1801 Luzerne County Federalist


(Reel 1)

12 Jan. 1801
(#2) [Name of Elisha BLACKMAN – hand written on newspaper]

Terms – The price of this paper is Two Dollars per annum (exclusive of postage) if paid half-yearly, or at the end of the year, or One Dollar and Sixty-six Cents, if paid in advance. Cash – merchantable Wheat, Rye, Corn, Oats, Maple Sugar, Butter and Cheese will be received in payment, at the market price.
The expense of Postage to subscribers up the River, will be Fifty Cents per annum.
Any gentleman who will obtain twelve subscribers, and become accountable for the payment, shall receive one paper gratis.

Joseph CHAPMAN, of Luzerne Co. married to Miss Betsey LEFFINGWELL, of Norwich, Conn., at Norwich, Conn. (no date)

Came into the subscriber’s inclosure, about the 1st July last, a dark bay mare, supposed ot be 10 or 12 years old; about 5′ high; well built, and natural to a trot. The owner is desired to call, pay charges, and take her away. Ezekiel MAINE, Jr., Manor, Conn. Del. First Purchase, Dec. 20, 1800

19 Jan. 1801

Fire! About five o’clock on the morning of Wednesday, the 7th inst., that valuable Grist-Mill, belonging to Fostor HORTON, of Tunkhannock, was discovered to be on fire; and in two hours was burnt to the ground, together with the valuable effects it contained, among which were 100 bushels of grain; 75 belonging to Mr. HORTON, the remainder to his neighbors.
He had expended about one thousand pounds on this mill, had turned his attention principally to it, and had brought it to such perfection that its equal was not within 20 miles. By very great exertions, an adjoining Saw-Mill, which was several times on fire, was saved from the devouring element.
Here in a field for exercise of Humanity. Let those to whom Fortune has dispensed her favors, extend the hand of Charity for the relief of a worthy, tho’ unfortunate fellow-citizen, who sees the effects of several years industry in a heap of ruins.
Those gentlemen who feel a disposition to assist Mr. HORTON in the erection a new Mill, will be pleased to leave their donations with Col. HOLLENBACK, or Judge FELL, in Wilkesbarre and Lawrence MYERS Esq., Gilbert CARPENTER or Williams TRUCKS in Kingston. We believe the smaller favors will be thankfully received.

Ephraim FELLOWS married to the amiable Miss Subriette POTTER, at Huntington by Charles E. GAYLORD, Esq. (no marriage date)

Letters remaining at the Post Office, at Wilkesbarre, Jan. 1st, 1801:
Daniel ACKLEY, Tioga
William BAKER, Plymouth
Samuel BALDWIN, Kingston
Robert CATHCART, Hanover
Caleb HOYT, Huntington
Abiazer SMITH, Litchfield
John TAYLOR, Providence
Mary PHILLIPS, Wilkesbarre
Henry KELLEY, Pennsylvania
John M’MULLEN, near Wilkesbarre
Edward KNAPP, Great Bend
Robert JOHNSON, Wilkesbarre
Lord BUTLER, P. M.

26 Jan. 1801

Appointments for Justices of the Peace by the Governor, on 20 Dec. 1800:
Benjamin CARPENTER, Kingston
Zebulon MARCEY, Tunkhannock
George WELLES, Tioga
Wm. MEANS, Tioga
John MARCEY, Willingborough
Tho’s TIFFANY, Willingsborough

9 Feb. 1801

Nathaniel MOZIER to Miss Eliza, daughter of Moses COOLBAUGH, Esq., married at Wysocken by Joseph KINNEY, Esq., on Tuesday afternoon, the 27th inst.

Robert GERE, Esq., died at Groton, Conn., on 1st Jan., in the 94th year of his age

23 Feb. 1801

Capt. Elisha ELY, died at Owego, Tioga Co., NY, on Tuesday, 2nd Feb., of a lingering consumption, perfectly resigned ot his exit. He was interred on Thursday following with the honors due a military character.

2 Mar. 1801

Elected to the House of Representatives, for the term of two years from and after the 4th day of March next:
In the District of Berks and Luzerne: Joseph HEISTER
In the District of Dauphin, Northumberland and Lycoming: John A. HANNA
In the District of Bucks, Montgomery, Northampton and Wayne: Robert BROWN and Peter MUHLENBURG

A melancholy circumstance lately happened in Watertown, on Wysox Creek: Henry LENT, aged about 55 years, left his family to go to a neighbor’s house, about 6 miles distant; on his return home, he is supposed from every circumstance, to have been seized with a cholic, by which he expired. He lay nearly thirty-six hours before discovered by anyone. A wife and six small children are left to lament the loss of a kind husband and indulgent parent.

