George DAILY
Richard DILLEY
Anderson DANA
Louisa DANA
Margaret DENNIS
Matthew ENTY
Abraham FORGER
Susan GAY
Daniel GOULD
Peter GARY
Rosweld H. HALE
William M. HART
Jacob HESS
Edward INMAN
William JONES
Godfrey JONES
Jacob KUTZ
John LINES & Co.
Matthew LYON
Parley LYON
James LEE
Frederick MILLER
Abraham MACK
Elizabeth NUTTING
Ludwig ROMIG
Zebulon SLOCUM
Daniel SIMS
Leonard STYRE
Alexander SAUNDERS
Daniel SCOTT
Stephen VAN LOON
William WILSON
Roswell WELLES
Jacob CIST, P. M.

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office, Kingston, April 1st:
Dr. Ethel B. BACON
Henratta GOBLE
Elizabeth GOULD
Samuel K_(blank)_
William MOORE
Joseph ORR
Alexander PARR
Jared WEST
Thomas BORBIDGE, P. M.

9 May 1823

Died – George LERCH, merchant of Easton, Penn., went down the Delaware a few miles, to assist the boatmen in bringing up one of his boats from Philadelphia – from which he was knocked into the river by a limb of a tree and drowned.

Law. O. COLLINS, informs his former patrons and the public that he has removed his office to the first door on Franklin Street, next below the store of Z. DAVENPORT & Co.

16 May 1823

Married – At the Plains, on Thursday the 8th inst., by John MYERS Esq., Samuel CAREY, of Pittston, to Mrs. Thirza CLARK of Wilkesbarre township.

Married – At Kingston on Friday last, by the Rev. BIDLAC, George PEABODY to Miss Cynthia HELME.

Married – At Kingston on Saturday evening last, by Samuel THOMAS Esq., James SEGREAVES to Miss Mary MYERS, both late of New Jersey.

Died – At Pittston, on the morning of the 30th ultimo, Cibil, daughter of Barzella BROWN.

Public House. Charles J. CHRISTAL has purchased that long established Tavern Stand, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, formerly occupied by Mr. REEDER, and lately by Mr. KEITHLINE, where he has opened a Public House of Entertainment, and respectfully solicits a share of the public custom. He also continues the practice of Physic, Surgery and Midwifery and will be ready at all times to attend to calls in the line of his profession.

23 May 1823

Divorce. A divorce is allowed in China on the grounds of talkativeness, or disregard of her husband’s parents, or envious and suspicious temper in the wife.

Married – In Hanover, on Tuesday the 13th inst., by Rev. GILDERSLEEVE, William JACKSON, jr. of Newport, to Miss Jerusha INMAN, of the former place.

Died – In this borough, between the hours of 6 and 7 o’clock yesterday morning, John G. DE SHONG, aged about nineteen years, a grandson of Judge HOLLENBACK.

A blacksmith by the name of SAVAGE, was lately killed in Philadelphia, by the discharge of an old gun barrel which had been put into one of the forges for the purpose of working it up into horse shoes. The gun barrel proved to be loaded – its contents were lodged in the abdomen of the deceased, who soon after expired.

Military Notice. The Court of Appeal for the 1st Battalion of the 115th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia will meet at the house of Naphtali HURLBUT, Kingston, on the 9th June next, and consist of Capt. Caleb ATHERTON, Capt. John P. SHIVER and Lieutenant William C. JOHNSON. For the 2nd Battalion, same day, at the house of Archippus PARRISH, Wilkesbarre, and to consist of Capt. John BENEDICT, Lieut. Jonas HARTZELL and Lieut. Anderson DANA, Jr. Harris JENKINS, Colonel, Kingston.

30 May 1823

Section cut from page 1.

Salt. After boring from time to time for a period of twenty eight years, and sinking a shaft to the depth of 373 feet, the greater part of the way though solid rock, Judge DE HART, of Susquehanna County, has at last succeeded in procuring a good supply of Salt water, from which of an excellent quality has been made. We understand the water is much stronger than that at the Onondaga works, and that it is in such abundance as to induce Nicholas BIDDLE, Esq., President of the U. S. Bank, who owns the land, and who has assisted Judge DE HART in sinking the shaft, to erect boilers, and other necessary conviences to carry on the manufacture of salt an extensive manner.
Cannot the owner of the Salt Springs on the Wyalusing, be induced to give some person possessed of sufficient capital a chance sufficiently advantageous to lead to the erection of salt works there? If this could be done the Country bordering the Susquehanna would not seek a foreign supply. Every family is directly interested in the success of these works.

Lime. The want of Lime in the County of Luzerne- has heretofore been considered a serious detriment to building – that article having to be brought either from Columbia or Northampton County, at a great expense. We now have the pleasure to announce that a Lime quarry has been discovered on the land of Mr. Richard INMAN, in the Gap of the mountain, near the junction of the middle south branches of Solomon’s Creek about three miles from Wilkesbarre. The stone is of a reddish color, but burns into tolerable white Lime. A kiln has been erected, and lime is now burning, and if it prove equal to the expectations formed of it, we may justly say that it is one of the most important acquisitions which could have been made for the citizens of the County.

Susquehanna Canal. Judge BLAND, George WINCHESTER and John PATTERSON, Esqs., appointed by the Governor and Council of Maryland to survey the route of a canal from the Susquehanna River to Baltimore, left here yesterday for New-York. We understand that they intend visiting the great Canal in the state of New York, for the purpose of obtaining information, and that they will descend the Susquehanna from its head waters to tide. American

Fire! The woolen factory of Thomas MILNOR, near Norwich, Chenango Co., N.Y., was destroyed by fire on the 1st inst. Loss estimated at $4000 and no insurance.

New Store. Zenus BARNUM, informs his friends and the public that he has taken that well known stand the Brick Store in Main Street, (lately occupied by BORBIDGE & DONLEY) and has just opened a choice selection of New Goods, which are offered very low for cash only. He also continues his Store in Tunkhannock, which is replenished with a General Assortment of New goods, on the same terms as above.

Military Notice. Courts of appeal for the 116th Regiment of P. M., will be held the 9th June next for the 1st Battalion, at the house of Russell CHAHOON, Abington, by Capt. Luther HUBBARD, Capt. Moses VAUGHN and Lieut. Lord L. STEPHENS. For the 2nd Battalion, at the house of Jesse LEE, Eaton, by Capt. John FASSET, Oliver CULVER and Lieut. Hurlbut HARDING. Miles AVERY, Lieut. Col., Commanding the 116th Reg., P. M., Tunkhannock.

Dr. Hiram MOE respectfully informs the inhabitants of Dundaff and its vicinity that he has recently established himself in that place, and solicits a share of the public patronage.

6 June 1823

Married – In Wlkesbarre, on Friday the 30th May last, by Rev. GILDERSLEEVE, Abraham BIDLEMAN, of New Jersey, to Miss Margaret BABB, of the former place.

Died – In Kingston, on Wednesday morning last, Mrs. Ann, wife of Daniel TURNER, aged about 35 years.

The Consecration of St. Stephen’s Church in Wilkesbarre will take place on Saturday the 14th June, inst. and on Sunday the 15th the Rev. Samuel SITGREAVES Jr. will be ordained to the order of Priest.

Town Meeting. The Proprietors of the township of Wilkesbarre are requested to attend and adjourned meeting on Saturday next, at four o’clock in the afternoon, at the Court house in Wilkesbarre. A general and punctual attendance is desirable, as business of importance to the interest of the Township is to be there transacted.

Stray Mare came to the premises of the Subscriber on June 1st. Oliver HELME, Kingston.

To My Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in August next for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. John HAHN, Covington.

13 June 1823

Strayed from the Subscriber on Thursday the 5th inst., a large white and red cow. James TAYLOR, Wilkesbarre.

