1802 Luzerne County Federalist


(Reel 2)

4 Jan. 1802

Ebenezer COBB, died at Kingston, Mass., Dec. 8th, aged 107 years, 8 months and 6 days, having lived three centuries. He was born in Plymouth, on the 22nd day of March 1694. (See large obit. p. 2-1-b)

Seth GREGORY, died at Towandee, on the 2nd November, in the 65th year of his age. On the Sunday following a funeral sermon was preached by Elisha COLE to a respectable congregation.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, January 1st:
Mr. BOWEN (living on land of BROWN & IVES)
Doct. David CHURCH
Adolph HEATH
Jonathan Harvey HURST
Jonathan KILLOG
Rosanah LENOX
Melicha TYLER
Roswell WELLS

11 Jan. 1802

Goods & Hats. Of the best quality, and at very low prices, for which Produce of every kind will be received in payment. Malachi SHOEMAKER & Co., Forty-Fort, Kingston

David LANDON married to Miss LUCINDA ALLEN, of Plymouth, on Sunday evening the 27th by Noah WADHAMS, Esq.

John LIME, about 5 miles from Harrisburgh, being weary of his life, put a period to his existence by tying one end of a stirrup leather round his neck and the other end thereof to a stick or wooden pin fastened in logs in the soddering room of his father, Jacob LIME, and thus strangled himself.

Poem – “Birth-day Meditations” – written by Abraham BRADLET, Hanover (See p. 4-1-t)

18 Jan. 1802

James KINSEY, Esq. L.L.D., Chief Justice of the State of New Jersey, died on the 4th inst. at Burlington, in the 70th year of his age.

John HOLLENBACK is appointed Post-Master in this town, in the room of Lord BUTLER, Esq., resigned.

James RUTTER, of this town married to Miss Polly GOOD, of Bucks Co., in Bucks Co., on the 3rd inst., by John ROBERTS, Esq.

Stephen TRIPP married to Miss Nancy BENEDICT, at Pittstown (no date)

Daniel DAVIDSON married to Miss Peggy LUCAS, at Kingston (no date)

The subscriber takes this method to render his most sincere thanks to the neighborhood of Meshoppen, where his brother died, for their kind attention to him while sick, and likewise at his death and interment, and the physicians who attended him. He thinks every exertion was made on their part for his recovery, altho’ fruitless. Butler WING.

25 Jan. 1802

Wyoming Petition – Petition from 1200 citizens claiming Wyoming property under Connecticut rights and praying the interposition of Congress to enable them to obtain a just settlement of their claims. (See p. 2-2-b)

John HINMAN vs Jehiel FRANKLIN – Domestic Attachm’t, returnable to Jan’y Term 1801. Notice is hereby given to the creditors of the said Jehiel FRANKLIN, that they present their accounts and demands properly attested to the subscribers, at the house of Moses COOLBAUGH, Esq., in Wysox Township, in said county, on Wednesday the 4th of February next, in order that the same may be audited and adjusted agreeable to law and to the rule of court made in the aforesaid cause. William MEANS, Moses COOLBAUGH and Ralph MARTIN, Auditors.

Thomas A. ALKINS and Clark BEEBE, will carry on the Saddlery Business in Wilkesbarre, under the Firm of ALKINS & BEEBE. They solicit the patronage of their friends and the public and will dispatch Good work for prompt pay.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Sheshequin, Jan’y 1st:
Moses COOLBAUGH, Esq., Wysox
Jacob BOWMAN, Wysox
Obadiah BROWN, Sheshequin
Matthew ROGERS, Sheshequin
Josiah MARSHAL, Sheshequin
John GOODALE, jun., Sheshequin
Miles OAKLEY, Enfield
Asa HAMMENWAY, Greenfield
Avery GORE, P.M.

1 Feb. 1802

Thomas KENNEDY married to Miss Elizabeth SCOVELL, on Thursday evening by M. COVELL, Esq.

Orphan’s Court Sales – In pursuance of an order of the Orphan’s Court, holden on Monday the 25th inst., will expose to sale by public vendue, at the court-house in Wilkesbarre, on Tuesday the 2nd March next at two o’clock, the real estate of James PARK, late deceased, consisting of Lots #21, of the first division, containing 50 acres; Lot #10, of the second division, containing 100 acres; and Lot #11, of the third division, containing 150 acres; in the township of Newport. Also Rights #10 and 30, in the township of Northmoreland, containing 300 acres each. Attendance will be given and the conditions of Sale made known by Eben’r BOWMAN, Esq., Administrator. By the Court, Jacob HART, Clerk, Wilkesbarre.

Concord, NH, Jan. 7th – The wife of Mr. SOMES, of Alexandria, was delivered of a son on the 23rd Dec., of a second on the 24th, and of a third on the 25th. The three weighed 17 lbs. Two of them died soon after their birth. The remaining son and the mother are likely to do well.

Hartford , Jan. 18th – On the first of January inst., the wife of John SHAW, of Barkhamsted, was delivered of three female children; the weight of them as follows, the first, 6 lb., the second 5 1/4 lb. And the third, 6 lb. – total 17 1/4 lb. They are all living and to appearance likely to live.

