1806 Luzerne County Federalist

Luzerne County Federalist 1806

3 Jan. 1806

Henry DRINKER, Phila., Notice – That my Letter of Attorney, dated 13th Nov. 1792, recorded in Luzerne Co. Deed Book 3:225, I did make, constitute and appoint Samuel PRESTON, of Stockport on Delaware, then in Northampton Co., now Wayne Co. as my attorney. I hereby revoke said Letter of Attorney and all power and authority thereby given to Samuel PRESTON. 27 Dec. 1805.

10 Jan. 1806

Gilbert BARNS married to Miss Betsy OSSENCUP, at Jacob’s Plains, by Joseph WRIGHT, Esq. (no marriage date)

Richard SLOCUM married to Miss Eliza TRUCKS, at Kingston (no marriage date)

Appointments by the Governor:
Thomas DYER and Cornelius CORTRIGHT, are appointed Justices of the Peace, for Wilkesbarre Township
Alexander JAMESON, is appointed Justice for Salem Township Josiah FACET, is appointed a Justice for Braintrim Township

Sheriff’s Sales – To be held 21st inst.
Land situated in Hanover and Newport, seized and taken in execution as the property of Andrew LEE, a surviving partner of LEE MOORE.
Land situated in Pittston Township, seized and taken in execution as property of Asa DIMOCK
Land situated in Plymouth Township, seized and taken in execution as property of William CRAIG

17 Jan. 1806 – No paper issued. A disappointment in not receiving paper, prevented the publication of the “Federalist” last week.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, Jan. 1st:
John JONES, Tunkhannock
Daniel KNAPP, Tunkhannock
Saley LANDON, Tunkhannock
William REED, Tunkhannock
Elias BELL, Nicholson
Nathan MAXSON, Nicholson
Timothy MIX, Rush
Isaac SLOCUM, P. M.

Six Cents Reward – Runaway from the subscriber on the night of the 11th Jan., a servant boy, John HAMIOP, about 18 years of age, dark complexion, sort brown hair. Whoever will take up and return said boy, shall receive the above reward and no charges paid. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting said boy on my account. John B. ROSSET, Asylum

31 Jan. 1806

Strayed or stolen from the subscriber on the 6th inst., a horse. Whoever takes up and returns said horse shall receive a ten dollar reward. Henry WOLLERY, Swamp

Caution – Whereas my wife, Caty, died on the 4th Jan. 1806, bed with two men at the house of George SHAFFER, and in the company with the said men, did abuse and ill-treat me, her lawful husband; and has conducted in other respects in a disorderly manner. Now this is to warn all persons not to harbor or trust the said Caty on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting, not hold myself bound to any of her bargains after this date. Henry WOLLERY, Swamp

Washing Machine! We offer Ladies, from the curious Deane. For your relief, a simple new Machine, With which you’ll wash, more in a single hour, Than in the
common way you can in four. Ye kind husbands, – We offer you a remedy for the evil suffered by your wives in the too laborious employment of Washing. If you wish to avail yourselves of it, please to apply to the proprietors in Wilkesbarre. Jonathan BUCKELEY and John ROBINSON.

7 Feb. 1806

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Jan. 1st:
Elisha ALBERTSON, Kingston
John ATHERTON, Wilkesbarre
Jacob BITTENBENDER, Nescopeck
Amasa B. BALDWIN, Plymouth
Benjamin BABCOCK, Rush
James BEERS, Wilkesbarre
Seth BAKER, Kingston
James BARNS, Wilkesbarre
John BEARD, Rush
Isaac BENNET, Newport
Anson CARSKADEN, Plymouth
Joseph CRAMER, Providence
David COUCH, Smithfield
Gilbert CARPENTER, Kingston
Sarah COWL, Luzerne Co.
Samuel CARSON, Wilkesbarre
Ursula CLARK, Wilkesbarre
Lazarus DENISON, Kingston
Minna DUBOIS, Great Bend
Henry DAVINSPIKE, Nescopeck
Isaac DOLPH, Providence
Thomas EVANS, Pittston
James EIKLOR, Wilkesbarre
Jabez FISH, Wilkesbarre
Col. Abiel FELLOWS, Huntington
David FELLOWS, Huntington
Cornelius FAULKNER, Pittston
Charles GRIMES, Victory
Cyp GRANT, Mount Zion
Polly GREEN, Braintrim
Tice HARRIS, Salem
Parrit HADLEY, Wilkesbarre
Joseph LOCKHART, Salem
Margaret LOCK, Luzerne Co.
Robert LEWIS, Newport
John LUTES, Providence
Peter MILLS, Wilkesbarre
James MOORE, Ulster
James MULLIN, Nanticoke
Wm. MEANS, Towandee
John M’MILLEN, Exeter
Samuel NEWCOMB, Rush
Joseph POTTER, Huntington
Aaron PERKINS, Wilkesbarre
Pittere PURSE, Kingston
Wanton RICE, Ulster
Dan. RUSSEL, Water-town
Herry B. SMITH, Wilkesbarre
Isaac TRIPP, Providence
John P. SCHOTT or (no name) WELLES, Attorney at Law, Wilkesbarre David SMITH, Exeter
James SANTEE, Salem
Robert and Hannah STAGE, Exeter
Oba’d THATCHER, Nicholson
Isaac VANHORN, Huntington
Adonijah WARNER, Claverick
Masach WAKER, Wilkesbarre
Sarah WIDDEFIELD, Lausanna
Ellen WADHAMS, Plymouth
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

For Sale – Lot of land in Wilkesbarre, now occupied by N. PALMER, situated on the corner of Main and Northampton Streets. Contains 1 acre on which are a convenient dwelling house, a good barn and other out houses, a number of fruit trees together with a never failing well of excellent water.

Sheriff’s Sales – To be held 24th inst.
Land situated in Wilkesbarre Township, seized and taken in execution as the property of Samuel BOWMAN.
Land in Northmoreland Township, seized and taken in execution as the property of Thomas WIGHTON

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Athens, Jan. 1st:
Thomas NETERVILLE, Athens
Lewis JUDD, Athens
Caleb CASE, Tioga Point
Noah MURRY, Tioga Point
Isaiah JONES, Tioga Point
Luther HANEBUTT, Tioga Point
John PAYNE, Tioga Point
Rachel FISH, Tioga
Hulda, wife of Wm. DUDLEY, Tioga
Isaiah WASHBURN, Tioga
Saml. GORE, Sheshequin
Isreal GREENLEAF, Arcada
Jepiha BRAINERD, Orwell
Gorden FOWLER, Towandee
Joseph PRESSON, Towandee
Ephraim FAIRCHILD, Allensburgh
Morris JACKSON, Susquehannah

Estate of Doct. Amos PRENTICE, late of Tioga Twp., requests payments. Wm. PRENTICE, Admin., Tioga Point

Land offered for sale in Newport Twp., by Jacob REEDER, Newport. (See p. 2-2-b)

Land for sale in Cary town (about 1 1/2 miles from Court-House in Wilkesbarre) and Grist and Oil-Mill on Solomon’s Creek at the junction of all the branches. Samuel ROTHROCK (See p. 2-3-t)

Elijah G. WELLES, of New Hartford married to Miss Lucy GRIFFIN, of East Haddam, at East Haddam, Conn., on the 14th ult., by Rev. Wm. LYMAN

14 Feb. 1806

Land offered for sale in Wilkesbarre Township, by Jabez FISH (See p. 2-1-t)

Sheriff’s Sales – To be held 18th inst. Land situated in Kingston Township, seized and taken in execution as the property of Henry HUTCHINS

Sale to be held on March 17th at the Court House in Wilkes Barre for each tract of unseated land lying within the former limits of Luzerne Co., where taxes are due (levyed thereon in the years 1796, 1799, 1801 and 1802 and road taxes levyed in 1802 and 1803). James WHEELER, Sheriff.

