1805 Luzerne County Federalist

Luzerne County Federalist 1805

The badness of the roads, and inclemency of the season; prevented the arrival of the paper in time to give a whole sheet this week. It is hoped this will be sufficient apology.

12 Jan. 1805

List of letters remaining at the Post Office in Wilkesbarre, Jan’y 1st (those without the name of a place are for Wilkesbarre):
Capt. Samuel BOWMAN
Joseph BILES
Abigail BENJAMIN, Plymouth
Rev. William BISHOP, Providence
Phineas BRADLEY, Esq., Hanover
Andrew BENNET, Kingston
Frederick CRISMAN
William COOPER
Reuben ELLIS, Victory
William GRAY
John HUFF, Wyoming
Naphtali HURLBURT, Lackawana
Oliver HELME
Richard INMAN, Hanover
Joel KNAPP, Providence
Chester KIMBALL, Providence
George KOCHER, Hanover
John LINE, Hanover
Evert VAN LOON, Shawney
William MEANS, Towandee
James MEARS, Nanticoke
George MEARS, Huntington
Charles MOWRY
John NEWEL, Claverick
James M’NEAL, Nescopack
Mary OWEN, Kingston
Nicholas POTTER, Huntington
Joseph PARKS, Luzerne
Pel’ah PIERCE, Kingston
James PHILIPS, Luzerne Co.
Amos PARKS, Salem
Col. G. P. RANSOM, Plymouth
Philip REED
James RICE, Kingston
John P. SHOTT, Esq.
Joseph SWEATLAND, Kingston
John SIDLE, Luzerne
Isaac SWAIN, Sugar-Creek
Elizabeth SILL, Kingston
Abraham TILLBURY, Shawnee
Barnet ULP
Margaret ZORAH, Plymouth
Ezekiel HYDE, P. M.

19 Jan. 1805

Philadelphia – At August Session, 1801, John FRANKLIN, Elisha SATTERLEE and John JENKINS were indicted in Luzerne Co. for combining and conspiring, for purpose of conveying, possessing and settling on certain lands within the limits of said county, under a certain pretended title, not derived from the authority or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or the late Proprietors of Pennsylvania, before
the revolution.
The same persons with Joseph BILES, were at the same sessions, and by the same bill, indicted for combining and conspiring, for the purpose of laying out townships, by persons not appointed, or acknowledged by the laws of this Commonwealth.
At November Sessions, 1801, the defendants plead not guilty, and the indictment was marked on the docket – “Removed by Certiorari at the instance of the defendants.” (See p. 3-3-m for further information on this case)

Erastus BOWMAN married to Miss Eleanor OVERFIELD, at Braintrim on the 30th Dec.

Jacob REEDER married to Miss Sally TRUESDALE, at Newport (no marriage date)

Mrs. JOHNSON, widow of the late Rev. Jacob JOHNSON, died in this town on Friday the 18th inst., aged about 80 years

Lost – A Court Order for $20, drawn in my favor. If any person has found it they will oblige me by returning it without delay, as it can be of no use to any other person, the payment of it having been stopped at the Treasury. George CAHOONE, Wilkesbarre.

Caution – We hereby forewarn all persons against taking an assignment of a Note of Hand, given by the subscribers to Thomas SPAFFORD, for $1300, bearing date on or about 1st Aug. 1802, payable the 15th June 1803, or thereabouts, said Note has been a considerable part paid, but as the said SPAFFORD has not complied with the contract we are determined not to pay the said note unless compelled by law. Hezekiah REED, Nathaniel C. BATS, Nathaniel REED, Tunkhannock.

List of letters remaining at the Post Office, Athens, Jan. 1st:
Isaac ROBERTS, Tioga Point
Abner MURREY, Tioga Point
James JACKSIN, Tioga Point
Isaac BALDWIN, Tioga Point
Archibald MARVIN, Tioga Point
Gabriel MORRISON, Athens
Patrick HAMILTON, Athens
Elizabeth ELLIS, Tioga
Wm. CURRY, Queen Esther Flats
Reuben ELLIS, Victory
Thomas PARKE, Bidwell
Thomas BARBER, Burlington
Stoddard COTTON (no location)

26 Jan. 1805

Samuel BROWN, aged 90, died lately at Norwich, Conn. He was the first owner of a chaise in Norwich, and was prosecuted under the Blue Laws, and fined for breaking the Sabbath by riding in a carriage on Sunday at attend public worship.

Caution – I do hereby forewarn all persons against taking an assignment of a Note given by the subscriber to Joseph MONTANYE, for $30 to be paid in Neat
Cattle, payable on the 8th Jan. 1808. As I am determined not to pay the said Note unless compelled by law. For I have never received any value of said Note. Isaac MONTANYE, Kingston.

2 Feb. 1805

Mrs. Agnes, wife of Jacob HART, Esq., died in this town, aged 38 years (no death date)

William WARNER, died, aged 80 years (no death date)

A Farm For Sale. That valuable plantation, formerly occupied by the Subscriber on Towandee Creek, about one mile from its mouth, is now offered for sale on the most reasonable terms. Said Farm contains about 360 acres, of which about ninety are under good improvement; there is a good Log House with two rooms and a Frame Barn on the same. The said Farm is in the town of Claverack, and for which a Certificate is obtained under the Compromising act. For further particulars enquire of the subscriber at the head of Towandee Creek, or of Job TRIPP, near the premises. Orr SCOVIL.

Estate of Wiliam CALDWELL, late of Hanover Twp., request payments Jane CALDWELL, Adm’x, Hanover
Will be Sold at Public Vendue – At the house of William CALDWELL, on 20th inst.: Household and Kitchen Furniture, Horses, Hogs, Cattle, Planes, Hay, a Template Stove, Grain, Turning Lathe and Tools, Farming Utensils and a number of articles too tedious to mention.

9 Feb. 1805

Joshua WYETH married to Miss Grace JACKSON, at Hanover (no marriage date)

16 Feb. 1805

On Sunday morning, Feb. 10th, Col. Ezekiel HYDE died in the 34th year of his age. Few men have ever united more of the social virtues in their characters than the deceased. An the benevolence of his heart and the urbanity of his manners secured him the esteem of a large circle of acquaintance. In 1801, he was elected Colonel of a Regiment of Militia. In 1803 he was chosen one of the Commissioners of Luzerne County, and soon after received the appointment of Post-master of Wilkesbarre. With these proofs of the public confidence – with a constitution peculiarly robust and healthy, and in the prime of life – his prospects appeared unusually bright; but his day has closed at noon, and all his prospects are lost in death. His decease was a tumour in his left side, of the Steatomatous kind, which after subjecting him to great distress and debility which he suffered with the utmost fortitude, terminated his life by mortification. As he was a brother of the Masonic family, the Lodge in this town interred him with the usual honors.

