1807 Luzerne County Federalist

Luzerne County Federalist 1807

2 Jan. 1807 – Issue missing

9 Jan. 1807

Richard BARNUM, of this county and Miss Nancy JAMISON, of Columbia, at Columbia, PA on Thursday the 11th ult., by Rev. N. R. SNOWDEN

For Sale – 250 acres of land in Hanover Twp. – James CAMPBELL (See p. 3-4-m)

Farm For Sale – Situated in Tunkhannock, about 300 acres, 100 of which the best bottom land, 40 acres more a handsome swail. ON the premises are a good Frame House, Barn and Corn House. An orchard of 200 apple trees, 140 of which now bear together with a number of other fruit trees, and a large Nursery. About 70 acres of the farm are under good fence and improvement. The Post road leading from Wilkesbarre to Tioga, passed through the farm. Possession will be given if sold on the 1st of April. For further particulars enquire of the subscriber living on the premises. Cyrus AVERY, Tunkhannock.

Fulling Mill – Just erected on the Wyalusing Creek, and will be ready to go by the 1st Jan. It is build large and convenient, on a constant stream, and so constructed as not to be injured by frost, or stopped by dry seasons, be it already supplied with every necessary for carrying on the business. His prices will be the same as others, and country produce will be taken in pay. Those who incline to favor him with their custom, are requested to send for word their cloth as soon as possible, where he will endeavor to recommend himself to their favor by the perfection of his workmanship, and the quick dispatch of his Business. Jonas INGHAM.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, Dec. 31st:
Patty BENNET, Kingston
Asahel HALSTED, Pittston
Ann HORTON, Kingston
Samuel HEATH, Plymouth
Zadock MILLER, Pittston
John SHEFER, Kingston

16 Jan. 1807

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Wysox, Jan. 1st:
John BARBER (no location)
Samuel STARK, Wysox
Daniel RUSSEL, Wysox
Nathaniel P. MOODY, Wysox
Benjamin MARTIN, Wysox
Almira MANVILL, Wysox
Robert BENNET, Wysox
Elizabeth FOX, Wysox
Webster WYNN, Towandee Creek
James DAVIDSON, Towandee Creek
Isaac WOOSTER, Towandee Creek
Daniel SIMS, Judsburgh
Isaac RUNDELL, Sugar Creek
John BARBER, Burlington
John BARNEY, Standingstone
Amos NORTHROP, Wyalusing

Stop Her! $20 Reward! On the evening of the 14th inst., Desire SABIN, female prisoner, confined for adultery, made her escape from the Goal of this County. She is a fine buxom looking woman; about 40 years of age, has lost her fore teeth, her eyes are lively black, fair complexion and her countenance declares that Venus is yet at high meridian. She had no peculiar mark by which to distinguish her from other weak sisters of the household of love. Whoever will stop her, and bring her back to her place of confinement shall receive the above reward. James WHEELER, Sheriff

List of letters remaining at the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Jan. 1st:
Lois ARNOLD, Huntington
Philip ANDREWS, Plymouth
George BUCK, on the road to Easton
Widow BERRY, on the road to Easton
Amasa B. BALDWIN, Bedford
Isaac BROOKS, Putnam
Powel BIRD, Loyalsock
Stoddard COLTON, Lock
James CONLON, Wilkesbarre
Avery COMSTOCK, Ulster
Richard DILLEY, Wilkesbarre
Francz DUMEMET, Asylum
John EVANS, Wilkesbarre
Lucy FRANKLIN, Wilkesbarre
Salem GLEASON, Clifford
George GRIFFIN, Wilkesbarre
Doct. GAYLORD, Huntington
Tho. HAMET, Asylum
Martin HIRT, Wilkesbarre
Geo. K. HARRISON, Nescopeck
John HALLISTER, Wilkesbarre
Crocker JONES, Plymouth
Asa JACKSON, Kingston
Mr. KUNTJEL, Wilkesbarre
John KENNEDY, Plains
Gideon KENT, Nicholson
B. LAPORT, Asylum
Griffin LEWIS, Plymouth
Jesse LEE, Putnam
Capt. Andrew LEE, Nanticoke
Solomon MORSE, Smithfield
John NOBLES, Newport
Isaac NORTON, Newport
Amos PARKS, Hanover
Ebenezer PARRISH, Wilkesbarre
Jacob RUNK, Wilkesbarre
John ROBINSON, Buttonwood
Curtis ROBINSON, Orwell
Marmaduke SALISBURY, Wilkesbarre
Elijah SILSBE, Pittston
Comfort SHAW, Exeter
Elizabeth SHALES, Wyoming
Phineas SHEPHERD, Huntington
James THOMAS, Canaan
Elijah WILLIAMS, Wilkesbarre
Laura WOODBRIDGE, Canaan
Nathan WHIPPLE, Newport
Capt. Samuel WOODRUFF, Orwell
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

23 Jan. 1807

Caution – All persons are forewarned against taking an assignment of the following notes:
#1 Given by Elijah TRACY to James Donatius Le Ray de CHAUMONT, of $360, dated the 19th March 1804 with interest from the 1st June 1804 and to become due the 19th of March 1809
#2 Given by John PARKS to same for $250, dated 19th March 1804 with interest from the 1st June 1804 and becomes due the 19th March 1809 #3 Given by Gideon BENNET to same, for $250, with interest from the 1st June 1804 and becomes due the 19th March 1809. As he has not fulfilled the contract for which the said Notes were given, we are determined not to pay them unless compelled by law. Gideon BENNET, Elijah TRACY, John PARKS, Orwell

Estate of Noah WADHAMS, sen., late of Plymouth Twp., requests payments. Calvin WADHAMS and Noah WADHAMS, exec.

30 Jan. 1807

Anglebart HARTSHOUGH married to Miss Christiana OWENS, at Kingston, on Sunday the 18th inst.

Peter GRUBB, Esq., died at Kingston on Friday the 23rd inst., in the 53rd year of his age

Maj. Henry STARK, died at Wilkesbarre (no death date)

Luzerne Co. Statement 1806 (See p. 3-4-t)

Dissolution of Partnership – The public are informed that the Partnership of GALLAGHER — THOMPSON, was on the 1st day of December last, dissolved by mutual consent. All those who are indebted to the Firm, are desired to make immediate payment to the Subscriber. The business will be carried on as usual by Peter GALLAGHER.

6 Feb. 1807

13 Feb. 1807

A horrid murder was committed last month on the Allegheny mountain in Somerset County. David POLLOCK was shot, while travelling the road, his throat cut and robbed of his watch and money. Two Frenchmen committed the act, one of whom was killed in the attempt to take him and the other is secured.

Hezekiah KILBOURNE, died at Colchester, Conn., aged 77 years, after fasting for 62 days. (See p. 3-3-m)

List of letters remaining at the Post Office, Athens, Feb. 4th:
James H. WILSON, Tioga Point
Abraham MILLER, New-Athens Tioga
Timothy SMITH, New-Athens Tioga
Henry CHURCHHILL, New-Athens Tioga
Mathew CARPENTER, New-Athens Tioga
David RUNDELL, Sheshequin
George HOLLENBACK, Toga Point
Arthur FARLIE, Tioga Point
Oliver JENNINGS, Sullivan
Jeduthan WITHEY, Sugar Creek
David JAYNE, Shepards Creek
John SPALDING, Athens
Isaac RUNDELL, Sugar Creek
Benj. SHOEMAKER, near Tioga
James HARKNESS, Munceysfield
Eleazer MERILL, Litchfield Tioga Point
Tho’s WRIGHT, Halestown Susquehannah
Laura FRISBIE, Orwell
Theron DARLING, Orwell
Lewis MOFFIT, to be left at Tioga Post Office

Timothy WINSHIP, Claverick
Wilber BENNET, Wysox Creek
Henry Mott, Tioga Point
Uriah WILSON, Esq., near Tioga Point
John REDINGTON, near Tioga Point
John HILL, Tioga Point
Nathaniel HOVEY, Tioga
Mrs. Neterville, Athens, NY
Polly DECKER, Tioga Point
Capt. Noah WILSON, Alba
Oliver DOUGLASS, Tioga Lycoming Co.
Noah MURRAY, Jun., Tioga Point
Asa DOUGLASS, Tioga Lycoming Co.
Doctor Stephen HOPKINS, Tioga Pt.
Elnathan ELLIS, Tioga Point
Chester STEPHENS, Tioga Point
Ashael PORTER, Tioga Point
Henry D. LAKARY, Little Chotauqua Town, NY Samuel SATTERLEE, P. M.

Estate of Peter GRUBB, Esq., late of Plymouth, requests payments. Sarah GRUBB and Lord BUTLER, Admin.

20 Feb. 1807

Estate of Major Elisha MATHEWSON, late of Tioga Point, Lycoming Co., request payments. Betsey MATHEWSON and Elias SATTERLEE, Exec.

Caution – Whereas my wife, Lucretia JOHNSON, has left my bed and board without any just cause, I do hereby for the last time caution all persons not to trust her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting after this date. Solomon JOHNSON, Wilkesbarre, Feb. 20th

27 Feb. 1807

James PIERCE married to Miss Lucy GIDEONS, at Exeter (no marriage date)

Henry SPALDING married to Miss Myra SATTERLEE, at Ulster (no marriage date)

Edward SMITH married to Miss Jerusha CHAMPION, at Braintrim, by H. V. CHAMPION, Esq. (no marriage date)

Notice – The subscriber wished to contract with a man who will furnish, Four Oxen, to work by the day, on the Turnpike-Road, between this place and Tunkhannock – The man to be found in provisions, but to provide forage for his Team. The labourer to receive his wages monthly. Proposals will be received by the Subscriber until the 20th March next. William ROSS, Wilkesbarre.