16 Mar. 1801

Luzerne Co. Statement 1800

23 Mar. 1801

To be sold or let – A valuable lot of land, in the back part of Exeter, three miles from the river and Sutton’s Mill, to which there is a good road. Farm contains about 150 acres, with considerable improvements, a number of fruit trees, a saw mill in good repair, and quantity of excellent white pine timber adjacent. An indisputable title will be given, and terms made easy to the purchaser. Enquire of Jesse FRASER, on the premises or of Jacob DRAKE Jr., Braintrim

Died at Braintrim, after a long confinement to her bed, the wife of Isaac LACEY, aged about 80 years

Died in Hanover, on the 5th inst., Mrs. Polly, wife of Calvin HIBBERT

30 Mar. 1801

Acts of PA General Assembly (67 Acts)

Common Pleas Court of Luzerne Co., April Term – the following has made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: Peter CRAWFORD, Luzerne Co

Zebulon POTTS, Esq., died on the 17th inst., Member of the Senate of PA from Montgomery Co.

13 April 1801

Letters remaining at the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, 1st April 1801:
John ALEXANDER, Hanover
William BUCK Jr., Smithfield, Luz. Co.
Levi FRISBIE, Mendom, Luz. Co.
Silas LOMIS, Wilkesbarre
Margaret KARR, Nescopeck
Samuel KUR, Nescopeck
Micajah HARDING, Exeter
Samuel PRINDLE, Plymouth
Asa PARMALE, London-Grove
Joseph STEWARD, Luz. Co.
Philip SHOEMAKER, Allensburg

Thomas FISH to Miss Sally PEASE, married in this town by Matthew COVELL, Esq. (no date)

John STROPE to Miss Eleanor FOX, married at Wysox by Joseph KINNEY, Esq. (no date)

Hezekiah GRIFFIS to Miss Betsey SABINS, married at Wyalusing, by Isaac HANCOCK, Esq. (no date)

Letter referring to the “Original Deed of the Connecticut Delaware First Purchase” – purchase costing about $3,500, being about 500 Proprietors rights, at $7 each, no man to have more than one share. About $500 paid in cash and $3000 in goods. 6 May 1755. [Note this is only an abstract – the 500 Proprietors names were not given but the Delaware Indian’s names are listed.] (See p. 4)

20 April 1801

A smart active Lad, 13 or 14 years of age, is wanted as an Apprentice to the Saddling Business. A good chance will be given him. Thomas A. ALKINS, Wilkesbarre

27 April 1801

The number of inhabitants in Luzerne County, agreeably to the census taken by Capt. Eleazer BLACKMAN, amounts to 12,839. In 1794, this county contained only 4,904 inhabitants.

Doct. Lemuel HOPKINS, died at Hartford, aged 51 years

Common Pleas Court of Luzerne Co., August Term – the following has made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: Joseph LOWRY, Kingston

4 May 1801

The wife of Hugh STEPHENS and two small children were lately killed by the oversetting of a wagon. They were removing from Harrisburg to Somerset.

Hugh HARTSHOUF to Miss Sally WELLS, married on the 26th ult., by Matthew COVELL, Esq.

11 May 1801

The subscriber has a number of unsettled accounts on his books, which he wishes to have balanced. All who are indebted, are requested to make immediate payment, to prevent cost. Aziel DANA, Wilkesbarre

Daniel HUBBELL, died at Bridgport, Conn., on the 4th March, aged 76, after an illness of half an hour and on the 11th April, his widow, Mrs. Sarah HUBBELL, died after an illness of an hour, aged 72 years.

Runaway from the subscriber on Sunday the 3rd inst., an indented apprentice boy, Abraham SCOTT, about 17 years of age, of a light complexion and short light hair and eyes: wore away a row frock and striped trowsers, and a wool hat almost new. All persons are forbid harboring or secreting said boy on penalty of the law; and any person who will return him to his master, shall have Five Dollar Reward, and all reasonable charges paid. Joseph SLOCUM, Wilkesbarre

2nd Troop Cavalry, attached to the 57th Reg. of Militia, are to parade at Capt. Jehiel FRANKLIN’S at Wysocking, on the 22nd of May next at Ten o’clock, completely equipped for exercise; agreeably to a vote of the Company. By Order of the Captain. Howard SPALDING, Clerk

Common Pleas Court of Luzerne Co., August Term – the following has made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: Robert JACKSON, Kingston

18 May 1801

$15 Reward for Black Mare – Uzzel CARTER, Towanday Creek

25 May 1801

Mrs. Sarah MORSE, died at Woodstock, Conn. On the 15th March, aged within 44 days of 99 years. Her posterity were 10 children, 72 grandchildren, 210 of the 4th generation, and 14 of the 5th generation. Total, 315.

