1841 Republican Farmer & Democratic Journal




Terms of Publication – Printed and published weekly at Two Dollars per annum, payable in advance; or if not paid within the year Two Fifty, exclusive of Postage.

Postage on papers sent by Post riders and stage drivers, Fifty Cents a year; those receiving their papers by mail, pay their own postage at several post offices.

No paper discontinued (except at the option of the Editor) until all arrearage are paid.

Advertisements not exceeding 1 square Fifty Cents for the first, and Twenty-Five Cents for each subsequent insertion; longer ones in proportion, by the year, on the usual terms then no time is specified for the discontinuance of Advertisement, they will be continued until forbid and changed accordingly.

6 Jan. 1841
Good Advice – Never pay three cents for the privilege of being shaved with a dull razor. Use a quill to pick your teeth. A pitchfork is injurious to the enamel.

Died – At Providence, La., in October last, Harriet, consort of Henry W. SMITH. She was late of Wyoming Valley, and daughter of Jacob BEDFORD, of Abington, Luzerne county.

List Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, Jan. 1:
Phillip ALLEN
Margaret BIRT
Harriet E. BRUCE
Benja. BOYER
William O. BROWN
Robert COVEY
Thomas CRABY
Milton CLARK
Florence CONNERS
Charles DENNY
William B. EVANS
Robert FAGAU
George GOWER
Pat or J. HINESY
Timothy IDE
William JAYNE
Cornelius LYNCH
James LANE
Rosette LANE
Margaret LINAN
Michael PEATH
William MC EAVAY
Cornelius MALONE
William NEAD
Thomas PRIOR
William RILEY
Peter QUIN
Richard REGAN
Patrick RYNE
Joseph LUTES
Patrick MC SIGHE
Stephen SQUIRS
Squir SAMP- ?
Avery SHAW
Mary C. YONG
Samuel STARK, 2nd, P. M.

Notice – Whereas, Holly SEELY, of the township of Tunkhannock, was appointed by the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne county, a Trustee of Henry BECKMAN, an insolvent Debtor. This is to notify all persons indebted to the said Insolvent, or holding property belonging to him, to pay and deliver all such sums of money and property, due and belonging to said Insolvent, to the said Trustee, and also to desire all creditors of said Insolvent, to present their respective accounts or demands. Holly SEELY.

13 Jan. 1841 [This paper does not appear on the microfilm.]
Married – In this borough, on Wednesday evening, the 13th inst., by the Rev. D. W. BRISTON, James JONES, merchant, to Anna Maria WOOD, all of this place.

Married – By Rev. John MILLER, of Abington, Oct. 8th, 1840, Elisha CHANCE to Miss Weltha PHILIPS, both of Abington.

Married – By Rev. John MILLER, Oct. 22nd, 1840, Orrin BROWNING of Benton, to Miss Minerva CAPWELL of Nicholson.

Married – By Rev. John MILLER, Nov. 5th, 1840, Lyman DIXON of Abington, to Miss Mary Ann POTTER of Greenfield.

Married – By Rev. John MILLER, Nov. 19th, 1840, Henry PRACKER, of Providence, to Miss Catharine AKELY, of Abington.

Married – By Rev. John MILLER, Nov. 25th, 1840, Truman VAUGHN, of Blakely, to Miss Emeline GRIFFIN, of Providence.

Married – By Rev. John MILLER, Dec. 8th, 1840, Jeremiah BRITTON, to Miss Chloe WHITE, both of Abington.

Married – By Rev. John MILLER, Dec. 9th, 1840, Israel ROSSETT, to Miss Esther BRITTON, both of Abington.

Married – By Rev. John MILLER, Dec. 13th, 1840, Robert STONE 3rd, to Miss Sarah PHILIPS, both of Abington.

Married – By Rev. John MILLER, Dec. 20th, 1840, Edwin GRIFFIN, to Miss Harriet KROTZER, both of Providence.

Married – By Rev. John MILLER, Dec. 31st, 1840, Solomon MORROW, of Providence, to Miss Lydia LACH, of Abington.

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20 Jan. 1841 [This paper does not appear on the microfilm.]
Married – By Rev. G. W. SCOFIELD, Jan. 7th, Elijah REEVES to Miss Angeline ROGERS, all of Northmoreland.

27 Jan. 1841 [This paper does not appear on the microfilm.]
Murder – An individual by the name of BAKER, was committed to the jail of this County on Friday last, charged with stabbing Mr. LUCKY at Tunkhannock. We learn that LUCKY is since dead. The crime was committed by BAKER while under the influence of intoxication.

Enumeration of Agricultural Statistics for the 19 Townships in Luzerne County.

3 Feb. 1841
NICHOLSON Lands – All persons interested, are hereby notified that the undersigned Board of Commissioners, appointed under the Act of April 15, 1840, to settle the Estate of John NICHOLSON and Peter BAYATON, is now convened at Harrisburg, and will remain in Session till the second Monday of April next. The Board is ready to adjust, settle and compromise, with Claiments to all those Lands on which the Lien of the Commonwealth has not been discharged. Robert ORR, John DUNGAN, William PRIMROSE.

To my Creditors – Take notice that I have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, for the benefit of Insolvent laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and they have appointed Saturday the 3rd April next at the Court House in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre to hear me and my creditors where you can attend, if you think proper: Solomon GRUVER & John W. SIMPSON

Married – ON Monday, Jan. 18th, by B. F. BAILEY, Esq., Thomas WOODBRIDGE, to Miss Amy CAPWELL, of Abington.

