1834 Republican Farmer and Democratic Journal


Published on Wednesday, Wilkesbarre, PA

1 Jan. 1834 No Paper Issued

8 Jan. 1834

Although we had ordered paper from the city more than a month since, it did not arrive in time for our publication day last week, owing to the state of the roads. We shall guard against like failures in future.

Notice. All persons indebted to Philip RIMER, are invited to call and settle their accounts immediately, as I shall leave the State on or about the first day of April next.

List of Letters Remaining at Post Office at Tunkhannock, Jan. 1st:
Francis M. BABCOCK
Edward BUCK
Nathaniel BANEON
Capt. James JACKSON
Leonard JACOBY
Mrs. Nancy JOHN or
Solomon MC LANE
Samuel STARK
Miss Esther WILLSEY
Miss Nancy WILCOX
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letter Remaining at Post Office at Plains, Jan. 1st:
Peter S. CROOP
Daniel STARK
William CORNEW
Samuel SAYLOR, P. M.

The Democratic Citizens of Luzerne County are requested to meet at the house of Geo. P. STEEL, on the evening of the 8th inst., for the purpose of celebrating the anniversary of the glorious victory at New Orleans.

The Wilkesbarre Antimasonic Advocate has been transferred by Elijah WORTHINGTON to E. B. WORTHINGTON, brother of the former editor.

The Wayne County Herald has also been disposed of by A. G. DIMOCK its recent Editor, to Messrs. KINGSBURY and FULLER.

23rd Congress, House of Representatives:
Dec. 12th: Mr. BEAUMONT presented petition of Jonathan BULKELY, for pension, for an injury received in the naval service of the US. Also petition of John JENKS, a Rev. soldier, praying for arrearages of pay.
Dec. 13th: Mr. BEAUMONT presented petition of Phebe, widow of Col. Zebulon BUTLER, deceased, praying for an act of Congress authorizing her to receive for herself and for his heirs the pay and commutation pay which may be due the said Col. Zebulon, for services rendered as an officer in the Rev.
Dec. 18th: On motion of Mr. BEAUMONT, that the committee on Revolutionary Claims be instructed to inquire into the propriety of making compensation to the heirs of Benjamin HARVEY, deceased, for bounty lands and service rendered the US during Revolutionary War.
Dec. 22nd: Mr. BEAUMOT presented petition of Abigail BRINK, formerly Abigail DODSON, praying for an annuity or compensation for her suffering and injuries while a captive among the Indians, during the Revolutionary War.

Married – In Lebanon, on 25th ult., by Simeon F. ROGERS, Esq., Jonah K. LEWIS, son of Rev. Griffin LEWIS, to Miss Caroline E., dau. of Jacob I. BOGORDUS, Esq.

List of Dead Buried in the Common Burying Ground last year: Adults 14, children 17, colored people 4
Dead buried in St. Stephen’s Church Yard: Adults 4, Children 5
Of these are Inhabitants of this Borough: Adults 13, children 12
The others are from the cuvirons (?) of this Borough and Strangers. John M. KIENZLE, sexton, Wilkesbarre.

The Black List (see 25 Dec. 1833): Sidney HAWK

Boot and Shoe Manufactory. William J. STEPHENS & James PLANT, Wilkesbarre.

Notice. Contributors to the Wyoming Monument are requested to meet at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, on 8th Jan. C. D. SHOEMAKER, sec’y.

15 January 1834

List of Letters Remaining in Post Office at Pittston, Jan.1st:
Daived LAPHY
Nicholas HARVEY
Jonathan HARMAN
Humphrey LEONARD
Jonas DOTY
Nathaniel GIDDINGS Jr.
William S. LEACH
Messrs. Mary SMITH (ok)
Daniel LEACH
Thomas SMITH, P. M.

Celebration of the Glorious Victory of New Orleans. The meeting of democratic citizens was held at the house of Geo. P. STEEL on the evening of the 8th, Joseph GRIFFIN was appointed President, Fisher GAY and Bateman DOWNING, Vice Presidents and Seth L. KEENEY and Joseph MOSS, Secretaries.

Democratic Meeting held at the house of George P. STEELE, on Monday, 6th Jan., for purpose of appointing Delegates to the Convention at Harrisburg. Joseph TUTTLE, of Kingston Township, was called to the Chair and Asa STEVENS of Windham and Andrew CORTRIGHT, of Salem, Vice Presidents and C. L. TERWILLIGER of Covington and Maj. John FASSETT, of Windham, Secretaries. The committee of resolutions appointed were, viz: Luman FERRY, of Tunkhannock Township, Jasper FASSETT, of Windham, Daniel COLLINGS, of Wilkesbarre, Abraham S. HONNEYWELL, of Dallas, William AYRES, of Washington. A. G. BROADHEAD and Ziba BENNETT, members of the House of Representatives from this county, are appointed Delegates to the Convention.

Died – Dr. Thomas F. SARGENT, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, died of Apoplexy, on Sunday evening, the 29th inst.

Jackson Democratic Celebration of 8th January, at the house of Geo. P. STEELE, Wilkesbarre, Joseph GRIFFIN was appointed President, Bateman DOWNING, of Hanover and Fisher GAY, of Kingston, Vice Presidents, Seth L. KEENEY, of Windham and Joseph MOSS, of Union, were appointed Secretaries. Object of the meeting stated by Benjamin A. BIDLACK. Committee of seven to prepare toasts: Sebastian SYBERT, of Salem; Benjamin A. BIDLACK and Hendrick B. WRIGHT, of Wilkesbarre; Erastus HILL, of Kingston; Abraham JAYNE, of Washington; Miles AVERY, of Falls and William MYERS, of Windham. Toasts of committee listed. Volunteer toasts were given by J. GRIFFIN, B. DOWNING, Fisher GAY, Seth L. KEENEY, Joseph MOSS, Jr., F. L. BOWMAN, S. SYBERT Esq., Gen. Isaac BOWMAN, B. A. BIDLACK, H. B. WRIGHT, Luman FERRY, Benj. MOSS, Mr. GORDON, Seth L. KEENEY, H. HOSKINS, E. HILL, Abraham JAYNE, H. B. WRIGHT, Jacob BENSCOTER, John WILSON, Wm. MYERS, Wm. MC NEELY, Asahel WANDELL, Isaac VOSBURGH, Chester STEEL The patriotic song “The Hunters of Kentucky” (listed) was sung by Maj. Samuel RAUB and others.

At a meeting of the Wyoming Monument subscribers, held January 8th, Col. Benjamin DORRANCE, was called to the Chair and Henry PETTEBONE appointed Secretary. Col. John L. BUTLER, was appointed to superintend the erection of the monument. A committee to prepare a memorial, viz: William S. ROSS, Chester BUTLER and Henry PETTEBONE. Committee to settle accounts of the building committee: Col. Benjamin DORRANCE, William S. ROSS, John N. CONYNGHAM, Esquires. Col. Erastus HILL and Hon. Charles D. SHOEMAKER be a committee to collect the balance of subscriptions.

Penna. Legislature:
Jan. 6th: Mr. BRODHEAD, one to compensate Josiah T. BEACH for a tract of land certified to Connecticut claimants.
Mr. BRODHEAD, for compensating Daniel CARY, of Luzerne County, for damages sustained in consequence of the erection of the Nanticoke Dam.

List of Letters Remaining at the Post Office at Stoddardsville, Jan. 1st:
Joseph C. SHODE
Richard M. MOORE
William MALLERY, P. M.

22 Jan. 1834

Reform Convention held Jan. 8th and 9th at Harrisburg, (all delegates listed):
Luzerne: Luther KIDDER, Albert G. BRODHEAD, Ziba BENNETT, Ovid F. JOHNSON
Wayne: Nathaniel WOODWARD
Susquehanna: Almon H. READ, A. DIMOCK

Estray, white steer, came to the enclosure of George SIVELEY, Hanover. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take him away.

Notice. The public are hereby cautioned against purchasing three several Notes, given by Caleb BILLINGS and Cain BILLINGS, of Pittston, to John STUCKER, the father & guardian of Catharine STUCKER, for the maintenance and support of an illegitimate child, who the said Catharine STUCKER was mother of, dated 29 March 1832, for Thirty Dollars each, payable on 12 June 1833, 1 June 1834 and 1 June 1835, as the said child has since the date of the above notes, deceased, consequently we consider them of no value, nor longer binding on us for payment.

29 Jan. 1834

Manufacturing & Mill Power. Store and tavern stand. Eligible site for a new town. The Old Forge Place, in Pittston Twp., at the Great Falls of the Lackawanna River in the center of the Anthracite Coal Region. It will be sold low, to close a partnership concern. Enquire of Asher MINER or Charles MINER.

Public Vendue. Samuel Thomas, is closing up his concerns and will offer at his store in Kingston, on 13th Feb. all of his stock of goods.

Died – On the 29th inst., at Huntington, Jonah ROGERS, aged 67 years. His name is connected with many interesting incidents in history of the settlement of this valley.

Pennsylvania Legislature:
House of Representatives, Jan. 14th: Petition of Mr. HESTON against incorporating Dyottsville
Mr. JONES of Susquehanna for aid to the Abington and Waterford Turnpike
Jan.16th – Mr. BRODHEAD, act to incorporate Carbondale Bank
Mr. BRODHEAD to amend resolution for Daniel CAREY, to settle, and not exceed $1000
Mr. BRODHEAD, a supplement to an act relative to the Carbondale and Tunkhannock, Susquehanna and Hale’s Eddy, and Carbondale and Lackawanna turnpike road companies.

Died – Edward MOTT, Esq., of Milford, Penn., committed suicide on Monday evening last, in that town, by shooting himself through the head with a pistol. He was a lawyer of some ability, and the head of a family.

Wyoming Book Store, corner of Market and Franklin Streets, Wilkesbarre. Chester A. COLT

Estate of Job GIBBS, late of Wilkes-Barre Borough, requests payments and demands. Volney L. MAXWELL, admin.

Estate of Demmon PALMER, late of Windham Township, request payments and demands. Eden PALMER, executor.

Estate of George ESPY, late merchant of Kingston, request immediately to settle up the outstanding debts. B. B. WRIGHT.

5 Feb. 1834

The disease among horses and cattle, called the Black Tongue or the Burnt Tongue, prevails to some extend over the country.

Luzerne County Statement of Receipts & Expenditures for 1833. Included in expenditures are:
Daniel A. BARDWELL, Tunkhannock Bridge; Jos. HAMPTON, Nescopeck BRIDGE; FINCH & Co., Solomon’s Creek Bridge; Washington LEE, Nanticoke Bridge.

Died – In this Borough on Wednesday last after a long illness (consumption of the lungs), Elizabeth, daughter of Frederick ATHERHOLT.

Apples. If the branch of an apple tree be taken off whilst in blossom, and immediately planted in swampy ground, it will take root, and bear fruit that season. This mode has been tried with success; therefore, it is probable that the branch of a pear, peach, plum, mulberry and any other fruit tree if, taken off in spring or summer, whilst the tree is in full sap will also take root and become a new tree.

Died – William CONELLY was found frozen to death on the 21st inst., in Deerfield, NJ. It is supposed that he had been intoxicated the evening before, and not being able to reach is place of residence, he took for his lodging place the cold ground, and slept the sleep of death.

Distressing Accident. On Sunday evening last, Samuel CROSSMAN, schoolmaster, near Brown’s Mills in Summerhill township, and his daughter, about fifteen years of age met an awful and sudden death. They were standing in the door of their house a small frame building, when a large tree blown down by the storm, fell on the house and broke through it, and falling on them instantly depriving them both of life. Their lifeless bodies could not be removed until the tree was cut and taken off them. Mrs. CROSSMAN and a younger daughter were much injured but not mortally. Also a person who was boarding in the house, whose name we have not heard. Ebensburg Sky (Pa.)

Israel LAMER, convicted of larceny and sentenced to two years imprisonment in the Eastern Penitentiary at Harrisburg, made his escape from that prison on the 24th ult. A reward of only 20 dollars, is offered for his apprehension.

Cabinet and Chair Making. James C. HELME, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of George J. WENNER, late of Sugarloaf Township, request payments and demands. Henry BENNER & Thomas HUGHES, Admin’s.

12 Feb. 1834

Luzerne County Temperance Society will meet the 25th inst., at the meeting house on Public Square. Wm. L. BOWMAN, Sec.

Estate of Henry FELTON, inquisition will be held at the late dwelling of deceased in township of Nicholson on March 13th. James NESBITT, Jr., Sheriff.