Illinois Gazette – Bloody Business. Last Tuesday week, a party of 18 or 20 set out from Golconda to arrest the STURDIVANTS, who live about 16 miles above that place, near the Ohio river, and are supposed to carry on the counterfeiting business, being engravers, and having the necessary implements, commenced, or who fires first, affray presume it began on the attempt of the Golconda party to enter the house to make the arrest. Roswell STURDIVANT, the principal engraver, was shot through the nap of his neck, and is supposed to be dangerously wounded. The party finally succeeded in taking prisoner, Boswell STURDIVANT and his father, and two others and they are now confined in jail.

Notice. The undersigned, lately trading under the firm of Ziba DAVENPORT & Co., have this day dissolved the co-partnership by mutual consent. All persons indebted to them, are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims, to present their accounts without delay to Joseph M’COY, who is duly authorised to settle all the business of the firm. Ziba DAVENPORT, Joseph M’COY, Geo. DENISON, Wilkesbarre.

The Subscribers inform their friends and the public that they propose to continue the business heretofore conducted by Ziba DAVENPORT & Co., under the firm of M’COY & DAVENPORT. Ziba DAVENPORT and Joseph M’COY.

To My Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in August next for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Patrick M’GUIGHAN and Adam TAYLOR.

Masonic. The Members of Lodge No. 61, at Wilkesbarre, are requested to meet at the Lodge Room to celebrate the Anniversary of St. John the Baptist, on Tuesday the 24th inst., at 9 o’clock, A. M. An address will be delivered by a Brother, and refreshments provided by A. PARRISH. All sojourning Brethren are respectfully invited to attend. Oliver HELME, Gould PHINNEY, Joseph WRIGHT.

20 June 1823

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held on the 14th July next, as the estate of Jeremiah COLEMAN, deceased, for tracts of land in Plymouth Township. Sarah HODGE and Roswell WELLES, executors.

Married – At Braintrim, on Sunday the 8th inst., by Elder STURDEVANT, Henry W. NORTHOP, Merchant of Clyde, N.Y., to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Maj. D. STERLING.

Died – In the borough of Erie, Pa., on the 19th May, John WOODWARD, Esq., a Captain in the Revolutionary War and for many years transcribing clerk in the House of Representatives of this state, aged 94 years.

On Saturday, June 14th, St. Stephen’s Church, Wilkesbarre, was consecrated to the worship of Almighty God by the Right Reverend William WHITE, Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Pennsylvania, assisted by the Rev. Jackson KEMPER, Rev, Charles DUPUY and Rev. Samuel SITGREAVES, the Rector of the Church. Forty one persons received the apostolic benediction of the Bishop by the laying on of his hands.” The ensuing Sunday morning the Rev. Samuel SITGREAVES Jr. was ordained by the Bishop to the Holy order of the priesthood. Communion was administered to 43 persons.

The body of Pemberton BINNS, who was drowned on the 8th February last at Philadelphia, has been found floating near the navy yard at that place, and interred.

Beware of a Villain. A Scoundrel who calls himself Isaac BURDON, imposed himself upon some of the inhabitants of this county for an honest man, conveyed his wife from their residence in the township of Strasburg, Lancaster, where he left her under the pretence of going to Columbia, with an intention to call for her on his return; but it has since been ascertained, that instead of going to Columbia, he returned to his own house in Strasburgh Township, and on Tuesday, the 13th May inst. allured his servant maid, a young girl about 16 years of age, to accompany him, since which time he has not been heard from.
The monster, in the shape of a man, is 55 years old, 5 feet, 9 or 10 inches high, rather thick formed, round shouldered and grey hair, combed backwards; all his finger nails have a peculiar construction, which are of a thick horny nature, with the appearance of being the second growth, after the first ones had been torn off. It is probable that he has disguised his hair with a wig.
This villain, who is a noted liar, has defrauded a number of his poor neighbors, in a most scandalous manner; obtained a considerable quantity of property, under the pretence of paying for it, among which are the following articles: A Monroe carriage, or Dearbon, a fine Horse, &c. &c. all of which he took with him. He was born in the state of New Jersey, and has long been an unworthy member of the Methodist Church; the members of which are, in all places, forewarned to be aware of him, as no act is too base for the villain to perpetrate – and if he should be discovered in endeavoring to deceive the unwary it is hoped they will treat him as he deserves. Sarah BURTON, Lancaster.

27 June 1823

Died – Lately in Lancaster, in the 2nd year of her age, Margaret Yeates CONYNGHAM, daughter of Redmond CONYNGHAM, Esq.

Vaccination. We understand that Drs. COVELL & CLARK, of this town, have received a fresh matter from the city, & are now engaged in Vaccination. It is hardly necessary to urge the importance of employing this safe and sure preventive against small pox. Parents will do well to avail themselves of this opportunity of securing their children against the effects of a most distressing and fatal malady.

Public Caution. All persons are hereby cautioned against harboring or trusting my wife Celestia, late Celestia DECKER, on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting – the said Celestia having left my bed and board, and refusing to conduct herself towards me as a wife ought to conduct towards her husband. Therefore, those who trusts her must do so at their own cost, and not at mine. Ambrose GEARY, jr., Windham, 21 June.

Caution. Whereas my wife, Sabra MERIT has unlawfully left me without any just cause or provocation – I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date, unless compelled by law. Thomas W. MERIT, Kingston, June 24.

One Thousand Gallons Whiskey, For Sale by G. M. HOLLENBACK & Co., Wilkesbarre.

Marshal’s Sale to be held at the District Court of the United Sates for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 4th August, for land in the county of Susquehanna (late Luzerne) viz: Twenty acres, at the junction of the Clifford & Wilkesbarre and Coshecton and Great Bend Turnpikes, bounded by Asa PARK, John LAW, heirs of Henry DRINKER. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Return J. MEIGS, Post Master General of the United States of America, against John KENT, Asa DIMMOCK and William TANNER. Elijah SHOEMAKER, Deputy Marshall.

Stray Black Steer, came to the premises of the Subscriber sometime about the first of May last. Elijah AYRES, Exeter.

4 July 1823

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office, Tunkhannock, July 1st:
George EVANS
Charles FORBES
Mr. or Mrs. FLETCHER
George GRIST
Frederick KINNEY
Thomas KING
Philip LEE
Richard MILLER

To Journeymen Cordwainers. Wanted. Six Journeymen, four of whom must have been used to working in Morocco. None but first rate workmen need apply. Constant employment and good wages will be given by Joshua GREEN, Wilkesbarre.

Notice. To heirs of Conrad SHAFFER, late of the Township of Wilkesbarre, deceased, who died Interstate. Greetings. Whereas on motion of the Orphan’s Court the 7th April 1823, a Rule was granted on the Heirs and Legal Representatives of said Conrad SHAFFER, to come into court the first Monday of August next, then and there to accept or relinquish their several rights of taking at the valuation thereof, real estate in Wilkesbarre Township, bounded by Frederick WAGGONER, George MILLER, township line and Benjamin CORTRIGHT and Susquehanna River, containing about 93 acres. Samuel MAFFET, Clerk.

Notice. Is hereby given, By the Commissioners appointed by an act of the Legislature of Pennsylvania, for the improvement of the navigation of the Susquehanna, from Columbia to Tide, passed the 31st March 1823, that they will dispose of several sections of said river for improvement at Public Auction, to the lowest bidder, to commence on the 7th August next, beginning at STALL’S ripples, and to be continued from day to day until the whole is disposed of or so much as the Commissioners deem proper. The improvements will be designated on the day of the sale, a schedule of which is hereunto annexed. Viz: Stall’s Ripples, Fry’s Falls, Eshelman’s Sluice and Bar, from the House Rock to M’Call’s along the Lancaster shore, Cally’s Falls and such others as the Commissioners may deem proper. Jabez HYDE 2nd, John M’MEANS, Sam’l H. WILSON, Comr’s.