1804 Luzerne County Expenditures (See p. 3-4-t)

23 Feb. 1805

Prentice SHEPHARD, died at Tioga on the 7th inst., very suddenly in the 15th year of his age; the eldest son of John SHEPHARD. His funeral was attended on the 9th inst., by the most numerous and mournful assembly ever witnessed in the township of Tioga.

Estate of Eben’r SKINNER, late of Braintrim Twp. requests payments. Eunice SKINNER and Addi SKINNER, Admin, Braintrim.

Estate of Hester TREADAWAY, late of Hanover Twp., request payments. James STEWART, Adm’r, Hanover

At Standing-stone Flat, in the upper part of this County, on Monday the 31st Dec. 1804, Mrs. Hannah SHERER, died at the age of 104 years. She removed to this country about 32 years ago, when it was in possession of the savages.

2 March 1805 – No paper

9 March 1805

Estate of Conrad LEYDA, late of Wilkesbarre Twp., requests payments. Thomas WRIGHT and Jacob LEYDA, Admin.

16 March 1805

Jonathan HANCOCK, is appointed Post-Master, of this town

Eleazer BLACKMAN, is appointed County Commissioner in the place of Col. E. HYDE, deceased.

William DUNN, died lately at Newtown, NY

Sheriff’s Sales:
April 16th – Tracts of land taken in execution and will be sold as property of John NICHOLSON, deceased. (See p. 3-3-b)
April 15th – Land taken in execution as property of Thomas KITCKEN (See p. 3-4-m) April 15th – Land in Pittston Twp., taken in execution as property of Asa DIMOCK (See p. 3-3-b)
April 15th – Land in Pittston Twp., taken in execution as property of Amos FELL (See p. 3-3-b)

23 March 1805

Fire! On the 3rd inst. the house of Peter WEDDEMAN, of Providence Twp., was consumed, together with the greatest part of his furniture, grain, farming utensils, c. The public have an opportunity of exercising their benevolence by the relief of the unfortunate sufferer.

Benajah FRINK married to Miss Nancy, daughter of Isaac HANCOCK, Esq., at Rush (no marriage date)

Capt. Daniel HOYT married to Mrs. Sylvina PATRICK, at Kingston (no marriage date)

Estate of Ezekiel HYDE, late of Wilkesbarre, requests payments. Jabez HYDE, jun., of Rindaw and Bela B. HYDE, of Wilkesbarre are authorized to receive and adjust the accounts of the estate in the absence of the subscriber. John HYDE, Adm’r, Wilkesbarre

Sheriff’s Sale – April 16th – Land in Plymouth Twp. taken in execution as property of Benjamin BARNEY (See p. 3-4-b)

30 March 1805

Sheriff’s Sale – April 15th – Land in Salem Twp., taken in execution as property of Conrad HARMAN (See p. 3-4-b)

6 April 1805

Creditors – My Creditors are earnestly solicited to continue their lenity. I intend to adjust my accounts before the 1st May next, and then exert myself to answer demands. Charles E. GAYLORD, Huntington

Abraham CRISMAN married to Miss Lovina WILLIAMS, married at Hanover, on Thursday evening last, by James CAMPBELL, Esq.

John BOWMAN married to Miss Lucretia PIERCE, at Kingston (no marriage date)

List of letters remaining at the Post Office in Wilkesbarre, April 1st (those without the name of a place are for Wilkesbarre) John ANDERSON, Kingston
Philip ANDREWS, Plymouth
Daniel AYERS, Plymouth
Wm. BISHOP, Providence
Amos BROWN, Bedford
Sam. BAIRD, Esq.
Elijah BARNUM, Tunkhannock
John CARNEY, Putnam
Capt. Frederick CRISMAN
Jacob CASTER, Nescopeck
William COOPER
Charles COOPER
Daniel M. DUFFEE, Tioga
Abner GOODRICH, Canaan
Adolph HEATH, Plymouth
Joseph HITCHCOCK, Hanover
Nathan JONES
Nathan JONES, Kingston
Mary LITTLE, Newport
Daniel LAWRENCE, Nicholson
Robert LEWIS, Exeter
John LINE, Hanover
James LOCKHART, Salem
Edward LANDON, Providence
Marget LARK, Luzerne Co.
William MEANS, Towandee
Gabriel MORRISON, Braintrim
John M’NEAL, Nescopeck
John NOBLES, Newport
Hannah S, PARKE, Bidwell
David PERKINS, Kingston
Thomas PACE, Wyoming
Capt. Wanton RICE, Ulster
Anne REED, Hanover
John L. SHAW
George SMURERS, Salem
Jeremiah SMITH, Abby
Elijah SHOEMAKER, Kingston
James SUTTON, Exeter
Daniel SHAW, Putnam
Jonathan SLOCUM
Abraham VANTILBURY, Shawney
Major Theodore WOODBRIDGE, Canaan
Jonathan WILLBANE, Nicholson

Brigade Orders – The Second Brigade 9th Division Pennsylvania Militia will take notice to meet to be trained and exercised under their respective officers: 34th Reg. – Commanded by Lieut. Col. FELLOWS 11th Reg. – by Lieut. Col. RUPERT
81st Reg. – by Lieut. Col. MONTGOMERY
123rd Reg. – by Lieut. Col. GIFFIN
57th Reg. – by Lieut. Col. SPAULDING
The several Troops of Horse will meet with the Regiments to which they are attached. William ROSS, Brigade Inspector, Wilkesbarre

The Subscriber has opened a Race on the Lackawanna River two miles from its mouth, 40 rods long, 16 feet wide, with 12 1/2 feet head, 6 rods at the head is through a solid rock, he has built an excellent Saw-Mill and timber plenty to be had, the largeness of the stream and race will admit of many other works, the subscriber wishes some person to build a Merchant-Mill, the terms are various, if it suits best, may be in Partnership; at the mouth of the Lackawana. At its entrance into the Susquehannah, is a safe harbor for Arks and boats, which may supply a plenty of wheat for carrying on the business. There are about 40 acres of Land with two small dwelling houses. Any person wishing for a capital seat for water works, may be gratified by purchasing the whole. Apply to the subscriber living on the premises. Elisha DELANO, Pittstown.