The Commissioners of Luzerne Co., will hold Days of Appeals for the year 1801 at the following places:
James SCOVELL, Exeter
Philip MYERS, Kingston
Anna MORSE, Plymouth
Rufus LAWRENCE, Huntington
Elish. CORTWRIGHT Salem & Nescopeck
Jonathan SMITH, Newport
Frederic CRISMAN, Hanover
Amos FELL, Pittstown
Isaac TRIPP, Providence
Cyrus AVERY, Tunkhannock
Ebenezer STEVENS, Nicholson
Sylvanus HATCH, Willingboro
David BROWNSON, Rindaw
S. TUTTLE Jr. Tioga & Ulster, also
Jn. SPALDING Tioga & Ulster
William MEANS, Wysocks
Peter STEVENS, Wyalusing
James WHEELER, Braintrim.

1 June 1801

Lands being part of the estate of Col. Zebulon BUTLER, to be sold by order of the Orphans Court of Luzerne Co., June 15th next. Land situated in Wilkesbarre being Lots #49 & #50 and one half of #48, containing about 625 acres. Also lot #51 in Braintrim Township, containing about 300 acres. Roswell WELLES, Admin.

8 June 1801

A Journeyman Blacksmith, who is a good workingman, will hear of good encouragement by applying immediately to Samuel H. TORRY, Kingston. He also wants an active young man as an apprentice.

Connecticut Claim – Letter from Samuel HODGDON and Edward TILGHAM, on behalf of the Committee of Landholders to Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., dated Philadelphia, 18 May 1801

15 June 1801

During a rain storm on Thursday last, the Lightning struck the Conductor of the new meeting house in this town; and owing to its incomplete state (not reaching to the ground) entered the lower story of the house and sat fire to the shavings – luckily a number of workmen having taken shelter in the house, extinguished the flames, without any material injury being done.

Frederick Augustus MUHLENBERG, died at Lancaster on June 4th, Receiver-General of the Land-Office

22 June 1801

John W. KITTERA, Esq., died at Lancaster, on the 6th inst., in the 49th year of his age, late Representative of the Congress of the US.

Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber on 7th inst., a bay mare, with three white feet, a star in the forehead, and a snip on the nose; supposed to be with foal. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take her away. Foster HORTON, Tunkhannock

29 June 1801

Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber on the 7th May, a black mare, three or four years old, has a star in her forehead; is a natural trotter. The owner may have the same by proving property and paying charges. Francis MESUZAN, Ulster


(Reel 2)

6 July 1801 Missing

13 July 1801

Letters remaining at the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, July 1:

Elizabeth FRANKLIN, Nanticoke
Asa HEMINWAY, Greenfield
Henry HEISZ, Wilkesbarre
Alexander M’HAY, Kingston
Ira MANVILLE, Plymouth
Joseph MOFFETH, Louisburg
Stephen ROBERTS, Plymouth
Henry TUTTLE, Kingston

20 July 1801

All persons indebted by Bond, Note or Book Account are requested to settle their accounts immediately. ROSSETT & DOYLE, Asylum

A number of gentlemen and ladies met at the house of Elisha KEELER, at Allensburg (Wyalusing) on the 4th July to celebrate American Independence.

Melancholy Accident. Last evening two young men of this neighborhood, the sons of Messrs. Joseph SMITH and William CURRY undertook to watch a deer lick (their intentions being unknown to each other). Young Mr. SMITH arrived there before dark, and had secreted himself to watch the deer: Some time after Lockwood CURRY, a young man in the 19th year of his age, with a coverlid of a reddish cast over his shoulders, approached: SMITH supposing it to be a deer, fired his piece, and lodged the contents in the face and breast of Mr. CURRY. SMITH ran to the fatal spot, and instead of a deer, found his neighbor and most intimate acquaintance, bleeding and speechless! His surprise and astonishment were too great to be described; he ran immediately home, alarmed their parents and others, who went out and brought in the young man; he remained speechless to the last, and died about three o’clock this afternoon. From this and similar circumstances, hunters should take warning not to fire until they perfectly know their object. [Sheshequin, July 8th]