Died – In this borough, on Wednesday morning, the (no date) inst., William Samuel, son of William and Mary GRANT, of scarlet fever, aged five years and eight days.

Luzerne County Statement of 1840

10 Feb. 1841
North Branch Canal – Tunkhannock Line:
This line is fifty-four miles and nineteen chains in length, and extends from Wyalusing creek to the Lackawanna.
No new contracts have been entered into on this line since the last report: the bill fo the last session confining the appreprintion to work already commenced.
Fourteen of the sections, comprising some of the heaviest, and making an aggregate distance of six miles, are completed, and many of the others are reported to be in such a state of forwardness as to be finished in the early part of the spring.
None of the mechanical work has yet been placed under contract. The sections which have not been commenced, are generally of a light character.
The work done on the Tunkhannock line,
Up to the 31st October 1840 amounted to $245,285.40
Value of work remaining to be done $1,267,493.35
Total estimated cost of Tunkhannock Line $2,112,778.79
Estimated cost of Tioga Line $1,440,822.07
Cost of North Branch extension $3,553,600.66
Deduct former appropriations $1,946,666.66
Balance required to complete North Branch extension $1,600,934.20
For a detailed statement of the operations on the extensions, and for some pertinent remarks on the propriety of its completion, reference is respectfully made to the report of the engineer, Wm. B. FOSTER, jr., Esq.

Married – On Thursday morning Feb. 4th, by the Rev. D. W. BRISTOL, Benjamine PFOUTS, of Northumberland, to Miss Mary, daughter of George SIVALLY, Esq., of Hanover.

To my Creditors – Take notice that I have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, for the benefit of Insolvent laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and they have appointed Saturday the 3rd April next at the Court House in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre to hear me and my creditors where you can attend, if you think proper:
David W. DAVIS

17 Feb. 1841
Married – In New Troy, on Wednesday evening, the 10th inst., by Rev. SNOWDEN, Joseph REEVES, to Miss Elizabeth R. LOOMIS, both of Northmoreland.

Married – In Danville on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. D. M. HALLIDAY, Joel WYANT, to Miss Rhoda Ann EPLER, both of Huntington.

Cautionary Notice – Whereas my wife Lueretia, has quit my Bed and Board, without any just cause or provocation, I do therefore hereby forbid all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, for I am determined to pay no more Debts of her contracting after this date.
Samuel ROOTS, Windham, 2 Feb. 1841.

24 Feb. 1841
Taken Up, on the 8th of Jan. a platform of Boards and Plank, taken up in the Susquehanna river, and Landed at Keeney’s Ferry, in the township of Braintrim, Luzerne county, the owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take away. Ezra KEENEY, C.M. KEENEY, H. W. KEENEY and Henry GRANGER, Braintrim.

New County Meeting
At a meeting of the citizens of the township of Blakely, held pursuant to public notice, at the house of L. LILLIBRIDGE, on Friday evening, , Daniel BACON was called to the Chair; Nathaniel G. NORTHRUP of Abington and Rufus DAVISON of Greenfield were chosen Vice Presidents; and Thaddeus D. NEWTON and Henry W. NEWTON, Secretaries.
The object of the meeting having been stated by the Chair and some pertinent remarks made by several gentlemen, the following names persons were appointed to the Committee to draft a preamble and resolutions expressive of the sense of the meeting, viz: Louis S. WATRES, James MOTT, N. STEVENSON, T. LAFORGE and E. DOLPH – who after a short absence, reported the following, which were unanimously adopted.
Whereas, The citizens of this township have united with the citizens of ten other townships in the Northern part of Luzerne, in petitioning the Legislature for their erection into a new County to be called Lackawanna: And whereas, the Legislature may justly look for an expression of our feelings and opinions on the subject. And whereas, the extent of territory in the county of Luzerne, is quite too large, and the distance for the extremes to travel to the seat of Justice is an inconvenience almost intolerable: And whereas, the amount of judicial business in this county is so great that the present Court cannot keep up its business without extra sessions, and then with great delay: And whereas, we feel bound to take part of our fellow citizens of the neighboring towns, to help secure our rights and to support the cause of justice – Therefore, be it Resolved, That we do heartily and earnestly urge our Members, and recommend the Legislature to create this new County at its present session, composed of the following townships, viz: Abington, Benton, Blakely, Carbondale, Covington, falls, Nicholson, Jefferson, Lackawanna, Greenfield and Providence.
Resolved, That we believe by this measure the cause of justice and equal rights would be greatly promoted, and with much less expense than by the present arrangement.
Resolved, That the extent of territory in the proposed new County is amply sufficient and the resources abundant – having the flourishing Valley of the Lackawanna passing through the whole length, affording great facilities for manufacturing purposes, and an immense amount of Coal and Iron, with valuable farming lands in the adjoining townships on each side of this Valley – all of which are fast improving and increasing in business.
Resolved, That it is the desire of the citizens of this township, that the Legislature leave the location of the seat of Justice to a vote of all the taxable inhabitants that will be included within the new county of Lackawanna.
Resolved, That J. MOTT, L. S. WATERS, E. DOLPH, N. STEVENS and Daniel BACON, be a committee to correspond with the Representatives from this county at Harrisburg, and also to call subsequent meetings, if necessary.
Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the officers, and published in the Journal, Carbondale and Advocate and Farmer, Wilkesbarre. (Signed by the Officers)

Died – In Chestertown, Kent county, Md., Feb. 7th, Elizabeth, the beloved with of John L. STAM and daughter of John SAYRE, late of Wilkes-Barre, aged 40 years.