Sheriff’s Sale – April 17th – Land in Pittston Twp., taken in execution as property of David BARNUM (See p. 3-4-b)

13 April 1805

Caution – Whereas, Zeruah, my wife has eloped my bed and board, without any just provocation, I therefore forewarn all persons from trusting or harboring her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting after this date. Jacob PATRICK, Northmoreland.

20 April 1805

Caution – I forewarn all persons from taking an assignment of a certain Note, given about the 17th March by the subscriber to Jacob DRAKE, jun. for the payment of twenty thousand shingles at four dollars per thousand, forty dollars to be paid in Cash and forty in Goods, twenty days after date. As I have paid the greatest part of it, and the shingles proved not merchantable, I am determined not to pay the remainder unless compelled by law. Daniel STERLING, Braintrim.

Uriah PARSONS married to Mrs. Frances BLAIR, at Braintrim (no marriage date)

Maj. MATHEWSON, departed us this day, half past 11 A.M., his funeral tomorrow, with military honors. (Extracted of a letter from a friend at Athens, of April 10th)

Daniel ALLEN, died at Towandee, 25th April, of a mortification in his foot, in the 87th year of his age. He was one of the first settlers in the Susquehannah purchase; professed experimental christianity, when he was more than 80 years old, and was then baptised on the profession of his faith; and at last died in peace.

Doctor Uriah LAWRENCE, died on Wednesday the 3rd inst. at Towandee, in the 28th year of his age. He left an affectionate wife to mourn the loss of a kind husband, and a child about 3 months old. As a Physician, much was expected from the promising talents and thorough qualifications of Doct. LAWRENCE. He had lately settled at Towandee, but began to have such a run of practice, as convinced the public of his usefulness and skill. But Death is no respecter of persons, and tho’ a Physician, the Doct. Could not heal himself, but after a short illness of eight days, resigned his soul to God who make it. His remains were interred in the burial ground in New Sheshequin, attended by a large collection of people.

List of the Grand Jury April Term 1805 – Letter on fellow citizens trying to destroy the principal features of the Constitution of Pennsylvania (See p. 3-1-b):
Nathan BEACH, foreman
James N’NEAL
Ambrose TELLE
Zacharias HARTSOUF
Charles MINER
Daniel DOWNING, jun.
Obadiah TAYLOR
Joseph IVES
Reuben HALE

Caution – I hereby forewarn all persons against taking an assignment of a certain Note given by the Subscriber to Daniel ALDING, in the year 1799, as I have paid the said Note. Belding SWETLAND, Kingston

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Athens, April 1st:
Chester BINGHAM, Athens
Ebenezer ELLIS, Athens
John FRANKLIN, Athens
James SANDS, Athens
James Dan. SANDS, Athens
John MILLER, Athens
Moses ROWLEY, Athens
Elizabeth TRACY, Tioga Point
James UTTER, Tioga Point
Luke SAUNDERS, Tioga Point
Paul JENINGS, Tioga Point
Eli HOLCOMB, Tioga Point
Wm. or David EDDY, Tioga Point
Joseph JEWELL, Tioga
William RATHBUN, Tioga
Rosewell BALEY, Tioga
Henry SEGAR, Enfield
Joseph WEACOAT, Sugar Creek
James CAMP, Rush

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, April 1st:
Eliza THATCHER, Nine-Partners
Obadiah THATCHER, Nine-Partners
Lazarus GREEN, Nine-Partners
Eliab FARER, Nicholson
John TYLER, Nicholson
Elijah BRACE, Northmoreland
Lewis JONES, Tunkhannock
John CARNEY, Jr., Tunkhannock
Thomas GARDNER, Tunkhannock
John JACOB, (no location)
Isaac SLOCUM, P. M.

Notice – The Proprietors of the Township of Bedford, are requested to meet at the house of Joshua FULLER, on Thursday the 25th inst. at 10 o’clock A. M. Nehemiah IDE

27 April 1805

*Section cut from p. 3

Whereas my companion, Jacob PATRICK, has drove me from my own living, which I earned with my own hands; and with the greatest cruelty and injustice has bruised me till my flesh was sore, and set his —– ——- ——- (3 blanked words) on me. This is to forewarn all persons from trusting or contracting any debts with him for I am determined to pay no more debts of his by weaving. Zeruah PATRICK.

Notice – The subscriber respectfully informs the Public, that he has commenced the business of Shoe and Boot Making, in Wilkesbarre at the house of Gideon BEEBE, where he will do work on the shortest notice and best manner. He will receive all kinds of Grain for payment. Samuel CARSON.

4 May 1805

William HOFFMAN married to Miss Peggy, daughter of Timothy SMITH, married lately at Newtown, NY by Rev. Simeon R. JONES. All of Newtown, NY.

Drowned, at the Kingston Fishery, on the 30th ult, David MASKO. One of their canoes, which they used for fishing, had by some means, broken loose from the shore, and was floating down the river, and Mr. MASKO in attempting to save it, was carried by the swiftness of the current, into a whirlpool which immediately took him under the water. Attempts were made to save his life, but before any person could reach the place, he was drowned. He was taken up in about half an hour afterwards with the seine. He has left a wife, and a large family of children to lament his loss.

$5 Reward. Strayed or stolen, out of the stable of Daniel ANGEL, of Meshoppen belonging to the Subscriber, a Dark bay Horse, five years old, shod all around, a natural trotter, carried his feet remarkably wide, a few white hairs on and about his hips, on Saturday night, the 13th ult. Whoever will take up said Horse, and restore him to the subscriber, or give information where he may be had, shall have the above reward. Jona. TERRY, Wyalusing.

Was taken up a drift by the subscriber at the horse-race in the river Susquehannah, sometime about the 1st March, a large Flat, with good oars. The owner is requested to come and prove property, pay charges, and take it away. Thomas L. GRIST, Braintrim.