Died – Lately in Berwick, Mrs. HORTON, wife of Jesse E. HORTON, and daughter Samuel HEADLEY, Esq., of that place, after a short illness.

The Next Governor:
Information on John Andrew SHULZE, born in Tulpahocken Township, Berks Co., son of Christopher Emanuel SHULZE, a native of Salford, Upper Saxony, Germany.
Andrew GREGG, born near Carlisle, Cumberland County, in 1758
(See large articles on both of their political careers.)

11 July 1823

List of Letters On Hand – In the Post Office, Pittston, July 1st:
John P. BABB
David DALY
Cornelius P. LOT

Fourth of July. The day was celebrated by a mixed party of Democrats and Federalists on the Banks of the Susquehanna, about half a mile above the Borough. Judge SCOTT officiated as President and Fisher GAY as Vice President. A number of toasts were drank. Another party met at the house of Conrad SAX, Esq., in Covington, who furnished a most excellent dinner., among other good things, the finest trout and a variety of other fish, caught in the high mountain streams which flow into the Lehigh. Another party at the house of Andrew CROOP, in Newport, where with the sport of fishing in the Long Pond, the time passed very agreeably. The Cordwainer’s Society of Wilkesbarre celebrated at Mr. CONNOR’S Mineral Spring.

Valuable Property For Sale in the Borough of Wilkesbarre -two lots, houses, barns, store and chair maker’s shop, and the right to dig coal forever from a lot at the mouth of Solomon’s Creek. Garrick MALLERY or Joseph SINTON.

Notice. The subscriber having removed to Salem, informs those indebted to him in Wlkesbarre and its vicinity, that he has left his Book accounts and notes in the hands of James W. BOWMAN, Esq., for settlement and collection. Those concerned will save costs by proper attention to this notice. Mason CRARY.

A burial society has lately commenced in the county of Lancaster; the first printed article of which runs thus – “Whereas many persons find it very difficult to bury themselves.”

18 July 1823

Cautionary Notice. All persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing or taking any assignment of either of six Notes of hand given to Conrad HARMAN, as the notes were given in part consideration for a Tract of Land the title of which has failed. and I am determined not to pay them unless compelled by law. Also a note given by me to John MOSS, this note in part consideration for the same land. Daniel CASE, Union.

New Goods. Zenus BARNUM, has received, and is now opening at his Stores in Wilkesbarre and Tunkhannock, an extensive assortment of Goods, suited to the season, which were purchased very low and will be sold cheap for ready pay.

Notice. The Democratic Republicans of Luzerne County will meet at the Court-House in the Borough of Wilkesbarre on Tuesday of Court week (5 Aug.), to adopt measures preparatory to the ensuing General Election.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office, Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
Stephen G. BARNES
Gilbert BARNES
George BAILY
Timothy BARNS
Elijah DAY
Rachael DECKER
Frederick DOFFERT
Matthew ENTRY
Solomon FULLER
Charity GOULD
Joshua GREEN
Frederick HEPBURN
Catharine HAMOR
Abram HART
Godfrey JONES
Wm. JACKSON, sen.
Elizabeth JACKSON
Frederick KLINE
Christian NAGLE
B. PERRY & family
Archippus PARISH
Caroline STEWART
Guardian of Sarah SANTEE
Ichabod SHAW
Archibald SIMLEY
Philip LINE
John D. WITT
Josiah LEWIS
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Married – In this town, last evening, by the Rev. GILDERSLEEVE, Cristus COLLINS, Esq., Attorney at Law, to Miss Nancy JEWETT, formerly of Connecticut.

Married – Last evening in Exeter, by the Rev. PIERCE, Lyman HURLBUT, of N. Y., to Miss Caroline, daughter of the late James SCOVELL, of Exeter, Pa.

Runaway Negroes. Wilkesbarre, Luzerne Co., Pa., July 11th. Where as a number of Negroes and coloured persons have of late come into this neighborhood having no apparent means of support, and who neglect to labor to obtain an honest livelihood, many of whom are, no doubt, runaway slaves, of Felons escaped or discharged from the Prisons on our Sea-board..
And whereas several Larcenies have been committed in this neighborhood, and within a few days a daring Burglary has been perpetrated in this Borough, by one of these new comers, who it is believed committed the crime with the knowledge and advice of many of his color, and who is now committed for trial our next Court, with ample testimony of his guilt.
And as this is deemed a proper occasion to call the attention of our Citizens generally to the movements of these suspicious persons, with a view as well to arrest the progress of crime, as to protect the hones part of the Blacks from unjust suspicions.
Therefore, we the undersigned, do pledge themselves individually and collectively, to afford to any person or persons coming in search of runaway slaves or servants, our most zealous exertions to discover and identify such slaves or servants as may be lawfully pursued to this place and we earnestly request & confidently expert the cordial co-operation of our citizens generally to effect this object.
Jonathan HANCOCK
William ROSS
Joshua GREEN
Archippus PARRISH
Jos. M’COY

Caution. I do hereby caution all persons against purchasing either of three Notes that I gave Daniel CASE sometime in December last. I have paid the above notes previously to this date, I am determined not to pay them again, unless compelled by law. Absalom CASE, Plymouth.

Daring Burglary, on Monday night last week, at the store of Zenus BARNUM, in this borough, and was robbed of a Gold Watch valued at 150 dollars, belonging to Mr. E. CAREY and many valuable papers and about 50 dollars in money. The fellow had previously broken open the waggon maker’s shop of Mess. FLAKE & TRACY, from which he stole an auger, with which he bored through the store door in such a manner as to enable him to enter. No trace of the robber could be discovered till Tuesday evening, when he it was found he had made for Susquehanna County. He was immediately pursued by Messrs. PHINNEY and M’COY, who by their persevering activity, aided by John W. ROBINSON and other citizens about the Four Corners, succeeded in arresting the negro and recovering the watch and part of the money. The papers had been previously found in a lot near the store. The negro was safely lodged in Jail at Wilkesbarre on Friday, where he awaits the punishment for his crimes. It was found that a negro residing at the Four Corners was an accomplice in the burglary, and the property was found in his possession. We learn that this fellow has also been arrested and lodged in the jail at Montrose. Messrs. PHINNEY and M’COY, and the citizens of the Four Corners generally, deserve much credit for their exertions in bringing to Justice such daring villains.

A Handsome Place and Good Stand for making money For Sale. In the Borough of Wilkesbarre by D. GERMAIN. Also a bay horse, wagon and harness, and a good Copper Still.

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office At Kingston, July 1st:
Cornelius BUSKIRK
Truman BROWN
William COOKE
Alexander FURGUSON
Russel L. GREEN
Nathaniel GATES
Samuel GLACE
Erastus HILL
William HOUSE
William HICKS
Sarah HART
Theopholis LARNARD
James LUCE
Jacob PLUMB, Jr.
Abraham PIKE
Ralph D. REMER
Benjamin RELL
William ROYAL
Benjamin SMITH
Abraham VAN SCOY
Richard WILCOX
Morgan YOUNG

299 Cow-Hides, Of a good Size and Quality, for sale at the store of G. M. HOLLENBACK & Co.

25 July 1823

Celebration of the 4th of July – In Pittston, by Citizen Volunteers, under the command of Capt. J. P. BABB, at the inn of LEPPER. At 11 o’clock, the corps formed a line in the grove back of the house, after performing many military evolutions took their seats, and after having been joined by a respectable company of Ladies and Gentlemen, an ardent and patriotic prayer was offered up by the Rev. RHODES. The Declaration of Independence was read by Amzi WILSON (in the place of Thomas J. SMITH), after which an address was delivered by Capt. J. P. BABB. Toasts were Robert CATHER, Stewart W. CARLISLE, John DILTZ, J. ATHERTON, Thomas Y. ATHERTON and John P. BABB.

