1801 Wilkes Barre Gazette & Luzerne Advertiser



2 Feb. 1801

Letters remaining at the Post Office at Athens, Jan. 1st, 1801:
Abner COOPER, Tioga
John HARRIS, Tioga
Doct. Stephen HOPKINS, Tioga
William WILLARD, Tioga
George Md. BOYD, Ulster
Berfey BOYD, Ulster
William PRESHER, Ulster
William PRENTICE, P. M.

Proposals will be received by the Commissioners of Luzerne Co. for a bridge over the Lackawanna River near SMITH & WRIGHT’S Forge, Pittston

23 Feb. 1801

For Sale – A valuable lot, in Exeter Township, containing 120 acres of excellent wheat land, within two miles of a grist mill, half a mile of a saw mill and two miles of the Susquehanna River. Apply to John GARDNER, in Exeter or the subscriber. Benjamin GARDNER

Luzerne Co. Statement Jan 1800-Dec. 1800

Sheriff’s Sale – Lands situated on the waters of Bowman’s and Mahoopeny Creeks, plus others. Seized in execution as the property of James WILSON, Esq.

Persons desirous of purchasing and settling on lands in Luzerne Co. – On application to John TYLER and Thomas TIFFANY of Nicholson or Thomas WRIGHT, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, all of Luzerne county, they may be informed of a body of Good Land, situated on and near the Waters emptying into the East Branch of Tunkhannock Creek – To be sold at a reasonable price and easy payments, to such as produce satisfactory testimonies of their sobriety, honesty and industry. Applications from others will not be received.

$30 Reward for a yellow bay mare – stolen on the night of Tuesday the 6th inst. William HUNT, Greenwich, Sussex Co., NJ

**Missing 2 March 1801 through 16 March 1801

23 Mar. 1801

For Sale – Two lots of land situated in Putnam, in the township of Tunkhannock. Comfort SHAW

6 April 1801

Tanning business to be carried on in Pittstown by Samuel ST. JOHN

Gambling – In January last, I gave Henry BRINDLE three notes, two for $20 and one for 22 pounds – I also gave Silas L. LOWTRIP on note in partnership with William DORTON, for 12 bushels of wheat. The above notes being all for gambling, I am determined never to pay them unless compelled by law. Joseph STALFORD, Springfield

**Missing 23 April 1801 through 18 May 1801

25 May 1801

Public Inn – To be opened by Arnold COLT on the 1st day of June next, at Wilkesbarre, near the bank of Susquehanna River, lately occupied by Thomas WRIGHT, Esq.

$10 Reward – Made his escape from the subscriber, on the morning of the 28th April, John BROWN, who was taken and held by a State’s Warrant. Whoever will take up and secure him in Wilkesbarre Jail, or deliver him to the subscriber shall be entitled to the reward from me. Aaron PERKINS, Constable.

Common Pleas Court of Luzerne Co., August Term – the following has made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: Robert JACKSON, Kingston


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