1811 The Gleaner and Luzerne Advertiser



1 Feb. 1811

#1 – Issue Missing From Microfilm

8 Feb. 1811

Estate of William SLOCUM, late of Pittston, requests payments and claims. Sarah SLOCUM, Ebenezer SLOCUM, Joseph SLOCUM, Admin’rs.

List of Letters remaining in the Tunkhannock Post Office, Jan. 1st:
Hezekiah REED
Hezekiah REED Jun.
John CARNEY Jun.
Gideon OSTERHOUT, Jun.
Dr. Cornelius LUSE
Daniel LEE
Timothy LEE
Nicholson BECKWITH
David DOUD
Isaac SLOCUM, P. M.
Estate of Lawrence MYERS, late of Kingston, requests payments and claims. Sarah MYERS, Jesse FELL, Admin’rs.

William DRAKE to Miss Lucinda COGSWELL, at Wysox, on the 24th ult., by William MYER, Esq.

15 Feb. 1811

Installation — A new Lodge was installed, at Clifford, on the 24th Jan. Brother Isaac BOWMAN, W. M. of #61, presided.
Br. David TAYLOR, was installed W. M.
Br. Jonathan WILBER, was installed S. W.
Br. Joseph POTTER, was installed J. W.
Br. Oliver GRANGER, was installed Sec’y
Br. Abel KENT, was installed Treas.

A Sermon was delivered on the occasion by Rev. KINGSBURY, of Hartford and an Oration, by Br. Jonathan CAMP, on the excellence of Masonic institutions. A Band of music attended, under the direction of Mr. JONES, and obtained great credit and vocal music, led by Esq. RICHARDSON, has seldom been surpassed in this country. The whole was conducted in a manner highly honourable to the Lodge and to the company.

22 Feb. 1811

18 Cents per pound for any quantity of old Pewter, will be given by the subscriber, at his shop in Union Street, Wilkesbarre. Peter GALLAGHER.

1 Mar. 1811

Petitions are circulation against Judge Thomas COOPER, Esq., President of the eighth judiciary district of Pennsylvania. Nine charges are listed in detail.

Daniel COLLINGS, Watch & Clock Maker, informs the public that he still continues his business on the north side of the public square, Wilkesbarre.

8 Mar. 1811

Anderson DANA, David SCOTT, Stephen HOLLISTER and Charles MINER, are subpoenaed to Lancaster as witnesses in the case of Judge COOPER.

20 Dollars Reward. Made his escape from his keepers in Bridgewater on the morning of the 24th inst. Lyman SABIN, about 26 years of age, five feet eight inches high, stout built, dark complexion, black hair, and black eyes, had on a blue coat and pantaloons and striped vest and went away without hat or boots. The above described fellow was bound over to Court to have his trial for passing counterfeit Bank Notes. Whoever will take up said runaway, and secure him in the Goal of this county or return him to the Subscriber in Bridgewater, shall be entitled to the above reward, with necessary charges. Edward FULLER, Bridgewater. [Feb. 26, 1811]

Estate of Jonathan SHAW, late of Braintrim Twp., request payments and claims. Sarah SHAW and John SHAD, Admin’rs.

Ferry to Let — By order of the Town Council of the Borough of Wilkesbarre, the Ferry across the Susquehannah River, opposite the said Borough will be rented to the highest and best bidder, for the term of one year, from the first day of April next, by Public Vendue, to be held at the Court House in the said Borough on Saturday the 16th inst. at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. George CALHOUN and Enoch OGDEN.

Luzerne Co. Statement — 1810

15 Mar. 1811

To Rent — the subscriber will let his convenient new house, situates about 30 rods East of Mr. HANCOCK’S Tavern. Possession will be given the 1st of April. Glover LAIRD, Wilkesbarre.

Letter received from Lancaster, stating that 11 new charges have been alleged against Judge COOPER. Judges FELL and HOLLENBACK, are summoned as witnesses, to attend the trial.

22 Mar. 1811

Public Notice — The County Commissioners of the County of Luzerne will receive written Proposals at their Office in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, for Plaistering the Jail-Yard Wall, until the first day of May next. The Contractor to find all the materials for the accomplishment of said work. Benjamin PERRY, Noah WADHAMS, Commissioners.

Caution — All persons are hereby cautioned against buying a certain Note, dated sometime in the month of Nov. 1810, given by the subscriber to John BRINK, of Wilkesbarre, as the Note was fraudulently obtained, I am determined not to pay it, unless compelled by law. Wm. MILLER, Jr.

Caution — I hereby forbid all persons from purchasing two certain notes, given by me to John FRAER, for 20 dollars each, dated 26th Sept. 1810, as I have never received any value for the Notes, and am determined not to pay them unless compelled by law. Moses ROWLEY, Willingboro

29 Mar. 1811

An abstract of the Inhabitants in Pennsylvania, 1810:
Luzerne Co. 18,109
Lycoming Co. 11,006
Wayne Co. 4,125

Seven Counts listed from the trial of Judge COOPER:
1. He imprisoned John HANNA, for wearing his hat in the Courthouse of Northumberland, the said HANNAH then standing out side of the bar and jury box, and making no disturbance; and this without any sufficient cause
2. He fined 3 citizens, viz: William HARTMAN, Matthias HELLER and John BROWN, hastily, arbitrarily, without injury, and without sufficient cause
3. He fined John DRUSBACK unjustly and arbitrarily
4. He fined Nehemiah HUTTON hastily, without sufficient cause or hearing
5. He arbitrarily and precipitately fined and imprisoned Stephen HOLLISTER for a mere whisper, and in an insulting and overbearing manner, refused to hear his defense
6. He improperly exercised the powers of a justice of the peace under the law respecting roads and bridges and fined Anderson DANA fifteen dollars in a passionate manner, after which he ordered the fine to be deposited in the hands of a third person, to be refunded if certain conditions were performed in a certain time.
7. He sentenced a boy between 14 and 17 years old, to one years imprisonment, and afterwards added two years without any additional evidence on pretence of teaching the boy a trade.
8. A charge arising out of his conduct in relation to the “Limestone lick farm”, the committee reported against the Judge.

Resolved that a Committee be appointed to draught an address to the Governor for the removal of Thomas COOPER, Esq. from the office of President Judge of the Courts of the 8th Judicial District of Pennsylvania. After the report of the Committee, Mr. COOPER, wrote to the Speaker, requesting to be heard by counsel at the bar of the House. On motion of Mr. SATTERLEE and Mr. GRAHAM, his request was granted provided he should not occupy more than one day.

The Small Pox is in this County. A young man at Buttermilk Falls, lies ill with it the natural way.

Isaac BOWMAN, Tanner, Currier and Leather Cutter, has opened a Currying Shop, on the north side of the Public Square.

5 April 1811

Reuben THOMPSON and Miss Esther SHAW, in this town, last evening by Joseph WRIGHT, Esq.

Mrs. PRINDLE, died at Plymouth, aged 84 years (no date)

Mrs. Solomon MILLARD, of Nicholson Township, died at Clifford, where she was on a visit. (no date)

Mr. COOPER was removed as Judge after the Assembly hearing.

Appointment by the P. M. General – Eleazer CAREY, Post-Master at Pittston

Bridge Notice — will be sold to the lowest and best bidders by Public Vendue on May 24th next, the building of a Bridge over the Mahoopany Creek. The Vendue will be held at the place where the Bridge is to be built and the conditions made known at the time of sale by Benjamin PERRY, Noah WADHAMS, Thos. PARKE, Commissioners.

Vendue — Will be exposed to Public Sale at the house of John P. ARNDT, in Wilkesbarre, on the 22nd inst, 261 Lights of Window Sash, 8 by 10 — as the property of James WHEELER, late of Kingston, deceased. David B. WHEELER, Zeb. BUTLER, Admin’rs.