A Flat Found – drifting on the River Susquehanna, on the 30th Dec. last by the subscribers – the owner ids desired to come prove property pay charges and take it away. James EVANS, George MILLER and Benjamin JENKINS, Tunkhannock.

6 March 1807

A Scythe Maker – Who is a complete workman, sober and industrious, will meet with good encouragement as a Journeyman, by applying to the subscriber, Peter YARRINGTON, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Peletiah OSTERHOUT, late of Nicholson Twp., request payments. Hannah OSTERHOUT and Gideon OSTERHOUT, Jun., Admin.’s, Tunkhannock.

13 March 1807

Harry SPALDING married to Miss Lemira SATTERLEE, at Athens, on 1st Feb., by Joseph KINNEY, Esq.

Francis BEEBE, married to Miss Lydia TAYLOR, at Kingston, on Tuesday the 3rd inst., by Lawrence MYRES, Esq.

Lumber – The subscriber wishes to purchase a quantity of good Boards and Shingles. He will make pay for them in any kind of Saddler’s Work, and will trade on generous terms. John EBBERT, Wilkesbarre

Estate of John SCOTT, late of Pittston Twp., requests payments. John SCOTT and John CARY, Exec’s. [See next paper]

Estate of Elihu C. GOODRICH, late of NY State, requests payments. David WATERMAN, Adm’r

Public Notice – To all whom it may concern – Whereas Eunice RHODES, Mother of the subscriber, is under my care for her maintenance, and I stand bound in a Bond of $500 for the same, and she has left me without any just Provocation – this is to forbid all persons harbouring to trusting her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting from this date, or any previous. Nathan TUPPER, Rush.

Wood Lot For Sale – Situated about a mile and a quarter from the Borough of Wilkesbarre, contains about 100 acres, it is well wooded and the Turnpike road runs through it – The conditions will be made easy to the purchaser. Gideon BEEBE.

20 March 1807

William GALLUP, died at Kingston on Friday last, aged about 40. On the morning of the day of his death he went out about a mile to cut some wood. At noon one of his children was sent to call him to dinner, who returned directly with the afflicting news that his father was dead. A number of the neighbors immediately repaired to the place where he had been at work and there they found the unfortunate man, with his head in a small creek, and his feet lying upon the bank. From appearances it is supposed that he fell a small tree, which striking against another in its descent, sprung and struck him on the head and knocked him into the place where he was found; and that he was so stunned by the blow as not to be able to raise himself from the water, in which he drowned. He has left a numerous family to bewail his untimely fate.

The advertisement of the Executors of John SCOTT, the name of John is erroneously inserted instead of Joseph SCOTT, owing to an error in the copy. [See notice last week]

Whereas Capt. Stephen FULLER, of Sheshequin hath obtained of us the subscribers five Notes, of $100 each, the first payable the first of May 1808, the second May first 1809, the third the first of May 1810, the fourth in May 1811 and the fifth in May 1812. All of said Notes were fraudulently obtained. We do hereby forewarn all persons whatsoever from purchasing any of the said Notes, as we are determined not to pay any of them unless compelled by law. Arad TUTTLE and Daniel PRATT, Sheshequin.

To Make Maple Sugar, Maple Beer and Maple Wine (See p. 4-4-b)

27 March 1807

Seril PECK, of Rush married to Miss Uraenia TURREL, of Kent, Conn., in Kent in Jan. last.

Jehiel TUPPER married to Miss Falla DOWNER, of Bozra, Conn., at Bozra (no marriage date)

Journeymen House Carpenters – Three or Four Journeymen House Carpenters, who are good workmen, sober and industrious, will meet with good wages and constant employment by applying to the subscriber. George CALHOUN, Wilkesbarre

To Be Sold at Public Vendue – In the Borough of Wilkesbarre – 8th April next, A quantity of Household and kitchen Furniture. Consisting of Feather-beds, bedsteads and bedding, Tables, Chairs, one Bureau, two Spinning Wheels, a quantity of Shoemaker’s Lasts, a quantity of dried Port, a Ten Plate Stove, Potatoes by the Bushel and a number of other articles too tedious to mention. As the subscriber proposes removing from this part of the Country immediately after Court, he hopes all those indebted to him will make immediate payment, as the nature of his circumstances is such that will put him to the disagreeable necessity of forcing compliance. John FRY, Wilkesbarre.

The subscriber has, situated on the Tunkhannock Creek, about 15 miles up said Creek, an excellent Farm of Bottom Land, a Saw-Mill and Grist Mill; to let for one, two, three, five or seven years. Whoever wishes for further particulars may inquire of the Subscriber on the Premises. John MARCY.

To Be Sold – a four horse waggon and two horses; the purchaser may have his choice of four; the waggon to be sold with or without the horses, as may suit the purchaser. Two Cut Rifles. Christopher CLINETOB, near Berwick, on the River Susquehanna.

Maj. Joseph ERWIN, of Tinicum Twp, Bucks Co., died on the 4th ult, at his seat in Erwinna, in the 49th year of his age.

To Be Rented – That Capital Stand For A Store and Tavern, lately in the occupancy of Thomas DUANE, Esq., Situated at Lackawanna, on the Post Road from Wilkesbarre to Tioga Point and near the bank of the Susquehanna River. The stand consists of about 70 acres of land, a handsome part of which is laid down with Clover. A large and convenient two story dwelling house, and kitchen, of the same height, a store house, two large barns, and other necessary out houses. Possession will be given immediately. Application for renting this valuable property, may be made to Tho’s WRIGHT, Esq., Wrightsville, the Printer at Wilkesbarre or Asher MINER, Doylestown, Bucks Co.

3 April 1807

Petitions to the House of Representatives asking for a road to be laid out and opened from the points where the turnpike, leading from Coshecton, on the River Delaware to the great bend of the River Susquehanna, passes through the gap of the Moosic mountain, so as to extend form thence in a western direction thro’ the central parts of the northern counties. (See p. 3-3-m)

10 April 1807

List of Acts passed during the second session of the 9th Congress (46 Acts) – (See p. 2-3-m)

At the Court, held this week in town, three persons were sentenced to the state prison: Alfred ARMSTRONG, a black boy about 16 years old, for burglary – three years. John JOHNSON, about 19 years of age, for burglary and larceny (two suits) – two years. David GOUGH, a lad about 15, for horse stealing – three years. This lad plead Guilty, and the Court, in the first place sentenced him to one year’s imprisonment. During the evening of the day on which he had received his sentence, Judge COOPER, it is understood, heard some reports against the general character of the lad, and the next morning ordered him before the court. He appeared and the judge altered his sentence and increased the time of him imprisonment from one to three years. They boy was remanded to jail. When lo! It appeared that his second sentence had been pronounced in a court of Common Pleas; and not in a court of Quarter Sessions. The poor fellow was a third time brought forward – a court of Quarter Sessions opened, and Judge COOPER passed sentence a third time upon him! And the last time, I am told , the prisoner was in irons. On Thursday morning the Sheriff started with the prisoners to Philadelphia. Whether any of them will be sent back again (as formerly) as illegally committed, we do not yet know. During the sitting of the court, two men (one of whom was the constable of Kingston) were hurried off to jail for whispering, where they were confined for some hours. This created great murmurs among the People.

Estate of Henry STARK, late of Wilkesbarre (Jacob’s Plains) requests payments. Elizabeth STARK, Cornelius COURTRIGHT and Paul STARK, Admin.’s.

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held 27th inst. – Land situated in Northmoreland Twp., (Lot #11 in the 5th tier) containing 142+ acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William WHITE and will be sold as the property of Thomas WIGTON.

17 – 24 April 1807 – No papers

20 April 1807 (?) – page 3 — 4 filmed after the May 1st issue

Isaac HOLLISTER married to Miss Ann KING, on Sunday last, by the Rev. A. HOYT

1 May 1807

Mrs. Chloe, wife of George MILLER, of Tunkhannock, died on Saturday evening last, aged 40 years.

Commissioners of Luzerne Co. will contract for a building of a bridge of over the Tunkhannock Creek, where the Post Road crosses said creek at the expense of the County: as follows. They propose to put it up at Vendue, and sell it to the lowest and best bidder. For which purpose the Commissioners will attend with the plan proposed by the viewers on Monday the 18th May, at Tunkhannock, on or near the ground where the Bridge is to be built. The purchaser to furnish all the materials, do all the work, and procure sufficient security for the faithful performance. Benjamin DORRANCE, Elisha HARDING, Hosea TIFFANY, Commissioners. Peleg TRACY, Clerk.

Estate of Joseph WILSON, late of Huntington Twp., deceased are requested to make immediate payment. Robert WILSON and Jacob BOSTON, Admin.’s, Huntington

All those indebted to the subscriber are once more called upon to settle their accounts without delay, or they must be dealt with in a disagreeable manner. Grain of all kinds will be received in payment, within five weeks from this date. Reuben BAKER, Wyalusing, April 13th.