Notice. Particular arrangements render it absolutely necessary that the Subscriber should make settlement of all his accounts. Inattention to this notice will compel him to resort to legal measures. Edw. COVELL.

Land For Sale. On the 15th August next by Public Vendue, at the house of Archippus P. CHILDS, in the borough of Wilkesbarre, a tract of land situate on Bowman’s Creek, in Northmoreland (formerly Exeter) Township, consisting of 408 acres, a part of the real estate of John ARNDT, late of the Borough of Easton, deceased, and originally taken up and surveyed in the name of Robert FINNAY. Philip H. MALTES, Adm’r.

Estate of Redmond DONYNGHAM, of Sugarloaf, requests payments and demands. John N. CONYNGHAM, Assignee.

To Be Sold. Brick Store and Frame Dwelling-House with a lot of Land in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, formerly occupied by Messrs. BORBIDGE & DONLEY, and at present by Zenus BARNUM. William SIMPSON.

1 August 1823

Militia Election. The Enrolled Inhabitants residing within the bounds of the 115th Regiment are hereby notified, that an Election will be held on Thursday the 21st August, for the election of a Lieutenant Colonel, and will meet at the house of Col. N. HURLBUT, Kingston Township. The 116th Regiment will hold election for Colonel of the 1st Battalion at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington, and of the 2nd Battalion at the house of Jesse LEE, Eaton Township, for a Colonel and Major. Samuel THOMAS, Inspector.

Died – In Philadelphia, on Thursday the 17th ult., after a long and painful indisposition, Charlotte Ann, wife of B. Pemberton BINNS, in the 40th year of her age.

Republican Meeting. All those Citizens opposed to Legislative dictation, are requested to meet at the Court House, on Wednesday the 6th inst., at early candle light – on business of importance relating to the approaching election for Governor. Many.

Members of the Aldiborontiphoscophornian Club will meet at the Academy in Wilkesbarre on the 8th on necessary and important business. Young Gentlemen wishing to become members of this useful institution, and obtain a seat in the Hall of Science, are respectively invited to hand in their petitions on the above evening, for consideration into the club. Auer D. LUDOVICUS.

8 August 1823

Married – In Tunkhannock on Sunday the 3rd inst., by Elisha HARDING, jr. Esq. Jeremiah SMITH to Miss Mary, daughter of Zebulon MARCY, both of Tunkhannock.
What is there in this vale of life, Half so delightful as a wife,
When love and friendship all combine, To stamp the marriage bond divine.

Public House. The Subscriber informs his fiends and the pubic that he has taken the Tavern Stand lately occupied by John GREENEWALT, in Hanover, on the back road, leading from Wilkesbarre to Berwick, where he hopes to receive a share of public custom. Abraham MOCK, Hanover.

15 August 1823

Democratic Meeting, held at the Court House, Wilkesbarre on August 6th, Benjamin REYNOLDS, Esq., was called to the chair and Elisha S. POTTER, appointed secretary.
Committee to draft resolutions: Samuel THOMAS, Esq.; Geo. DENISON, Esq.; Andrew
BEAUMONT, Esq.; Isaac A. CHAPMAN and John P. BABB.
Committees of Vigilance:
Wilkesbarre: Wm. APPLE, Frederick WAGONER
Kingston: John BENNET, Wm. SWETLAND
Sugarloaf: Valentine SIEWELL, Geo. DRUM, Jr.
Nescopeck: John BUSS, Philip MIXELL
Hanover: Jonas HARTZELL, George BEBE
Huntington: John EMERY, Robert WILSON
Plymouth: Joze ROGERS, James NESBIT
Union: Daniel CASWELL, Isaac BENSCOTER
Salem: Sebastian SIEBART, James CAMPBELL
Newport: Andrew KEITHLINE, Andrew CROOP
Dallas: Jacob J. BOGARDUS, Esq., Abraham HUNNEYWELL
Exeter: Isaac HARDING, Esq., Ezekiel GOBLE
Tunkhannock: Luman FERRY, Daniel SHAW
Northmoreland: Sherman LOMIS, Josiah ROGERS
Eaton: Forbes LEE, Benjamin JENKINS
Windham: Jasper FASSET, Ambrose GAREY, Jr.
Abington: John STONE, Henry GREEN
Greenfield: Samuel CALLENDER, Peter TINKELPAUGH
Nicholson: Henry FELTON, Nathan BACON
Providence: Michael SWARTZ, John J. DINGS
Blakeley: Hiram CASE, Samuel CALLENDER, Jr.
Braintrim: Charles KINNEY, Moses OVERFIELD
Pittston: John P. BABB, Samuel SAYLOR
Covington: Conrad SAX, Charles TERWILLAGER
Standing Committee: William SWETLAND, Isaac HARTZELL and Daniel COLLINGS

Republican Meeting held at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, on August 6th, Hon. Matthias HOLLENBACK was chosen Chairman and Ebenezer SLOCUM, Esq., appointed Secretary.
Committee to draft resolutions: Oristus COLLINS, Esq.,, Joseph JAMESON and Lewis WORRALL.
Committees of Vigilance:
Wilkesbarre: Jehoida P. JOHNSON, Anderson Dana, Elisha BLACKMAN, 2nd
Hanover: John ESPY, Lorenzo RUGGLES, Thomas BENNET
Newport: Andrew KEECHLINE, James S. LEE
Nescopeck: Maj. Philip FENSTERMAKER, Abraham SHORTZ, Esq.
Sugarloaf: Moses S. BRUNDAGE, John C. TROY, Stephen BALLIET
Salem: James CAMPBELL, John VARNER
Huntington: Amariah WATSON, Stephen HARRISON
Union: Isaac BENSCOTER, Shadrach AUSTIN, Esq.
Plymouth: Joseph WRIGHT, James NESBITT, Jr.
Dallas: Joseph L. WORTHINGTON, Almond CHURCH
Kingston: James HUGHES, Ziba HOYT, Alvah C. PHILLIPS, Esq.
Exeter: Isaac HARDING, Esq., Laton SLOCUM, Samuel SUTTON
Northmoreland: Luther BRACE, Orange FULLER, Esq.
Eaton: Laton ROBERTS, Samuel ALBRO
Tunkhannock: Nicholson MARCY, David OSTERHOUT, Isaac SLOCUM
Windham: Asa STEVENS, Esq., Daniel FROST
Braintrim: Daniel STERLING, Wait S. SKINNER
Nicholson: Daniel H. CAPWELL, Caleb ROBERTS, Esq.
Abington: Dr. Wm. H. NICHOLLS, Jeremiah CLARK
Greenfield: Roger ORVIS, Esq., Stephen MILLER
Blakeley: Thomas YOUNG, John FINN
Providence: Benjamin SLOCUM, Thomas Y. ATHERTON
Covington: Conrad SOX, Esq., Henry W. DRINKER
Pittston: Peter WINTER, Esq., John BENEDICT
Committee of Correspondence: Eleazer CAREY, Jonathan HANCOCK, Benja. DORRANCE, Cornelius CORTRIGHT and James HUGHES

The Court. Owing to the severe indisposition of Judge SCOTT, 10 Civil Trials were had the last term. Several convictions were had in the sessions for minor offences, and two for larceny. The Negro who broke open M. BARNUM’S Store was sentenced to 6 years hard labor in the State Prison.

Died – In Kingston, on Wednesday the 23rd July, William HUNT, formerly of Ithica, New York, aged about 24 years.

Estate of Solomon WILLARD, late of Nicholson Township, requests payments and demands. Assenith WILLARD and Benajah WILLARD, Administrators.