11 May 1805

The Public are hereby notified that the lots of land in the Town Plot of Forty Fort which are now occupied by Malachi SHOEMAKER and which were purchased one from Elijah SHOEMAKER, one from Isaac D. TRIPP and one form Elisha MATTHEWSON, together with all the Buildings and Improvements thereon, have been duly and regularly conveyed to Jacob STROUD, of Stroudsburg in fee. To which all who are or may be hereafter concerned are requested to pay due attention. Jacob STROUD, by his attorney in fact, P. HOLLINGSHEAD

$4 Reward – Strayed, from the house of the subscriber in Wilkesbarre; two Cows, one a brindle about 9 or 10 years old and the other a brown three years old, white face, has a white spot on her back. Phillip WEEKS, Wilkesbarre

18 May 1805

Caution – Whereas, Nancy, my wife has left my bed and board, without any just provocation, I therefore forewarn all persons from trusting or harboring her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting. William ORCUTT, Braintrim.

Acts Passed During the 1804-1805 Session of the Legislature of Pennsylvania – 62 Acts (to be continued) (See p. 2-1-t)

Last Sunday the notorious Stephen ARNOLD passed through this place, on his way to Otsego Co., NY. He was well Ironed and accompanied by two stout men as a guard. I think there is no doubt but he will arrive safe to the place he belongs, where I expect they will deal out to him the justice he has merited. (Extract of a letter from a gentleman at Tioga Point dated May 16.)

The Public are respectfully informed that the subscriber has taken the house, the first door below Mr. ARNDTS – where he carries on the Business of Tayloring Mantau Making. Those Ladies and Gentlemen who may favor him with their custom, may depend on having their work done with elegance and dispatch. Joseph BACKENSTONE, Wilkesbarre

25 May 1805

The subscriber will purchase Clean Cotton and Linen Rags at his Store on Tioga Point. Stephen TUTTLE

Acts Passed (1804-1805) Continued (#63-100) (See p. 2-3-m)

Estate of Isaac HOLLOWAY, late of Salem Twp., requests payments. Charles HOLLOWAY, Salem.

Wool Carding. The Subscriber having erected Machines for the purpose of Breaking and Carding Wool into rolls at HARTSHOUGH’S Mills in Kingston, which will (no doubt) be of Public utility, as the rolls will be of a much better quality, than those carded in the common way, the cloth will be more smooth and even, and not liable to cockle in fulling; one quarter more may be spun with the same ease and in less time than is required by common rolls, they are not liable to the least injury from being carried any distance. The Wool must be send ready packed and greased as usual with a sheet or blanket to put the rolls in. The price will be 10 cents for white, 12 1/2 for mixed wool per pound. People sending their wool form a distance, will please to leave it at Mr. JACKSON’S where it will be carried and returned weekly. The best attention will by paid by James BEERS. One pound of Grease to ten of Wool is sufficient; hogs lard, or other soft grease would be preferred.

Public Vendue – will be exposed to Sale on Friday the 28th June next, at the house of John P. ARNDT in Wilkesbarre, as the property of Ezekiel HYDE, deceased, the following articles – One Stud Horse, named Nimrod, and known generally by the name of Col. JENKINS’ horse, two hair trunks, 100 boxes of Rawson’s bitters, 18 of Itch Ointment, 40 of Anti-Billious Pills, and a quantity of Vegetable Elixer, Worm Powder and other Medicines, a Slay and Harness, two surveying Compasses, 1 case of protracting instruments and furniture of different kinds c. Those who purchase articles amounting to a sum greater than 5 dollars shall be entitled to six months credit, by giving a bond with approved security; attendance will be given on the above named day by John EVANS for John HYDE, Admin.

1 June 1805

Job BARTON, of Doylestown, Bucks Co. married to Miss Hannah WRIGHT, of Wilkesbarre, in this town on Thursday evening the 23rd ult., by Joseph WRIGHT, Esq.

The Commissioners of Luzerne Co. will contract for building the following bridges: In Kingston over Toby’s Creek; Plymouth over Harvey’s Creek; Huntington over Hunlock’s Creek; and one over Shickshinny. (See p. 3-4-b)

8 June 1805

There are now 150 men working on the Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road, and there is no doubt but the worst part will be completed this season – and the residue next summer.

15 June 1805

John WOOD and Mrs. Ann PARKS, married at Wysox on the 26th ult., by Moses COOLBAUGH, Esq.

Communicated – Departed this transitory life on Tuesday evening the 4th inst., Sebastian STROPE, aged 70. He was one of the first settlers of this country. His sickness which continued near three months, he bore with Christian fortitude and died with a hope of salvation. He has left an aged widow and a number of children to lament his irreparable loss. (no location listed)

Public Vendue – Will be sold at the house of John HORTON, about 2 miles below Wilkesbarre on 19th June: 150 acres wood land, a house lot, 15 acres of rye on the ground, together with a number of other articles. Jacob ROSENCRANS.

22 June 1805

Communicated – Mrs. Mary STEVENS, of Towandee, died of a short and sore sickness on the 25th ult, in the 38th year of her age. She was a worthy person and descendant from the MITCHELTREES, an ancient and respectable family in Paxton, Dauphin Co. Her funeral was the next day and sermon by Rev. Thomas SMILIE, burial were interred near her former dwelling. She leaves a husband and six small children. On the act of committing the body to its depository, the motherless children appeared to have such sensations as kindled the sympathy of the people, and exhibited a scene of sorrow, greater than what we usually see in like cases. She has left in all behind her eight children and one of them an infant of a little more than two months old; as well as her husband to feel the loss they have sustained. [Note –different number of children listed]

29 June 1805

George DAVIDSON married to Miss Lecty LOOMIS, both of Wysox, at Wysox on the 12th ult, by Reed BROCKWAY, Esq.