Died – In this Borough on Monday last, Randolph MONTANYE, aged about 18, of Seneca Co., N. Y. He was a stranger in the place. ON yesterday afternoon his remains were interred, attended by a number of our citizens; and the relatives and friends of the deceased, wherever they may be, are assured that every attention was paid, while living and when dead, that their warmest feelings could have wished.

Died – Last evening, in this Borough, Benjamin L., son of Benjamin PERRY, Esq., aged 26 years.

Married – In Hanover, Jan. 28th by A. C. CHURCH, Esq., James ESPY, to Miss Mary, daughter of Barnet MILLER, all of Hanover.9

Married – IN Plymouth, Feb. 4th, by the same, Washington BENEDICT, of Pittston, to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of Hiram DRAKE, of Plymouth.

Married – In Kingston, Feb. 21st, by the same, Asa DAILY, to Miss Sarah POWELL, all of Plymouth.

Married – In Dallas, Feb. 4th, by Wm. SHAVER, Esq., William FRANTZ, to Miss Elizabeth JONES, both of Kingston.

Married – At New Salem Meeting House, in Abington, Feb. 21st, by Elder John MILLER, Leonard BACHELOR, to Miss Hannah, daughter of Lemuel STONE, Esq., all of Abington.

Married – On Thursday evening, the 18th inst., by John SHAW, Esq., Henry BELLES, jr., to Miss Barbara RAUGHT, daughter of Geo. RAUGHT, both of Newport, Luzerne county.

Married – On Tuesday last, by the Rev. B. C. WOLFF, Owen W. HESS, to Miss Maria HUBER, daughter of David HUBER, Esq., all of Easton.

Married – On Feb. 22nd, by the Rev. BONHAM, Thomas HAYNES, to Miss Jane MATHERS, all of Kingston.

Married – On the same day, by the same, John MATHERS, to Miss Ann STROH, both of Kingston.

Married – On the evening of the 23rd inst., by the Rev. D. W. BRISTOL, Wm. W. LOOMIS, to Miss Ellen DRAKE, all of this Borough.

Fare Reduced – People’s Independent Mail Line, From Wilkes-Barre to Montrose.
The fare between the above places, is reduced to 62 1⁄2 cents.
Viz – Wilkes-Barre to Tunkhannock, 37 1⁄2 cents
For seats, apply at Gen. KOCHER’S hotel, in Wilkes-Barre; A. M. NICHOLS’S hotel in Tunkhannock; at Col. D. D. WARNER”S hotel in Montrose.
Geo. KOCHER, Jr. and L. MYERS, Proprietors

3 March 1841
Married – At Tunkhannock, on Thursday evening, Feb. 25th, by the Rev. John G. HOWELL, Geo. KOCHER, Jr., of Wilkesbarre, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of George W. WADHAMS, M. D. of Plymouth.

Married – By the same, at the same time and place, John LINES, of Wilkesbarre, to Miss Margaret, daughter of Peter MILLER, Esq., of New Jersey.

Married – In Kingston, Feb. 25th, by A. C. CHURCH, Esq., Abram MENICH, of Hanover, to Miss Mary, daughter of Wm. HUSSELTON, of New Jersey.

Died – On Wednesday morning, February 24th, Benjamin L. PERRY, son of B. PERRY, Esq., of this borough, aged 26 years. His brief career had been one of almost constant suffering, and slow wasting disease. From the cradle to the grave, his earthly cup was full of bitterness. The few who knew him well, will long remember his frail form and hectic cheek, and every recollection will be chastened by the fond hope that he has gone where sickness and sorrow shall no more afflict him forever

Died – On the 19th Feb., at the residence of his father, in New Troy, Preston GAY, aged 37 years.

24 March 1841
The name of the Post Office in Buck Township this county, is changed to “Beaumont,” C. L. TERWILLAGER, P. M.

Died – On Saturday evening, March 13, at his residence, near Wilkes-Barre, Asher MINER, aged about sixty years. He was born in Norwich, Connecticut and after acquiring the knowledge of the printing business in New London, under Gen. Samuel GREEN, he emigrated to Wyoming as early as 1800. After residing here for several years, he removed to Doylestown, Bucks county, until 1825, when he changed his residence to West-Chester, Chester county. In 1834, he returned again to Wyoming. He was a Deacon of the Presbyterian congregation in this place.

Died – On the 3rd ins., at the house of her father, Sarah, daughter of Asher MINER, aged 31 years.

Died – At Medina, Lenawee county, Michigan, on the 10th Feb. last, Mrs. Melinda, wife of the late John EATON, of Kingston.

Married – On Friday the 12th inst., by Esq. KOLE, Weston S. C. HARVEY, of Fairmount, to Miss Elizabeth HANDYSHOT, of Fishing Creek, Columbia county.

Married – On Tuesday the 18th inst., by the Rev. I. BAHL, Jonathan OWEN, formerly of Wilkes-Barre, to Miss Matilda KITCHEN, of Berwick.

Married – On Thursday evening the 18th inst., by the Rev. BENHAM, Richard HUTCHINS, to Miss Frances, eldest daughter of Col. John W. LITTLE, all of Kingston.