22 August 1823

Married – In Kingston, on Thursday evening, Aug. 14, by Rev. BIDLACK, John DONLEY, merchant of Philadelphia, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Col. E. SHOEMAKER, of Kingston.

Died – In Wilkesbarre Township, on Thursday the 14th, Mrs. Sarah, wife of Anderson DANA, Esq., in the 57th year of her age. She was buried on Friday.

Died – Also at the house of Anderson DANA, Esq., on Wednesday evening last, Josiah FASETT, Esq., of Windham, Luzerne County, in the 62nd year of his age. For many years useful and correct Justice of the Peace.

Died – At Chesnut Hill Township, Northampton County, on the 11th of July, George HOOD, Esq., Post Master, upwards of 30 years an obliging Inn Keeper on the Turnpike from Easton to Wilkesbarre, in the 73rd year of his age.

Notice. All persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing or taking a note given by me to John HANCOCK, dated July 13, 1823, to the amount of $67.50, as I am determined not to pay the same unless compelled by law. Henry SHIBER, Wilkesbarre.

29 August 1823

Married – In this Borough, on the 28th inst. by the Rev. LANE, the Rev. James HODGE, to Miss Rebecca MILLER, both of Plymouth.

Jacob G. TRYON, Esq., High Sheriff of the city and county of Philadelphia, died at his residence on the Frankford road, on the 12th inst., in the 34th year of his age, after a short but severe illness.

A letter from Belvidere, Sussex County, N. J., dated the 11th inst., states that the dysentery prevails very generally at and near Knowltown Mills, and the mortality is very high.

John BOWER, of Halifax, Dauphin County, was killed by being thrown violently against a tree from the horse he was riding. He left a wife and eight or nine children.

John Andrew SHULZE, Esq. has resigned his seat in the Senate of this Commonwealth.

Saddle, Bridle, Harness, Collar and Trunk Manufactory. Thomas HUTCHINS, Wilkesbarre.

5 September 1823

Died – Lately, at Tunkhannock, Mrs. AVERY, wife of Caleb AVERY.

Afflicting Casualty – On Sunday last, about 9 o’clock, in the Susquehanna River, near the mouth of the Tunkhannock Creek, was drowned, Aaron Burr ADAMS, aged about 13 years, son of Aaron ADAMS, of Tunkhannock. The parents of this youth have suffered an irreparable loss, and the Sabbath School at that place or which he was a member, has been deprived of a promising scholar. He attempted to cross the river in pursuit of a hog and had proceeded nearly half way, when the current being strong, and being unable to resist the torrent, was immediately swept down by the force of the stream about 20 rods, and then sunk to the bottom where the water was about ten feet deep. He was discovered by some persons on the shore who ran to his assistance, but before they arrived it was to late. They succeeded in getting him out of the water, in about fifteen minutes after he sunk, and used every exertion to reanimate him, but all proved ineffectual.

General Elections will be held the 14th day of October next.

Public Lands belonging to the Township of Wilkesbarre are offered for sale. The lands will be divided into Lots, containing from four to three hundred acres. These lands are situated about one mile from the borough of Wilkesbarre. If not sold before the first Monday in November next, at private sale, they will be exposed to Public Sale on that day. Hezekiah PARSONS, Eleazer BLACKMAN and Anderson DANA, Township Committee.

12 September 1823

At Newburgh, N. Y., a Mrs. TEED, whose husband had been executed for the murder of one JENNINGS, drowned herself, leaving four children.

Luzerne and Columbia Republican Meeting held at house of John KOONS, in the village of Columbus, Luzerne Co., on the 30th August. Abiel FELLOWS, Esq., was called to the chair and Asa DOUGLASS, appointed secretary.

Committee to draft resolutions: Dr. Horace GRISWOLD, Major Christopher BOWMAN, John KOONS, Dr. Marshall WADSWORTH and Jonathan STEVENS.

Estate of Wm. STEWART, deceased, late of Greenfield Township, requests payments and demands. Cynthia STEWARD, Admin.

Ordination, Philadelphia, Aug. 30. On Sunday morning last, in Christ Church in this city, Samuel BOWMAN, of Wilkesbarre (Penn.) was admitted to the holy order of Deacons, by the Right Rev. Bishop WRIGHT. Recorder

Tracts of Unseated Lands in Luzerne County will be sold the 3rd November next for taxes and cost thereon now due. (Gives list of townships, acres, warrantees name and amount due.)

19 September 1823

Luzerne County Republican Delegate Meeting, held at the house of N. HURLBUT, Kingston, on the 13th inst., choose Col. Edward INMAN as chairman and Jonathan HANCOCK as Secretary. They agreed to unanimously support:
Governor: Andrew GREGG, Esq.
Assembly: Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Esq., Abiel FELLOWS, Esq., Myron KASSON
County Commissioner: George MILLER
Auditors: Nathan CAREY, Reuben TAYLOR, Peter WINTER

Luzerne County Democratic Republican Delegate Meeting, held at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, on the 13th, when Christian MENSCH was called to the chair and John P. BABB appointed Secretary. They nominated:
Assembly: Jacob DRUMHELLER, Jr., Elijah SHOEMAKER, Jabez HYDE, Jr.
County Commissioner: Elisha S. POTTER
Auditors: Simon TUBBS, Isaac HARDING, John BUCKINGHAM

26 September 1823

Militia Election. The Enrolled Inhabitants residing within the bounds of the 115th Regiment are hereby notified, that an Election will be held on Thursday the 16th October, for the election of a Major, and will meet at the house of Col. N. HURLBUT, Kingston Township. The 116th Regiment will hold election for Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st Battalion at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington, and of the 2nd Battalion at the house of Jesse LEE, Eaton Township, for a Colonel and Major. Samuel THOMAS, Inspector.

Died – On Monday the 15th inst. was drowned, William KURTZ, formerly a resident of this borough also a person by the name of MAGEE. They were employ of Messrs. WHITE & HAZARD, of Mauch Chunk, and were navigating an ark loaded with coal about 6 miles below Easton, it struck on a rock in Rocky Falls. The hands succeeded in prying it off when it immediately sunk, and these two persons were drowned. Mr. KURTZ left a wife and four children.

3 October 1823 – Paper Missing

10 October 1823

Married – In Providence, on Thursday last, by E. POTTER, Esq., Cyrus R. ROBINSON, to Miss Maria B. SLOCUM, daughter of Benjamin SLOCUM.

To My Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in November next for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Randal STIVERS, Solomon ROSS, Jesse ADKINS, Philemon PALMER, Jesse CRISMAN, Henry CHAMPIN.

Register’s Notice. Accounts have been filed by William L. BOWMAN, surviving administrator in the estate of Samuel BOWMAN, late of Wilkesbarre. Also Jacob REIMER and Jonas METZGAR, administrators of the estate of George HOUSER, late of Hanover Township.

Luzerne County. ss. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to the Heirs and Legal Representatives of Conrad SHAFFER, late of the Township of Wilkesbarre, deceased, who died Intestate, to wit, John SHAFFER, Mary SHAFFER who intermarried with Michael SANDT, Elizabeth SHAFFER who intermarried with George MILLER, Conrad SHAFFER, Catharine SHAFFER who intermarried with George WAGGONER, Henry SHAFFER, Jacob SHAFFER, Molline SHAFFER who intermarried with Martin FRY, Sally SHAFFER who intermarried with Simeon ROSENCRANTZ, and the heirs and legal representatives of Peggy SHAFFER, deceased, in her life time the wife of Henry SILVERS. Should appear on the first Monday of November next, then and there to shew cause if any they have, why the aforesaid real estate shall not be sold and disposed of according to law.

Estate of Josiah FASSETT, late of Windham Township, request payments and demands. Jasper FASSETT & John FASSETT, Administrators.

