1800 Wilkes Barre Gazette & Luzerne Advertiser



7 Jan. 1800

The sale of a number of Lots of public land in Newport Twp., will be sold at public Vendue at the house of Frederic CRISSMAN in Hanover, on 8th Feb. next. Martin SMITH, Silas JACKSON, John ALDEN, Proprietor’s Committee.

Lost – Between the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre and Amos FELL’S in Pittstown, on the 4th inst., a number of Executions wrapped up in a piece of deer skin – whoever finds the same, and returns them to the subscriber in Wilkesbarre, or deposits them in the hands of Amos FELL, in Pittston, shall receive a generous reward. Anderson DANA.

Lieut. Gen. George WASHINGTON’S Funeral Procession

14 Jan. 1800

Whereas, in pursuance of an act of the General Assembly of the State of Pennsylvania, an attachment hat been granted to me, one of the Justices of the Peace for Luzerne Co., against James KIDNEY, late of Newport in said county, upon which attachment, the property of said KIDNEY to the value of fourteen dollars, hath been attached – these are therefore to give notice to the creditors of the said James KIDNEY to appear on the second Monday of January next at my office in Wilkesbarre, then and there to discover and make proof of their demands agreeable to the said act. Matthew COVELL

Samuel BRYSON, Esq., died the 19th ult., one of the Associate Judges of Mifflin Co.

Mrs. Jane DIXON, died in E. Hanover, Dauphin Co., on the 24th ult., at an advanced age – not exactly ascertained, but she remembered well the coronation of Queen Ann, in 1697; therefore, allowing her to be only 5 years old at that time, she must have lived at least 108 years.

28 Jan. 1800

Appointments and Removals made by Thomas M’KEAN, Esq., Governor of PA:
Luzerne Co.:
Nathan PALMER, Prothonotary, in place of Lord BUTLER
Jacob HART, Recorder in place of ditto (See p. 1 for other counties)

Whereas my wife, Hannah, has eloped from my bed and board, without any reason so to do. Therefore, these are to warn all persons from harboring of her, or trading with her upon my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting from this date. Henry HOUSER, Newtown.

I have had solam accation for to leave my wife, tharefore I forbed any person or pesone of Deling with or trusting Michael SHAW my wife for I shall not Settle any Dept of her Contraction. William ALLINGTON, Dec. 30th, 1799.

4 Feb. 1800

Luzerne Co. Statement of Receipts Jan. 1799 – Dec. 31 1799

Estate of James PARKS, late of Groton, Connecticut, requests payments. Ebenezer BOWMAN, administrator.

11 Feb. 1800

The Wyoming Blues are requested to meet at the house of J. FELL, Esq., in Wilkesbarre, on 15th inst. at 2 o’clock as business of importance will be transacted. B. DORRANCE, Lieut.

18 Feb. 1800

To be sold on the 29th inst., at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, all the public lands of said town, to the highest and best bidder, in different lots. The vendue will begin at ten o’clock, where conditions of sale will be made known and attendance given by: Oliver BIGALOW, Oliver PETTIBONE, Benjamin CARPENTER, Committee

25 Feb. 1800

Intending to establish a Tanyard in Pittstown, at Capt. Jeremiah BLANCHARD’S – and will tan and curry in the best manner, any quantity of hides, calf skins, &c. that are delivered to his care, on the halves. Joseph CAMPBELL

For Sale – Plantation on which the subscriber lives, in Kingstown, about three miles from Wilkesbarre; containing upwards of 200 acres of land. There are on the premises, 3 dwelling houses, a Grist and Saw mill, and Oil mill and Still house – all on a never failing stream of water and an excellent stand for custom, which, with some repairs, will bring the owner a handsome income. Also lots of land in Plymouth with Dwelling houses on each. Terms of payment – One third of the purchase will be required, on executing a title; a liberal credit will be allowed for the residue, upon giving good security. William CRAIG, Kingston. (two spellings of town)