Proposals for printing by Subscription the “History of Wyoming or the County of Luzerne; In The commonwealth of Pennsylvania, From its first Settlement in 1763, to the present time, 1806. An Entire New Work”. By Abraham BRADLEY, Esq. The ad lists 14 items contained in the work. The whole will be contained in a Volume of about 100 pages, duodecimo, and will be afforded to subscribers, stitched in blue, at 50 cents. The work will be put to press as soon as the sufficient number of subscribers are obtained to defray the expense. Those who
subscribe for 10 Copies hall have one given to them. (See p. 4-3-b)

21 Feb. 1806

Money! Money! “There is a tide in the affairs of men Which taken at the flood leads on to fortune.” I have on hand a few Tickets in the Susquehanna Lottery, where Ten Thousand Dollars may be drawn for a trifle. C. MINER

Upwards of 500,000 acres of land in Steuben Co., NY is now offered for sale to actual settlers; viz: The purchase money to be paid in 4 annual installments, to commence at the end of three years, with interest after the end of three years and not before. For further particulars enquire of John HESLOP, at the Proprietors Land-Office in Geneva, or the Subscriber in Bath, who are duly authorized by Robert TROUP, Esq., the Attorney of the said Proprietor, to sell the above lands. Samuel S. HAIGHT.

William COXE married to Miss Nancy HODGKISS, in this town on Friday evening the 14th inst., by William ROSS, Esq.

Saddle-Bags Lost – The subscriber has lost a pair of Saddle-bags, with a strip of white leather on the underside of them. Whoever had found and will return them, shall be reasonable regarded. Isaac CARPENTER, Wilkesbarre.

1805 Luzerne Co. Statement – (See p. 3-4-m)

28 Feb. 1806

A disappointment in the receipt of paper, obliges us to present our subscribers with half a sheet.

John SHAW married to Miss Betsey OWING, both of Kingston, at Shawney on Sunday evening last, by Noah WADHAMS, Esq.

Henry SATTERLEE, of Luzerne Co. married to the amiable Miss Sarah M’NEILL, of Allen Twp., Northampton Co., at Easton, on Tuesday the 4th inst., by Rev. Robert RUSSEL

Henry OSBORNE married to Miss Anna LANDON, at Exeter (no marriage date)

The inhabitants of Wilkesbarre, Hanover and Kingston, who are desirous of procuring a Minister, are requested to attend at the Court House, on Thursday next at 1 o’clock P. M.

Appointed by the Commissioners:
Zebulon BUTLER, County Treasurer, in place of Lord BUTLER, whose legal time of office has expired; Benjamin PERRY, Collector and Peleg TRACY, Clerk

Caution – Whereas my wife Artimetia, has behaved indecent, and bedded with another man, and has left my bed and board, contrary to the laws of our country; therefore I forbid all persons from trusting or harboring her on my account as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting after this date. Junia PRESTON, Huntington [Note – her name faded]

7 March 1806

Sheriff’s Sales – To be held April 7th:
Land situated in Pittston Township, seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jacob ARNDT, jun., and will be sold as the property of Napthali HURLBUT and Thomas WRIGHT Land situated in Hanover and Newport Townships, seized and taken in execution as the property of Andrew LEE, a surviving partner of LEE and MOORE. Land situated in Exeter Township, seized and taken in execution as the property of Comfort SHAW Jr.

Notice – Is hereby given to the creditors of Reuben COLLAR, an absconding debtor from Nicholson Township, that the Auditors appointed by the Court at January Term, will meet at the house of Isaac RYANEASON in said township on the 15th day of April next at ten o’clock A.M. to audate and settle the accounts of the said Reuben COLLAR, according to the form of the Act of Assembly in such case made and provided. Elisha HARDING, Foster HORTON and Ebenezer STEPHENS, Auditors.

To be sold at public sale – a valuable farm situated in the back part of Kingston. Wilmot MUNSON, Kingston (See p. 3-4-b)

Sheriff’s Sales – To be held on 22nd inst. – 35 adjoining tracts of land situated on the waters of Tunkhannock and Meshoppen, containing 407 1/2 each, warrants dated the 22 Feb. 1785. Also 22 tracts adjoining the westernmost side of the lands aforesaid situated on the waters of the

Meshoppen, warrants dated 18 Nov. 1789 containing 8800 acres. Also 11 tracts called: Richland, Union Grove, Peace and Plenty, Milnor’s Lot, Rural Felicity, Friendship, Hope, Gartley’s Chance, Ragged Bottom, Shillaly’s Meadows and Batavia, each containing 328 3/4 acres To be sold as lands which were of John NICHOLSON, late of the City of Philadelphia. James WHEELER, Sheriff (See p. 4-3-b)

14 March 1806

FLINT JONES, take this method to inform their friends and the public in general, that they carry on the business of Painting, Varnishing and Gilding, In all its branches, at the house of Abel FLINT, in the lower end of Wilkesbarre, where they will attend to every call in the line of their profession. They solicit
a share of the public patronage, and hope by their work to merit it.

Wanted Immediately, Two Journeymen, who are complete workmen to the Carpenter’s and Joiner’s Trade. None need apply who cannot come well recommended. – Also – Wanted two young lads, as apprentices to the Mill Wright Business. Jacob BOBB, Hanover

On the 6th inst., the wife of John MIRES, in Philadelphia County, was delivered of 3 daughters, who are all likely to do well!!

Estate of Jotham PICKERING, late of Nicholson Twp., request payments. Elcey PICKERING and Joseph POTTER, Exec.

21 March 1806

Shepherd STERNE married to Miss Lucy, daughter of Capt. Eleazer BLACKMAN, both of this town, in this town, on Monday Evening last.

Joseph JOHNSON married to Miss Betsey MYRES, both of Kingston, at Kingston (no marriage date)

Appointment by the Governor: Thomas COOPER, Esq., President of the 8th District, composed of the Counties of Northumberland, Luzerne and Lycoming.

28 March 1806

George EYKE married to Miss Lydia PEASE, in this town, on Sunday Evening last, by Joseph WRIGHT, Esq.

Tho’s MILES married to Miss Polly VOSE, at Mehoopany, on the 9th inst., by Josiah FASSETT, Esq.

Capt. Stephen DECATUR, Jr. of US Navy married to Miss Susan, only daughter of Luke WHEELER, Esq., Mayor of Norfolk, VA, in Norfolk, VA on Saturday the 8th inst., by Mr. GRIGSBY.

Estate of Luther JONES, late of Tunkhannock Township, requests payments. Reuben MOLLESON, Admin., Tunkhannock.