6 July 1805

Shocking Cruelty – At the April court of Quarter Sessions, Northampton Co., Samuel DEPUI, of the Borough of Easton, was indicted for an assault and battery, on his apprentice, Elizabeth FULMER, aged about 12 years of age. The defendant admitted the case set out in the bill by pleading guilty and submitting to the court. Several witnesses told of the abuse to the child. When this monster was called upon to answer these charges, he did not pretend to deny any of the facts, but endeavored to palliate them, by saying some chestnuts and a few apples had been missing, which he suspected this girl had taken: that he had send her with cold victuals in the cellar, and some of it was missing; that sometimes she did not hear; and that he would have to call her two or three times to the table to eat. The public indignation was highly excited and an exemplary punishment was eagerly looked for. When to the astonishment of everybody, this sentence was pronounced: That he should pay a fine of $15 – be imprisoned for 10 days and give security for his good behavior for one year, in the sum of $50. As this court had passed much more severe judgment, in cases of common assault and battery, it was difficult to say in the conclusion, whether, DEPUI, or the court, was most the object of public dissatisfaction. It was understood that the President of the court was desirous of inflicting a more exemplary punishment. We are happy, however, to state, that the court thought proper to remove this unfortunate child from her merciless master. (See p. 3-2-b) Two Cents Reward – Ranaway from the Subscriber, a servant girl, Anna HOLMS or WEEKS, about 15 or 16 years old. Whoever takes up said girl, and will return her to the subscriber, shall receive the above reward, and no charges paid. John BURY, Buttermilk Falls

13 July 1805

List of letters in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
Philip ANDREWS, Wilkesbarre
Shradrack AUSTIN, Huntington
John L. BAKER (no location)
George BOWDERY, Wilkesbarre
Keeny BURNHAM, Luzerne Co.
Elisha BILL, Nicholson
Eldad BROWNSON, Orburn
Gilbert CARPENTER, Kingston
Elizabeth CRISMAN, Hanover
Robert COWAN, Wilkesbarre
William COOPER, near Wilkesbarre
Solomon CHAPIN, Kingston
James CAMP, Cheber
Elisha CORTRIGHT, Salem
James CLARK, Great Bend
Joseph CARSON, Wilkesbarre
James CAMPBELL, Hanover
Dwelly COTTRELL, Wilkesbarre
Anderson DANA, Esq., Wilkesbarre
Rebecca DANA, Wilkesbarre
Adam DEDRICK (no location)
Abigail DAKE (no location)
Mary ESPY, Hanover
Obiel FELLOWS, Huntington
Jehiel FULLER, Northmoreland
Jesse FELL, Esq., Wilkesbarre
Henry FELTON, Thornbottom
Samuel GRIFFIN, Ulster
James GORDON, cabinet maker, Luzerne Co.
Nathaniel GOSS, Huntington
Charles HOLLOWAY, Salem
Isaiah HALSTEAD, Tunkhannock
William HYDE, Wilkesbarre
David HARRIS, Russia
Joseph IVES, Shawney
Jacob YOUNG, Salem
Elias KITCHEN (no location)
Andrew LEE, Wilkesbarre
Eleazer MARBLE, Wilkesbarre
Eleazer MERRILL, Luzerne Co.
John NOBLES, Newport
James M’NEAL, Nescopeck
Cornelia NASEES, Lackawaney
Thomas OVERTON, Buttermilk Falls
William PETTON, Washington
John PRUDDEN, Kingston
Abel PIERCE, Kingston
William RUSSEL, Wilkesbarre
Philip PACKARD, Canton
Thomas REYNOLDS, Wilkesbarre
William RECORD, Wilkesbarre
Absolam ROBERTS, Wilkesbarre
Josiah STEWART, Wilkesbarre
Isaac C. SCOTT, Wilkesbarre
Miles SHEPHERD, Huntington
Jane SCOTT, Wilkesbarre
Archabel SMILEY, Buttonwood
Obadiah SMITH, Nicholson
John SCHOONOVER, Wilkesbarre
Frances STEWART, Wilkesbarre
Rogers FOWLER, Luzerne Co.
John TYLER, Nicholson
John and Joseph TUTTLE, Kingston
John TUTTLE, Kingston
Jacob WHITE, Ulster
Nathan WALLER, Wilkesbarre
Mary WIGHT, Hanover
Elias WEST, Rush
Andrew WICHOZER, Wilkesbarre
Jonathan WEST, Rush
Caesar R. WILSON, Wilkesbarre
Lazarus STEWART, Wyoming
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

20 July 1805 (No paper issued due to the absence and sickness of the Editor)

27 July 1805

List of letters remaining in the Post Office, Athens, July 1st:
William WHEELER, Athens
Thomas SPENCER, Athens
Abner AUSTIN, Athens
James M’DOWELL, Athens
David SHAW, Athens
Elizabeth HOWLAND, Athens
Ab’m VAN BUSKIRK, Athens
John JENNINGS, Athens
Oliver SHERMAN, Tioga Point
Noah WILSON, Tioga Point
Joshua REYNOLDS, Tioga Point
Abner MURRY, Tioga Point
Elijah ADAMS, Tioga Point
Joseph M. ROSS, Tioga
(no name) SIMONS, Sheshequin
Susannah WILLSON, Sugar Creek
Saml. BALDWIN, Sugar Creek
Isaac SWAIN, Sugar Creek
Susannah RICE, Smithfield
Saml. SATTERLEE, Smithfield
Oliver JENNINGS, Sullivan
John MOFFET, Luzerne Co.
Barnard WORTHEN, Rush

Estate of Isaac TRACY, late of Wysox Twp., requests payments. Elizabeth TRACY and Elijah TRACY, Exec., Wysox

Estate of Sebastian STROPE, late of Wysox, requests payments. Lydia STROPE, Exec., Wysox

List of letter remaining in the Post Office at Wysox, July 1st:
Stephen BALLARD, Sugar Creek
Samuel GRIFFIN, Towandee Creek
John VAN LONE, Towandee Creek
Sidney WELLES, Mahoopany CREEK

3 Aug. 1805

Taken up by the Subscriber on Towandee Creek, the 8th ultimo, a red roan mare about six years old, thirteen and half hands high. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take her away. Alexander HEAD.

Taken up by the Subscriber on the road that leads from Towandee Creek to Northumberland, on the 15th this instant, a brown mare, with black mane and tail, trots and paces, shod before, about seven years old, about fourteen hands high. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take her away. Obed RIDER

Communicated – Doctor Amos PRENTICE died at Tioga, on the 19th ult. He was taken suddenly ill on Wednesday and expired on the evening of the following Friday.
He bore with fortitude the violence of his disorder and anticipated the approach of death with composure and resignation. His funeral was attended on Saturday by a large concourse of inhabitants of the vicinity. In the various relations of husband, father, friend and citizen, this gentleman sustained an unblemished character; and his death is sincerely and justly lamented, with the most lively sorrow, by his numerous friends and acquaintances. “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.”