Requests all those who are indebted to him either by note or book account, to come forward and discharge the same without delay – wheat, rye, oats or flax, will be accepted if brought soon. Those who do not pay strict attention to the above, must expect coersive measures to be taken immediately. William T. CHRISSEY

4 Mar. 1800

Will of George WASHINGTON (See p. 1 & 4)

11 Mar. 1800

Will of George WASHINGTON (cont.) (See p. 1 & 2)

Court of Common Pleas Luzerne Co., April Term – the following have made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: John HOUGH, Hanover; Solomon CULVER, Pittstown and Aaron GILLET, Towanda

Inoculation for the Small Pox will be begun on Monday the 17th inst., and be continued until the first of May next. All those who wish, by Inoculation, to escape the danger of that virulent disease when taken naturally, may be inoculated at any suitable place and carefully attended, by the subscriber, for one dollar each person. W. T. CRISSEY, Hanover.

$20 Reward – Deserted on the 2nd inst., from the Recruiting Rendezvous at Tioga Point, Luzerne Co., an enlisted soldier, named Richard BAILY, born in Orange Co., NY; 19 years of age, 5′ 9″ high, dark complexion, dark eyes, black hair; enlisted on the 19th Feb. last, at the above mentioned place. Had on when he went off, a regimental coat and hat. Whoever takes up said deserter and secures him in any jail within the US so that he may be brought to justice, or delivers him up to the subscriber at Union Encampment, East Jersey, shall receive the above reward and all reasonable expenses. Samuel ERWIN, Lieut. 11th Reg. Infantry, Wilkesbarre

For Sale – Valuable plantation situated on Jacob’s Plains, within two miles of the seat of Justice, containing nearly 500 acres – about 100 of which is under improvement; likewise 33 acres, mostly of the first quality, adjoining the Susquehanna River, whereon is erected a good log house and a new frame barn – this lot is all under cultivation, and has on it a young orchard of sixty apple trees. The whole may be had together or in seperate tracts. For terms of sale, enquire of Capt. Nathan WALLER, of Cary Town, Thomas WRIGHT, of Wilkesbarre, or the subscriber. Thomas WEEKS.

18 Mar. 1800

Estate of Daniel HEWIT, late of Pittstown, requests payments. John PHILLIPS, Administrator

25 Mar. 1800

Josiah WRIGHT to Miss Anna FISH, both of this town, married on Tuesday evening last by William ROSS, Esq.

Pursuant to the orders of the Court of General Quarter Sessions of January last will be leased for the term of one year, The Lands and Tenements lately occupied by Justus JONES, situated on Buttermilkfalls Creek, in Tunkhannock Township, for the support of his wife and children to the best applicant. Any person inclining to lease the same – will please to apply on the premises on the 12th day of April next, where attendance will be given by us or successors. Cyrus AVERY and Obadiah TAYLOR, Overseers of the Poor, Tunkhannock

1 April 1800

Estate of Peter SHALE, late of Kingston, requests payments. George BROWN, Kingston, Adm’r.

8 April 1800

Acts of PA Legislature (51 Acts) – See p. 1

15 April 1800

The 2nd Reg. of Luzerne Brigade Militia is requested to meet on the 22nd inst., at the house of Capt. Roger SEARLS, in Pittstown, equipped to exercise as the law directs. The companies under the command of Capt. TAYLOR and STEVENS, will meet on the usual ground. Robert FAULKNER, L. C

Whereas my wife, Elizabeth, has eloped my bed and board without my consent, these are therefore to forewarn all persons from trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. Micah SCOTT, Hanover

Came to the subscriber’s inclosure some time near the -(faded)-of Sept. last, a red heifer between two and three years old, the owner is requested to come forward prove property, pay the charges and take her away. James SCOVELL, Exeter.