4 April 1806

To Be Sold At Public Vendue – At the house of Anna MORSE, Plymouth, on April 22nd, the following articles, viz. Household furniture, farming utensils and store goods. Also at private Sale, a Notes Stand for a Tavern and Store, these many years past, with a two story house, barn and out-houses. 129

Five Building Lots For Sale – Being parts of Lost #22 in town plot of Wilkesbarre – Solomon JOHNSON

Samuel H. WALLIS – Begs leave to inform the Public that he is about to commence the practice of Medicine, Surgery c., in this place, and that he has just received a fresh supply of Vaccine, or Cow-Pock matter from Philadelphia, which may be relied upon as good. Those who wish to have their families Inoculated, by calling at John P. ARNDT’S may rely upon the strictest attention being paid to this, as well as to all other parts of his profession. Wilkesbarre.

11 April 1806

For Sale In Wilkesbarre – House, Barn, nearly 2 acres of land. Also 2 full town lots. Matthew COVELL. (See -p. 1-3-b)

Cow Pock – Small Pox Inoculation Information. Those unable to pay will be Inoculated gratis. Matthew COVELL (See p. 1-4-m)

An Act – To erect the Town Plot of Wilkesbarre and its vicinity in the County, of Luzerne, into a Borough. (See p. 2-3-t)

Isaac BOWMAN married to Miss Polly SMITH, both of this town, in this town, on Wednesday evening last, by William ROSS, Esq.

Uriah SMITH married to Miss Sally, daughter of John FITCH, Esq., of Northumberland, at Northumberland on Sunday the 23rd ult., by Elisha HARDING, Esq.

The gross violation of the Sabbath in this neighborhood requires correction. The practices of Fishing, Hunting and playing Ball, ought to be suppressed. Parents and Guardians are called upon to check the growing evil; The Civil Magistrate, it is hoped, will otherwise apply the corrective of the Law.

Elihu PALMER, the well known moral and political lecturer, died at Philadelphia on Monday the 31st ult, in the 42nd year of his age, after a short but severe illness of pleurisy.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Wysox, April 1st:
James ARNOLD, Orwell
Ezekiel BISSET, Beechwoods
Wilber BENNET, Wysox
Elnathan SPALDING, Wysox
Thomas GRANGER, Towandee
Jedediah MILLER, Towandee

Respecting the Advertisement I sent to have you Post my Wife, I want to have you make it null and void, and of no effect, for the dispute is amicably settled, and I am convinced of her innocence. Junia PRESTON

21 April 1806

Titles of Acts Passed in Present Session of the General Assembly of Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (See p. 3-3-m)

Nathaniel FOWLER married to Miss Sophia BEEBE, in Kingston by Lawrence MYERS, Esq. (no marriage date)

Mrs. Mary, wife of Capt. Daniel GORE, died in this town very suddenly on Friday last, aged 66 years. On Sunday following her remains were decently entered.

John CHAMPION, died at Franklin, Conn., aged 89 years (no death date)

A Recal. Whereas I the Subscriber did on the 19th Feb. last, advertise my wife, Artimetia, forbidding all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, stating that he had bedded with another man contrary to the laws of land. I do hereby give notice, that I was mistaken, and had no reason to think that she was guilty of adultery; therefore have received her home again to my bed and board, as my lawful and tender wife, recalling my former advertisement, and setting her upon her former footing, and allowing her all the privileges, that a lawful wife ought to have from a kind and tender husband. Junia PRESTON, Huntington.

25 April 1806

Robert RIDGWAY married to Miss Eleanor MARTIN, on Thursday the 17th inst., by Moses COOLBAUGH, Esq., all of Wysox

Judge COOPER – By the new arrangement of our Judiciary system, the counties of Luzerne, Northumberland and Lycoming form a district, instead of Berks, Northampton, Wayne, Luzerne and Northumberland.

To Be Rented – And possession given immediately – A Convenient Two Story House, in the Township of Tunkhannock, at the mouth of Tunkhannock Creek. It is a convenient stand for the Mechanic or any other public business. Any person desirous of renting the above, may know the terms by applying to the subscriber. Jerusha BARNUM.

List of letters remaining at the Post Office at Athens, April 1st:
John Thomas NOREWELLE, Athens
Jonathan BARNES, Athens
Moses PARK, Athens
Saml. GILBERT, Athens
Frederick EVERTS, Athens
Elijah HANKS, Athens
Gardner HEDGES, Athens
Wm. WHITELY, Athens
Eleanor WATSON, Tioga Point
Obadiah TAYLOR, Tioga Point
Jno. BARBER, Tioga Point
Thomas WILSON, Tioga Point
Jno. SMITH, Tioga Point
Addrean MANVILLE, Tioga Point
Uriah WILSON, Tioga Point
Wm. WILLIAMS, Tioga Point
Noah MURRY, Tioga Point
Jabez or Aaron SQUIER, Tioga Point
Constant BAILY, Tioga Pont
Constant WILLIAMS, Smithfield
Saml. KELLOG, Smithfield
Rosewell SLAUTER, Rush
Susannah WOUTHAST, Rush
Salmon W. MERRILL, Litchfield
Ezra GODARD, Burlington
James CAMPBELL, Sugar Creek
Ezra RUTTY, Wysox
Saml. ADEN, Towandee
Abraham TABOR, Towandee
Henry SALSBURY, Towandee

A Farm For Sale – Lying in the Township of Wysox on the east side of the Susquehanna River. Henry STROPE, Wysox (See p. 4-3-m)

2 May 1806

Methodist Church – If the Public will subscribe a sum sufficient to build a Meeting House, 40 feet by 50, for the use of the Methodist Society, I hereby offer to give sixty-six feet square of land on the corner of Franklin and Union Streets on which to place it. Solomon JOHNSON, Wilkesbarre

List of letters remaining at the Wilkesbarre Post Office, April 1st:
Asac ADAMS, Willinborough
John ASBORN, Wilkesbarre
Isaac BENNET, Newport
Nath’l BLISS, Wilkesbarre
George BOULDERY, Wilkesbarre
Elijah BRACE, Northmoreland
Seth BAKER, Kingston
Joseph CRAMER, Providence
Timothy CONDE, Luzerne Co.
Andrew CANFIELD, Lock
Jonathan DILLEY, Hanover
David DOUD, Rush
John DUNN, Salem
John FAIRCHILD, Newport
John FITCH, Northmoreland
Lucy FRANKLIN, Wilkesbarre
James GORDON, Asylum
Peter GRUBB, Kingston
William GALLUP, Kingston
Robert GREEN, Wilkesbarre
Ch’s E. GAYLORD, Huntington
Ezekiel HYDE, Wilkesbarre
Matthias HARRIS, Salem
Thomas HARRIS, Mehoopany
Lavina HOTCHKIS, Wilkesbarre
Joseph IVES, Kingston
Joseph LORD, Rush
John LOVE, Wilkesbarre
Walter LYON, Standing Stone
Philip LOCK, Newport
Ja’s LATHROP, Rush
J. T. MILLER, Luzerne
Andrew M’CLURE, Wilkesbarre
William MEARS, Wilkesbarre
Israel MORSE, Smithfield
John MARVIN, Wilkesbarre
Cornelius NASIS, Pittston
Jacob BITTENBENDER, Nescopeck
Joseph PRESTON, Luzerne Co.
Andrew PHILIPS, Providence
Benjamin POTTS, Beachwoods
David PRATT, Albay
William RUSSELL, Wilkesbarre
Aaron ROBERTS, Kingston
John ROBINS, Wilkesbarre
David RICHARDS, Wilkesbarre
Samuel ROCKWELL, Albay
Isaac RUNDELL, Sugar Creek
Martin SMITH, Newport
Cyrus STRONG, Northmoreland
Welon TRISCOTT, Wyoming
William STANTON, Providence
Cathrin SHUNE, Exeter
Robert STAGE, Exeter
John TAYLOR, Luzerne Co.
James THOMPSON, Luzerne Co.
Preserved TAYLOR, Providence
John VAUGHN, Providence
Lenah WOLF, Plymouth
Andrew WICHIZER, Wilkesbarre
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