Letters on hand at the Post Office, Wilkesbarre on April 1st:
Nathan AMES
Abraham ARNOLD
Stephen ABBOTT
Elijah ADAMS
Leonard BEATTY
Elizabeth BROWN
Thomas DYER
Benjamin DRAKE
Edward FELL
Cornelius GARRISON
William KURTZ
Coonrod LINES
James MEER
Elizabeth STILES
Gideon ORTON
Joseph ORR
Thomas PARK
Thomas PACE
Joseph SILL
Joseph STONE
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Letters on hand at the Post Office, Pittston on April 1st:
Joseph GWYN
Jonathan WYNN
Thomas WALL
Eleazer CARY, P. M.

12 April 1811

The River, the fortnight past, has presented a very lively and agreeable prospect. Its bosom has been whitened with the rafts and arks floating on its current ot market, and the banks of old Susquehanna, that rest reverberated the yells of the Savage, now echo the jovial song, of the wood-land sailor and the merry boatmen. Success to their enterprise and a happy return to their wives and sweet-hearts. We do not know that any account has been kept of the number of arks and rafts that have gone by us, but it is certain that the business on the river has very rapidly increased.

A disappointment in the receipt of paper obliges us, extremely to our mortification, to issue the Gleaner on paper of an inferior quality. Having ordered a supply for a year we hope no cause to apologise will again occur.

Notice — The undersigned respectfully informs his friends and the Public, that he has removed form Wilkesbarre to the township of Bridgewater, in the new County of Susquehanna, near the intersection of the Post and state Roads, where he will continue in the business of Surveying, Conveyancing and Land-Agency, and where all calls in the line of his business, will be promptly and faithfully attended to. The Supervisors of the several townships in Luzerne and Ontario Counties, who have engaged Township Maps are informed that their Maps are in the hands of George HAINES, Esq., who is authorised to deliver them. Isaac A. CHAPMAN.

Letters on hand at the Post Office, Kingston on April 1st
William LOVE, Kingston
Elisha ATHERTON, Kingston
Benjamin DORRANCE, Kingston
Samuel DORRANCE, Kingston
Elihu PARRISH, Kingston
Cornelius SMITH, Kingston
Sarah HODGE, Plymouth
Abijah SMITH, Plymouth
Thomas STEVENS, Huntington
John WHITLOCK, Northmoreland
John STRONG, Northmoreland
John STRONG, Northmoreland
Griffin LEWIS, Bedford
John HUNNEYWELL, Bedford
Eden RUGGLES, Bedford

Jonathan GRAY, hereby gives Notice that he shall continue the practice of Physic, Surgery and Midwifery, on the following terms, viz: 25 cents for every mile and under, from his dwelling house on the Great Bend to the sick, one dollar for every six hours continuance with a patient sick of a fever. Two dollars and an half for setting and doing up every simply fractured and dislocated bone, and charge of distance. Twenty shillings for every natural case in Midwifery, and mileage. When two or more patients call on the same route, the millage shall be proportioned among them. For all extraordinary cases in surgery or midwifery, the charges are to be in proportion. One quarter part shall be deducted in every case, where immediate payment is made. Six months credit will be allowed, if payment will then be sure. And all shall be done gratis, for any person who is less capable to pay, than the Practitioner is to live without it. Great Bend.

19 April 1811

Silas JACKSON, died in this town on Sunday last, after a long and painful illness, which he bore with great fortitude. His funeral was numerously attended on Tuesday. He has left a widow, and four small children, to mourn the loss of a kind husband and affectionate parent.

It is reported that Judge WALKER is appointed to succeed Mr. COOPER.

Notice — The following gentlemen are authorized to Collect and Receipt the Monies due to the Subscribers for the Luzerne Federalist, in the townships in which they reside:
Josiah FASSET, Esq., Braintrim
Charles GERE, Bridgewater
William MYERS, Esq., Sugar Creek and Breakneck
Chester GRIDLEY, Wysox, Towanday and Orwell
Obadiah GORE, Esq., Ulster
David PAINE, Esq., Athens
Jonathan BULKELEY, Exeter and Tunkhannock
John HOLLENBACK, Wyalusing and Rush
WE have waited a long time for our just dues, but we are determined to forbear no longer. Unless accounts in the above townships are immediately paid, they will be sued without respect to persons. Our other Accounts up the River, that are yet due, will shortly be sent up, and, if they are not paid, the same course will be pursued with respect to them. We are sorry to observe, that many of our neighbors are too negligent in paying us, but we hope this hint will be sufficient. TRACY & BUTLER, Wilkesbarre

26 April 1811

Militia Notice — is hereby given to the Commissioned and staff officers of the 129th Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia, that they meet at the house of Joseph CHAPMAN, Jun. in Bridgewater on Monday the 29th inst. at 10 o’clock A. M. armed and in uniform as the law directs. Thomas PARKE, Lieut. Col., 129th Reg. P M.

Notice — Is hereby given to the Commissioned and staff officers of the 35th Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia, to meet at the house of Andrew BLANCHARD, in Huntington, on Monday the 29th inst. at ten o’clock A. M. armed and equipped as the law directs. B. DORRANCE, Lieut. Col.

Notice — Is hereby given to the Commissioned and staff officers of the 45th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, to meet at Lewis JONES, in Exeter, on Monday the 29th inst., at ten o’clock in the morning, completely in uniform and equipt for exercise as the law directs. N. HURLBUT, Lieut. Col.

Benjamin BIDLACK to Mrs. Sarah MYERS, at Kingston by Rev. LANE (no date)

Notice — Estate of Silas JACKSON, Innkeeper, request payments and claims. Vendue — will be sold on 4th day of May next, at the late dwelling of the deceased, his personal property, consisting of beds and bedding, tables, chairs, kitchen furniture, barrels, kegs, liquors, a horse, riding chair, sleigh, cart, hay, potatoes, bar-iron, and many other articles. Elizabeth JACKSON, Joseph SINTON and Charles MINER, Ex’rs.

Artillery! The Members of the Luzerne Volunteer Martoss, are hereby notified to meet at the usual place of parade near Joseph WHEELER’S in Kingston, on the first Monday in May next, at 10 o’clock A. M. in uniform, and completely equipped for military exercise as the law directs. Henry BUCKINGHAM, Captain.

Attention — The 8th Company belonging to the 35th Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, are commanded to meet at the School House in the lower part of Wilkesbarre, 6th May, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, completely armed and equipped for exercise as the law directs. P. WALLER, Capt.

Wanted Immediately, An Apprentice, to the Black-Smith Business. A smart active Boy, about the age of 16 would be preferred. It is indispensibly necessary that he should bring good recommendations, or he will not be taken. Luther YARINGTON.

Attention! Wyoming Blues — Those who are disposed to continue members of the said Company, and all those who wish to become members, are requested to meet at the house of John BOLLES, in Wilkesbarre on 4th May, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. You are also commanded to meet at the house of Frederick CRISMAN in Hanover, on 6th May, at ten o’clock in the forenoon, completely in uniform and equipt for exercise, as the law directs. Zeb. BUTLER, Capt.

3 May 1811

Most Melancholy. A young woman belonging to Northmoreland, sometime last February went to Braintrim to nurse her aged Grandmother, who was in ill health. Circumstances gave rise to suspicion that she was with child, but as her character stood fair and she denied the fact, but little further was thought of the matter. On Wednesday night the 17 April she sat up with the old Lady, and towards one o’clock left the room for some time. She returned again however without her absence being particularly noticed, and continued about the house, assisting as usual until the following Sabbath, at which time suspicion of what had happened, grew so strong that she was charged with having become a mother, and she confessed it. In a Spring about 30 rods from the door, half covered with old trees and brush, wrapped in an apron the little infant was found. A jury was summoned by Esqrs. CHAMPION and STEPHENS of Braintrim, which returned a verdict of wilful murder. The poor girl insists that the child was born dead, and the story that is circulating that she confessed she took its life is incorrect. The sickness of the girl prevents here removal to prison, but she is under keepers, and is expected to be committed in a few days. We sincerely sympathize with the respectable and afflicted family and friends. [See next week for name]

Notice — All persons indebted to the firm of F. Y. & J. M. PIOLLET, are requested to make immediate payment — the delinquents must expect to pay costs. And all those indebted to PIOLLET & KEELER or OSTERHOUT & KEELER, are hereby informed that if they do not settle before the first of June, their accounts, notes, bonds &c. shall be put in the Justices hands for collection. Those who promised to pay in Lumber, are notified, that if the lumber is not delivered before the first of June, nothing but money will settle their accounts. J. M. PIOLETT, Wm. KEELER, Wysox.