Vendue will be sold at Public Vendue – At the dwelling house of the subscriber, in Kingston, on 11th inst. – Milch Cows, Horses, Sheep, Wheat and Rye on the ground, Household Furniture, Framing Utensils, a ten Plate Stove and a variety of other articles too tedious to mention. Sale to begin at 10 o’clock. Conditions of sale to be made known at that time and place, and attendance given by Nath’l LANDON.

List of letters remaining at the Post Office, Wilkesbarre, April 1st:
John ANDERSON, Plymouth
Hannah ABBOTT, Wilkesbarre
Jedediah ADAMS, Willingborough
George AUBRY, Asylum
Jeremiah BLANCHARD, Pittston
Sarah BOWMAN, Kingston
Betsey BALDWIN, Wilkesbarre
Jonathan BULKELEY, Wilkesbarre
Jeremiah BROOKS, Wilkesbarre
George BROWN, Wilkesbarre
Mary BURLEW, Wilkesbarre
Elias BELL, Nicholson
Jospeh BLANDEN, Nicholson
Joel BARNS, Orwell
Anson Carr SCADDING, Plymouth
Martha CAPRON, Ninepartners
John CLARK, Wilkesbarre
Sela CROFOOT, Canton
Addison CARVER, Kingston
Lazarus DENISON, Kingston
Abel DARLING, Luzerne Co.
Theron DARLING, Orwell
Dan ELWELL, Luzerne Co.
Joseph FELLOWS, Providence
John FAIRCHILD, Newport
Silas FINCH, Newport
Luman GILBERT, Wilkesbarre
Freelove GALLUP, Wilkesbarre
Elnathan GINNINGS, Huntington
Lewis HARTSAUGH, Wilkesbarre
John HOLLISTER, Wilkesbarre
Henry HUTCHINS, Kingston
Caty HEATH, near Berwick
Ch’s HOMET, Asylum
Edward INMAN, Hanover
Lewis JONES, Exeter
Elizabeth JORDAN, Salem
Aaron LACEY, Kingston
Samuel MILLER, Pittston
Call DECKER, Minisink
James M’NEAL, Nescopeck
David MEAD, Wilkesbarre
William MILLER, Wilkesbarre
John MILLER, Wilkesbarre
John NOBLES, Newport
Samuel NEWCOMB, Wyalusing
Mary NEWCOMB, Rush
David OLDES, Orwell
Elisha POTTER, Providence
Isaac PRATT, Lock
Thomas PACE, Kingston
Doct. Robert H. ROSE, Wilkesbarre
Hezekiah ROBERTS, Plymouth
Aaron ROBERTS, Plymouth
Abraham SUTTON, Hanover
Jeremiah SPENCER, Victory
Silas SMITH, Newport
John TURNER, Plymouth
James THOMPSON, Canaan
Samuel VAN HORN, Nescopeck
Nicholas VAN HORN, Nescopeck
Edward VAN HORN, Nescopeck
Mary WRIGHT, Wilkesbarre
Stephen WILSON, Rush
Jonathan WEST, Ruba
Amasa WEST, Great-Bend
Robert WYLEY, Wilkesbarre
Maj. Theodore WOODBRIDGE, Canaan
Sally WOODBRIDGE, Canaan
Howel WOODBRIDGE, Canaan
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

To be sold by the subscriber – a valuable Plantation, situated at the Great-Bend, of the Susquehanna River. Containing 346 acres – 150 acres under improvement – 90 acres of the best bottom land. Whereon are two dwelling houses and two frame barns, 30 by 45 feet, with every convenience for a Tavern, where one is now kept. The Public Ferry, where the Turnpike Road from Newburg on the North River to the state line of Pennsylvania and New York, crosses, appertains to the Farm. An orchard of 200 bearing trees of the best fruit. For terms apply to the subscriber living on the premises. Josiah STEWART.

Vaccine Inoculation. The subscriber having had considerable experience in inoculating for the Kine Pock, offers his service to the public as a vaccinator, and invites their patronage, to enable him to extend the benefit of this important improvement in medical science. Every attention will be paid to those who are put under his care for vaccination. The price of his services will be reasonable and the poor on application, may receive it gratis. He is now furnished with genuine vaccine matter. James W. WHITING, Wilkesbarre.

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held May 4th – Land situated in Wilkesbarre Twp., known by being Lot #20, in the third division, containing 196+ acres, late the estate of Ezekiel HYDE, Deceased. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the President and Managers of the Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road and will be sold by James WHEELER, Sheriff.

8 May 1807

If the last winter has not been severer than any preceding one for a long course of years, it has at least, marked its way by as many melancholy circumstances. We some time ago mentioned the death of the unfortunate MERRIT, at Wyalusing, and today we have learned the fate of another citizen, who perished by the cold. In the beginning of January last, John SMITH, of Sugar-Creek, took his rifle and started into the woods on an excursion after deer. As it was often the case when his pursuit led him far from home that he took shelter at the house of some acquaintance, his family were not alarmed at his absence through the night. The next day passed, and the day following, and the anxious wife had wearied her eyes in vain, in watching the path way for the return of her partner. On the fourth, she extended the alarm for Mr. SMITH through the neighborhood, and a number of men went out in pursuit of him.
After following his track in various directions, for many miles, they, at length, towards evening came to the spot where the wretched wanderer expired. It appeared that Mr. SMITH has attempted to kindle a fire in an old log, but in blowing the spark, cold, hunger and fatigue overpowered him, and he sunk back upon the snow and without a struggle or exertion closed his eyes for ever. The day before Mr. SMITH went out, he sold his dog t a man who lived about twenty miles from him., and Mr. RUTTY (the purchaser) had led him home. But the faithful animal was found upon the breast of his old master, watching with all the solicitude of love, the moment when he should awake. He has scratched around him, and upon his master’s breast, undoubtedly to awaken him; but when he found it in vain, coiled himself over his heart, and there had nearly expired. Faithful creature! Thy fidelity and attachment shame and boasted virtues of man. The manner in which the dog found his master, is a question difficult to resolve. He was in the wilderness, ten miles from Mr. RUTTY’S and on tracking his track some distance, it appeared that he came in the direct course to the spot from the house of his new master, and it could not be discovered that he had been at all on the track of Mr. SMITH. The deceased was a man much and deservedly esteemed by his acquaintance; he has left a wife and seven children to mourn their loss and his untimely fate.

The annual election for Borough Officers, on Tuesday last, the following gentlemen were chosen for the ensuing year:
Burgess: Jesse FELL
Town Council: Ebenezer BOWMAN, Lord BUTLER, Nathan PALMER, Arnold COLT, Wiliam ROSS, Joseph SLOCUM and John P. ARNDT
High Constable: Peter YARRINGTON

Mrs. Ruth, widow of Jonathan SLOCUM, died on Wednesday last, aged 71 years. She with her husband and family, removed to this place form Rhode Island 30 years ago. Here they suffered in common with the other first settlers, all the hardships incident to the establishment of new settlements in a wilderness, together with the distresses arising from domestic persecution, and all horrors of an Indian War. A short time after the family were settled here, a party of savages attacked the house, killed a man at the door, rushed in, seized two of her children, a son and a daughter. The daughter, about five years old, they bore off, and she has never once been seen since by her friends, although it was understood she was not killed. The son was lame from a wound in his foot, and Mrs. SLOCUM, as though certain what must be his fate, as he would be unable to travel, with uncommon fortitude, stepped up to the Indian who had him, and demanded her boy. With a horrid smile, the savage gave him up, and left the house in pursuit of others.
The next year another party of Indians came down upon the settlements. Mrs. SLOCUM, his aged father, and a son (Wm. SLOCUM, Esq., of Lackawanna) were at a hay stack, in the field, where they were attacked. Resistance was vain and mercy was a stranger to the bosom of the blood-thirsty wretches. The husband of Mrs. SLOCUM, and his father fell. The Indians pursued Mr. W. SLOCUM and wounded him in the leg; and the ball has never been extracted. Thus has the cup of affliction been often and deeply drained by the unfortunate widow. A husband, father and daughter, were wrested from her by the murderous savages. Mrs. SLOCUM sustained the character of a good wife, an affectionate mother, a kind and charitable friend: and the unaffected regret, exhibited by all her acquaintance, witnesses her worth.

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held on 20th of this month – Tracts of land situated in Kingston Twp. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Alexander HENRY and James BOGGS, and will be sold as the property of Thos. DUANE.