$15 Reward – Stop the Runaway – Ranaway from the subscriber on the night of Tuesday the 14th inst. an indented apprentice boy to the farming business, named Henry TEALE. He was about 17 years of age, 5 feet 4 inches high, dark complexion, nose rather flat, he was a quick spoken active boy, and wore away a drab coloured fully linsey coat, trowsers, and surtout. Said boy stole a number of articles, which he sold previous to his departure. It is expected that he is gone by the way of Pittsburgh to Kentucky. Whoever will return said boy to the subscriber shall receive the above reward by Elijah SHOEMAKER, Kingston

9 May 1806

Borough Election – At an election for Borough Officers on Tuesday last – the following persons were chosen:
Burgess of the Borough: Jesse FELL
Town Council:
Rosewell WELLES
Arnold COLT
Charles MINER

The person elected High Constable is absent, and it is not known whether he will accept of the office.

Those who hold Subscription Papers for Bradley’s History of Wyoming, are requested to return them to this Office, as soon as possible.

16 May 1806

Sheriff’s Sale – To Be Held 27th inst. – Land situated in Orwell, seized and taken in execution at the suite of Burr RIDGWAY and will be sold as the property of Frederick ECKLER

Sheriff’s Sale – To be Held 24th inst. – Land in Luzerne Co., seized and taken in execution at the suit of John VAUGHN and will be sold as the property of William M’DANIEL

23 May 1806

Fire! The dwelling houses of Napthila HURLBUT and Doct. W. H. SMITH, of Pittston, were last evening consumed by fire. [See next paper]

30 May 1806

We last week mentioned the Fire at Lackawanna, by which the dwelling houses of Doct. SMITH and Mr. HURLBUT were destroyed. The house of Mr. HURLBUT was two stories high, large and new. It first took fire about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and the flames spread so rapidly that nothing valuable could be saved. It immediately communicated to a barn, and the house of Doct. SMITH, the articles in which we are happy to learn were preserved. The loss is ruinous to Mr. HURLBUT and severe to the Doctor. Those who delight to do good and relieve the distresses of th their fellow men, have now an opportunity of exercising the choicest of the virtues. The benevolent we are sure will not let so favorable an opportunity pass without “doing as they would be done by.”

6 June 1806

Jacob and Joseph SINTON, list an assortment of goods in their store at Wilkesbarre. They also want, Two Thousand yards of bleached home-made Linen.

Doct. Seth T. BARSTOW married to Miss Clarissa WOODRUFF, in this town on Wednesday morning last, by Joseph WRIGHT, Esq.

Rev. Noah WADHAMS, died at Plymouth, on Thursday the 22nd ult., aged 80 years.

13 June 1806

The Commissioners of the County of Luzerne will hold days of appeal on the levy for the year 1806 during the month of June at the following houses:

James SCOVELL, Exeter
Philip MYERS, Kingston
Horace MORSE, Plymouth
Stephen HARRISON, Huntington
Elisha CORTRIGHT, Salem
Ambrose TELLE, Nescopeck
Jonathan SMITH, Newport
Fred’k CRISMAN, Hanover
Court House, Wilkesbarre
Mr. DECKER, Pittston
Ebenezer SLOCUM, Providence
Hosea TIFFANY, Nicholson
Minna DUBOUISE, Willingboro
Stephen BARNUM, Lawsville
Isaac BROWNSON, Rush
Josiah GRANT, Orwell
William MEARS, Wysox
John HOLLENBACK, Wyalusing
Daniel STERLING, Braintrim
Isaac OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock

Eleazer BLACKMAN, Benj. DORRANCE and Elisha HARDING, Commissioners

John LANNING married to Mrs. Polly DEEHONG, in this town on Monday Evening last, by William ROSS, Esq.

Fire at Towanday
We look upon it our duty to communicate to the public the following catastrophe, with an expectation that many will commiserate the distresses of their fellow men, and with hopes that in future all may be inspired with watchfulness against, and care concerning, the element_ we have named above. Monday the 5th inst. was the day of our company training, in Canton Township, Luzerne County, and on that account the greater part of the men were met near the center of the settlement. The people for some time had been in fear of fire, the weather being very dry, and fires out in many places, to burn the stuff off the ground, (common in new settlements,) but a small shower that fell this morning seemed to ease their minds; however, a hot sun arose, and about noon the strong west wind with it, rendered everything combustible and the devouring element broke bounds in three different parts of the settlement which was attended with the following consequences:
First – In the upper end of the settlement the barns of Henry SEGAR and Elihu KNIGHT with all their fences and the fences of the adjacent farms were reduced to ashes and ruins.
Second – About midway down in the township, the barns of Sterling HOLCOMB, Hugh HOLCOMB, Alpheus HOLCOMB and George HEAD, with all their fences shared the same fate, and it was only owing to the timely aid of men who were alarmed with it, at the exercising, that the houses were saved; some of the barns were good buildings.
Third – Lower down still, Mr. Daniel ALLEN was also from home and the fire broke out to the windward of his farm, while there was none but Mrs. ALLEN to make any defense against it; she tried to stop it by opening gaps in the fences, but this availed little, for the fire flew from tree to tree across the fields and very soon the barn and house both on fire; a neighboring man and his wife now came forwards and their united exertions saved a good part of the bed and body cloathing from the flames, (some nevertheless was burned afterwards,) but all the rest of the household furniture was lost in the house. The fences, house, barn and all, being on fire at once, raised such a flame, heat and smoke, that the family were forced to retreat and save their lives and what they had preserved from ruin, under the bank of Towanday Creek, which was close by. On this which was a pleasant and fertile farm, we now see a scene of desolation. The house, barn, all the fences, a cow that was in the barnyard, the bees, a good nursery, part of the orchard are all in ashes and ruins. So uncertain are things in this world that they may go in a moment. Mr. ALLEN had been in flourishing circumstances, but now for himself, and a large family, one of which is his aged widow mother, there is not roof of his own to live under; however, we believe the neighbors will l not forget him, but will help him what they can in this needy time. It would be hard to estimated the whole losses of that fatal day among us, but we know it must be very great, yet we would wish to turn our thought to heaven with thankfulness, while we announce that although many were in danger, there is not one life lists. I have endeavored in the above to draw up a plain account of the sad disasters that have taken place here, and if you please to give it a place in your useful paper, you’ll oblige not only me, but the sufferers also. Thomas SMILEY.

Anniversary of St. John – The Members of Lodge No. 61 are invited to attend a meeting of said Lodge, in Wilkesbarre, the 24th inst. at 9 o’clock A. M. A general invitation is also given to all Craftsmen who can make it convenient, at attend. S. H. WALLIS, A. JACK and T. GRAHAM, Committee of Arrangement.

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held 30th inst. – Land situated in Plymouth Township, seized and taken in execution as the suit of Simon PARK, and will be sold as the property of Nathan PARISH.

