1833 Republican Farmer and Democratic Journal


Published on Wednesday, Wilkesbarre, PA

2 January 1833

Death by freezing. On Thursday last John MALOY was found dead in a field near the residence of John OVER, in Antim Township. The verdict of the jury was that he came to his death by freezing. The deceased, we learn, has left a large family of small children unprovided for.

Appointment by the Governor. Fisher GAY to be Justice of the Peace in Kingston Township.

Married – In Kingston, on the 27th ult, by Rev. H. F. ROW, Webster STEWARD, of Wilkesbarre to Miss Sarah BIRD, of Kingston.

Married – By the same in Newport, on the 27th ult, Jameson HARVEY, of Plymouth, to Miss Mary CAMPBELL, of Newport.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, Jan. 1st:
Jacob K. BROWN
Archibald DUNN
Jeremiah B. DALE
Benjamin JENKINS
David JAYM
Patrick M’GOWEN
William STARK, Jun.
Ephraim SAWYER
Henry STARK, P. M.

Vendue. A Lot of Store Goods will be sold at Vendue, on Monday and Tuesday of Court week, at the house of J. J. DENNIS. Sale to commence at 12 o’clock each day. Wilkesbarre

New Cash Store At Tunkhannock. Ziba SMITH, Respectfully informs his friends & the public in general that he has resumed the mercantile business, and has now on hand at his Store A Large And General Assortment of New Goods, Just received from Philadelphia, and well selected to suit the season, which he offers for sale cheap for cash or country produce, and respectfully invites the public to an examination of his Goods, as his stock is entirely new.

9 January 1833

The late Murder. We were informed yesterday, by a Methodist clergyman recently from Bristol, RI, that the name of the Clergyman arrested upon a charge of murdering a young woman in Tiverton, was Ephraim K. AVERY, and not AVERILL. AVERY has been a travelling preacher in the N. England Conference upwards of a dozen years, and was settled at Bristol for the present year. Bost. Morning Post [Note – A larger article on the murder of Sarah M. CORNELL appears on page two. It states that upon the strength of the testimony, corroborated by other circumstances, the corner, on the second inquest rendered a verdict of willful murder against Ephraim K. AVERY. AVERY has a wife and three children; the girl was a native of Woodstock, Conn.]

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, Dec. 31st:
Abraham MARCY
John SAX
Jonathan MARCY
Elijah C. HORTON
Jacob WARD
Richard H. BROWN
Patrick GARRIN
William TRAUGH
Samuel HICKS Jr.
Thomas SMITH, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Plainsville, Jan. 1st:
Zilpha GUY
Saeuel SAYLOR, P. M.

Democratic Republican Meeting, at the house of George P. STEEL, Wilkesbarre, on the 2nd January, Major David MIDDAUGH, of Nescopeck, was called to the chair and B. DOWNING, appointed Secretary. A committee to draft resolutions: George M. HOLLENBACK, Andrew BEAUMONT, Ziba BENNETT, Joseph STEEL, Jr. and Anthony MILLER.

Rail Road Meeting, was held by Citizens of Wyoming Valley on the 5th, Benjamin A. BIDLACK, Esq., called to the chair and Hon. Wm. S. ROSS and Henry COLT, appointed Secretaries. Committee of five to prepare resolutions: Henry COLT, H. F. LAMB, S. S. LEWIS, Ziba BENNET and J. L. BUTLER. The Committee to circulate petitions for signatures: Wm. S. ROSS, Henry F. LAMB, A. C. LANING, Charles DORRANCE, Wm. C. REYNOLDS, C. L. TERWILLIGER and Isaac GOULD.

Died – In this Borough, on Tuesday the 1st inst., Rev. CLARY, late of Jefferson County, New York. He was on his way to the State of Virginia; whither he was bound on a Gospel Mission.

Married – In Kingston, on Thursday the 3rd inst., by the Rev. Geo. W. RICHMOND, Jacob ATHERHOLT to Miss Catharine FRANTZ, all of the former place.

16 January 1833

Appointments by the Governor:
John Z. ZEILEN, Esq., Prothonotary, Clerk of Courts, Register and Recorder of Delaware County
Peter DUFFY, Esq., Prothonotary, Clerk of Quarter Session and Oyer and Terminer, Butler County
Maurice BREDIN, Esq., Register, Recorder and Clerk of Orphans Court
Thomas HASTINGS, Esq., Prothonotary, Clerk of courts, Register and Recorder of JeffersonCounty.
Enos HOOK, Esq., Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts, Green County
Jesse LAZEAR, Esq., Register and Recorder
David R. PORTER, Prothonotary, Register, Recorder and Clerk of Courts of Huntingdon County
George B. WESTCOTT, Prothonotary, Clerk of Courts and Register of Wills of Wayne County
Iraac P. OLMSTED, Recorder of Deeds
Arnold PLUMMER, Prothonotary, Cl’k of Courts, Register and Recorder of Venango County
Joseph STILWELL, Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts of Union county
Samuel POOL, Register and Recorder
Christian SEILER, Clerk of Orphan’s Court
Jonah BREWSTER, Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts of Tioga County
Benjamin B. SMITH, Register & Recorder

Rev. E. K. AVERY. The examination is not yet concluded and he still remains in custody in his own house. See article.

One Cent Reward. Adam SORVER, an indented apprentice to the subscriber, has absented himself from his business without permission. The above reward will be paid for his apprehension and delivery but no charges will be allowed. John BARNEY, Blacksmith, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Thomas BENNET, of Hanover, requests payments and demands. John BENNET & Samuel PELL, Administrators.

Appointments by the Commissioners of Luzerne County:
Thomas MYERS, of Kingston, to be Clerk of the Commissioners.
Benjamin A. BIDLACK, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, to be Treasurer

Celebration of the Eighth of January by the Democratic Hickory Club. An elegant supper was served by G. P. STEEL, at seven o’clock. The president of the club, John MYERS, Esq., called to his assistance F. GAY and Luman FERRY, Esqrs., as Vice Presidents. Eighteen regulars toasts are listed. Volunteer Toasts were given by:
J. MYERS, Esq.
Orlando BAILEY
Anthony MILLER
Thomas MYERS
C. P. Barton

23 January 1833

Providence Journal, Tuesday. Rev. AVERY, at Bristol, was discharged and the testimony against him not being sufficient to justify his committal for a regular trial.

Elopement of Mr. AVERY. It is stated in the Providence American, and the fact is gathered from a most unquestionable source, that the clergyman above mentioned has absconded from Bristol, and is now among the missing. This looks like conscious guilt, hastening from the ordeal of Justice.

The Wyoming Club will meet at the Academy, Wilkesbarre on the 25th inst.

Married – At St. Stephen’s Church, this Borough, on Wednesday evening last, by Rev. MAY, Elijah WORTHINGTON, Editor of the Anti-Masonic Advocate, to Miss Eliza A., daughter of the late William MERRITT, of Bridgeton, N. J.

Married – In Pittston, on Sunday the 20th inst., by Rev. GRIFFIN, George SWALLOW, to Miss Sarah, eldest daughter of John THOMPSON.

Married – In Providence, on Sunday last, by Rev. G. W. RICHMOND, Isaac DEPEW to Miss Mahitable DUNNING.

Died – Very suddenly, in this borough, on Wednesday last, in the 40th year of his age, Laton SLOCUM, a highly respectable inhabitant of Exeter Township.

Estate of Derrick BIRD, requests payments and demands. William SWETLAND and Elizabeth BIRD, Administrators.

Weaving. Two and a half miles from Pittston Ferry in the town of Covington. William COLLINS

Notice. Whereas, my wife Sally, has left my board and carried away my bed, without any just provocation, I do forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, after this date, for I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting. Gilbert ADAMS, Windham, January 10.

Great Rail Road Meeting was held at the house of Col. DENNIS, January 21st, to take into consideration the importance of making a Rail Road from Wilkesbarre to Lehigh, at or near the mouth of Wright’s Creek. The meeting organized by calling Hezekiah PARSONS, President; George M. HOLLENBACK, Vice President and Henry F. LAMB and Eleazar CAREY, Secretaries. Committee to report former meeting on: A. BEAUMONT, J. P. LE CLERC and B. A. BIDLACK. Motion to reappoint same committee with addition of J. N. CONYNGHAM and Eleazar CAREY.

Stockholders of the Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company, are notified to meet at the house of Washington STANSBERRY, Tunkhannock, on the first Monday of March next, between the hours of two and six o’clock, P. M. to Elect Three Managers for the ensuing year. Henry COLT, Sec’y., Wilkesbarre.

30 January 1833

Pennsylvania Legislature. House of Representatives, Jan. 18th:
Mr. BUTLER moved to refer an item of unfinished business relative to elections in SalemTownship, Luzerne County.
Mr. WESTBROOK presented a petition for a bank at Honesdale.
Jan. 19th: Mr. BUTLER presented a petition from Daniel STERLING and John BARKER, for the incorporation of a company to manufacture woollens.
Jan. 21st: Mr. BUTLER presented a petition for authority to extend the Carbondale and Lackawanna turnpike, to the Belmont and Easton turnpike.
Also a petition for the incorporation of the Benevolent Society of Wilkesbarre.

Notice. The subscribers to the Wyoming Monument, are requested to pay one fourth of the amount of their subscription to Fisher GAY, Treasurer, or to C. D. SHOEMAKER, without delay. By order of the Committee.

Appointment by the Governor:
Henry PETTEBONE, to be Prothontary and Clerk of the several Courts and Isaac BOWNAN to be Register and Recorder, for Luzerne County

Temperance. A meeting was held on the 21st inst. at the Plains’ School House, for the purpose of taking into consideration the subject of Temperance, and the adoption of such measures as might be deemed expedient for the furtherance of the cause. Rev. Henry F. ROW was chosen President and E. MACK, Secretary.

Married – On the evening of the 23rd inst., in Wilkesbarre, by Rev. H. F. ROW, David P. RICHARDS, of Huntington, to Miss Fanny D. LEWIS, of Wilkesbarre.

Married – In this Borough, on Wednesday evening last, by John MYERS, Esq., William BREWER to Miss (no name ) CONN.

Died – In Tunkhannock, on the 24th inst., David OSTERHOUT, aged 49 years. He was long a highly respectable resident of that place and has left a large family and extensive circle of friends to lament his loss.

Estray. Came to the enclosure of George LAZARUS, of Hanover, two stray heifers.

6 February 1833

Statement of Receipts and Expenditures for Luzerne County 1832
Some of expenses:
Paid A. BROWN, rebuilding Lackawanna Bridge near BARNUM’S mill
Paid Joseph BURGESS and Elijah FASSETT, Tuscarora Bridge
Paid same for Bowman’s Creek Bridge
Paid Darias FINCH, Nescopeck Bridge
Paid John MYERS, Shickshinny Bridge
Paid Samuel WILCOX, Pond-hole Bridge, Kingston
Paid Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Superintending Bridges
Paid Jacob ROMBACK, Superintending Bridges

Fire – On Thursday night last, a small house, situated on River Street, in the occupancy of Patrick LYNCH, was consumed by fire. It being the dead hour, of the night, and no one in the house at the time, the flames had acquired such headway before the conflagration was discovered, that all attempts to extinguish it were ineffectual. No property of any consequence, we understand, was in the house, consequently the building was almost the sole loss sustained, which was inconsiderable.

Ellis LEWIS, Esq., has received from Governor WOLF the appointment of Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

Rev. E. K. AVERY. This individual, whose name, by his supposed murder of Miss CORNELL, since his examination has fled and been re-taken. The reason he alleged for his precipitate flight, was to escape the incensed feelings of the people in the neighborhood where the murder was committed, which had arose to such a pitch as to lead him to fear personal violence.

A week ago we had a fine fall of snow, which has produced tolerable good sleighing.

Died – At the Plains, on Sunday last, Mrs. (no name) WINTER, the widow of Peter WINTER, at an advanced age.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held March 4th, for land in Hanover township:
1) Bounded by Susquehanna River, Richard INMAN, deceased, road, containing 37 acres, being the part numbered one on the draft annexed to the Inquisition of the Estate of Richard INMAN, deceased.
2) Bounded by road running to Newport, containing 45 acres, being the part numbered three on the draft annexed to the Inquisition of the Estate of Richard INMAN, deceased
3) Land being 7 acres and additional one equal undivided half part of one acre and four buildings adjoining and immediately below the last piece, being the part numbered four on the draft of same.
Due attendance at the time and place of sale by Hannah INMAN and Israel INMAN, Administrators.

For Sale. One hundred acres of land lying in the back part of Kingston, with house and about 12 or 14 acres, within fence, a good spring close by the house. It is situated on a road, and in a good neighborhood, and but a short distance from a School House, where they received their proportionable part of the Town money for the support of the school. There is a Grist mill within one mile of the land belonging to Wm. HARRIS. John GORE, Kingston.

13 February 1833

Greensburg, Jan. 25. Suicide. On Sunday last, the 20th inst., an inquest was held over the body of the wife of Jacob CAREY, a resident of Unity Township, who was found that morning, suspended by the neck, with a hank of yarn to a rail, which projected out from the stable of Mr. CAREY and which, on examination the inquest report that she came to her death by self destruction. She had been laboring for a few days previous to her death, in an awful situation, under the influence of religious excitement, believing that there was no hope for her, hereafter. Her husband found her about 3 o’clock in the morning. Six children, one only four months old, are left to bewail the loss of a tender mother, and a husband that of an affectionate wife. Argus

Meadville, Pa., January 26. On the morning of Tuesday last, Mr. THOMPSON, merchant, of Franklin, unfortunately mistook the keg he was accustomed to use in conveying ashes from the stove, for one that contained about two pound of damaged powder. While in the act of discharging the ashes from the keg, his body leaning over it, into the street, the powder exploded, and killed him instantaneously, his face was literally torn off. Mr. T. was in the prime of life and much esteemed.

Married – At Sunbury, on Thursday the 7th inst., by Rev. James DE PUI, of Pottsville, William B. SCOTT, merchant of Wilkesbarre, to Miss Susan, eldest daughter of Ebenezer GREENOUGH, Esq., of the former place.

Died – At his residence, at Tunkhannock, on Friday, the 8th inst., at half past 4 o’clock, P. M., Cyrus AVERY, Esq., in the 62nd year of his age. His funeral was numerously attended on Sunday the 10th inst. and his remains were interred in the Family burying ground.

Died – In Wilkesbarre the 22nd ult, Ruth Ann, daughter of Arthur SMITH, aged 4 years and 8 months.

Died – Recently, at Bethlehem, Dormer ABBOTT, aged 18 years, son of Abiel ABBOTT.

