1810 Luzerne County Federalist

Luzerne County Federalist

Friday Evening Publication

5 Jan. 1810

Stray — A two year old sorrel mare colt, broke into the enclosure of the subscriber sometime in November last. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take it away. Benj. CARPENTER, 2d, Kingston

12 Jan. 1810

James SCOVELL died at Exeter (no date)

Caution — Whereas George RIX on the 10th day of March last past, freely and by his own consent became one of my family, and hath without reason or just cause, now absented himself from my family; these are therefore to forewarn all persons from harboring or trusting the said RIX on my account, as I will pay no debts of his contracting after this date, unless compelled by law so to do. Moses SCOVELL, Exeter

Daniel COLLINGS, watch and Clock-maker, respectfully informs his friends and the Public that he has commenced the above business, at the North-west corner of Public Square in Wilkesbarre, where punctual attendance will be given to all those who may choose to favor him with their custom, on the most reasonable terms.

Letters on hand at the Post Office in Wilkesbarre, on Jan. 1st:
Willm. ASKAM
Elias BELL
Catharine BERRY
Frederick CRISMAN
Hinsdale CLARK
Isacher CHILDS
Samuel CASE
Sheffield COON
Eleazer CARY
Keziah CLARK
Rev. Abraham DAWSON
Reuben ELLIS
Consider FULLER
Jacob HART
Oliver HOIT
Matthias HUFFMAN
Will’m HILL
Edward INMAN
Johann KERN
Glover LAIRD
Zebulon LEE
Master of Lodge #61
David PALE
Rev. Joel ROGERS
Hezekiah SMITH
Jeremiah SMITH
Betsey SMITH
Abraham SMITH
Rosewell WELLS
Jacob CIST, P. M.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, Jan. 1st:
John BOWMAN, Kingston
Charles BARNEY, Plymouth
Peter GOULD, Plymouth
John KELLE, Kingston
Samuel LUCAS, Plymouth
Abraham TILBURY, Plymouth
Elijah WADHAMS, Plymouth
Epaphras WADSWORTH, Huntington

List of letters remaining at the Post Office at Pittston, Dec. 31, 1809:
Redmond CONYNGHAM, Conyngham
Alexander DOLPH, Providence
Elisha DELANO, Pittston
Silas LUIS, Hop-Bottom
Daniel TAYLOR, Providence
Theodore WOODBRIDGE, Salem

19 Jan. 1810

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held Feb. 3rd at the Court-House in Wilkesbarre. Land situated in Hanover Twp., being part of Lot #24, containing 220+ acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of James CAMPBELL, Esq.

Notice — Will be sold at Public Vendue — At the house of Col. Eliphalet BULKELEY in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, on Feb. 10th, the undivided half of about 60,000 Bricks, of an excellent quality, sundry utensils for making of Brick, and 14 tickets in the Wilkesbarre Meeting House and Bank Lottery, as the property of Kimball PRINCE, deceased. L. BEATTY, Adm’r., Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Capt. Samuel CLARK, deceased, are requested to make payment and present claims. Eben P. CLARK, Adm’r, Ulster

Constitution of the Luzerne Co. Agricultural Society

26 Jan. 1810

Daniel CHRISTY, of Tunkhannock to the widow Jerusha OSTERHOUT, of Braintrim, in Braintrim on the 11th inst., by Josiah FASSETT, Esq.

Lost on Tuesday last between a Coal-Bed about half a mile back of Capt. Benjamin SMITH’S in Kingston and the tavern of the late Maj. WHEELER, a small gold watch, with a silk chain, and the crystal cracked. Whoever will return the said Watch to the above Tavern, or the Subscriber, shall be generously rewarded. Dewitt ROSENCRANS, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of James SCOVELL, late of Exeter Twp., request payments and claims. Thankfull SCOVELL, Adm’x, Exeter

Compromise. Through the fear of God, and respect to the Laws of Men, and regard for my neighbor, William B. WHITNEY; I hereby acknowledge that I have foolishly, rudely and unbecomingly, said many things injurious to his character; which I ought not to have said, and am sorry for it. Allowing transcripts hereof, and the same to be published. Witness my hand, Jan. 15, 1810. William FINCH. In presence of Richard DAVIDSON and Benony FINCH

Notice – As the practice of Horse Stealing has become so prevalent, and is likely to increase, if some effectual plan is not adopted and executed to prevent the mischief that will result to the community at large, from Horse thieves; and as it is next to an impossibility for the suffering individual to apprehend the perpetrators, it would be accordant with the feelings of humanity, and the protection of property to form a Society calculated to counteract the evil, Therefore, Notice is hereby given to such of citizens of Luzerne County, as are willing to form a Company for the purpose of suppressing Horse stealing and pursuing Horse Thieves, are requested to meet at the house of Silas JACKSON, Inkeeper in Wilkesbarre, on Monday the 12th Feb. next, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon to agree upon a plan, and rules and regulations to govern a Company for the purpose aforesaid.

Carlisle, Penn. (Dec. 29) On Wednesday morning last, a duel was fought in the neighbourhood of the Carlisle Barracks, between Mr. HAXTOR of the dragoons, and Ensign SHAW of the 5th regiment. Mrs. HAXTON we understand was mortally wounded at the second fire.

2 Feb. 1810

Notice — Betsey VAN HORN — By virtue of an Alias Subpoena to you directed, now in my hands, you are commanded to be and appear in your proper person at the Court of Common Pleas to be held at Wilkes-barre, for the County of Luzerne, on the first Monday of April next, to shew cause, if any you have, why your husband, Matthias VANHORN, should not only be divorced from your bed and board, but also from the bonds of Matrimony, which he hath contracted with you. And hereof fail not at your peril. Jacob HART, Sh’ff. [see next week]

Information — In Meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, Wilkes-barre, Jan. 26, 1810 — Resolved, that the following facts are necessary to be stated in a Certificate for Panthers and Wolves killed in Luzerne County. That the examination was on oath or affirmation, The place or township where, the time when, and by whom such panthers or wolves were caught or killed, and if they were full grown, and that the heads were produced and destroyed before the Justice granting such certificate, before the county Commissioners’ can proceed to grant Orders for pay thereon.

9 Feb. 1810

The Resolution for removing the seat of Gov’t to Harrisburgh, has passed the Senate of this State by a large majority. By the last accounts from Lancaster, the lower house had not acted upon it.

Itch Ointment – The subscriber offers to the Public his Genuine Itch Ointment. Those persons who have used this Sovereign remedy for the Itch, can certify to its effects. It is very beneficial in other sores, and never fails to complete success in curing. The above Ointment may be had of Jacob P. ARNDT, at the Printing Office and of the subscriber near Wilkesbarre, at the low price of 25 Cents per Box. Solomon DOTTER

Error Corrected. The Sheriff’s Advertisement, in the first page of this paper, notifying Betsey VANHORN to appear at April Court, to shew cause, &c. should notify Matthias VANHORN, to appear, instead of Betsy VANHORN [her name spelled both ways]

16 Feb. 1810

Asa NEWTON to Miss Sophia FOX, at Colchester, Conn. (no date)

Elijah BOWMAN to Miss Nancy BURGER, at Mehoopany by Josiah FASSETT, Esq. (no date)

Joshua PETTIBONE to Miss Eleanor GAY, at Kingston by David PERKINS, Esq. (no date)

Mrs. GREEN died in this town (no date)

Elijah, son of Calvin WADHAMS, died at Plymouth on Wednesday last.