22 April 1800

Public Vendue – Will be sold to the highest and best bidder at the house of Elisha HARVEY, deceased, in Plymouth on the 8th May next, all the personal property of said deceased – the vendue will begin at 10 o’clock A. M. Among other things will be exposed a very large stock of horned cattle, swine and farming utensils. Joseph JAMESON and Roswell WELLES, executors

Letters remaining at the Post-Office at Wilkesbarre on the 1st April:
Benjamin CHAMBERS, Exchange
William CLARK, Abington
Jonathan DILLY, Hanover Twp.
James ELSWORTH, 7 miles from Asylum
Jesse FRASER, Luzerne Co.
Mr. FLINT, Buttonwood
Thomas HALL, Wilkesbarre
Zachariah HARTSHOUF, Kingston
William JOHNSON, Luzerne
Griffin LEWIS, Plymouth
James MEARS, Salem
Thomas PATTERSON, near Wilkesbarre
Adonijah STANBOROUGH, Wioming
Thos. SMITH, Ebornton
Anamas SMITH, Kingston
Caleb Wright, Luzerne

29 April 1800

Melancholy Accident – Last Saturday, as a company of fishermen were rafting through Nanticoke Falls, on the Susquehanna, six miles below this town, their boat un-rtunately overset, and three of them were drowned; the others, four in number, with great difficulty and nearly exhausted, gained the shore by swimming. John TREDAWAY, Ruggles BRUSH a son of Capt. Jonas BRUSH of Hanover and Davis BRADLEY, were the persons who perished.
Mr. TREDAWAY was a respectable farmer; and has left a widow with several children to deplore their loss. The other two were young men of reputation, and much esteemed in their neighbourhood. The body of Mr. TREDAWAY was found on the day following, entangled in the seine which was in the boat when he turned over: all search for the young men has, as yet, proved inessectual.

Militia Fines – The Subscribers having been appointed a Court of Appeals for the 2nd Battalion 3rd Regiment, Luzerne Militia, to decide in cases of appeals from the militia fines, for non attendance on the legal days of exercise, for the present year, agreeable to the late militia law; do hereby give notice, that they will attend for the above purpose, at the house of John CAREY in Carey Town on Monday the 5th day of May next, on Tuesday the next day following at the house of L. MYERS, Esq., in Kingston. Those delinquents who have sufficient excuses to show, will do well to come forward on said days, as no excuse can be received at any other time or in any other manner. Timothy BEEBE, Benjamin CAREY and Abraham NESBIT, Capt’s

6 May 1800

Caution – The subscriber having taken a tract of land, situated in the township of Milton and county of Luzerne, on lease from Pelatiah FITCH, for which he was to pay him a certain yearly rent –to be paid on condition of said FITCH fulfilling some particular engagements, in which he has been delinquent! Therefore caution all persons against taking an assignment of said lease, from FITCH, as for the reason above mentioned, and others of equal weight, I am determined not to comply with the stipulations therein contained, unless compelled by law. Joseph MOSS.

13 May 1800

To Be Rented – One Fire in the Lackawannah Forge, with a sufficiency of ore and coal wood, now ready tow work, every material most convenient. Apply to the subscriber at Wilkesbarre. Thomas WRIGHT.

Joseph STEELE, of Hanover to Miss Sally RANSOM, of Plymouth, married on Thursday evening, April 1st by Noah WADHAMS, Esq.

Robbery – The subscriber was met on the 25th inst., near Shepherd’s Mills, Luzerne Co., by Martin HARRIS and robbed of merchandise and cash to the amount of $400. Said HARRIS use to reside at Esopus, NY, of late he has been transiently, in different parts of this state and at Niagara. He is about 32 years of age, 5′ 10″ high, dark complexion, dark hair and queued, an American born. $30 reward will be paid, by the Sheriff of Tioga Co., NY for the delivery of said HARRIS to his custody, with all expenses attending the same, or on proof of his safe imprisonment in any jail in the state of Pennsylvania. Said HARRIS broke jail at Newtown in the month of August last, his conduct has been notoriously infamous, and the friends of justice are earnestly requested to exert themselves, in securing such an abandoned villain. The printers in Easton and Lancaster, are requested to insert the above in their papers. Peter WOELFFELT, On the Susquehanna near Chenango.