Wyoming Monument. Written Proposals will be received until the first day of March next, for the following described stone to be used in the erection of said monument: For stone cut smooth, front and ends, with level bed for each, and delivered at the quarry, per pitch. Stone cut as above delivered at the site for the monument, per perch. Stone cut as above, and delivered at and lain in the wall of the monument, per perch. Stone delivered in a rough state at the quarry, per perch. Stone delivered in a rough state at the monument, per perch. No stone will be received unless they will answer the following description when cut, to wit:
6 stone 2 feet 6 in width by 7 ft 4 in. long
4 stone 2 feet 2 in width by 8 ft. 4 in. long
6 stone 3 feet 6 ft. 8 in. long
36 stone 3 feet 7 ft. long
10 stone 2 feet 6 in. width 5 ft. long
60 stone 3 ft 5 ft long
28 stone 2 feet 3 ft long
No stone to be less than 12, nor more than 14 inches, in thickness. Proposals to be addressed to Wm. ROSS, Esq., P.M., Wilkesbarre, where a plan of the monument may be seen. Per order of com’tee. Feb. 12. C. D. SHOEMAKER

Estray red heifer came to the enclosurer of John BLANCHARD, Pittston, about first of October last.

Creditors Take Notice That we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County for the benefit of the Insolvent laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in April next, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, to hear us and our creditors, where you can attend if you think proper. George HODGKISS, Joseph HAGENBACK

20 February 1833

Appointment by the Attorney General. H. B. WRIGHT, Esq., to be Deputy Attorney General for Luzerne County, B. A. BIDLACK resigned.

The Improvement Bill has passed both the houses of our Legislature and only awaits the signature of the Governor to become law. It appropriates for the completion of the Wyoming Division the sum of $115,202.46.

Married – In Wilkesbarre, last evening, by Rev. N. Murray, Robert DUNLAP, of Danville, to Miss Ellen CIST, of this place.

Married – In Northmoreland, by D. HARDING, Esq., Myrtle G. BRACE to Miss Phebe MUNSON, both are of the former place.

Died – In this Borough on Thursday last, of consumption, Mrs. BOYD, wife of Dr. BOYD, aged about 30 years.

Estate of Godfrey RAMILY, late of Newport, request payments and demands. Joseph KACHLINE, Administrator.

Rates and Toll for 1833, On the Lehigh Canal.

Selling Off! Harrison PALMER, being desirous of returning to the City, has determined to offer his Stock now on hand, in his Stores in Wilkesbarre and Kingston, at Wholesale or Retail, At Very Reduced Prices, for Cash Or Produce only. N. B. Persons indebted at either Store, are particularly requested to make payment without delay.

6 March 1833

Married – In Tunkhannock, on the 29th February last, by Luman FERRY, Esq., Elijah DICKSON, to Abigail SHAW.

Married – By the same on the 27th February last, Nathan STARK to Mary BILLINGS, all of Tunkhannock.

Tailoring. Wm. LABAR, Plainsville.

Canal Letting. Sealed Proposals Will be received at the Canal Office in Williamsport until sunset Friday the 15th March next for the construction of all work not now under contract on the Lycoming Line. Wm. F. PACKER, Sup’t West Branch Div. Penn’a Canal, Williamsport.

Valuable Farm For Sale or Rent. That well known property, situate in Briarcreek township, Columbia County, about four miles from Berwick, late the estate of Christian BOWMAN, dec’d. Will be exposed to public sale on the premises, 15th March. And if not sold, will be rented on that day. Fletcher BOWMAN, Nathan DODSON, Executors.

Register’s Notice. The following accounts have been filed:
Joseph KEITHLINE, administrator of Gadlep REMALY, late of Newport Township
Mary FENSTERMAKER and John J. BIDLACK, administrators of John FENSTERMAKER, late of Salem Township
Philemon SANTEE, administrator of Elias BARLETT, late of Sugarloaf Township
Richard H. BROWN and John SCHRINER Jr., administrators of Samuel SCHRINER, late of Pittston Township
Elisha HARDING and Alfred HINE, administrators of Henry HEISZ, late of Tunkhannock
Ann FRANKLIN, administrator of William FRANKLIN, late of Huntington
Peter FITZGERALD & Michael STEMETZ, administrators of Henry LUTZ, late of Newport

Orphans’ Court Sale, will be held 1st April, for land in Providence Township, being Lot No. 51, containing 64 acres. Also in Newport Township, tract bounded by No. 24, 26, containing 140 acres being Lot 25, late estate of John HANCOCK, deceased. William HANCOCK, Adm’r de bonis non.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held 30th March, for land in Newport Township, being Lot No. 33 in 3rd division, containing 142 acres and Lot No. 5 in 3rd division, containing 150 acres, late estate of James COVELL, deceased. Asa R. HOWELL, Administrator.

The Weather. For several days past the weather has been unpresidentedly cold for this season of the year. The first of March was ushered in, (not by the thunder of cannon) but by the deepest fall of snow that has visited us since the winter of 1831-32. Since then sleighing has been at its acme. Many of our oldest inhabitants say that such cold weather at such a period of the year does not come within the scope of their recollection.

Democratic Hickory Club, met at the house of G. P. STEELE, the 4th inst., John MYERS, Esq., President of the Club took the Chair and A. M. WRIGHT, officiated as Secretary. Committee to draft resolutions: A. BEAUMONT, B. A. BIDLACK, Daniel HICKS Esq., and A. MILLER.

20 Dollars Reward! Was Lost between EDWARDS’ and WORHTINGTON’S Taverns, in Plymouth a small Pocket-Book, containing about 250 Dollars, a Due Bill against John COATES and other small accounts. Arnold HILLIKER.

Wyoming Canal. Sealed Proposals Will be received at the Canal Office, Wilkesbarre until sunset 11th March for completion of the following named work:
Sections 11, 13, 16, 18, 32 & 33
Locks No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Two Road Bridges on Section No. 16
Plans and specifications of the work may be seen at said Canal Office. It is to be understood that the individual contracting for the completing of the Locks and Bridges will be required to take all the materials now on the ground, at the prices paid by the Commonwealth, to the first contractors. Proposals will also be received for the clearing of Solomon’s Creek from the mouth to the Towing path Bridge and also continuing the towing upon the East bank to the said Bridge. L. BUTLER, Superintendent of the Wyoming Canal, Wilkesbarre.

Cash For Labor. To carpenters & others. John P. BABB, Wilkesbarre, will give employment (commencing about the 1st April and ready pay) to a number of Carpenters and good common hands, on the Pennsylvania Rail Way Bridge, No. 23, across the Schuylkill, 2 miles above Philadelphia. He also wishes to employ a number of hands to go down the river on his lumber as soon as rafting commences.

13 March 1833

22nd of February. Young Men’s Celebration, Wilkesbarre, celebrating the one hundred and first anniversary of the birth of George WASHINGTON, at S. WRIGHT’S. D. WILMOT, President , F. L. BOWMAN, Vice President and T. W. DRAKE, Secretary. Thirteen regular toasts were made and volunteer toast by the officers, M. H. JONES, B. L. PERRY, C. DRAKE, H. S. M’ILVAINE, J. T. ROBINSON, Mr. STURDEVANT, H. COLLINGS, S. P. COLLINGS and John ULP.

Inauguration of the President and Vice President, yesterday at 12 o’clock. Inaugural Address of President JACKSON listed.

Died – In Plymouth, on the 10th inst., without a struggle or a groan, Mrs. Katurah, widow of the late Thomas LAMOREAUX. She was among the earliest settlers in Plymouth; she had a remarkable good constitution, and in addition to that, a disposition to do good, her neighbors can testify to her readiness and willingness at all times to administer to their necessities. She acquitted the various duties of life, as a wife and mother, with fidelity, having 14 children, (13 of whom she raised,) 12 of them survive her – has left 97 grand children and 114 great grand children and a vast number of friends. Her funeral was numerously attended, and the discourse from Job 14th and 14th verse, was impressively delivered by Rev. Geo. W. RICHMOND.

Horrid Murder. On Thursday morning 28th ult., the body of Rebecca GETTER (late LAWELL) was found in Forks Township, about three miles from Easton, being the most unquestionable evidence of murder by strangulation or choking. At 10 A. M. the body was found and a Coroner’s jury was held. Upon investigation of the circumstances, it appeared that the deceased being pregnant, had made oath before Justice, stating that a certain Charles GETTER was the father of her child. GETTER was arrested and reluctantly married her about six weeks ago. Since that time they have never lived together, and the husband has repeatedly expressed his aversion to her – said he would never live with her and would “get clear of her.” Upon the night of the murder, the unhappy woman left the house of Peter WAGENER, where she resided, and went along to the house of Adam WAGENER, a distance of seven hundred yards, where she staid a few minutes. After she had gone out, young Mr. WAGENER looked out of the widow, and saw GETTER talking to her; they went off together. In the morning her absence alarmed the family, search was made, and her body found about 100 yard’s from Adam WAGENER’S house, and in a contrary direction to the road home. GETTER was arrested, and when taken, was working in a quarry at 4 miles distance – declared his innocence and ignorance of the murder – went with the officer to the dead body and at the request of the mother laid his hand upon it with the utmost coolness and indifference. He is now in irons, and the most persevering and industrious investigation is carried on daily, for the purpose of arriving at the truth. Easton Centinel

Married – In Hanover, on the 5th inst. by the Rev. ROW, Lorenzo RUGGELS of Hanover, to Mary Ann WAGNER of Easton.

Married – On the evening of the 10th inst. by Rev. ROW, Solomon NEWTON to Eliza BENNET, both of Wilkesbarre.

20 March 1833

AVERY – it will be perceived that a bill of indictment has been found by the grand jury against this individual for the murder of Miss CORNELL. In another section of the paper is the trial of Rev. E. K. AVERY, Newport, RI, March 5th. It states that AVERY’S unfortunate wife, who is said to be a most amiable and worthy woman, is truly an object of deepest sympathy. She has lately given birth to another child. On March 8th, the jury found a true bill of indictment for the murder of Sarah Maria CORNELL. The prisoner is a man of very respectable appearance, about five feet eleven inches in height, and thirty-six or seven years of age. The indictment contained three counts: 1st, choaking and strangling, 2nd strangling and hanging, 3rd beating and choaking. The court had made no appointment when we left the town, but it is generally expected the trial will take place at a special session, immediately after the Providence session shall have closed.

Died – On the 17th inst., at her residence in Providence, Mrs. Hannah DOLPH, consort of the late Daniel WADERMAN, aged 63 years.

Village Lots, vacant and improved For Sale in the borough of Wilkesbarre. V. L. MAXWELL.

To Rent. Margaret DENNIS wishes to Rent her House, With an acre of Land, situate about half a mile from the Borough of Wilkesbarre, on the turnpike road leading from Wilkesbarre to Easton.

For Rent, Three Rooms in the Court House, for one year, from the first day of April next. Also the Cellar under the Court House. Per order of the Commissioners. T. MYERS, Clerk.

Stockholders of the Wyoming Bank are notified, that they are required to pay the seventh Instalment of five dollars on each share of stock, on or before the first day of May next. By order of the board of Directors. Edward LYNCH, Cashier.

Store for Sale. Jos. P. LE CLERC, being anxious to remove from Wilkesbarre, during the ensuing fall, will sell his stock of well selected Goods, At such prices and length of credit, as to insure any person who is desirous of increasing his stock, or to commence business, to buy him out. The goods have generally been bought at auction.

Fruit Trees For Sale by James STARK, Wilkesbarre.

27 March 1833

Reliance Fire Company will meet at the Engine house on Monday the 1st April James P. DENNIS, Sec’y.

The River. As we predicted some weeks since, on Friday and Saturday last, the Susquehanna had attained a magnitude almost unparalleled in the annals of Freshets.

3 April 1833

Cracker Bakery, Franklin Street, nearly opposite SINTON’S store, where he will keep a supply of Crackers, By the barrel or less quantity, warranted of the best quality, on reasonable terms. L BURR, Wilkesbarre.

Doct. E. L. BOYD, has moved to the house recently occupied by C. LEVAN, on the north side of the Public Square, between the Stores of Messrs. GILDERSLEEVE and A. O. CHAHOON, Wilkesbarre.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, April 1st:
Thomas L. GRISTE
Abraham HOMES
William S. JAYNE
Mrs. Lucretia MARTIN
Miss Eunice MARCY
Col. Abel MARCY
Zebulon MARCY Jr.
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Plainsville, April 1st:
Franklin QUICK
Abraham HESS
Mahetable HUTCHINS
Enoch MACK
Samuel SAYLOR, P. M.

10 April 1833

Notice. The Commissioners of Luzerne County hereby give public notice, that they will attend at their Office in Wilkesbarre, on the first Wednesday in every month, during the year, for the transaction of such business as may be brought before them. T. MYERS, Clerk

Notice Is Hereby Given That a quantity of Ash plank and white Pine boards were taken up at Tague’s Eddy, on the 25th March last. Further information can be had by applying to Benjamin JENKINS, near the Eddy. Tunkhannock.

17 April 1833

Daily Chronicle, April 8. Atrocious Murder. Passengers from Bordentown, NJ in the steamboat yesterday morning brought the thrilling intelligence that a most singular, unlooked for, and inhuman murder had been perpetrated in that place, by a young man named Joel CLOUGH, upon the person of Mrs. Mary HAMILTON, an estimable young widow lady, consort of the late Dr. HAMILTON. It appears that CLOUGH had been for some time a border in the house of Mahlon LONGSTRENGTH, Mrs. H’s father, at the corner of the Main street and the road leading to Trenton, where Mrs. H. also resided; in the course of which time CLOUGH had formed an ardent attachment to Mrs. H. and repeatedly offered to wed her. She, in the mean time, however, had favoured a rival suitor, a highly respectable citizen of Bordentown, and it became rumoured that ere long they would be united. This was too much for the unfortunate CLOUGH. About twelve days ago, he left Bordentown and went to New York; returned on Thursday, and on Saturday, feigning sickness, retired to his room, and thus prevailed upon the lady to enter his apartment, under the expectation of administering relief; when he suddenly sprang up, seized her by the arm, drew a dagger, and threatened her with instant death if she refused to marry him. She did refuse, and he instantly stabbed her and before her screams brought assistance he had inflicted eleven wounds upon her, each one of which would have probably killed her. A gentleman hearing her cries, rushed up stairs, just as she had broke from the demon’s grasp, and was descending them, the blood gushing from her mouth and wounds! She fell into his arms and was then carried into the parlor below. She lived about a minute, during which, she told her mother who had wounded her, why he had done it, and died.
On examination, it was found that the weapon had entered her heart three times; seven times in her side, breaking a rib and once in the left arm, which was also broken!
Mr. CLOUGH, we learn, has parents or other relations, residing somewhere in New England, and has hitherto borne an unsullied and amiable character. He has been an extensive contractor for stone work on Rail Roads, and was recently engaged on the Camden and Amboy Rail road, at Bordentown. After he committed the rash act, he swallowed a quantity of laudanum he had prepared, with the hope of destroying his own life; but a medical process soon frustrated that part of his purpose, and he was secured and committed to Mount Holly jail to await his trial at the next Court.

Attention!! Citizen Volunteers!! You will meet at the house of Lewis HORTON, in Hanover, on Monday the sixth day of May next, at nine o’clock, A. M. for exercise and drill, equipped as the law directs. By order of the Captain, G. GRAVES, Orderly Sergeant. N. B. As many as can make it convenient, are requested to meet at the house of Thomas H. MORGAN, at eight o’clock in the morning to march down.

