1825 Susquehanna Democrat

The Susquehanna Democrat 1825

Published on Friday Morning, Wilkesbarre, PA

7 January 1825

Steam Boat Navigation on the Susquehanna River.

New Post Office has been recently established in the Township of Rush, Susquehanna County, named Rushville. Daniel ROSS, Esq., is appointed Post-master.

The Commissioners have appointed John P. BABB, Treasurer of this County.

Pennsylvania Legislature, House of Representatives:
Bill for sale of islands in the Susquehanna.
Act granting compensation to the executors of the estate of Thomas LIVESLEY, for tracts of land certified to Connecticut Claimants, in the Seventeen Townships of Luzerne County.

Take Notice. Washington LEE has cautioned the Public against purchasing a Note given to Mrs. PIERCE for 350 dollars, which has been paid in his own way, and now I would wish to have it paid in my way, and I wish the public to know the fact, and I will be as brief as possible. I held a note against the said LEE for 950 dollars which he pledged his word should be paid in a certain time, but was forfeited. He then came up and entered into a contract to pay it in another way, which was not fulfilled. I then purchased the note of 350 dollars and he was not willing to pay it on that contract, and now he wishes to pay it by an advertisement, for I have not offered to sell it, neither do I wish to, in the way he mentions, but I assure him it will be collected, and that honorably too, he has never asked for this note for he knows it has not been paid by any contract whatever. Abr. THOMAS, Wilkesbarre.

Strayed from the Subscriber about the last of November a Steer. Luman GILBERT, Hanover.

Information Needed. Whereas my son, John KERR, has not been heard of by me or any of his friends for six years past. He was then learning the Boot and Shoemaking trade with a certain John MOORE, in 3rd Street, Philadelphia; he is about 22 years of age (if living). Michael KERR, Mount Aetna Furnace, Butler County.

14 January 1825

A young woman named Polly GREEN, was lately murdered in Perry Township, Ohio. She was found in a pond near her father’s dwelling. No clue had been discovered of the murderer.

Another warning. On Saturday morning last, a man was found dead on the state road leading from Wilkesbarre to Sugarloaf, near the house of James WRIGHT. A Jury of Inquest was held on the body of the deceased on Sunday morning. After strict inquiry the Jury decided that the name of the deceased was Benjamin JACKSON, of Sugarloaf Township, and that his death was occasioned by intemperance and a consequent exposure to excessive cold, by which he was frozen. The corpse was brought into Wilkesbarre and decently interred. We understand he has left a wife and several children in very indigent circumstances.

Jason TREADWELL was to have been executed yesterday at Montrose pursuant to his sentence for the murder of Oliver HARPER in May Last. We expect to be able to give the particulars next week.

John ZIMMERMAN, the unfortunate man who was condemned to be hanged on the 30th ult. Has been respited for 90 days from that date.

Pennsylvania Legislature – Senate:
Bill for the relief of Jane FORTENBAUGH, widow of Capt. Hawkins BOON and a supplement to the act erecting the town of Montrose into a borough, where read a third time and passed
Improving navigation on the Susquehanna.
Petition for a state road from Pennsborough to the point where the Wilkesbarre state road intersects the Berwick and Newtown turnpike.
Bill for selling certain islands in the Susquehanna.
Bill for relief of George NAGLE. This is a claim we believed for a tract of land, in Northampton
County, which was confiscated as the property of Andrew ALLEN. NAGLE by some means has since been evicted from the land, and now claims indemnity.

Wilkesbarre Academy. The quarterly examination of scholars commenced on the 6th and closed on the 8th. In the first branch 27 scholars were examined and in the second branch, 19 scholars.

Notice. All persons indebted to the estate of Ziba DEVENPORT of Plymouth Township, an insolvent Debtor, are requested to pay their debts to the subscriber, and those having demands to present their accounts.

To Rent. The Red Tavern Stand, situated in Hanover Township, formerly the property of Frederick CRISMAN, dec’d.

Caution. Whereas my wife, Celcetia, has left my bed and board, without any just cause or provocation – and utterly refuses to live with me. I do hereby caution all persons against harboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. Ambrose GEAREY, Jr., Windham, Jan. 8, 1825.

Estray. Red lined back heifer came to the enclosure of John FOSTER, Kingston, some time last fall.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, January 1st:
Samuel BREES
Solomon DOTTER
William HUNT
Jacob LUSE
Increase OWENS

List of Letters, Remaining on hand in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, January 1st:
Isaac DOUD
Jehoal HODGE
Samuel HOW
Abraham HOLMS
William JAYNE
Philip LEE
Charles PHINEY
Jonathan Town SHARP
Obediah WOOD
Elijah WELCH

21 January 1825

Delaware River Navigation

Casualty. On the last day of the year 1824, the dead body of a man was found lodged on the remains of a dam, near the east shore of the Lehigh, about 6 miles below Mauch Chunk. He was of a common size, sandy complexion, and upwards of thirty years of age to appearance. He was dressed in dark blue clothes of domestic manufacture – his head was bound with a handkerchief, and he had also a black silk handkerchief around his neck; a knapsack on his back containing some clothing, provisions, and a new pair of pegged shoes, and an empty purse in his pocket. An inquest was held on his body by Esq. KELCHNER & about 9 o’clock in the evening he was interred near the public highway, near the opposite to where the body was found.
A short distance above where the body was found, the road passes close to the river, from which it is separated by a high, steep wall, which induces a belief that he might have fallen accidentally into the water. From appearances it is suppos’d that he had been drowned some weeks before found. Herald

The Execution. Yesterday being the day appointed by the governor for the execution of Jason TREADWELL, the alleged murdered of Oliver HARPER, was performed in the usual manner, in the presence of four or five thousand spectators. About half past 12 o’clock the prisoner was conducted on foot from the jail to the place of execution, and ascended the gallows without hesitation, and with a firm determination to manifest no fear from the death he was about to suffer. The prisoner was attended by Rev. MARKS, DIMOCK and other clergymen, who severally addressed the Throne of Grace, and implored mercy for the unfortunate being who was about to be launched out of time, into the presence of his maker. TREADWELL then addressed the assembly for some minutes – censured the court and jury, charged three or more of the witnesses with false swearing – and protested his innocence of the crime for which he was then to suffer. About 2 o’clock the drop fell; the scene was closed; the multitude departed, as we hope, with a satiety of this mode of punishment. The painful duty was this occasion imposed on Sheriff GREGORY, was performed with that firmness and decision, and at the same time with that apparent sensibility which all must admire. Mont. Gaz.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Petition from Catharine LOVE, widow of an old soldier, for relief.
Petition for a law to declare Tunkhannock Creek a public highway.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, January 1st:
Newman BROWN
Jacob GOOD, Jun.
Jacob SAYLES or
Stephen DECKER

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, January 1st:
Anna Mariah ABBOTT
Nathan BARNY
Isabella BROWN
Harriet BAILEY
Sarah N. COOK
Comfort CAREY
George CLARK
Chester DANA
David DOTY
Obadiah ELLIS
Darius FINCH
Patrick GORMAN
Nathan HAVEN
Elizabeth HAMMER
Abagail HART
Henry F. LAMB
Gilbert LAIRD
Conrad LINES
Content OSBORN
James OGEN
Hezekiah PARSONS
Saml. RAUB
Elizabeth STERRY
Catharine SMITH
Barnet ULP
Jacob WISE
Ranselaer WELLS
J. CIST, P. M.

28 January 1825

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held March 7th, land in Pittston Township, the estate of John BROWN, deceased. Lot #14 in the first division, containing about 30 acres. William TOMPKINS, Administrator.

Wanted. 100 bushels of Charcoal For which the market price will be given at my shop. Joseph P. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre.

Dreadful Accident. On Thursday evening of last week Sidney S. SLOCUM of Abington, went with a grist to the Mill of Mr. SPENCER, in Blakeley, and while the grist was grinding he went to a neighbor’s house, and Mr. SPENCER went to supper. Mr. SLOCUM returned to the mill before Mr. SPENCER, and it is supposed went to see if his grist was out, when he must have slipped through the floor which had been taken up for the purpose of putting down a pair of stones, and became entangled among the wheels. Mr. SPENCER returned to the mill and finished the grist, and when going back to the house set it without the door supposing Mr. SLOCUM would return and find it and thought no more of him till the next morning, when he discovered his horse still standing near the mill – he became alarmed, and on searching the body of Mr. SLOCUM was found laying across a piece of timber, literally torn to pieces. About half of his head was gone, and his body much mangled. The wheels were covered with brains, flesh and blood, leaving no doubt of the dreadful death which the deceased had suffered. His remains were interred on Sunday accompanied by a large number of afflicted relations and friends, who could not have had a stronger proof that “in the midst of life we are in death.” A wife and several small children left to mourn over this afflictive dispensation of Providence, which has deprived them thus suddenly of their be—(faded)— protector.

New Counties. We understand that considerable exertions are making to get a new county, to embrace a part of Wayne, Susquehanna, and the townships of Nicholson, Abington, Greenfield, & Blakeley, in Luzerne County. The seat of Justice to be at Dundaff. A bill before the Legislature for a new county at Berwick, to embrace part of Columbia, with the townships of Sugarloaf, Nescopeck, Salem, part of Union and Huntington townships in Luzerne County. Whether these plans will succeed or not we cannot tell – those who are interested or and against them know their won business best, and will act accordingly.

At a meeting of a number of Citizens of Luzerne County held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, Tuesday the 25th January, for the purpose of taking into consideration the subject of the proposed divisions of the said county. Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq. was called to the chair, Jesse FELL, Esq. appointed secretary. It was Resolved, That we disapprove of any attempts to divide the County of Luzerne, or to take any part thereof for the formation of a new county. Resolved that Dr. Charles J. CHRISTEL, Daniel COLLINGS, Elias HOYT, Jonathan BULKELEY and William SWETLAND be a committee to circulate remonstrance’s and forward them to the Legislature against the proposed new county.

Susquehanna and Lehigh Canal Report.

4 February 1825

A robbery was committed on Peter’s Mountain in October 1823 by three persons – Philander WORDEN, one Seth and the other name not mentioned. They stole between $1500 to $1700 from Philip BOYER. This information was given by Jason TREADWELL – a little before he was “swung off,” saying he had information on the robbery from WORDEN, and persisted in his declaration to the sheriff. Samuel GREGORY, Sheriff; W. G. WOODHOUSE, Frederick STEPHENS, Davis DIMOCK, Montrose, Susquehanna County, 24 January 1825.

Statement of Receipts and Expenditures of Luzerne County in 1824. Included under expenditures: Paid Philip HIERMANS & others for Lackawanna bridge Pittston; Elijah FASSETT for Mahoopany bridge Windham.

Estate of Darius CALKINS, late of Northmoreland Township, request payments and demands. William CALKINS, Adm’r.

Notice to All! Debts due to Zenus BARNUM must be settled by the 20th inst.

Married – At Tunkhannock, on Tuesday the 27th ult, by Cyrus AVERY, Esq., Robert HIGHT, formerly of Wilkesbarre, to Mrs. Anna PHELPS, of Tunkhannock.

Married – On the 11th ult. By the same, Geo. COOPER, of Pittston, to Miss Jerusha, daughter of Nathan STARK, of Tunkhannock.

Lackawaxen Cole Mines. As the Mines have been the cause of much noise in the city of New York and elsewhere, and as we who live in the neighborhood have with others been laboring under wrong impression with regard to them; we respectfully ask where they are to be found. The fact is that the whole turns out to be a delusion – there are no Coal Mines on the Lackawaxen – the Coal called Lackawaxen Coal is produced on the Lackawanna, a branch of the Susquehanna, from whence it is carted to the Lackawaxen.

Pennsylvania Legislature – Senate:
Petition of sundry inhabitants of Susquehanna County, for a law to tax dogs, to pay for sheep killing.

Notice. All persons indebted to the subscriber, will please call and settle accounts. Charles DRAKE, Pittston.

Notice. C. APPLETON has rented the mill of J. P. JOHNSON. A regular supply of the best quality of wheat, rye & buckwheat flour kept for sale at the store. Whiskey exchanged for rye and corn at the Distillery in any quantity. All persons indebted to C. APPLETON are requested to make payment without delay.

Article concerning advertisement of W. LEE and Abm. THOMAS.

11 February 1825

Article concerning Abm. THOMAS and W. LEE.

Married – At Kingston, on the 8th inst. Stephen WILSON to Miss Frances THOMAS, both of Kingston.

Married – At Tunkhannock, on Sunday the 12th December last, by Alfred HINE, Esq., John M. TAYLOR to Miss Susanna MILLER, both of Tunkhannock.