31 March 1841
Married – In Plymouth, on the 25th inst., by the Rev. J. J. HARVEY, Andrew RAUB, Jr., of Kingston, to Miss Catharine PIERCE, of the former place.

Married – In Wilkes-Barre township, on Tuesday evening, the 30th inst., by the Rev. D. W. BRISTOL, Andrew KESLER, of this borough to Miss Louisa C. BLANCHARD, of the former place. [We acknowledge the receipt of a goodly slice of cake with the above notice, and, for the kindness of the happy pair in remembering the Printer in the midst of their festivities, we tender them our best wishes for their future prosperity and happiness.

List of persons drawn to serve Grand Jurors for April Term 1841:

Morgan MAXWELL, Washington
Erastus CHURCH, Greenfield
John EMERY, Huntington
Samuel HOWE, Wilkesbarre
Truman MAYNARD, Windham
John BUCK, Nicholson
Peter GREGORY, Union
Isaac SHERWOOD, Blakely
George A. DAVIS, Wilkesbarre
Peter BUTTS, Windham
Joseph L. MEEKER, Tunkhannock
Stephen HARRISON, Huntington
Caleb B. HACKLEY, Carbondale
Henteter KLINETOP, Salem
Benona SONTE, Greenfield
Jesse DILS, Greenfield
Squire ENOS, Greenfield
Seth COLVIN, Benton
Robert WILLIAMS, Windham
Nathan PARRISH, Monroe
Stephen CARPENTER, Benton
Jameson HARVEY, Plymouth
Sanford MOORE, Dallas
Ezra WALL, Abington

List of persons drawn to serve Traverse Jurors, First Week of April Term 1841:

John BEECKER, Covington
John NICELEY, Nescopeck
Henry BOON, Plymouth
J. R. BALDWIN, Plymouth
Liverius D. STURDEVANT, Braintrim
Henry MENICH, Hanover
Frederick DEIDRICK, Hanover
Marcus LEONARD, Greenfield
James GAY, Windham
Stephen MELLICK, Huntington
Nathaniel RICHARDS, Falls
Absalom CASE, Plymouth
Elisha HARRIS, Kingston
Cleophus LETTEER, Falls
Samuel SMILEY, Hanover
Zera MARVIN, Union
Andrew SEELY, Salem
George MILLER, Hanover
Christopher KIRKENDEL, Monroe
Joshua GRIFFIN, Providence
William CULVER, Huntington
Abraham FURGUSON, Northmoreland
John BIDLACK, Salem
Caleb INNMAN, Hanover
Reuben WILBER, Carbondale
Bradley WAKEMAN, Braintrim
William LARUE, Wilkesbarre
Stephen ABBOTT, Wilkesbarre
William VAUGHN, Blakeley
Valentine SEIWELL, Sugarloaf
Freeman THOMAS, Plymouth
Abraham WILLIAMS, Falls
Jacob OGDEN, Fairmount
John CHAPIN, Huntington
Amos HERRICK, Hanover
Alpheus SHERWOOD, Jefferson
William T. ROADS, Sugarloaf
Jacob BENNER, Butler
Charles B. DRAKE, Wilkesbarre
Philip RADLER, Nescopeck
Nathaniel GIDDINGS jr., Pittston
Joseph ARMSTRONG, Pittston
Benjamin BUNNEL 2nd, Washington
David W. INNMAN, Wilkesbarre
Samuel STARK, Tunkhannock
Benj. F. WESTLEY, Lehman
Peter LUTES, Monroe

List of persons drawn to serve Traverse Jurors, Second Week of April Term 1841:

James BUCKALOO, Huntington
Samuel BILLINGS, Tunkhannock
Jonathan WILLIAMS, Dallas
George REYNOLDS jr., Benton
Richard ADAMS, Windham
Samuel SWARTS, Covington
Thomas MONTGOMERY, Greenfield
Lot LEARCH, Union
Paul OVERFIELD, Braintrim
Samuel CHAPIN, Huntington
Nathaniel GOSS, Fairmount
Peter BELLAS, Nescopeck
John COMPTON, Falls
Jonas SEIWELL, Sugarloaf
James STARK, Wilkesbarre
William BRYAN, Sugarloaf
W. C. GRUN, Abington
William SMITH, Butler
Samuel PRINGLE, Plymouth
Carleton L. FARNUM, Plymouth
Ira HALLOCK, Northmoreland
Andrew R. BACON, Pittston
John REICHARDT, Wilkesbarre
Duty JOHNSON, Greenfield
George W. BROWNING, Benton
Samuel VANHORN, Union
David ATHERHOLT, Kingston
George CARLE, Monroe
Andrew GARDENTER, Tunkhannock
John BUCKALOO, Huntington
James ROBERTS, Nicholson
Thomas MILLER, Tunkhannock
Henry GRIFFIN, Providence
George BOWMAN, Huntington
John WETHERBEE, Greenfield

Public Meeting – At a meeting of the citizens of Tunkhannock, held at the Public House of Jno. MONTANY, on 26th March 1841, Perrin ROSS was chosen President, Col. A. MARCY and W. STANSBURY, Vice Presidents and P. M. OSTERHOUT and Geo. W. BRADLEY, Secretaries. Committee to draft preamble and resolutions:

Edward BURK
Punderson AVERY

Opposed to bill where the northern portion of Luzerne may be attached to Susquehanna County or Tunkhannock taken into the new county called Lackawanna.