Attention! The enrolled inhabitants residing within the bounds of the 5th Company, 115th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, are ordered to meet at the house of J. J. DENNIS, in the borough of Wilkesbarre, on the 1st Monday of May, for drill and exercise, as the law directs. Crandall WILCOX, 1st Lieutenant, Wilkesbarre.

The trial of Ephraim K. AVERY will commence at Newport on Monday the 8th day of May next.

Brigade Orders. The Wyoming Volunteer Battalion, commanded by Lieut. Col. J. L. BUTLER, will parade for inspection on Monday the 20th day of May next.
115th Reg., commanded by Col. J. J. DENNIS, on 21st May
1st Battalion of the 116th Reg., commanded by Col. M. VAUGHN, on the 22nd May
The Invincible Volunteer Battalion, commanded by Maj. Andrew R. BACON, on the 23rd May
The Volunteer Rifle Battalion, commanded by Maj. Lyman C. KIDDER on the 30th May
2nd Battalion of the 116th Reg., on 31st May
The commanding officers of every company will be punctual in furnishing a copy of the Roll on or before the days of training. Isaac BOWMAN, Inspector, 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Pa. Militia.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, April 1st:
William DAY
John P. BABB
Thomas SMITH, P. M.

24 April 1833

Nashville Republican. Atrocious Murder. Early yesterday morning, on going into the back room of the upper story of the old framed house on the east side of the public square, and next door to Samuel SEAY, the servant found Michael HOOVER, who occupied the room, dangerously wounded by a violent blow to the side of the head, inflicted by some unknown hand. On the bed weltering in blood and in agonies of death, lay William PRYOR, a young man from Clarksville, his skull literally beaten to pieces. PRYOR lingered in great agony until last night, when death came to his relief. HOOVER, though able to speak, could not comprehend, or give intelligible answers to any of the questions propounded to him. His situation is considered extremely critical. PRYOR was a young man about 19 years of age, and was on the eve of entering the Navy of the United States, having some time since obtained a Midshipman’s warrant. As yet, no facts have been developed tending to throw any light on the commission of the outrage.

Fire. We learn that the dwelling house of Myron TUTTLE, of Springville in this county, was consumed by fire on Saturday last, together with most of its contents. The fire is supposed to have caught from a crevice in the chimney, at a time when all the family were absent, as we are informed; and Mr. TUTTLE reached the house barely in time to save a trunk containing his papers and money, and a few other articles. Such was the state of the wind, and the rapidity of the fire, that most of the articles which were thrown from the house, afterwards took fire and were destroyed. Mrs. TUTTLE is an industrious enterprising citizen, and the loss will, in all probability, be a severe one, not withstanding he had effected insurance of $500, on the house. Montrose Register

Massillon, Ohio, April 4. On Monday night last, Mrs. BACHTLE, wife of Christian BACHTLE, of Canton Township, was murdered in a most awful manner. She was found dead in bed, with a gash cut on the side of her head, near three inches in length through the skull, into the brain. An inquest was held over the body, whose verdict was that her death was caused by blows inflicted by her husband. BACHTLE has fled. P. S. Since the above was in type, BACHTLE has been arrested, seven miles west of Wooster, and was taken through this place last night, and lodged in Canton jail to await his trial. We learn that he made full confession of his guilt to the persons who arrested him.

We understand that an individual has been committed to prison in this borough, charged with having been concerned in the murder of Miss FISHER, whose body was recently found in the river Schuylkill, near Spring-Mill. Norristown Reg.

North Branch Canal. This Division is at length filled with water, and business commenced upon it yesterday. COLT & DONALSON, merchants, of this place, have already dispatched three boats, laden with wheat and late as the season is, the work of transportation will be conducted with considerable spirit for several weeks, if the canal is kept in navigable condition. A large portion of the produce stored in this place has not yet been started for market, and some of our merchants have not yet departed for the city to order their spring supply of merchandize. Danville Int., Apr. 20.

Married – In Tunkhannock, on Wednesday the 10th inst., by Luman FERRY, Esq., Samuel B. STURGES, of Norwalk, Connecticut to Eliza MARVIN, of Tunkhannock.

Died – Suddenly in Kingston, on Monday morning last, Mrs. Jane, consort of Hiram SWETLAND, aged 22 years.

To The Patrons of the Farmer. With the present number of the Republican Farmer expires my interest in the establishment. The management of the Republican Farmer will now pass into the hands of B. A. BIDLACK and J. ATHERHOLT. A. M. WRIGHT, Wilkesbarre.

Important Decision. The Appeal Court (says the Charleston Patriot of the 8th inst.) this morning reversed the decision of Judge BAY in chambers, made in the case of George GRANSTEIN, that an alien, on application of citizenship is bound to take an oath of allegiance to the State, in addition to the oath required by an act of Congress.

Accident. The steam boat Chief Justice Marshall, in coming down from Hartford on Friday night, came in contact with the schooner near Black Rock. She sunk the schooner on the larboard quarter, and stove in her own false bow, spring her bowsprit, and lost chain cable and anchor. The damage to the schooner was not ascertained, owing to the darkness.

Died – In this Borough, on the morning of the 23rd inst., after a lingering and painful illness, borne with becoming fortitude, Mrs. Hannah, consort of James M’CLINTOCK [MCCLINTOCK], Esq.

Wyoming and Lehigh Rail Road. By Virtue of an act of the last Legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled “An act to incorporate the Wyoming and Lehigh Rail Road Company,” Notice Is Hereby Given, That Books will be opened on Monday the 3rd day of June next, at 10 o’clock, A. M. at the house of Jacob J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre, to receive subscriptions to the stock of said Company, and will be kept open at least six hours in every juridical day for three days, or until a sufficient number of shares shall be subscribed to obtain a charter.

Charles MINER
Henry COLT
Elias HOYT
Thomas CRAIG
Azuariah PRIOR
Samuel Thomas
Daniel PARRY
Lewis RYAN

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held May 18th, for land in Union Township, containing 174 acres, bound by S. BONHAM, Daniel KOONS and J. WOLF, late estate of Daniel TURNER, deceased. John TURNER, Adm’r. [Note see correction in next issue]

Register’s Notice. Ovid F. JOHNSON, Administrator has filed papers in estate of Christiana O. RUSSELL, late of Wilkesbarre Borough.

1 May 1833

Paper published by Benjamin A. BIDLACK and John ATHERHOLT

Historical Sketch of David MORGAN, a relation of the celebrated General Daniel MORGAN, who settled upon the Monongahela, during the earlier period of the Revolutionary War.

Appointments by the Governor:
Benjamin S. BONSALL, Esq., to be an Alderman of Philadelphia in place of Richard WILLING, Esq., dec’d
George K. KUHN, to be an auctioneer for Philadelphia
Robert BARNARD, Esq., to be Register, Recorder and Clerk of the Orphans’ Court of Juniata County, in the room of James S. LAW, Esq., resigned

Appointment by the Post Master General – Philip LESING, Esq., to be Deputy Post Master at the post office called “Ross,” in Northampton County

Appointment by the Canal Commissioners:
James. K. MOORHEAD, superintendent of the Juniata Canal
Clarkson E. TAYLOR, Principal Engineer of the same.

Appointment by the Governor of New Jersey, the Hon. George K. DRAKE and Wm. HALSTED, Esq., Injunction Masters.

Tailoring, at his Former Stand, on the second floor of Mr. GILDERSLEEVE’S Store. Jacob KUTZ

Caution. The public are cautioned against purchasing a note given by the subscribers payable on the 18 March last to John FISH for $55, as they are determined not to pay it unless compelled by law. Jacob COLVIN, Alson S. FRENCH.

Accident and Narrow Escape. Yesterday afternoon as Sheriff NESBITT & Mr. A. PARRISH were riding out of town in a dearborn wagon, after a spirited horse, the animal became frightened and uncontrollable, and while running at full speed the wheels of the wagon came in contact with some obstruction, when the spindles of both axletrees broke at each end, the wheels continuing to run forward and the remaining part of the wagon, together with the passengers, was thrown into the air, and scattered in different directions. Messrs. NESBITT & PARRISH were both severely bruised, but we are happy to find they are able to be about this morning.

Fatal and Melancholy Accident. It is not often that we are called upon to record a more affecting and mournful incident than the death of our worthy & highly respected fellow citizen, David COREY. He has been taken from us in the vigor of his days, while his enterprise and industry promised much for society and much for his four motherless children. Mr. COREY was suddenly killed 3 or 4 miles below Lowrytown, while engaged in removing some obstructions from a log way or schute, at the same time his hands were employed above. It is supposed he thought he could step out of the way at any time upon the approach of danger; but he was unfortunately mistaken, and was found dead, a log having apparently passed partly over his body. He had been for a long time a resident of our valley, and his honest worth and enterprise had endeared him to a large circle of friends who, together with his numerous relatives, attended his funeral at Kingston meeting house, on the 26th ult. Truly, “In the midst of life we are in death.”

The trial of Mr. AVERY commences on the 8th of next month.

Fires on the Mountains. We were highly pleased with the judicious and well-timed remarks of a correspondent in the Wyoming Herald, on the subject of setting fires in the woods – the practice is not only impolitic but illegal, and we hope to find that it is discountenanced.

The present remarkably dry weather is a subject of general and anxious remark. The ground is literally parched, and vegetation is slow to put forth.

Two errors occured last week in the advertisement of the Orphans’ Court Sale of Mr. TURNER’S estate. It should read “Estate of Manuel TURNER, deceased, in place of Daniel.” And in the date of the time, “on Saturday the 25th May.”

Revolutionary Claims. We thought proper to publish the following letter:
Sir, Being in possession of a document which establishes the claim of a number of Revolutionary officers and soldiers of your State, to Military Bounty Lands, I am desirous of finding their residence, or the residence of their heirs, with a view to undertake the recovery of their lands, for a reasonable compensation. Will you oblige me by making enquiry of several of your oldest citizens and forwarding me a list of the names of the officers and soldiers of the Revolution who are now living, or who have died in your township or county since the Revolution. If I find that any of those whose names you may send me, are entitled to lands, will, with your permission, inform them of it through you. Your obedient Servant, Vespasian ELLIS, Acomache Court House, Virginia, March 1.

Died – In this Borough, on Friday last, Barnet ULP, in the 49th year of his age. Mr. ULP has long been a resident of the place, and noted for his exemplary industry, sobriety and good moral habits. His complaint, we believe, was pulmonary consumption.

Died – This morning, Joseph, a son of Edward LYNCH, of this Borough, aged about 4 years.

8 May 1833

Appointment by the Governor:
Robert C. GRIER, of Columbia County, to be Judge of the district court of Allegheny County.
Alexander L. HAYES, to be Judge of the district court of the city and county of Lancaster.
George G. BRUSH, to be Inspector of Domestic Distilled Spirits for the borough of Washington
and township of Manor, Lancaster County.
John W. CUNNINGHAM, Prothonotary and Clerk of Quarter Sessions and Oyer and Terminer;
Nimrod STRICKLAND, Register of Wills; Robert RALSTON, Recorder of Deeds; George FISHER, Clerk of the Orphans’ Court of Chester County.

Missing – Frederick HILL, a Revolutionary Pensioner, left his home on the 2nd inst. in a state of mental alienation, with the object, as he said, of seeing some old Revolutionary officers in Washington City, in order to establish his claims for arrears of pay due him during the war. He is about five feet, three inches in height, of a spare make, 75 years of age (but says when asked that he is 193 years old) speaks the German and English languages, but the latter with a slight Dutch accent. He was dressed in a cloth coatee and pantaloons, of London Brown color (one flap of the coatte was burnt.) he was seen on the 12th inst. near the residence of Geo. WEBB, on the week following in the borough of Muncy, and lastly on the 29th inst. between that place and Shoemaker’s Mill. Any information concerning him will be most gratefully received by his son, Martin HILL, whether given to himself or the Editor of the Muncy Telegraph. Editors of papers in the neighboring counties, are requested to give the above notice. Muncy Telegraph, Muncy, Lycoming County, April 30.

The Scarlet Fever is raging to an alarming extent in Northampton County.

The Weather. Yesterday afternoon and last evening we were blessed with a good old fashioned shower of rain. It has revived the hitherto drooping vegetation, and the prospect for our farmers is much more encouraging than it was yesterday morning.

Fire in Cumberland, 400 families homeless.

Married – On Wednesday last, in this borough by the Rev. MAY, Ebenezer W. STURDEVANT Esq., to Miss Martha D. DENISON.

Volney L. MAXWELL, Attorney At Law, Has removed to the Office of the late Geo. DENISON, deceased, in Main Street, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Barnet ULP, late of Wilkesbarre Borough, requests payments and demands. Sarah ULP, Wm. H. ALEXANDER and John J. ULP, Administrators

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 1st June,:
1) Land in Sugarloaf Township, bounded by Peter RUSH, containing 132 acres, late estate of Jacob RUTH, deceased. Benjamin SMITH and Matthias EROH, Administrators.
2) Land in Plymouth Township, bounded by Frederick CROOP, main road leading through Plymouth, road leading to Dallas, containing about 2 acres. Also land in same, being part of Lot No. 23, middle tier of house lots, bounded by Samuel PRINGLE, road leading to Dallas, main road leading through Plymouth, Calvin WADHAMS, containing 3 acres. Also a parcel called “Jenkers’ Island,” situated in the North Branch of the Susquehanna River between the townships of Wilkesbarre and Plymouth, containing 2 acres, late estate of Lovisa MORSE, of Plymouth Township, deceased. George P. RANSOM, Administrator

New Goods. Jacob & Joseph SINTON, Wilkesbarre

Boot and Shoe Manufactory, at stand lately occupied by Edward JONES, on the North side of the Public Square, Wilkesbarre. Horace PRICHARD

Spring and Summer Goods at his Cash Store. Ziba SMITH, Tunkhannock

Turnpike Notice. The Managers of the Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company, are notified to meet at the house of Washington STANSBURY, Tunkhannock on May 20th, Henry COLT, Sec’y

The Kennebunk Gazette states, that one day last week, a child of Enoch COFFIN, in the absence of its parents, got access to its father’s rum bottle, and drank so much as to cause his death before relief could be administered.

15 May 1833

The Louisville Journal states that Daniel WILLIS, of Natchez, blew out his brains with a pistol, a few days ago, on board the steamer Orleans, during her passage from New Orleans to his own home. He had spent, in gaming, a considerable sum of money belonging to another, and preferred death to disgrace.