Orphans’ Court Sale will be held the first Tuesday of March next, for land in Union Township, containing 348 acres, bounded by J. WOLF, Samuel BONHAM, N. SANTEE and others, late estate of Manuel TURNER, deceased. John TURNER, Adm’r.

Orphans’ Court Sale will be held first day of March, for land in Kingston Township, bounded by public highway through Kingston, Charles D. SHOEMAKER, George and Asa GORE, back road through Kingston, John BEAM, Philip MYERS, public highway, containing 100 acres. Also another piece in same township, in 4th division, bounded by John GORE, Christian ATHERHOLD, John SCOTT, and lot in 3rd division, containing about 20 acres, late estate of David COREY, dec’d. Elisha ATHERTON and N. PATTERSON, admin’s.

Orphans’ Court Sale will be held 1st Monday March, for land in Nescopeck, containing about 82 acres, being No. 13 in 2nd division, late estate of Adam LUTZ, deceased. George LUTZ, admin.

Died – Lorenzo DOW, the eccentric and far-famed preacher is no more. He died at Georgetown, D. C. on the 3rd inst. His wife’s name was Peggy. (see article for more on his life)

Pennsylvania Legislature. Senate, Jan. 28th: Petition of Mr. HIBSHAM for Peter SMITH, an old soldier for relief.
Mr. KERN, for Henry SYLVIOUS, an old soldier, for relief.
Mr. ROGERS, SMYSER, MECHLING, CUNNINGHAM, READ, and HOPKINS, for removal of seat of justice in Columbia County from Danville to Bloomsburg.
House of Representatives, Jan. 29th: Mr. BENNETT, petition for an investigation of conduct of John MITCHELL, one of the canal commissioners.

Married – In Hanover, on 10th inst., by Rev. STOCKING, Stephen LEE to Miss Jane LINES, both of Hanover.

Died – In Kingston, on Sunday morning, 2nd inst., Mrs. Nancy, wife of Col. Benjamin DORRANCE.

Died – In Kingston, on Friday last, Mrs. Frances, wife of Stephen VAUGHN, merchant.

19 Feb. 1834

Editorial Changes. Mr. CAREY, of the Herald, has transferred interest to Robert MINER. Messrs. RAFFERTY & EDWARDS of the Susquehanna Democrat, have sold establishment to Messrs. CHRISTEL and SCHMOELE.

Internal Improvement Meeting was held by citizens of Wilkesbarre, at house of Col. J. J. DENNIS, on Jan. 20th. Gen. Wm. ROSS was called to the Chair and Col. H. F. LAMB and E. W. STURDEVANT, appointed Secretaries. Committee to draw up and circulate petitions to be given to our Senator in State Legislature: Benjamin A. BIDLACK, A. O. CHAHOON, J. R. DEAN, E. W. STURDEVANT, Anthony BROWER and Harris COLT. (All dealing with the canal)

Married – At Princeton, NJ, on Thursday evening last, by Rev. RICE, Archibald EDMONDSON, of Washington City, D. C., to Miss Ann, daughter of Elnathan WILSON, of Wilkesbarre.

Married – On the 16th inst., by Elder I. H. CURRIER, John HEARMAN to Miss Mary PEPPER, all of Providence Township.

Married – In Eaton, on Sunday the 16th inst., by Daniel HARDING, Esq., Chauncy SHERWOOD, of Falls, to Miss Sally Jane, eldest daughter of Jacob WEB, of the former place.

Boot & Shoe Maker, William RUDOLPH, Wilkesbarre.

26 Feb. 1834

Female Sailor. A black, named Charles WILLIAMS, aged 26, dressed in seamen’s clothes, was convicted at the Special Session, on Tuesday, of stealing swine, and was sentenced to four months imprisonment at the penitentiary on BLACKWELL’S Island, and made to get out stone. While undergoing a metamorphosis of clothing by the officers of the prison, it was discovered that she was a female. She states she was born in Boston but brought up in Providence, from which place she went several voyages to sea, and was recently discharged from one of our national vessels. The keeper was induced to disregard so much of the sentence as related to the convict being made to get out stone; instead of which he directed that she should be habited as the rest of her sex, and put at the labor usually required of them in that institution. It is said to be a moot case among the lawyers whether the sentence can be legally executed. NY Paper

Died – Gen. Isaac D. BARNARD, died at his residence in West Chester, from an attack of the dropsy, on 19th Feb. He was an officer in the late war, Secretary of State under Gov. SHULTZ. (Letter dated 19th Feb.)

Parental Affection. Wm. FREEMAN, in the Wayne Sentinel, of Palmyra, NY, offers Twenty Lashes for the apprehension of his son, who “has run away to escape flogging.” Whoever will return him to his disconsolate (!) parents, shall receive one half the reward – the boy the other half!!

Improved Steam Boilers – DISBROW’S Lackawanna Coal Boiler. In this boiler there are ten furnaces, five on each side, in the form of cones or pyramids, each three feet diameter at the base and narrowing at the top to about 12 inches. They are about 4 feet in height, connected with each other by a flue or pipe running parallel with the sides of the boiler, and opening into a centre flue or chimney, where the draft passes off. (see article)

Pennsylvania Legislature. House of Representatives, Feb. 17th: Petition of Mr. TYSON, for relief of Dorothy YOHST, widow of an old solder.

Died – Recently at the house of Wm. B. WOODRUFF, in Newark, Miss Lavina BRITTIN, in the 20th year, daughter of Wm. BRITTIN, deceased, formerly of Bottle Hill. She was busying herself by rubbing the coal grate with spirits of turpentine. The bottle fell down and broke, scattering its contents over her apron, at the same time a burning coal from the grate communicated fire to her apron and she was instantly enveloped in flame. She resisted every effort of Mrs. WOODRUFF to extinguish the fire, running from one part of the house to another, until her clothes were burnt off and her flesh partly consumed. She lingered through two days and nights of the most excruciating pain, and on Saturday breathed her last. She was shortly to have been married to a gentleman of NY. Her remains were conveyed to the Third Church on Monday. Newark Eagle

Lost a small red pocket-book, either in Wilkesbarre or on the road leading through Hanover. Joseph SHAFFER.

5 March 1834

Treasurer’s Sale of Unseated Lands. See article for list of townships and names.

Married – In Providence on Sunday last, by the Rev. HOUSE, Chauncy DERBY to Miss Sarah CAREY, of the former place.

Died – At Easton, Mrs. Susan, consort of Thomas WRIGHT, recently of this Borough, aged 20 years.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held last Tuesday in March, for land bounded by the river Susquehanna, William MAY, Russel COMSTOCK, Chandler CHAMPIN, Ambrose GAREY Jr., containing 40 aces, in Windham, late estate of Asa WHITNEY, deceased. Jane WHITNEY, executor.

The American Colonization Society, will meet at the court house in Wilkesbarre on 7th inst.

Register’s Notice for the following estates:
John FITCH, late of Northmoreland, Gideon FITCH, admin.
Lovisa MORSE, late of Plymouth, George P. RANSOM, admin.
Barnard HUNSINGER, late of Sugarloaf, Valentine SELWILL and Barnard HUNSINGER, admin’s.
John ENGLER, late of Newport, Thomas WILLIAMS, admin.
Thomas FELL, late of Pittston, John SEARL and Mahetabela FELL, executors
Adam DRISEBAUGH, late of Salem, Michael RASER and William GARNER, admin’s.
George KEEN, late of Nescopeck, Barbary KEEN and Abraham KEEN, admin’s.
Ruel ROBINSON, late of Windham Twp., Nabby SCOUTEN (late ROBINSON), exec.
John HONEYWELL, late of Kingston, Ziba HOYT, exec.

12 March 1834

Estate of George GOODWIN, late of Huntington, requests payments and demands. Abial M. FELLOWS, admin.

Estate of Nicholas DECKER, late of US Army, at Plattsburg, NY, request payments and demands. Abraham N. DECKER, Adm’r.

Public Sale, 19 shares of Stock of the Wilkesbarre Bridge Company, on 5th April next. H. PETTEBONE and J. L. BUTLER, Committee.

Public Notice, that a Note payable to John LEONARD, or bearer, given by David DALE, Covington, in March 1832, and payable in six months after date, will not be paid as I received no value for the same.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the first Monday in April to hear us and our creditors. Robert EATON, John PEDRICK, Elijah C. HORTON, Rulief E. ROBINSON

Melancholy accident, at Northmoreland a few days ago. A number of young men were amusing themselves at playing ball when one of them happening to stand too near his play fellow, received a violent blow on the abdomen from a ball club, of which he survived only about twenty-four hours. He was a son of George GOBLE, of that township. We hope this fatal accident may operate as a warning to others, to be careful of exposing themselves to similar danger.

On Tuesday afternoon, the steam boat, William Penn, having on board from 150 to 200 passengers, and the US Mail from Baltimore, when she hove in sight near Gloucester point, was seen to be on fire. Several persons were reported drowned and three bodies found: Rev. MITCHELMORE, Mr. PORTER of this city and a female unknown. Poulson’s Advertiser

American Colonization Meeting was held on the 7th to take into consideration the formation of this society, for the relief and permanent settlement of the free people of color, on the Coast of Africa. Rev. John DORRANCE was elected President; E. CAREY, Vice President and H. B. WRIGHT, Secretary. The society will be known as the Luzerne County Colonization Society, and auxiliary to American Colonization Society. Committee of five to draft report of meeting: Hon. David SCOTT, Rev. James MAY, G. W. WOODWARD Esq., Anthony BROWER and Benjamin A. BIDLACK, Esq. (Articles listed)

Notice. Geo. M. HOLLENBACK and John TURNER, have been appointed trustees of George MACK and Henry I. FRICHER, under the provisions of the Insolvent Laws of Pennsylvania, will meet at the house of O. PORTER, Wilkesbarre, on 5th April, for the purpose of adjusting the accounts of said MACK & FRICHER and to hear creditors.

19 March 1834

Married – At Oyster’s Point, Cumberland Co., NJ, on 11th, Charles OYSTER, merchant of Reading, Berks Co. to Miss Margaret, dau. Of Ab’m OYSTER, of Cumberland Co.

It is said that Mrs. CHAPMAN, alias MINA, is now engaged in keeping a Temperance Hotel, in the same house in which her husband was murdered.

Penn’a. Legislature. House of Representatives, March 10th: Mr. BENNETT, one for the incorporation of a company to erect a bridge across the Susquehanna at Tunkhannock.
Mr. BENNETT, made a report relative to the relief of John R. DEAN
March 12th: Mr. ALISON, petition for relief of David HARBISON, an old soldier
Mr. BRODHEAD, for authorising the guardians of heirs of George DENNISON, deceased, to sell and convey certain real estate.

Married – In this place on the 13th inst., by Rev. STOCKING, James FITZGERALD to Miss Rebecca BIRD

26 March 1834

Removal of the Deposits. Every thing appertaining to the office of the Republican Farmer, has been removed to the building formerly occupied as the office of the Susquehanna Democrat, Main street, a short distance above the Public Square.

Penn’a Legislature. House of Representatives, March 17th: Mr. BENNETT, petition for authorizing the construction of a bridge across the Susquehanna at Tunkhannock.
Mr. HOPKINS, petition against incorporating the town of Carbondale into a borough
Senate, March 18th:
Mr. EWING, to with draw papers relating to claims of heirs of late Thomas WORTHINGTON, deceased.

Married – At Wilkesbarre, on 2nd inst., by John MYERS Esq., Jesse DOWNING to Miss Cynthia ROSONCRONS, of Hanover.

Married – At the same place, on 13th inst., by the same, Jacob J. DAY to Miss Mary DAVIS, of Columbia Co.

Attention Farmers & Sportsmen! The Full Blooded Horse, Hickory, will appear upon the Turf by the first day of April. Samuel RAUB Jr. & Vernet TRACY, Wilkesbarre.

Dissolution of Partnership. P. B. JENNINGS and Stoughton PETTEBONE, Windham

2 April 1834

Fruit Trees for sale by James STARK, Wilkesbarre.

A fire broke out at Syracuse, NY, on Sunday last, which consumed all the buildings on each side of the Canal between the two Canal Bridges. The loss of property is estimated at two hundred thousand dollars.

Estate of William STARK, late of Tunkhannock Township, requests payments and demands. Hiram STARK and John SHAW, adm’rs.

Caution. The Public are hereby cautioned against taking two several Notes drawn by Webster M. STEWART, in favor of Adam MOSLER, one for Thirty dollars and the other for Twenty-seven dollars and fifty cents, and both dated the 31st ult., as I am determined not to pay them unless compelled by law.