7 April 1841
Suspected Murder! A body found. By a friend, we learn that considerable excitement has been produced near Skinner’s Eddy, Luzerne County, for the discovery of the body of a female in the river on last Saturday. An inquest was held and a verdict given, as we understand, from evident gashes on the head, that she was probably murdered and thrown into the river. The dress of the body was considerably torn and wasted, and lightish hair, though quite thin, supposed to be caused by the length of time in water; appeared to be of the age of some 16 or 20. There is much reason to suspect that the body is that of the young woman, so mysteriously missed at Owego, some two or three months since. (North Star)

On a motion of L. KIDDER, Esq., on Tuesday last, E. L. DANA and H. W. NICHOLSON were admitted to practice of Law at the Bar of the several Courts of Luzerne county.

At the same time on motion of Wm. WURTZ, Esq., Lyman HAKES was also admitted as above.

William Henry HARRISON, late President of the United States, died at the President’s house, in the City of Washington, this fourth day of April 1841, at thirty minutes before one o’clock in the morning.

Died – In Dallas, on the 4th inst., Betsey Jane, oldest child of Charles C. HUNEYWELL, aged 14 years and 5 days. Her afflictions during her sickness were severe, and protracted to a period of more than four months, which she endured with patience, fortitude and meekness.

14 April 1841
John TYLER is now President of the United States.

List of Letters remaining in Beaumont Post Office, quarter ending 31 March:

Marvin PAGE
Nicholas FISK

Water will be admitted into the North Branch canal on Saturday next, and will be ready for the passage of boats by the middle of next week.

Died – In Hanover township, on Saturday evening last, of inflammation on the lungs, Burton DOWNING, aged twenty-six years. His loss will be severely felt by his immediate friends, and sincerely regretted by all who knew him, for he was a worthy and an honest man.

Died – In Wilkes-Barre, on the 30th ult, William PRIEST, a native of Staffordshire, England, in the 49th year of his age.

21 April 1841
Married – On the 15th inst., by Rev. D. W. BRISTOL, Samuel P. COLLINGS, to Miss Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Hon. A. BEAUMONT, all of this borough.

Married – By the same, on the 18th inst., Miner SWALLOW, to Miss Mary DODSON, both of Wilkes-Barre township.

Married – On Sunday, the 18th inst., by the Rev. SCOFIELD, George FRANTZ, to Miss Keziah Ann, eldest daughter of Benjamin F. WESLEY, all of Lehman.

5 May 1841
Your paper has not, I think, contained any notice of the death of Col. Lazarus DENISON, which took place at his residence in Kingston, Jan. 24th, 1841. He was if not the first white male child born in Wyoming, was certainly among the number. Upon this point there may be some diversity of opinion, but such was the statement of Mrs. Phebe YOUNG, one of the earliest settlers of the Valley, whose memory retained, with astounding accuracy, almost every incident connected with its stirring history. His age was about sixty-nine.

Married – On the evening of the 27th inst., by the Rev. D. W. BRISTOL, Wm. L. STEWART to Miss Eliza BARNES, all of this borough.

Married – At Stoddardsville on the 1st inst., by Thos. TATTERSHALL, Esq., WM TUCKER, formerly of Wilkes-Barre to Miss Caroline TEETER, formerly of Northampton county.

12 May 1841
Found – The body of William SHEPPARD, who was drowned in Jan. last, in attempting to cross the pond-hole beyond the bridge, was discovered on Sunday last, beneath some drift-wood, a short distance below the place where he met his untimely fate. The body had been laying nearly four months, and was so much decayed as to prevent recognition except from the clothes which he wore.

Married – On Tuesday morning, the 11th inst., by Rev. John DORRANCE, Andrew T. M’CLINTOCK, Attorney at Law, to Augusta Bradley, daughter of the late Jacob CRIST, Esq., all of this place.

Married – On the 25th ult, by Rev. John DORRANCE, Isaac RAWN, to Miss Mary BURDEN, all of this place.

Died – On Sunday, the 18th April in Lackawanna township, John ATHERTON, aged about 80. He was one of the patriots of the Revolution, and was in Gen. SULLIVAN’S expedition through this country. He was one of the early settlers here, and shared in the privations incident to the first settlement of the country.

Died – At Pittston Ferry, April 24, Mrs. Mary, wife of George OYSTER

Died – In Nescopeck, May 9th, William SISTY, aged 59 years, 8 months and 8 days, father of A. SISTY, editor of the “Advocate.”

In Wilkes-Barre, May 10th, George GUMPPER, formerly of Northampton County, aged about 37 years.

Taken up – On the 11th of April, Two Platforms of boards, in the Susquehanna river, and marked with the letters D. M. and landed at KEENEY’S Ferry, in the township of Braintrim. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take them away. H. W. KEENEY, R. F. KEENEY, C. M. KEENEY, Braintrim.

Jew David’s or Hebrew Plaster may be purchased from the following Agents for sale:
Benjamin EDWARD’S, Braintrim
HUNT & OVERFIELD, Sterlingville
Wm. FORDMAN & Co., Tunkhannock

26 May 1841
Married – On the 19th inst., by Rev. J. B. BENHAM, Hiram R. PEASE, formerly of Massachusetts, to Miss Mary, daughter of Maj. O. HELME, of Kingston.