Wanted Immediately, Two Apprentices to the House Carpenters and Joiners Business, about the age of 15. Also a Journeyman, to the above business. Gideon UNDERWOOD, Kingston.

For Sale, A quantity of coarse Salt, Plaister and Castings, also 40 Barrels Prime Inspected Pork. J. & J. SINTON.

10 May 1811

Borough Election — The following Gentlemen Borough Officers:
Burgess — Lord BUTLER
Council: Ebenezer BOWMAN, Jesse FELL, Joseph SINTON, Joseph SLOCUM, Jacob CIST,
Stephen TUTTLE, George CHAHOON
High Constable: Wm. A. GEORGE

Samuel FELL to Miss Lydia DOOSENBURY, at Johnsonburg, NJ (no date)

50 Dollars Reward. Escaped out of the custody of Jasper FASSETT and James HARRIS, in the township of Braintrim, County of Luzerne, on Tuesday evening, the 30th April last, Densey INGERSOL, a young woman of fair complexion, light hair, light blue eyes, of middle stature, about seventeen years of age; she had on when she made her escape, a cross-barred calico gown and white handkerchief, charged before Henry V. CHAMPION, Asa STEPHENS and Josiah FASSETT, Esquires, with the murder of her child. The above reward, and all reasonable charges, will be paid to any person or persons, who will apprehend and secure the said Deseny INGERSOLL, in any Jail in the United States, and give information to the subscriber of such apprehension. Jasper FASSETT, Braintrim. N. B. Editors of Newspapers thro’ out the United States, will aid the cause of Justice, by giving the above advertisement, two or three insertions in their respective Newspapers.

Estate of John VAN BUSKARCK, late of Kingston, request payments and claims. Elizabeth VAN BUSKARCK and Thomas BARTLETT, Admin’rs.

17 May 1811

Removal — The Subscriber respectfully informs his friends, and the public in general, that he has removed his Store, to his New Store, next door below Mr. HANCOCK’S Tavern (late Col. BULKELEY’S) where he has just received a fresh supply of new goods, suitable to the season, which he will sell low for Cash, or Country Produce. Benjamin DRAKE, Wilkesbarre.

Rev. DAWSON to Miss Rebecca BONHAM, in Northmoreland (no date)

Information wanted whereas David S. DIMOCK, has been absent from his parents a long time, and they know not where he is this is to notify him, that if he will come home, or write, so that his friends can send a letter to him, he will hear of news that will be both pleasing and interesting to him. Any person who can give information respecting him, will confer a favor on his friends and him, by directing a letter containing such information to Asa DIMOCK, Esq., Clifford, Luzerne Co., or to the subscriber in Exeter. The Editors of newspapers throughout the US will please to give this advertisement a few insertions in their respective papers and they will confer a peculiar favor. David DIMOCK, Exeter.

Nathan BEACH, late of Luzerne Co., and John E. REDMAN, of Philadelphia, have entered into Co-Partnership under the firm of BEACH & REDMAN, at a store on 32 North 3rd St., Philadelphia.

24 May 1811

Notice — Boarding & Lodging, by the day, week or month, may be had on reasonable terms, at the house occupied by the subscriber, directly opposite Mr. HANCOCK’S Tavern in Wilkesbarre. L. HEPBURN.

31 May 1811

Abraham DUBOIS to Miss Julia BOWES, at Willin boro’ (no date)

Notice — The Share Holders of the old Wyoming Library Company, are requested to meet at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on Saturday the 8th day of June next, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, on business respecting that Institution. Jesse FELL, Joseph WRIGHT, Nathan PALMER, Last Directors.

Caution! Left my Bed and Board, May 11, 1811, my wife Betsy, and this is to forewarn all persons from trusting or harboring her on my account, as I will not pay any demands contracted by her after this date. Gideon BALDWIN, Wyalusing, May 16.

The Wilkesbarre State leaves GULICK’S Hotel, Easton, at 3 o’clock every Thursday morning and arrives at ARNDT’S Inn, Wilkesbarre, early the next day. Leaves Wilkesbarre every Saturday morning and arrives at Easton on Sunday. Fare through, Three Dollars and Fifty Cents. Way Passengers pay six cents per mile. Nathan GULICK, Samuel NICHOLAS.

For Sale — A Small Farm, containing about 64 acres suitable for any tradesman — and very good place for a Tan-Yard, as there is no Tanner within 5 miles; it is an excellent stand for a tavern, or any other public business, as it is about the center of the township. There is a hewed log house, a framed barn, 26 x 50 feet, two orchards of 100 apple trees each; and a great variety of other excellent fruit trees. There is about 50 acres under improvement. For further information enquire of the Subscriber on the premises, about five miles below Wilkesbarre. Wyllys HYDE

7 June 1811

The Mail Stage Diligence, starts every Wednesday morning from the Wilkesbarre Hotel, traveling on the new turnpike, arrives at Bridgewater the same evening.

We are happy to have it in our power to state that the aqueduct for supplying the town with water from the great spring on the mountain has been completed. At a trifling expense the water can now be furnished in every kitchen, and stable in town. From the height from which the water is brought, it can be raised over the top of any house in the place, and it therefore affords a great security against fire.

Mr. Bela B. HYDE, of Rome, NY to Miss Mary MARSH, at Norwich, Conn. (no date)

Carding Machine — The subscribers respectfully inform the public that they have rented the Carding Machine of Stephen HOLLISTER, Esq., in Kingston, where work will be done in the neatest and most expeditious manner. The machine is now in complete repair, and they hope by strict attention to the business, to receive a share of the public patronage. Wool will be received at the store of ROBINSON & KING, in Wilkesbarre and returned there when carded. Daniel D. SPENCER, Isaac HOLLISTER, Kingston.

4th of July — Those who wish to celebrate our next Anniversary at Harvey’s Lake, or its vicinity, are requested to attend a meeting to be holden at the house of widow WHEELER, in Kingston, on Saturday the 15th June inst. to consult on preparatory measures.

14 June 1811

Thunder Storm — On Sunday evening last, a thunder storm passed over the lower part of this county, and struck the house of Jacob BALLIOT, in Nescopeck. The lightning descended the chimney, and following a stove pipe, entered the room where the family were sitting. Three children were struck to all appearances dead. Two we are happy to learn, recovered. The other girl about 12 years of age, was buried in Thursday.

Mr. BODWELL and his wife, died a Wysox last month of small pox the natural way. Mrs. B. left two little girls, twins, but three days old, who have since been consigned with their parents to the grave.

21 June 1811

Garrick MALLERY to Miss Sylvina, daughter of Lord BUTLER, Esq., in this town on Monday last by Rev. HOYT.

Indian Antiquity. The Editors have received form a friend at Braintrim a curious old Indian pot. In the Great flood of 1807, when the bank of the river was in some places cut away three or four perches, the flat called Hemlock Bottom, in Braintrim Township, suffered exceedingly. Some rods of the bank were entirely swept away. After the waters subsided Mr. YOUNG, the gentleman form whom we received the information and to whom we are indebted for this curiosity, in walking under the bank discovered the pot interwoven among the roots of a tree. With some trouble he got it out without damage, and it is entire except a small hole in the side, form which it seems probable a spout or handle had projected. The pot was found about 6 feet below the surface of the earth and the tree which grew over it is more than two feet in diameter. Its time of lying there therefore must have been very ancient, undoubtedly for ages.
The white people have no knowledge of the art of making such ware. The race of Indians that inhabited this country when the white people came here was equally ignorant of the art. That there must have been a different race of people who inhabited this country before the savages who occupied it when it was discovered by the white people admits of little doubt; they were undoubtedly rude, but yet more civilized than their successors.
The pot holds about 2 quarts the bottom is round; it swells gradually to the middle and then decreases in size to the top —the lower half is like the bottom of a gourd — the upper part like the top of an urn. It is very thin and light — perfectly smooth inside, but on the outside beautifully and regularly figured.