9 April 1834

History of Chicago

Democratic County Meeting to be held at early candle light on 10th inst., for purpose of expressing the sentiments of the Democracy of Luzerne, in relation to the contest which the US Bank is now waging against the government and people of the Union. Bateman DOWNING, Fisher GAY, Wm. APPLE, John MYERS, Standing Committee (Dr. J. J. WRIGHT, absent)

Last Spring we bought hay for $8 per ton, delivered. Yesterday we offered $10 per ton and were told that we could have it at that price if we would pay for the hauling! This increase of price may be owing in a measure to the heavy growth last season and the mild open winter following – but it must be attributed mainly to the “plaguy removal of the deposites.”

Democratic Meeting at Harrisburg, 29th March. James THOMPSON, of Venango, President; Vice Presidents – John MATHEYS, of Montgomery; John KLINGENSMITH, of Westmoreland; Jacob KERN, of Northampton; James GOODMAN, of Philadelphia County and William KERR, of Allegheny. Secretaries – John WESTBROOK, of Northampton; Jacob U. SNYDER, of Berks and John DICKEY, of Beaver.

Married – At Tunkhannock on the 5th inst., by Miles AVERY, Esq., John WEISS to Miss Phebe, daughter of John DECKER, both of the former place.

Died – In Braintrim, on Friday last, Samuel STERLING, in 89th year of his age.

Look at This! 3,370 Acres of Land For Sale, in Covington Township, on waters of the Lehigh, in the warrantee names: Thomas GRANT, Casper THIELL, John SPHON, Jacob BOWEN, John SPADE, Christian BARNSTINE, Peter FETER, Christian IMMELL. Henry COLT, agent.

Brigade Orders. The Enrolled Militia, composing the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Penna. Militia will meet in companies for discipline on Monday the 5th May next, and in Battalion and Regiments for inspection in the following order, viz:
Volunteer Battalion of Union Guards, commanded by Maj. A. SMITH, 12th May
2nd Reg., lately commanded by Col. John BITTENBENDER, 14th May, at which time an election will be held for Colonel and 2nd Major in place of Col. John BITTENBENDER and Major John H. BOWMAN, who have moved out of the bounds of the Brigade.
Volunteer Battalion of Columbia Guards, lately commanded by Major J. H. BOWMAN, 15th May
Volunteer Battalion commanded by Major E. L. TRESCOTT, 16th May
Wyoming volunteer Regiment commanded by Col. Wm. S. ROSS, 19th May
115th Regiment, commanded by Col. J. J. DENNIS, 20th May
1st Battalion of 116th Regiment, commanded by Col. Moses VAUGHN, 21st May
Invincible Volunteer Battalion, will parade 22nd May, at house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington, and an election will be held for Major, in place of A. R. BACON, resigned.
Volunteer Battalion of Washington Guards commanded by Lieut. Col. Gould PHINNEY, 23rd May
Volunteer Battalion of Northern Guards commanded by Major Gilbert M. LEE, 24th May
1st battalion of 70th Regiment commanded by Col. Calvin SKINNER, on 26th and 2nd Battalion on 27th May
1st Battalion of 76th Regiment commanded by Col. Joseph WATROUS, 29th, 2nd Battalion on 27th May
136th Regiment of Volunteers commanded by Col. Asa DIMOCK, on 31st May
Volunteer Rifle Battalion commanded by Major Lyman C. KIDDER, 2nd June
2nd Battalion of 116th Regiment on 3rd June (no commander listed)
Isaac BOWMAN, Inspector, 2nd Brigade, 8th Division Pa. Militia

List of Letters Remaining at Post Office at Tunkhannock, April 1st:
William BATES
Mrs. Sally Ann BRUNSON
Margaret BOND
Miss Lawra BARNUM
Beach A. EARL
Mahetable GRAHAM
Benjamin HARDING or
Abraham HOMES
Alfred HINE Esq.
Obadiah WOOD
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining at Post Office at Pittston, April 1st:
Mrs. Elizabeth BIBBHIMER
Widow Lucy DRAKE
Thomas FINCH
Edwin FELL
Daniel LEACH

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Plainsville, April 1st:
Edward ROSWELL or
Abraham YOUNGS
Samuel SAYLOR, P. M.

The Thorough-Bred Horse, Sir Charles, Junior, will stand the present season in Luzerne County. William MURRAY

Martin RITTENHOUSE, offers for sale the Carding Machine, Situate at RITTENHOUSE’S Mill, Sugarloaf, Luzerne county, on reasonable terms – or he will rent it together with the building – upon shares, or such other terms as may be agreed upon.

Notice. To all those who are indebted to me either by note or Book account, will please call and pay over the reay rhino, by the 20th inst., or I shall place my demands in a Judicial mill, which will run with the velocity of a cateract, and grind with the pressure of a “nether mill stone.” C. L. HARRINGTON, Wilkesbarre.

16 April 1834

Daniel BOONE – brief biography

Fatal Accident. Mason ENGLES, was killed in Windham Township, on Friday last, by the fall of a tree. The deceased was formerly a native of Connecticut, and a worthy and industrious man.

Beat This. There was cut an oak tree on the land of Stephen TRIPP, Providence, Luzerne County, which made three hundred and thirty rails and eleven cord of three foot wood! If you think proper you may insert this in your paper. 7 April, Stephen TRIPP

A meeting of Democratic citizens was held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, on April 10th, Daniel COLLINGS, appointed President; Fisher GAY and Bateman DOWNING, Vice Presidents and Henry COLT and Edward D. WHISTON, Secretaries. Committee to draft preamble and resolutions: Benjamin A. BIDLACK, Joseph TUTTLE, H. B. WRIGHT, Lot SEARCH, Samuel RAUB Jr., John ATHERHOLT, John MYERS, Geo. MUTCHLER, Wm. STEVENS, Isaac BOWMAN, Sebastian SYBERT, Gen. W. WILLIAMS, Col. E. HILL, J. I. DINGS, Daniel VANSCOY and Peter WINTER. Nicholas OVERFIELD, William SWETLAND and William APPLE, conferees to meet fellow citizens of Columbia Co.

House of Representatives, April 10th:
Mr. ASHLY, a bill for relief of Peter ALBA
Mr. CHANEY, for the relief of Joseph MEADE

Temperance Meeting held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on April 24th. Wm. BREWER was called to the chair; Samuel WRIGHT, appointed Sec’y. The following officers were elected:
Wm. BREWER was chosen President; Jacob RAY, Vice President; Harris PRIME, Recording Secretary; John TILLMAN, Treasurer; Henry BROWN, John TILLMAN, John SAUNDERS, Israel BROWN, Samuel WRIGHT, Corresponding Secretaries. The committee to solicit signatures to the Constitution, John TILLMAN, John SAUNDERS and Harris PRIME.

Married – On the 9th inst., by Elder J. H. CURRIER, George W. MORRIS, of Greenwood Township, Columbia County, to Miss Maria THOMAS, of Plymouth.

Found on Friday last, near the Court House, Wilkesbarre, a silver watch. George STOUT, Wilkesbarre.

Wanted. A good Shearing Machine, for shearing cloth. Philip DRUM, Sugarloaf.

23 April 1834

Died – In Hanover, on Saturday last, Martin DOWNING, aged 32 years.

Died – In Wilkesbarre, on Friday last, of consumption, Abi, wife of Eleazer PORTER

Acts and Titles passes by the last session of the Pa. Legislature:
Act for relief of Thomas MILLIKEN and Jesse M’QUAID
Act to enable the Governor to incorporate a company to make a turnpike road from Bethany, to intersect the Clarksville and Honesdale Turnpike near Benjamin JENKINS’, in Canaan township.
Act to extend the time for commencing the building of the Towanda bridge.
Supplement to act, to enable the Governor to incorporate a company to make an artificial road from the Philadelphia and Great Bend turnpike, in Abington Township, to intersect the Milford and Owego Turnpike road at the east of Montrose.
Supplement to act, to entitle the Governor to incorporated the Lackawanna and Susquehanna rail-road co.
Act in relation to electing directors for the Wyoming Bank of Wilkesbarre.
Supplement act to authorize the Governor to incorporate the hydraulic company of the borough of Berwick
Act authorizing the Governor to incorporate a company to erect a tole bridge over the Susquehanna, at the village of Tunkhannock.
Act to revive the incorporation of the Susquehanna and Lehigh Canal Company
Act to authorize the sale of real estate, late the property of Jasper SLAYMAKER, George DENISON, James MC MULLEN, Penelope ADAMS
Relief of John R. DEAN, a contractor upon the North Branch division of the Pennsylvania canal.

Murder. Vincent OWEN, an old and infirm man, and a soldier of the revolution, was murdered at Brownsville, in this state, on the 20th of last month, under very aggravated circumstances, by Nathan CHENEY, who has made his escape from justice.

Spring Term of the Wilkes-Barre Academy will commence on May 5th.

30 April 1834

Appointment by the Governor – Benjamin PARKE, Esq., to be Prothonotary of the Middle District of the Supreme Court at Harrisburg.

Married – In this borough on Thursday evening last, by Rev. HEBERTON, Eliphalet B. WORTHINGTON, editor of the Wilkesbarre Advocate, to Miss Sarah, eldest daughter of Ezekiel M’SHANE, Esq., late of Phila., deceased.

Married – On Thursday the 15th inst., by Rev. I. BAHL, Bernard WHITEBREAD to Miss Ann BRIGGS, both of Nescopeck Twp.

Married – On Thursday the 24th inst., by same, Washington BRIGGS, to Miss Catherine KEEN, both of Nescopeck Twp.

Married – On same day, by same, Samuel PUDERBAUGH to Miss Lydia KOCHER, all of Hanover, Luz. Co.

Married – In Kingston, on Thursday last, by Rev. MAY, William WILLITS, of Wilkesbarre to Miss Mary OAKLEY, of Kingston

Died – In this Borough, on Sunday evening last, of Scarlet Fever, David, eldest son of John N. CONYNGHAM, Esq., aged 9 years

Died – In Kingston, on Friday morning last, Alfred, son of Mr. WINCHELL, aged 4 years

Died – In Nescopeck, on Wednesday, the 23rd inst., Thomas MILLER

Regimental Orders. The Wyoming Volunteer Reg. will meet for inspection and parade at the house of Maj. O. PORTER, Wilkesbarre, on 19th May next. The commissioned officers of the regiment will meet at the house of Maj. O. HELME, Kingston on the 17th May. Wm. ROSS, Col.

Regimental Orders – the 116 Regt., Penna. Militia, will meet:
1st Battalion of 2nd Regt., 21st May, at house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington.
20th Batt. at the house of Capt. John MONTAWNEY, Tunkhannock on 3rd June
Moses VAUGHN, Col.

New Troy Furnace. Jonathan MOORES

Caution. The Public are hereby cautioned against taking two several Notes drawn by Webster M. STEWART, in favor of Adam MOSIER, , as I am determined not to pay them unless compelled by law.

7 May 1834

Notice. The Subscribers to the Wyoming monument are notified that they will be called on soon for the amount of their subscriptions – the committees earnestly request prompt payment, and save costs. Fisher GAY, E. HILL, C. D. SHOEMAKER, Wm. S. ROSS, J. L. BUTLER, Committee

Commissioners Sale of Unseated Land, to be held 9th June, for land in Blakely, Covington, Dallas (now Lehman), Eaton, Falls, Hanover, Nescopeck, Northmoreland, Pittston, Providence, Sugarloaf, Union and Windham. (See article for list of names)

14 May 1834

Appointment by the Post Master General. H. W. NORTHUP, Esq., to be Post Master in Braintrim, in place of Daniel STERLING, Esq., resigned.

Appointment by the Attorney General. John D. TAYLOR, Esq., of Honesdale, Deputy, to prosecute for the county of Wayne, vice Amzi FULLER, Esq., resigned.

Democratic meeting of citizens of Susquehanna County, held at Mr. CURTIS’ Hotel, Montrose, on 5th May, Hon. William THOMPSON, President; Jabez HYDE Jr. Esq., Maj. Benjamin LATHROP, Dr. Calvin LEET and Capt. Sylvanus HATCH, Vice Presidents and Wm. FOSTER Esq. and Col. Asa DIMOCK, secretaries. Committee to draft Preamble and Resolutions: Almon H. READ, Wm. JACKSON, Charles CHANDLER Jr., Wm. HARTLEY, David ROBBE and Charles TINGLEY.

Married – On Sunday evening last, in Carbondale, by Amzi WILSON, Esq., Oliver JENKS, of Chenango Co., NY, to Miss Sarah WICKS, of the same place.

Married – on the same evening, in Greenfield, by Samuel VAIL, Esq., Mr. Wr. William LEE to Miss Mary SMITH.