Estate of Ephraim KIRBY (late of Litchfield, Conn.), request payments. Thomas DYER, Adm’r., Wilkesbarre

John EBBERT, informs the public that he has commenced the Saddling Business, in Wilkesbarre at the house of Clark BEEBE a few rods north of the Meeting House, were every article in the line of his business will be furnished on short notice, and on reasonable terms. He has furnished himself with a good stock of materials and those who employ him may depend on having their work well done.

20 June 1806

Laws of the Borough of Wilkesbarre – An Act For the Collection of a Tax Passed June 10th. (See p. 3-1-t)

The Subscribers have obtained a Patent from the United States, for the exclusive right of using and vending their newly invented, Washing Machine, and they now offer the rights for Towns, counties, of States, for Sale on moderate terms. This machine is altogether superior to any other ever invented to facilitate the necessary and usually laborious exercise of Washing. A child of 13 years old, with the utmost ease, by merely turning a small crank, can wash in tow hours, as much as a woman in the usual manner can in a day. Not half the soap is required, and no injury is done to the clothes. Those who wish to avail themselves of this excellent invention will please to apply to the Subscribers in Wilkesbarre. Reuben BUCK and John P. ARNDT, Proprietors, Wilkesbarre.

27 June 1806

Eclipse of the Sun on 16th inst. report. (See p. 3-2-m)

Estate of Ranseley BILLINGS, late of Wilkesbarre Township, requests payments. Huldah BILLINGS and Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Adm’rs.

3 July 1806

$20 Reward – Stolen out of the Stable of the Subscriber last night a sorrel Horse between 14 and 15 hands high, bald face; it is fully ascertained that the deed is done by one John KELLEY, an Irishman, about 40 years of age, has much of the brogue, and notorious liar. He has a wife, or woman with him, and two girls about 8 and 9 years old. Whoever takes up said thief and lodges him in Easton Goal, Northampton County, and delivers the horse to me , shall receive the above reward and reasonable charges. Thos. CRAIG, Towamensing Twp., Northampton Co.

Strayed or Stolen, from the Subscriber on the night of the 1st June, a dark brown Mare, about seven years old, a square trotter, has white hairs about her main and tail, a star in her forehead, and one white hind foot. Whoever will return her or give information where the said mare can be found, shall be handsomely rewarded by me. Eliphalet MASON, Towandee.

The Subscribers inform their friends and Public, that they carry on the Cooper and Tin Business in all branches, and can have Stills and Worms of all sizes, ready at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms for Cash, and a general assortment of tin ware always on hand. All kinds of copper and tin ware repaired in the best manner. Old Copper, Brass and Pewter taken in exchange. GALLAGHER THOMPSON, Union Street, Wilkesbarre.

Caution to the Public – Whereas I, Junia PRESTON, of Huntington have formerly advertised my wife, Artimetia, forbidding all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account; but on her promising to become a virtuous and obedient wife, I had been duped to recall the said advertisement, c. But in defiance of all her sacred promises, she has contrary to my wishes, contracted debts and eloped from my bed and board; now for the sake of my innocent children, I am induced to forbid all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will not pay any debts of her contracting after this date. Junia PRESTON, Huntington.

11 July 1806

Doct. George W. TROTT, of this town, to Miss Sally MARVIN, at Norwich, Conn. (no marriage date)

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held 21st inst. – Land situated in Salem Township, seized and taken in execution as the suit of Jabez ADAMS and Putnam CATLIN and will be sold as the property of Samuel VANHORN.

Sheriff’s Sales – To be held Aug. 4th:
Land situated in Wilkesbarre (town plot), seized and taken in execution at the suit of John FRIES and will be sold as the property of Thomas WRIGHT. Land situated in Wilkesbarre (town plot), seized and taken in execution at the suit of William H. SMITH, and will be sold as the property of Thomas WRIGHT.

Notice is Hereby Given to the Creditors of John GREENFIELD, an absconding debtor of Wyalusing Twp., that the Auditors appointed by the Court at January term, will meet at the house of Jonathan STEVENS, in said township on the 15th Aug. at 10 o’clock A.M. to audit and settle the accounts of the said John GREENFIELD, according to the form of the act of assemble in such case made and provided. Jonathan STEVENS, Justus GAYLORD, M. Minor YORK, Auditors, Wyalusing

Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber, on the 27th June last, a Chestnut Roan Gelding Horse, supposed to be about twelve years old, fourteen hands high, both trotts and paces; without shoes, on of his hind feet white, and a star in his forehead. The owner is desired to come, prove property, pay charges and take him away. Gideon LYMAN, near Meshoppen Creek.

List of Letters remaining at the Post Office, Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
Philip ANDRESS, Plymouth
Lois ARNOLD, Huntington
Oliver BARRET, Rush
Samuel BREECE, Kingston
Stephen BURRET, jun., Hanover
Mary BARNHEART, Kingston
Horace BINNEY, Esq., Wilkesbarre
Jesse COLMAN, Howey’s Mills
Susanna CATHCART, Pittston
Adeson CARVER, Kingston
Jeddiah COLLINS, Pittston
Daniel J. CARPENTER, Wyoming
Stoddard COTTON, Lock
Rebecca DANA, Wilkesbarre
Polly DANA, Wilkesbarre
Mary Ann DESHONG, Wilkesbarre
Benjamin DENNIS, Bear Creek
William EDDY, Ulster
Silvanus FULLER, near Wilkesbarre
Jeremy FULLER, Plymouth
Sylvanus FULLER, Bedford
John FORSTER, Wilkesbarre
John FREESE, Nescopeck
Isaac GRUBER, Hanover
Peter GRUBB, Wilkesbarre
Anna GALE, Wilkesbarre
Nathaniel HICOK, Orwell
Methias HARRIS, Salem
Caleb HENMAN, Towanda
James HICKS, Nicholson
George HAINS, Esq., Wilkesbarre
Jacob HART, Wilkesbarre
Myron KASSON, Rush
Robert LEWIS, Newport
John LUTTS, Providence
Samuel MARVIN, Northmoreland
Elisha POTTER, Providence
Alfred RUGGLES, Hanover
Robert ROBBARD (no location)
John RICHARD, Wilkesbarre
Timothy STEVENS, Providence
Marma Duke SALISBURY, Wilkesbarre
Dorthy SHAUNCE, Exeter
Robert TUBBS, Kingston
John TAYLOR, Providence
John TURNER, Plymouth
John TYLER, Nicholson
Peter WOOLF, Plymouth
Aaron WILLIS, Kingston
Samuel WELLES, Wilkesbarre
Benjamin WALKER, Wilkesbarre
Elias BELL, Nicholson
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

In consideration of reports having spread to the injury of Doct. Samuel HAYDEN, viz. That he the said HAYDEN had been carnally intimate with my wife and other women in this town. I therefore from the above consideration, do, openly, publicly and frankly declare that I have no knowledge of his having been guilty of any of the above reports or accusations, and therefore acquit him as innocent. Witness my hand, Junia PRESTON, Huntington. Teste., Phinehas SHEPHERD, Samuel KINNEY, jun.