Estate of William GALLUP, late of Kingston, request payments. Freelove GALLUP, Daniel HOYT and Henry BUCKINGHAM, Admin, Kingston

15 May 1807

Estate of Solomon KING, late of Huntington Twp., requests payments. Abiel FELLOWS and Uriah WILLIAMS, Admin., Huntington

Taken up by the subscriber on Monday the 20th April last, a part of a raft of 30″ shingles, with the owners name on them, who is desired to prove property, pay charges and take them away. Apply to the subscriber leaving near the three Islands, Jeduthan SKEELS, Northmoreland

Went Adrift – On April 20th, from Skinner’s Eddy (Braintrim), a raft of white pine boards, about one third of them Clear Stuff. They were rafted much stronger than the usual manner; all the platforms except five floorings at the bottom, being unted together by courses of boards which bound the whole raft into one. Whoever has taken them up and will give information to the subscriber where he may obtain these shall be generously rewarded. Lud GAYLORD, Wyalusing

22 May 1807

Sale of Lands – to be sold at Public Vendue on 19th June next, tracts of land, held under Warrants:
The following each containing 301+ acres, situated on the waters of the Lackawanna, about four miles from Capows Meadows, held under warrants dated 12 July 1774:
Alexander NEWLIN

The following each containing 401+ acres (unless otherwise stated):
William LOGUE, 266
William COOKE, 390
William BRADY
Robert IRWIN
Bernard HUBLEY
Christopher DERRING

The following situated on the heads of Loyalsock and Mahoopeny, held under warrants dated 3 May 1793, each containing 401 acres (unless otherwise stated):
William WILSON
James JENKINS, 340
Daniel REES, 240
James ARMSTRONG, 360

The following situated on the heads of Loyalsock and Mahoopeny, held under warrants dated 8 March 1793:
Sam’l SCOTT, 160
Abraham SCOTT, 380
Wm. M’CURDY, 390
John MUSSER, 300
Robert MARTIN, 190
Thomas REES, 280

The following on the East branch of Susquehanna at the mouth of Tuscarora Creek, held under an application dated 3 April 1769: Rudolph HOPE, 100 acres, part of a tract of 316 acres The following situated on the west side of the east branch of Susquehanna, about two miles below the mouth of Towanda, held under applications dated 3 April 1769:
Jeremiah TALBOT, 303+

The following chiefly in the township of Braintrim, held under an application dated 3 April 1769:
Joseph STRODE, 90 acres, part of 307 acres The following situated on Red Bank or Muhiango, near the NY line held under warrants dated 9 May 1794:
Clement BIDDLE, 301+
William BRADFORD, 250

Also “one undivided moiety of the following five tracts) situated on Lackawanna, held by warrants dated 1 July 1784:
Sarah DELANY, 400
Andrew HENDERSON, 499+
James MOORE, 419
Wiliam HENDERSON, 425
James DENNY, 402

The foregoing quantities are those found upon survey, and not the warrant quantities Bonds with approved security must be given at the time of the sale for the payment of the purchase money to the State Treasurer, according to the conditions of sale. Reasonable credit will be given. The foregoing lands, upon which the state has a lien, are to be sold for the discharge of a debt due from the late John NICHOLSON, to the state of Pennsylvania. Maps of the Land may be seen at the time and place of sale. Attendance will be given by, Joseph HEISTER, John LYON and Cadwalader EVANS, jun., Commissioners, Philadelphia

Laws of Pennsylvania – An Act Establishing an Academy in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, Luzerne Co., or public school for the education of youth in the useful arts, sciences and literature, by the name to “The Wilkesbarre Academy.” The first trustees shall consist of the following:
Rev. Ard HOYT
Jesse FELL
William ROSS
Rosewell WELLES
Ebenezer BOWMAN
Charles MINER
Arnold COLT
Matthew COVELL
Benjamin PERRY
Thomas DYER

(See p. 4-1-t)
Estate of Jacob GARRISON, late of Salem Twp., requests payments. Sarah GARRISON and John SEELEY, Admin., Salem

Estate of Nathan FORBES, late of Huntington, request payments. Nathan FORBES, Admin., Huntington

29 May 1807

Stephen LOTT married to Miss Betsey ELLIS, at Braintrim on the 14th ult., by Josiah FASSET, Esq.

Ruel ROBINSON married to Miss Nabby MILES, at Mahoopany, on the 15th

Rosewell KASSON married to Miss Elizabeth ROBINSON (no marriage date)

Jacob JOHNSON, died in this town on Friday night last, aged 40 years

Richard BROCKWAY, formerly of Lyme, Conn., died aged about 100 years (no death date)

A son of Charles ABBOT, drowned at Jacob’s Plains, aged about 6 years

5 June 1807 – Paper missing

12 June 1807

Proclamation – Whereas, Elisha ROSE, of Preston, Conn., charged with the murder, by poison, of John HERRINGTON, Joseph HERRINGTON, Philetus T. HERRINGTON and Clarissa HERRINGTON, all four several indictments, depending before the Honorable Superior Court, in County of New London, hat absconded, and avoids the ordinary process of law: Now, therefore, I Jonathan TRUMBULL, Governor in and over the State of Conn., in pursuance of a special resolve of the Legislature, do hereby issue my Proclamation, and offer $400, as a reward, to be paid from the Treasury of this state, to such person or persons as shall apprehend the said Elisha ROSE, and deliver him for trial, on said indictments, to the custody of the Sheriff of said County, at the goal therein. 20 May 1807, Jonathan TRUMBULL, Hartford.

6 Cent Reward – Ran away from the subscriber on 14th May last, his indented apprentice, Justus STEVENS, between 15 and 16 years of age, of a good size, dark complexion, and something round shouldered, had on when he went away a brown Sailor jacket, a striped linsey under jacket, and linen overalls. Whoever takes up the said apprentice and returns him to the subscriber, shall receive the above reward, but no charges paid. And all persons are hereby forbid harbouring or employing the said apprentice under the penalty of the law, Jonas INGHAM, Jr., Wyalusing

Capt. Jeremiah BLANCHARD, died at Pittston, on the 26th ult., aged 69 years. He was one of the first settlers at Wyoming (page torn)

Isaac TRIPP, died on the 28th at Capowse, aged about 70 years. He also was one of the first inhabitants who settled here.

19 June 1807

John M. TAYLOR, Esq., one of the Commissioners for settling the disputes in the Fifteen Townships, arrived this day from Philadelphia. We understand that Rosewell WELLES, Esq. and Alexander SCOTT, Esq., of Lancaster were appointed by the Governor as his associates.

Notice is hereby given – to persons who hold lands in the Fifteen townships, for which no application has been made to the Commonwealth under the compensating Act of the 4 April 1799 and the several supplements thereto; that they may now apply at the State Commissioner’s Office, at the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre, where their business will be duly attended to by George HAINES.

26 June 1807

Those Connecticut claimants who have obtained patents form the land office, and whose lands are bound to the state for the payment of the purchase money, are directed to the second section of the following law. They will perceive that their patents are void, unless recorded within six months from their date. A number of patents, I am told, are already void, from a neglect of this provision. (See p. 3-2-m)

Asa OLMSTEAD married to Miss Rhoda BROWN, at Rush, on the 16th inst., by Isaac HANCOCK, Esq.

Francis BREWER married to Miss Polly SMITH, at Braintrim on Monday evening the 18th inst., by Josiah FASSETT, Esq.

Reuben TAYLOR, died in Northmoreland Twp., near the three Islands, on the 16th April last, aged 76 years, a native of Norwalk, Conn.

Thomas ELLIS, died on the 13th inst., at Braintrim, aged about 55 years.

From the “Connecticut Courant” – Thomas HUTCHINS has advertised that I have absented myself from his bed and board, and forbid all persons trusting me on his account and cautions all persons against making me any payment on his account; I now advertise the public that the said Thomas HUTCHINS came as a fortune hunter into this town about a year ago, with a recommendation, which with some artful falsehoods induced me to marry him and take him into my house and bed which he brutality has drove me with wounds and bruises; he has threatened my life, kept me by force from entering my house to take any of my cloathing, money, or to her property; he as also forcibly detained the chest, money and property of my sister; his fears that any body will trust him are vain, as I will not pay his debts; some debts due to me when I married. I hope will not be paid to him; I have never heard that any body owed him a debt, if the do, they had better pay him immediately, as he will want it, for I shall maintain him no longer. Of the four wives he had before me, the last he quarreled away, how the other three came by their deaths he can best inform the public. But I caution all widows or maidens against marrying him, be their desire for matrimony ever so strong. Should he make his advances under a feigned name, they may look out for a little strutting, talkative, feeble, meager, hatchet faced fellow, with spindle shanks and a little warp’d in the back! Thankful HUTCHINS, East Windsor

3 July 1807

**Large section of page 3 torn away

$40 Reward. Stop him!! Ran away from the subscriber, on Saturday night the 27th inst., an indented apprentice boy, to the house carpenter’s business, named Reuben THOMPSON. He is a likely Lad, about Eighteen years of age, has black hair, and black eyes, a slorid complexion; is about five feet eight or nine inches high, and thick set. He had on when he went away, a brown mixed short jacket, a pair of Nankeen or Fustian pantaloons, a wool hat half worn, and a pair of shoes, rather too large for him. Whoever will take up said boy, and return him to the subscriber, or secure him and give the subscriber notice so that he may get him, shall receive the above reward, and all necessary charges. All persons are forbid to harbour or trust the said boy, on penalty of the law. George CHAHOON, Wilkesbarre

Estate of William SMITH, late of Newport Twp., request payments. Peter SHEIDA, Newport

10 July 1807

For sale – The subscriber offers for sale near Forty Fort, in Kingston, a dwelling house, hatters shop and store house, with about 4 acres of good land, a variety of fruit trees, such as apple and peach, –c. There is a good well of water at the door. Lately in the occupancy of M. SHOEMAKER. For terms apply to Elijah SHOEMAKER, Kingston