Estate of Mark HARTLEY, deceased, request payments and claims. Catharine HARTLEY, John MARCY, Admin’rs. Public Vendue will be held 28th inst, at the dwelling house of the deceased, all personal property.

23 Feb. 1810

Pennsylvania Legislature — Jan. 5th — Mr. GRAHAM presented a petition from the commissioners of Luzerne Co., praying that the sum of two thousand dollars may be appropriated, for the purpose of bridging and causewaying the road from the point where the Coshecton and Great-bend turnpike passes through Moosic mountain, to the west line of the state; and said petition was read and referred to the committee on roads and inland navigation.

Pennsylvania Legislature — Jan. 9th — Mr. DORRANCE presented three petitions of like tenor, from a number of the inhabitants of the northern part of Wayne County, praying that certain parts of Wayne and Luzerne Counties therein described, may be erected into a new and separate County, to be called, “Madison County.” Referred to the committee appointed on the 8th of December last on a similar subject. Jan. 12th — Mr. DORRANCE form the committee to whom were referred on the 8th, 11, and 23rd Dec. last, and also on the 9th inst. the petitioners of a number of the inhabitants of the northern parts of Luzerne and Lycoming Counties, praying that a new county district may be laid off according to the lines and boundaries therein described, made report, to which the following resolution was attached; Resolved That a committee be appointed to bring in a bill for the purpose of establishing two new counties districts, agreeably to the lines and bounds above described. [We understand that the committee who were appointed on the above business, have reported a bill in favor of the two new County Districts, which has passed both houses of the Legislature.]

Tunkhannock, Feb. 11, 1810: Messrs. Printers, I have bought one acre of land for which I have paid forty dollars, with an intention to follow the directions of your Agricultural Society, formed for the benefit of this county; but on examination the principles there laid down, I find them quite inaccurate, and would ruin any farmer in this part of the county, should they follow them only five years. The expenses of cultivation are much greater than the profits of the crops following.
For instance:
The land costs $ 40.00
200 bushels lime 150.00
60 loads manure 30.00
2 days work spreading the manure 1.33
3 days plowing & working ground withteam 9.00
1 pint turnip seed .50
Sowing and rolling the ground 1.50
Pulling and cutting the turnips 4.00

The following Spring preparing the
Ground, finding and sowing the land with oats 5.00
16 bushels grass seed 40.00
10 lbs. clover seed 2.50
Cutting and securing the oats 2.25

By 9 tons hay in 3 years, which
Is as long as any land ought to be
Laid down to seed

Allow the feed for cattle to pay for
The trouble of securing the grass;
Taxes, repairing and fencing the land
In debt $154.08
Thus you see Gentlemen, this calculations (without drilling and horse-hoeing, terms which I do not understand) is as low as any Framer here can estimate his labor, and allow the manure to produce five crops, which is more than common for any land. I should be gratified to know, who in the Agricultural Society, has given the directions, which you have published. Surely not one of our profession; if so it must be one that never attempted farming, either in theory or practice.

2 March 1810

Tyler’s Patent Grist Mill. Col. Benjamin TYLER, had obtained Letters of Patent from the President of the US, for an improvement in the construction of Water Wheels, by applying what he calls the Wry-Fly Water-Wheel, which improvement may be applied to Grist Mills, Paper-Mills, Fulling-Mills, & various kinds of Machinery. The advantages of this kind of Mills are numerous.
1st Their great simplicity and cheapness.
2nd They are very simply and easily secured from freezing.
3rd The geers are much less expensive to build and keep in repair, & take up very little room, of course it does not require so expensive a Mill-house, as the common construction.
They are judged to go with as little water as an overshot Mill, and much less than any other kind of water-wheel. They have been much approved of in the Eastern States, for a few years past, and have become in general use in many places, and of great public utility. The Subscribers being Assignees, and having a thorough knowledge of the plan from its origin, will warrant to the Publick, that Mills which they shall build on this plan, to answer a valuable purpose. The Subscribers have put in motion two run of stones, with the fanning and bolting machinery, for Capt. Ebenezer and Maj. Benjamin SLOCUM, in the township of Providence. Gentlemen wishing to repair, or build Mills on this construction, are invited to call on the above Gentlemen, or on Charles MINER of Wilkesbarre, where information will be given and applications received. The Patent rights will be disposed of by single licenses, townships, counties or otherwise.

Medicinal — Doctor OSBORN has commenced the practice of Physic & Surgery, in the township of Bridgewater; where all calls in the line of his profession, will be punctually attended to. To Settlers. Dr. OSBORN being appointed agent for Dr. Robert H. ROSE; and being concerned in the settlement of a large tract of land, situated in the townships of Bridgewater, Rush and Orwell, they who are desirous of settling on those lands, are requested to call on Dr. OSBORN, living in the township of Bridgewater, Luzerne Co., where all information and encouragement will be given.

9 March 1810

Dr. Eleazer PARKER, of Kingston to Miss Hannah DIMON, of Willingboro, at Willingboro, by Rev. DIMOCK (no date)

Dancing School will commence in Wilkesbarre at the Court House on Monday the 12th inst. The hours of attendance for Ladies, will be from 4 o’clock until 6; for Gentlemen, from 6 until 9 o’clock. Those who wish to become subscribers, will do well to embrace the earliest opportunity.

Take Notice — The subscribers have by mutual agreement this day dissolved Partnership. All persons concerned will take notice, that all Contracts made with the firm at their Store in Braintrim will now be paid to Daniel STERLING, and all contracts made at the store at Ark-Port in NY, will be paid to John SUTTON as by agreement. STERLING & SUTTON, Braintrim, Feb. 27th.

The subscriber will purchase 500 good saw logs, if delivered in the month of April at STURDEVANT’S Eddy in Braintrim, for which a generous price will be given, if the Logs measure two feet and rising. Daniel STERLING.

Estate of Thomas KENNEDY, late of Wilkesbarre, request payments and claims. James KENNEDY, Admin.

Treasurer’s Statement for Luzerne County in 1809

16 March 1810

Notice to Creditors — I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the laws made for the relief of insolvent debtors, and they have appointed the first Monday in April next, for hearing between me and my creditors at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place, you may attend if you think proper. Peter HARDENBERG, Pittston.

For Sale — A Farm in Wysox near the centre, within forty rods of Jacob & Wm. MYERS’S Mill; with 25 acres of improved land; one hewed-log house 38 x 20 feet, one story and a half high, with an entry 12 feet wide, and a stoop 8 feet wide in front. Corn-house 20 feet square, finished off. A good still-house 24 x 20 feet, one barn 30 x 40 feet. A store 24 x 18 feet, blacksmith shop 30 x 18 feet; horse shed 28 x 12 feet; running water brought in logs within 15 feet of the door of said dwelling house, thence overhead water to the still-house. Another small dwelling house well finished off, with a convenient cellar, suitable for a small family, together with a framed stable. Also 150 apple trees, some of them beginning to bear apples, together with pear, peach, plumb and cherry trees and currant bushes. Also a large quantity of white and yellow pine timber, near a good saw mill, lying on the road leading up Wysox Creek, about _ of a mile from its mouth, and also on the state road leading from the state of New-York to New-Connecticut. The said farm contains 136+ acres, taken out by William MEANS, Esq. and also 150 acres which have been in possession of, since 1793, adjoining said farm, lying on both sides of Wysox Creek. One half of the purchase money to be paid down, or debts due from Amos MIX, will be received in payment, the other half made easy by giving time for payment. The said dwelling house is appointed for the election to be held at, in said Wysox Township. The above is an excellent stand for a tavern and store. The conditions of sale made known by Amos MIX or Wm. MEANS, or their Agents, at the time and place of sale, which will take place at Wilkesbarre, April 4th, at 10 o’clock A. M., at public sale. Amos MIX, Wysox.