$10 Reward – Ran away from the subscriber, on the 3rd inst., James KNOX, a lad whom I had hired two months. He borrowed of me, and stole away a grey mare, about 6 years old, 14 hands high, – her head remarkable large, and her forehead round and full, on the top of her head is a sear, recently made by a stone, she is a natural prancer, and had a long switch tail, never having been docked. The boy was barefoot, ad on a pair of striped linen trowsers, a grey woolen homemade vest, and a nankeen jacket. He is dark complexion, and about 17 years old. A small spotted dog followed him. Whoever will take up said boy and mare and return them to me, shall be paid the above reward, or for either the mare or boy $5, and all necessary charges. John WORT, Kingston

Melancholy Catastrophe. On Sunday morning last, in consequence of some trifling dispute, at the house of Daniel LEBO in the Borough of Sunbury, between Charles MAUS, Esq., and Jacob WIDNER, Esq., the former discharged a pistol at the latter – the ball entered above the groin and lodged near the back bone. MAUS has been committed to jail, and the last accounts we had from there, say, there is very little hopes of WIDNER’S recovery.

A small Garden Hoe, forked at one end, was lost about 3 weeks since. The person who has found it, and will return it to this Office, shall be generously rewarded by The Printer (Charles MINER)

18 July 1806

Farming – Among the farmers of Wilkesbarre and Kingston, a noble strife has arisen, which shall raise the most grain. In both towns there are a number of farmers who have from 70 to 100 acres of English grain this season. The crops which they are now reaping are unusually fine, and promise richly to reward the toil of the husbandman. (p. 3-1-t)

A young lad, whose name is BILLINGS, and lives at the Plains, suffered a most unfortunate accident a few days ago. He was riding a horse, that was ploughing between corn, while an older boy held the plough. The horse being young and skittish took fright at something and ran away. BILLINGS fell and the point of the coulter caught him in his side and dragged him two rods, when it disengaged itself from him by tearing its way through his body! That the lad lives in most extraordinary; but he is I learn with pleasure likely to recover.

Estate of Rudolph FOX, late of Wysox Twp., requests payments. Daniel FOX, Adm’r., Wysox.

Caution – Whereas my wife, Desire, had eloped from my bed and board, and has conducted in other respects in a disorderly manner. Now this is to forewarn all persons not to harbor or trust the said Desire, on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting, nor hold myself bound to any of her bargains after this date. Joshua SABIN, Rush. July 15, 1806.

W. H. SANDERSON, informs the Public that he has commenced the Cabinet Business, in all its varieties; at his shop in Wilkesbarre, one door below Mr. COLT’S. those persons who are desirous of getting Furniture, may be supplied either with Mahogany, Cherry or Walnut.

25 July 1806

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wysox, July 1st:
Horatio ROGERS, Towandee
Henry VAN VALKENBURG, Towandee
Thomas ELLIS, Meshoppen
Isaac HANCOCK, Esq., Luzerne Co.
Samuel STARK, Wysox

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Athens, July 1st:
Tho’s WRIGHT, Halestown
Isaac RUNDELL, Burlington
Theron DARLING, Orwell
Jiba EVANS, Tioga Point
George ADAMS, Tioga Point
Isaiah JONES, Tioga Point
Saml. STARKS, Wisocks
Wm. MILLER, Tioga
Benjamin SHOEMAKER, Tioga
(no name) HALE, Esq., Towandee
Witester WYNN, Towandee
Jeremiah SHAW, Sheshequin
Stephen TITUS, Smithfield

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held 5 Aug. – Land situated in Plymouth Township, seized and taken in execution as the suit of William CRAIG and Peter CRAWFORD, at the suit of Matthias HOLLENBACK

1 Aug. 1806

Last Friday’s mail brought me four numbers of a new paper, just established in the state of New York, entitled the Orange County Republican.

8 Aug. 1806

Clement PAINE, of Athens, Lycoming Co. married to Miss Ann, daughter of Maj. Theodore WOODBRIDGE, of Canaan, Wayne Co., at Canaan, by Joseph WOODBRIDGE, Esq. (no marriage date)

Samuel DODSON married to Miss Hannah SMITH, at Huntington, on Thursday evening, July 24th, by Charles E. GAYLORD, Esq. Both of Huntington.

John WICKIZER married to Miss Nelly DALY, at Braintrim. (no marriage date)

Ten more persons have died with Dysentery at Braintrim – and a large number of new cases. (No names mentioned)

15 Aug. 1806

$15 Reward – Broke Jail at Wilkesbarre in the County of Luzerne, on Monday night the 11th inst., Abraham CRONCK, about five feet eleven inches high, and very straight built, dark hair, black eyes, red complexion; had on when in Jail a long blue coat, dark velvet pantaloons and a dark vest. Whoever takes up said CRONCK and delivers him to the Jail of the County aforesaid, shall receive the above reward. James WHEELER, Sheriff.

22 Aug. 1806

On Wednesday next the Rev. Ard HOYT will be Ordained in this Village a Pastor of the Presbyterian Church.

The Proprietors of the “Wilkesbarre Library Company” are reminded that the first meeting will take palace on Monday evening at the Court House.

29 Aug. 1806

Geographical Statistical Report on the Village of Troy, New York (See p. 2-3-m)

On Wednesday last the Rev. Ard HOYT, was Ordained Pastor of the Church in this place. The Sermon was delivered by Rev. Mr. OSBORN. The Rev. Mr. WILLISTON officiated by prayer at the laying on of hands. The charge was given by the Rev. Mr. SAGE and the right hand of Fellowship, by the Rev. Mr. DANA.

Extract of a letter from a gentleman in Erie to his friend in this town, dated July 20. “On the 9th inst., Alexander C. WALLACE of this town put an end to his existence by discharging the contents of a loaded pistol through his head. He was about 23 years of age.” (“Lycoming Gazette”, Aug. 20)

Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Alexander JAMESON, Esq., died at Salem of a bilious fever, aged 28.

Lucy, daughter of Josiah FASSETT, Esq., died at Braintrim, on the 13th inst., after an illness of four days of the Dysentery, aged three years and six months.

Orphan’s Court Sale – To be sold on the 18th Sept. next, land situated near Lawsville. To be sold as the property of Ephraim KIRBY, late of Litchfield, Conn. Thomas DYER, Admin.

A Hatter Wanted – The subscriber has a new and convenient Hatters Shop, with all the materials for carrying on the business. A person under standing the business will find good encouragement, by applying to me, as there is no other in the settlement, nor any very near. The shop can be rented if preferred. Ebenezer B. GREGORY, Wysox

Jacob B., the eldest son of John ARNDT, Esq., died at Easton, PA on the 6th inst., in the 22nd year of his age. (p. 4-4-t)

5 Sept. 1806

Peter KNIGHT married to Miss Rachel COBART, in this town on Sunday evening last, by Joseph WRIGHT, Esq.

Mrs. Mary, consort of the Hon. Judge RUSH, of Philadelphia, died at Philadelphia on Sunday morning last.

Public Notice – Whereas we the subscribers, have on the 21st day of Feb., 1803, bought 17 acres of land in Wilkesbarre Twp., of Timothy BEEBE. It appears that Nathan WALLER, of said township, had the legal right of title, and he did make and execute a quit-claim deed on the 6th April 1803 to the subscribers. It now appears that the said title is imperfect in the quantity of land. Now that part of the land will be sold at Public Vendue to the highest bidder on the 20th Sept. Samuel ROTHROCK and Henry YOUNG (See p. 3-4-t)

Fulling Mill – The subscriber wished to inform the public that he has erected a Fulling Mill at ta considerable expense, with every convenience belonging thereto, on a never failing stream, within a few rods of that noted Grist and Saw Mill on the Wysox, called MYER’S Mill, where he intends to carry on all parts of the business. Fulling, Coloring of all kinds, Shades of every description, Sheering and dressing cloth in the neatest manner, and with quick dispatch. All kinds of produce taken in payment. Jacob BELL, Wysox.