Married – On Thursday the 1st inst., by Rev. William MILLER, Rowland RICHARDS, of Middletown, to Miss Semantha, oldest daughter of Wm. FINN, of Clifford.

Died – In this Borough, on Sunday last, Eleanor FELL, consort of Joseph FELL, in 55th year of her age.

Died – In Wilkesbarre Township, on Sunday last, Mr. ESHELMAN, at an advanced age.

The Notes and Book Accounts of Dr. Samuel WILSON, late of Kingston, are placed in the hands of H. B. WRIGHT, Wilkesbarre for collection.

Blacksmithing. Entered into partnership at the well known stand, near the Wilkesbarre Bridge. FELL & YARINGTON.

New Assortment of Goods. Jacob & Joseph SINTON, Wilkesbarre.

Receipts and Expenditures for the Borough of Wilkesbarre, for year ending May 6, 1834.

21 May 1834

Appointments by the Post Master General:
C. L. TERWILLIGER, to be Post Master at Stoddardsville, in place of William MALLERY, resigned.

Tho’s OSTERHOUT, to be Post Master at Legrange, in place of M. ROBERTS, resigned
A new Post Office has been established at Bowman’s Creek, and John WRIGHT, post-master
A new Post Office, called Forkston, has been established in Windham Township, and Richard ADAMS, appointed post-master

Died – On Tuesday afternoon of Scarlet fever, Sylvina M., oldest daughter of J. L. BUTLER, Esq., aged three years.

Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Merchandise in Luzerne County from 1st May 1834 to 1 May 1835:
1st – 5th Class
7th Class:
Tunkhannock: Henry STARK
8th Class:
Abington: B. F. BAILEY, Ezra WALL, N. D. GREEN, Wm. CLARKE
Union: Zerah MARVIN
Plymouth: C. A. REYNOLDS
Falls: A. G. BRACE & Co., Solomon C. STRONG
Huntington: John KOONS, James BUCKALEW, Wm. KOONS, J. & J. BOWMAN, C. & J. HARRISON, Benj. HARVEY
Northmoreland: Chester BROWN, Asa KEELER
Sugarloaf: Geo. LANE & Co., Wm. BRYANT, Henry SYBERT, James HARRISON & Co., Jacob DRUMHELLER
Nescopeck: Matthias FRENCH, Ab’m MILLER
Nicholson: Nathan BACON, E. S. ROBERTS
Braintrim: Benjamin EDWARDS, Tho’s MORLEY, John STURDEVANT and Co., H. W. NORTHUP
Providence: Nathaniel COTTRILL, John VAUGHN, Nelson KNICKERBACKER, C. T. ATWATER
Salem: Sebastian SYBERT

28 May 1834

For Rent. The Commissioners of Luzerne County offer for rent the spacious and commodious cellar under the Court House, and will receive proposals for the same until the 9th June, at which time it will be rented to the highest bidder. T. MYERS, Clerk

Orphans’ Court, Term of April, Estate of Henry FELTON, deceased. Rule upon the Heirs and Legal Representatives of said descedent, to appear on Thursday the first week of August Court next, to accept or refuse to take the Real Estate at the Valuation, or show cause why the same shall not be sold.

Wool Carding and Cloth Dressing. Hezekiah PARSONS, at his Fulling Mill at Laurel Run, near Wilkesbarre.

School For Young Ladies and Misses. To consist of two departments: Primary and higher. Instruction is given in the common and higher branches of the English language, including, Algebra, Geometry, Philosophy, Astronomy &c, &c. Together with drawing, shading and the French and Latin languages. Terms of Tuition: Primary $2.00; Higher from 2.50 to 5.00

Mary H. STOCKING, Wilkesbarre.

4 June 1834

Supposed Murder. On the 22nd ult, on the farm of Elijah HOBS, in Nicholson, this county, Mr. HOBS being engaged in clearing, discovered a pile of stones in the hollow of a cradle knowl. Upon opening the pile he found the bones of a human being – the scull bone broken into more than 20 pieces. They had apparently been deposited there for many years, as they were much decayed. The place of the deposit is about five rods from the road leading from Abington thro’ Prickly Ash to Capt. John MARCY’S, from whom we obtained the above information. Capt. MARCY supposes the body was placed there in 1818, as he recollects, that in passing that road during the summer of that year, from the offensive smell, he then supposed a deer had been killed and the body left near the place where the above bones have been found. Capt. MARCY ascertains the time by reference to certain entries in his day book of the above date.

Married – In Exeter on the evening of 1st inst., by D. HARDING, Esq., Benjamin GARDNER, to Miss Sally OWEN.

Estate of Leonard HOUSE, late of Northmoreland Twp., accounts will be examined by Volney L. MAXWELL, Auditor, at his office in Wilkesbarre on 2nd July.

Notice. To Soldiers and the widows of Soldiers of the Revolutionary War. B. A. BIDLACK is authorized, in pursuance of the late act of Assembly, to pay any pensions of the state residing in this county, the amount of their semi-annual Annuity, due on the 1st July next.

11 June 1834

One quarter of the village of Batavia, New York, was destroyed by fire.

Cabinet and Chair Manufactory. Z. BENNETT, Wilkesbarre.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 4th July, for land in Dallas Township, bounded by the road that runs to SHAVER’S, Joseph RIMANS, A. FOSS, H. H. KING, joining on road to Harvey’s Lake, Joseph RIMAN. Late estate of Jonah M. LEMAN, deceased. Jacob RICE, admin.

18 June 1834

Married – Miss Fanny KEMBLE was led to the alter on Saturday morning last, and changed her name to that of Mrs. Pierce BUTLER. The ceremony took place in Christ Church, by Bishop WHITE.

Mr. ROGERS’ powder mill, near Newburg, exploded on Friday morning, and two persons killed. The shock was so great that the window sashes were heard to shake in their frames in the neighborhood.

25 June 1834

Ode to Wyoming by B. D. V.

A reward of $500 has been offered by the Sheriff of Montgomery Co., NY, for the apprehension of Nicholas G. VAN ALSTINE, who absconded from the town of Canajoharrie, after having perpetrated extensive forgeries.

To Rent. The South Room of the Court House, together with the cellar under the whole building.

Gov. WOLF visited area on the 20th inst., and paid a visit to the Wyoming Monument which is now being erected in the neighborhood of New Troy.

Side Walks – At a meeting of the Town Council, held on the 26th May, the following resolution was unanimously adopted and ordered to be published: That all persons residing in this borough, owning or holding real Estate, shall have the privilege of Flaging or Paving the Side Walks opposite the same, the cost of which shall serve as an offset, or payment of Borough Taxes, that may from year to year, be assessed against such individuals, until the sum so expended, be wholly discharged. Provided however that in no case shall interest be allowed, nor shall the cost of flaging or paving in any instance exceed six cents per square foot. The work to be done under the direction and superintendence of the street Commissioners, and to be approved and accepted of, by the superintending Commissioners. Wm. H. ALEXANDER, Clerk

2 July 1834

Murderers at Large. Two criminals, Jacob SKINNER and William G. M’MURRIE, made their escape from the jail of Port Gibson, Miss., on the night of the 23rd ult. SKINNER was confined on a charge of murder, and M’MURRIE was then undergoing a term of imprisonment to which he had been sentenced for maliciously tying up a man against whom he had a grudge and whipping him so as to occasion death. Large rewards have been offered for the apprehension of the culprits. Commercial Intelligencer.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 26th July, for land in Huntingdon, bounded by Epaphras WADSWORTH Jr., Epaphras WADSWORTH, containing 1 acre with dwelling house, or half part of another lot bounded by Epaphras WADSWORTH, Isaac COOK, Charles WILLARD, Eliphalet EDSON, containing 3 acres, late estate of John D. RAMSEY, of Huntington, deceased. George BOWMAN, Ad’mr.

Register’s Notice, filed:
Estate of Philip FENSTERMAKER, late of Newport, filed by John and William FENSTERMAKER, executors
Estate of John BLAIN, late of Kingston Twp., filed by Henry FRANCE and Daniel BLAIN, admins.

Steam Boat Company Meeting was held at the house of Major O. PORTER, Wilkesbarre on June 30th. Edward LYNCH elected Chairman and Hendrick B. WRIGHT, Secretary. Several men of Owego, are starting a subscription of $4,000 for starting a steam boat navigation. Committee of five to correspond with those on Owego: Geo. M. HOLLENBACK, J. N. CONYNGHAM, E. W. STURDEVANT, Edward LYNCH and J. L. BUTLER. Committee of five to solicit subscriptions to the stock of company: S. T. NICHOLSON, H. F. LAMB, B. A. BIDLACK, Ab’m THOMAS and Lewis WORRALL.

Died – In Pittston Township, on 29th inst., Mrs. Katherine, wife of John STUCKER, aged 57 years.

Died – In this Borough, on 25th inst., William Merritt, son of Elijah WORTHINGTON, aged 6 months and 27? Days.

Notice to Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the first Monday in August to hear us and our creditors. Smith TUTTLE, Isaac FAUSNAUGHT, John LAMERAUX, William WINCHELL, Peter ALABACH, Jacob I. BOGORDUS

Register’s Notice filed:
Estate of Oliver PETTEBONE, late of Kingston Twp., filed by Joshua PETTEBONE, Noah PETTEBONE and Henry PETTEBONE, Administrators.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held 26th July, for land in Huntington Township, containing about 50 acres, bounded by Horace GRISWOLD, Charles BARRET, Thomas A. STEVENS. About 45 acres under improvement, late estate of Woodin SPERRY, deceased. George BOWMAN, Guardian

9 July 1834

Died – Warning – John VANDERLEST, died at his residence in Cherry St., on Monday evening, from the effect of drinking cold water, while in a state of excessive perspiration. NY Star.

Fatal and Shocking Casualty. On Sunday last about twelve o’clock, Samuel M’DOWELL, aged about 20 and his sister, Miss Elizabeth, aged about 17, left their father’s (William M’DOWELL in Limestone) in a light waggon, with intention of going to Col. Daniel FOLLMER’S, in same township, to see a young son of Col. FOLLMER’S who recently had his leg broken. About three o’clock they were discovered lying in the road that leads to Capt. COUGER’S, the young lady a mangled corpse and her brother frightfully disfigured, and insensible of his situation. At the place where they were found, apparently the waggon had struck a tree, when they were pitched out and the horse broke loose, and run to the gate that crosses the lane. From the appearance of the ground it is supposed that the young man crawled a short distance from the spot where he fell. He was found by the corpse of his sister, and had apparently drawn some of her clothing over his head. A few minutes after they left home there was a smart shower of rain, and it is the general impression that the horse took fright and run off when the umbrella was hoisted, as it was found in the road raised. The fatal and most dangerous wounds seem to have been produced by the kicking of the horse; Miss MC’DOWELL had received on stroke on her forehead, that fractured the skull and disturbed the brain in such a manner that death must have ensued almost instantaneously. Mr. M’DOWELL was struck in the face in different places, and it is the opinion of the physician that he cannot recover. P. S. We have since learned that he is dead. Danville Intelligencer.

Died – On the 30th May last, on her way from Tamaqua to Phila., at the house of Thomas CRAIG, Lehigh Water Gap, Mrs. Harriet, wife of Edward JONES, formerly of this place, of consumption.

Died – On the 24th June last, in Moorstown, NJ, Edward, son of Edward JONES, aged 8 months.

Died – On the 4th inst., in Plymouth, Mrs. Nice HOLISTER [HOLLISTER?], widow of the late Stephen HOLISTER, Esq., aged, upwards of seventy years.

Died – A tribute to a little Missionary band who sailed from Norfolk, Va., for Liberia, last November, and to whom I was much attached. N. B. Mrs. LAIRD, was the daughter of William MYER, Esq., of Wysox, Bradford County, Pa., married Nathan LAIRD, of Milton, last September or October, sailed in November for Liberia. [Includes poem on the death of Mr. and Mrs. LAIRD, late missionaries to Liberia]

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, July 1st:
Miss Sally Ann BRUNSON
Jacob R. BROWN
Bennett A. BOUTON
Daniel D. DUNN
Miss Salley B. EARLL
Beach EARL
Cynthia HEISZ
Margaret HOPKINS
Daniel HOMES
William JOHNSON Jr.
Jesse LEE
Zebulon MARCY Jr.
Charles OTICE
William W. PRIAL
Nathaniel STARK or
Benjamin JENKINS
Daniel SHAW
‘Lydia Ann AVERY
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining at Plainsville, July 1st:
William FREY
Dr. Enoch MACK
Jesse FELL
William CURREN
George or Jacob WAGNER
Abraham SMALLY
Jeremiah BLANCHARD Jr.
Samuel SAYLOR, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, July 1st:
Scott CARY
Cathrene LEPPE
Freeman Nash MOORE
Washington DEMMON
William SITES

Register’s Notice, filed by administrators in estate of Ebenezer STEPHENS, Jr., late of Nicholson Township, Mark HARTLEY and Ebenezer JANE, administrators.