23 March 1810

To the free and independent Electors of Luzerne Co. The subscriber induced by the scarcity of Candidates for the Office of Sheriff at the next Election, and to follow the custom of our neighboring Republican Counties, offers himself as a Candidate for said Office; and if so fortunate as to obtain a majority of your Votes, you may depend that he will take care of No. 1. John L. BAKER, Wilkesbarre.

Boarding House — John BOLLES, hereby informs the Public that he proposed to open a Boarding House on the 2nd April next, at the lower end of the borough of Wilkesbarre, at the house lately occupied by Captain Jabez FISH, where those who may please to favor him with their custom, shall be handsomely accommodated on reasonable terms, during Court week, or for a longer time if required. — N. B. — His Saddling and Harness Making Business, will be carried on at the above place.

Sheriff’s Sales — To be held April 2nd at the Court-House at Wilkesbarre:
1. Land situated in Nicholson Twp., at the head waters of Tunkhannock Creek. Bordered by David HAMILTON, Asahel GREGORY, Henry DRINKER, Abel KENT, Gideon KENT. Containing 133_ acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Phineas PICKERING.
2. Land situated in Kingston Twp. Lots 35, 36 and 37 on the map of Kingston, bounded by Samuel LANDON, Thomas DUANE, Susquehanna River, main highway. Containing about 120 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Thomas DUANE.
3. Land situated in Kingston Twp. Being part of lots # 33 and 34 in the 2nd Division, bounded by Thomas DUANE, Hannah DUANE (in the right of Hannah during her life) Timothy PIERCE heirs. Containing about 3 acres. And one other tract containing 19_ acres, being part of aforesaid lots #33 and 34 in the 2nd Division bounded by Thomas DUANE, Hannah DUANE, Timothy Pierce heirs, Lord BUTLER, Susquehanna River, Polly PIERCE. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Thomas DUANE.

30 March 1810

The Governor has appointed James LAIRD of Northumberland, James RALSON of Northampton and Daniel W. DINGMAN of Wayne, Commissioners, to fix the most proper places in the two new county districts, for the permanent seat of justice.

Poem — “Warriors of Wyoming”

6 April 1810

Isreal RICHARDSON to Miss Lucy ADAMS, at Willingboro by Rev. MACNAMARRA (no date)

Lawrence MYERS, Esq., died at Kingston on Tuesday the 27th ultimo, aged 56 years. He was an honest, industrious and benevolent man.

Aaron READ, died at Willingboro, on the 12th ult., aged 76.

A son of Dr. WARNER, died at Wysox, on the 2nd ult.

Mrs. Catharine ANTES SNYDER, died at Lancaster on the 15th ult., aged 33, wife of the governor of this commonwealth.

The County Commissioners have appointed Abraham BRADLEY, Esq., Treasurer.

Estate of John HOWLEY, late of New-Milford Twp., request payments and claims. Hosea TIFFANY, Admin.

Letters on hand April 1st at the Post Office in Wilkesbarre:
Stephen ABBOT
Stephen BALL, jr.
Maria J. BAKER
Rev. Stephen BISHOP
George D. CLARK
Nathaniel CRANDLE
Isreal COOK
Robert CLARK
Alexander DOLPH
Thomas G. FRAZER
Jospeh GIVEN
Benjamin HILLMAN
Abraham HOLMES
Mordecai M’KINNEY
Hezekiah PHELPS
Elijah PHILO
Lieut. John STEWARD
Sebastian SEIBERT
Philip SHUP
Gilbert SMITH
Ichabod TERRY
Isaiah TYSON
Roswell WELLES
Catharine WELLES
Meshack WALKER
Rachel WIGHT
Jadutha WITHY
Meshack WALKER
Saml. WOOD
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Letters on hand at the Kingston Post Office, March 31st:
Charles BARNEY, Plymouth
Jacob BLANCHARD, Plymouth
Joseph DEVONS, Kingston
Freelove GALLUP, Kingston
Fisher GAY, Kingston
Samuel LUCAS, Plymouth
Lawrence MYERS, Kingston
Shepherd PATRICK, Northmoreland
Abijah SMITH, Plymouth
Elijah SHOEMAKER, Kingston
Caleb WRIGHT, Plymouth

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, April 1st:
Abraham VAUSBURG, Tunkha’ck
Edward GOLLEY, Tunkha’ck
Hezekiah PRAY, Tunkha’ck
Samuel STEVENS, Tunkha’ck
Isaac TRIP, Tunkha’ck
Abner BARTLETT, Tunkha’ck
Denham KENT, Clifford
John KENT, Clifford
Edward UPHAM, Clifford
Isaac SLOCUM, P. M.

Carding Machine — The subscriber has in complete operation at his Mill in Kingston, a Machine for Carding Wool and Cotton. Cotton will be carded every other Saturday, during the season. Stephen HOLLISTER.

13 April 1810

Titles and Acts Passed by the Legislature of PA during the Session of 1809-1810 (#1-133 not complete list)
#55 An act for the removal of the seat of justice in Wayne County, from Bethany to a place at or near the centre of said county.
#58 An act for adjusting the titles to lands in Bedford and Ulster Townships, in Luzerne and Lycoming counties.
#83 An act ot prevent swine running at large within the township of Kingston, in the county of Luzerne.

Lodowick Henry Christopher VON STORCK, late of Germany, to Miss Hannah SEARLE, of Pittston, on the 8th inst., by C. CORTRIGHT, Esq.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Bridgewater, April 1st:
Following of Bridgewater:
Samuel MAINE
Benjamin FANSHER
Stephen BAGLEY
Ichabod HALSEY
John TYLER, Jun., Harford
Jesse BIRCHARD, Rush
Ichabod Terry, Rush
Isaac POST, P. M.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Wysox, March 31:
William BUCK
Ebenezer P. CLARK
Thomas EAGER
Jedidiah METALF
Aadon TUDD
Elisha WYETH
David RIDGWAY, P. M.

Vendue — Will be sold by Public Vendue on 17th inst. at the late dwelling house of Lawrence MYERS, Esq., deceased in Kingston: two Breeding Mares, Horn Cattle, Sheep & Swine, a neat Family Carriage, a Riding Chair, Farm Waggon and Gears, a quantity of Wheat by the bushel, Three Stoves, Eight day Clock, Desk, Beds and Bedding, Tables, Chairs, together with the whole of the deceased’s Household and Kitchen Furniture; Farming Utensils, and Implements of Husbandry. The sale will begin at 10 o’clock before noon, where the conditions of Sale will be made known and attendance given by Sarah MYERS and Jesse FELL, Admin’s

20 April 1810

Notice — The subscribers seriously solicit all persons indebted to them, especially, those who have formed, contracts at their Store on Tunkhannock Creek, to make an immediate discharge of their respective balances, without exception. Nicholas F. HORTON & Co., Tunkhannock.

27 April 1810

Robert H. ROSE, of this county to Miss Jane, daughter of Andrew HODGE, Esq., of Philadelphia, at Philadelphia on the 10th inst., by Rev. Dr. GREEN

Mrs. Frances CURRIE, of Plymouth, died in the 20th year of her age on Monday the 23rd inst. She has left a disconsolate husband, and one child to bemoan so great a loss.