12 Sept. 1806

19 Sept. 1806

Doct. Mason CRARY married to Miss Deziar BEACH, at Beach Grove, on Tuesday evening, the 9th inst., by Alexander JAMESON, Esq.

Robert TUBBS married to Miss Clarissa HOYT, at Kingston, on Sunday evening last by Rev. Ard HOYT

William PACE married to Miss Ursula JENKINS (no marriage date)

John LEONARD married to Miss Sarah YOUNG, on Tuesday evening the 9th inst. (no marriage date)

Abraham GARDNER married to Mrs. Polly NAFEWS, at Pittston (no marriage date)

Moses KILPATRICK, aged 22 married to Mrs. Margaret AUSTIN, aged 57, at Providence, by Joseph FELLOWS, Esq.

Mr. CHERRYTREE married to Mrs. Selinda SEARLE (no marriage date)

John CALDWELL, died in Hanover, on the 18th inst., aged about 20 years.

A child of Isaac A. WIGHTMAN, died in this town, on Friday the 12th inst.

A child of Jehoiada P. JOHNSON, died yesterday in this town.

26 Sept. 1806

Notice – The book accounts of Dr. Samuel H. WALLIS, late of Wilkesbarre, are placed in the hands of the subscriber for collection, who has directions to prosecute delinquents indiscriminately. T. GRAHAM, Wilkesbarre

Nathan PALMER, Esq., requests me to say, that he desires not to be considered as a candidate for the Legislature, at the ensuing election.

At a Meeting of Delegates at the House of Mr. LAPORTE, in Assylum, on Wednesday the 17th inst. and after concluding the business on which they met thought it necessary to give the inhabitants in the north part of the county of Luzerne, and east part of the County of Lycoming, notice to appoint one delegate from each District, to meet ta the house of William MEANS, Esq., on Tuesday the 11th Nov. next, to consult and agree where the line shall run for the purpose of having a new County set off. Signed by the following Inhabitants, and request the same to be published in the Luzerne Federalist.

Jonathan TERRY
Justus GAYLORD, Jr.
Josiah GRANT
Reuben HALE

3 Oct. 1806

Surveying, Conveyancing and Land Agency – The subscriber having lately removed from Lancaster to Wilkesbarre, where he hold the office of Deputy Surveyor of Luzerne Co. Now

offers his services in Surveying and Drawing Deeds, Mortgages, Powers of Attorney, Bonds, Notes and every other kind of conveyance or instrument of writing, agreeably to the best and most approved forms now in use. Fourteen years experience. George HAINES.

Estate of Conrad LUTZ, of Providence Twp., request payments. Jacob LUTZ and Joseph FELLOWS, Executors

10 Oct. 1806

Laws of the Borough of Wilkesbarre – An act to prevent Hogs and Geese, running at large. Also an act to remove nuisances (timber, boards, rails, shingles, wood and other lumber which now is or shall hereafter be placed on the public commons) (See p. 2-1-t)

Sheriff’s Sale – To be Held on Nov. 1st:
Land situated in the town plot of Wilkesbarre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John STAPLES and will be sold as the property of John HOLLENBACK Land situated in Plymouth Twp. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of George CALHOUN, assignee of Lord BUTLER, and will be sold as the property of William COOPER

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Oct. 1st:
James AUSTIN, Salem
Robert BENNET, Wilkesbarre
Joel BARNS, Orwell
Amasa BALDWIN, Bedford
Zebulon BUTLER, Wilkesbarre
Samuel CARVER, Kingston
Henry COURTRIGHT, Wilkesbarre
James CAMP, Rush
Isaac CARPENTER, Wilkesbarre
Gilbert CARPENTER, Kingston
Joseph CRAMER, Providence
George COLHOON, Wilkesbarre
Henry DOUVENSPECK, Nescopeck
Samuel EDDY, Ulster
Lucy FRANKLIN, Salem
Mr. STORCK, Wilkesbarre
Charles GOODRICH, Wilkesbarre
Jesse GARDENER, on the Plains
John GARDENER, Exeter
Jacob HART, Wilkesbarre
Jacob HOUSEL, Wilkesbarre
Asahel HALLSTEAD, Exeter
Thomas HARVEY, Huntington
John JENKINS, Wilkesbarre
Wiliam JACKSON, Luzerne
Olev KEENEY, Braintrim
Robert LEWIS, Newport
Richard LUMMIS, Kingston
Andrew M’CLURE, Newport
Wiliam MYRE, jun., Wilkesbarre
Thomas NEWELL, Willingborough
Andrew PHILIPS, Providence
Wanton RICE, Ulster
William ROBERTS, Wilkesbarre
Abner ROCKWELL, Towanda
Samuel STARKES, Wysox
James SUTTON, Exeter
Avis TOWN, Wilkesbarre
John YOUNG, Wilkesbarre
David WILLSON, Exeter
Jonathan WHEATON, Rush
James WRIGHT, Hanover
Avery WHITMAN, Wilkesbarre
James WHEELER, Wilkesbarre
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

Hon. William PATTERSON, one of the Associate Judges of the Supreme Court of the US, died on the 9th ult., at the mansion house of Stephen VAN RENSELEAR, Esq., in Albany, NY, after a lingering illness, which he bore with becoming fortitude and resignation.

17 Oct. 1806

Making Cider (See p. 1-4-t)

Alson PHELPS married to Miss Hannah HARRIS, at Braintrim, on Thursday evening the 25th ult., by Josiah FASSET, Esq.

Mrs. Capt. Oliver HELME, died in this town on Saturday evening last, aged 27 years.

Widow Polly BUTLER died (no death date)

A young woman came to this village a day or two ago, who is now, by the goodness of Col. HOLLENBACK, at his house. She arrived at Wilmington about three weeks ago, from England, in the ship Hanover, and from thence proceeded to Croswick, NJ, where she expected to have found William SMITH, her uncle. She says he had written to her to come to him a that place, but on arriving there she was told he had removed to Luzerne County. Her name is Ann CLARE, and is a native of Sutton, in the neighborhood of BURMINGHAM, from which place her uncle emigrated. These circumstances are mentioned with the hope that they may meet the eye of Mr. SMITH, that the fair wanderer may find her friend whom to visit, she had taken so long a journey. The Printers at Northumberland, Lycoming and Northampton, will have the gallantry and goodness to give this article an insertion in their Gazettes.

For Sale and possession given in April next, the farm on which the Subscriber now lives, situated in Braintrim Twp., on the Susquehannah River, containing 300 acres – forty of which are under good improvement. The land is well divided for the plow or for meadow, and is well watered and timbered. ON the premises is an orchard of about 200 young fruit trees, just beginning to bear. And a good Dwelling House and Barn. The post road from Wilkesbarre to Tioga Point, runs through the farm. This property will be sold low and the terms be made easy to the purchaser. H. V. CHAMPION. If this property is not sold by next April, it will be leased.

24 Oct. 1806

Election Results of Luzerne Co.:
Assembly: WELLES (494), BEECH (359), GAYLORD, jun. (333), COOLBAUGH (364), JENKINS (168) and GAYLORD (38)
Comrn.: TIFFANY (409), BRADLEY (384), HURLBUT (69)
Thomas PARKE received 38 votes at Wysox, for a Representative, it not having been understood until some votes had been given, the he declined running at that time.