Samuel FERRIS, of Providence Township, on Saturday the 8th inst., aged about 15 months, fell into a tub of hot water and was so severely scalded, that he died the next day in convulsions.

A young girl by the name of JONES, was unfortunately killed yesterday at Newport. She was sitting under an old tree in the field tending a little child; the tree which by some means was on fire at top, burnt off and fell and put an instant period to her existence. The child is so much hurt that its life is despaired of.

Richard NEWMAN to Mrs. Nancy MULLISON at Kingston on 16th June, by David PERKINS, Esq.

Public Notice — Is hereby given that by virtue of an Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled “An Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled “An Act ot enable the Governor to incorporate a Company for making an artificial Road by the best and nearest route from the place where the Wilkesbarre Road intersects the Coshecton and Great Bend Turnpike Road, in the township of Clifford, Susquehanna County, to the Borough of Wilkesbarre, Luzerne Co.” The Commissioners in and by said act appointed, will open one Book at the Coffee House in the city of Philadelphia, at 10 o’clock on the forenoon of Thursday the first day of August next, and one Book will be opened at the house of John P. ARNDT, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, at ten o’clock in the forenoon of the day aforesaid, to receive Subscriptions for the Stock of said Company, and will be kept open for the space of six hours for every juridical day for six days or until one hundred and fifty shares are subscribed in the Book for the city of Philadelphia and three hundred shares are subscribed in the Book opened in Wilkesbarre. Asa DIMOCK, Jesse FELL, Eleazer BLACKMAN, Miner SEARLE, Samuel STANTON, Commissioners.

Strayed, from the pasture of Oliver PETTIBONE, in Kingston, on the 27th May last, a dark bay Mare, with a white snip in the nose, about 14 hands high, nine years old, a natural trotter, with shoes on her fore feet. Whoever will take up and return said Mare shall receive a reasonable reward and charges paid. William BAKER, Kingston.

Strayed or Stolen, from the Subscriber, while at the Tavern of Ferdinand M’DUFFEE, in Wysox, a Black Horse, about 15 hands high, strongly built, a small star in his forehead, about 8 or 9 years old, and a natural trotter; he has also a peculiar bunch of flesh on his back, which has been occasioned by the saddle. Any person who shall return the said horse to John HOLLENBACK, at Wyalusing or Ferdinand M’DUFFEE, at Wysox, shall receive a reward of five dollars; and any person returning him to the subscriber at Wilkesbarre, shall receive the above reward and every reasonable charge. In case the said horse has been stolen, the subscriber will give a reward of thirty dollars upon conviction of the thief, to any person who will apprehend and secure him. Stephen TUTTLE.

28 June 1811

Noah MURRY, Esq., died at Murraysfield, May 15th after a short illness, with the typhus fever, aged 68 years.

For Sale — Two Lots of Land in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, containing about five Acres, Situated in a pleasant part of the Village for Building. Any person wishing to purchase, may know the Conditions of Sale by making Application to the subscriber. Benj. PERRY, Wilkesbarre.

Wool Carding – The subscribers inform the public they intend carrying on the business of Breaking and Carding Wool, this season, at 8 cents per lb. For ready pay, on the Lackawanna, in the town of Providence, opposite to John SPENCER’S. Those who favor them with their custom, may depend on having their work done in the best manner. John WATERS & Co.

5 July 1811

Estate of Volentine SANTEE, late of Huntington Twp., requests payments and claims. Gad SEWARD, Admin.

Strayed or Stolen, from a pasture near the Turnpike, about a mile from Wilkesbarre, on Saturday last, the 29th June — a Bay Mare, about 14 hands high, four years old — a small lump on the right side a little below the back, a star on her forehead — a natural trotter. Five Dollars reward will be paid to any person who will return her (if she has strayed) and twenty Dollars to any person who will return the thief and Mare, if she has been stolen. James ELEY.

Letters on hand at the Post Office in Kingston (no date):
Daniel CASE
Jeremiah FULLER
Stephen TUTTLE, Jun.
Charles BARNEY
Sylvanus FULLER
Johanna FARVER
Archibald SMILEY

Letters on hand at the Post Office in Wilkesbarre on July 1st:
Joseph BROWN
Jesse FELL
Jnhn (sic) FAIRCHILD
Micajah HAS
Edward INMAN
Henry H. KING
Francis M’SHANE
William MOORE
Archipus PARISH
Frederick PRESTON
William RUSSEL
Valentine SMITH
Abijah SMITH & Co.
William TYACK
Daniel SIMS Jr.
Jacob CIST, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office, Tunkhannock, July 1st:
Nicholas F. HORTON
Mr. HORTON, Tunkhannock
Abner BARTLETT, Bridgewater
Robinson BOOLES
Loaminillott and Levi SMITH, Rush

Gideon LYMAN, Jun. to Keziah, daughter of Benjamin EARL, at Bridgewater by E. HARDING, Esq. (no date)
May joy attend this virtuous pair
Thro’ all the changing scenes of life
May he to her prove ever dear
And she to him a loving wife.

Samuel BROWN to Miss Jane LUCKY, at Rush, by S. BOSWORTH, Esq. (no date)
Happy the youth who finds a bride
Whose joys are to his own alli’d.

Rev. Joseph WOOD, was installed Pastor of the first Church in Bridgewater on the 19th June. The sermon was preached by Rev. KINGSBURY, and prayer by Rev. HOYT and Rev. YORK.

19 July 1811

Joseph BOWES, Merchant to Miss Ann CHEESMAN, at Willingborough, by the Rev. Daniel BUCK (no date).

“Murder will out.” About twelve years ago when the United States were raising troops, a company was enlisted at Wyoming, under Capt. Samuel BOWMAN. Among the soldiers who entered the service was one whose name was PARKER, a young, good looking man, who had removed to this place from N. Jersey. After the army was disbanded, he returned to this county, and married a young woman of Hanover. They lived together some time, but not on the most agreeable terms. Some reports say that her father advised her to poison him, and that she either stewed a toad in his soup, or put one into his milk for the purpose, but it had not the desired effect. The family quarrel continued to rage, and PARKER became an object of the most inveterate hatred with the wife and all her connexions.
In the southern line of the township of Hanover, in a lone and sequestered spot, there is a pond, frequented by deer, where hunters are much in the habit of going in pursuit of game. To this place, he, his father-in-law and another person, it is thought his wife’s brother, went a hunting. Two of the party only returned, and they reported that PARKER had runaway, taking his course thro’ the woods, and they suspected had gone to his mother in New Jersey. Some pains were taken at the time to ascertain if he had been with his friends there, but nothing more was ever heard of him from that time to this!
The family of the lost man, and all his wife’s connexions soon after removed 3 or 400 miles to the westward.
Not long ago, two young men were out at the lake hunting, when they discovered in the midst of a deep thicket, a pile of stones heaped by the side of a rock. Curiosity led them to open it, when behold, beneath the pile was a human skeleton! It appeared to have been thrown in hastily, partly on its face. The scull which was fully preserved; had marks of a glancing stroke from a hatchet. The teeth are so entire, that it is evident it was the skeleton of a young man, and the people in the neighborhood are strongly impressed with the opinion that it is the remains of poor PARKER, and that some persons at the westward, know more about it than their own security will permit them to disclose.

Caution — The Public are hereby cautioned against receiving a Note given by me last fall to John SEELY, for eleven dollars, for as nearly the amount of said Note had been paid once, I will not pay it again unless compelled by law. Alden SEELY, Bridgewater.

Letters on Hand at the Post Office, Pittston, on July 1st:
George D. CLARK

Letters on Hand at the Post Office, Wysox on June 30th:
Jonathan FRISBY
Livingston JENKS

Estate of David SMITH, late of Exeter Twp., request payments and claims. Benjamin BAILEY, Samuel CARVER, Execs.

A Farm For Sale — By the subscriber containing nearly 300 acres of land. About 50 Acres under improvement, with a young Orchard, situate in the township of Kingston. For further particulars enquire of Henry BUCKINGHAM. Walter MUNSON.