Four blocks of buildings – forty houses – were destroyed by fire in New York. Spectator

List of Retailers of Foreign Merchandise in County of Luzerne:
6th Class:
Carbondale: TOWNSEND & POOR
7th Class:
Wilkesbarre: Henry CADY, J. & J. SINTON, SMITH & OSTERHOUT, A. O. CHAHOON & Co.,
Carbondale: William EGGLESTON & Co., Harvey HACKLY
Tunkhannock: Henry STARK
8th Class:
Plymouth: Asa COOK, Chauncy A. REYNOLDS
Greenfield: Charles BERRY & D. J. BROWN
Braintrim: Benjamin EDWARDS, Thomas MORELY, John STURDEVANT & Co., H. W. NORTHROP
Nicholson: Nathan BACON, E. S. ROBERTS
Providence: Nathaniel COTTRILL, John VAUGHN Jr., Nelson KNICKERBACKER, Charles T. ATWATER
Abington: William CLARK, Norvell D. GREEN, Ezra WALL, Benjamin F. BAILEY
Hanover: John ESPY & Son, David THOMPSON & Co.
Eaton: Thomas M. WILLSON
Northmoreland: Chester BROWN, Orange FULLER, Asa KEELER, Wm. MERIFIELD
Kingston: Samuel THOMAS, David BALDWIN, Reuben HOLGATE, Jacob RICE, Elias HOYT, C. L. HARRINGTON
Union: John R. DEAN, Thomas COMNELLY, Zera MARVIN
Nescopeck: George PENROSE, Matthias FRECH, DAVENPORT & MILLER
Salem: Sebastian SEYBERT
Falls: Myrtle G. BRACE, Solomon C. STRONG
Covington: William G. BURTON
Tunkhannock: Alpha DURHAM, Ziba SMITH, James WRIGHT, Maurice ROBERTS, Luman FERRY
Sugarloaf: Jacob DRUMHELLER, William BRYANT, George LANE & Co.
Huntington: James BUCKALEW, John KOONS, William KOON, Benjamin HARVEY, George LANE & CO., Jarius HARRISON

The Wyoming and Lehigh Rail Road. We hope the public will bear in mind that on the 3rd June next, the books are to be opened in this place for subscriptions of stock in the above Company. Let it not be forgotten that this 12 miles is an important link in the chain of communication from east to west, and cannot fail to be productive. We hope the citizens of our Valley will endeavor to secure a share of the stock.

Sudden Fresh. The Susquehanna above and below this place, has been for some time lined with timber and Arks awaiting the coming of a fresh. On Monday the water in the river was unusually low for the season, But on the afternoon and night of that day “the rain fell,” and on Tuesday morning the “floods came,” and rushed along the banks, sweeping into the current immense quantities of timber and other valuable property. The loss must be very great, indeed. The body of a light wagon was taken at this place, and soon after the dead body of a horse was seen to pass. It is feared that some of our lumbermen have not only lost their property, but their lives in attempting to secure it; so sudden and unexpected was the flood.

Susquehanna Rail Road. A meeting of a number of the Commissioners, appointed by the act to incorporate the Susquehanna Rail Road Company, was held at the house of Maj. O. HOLMES, Kingston, the 20th April. Elias HOYT, was appointed Chairman and Samuel THOMAS and John SMITH, Secretaries. That persons names as Commissioners in said Act, incorporating the company are to meet at the house of Mr. SAGAR, Tunkhannock on 30th May. The following is a list of the Commissioners:
Henderson GAYLORD
Sharp D. LEWIS
Elias HOYT
Dr. John SMITH
Samuel M’KEAN
Clement PAINE
John L. WEBB
Eliphalet MASON
Lockwold SMITH
Almon H. READ
Christopher L. WARD
David POST
Charles FRAZER
Spencer HICOX

The water is to be drawn from the Penna. Canal on the 22nd June, for the purpose of repairs, and business will be suspended along the line until the 13th July.

Died – In Providence Township, on Wednesday the 1st inst., Mrs. Esther ATWORTH, aged nearly 86 years. She, together with her husband, William, migrated from the state of New York in 1789, and settled in Providence Township, being among the early settlers. Her husband was several times engaged in the service of the united Colonies in the Revolutionary struggle. Two of her brothers were killed by the savages in this valley, viz: Noah PETTEBONE was killed in the memorable battle in Kingston, and Stephen PETTEBONE in the ensuing fall of the township of Plymouth, while endeavoring to secure the grain and other property of his brother in that place.

Died – In this Borough, on Friday last, Mrs. Abigail H., consort of Geo. C. DRAKE, Esq., aged 24 years. In her sudden demise she has left a bereaved husband. On Sunday last, her mortal remains were deposited in their silent receptacle, in the Episcopal burying ground, amidst a large concourse of mourning relatives and sympathizing friends; and an appropriate discourse delivered by Rev. MAY.

22 May 1833

Pennsylvania Legislature Laws. About 1780, ’81, the Legislature passed a resolution, that no member thereof should come to the House barefoot, or eat his bread and cheese on the steps! Barefoot and Bread and Cheese Laws, we should call them.

Good Advice:
Never cut a piece out of a newspaper until you have looked on the other side, where perhaps you may find something more valuable than that which you first intended to appropriate.
Never put salt in your soup before you have tasted it.
Never burn your fingers if you can help it. People burn their fingers every day, when they might have escaped if they had been careful.
Let no gentleman ever quarrel with a woman. If you are in trouble with her, retreat. If she abuses you, be silent. If she tears your cloak off, give her your coat. If she box your ears, bow. If she tear your eyes out, feel you way to the door – but fly.
Don’t put your feet on the table. True, the members of Congress do so, but you are not a member of Congress.
If you form one of a large mixed company, and a diffident stranger enter the room and take his seat among you, say something to him, for heaven’s sake, even although it be only, “Fine evening, sir.” Do not let him sit bolt upright, suffering all the apprehensions and agonies of bashfulness, without any relief.

Trial of AVERY (May 6th), at the Supreme Judicial Court of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations before Honor Chief Justice, Samuel EDDY, Judges Charles BRAYTON and Job DURFEE, assembled this morning at the hour of ten, for the murder of Miss CORNELL. A venire was accordingly issued for the additional of forty-eight jurors to the present panel of fifteen; and of this aggregate the prisoner will be entitled to twenty peremptory challenges. P. S. Only three jurors have yet been sworn, but the full panel has been obtained. New York Courier

New York Standard, May 13. Samuel SAYRE, Esq., residing near Morristown, New Jersey, (formerly of the firm of SAYRE & TOLER of this city), his wife and servant girl, were murdered on Saturday evening, at their residence. A Swiss servant, hired by Mr. SAYRE about three weeks since, has been arrested, and there is no doubt of his being concerned in the murder. Mr. SAYRE was a respectable farmer and a justice of the peace, and as he had a quantity of plate in the house, it is presumed that the sole motive for the horrid act was plundered. It is supposed that Mr. SAYRE was induced to go to his barn, and was there murdered with the axe, and that his wife was led to the same place by being told that an accident had befallen her husband, as both were found buried under the manure heap. The servant, a colored girl of about seven years of age, was found dead in her bed in the garret, having been stabbed behind the ear.

Appointment by the Governor. Michael W. ASH, of Philadelphia, to be an Alderman in the place of Benjamin BONSALL, resigned.

The New York Legislature had passed an act for incorporation of a company to construct a rail way from Binghamton to the Pennsylvania state line – intended, we suppose, to unite with either the Leggett’s Gap, or the Lackawanna rail way, whichever may ultimately succeed. Montrose Reg.

29 May 1833

Wyoming and Lehigh Rail Road

Trial of Mr. AVERY. There were examined for the prosecution about 70 witnesses, and it is understood that there are over 100 for the prisoner. As we understand the case the defence is to be rested principally on the ground that the deceased, Sarah Maria CORNELL, committed suicide; and next, if she were murdered, the prisoner at the bar was not the murderer. The proof in relation to these two points we are not at liberty to give. Providence Journal, May 20.

Died – A Laborer on the Rail Road, named O’DONNELL, was drowned in the Little Conemaugh, near the large Viaduct, on Monday last week. He was about 45 years of age, and had been but a few days on the Rail Road.

Died – On Tuesday of last week, a man named SWARTZ, while in the act of raising the gates of a waste weir, at Selingsgrove, Pa., fell into the canal, and was immediately drowned, the current being so strong as to draw him under one of the gates.

At the late session of the Superior Court, Milton, N. C., James LEA, who was indicted for the murder of his negro slave, was convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to be immediately branded in the hand with a hot iron, and imprisoned for the space of six months.

Suicide. A young married woman named DEMEAD, residing in Monroe Street, N. York, committed suicide on Saturday morning last, by taking a quantity of arsenic. She was an Englishwoman of considerable personal attractions, and it is supposed domestic troubles led her to the rash act.

Miss Catharine AILMAN, a young lady of about twenty-five years of age, recently recovered five hundred dollars damages from Henry LANDIS, in the court of Common Pleas of Juniata County, for a breach of promise of marriage. The evidence in the case has not yet been published.

Suicide. On the morning of the 2nd inst., a gentleman, S. JEFFREYS, from Sangersfield, Ontario County, N. Y. on his passage up the lake in the steamboat Niagara, when off Elk Creek, jumped overboard and was drowned.

Novelty. Mr. FARRAND, the agent for the Lycoming Coal Company, has commenced running the Steamboat, which was built at the mines of the company, about 30 miles above this. It arrived here on Friday evening, with two arks in town, containing about 100 tons of coal. It conveyed them to the Muncy Dam, and returned here on Saturday in safety; having come up thro’ the swift water, termed the race ground, with perfect ease, notwithstanding the height of the water. This trip has removed the doubts entertained relative to the practicability of this measure. Lycoming Chronicle

Suicides. Hon. Judge MASON, fell by wound inflicted by his own hand. Mobile Mercantile Advertiser

Suicide. James F. JEFFERSON, son of the sheriff of Sussex County, Delaware, committed suicide in Baltimore on Friday last by cutting his throat with a razor.

6 Cents Reward. Ranaway from Jacob KUTZ, on the 25th inst., Henry CAMPBELL, an apprentice to the Tailoring business. As this is the second time he has eloped and as he is a bad boy, I hereby forbid all persons from trusting or harboring him. The above reward will be paid for his return, but no charges paid. Wilkesbarre.

From all we can learn, the accident last week which terminated in death of Mr. LADD, at the Nanticoke Dam, was owing chiefly to carelessness, not to say wilfulness on the part of the hands upon the two rafts. We hope this will be a warning in future to those engaged in descending the river.

The Floods. From every quarter we have intelligence of the damage done by the late freshets. The water has been unusually high in the Mohawk, the Hudson, the Delaware, and both branches of the Susquehanna.

The Lumber Trade. Notwithstanding the immense loss of lumber attendant upon the late sudden freshet, we are pleased to find such large quantities were still saved, and have since passed to market, under the direction of the proper owners.

Died – John RANDOLPH, of Roanoke, died at Philadelphia last week, in the 60th year of his age.

Married – In Kingston, on the 23rd inst., by Rev. H. F. ROWE, Madison MYERS, of Frederick, Md., to Miss Harriet MYERS, of Kingston.

Died – On Thursday the 16th inst., Mrs. Julia, consort of Steuben BUTLER, Esq., aged 44 years.

5 June 1833

The Trial of Rev. Ephraim K. AVERY, at Newport for the murder of Sarah Maria CORNELL at Tiverton on 20 Dec. 1832. Testimony was given by John DURFEE, of Tiverton; Seth DARLING, of Fall River; Samuel W. BRIGGS, of Bristol; Elihu HICKS, coroner of Tiverton; Foster HOPPER, practices medicine at Fall River; Dr. Thomas WILBOUR, of Fall River; William ALLEN of Tiverton; Benjamin MANCHESTER; Mrs. BORDEN; Ruth BORDEN; Mrs. Dorcas FORD; Susannah BORDEN; Thomas HART; Abner DAVIS; Richard DURFEE; William HAMILTON; Benjamin HAMBLEY; Eleanor OWEN; Mrs. Ruth COOK; William PEARSE Jr.; Jeremiah GIFFORD; William ANTONY of Portsmouth; William CARR, of Portsmouth; Charles CARR (brother of preceding witness); William CRANSTON, Fall River toll bridge keeper; Robert P. LEE; Isaac BURDICT; George LAWTON; Annis NORTON; Gardner L. COIT; John BURDEN; William GIFFORD; Jane GIFFORD (sister of preceding witness). To be continued. [Not all testimony of witnesses is listed in article]

Attention. The Wyoming Troop will assemble for parade in Wilkesbarre, in front of the tavern of O. PORTER, on Tuesday, 11th June inst., at one o’clock P. M. precisely. C. A. REYNOLDS, O. S.

Estate of Elijah FASSETT, late of Windham Township, requests payments and demands. John FASSETT, Adm.

Trial of Mr. CLOUGH for the murder of Mrs. HAMILTON. The trial will commence on Friday and will probably even surpass in interest and romance the celebrated case of AVERY.

Died – A Revolutionary Officer departed. On the 11th ult, at his residence, Fincastle, Va., Gen. James BRECKENRIDGE in the 71st year of his age, a soldier of the Revolution, a distinguished member of the Bar, for many years a delegate in the Legislature of Virginia, and a representative in the Congress of the United States.

The inhabitants of Patroon’s Island, about a mile below Albany, have been stripped of every thing by the inundation. “No previous freshet,” says the Argus, “is recollected which produced such devastation on the island. In some places the entire surface of the soil is washed away to the depth of several feet. Human skeletons, buried after the Indian manner, in a sitting posture, have been exposed, which must have been entombed nearly a century ago. The island, containing 160 acres of rich soil, occupied by ten or eleven families, and highly cultivated, supplies the city of Albany with vegetables for the summer, and in great measure for the remainder of the year. The floods have destroyed a promising crop on the island, and swept every vestage of vegetation from its surface.”

Mellons and Cucumbers. Powdered charcoal is said to be a preventative against bugs.

Married – At Dundaff, on Monday the 20th ult, by the Rev. J. ADAMS, James CHAMBERLIN, of Ohio, to Miss Roxana CORTRIGHT of Wilkesbarre.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held July 25th, for land in Providence Township, bounded by Lackawanna River, Roaring Creek, Lot No. 35, containing 503 acres, including a Saw Mill and an old Dwelling House. Also in same township, parts of lots No. 36 & 37, bounded by Lackawanna River, Lot. No. 36, containing 372 acres, including a Grist-mill, three houses and one half of a Barn &c. Also. Land in Greenfield Township, in the warrantee name of George FULLERTON, containing 301 acres. Also Lot in the town-plot of Wilkesbarre, part of No. 7, on Water Street, containing 39 perches. Also a tract in Abington Township, in the warrantee name of George MOORE, containing 151 acres, with a Saw-Mill, Grist Mill and Turning Mill. Late estate of Ebenezer SLOCUM, deceased of Providence Township. M. SLOCUM, Adm’r.

12 June 1833

The Trial of CLOUGH (Editorial from Daily Intelligency, Mount Holly, Friday)

Sentence of Joel CLOUGH for the murder of Mrs. Mary W. HAMILTON, guilty. To be from hence to the prison of this county from whence he came, and there be kept in close and secure custody until Friday the 26th July next, between the hours of 11 o’clock in the morning and 3 o’clock in the afternoon, to be taken to the place of public execution and there to be hanged by the neck until you are dead, and may the Almighty God have mercy on his soul!

Cholera is spreading over the country with alarming rapidity.