17 October 1823

Died – Departed this life at Harrisburg, the 8th inst., Mary S., consort of the late Governor SNYDER, aged 55 years.

Died – In Burlington, N. Jersey on the 3rd inst., Joseph BLOOMFIELD, a soldier of the revolution, former member of congress and governor of that state, also a brigadier general in the army of the United States during the late war.

Died – On the 29th ult, Jesse FRANKLIN, a revolutionary patriot, and late Governor of the state of North Carolina.

Brigade Inspector’s Notice. The Field Officers belonging to the different regiments in the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, P. M. are hereby notified to assemble on Saturday, the first day of November next, in order to determine whether it is impracticable to collect any of the Militia fines or not, and also to exonerate any person or persons against whom warrants have been issued for fines which ought not to be levied and collected to meet at the following places:
2nd Regiment at the house of John JONES, Berwick, Columbia County
70th Regiment at the house of Mr. MARVIN, Bethany, Wayne County
76th Regiment at the house of Capt. Benjamin SAYRE, Montrose, Susquehanna County
115th Regiment at the house of Jonatan HANCOCK, Wilkesbarre
116th Regiment at the house of Capt. David OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock Township
At which time and places the respective collectors will attend with their Militia Warrants.
Samuel THOMAS, Inspector, 2nd Brigade, 8th Div. Pennsylvania Militia, Kingston.

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office At Kingston, October 1st:
Justis A. BROWN
Samuel BREES
Walter CAINE
John R. DEAN
Sylvanus FULLER
Ezekiel FOSTER
Leonard HENSE
Erastus HILL
Jacob LUSE
Jacob RICE
Joseph L. RIMAN
Charles SHALES
Joseph SHANK
Thomas BORBIDGE, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office, Wilkesbarre, October 1st:
Sally Ann BRINK
Lydia BOBE
Elizabeth CROOPE
Danl. or Samuel
George CROTZ
William DUNN
James ELEY
Matthew R. GOTOBER
Daniel GOOD
Abigal HART
Isaac HART
Betsey JONES
Thomas KING
Henry F. LAMB
Conrad LINES
William MILLER
Frederick NIEBELL
Ichabod SHAW
Philip SINE
Elizabeth SMITH
Barnet ULP
James or John
Crandel WILCOX
Daniel WHITE
Josiah LEWIS
Jacob CIST, P. M.

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office, Tunkhannock, October 1st:
Nathan BACON
George DRAKE
Jacob or George FELTON
Samuel HOWE
William JAYNE
Philip LEE
Benj. & S. ROSE
Newton SMITH

Estate of Wm. R. BAILEY, late of Abington Township, requests payments and demands. George A. BAILEY, Nathan BAILEY, Administrators.

Caution. Whereas my wife Margaret has left my bed and board without any just cause or provocation, I do hereby forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date, unless compelled by law. Asa CAMPBELL.

The Subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public that he continues to carry on the business of Dying & Dressing Cloth, at his Fulling Mill on Laurel Run, near Wilkesbarre. Hezekiah PARSONS.

To My Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in November next for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Ira ASH.

Valuable Property For Sale In and about Dundaff, Susquehanna County, including a Tavern Stank at the junction of the Clifford and Wilkesbarre and the Milford and Owego Turnpike Roads; A Farm and Grist Mill on the outlet of Crystal Lake; a Lot with sawmill, unfinished house; A Tract of about 150 acres with barn, orchard and two small houses; A Farm with a commanding view of Crystal Lake of about 100 acres and another of about 60 acres; Several Lots in Dundaff. John N. CONYNGHAM

The Subscribers respectfully inform their friends and the Public in general, that they have taken the Fulling Mill and Carding machine lately occupied by Charles PHILIPS, in Kingston and are ready to receive Cloth for Dying and Dressing. William SWETLAND, Uriah SWETLAND, Kingston.

24 October 1823

In Danbury, Connecticut, a verdict of 1000 dollars has been given to Miss Harriet SEARS against Gamaliel N. BENEDICT for a breach of promise of marriage.

In St. Lawrence County, New York, William KIRBY has been sentenced to be hung for having drowned two of his children –not for any offence but, because he thought it better for them to pass from this world to the next without delay.

Official Election Statement of Luzerne County: (page torn – many number missing)
Governor: J. Andrew SHULTZ (1280); Andrew GREGG (1291)
Assembly: Jabez HYDE jr. (1267); Jacob DRUMHELLER jr. (1228); Elijah SHOEMAKER (1208)
Cornelius CORTRIGHT ( ); Myron KASSON, ( ); Nathan BEACH ( )
Commissioner: Elisha S. POTTER ( ); George MILLER ( )
Auditors: Simon TUBBS ( ); Isaac HARDING ( ); John BUCKINGHAM ( ); Nathan
CAREY ( ); Reuben TAYLOR ( ); Peter WINTER ( )

New Goods. The Subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public that he has re-commenced the mercantile business in the Store formerly occupied by Wm. SWETLAND in Kingston. David BALDWIN, Kingston.

Notice. All persons indebted by Note or Book Account, are particularly requested to settle the same by the first of January next, otherwise they will be placed in the hands of a Justice for collection. William SWETLAND, Kingston.

Sacred Music. It has long been a matter of regret to every pious mind, that Sacred Music has been so much neglected in our Churches, and places of Public Worship. This evil can now be done away, if the people will it. Asahel EDSON, a gentleman every way qualified to instruct, has opened a School in Wilkesbarre, and proposes, if sufficient encouragement be given, to open one in Kingston, for the instruction of those who are disposed to learn Sacred Music, and it is hoped that the pious and well disposed of every denomination will promptly and at once take measures to establish the Schools on a foundation which cannot fail of success.
Mr. EDSON also proposes to give lessons of instruction to those who wish to learn Instrumental Music, such as the Flute, Clarionet, Bassoon, Violin, cello or Bass Viol, &c. for which also he is well qualified. Such as feel disposed to take lessons on either of those instruments can learn the terms by calling on Mr. EDSON, at A. PARRISH’S in Wilkesbarre, where particulars will be made known.

New Goods at their Old Stand, corner of Centre & New Streets. Jacob & Joseph SINTON, Wilkesbarre.

Cautionary Notice. Whereas my wife Rhoda hath, I expect, through vile insinuations and persuasions of some ill disposed persons, quit, absconded and left my house and her home and habitation, without any just cause for so doing, and has with her a sucking Baby, whom I have solicited to have returned for its nurture and care; but which she refuses to consent to. Therefore all persons whomsoever are hereby forbid harboring or trusting her the said Rhoda on my account, as no debts of her contracting after this date will be paid by me. Josiah WELCH, Bethany.

Orphans’ Court Sale will be held the third Monday of November, as the Estate of Nicholas DELAPLAINE, late of the County of Essex, New Jersey, deceased. Land in Eaton Township, containing about 400 acres, bounded by John STEPHENS, Matthias HOLLENBACK and heirs of Thomas WRIGHT deceased, lying on both sides of Bowman’s Creek, with a frame dwelling house. Conditions made known on the day of Sale, when due attendance with be given by Moses SMITH and Samuel COLT, Administrators.

31 October 1823

Early Snow. On Saturday evening last it began to snow and continued also at intervals the greater part of Sunday, to a depth nearly two inches.

Fire! On Thursday evening of last week broke out in a building adjoining the Tavern-house of . P. CHILDS, in this Borough. The building was entirely consumed, and for some time it was thought almost impossible to save the Tavern House, and adjoining buildings, as the wind blew directly on them. By the exertions the citizens, however, the fire was kept under without doing much damage. Other than the destruction of the building in which it originated. Mr. PRATT who had a very valuable set of Joiners and Cabinet Makers’ Tools, was the principal suffered. The building belonging to Mr. HINCHMAN, of Philadelphia.