26 July 1811

Independence – The Inhabitants of Braintrim and its vicinity, met on the 4th July to celebrate the Anniversary of American Independence, at the house of Hiram WARD, Braintrim. Maj. Daniel STERLING, was chosen President, and John SUTTON, Vice President for the day. After the necessary preparations were made, precisely at 3 o’clock an Oration was delivered by Jasper FASSETT, which was completely suited to the occasion, and merited the approbation of every candid spectator. The sentiments of the composition, and the eloquent manner of delivery, were highly satisfactory to the company, and honorable to the orator. At five o’clock, a very luxuriant repast was served, after which the following Toasts were drank, under the discharge of musketry.
1. May disappointment be to those that would betray their country’s cause, for the sake of ambition, or sordid gain. 2 cheers
2. May heroism and patriotism ever exist in our land, and traitors be expelled from our shores. 2 cheers
3. The brave heroes of ’76 who fought and gained our independence. 1 cheer
4. May the daughters of America adorn it, and her sons defend it, and never meet their enemies unprepared. 4 cheers.
5. Let Independence, Liberty and Virtue, exist in the bosom of every American. 2 cheers.
6. The American Flag, may it never be unfurled in the cause of injustice. 4 cheers.
7. May our patriotic father, ever teach their sons and daughters, the worth of virtue, liberty and independence. 3 cheers.
8. May this, and every succeeding generations of America, celebrate this day with that respect due to it, and may we ever keep it sacred in honor to our fathers, and respect to ourselves. 2 cheers.
9. The brave soldiers of the Revolution, may their grateful country render their old age comfortable.
10. Agriculture, commerce and manufactures, the three fold cord of our country’s prosperity.
11. The American Artillery, may they ever be charged with double-headed shot, and well levelled at the walls of our enemies. 4 cheers
12. May the rulers of our nation ever manage the affairs of the states as a Washington, that we may ever retain the rights we have gained. 2 cheers
13. The American Fair, may their arms prove our refuge, as well as adversity as prosperity. 2 cheers.
14. The citizens of Braintrim, may they ever celebrate the 4th of July in peace and harmony. 6 cheers
15. The Inhabitants of Wyoming, may they ever enjoy the right of soil, which their fathers purchased by the loss of virtuous blood, and never may their sons disgrace it by cowardice. 6 cheers
16. Universal education, the best supporter of liberty and virtue
17. The combined Seventeen, Let each have a toast, For the venerable host, who imbibes the spirit of ’76. 3 cheers.

We have the satisfaction to state that the day was spent in peace and harmony, as all matters of political faction seemed totally lost, and the brightest sensations of pure love and patriotism seemed to glow in every breast.

Appointment by the Governor — Seth CHAPMAN, President of the Eighth Judicial District, composed of the counties of Northumberland, Luzerne and Lycoming.

2 Aug. 1811

Elisha HITCHCOCK, of Clermont, NH to Miss Ruth, daughter of Ebenezer SLOCUM, of Providence, on Wednesday the 24th July, by Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Esq.

Calvin EDWARDS to Miss Minerva BLACKMAN, daughter of Eleazer BLACKMAN, on Sunday evening in this town

Eve POST, died a few days since, aged 106 years. She was a native of Germany and came to this city when young. (Philadelphia)

Mrs. Sylvia, consort of Jonathan RUSSEL, Esq., died at Providence, Rhode Island lately, in her 38th year.

Richard PENN, Esq., formerly governor of Pennsylvania, died on May 27th in Richmond, England.

Orphan’s Court Sale — To be held Aug. 24th, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre — Real estate of Benjamin NEWBERRY Esq., late of Wilkesbarre Borough:
1. Tract of land in Exeter Twp., containing 360 acres
2. Land in Northmoreland Twp., containing 400 acres, which include about 20 improved acres, dwelling house and fruit trees
3. Land in Exeter District on Leanard’s Creek, surveyed in the name of John NICHOLSON, adjoining lands of William WYLLIS and John SKYRON, containing 425 acres
4. One equal undivided moiety or half part of one other tract taken up in the name of John NICHOLSON (adjoining previous land), containing 425 acres.
5. Land in Exeter Twp., being Lot #6 in 3rd tier of lots surveyed in Northmoreland Twp, containing 140 acres.
Adoness NEWBERRY, Admin.

9 Aug. 1811

Mr. BROWNSON, died at Bridgewater on Friday last, aged 45 years, formerly from Connecticut.

Public Meeting, held Aug. 8th — Citizens from fourteen townships being present, on motion it is ordered that a Committee from each township should be appointed to consult and report measures in their opinion that would be best to adopt preparatory to the ensuing election for the Federal Republicans. Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., called to the Chair, Alexander JAMESON, Esq., appointed Secretary. Delegates to meet at the house of Abel MARCY, in Tunkhannock on Sept. 12th, to fix on Candidates to be recommended to be supported by the citizens at the ensuing election. Following citizens to be a committee for the townships in which they reside:
Towanday — Abner C. ROCKWELL, Timothy ALDEN
Wysox — William MYER, Wm. F. DININGER
Orwell — Theron DARLING, Asahel JOHNSON
Wyalusing — Justus GAYLORD, Jr., Amasa WELLES
Rush — Dimon BOSTWICK, Salmon BOSWORTH
Bridgewater — Thomas PARK, Isaac A. CHAPMAN
New–Milford — Benjamin DOOLITTLE, John FOOT
Braintrim — Mason F. ALDEN, Daniel STERLING
Kingston — Benjamin DORRANCE, David PERKINS
Nescopeck — William BAIRD, Philip FINSTERMAKER
Wilkesbarre — Charles MINER, John P. ARNDT
Hanover — Elisha BLACKMAN, Thomas BENNET
Newport — William JACKSON, John ALDEN
Salem — Joseph JAMESON, James SANTEE
Huntington — Stephen KINGSBURY, Caleb HOYT
Abington — Ezra DEAN, Job TRIPP
Sugar Loaf — Archibald MURRY, George DRUM
Providence — Benjamin SLOCUM, Rueben TAYLOR
Willingboro’ — Joseph BOWERS, Ichabod BUCK
Pittston — Napthali HURLBUT, Nathaniel GIDDINGS
Plymouth — Jonah RODGERS, George P. RANSOM
Bedford — Almond CHURCH, Nehemiah IDE
Nicholson — Ebenezer STEVENS, Caleb ROBERTS
Exeter — Lewis JONES, Hezekiah SMITH
Harford — Hosea TIFFANY, John TYLER jr.
Harmony — John KILBURN, John TYLER
Clifford — Asahel NORTON, Amos HARDING

To Hatters — The subscriber offers for sale a complete set of Hatter Tools, consisting of Planks, Plank Kettle, Coloring Kettle, Bows, Blocks, &c. in the best possible condition. They will be sold on moderate terms, for Cash or on a short credit. Peter GALLAGHER, Wilkesbarre.

Strayed or Stolen — From the subscriber on the 1st day of June last, a Bay Mare, about 12 years old, shod before, her tail and fore-top cut off, a natural trotter, some white hairs on one of her fore legs, occasioned by a halter. Whoever will return said Mare, or give information to the subscriber where she may be found, shall be handsomely rewarded, and all necessary charges paid. Jona. FOWLER, Towanda.

16 Aug. 1811

William DICKSON, died in this town on Tuesday last, at an advanced age.

Militia Election:
144th Reg. — Lieut. Col.: Theron DARLING, of Orwell; Majors.: John TAYLOR, of Wyalusing, Joseph ELLIOT, of Wysox
129th Reg. — Lieut. Col.: Wm. C. TURRELL, of Bridgewater; Majors: Isaac POST of Bridgewater, Asa DIMOCK, of Clifford
45th Reg. — Lieut. Col.: D. B. WHEELER, of Tunkhannock; Majors: Caleb ROBERTS, of Nicholson, Joseph BURGESS, of Braintrim

Notice — The Law Partnership between Thomas GRAHAM and John EVANS, this day is dissolved by mutual consent. Aug. 5th.

