1801 Luzerne County Federalist & Susquehanna Intelligencer



31 Oct. 1801

Connecticut Susquehanna Company Meeting Results (See p. 3-1-m)

Lost or stolen on Monday night the 19th Oct., from a horse of the subscriber at the door of John CAREY, in Wilkesbarre, a saddle about half worn, with a blue housing. A drab-colored Great Coat, faced with yellow flannel, mailed to the saddle – also a single rein’d plain curb bridle. Whoever will give information of the above articles so that the owner can get them, shall be handsomely rewarded by Stephen ABBOTT, Plains, Wilkesbarre.

7 Nov. 1801

William WILSON, one of the State Commissioners is elected a member of the Assembly from the County of Lycoming, there were but 3 votes against him.

Particular Notice – My friends up the River, who expect to make me a payment in Grain – are informed that Richard HALSTED will start in a Boat on Monday the 9th inst. for Tioga-Point and Owego, and that he will be ready to return by the 28th November. They are therefore earnestly requested to prepare and deliver Grain to the amount of one year’s subscription, (2 dols. 50 cts.) at the following places, by the 25th of the month.
Tunkhannock – Isaac OSTERHOUT
Braintrim – Capt. James WHEELER
Wyalusing – Jabez HYDE, Rindaw
Towanday and Wysox – Moses COOLBAUGH, Esq.
Ulster and Old Sheshequin – Obadiah GORE, Est.
Those who consider the advanced state of the season, and the probability that Mr. HALSTED’S Boat will be the last which will go up and return before the close of the river – will undoubtedly comply with the above request; and thereby be entitled to the hearty thanks of Asher MINER

Andrew TRACEY, Esq., died at Dandola, on the 31st ult, aged 59 years

Rev. Amos G. THOMPSON (son in law to A. TRACEY, Esq., deceased) died at Montville, Conn. (no date of death)

14 Nov. 1801

Mrs. Mary, widow of Rev. Dr. Ezra STILES, late President of Yale College, died at Newport. (no date of death or age)

Public Ball! To be held at Judge FELL’S long room in Wilkesbarre, on Wednesday the 18th day of November inst., at six o’clock P.M. Tickets to be had at the door, at one dollar each.

Estate of James PARKS, formerly of Luzerne Co., deceased, request payments. John ALDEN, Admin., Hanover

21 Nov. 1801

28 Nov. 1801

Eleazer DANA to Miss Polly STEVENS, of this Town, married at Braintrim (no date of marriage)

5 Dec. 1801

12 Dec. 1801

Came into the subscriber’s enclosure about the 10th November last, an old cow, of a reddish brindle color, with a lined back. The owner is requested to pay charges and take her away from James SCOVELL, Exeter

19 Dec. 1801

The subscriber having come to a determination of altering his present mode of doing business, it becomes necessary that all accounts whatever should be closed either by payment of Judgement Bond. All persons indebted will therefore take notice, That after the 15th day of January ensuing every unsettled account will be considered as neglected, and no reason for complaint on their part can exist, if the next Novice should be given by the proper officer. Zeb. BUTLER, Wilkesbarre.

26 Dec. 1801

Jonathan WILKINSON, of this town to Mrs. Patty SHAW, of Sheshequin, married on Sunday evening the 20th inst., by Lawrence Myers, Esq.

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