List of letters remaining in the Post Office, Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
Daniel ANGEL, Harlem
Hannah ABBOTT, Wilkesbarre
George ALLINGTON, Kingston
Samuel BALDWIN, Kingston
Matthew BEACH, Salem
Isaiah, BRAINERDE, Salem
William COXE, Wilkesbarre
John CLARKE, Wilkesbarre
James CHESTNOR, Wilkesbarre
William COOPER, Wilkesbarre
John DELAVAN, Wilkesbarre
Gideon DRAPER, Wilkesbarre
Joseph DAVENS, Wilkesbarre
Lazarus DENISON, Kingston
Oliver ELSWORTH, Nicholson
Charles ELSWORTH, Nicholson
Jehiel FULLER, Northmoreland
Benjamin FULLER, Kingston
Silvinus FULLER, Bedford
Nathaniel GOSS, Huntington
Caleb W. HENMAN, Canton
Bela B. HYDE, Wilkesbarre
Adolph HEATH, Wilkesbarre
Samuel HEATH, Wilkesbarre
John HEATH, Wilkesbarre
John JOHNSON, Wilkesbarre
Daniel LIKE, Wilkesbarre
Robert HENDERSON, Wilkesbarre
Charles MINER, Wilkesbarre
James M’NEAL, Salem
Washington LEE, Wilkesbarre
Elias LONG, Huntington
Andrew LEE, Wilkesbarre
Joel ROGERS, Plymouth
Deliverence ROGERS, Plymouth
John RALPH, Salem
Doct. Robert ROSE, Wilkesbarre
William RUSSEL, Wilkesbarre
Thomas M. SHICK, Luzerne
William STANTON, Providence
John STRONG, Northmoreland
James SCOVELL, Exeter
Hezekiah SMITH, Northmoreland
Silas SMITH, Newport
John SHAFFER, Wilkesbarre
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

17 July 1807

List of letters remaining at the Post Office, Wysox, July 1st:
Andar AKELEY, Wysox
James DAVIDSON, Wysox
Abel DARLING, Wysox
Sutile HOLDEN, Wysox
John ELLIOTT, Orwell
William ELLIOTT, Orwell
Charles SUTTON, Orwell
Capt. Sam’l WOODRUFF, Orwell
John BIRNEY, Standingstone
Betsey ALLEN, Towanda
Isreal GALE, Towanda
Nathan ROWLEY, Sugar Creek
Caleb W. HINMAN, Canton
Reuben HALE, Towanda
Chares ARRIAL, Towanda
James ROOLES, Towanda
Edward COX, Lawsville
Polly RUNDEL, Bridgewater
Timothy MIX, Bridgewater
Amos DOWEL, Bridgewater

Estate of Jacob W. JOHNSON, late of Wilkesbarre, requests payments. Isaac A. WIGHTMAN, Admin.

Estate of James STURDIVANT, late of Braintrim Twp., request payments. Rachel STURDIVANT and Jonathan STEVENS, Execs., Braintrim

24 July 1807

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held Aug. 3rd – Land situated in Hanover Twp. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Napthali HURLBUT, for the use of Thomas WRIGHT and will be sold as the property of Joseph HITCHCOCK.

31 July 1807

7 Aug. 1807

Strayed from Nescopeck Twp., a dark bay mare, about 14 hand high, 9 years old, had on her neck when she went off a copper bell of a middle size, has grey hairs in the end of her tail. Whoever takes up the same, by applying to John BAUGHMAN, in Nescopeck, shall receive $6 Reward.

Estate of Lazarus ELLIS, late of Braintrim Twp., requests payments. Josiah FASSETT and Daniel STERLING, Exec.’s, Braintrim

Being lately at the house of the widow GODDARD, and mentioning that I did not recollect to have seen the death of her husband published in the paper, she told me she had forwarded the particulars to you, and regretted that she had not seen them published in the Federalist which she read weekly. A Customer. 16 July 1806, Ezra GODDARD, of Burlington, Sugar Creek, aged 45, sat fire to his fallow near his buildings. Leaving some hands to watch the fire, he went himself to the side adjoining the mils. About one hour and a half after, he was found by his little son, lying on his back, motionless. On Mrs. GODDARD’S coming and attempting to raise him up, he said he was dying, and asked for water. On his brother Capt. Luther GODDARD and others being called to his assistance, they discovered his back to be broken and one shoulder mashed to pieces; he survived a few moments and expired, leaving a wife and six children to bemoan the loss of an affectionate husband and kind and tender parent. His funeral and sermon preached from Isaiah 33:13, by the Rev. John M’KEAN.

The subscriber informs his friends and the public in general, that he has again opened A House of Entertainment, at his old Stand, two miles below the mouth of Wyalusing Creek. Having furnished himself with the best of Liquors and other accommodations, he hopes to obtain the patronage of the public, and will endeavor to give satisfaction to those who may call upon him. Humphrey BROWN, Springfield.

The Commissioners of Luzerne Co. will contract for building a Bridge over the Meshoppen Creek, where the Post Road crosses said Creek; at the expense of the county as follows – They propose to put it up at Vendue, and sell to the highest and best bidder. For which purpose the Commissioners will attend with the plan proposed by the viewers on Monday the 24th day of this month, at Braintrim, on or near the ground where the bridge is to be built. The purchaser to furnish all materials, do all the work and procure sufficient security for the faithful performance. Benjamin DORRANCE, Elisha HARDING and Hosea TIFFANY, Commissioners, Peleg TRACY, Clerk

Public Vendue – will be sold on the 19th inst., the whole of the moveable property of Jacob W. JOHNSON, late of Wilkesbarre, deceased, consisting of horses, cattle, a waggon, household furniture, farming utensils –c. Conditions made known at the time and place of Sale, by Isaac A. WIGHTMAN.

About the 20th July last, was taken up on the road leading from Wysox to the Great-Bend, two oxen, the one a Brindle and the other a White Ox, with red spots, supposed to be seven years old. The owner is requested to come, prove property pay charges and take them away. Robert BENNET, Orwell

17 Aug. 1807

Strayed into my enclosure, on Thursday last, a black horse. William AILS, Wilkesbarre

On Saturday last, the inhabitants of Pittston, were visited by a severe hail storm. The cloud passed over them, from the S. E. The storm continued about half an hour and covered the ground with about two inches deed with hail. The grain suffered very much from its ravages, and in some places whole fields of corn and buckwheat were entirely destroyed. A number of windows were broken and some poultry killed. Ebenezer MARCEY is supposed to have sustained nearly $200 damage by the hail. Its material effects were confined to a narrow vein.

Articles of Association of the Luzerne Ship-Building Company. For the purpose of fairly and experimentally ascertaining whether vessels of a burthen from 30 to 50 tons, can be advantageously constructed at Wilkesbarre, and safely navigated to the tide, and subscribers associate themselves together, under the name of the Luzerne Ship Building Company and agree to the following articles – viz:
1. For the purpose above mentioned, one thousand dollars shall be raised by a subscription for shares in the company. 2. The number of shares for the “Luzerne Ship Building Company” shall be one hundred at ten dollars each
3. Each subscriber agrees to pay, when called upon, ten dollars for each share he shall subscribe for
4. In all meetings of the company, each share holder shall be entitled to a vote for every share he may hold, either by himself or by proxy
5. John P. ARNDT and Henry BUCKINGHAM shall be a committee ot obtain subscriptions for shares, and to call the stock holders together
6. A meeting shall be called by the public advertisement in the newspaper at Wilkesbarre, to be inserted two weeks at least before the meeting, as soon as 50 shares are subscribed for.
7. At the meeting so called a constitution and such regulations as may be deemed proper for the government of the company, shall be formed; and all who do not attend shall be bound by such laws as are then made provided that no greater sum than that subscriber for, shall be demanded of any member.

Cornelius C. MASTEN, died at Kingston, Ulster Co., NY, on July 20, in the 33rd year of his age

$300 Reward – Whereas Jeremiah OSBORN, Attorney at Law, late of the Village of Troy, had been charged with the commission of a rape upon the body of Hannah HARRINGTON, his indented servant girl, aged about eleven years; and whereas on process being issued, the said Jeremiah eloped to parts unknown; and whereas at a general meeting of the inhabitants of this Village, the offence with which the said Jeremiah stands charged, is considered a crime of the deepest dye, and in the opinion of said meeting of the utmost importance that the said Jeremiah should be brought to trail, it was the reupon?. Resolved – The effective measures for arresting the said Jeremiah should be taken , and that a committee be appointed for that purpose. In pursuance of said resolution, the committee promise to pay to any person or persons who shall apprehend the said Jeremiah, and lodge him in the goal of this village, the said sum of Three Hundred Dollars. Gershom RICHARDS, Chairman of Committee, Ebenezer FOOT, Secretary. N. B. The above named Jeremiah is about 30 years of age, nearly 6 feet high, dark complexion and a thin habit. (Troy, New York)

21 Aug. 1807

At a meeting holden on the 17th inst. at the house of John MC CORD, in and for the Township of Tunkhannock, agreeable to appointment, in order to take into consideration the importance of the request of a meeting holden at Wilkesbarre on the 5th inst. by a party; inviting the people of said party, to appoint and send conferees to a meeting to be held at the house of John HARDING, in Exeter, on the 19th inst., Whereupon a very respectable number of inhabitants of Tunkhannock met, agreeable to said appointment. The meeting being opened indue form. Zebulon MARCY, Esq. was called to the Chair and Capt. John M’CORD, appointed Secretary. And after taking into consideration the matters aforesaid:

Resolved, That they will not appoint or send any conferees to the meeting at John HARDING’S aforesaid, or any other place where all good citizens have not an equal right without any distinction as to party; for the reasons following, viz:
First – Because we believe that the present crisis requires a general unanimity not only in townships, counties and states but throughout the whole Federal Union
Second – because that although great animosities and disturbances have so long existed as well in the country as elsewhere, merely about names, when the true interest and meaning of the good people on both sides, are one and the same.
Third – Because the proposals of the said meeting carries with it the clearest mark of distinction and partyism.
Fourthly – Because the invitation to the different townships, are directed only to a party, whereof this township do not consider themselves; while they declare themselves one people – and do disapprove of any proceedings of the kind, done by any party whatever.
Lastly – Resolved that the proceedings of this meeting be signed by the Chairman and Secretary and published in the Luzerne Federalist. Zebulon MARCY, Chairman, John MC CORD, Secretary, Tunkhannock

Militia Election. Officers, elected in the Second Brigade, Ninth Division Pennsylvania Militia:
Brigadier General: Robert GIFFIN (640), Lord BUTLER (506) and Rosewell WELLES (24)
Brigade Inspector: James WHEELER (464, Zebulon BUTLER (23) and William ROSS (681)

The subscriber informs the public that he has commenced the Hatting Business, two doors below the Public House of John P. ARNDT, in Bank Street, where he will supply those who may choose to favor him with their custom, with Hats of all kinds. Furs, Suitable for his business will be purchased or exchanged for Hats. A likely lad, 14 or 15 year old, will be taken as an apprentice to the above business. Andrew VOGEL, Wilkesbarre.