Hartford – On the 12th inst., Jonathan MARSH, aged 87 years, died. It is observable that he hath spent his life and settled his accounts with all men without having his name mentioned in a writ or execution.

8 Feb. 1802

All persons are forewarned not to take an assignment of three Notes which I gave to Ira MANVILL, of Plymouth, for 15 Dollars each, dated the 12th of January 1801, payable in the beginning of June last, now lodged in the hands of Anderson DANA; as I am determined not to pay them unless the said MANVILL complies with the contract for which the said notes were given. Wm. EVANS, Plymouth.

Miss Patty, daughter of Curtis GRUBB, formerly of Lancaster, died at Lancaster on the 16th Jan. last, in the 17th year of her age.

15 Feb. 1802

Senate – Jan. 15th – The bill, entitled, a supplement to act to erect the town of Sunbury, in county of Northumberland, into a borough, was passed with some amendments and sent to the house of representatives for concurrence.

John CAREY, jun. married to Miss Catharine VANDERMARK, in this town. (no date of marriage)

David PARSONS married to Miss Serviah HALL, at Braintrim, by Henry V. CHAMPION, Esq. (no date of marriage)

Alfred BEEMAN married to Miss Rachel SMITH, at Braintrim by Henry V. CHAMPION, Esq. (no date of marriage)

Miss Sally ELLIS, died at Braintrim on the 3rd inst., aged 18 years.

22 Feb. 1802

As it appears there are a great number of Bachelors in this County, it is thought expedient to have them called together to appoint a President and other Officers for the better regulation of the Brotherhood: Therefore I, being one of the most ancient Bachelors, hereby warn all over the age of twenty five, to attend a meeting to beheld on the first day of May next, at the delightful place called Harington’s Pond. A Bachelor, Wilkesbarre.

Lazarus DENISON married to Miss Betsey CARPENTER, both of Kingston, on Sunday evening the 14th inst.

1 Mar. 1802

1801 Luzerne Co. Statement (See p. 1-2-t)

Died yesterday afternoon, Robert COGHILL, grocer, of this city (this may be Albany, NY?). He was sitting in a chair smoking a segar, in an apparent state of health, and expired instantaneously.

Caution – I forewarn all persons not to take an assignment of the following Notes, as I am determined not to pay them on account of fraud, viz. Three notes for one hundred gallons of whiskey each; two do. for fifty dollars each; one do. For two hundred and fifty dollars, payable in grain and neat cattle. Jacob BOWMAN, Towanday

8 Mar. 1802

Lancaster, Feb. 27th – On Tuesday last, the motion, relative to fixing the permanent seat of government, of this commonwealth, was taken up in the Senate. The vote was first taken on Columbia, for which there appeared 11. Next on Philadelphia, when 9 rose. Then on Lancaster, which had also 9. And lastly on Harrisburgh, for which there were 14.

15 Mar. 1802

David JONES, jun. Esq., Attorney at Law, died at Owego, NY on the 26th ult.

22 Mar. 1802

Committee Report on Connecticut Claims (See p. 3-1-t)

Cure for the Tooth ache – Take a piece of Nut Gall, and apply it to the defective part; it will ease the pain, and extract the marrow. Keep it on the tooth upwards of half an hour. It may be necessary to apply a second piece.

Benjamin GARDNER married to Miss Mary DECKER, married at Pittstown, by John Phillips, Esq. (no date of marriage)

Daniel TYLER, died at Brooklyn, Conn., aged 100 years (no date of death)

A School is just opened at the lower school house in Kingston For the Term of Six Months. Those who may see fit to commit their children to the care of the subscriber, may depend upon their being instructed in the best manner, with respect to both morals and education. Wm. L. HORTON

29 Mar. 1802

Tanning and Currying Business, nearly opposite Tioga-Point. David ROSS
Ebenezer DRAKE, of this town to Mrs. Elizabeth MARCY, of Pittstown, on the 21st inst., by Constant SEARLE, Esq.

Estate of John STAFFORD, late of Putnam Township, requests payments. Amos STAFFORD, Admin., Putnam Township.

Brigade Orders: The respective Companies and Regiments composing the Second Brigade, Ninth Division of Pennsylvania Militia, are hereby order to meet to exercise at the usual rendezvous at the times following, viz. By Companies on the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays in April next:
35th Reg. commanded by Lieut. Col. RANSOM and the Troop of Capt. BLACKMAN to meet the
April 19th
45th Reg. commanded by Lieut. Col FALKNER and the Troop of Capt. CRISMAN to meet April
57th Reg. commanded by Lieut. Col. SPALDING and Troop of Capt. CASH, to meet April 21st
81st Reg. commanded by Lieut. Col. MONTGOMERY and Troop of Capt. CLARK to meet April
112th Reg. commanded by Lieut. Col. RUPERT to meet on April 23rd
123rd Reg. commanded by Lieut. Col GIFFIN and Troop of Capt. GRANT to meet on April 24th
William ROSS, Brigade Inspector

Wyoming Controversy (See p. 4 & p. 2)