Democratic Meeting will be held on the 5th of next month, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre. Bateman DOWNING, Fisher GAY, Wm. APPLE, John MYERS, Standing Committee.

Democratic Celebration, held the 4th inst., at the house of Geo. P. STEEL, where Isaac HART, Esq., was chosen Chairman; Mr. BELLESFELT and Christian GRUVER, Vice Presidents and Joseph P. DENNIS & Wm. J. STEVENS, Secretaries. Volunteer toasts were given by: I. HART, Christian GRUVER, Mr. BELLISFELT, Joseph P. DENNIS, Wm. J. STEVENS, Z. BENNETT, Henry COLT, H. B. WRIGHT, B. A. BIDLACK, Owen EVERS, John MYERS, A. MOCK, W. OLIVER, Eli NEARHART, Thomas MYERS, James PLANT, Job BARTON.

Wyoming Canal Celebration embarked at 9 o’clock A. M. on the 4th, on board a fine spacious Canal boat fitted up for the occasion, and lying in the Canal at the “Redoubt.” George M. HOLLENBACK, Esq., was appointed President, John N. CONYNGHAM and George W. WOODWARD, Esqrs., vice presidents. The Declaration of American Independence was read by E. W. STURDEVANT, Esq. Volunteer toasts were given by: G. M. HOLLENBACK, John N. CONYNGHAM (Capt. Jeremiah BLANCHARD, one of our guests, a veteran of ’78), G. W. WOODWARD, Hon. G. MALLERY, M. HORTON, B. A. BIDLACK, Richard DRINKER, Josiah WRIGHT, John WRAGG, Ziba BENNETT, E. W. STURDEVANT, John ROSET, John SOWERS, J. HANCOCK, John N. CONYNGHAM, Harris COLT, Vernet TRACY, Chester BUTLER, John BLANCHARD, Thomas MORGAN, D. P. MC DONALD, J. M. PIOLLET, C. J. CHRISTELL, J. L. BUTLER, Z. BARNUM 2nd, Hon. Wm. S. ROSS.

16 July 1834

Providence, July 4. Terrible Hurricane.
On the evening of the 2nd July inst., one of the most terrible hurricanes visited this place, of which we have any history.
After many indications of a rising shower early in the evening, a little before nine o’clock, the wind commenced blowing a brisk gale from the South-west; and at about nine was followed by a whirl wind, which has almost totally destroyed this village. The first building of consequence which it met in its course, was a frame for a meeting house, partially inclosed, which was totally demolished and raized to the ground. Still progressing, it reached the more trickily inhabited part of the place, where unparalleled destruction ensued. In one moment of time, our houses, out houses, shops and barns, were mingled in one promiscuous heap of ruins; but eleven out of forty four edifices remain uninjured – thirty-three having shared in the common destruction, fifteen of which were totally destroyed, and most of the others so seriously injured as scarcely to admit of reparation. The large building upon the corner of the Wilkesbarre and Easton road, recently erected by N. COTTRILL, and occupied in part by Mr. PHINNEY as a private dwelling and in part by Messrs: COTTRILL and SWENEY, as a store, although not completely demolished, was thrown from its foundation, unroofed, and virtually destroyed – luckily, however, the merchandize sustained comparatively little injury, and the family of Mr. PHINNEY seated thickly around the fire place, in the basement story, at the time of the falling of the chimney, miraculously escaped unhurt.
The new and elegant buildings of Mr. N. KNICKERBACKER, are almost entirely destroyed, a part of the house only remaining – of his out-houses not a vestige, save the broken fragments of boards and timbers, remains.
In short, the destruction is almost total; but happily to relate, not any lives were lost, and but three persons dangerously hurt. E. S. POTTER, Esq., who was in his office at the time of the gale, with another person, being thrown with the building which was blown from its foundation, and left completely bottom upwards, at least twenty yards from its place of standing, was severely injured by the fall: He is however, on the recovery. Also, Mrs. SNYDER was very seriously hurt. Hopes are however, entertained of her recovery. A small boy, son of Daniel MC KINNEY, was much hurt.
Indeed, pen cannot paint not imagination scarcely conceive the comparative extend of the wind. Nineteen families, amounting to more than one hundred persons are left destitute of a house or home; many of them have lost with their dwelling, their furniture – their provisions – their beds and bedding, and others, their all.
The Turnpike bridge across the Lackawanna, on the Easton road near this place, was thrown from its abutments and wholly destroyed. The large mill owned by Mr. COTTRILL was also unroofed, and otherwise much injured.
Considerable injury has occurred to other places in the vicinity – the principal of which we have particular information, is the total destruction of the house and other buildings of Isaac VAUGHN of Blakely. Although his house was crushed with one gale to instantaneous ruins, his family though much hurt, escaped without the loss of lives.
It is believed that no very considerable damage has been done beyond VAUGHN’S place of residence to the northward; so that the whole extent of gale as far as now heard of, cannot exceed four or five miles in length, and but a few rods in width.

Married – At a marriage of Mr. SEARS to Miss PALMER, which took place at Clarkstown, NY, a few days since, Mr. L. PHILIPS became so enamoured with the sister of Miss PALMER, that after a few minutes conversation, during which they seemed highly pleased with each other, they desired the Dommre to tie them in wedlock’s holy bands.

Died – At Newport on Thursday the 10th inst., Peter KREAMER, aged 60 years, after an illness of only fifty minutes.

23 July 1834

Wyoming Bank. Directors have declared a dividend of 4 per cent on the amount of Capital Stock paid in; which will be paid to the Stock holders, or their legal representatives, at any time after the 16th inst. Edw. LYNCH, Cashier.

A Morman Battle. A letter has been received by a gentleman in this neighborhood, direct from Missouri, stating that a body of well armed Mormans led on by their great prophet Joe SMITH, lately attempted to cross the river into Jackson County. A party of the citizens of Jackson County opposed their crossing, and a battle ensued, in which Joe SMITH was wounded in the leg, and the Mormans obliged to retreat, that Joe SMITH’S limb was amputated, but had died three days after the operation. (Chardon, Ohio, Spectator, July 12)

30 July 1834

Abominable – One day last week, David STEVER, in the north part of this town, took into the field with him his jug of whiskey, and his two children, the youngest of whom was about 5 years old. Previous to commencing his work, which was sowing buck-wheat, he gave his children twice of the spirits to drink – and the consequence was, as might have been expected of such beastly conduct in a parent, the youngest lad, stole to the bottle, and took such a draught as terminated his existence. He died the next day, about 25 hours after the fatal dram was taken. Binghampton Courier [should this have been Binghamton?]

Luzerne Co. Temperance Society will meet on the 7th August, for election of officers. Wm. L. BOWMAN, Sec’y.

6 August 1834

Celebration of Independence at Tunkhannock. The company met at the School House, and Declaration of Independence read by E. CAREY, Esq., with address delivered by Rev. John DORRANCE, of Wilkes-Barre. The number in attendance was limited, in consequence of a sudden rise of water, which occupied the attention of many to their lumber, who would otherwise have been present. After the address the company repaired to the splendid Hotel of Mr. MONTANYE, where everything which the season could afford, or a reasonable appetite could crave, was served up in the best manner, of which they partook with hearty good will and friendly cheer. E. HARDING Jr., Ziba SMITH and Jas. WRIGHT, Committee to copy address. (complete address listed)

Notice. I have just returned from New York and my Goods are daily arriving – consisting of Groceries, Liquors & Provisions – which I now offer as low as the state of the market will warrant, at the new building opposite my old stand, and directly opposite Messrs. Jacob & Joseph SINTON’S store in full view of Col. J. J. DENIS’ Hotel, Wilkesbarre. C. L. HARINGTON.

Yesterday, on motion of Chester BUTLER, Esq., Lewis JONES Jr. Esq., was admitted to practice as an Attorney and Counsellor at Law. On motion of George W. WOODWARD, Esq., David WILMOT, Esq., was admitted as above.

A Great Democratic Meeting was held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on the 5th, A. G. BRODHEAD called to the chair, Wm. SWETLAND, Benjamin REYNOLDS, Erastus HILL, Philip MEIXELL, Jos. GRIFFIN, James STARK, Charles L. TERWILLIGER and Nicholas OVERFIELD, appointed Vice Presidents. Tho’s SMITH and John BREES, Sec’s. Committee to draft preamble and resolutions – one from each township – B. A. BIDLACK, Wm. REYNOLDS, Ab’m S. HONEYWELL, Wm. EGGLESTON, John FASSETT, Lot SEARCH, Ezekiel MOWRY, Truman ATHERTON, John GUINTHER, E. S. POTTER, Bateman DOWNING, Oliver MC KEAL, Miles AVERY, Wm. MOORE, Abial M. FELLOWS, Daniel HARDING, Ab’m DRUM, John COOL, John WRIGHT, Isaac DOUD, John A. WILLIAMS, David DALE, Paul STARK, John SCHLEPPY, Hiram NICHOLS, Noah WADHAMS, Fisher GAY, Wm. APPLE, Titus SEAWARD.

Young Men’s Anti-Usurpation Meeting, held at the house of Col. J. J. DENNIS on the 2nd inst., the men numbering 65, Wm. H. ALEXANDER was called to the Chair and Lewis JONES, Secretary.
They appointed Wm. J. STEPHENS, Pres’t, Wm. B. SCOTT and James RAFFERRTY, Vice Presidents, Francis L. BOWMAN and Stephen HILL, Secretaries. Committee to draft resolutions: Robert PORTER, Samuel P. COLLINGS, John R. DALRYMPLE, Ira B. STONE, Hiram DENNIS, Pleman B. PATTERSON and Sinton YARRINGTON.

A Camp Meeting for Pittston Circuit will be held in Pittston, on the land of Z. KNAPP, half a mile north-west of his house – to commence on Tuesday, August 26th and close Saturday morning.

13 August 1834

Report on Democratic Meeting held Aug. 5th – same as in last paper but some of the Committee names are different – B. A. BIDLACK, Wm. C. REYNOLDS, Ab’m S. HONEYWELL, Wm. EGGLESTON, Tho’s. DYER, Lot SEARCH, Ezekiel MOWRY, Truman ATHERTON, John GUINTHER, E. S. POTTER, Bateman DOWNING, Oliver MC KEAL, Miles AVERY, Wm. MOORE, Abial M. FELLOWS, Daniel HARDING, Ab’m DRUM, John COOL, John WRIGHT, Isaac DOUD, John A. WILLIAMS, David DALE, Paul STARK, John SCHLEPPY, Hiram NICHOLS, Noah WADHAMS, Fisher GAY, Wm. APPLE, Titus SEAWARD, Zepheniah KNAPP, John COBB, John FASSETT.
Committees of Vigilance for several townships in county:
Sugarloaf – John GERHART, Philip WOODRINGER
Nescopeck – Jonah BUSS, John BRIGGS
Hanover – Conrad RUMAGE, John FREDERICK
Wilkes-Barre – George P. STEEL, W. OLIVER
Pittston – Wm. LABAR, Jonas DOTY
Providence – Jacob R. BLOOM, John I. DINGS
Blakely – John COBB, Moses VAUGHN
Carbondale – Nathan BURGESS, Daniel TAYLOR
Greenfield – Robert BERRY, Jacob COON
Nicholson – Andrew GORDENIER, Wm. SCOTT
Abington – Novel D. GREEN, Asa KNIGHT
Falls – Miles AVERY, Luther DAILY
Tunkhannock – Henry G. HAMMOND, Henry STARK
Washington – Anthony OZIAH, Wm. JAYNE
Braintrim – N. OVERFIELD, Ezekiel MOWERY
Windham – Isaiah ADKINS, John FASSET
Eaton – James BROWN, Ashbel LEE
Exeter – Isaac H. BALDWIN, Ezekiel GOBLE
Monroe – John WRIGHT, Thomas HEDLEY
Northmoreland – D. B. ROGERS, John A. WILLIAMS
Dallas – Charles C. HONEWELL, Peter SEAMON
Union – Lot SEARCH, Joseph MOSS Jr.
Huntington – Thomas PATTERSON, Jarius HARRISON
Salem – Jeremiah HESS, Jacob HILL
Kingston – James R. LEWIS, H. DENISON
Plymouth – Freeman Thomas, Harmon SEARLE
Covington – Michael M. WADE, Jacob BEESUKER
Buck – John TATTERSELL Sen’r, Isaac SIMMONS
Fairmount – Jonathan PENNINGTON, Chauncy BAKER
Standing Committee for ensuing year: Wm. SWETLAND, Sam’l SAYLOR, Hiram DENISON, Jacob KUTZ and Daniel DEVENPORT.
Corresponding Committee: B. A. BIDLACK, Isaac BOWMAN, Wm. HANCOCK, Anthony BROWER and H. B. WRIGHT.