A Public Ball will be held on Thursday the 3rd day of May next at the Court House, to commence at 7 o’clock, and continue until half past nine for the Scholars. After which Ladies and Gentlemen will be permitted to dance. Tickets to be had at the School Room, Price 50 Cents each. Wilkesbarre.

Caution — All persons are forwarded against receiving a Note which I gave to John STAFORD, for Twenty Dollars, to be paid the first day of May 1810; for which I have received no consideration, and am determined not to pay unless compelled by law. John MILLER.

Estate of Thomas OVIATT, late of Wyalusing Twp., requests payments and claims. John TAYLOR, Ex’r, Wyalusing.

4 May 1810

Francis RAYNO to Miss Eliza ELEY, in this town on Sunday evening last by Thos. DYER, Esq.

Joseph ELLIOT to Miss Barbara LINT, at Wysox on the 8th ult by Geo. SCOTT, Esq.

Borough Election — The following Gentlemen were elected Borough Officers on Tuesday last:
Burgess — Ebenezer BOWMAN
Town Council — Joseph SINTON, Thomas DYER, Charles MINER, George CHAHOON, John P. ARNDT, Isaac BOWMAN, Enoch OGDEN
High Constable — William A. GEORGE

Wilkesbarre Library Company — The members of this Company are informed that the Library is removed to the house of S. TRACY. Those persons holding books belonging to the company, are invited to return them immediately. S. TRACY, Librarian.

11 May 1810

Franklin JENKINS to Miss Peggy GAY, of Kingston, by William TRUCKS, Esq., on the 8th inst.

Statement of Expenditures of Luzerne County for 1809

To All Persons whom it may concern. Notice is hereby given that the Books and Obligations of f James SCOVELL, late of Exeter Twp., deceased, are put in the hands of Moses SCOVELL, Esq., who is hereby authorized to adjust and settle the same. Thankful SCOVELL, Admin., Exeter.

Caution – This is to forewarn all persons from taking an assignment of a Note, which I gave to John WALL, for three thousand Shingles, as the said Note was obtained by fraud, I am therefore determined not to pay it unless compelled by law. Elijah SCOTT

18 May 1810

Appointments by the Governor — Isaac SMITH, of Lycoming Co., Matthew ROBERTS of Montgomery Co., and George HARRISON, of Bucks Co., for the purpose of adjusting the titles of lands in Bedford and Ulster Townships in Luzerne and Lycoming Counties.

25 May 1810

Sale of Lands, to be sold at Public Vendue, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on the 16th June — About 784 Acres of Land, known by the Public Land in Wilkesbarre, situated on the Mill-Creek and Laurel Run, about one miles from the Borough of Wilkesbarre, and about half a mile from the river Susquehanna in the county of Luzerne. There is on the premises about 40 or 50 acres of improvement, with three dwelling houses, a frame ban, the remainder timber Land. The situation is eligible, laying near the County town, the river, Grist and Saw-Mills, and having many superior advantages, must render it an object of attention. It will be sold together, or divided to suit purchasers. Persons wishing to view the premises before the day of Sale, may apply to either of the Subscribers. Attendance will be given and the Conditions made known at the same time of Sale by: Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Ebenezer BOWMAN, William ROSS and John CAREY, Town Committee, Wilkesbarre.

Cut Nail Manufactory — John SLETOR, informs the Public that he carries on the Manufacturing of Nails, in the building two doors below John P. ARNDT’S Tavern, Merchants, and all other persons can be supplied with Nails of an descriptions, at the shortest notice and on reasonable terms. Wilkesbarre.

As Administrator to James WHEELER, late of Kingston, deceased, the Subscribers in examining the concerns of the Estate, find some in charges against individuals for services rendered, by the deceased in his life time as Sheriff of the County of Luzerne. Those charges may be seen principally by his return of process into the Court of Common Pleas, Court of Quarter Sessions, Orphans and Register’s Courts — copies of which have been obtained from the proper officers, and unless those, who may be thus indebted, shall make payment on or before the 11th June next, process without partiality to persons will issue to enforce it. D. B. WHEELER and Zeb. BUTLER, Admins.

2 June 1810 (Wrong date?)

Rev. Geo. LANE to Miss Sally HARVEY, at Plymouth on Thursday last by Rev. A. DAWSON

Caution — All Persons are hereby cautioned against receiving a Note for twenty-six Dollars, giving by the Subscriber to Philip JACKSON, of Kingston, as I have a Receipt in full for the payment of said Note, and am determined not to pay it, unless compelled by law. Charles ABBOT.

Strayed from the Subscriber on the eastern waters of Wyalusing, about the 10th inst. a small dark brown Horse, a natural trotter. Whoever will take up said horse and give information to the subscriber, at the mouth of Tuskerora, shall be reasonable rewarded. Amase WITHY, Braintrim.

Last Call! The subscriber earnestly requests all persons who are indebted to him for Ferriages and other accounts, to come forward immediately and make payments or the same will be taken to Bridgewater and Sued, where he is about removing. Gideon BEEBE.

8 June 1810

Steuben BUTLER to Miss Julia BULKELEY on Sunday evening last, by the Rev. HOYT

Abraham LOTT to Miss Betsey HAVERLY, at Braintrim by Josiah FASSETT, Esq. (no date)

Foster HORTON, died on the 21st ult., of a very short illness, at Tunkhannock, aged 56 years.

30 Dollar Reward! Made his escape by force from the subscriber on the fourth of June past, the house of Asa DIMOCK, in Clifford Township, a certain Daniel AYLSWORTH, a strong robust man, about six feet high, of a dark complexion. Said AYLESWORTH being taken by the subscriber a prisoner, by virtue of a State Warrant in the name of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, issued by Thomas DYER, Esq., a justice of the peace, in and for the county of Luzerne, for altering and passing a forged and counterfeit Bank Bill, of the New-York State Bank. Whoever apprehends and delivers the said AYLESWORTH to the subscriber, or to any goal in the Commonwealth, shall be entitled to the above reward. Joseph VON SICK, Dep. Constable of the township of Wilkesbarre.

15 June 1810

Barnet ULP to Miss Sally TREADAWAY, in this town by Rev. HOYT on Sunday evening last.

Wilkesbarre Borough Ordinances:
1. That until a market-house shall be erected, the place of holding a market, shall from and after the 18th July next, be in the cellar of the court-house in said borough
2. That there shall be two days in each week for market days, to wit: Wednesday and Saturdays, from five o’clock in the morning till ten.
3. That the Clerk of the market be, and he is hereby authorized to procure the erection of one or more stalls, benches and blocks, in the place appropriated for a market, and also a pair of suitable scales, weights and steel-yards and such other things as may be necessary to render the market place convenient to those who may have provision to dispose of.
4. That is shall be and is hereby declared unlawful to fire a gun within the borough, except on days of training or for the purpose of killing wild game on the river — and any person offending against this act, shall pay a fine of one dollar, to be collected for the use of any person prosecuting for the same, on complaint made to the Burgess.
5. That is shall, and is hereby declared to be unlawful for any person to canter, gallop, or run, any horse, mare or gelding, on the streets, commons or lanes of this borough — and any person offending against this act shall pay a fine of one dollar, for the use of any person prosecuting for the same, to be collected on complaint made before the Burgess.