5 April 1802

For Sale in lots of one or two hundred acres, to actual settlers, on easy payments, a tract of land of upwards of 3000 acres, on Bowman’s Creek, Luzerne County, a part of which is settled on: And a tract called Eckley, on the Tobihannah, Northampton County, containing 2650 acres of a good quality.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre and which will at the end of three Months (if not called for) be transmitted to the General Post Office:
John ATHERTON, Providence
John ANDERSON, Luzerne Co.
Wm. BISHOP, Providence
James CAMPBELL, Luzerne
John CULVER, Kingston
Rev. Ephraim CHAMBERS, Wilkesbarre
Joseph FELLOWS, Providence
Solomon FINN, Providence
George GORE, Wilkesbarre
Oliver HELMES, Wilkesbarre
Naphtali HURLBUT, Wilkesbarre
Adolph HEATH, Plymouth
John HORTON, Kingston
Richard INMAN, Wilkesbarre
Paul KEELER, Luzerne Co.
Capt. Nathaniel LANDON, Kingston
John LOW, Wilkesbarre
John MOORE, Wilkesbarre
Ira MANVILL, Plymouth
Wm. NELSON, Newport
Michael PACE, Kingston
William H. SMITH, Luzerne Co.
Martin SMITH, Wyoming
Samuel SMITH, Lackawack
James STEWART, Luzerne Co.
Isreal UNDERWOOD, Wilkesbarre
Tarbell WHITNEY, Huntington
Roswell WELLES, Wilkesbarre
Henry R. WRIGHT, Wilkesbarre

12 April 1802

Wanted at Wright’s Forge, Pittstown – Two good Hammersmen, of a sober good character: Application made to Thomas WRIGHT, Wilkesbarre

All persons are hereby cautioned not to take an assignment of two Notes which Wm. FRAZIER holds against the subscriber, one for fifteen, the other for five dollars. As they were obtained by fraud, the subscriber is determined not to pay them, unless compelled to John WILRICK, Wilkesbarre

Fire! On Tuesday night last, the Blacksmith shop, belonging to Capt. Eben. SLOCUM, of Providence, caught fire and was consumed; two pair of Bellows were destroyed, and a variety of other Tools injured.

19 April 1802

Notice – This is to forewarn all persons not to trust my wife, Polly, on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date, unless compelled by due course of law. William POOL, Asylum

26 April 1802

Supplement Act to the Claimants of Lands in the Seventeen Townships of Luzerne Co. (See p. 1)

Susquehanna Company meeting was held at Tioga-Point on Oct. 20th – will again meet on May 10th. Joseph KINSBERRY, Clerk (See p. 2-3-m)

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Athens, April 1st:
Joseph SCHOONOVER, Tioga
Thomas TAYLOR, Tioga
Nehemiah NORTHROP, Tioga
Nathan FORD, Tioga
Nathan FELLOWS, Tioga
Eliphalet GRAY, Tioga
Gad LAMB, Tioga Valley
Abraham Miller, Tioga Point
Gabriel OGDEN, Shepards Creek
John BROOK, Pipe Creek
Joseph WESTCOAT, Judsburgh
John ROBERTS, Catatong
John RUSSEL, Graham-town
Usual CARTER, Towanday
Adonijah WARNER, Luzerne Co.
Jacob GRANBER, Luzerne Co.
William PRENTICE, P. M.

The editor of this paper, having taken his brother, Charles MINER, into partnership – this paper will in the future be printed by A. & C. MINER

Joseph LINLEY, late of Sheffield (Eng.) to Miss Sybil BENJAMIN, both of this County, married on Saturday the 17th by Peter GRUBB, Esq.

All persons are hereby forewarned not to take the assignment of a Note for Five Dollars, which Jacob COOLEY holds against the subscriber. Said note being obtained by fraud, payment will be disputed. Artemas SWETLAND, Putnam

I hereby forewarn all persons trusting Polly CARNEY, my wife, on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debt of her contracting after this date unless compelled by law. Joseph CARNEY, April 1st.

Marshall’s Sale of Land, Luzerne Co. Courthouse, May 5th. Property (numerous tracts listed) being taken in execution of George EDDY, and his wife, Esther. (See p. 4)

3 May 1802

Congress on Connecticut Claims – (See p. 3-1-t)

Bankruptcy of Henry Vibber CHAMPION, late of Franklin, New London Co, now resident in the District of Connecticut, merchant. He is required to surrender himself to the commissioners on 17 April and on 10th and 20th May next at the Hotel in Norwich, kept by Reuben WILLOBY to make a full discovery of his estate and effects. Elisha HYDE, Jabez PERKINS and Elisha TRACY, Commissioners

10 May 1802

Court case of David SMITH, for the use of Isaac CASH versus Reuben MITCHELL, an action of debt for $483.33. The Jury returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff for the amount of the note. (See p. 1-3-t)

Court case of John FRANKLIN, John JENKINS, Elisha SATERLEE and Jos. BILES. The first three charged with “combining, conspiring to convey, possess and settle lands in this County since the 11th of April 1795, under titles not derived from this commonwealth, and the latter with surveying and laying out townships contrary to the intent and meaning of the intrusion act. Case held over for August next. (See p. 3-1-t)

Estate of Andrew TRACY, late of Nicholson Township, request payments. Mary TRACY, Adm’x, Nicholson Township.