28 Aug. 1807

Jacob CIST, of the City of Washington married to Miss Sarah, daughter of Matthias HOLLENBACK, Esq., of this Borough, last evening by the Rev. Ard HOVE

Mrs. Sarah, consort of Samuel KELLOGG, Esq., died at Ulster Twp., on the 8th inst.

Proposals will be received by George K. HARRISON, at Nescopeck; for opening a road along the rout marked out for the Susquehanna and Toga turnpike: From the road leading from Ezekiel COLE’S mill to Joseph POTTER’S – to the foot of the North mountain.
From the foot of the North mountain to opposite the north end of the long pond on the head of Kitchen’s creek
From opposite the north end of the last mentioned pond, to opposite a small pond on the waters of Loyalsock.
The road must be opened twenty feet wide. Where digging is necessary it must be dug twelve feet wide. The small streams over which the road may pass are to be bridged and their banks and all other places where digging is required to be so made that the elevation shall in no place exceed six degrees. Part of the money will be advanced as the work progresses, and the whole paid as soon as the part contracted for is completed.

Wanted immediately, two or three hundred bushels of good clean wheat, suitable for manufacturing into super Flour. Six shillings and six pence bushel, in Cash, will be given by TYSON — MURPHY, who have for sale, nine Barrels excellent Whiskey. Wright’s Mills.

4 Sept. 1807

The wife of Mr. J. W. JOHNSON, died in this town on Wednesday last.

For Sale – A Plantation in Huntington Township – Containing about 94 acres, 25 acres under improvement, a log house, small barn. The owner has obtained a Patent form the State for it and will sell on the most reasonable terms. Horace PRESTON, Huntington

Tax Collectors for Luzerne Co. in 1806:
John TAYLOR, Exeter Twp.
John TUTTLE, Kingston
James NESBET, Plymouth
Jarius HARRISON, Huntington
Jesse HICKS, Salem
Michael WEISS, Nescopeck
Conrad LINES, Newport
Willys HYDE, Hanover
Eliud K. WALLER, Wilkesbarre
John BENEDICT, Pittston
Deodat SMITH, Providence
Ebenezer STEPHENS, Nicholson
Moses FOSTER, Willingborough
Friend TUTTLE, Lawsville
Benajah BOSTWICK, Rush
Parley COBOURN, Orwell
Daniel ALLEN, Canton
Jacob BOWMAN, Wysox
John HOLLENBACK, Wyalusing
Joel DOWNING, Braintrim
Obadiah TAYLOR, Tunkhannock

(See p. 4-2-t for $ amounts to be collected in each township, also shows 1805 $ amounts)

11 Sept. 1807

Prince ALDEN, died suddenly in the village of Owego, on the 27th ult., aged 46 years

Commodore PREBLE, died at Portland (no death date)

John BOLLES, respectfully informs the Public, that he contemplates to remove from New-London this Fall, to Wilkesbarre, to carry on the Saddling Business. He has left a number of Saddles and Bridles (warranted good) at Col. E. BUCKELEY’S, for sale. He trusts his work will bear inspection, and satisfy those who may choose to purchase of him.

Jacob BELL, of Wysox, has the satisfaction to inform his Friends and the Public in genera, that notwithstanding the difficulty and hindrance he has met with in erecting his Fulling Mill, He has it now in complete order, and is ready to execute, in his line of business any quantity of Cloth, and neatness and dispatch.

At Allentown on Saturday last, a meeting of the Constitutionalists of Northampton was held and Matthias GRESS, was agreed upon as a Senator, for the district of which Luzerne compasses a part.

Epitaph – The Happy Marriage
Here lies a constant pair below,
Who knew not matrimonial wo,
And ne’er exprsse’d a wish to part;
Love the sole regent of the heart.
Without a through their minutes roll’d
And life’s last sands were sands of gold;
What precious hours – what charming weather!
You ask how long they liv’d together?
From good authority I speak,
They liv’d together – one whole week.

18 Sept. 1807

Sally R., consort of Doct. G. W. TROTT, died in this village on Sunday last, in the 27th year of her age. She was a native of Norwich, Conn., and dau. of the late Gen. Elihu MARVIN, of that place. Although her residence in this village had but little exceeded a year, yet her engaging manners and amiable deportment, had secured her the affection of a numerous circle of friends and acquaintance.

Sarah SCOTT, late of Bozra, Conn., died at Rush (no death date)

Will be sold at Public Vendue – At the dwelling house of Lazarus ELLIS, late of Braintrim, deceased on Oct. 10th next at twelve o’clock: All the real and personal property belonging to the Estate of the said Lazarus ELLIS, viz: The right of the said ELLIS to the farm on which he lived, together with the buildings and improvements thereon, subject ot e encumbrance of the Widow’s thirds also. Two yoke of oxen, cows, one horse, three swine, five sheep, one two year old bull, plough, chains, yoke and irons, and a variety of other articles, which will be presented at the time and place of sale, when due attendance will be given, and conditions of sale made known by Josiah FASSETT and Daniel STERLING, Exec., Braintrim.

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held Oct. 2nd – Part of a lot situated on the east branch of Briar Creek, containing 208+ acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Christian RECUP and will be sold as the property of Benjamin JACOBS, deceased.

25 Sept. 1807

Daniel GORE, of Jacob’s Plain married Mrs. Hannah FINN, of Clifford, on the 23rd inst., at Kingston by Benjamin CARPENTER, Esq.

Luther YARINGTON married to Miss Hannah ABBOT, both of this town, in this town on the 9th inst., by Thomas DYER, Esq.

Mrs. Abigail, consort of the late J. BLANCHARD, died at Pittston on the 20th inst., aged 53.

Estate of Jeremiah BLANCHARD, late of Pittston Twp., request payments. Jeremiah BLANCHARD, Admin.

2 Oct. 1807

Chauncey GAYLORD, died about a month since, in Ontario Co., NY, aged 37, formerly of this county.

16 Oct. 1807

Estate of Ezra GODDARD, late of Burlington, Lycoming Co., request payments. John M’KAIN and Mary GODDARD, Admin.’s, Burlington

At a meeting of the Luzerne Ship Building Company, Oct. 10th, John P. ARNDT was appointed Chairman; Peleg TRACY, Secretary and 6 Committee Members: Jacob BEDFORD, Jos. SWEATLAND, Henry BUCKINGHAM, G. W. TROTT, E. A. BUCKELEY and Peleg TRACY.

Joshua MILES, formerly of Brooklyn, Conn. Married to Mrs. Mary TRACY, late of same, at Bridgewater by Rev. FORCE

Benjamin DAVIS, died in this town on Wednesday last.

Isaac SCOTT, died at Newport (no death date)

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Pittstown, Sept. 30th:
Hester ACKLEY, Pittstown
William SELE, Nicholson
Benjamin SHOEMAKER, Butter Milk Falls
Widow Millisent TOMPSON, Pittstown
Nath’l GIDDINGS, P. M.

23 Oct. 1807

Election Results for Luzerne Co. with number of votes:
Senator: WELLES (508), PALMER (667), GRESS (127)
Representatives: BEACH (681), BEDFORD (433), YORK (243) INGHAM (39) MINER (949), IRISH (138)
Sheriff: BUTLER (228), DANA (436), HART (425), BLACKMAN (390), HYDE (281), HANCOCK (180), HURLBUT (314)
Commissioner: WHEELER (772), NEWBURY (252), BOWMAN (90)
Coroner: JACKSON (765), HOLLISTER (631), CRISMAN (419), SHOEMAKER (349)

Eliud R. WALLER, married to Miss Lucy FRANKLIN, in this town by William ROSS, Esq. (no marriage date)

Caleb Whiting CAMPBELL, died at Athens, Lycoming Co. on 9th inst, aged 22 years, son of Samuel CAMPBELL, at this place. He was a promising and unexceptionable character; his death is regretted by all who knew him, and with him an aged and reverend parent has buried his fi____ dependence, for a solace of cares in the evening of his life.

To Firemen! In case of fire, the following suggested to those who may be employed in its extinction: As heat and smoke ascend to the upper part of the room, a stream of pure air occupies the space near the floor, a person can crawl on his hands and knees into a room full of smoke, and by keeping his face close to the floor, he may go and return where no one could walk upright. This method is practiced by the London fireman, who have hence acquired the name of Salamanders.