For Sale — The subscriber having it in contemplation shortly to remove from the place whereon he now lives in the neighborhood of Carey town, about two miles below Wilkesbarre, now offers for sale about 50 acres of land cleared and improved, all fenced into a number of convenient Lots, together with eleven acres of Woodland. On the premises is a good two story framed house, a good barn fifty feet in front well finished, a good well of water near the kitchen door: a number of apple, cherry, and peach trees, &c. A particular description of this handsome situation is through unnecessary. Any person wishing to buy, will please to enquire of the subscriber living on the premises. Jacob ROSENCRANS, Hanover.

22 June 1810

Wilkesbarre Borough Ordinances:
1. That from and after the first day of August next no hogs or geese shall be suffered to run at large within the said borough. If any shall be found at large on the commons, in public highways, etc. trespassing in any garden or lot, the high-constable is required to take such in his possession and give immediate information to the owners, and they shall be at liberty to have and receive the said hogs or geese, on paying the constable ten cents for each hog and four cents for each goose, for his trouble in giving notice. But should no owner be found or refuse or neglect to take charge of animals, after giving three days notice they shall be put up at public vendue for the best price, and money given to the Treasurer of the borough.

Five Dollars Reward — Strayed from the subscriber on or about the 6th inst, a bright sorrel mare, about fifteen hands and a half high, short dock, blaze faced, shod all round, about nine years old, trots fast and canters — any person returning her or giving information shall receive the above reward and reasonable charges. Jonathan HANCOCK, Wilkesbarre.

Caution — All persons are hereby forewarned against buying to taking an assignment of two certain notes, bearing equal date, given to a certain Sarah REDINGHUSE, about the middle of May 1809, as they were obtained by fraud, and I am determined not to pay them unless compelled by law. Jacob BITTENBENDER, Nescopeck

For Sale — The subscriber offers for sale in Plymouth, and extensive Coal Bed, situated one mile from the river. The coal is of an excellent quality. For further information, apply to the subscriber in Plymouth. William CURRIE.

For Sale — The subscriber offers the following valuable property, viz.
1. The farm on which he now lives in Bridgewater, about 2 _ miles from Mr. HORTON’S Mills, leading to the Great Bend of the Susquehanna River, about 22 miles from the Bend. It contains 439_ acres, about 40 acres under improvement, about 15 acres more chopped over; it cuts at present 30 tons of hay, and with an expense of 100 dollars, will cut 50 tons, and would, at an expense of 500 dollars, cut one hundred tons. There is an excellent spring of water near the house, a Spring House, 100 apple trees, forty of which are bearing trees, some peach trees, there is a flat of 60 acres of excellent meadow land. The farm is calculated for one of the first rate grass farm and the woods are full of rich herbage. The farm is subject to the following incumbrances, three hundred dollars without interest, to be paid in horses, delivered at the mouth of Tunkhannock, one half in the year 1812, and the other half in the year 1813. There is three hundred dollars more, that is doubtful whether the place is holden for it or not.
2. Also a Lot of land within 1 _ miles of Tunkhannock Creek, on the south side of said creek, about 10 miles from its mouth, containing 309 acres, about 6 acres under improvement adjoining Mr. SHEEK’S farm, it is light clearing, handsomely situated, and scarcely any waste land on this lot.
3. Lot on Martin’s Creek, about 12 miles from the mouth of Tunkhannock, and about _ mile from the mouth of Martin’s Creek, containing 317 acres with allowance for roads; about 6 acres of improvements thereon, with a new Saw-Mill lately built; the road from the mouth of Tunkhannock, runs thro’ said lot; it is a good stand for a store and tavern, and as profitable a situation for lumbering as any there is in this country. The lot is a long square, the creek runs thro’ about the center, and there is plenty of pine on both sides and a large quantity of ash timber; by having a good dam, the mill will saw the driest time in summer and can raft from the tail of the mill. The lot will be given clear, except an incumbrance of about 300 dollars.
–Any one of these farms will be sold very reasonable for _ down, a security on the place will be required for the remainder in such payments as may be agreed upon. If it suits the purchaser better, Goods or Cattle will be taken in payment. A sufficient title will be given. William MITCHELL, Bridgewater.

30 June 1810

Nathan BEACH, Esq. of this county to Mrs. Rachel BARCLAY, of Philadelphia, at Philadelphia (no date)

Broke into the inclusure of the subscriber on the 23rd inst., a pied red and white cow, about 7 or 8 years old. The owner is requested to come and prove property, pay charges and take her away. Daniel DAVID, Providence.

Strayed — Away from the inclosure of Isaac POST, Innkeeper, Bridgewater, near the Great Bend, on the 22nd inst. a Bay Horse, about fifteen hands high. Whoever will return the said horse to the said Isaac POST, or to the subscriber, at Old Sheshequin, Lycoming county, shall be reasonable rewarded. B. OVERTON.

Orphan’s Court Sale — To be held Aug. 8th, the real estate of William CAMPBELL, deceased, a tract of land in Clifford Township, bounded by Walter LYON, Abel KENT, containing 116 acres; for such estate and on such conditions as the said CAMPBELL had and held the same at an immediately before his death. Asa DIMOCK, Esq. and Abel KENT, Admin’rs.

Celebration of Independence — A Public Dinner on July 4th, upon the Bank of the Susquehanna, opposite the house of J. P. ARNDT, in Wilkesbarre.

Notice — The Sheriff will thank everyone of the Gentlemen named in the Jury Lists to acknowledge to him in writing that they have received Notice in season. Wilkes Barre 27 April 1810.
List of Grand Jurors drawn for August Sessions, 1810 by the Commissioners and Sheriff:
Zebulon BUTLER, Wilkesbarre
Jacob BITTENBENDER, Esq., Nescopeck
Charles MINER, Wilkesbarre
Titus SMITH, Lawsville
Sebastian SYBERT, Salem
William MEANS, Esq., Towanda
Benjamin DOOLITTLE, New Milford
Foster HORTON, Tunkhannock
Jonathan STEVENS, Esq., Wyalusing
Elijah SHOEMAKER, Kingston
Asa STEPHENS, Esq., Braintrim
George MILLER, Tunkhannock
Silas SMITH, Newport
Eliphalet MASON, Esq., Towandee
Isaac OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock
Jonathan BURNS, Clifford
Ebenezer STEPHENS, Nicholson
Laban CAPRON, Harford
Roswell SMITH, Lawsville
Napthali HURLBUT, Pittston
Alexander JAMESON, Esq., Salem
Thomas WRIGHT, Wilkesbarre
Lazarus DENNISON, Kingston
Rufus LYONS, Lawsville
List of Traverse Jurors drawn for August Sessions, 1810:
Samuel PRINDLE, Plymouth
Ezra DEAN, Abington
Stephen HOLLISTER, Kingston
Joseph ARMSTRONG, Pittston
John CARPENTER, Harford
Comfort CARY, Hanover
Calvin WADHAMS, Plymouth
Jacob FISHER, Hanover
David B. WHEELER, Braintrim
Hugh CONNOR, Wilkesbarre
Robert STONE, Abington
Joseph PRUNER, Hanover
Jacob RUMBACK, Newport
Joseph STEEL, Hanover
Elisha CORTRIGHT, Salem
Isaac A. WHITMAN, Wilkesbarre
Epaphras WADSWORTH, Huntington
William SANTEE, Salem
Jonathan FELLOWS, Huntington
Elisha ATHERTON, Kingston
Adam SHAFFER, Kingston
Jarius HARRISON, Huntington
John JACOBS, jun’r, Newport
Jacob WHITELOCK, Exeter
Daniel ROSS, Rush
Samuel PEASE, Hanover
Christian G. OMEG, Kingston
Shadrach AUSTIN, Huntington
Benjamin EARLE, Tunkhannock
Eleazer GAYLORD, Braintrim
Stephen BARNES, Wilkesbarre
John GARDNER, Exeter
Jonathan SMITH, Newport
Joseph WRIGHT, Plymouth
Solomon WHITCOMB, Braintrim
Amasa WELLES, Wyalusing
John OYER, Pittston
David BROWN, Pittston
James THOMPSON, Pittston
Martin VAN DINE, Newport
Frederick WAGGONER, Wilkesbarre
Ebenezer MARCY, Pittston
James KENEDY, Wilkesbarre
Ezekiel GOBLE, Kingston
Daniel LUM, Braintrim
Thomas COOKER, Nescopeck
Jospeh TUTTLE, Kingston
John ROBINSON, Wilkesbarre

6 July 1810

Jonathan MILES, died at Braintrim on the June 23rd, aged about 67.