20 May 1800

Asher MINER to Miss Polly WRIGHT, both of this town, married last evening by William ROSS, Esq.

27 May 1800

Public Vendue – On 10th June next, at the house of the subscriber in Plymouth – horses, cattle, swine, household furniture, &c. The sale will commence at 10 o’clock on said day. Samuel HOLLEY

3 June 1800

Letters remaining in this office: Nathaniel LANDON, Kingston; Wilber BENNET, Wilkesbarre; Elias THOMPSON, Wilkesbarre; James KENNEDY, Wilkesbarre; Ichabod SHAW, Plymouth; Capt. GORE, Susquehanna; Eben. SLOCUM, Providence

Estate of Elisha HARVEY, late of Plymouth, requests payments. Joseph JAMESON and Roswell WELLES, executors

Notice – Persons in Exeter Twp., who have articles of property of the late Alexander WILMOT, deceased, please return property. Thomas HARDING, admin.

10 June 1800

1798 Tax on dwelling houses, lands and slaves

Mrs. Mary OSTERHOUT, wife of Lieut. Isaac, of Putnam Twp., daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth JOHNES, died on Friday last, aged 25 years and 27 days. Her remains were decently interred in the burying grounds at Jones’s Town on Sunday last. (See letters to the editor p. 3-1-b – this letter dated 1 June 1800)

Sheriff’s Sale – Seized in execution as the property of John NICHOLSON. See for description of several tracts. Sale to be held on 30th inst

17 June 1800

Appointment by Governor for Justices of the Peace in Luzerne Co.:
Thomas DUANE, of Wilkes Barre
George ESPY, of Hanover
Benjamin NEWBERRY, of Northmoreland
Asa EDDY, of Willingborough
Jonas INGHAM, of Wyalusing
Jacob BIDDENBENDER, of Nescopeck

John NICHOLSON property sale postponed until Aug. 19th next. [See July 7th & 29th issue]

Estate of Stephen STRICKLAND, late of Wysocking, requests payments. Matthias HOLLENBACK and Nancy STRICKLAND, admin.

24 June 1800

Thomas TILTON, 76th year of his age, to Mary LUCAR, 13th year of her age, married lately at Middletown, Monmouth Co., NJ. She is the daughter’s daughter of T. TILTON’S former wife; so that this husband and wife, were at least half grand-father and half grand-daughter

John LUCAR, the brother of the above mentioned bride, to his half aunt, Catharine CLINTON, widow, and daughter of Thomas TILTON, the above mentioned bridegroom, a the same place, not long since.

7 July 1800

Mrs. John HYDE, of Hanover, died on the 4th inst., after a lingering illness, in the 78th year of her age.

Caveat – John NICHOLSON land (See p. 3-2-m) [See 29 July issue]

The raising of the new Meeting House in Wilkesbarre, will commence on Wednesday morning, 9th inst., at 9 ‘clock, weather permitting. The services of any gentleman who chuse to attend will be thankfully received. Jos. HITCHCOCK, principal architect

Court of Common Pleas Luzerne Co., August Term – the following have made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: Joseph CAMPBELL (no location); John ROW, Plymouth and John WILLIAMS, Tunkhannock

15 July 1800

Court of Common Pleas Luzerne Co., August Term – the following have made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: Ichabod SHAW, Plymouth and John FREEMAN, Plymouth

29 July 1800

Gun Missing – On the 5th July last, an English Fowling Piece was taken from the shop of the subscriber. Whoever will return it, shall have $2 Reward and no questions asked. Peter YARINGTON, Wilkesbarre