2 June 1841
In the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne Co. – Whereas, Perry LEE, Trustee of Thomas HARDING, an insolvent debtor, did, on the 17th day of April last, file in the Office of the Prothonotary of the Court of Common Pleas of the County of Luzerne, his report as Trustee of the said Insolvent: Notice is hereby given to the C editors of the said Thomas HARDING, and all others interested, that unless exceptions are presented before or during the next Term of the Court of Common Pleas, to be holden in and for said County on the second day of August next, to the said report, the same will be confirmed by the court.

Married – In the village of Comstock, on Sunday the 2nd May, by Eli B. ANDERSON, Esq., Justice of the Peace, and at his residence, Jacob BOGARDUS, formerly of Luzerne Co., to Miss Jane DEACON, formerly of Liverpool, England. Kalamazoo Gazette.

16 June 1841
A Drift – Taken up by the Subscribers on the 2nd day of May drifting on the Susquehanna river near Skinner’s Eddy, two Squares of white pine boards. The owner by proving property and paying charges, can take them away. Lyman KEENEY and C. M. KEENEY, Skinner’s Eddy.

Trial List – Wilkes Barre

To Our Creditors – Take notice that we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, for the benefit of Insolent laws, and they have appointed 31 July next, to hear us and our creditors where you can attend, if you think proper:

Solomon GRUVER
Samuel COLE
Joseph W. GUILD
John H. SEAL

Notice – Estate of William Hooker SMITH, requests payments and claims. Andrew BEDFORD, Administrator.

23 June 1841
Monument Dinner – The Monumental Executive Committee, Resolving, That the gentlemen who dine with us on Saturday, the third day of July have their own table Regulations hereby appointed, Messrs.:

Benjamin DRAKE
Dr. Thos. W. MINER
Eleazar CAREY
Chester BUTLER
Sharp D. LEWIS

The ladies hope that these several gentlemen will honor us with their presence and assistance in the etiquette of the occasion; they would only beg leave to suggest that the oldest gentlemen of the party be complimented by appointments as President and Vice Presidents, etc., of the Table and that:

Gen. William M. ROSS
Samuel CAREY

Of the Revolutionary Army, be particularly invited to attend.

Married – In Bloomsburg, on the 10th inst., by the Rev. G. C. DRAKE, Dr. Wm. H. PETRIKIN, to Miss Sarah Ann, daughter of Daniel SNYDER, Esq., all of Bloomsburg.

Died – At Wrightsville, near Wilkes-Barre, on Thursday afternoon, the 17th inst., Helen M., youngest daughter of the late A. MINER, aged about 19 years. She fell beneath the slow but steady march of pulmonary consumption.

Executor’s Notice – Estate of Eliphalet L. STEPHENS, dec’d, late of Nicholson, requests payments and claims. William STEPHENS, 3rd, Executor, Nicholson

30 June 1841
Married – At Beaver Meadow, on the 22nd inst., by the Rev. D. GASTON, Francis C. LOWTHROP, to Miss Anna B. CHAMBERS.

Married – In Bloomsburg, on the 10th inst., by Rev. G. C. DRAKE, Dr. Wm. H. PETRIKIN, to Miss Sarah Ann, daughter of Daniel SNYDER, Esq., all of Bloomsburg.

Married – In Pittston, on Tuesday evening, by Rev. J. DORRANCE, Samuel HODGDON, of Carbondale, to Miss Mary, daughter of John BLANCHARD, of the former place.

Died – In Kingston, on Wednesday, the 30th inst., Mrs. Anna, wife of William BATKER, aged about 56 years.

Crimes for Trial List

7 July 1841
Died – In Salem on Saturday of last week, William MOORE, Senior, an estimable and worthy citizen, in the 86th year of his age.

Died – Departed this life on the 30th ult, Anna, wife of William BARKER, of Kingston, in the 57th year of her age. She was a native of Connecticut, but removed when a child to Poughkeepsie, NY. At the age of nineteen she married and became, with her husband a resident of this Valley. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Register’s Notice – The following wish claims and payments:
Estate of Joshua HOLMES, late of Union township., by Mason CRARY, jr, administrator
Estate of John SEIWELL, late of Sugarloaf township, by Cornelius RITTENHOUSE, Exec.
Estate of Benj. SPENCER, late of Nicholson township, by James VAN FLEET, guardian of heirs
Estate of Jesse FELL, late of Borough Wilkes-barre, by Joseph SLOCUM, administrator

14 July 1841
Died – At his residence in Abington, on 2nd day of July inst., John STONE, an aged and respectable citizen of that place.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Beaumont, July 1st:

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21 July 1841
Married – On Thursday late by the Rev. A. BERKY, Christian SHERER, to Miss Catharine MAURER, both from the Kingdom of Bavaria, Germany.

Married – At the same time by Rev. A. BERKY, J. HENRY, from Kingdom of Wittenberg, to Miss Theresa BANDLE, from the Dutchy of Baden, Germany.

Some time ago by Rev. A. BERKY, Elijah EDGERSON, to Miss Rebecca NAGLE, both of Hanover Township.

At Mauch Chunk, on Thursday evening, the 24th ult, by Rev. J. M. ROGERS, John P. COX, to Miss Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of W. H. SAYRE, Esq.

28 July 1841
Died – At the residence of his son in law, Edward TAYLOR, in Burlington Co., N. J., on the 14th inst., Caleb WRIGHT, aged 87 years, early resident of this County.