Horace, son of Mr. D. R. STILES, drowned in this place on the 3rd last, aged about 8 or 9 years.

13 July 1810

Letters remaining in the Post Office in Pittston, June 30th:
Benjamin ATKINS
John VAN WERT, Pittston
Alexander DOLPH, Providence
Asahel GREGORY, Clifford
Nathaniel GIDDINGS, P. M.

Letters remaining in the Post Office in Kingston, on July 1st:
Serepta HOPKINS, Huntington
Stephen HOLLISTER, Kingston
David PERKINS, Kingston
Peleg TRACY, Plymouth

Letters remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
Stephen BALL
Susan CARY
Ebenezer CLARK
James GORDON Jr.
George GORE
Ezra IDE
Gideon KENT
Joseph H. LANDON
Theophilus LEARNED
Nathaniel LEWIS
Nathaniel MINER
Francis M’SHANE
Charles MINER
Hezekiah SMITH
Newton SMITH
Sally Woodbridge
Meshack WALKER
Jac. CIST, P. M.

20 July 1810

Epephras MILLER, of Oxford, NY to Miss Betsey, daughter of Dr. BALDWIN, of this town, in this town, on Saturday last by Rev. HOYT.

Borough Law — An Act Regulating the Weighing of Hay:
1. That from and after the first of August next, the said scales shall be kept in readiness to weigh all hay that shall be brought to the borough for sale.
2. That the said town-council shall annually or as often as need be, appoint some suitable person to take charge of said hay-scales, and duly weigh all hay brought there for that purpose. He shall receive for weighing every load of hay twenty-five cents and no more, one half of which shall go to John P. ARNDT for the use of the scales, and the other half to the weigher.
3. If the person appointed as aforesaid, to weigh hay, shall receive more than twenty-five cents for weighing any one load of hay, he shall forfeit the sume of four dollars, to be paid into the treasury of the corporation of said borough, to be recovered as other forfeitures are, before the burgess.

27 July 1810

The subscriber has for sale a large quantity of Oats — Joseph WRIGHT, Plymouth

The Third Census – List of questions to be asked

“Der Volksfreund.” – “The Peoples Friend”, a German Paper, printed since August 1808 in Lancaster Borough is still continued by William HAMILTON and Co.

3 Aug. 1810

County District — Whereas the Subscribers were (in conformity to an Act of the Legislature of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, passed the twenty-first of February 1810), appointed Trustees for the County District of Susquehanna, and by the before recited Act, it is made the duty of the Trustees “To receive Proposals in writing from any Person or Persons, or any Body or Bodies Corporate or Politick, for the grant or conveyance of any Lands within the said County, and within several miles of the centre of the County, or transfer of any other property, or the payment of money for the sue of said county, and give information of the same from time to time to the Commissioners appointed in pursuance of the aforesaid Act, to fix on a scite for the seat of Justice in said County,” – And the Commissioners aforesaid have given the Subscribers Notice that they are ready to have such proposals laid before them. Therefore Public Notice is hereby given, that Proposals for the purpose aforesaid, and agreeable to the aforesaid recited Act, addressed to Hosea TIFFANY, Harford; Asa DIMOCK, Clifford or Thomas PARKE, Bridgewater, will be duly attended to. Hosea TIFFANY, Asa DIMOCK, Thomas PARKE, Trustees for Susquehanna County.

10 Aug. 1810

Easton & Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company. The President and Managers of this Company, have declared a Dividend of two Dollars and sixty cents on each share of the Capital Stock thereof, subscribed before the 21st March 1808, which will be paid to the Stockholders or their Attornies duly constituted, at any time after the 16th inst. S. SITGREAVES, Treasurer, Easton. N. B. For the accommodation of the Stockholders resident in the County of Luzerne and its vicinity, the Dividends to them accruing, will be paid by Lord BUTLER, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, if demanded within three months.

To be Sold or Let — A well improved farm in Nescopeck Valley, adjoining R. CONYINGHAM, Esq., who has lately erected a complete Saw-Mill and Grist Mill, containing 106 acres. Twenty-five of which are now under good cultivation, about 20 acres of good bottom meadow, all under good fence. A new two story frame house. Immediate possession given or any time that may suit the purchaser. For terms apply to A. MURRAY, Conyngham or Gustavus CONYNGHAM, now on the premises.

50 Dollars Reward — Whereas a certain Captain CHERRY, of the 6th Regiment of the US Army, borrowed a horse of the subscriber at Braintrim, for the purpose of taking him to Wilkesbarre, on his way to Carlisle, promising to return the horse in three days. It is now about four weeks since, and the horse has not been returned. For his own convenience, he thought proper he said, to ride from Wilkesbarre, as far as to Northumberland, as it would be carrying him so much father on his journey, and it is supposed that he has gone on with the horse to Carlisle. The above reward will be given for him and the horse, and reasonable charges. Daniel STERLING, Braintrim. N. B. The Editor of the Carlisle Herald, is requested to insert the above advertisement and forward his account to the Editors of the Luzerne Federalist.

17 Aug. 1810

Estate of Benjamin STOOKY, late of Salem, requests payments and claims. Jesse HICKS and Isaac COURTRIGHT, Admin’rs.

Wyoming Blues — You are notified to meet on the 18th inst., at 10 o’clock A. M. at the house of John BOLLES, in Borough of Wilkesbarre, equipped agreeably to law. Zeb. BUTLER, Capt.

24 Aug. 1810

To the Court of Common Pleas for Luzerne – Receipts and Vouchers of Abel YARINGTON, County Treasurer, has money due the County which ought to be in his hands, and of which he renders no account, a considerable part of which we suppose he has converted to his own use. W Lawrence MYERS, James SUTTON and Abraham BRADLEY, Auditors. (See page 2 and 3 for articles on this case)

31 Aug. 1810

Ranaway from the subscriber on the 10th inst., an Apprentice Boy, Joel SPENCE, thirteen years old, thick set, light complexion. Whoever will take him up, and give me information that I may have him again, shall have one dollar Reward. I hereby forbid any person from harboring or trusting him on my account. John STANLEY, New-Milford.

7 Sept. 1810

Adam LOUDENBURGER died at Kingston (no date)

Estate of Adam LOUDENBURGER, late of Kingston Twp., requests payments and claims. Barbara LOUDENBURGER and Daniel HOYT, Admin’rs

James TAGGART to the amiable Miss Sally HURLBUT, at Ark-Port, NY (no date)

William F. DININGER to Miss Betsey VANHORN, at Wysox on the 26th ult., by George SCOTT, Esq.