Estate of Theophilus MOZIER, late of Wysox Twp., requests payments and claims. Moses COOLBAUGH, William MYER, Execs. Will be sold on Sept. 12th, at the house of the deceased: horses, cows, cattle, hogs, household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils and a variety of other articles.

Stray — taken up by the subscriber on Aug. 8th — a dark brown Mare, about 14 _ hands high, both hind feet white and white face. The owner is requested to come and take her away. David DALEY, Northmoreland.

23 Aug. 1811

Jacob HART, Esq., formerly Sheriff of Luzerne Co., died in this town on Tuesday last.

Mrs. JACKSON, died at Newport, at an advances age (no date)

Caution — Whereas my wife Mary, hath absconded from my bed and board. I forewarn all persons whomsoever from harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting. Jacob STEVENS, Smithfield, Lycoming Co.

Vendue — On The 31st Inst., at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, the subscriber will sell at Vendue, at his house next door to Col. BULKELEY’S — A variety of household furniture, a part of it entirely new, amongst which are Bureaus, Tables, Chairs, Clock-cases, &c. Also — the produce of the Garden, taking it as it now lies. John L. BROWN, Wilkesbarre.

Asa SPALDING, Esq., died suddenly, lately at Norwich, Conn., aged 54 years.

30 Aug. 1811

Tunkhannock Celebration — July 4th. An appropriate discourse was delivered by Rev. John MILLER. After which the company generally went and partook of an elegant dinner, prepared by Jude GOODALE, of Tunkhannock. Zebulon MARCY, Esq. was chosen President and David B. WHEELER, Vice President, some toast were drank.

Public Notice — In conformity to an Act of General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, passed 9 April 1807, entitled “An Act to authorize the Governor of this Commonwealth to incorporate a Company for the purpose of making and erecting a Bridge over the river Susquehanna, at the Borough of Wilkesbarre, and the Supplement thereto, passed the 20 March 1811.” The Commissioners named in the said act hereby give notice that the Books will be opened on Monday the 30th Sept. next at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, at the following places, viz. At the house of John P. ARNDT, Wilkesbarre Borough; at the store of Daniel WAGENER and Co., in Easton Borough and at the Merchant’s Coffee House in Philadelphia, at which time and places some of the said Commissioners will attend for the purpose of receiving Subscriptions agreeable to the provisions of said act. Lord BUTLER, Henry BUCKINGHAM, Samuel SITGREAVES, Daniel WAGENER, John B. WALLACE, John H. BRITON, Commissioners.

Notice — The Gentleman to whom I was kind enough to lend my Saddle about three or four weeks ago, is desired to return it, as one good turn deserves another. George PATRICK, Wilkesbarre.

Stray. Came to the Farm of the Subscriber in April last, a yearling Steer, all red except his head which had some white on it. The owner is desired to call, pay expenses and take him away. Bloomfield MILBOURNE, Bridgewater.

6 Sept. 1811

Appointments by the Governor — Major Generals of Pennsylvania:
8th Division Northampton and Wayne Counties — Thomas CRAIG
9th Division Northumberland and Luzerne Counties — Daniel MONTGOMERY
10 Division Lycoming, Tioga, Potter, M’Kean, Jefferson & Clearfield Counties — John BURROWS

William BAIRD, Esq. to Miss Hannah, daughter of Nathan BEACH, Esq., at Salem (no date)

David SCOTT, Esq.,, to Miss Catharine, daughter of Jonathan HANCOCK, in this town on Sunday last, by Rev. HOYT.

20 Dollars Reward — Last night the store of the subscriber, in Nescopeck was broken open and a number of articles stolen. The above reward and reasonable charges will be given to any person who will secure the villains, so that they may be bro’t to justice. William BAIRD. Aug. 29th. [Items stolen are listed]

Notice — The Field, Staff and company Commissioned Officers of the 45th Reg., Pennsylvania Militia, are hereby notified to meet at the house of Abel MARCY, in Tunkhannock, on the 30th inst., at 10 o’clock, A. M. in uniform and equipped for exercise agreeable to Law. All persons in the 2d, 6th, 7th & 8th Companies lately belonging to the above Regt. Having in their possession the property of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the use of said Regiment, such as Colors, Drums, Fifes, Arms and Laws, are requested to deliver them by the 17th inst. to Col. HURLBUT and those in the other Companies to Capt. David OSTERHOUT, that they may be distributed agreeable to Law. D. B. WHEELER, Lieut. Col. 45th Reg.

13 Sept. 1811

Statement listing number of Inhabitants and manufactures in certain township in Luzerne Co.

Notice — Notes given for articles purchased at the vendue of Caleb WRIGHT, late of Luzerne, are now due and in the hands of the subscriber — of which, those indebted will please to take notice. Joseph WRIGHT, Plymouth.

Notice — The Contractors for opening the State Road (leading form the Great Bend and Coshecton Turnpike to the west line of the State of Pennsylvania) are hereby notified that the viewers appointed by the Court of quarter Sessions to inspect the Contracts in the County of Luzerne; will commence viewing the Road where it leaves said Turnpike on Monday the 15th October next, and proceed westward through the County of Luzerne. Benja. PERRY, Thos. PARKE, Commissioners

Estate of Jacob HART, Esq., late of Wilkesbarre Borough, request payments and claims. Cornelius CORTRIGHT and David SCOTT, Admins.

Drifted — From Wilkesbarre Landing at large Canoe, W. R. cut on the inside near the bow, and Iron chain at the bow, a ring at one end of the chain, a hook at the other supposed to have gone the last of July or beginning of August. Whoever will return said Canoe, so that I can obtain it again, shall be handsomely rewarded. Wm. RUSSEL.

20 Sept. 1811

Hiram, son of Abraham WILLIAMS, died in Newport, aged three years.

Infant son of Isaac BOWMAN died in this town (no date)

Wilkesbarre & Clifford Turnpike — Books will be opened to receive subscriptions for the stock of said Company at the house of Isaac POST, Bridgewater Twp., on 26th inst., at the house occupied by Joseph FELL, Pittston on 30th Sept; house of Stephen TRIPP, Providence on 1st Oct., house of Asahel NORTON, Clifford on 2nd Oct. and house of John KENT, Clifford on 3rd Oct.

27 Sept. 1811

General Elections will be held in Luzerne Co. on October 8th, the second Tuesday..

4 Oct. 1811

Letters on hand at the Post Office in Kingston, on Oct. 1st:
Wilber BENNET, Wysox
Hannah BLANCHARD, Kingston
Abel HALL, Kingston
Phillip MYERS, Kingston
Roswell STURDEVANT, Kingston
John LANDON, Kingston
Peter FERVER, Northmoreland
David DIMOCK, Exeter
Levi TOUNSEND, Exeter

James SINTON to Miss Martha, daughter of John BETTLE, in Wilkesbarre on Saturday last, by C. CORTRIGHT, Esq.

Samuel WESTON to Miss Julia A. HORTON, at Tunkhannock, on Monday the 23rd Sept., by Rev. John MILLER

Mr. STANLEY, of New-Milford to Miss Hannah, daughter of Noah TIFFANY, at Bridgewater on Sept. 17th by Hosea TIFFANY

Jonathan TEWKESBURY to Miss Lucinda FULLER, at Bridgewater on Wednesday, Sept. 18th, by Rev. Gideon DRAPER

Stephen GARDNER, died in Wilkesbarre Twp., aged 77 years (no date)

William POYNTELL, died lately in Philadelphia in the 55th year of his age

The Federal majority will be considerably increased in the lower part of the county this year. Last year in Wyalusing — Wysox and Orwell owing to local causes, the opposite ticket had a large majority. Yet the Sheriff ticket was lost by the great number of Federal candidate, the successful candidates no having one third of the whole votes of the freemen.
In Tunkhannock last year the voters did not one half of them give a suffrage for Auditors; it was from this circumstance that one of the auditors was lost. This year Wyalusing, Wysox and Orwell will give handsome federal majorities, and it is hoped all the citizens will vote candidates for ALL the offices. We may therefore reasonably presume that every federal candidate will prevail by a large majority; and this more particularly as Davis DIMOCK, much the best man on the democratick ticket, has absolutely declined.