4 Aug. 1841
On motion of V. L. MAXWELL, Esq., Wm. P. MINER and O. H. WHEELER, Esqrs., were yesterday admitted to practice in the several courts of Luzerne county.

Married – In Sugarloaf township, on the morning of the 2nd inst., by Rev. GASTON, W. S. WARD, Editor of the Carbondale Journal to Miss Mary, daughter of Benjamin KING, of the former place.

Information Wanted, John CLARK, a laborer, who had resided in New Troy, for twelve years, with his family, left New York about six months since, for this place, with the understanding that his family were to follow him about the first of May. They came at that time but were not able to find him and have not heard from him since. He is an Irishman, and is probably engaged somewhere on the public works. His afflicted wife, with her son, James CLARK, seven years old, is now in Wilkes-Barre, and is very anxious to get some information from him. The newspaper press in the vicinity of public works, and the public generally, would confer a favor upon the subscriber by communicating any information in regard to her husband that may come under their notice Bridget CLARK

11 Aug. 1841

Court 2- 4 – T

Married – On the 7th inst., by the Rev. SNOWDEN, Robinson BOYD, to Miss Mary HUMANS, both of Kingston.

18 Aug. 1841
Married – In Plymouth on the 8th inst., by Samuel WADHAMS, Esq., James L. BOUGHERTT, of Beaver Meadow, to Miss Mary, daughter of Dr. G. W. WADHAMS, of Plymouth

Married – In Kinston, on Wednesday the 11th inst., by Rev. J. J. HARVEY, James Madison NESBITT, to Miss Jane ACKLEY.

Married – At the same time and place, Rev. J. HARVEY, Mr. E. BULKELY, to Miss Ann Eliza WORTHINGTON, all of Plymouth.

Married – In Exeter, on Monday evening the 9th inst., by Elder G. W. SCOFIELD, Silas E. CRAIG, of Berwick, to Miss Harriet E. HARDING, of Exeter.

Married – In Salem, on Sunday morning, the 8th inst., by the Rev. M. PEARCE, James LOMISON, Jr., of Beaver Meadow, to Miss Harried A. CAMPBELL, of Salem.

Died – In Abington township, on the 10th inst., of scarlet fever, Alvinzy G., infant son of Earl R. and Charlotte WHITNEY, aged two years, three months and twenty-four days.

Estate of William Hooker Smith: p. 3 col. 3 middle

25 Aug. 1841
Died – In Lehman, Aug. 7, John WHITEMAN, aged 69 years.

Died – In Bloomsburg, on Thursday last, William RITTER, aged 29(?). The circumstances of Mr. RITTER’S death are truly melancholy, and warns us of the correctness of the assertion, that “in the midst of life we are in death.” He had been sitting in his door, whittling a stick with a pocket knife. He rose, went round his house a couple of rods in his pig stye, with his knife open in his hand. It is supposed he placed his hand upon the top of the fence, and stepping upon a rolling stone he fell forward the knife entering his right breast near the centre, between the second and third rib from his collar bone, which severed the main vein from the head of the heart. He called for assistance, which was at hand and was helped to the house. He survived about three hours, dying, no doubt from the effects of inward bleeding. He has left a wife and four children to deplore his sudden and untimely death (Democrat)

To Bridge Builders – The Contract for building a wooden arched and covered Bridge, over Bownman’s creek in Eaton township, will be sold to the lowest and best bidder, on Saturday, the fourth day of September next, at the Commissioner’s Office in Brought of Wilkes-Barre; at which time plans and specifications of the work will be exhibited. By order of the commissioners.

1 Sept. 1841
Married – At Pittston Ferry, on Sunday, August 29, by E. BLACKMAN, Esq., Cyprian INMAN, to Miss Mary, daughter of William STUCKER, all of Wilkes-Barre township.

Married – On Sunday, August 29, in Kingston, Luzerne County, by Rev. THOMPSON, Wm. J. SIMON, of Easton, to Miss Eliza JONES, of New York.

Died – In Lackawanna township, August 11, Parley HUGHES, aged about 86 years. Mr. HUGHES was one of the Revolutionary Patriots, having served his country during the whole of that period; a part of which time he was attached to the family of Gen. WASHINGTON.

Died In Lackawanna township, August 16, Frances, only daughter of John and Maria COON, aged about 14 years.

Notice – Estate of Burton TERRYL, late of Northmoreland, deceased, requests payments and claims. Nehemiah SIMONS and Oliver TERRYL, Admin’rs., Northmoreland.

8 Sept. 1841
Noble Game – Dr. WEST, of Braintrim, was a passenger in the Philadelphia stage to this place on Saturday evening last. He had with him a double-barreled rifle; and while the state stopped to water at Bear Creek, he walked on ahead, with his rifle in his hand. In ascending the hill this side of the creek, he espied a noble buck, about twenty rods distant from the turnpike, playfully throwing the small bushes about with his head. The Doctor approached to within about fifteen rods of him and fired; the fellow gave a few leaps and brought to, when the Dr. gave him the contents of the other barrel. He then bounded off, and ran about thirty rods, when he came down, yielding up life, as our forest deer always do, only with the last drop of blood in their body. He was subsequently brought in, and weighed in quarters when dressed, about 150 pounds. In a few weeks more, he would have reached 200. Mr. GILCHRIST, of the Phenix, regaled his guests with some luxuriant steaks from his saddle. This fellow had evidently been an old rambler in our forests, and has had some narrow escapes from the keen Lehigh hunters; one of his ears exhibiting a round hole, evidently the mark of a ball. Dr. WEST is somewhat celebrated as a “deer-slayer,” in his own country; but we doubt whether he ever before executed a feat excelling this in skill and promptitude.