Richard RIDGWAY to Miss Sally COWELL on the 22nd inst.

John WATTS to Miss Polly COWELL (no date)

List of accounts of Abel YARINGTON

We are informed that the Seat of Justice for Ontario County, if fixed by the Commissioners, at Wysox.

17 Sept. 1810

Stockholders of the “Luzerne Ship Building Company” take notice. That the Ship is now on the Stocks, and the work is progressing. Therefore the Managers have called for the second Installment of Three Dollars on each share, which is to be paid to Peleg TRACY, Treasurer of said Company, by the 20th day of this month. John P. ARNDT, President.

Ann Maria, daughter of Capt. Phineas WALLER, died in Carey-Town very suddenly (no date)

The youngest child of Capt. Joseph SLOCUM, died in this Borough (no date)

Lieut. TRIPP, of the US Navy, died at sea on his passage from the Havanna to New-Orleans (no date)

21 Sept. 1810

Job GIBBS to Mrs. Polly ALKINS, in this town, on Monday evening last, by Thomas DYER, Esq.

Bank Directors – The following Gentlemen are appointed Directors of a Branch of the Philadelphia Bank, lately established in this town:
William ROSS
Jesse FELL
Frederick CRISMAN
Ebenezer BOWMAN
Rosewell WELLES
Charles MINER
Ebenezer SLOCUM
Nathan BEACH
Allen JACK
At a meeting of the Directors held at the Bank, on Monday last, Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., was chosen President of the Company. John BETTLE, Esq., of Philadelphia, is appointed Cashier. As soon as circumstances will admit, the bank established at Wilkesbarre, will be open from nine o’clock until three.

28 Sept. 1810

Wanted Immediately, An Apprentice, To the Printing Business, a smart active Lad, between the ages of 14 and 15, will be preferred. Apply at the Office of the Luzerne Federalist.

Thomas PERKINS, died at Kinston on the 24th inst., aged 18 years, son of David PERKINS, Esq. He had been for eighteen months a student of the Wilkesbarre Academy, his studiousness and rapid improvement had distinguished him as a Scholar, his amiable disposition and exemplary conduct had secured to him the esteem and friendship of his fellow students.

Mrs. Christiana HUTCHINS, died at Kingston on Sunday last.

5 Oct. 1810

The Office of Discount and Deposit, at Wilkesbarre, is no open to transact business, from 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

A Handsome Situation For Sale – The subscriber offers for sale, that well known stand for a Tavern, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, at the North-west corner of the Public Square, and within 20 or 30 rods of the Meeting and Court-House. Said stand is now occupied by Col. Eliphalet BUCKELY, as a Tavern. It is an eligible situation for a Merchant, any Mechanic, or for a Gentleman’s seat. Appertaining to the above, is a good garden, barn and other outhouses, with a number of fruit and other trees — which renders it peculiarly pleasant for a summer retreat. Also another house adjoining the above premises, convenient for a small family, together with a Hatters Shop. The above property will be sold on reasonable terms. Apply to Isaac CARPENTER, Kingston.

Spanish Brown — The one half of an excellent bed of the above valuable Paint, lying within about two miles of the Borough of Wilkesbarre, eligibly situated for manufacturing, is offered for sale. It is allowed to be equal to any imported, by good judges. A specimen of the said paint may be seen on application to Peter YARINGTON.

12 Oct. 1810

Samuel THOMAS, Joseph TUTTLE and Payne PETTIBONE have entered into partnership in the Tanning and Currying Business, under the firm of THOMAS, TUTTLE & PETTIBONE. Wilkesbarre.

Letters remaining in Kingston Post Office, Oct. 1st:
Philip SHOEMAKER, Exeter
Walter MUNSON, Exeter
Jeremiah FULLER, Bedford
John STEPHENS, Bowmans Creek
Hannah MOSES, Kingston
Thomas PATTERSON, Kingston
William HARRIS, Kingston
Elisha ATHERTON, Kingston
Robert PATTERSON, Luz. Co.
Freeman THOMAS, Luz. Co.
Aaron MEEKER, Plymouth
Ebenezer PARISH, Plymouth
Sam’l LUCAS, Plymouth
Aaron ROBERTS, Plymouth

Notice — This is to forbid all persons harbouring, trusting or employing, Stephen B. MIX, under the penalty of the law, he the said Stephen being my apprentice legally and lawfully bound to me. Miner SEARLE.

Coach & Chaise Making — Jacob J. DENNIS, respectfully informs his friends and the Public, that he has lately employed a first rate workman, and intends carrying on the Coach & Chaise Body, & Carriage Making, at his shop in Water Street, next door to the Bank, in Wilkes-Barre, where orders in that line will be attended to, at the shortest notice. Carriages of all kinds will be faithfully repaired, and the least favor thankfully received.

19 Oct. 1810

Luzerne Election Results

Letters remaining in the Wysox Post Office, Oct. 1st:
William MYER, Esq.
Amos MIX
Henry SALISBURY, jun.
Prentice WYTHE

Letters remaining in the Wilkesbarre Post Office, Oct. 1st:
Stephen ABBOTT
Elias BELL
Blackleath BURRITT
Benj’n BAILY
Sheffield COON
Thomas DYER
Rev. Gideon DRAPER
Unice HYDE
Seth HOW
Jehoida P. JOHNSON
Gideon KENT
Sam’l D. KENT
Anna Mary MYERS
Procorous MUNSON
Matthew NEWTON
Abraham SMITH
Sec. Of Lodge #61
Henry THOMAS, Sen’r
Frederick VADAKIN
Hezekiah VIETS
Catharine WELLES
Meshack WALKER
Roswell WELLES
Jacob CIST, P. M.

26 Oct. 1810

William SLOCUM, Esq., died at Pittston on Saturday last, a worthy and respectable man

Benjamin NEWBERRY, Esq., Register of Luzerne, died in this town on Friday last.

Election — William RODMAN, Robert BROWN and Jonathan ROBERTS, were elected to Congress from this district.

Wanted Immediately, A Journeyman Shoemaker. A first rate workmen will find good encouragement by applying to Samuel STERLING, Jr., Braintrim.

2 Nov. 1810

Caleb Earle WRIGHT, merchant, aged 23 years, died in Vincent Town, Burlington Co., NJ, son of Caleb WRIGHT of Huntington, in this county. The deceased was a young man of excellent disposition, amiable manners and exemplary deportment. His loss will be long and justly lamented.

25 Dollars Reward, made his escape from the subscriber on the 15th October last, Marshall DICKSON, of Tunkhannock, who was taken on a bailpiece, issued from Seneca Co., NY. He is about 5′ 10″ high, of a light complexion and has an impediment in his speech. Whoever will take up said runaway, and deliver him at the mouth of Tunkhannock, or hold him in custody, until information is given to the subscriber, who may be found on enquiring of Abel MARCY, Inn-keeper, Tunkhannock, shall receive the above reward, and all reasonable charges. William SUTTON.

9 Nov. 1810

Mrs. Hannah, wife of Capt. Phinehas WALLER and daughter of Abraham BRADLEY, Esq., died at Cary Town on Sunday last.

Daniel, son of Capt. HOYT, died at Kingston (no date)

New Store — Stephen TUTTLE, has just received and now offers for Sale at his store in Main Street, a few doors below the Court House in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, a fresh and handsome assortment of goods, at the most reduced prices. Goods exchanged for Country Produce, and the highest price given. N. B. He has also on hand, a large Quantity of Whiskey, of which he will dispose, on very reasonable rates.