27 July 1801

Connecticut Claims in Luzerne Co. (See p. 3-1-m and 3-2-t)

Common Pleas Court of Luzerne Co. August Term next – the following has made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: Samuel LANDON, Kingston

3 Aug. 1801

Hon. John ALLEN, of Litchfield married at Norwich, Conn. to the amiable Miss Ursula, daughter of Lynde M’CURDY, merchant

Lost, on Wednesday last, between Amos FELL’S at Pittstown and Wilkesbarre, a drab-colored Great Coat. The finder is requested to give information to Thomas WRIGHT.

10 Aug. 1801

Three persons have been taken by the civil authority, on suspicion of having been concerned in tarring and feathering parson SMILIE. Bonds have been given for their appearance at Court.

17 Aug. 1801

Rev. Jonathan EDWARDS, DD, died at Schenectady, on the first inst., President of Union College

Notice – James Donatianus LE RAY, citizen of the United States of America, but now at Paris, owner of a large tract of land in Luzerne Co., extending from the line of the State of New York to the Wyalusing Creek, about 2500 perches wide, being informed that several families upon the pretence of the rights claimed by the State of Connecticut, have settled upon these lands – hereby give notice, by his Attorney Peter JOULIN, living at Burlington, New Jersey, that he is disposed to treat with them, in an amicable manner, either by Lease or Sales, so that their labor may not be lost, and his property may be peacefully recognized. Therefore, all the settlers upon this tract are requested to agree among themselves, upon a General Proposal, and make it known to the said. P. JOULIN, which proposal, if just and equitable, will be accepted by him.

24 Aug. 1801

Jonathan HUNTINGTON, Esq., died in Norwich, Conn., aged 82 years

31 Aug. 1801

Trial of Jason FAIRBANKS, of Dedham, Mass., for the murder of Elizabeth FALES (murdered on 18 May 1801). Jury found him guilty – court sentenced his to death. (See p. 1) Jason FAIRBANKS, broke jail – $500 reward

Elijah AYERS to Miss Polly UNDERWOOD, married at Kingston (no date of marriage)

John P. SCHOTT Jr., merchant married to Miss Hannah MENZEY, at Boston, on Sunday evening the 16th inst.

Dr. Richard BAILEY, died on the 18th inst. at Staten Island, a Health Officer of the Port of New York. His disease, a malignant fever, caught while discharging the duties of his office.

$50 Reward – Broke out of the Goal of the county of Luzerne, last Night, a certain Prisoner by the name of William LOTHROP, convicted for committing a Rape. He was a well set Man; nearly six Feet high; of a light Complexion, light Hair and dark Eyes, has lost several of his fore Teeth. Whoever will apprehend and secure said Prisoner in any Goal in Pennsylvania, so that I may have him again, shall receive the above reward. Arnold COLT, Sheriff

7 Sept. 1801

Six Pence Reward – Ranaway from the subscriber on the 1st inst., an apprentice boy named Joseph GALE, about five feet nine or ten inches high; a very sulky, surly, down look; had on a linen shirt and trousers, a woolen under jacket, an oldish felt hat. Whoever takes up said boy and returns him to the subscriber; shall have the above reward, by paying all charges. N. B. I forbid all persons trusting, or employing or harboring him upon penalty of the law. Alfred RUGGLES,

Hanover. Susquehanna Company – The Proprietors of the Connecticut Susquehanna Company are notified, that a meeting of said Proprietors will be held at the dwelling house of Stephen TUTTLE, jun. In Athens, on Tioga-point, Luzerne County, on Tuesday the 20th day of October next, at 10 o’clock A. M. on business of importance of the Company. John FRANKLIN, Cl’k of said Company, Athens. Office of Inspection, Wilkesbarre, September 1st, 1801. Agreeable to an Act passed in the Third Congress of the United States, at the First Session, I do hereby give Notice to all Retailers of Wines and Foreign Distilled Spirituous Liquors, and to those who intend becoming such, and residing within the County of Luzerne; that Licenses will be granted to the Retailers of such Wines and Spirituous Liquors, by applying previous to the 20th day of September, to the Subscriber, at the above Office of Inspection, who is authorized to grant Licenses and receive the Duties arising there from. Ben PERRY.