A son of John ROWE, aged 19 years, at Sunderland, Mass, 19 July 1807 died. Six weeks before his death he was attacked in the street by a mad dog. (See p. 4-1-b)

30 Oct. 1807

The Governor has commissioned Jacob HART, Esq., Sheriff of this County, and appointed Thomas GRAHAM, Esq., Clerk of Orphan’s Court and Thomas WELLES, Esq., Prothonotary

Will be sold at Public Vendue will be held at the house of Isaac TRIPP, deceased, late of Providence, on Nov. 11th. Personal property consisting of farming utensils, live stock, household furniture –c.

Estate of Isaac TRIPP, late of Providence, request payments. Martha TRIPP and Rosewell WELLES, Exec.

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held Nov. 2nd – Land situated in Hanover Twp. (Lots #11, 12 and 28 in 1st division), containing 230 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jacob ARNDT jun., assignee of Naphtali HURLBUT vs. Joseph HITCHCOCK, as the property of the said Joseph HITCHCOCK.

6 Nov. 1807

On Saturday evening the 26th inst., Stephen RIGLER, innkeeper, Chambersburg, went up into the garret and hung himself to one of the collar beams, but in throwing himself off he dislocated his neck, and broke the rope; the noise of the fall alarmed the family; they ran up stairs, and found him in this condition without any hopes of recovery.

Sylvester SMITH married to Miss Polly BATES, at Orwell by the Rev. FORCE (no marriage date)

Mrs. Hannah, wife of Rosewell WELLES Esq., died in this town on Friday evening last, aged 39 years.

Capt. Wait S. AVERY, died at Bedford, aged 50 years, late of New London, Conn. (no death date)

Will be sold at Public Vendue at the house of William GALLUP, late of Kingston, deceased, on Thursday the 9th inst., all his personal property, consisting of household furniture and farming utensils –c. Sale to begin at 1 o’clock P. M. Conditions of sale made known y the executors. Daniel HOYT, Henry BUCKINGHAM and Freelove GALLUP, Admin., Kingston.

List of letters remaining at the Post Office in Wilkesbarre, Oct. 1st:
James ANDERSON, near Wilkesbarre
James ATHERTON, Kingston
Abraham ARNOLD, Newport
Sally ALDEN, Meshoppen
John ATHERTON, Providence
Henry BUCKINGHAM, Kingston
Zeb. BUTLER, Wilkesbarre
Tibbles BALDWIN, Bedford
Orland BAGLEY, Bridgewater
Abraham BRADLEY, Wilkesbarre
Thomas CASEDY, Victory
Thomas CAUBOURNE, Providence
Charles CHAPMAN, Kingston
Lydia CHAPMAN, Wilkesbarre
James CAMPBELL, Esq., Wyoming
Nathaniel CLASSEN, Nicholson
Margaret DAVIDSON, Kingston
Abigail DAVIDSON, Kingston
David DOUD, Bridgewater
Amos DOUD, Bridgewater
Lyman DOOLITTLE, Lawsville
Joseph DAVINS, Wilkesbarre
Henry DONALD, Wilkesbarre
Samuel ERWIN, Wilkesbarre
John GRAIG, Salem
Isaac GOULD, Bedford
Elizabeth GAY, Kingston
Nathaniel GOSS, Huntington
Oration GRANT, Orwell
Zachariah HARTSHOUFF, Kingston
William HARRIS, Salem
Joseph HALLSTEAD, Wilkesbarre
Jedediah HEWIT, Wilkesbarre
Daniel HOYT, Kingston
John JENKINS, Kingston
Edward INMAN, Wilkesbarre
Amos JACKSON, Wilkesbarre
Ebenezer LACY, Braintrim
Andrew LEE, Newport
Rufus LINES, Lawsville
Peggy LARKE, Plymouth
Timothy MIX, Bridgewater
\Samuel MILLER, Wilkesbarre
John MURPHY, Wilkesbarre
Charles MINER, Wilkesbarre
Willmot MONSON, Kingston
Rebecca NICHOLSON, Wilkesbarre
Godfrey PERRY, Wilkesbarre
Benjamin PERRY, Wilkesbarre
Jonathan POWERS, Huntington
John PHILIPS, Esq., Lackawana
Nicholas PORTER, Huntington
Elisha POTTER, Providence
Tho’s PARKE, Bridgewater
Ann PARKE, Orwell
John ROBERSON, Wilkesbarre
James W. ROBBINS, Wilkesbarre
Jacob RUNK, Wilkesbarre
Aaron RICE, Kingston
Jeremiah REDER, Plymouth
Jeremiah REYNOLDS, Luzerne
John RALPH, Salem
James SANTEE, Salem
Jabez SILL, Wilkesbarre
John SIDLE, Wilkesbarre
Josiah SQUIRE, Wilkesbarre
Joseph SLOCUM, Wilkesbarre
Joseph SHAW, Kingston
Rachel SHAW, Kingston
Phineas SHEPARD, Huntington
Ebenezer SURLES, Huntington
Ebenezer TRESCOTT, Huntington
Amos TIFFANY, Nicholson
Moses THACHER, Nicholson
Samuel VAN HORN, Luzerne
John SMITH, Wilkesbarre
Nathan WADE, Wilkesbarre
Benjamin WALKER, Wilkesbarre
Theodore WOODBRIDGE, Wilkesbarre
Darius WILLIAMS, Wilkesbarre
Aaron WILLIS, Kingston
Hannah WALL, Providence
John SECORD, Providence
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

13 Nov. 1807

Robert CHRISTY married to Miss Lydia WALLER, on Thursday evening, 5th inst., by William ROSS, Esq.

Mr. A. WATSON, of Huntington, this county, has raised an ox, that has three perfect horns. A handsome pair upon his head and another on the top of his neck, in elining to the right side The preternatural horn is about twelve inches from the head of the ox, and is six or seven inches long and growing rapidly. (See p. 3-1-m)

The following claims have been exhibited to the State Commissioners, under the Act of General Assembly, passed the 4th April 1799 for offering compensation to the Pennsylvania claimants, in the 17 townships of the County of Luzerne, and the several supplements thereto, during their attendance, since 22nd June last, for the purpose of receiving the claims of the Connecticut settlers. Are now published that all persons concerned may take notice thereof. If there are no objections files within four weeks, the Commissioners will award Certificates to the said Claimants. By order of the Commissioners, Jesse FELL, Clerk.

Huntington Twp
Thomas STEVENS, for heirs of Thomas STEVENS
Thomas STEVENS, Atty. in fact for Gershom HEWITT
Trueman MONROE
Abiel FELLOWS and Stephen HARRISON, Town Committee
Stephen HARRISON, for heirs of John FRANKLIN (lot 35 objected to by John FRANKLIN) Philip GOSS
Hanover Twp.:
George FRAZE
Joseph KELLY
Benjamin CARPENTER, Esq.
Samuel CARVER, for heirs of John MANTANYE Plymouth
Samuel HEATH, for the heirs of Thomas HEATH Peter STEEL
Josiah IVES
Joshua and Benajah FULLER
Lawrence MYERS
Joseph PUG
Thomas CASE
Philemon BIDLACK

Archibald LOUDON, Editor of the Cumberland Register, Carlisle, is at this time printing a selection of some of the most interesting accounts of outrages committed by the Indians in the wars with the white people. He solicits the aids of such persons as may be in the possession of documents on the subject or persons who can commit from memory their thoughts to paper, and send it by post or otherwise or even rehearse to the Editor anything worthy of a place in this collection; the favour will be thankfully acknowledged. No article however will be taken notice of unless it will be well authenticated. So far as we have yet advanced in this work, the pieces through of the most interesting nature are from undoubtedly authority.

20 Nov. 1807

The following claims have been exhibited to the State Commissioners, under the Act of General Assembly, passed the 4th April 1799 for offering compensation to the Pennsylvania claimants, in the 17 townships of the County of Luzerne, and the several supplements thereto, during their attendance, since 22nd June last, for the purpose of receiving the claims of the Connecticut settlers. Are now published that all persons concerned may take notice thereof. If there are no objections files within four weeks, the Commissioners will award Certificates to the said Claimants. By order of the Commissioners, Jesse FELL, Clerk.

Cornelius BELLES
Christian SERVER (title not completed and claimed by Jonathan BULKELEY)
Abraham SMITH
Noah WELLES by his Atty. Jonathan KELLOG (also claimed by Matthew COVELL)
Eleazer DANA
Matthew COVELL (part claimed by Jonathan BULKELY and Noah WELLES)
Jonathan BULKELEY (part claimed by Christian SERVER and Matthew COVELL)
George P. RANSOM, for heirs of Japhat UTLEY
Alexander JAMESON
Michael SYBERT
Honteter SYBERT
Sarah GRUBB, for heirs of Peter GRUBB, Esq.
Benajah FULLER
John PHILIPS, Esq.
Asa DIMOCK (no title made out)
Hulda BILLINGS, for heirs of Ransley BILLINGS
Thomas WRIGHT — Jehoiada P. JOHNSON, Assignees of Sylvester M’KAY (part of Parade ground)
William SLOCUM, William SEARLE and Isaac WILSON, Town Committee
William SLOCUM, William SEARL and Isaac WILSON, Committee of Public Lots Providence:
John PHILIPS, Esq., Atty. For heirs of Joseph YEOMANS

Farm for Sale – By subscriber, situated in Hanover Twp., lot #11, containing 50 acres, with a Certificate. The farm has a hewed log house, frame barn, spring of never ending water, orchard, meadow and plow land. It is a valuable stand for a Tanner or Farmer. Edward EDJERTON, Hanover.