Rachel, wife of Henry BIRNEY, died at Standing Stone on the Susquehannah River, July 22nd, aged 57 years. She has been a tender loving wife and an affectionate mother and has left six children behind her, one son and five daughters with an aged husband to mourn their loss. She has been a good neighbor and a compassionate friend to the poor and needy in distress. She has lived on the river 33 years and suffered many losses and hardships with her family, during the long and bloody wars by the inhuman Savages.

Beef – The subscriber wishes to purchase fat Cattle, for Beef, of the best quality. He also will purchase fat Sheep. The citizens of Wilkes Barre are informed that
he intends to furnish the town with fresh Beef Mutton, every Saturday and Wednesday Morning. Gideon BEEBE

Sheriff’s Sales – To be held August 19th: Land situated in Plymouth Township, taken in execution and will be sold as the property of
Benjamin BARNEY.
Land in Salem Twp., taken in execution and will be sold as the property of Frederick SCHOVER.
Land in Hanover Twp., taken in execution and will be sold as property of Joseph HITCHCOCK

All persons indebted to the subscriber since the year 1799, are requested to make immediate payment, otherwise they will be called upon in a different manner. William ASKAM

10 Aug. 1805

Take Notice – That the Trunk and contents, which was left with the subscriber on 16th July 1804, by Joseph DOYLE, will be sold on the 24th inst., at the house of the subscriber. J. HANCOCK.

Law of Pennsylvania – An Act to prevent the running of swine at large (See p. 3-2-t)

William, son of John FRY, died in this town, aged 18 months. (no death date)

17 Aug. 1805

Died in this town, Eleazer MARBLE (no death date)

Mrs. BUCK died (no death date)

Conrad BURGEE, died at Exeter. He was returning home from this place in a waggon, in the evening and being intoxicated, fell out of the forepart of it and one of the wheels passed over his breast, he expired in a few moments without speaking (no death date)

Gen. John Andre HANNAH, died at Harrisburg, on the 5th inst., in the 44th year of his age, for many years a respectable resident of this borough – and on the day following his remains were accompanied to the grave by perhaps the largest concourse of people ever witnessed in that place on a similar occasion.

All persons indebted to the Subscriber either by Note or Book account, are requested to call and settle the same without delay, otherwise the Books, c. will be placed in the hands of Guy WELLES, Esq., of Wyalusing, on the first of October
next. Bartholomew LAPORTE, Asylum

Notice – The person who borrowed a Military Hat of me some time previous to the last General Training is requested to return it, or if more convenient leave it at the Printing Office in Wilkesbarre. Josiah WRIGHT

$4 Reward – Ranaway from the Subscriber on the 5th inst. an apprentice boy to the House Carpenter’s Business, names Stephen BAKER. He was about 19 or 20 years of age, dark complexion, about 5 feet 8 inches high. Whoever will take up said boy and return him to his master, shall receive the above reward. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting said boy under the penalty of the Law. George CAHOON, Wilkesbarre

Land in Providence Twp. to be sold or rented for a term of years or exchanged for real property at the town of Wilkesbarre. Terms of payment if sold will be made easy; and for further particulars apply to Thomas GRAHAM, Esq., in Wilkesbarre or to Thomas SAMBOURN, Wilkesbarre.

31 Aug. 1805

Sheriff’s Sales – To be held Sept. 12th:
Land situated in Kinston Twp., taken in execution as the property of Thomas DUANE
Land situated in Pittston, taken in execution as the property of Thomas WRIGHT

$20 Reward – Ranaway from the Subscriber, about three weeks ago, an indented apprentice boy, to the blacksmith’s business, named Samuel BROWN. His complexion dark, 19 years old, about 5 feet 4 inches high. He wore away a brown coat, but took with him a blue regimental short jacket trimmed with red. The above reward will be given to any person who will return said boy to his master. Peter YARINGTON, Wilkesbarre. As I am going a journey, there will be no more work done in my shop after this week, until the first of November next.

Caution – Whereas, Sarah, my wife, has left my bed and board, this is therefore to forewarn all persons from trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting unless compelled by law. Thomas GIBSON, Orwell

For Sale – A tract of land lying at HUNT’S Ferry, Tunkhannock Township, containing one hundred and seven acres; with a small dwelling house thereon, and about twelve acres of cleared land, and upwards 100 bearing fruit trees: For which there is a Certificate obtained under the Compromising law. Any person wishing to purchase the same, may know the terms by applying to the subscriber living on the premises. John STAFFORD, Tunkhannock.

7 Sept. 1805

Estate of Conrad BURGER, late of Exeter Twp., requests payments. Sarah BURGER and John JENKINS, Admin., Exeter

Land For Sale – In New Connecticut. The subscriber is authorized to contract for the sale of a number of tracts of land in the County of Trumbull, and State of Ohio – tho those who will become actual settlers. Charles MINER, Wilkesbarre (See p. 3-3-t)

Samuel AVERY, Esq., died at Owego Village, Aug. 14th, in the 76th year of his age. A tender husband, and affectionate, father, a sincere friend, he sustained a various relations of life thro’ which he passed, with the strictest honesty, and the most upright integrity. To the relations of the deceased, time can afford the only consolation, for the irreparable loss. His funeral was attended, on the following day by an unusually large concourse of people, and the remarks of sorrow and regret, which were impressed upon the countenances of all present, witness, more strongly than volumes of eulogy, the universal esteem and respect, which was due and paid to the memory of such a man. The composure and resignation with which he died speak in the language of inspiration to all survivors, “Go Ye and do likewise.”

14 Sept. 1805

Wanted Immediately. To work on the Turnpike. 50 smart, active men; to whom generous wages will be given. Arnold COLT, Wilkesbarre. One Hundred bushels of Potatoes are wanted as above.

The subscriber, from the City of New York, having procured a convenient situation, in the township of Wysox, for carrying on the Tanning and Currying Business, to its fullest extent, will commence the same the ensuing fall, where he intends keeping a constant supply of Sole and Upper Leather, Calf-skins, Boot and Bootee Legs, Mens and Boys Shoes, Womens and Girls Shoes and Slippers, c. He will give Cash or good Leather, for good Beef-Hides, Calf Skins, Horse and Colt Skins, Hog Skins, c. Robert RIDGWAY, Wysox. Store-keepers supplyed on short notice and reasonable terms and orders attended to with punctuality.