Died – At his residence in Milford, Pike County, on Thursday morning the 27th January, very suddenly, Dan DIMMICK, Esq., in the 50th year of his age. The immediate cause of his death proceeded from the rupture of some blood vessel which caused very profuse bleeding, and about thirty hours after he was taken he expired.

Died – At Philadelphia, on the 11th ult. After a tedious illness, Mrs. Agness ELDRIDGE, widow, formerly of this county.

Robert DOUGLASS, having murdered Samuel H. IVES about the 25th of August previous at Troopsburg, Bath County, N. Y. has been tried by the Court of Oyer and Terminer for that county and found guilty of murder, but in consequence of the illegal proceedings of some of the Jurors prior to giving in their verdict, his sentence was suspended. It is supposed a new trial will be granted him.

18 February 1825

At a meeting at the Court-House in Wilkesbarre on the 12th February, for the purpose of taking into consideration the improvement of the Susquehanna, Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq. was chosen Chairman and Edward COVELL, appointed secretary. Hon. David SCOTT, Jacob CIST and Eleazer CAREY, Esqrs. A committee to report this meeting. Report and Resolutions given.

Hiram DEVENPORT, 16, of Williams-town, N. Y. after being missed ten days, was found suspended by a strip of Elm bark, on a tree, dead.

Adonijah BAILEY, 70, of Brooklyn, Con. Has been convicted of the murder of J. W. POLLOCH, but has petitioned for a new trial.

Married – At Hanover, on Sunday the 13th inst. By Isaac HARTZELL, Esq., John MENSCH to Miss Polly FISHER, both of Hanover.

Married – In Union, on Thursday the 10th inst., by John DODSON, Esq., Samuel KOONS, of Huntington, to Miss Polly CROOP, of the former place.

Married – In this Borough, last evening by the Rev. PECK, Thomas CARKHUFF, to Miss Julian FISH, formerly of Wilkesbarre.

Died – In this Borough, on the morning of the 14th inst., about 6 o’clock, in the 45th year of his age, Capt. Charles JEWETT, formerly of the U. S. Navy. The deceased has been afflicted with the asthma for nearly thirty years.

Died – In Boston, William EUSTIS, governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Petition for a law to establish the rate of ferriage over Tunkhannock Creek.

Wanted Immediately. A Journeyman Blacksmith. A young man of German descent and of good steady habits will be preferred. Peter YARRINGTON, Wilkesbarre.

Estray. Came to the enclosure of the subscriber some time in December last a heifer. Derick BIRD, Kingston.

Take Notice. All persons indebted to the Subscriber will please call and settle by 1st March. Gilbert LAIRD, Wilkesbarre.

Insinuation Corrected. This may Certify that the Insinuation made by Col. W. LEE respecting the Bond of 1800 dollars taken by Mr. A. THOMAS is incorrect, for I gave it to him myself being Guardian for the Heirs, and requested Mr. THOMAS to leave it at the office and have W. LEE confess judgement, as he was commencing a suit for his. A letter was written respecting his and sent expressly, and Mr. LEE did not attend to it, and Mr. THOMAS sent a summons on his, & on the $1800 Bond, presuming (as he says) he was doing right as I had requested a Judgment, but without my knowledge or direction. Hannah PEARCE, Wilkesbarre.

25 February 1825

A poem “The Wreath,” to the memory of Joseph M’COY, Esq., late of Wilkesbarre, Luzerne county, Pa. Formerly Cashier of the Philadelphia Branch Bank.

Letter to the editors by Washington LEE, Hanover, on previous letter written by Hannah PEARCE.

A Revolutionary Heroine. A petition is before the legislature of Pennsylvania, from Phebe ANDERSON. The petitioner states that she is ninety-three years old; that she accompanied her husband, who, at an early period enlisted in the continental army, and continued throughout the whole war, and was present and participated in most of the conspicuous actions of that eventful period; that, among others assisted in picking up the balls thrown from the enemy’s cannon in order that, to use her own expression; “the enemy might get as good as he sent.” She states that she has been the mother of twenty-three children all of whom are dead.

Register’s Notice have been filed for: Estate of Caleb NEWMAN, of Tunkhannock Township and Estate of Enos BROWN, of Pittston Township.

Treasurer’s Office Will be open as heretofore every Tuesday, and during Court weeks, and the sittings of the Commissioners, and such other days as the business of the office may require. John P. BABB, Treasurer of Luzerne County.

Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Dividend of Two Dollars, on each share of Capital Stock has been declared.

Caution. Whereas Abagail my wife, has conducted herself in such a manner that I cannot live with her – therefore I forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account as I will not pay any debts of her contracting from this date. Stephen GARDNER, Greenfield.

4 March 1825

Sheriff’s Sales to be held on Saturday, 2nd April:
1. Land in Nescopeck Valley, bounded by Henry GETTINGS and others, containing 80 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Redmond CONYNGHAM to the use of William John BELL & co. against Roger PARK.
2. Land in Windham Township. One tract bounded by the Susquehanna River, Jacob MYERS, Thaddeus PRENTICE, George GRIST, containing about 179 acres (being part of two tracts surveyed to Philip CULP and Michael WITHER). Tract two bounded by George GRIST, containing 150 acres, being part of tract surveyed to Michael WITHER and late the estate of Joseph SWETLAND, deceased, in the hands and possession of David PERKINS and John L. BUTLER, executors. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William SWETLAND against David PERKINS and John L. BUTLER, executors of Jos. SWETLAND, dec’d.
3. Land in Plymouth Township, bounded by Noah WADHAMS, road, Samuel PRINGLE, containing 13 acres, late estate of William HARRIS. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Griffin LEWIS, Jonah ROGERS and Ebenezer PARRISH committee of Plymouth against William HARRIS and Elijah SHOEMAKER.
4. Land in Salem Township, bounded by Honteter SYBERT, Michael SYBERT, Frederick HILL, Nicholas SYBERT, containing 120 acres, late estate of John JONES. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Phila. Bank against John JONES, Andrew SHINER and Honteter SYBERT.
5. Land in Tunkhannock Township, bounded by Susquehanna River, Nathan FITCH, Robert TAYLOR, containing 7 acres, late estate of Samuel HADLEY. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Phila. Bank against Henry GREEN and Samuel HADLEY who survived Hezekiah SMITH.
6. Land in Wilkesbarre Township, bounded by main road, Benjamin BAILEY, Thomas WILLIAMS, containing 2 acres, late estate of Elisha BLACKMAN (in which he has only a reversionary interest). Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joseph PAXTON against Elisha BLACKMAN.
7. Land in Hanover Township, bounded by Peter MINIGS, containing 129 acres, late estate of Joseph SHAFER. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Phila. Bank against Joseph SHAFER and Isaac HARTZELL.
8. Land in Sugarloaf Township, bounded by George SHELHIMER, John ENGLER, Nescopeck Creek, Andrew SHINER, containing 221 acres. Late estate of Andrew SHINER. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joseph ECK, Henry RITTENHOUSE and Rees MILLARD against Andrew SHINER.
9. Land in Huntington Township, bounded by Reuben CULVER, Darius CALLENDER, containing 93 acres, being Lot #30 in 2nd division. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James CAMPBELL to the use of G. M. HOLLENBACK, against John SHERMAN.
10. A certain two story dwelling house (partly finished) and a small barn situate on lands of Solomon REYNOLDS, on the north west side of the highway and about eight rods from the Cotton Factory in Abington Township. Also undivided third part of saw mill on the northeasterly side of the south branch of Tunkhannock Creek (and nearly opposite the aforesaid Cotton Factory) in the township of Nicholson, late estate of Henry GREEN. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Phila. Bank against Henry GREEN, George REYNOLDS and John OSTERHOUT.
11. Land in Providence Township, bounded by Lackawanna Creek, Joseph GRIFFIN, containing 6 acres, late estate of Stephen GRIFFIN. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Susq. Bank against Stephen GRIFFIN, Richard EDWARDS and John J. DINGS.

Joseph P. DENNIS, Coppersmith, Wilkesbarre.

Died – At Blakeley, on Feb. 24th, Horace H., infant son of Nathaniel and Evangelia COTTRIL, aged 10 months and 7 days.

The trial of Isaac B. DESHA, for the murder of Francis BAKER, in Kentucky, has terminated in a verdict of Guilty, but a new trial has been granted.

A Valuable Farm With A Distillery, To Be Let. Situate in the borough of Wilkesbarre, known as Butler’s Bower, containing nearly 50 acres. Dwelling House, Barn and Out Houses. With tow Pumps of excellent Water, a large and thriving Orchard, and Cider-Mill, cider-press and press-house, and a Distillery, with Stills, &c. Possession will be given on the 1st of April next. Please apply to John Michael KIENZLE at Wilkesbarre. Jonathan K. HASSINGER, Philadelphia.

Letter to editor from Hannah PEARCE.

Notice. All persons indebted to Archippus PARISH either by note or book account, will prevent the making of costs by paying the same on or before the first day of April next to James W. BOWMAN, Attorney at Law.

Notice. The subscriber being about to remove from the stand which he now occupies in Exeter, feels desirous that those indebted to him should make some kind of a settlement with him previous to the 1st of April. Elijah AYRES, Exeter.

Public Inn. The Subscriber very grateful for past favors respectfully informs the public that she has rented that well known Tavern Stand, in Exeter (belonging to Capt. E. AYRES), and intends moving there on or about the first day of April next, and commencing a public house of entertainment. Susanna OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock.

11 March 1825

Mifflintown, Feb. 26. A letter from a gentleman in Shelby County, Kentucky, states that Isaac B. DESHA has been granted a new trial, since when, he broke jail and made his escape.

Letter to the editor from Washington LEE.

Notice. Whereas my wife Betsey, has left my bed and board, without any just cause or provocation and utterly refuses to live with me. I do hereby Caution all persons against harboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay up debts of her contracting after this date. John FETERMAN, Newport.

18 March 1825

Died – In this Borough on Saturday morning last, Peleg TRACY, aged about 50 years. The deceased was a worthy and respectable citizen.

We understand that the immediate rebuilding of the Wilkesbarre Bridge is in contemplation. It is to be undertaken by Mr. FIELDS a celebrated architect, and will probably be passable by Christmas.

Governor SHULTZE has approved and signed an act supplementary to the act entitled “An act to erect the town of Montrose, in Susquehanna County into a borough.

Susquehanna Steam Boat, was launched about 10 days ago. She is 30 feet long and 14 feet wide. The engine is fifteen horse power and can be propelled at 18 miles an hour.

We are informed that Mr. DESHA’S escape from prison is incorrect and he is still confined in jail.

To My Creditors. Take Notice. That I have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas for Luzerne County, for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, and that they have appointed the first Monday in January next, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre – to hear my Creditors, where you can attend if you think proper. Alexander ROGERS, Pittston.

Military Elections. The Members of the Volunteer Company commanded by Capt. Woodbury S. WILBER, the Rifle Company commanded by Capt. John CANOR and the Abington Rifle Company having agreed to unite and form a Volunteer Battalion, are hereby notified that an election will be held at the Public House lately occupied by George HARBERGER, Blakeley Township on 12th April next, to elect one Major.
The Abington Rifle Company are also notified that an election will be held at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, in Abington, on the 13th April to elect a Captain, in place of Sidney S. SLOCUM, dec’d.
Samuel THOMAS, Inspector of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Pa. Ma.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 2nd April:
Land in Wilkesbarre and Hanover Townships, bounded by Reuben DOWNING, COVELL & GREENAWALT; John CAREY and George MILLER, containing 18 acres, late the estate of Solomon DOTTER. [Note – now info. on seizure.]

Cheap Goods at the store of G. M. HOLLENBACK & Co.

25 March 1825

Instructions for Construction of Roads.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
A supplement to the act for adjusting the titles to lands in Luzerne.
Report a bill providing the necessary surveys, plans and estimates, for a canal along the north branch of the Susquehanna to Tioga Point.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held April 2nd:
1. Land in Kingston Township, bounded by main road, Samuel THOMAS, Morris CRANMER, containing one acre, late estate of Daniel C. MARSH. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Elias HOYT against Daniel C. MARSH.
2. Land in Sugarloaf Township, bounded by Mason CRAREY, Jacob RUTH, Henry BEERS, Thomas GRANT, containing 150 acres, late estate of Philip RUTH. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Isaac BOWMAN, late sheriff against Philip RUTH and James LOMISON.

Married – In this township, on the 17th inst., by Rev. Joel ROGERS, Godfrey JONES to Miss Betsey LAFFERTY.

Died – In Union, on Monday the 14th inst., Miss Dorcas, daughter of John SANTEE, aged 20 years. The deceased died as she had from early life lived, in the embrace of her Creator.