The Democratic County Meeting. Owing to the great haste in which the proceedings of this meeting were necessarily made up for our last paper, a number of errors and omissions unavoidably occurred, which have been corrected, as will be found on our first page. The Committees of Vigilance have also been added.

Editorial Change. John F. DONALDSON has become the publisher of the Tioga County Phoenix and will support the national and State administrations.

20 August 1834

J. M. SINTON, respectfully informs the inhabitants of Wilkes-Barre and its vicinity, that he intends to carry on the Saddle, Harness and Trimming Business, at the stand formerly occupied by A. DANA as a furniture ware room, next door to W. C. GILDERSLEEVE’S Store.

Lost Cow, strayed from Abraham MOCK, Wilkes-Barre, a week ago.

Coach, Gig & Wagon Manufactory. George A. DAVIS, Wilkes-Barre.

Declination. Seeing my name mentioned as one of the Anti-Masonic Committee of Vigilance, I take this method to decline acting, as I wish to act with the democratic party. Wm. H. COTTRILL, Blakely.

Steam Boat Meeting, of the Susquehanna Steam Boat and Navigation Company, convened at Col. DENNIS’ Tavern in Wilkesbarre on the 15th. John N. CONYNGHAM, Esq., was appointed Chairman and H. B. WRIGHT, Secretary. Committee to seven to nominate thirteen managers: G. W. WOODWARD, B. A. BIDLACK, J. L. BUTLER, L. S. CORYELL, E. CAREY and E. W. STURDEVANT, who reported the following ballot: James PUMPELLY, William A. ELEY, H. W. CAMP, Jonathan A. BURROWS, Jonathan PLATT, Amos MARTIN, J. G. PUMPELLY of Owego. G. M. HOLLENBACK, Henry COLT and Henry PETTEBONE, Wilkes-Barre. S. D. INGHAM, Bucks County.

Died – On the 19th inst., Benjamin Henry, infant son of Jacob TECTOR, aged ___ months (paper faded)

27 August 1834

Edgar RUTLEDGE, biography (signer of Declaration of Independence)

Members of the Wyoming Volunteer Regiment will assemble for drill (provided with six rounds of blank cartridges) at the house of D. FULMER, Plymouth, on the 13th Sept. C. A. REYNOLDS, Adjt.

Estate of Peter KREMER, late of Newport Twp., requests payments and demands. Jacob KREMER & Agustus KREMER, Ad’mrs.

The West Branch Farmer, is being published at Milton, Northumberland Co., by Montgomery SWENEY.

3 Sept. 1834

Westmoreland County. The Democratic County Convention, met at Greensburg, on 12th Aug., and nominated for Congress, John KLINGENSMITH Jr. and Assembly, John CRISTMAN, John MURRAY and John HILL.

Estate of Christian WENNER, late of Sugarloaf Twp., requests payments and demands. Henry UPLINGER, Ad’mr.

Declination. Observing my name as one of the committee of vigilance for Lehman appointed at a meeting held at the Court House on the 6th inst., I must decline serving as I am and always have been a democrat. John JACKSON, Lehman.

Died – William REYNOLDS, 45, was killed at Dover, NH by his father, a man of 70, who struck him on the head with a shovel, so violently as to fracture his skull.

Died – Capt. Barnet GARKUFF, 30, died in this village on Friday last of cholera. He had lately been to Detroit, where, no doubt, he contracted the disease. He was attended by Mr. P. O’HAGAN, during the whole night preceding his death. He was buried in the afternoon. His brother, William, was absent on business, and did not return till just after his interment. On Sunday last, a funeral discourse was delivered by Rev. A. A. DAVIS. Norwalk Reflector (Ohio)

10 Sept. 1834

Estray black heifer broke into the enclosure of J. G. HOLLENBACK, Mill-Creek, sometime in August last. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away.

Letter from Dr. Joseph J. WRIGHT, of the US Army, from Fort Gibson.

Seeing my name mentioned as a Committee of Vigilance for the Whigs, I decline acting as I am a Republican. M. ROBERTS, Tunkhannock
We decline being on the Committee of Vigilance for this township, as we are opposed to the US Bank, and do not wish to act with any party having for its object the advancement of the interest of that corrupt and dangerous institution. Samuel DERRAH, Asa DAILY, Wm. W. KIRKENDALL, Kingston
I decline being on the Committee of Vigilance for this township, as I always have and still wish to act with the democratic party. Isaac C. SHOEMAKER, Kingston.
I find my name as one of the Committee of Vigilance for this township. I am not an Anti-mason, Federalist, or Bank man, but choose, as I always have done, to support the Democratic cause, in opposition to Aristocracy and Bank monopoly. Oliver MC KEEL, Lehman

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 6th October, for land in Northmoreland Township, containing about 59 acres, bounded by Gideon FITCH, Avery ELSWORTH, Benjamin EYTE, late estate of John FITCH, of Northmoreland Township, deceased. Gideon FITCH, Ad’mr.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held on 2nd October, at house of John MONTONYE, Tunkhannock, for a tract of land in Tunkhannock Township, in the warrantee name of Joseph ROGERS, containing 400 acres, late the estate of Jesse FELL, Esq., deceased. Joseph SLOCUM, Ad’mr.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 1st October, for land in Sugarloaf Township, in warrantee name of John KUNCKLE, bounded by lands in the warrantee names of Christian KUNCKLE and Mary KUNCKLE and lands of unknown, containing 59 acres. Also land in Sugarloaf Township, in the warrantee name of John KUNCLE, containing 410 acres, late estate of Jesse TRUMP Jr., deceased. Samuel LAIRD and Maria K. LAIRD, Adm’rs.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the first Monday in November to hear us and our creditors. James BARNUM, John LITTLE, James ASHCRAFT, Samuel ADKINS

Public Notice. The public are hereby cautioned against taking an assignment of a judgment entered February 8, 1831, on the Prothonotary’s Docket, in this county, for $200, in favor of Enoch HOENIG against John NAGLE, of Buck, Luzerne County. The note upon which the above judgment is founded is conditional, and the consideration having failed, I consider myself under no obligation to pay it.

17 Sept. 1834

Notice. At the last Session of the Legislature an Act was passed authorising the Governor to incorporate a Company to erect a bridge over the Susquehanna River at the village of Tunkhannock, and books will be opened for the subscription of stock at the following times and places, where one or more of the Commissioners will attend.
Tunkhannock, at the house of Morris ROBERTS on 20th and 21st October
Exeter, at house of D. C. SWAN, on 22nd Oct.
New Troy, at house of James JENKINS, on 23rd Oct.
Kingston, at house of O. HELME, on 24th Oct.
Wilkes-Barre, at house of J. J. DENNIS, on 25th and 27th Oct.
Spring Ville, at house of Spencer HICKCOX, on 29th October
Montrose, at house of Daniel CURTIS on 30th and 31st Oct.
Braintrim, at house of Daniel STERLING, on 3rd November.
Henry STARK, Luman FERRY, James KELLY, Asa S. DANA, Joseph SLOCUM, Nicholas OVERFIELD and James WRIGHT, Commissioners.

Mr. MC KELVY declined being a candidate for member of Assembly in Columbia County.

The Opposition Ticket. The Federal party met in Convention at New Troy on the 9th inst., and selected the following ticket:
Assembly: Chester BUTLER, Elias HOYT
Commissioner: James WRIGHT
Coroner: Lemuel STONE, David THOMPSON
Auditor: Merritt SLOCUM

At the Berwick Convention, our names were attached to the Committee of Vigilance, we disclaim all participation with the Federalists, Nationals, Nullifiers, Anties, High Tariff, the Bank, &c. Our theme is Republicanism – our watchword Democracy. Andrew R. BACON, Noah HITCHCOCK, John SHAFFER, Daniel DECKER, William STEPHENS, Nicholson.
I decline acting as one of the Committees of Vigilance for the Federal party. Israel UNDERWOOD, Kingston
My name was one of the Committee of Vigilance for this township, and I have not as yet acted with any party, but choose to support the Democratic cause, in opposition to aristocracy and Bank monopoly. Oliver G. PETTEBONE, Kingston.

Young Men’s Democratic Anti-Bank Meeting, held at the house of Doct. C. J. CHRISTEL, on 15th Sept., Maj. Geo. SCHLEPPY was chosen President; Col. Hiram DENISON, Robert PORTER, Joseph STEEL and John G. HOLLENBACK Vice Presidents and Payne PETTEBONE and John ATHERTON, Secretaries. Committee to draft preamble and resolutions of meeting: Joseph P. DENNIS, Wm. J. STEPHENS, Wm. B. SCOTT, James RAFFERTY, Stephen HILL, Samuel P. COLLINGS, Charles ORR, Edward Thomas, Francis L. BOWMAN, John M. SINTON, Jehoida JOHNSON, Sinton YARINGTON, Daniel B. MANGUIN, John R. DALRYMPLE, John GRUVER, Wm. KIZER.

24 Sept. 1834

Declination of Abel GRITMAN, Greenfield, to Committee of Vigilance.

Luzerne County Democratic Anti-Bank Nominations:
Congress: Andrew BEAUMONT
Assembly: Ziba BENNETT, Benjamin A. BIDLACK
Coroner: Andrew R. BACON, Joseph MOSS Jr.
Commissioner: Samuel SAYLOR
Auditor: Jarius HARRISON

The Voice of Nicholson. At a meeting of the Democratic Republicans of the township of Nicholson, held by the Committee of Vigilance, at the house of William FINN, 20th inst., John F. DEPUY, Jr. was appointed President; Christian FELTON and Eli N. BACON, Vice Presidents and Andrew R. BACON and Hiram GREEN, Secretaries. John F. DEPUY Jr., was unanimously appointed delegate from this township to meet at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston on the 23rd inst.

Died – In Exeter, on 20th August last, Mrs. Sarah, relict of James SUTTON Esq., aged 87 years. She was a native of Rye, West-Chester Co., New York, and removed with her father, Doct. Wm. Hooker SMITH to Wyoming, in 1774, since which time she has been an inhabitant of this County. She has been a member of the Methodist Church for more than 43 years..

Died – Lately in village of Norwalk, Ohio, of cholera, Thomas V. BUSKARK, aged 33, recently from Kingston, Luzerne County, Pa., after an illness of 9 hours. Also in the morning of the same day, Emeline, aged 10 months, daughter of said BUSKARK.

Attorney At Law. L. KIDDER will always be found in readiness to transact any professional business entrusted to his care, at the office of James M’CLINTOCK [MCCLINTOCK], near the Fire proof., Wilkesbarre.

A Democratic Meeting was held at the house of Lewis HORTON, Hanover Township, John FREDERICK was called to the Chair and Conrad RUMAGE appointed Secretary. John MENSCH was chosen delegate from the township to meet at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston on the 23rd.

Notice. The partnership existing under the firm of STEPHENS & PLANT, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. William J. STEPHENS and James A. PLANT, Wilkes-Barre. The Business will hereafter be conducted by William J. STEPHENS.

Susquehanna Steam Boat Navigation. At a meeting of the Managers of said Company, held 8th inst., an installment of one dollar per share on the Stock subscribed be called in, payable by 1st October next. H. W. WRIGHT, Treasurer, Wilkesbarre.

1 Oct. 1834

Democratic Meeting in Carbondale, opposed to the US Bank, met at the house of James D. TREAT, on 20th inst., for choosing delegate to represent township at Philip MYRES’, Kingston, on 23rd. Committee to draft resolution: James W. GOFF, Bushnell K. BRONSON, J. H. WATERBURY, C. T. PIERSON, Edgar BOGARDUS, Nelson WILLIAMS, William ROOT Esq., George REYNOLDS, Seth DUNN Jr., D. P. MAPES, Parnach HAREDON, R. DELZELLE, B. W. JOHNSON, Jesse WILLIAM, Jeremiah WILBER, J. COYLE. A committee of fourteen to elect three suitable persons: Joseph B. WILLIAMS, James S. MORROW, John MEGARGELL, Judson CLARK, John GODDING, James FERRIS, John CARR, Christopher E. WILBER, H. G. G. REYNOLDS, Edward CASTLE, John PETTEGRUE, Johnathan VAIL, W. COPELAND, Abraham WILLIAMS. Amzi WILSON, James W. GOFF and David P. MAPES were recommended, James W. GOFF was nominated as the Delegate.