17 May 1802

Hartford, May 10 – In the night following the 27th April, between the hours of 11 and 12, the dwelling house of Reuben FOWLER, of Durham, was entirely consumed by fire, with almost every article of furniture and cloathing which it contained, and also a large quantity of pork, lard and cider and other provisions. What adds distress to the melancholy scene, is, that a young woman, by the name of Polly DIXSON, in the 18th year of her age, was so shockingly burnt that she survived but about 48 hours.

Hartford, May 10 – Elisha PITKIN, Esq., of Hudson, Recorded, died at Great Barrington, last Tuesday, aged 44 years

24 May 1802

Windham, Conn., April 20 – Horrid Murder – Died at Canterbury, on Wednesday last, the widow Jerusha BREWSTER, aged 62 years. She was poisoned with arsenick. She lived unhappily at the house of her son in law, James MORSE. Her daughter, Mrs. MORSE and 3 children also ate the poisoned pancakes. Mrs. MORSE and her children survived. Mr. MORSE was examined by the civil authority of the town, but no positive evidence appeared then, and he was set at liberty. (See p. 2-2-m)

The following in fold of paper:

John ROSENCRANSE married Miss Olive DOWNING, of this town, by Matthew COVELL, Esq. (no marriage date)

Henry YOUNG, of this town married to Miss Tamar BRUSH, at Hanover by James_ CAMPBELL, Esq. (no marriage date)

Josiah PELL, aged 67, died at Hanover on the 15th inst. His remains were decently interred the Monday following

Polly, aged 13 years, daughter of John JONES, died at Nicholson Township (no date of death)

Broke into the inclosure of the subscriber on the 6th inst., a bay mare, about thirteen hands high, five or six years old, a natural trotter, is shod all round. The owner is desired to come prove property, pay charges and take her away. Jesse EDSDALL, Lock Township

31 May 1802

Orphan’s Court Sales – In pursuance of an order of the Orphan’s Court, holden at Wilkesbarre on the 31st January, 1801, will be exposed to sale by public Vendue, at the house of Arnold COLT, Innkeeper in Wilkesbarre, on 19th June next – Back lots, or fourth division lots number 49 and 50, situated in the township of Wilkesbarre, containing about 625 acres in the whole, which said lands are of the real estate of Col. Zebulon BUTLER, deceased. Roswell WELLS, Esq., Admin.

Notice – Proprietors of the Township of Northmoreland, are requested to meet at the dwelling house of Elijah BRACE, in Northmoreland, on June 4th, at 10 o’clock, to appoint a committee and make arrangements to facilitate the business respecting titles of same Northmoreland before the State Commissioners and do any other business necessary to accomplish the object. By request of a number of proprietors. Lawrence MYERS.

Runaway from the subscriber, an apprentice boy, Enoch HOLMES. This is to forbid all persons harboring, trusting, or employing him on penalty of the law; and any person who returns him, must expect to pay cost. Stephen TRIPP, Providence

7 June 1802

Mrs. Martha, widow of the late illustrious Gen. George WASHINGTON, died at Mount Vernon on Saturday evening the 22nd inst.

14 June 1802 – Paper missing

21 June 1802

Coenrad WICKIZER, died in this town on Thursday last.

28 June 1802

5 July 1802

Orphan’s Court Sales – In pursuance of an order of the Orphan’s Court, holden at Wilkesbarre on the 1st inst. will be exposed to sale by public Vendue, at the house of David STEWART, Innkeeper in Hanover Township, on the 25th inst., at 2 o’clock as the real estate of Samuel THOMPSON, deceased, lot #17 in the second division, in the Township of Newport, containing one hundred acres. Eleazer MARBLE, Admin.

12 July 1802

Taken up by the subscriber the 5th June, 1802, a Boat supposed to carry 150 or 200 bushels. Any person owning the same, will please to apply to the subscriber, prove property, pay charges and take it away. Caleb WRIGHT, near Shickshinny

All persons are hereby forewarned not to take an assignment of a Note for Five and a half Dollars, dated the 20th March, 1800, payable in thirty days in produce – given by the subscriber to Seers SHAY and assigned by him to Jacob COOLEY, the same having been fully paid. Hallet GALLUP, Kingston

Estate of Josiah PELL sen., late of Hanover, requests payments. Josiah PELL, Adm’r.