Caveat Emptor – Lands of John NICHOLSON – property belonging to heirs of Dr. Barnabas BINNEY, deceased, held in trust for them by David JACKSON

Whereas my wife, Elizabeth, has eloped from my bed and board without my consent, therefore, I do hereby forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting, after this date. June 25, 1800. Amasa HOLT

5 Aug. 1800

Connecticut and Pennsylvania Claims to lands within 17 Townships of Luzerne

Nathaniel CHAPMAN to Miss Peggy, daughter of Major Jacob ROSENCRANSE, all of Hanover, married on Sunday evening last, by Esq. CAMPBELL

Notice – Members of the Luzerne Republican Troop of Cavalry – requested to meet at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre, on Thursday next to elect officers, form regulations &c. of said troop.

Estate of John KENNEDY, late of Nescopeck, request payments. Margaret KENNEDY, Adm’x.

Caution – Whereas, Thomas WIGTON, of Luzerne Co., holds a written agreement between himself and the subscriber, made some time last fall, for $48: and as I understand he offers it for sale, I do hereby inform the public that I have paid him the greater part of the money (if not the whole of it) and wish no person to be imposed upon by purchasing it from him, as I stand ready to settle and pay him the balance on said instrument, if any due; but am determined to pay it to no one else, unless compelled by law. Isaac TRIPP, Providence

Estate of widow Catharine HERVEY, late of Plymouth Twp., are requested payments. Joseph DRAPER and Nathaniel LANDON, Ad’mrs.

Letters remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre on 1st July:
Daniel BOWEN, Putnam
Seth CAREY, Thornbottom
James CAMPBELL, Esq.
James HERWICK, Wilkesbarre
Thomas HARVEY, Huntington
Edward KNAPP, Great Bend
Ira MANVILLE, Plymouth
James PRINDLE, Shawney
Alfred RUGGLES, Hanover
Daniel SPENCER, Luzerne
Ichabod SHAW, Plymouth
Daniel SMITH, Exeter
Benjamin WALLER, Wyoming
Andrew WICKIZER, Wilkesbarre

12 Aug. 1800

Melancholy Accident – The following accident happened in Troy on Friday last: A person having dropped his shoe into a well near Mr. ASHLEY’S Tavern, which had been covered and unused for some time, persuaded Master Jack TILLMAN, a young lad about 14 years of age, son of the late Christopher TILLMAN, Esq., of this village, to descend into the well to fetch it up. A stick was tied on the end of a rope for the purpose, on which he placed his feet, and was lowered down, but as he approached the bottom, he was almost instantaneously suffocated with the dead air, and dropped from the rope. Jesse BENHAM, who has attended the ferry at Troy, inconsiderately went down after him, and met with a like fate. The water in the well not being more than a foot in depth, the bodies were soon taken up, but every attempt to reanimate them proved ineffectual. While we sympathize with the respectable and numerous connections of the former, who must sincerely regret his premature death, our sensibility must be peculiarly awakened at the fate of the latter, who has left a wife and several children to lament an irreparable loss.
Several similar accidents have occurred within our recollection, for persons going into wells, which had not been used for a length of time, or which pumps had been placed, and the tops closed. By letting down a lighten candle into a well the state of the air may be at once determined – if the candle continues to burn the well may be entered with safety.

19 Aug. 1800

On Saturday last, a child of James CONNELLY, of Jacob’s Plains, aged 18 months, accidentally fell into a well, about fourteen feet to the water, when discovered, was taken out lifeless and quite cold, and remained in that situation more than fifteen minutes before he appeared to breathe; when by the application of warm flannel bandages, rubbing, and blowing breath into his nostrils, he was restored to life – he had lain some time in the well before he was discovered. He has not yet entirely recovered his rational faculties.