Antoine LE BLANC, the suspected murderer of Mr. SAYRE and family, has undergone a thorough examination before the authorities, in the presence of several French gentlemen, who likewise officiated as interpreters. He denies committing the horrid deed. The prisoner’s vest and pantaloons have since been found beneath the bed on which he usually slept, with stains of blood on them.

Two vile cases of seduction were recently tried in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, N. Y. One of these was brought by Sally RIDDLE against George O. RICE, for the seduction of her daughter, Nancy RIDDLE, a girl living in the same family with her seducer, and being at the present time but a few months over thirteen years of age. The fruit of this seduction is a child now living, about three months old. The defendant is a man of about thirty-two years of age, and the facts exhibited against him on the trial, were of highly aggravated nature. The jury, after being out but a few moments, brought in a verdict of $1000 damages. Philadelphia Gazette

Suicide. John MACE, who for a long time past has been afflicted with mental derangement, put a period to his existence on Tuesday the 28th ult. by hanging himself. Northern Banner

Lightning. On Sunday afternoon last the house of Henry STUCKERT, Bucks County, was struck by lightning, by which a chimney was torn down and the roof much injured. The members of the family were much stunned and alarmed, but received no serious injury.

Last week we published from the Boston Morning Post, part of the evidence adduced during the trial of Rev. Ephraim K. AVERY, which has since turned out to be incorrect and spurious. In consequence of this cheat, we reframe from continuing the publication of the testimony in the case; and as he is acquitted, and the anxiety of the public on that account, no doubt, abated, we have concluded not to publish any more details of the trial, which would fill a larger space than we can devote to such a subject.

Died – George BREATHITT, Esq., brother of the Governor of Kentucky, died at Hopkinsville at the residence of his brother, about 20 miles from the place of his nativity. Globe

Married – In Wilkesbarre, on the 1st inst., by Rev. H. F. ROW, Michael STAIGE, of Stoddardsville, to Miss Susan HESSLER, of Tobehanna, Northampton County.

White Marble Tombstone Manufactory. James PERKINS, Wilkesbarre.

19 June 1833

The Trial of CLOUGH

Trial for Murder of Jacob OYLER, of Westmoreland County, for the murder of his infant child. It appeared in evidence that he was a man of intemperate habits, almost constantly in a state of medium intoxication. On the 7th March last he beat and drove off his wife, in the evening his landlord called and found him at home with his two children; ascertained that there was no wood in the house, and went home and sent them a loaf of bread. The following morning, on some persons going to his house, one of the children was discovered sitting a few rods from the door. It began to cry when approached and appeared to have been much abused. The other child was found in the house, lying on the hearth, dead, with such marks on its body, face and head as plainly indicated a violent death. The father lay on the bed asleep. When arrested, he feigned insanity, and made considerable resistance, so that it was found necessary to tie him. He admitted he had whipped the living child and thrown it out of the house, but denied doing any thing to the other. A verdict of murder in the second degree was rendered against him and he was sentenced to eight years imprisonment in the penitentiary.

New Troy, Pa., June 5. This little village was yesterday made the scene of an exhibition of most unusual and thrilling interest. The remains of those who were sacrificed at the Wyoming Massacre on the 3rd July, 1778, were disinterred preparatory to the erection of a monument commemorative of that disastrous event. On the beautiful plain where now stands the cheerful village of New Troy on the west bank of the Susquehanna, and a short distance above Wilkesbarre, was recently discovered the sepulchre where the dead had been hastily interred by the surviving settlers. The bodies had evidently been promiscuously thrown into one common grave, and as no one stone had been placed to mark the spot, it had long since been lost sight of. Different individuals residing in the neighborhood, some of whom were children of the sufferers, had made repeated attempts to discover the grave, but the progress of cultivation had so effectually obliterated all traces, that every search had heretofore proved fruitless. The grave is situated in a lot adjoining the road and is slightly elevated above the surrounding country. The Susquehanna is within a short distance and adds to the picturesque beauty of the scenery, which form every point of view possesses uncommon interest. About twelve hundred dollars has been already subscribed towards defraying the expense of a monument. The workmen are now engaged in preparing a vault in which the remains are to be deposited and it is expected that the monument will be erected on the 3rd of the ensuing month, it being the anniversary of the battle.
The remains are now lying in boxes placed in an adjoining building, under the care of a neighbor, Mr. E. HILL, and are certainly objects of great curiosity as well as interest. Eighty skulls are displayed to the contemplation of the spectator and the light of day, after having for more than half a century reposed beneath the soil on which the merciless savage left their slaughtered bodies. The limbs and skulls are variously marked. Some bones are perforated by balls, and the skulls are almost invariably broken by the tomahawk; in some cases the pole of that instrument has apparently along performed the work of death, while in others the edge has cleft through the skull in a manner that shows the enemy to have been proficient in the use of his weapon. In every instance the marks of the scalping knife are distinctly visible. On removing one particular skull, a bullet was found, almost embedded in the bone, a little above the left ear and back of the temple. The lead is partially divided, apparently battered by the force of the concussion and at this moment is preserved in its original position from which it was removed without difficulty for the inspection of the curious.
Among the relics was found small portions of a garment, made of wool, on which the color, a “bottle green,” is distinctly visible.

Law relative to Lumber taken up adrift.

Mr. AVERY’S Trial. He has been acquitted, and we believe the verdict a just one. Miss CORNELL by her mother’s side appears to have belonged to a wealthy and influential family of Norwich, Conn. That her mother disobeyed in her marriage with CORNELL the wishes and injunctions of her father, and was in consequence disowned and disinherited. The separation took place between Mrs. CORNELL and her husband before Maria’s birth. The first public exposure of her want of chastity, was about the year 1822, at about 19 years of age. She was expelled form the Methodist Church. She was known from that period to frequently say she would be revenged upon Mr. AVERY, if it cost her life, and she continued to manifest the same wavering course, alternately the subject of virtuous feelings and vicious habits. Buck Co. Intel.

Nescopeck Canal. Members of the Central and Corresponding Committees, appointed by the Conyngham Convention in December last, are requested to meet at the house of John CHARLES, Conyngham, on the 4th July next. The following named gentlemen compose the committee:
Nathan BEACH
Samuel SMITH
James P. BULL
Henry COLT
Peter YOHE

Found at the head of Beach’s (formerly called Smothers’) Island in the river Susquehanna, a fragment of a vest and pocket book containing one Bank bill and several valuable notes of hand. Sidney HAWK, Salem.

Wm. A. MERRITT hereby informs those indebted to him that it is necessary that their accounts should be settled by note or otherwise, within thirty days – as after that time his books will be placed in other hands for collection. Wilkesbarre.

The Mountaineer and Susquehanna and Lehigh Advocate, paper recently established at Conyngham, in this county, by James A. GORDON, Esq. Also the Northern Pennsylvanian, lately established in Carbondale, by Amzi WILSON, Esq.

Democratic JACKSON and WOLF Meeting, was held at the house of George P. STEEL, on Saturday evening last, Gen. Isaac BOWMAN, President; G. M. HOLLENBACK, B. DOWNING, Vice Presidents, and J. W. GOFF and J. R. BALDWIN, Secretaries. A committee of nine to draft resolutions: A. BEAUMONT, H. PETTEBONE, B. A. BIDLACK, D. COLLINS, J. MYERS, A. BOWER, Z. BENNETT, H. MENING, H. COLT.

A committee of twenty-four to address a letter to Andrew JACKSON, President of the United States, presenting the congratulations of his friends in this portion of Pennsylvania and inviting him to visit the Valley of Wyoming on his return to the seat of Government:
Gen. Isaac BOWMAN
Fisher GAY
Col. E. HILL
Christian NAGLE
Philip MYERS
Dr. Jos. J. WRIGHT
Frederick WAGENER
Freeman THOMAS

Democratic Republican Meeting held at Williamsport for the United States Western judicial district of Pennsylvania. Christian GARBER, of Huntington County was appointed President; Andrew BEAUMONT, of Luzerne and John BIGLER, of Centre were appointed Vice Presidents and John M. DAVIS, of Allegheny and Hamlet A. KERR, of Bradford, Secretaries. The committee for drafting resolutions:: Wm. PATTON, Esq., and Col. J. P. BULL, of Bradford; James GILLELAND, of Centre; Jonah BREWSTER, of Tioga; David R. REYNOLDS, of Mifflin; Henry PETTEBONE, of Luzerne and Gen. Joseph B. ANTHONY of Lycoming.

The Building Committee of the Girard College for Orphans, broke ground yesterday, for the erection of that edifice. Phila. Gazette

Rail Road Meeting, held at Tunkhannock on the 30th May, Elisha HARDING, Esq., was chosen President; Nicholas OVERFIELD and Charles D. SHOEMAKER, Esqs., Vice Presidents and James WRIGHT and Samuel Thomas, Secretaries.
Benjamin DORRANCE, Joseph WRIGHT, Elias HOYT, William SWETLAND, Pierce BUTLER, Elisha HARDING, James WRIGHT, C. D. SHOEMAKER, Nicholas OVERFIELD, Samuel THOMAS and William C. REYNOLDS, authorized to advertise for opening of Books on Aug. 5th for stock in Rail Road.
Dr. John SMITH and Sharp D. LEWIS, of Luzerne County; Reuben WILBER and Clement PAINE of Bradford County and David POST and Bela JONES, of Susquehanna County, authorized to procure Books.

Married – In Providence on Sunday the 2nd inst., by Rev. Geo. W. RICHMOND, Levi BRAY to Miss Alma BRIGGS, both of the former place.

Died – At Wilkesbarre, on Friday the 14th inst., of a lingering and painful illness, which she bore with truly Christian fortitude, Mrs. Margaret DENNIS, in the 59th year of her age.

Notice is hereby given that the auditors appointed by Orphans’ Court to report in the matter of the Estate of Richard INMAN, deceased will meet at the house of Col. J. J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre, 10th July. Volney L. MAXWELL, Eleazar CAREY, William L. BOWMAN, Auditors.

A. BROWER, Tailor, is just opening a large and handsome assortment of Summer Cloathing. Wilkesbarre.

Estray Bay Mare, came to the enclosure of John DALE, Blakeley, about 15th May last.

26 June 1833

Fatal Duel at Columbia, S. C., near Rice Creek Springs, between Mr. ROACH, of Charleston District, and Mr. ADAMS, (son of the late Dr. William ADAMS), of Richland District, students in South Carolina College. Both were wounded, the former through the upper part of the thigh, the bone of which was broken, the latter through the abdomen. The wounds are considered dangerous in both instances.
Since the above was in type, we learn from the Columbia Telescope that Mr. ADAMS’ wound proved mortal, he died on the 29th.ult.

Speech of Black Hawk upon his departure from Fortress Monroe.

Rev. AVERY is preparing for the press an explanation which will entirely exonerate him from all suspicion of being the murderer of Maria CORNELL. Phila. Gazette

Mehoopeny Copper Mine, situate about six miles form the Susquehanna, on the Mehoopany Creek, Luzerne County, Pa., is now opened; and from specimen of the ore, which is very extensive, the yield is expected to be fifty per cent. This is an excellent produce; and in addition to the resources of the county, and a reward to the capitalist.

Beaver Meadow. We were lately at this place, and were surprised to see with what rapidity it is rising into a respectable village. We are informed before winter sets in, from fifteen to twenty dwelling houses, besides stores will be built. The inhabitants will be the independent owners of the soil. The Engineer Corps are actively engaged in locating the Rail Road. Mountaineer

William BORDER, tried and convicted of mail robbery. He was the driver of the mail coach between Danville and Muncy. Miltonian

John MACE, of Bradford County, put an period to his existence on the 28th ult. by hanging himself. He was found in the woods, in a sitting posture, with a piece of hickory bark around his neck, the end of which was fastened to a tree above his head. Towanda Banner

Died – In Bloomsburg, Columbia County, on Monday the 17th June inst., Dr. Harman, son of the Hon. Jacob GEARHART, aged 35 years, 4 months and 25 days.

Died – In Columbia on Thursday the 13th inst., Mrs. Sarah BORBRIDGE, aged 81 years.

Sunday Schools Celebration of July 4th to be held in Wilkesbarre.

Temperance. The Wyoming Association of Cold Water Men, will meet on the 4th July at the Centre School-house, (half a mile above the Ferry) in Pittston.

The Wyoming Volunteer Battalion, will form line at Major PERKINS’, New Troy, on the 3rd July next, armed and equipped for duty and inspection, with six rounds of blank cartridges. J. L. BUTLER, Lieut. Col.

The Building Committee gives notice that proper arrangement have been made for the laying of the Corner Stone of the Wyoming Monument, on Wednesday, the 3rd July next. All persons without distinction are invited to attend. WM. ROSS, Fisher GAY, E. HILL, C. D. SHOEMAKER and John L. BUTLER.

Notice. Persons holding subscription papers to the Wyoming Monument, will enclose them to the subscriber, New Troy P. O. E. HILL, Supt.

Real Estate Agency Office. James a. GORDON, Conyngham.

3 July 1833

Report of an Examination of a Route for a Rail-Road, From the Valley of Wyoming, at the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, to the Lehigh River, at the Mouth of Wright’s Creek, by Henry COLT, Civil Engineer.

William BORDER, the Mail Robber, was tried last week at the United States’ Court held at Williamsport, for purloining a letter and its contents from the mail, and sentenced to ten year’s confinement in the western penitentiary. He was the driver of the mail coach between Danville and Muncy when he committed the robbery.

A meeting will be held of the Democratic party at the Court House, in Wilkesbarre, at early candle light, on Tuesday evening the 6th August next. E. HILL, Jacob KUTZ, B. A. BIDLACK, Standing Committee. The Berwick Gazette and the Democratic papers in this County, are requested to publish the above until the time of meeting.

At the commencement of the next volume we intend to enlarge our paper and otherwise much improve its appearance.

Appointment By The Governor. Jared R. BALDWIN, to be a Justice of the Peace in and for the district of Plymouth, Kingston, Lehman and Dallas.

3rd July. This is the anniversary of the day upon which occurred the famous Battle of Wyoming. It is sacred to the memory of many of our friends and relations who on that occasion laid down their lives in defence of this Valley. A monument is about to be erected to show the place of their sepulchre. The corner stone will be laid this day, at New Troy, with appropriate ceremonies.

The Tioga Phoenix has risen from the ashes, and is under the direction of B. B. SMITH, Esq. It is conducted with talent and spirit.

Died – At St. Louis, Missouri, on the 23 (or 28) ult., John SHAVER of this neighborhood. Mr. A. SHAVER, in the company with two of his neighbors left here a few weeks since, to visit the Western Country, with an intention, if it met his expectations, of removing. On his way, he was seized with the Cholera, and died at St. Louis, after a sickness of six days. By his death a wife and several children, have been bereaved of a husband and parent. Wyoming Republican

Fourth of July Young Men’s Celebration. Arrangements have been made to have a suitable dinner served up at the house of T. H. MORGAN on the fourth of July, and other preliminaries adjusted for the Celebration of the day. The young gentlemen of Wilkes-barre desirous of uniting in the festival are politely requested to attend.