Died – At Philadelphia on the 12th inst. Of a pulmonary consumption, Ann Powell DAWSON, formerly of this place.

Appointment by the Attorney General. Benjamin A. BIDLACK, Esq., to be prosecuting Attorney for Luzerne County, in place of George DENISON, resigned.

1 April 1825

Died – On the 10th ult. At his residence in Huntington, Ira BACON, formerly of Tolland Co., Connecticut, aged about 31 years.

To Rent. Tavern Stank, with about three acres of land on Bank Street in borough of Wilkesbarre, now occupied as a Public house by Orlando PORTER. For terms enquire of Ebenezer BOWMAN.

New Tavern and State-House. The subscriber respectfully informs his Friends and the public that he has removed from the old stand formerly occupied by Thomas MORGAN and others, to the House lately occupied by George CHAHOON, opposite the Ferry at the Piers of the Bridge. O. PORTER, Wilkesbarre.

8 April 1825

Melancholy Disaster – On the 19th inst. The dwelling house of Dr. Barnabas SMITH, of Venice, Cayuga County, New York, was destroyed by fire. Two young women, Miss Naomi SPRINGS, the school mistress of the neighbourhood, and a girl belonging to the family, perished in the flames. Loss of property estimated at $3,000.

Married – In Pittston, on the 30th ult. By the Rev. Joel ROGERS, Elisha BLACKMAN, of this township, to Miss Philena, daughter of William SEARLES, of the former place.

Died – Near Philadelphia, on Sunday the 20th ult, in the 78th year of his age, Col. Thomas FORREST, a distinguished revolutionary officer, and not long since a member of congress.

The unfortunate wretch ZIMMERMAN, confined in the Jail of Schuylkill County, under sentence of death for the murder of his daughter, had been respited by the Governor, for the further term of 60 days, ending the 29th of May next.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
A further supplement to the act entitled An act to incorporate the President, Managers and Company, of the Luzerne and Wayne County Turnpike Road.
A bill – An act to erect parts of the counties of Luzerne and Susquehanna into a separate county to be called Monroe.

Mill-Wright Business. William and John BERGSTRESSER, Wilkesbarre.

Notice. All persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing either or all of the three several notes given by me to Solomon TAYLOR, residing at Great Bend, all dated on the 31st August 1823, for and in consideration of a certain lot of land, but did not receive from him a legal title for the same. Samuel WALL, Nicholson.

Military Election (New Agreement). Having received information that the Company called the “Republican Phalanx” have agreed to unite with the other volunteer Companies, viz: the Susquehanna Invincibles, the Abington volunteers and the Blakeley Rifle Company in forming a Volunteer Battalion. Elections will be held at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington Township on the 28th April.

15 April 1825

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, April 1st:
Obadiah BOOTH
Oliver BEEBE
Matilda BENNET
Gideon BEEBE
Andrew CONER
William EVANS
Polly GORE
Nelson ROSS
Sethanius SPACE

Estate of Dr. Wm. H. NICHOLS, late of Abington Township, request payments and demands. Sibyl NICHOLS, John MILLER, Admin., Abington.

Died – In Meansville, on Sunday the 26th ult, after a lingering and painful illness, Charles WHITEHEAD, Esq., in the 32nd year of his age.

Died – In this Township, yesterday morning, in the 47th year of his age, Richard METCALF, formerly from England.

Brigade Orders. The Enrolled Inhabitants residing within the bounds o the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Pennsylvania Militia, are hereby notified at assemble by Regiments and Battalions to perform Military duty and for Inspection on the following days of May next:
1st Battalion of 2nd Regiment, at house of Major John BITTENBENDER, Nescopeck Township, on 9th.
2nd Battalion, in Berwick on the 10th.
Huntington and Union Volunteer Battalion on the 11th.
115th Regiment on the 12th.
1st Battalion, 116th Regt. and Volunteer Battalion composed of the Republican Phalanx, Susquehanna Invincibles, Abington Rifle Company and Blakeley Rifle Company on the 13th.
2nd Battalion, 116th Reg. on the 14th
Volunteer Rifle Battalion on the 16th
76th Regiment and the 2nd Battalion of Volunteer Reg. No. 126 on the 17th.
1st Battalion of Volunteer Regiment on the 18th
2nd Battalion of the 70th Reg. on the 19th and election will be held same day, to elect a Major in place of Harry MUMFORD, promoted.
1st Battalion of said regiment, on the 20th
Volunteer Wyoming Battalion, on the 4th July
Any commanding officer of a Company who may neglect to make Returns of his Company to the Brigade Inspector, or to make returns of absentees to the proper Court of Appeal, or who may neglect ot order his Company out to perform military duty agreeable to law, will have the penalties of the law, in such cases made and provided, exacted upon him. The commanding Officers of Regiments, as also of Volunteer Battalions, will appoint the place and hour for their respective corps to assemble.
Samuel THOMAS, Inspector of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Penn. Militia, Kingston.

List of Letters, Remaining on hand in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, April 1st:
Frances BREWER
William DRIGGS
Chester FELTON
Benjamin HOWARD
Cornelius P. LOTT
Edward L. PAINE
Benjamin A. ROSE
Charles WILCOX
Elijah WELCH, jun.
Joseph B. TUTTLE.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, April 1st:
William AMES
Gilbert BARNES
John P. BABB
Derick BIRD
George W. DRAKE
Chester DANA
Darius FINCH
Joshua GREEN
William GRAY
Nathan HAVEN
Abagail HART
Elizabeth INMAN
Elizabeth LAFFERTY
Valentine MEYER
Daniel MURRY
Christian NAGLE
Marsena NAFUS
Caroline OGDEN
Michael OVEL
Hurlbut PHILO
William PRICE
Susanna LEOB
Edward ROHN
Phineas SMITH
Tobithy SHIPPY
Elizabeth THOMAS
Barnet ULP
Jacob WISE
J. CIST, P. M.

22 April 1825

50 Dollar Reward. Was stolen from the Eddy on the Susquehanna River, about one mile below the borough of Wilkesbarre, on or about the 21st ult, an elegant Canoe with a good Chain and Padlock, and two Paddles. The chain was new, 7 or 8 feet long, the links of which were formed from a square bar, and the name P. YARINGTON, was branded on the paddles. The above reward will be paid on conviction of the offenders, to any person apprehending them. Peter YARINGTON, Wilkesbarre.

Regimental Orders. Notice is hereby given to the enrolled Citizens of the 116th Regiment Pennsylvania Militia, to meet in Battalion completely equiped for Military exercise as the law directs:
1st Battalion at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington, the 13th. Court of Appeal will be held the 13 June at the house of Russel CAHOON, Abington, by Capt. Wells BENNET, Capt. Joseph
STAUNTON & Capt. Joseph CAMP.
2nd Battalion at the house of Charles OTIS, Tunkhannock, on the 14th. Court of appeal will be held at the house of Jesse LEE, Eaton, by Capt. Josiah ROGERS, Capt. John SMITH & Capt. Cyrus H. AVERY.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 9th May, for two tracts of land. One in Plymouth, bounded by Noah WADHAM, Joel ROGERS, Charles BARNEY and Moses ATHERTON, containing about 29 acres, in the fourth division. The other being part of house lot No. 11 in the middle tier of lots, bounded by James NESBITT, Noah WADHAMS, Henderson GAYLORD, containing four acres, and half as the estate of Joze ROGERS. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Andrew BEAUMONT against Joze ROGERS and George CHAHOON.

Book-Bindery – Frederick NIEBELL, Wilkesbarre.

The Naked Facts. During the last Court-week there was paid to me $249 _, out of $6,000. Collections will be placed in the hands of a Constable. Samuel MAFFET.

Wyoming Coach, Gig and Waggon Manufactory. George FLAKE, Wilkesbarre.

Wanted. A person well acquainted with the business of Wool-Carding, to take charge of a Machine during the season, either on the shares, for wages, or at a certain rent. Apply to the subscriber, in Hanover, about four miles below Wilkesbarre. George BEEHE

Notice. My wife Lucy having again left my bed and board, without any just cause, I am again compelled to take this method to forbid any persons from trusting or harboring her on my account. John HUUNEYWELL, Dallas, April 8.

To My Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in August next for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Aaron SIMONSON, Covington.

29 April 1825

Page 1 & 3 Missing

Married – At Plymouth, on the 3rd inst. By Noah WADHAMS, Esq., Samuel WADHAMS, to Miss Clorinda S. CATLIN, formerly of Massachusetts.

Accidents – On Monday last, Cornelius GARRISON, an aged man, was returning from this place to his residence in Hanover, with a team, and was instantly killed, in consequence of his horses running. We have not learned the particulars.

A house belonging to Mr. PHELPS, in Clifford Township, was lately destroyed by fire. The principal sufferer is said to be the tenant who occupied the building.

Dissolution of Partnership, of HOLGATE & BOND by mutual agreement. Reuben HOLGATE, Robert BOND, Kingston, April 19th.

Regimental Orders. The enrolled Militia within the bounds of the 115th Regiment, P. M. will meet on the Public Square, Wilkesbarre, on Thursday the 12th May next, completely equiped for military exercise as the law directs. Harris JENKINS, Col., of the 115th Reg., P. M.

Estate of Simon ANSLEY, late of Wayne County, requests payments and demands. Daniel KIMBLE & Robert ANSLEY, Palmyra, Wayne Co.

6 May 1825

Law of Pennsylvania. A Supplement to the act providing for the recovery of fines assessed upon citizens of this state, for the non-performance of military duty, during the late war with Great Britain, and for other purposes. Eight sections listed.

Died – In this Borough on Tuesday last, Seth WILSON, aged about 40 years.

Appointments by the Governor. John SERGEANT, Esq. and Dr. Robert M. PATTERSON, of Philadelphia; Dr. William DARLINGTON, of Chester County, Albert GALLATIN, Esq., of Fayette County and David SCOTT, Esq., of Luzerne County, to be a Board of Canal Commissioners.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 6th June:
1. Land on the Turnpike Road, Luzerne County, bounded by George BUCK, estate of Jacob OSENCUP. Containing 162 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John BRADSHAW, and Aaron BRADSHAW, executors of the last Will and testament of John BRADSHAW, dec’d, against Jacob OSENCUP.
2. A piece of land in Luzerne County, bounded by land surveyed for John CAREY jr. (several lines faded) Fenton SMITH, containing 257 acres, late the estate of Isaac SLOCUM in said writ named. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Thomas STEWARDSON, surviving executor of the last will and testament of Henry DRINKER, the elder late of Philadelphia, dec’d, against Isaac SLOCUM.
3. A Tract of land in Hanover Township, bounded by Peter MINICH near the Hogback Ridge, Henry MACK (part faded), containing 129 acres, being a part of the tract called “Mount Hope, bearing the patent date of 29 April 1806, granted and confirmed to Lord BUTLER, and deed of indenture 1 May 1813. And Lord BUTLER conveyed the same to Joseph SHAFFER and Jacob ROMAGE in said writ named. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Garrick MALLERY, John L. BUTLER and Chester BUTLER, administrators of Lord BUTLER, against Joseph SHAFFER and Jacob ROMAGE.

Battalion Orders. The Volunteer Rifle Battalion are hereby notified to meet at the House of Col. J. BURGESS, in Windham Township, on Monday the 16th May next at nine o’clock, in the forenoon uniformed and equipped for military exercise and for inspection. Samuel PARRISH, Major Commandant, Eaton.

13 May 1825

Northern Bank. Notice is hereby given that the Books for receiving subscriptions to the stock of the Northern Bank of Pennsylvania will be opened on Monday the 13th June next, at nine o’clock, in the forenoon, at the Court House in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, and will continue open for a space of six successive days, six hours in each day – at which time and place any person a citizen of this State or of the United States on paying to the attending commissioners the sum of twelve Dollars per share, may subscribe to the stock of said Bank, as by the act of assembly is directed and provided. A. BEAUMONT, C. D. SHOEMAKER, Comm’rs.

Estate of Cornelius GARRISON, late of Hanover Township, requests payments and settlements. John SAUM and Jacob GARRISON, Adm’rs.

The Co-partnership formerly existed between the Subscribers under the firm of B. DRAKE & Co. is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Benjamin DRAKE, George FLAKE, jr., A. O. CHAHOON, Wilkesbarre.

New Goods. Jacob & Joseph SINTON, Wilkesbarre.

Resolution of the Town Council. Resolved, That every person within this borough, who shall hereafter flag the walks opposite his property shall receive a full compensation therefore which sum so allowed shall be appropriated to the payment of taxes, which may be assessed by the borough. Provided that if the sum so allowed shall more than discharge the taxes that may be due, it shall be applied to the payment of taxes levied in every successive year until it shall be wholly discharged. Town Council. Benjamin DRAKE, Pres’t. Geo. C. DRAKE, Clk.