John ROSS, Esq., prosecuting attorney on behalf of the State, for the counties of Northampton and Wayne; in the place of Col. READ and T. B. DICK, Esqrs. superceded

$3 Reward – Lost by the subscriber, in riding form Old Sheshiquin to the mouth of Wyalusing, crossing the river at French-town, on Tuesday the 5th inst., a number of Papers and Notes, of value to no person but the owner. They were done up in compact bundles. Whoever had found them and will return them to the subscriber, at Chester BINGHAM’S, in Old Sheshiquin, shall receive the above reward, necessary charges and good treatment, from their humble servant, Timothy WINSHIP, Ulster

Estate of Isaac CAMPBELL, late of Newport, requests payments. Nathan WHIPPLE, Adm’r

26 Aug. 1800

Jonathan STEPHENS, of Braintrim, is commissioned a Justice of the Peace

Tickets in the Lehigh Navigation Lottery may be had from the following gentlemen in Luzerne Co., on the terms mentioned in the scheme:

Thomas WRIGHT, Wilkesbarre
Lawrence MYERS, Esq., Kingston
Nathan BEACH, Esq., Salem
John M’CORD, Tunkhannock
Justice GAYLORD, Wyalusing
Stephen TUTTLE Jr., Tyoga
Guy MAXWELL, Esq., Newtown, NY

(See p. 3-3-t for $ prize amounts)

Estate of Comfort CAPRON, requests payments. Laban and Orlen CAPRON, Adm’rs. Beech Woods Settlement, Luzerne Co.

2 Sept. 1800

Western Reserve of Connecticut (See p. 1)

Estate of Doctor Joseph SPRAGUE, formerly of Wilkesbarre, request payments. Joseph SPRAGUE, Adm’r.

Estate of Samuel THOMPSON, late of Middleburgh, Schoharrie Co., NY, request payments. Eleazar MARBLE, Adm’r.

Was Lost Some Time ago by the subscriber, on the road between ‘Squire MYERS’ and James SCOVEL’S, a black pocket-book with a number of papers in it, amongst them was a certain note of hand, given for $600 by Jacob I. S. VANLONE to Justus BARNUM. Whoever will deliver said pocket-book and papers to the subscriber shall have a $2 reward. Henry HUTCHINGS.

Estate of Joseph HAGERMAN, late of Newport, request payments. James CAMPBELL, Adm’r

9 Sept. 1800

With satisfaction we can inform the public, that a contract is completed to carry the Mail every week from Wilkesbarre to Canandarqua. It is to leave the Post office in Wilkesbarre, every Monday morning at 8 o’clock. The Mail is to continue to arrive here from Easton at the usual time. Josiah STERLING is the Contractor, and will commence riding of the first day of October next; and, on his rout, will pass through Tyoga, Painted Post, Bath and Potter’s Town to Canandarqua. We expect Post Offices will be fixed at each of these places, and such others as the Post-master General shall think proper for the accommodation of the people. In pursuance of which, the publication of this paper will change to Monday morning.

Election. Republicans of Luzerne Co. met at the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre, on 5th inst. to form a ticket for the ensuing election.
Lawrence MYERS and John P. SCHOOT, Esqrs. were nominated to the chair.
The house dividing, it appeared that Lawrence MYERS, Esq. was duly chosen and Ben. PERRY was nominated chairman and unanimously chosen: upon which Benjamin CARPENTER made proclamation that the Democratic Republicans should withdraw, this being done, the Federal Republicans, which were considerably the largest number, remained at the courthouse whereupon:
Resolved that this meeting would support and recommend to the Free electors of Luzerne County at the ensuing election:
Rosewell WELLES, Esq. – Representative in Congress from Berks and Luzerne District
Gen. Lord BUTLER – State Senator for Northumberland, Luzerne, Mifflin and Luzerne District
John FRANKLIN, Esq. – Representative in State Legislature of Luzerne County
Committed for Correspondence:
Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq.
Lawrence MYERS, Esq.
Jesse FELL, Esq.
Col. George P. RANSOM
Capt. Jonas BRUSH