Public Sale. The household furniture of Rev. N. MURRAY will be sold at his residence on Friday next, the 5th of July. At the same time and place will be sold a horse, carriage and harness, a fine fresh cow and a variety of gardening utensils.

Creditors Take Notice That we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County for the benefit of the Insolvent laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in August next, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, to hear us and our creditors, where you can attend if you think proper. Jesse DICKINSON, Thomas M. DENNIS

10 July 1833

An old gentleman by the name of HIRTE, died lately at Lebanon, Pa., having ran well with Father time, and reaching the out post of ninety.

The last Friday in June was appointed for the execution for the two murderers, TELLER and CAESAR, now confined in the jail at Hartford, Conn. As the time has elapsed, the Review contends that the Sheriff has no right or power to hang the criminals. It is probable that they will be brought up on a writ of habeas corpus and the question be decided by a competent tribunal.

Address by Chester BUTLER, Esq., Pronounced on the occasion of laying the Corner Stone of the Wyoming Monument, July 3rd.

Hale! All hail! The Patriot’s grave;
Valour’s memorable bed,
Hale the memory of the brave!
Hale the memory of the dead!
Time their triumph shall proclaim,
And their rich reward this be:
Immortality of fame,
Immortality of bliss.

Fourth of July, Young Men’s Celebration, Chester A. COLT, President; John J. ULP, Vice President and Asher M. WRIGHT, Secretary. The Declaration of Independence was read by T. W. DRAKE, at the termination of which a salute was fired from the cannon. Regular toasts and toasts given by T. W. DRAKE, Francis L. BOWMAN, Josiah LEWIS Jr., Hiram HOSKINS, S. P. COLLINGS, P. AVERY, E. L. M’SHANE, Mr. REID, H. PRITCHARD, George WILSON, Wm. PURDY

A Committee of the Methodist Episcopal Conference have made an able Report on the subject of the charges against the Rev. E. K. AVERY. They show most clearly his entire innocence.

Democratic Celebration. On the 4th at the house of Geo. P. STEEL, Wilkesbarre, Daniel COLLINGS was appointed Chairman, Christian GRUVER & J. ATHERHOLD, Secretaries. B. A. BIDLACK, Jacob KUTZ & R. SMITH, a committee to draft address. Regular toasts were given. Volunteer toasts deferred until next week.

Died – On Monday the 1st inst. in the Borough, of pulmonary consumption, Mrs. Caroline, relict of the late George DENISON, Esq., leaving four children without an earthly parent.

Orphans’ Court Sale, will be held 5th August, for land in Pittston Township, being a moiety of Lot No. 15 in the first division of one hundred acre lots. Bounded by a road, Lot No. 15, 7, 14, containing 55 acres, excepting 2 acres of land in said premises as reserved in the deed of Cornelius SEARLE to William SEARLE. Late estate of William SEARLE, of Pittston, deceased. Elisha BLACKMAN 2nd, administrator.

Register’s Notices for the following estates have been filed:
John WILSON, acting executor of the will of John WILSON, Sen., late of Eaton Township
Philip YOST, executor of John LANCE, late of Sugarloaf Township
Datin SCOTT, Esq., surviving administrator of George DENISON, late Wilkesbarre Borough

17 July 1833

The Valley of Wyoming, from the Daily Intelligencer

Laborers Wanted. John P. BABB, who has the contract for building the Rail Road bridge over the Schuylkill, near Philadelphia, has commenced active operations, and will give employment and liberal wages to hands who apply soon.

Died – Elizabeth BROWN, about 20, committed suicide about 10 o’clock on Saturday evening, by jumping into the river, near Callowhill Street wharf. Her parents reside in Lancaster County. Phila. Gaz.

Public Meeting, held July 4th at the house of John CHARLES, Conyngham. Andrew WOLF was called to the chair and Abraham DRUM and James A. GORDON, appointed Secretaries. Jacob DRUMHELLER, Jedediah IRISH, Nathan BEACH, Moses S. BRUNDAGE and James A. GORDON, Esquires, be a committee to advocate and conduct an investigation, before the Committee of the Senate, of the charges against certain Coal Companies, for monopolizing the coal trade.

Resolutions of the Towns Council, 28 June, for the cleaning of homes.

Walter MUNSON, of Exeter Township, having lost his speech, and being somewhat deranged, is in the habit of wandering away from his friends without any knowledge. His sons, Walter Jr. and Abel, wish us to say that any attention paid to him under such circumstances by the humane, will be gratefully considered and all expenses paid.

At a meeting held June 29th for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of altering the Constitution of Pennsylvania, Gen. William ROSS was appointed President, Lewis WORRELL and Charles J. CHRISTELL, Vice Presidents and Joseph P. DENNIS and Willard JACKSON, Secretaries. Luther KIDDER, Charles D. SHOEMAKER and Jacob KUTZ be Delegates to represent Luzerne County at the Convention at Harrisburg on the fourth Monday of August next.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at New Troy, July 1st:
Franklin JENKINS
Nicholas COX
Charles SMITH
Thomas DAVIS
Thomas DERRY
Isaac M’COY
Jas. JENKINS & Co.
William SWETLAND, P. M.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, July 1st:
Peter BOND
William BATES
Archibald DUNN
William EVINS
Tredway KELLOG
Col. Abel MARCY
Zebulon MARCY Jun.
William PLACE
Rachel WOOD
Lydia Ann WILCOX
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, June 30th:
Horace DAY
Richard H. BROWN
William A. RACE
Rhode RACE
Thomas BROWN
Walter KNAPP
Tho’s SMITH, P. M.

Letter Remaining at New Covington:
David DALE, P. M.

Notice. Members of the Reliance Fire Company who are in arrears for fines, will please take notice that the Company has been incorporated, and that the necessities of the company are such as to require immediate payment. Whitney SMITH, Treasurer.

Cheaper than Ever! Groceries, Crockery, Confectioneries, Combustibles, Nuts C. L. HARINGTON, Wilkesbarre

Hat Manufactory. Co-partnership under the firm of MERRITT & VAN FLEET, at the old stand on Market Street. Wm. A. MERRIT and Frederick VAN FLEET

24 July 1833

Improvement. At the commencement of the next volume we intend to enlarge our paper, and otherwise much improve its appearance.

Public Meeting. At a meeting of citizens of the Township of Union, held at the house of John HESS, on 20th July, for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of altering the constitution of Pennsylvania, John MOSS Jr. was called to the chair and John R. DEAN and Jacob BENSCOTER, appointed Secretaries. Committee to draft resolutions: Jacob BENSCOTER, Wm. MUCHLER and John R. DEAN.

Died – In this Borough, on Saturday last, Susan, infant daughter of Mrs. Harriet BOWMAN, aged 17 months.

31 July 1833

On Friday last Michael BRADY was brought from Philadelphia and lodged in our Jail, upon charge of having murdered Benjamin BALLIET of Leighton. Easton Centinel

On the night of the 14th inst. a very distressing and extensive fire occurred at Ithaca, NY, and about 25 houses and stores were consumed.

CLOUGH, the murderer of Mrs. HAMILTON, escaped from prison on the 20th inst., but was retaken the next day. Last Friday was the day fixed upon for his execution. Since writing the above, we learn that the sentence of the law was executed upon CLOUGH on the day appointed, in the presence of a vast concourse of spectators.

Lost! On the 20th of this month somewhere on the road between the house of Henry PEPPER, Providence Township and Abington Centre, Abington Township, a black leather wallet. Thomas SMITH, Pittston.

7 August 1833

The Execution of Joseph CLOUGH [see article]

A great days work. The Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, in one day last week, transported form Carbondale to Honesdale, over their Rail Road, Three Hundred and Sixteen Car loads of Coal, containing Two and a Half Tons each, which amounts to Seven Hundred & Ninety Tons, and estimating it at low rat of $6 per ton, equals Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Forty Dollars! Northern Pennsylvanian

On the motion of Chester BUTLER, Esq., Mathew Hale JONES and Caleb E. WRIGHT were on Tuesday last admitted to practice law at the several Courts of Luzerne Count.

Great Democratic Meeting. Jacob DRUMHELLER was unanimously chosen President and N. OVERFIELD and Joseph GRIFFIN, Vice Presidents and James HOLGATE & H. PETTEBONE, Secretaries. Committee of thirteen appointed to draft preamble and resolutions:
Maj. John FASSET
Thomas SMITH
William APPLE
James W. GOFF

Committees of Vigilance:
Sugarloaf: Abraham SMITH, John BEISELL
Nescopeck: David MIDDAUGH, Nicholas SEIZAR
Newport: William JACKSON, Peter FITZGERALD
Hanover: John FREDERICK, Henry MENIG
Wilkes-Barre: George W. WILLIAMS, Geo. P. STEEL
Covington: David DALE, Abraham DEPER
Providence: James H. PHINEY, Nathaniel COTTRILL
Blakely: John DALE, Hiram CASE
Carbondale: James W. GOFF, Reuben WILBER
Greenfield: Isaac FINCH, Charles BERRY
Abington: Mathew JACKSON, N. D. GREEN
Nicholson: William FELTON, John MARCY, Esq.
Falls: Nathaniel FITCH, Henry OSTERHOUT
Tunkhannock: Henry STARK, Lewis DICKSON
Washington: David JAYNE, Wm. MYERS
Braintrim: H. W. NORTHRUP, Moses OVERFIELD
Windham: Daniel HICKS, Maj. John FASSETT
Monroe: Thomas HADLEY, Wm. STREETER
Eaton: Daniel LEE, James BROWN
Exeter: Joseph W. ROGERS, Artemadous INGERSOLL
Northmoreland: Ashbel LEE, Jonathan CARPENTER
Dallas: Wm. SHAFER, Thomas IRWIN, Esq.
Kingston: Wm. C. HAGERMAN, Platt HITCHCOCK
Plymouth: Jared R. BALDWIN, Harman SEARLES
Lehman: Martin MYERS, Watson BALDWIN
Union: Joseph MOSS, Jr. John R. DEAN
Huntington: Thomas PATTERSON, David TRAVERS
Salem: Dr. M. CRARY, Andrew CORTRIGHT

14 August 1833

Another Murder. An Irishman from the Jersey Canal, at Bull’s Island, in the Delaware, and nearly opposite Lumberville, was committed to Jail in Flemington, NJ on Monday last charged with the crime of murder. The man in question, married, suspected his wife of infidelity. When returning home at night his suspicions were confirmed by finding the deceased there, and the marriage bed prostituted to the vilest passions. He immediately seized a club and beat out the brains of the seducer of his wife as he lay in the bed. He attempted the same punishment upon the woman, but was prevented, although she was seriously injured and her recovery considered doubtful. He made no attempt to escape, but gave himself up to the law. The wife of the prisoner, whose name is BURNS has since died. Doylestown Democrat.

Died – Gen. Jona. COFFEE, a soldier who figured conspicuously in the last war, aged 52nd year, at his residence near Florence, Alabama.

A Course of Lectures on Book-Keeping by Mr. REID.

To Bridge Builders. Proposals will be received at the Commissioners office, Wilkes-Barre until 30th Aug. for the erection of a Stone Bridge across Solomon’s Creek, about two miles below Wilkes-Barre on the main Road.

French Burr Mill Stones. 4 ft. – 4 ft. 4 in. and 4 1/2 feet. HOLLENBACK & RUTTER, Wilkesbarre

Cooper, Tin and Sheet Iron Manufactory. Samuel HOW, Wilkesbarre

21 August 1833

Memoir of Commodore BAINBRIDGE

Town-Lots In Nesquihoning and Mauch Chunk for sale. Also Lehigh Water Power & Town Lots of the Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company. Abiel ABBOTT, Superintendent

Dr. J. J. WRIGHT, has been appointed by the Secretary of War, as Surgeon in the U. S. Army.

Notice to Creditors. Whereas, in pursuance of an Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, an attachment hath been granted by the subscriber, one of the justices of the Peace, in and for the County of Luzerne, at the instance of a certain John BUNNEL of Washington Township in said County, Yeoman, against a certain Henry DURYED, of the township of Windham, in the County aforesaid, (Miller,) whereupon certain goods, chattels and effects of the said DURYED, have been attached and are now in the hands of John DUELLEY and William JAYNE of the same township, until they shall be disposed of according to law on the 7th September next, at the house of Paul P. JENNINGS, of Windham.

24,000 Acres of Land, For Sale in the County of Luzerne, situate upon the waters of the river Lehigh, Bear Creek, Roaring Brook and Roaring Creek. Henry COLE, Agent.

Drs. MINER & ORTON, having associated themselves in the practice of Medicine – the business of the profession will hereafter be continued by them under this firm.

28 August 1833

At a Meeting of the Reliance Fire Company, held at the Engine House, on the 19th, was on motion resolved, that it be the duty of the Treasurer to prosecute all members who are in arrears to the Company for fines, unless they are paid previous to the next stated meeting. H. COLLINS.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held the third Saturday of September, for about 100 acres of land, the homestead farm, situate in the township of Nicholson, and also of about 100 acres of land, situate in the same, formerly belonging to Woodbury S. WILBER, and purchased at Sheriff Sale the 8th April 1812. Also, another possession claim of about 20 acres of and situate in the same township, now in the occupation of Christian FELTON, and also another tract of land in same township, containing 257 acres. Late the Estate of Henry FELTON, of the township of Nicholson, deceased. Christian FELTON, William FELTON, Adm’rs.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held the third Monday of September, for land in Plymouth Township, being parts of Lots No. 34, 36, 38 in the second tier in the fifth division, containing 81 acres, late estate of Thomas EATON, deceased. Martin AYERS & Martha EATON, Guardians of the minor children of Thomas EATON, deceased.

Attention Citizen Volunteers. You are to meet at the house of Thomas H. MORGAN, on 7th September, at 9 o’clock A. M. for exercise, with six rounds of blank Cartridges. By order of the Captain, G. GREAVES, Orderly Sergeant.

2 September 1833

Died – In this Borough, on Friday evening last, of typhus fever, Edward ROHN, aged 29 years. He has left a disconsolate widow and several small offspring to mourn the loss of a father and protector.

Notice to Bridge Builders. In order to give entire satisfaction, the letting of the Bridges across Solomon’s Creek and Havey’s [Harvey’s?] Creek, is adjourned to Saturday, 7th September.

11 Sept. 1833

We are authorised to say that Paul OVERFIELD declines acting as a Committee of Vigilance, for the Federal party in Braintrim.

Married – On Thursday, the 5th inst., by Simeon F. ROGERS, Esq., in Plymouth Township, Thomas O. BOGARDUS, of Lehman Township to Miss Amy G. LEWIS, daughter of Rev. G. LEWIS, of the former place.

Married – In Tunkhannock on Thursday the 5th inst., by D. HARDING, Esq., Elisha HARDING Jr. Esq., of Eaton, to Miss Nancy, eldest daughter of Dr. Nathan JACKSON, of the former place.