Notice. The term of credit having long ago expired for which Goods were sold at my Store, Notice is hereby given that all such accounts as remain unpaid on the 20th instant, will be placed in the hands of the proper officer for collection. Chr. APPLETON, Wilkesbarre.

20 May 1825

Married – On the 14th inst. By Isaac HARTZELL, Esq., George DOWNIE, of Princeton, N. J. to Miss Jane COOK, of Sunbury.

A new township, to be called Herrick, in Susquehanna County in this sate, has been formed from parts of Gibson and Clifford.

The name of Hopbottom township has been changed to Brooklyn.

Statement of the Treasurer’s Accounts of the Borough of Wilkesbarre, for the year ending May 2, 1825.

27 May 1825

A meeting of Citizens of this Borough will beheld on Tuesday evening next, at the Court House at early candle lighting, for the purpose of consulting on the necessary measures preparatory to calling a county meeting to appoint Delegates to attend the Improvement Convention at Harrisburg, on the first Thursday of August next.

Three brothers, by the name of THAYER, have been condemned to death, at Buffalo, N. Y. for the murder of John LOVE.

Execution – Robert DOUGLASS was executed at Bath, Steuben County, N. Y. on the 1st inst. For the murder of Samuel H. IVES. DOUGLASS was about 24 years of age.

Mr. KENDERDINE, of Horsham Township, Montgomery County, committed suicide by hanging himself in his barn, on the 29th ult. Temporary insanity is supposed to have been the cause.

Notice. A number of inhabitants of Hanover having agreed to work two days gratis on the road leading from this place to Lowry-town, it is thought necessary to invite the inhabitants of the adjoining townships who feel interested in the passiblity of the road, with teams, to assist them on Friday and Saturday next. They purpose meeting at the Green Mountain Creek on Thursday next, provided with the necessary tools, prepared to commence work on Friday morning. Nothing need be said to induce the inhabitant to spare a little time to make this road a good one, as its utility has already been realized by many.

A New Carding Machine. Charles PLUMB, Pittston.

3 June 1825

Married – At Trinity Church, Easton, Pa., on the 18th ult. by the Rev. MUHLENBUERG, Rev. Samuel BOWMAN, of Pequea, Lancaster Co., formerly of Wilkesbarre, to miss Susan SITGREAVES, daughter of Samuel SITGREAVES, Esq., of the former place.

Died – In Salem, Luzerne County, on Thursday the 26th ult., Miss Sarah KOLP, aged about 16 years.

Fire! On Saturday evening last, a house belonging to Col. E. INMAN, and occupied by Chester DANA as a tavern, in Hanover, was destroyed by fire. Mr. DANA, went with a candle upstairs early in the evening, from which it is supposed a spark of fire must have communicated to some combustible matter – immediately after returning from the chamber, Mr. DANA and family retired to bed, where they remained until awakened by some of their neighbors only in time to escape from the most afflicting death. The fire had progressed so far before discovered, that all attempts to extinguish it were useless. Everything the house contained except the family, were destroyed. We trust that the liberality of the community will restore the loss to these unfortunate sufferers.

Public Meeting of Citizens of the Borough of Wilkesbarre and its vicinity, held in pursuance of public notice at the Court House on the 31st May, Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq. was called to the chair and John N. CONYNGHAM, Esq., appointed Secretary. It was recommended that citizens meet the 21st June to decide upon the propriety of sending delegates to the Convention to be holden at Harrisburg, on the subject of Internal Improvement. David SCOTT, Jacob CIST and Edward COVELL, Esq’rs to be a committee of correspondence.

10 June 1825

Valuable Discoveries. A quary of fine gray marble has been discovered in Pike Township, and another bed of Iron Ore has been discovered within six or seven miles of this village on the Towanda Creek. Bradford Settler

Abundant rain on Sunday last, refreshed the parched earth and imparted new vigor to vegetation.

We regret to learn that a child in Braintrim has lost his life, or been in great danger of losing it, in consequence of its not being known where Trepanning Instruments could be procured. We therefore inform the citizens of this county that Doct. COVELL of Wilkesbarre, and Doct. ATKINS of Kingston, and others, are in possession of complete sets of Surgical Instruments, which no doubt they are ever ready and willing to use. (name of child not listed)

Suicide. On the morning of the 8th ult., John C. MERRITT, of Robbstown, Westmoreland County, Pa., terminated his existence by cutting his throat with a large carving knife, which before the vital spark had fled, he thrust into the orifice and down the body, until about 2 inches of the handle could be seen. The deceased had been totally deranged before he perpetrated the act.

BIDLACK & LEWIS, Attornies at Law. Will attend to their professional duties at their Office, on the 2nd floor in the North Wing of the Court House – where all business entrusted to their care shall receive their joint attention. Wilkesbarre.

Selling Off A large stock of Store Goods, At very reduced Prices. C. APPLETON, Wilkesbarre.

Special Notice. Whereas Margaret my wife, hath long endeavored from a refractory temper, inimical to the welfare of her Family, as well as myself, to impoverish it & me; I am therefore compelled to forbid all persons whomsoever, from trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting, without an Order from under my hand therefor. Given under my hand May 27, 1825. Jacob MOYER, Abington.

17 June 1825

Died – In this Borough, on the 14th inst., Lucy Ann, only daughter of Col. Henry F. LAMB, aged five years and ten months. “Bright, early, transient, – she sparkled, was exhaled, and went to Heaven.”

Masonic Notice. The Members of Lodge No. 61, will celebrate the anniversary of St. John the Baptist, on Friday the 24th inst. At ten o’clock, A. M. An address will be delivered by a Brother at the Lodge Room – and a dinner prepared by Brother HELME – Sojourning brethren are respectfully invited to attend. Committee of Arrangement.

Notice. Those indebted to C. APPLETON by note or book account are informed that his accounts are placed in my hands for collection, and all who wish to save cost are notified to come forward and make payment, or confess Judgment before the 20th inst. John MYERS, Wilkesbarre.

Northern Bank. In pursuance of pubic notice, the Commissioners for this County for receiving subscriptions to this Bank, opened their Book in this place on Monday last, and we understand that on Wednesday the whole number of shares to which this county was entitled, were taken. It is highly probable that the Commissioners for Bradford and Susquehanna have been equally successful.

On the 16th inst. Two ferrymen were drowned in the St. Lawrence, opposite Ogdensburg. There were in the employ of Mr. CANFIELD. One was an Englishman named Francis TOLE, the other a black man owned by Mr. CANFIELD.

It is with regret we have to announce the death of Daniel D. TOMPKINS, late Vice President of the United States. The melancholy event occurred yesterday at his residence, on Staten Island, after a long and painful illness. He was in his 52nd year.

Remarkable Fecundity. The wife of Mr. DAVIS, who resides in Baltimore, has had, by two husbands, 29 children in 30 years; the youngest is seven months old.

24 June 1825

Wanted. An apprentice to the Printing Business. A youth from 14 to 16 or 17 years of age, of industrious and moral habits, desirous of learning the above business, will meet with encouragement at this office.

50 Store Hogs, Wanted by the Subscriber, for which he will pay in Cash or Store Goods, and take them for debts owing him. C. APPLETON.

Died – Lately in New York, after an illness of about four weeks, the Rev. John SUMMERFIELD, in the (27th or 87th) year of his age.

Died – At his residence on Staten Island on Saturday the 11th inst., after a long and painful illness, Daniel D. TOMPKINS, Esq., in the 51st year of his age, late Vice President of the United States.

Nathan BEACH and Jacob CIST, Esquires have been elected Delegates to attend the Internal Improvement Convention to be held at Harrisburg, at a meeting held in Wilkesbarre on the 21st June. Jacob CIST, Edward COVELL, Thomas DYER, John N. CONYNGHAM and Chester BUTLER, were named a committee of correspondence.

Notice. The Democratic Republicans of Luzerne County, are requested to meet at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on Tuesday evening of the August court Week, at early candle light to make arrangements for the approaching annual election. Isaac HART, William APPLE, Benjamin PERRY, Standing Committee.

Reading, Pa., June 14. Singular circumstance. A little girl about 10 or 12 years of age, Lydia KARCHNER, has been lodged in the jail of this county, on suspicion of having drowned two small children of Matthias TREIN, tanner, of Long Swamp, in this county in whose family she had lived for some time. The particulars, as we have understood the, are as follows: Henry aged about 4 years was found drowned in one of the vats, on the 16th of May last, from which he was taken under the belief that of his having accidentally fallen therein, and no suspicion was attached to Lydia, to the 3rd inst. When Mary Ann, aged 2 years, was found drowned in another vat. From some cause which we have not heard, Lydia was suspected having thrown them both in and on being questioned, her answers were so vague and so various to sufficient cause was commit her for trial.

US Court for the Western District, held at Williamsport on 6th June last, the following gentlemen were severally sworn & admitted to practice as Attorneys: Hugh BELLAS, T. BURNSIDE, J. B. ANTHONY, Robert M’CLURE, _(blank)_ BLANCHARD, F. C. CAMPBELL, Mord. HEYLUM, James ARMSTRONG, john LASHELS, William Cox ELLIS, Robert C. GRIER, James MERRIL & Espy VAN HORNE, Esquires. H. BELLAS, Esq., of Sunbury, has been appointed Deputy District Attorney of the US for said court.

1 July 1825

Published on Friday Morning, Wilkesbarre, PA
By Sharp D. LEWIS

Wyoming – A “relation of facts.” (part 1)

Wanted Immediately, Seven or Eight Journeymen Shoemakers. Joshua GREEN, Wilkesbarre.

The continued ill health of Mr. MAFFET having rendered it necessary that he should retire from the Printing Business, the Susquehanna Democrat will hereafter be published by Sharp D. LEWIS.

To the Patrons of the Susquehanna Democrat. All accounts due the Establishment previous to the 1st July 1824, are to be paid to me and all since that time, except a few specially reserved, at to be paid to S. D. LEWIS. Samuel MAFFET.

Mad Buffalo and Little Eagle, the two Indians who had been condemned to death for the murder of Major WELLBORN and others, in November 1823, have been pardoned by the President, and set at liberty.

8 July 1825

Wyoming – A “relation of facts.” (part 2)

Wilkesbarre Academy. The quarterly examination of the scholars will commence this day (Friday).

To Creditors. Take Notice. That we have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas for Luzerne County, for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, and that they have appointed the first Monday in August next, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre – to hear my Creditors, where you can attend if you think proper. Aaron SIMONSON, Alexander ROGERS, Jonathan SLOCUM, Henry MOORE.

Fourth of July. To celebrate this memorable day a number of the citizens of the Borough repaired to a beautiful spring in the woods the distance of about 1 __ miles, where they partook of an excellent dinner which had been previously prepared in town. The time was spent in peace, harmony and friendship.

Beat this Girls. Two young ladies, Betsey TUTTLE and Betsey CAMEL, spun at the house of Joseph TUTTLE in Kingston, on Monday of last week, one hundred knots of woolen yarn each.

The Democratic Republicans celebrated the 4th of July at the house of C. J. CHRISTELL. Mr. PARSONS, Esq., was appointed president and Mr. HART, Esq., Vice President.

Bunker Hill Monument. The corner stone is laid.

Public Sale. Will be sold on the 4th August next at the house of John STIVERS, Township of Newport, the real and personal Estate of said John STIVERS, consisting to a Farm, Crops, Animals, Farming Utensils and Kitchen Furniture.

Store. The Subscriber offers for sale a well selected Assortment of Goods. Also a Quantity of Old Whiskey. William SWETLAND, Kingston.