Take Care! All persons are cautioned from taking the assignment of a certain Note of fifty dollars drawn by the subscriber in favour of John OSTERHOUT, on the 10th day of August last, and due in May ensuing — As this note was fraudulently obtained, I shall not pay it. Lewis HORTON, Tunkhannock.

Ceerving, that very many persons owning improved farms within the county, are disposed ot sell and emigrate to the Westward and elsewhere, with a view of enlarging their interests, from the purchase of new lands; And believing, that sales would be more easily effected, if more prompt information could be given; to those who may be desirous of becoming purchasers, than the can at present receive. The subscribers and Company, have been inducted to open a Land Office in Wilkesbarre, whereat they will receive the conditions of sale, a particular description of the farms to be sold, register the same in a book, for that purpose to be provided, and negotiate sales for the owners, as opportunity shall present. And should no sales be effected thro’ their Agency, they will charge nothing more for their trouble, than that of registering the conditions of sale, &c. — but, should they be successful in selling, they will in that case expect commissions, commensurate to such trouble as that to which they may be put. Thomas WRIGHT and Rosewell WELLES.

16 Nov. 1810

Lazarus DENNISON, Esq. is appointed Register and Recorder, of Luzerne County, in the place of Benjamin NEWBERRY, Esq., deceased.

The Wilkesbarre Library, is removed to the office of the Luzerne Federalist.

New Store — Elias HOYT, has opened a store, a few rods above the house of Joseph WHEELER. Please give him a call. Kingston.

Commissioner’s Office, Luzerne Co., Nov. 12 — The Commissioners give Notice that in pursuance of an Order of the Court and Grand Jury of said County, for erecting a County Bridge over the south branch of Tunkhannock Creek, where Davis’s Road crosses the said Creek. They will attend at the place where said Bridge is to be built on Wednesday the 12th Dec. next at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, to dispose of the Building of said Bridge, by Contract at Public Auction, at which time, a draft of the Bridge will be shown, and conditions made know. Benjamin PERRY, Noah WADHAMS, Thomas PARKE, Commissioners.

The subscriber will pay the highest price for a number of good workmen, at the Farming and Lumbering Business, who will engage for 6 months or one year. Solomon WHITCOMB, Braintrim.

23 Nov. 1810

Benjamin BOLTON to Miss Sally BULKELEY, in this town on Tuesday evening last by T. DYER, Esq.

Stray — Taken up on the 4th inst., a bay mare, eight or nine years old, shod before, has the mark of the Saddle on her back, and is a natural trotter. Whoever owns said mare is desired to come, prove property, pay charges and take her away. Thadius PRENTICE, Braintrim.

The subscriber having declined business in Kingston, finds it absolutely necessary, before he can close his business, to have his accounts settled. He therefore earnestly requests all persons indebted to him, either by note or book account, to call on Joseph MURPHY, at the store, who is authorized for that purpose, and settled their respective accounts. Country produce at cash price, will be received until the first of January 1811, after which time cash will be required. James SINTON.

30 Nov. 1810

Payne PETTIBONE to Miss Sally TUTTLE, in Kingston on Tuesday last, by Rev. HOYT.

Carter HECOCK, of Tunkhannock, saddler to Miss Sally HUDSON, of Bridgewater, at Bridgewater by Elisha HARDING, Esq.

To be let cheap, a new and valuable Saw-Mill, situated about three miles north of the Easton & Wilkesbarre Turnpike, near the Lehigh, on Choak Creek, a plentiful stream of water, with 23 feet fall, and an abundance of excellent pine and oak close at hand. A yoke of cattle, waggon and timber-wheels, will be let with the mill. For term apply to Francis M’SHANE.

Notice to Creditors — I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the laws made for the relief of insolvent debtors, and they have appointed 1st Monday in January next to hear me and my creditors at the court house in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you are requested to attend. Ira WINTER.

Proposals are respectfully presented to the Public, by Charles MINER, For a New Paper, to be published at Wilkesbarre, on an improved plan — to be entitled “The Gleaner, and Luzerne Advertiser”. I have purchased the lease of TRACY & BUTLER, for the Luzerne Federalist having been published by Asher MINER, by A. & C. MINER, by C. MINER, alone and then by TRACY & BUTLER, the accounts are complicated, and the settlements of course difficult. I have therefore thought it better to begin a paper entirely new, than to continue the old one. The price will be two dollars per annum, at the Press, when delivered by Post, two dollars and an half. It will be issued on the first Friday in January 1811, and published weekly.

7 Dec. 1810

Owing the rains we have had, for several days past, the Susquehanna has risen to a height (for the season) unequaled since the “pumpkin flood,” — which was in the year 1785 or ‘6. It is now on the fall. (Harrisburg, Nov. 13)

14 Dec. 1810

Samuel WOODWORTH, printer to Miss Lydia REEDER, sometime since in New York, by Rev. MOORE.

21 Dec. 1810

William SATTERLEE, the only son of James SATTERLEE, died on Saturday the 3rd inst, of a Bilious Cholic, at Smithfield Twp., Lycoming Co., in the 21st year of his age. In the death of this young man, a crippled father and an affectionate mother are deprived of their sole dependence for a solace of their cares in the evening of life. The youth of the vicinity are deprived of one their brightest ornaments; stern integrity, cheerful and affable manners, endeared him to all his acquaintance.

New Store at Sheshequin – The store lately established by ROBINSON & KING, will in future be under the direction of Harry SPALDING & Co., who have placed in the store, formerly occupied by BUTLER & SPALDING, at Sheshequin, a complete assortment of goods, which they are determined to sell on the lowest terms for cash and country produce.

The subscribers under the firm of OSTERHOUT & BARNUM, have just received, and offer for sale, a general assortment of new goods, suited to the wants of the country, for cash or country produce. They also request a settlement of old Accounts, by the 1st day of February next. Isaac OSTERHOUT and Elijah BARNUM, Tunkhannock

28 Dec. 1810

Shepard PIERCE to Miss Sarah, daughter of Moses COOLBAUGH, Esq., at Wysox, by Wm. MYER, Esq., on Wednesday the 19th inst.

Pocket Book Lost. It contained notes against the following persons, viz. Peter GALLAGHER, Peter SHAFER, John CORTRIGHT, Oliver HELME, George HOTCHKISS and John L. BAKER. It also contained some other papers, of consequence to the owner. It is a black pocket book, and was missed on Monday last. The above persons are desired not to pay the Notes, unless by my order. A generous reward will be given, to any person who will return the pocket book. George PATRICK.

Notice — Unavoidable circumstances, will oblige me to postpone the publication of “The Gleaner,” for three or four weeks. In the mean time, it is earnestly desired, that all subscription papers, be reto the office of the Luzerne Federalist. Charles MINER.

Estate of William SLOCUM, late of Pittston, request payments and claims. Sarah SLOCUM, Ebenezer SLOCUM, Joseph SLOCUM, Admin’rs.

Entertainment — The Public are respectfully informed that the subscriber has opened a House of Entertainment, on the main Post Road, near the mouth of Tunkhannock creek, where he will accommodate in the best manner, all those who may please to call and see him. Jude GOODALE.

Wanted Immediately, Three Journeymen Shoemakers. Those who are good workmen, and can come well recommended for steady habits, will meet with good encouragement, and employment given for a year if required. Apply to John JONES, Wilkesbarre. N. B. None need apply unless possessed of the above qualifications.

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