Entry of Carriages. Agreeable to an act passed in the Fourth Congress of the United States, at the First Session; I do hereby give Notice to all Owners of Carriages, that they shall enter the same at my office in Wilkesbarre according to the said Act, between the 1st and 20th days of September, inst., and pay the Duties arising therefrom also, as I am authorized to receive the same and attend the Entry. Ben. PERRY. Collector of the Revenue for the 4th Division, Survey No. 2, District of Pennsylvania.

For Sale – One Tract of Land, Situated two miles North of the Tunkhannock Creek, ten miles from the mouth of said creek, and two miles from the subscriber’s mills. This tract of land is calculated to produce grass and wheat; its principal timber beach and maple; it has on it a large sugar camp. This tract joins the Farm of Stephen SQUIER; it contains 440 acres, with an allowance of 6 per cent for Roads. The title is derived form the State of Pennsylvania. The terms of sale may be known by applying to Thomas WRIGHT, Wilkesbarre or the subscriber near the Premises. Foster HORTON.

14 Sept. 1801

Abraham SMITH, Jun. To Miss Polly TRUESDALE, at Newport (no date of marriage)

Elihu PARISH to Miss Anna PIERCE (no date of marriage)

Pelatiah PIERCE to Miss Peggy LARCK (no date of marriage)

21 Sept. 1801

Federalist Ticket -On the evening of the 21st Aug., a number of gentlemen from nine different Townships in this County, met at the house of Arnold COLT, Esq., for the purpose of agreeing upon suitable characters for public officers at the General Election in October Next. Lawrence MYERS, Esq., was called to the chair, when the gentlemen present agreed to recommend to the support of their fellow-citizen the following characters:
Representatives: Lord BUTLER and John FRANKLIN
Sheriffs: Benjamin DORRANCE and Anderson DANA
Coroners: James CAMPBELL and Samuel LUCAS
County Commissioner: Arnold COLT
Lawrence MYERS, Putnam CATLIN and Benjamin PERRY, were appointed a committee to correspond with the different townships, and recommend the above Ticket to their support.

28 Sept. 1801

The First Company of Luzerne Cavalry are hereby notified ot appear at their usual place of parade, in Wilkesbarre, equipped to military duty, on the first and second Saturdays in October next, at Ten o’clock, A. M. Eleazer BLACKMAN, Captain.

5 Oct. 1801

Sportsmen be careful – On Saturday the 26th September, Jacob WOLFE, of Plymouth, in attempting to shake a Raccoon from the top of a very high tree, broke the limb by which he held, and fell to the ground. The fall killed him. He has left a wife and nine children to lament his untimely fate.


Joshua AUSTIN, died at Shickshinny, aged about 80 years

Martin HARTER, died at Nescopeck Township, aged 88. (name in fold)

Last Monday afternoon a son of Abraham CLARK, of Wintonbury, about 15 years of age, fell from a chestnut tree, and was so much bruised by the fall that he instantly expired.

Letters remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Oct. 1st:

Nathaniel CRANDALL, Wyoming
Mrs. Phebe DOLTON, Wilkesbarre
Alexander M. HARG, Kingston
Naphtali HURLBUT, Wyoming
James M’NEAL, Little Whoppollopy
Charles ROBERTS, Wyoming
Nathaniel RAWSON, jun., Wilkesbarre
Joseph READER, sen., Newport
John THOMSON (no location)
Henry TUTTLE, Kingston
Belding SWETLAND, Kingston

17 Oct. 1801

Election Results (See p. 3-1-t)

On the night of 29th Sept. an attempt was made to burn the new Grist-Mill, belonging to Foster HORTON, of Tunkhannock. The discovery was made early the next morning, the fire having gone out. Seth FIELD, who it is believed burnt Mr. HORTON’S Mill last winter, was immediately apprehended by warrant from Zebulon MARCY, Esq. FIELD’S guilt appeared so evident from a variety of circumstances, that the justice bound him over to take his tria at Nov. Sessions; FIELD in the sum of 1000 dollars, and Elijah OAKLEY, his bail, in the sum of $500.

Doctor Theophilus ROGERS, and eminent physician, died at Norwich, Conn., aged 70 years

The Commissioners appointed to put in execution the law of the 4 April 1799 – Give Notice – That they do not consider it their duty to survey or return any lands claimed under the title of Connecticut, unless the persons applying for them will duly attend and assist the surveyors in ascertaining the boundaries agreeably to the descriptions in the deeds, and the limits of the township lines.

24 Oct. 1801

End of Paper

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