Letters remaining at the Post Office at Wilkesbarre on July 1st, which if not called for in three months will be returned as dead letters:
Joshua ADAMS, Providence
Jonas BRUSH, Hanover
Stephen BISHOP, Nicholson
Elisha BELL, Nicholson
Thomas BENNET, Nanticoke
Thomas COLLINS, Nanticoke
Anna CARSKADDEN, Plymouth
Nathaniel CHAPMAN, Huntington
James EID, Huntington
_(blank)_ FAIRCHILD, Newport
William L. HORTON, Kingston
George HAINES, Plymouth
Adolph HEATH, Plymouth
John HEATH, Plymouth
Rosannah HARVEY, Plymouth
As(e?)l HALSTEAD, Newport
Jedidiah HEWIT, Newport
John JONES, Newport
Paul KEELER, Newport
Jacob KECHLINE, Newport
Daniel LEACH, Newport
G. Nicolous LUTYENS, Newport
Charles MOWRY, Newport
John MOOR, Newport
Anne MORSE, Newport
William MAGREGORY, Newport
Adrian MANVILLE, Kingston
James MORGAN, Kingston
Thomas PATTERSON, Kingston
Alfred RUGGLES, Hanover
Joseph SLOCUM, Salem
Jonathan STARKS, Salem
Valentine SANTEE, Salem
Obadiah SCOTT, Huntington
Miner SEARLE, Kingston
Daniel SPENCER, Kingston
Elizabeth SHALES, Kingston
Belding SWETLAND, Kingston
Malachi SHOEMAKER, Kingston
Benjamin TRUSELL, Providence
Isaac TRIPP, jun., Providence
William TRUCKS, Kingston

19 July 1802 No paper

26 July 1802

William LOWE, Esq., attorney at law married to Miss Bridget MATTHEWS, both of Newtown, Tioga Co., on Sunday evening the 11th inst., at Newtown, by John Konkle, Esq.

Mrs. Mary, wife of Phineas NASH, of Plymouth, departed this life on Friday, the 16th inst., aged 68 years.
Although a friend to every creature here,
She seem’d to have a mind to leave this sphere,
And join the throng of heavenly minds above.
And there to sing the praise of everlasting love.

Arthur EICK, tavern keeper, died in this township, aged 43 years

Letters remaining at the Post Office at Athens, July 1st:
Joshua STEPHENS, Tioga
Nehemiah NORTHROP, Tioga
Hezekiah CLARK, Tioga
Abraham BUNNELL, Tioga
Gilbert SMITH, Athens
Nathaniel ALLEN, Sheshequin
Samuel CLARK, Ulster
William SPALDING, Ulster
Ebenezer SHAW, Ulster
Moses ROWLEE, New Sheshequin
Abel NEWAL, Towandee
Jedediah MILLER, Towandee
Lucinda COPLER, Sugar Creek
Daniel LOMIS, Sugar Creek
Elias NUDHAM, Smithfield
James DOUGLASS, Ralph
William PRENTICE, P.M.

2 Aug. 1802

Alice, a female slave, died lately at Bristol, Pennsylvania, aged 116 years. She was born in Philadelphia, of parents who came from Barbadoes, and lived in that city until she was ten years old, when her master removed her to Dunks’ Ferry, in which neighborhood she continued to the end of her days. (See p. 4-1-b)

No page 2 & 3

9 Aug. 1802

Joseph HINCHMAN, Esq., formerly Sheriff of Tioga Co., died at Newtown, Tioga Co., on Friday the 23rd July, in the 40th year of his age. He was one of the first emigrants to the western country in New York. He has served in several public capacities and was a skilful physician. He leaves a wife and four children. His body was interred on Saturday following in the new burying ground at Newtown. A numerous and respectable class of citizens attended his funeral together with the Masonic order (of which he was a member) which walked in procession.

Joseph, aged 20 and Chester, aged 13, sons of Chester BINGHAM, died of a fever, at Ulster (Old Sheshequin) (no date of deaths)

Miss Polly, aged 14, the daughter and Mrs. Sally, the wife of Capt. Adriel SIMONS died (no date of deaths)

Mrs. TODD, died aged 23 (no date of death)

A son of Mr. HIBBARD, died at age 7 years (no date of death)

Stephen BIZZARD, died in this town, aged 18 years (no date of death)

16 Aug. 1802

Robert BROWN, Isaac VANHORN and Frederick CONRAD, are nominated in the Easton Democratic Eagle, for members of Congress, from the districts composed of the counties of Montgomery, Bucks, Northampton, Wayne and Luzerne.

23 Aug. 1802

Capt. William PECK, of Lyme, Conn. married to Mrs. Nancy COOK, of Luzerne, at Lyme in July last

David DOWD married to Miss BEAMONT, at Rush, by Isaac HANCOCK, Esq. (no date of marriage)


No page 1 or 2

Those persons who have taken the liberty of pulling my corn, potatoes, peas, &c. after sun set and before sun rise, are requested to desist, as I have no more than I want myself. Jonathan HANCOCK, Wilkesbarre

John TRUMBULL, for many years editor and printer of the Connecticut Centinel, died at Norwich, August 13th

Good Bargain in Lands – The subscriber offers for sale, in tracts of not less than 100 acres, to actual settlers, a body of land of upwards of 3000 acres, (as part of a tract of 4000 acres) situated on the southern waters of Bowman’s Creek, in Luzerne Co., adjoining the township of Northmoreland (one of the Seventeen Townships) about 4 miles from the Susquehanna River, and 9 from Wilkesbarre, the County town, from hence there is a good waggon road. This land is almost all susceptible of cultivation, and generally of a good quality; there are some good situations for Mills. There are already five settlers on this tract and applications from others are frequent. Terms – 20 shillings per acre. The Purchaser by paying the yearly interest of 5 percent may retain the Principal forever if he chuses. This land was located by myself and the Patents from the State are now in my possession. The title is therefore indisputable. Thomas WRIGHT, Wilkesbarre.