Election at a large meeting of the Republican Citizens, held by adjournment at the house of Naphtali HURLBUT, Wilkesbarre on Sept. 5th.:
Matthias HOLLENBACK, Esq., Chair and Josiah WRIGHT, Secretary.
Will support:
James HARRIS, Esq., of Centre Co. as State Senator for the District which Luzerne Co. is part
John JENKINS – Representative in State Legislature for Luzerne County
Benjamin CARPENTER, Esq., for Luzerne County Commissioner

16 Sept. 1800

Philadelphia, September 8th
We are informed on official authority, that 36 additional submissions of Connecticut claimants in the seventeen townships have been made ot the government of Pennsylvania. The number of lots and tracts submitted, is now about 250.

Estate of John TREDAWAY, late of Hanover, requests payments. Hester TREDAWAY, Admin’x

23 Sept. 1800

Connecticut Claim (See p. 1) also Advertisement for Meeting on Claims

Capt. Eleazer BLACKMAN is deputed to take the enumeration of the inhabitants of the county of Luzerne, agreeably to the late act of Congress; and it is expected he will commence the business this week. We have not heard of the like having been begun in any part of this state

First Troop of Horse, of Luzerne Co. to meet at the house of Amos FELL, Pittstown on first Saturday in October next, at 10 o’clock. Eleazar BLACKMAN, Capt.

30 Sept. 1800

Luzerne Republican Troop of Cavalry are to meet at Philip MYER’S, Kingston on Monday next at one o’clock. Persons wishing to become members can apply at that time.

Public Notice – The Commissioners of Luzerne Co., will receive proposals for furnishing the following materials for building a courthouse viz:
Stone, by the perch; Brick, by the thousand; Lime, by the bushel; Scantling and Boards, per thousand. Articles to be of the best quality. Sealed written proposals, addressed to the Commissioners (excepting for the stone, which must be contracted for by the 15th of next month) will be received until the fist day of November next. Thomas WRIGHT & Lawrence MYERS, Comm’rs.

Notice – All persons indebted to the subscriber for Ferriage and Liquor, to settle off their respective accounts before the first day of November next. Otherwise they will be put into the hands of a magistrate for collection. Joseph STEELE, Hanover.


Maj. Jacob ROSENCRANSE, of Hanover to Mrs. Elizabeth, relict of the late Col. Joseph MARTIN, of Northampton Co.

At a meeting held by inhabitants of Tioga District, at the house of Col. John SPALDING, Ulster on Sept. 26th: Obadiah GORE, Esq., Chair and William PRENTICE, Sec’y
Resolved that this meeting would support and recommend to the Free electors of Luzerne County at the ensuing election:
Rosewell WELLES, Esq. – Representative in Congress from Berks and Luzerne District
Gen. Lord BUTLER – State Senator for Northumberland, Luzerne, Mifflin and Luzerne District
John FRANKLIN, Esq. – Representative in State Legislature of Luzerne County
Committed for Correspondence: Joseph KENNEY, David PAINE and Joseph KINGSBURY, Esquires.

13 Oct. 1800

Doctor Samuel JAMESON to Miss Hannah HENLOCK, both of Luzerne Co., on 30th Sept., by Esq. CAMPBELL

Jonathan HENLOCK to Miss Polly JAMESON, on the 1st inst.

2nd Troop of Cavalry – at house of Capt. Isaac CASH, Ulster on 26th inst. – Howard SPALDING, clerk
Luzerne Republican Troop of Cavalry – at house of James SCOVEL, Exeter on 21st inst. – Frederick CRISMAN, Capt.
45th Reg. of Militia – at house of Peter HARDENBERG, Exeter, on 3rd Monday Oct. next – Robert FAULKNER, Lieut. Col.