Died – John BEDFORD, Esq., Attorney and Counsellor of Law, and Mayor of this Borough, died in the 26th year of his age, in the Village of Norwalk, of the Typhus fever, on the 28th inst. He came form Pennsylvania, and has resided here about four years. An appropriate Funeral Sermon was preached to a large concourse of people, by the Rev. BAUSMAN, from Philippians, 1st chap. 21 V. Norwalk, Ohio, Intelligencer.

The Democratic Republicans of Hanover Township, who are friends of Gen. JACKSON’S Administration and the Administration of our State, are notified to meet at the Red Tavern kept by L. HORTON, in said township on the 14th September at 4 o’clock in the afternoon to choose a delegate to attend the Democratic Delegate meeting at Philip MYERS’ in Kingston. Henry MENIG, John FREDERICK, Committee of Vigilance.

Notice. The Democratic citizens of Wilkesbarre township are notified to meet at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, on the 14th inst., at 5 o’clock P.M. to choose a delegate to attend the Democratic Delegate meeting at Philip MYERS’ in Kingston. George W. WILLIAMS, George P. STEELE, Committee of Vigilance.

Caution. All persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing a Note given by me to John C. BARNEY, for two hundred dollars, dated January 15, 1833, payable in two years from date – whereas I have received no value for said note, I am determined not to pay it unless compelled by law. Samuel DICKSON, Tunkhannock.

18 Sept. 1833

Heirs and Legal Representatives of estate of Henry FELTON, deceased, an Inquest will be held at the late dwelling house of deceased in township of Tunkhannock on October 16th for the purpose of making partition of real estate to and among his children and representatives.

J. NESBITT, Jr., Sheriff.

Notice to Creditors. I have applied for benefit of Insolvent Laws. The first Monday in November Court has been appointed to hear me and my creditors. Henry JOHNSON.

The Susquehanna Democrat has passed into the hands of Messrs. RAFFERTY and EDWARDS.

Luzerne Co. Democratic Delegate Convention, held at the house of Philip MYERS’, Kingston, on 17th inst., Bateman DOWNING was chosen President, Elisha S. POTTER, Moses OVERFIELD, Vice Presidents and Henry STARK and James W. GOFF, Secretaries. The following delegates appeared and presented their credentials:
Sugarloaf: Jacob DRUMHELLER
Nescopeck: David MIDDAUGH
Newport: Peter FITZGERALD
Hanover: Bateman DOWNING
Wilkesbarre: Benjamin A. BIDLACK
Pittston: Samuel SAYLOR
Covington: David DALE
Providence: Elisha S. POTTER
Blakeley: Hiram CASE
Carbondale: James W. GOFF
Greenfield: Harvey VAIL
Abington: Norvall D. GREEN
Nicholson: John F. DEPUY, Jr.
Falls: Henry OSTERHOUT
Tunkhannock: Henry STARK
Washington: Wm. MYERS, absent
Braintrim: Moses OVERFIELD
Windham: Stoughton PETTEBONE
Monroe: David WESTOVER
Eaton: Philip LEE
Exeter: Artemadorus INGERSOLL, Jr.
Northmoreland: Wm. MERRYFIELD
Dallas: Thomas IRWIN
Kingston: Platt HITCHCOCK
Plymouth: Jared R. BALDWIN
Lehman: Watson BALDWIN
Union: John R. DEAN
Huntington: Thomas PATTERSON
Salem: Silas E. SYBERT

Convention proceeded by ballot to the nomination of candidates to be supported at the ensuing election: Albert G. BRODHEAD and Ziba BENNETT, for Assembly; Sebastian SYBERT, for Commissioner; Thomas IRWIN, for Auditor. Committee to draft an address: Bateman DOWNING, E. S. POTTER, John R. DEAN, J. W. GOFF and Jared R. BALDWIN.

At a public meeting of Democratic citizens of Sugarloaf Township, held at house of John CHARLES, 14th inst., Martin RITTENHOUSE was called to the chair and A. MURRY, chosen Secretary. Committee to draft resolutions: Jacob DRUMHELLER, Phineas SMITH, Joseph ENGLE, Philip WOODRINGER and William BEERS. That Jacob DRUMHELLER be delegate to represent this township on 17th at Philip MYERS.

At a meeting of Democratic Republicans held at the house of Lewis HORTON, in Hanover, on 14th, John FREDRICK was called to the chair and Henry MENICH appointed secretary. (no further names listed)

At a meeting of Democratic Republicans held at Carbondale, on 14th at TREAT & AINSWORTH’S Hotel, for choosing a delegate to represent the township at the house of Philip MYERS’, on 17th inst. Amzi WILSON, was chosen President and Dr. William COPELAND, Vice President; John H. WATERRBURY and Horatio B. BOWMAN, Secretaries. J.W. GOFF was unanimously elected a delegate.

Susquehanna County Convention, held 2nd inst. at Court House in Montrose, the following gentlemen were nominated to be supported for several offices at ensuing election: A. H. READ, Senator; Bela JONES, Representative; Charles AVERY, Sheriff; Daivid RABB, Commissioner; Josiah B. BILL, Auditor and Hiram FINCH, Coroner.

25 September 1833

Married – In Kingston, on 15th inst., by Rev. S. CARVER, William BOOTH to Miss Maria BROWN, of Plymouth.

In the same township on the same day, by Thomas IRWIN, Esq., John KLINE, of Wilkesbarre, to Miss Catharine THORN, of Kingston.

Tin & Sheet Iron Ware Manufactory. S. G. KRICK & H. OVERTON, New Troy.

To Journeymen Boot and Shoe-Makers. Four or five that are good workmen and steady men, will find constant employment and good wages by application to Thomas DAVIDGE, Wilkesbarre.

2 October 1833

Drowned – James STRAIN, a hand in the employ of Mr. JOHNSON, on the Pennsylvania Canal, near Hollidaysburg, was drowned a few days since, while in the act of abutting one of the paddle gates.

Register’s Notice, accounts will be presented at Orphans Court on Nov. 7th:
Orange FULLER and Mary JAQUES, admins., of Robert JAQUES, late of Northmoreland.
Daniel WHITEBREAD and William HESS, execs. of Henry WHITEBREAD, late of Nescopeck
Dr. Thomas W. MINER, surviving admin. of Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., late of Wilkesbarre.
Hannah INMAN and Israel INMAN, admins. of Richard INMAN, late of Hanover Twp.
Lettia HEISZE, guardian of minor children, heirs of Henry HEISZE, late of Tunkhannock

Estate of Nathan FORBES, late of Huntington, requests payments and demands. Titus SEAWARD, adm’r.

Election next Tuesday, the 8th.

Affray at Carbondale. The history of this as near as we could learn – A man named FERRIS, living out of the place, had previously had some dispute with some of the Irish, and as he was leaving the town accompanied by Major WATTERMAN, they were attacked by the Irish. Some of the citizens ran to their rescue, and others of the Irish joined the assailing party, until the affray became quite general. Among the number whom the Irish surrounded was a Mr. GARDNER, who, finding, as he says, that most of them were bent upon taking his life, drew out his jack knife, and dealt as much destruction among them as he found requisite to effect his escape. There were a number of citizens severely injured and one of the assailants has since died.

Joseph SLOCUM, candidate of the National Republicans, who would have made a good Commissioner, is withdrawn from the contest.

9 October 1833

Buried Alive. A young man named BORDEN, was buried alive by the falling in of a sand bank at Little Falls, NY, where he was at work on Saturday the 14th inst. The alarm of his companions called a number of citizens together, by whose exertions his life was barely preserved. He was put into the hands of the physicians, in whose care he has since been, and hopes are entertained of his recovery.

Fire Company. A slated meeting will be held at the Engine House on the 21st October. Samuel P. COLLINGS, Sec’y.

A Supposed Murder. Considerable excitement exists in this place, in consequence of the circumstances attending the discovery of the dead body of a lad named George, son of Emanual BRENIZER, of this place, aged about 15 years, which was found in the water, in one of the chambers of Hudson’s Locks, on the Schuylkill Canal, about 5 miles above this place. He was employed to ride the horse attached to a boat, the captain of which delivered a bundle of clothing at the residence of Mr. B. on Wednesday, stating that he did not know what had become of the boy. On Sunday last, the body was discovered, and, on being examined, the neck and one arm were found broken, besides some wounds about the arm and body, resembling stabs, all which evidently occurred before the body was committed to the water. We have not learned the Captain’s’ name, and our information of other particulars is not very minute. Reading Chronicle

Married – In Braintrim, on Wednesday evening, Sept. 19th, by Rev. George PRINCE, Miner FAREY, of Bradford County, to Miss Sarah LACEY, of Braintrim.

At the same place, on Thursday evening, Sept. 26th, by Rev. PARKER, Daniel GAREY, to Miss Mary Ann TUPPER, both of Braintrim.

1,377 Acres of Land for Sale, three tracts in Luzerne County, upon Sandy Run, a branch of the Lehigh River, about three miles from said river and about six miles above Lowrytown, and same distance from the route of the Beaver Meadow Rail Road. Henry COLT, Agent.

Wanted. Two Apprentices to the Hatting business, between the ages of 14 and 16. William A. MERITT.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 4th November, for 50 acres land in Nescopeck Township, late estate of Jacob RUTH, of Sugarloaf Township, deceased. Benjamin SMITH and Mathias EROCH, admins.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held on premises on last Friday in October. Land in Union Township, Luzerne County, containing 174 acres, bounded by S. BONHAM, Daniel KOONS and J. WOLF, late estate of Manuel TURNER, of same, deceased. John TURNER, Adm’r.

List of Letters Remaining in Post Office at Tunkhannock, Oct. 1st:
Peter BOND
Joshua BATES
William BATES
Capt. Joseph CAMP
Elisha G. CAMP
Archibald DUNN
William DRIGGS
Dr. James KELLY
Messrs. William &
Dredway KELLOG
Zebulon MARCY Jr.
Ephraim SAWYER
William WEEKS
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Plainsville, Oct. 1st:
Jacob WEST
Jacob or George
Schureman HALSTED
Stephen WEEKS
Charles N. IRONS

List of Letters Remaining in Post Office at Pittston, Oct. 1st:
Tracy E. SMITH
Richard BROWN
George SOX
Jonathan MARCY
William DECKER
William A. RACE
Thomas SMITH, P. M.

16 October 1833

The execution of GETTER, on Friday last at ten minutes past two, the rope was looped around his neck, and having been scarcely raised three feet the rope snapped off and he fell, his face uncovered, but he lay without life or motion for half a minute. He then opened his eyes and looked around him with a kind of half-smile, half-sneer and remarked in a careless tone “that was good for nothing.” He then leaned against the gallows until the deputy Sheriff provided another rope. Again the rope was placed around his neck, the cord cut and he was immediately carried up about 6 or 8 feet, in 11 minutes all motion ceased. In 30 minutes he was cut down and body given to his relatives. Easton Sentinel

On the 1st inst., Oren T., son of Major OLES, of Orwell Township, Bradford County, came to his death by the fall of a tree while chopping, in company with others, and instantly expired. N. Penns’n.

Alvan DANA, Providence, wishes to purchase 10 or 15 cows, and pay in Cabinet Furniture & Chairs. Also young cattle.

Creditors Take Notice That we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County for the benefit of the Insolvent laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in November next, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, to hear us and our creditors, where you can attend if you think proper. Patrick MALONE and James BENSCOTER 2nd.

Wilkesbarre Academy, winter term will commence 28th October, under charge of Messrs. I. DICKINSON and Wm. A. ST JOHN.

Six Cents Reward. Ran away from Damon STEVENS, Eaton, on 1st September last, Edward M. CORNEL, apprentice of business of Husbandry.

A Black Heifer with both ears cut off, came to the enclosure of Cosimer FETHERMAN, Newport, in July last, Owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away.

To the Debtors of County. Those indebted to the county must not complain if payment is immediately urged. The situation of the county funds and the directions of the Commissioners leaves no alternative. Those indebted for Store and Tavern Licenses must not delay payment beyond next Court. B. A. BIDLACK, Treasurer.

Official Election of Luzerne County:
Assembly: Ziba BENNETT (1590), Albert G. BRODHEAD (1531), Chester BUTLER (1339), Jacob ROMBACH (1228)
Com’r.: Sebastian SYBERT (1478), Philip MEIXELL (1353)
Auditor: Thomas IRWIN (1531), Schuyler FASSETT (199), James JENKINS (858), David B. BLANCHARD (247)

Married – At Clifford, by Rev. John MILLER, Ira AINSWORTH, of Carbondale, to Elizabeth E., dau. Of George ORUM

Married – In Clifford, by Rev. Charles MILLER, George BROWNELL to Miss Amey ARNOLD

Married – In Nicholson, on Thursday the 26th ult., by Caleb ROBERTS, Esq., James S. KENNEDY to Miss Purlina JAYNE

Married – In Braintrim, on Tuesday, 8th, last, by Rev. Isaac D. JONES, of Exeter, Dr. Edmund B. WEST, to Miss Sarah S. dau. Of Maj. Daniel STERLING, all of Braintrim.

Died – In Clifford, on 3rd inst., Watey Ann MILLER, aged two years and seven months.

23 October 1833

Code of Instruction for Ladies.
1. Let every wife be persuaded that there are two ways of governing a family; the first is the expression of that will which belongs to force; the second, by the power of mildness, to which ever strength will yield. One is the power of the husband; a wife should never employ any other arms than gentleness. When a woman accustoms herself to say I will, she deserves to lose her empire.
2. Avoid contradicting your husband. When we smell at a rose, it is to imbibe the sweetness of its odor; we, likewise, look for every thing that is amiable from women.
3. Occupy yourself only with household affairs, wait till your husband confides to you those of higher importance; and do not give your advice till he asks for it.
4. Never take upon yourself to be a censor of your husband’s morals; neither read lectures to him. Let your preaching be a good example, and practice virtue yourself, to make him in love with it.
5. Command his attentions by using always attentive to him; never exact any thing and you will obtain much; appear always flattered by the little he does for you, which will excite him to perform more.
6. All men are vain; never wound his vanity, not even in the most trifling instances. A wife may have more sense than her husband, but she should never seem to know it.
7. When a man gives wrong counsel, never make him feel that he has done so but lead him on by degrees to what is rational, with mildness and gentleness; when he is convinced, leave him all the merit of having found out what was just and reasonable.
8. When a husband is out of temper, behave obliging to him, if he is abusive, never retort; and never prevail over him to humble him.
9. Choose well your female friends; have but few, and be careful of following their advice in all matters, particularly inimical to the foreign instructions.
10. Cherish neatness without luxury, and pleasure without excess; dress with taste and particularly with modesty; vary the fashions of your dress especially in regard to colours. It gives a change to the ideas, and recalls pleasing recollections. Such things may appear triffling, but they are more importance than is imagined.
11. Never be curious to pry into your husband’s concerns, but obtain his confidences by that which, at all times, you repose in him. Always preserve order and economy; avoid being out of temper, and be careful never to scold. By these means he will find his own house more pleasant than any other.
12. Seem always to obtain information from his especially before company, though you may pass yourself for a simpleton. Never forget that a wife owes all her importance to that of her husband. Leave him entirely master of his actions, to goor come whenever he thinks fit. – A wife ought to make her company so amiable to her husband, that he will not be able to exist without it then he will not seek for nay pleasure abroad if she does not partake of it with him.