6 Sept. 1802

The subscriber, on Monday the 16th inst., intends opening a public house of entertainment in Wilkesbarre. Those of his friends who please to call and see him, may depend on being accommodated. Jonathan HANCOCK

No page 2 & 3

13 Sept. 1802

Strayed from the subscriber on the first of August, a white or an iron grey mare, 9 years old last spring, trots and paces. Whoever shall take up said mare, and give information, so that I may get her again shall be handsomely rewarded. Chandler ROBINSON, Mahoopany Creek

Wanted Immediately – A smart, industrious Lad, 15 or 16 years of age, as an apprentice to the Mill Wright and Winnowing Mill Business. He must come well recommended and will be well encouraged. Apply to Joseph INGHAM, Wyalusing

Ran away from the subscriber on Aug. 14th, an apprentice, mulatto boy, named Christopher HAZARD, about 15 years of age, of a middling size, with sandy hair, and well set. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting said boy on penalty of the Law. And any person who may return him, will be entitled to one Cent Reward, and no charges paid. David PERKINS, Kingston

Mrs. RISER, died in Philadelphia, aged 103 years, 4 months and some days. She has seen a part of three centuries, being born in 1698.

Alledine, wife of Josiah PELL, died on Wednesday the 1st inst. in the Beach-woods settlement. Her illness was short, but severe. She was 32 years of age and leaves an affected husband and three small children.

Cash will be paid for Rye by Isaac OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock

20 Sept. 1802 (This paper is also dated 18 Sept. on page 3)

Ran away from the subscriber on the 28th March last, an indented apprentice named Oliver HAZARD, about 15 or 16 years of age. Whoever returns him will have to pay cost and charges, and all persons are forbid trusting him on penalty of the law. Paul STARK, Wilkesbarre

Ready Pay – Will be made for a quantity of Flax Seed, and for all kinds of Furr by Eleazer MARBLE. He will pay cash for live Geese Feathers, Wilkesbarre

Escaped from the custody of the subscriber, about the last of August, William SCOBY, who was arrested for debt. Whoever will deliver said SCOBY, to the subscriber, shall receive Fifty Cents Reward. John FAIRCHILD, jr., Constable, Newport.

Estate of Conrad WICKISER, request payments. Wilber BENNET and Andrew WICKISER, Adm’rs., Wilkesbarre

Reuben BROWNSON to Miss Nancy CATHCART, married at Hanover, by James CAMPBELL, Esq. (no date of marriage)

Joseph GALE married to Miss Affable VASS (no date of marriage)

To Be Sold – 600 acres of land, situated on the river in the town of Exeter, and County of Luzerne; on said Farm, is a good framed House, forty two feet by sixteen, a story and half high, a new Grist Mill on a never failing stream, thirty feet by thirty six, three story high and intended for two pair of stones, is calculated for a Merchant Mill, and as well situated for the business as any in the county; also a Saw-Mill and Still House, with about 30 acres of improved land; about 100 fruit trees, are already set out, and as many more fit, for setting as will be wanted. For Further particulars, enquire of the subscriber on the premises. James SUTTON

27 Sept. 1802 (This paper is also dated Sept. 25th on page 3)

Peter YARINGTON to Miss Naomi FLINT, married in this town, by Lawrence MYERS, Esq. (no date of marriage)

Levi CHAPEL to Miss Ruth FAIRCHILD, married at Rush on 9th Sept., by Guy WELLS, Esq.

Solomon GRIFFIS to Miss Nancy LEWIS, married at Usher, on the 13th inst. by Isaac HANCOCK, Esq.

David CRANE and Robert, son of Daniel SHOEMAKER, died on the 11th inst. A number of neighbors were collected together for the purpose of raising a log house for John SHOEMAKER, contiguous to the Mauhontowango flats; they proceeded with cheerfulness and alacrity, without any circumstance intervening to destroy the plea—e resulting from their benevolent design, until the last timber was raised, which was performed by skids, with the assistance of ropes; when the timber was elevated about nine feet, one of the ropes broke and one end of the timber fell, and rolled on the skid upon the neck and shoulders of Mr. CRANE, who instantly expired without a groan or struggle. By the sudden jolt of this end of the timber, the other rope slipped, and the opposite end of the timber fell within the other skid perpendicular upon the head and breast of R. SHOEMAKER, with such forces as to press his body into the earth nearly four inches; he survived about 15 minutes. Mr. CRANE has left a wife and three small children and Mr. SHOEMAKER, aged 17 years, has left aged parents and a large family to mourn the loss. (article in fold of paper) [Athens, Sept. 25th]

Maj. Gen. Robert VAN RENSSALEAR, died at Claverick, on Saturday last, aged 61. His funeral was attended yesterday.

Elihu Chauncey GOODRICH, Esq., of Claverick, died at Niagara, on the 20th ult.

4 Oct. 1802

Samuel HOWARD married to Miss Nancy JONES, at Dandolo, by Thomas Tiffany, Esq. (no marriage date) – (this page was missed when microfilming)

11 Oct. 1802 (This paper dated 9 Oct. on page 3)

Whereas my wife, Amey, has left my house without any just cause, these are therefore to forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, for I will not pay any debt of her contracting after this date. Amos BENNET, 23 Sept. 1802

Mrs. John OGDEN, died at Wyalusing on Wednesday the 6th inst., leaving a husband and three children to lament the loss of a kind mother; one of whom was but six days old when she died.