20 Oct. 1800

Estate of Abigail BIDLACK, late of Hanover Twp., requests payments. Samuel JAMESON, Adm’r

Information to Persons, now settled, or who may hereafter settle, upon tracts of land in Pennsylvania will have to make application to the Land-office for Warrants.

Court of Common Pleas Luzerne Co., November Term – the following have made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: Peter BULLARD, John WILLIAMS, Edward KNAPP and John ROW

3 Nov. 1800

All persons with demands against the estate of Sylvester M’KAY, late of Luzerne Co., hatter, an insolvent debtor, are requested to exhibit them to the subscribers, and those indebted thereto are requested to make payment. Jehoiada P. JOHNSON, Thomas WRIGHT, assignees

10 Nov. 1800

Election Returns for Pennsylvania Representation

Sheriff’s Sale – Land situated at the Great Bend of the Susquehanna River – Seized and taken in execution as property of Oliver TROWBRIDGE, Esq.

Was lost on the 26th day of October between Tunkhannock and Blackwalnut-bottom, a woman’s pocket, containing a chintz shawl, a pair of gold nubs, a white lawn handkerchief, a pair of cotton stockings, and a stocking part knit. Whoever will return the said articles shall have a reasonable reward and all necessary charges paid. Zuriel SHERWOOD, Northumberland

One Cent Reward – Ranaway from the subscriber, on the 1st inst., an indented servant boy, named Oliver HAZZARD – had on when he went away a linen frock, woolen trowsers, and old furr hat, &c. Whoever will secure said boy, and return him to me, shall receive the above reward and no charges. Paul STARK, Wilkesbarre

Strayed from the meadows of George MOWRY, in the Manor Delaware first purchase about the middle of September, a black horse, 5 or 6 years old, with a thick mane and tail. Whoever will take up said horse and return him, or give notice to the owner where he may be found, shall be generously rewarded by Job CAMP, Wyalusing

17 Nov. 1800

Miss Mary, daughter of Capt. D. NEVINS, died at Norwich, CT, on Thursday the 23rd ult., sincerely lamented, aged 22 years

24 Nov. 1800

New Store – Opened a store in Wilkesbarre, consisting of a general assortment of merchandise for the season. Ben. PERRY

The time given by law, for the people holding lands within the “Seventeen Townships” of this county, to make application for the same to the Land office of Pennsylvania, agreeable to the Act entitled, “An Act of offering compensation to the Pennsylvania Claimants of certain lands within the Seventeen Townships in the County of Luzerne, &c.” will expire on the 31st day of December, 1800. It is therefore necessary for every person intending to embrace the law, to make application immediately. Blank applications may be had at this Printing Office.

Daniel STERLING to Miss Sally SUTTON, of Exeter, married on Monday evening last, by Justice MYERS

Guy WELLS, of Wyalusing has been commissioned a Justice of the Peace – Appointment by the Governor

John HARDING, of Putnam Township, raised 1350 bushels of corn, the past season. His crop averaged 50 bushels per acre, throughout. The common produce of an acre of corn on our flats, on the Susquehanna, provided the season is favorable, is 50 bushels; in many instances, from 60 to 80.

Lots for sale in Pittston, sale Dec. 6th next at the house of Amos FELL. David BROWN, Asa DEMOCK, William SLOCUM, Committee

Broke the enclosure of the subscriber on the 1st Oct., 2 young Mares. Job IRISH, Wysox

8 Dec. 1800

To the public – The “Luzerne County Federalist” newspaper to be published. The “Wilkesbarre Gazette” will continue being published. Joseph WRIGHT

The Commissioners of Luzerne Co. have contracted Joseph HITCHCOCK, to build and complete in the best manner, a courthouse in the town of Wilkesbarre. The size of the building is to be 63 feet front, and 53 deep. The plan of the building is taken from the Courthouse in Frederickstown, Maryland.

**Missing 15 Dec. 1800 through 27 Jan. 1801

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