Notice, Is hereby given to the persons indebted to the Philadelphia Bank that the instalment and interest due on the 1st instant must be immediately paid. Those also who have not paid the previous instalments are required to settle the balance of their respective debts.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
William AMES
Susanna BATTIN
Anderson DANA
Virgil M. DIBOLL
George GURT
Robert S. GRANT
Daniel GOULD
Reuben JONES
Cordelia LA FRANCE
Thomas MAGER
Gilbert MERRIT
William RUSSEL
Barnet ULP
J. CIST, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, July 1st:
Charles BRYAN
Reuben FIELD
Sarah MANN
Richard NEWMAN
Michael NEELY
Elizabeth PARKER
Alvah C. PHILIPS, Esq.
Barsheba ROGERS
Nelson ROSS
Sethania SPACE
Roswell SMITH
Comfort SHAW
Simon Peter SITES
James SHAW
Penelope THOMAS

15 July 1825

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 1st August:
1. Two tracts of Land in Huntington Township. Tract one bounded by John BOSTON, heirs of Phineas PRESTON, Simon TUBBS and Susquehanna and Tioga Turnpike Road, containing 13 acres, being part of Lot No. 38 in 3rd division. Tract two bounded by Simon TUBBS, Susquehanna and Tioga Turnpike Road, containing 4 acres, being also part of Lot No. 38 3rd division, late estate of Shears SHAY. Seized and taken in Execution at the suit of John KOONS against Sears SHAY.
2. Land in Pittston Township, bounded by John BENEDICT, roads, the main road leading from Wilkesbarre to the Great Bend runs through the same containing 3 acres, late estate of Eleazer CAREY. Seized and taken in Execution at the suit of Hugh COOPER against Eleazer CAREY.
3. Land in Wilkesbarre Township, bounded by Henry STARK, Simon ROSECRANTZ, containing 18 acres, late estate of Isaac DATON, dec’d, in the hands of the administrators of said DATON. Seized and taken in Execution at the suit of the Philadelphia Bank against Crandall WILCOX & James STARK who survive Isaac DATON.
4. Land in Newport Township, known by Lot No. 37 of the 2nd division, containing about 110 acres, which said lot was sold by Jacob HART, Sheriff, to John SMITH as the property of Andrew M’CLURE, and late estate of John SMITH. Seized and taken in Execution at the suit of the Philadelphia Bank against John SMITH, Frederick NAGLE and George KREIDLER.
5. Land in Exeter Township bounded by highway from Deodat SMITH to the Falling Spring, _(blank)_ HENDERSON, Joseph HORSEFIELD, containing 130 acres, late estate of Isaac VAN BUREN. Seized and taken in Execution at the suit of Nathaniel GIDDINGS against Isaac VAN BUREN.
6. Land in Windham Township, bounded by Walter WHITNEY, Asa WHITNEY, William CARNEY, containing 100 acres, late the estate of Ransom WHITNEY. Seized and taken in Execution at the suit of Stephen C. KING who survived Lord BUTLER against Ransom WHITNEY.
7. Land in Sugarloaf Township, bounded by Conrod KEESTER, David STEEL, John CAWLEY, containing 84 acres, late the estate of Peter STOCHR. Seized and taken in Execution at the suit of Philadelphia Bank against Peter STOCHR.
8. Land in Pittston and Exeter Townships, bounded by Susquehanna River, Lackawannock Creek, James SCOTT, line between Pittston & Exeter, Thomas EVANS, Hosea PHILIPS, containing 1100 acres, late estate of John B. WALLACE. Seized and taken in Execution at the suit of Rebecca C. WALLACE, Executrix of Joshua M. WALLACE jr., dec’d, to the use of Tace WALLACE against John B. WALLACE.

Stray Cattle Broke into the enclosure of Oliver PETTEBONE, Kingston, on 7th July.

Married – At Philadelphia, on Thursday evening the 7th inst. By Rev. James BARNES, William CARLISLE, Jr. of Kingston, Luz. Co. to Miss Sarah, daughter of James DONLEY, merchant of the former place.

Asher MINER, Esq., the former proprietor of the Pennsylvania Correspondent, has entered into partnership with his brother, Charles MINER, Esq., of West Chester, Chest. Co. in the establishment of the Village Record and Chester and Delaware Federalists, and we understand, will enter upon his new editorial duties shortly.

Fourth of July at Dundaff. Gould PHINNEY was chosen President and James COILE vice President of the board. After the cloth was removed toasts were drank in the true spirit of American Freedom and Independence.

New Store. The Subscriber respectfully informs his Friends and the Public generally, that he has just received from the city of New York, a new assortment of Goods which he offers for sale at his New Store, near his Grist Mill in Kingston. All of which he will sell cheap for prompt pay in cash or Country Produce. Jacob RICE, Kingston.

List of Letters Remaining on hand in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, July 1st:
Rev. Newton SMITH
Joseph B. TUTTLE, P. M.

Amzi WILSON offers his farm for sale. Any person wishing to purchase, may call and view the premises. Pittston.

22 July 1825

We have fine weather for harvesting, and if we may judge from the good natured looks of our farmers, the crops are abundant. We have only to regret the situation of the corn and other tall crops, which are suffering, and some indeed withering for the want of rain.

On Monday last a thermometer in the store of Z. BARNUM, excluded from the sun, stood at 88. Yesterday at 2 o’clock P.M. it stood at 95.

Middletown, Ct., June 29th. Another marriage of an Indian to a white girl contemplated. The Agents of the Foreign Missionary School at Cornwall, at the head of whom is the Rev. BEECHER, of Litchfield, have published a report under the date of the 17th inst. In which they state that a negotiation for a marriage has been carried on for some time past between Elias BOUDINOT, a young Cherokee, and Harriet R. GOLD, of the village of Cornwall, and that there is now a settled engagement between the parties.

Masonic. On the 17th of August next, Downingtown Lodge, No. 174 will form a procession for the purpose of laying the corner stone of a Hall, to be dedicated to the Craft in ancient form. All our Brethren within sound of the Gavel, are respectfully invited to attend with their implements to assist in the labors of the day. J. HUNT, G. A. FAIRLAMB, Wm. H. BROWN.

29 July 1825

Page 1 & 2 missing

Married – At Pittston, on Wednesday evening last, by Peter WINTER, Esq., Francis WATSON to Miss Ann PRICE.

All who are friendly to the formation of a Sunday School Union, in Luzerne County, will remember that a meeting for that purpose will be held on Wednesday evening next, at the Meeting House in Wilkesbarre.

Died – On the 23rd ,Col. George SMITH, of Lycoming, Pa., late a member of Congress, was killed by the falling of a tree.

The Mail Stage has commenced running twice a week between Berwick and Newtown, N. Y.

In consequence of the heat of Monday and Tuesday of week before last, all the fish in the pond near Providence were suffocated and died, although the water was 3 feet deep. Several hundred large perch and pickerel were found floating on the surface of the water.

The democratic delegates of Tioga County have recommended John RYON, Jr. as a fit person to represent the counties of Susquehanna, Bradford and Tioga in the late senate. They have also nominated James FORD as a candidate for the assembly.

5 August 1825

Sentence pronounced by Judge WALWORTH, upon three THAYERS, convicted at the Erie circuit for the murder of John LOVE. Nathan, Israel Jr. and Isaac, for the murder on 15th December last in Boston, each of you are guilty of a most foul and aggravated murder. Each of you are to be taken from hence to the prison from whence you came, and from thence to the place of execution, and there on the 17th day of June next, between the hours of 12 at noon and 2 in the afternoon, you are to be hanged by the neck until you are dead.

On Tuesday afternoon, a woman named Margaret NOLAN was murdered in Boston, by Mrs. KENT. Mrs. KENT was in a state of intoxication; a quarrel took place about a broken rum bottle; and a deadly blow was given with a pair of tongs.

Married – On Saturday evening last, by Rev. Joel ROGERS, Edward ROHN, formerly of Easton, to Miss Sibyl GRIDLEY, of this place.

On Sunday morning last we were visited with a considerable quantity of rain, though not sufficient to satiate the thirst of the parching earth. Corn, Buckwheat and Potatoes, our Farmers say will not yield on an average throughout the county more than a half crop. Many fields were literally destroyed.

Half of page 3 & 4 is missing

12 August 1825

Melancholy Catastrophe. An extract of a letter from Ezekiel STEVENS, Esq., to the Editor of the Bridgeton Observer, dated Cape May Cold Springs, July 21st, 1825, says: On Tuesday the 19th inst., as some of my workmen were returning home about 5 o’clock in the afternoon, they discovered a man lying dead in the wood, not far from my house. From papers and notes he appears to be Alexander SPEER, of Philadelphia, grocer, on Ozeas’ wharf. I immediately held an inquest over the body, and the jury returned a verdict of “Visitation of Almighty God.” His remains were yesterday decently interred in the Presbyterian church yard at this place.

Commissioners’ Sale of Unseated Lands, to be held the 14th October next at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Names and acreage listed for each township.

We neglected last week to mention that on Monday the 1st inst., on motion of Garrick MALLERY, Esq., Henry PETTEBONE was admitted to practice as an Attorney at Law in the several courts of Luzerne County.

We learn that on Sunday last, about 2 o’clock, P. M. Plymouth was visited with a tremendous shower of hail and rain. The hailstones are said to have been large, and very destructive to the Buckwheat, Corn, &c. in the west part of Plymouth. The storm was distinctly heard at the distance of two miles, and during its continuance the water ran in torrents over the so long thirsty earth. The wind in its rage is said to have torn up several apple trees.

At the same place on Tuesday last, a Barn belonging to Hiram DRAKE, was struck by lightning, and was with its contents entirely destroyed. Thus has the industrious husbandman, after hard toiling to secure his harvest, seen it all in an instant almost, consumed.

Letter to Moses WOOD, of Wilkesbarre. Sir. Duty to ourselves induces us to address you in this manner that we may elucidate to the public your transactions in consequence of the loss of your money when on a journey to this place on Wednesday the 27th ult. You stopped at our house about 5 o’clock P. M., of said day, and ordered your horse unsaddled and fed, which accordingly was done, and your saddle, to which was fastened a vallisse, was hung up in the barroom. After tea you walked out, and returned again about sun-down when the most conspicuous part of your transactions at this place commenced. On examining your vallisse which yet remained I the place first put, you to your great surprise found it pennyless, and then in a profusion of rage, you did not hesitate to declare that your cash to the amount of about $81.00 had been stolen after you called at our house; that you positively knew that your vallisse contained that sum in specie when it was taken in the house; that you knew it had been stolen after we took off your saddle; and that you should hold us responsible for the payment of it, as you had (as you said,) delivered it to our care, when in fact your valisse was as empty ere you crossed the river as it was at the time of your examining it. In the evening however, after having been told by a number of persons that you must have lost it on the road, your warmth in the manner subsided and you went to bed. The next morning at your request, and agreeably to your directions, we had some advertisements written in which you offered a reward of ten dollars to any person who would find and return to you your lost money, stating in the advertisement that it was stolen or lost on the road between A. SWORTHOUTS (in Exeter,) and Tunkhannock. Who after your having thus done would have even conjectured that you would have presumed to censure any person in this place with having stolen your money? After Breakfast, and positively refusing to pay us your bill in consequence of your having lost your money, (or a part of it,) you started for home, and the same day on your way thither, we have been credably informed you in an indirect manner accused us of taking your money, which accusations you continued to multiply after your arrival in Wilkesbarre, & even called on an attorney for advice in the important business of obtaining a re-possession of your lost money. The facts are simple these: you have acted in a very precipitate and incoherent manner; you lost your money through your own carelessness, near the house of Samuel ROBERTS, in Eaton, by whose son, it was found the same day after you lost it, probably about one hour after your sad misfortune occurred, and we presume that all your money was by him returned to your son, although you stated that the amount you lost exceeded the sum which you found about four dollars. We will now caution you against committing like outrages in direct opposition to propriety and honor in future, and not again prematurely accuse persons with stealing your money in a place where you have lost none, also, to be more careful in counting your cash, so that you no not again over-rate the sum you possess, and then carry it in manner that will insure you against being robbed where no person is present to perform the act. You have made a great, very great figure indeed in performing a route from Wilkesbarre to Tunkhannock, lost cash and found it again; lucky we must confess, for had you not found it we are fully confident from the course you have pursued you would have proscribed us to the greatest limits of your influence & forced if possible the public to believe that we had robbed you. We will now omit further comments on your conduct and leave it to a discerning public to decide whither you have acted wisely or otherwise. J. B. & Jesse TUTTLE, Tunkhannock.

Court of Luzerne County:
Commonwealth vs Thos. BENNET – Gambling & Liquors
Commonwealth vs Mary, Sally and Betsey CARZEY – Assault and Battery
Commonwealth vs SEWARD – Assault and Battery
Commonwealth vs SKEER – Assault and Battery
Commonwealth vs Just. SIMASON – Assault and Battery
Commonwealth vs Jon. HENLOCK – Malicious Mischief

Israel THAYERS, the father of the three young men lately executed at Buffalo, received his trial at the Circuit Court held in the village last week, and was acquitted. Although it has been the opinion of many that he was accessary to the foul crime which brought his unfortunate sons to the scaffold; yet we understand from the testimony of a great many witnesses during the trial, that nothing whatever appeared to justify the harbouring of such a suspicion.