18 Oct. 1802

Letters remaining at the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Oct. 1st:
John AIRD, Providence
Timothy BEEBE, Wilkesbarre
Nicholas COXE, Wilkesbarre
Patrick DOUGHERTY, Kingston
Jonathan DILLY, Hanover
George GARDNER, Abingdon
Peter GRUBB, Kingston
Julius HITCHCOCK, Hanover
Naphtali HURLBUT, Wilkesbarre
John KENNEDY, Wilkesbarre
John LOWRY, Thornbottom
Nathaniel LANDON, Kingston
Eben’r LINSCOT, Rush
Charles MOWREY, Rush
Chester MOFFETT, Wilkesbarre
Lovisa Andrew NORNEY, Wilkesbarre
Eadon PANCOAST, Wilkesbarre
Aaron ROBERTS, Wyoming
James REEDER, Newport
Jona. SMITH, Newport
Edward SPENCER, Hanover
Josiah STEWART, Hanover
Jonathan STARK, Wilkesbarre
Thomas SAMBOURNE, Wilkesbarre

Letters remaining at the Post Office at Athens, Oct. 1st:
Nehemiah NORTHROP, Tioga
Gad LAMB, Tioga
Reuben RAWLEY, Tioga
Lyman RAWSON, Tioga
Isreal CLARK, Tioga
Elihu MARVIN, Tioga
Jeremiah S. CHAPMAN, Athens
John RUSSEL, Mount Zion
Titus WATSON, Graham
Dyer CROCKER, Bidwell
Benjamin STONE, Towandee Creek
Thomas SMILY, Towandee Creek

Letters remaining at the Post Office at Newtown (NY), Oct. 1st:
Michael SLY, Newtown
Joseph WILDEY, Newtown
Eli I. HARRIS, Newtown
Jonathan DAVIS, Newtown
Labius HAMMOND, Newtown
Samuel BROWN, Newtown
Joel THOMAS, Newtown
Amos ROWLEY, Big Flat
James M’CLEAN, Big Flat
John W. WATKINS, Cathrines Town
Edward HAWLEY, Cathrines Town

Estate of Rev. Jacob JOHNSON, late of Wilkesbarre, request payments. Jehoiada P. JOHNSON

The subscriber informs the public that he has erected a new Fulling Mill that will do business at the lowest pitch of water. He likewise will make the following colors, if called for, – Blue, Purple, Crimson, Green, London Brown, &c. All business will be done well and speedily by Azor STURDEVNAT, Kingston

Take Notice – Whereas the subscriber intends to remove immediately with his family out of these horrid regions now groaning under the despotic usurpation of Pennsylvania, he would wish to inform all those that are any ways indebted to him, that their respective accounts will be left with Major James WHEELER. All those who thro’ mysterious long-suffering and forbearance, neglect to make payment by the first day of January next, may depend on immediate collection without any further indulgence or friendly admonition. Certified by Ebenezer BEEMAN, Braintrim.

Election Results of Tuesday last for Luzerne Co. – (See p. 3-1-t)

Isaa (?) BARRE, member of the British Parliament, died in England. He was celebrated for the part he took in favor of the American Colonies in 1774,5 &c. He was blind for several years before his death

Letters remaining at the Post Office of Painted Post (NY) October 1st:
Daniel WITHINGTON, Painted Post
James TURNER, Painted Post
Peter WELCH, near Painted Post
Manasseh CHADY, Cownesque, (PA)
Howell BULL, P.M.

All persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing two Notes of hand which the subscriber gave to Mr. LATTIMORE, late of Springfield, one for $100 and the other for Sixty odd Dollars; as they are already paid. Catharine BARTOES, Springfield.

25 Oct. 1802

No page 2 & 3

1 Nov. 1802

Estate of John MONTANYE, late of Kingston Twp., request payments. Andrew MONTANYE and Samuel CARVER, Exrs’, Kingston

Estate of Arthur EICK, late of Wilkesbarre, request payments. Mary EICK, Adm’x, Wilkesbarre

8 Nov. 1802

Jacob OSSENCUP, miller, hereby informs the public that he will chop grain for distilling or horse-feed, for half the usual tool, for all those who give him the whole of their grinding. Call at Wright’s Mill.