Married – On Tuesday evening, the 31st ult., in the Church of the Epiphany, Philadelphia, by the Rev. S. H. TYNG, D. D., the Rev. R. Bethell CLAXTON, Rector of St. Stephen’s Church, Wilkes-Barre, to Caroline P., daughter of B. H. RAND, Esq., of the former place.

Married – On Wednesday, Sept. 4, at the Pittston Ferry, by Rev. James MAY, Lewis WORRALL, Jr., of Wilkes-Barre to Miss Mary Jane REDDIN, of the former place.

Died – In Windham, Aug. 20th, Josias ROGERS, a Revolutionary Soldier, aged 82 years.

15 Sept. 1841 – No Newspaper (missing from originals)

22 Sept. 1841
Married – On the 18th inst., by Rev. D. W. BRISTOL, Simeon BROWN, to Miss Sarah HOOVER, all of Wilkes Barre.

To Our Creditors – Take notice that we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, for the benefit of Insolent laws, and they have appointed 30 Oct. next, to hear us and our creditors where you can attend, if you think proper:
Anson H. WOOD
Samuel A. BROWN

Estate of John STARK, late of Tunkhannock township, deceased, requests payments and claims. Thomas STARK and Seth STARK, Tunkhannock.

Administrator’s Notice – Estate of Gilbert LANE, deceased, late of Falls township, request payments and claims. Nelson LANE, Admin.

Notice – Estate of Martha FINCH, (formerly Martha ST. JOHN), late of Pittston township, request payments and claims. Ebenezer MARCY, Admin.

Executor’s Notice – Estate of John STONE, late of Abington, deceased, requests payments and claims. Rhoda STONE, H. W. NICHOLSON and A. BEDFORD, Execs.

29 Sept. 1841
Our Candidates: Jacob BENSCOTER and Chauncey SHERWOOD, are upon the Ticket for Commissioner and Auditor. They are both good and substantial men, abundantly qualified for the duties of the respective offices to which they are nominated. Mr. BENSCOTER is a plain farmer, of German origin; much respected among his neighbors for his sound judgment. No objection can be brought against him. Mr. SHERWOOD comes from old democratic Falls and is of course “all right.” Falls deserves well of their other townships for her reusing majorities in favor of democracy; and we hope to see her merits substantially recognized.
Windham Democratic Meeting – At a large and respectable meeting of the democracy of Windham township, friendly be and supporters of David R. PORTER, held at the house of Daniel HICKS, Esq., on Saturday the 18th inst., on a very brief notice.
Maj. L. C. CONKLIN was placed in the chair
P. B. JENNINGS and David THOMAS were chosen Vice Presidents
Jerome F. BEERS and Cyrus L. VAUGHT, Secretaries.
The meeting being brought to order and its object explained, the following committee was chosen to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of this meeting, viz: Daniel HICKS, C. D. VOSE, J. F. BEERS, Ansil GAY and George W. SMITH.

Married – In St. Steven’s church, in this borough, on the 21st inst., by the Rev. R. B. CLATON, John SCHMIDT to Miss Maria M. FENRATEIN, both of Fuld, dutchy of Hesse Cassel, Germany.

Married – At the residence of Samuel SLOCUM, in Providence, on Thursday last, by the Rev. John DORRANCE, Lester BRISTOL to Miss Esther, daughter of the late Ebenezer SLOCUM.

Married – In Plymouth, on Thursday the 23rd inst., by Peter ALLEN, Esq., Thomas LAMEREAUX, to Miss Sarah SEESE, all of Plymouth.

Died – In Providence, on Friday the 10th inst., Stephen TRIPP, aged 65 years.

Died – In Pittston, on the 12th inst., George, son of John BLANCHARD, aged 16 years and 5 months.

Died – In Blakely on Wednesday, the 22nd inst., Sarah Eudora, daughter of Elisha S. POTTER, Esq., aged 6 years.

Notice – Estate of Benjamin SPENCER, dec’d, the undersigned appointed by the court for the purpose, will audit the account of James VANFLEET, guardian of the minor Children of the said decedent, at his office in Abington Centre, on Friday 22nd October at 10 o’clock A. M. where all persons interested can attend. Thomas SMITH, Auditor.

General Election will be held on Tuesday the 12th October next in the several districts as follows:
Braintrim: at the house of Robert C. SMITH
Eaton: at the school house near Philip LEE
Falls: at the house of Jacob SICKLER
Munroe: at the house of John PHENIX
Northmoreland: at the house late of Orange FULLER
Nicholson: at the house of Nathan BACON
Tunkhannock: at the school house near Samuel WHITMORE
Windham: at the house of John FASSETT
Washington: at the Russell School house

6 Oct. 1841
To Our Creditors – Take notice that we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, for the benefit of Insolent laws, and they have appointed 20 Oct. next, to hear us and our creditors where you can attend, if you think proper: Reuben BLACKMAN and Joseph CAMP.

Register’s Notice – William S. JAYNE, executor of Hampton ANGLE, late of Washington township, deceased, has file his account.

13 Oct. 1841
Register’s Notice – John C. LACY, executor of Horatio N. CHAMPION, late of Braintrim township has filed his account.

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