At a meeting of the Democratic Republicans of Dallas Township, held at the house of Wm. HONEYWELL, on 20th Sept., Wm. SHAVER was chosen Chairman and Tho. IRWIN, Secretary. Committee to draft preamble of resolutions: A. S. HONEYWELL, Thomas L. SWAYSE, Conrad KUNKLE, John WORT, Joseph S. RYMAN, Peter SEAMAN, William HONEYWELL, Jacob RYMAN, J. S. ANDERSON.

At a meeting of the Democratic Republicans of Greenfield Township, on 20th inst., at the house of Charles BERRY, Isaac FINCH was called to the chair and Samuel VAIL chosen secretary. Committee of three to draft preamble and resolutions: Robert BERRY, Jacob COONS and George F. FINCH. Charles BERRY to be delegate to convention to be held at Philip MYRE’S, Kingston on 23rd.

Pursuant to a notice of the Committee of Vigilance, a number of persons met at the house of Moris ROBERTS, Tunkhannock, on 20th Sept., to elect a delegate to convention to be held on the 23rd at the house of Philip MYERS. James THAYR, a soldier of the Revolution was called to the chair and Ziba SMITH and Thomas OSTERHOUT were appointed secretaries. Hery STARK Esq., was elected the delegate. A committee to draft a preamble and resolutions: Samuel BILLINGS, Washington STANSBURY, Joseph L. MEEKER, James KELLY, Henry POLEN and Ziba SMITH. [Names as printed]

At a meeting of democratic citizens of the township of Providence, held at the house of N. COTTRILL, on 20th Sept., Robert MERIFIELD was called to the Chair and Gilbert DUNNING and Wm. MERIFIELD appointed Secretaries. Committee to draft preamble resolutions: Joseph GRIFFIN Esq., Jacob R. BLOOM, Samuel DEPUY, Elisha S. POTTER Esq. and Jacob BESECKER. Ellsh (?) S. POTTER Esq., delegate to attend convention on 23rd in Kingston.

A meeting held at the Public House of Reuben HILL, Conyngham, on Sept. 27th, of democratic republicans, Capt. John CHARLES was appointed Chairman and William DRUMHELLER and Henry B. YOST, secretaries. (no other names listed of committees)

At a meeting of Democratic Citizens of Lehman Township, at the house of Oliver M’KEEL [MCKEEL?], on 19th Sept., Watson BALDWIN Esq., was called to the Chair and I. I. BOGARDUS, Esq., chosen secretary. (no other named listed of committees)

At a meeting of Democratic Citizens of Abington Township, held 20th Sept., at Abington Centre, Asa KNIGHT was called to the chair and Thomas SMITH was appointed secretary. Asa KINGHT was elected the delegate to attend convention at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston.

At a meeting of Democratic Citizens of Union Township, Lot SEARCH Esq., was called to the chair and John R. DEAN appointed secretary. Joseph MOSS Jr., was duly elected the delegate to attend the convention at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston.

At a meeting of the Democratic Republicans at the house of Ab’m ORR, of Nescopeck Township, John BRIGGS was chosen the delegate to attend the convention at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston.

Register’s Notices of estates filed:
James TUBBS, executor, of Simon TUBBS, late of Huntington Twp.
John BRITTIAN and John EMERY, admins. of Joseph BRITTAIN, late of Huntington Twp.
Miller HORTON and Lydia BLACKMAN, execs. Of Nathan WALLER, late of Wilkesbarre Twp.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, on Oct. 1st:
Nathan K. PIERCE

Declination. I decline serving as one of the Committee of Vigilance for the Federal party, as I do not, or never did belong to the party. Houghton COURTRIGHT, Exeter.

Delegate Convention held at the house of Philip MYERS’, Kingston, Sept. 23rd, Moses VAUGHN was chosen president; Asa KNIGHT and J. BRIGGS, Vice prest’s and A. G. BROADHEAD and J. W. GOFF, secretaries. The following delegates were present:
Sugarloaf, A. G. BRODHEAD
Abington, Asa KNIGHT
Nescopeck, John BRIGGS
Wilkesbarre, D. COLLINGS
Blakeley, M. VAUGHN
Hanover, J. MENSCH
Eaton, P. LEE
Carbondale, James w. GOFF
Exeter, L. H. BALDWIN
Nicholson, John F. DUPUY Jr.
Pittston, Wm. LABAR
Providence, E. S. POTTER
Union, J. MOSS
Newport, G. SCHLEPPY
Northmoreland, J. DAILEY
Lehman, T. O. BOGORDUS
Falls, Dr. John SMITH
Windham, D. HICKS
Dallas, C. KUNKLE
Braintrim, E. MOWRY
Covington, M. M’WADE
Monroe, J. WRIGHT
Tunkhannock, H. STARK
Washington, A. OZIAH
Greenfield, C. BERRY
Kingston, Wm. SWETLAND
Plymouth, Truman ATHERTON
Huntington, Wm. KOONS

Persons nominated:
State Legislature: Ziba BENNETT and Benjamin A. BIDLACK
Coroners: Andrew R. BACON, of Nicholson and Joseph MOSS Jr., of Union Township
Commissioner: Samuel SAYLOR
Auditor: Jarius HARRISON
Committee of five to draft address to citizens of Luzerne County: E. S. POTTER, A. G. BRODHEAD, Wm. SWETLAND, Daniel COLLINGS and Henry STARK.

8 Oct. 1834

Young Men’s Democratic Meeting – held 27th Sept. at the house of Samuel KLINE, Newport. Jacob SORBER was called to the chair and George SLEPPY appointed secretary. Committee of four to draft resolutions: Samuel KLINE, Edward THOMAS, Philip DUFFORT and George BELLIS. Standing committee: Edward THOMAS, George SLEPPY, Samuel KLINE and Philip DUFFORT. Committee of Vigilance: John ROSENCRANCE Jr., Richard PAIN, Jacob KREMER, George BELLES, Samuel KLINE, Edward THOMAS, S. P. VANDERMARK, Philip DUFFORD, Paul BERLOLD, Peter SLEPPY, Peter F’GEROLD, F. KLINE, Wm. JACKSON, Jacob SLEPPY, John BELLIS, Jacob F’GERALD, Philip HOYT, J. KETHLINE, H. W. KLINE, G. SLEPPY, J. SORBER, J. SLEPPY, M. GROVER, A. BELLIS, D. VANDIMARK, J. KLINE, J. OGIN, J. ROSENCRANCE, N. WAKEMAN, J. LUTS, Peter BELLIS, G. GROSS, G. E. Thomas, P. BELLIS, Wm. DOAL, J. GRUVER, A. KREMER, P. MYRES, P. BELIS, __. FETERMAN (ink spot), C. FETHERMAN, C. WEISS, H. LUTZEY, Wm. BELLIS, J. SANTEE, Jacob SANTEE, J. HAWK, H. MOSER, J. WORMLDORF, A. BRIDINGER, F. MILLER, P. GRUVER, C. SLEPPY.

At a meeting at the house of Reuben HILL, Conyngham, Sept. 27th, Capt. John CHARLES was appointed Chairman and William DRUMHELLER and Henry B. YOST, Secretaries. Resolved that this meeting approve the ticket formed at MYERS’ in Kingston on Tuesday last.

Married – On 2nd inst., by Rev. PIERCE, Samuel T. NICHOLSON, Esq., merchant of this place, to Miss Frances, daughter of Benjamin SLOCUM, late of Tunkhannock. Accompanying the above notice, we received a portion of the delicious “wedding cake” and a bottle of most excellent wine.

Married – In Wilkes-Barre, on Thursday evening last, by Rev. J. MAY, Albert MAC ALPIN to Miss Mary Ann WRIGHT, both of Wilkes-Barre.

Married – At Tunkhannock on Saturday the 4th inst., by James KELLY, Esq., Alexander KENNER, of Homer, NY, to Miss Harriet B. BOLLS, of Exeter.

Died – In Dallas, on 14th ult., Moses DERBY, a soldier of the Revolution, aged about 75 years.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office, Plymouth, October 1st:
Margaret CROOP
Christopher GARAHON
Betsy HALL
Rufus KING
Samuel LIVEZEY Jr.
George P. RANSOM
Francis J. SMITH
Freeman THOMAS

List of Letters, Remaining in Post Office at Tunkhannock, Oct. 1st:
Joseph CAMP
Jeremiah B. DOW
Beach EARL
Rev. Benjamin ELLIS
Patrick FEENAN
Benjamin HARDING
Wm. S. JAYNE Esq.
William P. MILLER
Ambrose C. TIFFANY
Adam or Thomas WILSON
Mrs. Francis WEST
Henry STARK, P. M.

Great Mechanics Meeting was held at the house of George P. STEELE, Wilkesbarre Borough, 3rd October. Daniel COLLINGS was appointed President and Wm. APPLE and Christian GRUVER, Vice Presidents, Jehoida JOHNSON & J. R. DALRYMPLE, Secretaries. Committee to draft address: Isaac HART, William J. STEPHENS, Henry STROH, Jacob ROMAGE, Jacob KUTZ, John G. HOLLENBACK, Jehoida JOHNSON, Christian GRUVER, Jonathan R. WILLIAMS, Cha’s H. HAY, William APPLE.

15 Oct. 1834

Died – At Sheshequin, on 2nd May last, Samuel GORE, aged 73 years. He was a soldier of the Revolution and one of the few who escaped at the memorable Wyoming Massacre; and also an actor in the Yankee and Pennymite struggles. Soon after peace he moved up the Susquehanna River to Sheshequin. He was an acting Justice.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held Nov. 1st, at the house of John CHARLES, Conyngham, for land in the township of Sugarloaf. One town lot in Conyngham, bounded by John Adam WINTERS, OSTERDAY, containing 3 acres. And one tract, (no acres given), late estate of John MACKLE, deceased. John BEISEL, ad’mr.

New Arrangement. Tunkhannock & Owego via Towanda. These lines being united, for the public convenience, will hereafter leave Tunkhannock every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings and arrive next day (except Sunday) at Owego by one o’clock P. M. in time to take the Rail Road to Ithaca, same afternoon. At Towanda this line intersects regular Stages to Athens, Elmira, Wellsborough, Montrose, &c. Fare, $3.00. Way passengers, 3 cents per mile. All baggage at the risk of the owner. D. M. BULL, Proprietor, Towanda.

Public Vendue. A large and general assortment of Dry Goods, Hard Ware, Crockery, with some Groceries will be offered at the store late of Harrison PALMER, Wilkes-Barre on 3rd November. H. B. ROBINSON, assignee of H. PALMER.

22 Oct. 1834

Mrs. EVANS, compliments to her friends and would inform them that she has just returned from Philadelphia with a Fresh Assortment of Superior Articles, in her line, and would respectfully solicit a portion of their patronage. N. B. Fresh Oranges & Lemons.

New Goods at the New Cash Store. Whitney SMITH, Wilkes-Barre.

Stray Horse came to the enclosure of Robert C. SMITH, Braintrim, on Sunday last. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take him away.

Official Statement of Votes Polled in Luzerne County, Oct. 14:
Congress: Andrew BEAUMONT (2272), Cha’s D. SHOEMAKER (1956)
Assembly: Ziba BENNETT (2367), Benjamin A. BIDLACK (2362), Chester BUTLER (1869), Elias HOYT (1875)
Com’r: Samuel SAYLOR (2365), James WRIGHT (1839)
Auditor: Jarius HARRISON (2313), Merritt SLOCUM (1877)
Coroner: Andrew R. BACON (2222), Joseph MOSS (2169), Lemuel STONE (1872), David THOMPSON (1876)

Died – Another Revolutionary Patriot gone! In Plymouth, on the 9th inst., after a most painful and protracted illness, Andrew BLANCHERD, aged 82 years. He was a soldier of the Revolution, and has been a resident of this county for nearly 50 years.