15 Nov. 1802

(Following list also repeated in 22 Nov. 1802 issue)
The Commissioners under the Law of April 4, 1799 intend to make out the Certificates this winter for claims substantiated in the following township. The following titles have been exhibited to me. It is to be noted, that the exact quantities of land due to each claimant can only be ascertained by the survey on the ground: for although the titles are made out for the quantities hereunder specified, yet the Deeds and descriptions are for the most part so general, so loose, and so inaccurate, that the real quantities cannot be known precisely from the Deeds themselves without the surveys made under the direction of General STEELE and William WILSON, Esquire. Thomas COOPER, Wilkesbarre.
List of Titles in Wilkesbarre Township (See p. 2-2-t and p. 3-1-t which includes lot numbers and acres of each):
Jesse FELL (part sold to Hugh CONNOR)
Lord BUTLER (part sold to Nathan PALMER and Rev. Jacob JOHNSON)
Andrew WICKISER (part claimed by William ROSS)
Rosewell WELLES
Jacob HART
Arnold COLT
Benjamin PERRY
Crandall WILCOX
Thomas WEEKS
Asher & Charles MINER
Jabez FISH
Stephen TUTTLE
William ROSS (part contested by Tho. DYER Jun.)
Anderson DANA
Asael DANA
Joseph DAVIS
Matthew COVELL
Charles BENNET
Daniel ROSENCRANTS (for his mother Catharine)
Obadiah GORE
Isabella GRIDLEY
Elizabeth WIGTON
Ebenezer BOWMAN
Daniel GORE
Ebenezer SLOCUM
Benjamin SLOCUM
Matthias HOLLENBACK (claimed also by William JONES)
Conrad WICKISER sen.
William WRIGHT
Thomas DUANE
John HOLLENBACK’S Heirs (part claimed by R- SHANKLAND)
Luther JONES
Jeremiah COLEMAN’S Heirs (claimed also by Matthias HOLLENBACK
Jehoiada P. JOHNSON
Samuel BOWMAN (part of Rev. J. JOHNSON)
Stephen ABBOT
Charles ABBOT
Ste. & Ch. ABBOT
William ASKAM
Richard MAYBURY (part to Thomas WEEKS)
William JONES
Rhoda SHANKLAND (also claimed by heirs of John HOLLENBACK)
Joseph C. TOWN
Eleazer BLACKMAN (also claimed by Joseph SPRAGUE)
Josiah WRIGHT (also claimed by Thomas DYER, Jun., William ROSS and Matthias HOLLENBACK)
Thomas DYER, Jun. (also claimed by William ROSS & HOLLENBACK
Alexander JAMESON

To Be Sold Nov. 12th – Lands of Charles CARROL, lying in Luzerne County, between the waters of Towandee and Sugar Creek. (See p. 3-4-m for Lot numbers)

The following was taken from the “Albany Centinel” — Whereas my wife, Tryphena, has eloped from my bed and board; these are to forbid any persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting. The following certificate of a new justice of the peace, will inform the public of what I know about her, and the manner of her elopement. Jacob COOLEY, Canaan, 5th Oct. 1802
This may certify whome it may concern that D. TUTTLE of Albany and Typhena CHAPEN, of Patridgefield by information appeared before me August 25, 1802 and cawld on me to marry them bouth together each to the other, which I did. Given under my hand at Stephentown this 16th Day of September 1802. Joseph SHELDEN, Justice peace.

22 Nov. 1802

The subscriber informs his friends that he continues the Fulling business at his old stand near Hartshouf’s Mill in Kingston. Stephen HOLLISTER, Exeter

29 Nov. 1802

A few days ago, a child, about two years old, of Humphry BROWN, of Wyalusing, was lost. After a lengthy and ineffectual search, the mother chanced to look into the well, where she beheld her infant standing in the water. Mr. B. immediately descended and released his child from its watery prison. On examining it, no marks of injury appeared, although he well is 45 feet deep and very roughly stoned.

Public Sale on 15th Dec. next at the house of Shadrach OSTRON, Huntington Twp., the property belonging to the partnership of Thomas RIDGE and Persifer FRAZIER: — viz. Whiskey, nails, cyder, rifles, powder, callicoes, saddles, muslins, handkerchiefs, tin ware, hats assorted, wheat by the bushel and sundry other articles. All persons indebted to partnership are requested to make payment, otherwise they will be proceeded against according to law.

6 Dec. 1802

13 Dec. 1802

Came into the inclosure of the subscriber, a yoke of middling sized, breachy Oxen, of a reddish color, one deeper than the other – one of them has a stick across his horns – They are both ear marked. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take them away. Rosannah HARVEY, Plymouth

20 Dec. 1802

On Tuesday morning the 7th inst. the house of Richard SPRINGER, of Hanover, accidentally took fire, and was entirely consumed, together with all the articles of furniture, bedding, &c. he was possessed of. The wife of Mr. SPRINGER was burnt in so severe a manner as not to be able to help herself; but is now recovering. It is hoped those who are well sheltered from the inclemencies of the season, will endeavor to administer to the necessities of this unfortunate family, who in so short a time are deprived of their all.

Isaac BENJAMIN, died at Plymouth on Saturday night last. He had been a short distance down the river after a fishing flat, and on his return is supposed ot have been taken with a fit. He was found on Sunday morning near the shore, with his face in the water; he is supposed to have fell into the water when seized by the fit, and there to have strangled.

William AYERS, sen., died at Plymouth a short time since.

27 Dec. 1802

J. VERNET to Miss Nancy, daughter of Jesse BROWN, married at Norwich, Conn. (no date of marriage)

Came into the enclosure of the subscriber about the 20th Oct. last, a red ox, about 7 or 8 years old; the owner is desired to come and prove property, pay charges and take him away. Jacob MILLER, Meshoppen.

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