The Democratic Republican Citizens of Luzerne County met agreeable to public notice, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, on Tuesday evening 2nd inst. To make arrangements preparatory to the ensuing general election. Noah WADHAMS, Esq., was appointed Chairman and Jasper FASSETT, Secretary. The object of the meeting having been stated by the chairman, it was Resolved, That this meeting proceed to nominate committees of vigilance for each township in said county. Whereupon the following gentlemen were nominated, viz:
Sugarloaf: Philip YOST & Abraham DRUM
Nescopeck: John BUSS, Esq. & Christian STOUT
Newport: Andrew CROOP & Jacob RAMBAUGH, Esq.
Hanover: Jonas HARTZELL & Jacob ANDREW
Wilkesbarre: Isaac HART & Esq. John MYERS, Esq.
Pittston: Wm. LABAR & Jonathan MARCY
Covington: Conrad SAX Jr. & Charles TEWILLAGER
Providence: Michael SWARTZ & John J. DINGS
Blakeley: Hiram CASE & Samuel FERRIS
Greenfield: Micah VALE & Benjamin SMITH
Abington: Henry HALL & Matthew JACKSON
Nicholson: William FELTON & John MARCY
Falls: Miles AVERS, Esq. & Sylvester HUBBARD
Tunkhannock: Luman FERRY, Esq. & Gordon CAMP
Braintrim: Paul OVERFIELD 2nd & George MOWRY Jr.
Windham: Chandler ROBINSON & Charles KEENEY
Eaton: Forbes LEE & James BROWN
Northmoreland: Capt. Josiah ROGERS & Sherman LUMIS, Esq.
Exeter: Isaac HARDING, Esq. & Henry KERN
Kingston: Wm. SWETLAND & Wm. C. JOHNSON, Jr.
Dallas: Jacob J. BOGARDUS, Esq. & Abraham S. HUNNEYWELL
Plymouth: Benjamin REYNOLDS, Esq. & James NESBITT
Union: Lott SEARCH & Jonathan HARNED
Huntington: Robert WILSON & Charles BURRET
Salem: Isaiah LONGSHORE & Christian BILHEIMER

Notice. Doctor CLARKE, Invites all persons indebted to him for medical services to call and settle with his agent in Wilkesbarre without delay. A neglect of this notice will surely be unprofitable to both parties.

List of Letters Remaining on hand in the Post Office at Pittston, July 1st:
Ebenezer MARCY

Ten Dollars Reward. Broke Jail of Luzerne County, on the night of the 15th inst. A runaway Negro slave named George KENDRICD. The said runaway is a mulatto, 25 years old; about 5 feet 8 inches high; thick set; with a conspicuous scar on his right cheek. He had on when he went away a black fur Hat, Coat, Pantaloons and Waistcoat all considerably worn. Any person who will take up said Runaway and deliver him to the Jail in Luzerne County, shall be entitled to the above reward, and all reasonable charges paid by Jonathan BULKELEY, Sheriff & Jailor. July 16.

Estate of Gerard BRANDON, late of Hanover Township, requests payments and demands. William & Elisha MYERS, Adm’rs. [See 2 Sept. 1825]

19 August 1825

Meeting of the friends to the formation of a Sunday School Union in Luzerne County. At a meeting held in the Borough of Wilkesbarre on the 3rd inst., O. COLLINS, Esq., was appointed Chairman, W. C. GILDERSLEEVE, Secretary. The preamble and Constitution adopted are given. The persons present then proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing year, to wit:
Hon. David SCOTT, President
Gerrick MALLERY, Esq., vice President
Henry C. ANHAEUSER, Treasurer
Robert MINER, Recording Secretary
W. C. GILDERSLEEVE, Corresponding Secretary

Gilbert BARNES
Christian STOUT, Esq.
_(blank)_ BRANDAGE
Shadrach AUSTIN, Esq.
Noah WADHAMS, Esq.
Jacob J. BOGARDUS, Esq.
Orange FULLER, Esq.
Isaac HARDING, Esq.
Elisha HARDING, Jr. Esq.
Miles AVERY, Esq.
Nathan BACON, Esq.
Roger ORVIS, Esq.
Elisha S. POTTER, Esq.
Lemuel STONE, Esq.
Doct. Nanathaniel GIDDINGS,
Con SAX, Esq.

Electors of Luzerne County. I offer myself as a Candidate for the office of Sheriff at the ensuing election on the second Tuesday of October next. Napthtali HURLBUT, Kingston.

Wanted Immediately, A Journeyman Blacksmith. One of good habits will meet with constant employ and good wages by applying to the subscriber. Also, Wanted an apprentice to the Blacksmithing Business. Isaac MERRIL, Wilkesbarre.

6 Cent Reward. Ran away from the Subscriber living in Kingston, on the 18th inst. An indented apprentice to the Carpentering Business, named Edward HUNTSMAN, aged about 18 years, 5 feet 7 inches high. Had on when he went away a snuff colored Coatee, light colored linen Pantaloons, &c. any person who will bring back said boy shall receive the above reward but no charges paid. Peter ALABACH, Kingston.

Died – On —nday last, at the ____ —-law, Gen. Wm. —–ET, es—– of 15 years _____ _____ a Democrat, _____. (page torn)

Died – On the 13th inst. Daniel GRIDLEY, aged 66 years after a long & tedious illness which he bore with Christian Patience.

Mifflintown, Pa. Aug. 6. Owing to the long and continued drought, the crops of corn in this vicinity have entirely failed, being literally brunt up.

Susquehanna – We have seen a letter from one of the Pennsylvania Commissioners which states, that they are progressing rapidly with the contracts for clearing the obstauctions in the Susquehanna River, for the purpose of giving a more free navigation of that noble stream.

26 August 1825

The Court Martial of Capt. David PORTER, sentence to be suspended for the term of six months. Approved by John Quincy ADAMS, 17 August 1825

Died – In Kingston, on the 5th inst. Mrs. Zibia ATHERTON, consort of Elisha ATHERTON, and daughter of David PERKINS, Esq., aged 35 years.

Notice, Is hereby given, to the Stockholders of the Northern Bank of Pennsylvania, that the Subscribers duly authorised have appointed Saturday the first day of October next , at the house of Archippus PARISH, Dundaff, Susquehanna County, to organize said Corporation and to choose by a majority of votes of the said Subscribers by ballot Thirteen Directors and also to fix the location of said Bank as the law direct. O. COLLINS, G. M. HOLLENBACK, Andrew BEAUMONT, Abisha WOODWARD, Amzi FULLER, Abraham THOMAS, Jacob SHARP.

Notice. The Democratic Republican Committees of Vigilance of the several townships of the county of Luzerne will please to take Novice that the 3rd September next, is the time appointed for electing a delegate from each township and that the committee of each township give public notice and superintend the election of the same. And the time of the meeting of the delegates in Convention will be on the 6th September next, at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, to agree upon Candidates to be recommended to our fellow citizens for the different offices to be filled at the next general election. Charles D. SHOEMAKER, Benjamin A. BIDLACK, William S. ROSS, Standing Committee.

2 September 1825

To the Electors of Luzerne County. I offer myself as Candidate for office of Sheriff at the approaching election. Cornelius CORTRIGHT.

Notice. A Camp Meeting will commence on Thursday the 15th inst. Near the house of Jacob RICE in Kingston, on the Road leading from Kingston to Dallas.

Married – In this Borough, on Tuesday evening last by the Rev. Samuel BOWMAN, Doct. Dudley ATKINS, of Kingston, to Miss Ann Maria, daughter of Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., of this place.

Charges and Specification exhibited against David PORTER, Esq., a Captain in the navy of the United States.

Estate of Stephen ARNOLD, late of Union Township, request payments and demands. Warren ARNOLD, Abraham BENSCOTER, Adm’rs.

Estate of Gerard BRANDON, late of Huntington Township, requests payments and demands. William BRANDON, Elisha MYERS, Adm’rs. [See 12 Aug. 1825]

9 September 1825

General Election will be held 11th October next.

Married – At Dallas, on Thursday, the 1st inst., by Rev. GILDERSLEEVE, Elijah WORTHINGTON to Miss Caroline PRATT.

Section cut from p. 3 col. 1 top

Accident. We regret to learn that a young man, Preston, son of Fisher GAY, of Kingston, had his arm accidentally drawn in between the cylinders of a Threshing Machine near the residence of his Father, on Tuesday last, & so shockingly injured, as to require immediate amputation. The arm we learn was taken off about three inches below the elbow. The young man promises fair to recover.

Democratic Delegate Convention was held at the house of Philip MYERS in Kingston on the 6th September, John BENNET, was chosen Chairman and Isaac HARDING, Secretary. The following were nominated:
For Assembly: George M. HOLLENBACK, Samuel THOMAS
For Sheriff: Samuel YOST, Harris JENKINS
For Coroner: Nicholas OVERFIELD, William APPLE
For Commissioner: Daniel COLLINGS
For Auditor: Jasper FASSETT

Commodore PORTER, it is stated, has been allowed full pay and rations, with leave of absence, during the six months suspension to which he stands sentenced.

On Saturday morning, Major Thomas KARNEY and Henry THOMPSON, of Anapolis [Annapolis], delivered John CONNORS, the supposed murderer of Miss Elvina CUNNINGHAM, to the Sheriff of Cecil County. His trial to be the 5th of next month. (Elkton, July 1825)

Notice to Book Borrowers. Those Persons, who have in their possession Books belonging to the estate of Sam’l MAFFET, dec’d, are requested to return them immediately. Nothing need be said to induce a compliance, as those whom it concerns are undoubtedly aware of its necessity.

To the Independent Electors of Luzerne County, I offer myself as a Candidate for the office of Sheriff. George NORTON.

Estate of Daniel GRIDLEY, late of Wilkesbarre Township, requests payments and demands. Gilbert BARNES, Adm’r.

16 September 1825

William APPLE declines nomination for Coroner.

Died – At Huntington, on the morning of the 30th ult., John HANN, aged 18 years. On the 6th inst. Polly, consort of Amasa DODSON, son and daughter of Philip HANN.

Charleston, August 17. Chrs. Cotesworth PICKNEY, Revolutionary War hero, I no more.

Federal Republican Delegate Meeting held at the Court House in the Borough of Wilkesbarre on 15th September, John CAREY was chosen Chairman and Josiah T. BEACH, Secretary. Nominations:
For Assembly: Henry W. DRINKER, Doct. John SMITH
For Sheriff: Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Naphtali HURLBUT
For Coroner: Joseph JAMESON, Chs. J. CHRISTELL
For Commissioner: Arnold COLT
For Auditor: John MILLER

23 September 1825

Section cut from page 1 col. 3

Died – In this Borough on Saturday morning last, John HANCOCK, aged about 33 years. The deceased has acted several years in the capacity of Borough Constable, in which he was esteemed a humane and obliging man.

We are requested to state that the corner stone of the German Reformed Lutheran and Presbyterian Meeting House in Hanover Township, will be laid on the 4th of October next.

Supposed Murder. A man calling himself Samuel MILLS, was committed to the Jail in Luzerne County on Saturday last, charged with the murder of his wife. He was lately a resident of new Jersey, from whence he removed to Providence in this county, where it is supposed he murdered his wife, she being found dead, not far from the house, shot through the body. MILLS states that it was accidental, and made no attempt to escape, but remained with the dead body until discovered by the neighbors. We forbear mentioned the particulars of this affair, as MILLS is yet to be tried by his fellow men, and may be innocent of an intention to murder. Rumour with her ten thousand tongues, as is usual on like occasions, is busy, and ought not to be permitted to prejudice the public mind. The man, or the monster, is safely ironed, and locked up in the dreary dungeon, where he will await his trial at November Court.

To the Electors of Luzerne County. I offer myself as a Candidate for the office of Sheriff. Eliphalet A. BULKELEY.

Notice. The person who carried off a Silver-mounted Whip, out of Jacob RICE’S mill, at the time of the Camp-meeting, will please return it there and save the owner the disagreeable necessity of obtaining it by legal process. The person was noticed & the evidence is at hand.

30 September 1825

Died – In Wilkesbarre Township, on the 4th inst. Eleanor BIGGERS, aged 64 years.

Died – In Wilkesbarre Township, on Sunday the 25th inst., Wm. MILLER, aged about 80.

Married – In Springville, on Wednesday the 14th inst. By the Rev. MARKS, Capt. Cyrus H., son of Cyrus AVERY Esq., of Tunkhannock, to Miss Clarinda, daughter of Myran KASSON of the former place.

The next quarter of the Wilkesbarre Academy will commence on Monday the 17th October.

New Goods at the store of Nancy DRAKE, Wilkesbarre.