Geo. BARTON, a confirmed drunkard, has committed an aggravated murder on his wife at Centerville, Salem County, NJ, a few days since.

Calvin EDSON, the skeleton man, recently died at his residence in Vermont.

Stockholders of the Wyoming Bank, will meet at the banking-House, on November 5th, when a statement of the affairs of the institution will be laid before them. An election for directors of the institution will be held at the Court House, in Wilkes-barre on 18th November. E. LYNCH, Cashier.

Boot & Shoe Manufactory. Wm. RUDOLPH, Wilkesbarre.

Cabinet & Chair Manufactory. Ansel Thomas, Wilkesbarre

Estate of Oliver PETTEBONE, deceased, notice that the Auditors appointed on 15th August last, will meet at the house of deceased, in Kingston on 19th November, where those interested may attend. Volney L. MAXWELL, Elias HOYT, Eleazer CARY, Auditors.

Appointment by the Governor:
Ellis LEWIS, Esq., President Judge of the 8th Judicial district of Pennsylvania.
George M. DALLAS, Esq., Attorney General for the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in place of Ellis LEWIS, appointed Judge.

Died – In Plymouth, on Wednesday the 16th inst., Mrs. Abigail, wife of John SEARL, in 21st year, leaving husband and two small children at a tender age.

30 October 1833

To Contractors. Proposals will be received until Monday the 11th November next, at the office of the Beaver Meadow Rail-Road and Coal Company, for Grubbing, Clearing, and Grading their Rail-Road from section No. 8 to 22, inclusive. Also for furnishing 350,000 feet, board measure, of good White Oak or Yellow Pine Rail Timber, 5 by 7 inches in lengths of 12 and 18 feet, free from sap, shakes unsound knots and other imperfections. Morris HALL, Jr., Sec’y, Beaver Meadows.

Regimental Orders. The Court of Appeal for the 2nd Battalion of the 116th Regiment, will assemble at the house of Jesse LEE, in Eaton, on 16th November at 10 o’clock, A. M., for the purpose of hearing the absentees of the 5th and 9th companies – the commanding offices of said companies not having made returns to the Court of Appeal in July last. Moses VAUGHN, Col.

Last Notice. Persons indebted to the firm of AMBLER & MERRITT, or to Wm. A. MERRITT individually, are hereby informed that their accounts must be settled before the close of the approaching Court, otherwise their accounts will be sued without respect to persons. Wm. A. MERRITT, Wilkesbarre.

The Pardon. Letter of Hon. Andrew BEAUMONT, stating to Mr. SHULTZE, that neither he or Mr. MAY had asked for Henry KECK’S pardon, merely for a postponement or respite of his execution in consequence of the particular situation of his wife. His letter states “she is pregnant, and will probably be confined not far from the time fixed upon for his execution… all I presume to suggest or request at this time would be a respite for a few weeks to save the feelings and sufferings of his wretched wife…

A public meeting of the mechanics of Wilkesbarre, was held at the house of G. P. STEELE, for the purpose of adopting measures promotive of their mutual interests, and to interpose their veto against the introduction of foreign articles which come within the scope of their own manufacture, Anthony BROWER, was called to the Chair and J. W. LYNDE and A. M. WRIGHT appointed Secretary. Committee to draft resolutions: William WILLITTS, Samuel HOWE, Wm. B. NORTON, Wm. STEPHENS, Elam PURDY, Ansel THOMAS, Hartzel CHRISMAN, J. W. LYNDE and A. M. WRIGHT.

State Parties, (complete list of those to serve the Legislature of Pennsylvania given), includes:
Senate (Democrats): Jacob KERN, W. T. ROGERS, John KLINGENSMITH Jr.
House of Rep. (Democrats): Peter KLINE Jr., Isaac KLINE, Ziba BENNETT, James SCOTT
(Anti-Masons): David MITCHELL, William AYRES

Died – At his residence, Grace Creek, Tennessee, of the prevailing fever of that country, after a short illness, Thomas ELY, aged thirty-nine. He was a native of this Valley.

Awful Fire, this morning, discovered at the house of J. F. COX, Esq. and several mechanics shops, which spread both East and West. Thirty families homeless. Somerset, Pa., Patriot, Oct. 16th.

Married – On the 20th inst., in Springfield Twp., Bucks Co., by Samuel LONG, Esq., David FULLMER to Miss Anna, dau. Of Frederick ATHERHOLD, of Kingston, Luzerne Co.

6 Nov. 1833

Temperance. At a meeting of the Wyoming Assoc. of Cold Water Men, on 16th October, a committee of six persons were appointed to address the dealers in intoxicating liquors in this Valley. Daniel G. BAILEY, Rec. Sec. (Full address given)

A Large Quantity of first rate Nova Scotia Plaster, for sale. HACKLEY & KNAPP, Carbondale.

A steer came to the enclosure of H. OSTERHOUT, Falls, in June last. The owner is desired to come, prove property, pay charges and take him away.

H. P. HOPKINS has removed his store from Kingston to Wilkesbarre, in Market Street, next door to J. J. DENNIS’ tavern where he offers for sale, at reduced prices, dry goods, groceries, glass and tin ware, hard ware and medicines.

Appointment by G. M. DALLAS, Attorney General – H. B. WRIGHT to Prosecute in and for the county of Luzerne.

On motion of E. W. STURDEVANT, Esq., L. KIDDER was admitted to practice as Attorney at Law in all Courts of this county. Also on motion of Wm. WURTS, Esq., D. N. LATHROP was admitted to practice as Attorney at Law in all Courts of this county.

Murder on Friday night last, near Frederica, Kent County. George BONWELL, who lives on the Dover road about three miles this side of Frederica, the victim was his own daughter, a young girl of fourteen or fifteen years of age. He had returned home in the evening, and found one of the younger children crying, and upon inquiry was informed, that it had been corrected by the elder daughter. Without further inquiry, he attacked his daughter with savage ferocity, knocked her down with a heavy stick, and literally crushed her ribs by stamping on her with his feet. She died in about 30 minutes. The innocent victim of this appealing crime, we are informed, had lately, finished her education at the boarding school of Samuel HILES in this city, and was an amiable and deserving girl. BONWELL is in good circumstances. He has been committed to the Dover jail to await his trial. Wilmington, Del. Jour.

Died – Suddenly in Plymouth on the 29th ult., Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of George WADHAMS, in 33rd year. She was a member of the Christian Church.

13 Nov. 1833

Melancholy Accident – In Gibson Township, this county, on Sunday 27th ult., as Horace THAYER of that township, accompanied by his wife in a dearborn wagon, were passing down hill east of Sweet’s Inn on the Newburgh turnpike, one of the straps connected with the shafts of the wagon gave way, precipitated the wagon upon the horse, and occasioned his starting furiously down the hill. Mr. and Mrs. THAYER were both thrown violently from the wagon; the latter had her neck dislocated and died instantly. Mr. T. was severely hurt, but, we understand is in a fair way of recovery. Mrs. T. was the dau. Of J. WASHBURN, Esq. of Gibson, and aged about 31 years. Montrose Register

Wanted Immediately, 3 or 4 Journeymen Boot & Shoe makers, to whom constant employment and liberal wages will be given by Wm. RUDOLPH, Wilkesbarre

Married – In this place on Thursday evening last, by Rev. Isaiah BAHL, Peter KOCHER, of Hanover, to Miss Eliza KREMER, of Newport

Married – At Mauch Chunk, on Thursday the 31st ult., by I. T. DODSON, Esq., Andrew COOPER to Miss Eliza KOHLER.

Died – In this Borough, on Sunday morning last, Samuel BETTLE, aged about 35

Died – In Salem, in this county, on Saturday evening the 2nd inst., of typhus fever, William TRESCOTT.

House of Public Entertainment. Wm. C. JOHNSON, has taken that well known stand, lately occupied by Washington STANSBURY, at Tunkhannock, where he intends to keep a house of public entertainment, and solicits a share of public patronage.

Leather Establishment. PORTER & BOWMAN, having taken the well known Stand of Isaac BOWMAN, west side of the public square Robert PORTER and F. L. BOWMAN, would respectfully inform their friends and the public generally that they have on hand a large quantity of the very best oak tanned Spanish and Country Sole Leather.

Reliance Fire Company. A meeting will be held the 3rd Monday in November inst., at 2 o’clock P. M. S. P. COLLINGS, Sec.

20 Nov. 1833

Notice. All persons indebted to H. F. LAMB, Wilkesbarre, are requested to make payment by the 1st of January next.

Towanda Stage, Leaves Tunkhannock every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, and arrives same day at Towanda, at which place it intersects regular Stages for Ithaca, Newtown and Owego. Fare, $1.75. D. M. BULL, Proprietor.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held on second Tuesday of December next, for land in Providence Township, patented to Charles DOLPH, lying between lands of Samuel SHERWOOD and Gilbert DUNNING, and formerly owned by John SWARTZ, containing 18 acres, late estate of David NOBLE, deceased. Jeremiah BENNET, admin.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held on second Monday in December, for land in Union Twp., containing 174 acres, bounded by S. BONHAM, Daniel KOONS and J. WOLF, late estate of Manuel TURNER, deceased. John TURNER, Admin.

27 Nov. 1833

Register’s Notice. Estate of John KELLY, late of Kingston, has been filed by John EATON, surviving administrator. Also estate of Richard BIRD, late of Kingston has been filed by William SWETLAND and Elizabeth BIRD, Admin’s.

A New Settlement is now forming in Covington Township, Luzerne County, by emigrants from Wales, and New Wales is the name given to the settlement.

Married – In Kingston, on Thursday evening, the 21st inst., by Rev. James MAY, George LAZARUS Jr. to Miss Edith, dau. Of John SHARPE, of the former place.

Died – At his residence in Lycoming Township, Lycoming County, on 12th inst., of Hydrophobia, Enan PAULHAMUS, aged about 35 years.

4 December 1833

Creditors Take Notice That we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County for the benefit of the Insolvent laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in January Court, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, to hear us and our creditors, where you can attend if you think proper. Michael DINNIN, Patrick GRATTAN, Moses BEEMER, Samuel SAYRE, Abraham KREAMER, Patrick AHER, Warren ARNOLD, Thomas FARRAL

The Port Carbon Mail was robbed from the stage office in Pottsville, on Sunday last. Fifty dollars reward is offered for the recovery of the mail, and the arrest of the offender.

The sheriff of Adams County has offered a reward of $100 for the apprehension of John SHULZE, who made his escape from the jail on Wednesday week.

Married – On the 3rd ult., by Rev. (no surname), John CLARK, of Plymouth to Miss Betsey BOOTH, of Dallas.

Died – On Monday last in this place, Mrs. SHOEMAKER, wife of Hon. Charles D. SHOEMAKER.

Notice to Bridge Builders, the commissioners of the county give notice that the contract for a County Bridge, over the Mahoopany Creek, near WHIPPLE’S Mills, will be let (on the ground) on Saturday the 21st Dec. inst., to the lowest bidder giving good security. T. MYERS, Clerk

11 Dec. 1833

Died – In this place last evening, John LAIRD, s/o Gilbert LAIRD.

The Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co., Philadelphia at a meeting resolved that the toll shall be the same in 1834 as in 1833, except for articles of Lumber in Boats and Mineral Coal.

New Store, at the Old Stand on Market Street, next door to S. T. NICHOLSON & Co. Ab’m. Thomas, Wilkesbarre.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held the last Saturday of December inst., for a tract of land on the west side of the Susquehanna river, adjoining lands of Hiram HARDING, Andrew MANTANGE Jr., and Isaac HARDING, known as the HARDING Tavern Stand, being part of lot No. 16, containing 100 acres. Polly HARDING and Isaac HARDING, Administrators.

In Orphans’ Court on 30th November, rule upon the Heirs of Henry FELTON, late of Nicholson Township, to appear and take the real estate of said decedent according to the appraisement, upon the first day of January term next. Certified from the Record, Dec. 9. Henry PETTEBONE, Clerk.

18 Dec. 1833

From a letter dated 3 Nov. 1833, Brooklin, VT. Aaron SKINNER hung himself last Wednesday with a bridle, in George SKINNER’S back room; and yesterday David WALKER clomb up a ladder, and fixed a bridle round the ridge pole, or rafter and swung off. The bridle not being strong gave way, and poor David fell to the floor, by which he bruised his face very badly, and bled at least half a pint. David is and has been for some time past love sick, for Beck RANNEY.

Standing Committees in the Senate (each committee listed with names):
Agriculture and Domestic Manufactures: KLINGENSMITH
Election Districts: KLINGENSMITH
Corporations: KLINGENSMITH

Married – In this borough on Thursday evening last, by Rev. STOCKING, Abraham SMITH of Wilkesbarre to Miss Mary BENNETT, of Hanover.

Tailoring. I. B. STONE, has opened a Shop next to Wm. GILDERSLEEVE’S Store.

Estray. Steers strayed from the enclosure some time in October last, of John SEARLE, Wilkesbarre Township. Any person who will return said Steers, or give information where he can get them, will be liberally rewarded.

25 Dec. 1833

Poem. From the Christian Palladium. The “Lines written on the bank of the Susquehanna River, in Wyoming Valley, Pa.,” April 5, 1833, by D. M. The horrid massacre of the inhabitants of Wyoming Valley, Pa., by the Indians, in 1798, is familiar to every reader of American history.

Wednesday, Dec. 11th. Petition of Mr. KERN from the heirs of Geo. NAGLE, late of Luzerne County, deceased, for compensation for a tract of confiscated land, sold as the estate of Andrew ALLEN.
Thursday, Dec. 12th: Petition of Mr. HOPKINS, for relief of Peter GEAHART, a revolutionary soldier.
Saturday, Dec. 14th: Petition of Mr. READ, to issue patents for certain lands in Susquehanna County, to Jason WISSWALL, and others.
Monday, Dec. 16th: Petition of Mr. HOPKINS, from Andrew HERGERER, an old soldier. And Eva Maria STAHLER and Catharine NUGESSER, widows of old soldiers for relief.

Appointments by the Governor: Amzi WILSON, of Carbondale, to be Justice of the Peace, in and for the County of Luzerne for the sixth district. Watson BALDWIN, of Lehman, appointed as above, a Justice of the Peace for District No. 2, in Luzerne County.

The Black List. In justice to ourselves and to the community, we have had it in contemplation for some time to commence a black list, on which we might place all absconding delinquents. The late elopement of Elam D. PURDY and Lucius AYRES, without “paying the Printer,” and without settling other honest debts due to our industrious mechanics, has determined our course. We therefore place the above individuals at the head of the list, and shall fill it up as we find materials. So let all rogues look out.

Estate of Henry LUTZY, late of Providence, requests payments and demands. Joshua GRIFFIN Jr., and Sarah LUTZY, Administrators.

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