Letters on hand at the Post Office in Pittston, Oct. 1st:
Robert BROWN
Ebenezer MARCY
Preserved TAYLOR
Clement WEST
Eleazer CAREY, P. M.

Valuable Property — I will sell at Private Sale, 1300 Acres of land, situated in Wayne Co., on the Shehola Creek, about half a mile from its junction with the Delaware. ON this tract a dwelling house and saw mill are erected, and some other improvements are made; but the land is principally under timber, consisting of yellow and white Pine, which renders it valuable. A Purchaser may find the price reasonable and terms of payment easy, on application to the subscriber, living in Horsham Twp., Montgomery Co. Seneca LUKENS.

11 Oct. 1811

Notice — My son, Enos SMITH, sometimes called J. SMITH, was sent by me on business, form the County of Ontario, town of Middlesex, and State of New-York, in the month of May last, & on his way to Wilkesbarre, at Keeler’s Ferry, fell into the hands of some raftmen from Tioga Point, who in an unlawful manner made out an Advertisement in my name, and took the boy and bound him, and took from him his mare, saddle, bridle, and leather, and at Nescopeck falls, or near there, was ordered off the Raft by CHAPMAN, and pushed into the river by TAMMAGE, and it is thought by many, that my son is drowned. I have travelled about one thousand miles, and can find nothing of him. If he is alive, it is my sincere request he should return home. He is about 18 years old, had on long boots, a long drab colored coat and overalls, yellow jacket and handkerchief, and black hat; blue eyes, brown hair, middling slim, and a down look. Any information concerning the boy, will be thankfully received by me. Nathan SMITH.

Examination — The Examination of the Scholars in the Wilkesbarre Academy, was this day concluded: Their progress in the various sciences, was satisfactory, to the managers and Trustees, and honorable to the Instructors and Pupils. The next Quarter will commence in two weeks from next Monday.

Letters on Hand at the Post Office in Wilkesbarre on Oct. 1st:
Archibald BIRD
Constable BROWN
Abraham BARREL
Peter CURL
Philip GOSS
Betsey HEATH
William M. HART
Lodge #61
Eleazer MERRIL
Abraham NEAS
Daniel RIMER
Welcome STONE
Charles SCOTT
Archibald SMILEY
Elizabeth SCOTT
Christain SARVER
Thomas TYSON
William TYACK
Bernard UPP
Nathan WADE
Joseph WOOD
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Stop Thief! 15 Dollars Reward. Stolen from the Subscriber on Saturday last, a dark Sorrel Horse, about 14 hands high, with a white strip in his face, about 11 years old, a little hipt, and the hair somewhat worn off on his back behind the saddle. The thief is Samuel JONES, and Englishman, about 5 feet, 8 inches high, 26 years old — has lost the thumb off his left hand. Ten Dollars will be paid for the Horse, five for the thief alone, or the above reward for both. Stephen TRIPP, Providence

18 Oct. 1811

Samuel W. BENEDICT, died at Pittston on the 11th inst. [See next paper]

Luzerne Co. Election Results.

For Sale — A Very Valuable Farm, situated on Kingston Flats, opposite the Borough of Wilkesbarre, containing about 102 Acres, extending from the river to the Main Street leading thro’ Kingston. There are on the premises two dwelling houses, one of which is very well finished, and convenient, with a well fenced garden attached to it, a frame Barn, a well of excellent water and two fine springs. Also will be sole with the above if desired, 20 acres of Wood Land, distant about 1 _ miles from the Farm. Possession of the whole may be had on the first of April next. J. HOLLENBACK, Owego, Broome Co., NY

Caution — The Public are hereby cautioned not to receive two Notes of hand, given by me to David VOUGHT, some time last fall, for fifty dollars each, one payable 12th mo. 1st, 1811, the other payable 12th mo. 1st, 1812, as said D. VOUGHT has not complied with his agreement, I am determined not to pay them, unless compelled by law. Robert RIDGEWAY, Wysox.

25 Oct. 1811

Russel HUBBARD, Editor, to Miss Abby, daughter of the late Gen. Joseph WILLIAMS, at Norwich, Conn, on the 8th inst. by Rev. STRONG

W. P. WHALEY to Miss Phil— HAUGHTON, at Montville (no date)

Palmer CO–, of Montville to Miss Polly, daughter of J. HALSEY, Esq., at Preston (no date)

Henry VAN WATERS to Miss Ann BAYLES, lately of Wilkesbarre at Willingboro (no date)

Benjamin FELLOWS to Miss BETSEY LAFRANCE at Providence, by Enos FINCH, Esq. (no date)

Infant son of Jacob CIST, Esq., died in this town on Monday evening.

Samuel W. BENEDICT, aged 24 years, son of John BENEDICT, died at Pittston, on the 11th inst. He has left an aged father and mother, and many other relatives to mourn his loss. The deceased had been in the profession of school-keeping for ten years, and was universally beloved by his pupils, and respected by all his employers, and his character unblemished. His moral deportment was truly sincere and unspotted; he bore his disorder, of which he died, with admirable patience and fortitude; the example he set before his companions was well worthy to pattern after. He left the world with a full assurance of a glorious immortality. His funeral was numerously attended with an agreeable discourse delivered by Rev. CARVER, from Rev. 14th chap. 13th v. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, yea hence forth saith the spirit, that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them.

1 Nov. 1811

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Wysox, Oct. 1st:
Ebenezer B. GREGORY
Eliphalet MASON

Election Returns for:
Centre Co. — John HALL, a Democrat, is elected a member of the Assembly
Lycoming Co. – John FORSTER and Samuel SATTERLEE, Jun. are elected to the Assembly
Centre, Clearfield & Lycoming Counties — T. BURNSIDE, 1451 votes J. BURROWS, 1187 votes

8 Nov. 1811

The paper this week will be omitted because of no paper. The wagons have come in without paper so we publish only a small sheet.

15 Nov. 1811

Benjamin J. WOODRUFF, of Orwell Twp., to Miss Betsey EICKLOR, of Wysox Twp., at Wysox on Wednesday, Oct. 30, by William MYER, Esq.

Jacob RIPPLE died in this town on Tuesday last.

Mrs. STONE, died at Wyalusing, very suddenly, Oct. 27, aged about 70.

Valuable Lands For Sale at Public Auction to be held Dec. 2nd, at the Merchant’s Coffee-House in Philadelphia. All the right, title and interest of John Barker CHURCH, Esq., of New York
1. 32 Tracts of Land containing about 400 acres each in Northumberland, Northampton and Luzerne Counties, surveyed under warrants dated 1793
2. 28 Tracts and an undivided _ of one Tract, containing about 400 acres each, situated chiefly in Northampton Co., and a part of 6 in Luzerne Co.
3. 50 Tracts in Luzerne Co., near the Susquehanna on the great and little Mahopenny Creeks, Otter Creek, Kinney’s Run, Kilburn’s Run, Pine Run, &c.


The Fulling Business is being carried on in its various branches, where Cloth will be dressed in the neatest manner, and on the shortest notice. Josiah STEWART, Great Bend.

Bridgewater & Wilkesbarre Turnpike — Notice is hereby given to the Subscribers in the Books of the above, that they will meet at the house of Abel MARCY, Innkeeper, Tunkhannock Twp., on Friday the 20th Dec, to choose by a majority of votes by ballot: 1 President, 12 Managers and 1 Treasurer. Ebenezer BOWMAN, Robert H. ROSE, Putnam CATLIN, Elisha HARDING, Commissioners.

Take Notice — All township collectors who do not settle up their duplicates by the first day of December next, may expect that warrants will issue against them in discriminately. By order of the Board of Commissioners. Thomas DYER, Treasurer.