7 October 1825

Sheriff’s Sales to be held on 5th November:
1. Land in Providence Township, bounded by Aaron WHITE, Ebenezer COOK, John KENNEDY, Sylvanus PETERSON, containing 96 acres, being same land which Wm. M. WALKER by his deed conveyed to said Stephen TRIPP. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William M. WALKER to the use of Joseph L. INGHAS against Stephen TRIPP.
2. Land in Providence Township, containing 281 acres, being part of Lot No. 31, formerly land of the heirs of Zebulon BUTLER, the elder, late of Wilkesbarre, dec’d, which said certificate was assigned by the heirs at law to Balzer SCHWARTZ. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Phebe BUTLER against Balzar SCHWARTZ.
3. Land in Northmoreland Township, bounded by road leading from Daniel BRACE’S to Asa KEELERS, containing 10 acres, late estate of Alfred BRACE. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Pierce SMITH against Alfred BRACE and Alvah C. PHILIPS.
4. Land in Huntington Township, bounded by Amaria WATSON, road running from Huntington CREEK to Shickshinney, containing _ of an acre, the estate of Caleb HOYT. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Daniel CASWELL against Caleb HOYT.
5. Land in Plymouth Township, on road leading through Plymouth, Frederick CROOP, Ziba DAVENPORT, containing about three acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James NESBITT against Ziba DAVENPORT.

Died – At Huntington, on the morning of the 16th inst., Polly, consort of Samuel FRANKLIN, aged 55 years, after a short but painful illness.

Died – In Huntington, on the 9th inst. Mrs. Margaret, wife of Philip HANN, aged 47, leaving a numerous family including an infant child. She was a member of the Baptist Church and a very industrious peaceable woman, it is but a few weeks since Mr. HANN could have the pleasure of sitting and conversing with an affectionate wife, and 14 children, but now what a contrast, the destroyer came! A son, a daughter, and a wife are no more.

Fulling, Dyeing & Dressing Cloth. Hezekiah PARSONS has taken Philip REIMER into partnership at his Fulling Mill on Laurel Run near Wilkesbarre.

List of Letters Remaining on hand in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, October 1st:
Luther DAILY
Alfred HINE
Jonathan KELLOGG
Abraham MILLER
Harry MEAD
Joseph B. TUTTLE, P. M.

14 October 1825

Married – At New Haven, Conn. On the 4th inst. By Rev. BACON, Charles D. SHOEMAKER, Esq., of Wilkesbarre to Miss Mary, daughter of the late Austin DENISON, of the former place.

The man whom we mentioned not long since, as having been committed to the jail of Luzerne County, charged with the murder of his wife, gives the following particulars of himself, which we publish at the request of him and the Dep. At. Gen.
He says his name is Samuel MILLS, and that from the age of 8 to 16 years he lived with a Mr. George FOWLER in Smithsclove, Orange County, N. Y. – that there was living with Mr. FOWLER at the same time a nephew of his named Robert FOWLER, who is now living at the same place, and who he thinks will probably assist him. About six years ago he went to Sussex Co., N. J. where he married a woman whose maiden name was Sally BROWN, but who had been married to a Mr. TITFORD, who was at the time living. He moved near a place called Carpenter’s Point in said County, where he remained two years, until TITFORD came there. During the time he lived with this woman he went by the name of William BROWN. After leaving Mrs. TITFORD, he went to Vernon in Sussex Co. where he found the woman, the subject of this shocking affair, whose name was Hannah BUNDY. After moving several times and residing in different places in New Jersey, he came to Pennsylvania (in April 1824) & has since mostly resided at a place called Drinker’s Beach. Since living with this woman he has went by the name of Samuel MILLS, and states that to be his proper name. He is well known by a Mr. MILLS a merchant at Morristown, Morris Co., N. J. and he thinks by the editor of the Morristown Palladium.
As much is said of the character of this unfortunate man while residing in New Jersey, by some who partially knew him there, and we fear by some who scarce ever heard of new Jersey, and never of the man, until the melancholy affair happened, we publish this statement, (at his request) that his friends may recognize him in his unhappy situation, and render him assistance, & that the friends of the dec’d woman may be made acquainted with her misfortune.
Any information respecting the unfortunate woman, or any of importance respecting MILLS will be thankfully received by B. A. BIDLACK, Prosecuting Attorney.

The estate of John HANCOCK, late of Wilkesbarre, requests payments and receipts. Jonathan HANCOCK, Adm’r, Wilkesbarre.

New Goods at the store of Jacob & Joseph SINTON.

Attention. The Wyoming Guards will Parade at the house of Jonathan HANCOCK, in Wilkesbarre on Saturday the 29th October, inst., equipt for Exercise with Caps, Plates & Feathers. Per Order of Capt. HILL, Jno. SMITH, O. S.

Courts of appeal. The members of the Wilkesbarre and Pittston Independent Rifle Blues are notified that a Court of Appeal will be held at the house of John CAREY, Pittston, on the 7th November, to hear all who may think proper to attend. John MYERS, Capt.

Section torn from page 3 col. 6

Saddle, Bridle, harness, Collar and Trunk Manufactory. Thomas HUTCHINS, Wilkesbarre.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, Oct. 1st:
Charles BENNET
William BAKER
Walter CAINE
Nathaniel GATES
Nancy HOYT
Elias HOYT
Jonathan HENLOCK
Elijah IDE
Nicholas KITZER
Christian MILLER
Thomas MYERS
Christian G. OEMIG
Richard D. REMER
Comfort SHAW
Elnathan WILSON
Squire WEDGE

21 October 1825

Historical. The following instances shows how justice was administered in the first settlement of Massachusetts. The first court of assistants was held at Charlestown, August 23, 1630:
Josiah PLAISTOWE, for stealing from the Indians four baskets of corn, was ordered to return eight, to be fined five pounds and there after to be called by the name of Josias and not Mr.
Capt. STONE, for abusing Mr. LUDLOW, and calling him Just ass instead of Justice, was fined 100 pounds and prohibited coming within the patent without leave on pain of death.
Sergeant PERKINS was ordered to carry forty turfs to a fort for getting drunk.
Edward PALMER was fined and put in the stocks which he made, because he charged too much for them.
Capt. LOVELL was admonished to take heed of light carriages.
John WEDGEWOOD was set on the stocks for being in the company of drunkards.
Katherine, wife of Richard CORNISH, was found suspicious of incontinency, and was seriously admonished to take heed.

Official Statement of Votes for Luzerne County:
Assembly: George M. HOLLENBACK (1530); Doct. John SMITH (1254); Henry W. DRINKER (948); Samuel THOMAS (973); Philander STEPHENS (1591)
Sheriff: Naphtali HURLBUT (982); Isaac BOWMAN (566); E. A. BULKELEY (445); Harris JENKINS (412); Samuel YOST (451); Cornelius CORTRIGHT (639); John BITTENBENDER (465); George NORTON (95)
Coroner: Charles J. CRISTELL (1050); Joseph JAMESON (817); Nicholas OVERFIELD (874); Wm. APPLE (794)
Commissioner: Arnold COLT (1284); Daniel COLLINGS (864)
Auditor: John MILLER (454); jasper FASSETT (1260)

Estate of Samuel MAFFET, Esq., late of Wilkesbarre, dec’d, requests payments and demands. O. COLLINS, Caroline Ann MOFFET, Executors.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Oct. 1st:
Stephen ABBET
Timothy BARNES
Derrick BIRD
Elisha BLACKMAN 2nd
Steuben BUTLER
James H. CASE
Alexander CRAIG
Nathan CAREY
Eleazer DANA
Rachael DECKER
Andrew GRUB
Oliver HELM
Salmon KING
Matthew PETERS
Valentine SEWALL
Archibald SMILEY
Benj. ST. JOHN
Thos. WILLIAMS, Jun.
Charles WEISS
George WOOD
Francis YATES
J. CIST, P. M.

28 October 1825

The sheet iron steam boat, to ply between Columbia and Northumberland on the Susquehanna, is constructing in York, Pa. I will weigh five tons when ready to run, will draw seven inches, will sink only one inch for every additional ton of cargo, and cost but three thousand dollars. The engine is so constructed as to occupy only six feet by ten.

Married – In this Borough on Thursday evening the 20th inst. By the Rev. PECK, Jonathan MARCY of Pittston to Miss Mary C., daughter of Benjamin DRAKE, Esq., of the former place.

State Map. We have been requested to remind the public of the favorable opportunity they have of putting themselves in possession of a map of the state of Pennsylvania. The map is richly worth $15, and the Legislature have made provision to furnish it constituents with them at $5 each.

A reward of $40 dollars is offered by the Sheriff of Schuylkill County for the apprehension of John HABERSTEIN, accused of murder, who escaped from Prison at Orwigsburgh.

4 November 1825

Bounty Land. No fewer than seven hundred tracts of military bounty land is advertised to be sold for taxes in the county of Philips, Arkansas. Arkansas Gazette

Public Vendue. To be sold on Nov. 12th, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre at the late residence of Samuel MAFFET, Esq., dec’d, sundry articles of Household Furniture, a Horse, Cows, Sheep, Books, Charts, Waggons, Sleighs, Farm Utensils. O. COLLINS and C. Am MAFFET, Executors.

Take Notice. That, Whereas Sally my wife has eloped my bed and board without any just provocation, this is therefore to forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, for, I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. Roswell H. HALE.

Stray Heifer Came to the enclosure of the Subscriber in August last. Daniel COLKGLASER, Hanover.

Take Notice. Notice is hereby given to all those who are indebted to me either by note, book account or otherwise to call and settle during November Court or they will be put to costs. Archippus PARRISH, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Alexander SWARTWOUDT, late of Exeter Township, requests payments and demands. Absalom & Joshua SWARTWOUDT, Executors.

List of Members of the present Legislature of Pennsylvania. (All counties listed)
Northumberland & Union: Lewis DEWART
Luzerne & Columbia: Robert MOORE
Bradford, Susquehanna & Tioga: John RYON Jr.
Northampton, Lehigh, Pike & Wayne: Henry WINTER, Henry KING
Northampton, Wayne & Pike: Christian J. HUTTER, George W. SCOTT, William OVERFIELD
Northumberland: Daniel SCUDDER
Columbia: John M’REYNOLDS, Christian BROBST
Luzerne & Susquehanna: Geo. M. HOLLENBACK, Samuel THOMAS, Philander STEPHENS
Bradford: Lemuel STREATOR

St. Patrick’s Church, Carlisle, which has been considerably enlarged, was dedicated on Sunday the 9th ult.

11 November 1825

The following list of the different battles fought in the Revolutionary War, may be worth a place in your paper, to amuse the rising generation:
Battle of Concord, April 19th, 1775
Battle of Bunker Hill, June 15th, 1777
Battle of Old Hampton, Virginia, where we took five decked vessels, in November 1775
Battle of the Great Bridge, near Norfolk, Va., Dec. 18th, 1775
Battle of Fort Washington, 18th November 1776
Battle Fort Lee, 19th Nov. 1776
Battle of Trenton, where General WASHINGTON and his army took 1000 Hessions, & c., 26th December 1776
Battle of Princetown, 2nd Jan. 1777
Battle of Brandywine, 1st Sept. 1777
Battle of Germantown, 4th October 1777
BURGOYNE’S army taken near Saratoga, on 17th Oct. 1777
Battle of the Red Banks, October 22nd, 1777
Battle of Monmouth, June 30th, 17798
Battle of Stoney Point, 16th July 1779
CORNWALLIS and his army taken at York-town, Va., Oct. 19th, 1781
Battle of King’s Mountain, I think, was sometime in Oct. 1781
Battle of Gilford, North Carolina, 15th March 1781
The above is a true statement of the battles fought in the Revolutionary War, except some of those in the Southern States, which I was not known to, nor acquainted with. A Revolutionary Soldier.

Commissioners’ Sale of Unseated Lands to be held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on Monday the second day of January next. A complete list of properties by township, includes acreage, name of owner.

Regimental Courts of Appeal. The Field Officers of the 115th Regiment are hereby notified to assemble at he house of Jonathan HANCOCK, Borough of Wilkesbarre, on the 28th November and those of the 116th Regiment at the house of Capt. David OSTERHOUT, Township of Falls, to exonerate Collectors of Militia Fines from the payment of any fines that are impracticable to collect or that ought not to have been assessed. Samuel THOMAS, Brigade Inspector, 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Penna. Militia.

The Public will be gratified to learn that the Bridge now building across the Susquehanna at this place, is expected soon to be completed. It is evidently much stronger, and better calculated to withstand the might of Boreas than the former one. Much credit is due Mr. FIELDS, the Superintendent, & the managers for their skill and persevering industry, by which they have been enabled thus soon to present to view an almost finished elegant, and apparently permanent Bridge. The building will be an ornament, as well as an incalculable benefit to our county.