Estate of Peter LEONHARD, late of Nescopeck Twp., requests payments. Frederick BOYER and Hene Henry RIZI, Admr’s, Towamensing Township

One Cent Reward – Ranaway from the subscriber on the night after the first day of September. A servant Boy named Benjamin DRESSOR, about 18 years of age, dark complexion, short brown hair. Whoever will take up said boy and return him, shall have the above reward and no charges paid. All persons are forbid harbouring or trusting said Boy on my account. Josiah GRANT, Mount Zion

Prices for dressing cloth at the Fulling Mill of Stephen HOLLISTER, Kingston: for fulling and pressing 7 and a half pence per yard. For fulling, coloring, shearing and pressing London Brown, Bottle Green c. two shillings per yard. For dressing Drab, Butternut C. one shilling and two pence per yard. For Woman’s wear, Black, London Brown and Green, one shilling and 3d. per yd. For Butternut Woman’s ware, 10d per yd. For Scouring and pressing 4d per yd. For pressing, two pence a half per yd.

Caution – Whereas my wife, Keziah, hath left by bed and board, without any just provocation, I forbid any person trusting or harbouring Her on my account, for I will not pay any Debts of her contracting. Plin HAYS

This is to forewarn all persons from trusting or harbouring my wife, Frances, for I am determined not to pay any Debts of her contracting, after this date. Uraiah PARSONS, Braintrim, Sept. 6, 1805


Orphan’s Court Sale to be held 27th Sept. next – 45 Tracts of land, held under Sheriff’s Deeds, which are of the real estate of Ezekiel HYDE, late deceased. John HYDE, Esq., Admin.

Mrs. Anne, consort of John SHEPARD, died at Tioga, in the 34th year of her age. She was riding in a Chair, Sept. 6th, on a visit, when by a sudden jolt of the Chair, she fell, and altho’ no visible marks of injury, expired the next day at 7 o’clock P.M. leaving an disconsolate husband and six small children and her numerous relatives and friends to mourn a great and irreparable loss.

4 Oct. 1805

Peter MERWINE married to Miss DENTON, in this town, on Tuesday evening last, by Joseph WRIGHT, Esq.

John HOLLENCACK, of Owego, NY married to Miss Susan WELLES, of Athens, at Athens (no marriage date) [Note – should his surname have been Hollenback?]

Dr. Reu. BAKER married to Miss Rebecca HANCOCK, both of Wyalusing, in Wyalusing. (no marriage date)

Federal Republican Ticket for Luzerne Co.: For Assembly: Rosewell WELLES, Nathan BEACH Commissioners: Eleazer BLACKMAN, Elisha HARDING and Lawrence MYERS

11 Oct. 1805

Caution – Whereas Rebecca LAWRENCE, formerly Rebecca ROBINS, the wife of the subscriber, has left my bed and board and has behaved herself in an unbecoming and ignominious manner. Therefore forewarn all persons from trusting or harboring her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting after this date. Amos LAWRENCE, Nicholson Township, Sept. 25th.

18 & 25 Oct. 1805 – Issues missing

1 Nov. 1805

Four Cent Reward – Broke Jail and made his escape on Monday night the 14th inst., Thomas WIGHTON. Whoever shall return said WIGHTON shall received the above reward, and no charges paid. James WHEELER, Sheriff, Wilkesbarre

List of letters remaining in the Pittston Post Office, Oct. 1st:
David SHANTZ, Exeter
John M’MILLIAN, Exeter
Samuel HEATH, Plymouth
John ZELLER, Pittston
Joseph PORTER, Pittston
Jennet or Samuel WILSON, Pittston
Gersham BENNETT, Pittston
Loisene MILLER, Providence
Robert GORDON, Pennsylvania

No page 2 & 3

8 & 15 Nov. 1805 – Issues missing

22 Nov. 1805

Joseph DENNIS married to Miss Peggy MILLER, at Wilkesbarre, on Sunday evening last, by Joseph WRIGHT, Esq.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held Nov. 27th for many tracts of Warrantee Lands (See p. 4-1-t)

Caution – whereas Rachel, my wife has eloped from my bed and board without any just provocation, these are therefore to forewarn all persons from trusting or harboring her on my account, as I am determined not to pay and Debts of her contracting after this date. Daniel ROBERTS, Nov. 6, 1805

Information Wanted – If any of the three following persons, viz. John, son of Jeffry HAMILTON; Wm. HAMILTON of White Castle and Samuel HAMILTON, first cousin to the above Wm. HAMILTON, all natives of Ireland, who came to this country some time ago and have not been heard of for a considerable time, would write to their friends in Philadelphia it would relieve their anxious solicited. By accounts from Ireland, their friends are very uneasy at not hearing from any of them, and have forwarded a letter to Philadelphia for the above W. HAMILTON. The Printers of newspapers through the Union, will consider an obligation on a distressed widow, by inserting this once or twice.

29 Nov. 1805

Strays – Came to the inclosure of the subscriber some time before harvest, three steers, one three years old, the others two eyars old. The owner is desired to prove property pay charges and take them away. Oliver SISSON, Braintrim

Stray – Taken up by the Subscriber on the head waters of the north branch of the Wyalusing Creek, on the 20th Aug. last, a yellow cow, with the end of both horns sawed off; about 18 years old. The owner is desired to come, prove property, pay charges and take her away. Jeremiah CANFIELD, Lock

To Be Sold – 500 acres of land, in the town of Exeter, 14 miles from Wilkesbarre, and within a small distance of the river, with about 30 acres of improved land, and 2-0 fruit trees; on which is an excellent stream of water, and one of the best Mill seats in the County, with a new Grist Mill, Saw Mill and good House, and the most convenient situation for a Still House of any in the town. An indisputable title will be given and possession given at any time required, if not sold soon. The half of a Saw-Mill will be rented for the ensuing season. Fur further particulars enquire from the subscriber on the premises. James SUTTON

Abel FLINT married to Miss Anne DUDLEY, at Northmoreland, by Benjamin NEWBURY, Esq. (no marriage date)

Appointments by the Governor: Thomas GRAHAM, Esq., Recorder of Deeds and Register of the Probate of Wills, and granting Letters of Administration, for the County of Luzerne, in the place of Jacob HART, Esq., appointed Prothonotary, Clerk of the quarter Sessions, Clerk of the Court of Oyer and Terminer, in the place of Nathan PALMER, Esq., resigned.