27 Nov. 1807

The following claims have been exhibited to the State Commissioners, under the Act of General Assembly, passed the 4th April 1799 for offering compensation to the Pennsylvania claimants, in the 17 townships of the County of Luzerne, and the several supplements thereto, during their attendance, since 22nd June last, for the purpose of receiving the claims of the Connecticut settlers. Are now published that all persons concerned may take notice thereof. If there are no objections files within four weeks, the Commissioners will award Certificates to the said Claimants. By order of the Commissioners, Jesse FELL, Clerk.

Samuel BLIGHT, by Atty. Tho. DYER, Esq.
Sarah GRUBB, for heirs of Peter GRUBB
Lawrence MYERS, Esq., Committee of Public land Pittston:
Reuben TAYLOR, exec. of Constant SEARL, Esq. Exeter:
David DIMOCK (title incomplete)
Samuel PEALE
William KNAPP
Joseph SCOTT (part not sold to Joseph HORSEFIELD)
Artemedorus INGERSOL
Thomas MANN
Jonathan DEAN, for heirs of Ezra DEAN
Gilbert CARPENTER, jun.
Robert MOORE
Thomas MANN
Benjamin DECKER
Benjamin NEWBURY
Gideon FITCH
Timothy LEE
Elisha BLACKMAN, exec. of Elisha BLACKMAN
Artemedorus INGERSOL
Robert MOORE

4 Dec. 1807

Notice – I am authorized to inform the subscribers to the Easton and Wilkes Barre Turnpike Road, who have not paid their several Installments due on their shares, that unless the same be settled within ten days from this date, information will be given to the Board of Managers, and the said shares will be forfeited. Arnold COLT, 27 Nov. 1807

Will be sold at Public Vendue, on Dec. 11th, at the house of Esther ELLIS, in Braintrim Twp., at 10 o’clock in the forenoon: horses, oxen, cows, young cattle, sheep, hogs, geese, farming utensils, and a quantity of household furniture. Terms of sale will be made known and attendance given by Esther ELLIS and James WHEELER, Admins.

Estate of Thomas ELLIS, late of Braintrim, request payments. Esther ELLIS and James WHEELER, Admin. With the will annexed.

Caleb LEACH, jun., married to the amiable Miss Harriet, daughter of Thomas DUANE, late of Wilkesbarre, merchant of Owego Village, NY, at Owego Village on the 24th ult., by Mason WATTLES, Esq.

Dr. Joseph DAVIS married to Mrs. Huldah BILLINGS, both of Wilkesbarre Twp., on Sunday evening last.

The following claims have been exhibited to the State Commissioners, under the Act of General Assembly, passed the 4th April 1799 for offering compensation to the Pennsylvania claimants, in the 17 townships of the County of Luzerne, and the several supplements thereto, during their attendance, since 22nd June last, for the purpose of receiving the claims of the Connecticut settlers. Are now published that all persons concerned may take notice thereof. If there are no objections files within four weeks, the Commissioners will award Certificates to the said Claimants. By order of the Commissioners, Jesse FELL, Clerk

Samuel PEASE (title not complete)
Alexander JAMESON, Atty. for heirs of James HOWARD
Alexander JAMESON, Atty. for heirs of John HOWARD
Ebenezer SLOCUM
Comfort SHAW
Benjamin BUDD
Andrew AMES
John ROSECRANTS (called SEACORD’S Island)
Thaddeus PRENTICE (piece on BEEBE’S Flats, part originally to Josiah KELLOG)
Wiliam RAWLE, Esq. (2/3 of HUTCHESON’S right on BEEBEE’S Flats)
Sylvester DANA
Benjamin BUDD, for heirs of James BUDD
Benjamin EARL
Marshall DICKSON
Elijah CLARK (small part reserved to Zebulon MARCY, Esq.)
Obadiah TAYLOR (title deficient)
Elizabeth VAN CAMPEN, widow of Nicholas DEPEW, for heirs of DEPEW
M. Miner YORK, in trust for Williams SMITH, in right of his wife Esther
Daniel BROWN
Thomas LEWIS
Job TERRILL (part heirs of Amos YORK) (title deficient)
Humphrey BROWN
Anderson DANA
Benjamin DORRANCE (not Certified)

Estate of Erastus BOWMAN, late of Braintrim, request payments. Joseph BURGESS, Admin., Braintrim

The following claims have been exhibited to the State Commissioners, under the Act of General Assembly, passed the 4th April 1799 for offering compensation to the Pennsylvania claimants, in the 17 townships of the County of Luzerne, and the several supplements thereto, during their attendance, since 22nd June last, for the purpose of receiving the claims of the Connecticut settlers. Are now published that all persons concerned may take notice thereof. If there are no objections files within four weeks, the Commissioners will award Certificates to the said Claimants. By order of the Commissioners, Jesse FELL, Clerk Salem:
Jabez ADAMS, by his Atty. Thomas DYER, Esq.
Ebenezer SLOCUM
Huldah BATES, widow, for heirs of Caleb BATES (title not made out)
Jonathan TERRY
Oliver CRAWFORD (title not made out)
Thomas William WIGTON

“The Contrast – Between the Savage and Civilized state of Wyoming” – Poem (See p. 4-1-t)

William PACE, died at Kingston (no death date)

Mrs. Jonathan SMITH, died at Newport (no death date)

18 Dec. 1807

Samuel MILLER, died at Pittston, on the 3rd inst., aged 79 years

Hon. Oliver ELLSWORTH, died at Windsor, Conn., on the 26th ult., at Windsor, Conn.

Hon. Alexander ADDISON, died at Pittsburg (no death date)

25 Dec. 1807

Elisha DECKER married to Miss Sally WILSON, at Athens by Rev. Moses PARKE

William DROWN married to Miss Polly HORTON, at Chemung, NY by Thomas FLOYD, Esq.

Indian Anecdote – When the first civilized adventurers arrived at Wyoming, and found a permanent settlement in the year 1769, they discovered in the soil, evident marks of a long and populous pre-occupancy and yet but very few of the aboriginals in the country. They enquired of the natives the reason of the present spare population, who accounted for it by the following narration. And though we cannot presume to vouch for its authenticity, yet as the facts narrated appear to be exceedingly congenial to the ordinary habits of savagism, we are inclined to believe them tolerably correct. For it doubtless is, to sanguinary extirpations, resulting from trivial causes that the thin population in all savage countries, is in a great measure owing. We would only remark, for the better illustration of the subject, that the Sawnees town was on the west side of the Susquehannah and that of the Wyomings, on the east side, about two miles higher up. Some Shawnee Squaws of high rank went one day, to make a friendly visit to those of equal rank in Wyoming. Some of the children of the one party caught an elegant green Grasshopper; the children of the other party attempted to rob them of the prize; this produced a squabble among the children; the mothers of both parties soon enlisted in the scuffle, and as soon grew angry: furious blows and bloody noses ensued. The Shawnee women broke off abruptly their friendly visit. And, hastening home in transports of rage, related in loud and affecting accents the unhappy reencounter. Their husband catched the flame, and the next day hot with rage, marched off and made a furious attack on the Wyomingers. These though unprepared made a vigorous resistance, and after much bruising and some blood shed, night coming on hostilities ceased. The Wyomingers highly irritated by this unexpected outrage, soon after roused all their energies; made a violent assault on the Shawnees, and killed three hundred the same day; and many of the Wyomingers likewise fell. It is said that the bones of those who perished on the bloody day were still lying on the field of battle, when the first white settlers came on the ground. As trivial as the sanguinary contrast about the green grasshopper, may appear to men of sense and information; it may nevertheless be considered as sufficient a cause for war, as the question about the delivery of five deserters, which now agitates the United States and Great Britain.

An Apprentice Wanted Immediately – A likely lad, between the ages of 16 and 18 years, will be taken as an Apprentice to the House Carpenter and Joiner’s trade. Good encouragement will be given by the subscriber. Jarius LATHROP, Wilkesbarre.

List of letters remaining at the Wyalusing Post Office (no date):
Sarah NEWCUM, Wyalusing
Joseph INGHAM, Wyalusing
Elisha KEELER, Rush
Isaac H. METCALF, Rush
John FOOT, Lawsville
Isaac BROWNSON, Forks Wyalusing
Humphrey BROWN, Wyalusing
Ichabod HALSY, Rush
Samuel NEWCUM, Wyalusing C’k
Timothy MIX, Meshoppen
Abraham HART, Wyalusing Creek
Joseph CAMP, Wyalusing
John INGHAM, Wyalusing
Isaac CUSTARD, Wyalusing
David HARRIS, Wyalusing Creek
John SHAFER, Standing Stone
Elijah ADAMS, Wyalusing Creek
Gordon FOWLER, Wyalusing
Wm. WIGDON, Wyalusing
John GARDNER, Wyalusing
Richard KEENY, Wyalusing Falls
Daniel LEFAVOR, Wilkesbarre
Nathaniel HECOCK, Orwell
Andrew S. BILES, Meshoppen
Lydia BROWN, Frenchtown

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