Partnership Dissolved of WARNER & HOYT. All persons having unsettled accounts with the late firm, will account with James WARNER, who is duly authorised to settle the same. Ezra HOYT, James WARNER.

Susquehanna County Election Returns: (some numbers faded)
Governor: J. Andrew SHULTZE (658); Andrew GREGG (544)
Assembly: Jabez HYDE Jr. (680); Jacob DRUMHELLER Jr. (685); Elijah SHOEMAKER (612)
Cornelius CORTRIGHT (517); Myron KASSON (506); Nathan BEACH (449)
Commissioners: S. STEVENS (604); E. FULLER (51_)
Auditor: J. CLIFFORD (4_5); H. FINCH (699)

7 November 1823

Second Annual Exhibition and Agricultural Fair held at Mount Pleasant, Wayne County on 4th November. The following are Officers of the society for the present year, viz:
Solomon MOORE, President; Abisha WOODWARD, Treasurer; Jacob S. DAVIS, Secretary
Directors: Benjamin KING, Thomas LILLIBRIDGE, Henry W. STONE, Seth YALE, Moses

Military Band of Music. The Citizens of Wilkesbarre, Kingston, Hanover, Plymouth and other townships, desirous of contributing to or becoming m embers of a Military band, are requested to meet at the house of Archippus PARRISH, in Wilkesbarre on Monday evening next, at early Candle Light.

To Jacob SHARP, of the county of Hunterdon, New Jersey, if living, or to his heirs or legal representatives, (if deceased). Whereas the said Jacob SHARP did on the 29th September 1813 deposited in the hands of the Subscriber deeds for four certain lots of ground, in and about the then town, now borough of Berwick, authorising the appointing the Subscriber his agent or attorney to take charge of the said property. And whereas the Subscriber has written several letters to the said Jacob SHARP, respecting the said property, but has received no answer to his enquiries. The Subscriber hereby informs the said Jacob SHARP (if living) that him or heirs, are requested to come forward and make known their claim to the property, and take up the title papers, as the subscriber wishes to be discharged from any further care of the property. David E. OWEN.

Stockholders of the Bridgewater & Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company, are to meet on the first Monday of January next, at the house of Charles OTIS, Tunkhannock, for elections.

Look Out! All Persons indebted to the subscriber in any manner whatever, are requested to make payment before the 20th November next, otherwise prosecutions must be commenced, and costs follow. Arthur LEPPER, Pittston.

One Cent Reward. Ranaway from the Subscriber on the 15th October last, Nelson WOOSTER, aged 14 years and 11 months. William ROSS.

14 November 1823

Information Wanted. If Jacob MUSSER, who is supposed to reside somewhere within the counties of Northumberland, Union or Columbia, will apply to Samuel MAFFET, Wilkesbarre, he will hear of something to his advantage.

Fire! Where? On Saturday night last we had another alarm of fire in this borough, which originated in a Shoemaker’s shop in Franklin Street. We have one Engine, but it is out of order – we have neither ladders nor fire hooks, nor a Fire Company to direct, in case we had them. Shall this state of things continue? Shall we take no measures to preserve our property, when we are so often and so loudly warned to be prepared?

On Wednesday morning of last week, George BARTOLET, a promising young man, of Pottsgrove, Montgomery County, was thrown from his horse, and survived but a few hours.

Married – At Pittston on the 22nd ult. by Peter WINTER, Esq., Stephen GATIER, of Philadelphia, to Miss Louisa, daughter of Samuel MILLER, of the former place.

Married – On the 12th ult., at Dundaff, by the Rev. KINGSBURY, Thomas MEREDITH, Esq., to Miss Sarah GIBSON.

Democratic Republican Festival will be held at the house of Abraham KLUTZ, Sugar Loaf Township on Friday, the 21st November at ten o’clock in honor of the triumph of principle in the election of John Andrew SHULTZ to the office of Chief Magistrate of Pennsylvania. An Ox will be roasted, a band of music provided, and such arrangements made as will be calculated to elicit true republican feelings on that occasion. Those citizens who supported the election of Mr. SHULTZ, are respectfully invited to attend.

Estate of Jeremiah SMITH, late of Abington Township, requests payments and demands. Thomas SMITH, Administrator, Abington.

21 November 1823

Married – In Philadelphia, on the 8th inst., by Rev. OSBORN, Jesse A. FELL, formerly of Wilkesbarre to Miss Patience WARD, of Philadelphia.

Married – At Plymouth on the 13th inst., by Rev. ROGERS, Simeon ROGERS, to Miss Amanda BRUNSON, both of Plymouth.

Married – At Montrose on the 3rd inst., by Rev. BALDWIN, New Jersey, James CATLIN, Editor of the Montrose Gazette, to Miss Abagail SAYRE, of New York.

Died -On Thursday, the 6th inst., in the Township of Newport, John A. LEOB, in the 57th year of his age.

Died – At Pittston, on the 18th inst., William KNAPP, a young man of very moral habits, whose death much regretted by his friends.

Philadelphia, Nov. 1st. On Sunday morning last, in St. James Church the Rt. Rev. Bishop WHITE admitted Rev. Thomas JACKSON, late a minister of the Presbyterian denomination, to the holy order of Deacons.

List of Members of the Legislature of Pennsylvania, Senate:
10th District, Luzerne & Columbia: Redmond INGHAM
11th District, Bradford, Susquehanna and Tioga: Jonah BREWSTER
12th District, Northampton, Lehigh, Pike & Wayne: Joseph FRY, Henry WINTER
_?_ District of Westmoreland: Henry ALLSHOUSE
10th District, Northampton, Pike & Wayne: Christian J. HUTTER, Nathaniel B. ELDRED, William G. SCOTT
14th District, Columbia: William M’BRIDE, Alexander COLLEY
24th District, Luzerne & Susquehanna: Jacob DRUMHELLER, Jabez HYDE, Jr., Cornelius CORTRIGHT
25th District, Bradford: Lemuel STREATOR

Stockholders of the Easton & Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company are to meet at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, on the first Monday of January next for elections. Peleg TRACY, sec’ry.

Subscribers to the Wilkesbarre Reading Room are informed that the Room is now opened every day (Sundays excepted) from eight o’clock A.M. till nine o’clock P. M. Alexander GRAHAM, Sec’ry.