Court of Oyer & Terminer for Luzerne County:
Daniel HOUVER convicted of Larceny, sentences to 3 months imprisonment and fine of 6 cents and costs of prosecution.
Lorinda COMSTALK was convicted and sentences as above.
Andrew VAN BUSKIRK was convicted of the crime of Assault and Battery
_(blank)_ M’CAMELEY was indicted for the crime of Assault and Battery with intent to kill, plead guilty to the former & not guilty to the latter charge, was sentenced to pay a fine and to give surety for his good behavior one year.
Mr. CALKINGS charged with forgery was acquitted by paying costs of prosecution.
The Grand Jury found a Bill in the case of MILLS, the man arrested on suspicion of murder, and the trial is progressing.

Appointments by the Governor:
John BENNET, Esq. to be a Justice of the Peace, for Kingston Township, in place of Maj. THOMAS, resigned.

The Montrose Gazette will hereafter be conducted by Davis DIMOCK, Jr.

The trial of Elisha SHARPE, who was some months ago committed to jail in Georgetown, Delaware, for the murder of his wife and child, terminated on the 11th ult. The jury brought in a verdict of Guilty.

The TEWKSBURY Family. This family living near Boston, deserve some testimonial from the public for their courage and philanthropy. On the 22nd ult, two young men were rescued from drowning by Abijah R. and George TEWKSBURY, in the outer harbor of Boston. This makes the number of persons rescued by this family of TEWKSBURYSs to be thirty one; and entitles them to the unqualified regard of the philanthropic community. Boston Centinel

John CONNERS, from Charlestown, the Jury, after about an hour’s deliberation, acquitted him upon the force of the evidence of gentlemen from Millersburg, Kentucky, that CONNERS, at the time of the murder of Miss CUNNINGHAM in Cecil was at Millersburg, in their employment.

Peter FOX, Tailor, Ladies’ Riding Habit, Peliesse, and Cloak Maker. Borough of Wilkesbarre.

Rye & Corn. Cash or Store Goods at a very low price will be paid for Rye & Corn in any quantity. Also wanted immediately, 5000 good Whiskey barrels, Hoop Poles, and a quantity of Staves and Heading, for which $5 per thousand will be given in Store Goods by C. APPLETON, Agent, Wilkesbarre.

The stockholders of the Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company, are requested to meet at the house of Charles OTIS, in Tunkhannock, on the first Monday of January next for the purpose of election, One President, One Treasurer and Twelve Managers. Benj. PERRY, Sec’ry.

Patronymics. To prevent misapprehension from a similarity in names, my signature will hereafter be J. R’C. WRIGHT – of which my friends & the public will please to take notice. Josiah WRIGHT, Wilkesbarre.

18 November 1825

Estate of Joseph SHOTWELL, late of Dallas Township, requests payments and demands. William SHAVER, Effy SHOTWELL, Administrators.

Notice. The following is a list of retailers of foreign merchandise within the County of Luzerne, published agreeable to the returns of the Constables, In pursuance of the 6th Section of the Supplement, to the Act, entitled an Ace, laying a duty on retailers of foreign merchandise, passed March 4, 1824. Returns for April term, 1825:
Joseph TUTTLE & son, Goods and liquors – not paid
WRIGHT and DURHAM, Goods and liquors – not paid
GAYLORD and REYNOLDS, Goods and Liquors – not paid
William SWETLAND, Goods and liquors – not paid
Christopher APPLETON, Goods and liquors, discontinued before the 1st Sept. 1825
Thomas BORBRIDGE, Goods and liquors – not paid
John ALLMENT, Goods and liquors – not paid
Sugar Loaf:
Moses S. BRUNDAGE, Goods and liquors, sold out to ALLEN last spring
Albert G. BROADHEAD, Goods and Liquors – not paid
Abraham THOMAS, Goods and liquors – not paid
ANHAEUSER & GILDERSLEEVE, Goods and liquors – not paid
Jacob & Joseph SINTON, Goods and liquors – paid 15 dollars
Jacob CIST, Goods & Liquors – not paid
Zenus BARNUM, Goods & liquors – not paid
Christopher APPLETON, Goods only, paid 10 dollars
Dominique GERMAIN, Goods and liquors – not paid
John KOONS, Goods and liquors – not paid
Francis SHIREMAN, Goods and liquors – not paid
Joseph CARNEY, Elija CARNEY & Enos HARRIS, under form of _(blank)_, Goods & liquors – not paid

Returns for Nov. term 1825
Sugar Loaf:
Richard ALLEN, Goods and liquors, paid 15 dollars
Anson BROWN & Co., goods and liquors, only paid 10 dollars
Jacob RICE, Goods only – paid 10 dollars
G. M. HOLLENBACK, Goods and liquors – paid 15 dollars

Petitions are in circulation, praying the Legislature at its next session to pass an act appropriating monies due the Commonwealth from individuals in the “seventeen certified townships of Luzerne County,” to the improvement of the Susquehanna River between Northumberland and the northern line of the State.

Court of Oyer & Terminer & c. for Luzerne County. Commonwealth vs MILLS. Verdict of murder in the second degree. Judge SCOTT pronounced the following sentence – That he under go an imprisonment at hard labor for 18 years in the Gaol and Penitentiary of Philadelphia, 4 years and 6 months of which time to be confined in the Solitary Cells – pay a find of 6 cts. To the Commonwealth, and costs of prosecution, and stand committed until this sentence is complied with. (See article for testimony given at trial)

Married – In Plymouth on Thursday the 10th inst. By Benjamin REYNOLDS, Esq., Fletcher CASE to Miss Ametia, daughter of Thomas LAMOREUX.

Died – In Huntington on the 10th inst., Peter STEEL, in the 83rd year of his age. He left behind a witness that he had gained the safe harbor and Eternal Repose.

To Sell or Let, A large farm, in township of Wilkesbarre, belonging to Thomas DOW. For particulars apply to Moses WOOD, Agent.

25 November 1825

Estate of Cornelius VAN BUSKIRK, late of Ester Township, requests payments and demands. Thomas VAN BUSKIRK, Adm”.

Over, Over, Over. All persons indebted to me for Ferriages, are requested to settle the same immediately, and save costs. Patrick GORMAN, Wilkesbarre.

We observe in almost every paper, accounts of the increase of buildings in villages, towns, &c. in different parts of this, and other states. It would be doing injustice to the beautiful town of Wilkesbarre, to let these tokens of the prosperity of other parts of the world pass without noticing its improvement. There have been erected during the last year, no less than 15 or 20 buildings, several of which are but little inferior to the best buildings in the borough, by the way we can boast of as good and as elegant public buildings, and as many of them, as in almost any other interior town. Our Bridge too, though not yet completed, has been passable for the last week, & adds greatly to the improvement of the Borough.

Estate of Enos FINCH, late of Township of Pittston, requests payments and demands. Darius FINCH, Adm’r.

2 December 1825

On Saturday last, James REYNOLDS was executed in New York for the murder of Capt. WEST. He made a full confession of his guilt. He was a native of Massachusetts – came to New York last spring, where he married – and was only about 22 years old. His father was present to witness his execution.

Married – In this Borough, last evening, by Rev. HUNTINGTON, William S. ROSS, to Miss Ruth, daughter of Joseph SLOCUM, Esq.

Married – In Kingston, last evening, by Rev. PECK, Thomas MYERS, to Miss Sarah, daughter of James BORBIDGE, of Pittsburg.

Married – At Hornelsville, N. Y. on Tuesday the 15th ult, by Rev. POWERS, Philip LEE, of Smithport, Pa. To Miss Martha Ann, daughter of Col. Wm. STEPHENS, of the former place.

Another Hero Is No More. Com. M’DONOUGH, died on board the Edwin, on the 10th ult of the Pulmonary Consumption, on a voyage from Gibraltar. He has since been brought to Philadelphia.

A meeting of the citizens of Berwick and its vicinity was held at the house of Doct. HEADLEY, on the 19th inst. To consult upon the propriety of petitioning the Legislature to incorporate a Company to make a Canal, from the Susquehanna to the Lehigh. A preamble and resolutions in favor of the measure were adopted.

The Sheriff of Bedford County in this state, offers fifty dollars reward for the apprehension of a culprit named William EVERMOUNT, who escaped from the jail in Shiretown, on the 21st ult.

Capt. PARRY, whose heroic skilful efforts to effect a passage by the North Pole, has been again defeated, almost in the moment of success. His vessel was crushed by field ice, and the remaining one was not large enough to accommodate the crews of both. The attempt, however, will doubtless be now renewed.

Notice. All Persons indebted to the Subscriber, either by Note or Book Account are requested to settle the same immediately. Deodat SMITH, Pittston.

9 December 1825

Celebration. Of the rebuilding of the Bridge, and Dinner in honor of R. FIELD, Esq., the Architect, and the Workmen. Wilkesbarre, Dec. 6th. The dinner was prepared by Mr. O. HELME. Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Esq. presided, assisted by Col. Benjamin DORRANCE. Toasts were drank accompanied by the discharge of Cannon.

The printing establishments of the Susquehanna County Republican and Montrose Gazette have been united. The paper now issued at Montrose is entitled “The Register” and conducted by D. DIMOCK, Jr. and G. FULLER.

Military Election. The Members of the Company called the Citizen Volunteers, are hereby notified that an election will be held at the house of O. PORTER in Wilkesbarre on the 24th inst., to elect a Captain, and fill such other vacancies as may be in the Commissioned Officers of said Company, on said day. Samuel THOMAS, Brigade Inspector.

Land for Sale in Lycoming County, containing upwards of 30,000 acres, in the townships of Adams, Nippenose, Hepburn, Moreland and Shrewsbury. Further particulars may be had on application to E. APPLETON, Jersey Shore.

Estate of James LAIRD, sen., late of Kingston Township, requests payments and demands. Gilbert LAIRD, Adm’r.

Notice to Merchants. All Retailer’s Licenses which have not been paid (are left in the hands of Ziba BENNET, to accommodate those who may call in my absence) and all that remain unpaid by the 20th inst. will be sued as the law directs. J. P. BABB, Treasurer of Luzerne County.

Masonic. Members of Franklin Lodge No. 185, are requested to meet at the upper school house in Braintrim, on Tuesday the 27th inst., at ten o’clk. A. M. to celebrate the anniversary of St. John the Evangelist. A discourse will be delivered by our Rev. Br. Samuel MARKS, of Pike, and a dinner will be prepared by Ebenezer LACEY. Members in regular standing in other Lodges are respectfully invited to attend. Wait S. SKINNER, Isaac LACEY, Jr., Jesse TUXBERRY, Committee.

16 December 1825

Married – In Plymouth, on the 8th inst. By Rev. HUNTINGTON, Capt. Alden BROTHWELL, of Fairfield Conn. To Miss Mary Ann, daughter of John SMITH, of Plymouth.

Masonic. Members of Lodge No. 61, are requested to meet at the Lodge Room on Tuesday the 27th inst. At 10 o’clock A. M. to celebrate the anniversary of St. John the Evangelist. A discourse will be delivered at St. Stephens Church by our Rev. Enoch HUNTINGTON. Brethren of other lodges in good standing are invited to attend. Hezekiah PARSONS, S. D. BETTLE, James D. GALLUP, Committee of Arrangement.

23 December 1825

Notice is hereby given that a meeting of the Stockholders of the Luzerne & Wayne County Turnpike Road, will be held at the House of Jeffry WELLS in Salem Township, Wayne County, on the first Monday in January next, to elect one President, one Treasurer, one Secretary & ten Managers for the ensuing year. Jeffry WELLS, Secretary.

Lent – One Pick Axe, two Iron Wedges & a Dung-fork. Those persons who have the above articles in their possession will prevent the exposure of their names by returning them immediately to the Subscriber. William RUSSELL.

30 December 1825

Married – In this township, on the 20th inst. By Rev. Joel ROGERS, Daniel SEARLE, of Pittston, to Miss Joana STARK, of the former place.

Died – At his residence in Abington, on the 29th ult., Doct. Henry GREEN, in the 39th year of age. He had long held a high rank in the Medical Profession.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Bill to incorporate a company to make an artificial road from the Philadelphia and Great Bend Turnpike, in Abington township, to intersect the Milford and Owego Turnpike Road at or east of Montrose.
Bill to improve a state road from Wilkesbarre to Towanda.
Bill to authorise David BUNNELL to convey water into the borough of Bethany.
An act to incorporate a company to make a rail way from the borough of Wilkesbarre to the Delaware river
An act to authorise and permit William TESCOTT to erect a mill dam in the Susquehanna River, in Salem township, Luzerne County.
Petition for a rail road from Wilkesbarre to the Water Gap.
An act to incorporate the Lackawanna & Susquehanna Rail Road Company.

Estray Came to the enclosure of the Subscriber, a black calf, on 1st September. James HADSELL, Exeter.

Estray Came to the enclosure of the Subscriber, a white ram, about the 1st Dec. inst. John SHALES, Exeter.

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