Eloped – From my Bed and Board, my wife, Comfort. It is unpleasant but the necessity is forced upon me. Therefore I do hereby forbid any person from trusting said Comfort, on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting, after this date.
Robbery — The subscriber’s house was robbed on Tuesday night the 5th inst., of Eighty one dollars in bills of the Hartford bank, payable at New-York. Five dollars will be paid to any person who will restore the money. Aaron PERKINS, Northmoreland, Nov. 15th

Pitches — The Holders of Pitches are invited to meet at the House of John HARDING, in Exeter, on Saturday the 30th inst. Each person is desired to bring an accurate statement how much his Pitch contains.

22 Nov. 1811

The Coopering Business, on the Plains, near Wright’s Mill, is being carried on by Nathaniel CRANDALL.

For Sale — 23,000 Short Shingles, first quality, also, 40,000 Brick. B. DRAKE, Wilkesbarre

John CHERRY, merchant, to Miss Alcinoe, dau. of Maj. Isaac BALDWIN, at Elmira, NY, the 30th ult, by Henry WELLES, Esq. All of Elmira, NY.

Swindlers — We think it our duty to caution the public against a set of swindlers, who infest the country, and are preying upon the people. They profess to be able to make three dollars out of one, by a secret process; and state that their money will bear the strictest test. They therefore propose to receive any sum in silver, and in a short time promise to deliver double the amount. At first they are very punctual to their engagements, and do actually return two good dollars for one received. By this mean they obtain the confidence of the people — get large sums into their hands, and make off with the booty. As they do all their business upon honour, they give no receipt for the money received, nor do they permit any third person to be present when they receive it. A number of persons, we are informed, have been nearly ruined by the villains, in the upper part of the county. Look sharp for them, citizens, and bring them to justice if you can.

Stop Thief! 10 Dollars Reward! Last Wednesday Morning, Jacob PRITCHARD, broke into my Shop and stole a pair of Boots, a black Surrout Coat (the cloth American manufacturer). He was pursued about three miles in the woods, and on being discovered, dropt the Boots, and made off with the Coat, which he had on. He wore a New Fur Hat, new Calf-skins Shoes and blue pantaloons. Said PRITCHARD is about 22 years old, light complexion, light hair, blue eyes, about five feet, six inches high, stock built, and is a bungler at the Carpenter’s trade. Whoever will take up said PRITCHARD, and bring him to the Jail of this County, will receive the above Reward. Gilbert LAIRD, Wilkesbarre.

29 Nov. 1811

Maj. Theodore WOODBRIDGE, of Salem, Wayne Co., aged 64 years, departed this life, we trust for a better, on 28th Oct., after a short illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude and resignation.

For Sale — A Quantity of Cherry Boards, first quality. Joel WHITCOMB Jr., Tunkhannock.

Notice — All persons indebted to me in Luzerne County, will please to make immediate payment to Francis M’SHANE; and those who do not, must expect to be sued in one month. John SLETOR.

Now in press, and will be published in a few days, “Alchymy Explained,” &c. by W. H. SMITH, MD.

6 Dec. 1811

Postponement — The land advertised for sale by MONTMOLLIN & MOSES, is postponed to Saturday, the 14th at 7 o’clock P. M.

Oliver PETTIBONE, Jr. to Miss Amanda GATES on Sunday evening last, by Rev. LANE.

James MURPHY to Miss Polly ATHERTON, on Sunday evening last, at Kingston.

Hon. Robert M’SHANE, brother of Francis M’SHANE, Esq., of this town, Judge of that Parish, died at Pointe-Coupee, Louisiana on the 18th Oct., in the bloom of youth, and in the midst of his usefulness.

Evan R. EVANS’ Esq., this week at Sunbury is much lamented.

Last Notice — The estate of James WHEELER, requests payments or claims. D. B. WHEELER, Z. BUTLER, Admins.

Notice — The Books and Accounts of the late Silas JACKSON, deceased, are left with Thomas DYER, Esq., for settlement.

13 Dec. 1811

For Sale — In Northmoreland Twp., 173 acres of land, adjoining the river. There is on the premises a small log house, and 10 acres under improvement. The land is all of an excellent quality, and well timbered. It is expected that the Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road, will run thro’ the above land. For terms apply at the office of the Gleaner, to Asa KEELER near the land to the Subscriber on the premises. Aaron PERKINS, Kingston.

David SILSBEE to Miss Rachel WHITE, at Pittston by Rev. Wm. BISHOP (no date)

Miss Jane ELEY, died in this town on Tuesday last, aged 31 years. Her virtuous and amiable disposition endeared her to all who knew here. She bore a long and distressing illness with Christian fortitude, and left this world with a lively hope of happiness in a better, thro’ the merits of her savior. She was interred on Wednesday and a funeral sermon was preached by Rev. BIDLACK, of Kingston.

Mrs. HOUSMAN, consort of Jacob HOUSMAN, died in this Borough, on Tuesday, aged 20 years. A funeral sermon was preached on the occasion by Rev. HOYT.

Take Up — At Skinners Eddy, a small timber raft, with some boards and shingles on the raft. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take it away. Richard KEENY, Braintrim.

Take Notice — The pews of the Wilkesbarre Meeting-House, are to be sold to the highest and best bidder, on Jan. 2nd, at one o’clock in the afternoon. The inhabitants of Wilkesbarre, Kingston, Hanover, and all who wish, are invited to come and procure themselves seats, where Preaching is purposed every Sabbath.

Wanted Immediately, two journeymen shoemakers, who will find constant employment, by applying to either of the subscribers. Wm. ALLEN, Wm. KEELER, Wysox.

20 Dec. 1811

Notice — All persons indebted to the Subscriber either by Note or Book Account, are called upon to make payment on or before the 20th Jan.; All those who neglect this invitation, will find their Notes and Accounts in the hands of Cyrus AVERY, Esq., for collection. Isaac OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock. Also those indebted to the firm of OSTERHOUT & BARNUM, are requested to make payment by the above time; or their accounts will be left with Cyrus AVERY, Esq. for immediate collection.

Susquehanna & Tioga Turnpike — An election for 1 President; 12 Managers and 1 Treasurer, will be held at the Merchant’s Coffee House in Philadelphia on Jan. 6th. N. BEACH, Philadelphia.

Notice — The subscribers have entered into partnership, under the firm of BARNUM and FELL. For the regulation of their concerns. All persons having unsettled accounts with Zenus BARNUM, are invited to call and make settlement with the least possible delay. Zenus BARNUM and Aaron FELL, Pittston.

Notice — The Proprietors of the Township of Wilkesbarre, are requested to attend the Town Meeting, on Saturday the 28th inst, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, to hear the Report of the Committee on the Sale of the Public Lands, and appropriate the avails thereof, and to do any other business necessary to be done by said meeting. Jesse FELL, Town Clerk.

Portmanteau Lost. Supposed to have been lost on the Stoop of Jude GOODALE, at Tunkhannock, on the night of the 9th of last month; but might have been lost on the day previous, between there and Wilkesbarre, a pair of Portmanteaus, or Saddle-Bags, containing 2 papers of Lampblack, 2 lb. nails, 1 waistecoat, 1 shirt, 2 neckcloths, 1 Silk handkerchief, 1 small roll of flannel, with various small articles. Whoever has found it and will give information to the Printers or subscriber at Wysox, shall be suitable rewarded. Robert RIDGWAY.

Easton & Wilkesbarre Turnpike — Election will be held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on the first Monday of January for the election of 1 President, 12 Managers and a Treasurer. John EWING, Secretary.

27 Dec. 1811

Milford & Owego Turnpike – Election will be held at the house of Isaac POST, Innkeeper, Bridgewater Twp., for the election by ballot or by proxy, for 1 President, 12 Managers, 1 Treasurer, on the first Monday of January next. Putnam CATLIN, Secretary.

Wilkesbarre & Bridgewater Turnpike — Officers elected:
President — Ebenezer BOWMAN
Treasurer — Jesse FELL
Alpheus FINCH
Thomas SCOTT
Isaac POST
Jeremiah SPENCER

Wanted Immediately: An Apprentice ot the Painting and Chair making Business, About 15 years old. A smart, active Lad that can come well recommended, will meet with good encouragement by applying to George PATRICK, Wilkesbarre.

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