Lands At Public Sale. In pursuance of an order of the Chancellor of the State of New York, the assignees of the late John Barker CHURCH, Esq., Will be sold at Public Auction, At the Merchants’ Coffee House, Philadelphia on Thursday the 18th December next at 6 o’clock P. M.”
1) 413 acres in Luzerne Co., granted to Jeremiah JACKSON, warrant date on April 1, 1793
2) 437 acres in same, to Abraham MASON, 25 March 25, 1793
3) 464 acres in same, to John MORRELL, on April 1, 1793
4) 414 acres in Northumberland Co. to William SIMPSON, on March 26 (no year)
5) 399 acres in same, to Henry EPPLE, on same
6) 410 acres in same, to George MOORE, on June 13, 1798
7) 400 acres in same to Richard SPEARER, on same
8) 400 acres in same to Robert R_PE, on same
9) 401 acres in same, to Robert H___Z__EMER, on same
10) 400 acres in same, to Paul BEATY, on same
11) 392 acres in same, to Aaron LEAVY, on same
12) 400 acres in Northampton Co., to Jacob PRISINGER, on April 20, 1793
13) 412 acres in same, to John C. WOLFINGER, on February 26, 1793
14) 402 acres in same, no name, on February 25, 1793
Also tracts in Braintrim Township, surveyed and patented under warrants, dated 23 July 1792:
15) 347 acres, to Edward INMAN
16) 396 acres to Elizabeth IVES
17) 396 acres to William BELL
18) 396 acres to George HARRISON
19) 411 acres to James CULBERTSON
20) 443 acres to Peter YARRINGTON
21) 396 acres to Moses PLANT
22) 394 acres to Deborah BARRETT
23) 396 acres to Ebenezer BOWMAN
24) 395 acres to Samuel ROBERTS
25) 401 acres to Abel YARRINGTON
26) 403 acres to Eleanor BOWMAN
27) 396 acres to Stephen TUTTLE
28) 3_9 acres to Abigail BURRETT
29) 396 acres to Sarah GALLOP
30) 396 acres to Elizabeth SKINNER
31) 396 acres to Henry LOTT
32) 396 acres to John JONES
33) 430 acres to George EDDY
34) 435 acres to Samuel BOWMAN
35) 401 acres to Joshua BOWMAN
36) 418 acres to John INMAN
Also Tracts as lies within the adjacent to the line of Braintrim Township, on the south-west and south-east sides thereof according to the computed quantities:
(whole acres / quantities within the line)
37) 396 / 73 Zebulon Butler
38) 396 / 57 Samuel HAZLEHURST
39) 396 / 15_ Henry SHEATT
40) 430 / 30 James COTTRENGER
41) 480 / 130 George EDDY
42) 430 / 265 John SHEE
43) 430 / 80 Robert MORRIS
44) 436 / 236 Joseph EARL
45) 466 / 116 Samuel POWELL
46) 404 / 152 William WHITE
This sale being intended to close the estate of Mr. CHURCH in Pennsylvania, will be therefore absolute: Several of the Tracts or parts of Tracts in Braintrim are occupied and improved by persons pretending to hold, under what is called the Connecticut Title, against many of whom ejectments have been brought, and judgments obtained in the Circuit Court of the United States for this District.
Terms of Sale. The purchase money shall be paid without allowance, abatement or deduction on the execution of conveyances by the assignee, and their being ready for delivery at the office of the subscriber in Philadelphia; or approved endorsed notes, at 90 days date, including interest will be received, the conveyances to remain in the Subscriber’s hands as escrows, until the notes are payable and paid. Persons disposed to purchase may see the title papers at the office of the Subscriber, who will give all the information he possesses.
W. MEREDITH, Attorney of Assignees of John Barker CHURCH, Philadelphia, Nov. 4th.

28 November 1823

Sussex and Orange Canal. At a meeting of a number of citizens of Hardwick, Newton, Frankford and Wantage, Sussex County, held the 17th ult., at Deckertown, to consult on the practicality of constructing a canal to commence at the village of Columbia, on the Delaware River, along the Paulinskill to Auguista, across the head of the Peppocotten Creek and the Walkill to the state line of New York and thence by the most eligible route to the Hudson River. Col. John GUSTEN presided as Chairman and Evi A. SAYRE as Secretary. The Committee to confer with gentlemen in Orange County would be Messrs. HANKINSON, Nathan A. SHAFER, Ephraim GREEN Jr., Samuel RICE and Abijah WILSON. A meeting was held by citizens in Orange County on the 24th ult and they agreed to the importance of the canal.

Meeting of the Democratic Republican Festival was held on the 21st November, Maj. John BITTENBENDER was chosen President and Archibald MURRAY, Vice President. Committee of superindance: Gen. Isaac BOWMAN, Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Capt. DRUMHELLER, Jonathan BULKELEY, Benjamin REYNOLDS, Esq., Jesse C. HORTON. Nathan BEACH was appointed Marshall. Toasts were drank and address given by Isaac A. CHAPMAN.

Small Pox has made its appearance in Philadelphia.

Married – In this Borough, on Thursday evening the 27th inst., by Rev. LANE, Dr. Isaac PICKERING, formerly of Buck-County, to Miss Nancy W. FELL, of this county.

Stray Cow came to the residence of the subscriber some time in June last. Jehoidah P. JOHNSON, Laurel Run, near the Borough of Wilkesbarre.

Stockholders of the Luzerne and Wayne County Turnpike will meet at the house of Philip SWARTZ, in Providence on 5th January next for elections.

5 December 1823

Mary PATTON, has been sentenced to pay 5,000 dollars at Clarksburg, Pa. for slandering the character of Eskridge HALL. We did not learn the particulars of the case.

Distressing Accident. On Friday last, in the afternoon, Jonathan HUBBARD, of Greenfield, in this county, went a short distance in the woods to set a Bear-Trap and that Archibald KNIGHT, of Abington, was at the same time in the woods hunting. Mr. HUBBARD was seen in a stooping posture by Mr. KNIGHT, and being dressed in dark clothes was taken for a bear. Mr. KNIGHT fired, and Mr. HUBBARD fell; the ball passing completely through him. His death was almost instantaneous. The deceased has left a wife and a number of children, to mourn his afflicting death – in which another warning is given – “Be ye also ready, for in such an hour as ye know not, the Son of man cometh.”

A few days ago, John BROWN, of Pittston, was bitten through the wrist by a Dog which he was attempting to put into the Ferry boat. The same evening he started to go home, the distance perhaps of a mile and a half but he next morning he was found on the road dead, having as is supposed been taken with the lockjaw, in a situation where no relief could be afforded him.

Register’s Notice. Peter ROCKEL, administrator of Henry SNYDER, late of Nescopeck has filed his account of administration.

12 December 1823

James MONROE – President’s Message

19 December 1823

Joseph HIESTER – Governor’s Message

Married – In this Borough, on Wednesday evening last, by the Rev. GILDERSLEEVE, John N. CONYNGHAM, Esq. to Miss Ruth Ann BUTLER, daughter of Lord BUTLER, Esq., all of this borough.

Married – ON the 5th inst., at Carlisle, by the Rev. KELLER, Alexander C. WILSON, to Miss Catherine, daughter of Daniel STINE, of Harrisburg.

Died – In this borough, on Monday morning last, an infant child of Lewis N. KETCHEM.

Died – Lately in Hanover, a child of Daniel COLKGLAZIER. (no date)

Pennsylvania Legislature – In the Senate:
A petition to change the elections place in Auburn Township, Susquehanna County, to the house of John RILEY.
Petition from Amos TIFFANY and others who have by mistake settled upon confiscated lands of Andrew ALLEN.
Petition of Josiah LEWIS, asking for compensation for lands certified to Connecticut claimants.
House of Representatives:
Act to authorize the Secretary of the Land Office to grant a patent to Enos TRESCOTT, John DODSON and Epaphras WADSWORTH, Jr. for land in trust for the townships of Huntington, Luzerne County
Petition for an appropriation to complete a road from Wilkesbarre to Towanda.

Book Bindery and Blank Book Manufactory. John M. CALE, Wilkesbarre.

To My Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in January next for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Joseph CAMP, Alexander ROGERS, Abraham KROM, John M’QUOWN, Philemon PALMER, Jesse CRISMAN.

Came to the enclosure of the subscriber, a brindle heifer. John FOUST, Hanover.

For Sale or Rent, A Farm in Hanover Township, containing about 41 acres of good cleared land, dwelling house, grist mill, carding machine and coal bed. George BEHEE, Hanover.

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26 December 1823

Strayed from the premises of BORBIDGE & DONLEY, Kingston, seven steers and heifers.

Married – In this Borough, last evening, by Rev. LANE, Samuel FELL to Miss Mary KITE, both of this town.

Married – In Philadelphia, on Saturday morning, the 20th inst. in St. James Church, by Rev. WHITE, Rev. Samuel SITGREAVES, Rector of St. Stephen’s Church, Wilkesbarre, to Miss Ann, daughter of the late Gen. Wm. LYMAN, of Massachusetts.

The Members of the Masonic Lodge No. 61 are requested to meet at the Lodge Room on Saturday the 27th. Dinner will be prepared by Brother Jesse FELL. Eleazer BLACKMAN, John W. ROBINSON and Hezekiah PARSONS.

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