29 Oct.1834

Pennsylvania Congressional Elections (all counties listed):
7th Dist. Northampton, Pike and Wayne: David D. WAGENER, democrat
15th Dist. Columbia and Luzerne: Andrew BEAUMONT, democrat
16th Dist. Northumberland, Union & Lycoming: Joseph B. ANTHONY, democrat
17th Dist. Bradford, Susquehanna, Tioga, Potter & M’Kean: John LAPORTE, democrat
19th Dist. Westmoreland & Indiana: John KLINGENSMITH, democrat
Pennsylvania Legislature
Northampton, Lehigh, Pike & Wayne: Jacob KERN, Peter NEWHARD
Northumberland & Union: Isaac SLENKER
Luzerne & Columbia: Uzal HOPKINS
Susquehanna, Bradford & Tioga: A. H. READ
Westmoreland: John KLINGENSMITH Jr.
House of Representatives:
Northampton, Wayne & Pike: Jedaiah IRISH, John HOUSTON, Philip LYNN, Nathaniel A. WOODWARD
Northumberland: Lewis DEWART
Columbia: John F. DERR
Luzerne: Ziba BENNETT, B. A. BIDLACK
Susquehanna: Joseph WILLIAMS
Bradford & Tioga: Samuel W. MORRIS, Lockwood SMITH

Public Notice. Whereas, I was married to Jane STOUT, otherwise Jane CRANEY, and have ascertained that she had at the time a husband in full life and whereas the said Jane has repeatedly left my bed and board, without any just cause, this is to caution all persons against trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. John LAUBACH, Wilkesbarre. (See 12 Nov. 1834)

Died – In this town, at the residence of John H. RUTZER, on the evening of the 6th inst., Jane Gertrude, aged 25 years, daughter of Jacob I. BOGARDUS, Esq., of the township of Lehman, Luzerne County. She was on a tour of travel with her grandfather, the Hon. Jonathan O. MOSELY, formerly of East Haddam, Conn., and her death at a distance from her parents and all her relatives, save one, was peculiarly afflictive. Ulster NY, Republican

5 Nov. 1834 (not on microfilm)

Fire. We regret to learn that the barn of Nathaniel GOSS, of Huntington was entirely consumed by fire, on the 10th ult., together with all his grain, hay, &c. Mr. GOSS’ barn, a few years ago, was struck with lightning and burnt to the ground.

The burning of Joseph KELLER’S house on the 21st ult., has rendered him houseless at this inclement season; and it is to be hoped that a liberal public will extend him their aid.

In Kingston, on Tuesday the 4th inst., by Rev. ROW, Stephen P. HILL to Miss Jane, daughter of the late Jacob HOLGATE, Esq., of Philadelphia. “A good example well followed.” It will be recollected that a few weeks since, accompanying the notice of a wedding, we acknowledged the receipt of a portion of the wedding cake and a bottle of wine.

In Exeter, on 23rd ult., by Rev. MAY, Wm. SHAPRS, to Miss Maria, daughter of Lot BREES, of Exeter

12 Nov. 1834

Brigade Orders. The field Officers of the 116th Regt. Will convene at the house of Mrs. Sarah OSTERHOUT in Tunkhannock on Saturday the 15th Nov. for the purpose of holding a general Court of Appeal for said Regt.
The field officers of the 115th will convene at the house of Col. J. J. DENNIS in Wilkes-Barre, on 22nd Nov. to hold a general Court of appeal.
Constables who have Militia warrants for collection of fines, and appealants who feel aggrieved by the Assessment of fines, can attend if they think proper.
Isaac BOWMAN, Inspector, 2nd Brigade, 8th Div., P. M.

Type Foundry. C. SHERMAN & Samuel ECKLIN, have purchased the Type Foundry established by the late J. HOWE and entered into partnership, under the firm of S. ECKLIN & Co.

Estate of Deodat SMITH, late of Pittston Township, request demands and payments. Thomas SMITH, of Abington Township, and Benj’n SMITH, executors

Estate of William TRESCOTT, late of Salem Township, request demands and payments. Enos TRESCOTT, Adm’r.

Estate of Nyce HOLLISTER, Late of Plymouth Township, requests demands and payments. Noah WADHAMS, Adm’r.

Public Notice. I do hereby certify that I have not left John LAUBACH, my husband, without any cause or provocation, which he had certified the public that I had left his bed and board. As for his bed, it was impossible for me to lay in it, especially on the nights of political meetings and elections. As for his board – it consisted of dead geese, which were thrown away by the neighbors – and he has also forbidden any person to trust me on his account. As for trusting me – no one would trust him. And I do forbid any one to trust him on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts of his contracting. And he did know that I was married before; and I do forbid any Esquire to marry him. And I do advise all females not to be so foolish as to give their hand in marriage to him, as he is a spendthrift, and a very intemperate man. Jane LAUBAUGH, Wilkes-Barre.

19 Nov. 1834

George GILL, convicted of the murder of FLETCHER, died on Wednesday at the Walnut Street Prison. We understand he had been unwell for some time.

A quarrel took place on Monday evening last at Pittsburg, between a young man by the name of COWAN and another by the name of YOUNG, during which the latter was stabbed in a vital part, and died immediately.

Another Fire. On Saturday night last, the house of Robert BOND, occupied by Mr. THORN, in Kingston, was entirely consumed by fire. No lives were lost, and we understand Mr. THORN was enabled to save a part of his furniture. The accident occurred, it is said, in consequence of some defect in the chimney.

$5 Reward. Strayed or stolen from Hiram B. DENNIS, on the night of the 29th Sept. last, a Brindle Cow. Any person who will take up the said cow and return here to the subscriber, shall receive the above reward or if stolen, five dollars more will be added, on recovery of the cow and conviction of the their.

3 Dec. 1834

S. L. BROWER, having taken the Shop over Mr. Wm. C. GILDERSLEEVE’S Store, and engaged his brother, George C. BROWER, as foreman, has commenced the Tailoring Business, and respectfully solicits the patronage of the public. Wilkes-Barre.

To Creditors & others interested in the Assignment of Harrison PALMER, late of Wilkesbarre. Notice is hereby give that an account has been presented to the Court of Common Pleas, by Houghton B. ROBINSON, Assignee under a voluntary assignment, made by the said Harrison PALMER for the benefit of creditors, and is filed in my office, and the same will be allowed and confirmed by the said Court on Monday the 5th January next, unless reasons shall then be given why the same ought not to be allowed. H. PETTEBONE, Prothonotary.

Register’s Notices, filed in the estates of:
Wilmot VAIL, guardian of Merrit, minor child of Joshua VAIL, late of Greenfield Township
Christian and William FELTON, administrators of Henry FELTON, late of Nicholson
John LAMOREAX and Griffin LEWIS, surviving Executors of Thomas LAMOREAX, late of Plymouth Township

Shoemakers Wanted. One or Two Journeyman Shoemakers, on womens’ work, to whom constant employment and liberal wages will be given. William J. STEPHENS, Wilkes-Barre.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held 20th December, for one equal undivided half part of land in Greenfield Township, situated on the head waters of Tunkhannock Creek, being part of a tract called Mount Hope. Bounded by Robert TAYLOR, Archibald STEWART, containing 86 acres. Surveyed in pursuance of a Warrant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 5 July 1774, granted to Robert TAYLOR, late the estate of John TOMPKINS, which he held the same at and immediately before his death. Horatio TOMPKINS, Admin.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 3rd January next, for land in the township of Providence, bounded by Welles BENNET, Lackawanna River, containing 83 acres, being part of a tract of land taken up in the name of William MOORE, Senr., and patented to Josiah LEWIS, 20th April, late estate of William SEARLE, dec’d. Elisha BLACKMAN 2nd, Admin.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 20th Dec. next, for land in Wilkes-Barre Township, bounded by Jas. KENNEDY, George W. WILLIAMS, Charles MINER, Andrew MOCK, with two houses thereon erected, late estate of Daniel GOULD, deceased. Justus GOULD, Admin.

For Sale. Four or Five Hundred Tons of Coal, about three-fourths of mile from the basin on the Canal, near Thomas SLOCUM’S, at One Dollar per ton. Newman BROWN.

Advertisement by C. L. HARRINGTON, former business at Forty Fort, sold to Chester TUTTLE and A. PARMELE.

Biography of Hon. Levi WOODBURY

Migrated Murder. Mary __OLDER, (ink spot over name), lately tried at Fayetteville, N. C, for the murder of her son, a lad about ten years old, by whipping him to death with large switches, and convicted of “murder in the second degree.” It puzzles us to know what a North Carolina Jury would consider a murder in the first degree?

Solemn Warning. A man, named STEWART, on Friday last, was found dead on the farm of Mr. SHETTER, near Chambersburg, Pa., When found his face was buried in the mud, and an empty whiskey jug and his hat laying a short distance from him. A coroner’s inquest was held over his body, who returned a verdict that he came to his death by intemperance and exposure. Am. Sent.

Public Meeting was held by citizens friendly to the construction of a Canal by the State from Columbia to the Maryland state line convened at the house of Col. J. J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre, on 27th Nov. Gen. Wm. ROSS was called to the chair and Anning O. CHAHOON, appointed Secretary. A committee of three to prepare petitions to the Legislature: J. N. CONYNGHAM, G. W. WOODWARD and E. CAREY. Committee of forty to circulate petitions:
Chester BUTLER
Robert MINER
Elias HOYT
Alfred HINE
Cornelius STARK
John SOX
Jameson HARVEY
Nathan BACON
Washington LEE
Christian KUNCKLE
Philip LEE
Charles BERRY

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the first Monday in January to hear us and our creditors. Samuel LAFRANCE, Henry BOOTH, George ALBERT, William PRICE, Cyrus CARPENTER. [Note in the 24th Dec., the last name is listed as Cyrel CARPENTER Jr.]

10 Dec. 1834

Notice. Elder Geo. W. RICHMOND will preach in the upper room of the Court House, on Friday evening next, the 12th inst.

Married – In this place on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. MOISTER, Simeon COLLINSON Esq., to Miss Mary GRAVER, both of Wilkes-Barre. An excellent bottle of the juice of the grape and a liberal supply of good cake, accompanied the above notice.

Married – In this place, on Sunday last, by the Rev. ZIZOR, Andrus LEFFLER, Esq., to Miss Eleanor, daughter of Christian GRUVER, of Wilkesbarre. We received a quantity of wedding cake with the notice.

Died – At his residence in St. Louis, on Sunday the 9th ult., Maj. Thomas WRIGHT, aged 43 years. The deceased was a native of this Valley. At the time of his death, and for a number of years previous, he was Paymaster in the U. S. Army.

Died – In Pittston Township, after a protracted decline, Miss Sarah MARCY.

17 Dec. 1834

Notice. The Democratic Citizens of Luzerne County are to meet at the Court House, Wilkes-Barre on 6th January, for the purpose of electing delegates to the Convention on 4th March at Harrisburg. Jacob KUTZ, Wm. SWETLAND, Samuel SAYLOR and Hiram DENISON, Standing Committee.

House of Representatives, Dec. 3rd,
Mr. BENNETT, petition and documents of Eliza JACOBS, of Luzerne County, stating the services of her late husband, John JACOBS, a revolutionary soldier, and praying for relief.
Mr. BIDLACK, a petition of like import with the above from Catharine FELL, widow of a revolutionary soldier.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held 12th January, at the house of Job GIBBS, deceased, Borough of Wilkes-Barre, for a piece of land in the township of Hanover, surveyed in name of Ludwick NORTH or BOTH, containing 337 acres, late estate of Job GIBBS, dec’d. The tract is situated upon the Lehigh River. V. L. MAXWELL, Admr.

Commissioner’s Sale of Unseated Lands will be held 6th January at the Court House, Wilkes-Barre.

24 Dec. 1834

House of Representatives, Dec. 15th:
Mr. BENNETT, one of the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Wyoming Station, for authority to see certain real estate.
Third Reading of Bills:
An act to confer on Mary Lavina LEAS, the rights and benefits of a child born in lawful wedlock.
Act granting relief to John SCHUCKER, a soldier of the revolutionary war.

31 Dec. 1834

Died – John BOND, an Irish laborer, in blasting a rock in Worcester, was last week killed by a fragment, which struck him in the back.

Died – Miss Elizabeth CONKLIN, aged 21, left her mother’s house to spend the night with a friend, about half a mile distance, where she did not arrive, and although she did not return the next day, her mother felt no uneasiness, supposing she had concluded to spend another night with her friend; when on the latter part of the day, two men who were passing the same road, an unfrequented one, discovered her lying in or near the road, dead and frozen, with two holes in her head, apparently caused by blows from a club. (no location given)

The Luzerne County Temperance Society will meet at the Episcopal Church on 7th January next.

Pardon of OTIS. Amos OTIS, who was convicted of the murder of the late Capt. James CROSBY, but who was reprieved for fifteen days, on petition of a number of citizens of Boston, has been pardoned by the President, and is now discharged from prison. It will be recollected that the black cook, who was hanged a short time since declared in Court that OTIS was innocent. OTIS also stated that he not only had no hand in the murder of the Captain, but did all he could to prevent it.

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