Eddy WINSLOW married to Miss Betsy WILSON, at Braintrim, on Sunday evening, the 12th inst., by Josiah FASSET, Esq.

Caution – Whereas Nelly, my wife, has behaved in an unbecoming manner, this is therefore to forewarn any person or persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting after this date, unless compelled by law. John WICKIZER, Braintrim

Two Cent Reward – Ranaway from the Subscriber, a Servant girl named, Catharine HEATH, about 17 years old. Whoever takes up said girl and will return her to the Subscriber shall receive the above reward and no charges paid. James EVANS, Briercreek Twp., Northumberland Co.

Strayed or Stolen from the Subscriber on the night of Sept. 29th last, a dark brown mare, 8 years old past, with 4 white feet, a star on her forehead, rising of fourteen hands high, shod before, trots and paces most natural to pace when she first starts. Whoever will take up said mare and return her to the owner, or give information so that he can get her again, shall be reasonable rewarded and all necessary charges paid by me. Bixbee ROGERS, Plymouth

31 Oct. 1806

William PRENTICE, Esq., Attorney at Law, died at Tioga Point, after a severe illness of two months, aged 34 (no death date)

Mrs. Gen. Simon SPALDING, died at Sheshequin, aged about 70. (no death date)

7 Nov. 1806

In the early part of October last, David BURNES, of Clifford Twp., this county, with his daughter and a little son about 4 years old, went into the woods after Chestnuts, about half a mile from his house. The lad growing uneasy at his stay, cried to go home, and Mr. BURNES bid his daughter to take him to the path and show him the way to the house. When Mr. BURNES returned, he found his little boy had not been at home, and immediately went out in search of him, and the nearest neighbors were called to assist; but night coming on – the cold dews of evening descended with the darkness, and the father was obliged to return with the sad tidings to his disconsolate wife. Who can conceive the anguish of the parents Who can imagine the sufferings of the child? In the bosom of the forest – cold and hungry – his only bed the damp earth – and the fond lullaby of a mother, exchanged for the rude howlings of the wolf – his only covering the heavens – and exposed every moment to become the prey of some of the savages of the wilderness! The hours on opiate swings, to the sleepless parents, passed heavily away; at length the morning dawned and the search was renewed, by the father and as many of the neighbors as could be gathered – the day passed, and the succeeding one, – a hundred men scoured the woods in every direction where possibly the child could have strayed – the pulse of hope beat languid, and the awful anxiety for the sufferings of the child was only relieved by the dreadful certainty, that he was dead. After the sixth day, hope yielded to despair, and the search was abandoned.

Elder Jacob DRAKE, died at Bedford on the 4th inst., in the 75th year of his age, and the 42nd of his ministry, after an illness of about 3 weeks, wherein he suffered the most excruciating pain, his disorder being the bilious cholic, which he bore with truly Christian fortitude and patience, and was a striking example of the value of those principles of religion which along are valuable, when the world becomes of no consequence to a man, altho’ he could possess the whole of it. Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace.

Moses EMERSON, M.D., died at Towanda, on the 14th ult., in the 45th year of his age. This worthy citizen was a defender of the rights of our country, and personally engaged in the memorable action at Bunker’s Hill, after which he continued in our army and service of the country by land and sea for several years, and after a variety of scenes and changes of life, he settled here in an early day where the poor felt, and found him a friend indeed with but little profit to himself for several years together. On the 17th Nov. 1803, he married the relict of Stephen LATISMER, late of this place and since that time he discharged the duties of a husband and father to the orphan children in the highest degree. What proved fatal to him was a bruise he unfortunately got in on one of his feet, in which he suffered much pain and terminated in hi death. Before his decease he was informed by some of hi s friends, that that was like to be the end of it, upon which he appeared resigned, and eventually left en evidence to the world that Christians can meet death with as much or more fortitude than Romans ever could. The next day after he expired his neighbors generally met at his house to whom a discourse suitable to the occasion was delivered from Genesis 3rd and latter part of the 19th verse “for dust thou are and unto dust thou shall return.” By the Rev. Thomas SMILEY. After which his remains were committed to its native earth, with decency and respectability.

Vendue – the subscriber contemplating a removal from the County, offers for sale at public vendue (unless sooner disposed of at private sale) the following articles: A horse, saddle and bridle, a cow, sleigh harness, variety of articles of household furniture. The vendue to be held at the dwelling house of the subscriber on Nov. 17th. George GRIFFIN.

Taken up by the subscriber, a brown ox, aged about 14 years, having a bell on. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges, and take him away. Timothy PICKERING, Willinboro’

14 Nov. 1806

21 Nov. 1806

Thursday the 27th Nov. is appointed a day of Thanksgiving, both in Connecticut and Philadelphia, and it has been recommended that the day should be observed by the Citizens here in the same manner. Divine service will commence at the Court-house, at 11 o’clock.

Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road – The completion of the most difficult and important part of the Easton Wilkesbarre Turnpike – 24 miles of this road, commencing at the towns of Wilkesbarre and ending at the Tunkhanna River, and covering the whole of the distance which passes over the heretofore impracticable district, emphatically called “The Swamp,” are finished. (See p. 3-3-b)

28 Nov. 1806

John LANDON is informed, that if he does not return and pay me 5 or 6 dollars on account of Newspapers, I shall certainly advertise him as a run away. C. MINER

The Commissioners of Luzerne Co. will Contract for building a Bridge at Wyalusing, where the Post Road crosses Wyalusing Creek.

5 Dec. 1806

David B. WHEELER proposes commencing the tanning and currying business the ensuing Spring in Braintrim.

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held 19th inst.:
Land situated in Pittston Twp. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jacob ARNDT jun.
and will be sold as the property of Napthali HURLBUT. Land situated in Salem Twp. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Putnam CATLIN and
will be sold as the property of Conrad HARMAN

12 Dec. 1806

$10 Reward – Made his escape from the subscriber on the 7th inst., John KESTER, about 24 years of age, about five feet eight inches high, slender made, light complexion and blue eyes. He was to be committed to the Jail of the County of Luzerne for Theft. Any Person apprehending and securing him in Jail, or delivering him to me shall receive the above reward, and reasonable charges. Emanuel HOOVER, Constable of Salem Twp., Luzerne Co.

19 Dec. 1806

Ann, daughter of Philip JACKSON, of Kingston, died at Newtown, Tioga, NY, on the 4th inst., in the 20th year of her age, after a tedious illness of eleven
weeks, which she bore with Christian fortitude. And was interred on the 6th inst., attended by a numerous concourse of friends and relations. A funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. Dr. JONES.

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held 5th Jan. next – Land situated in Plymouth Twp. – Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Matthias HOLLENBACK and will be
sold as the property of William CRAIG.

$15 Reward – Lost on the main Beach-woods road, from NJ to the Great Bend, between the houses of Dr. CHANDLER and the subscriber, or on the cross road between Deacon TYLER’S and the main road, a large leather Purse, containing two rolls of Bank Bills, of different Banks, to the amount of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars, or upwards. The person who is lucky enough to find the said Purse, I hope will be so friendly to the unfortunate Subscriber, as to return it with the contents, and receive the above reward, with many thanks from the honest man’s friend, David SUMMERS, Luzerne Co.

26 Dec. 1806 – Paper missing

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