Common Pleas Court of Luzerne Co., Dec. Term next – the following has made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: John FULKERSON

6 Dec. 1805

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office, Wilkesbarre, Oct. 1st:
Cornelius ATHERTON, Wilkesbarre
Elisha ATHERTON, Kingston
Samuel ALDEN, Wilkesbarre
Hannah BUTLER, Wilkesbarre
Henry BENNET, Wilkesbarre
Elam BONHAM, Wilkesbarre
Cornelius BROOKS, Luzerne Co.
Andrew BENNET, Kingston
Amos BROWN, Bedford
Amasa B. BALDWIN, Plymouth
David COUCH, Smithfield
Gilbert CARPENTER, Kingston
Nicholas CARPENTER, Luz. County
Joseph DOYLE, Wilkesbarre
Thomas ELLICOTT, Wilkesbarre
Ebenezer B. GREGORY, Wysox
William GALLUP, Kingston
Elihu GRIEVE, Wilkesbarre
Asabel GREGORY, Nicholson
Zachariah HARTESHIF, Kingston
Thomas HARRIS, Luzerne
Mary HEATH, Plymouth
Philip MYERS, Kingston
Philip MOYER, Nescopeck
James M’NEAL, Nescopeck
Joshua PORTER, Luzerne
John SIDLER, Wilkesbarre
Samuel CARSON, Wilkesbarre
Philip SHAFFER (no location)
Isaac SEAMANS, Town of day
James THOMPSON, Wilkesbarre
Adam WAGNER, Wilkesbarre
John WHIPPLE, Wilkesbarre
Jemima VAUGHN, Asylum
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office, Athens, Oct. 1st:
Prince ALDEN, Athens
Abraham VAN BUSKIRK, Athens
Apphia Brown AMES, Athens
Josiah HEBARD, Athens
Philip CHASE, Athens
James LOMEREE, Athens
David SHAW, Athens
Horatio ROSS, Athens
John B. ROSS, Athens
Thomas SPENCER, Athens
Roger FOWLER, Tioga Point
Christopher WEBBER, Tioga Point
Wm. LYON, Tioga Point
Stephen POWELL, Tioga Point
Elhaneck SMITH, Tioga Point
Benjamin SHAW, Tioga Point
Jno. REGISTER, Lycoming Co.
Mr. AKINS, Mohontowango
Wm. PEPPER, Sugar Creek
Amos BENNET, Sugar Creek
Iselyn COLE, Sugar Creek
Ebenezer CULVER, Sugar Creek
Saml. Heath, State of Penn.
Cornelius NEPHEWS, State of Penn.
Benajah MUNDAY, Susquehanna
Daniel BURN (no location)

Widow Aligail HURLBUT, died at Pittston, on Friday the 29th ult., aged 70 years [Abigail??]

John CAHILL, Esq., postmaster at Halifax, Dauphin Co., was instantly killed by the falling of a tree on the 8th ult. near Clark’s Ferry.

Estate of Daniel BARNEY, late of Wilkesbarre, requests payments. Ebenezer BOWMAN, Admin., Wilkesbarre

Land to be sold in Hanover Twp., containing 100 acres. The land is of an excellent good quality for any kind of Grain, about 15 acres of good Meadow may be made, the premises well watered, and well timbered. Indisputable title will be given by Hugh FORSEMAN, Wilkesbarre (p. 3-4-t)

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held Dec. 23rd – Two lots of land in Northmoreland, which are known by Lots #9 and 10 in the third division, containing 300 acres in whole; seized and taken in execution and sold as the property of Hallet GALLUP, late of Kingston, deceased.

Estate of Edward SCOFIELD, late of Tunkhannock, Twp., request payments. Mary SCOFIELD and Elisha HARDING, Exec., Tunkhannock

A Gun Lost – Was taken (supposed to be through a mistake) from the house of Thomas JENKINS, in Exeter, on Tuesday the 22nd October last, it being the day on which the 45th Regiment met, a French Musket. A brass pan in the lock, also the name of Duteremoneal, engraved on the birch. Whoever returns said Musket, shall be generously rewarded. Baulsey STEELE, Plains.

A Hint – The Printer requests all those who are indebted to him for Newspapers – Books – Advertisements – c. to make payments immediately. Payment will be received at this Office, and by the following gentlemen, viz:
Stephen TUTTLE, Athens
O. GORE, Esq., Sheshequin
Burr RIDGEWAY, Esq., Wysox
Wm. MEANS, Esq., Towandee
Jabez HYDE, Rush
Justus GAYLORD, jun., Wyalusing
Daniel STERLING, Braintrim
John GRIST, Putnam
Isaac OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock
Capt. E. SLOCUM, Providence
Col. Abiel FELLOWS, Huntington

All kinds of Grain received in payment. C. MINER

13 Dec. 1805

ARNDT ROBINSON – Have just received and have on hand a pretty General assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Queens Ware and Cutlery. Which they will
dispose of on as reasonable terms as any in the County, for Cash; and all kinds of Country Produce, for which the highest price will be given. Also – A Store House on the Banks of the River, handy for Storage of Goods and Grain; to accommodate those who may want Storage. Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Benjamin VANDERMARK, late of Newport Twp., request payments. Benjamin VANDERMARK and Jeremiah VANDERMARK, Admin. Will be sold at Public Vendue on the 23rd inst. at the house of the above deceased the following property: Cows, Young Cattle, Several Yoke of Oxen, Hay, Grain, Farming Utensils and Household Furniture.

Taken up by the subscriber at the mouth of Nanticoke Creek, a small Boat, sometime in the month of October, in the year 1804. The owner is desired to come, prove property, pay charges and take it away, or it will be disposed of according to law. John EWING

20 Dec. 1805

Levi RAWSON married to Miss Caty WOLF, at Shawney, by Noah WADHAMS, Esq. (no marriage date)

Henry DRAUGH, of Berwick married to Miss Rachel, daughter of Peter MELECK, of Fishing Creek, on Tuesday evening the 10th inst., at Berwick by David GETLINGS?, Esq.

A man was apprehended at Lackawana on the 24th inst. on suspicion of being the person by the name of CLEMMONS, who lately murdered his wife and children in Virginia. He is now confined in Wilkesbarre jail.

Caution – Whereas my wife Easther, has left my bed and board without any just provocation. I therefore forewarn all persons, on penalty of the law, form trusting or harboring her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting after this date. Daniel AYERS, Plymouth

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