1809 Luzerne County Federalist

Luzerne County Federalist

6 Jan. 1809

Henry ELLIOTT, died at Wyalusing, on Thursday the 22nd Dec. ult., after a short illness, in the 97th year of his age. He was a native of Stonington, Conn. And emigrated to this country, in the year 1776, and experienced at that advanced period of life, the dreadful calamities and horrors of an Indian war.

List of letters remaining at the Wysox Post Office on Dec. 31, 1808:
David WATERMAN, Esq.
Doct. Oratio GRANT
Jonathan FRISBY
Freeman WILCOX
Benjamin DRESSER
Benjamin J. WOODRUFF
Jonathan FARR
Augusto LUMMIS
Ebenezer SEGAR
Jeremiah TAYLOR
Elias BELL
David RIDGWAY, Asst. P.M.

13 Jan. 1809

Benjamin BUDD to Miss Polly THOMPSON, in Wilkesbarre (no date)

In the Court of Common Pleas, for the County of Luzerne, January Term 1809, David SCOTT was admitted as an Attorney.

List of letters remaining at the Wilkesbarre Post Office on Dec. 31, 1808:
Charles BARNEY
Daniel BLACK
Zachariah CHAPMAN
Consider FULLER
Ezekiel GOBLE
Isreal INMAN
Samuel HEATH
Peregrine JONES
Alexander JAMESON
Walter LYON
Josiah LEWIS
Richard LEWIS
Chalres OTES
Hezakiah REED
Hannah STAGE
Abijah SMITH
Jabez SILL
Samuel RAUB
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Came to the Plantation of the subscriber, sometime in October last, a last Spring’s Bull Calf, of a pale red color, with a half crop off the left ear. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take it away. Edward INMAN, Hanover

Land For Sale — Land situated in Hanover Twp., about two miles below Wilkesbarre: 1) lot about 16 acres on the bank of the River 2) lot containing 12 acres, situated on the main road leading thru the centre of the town also adjoining the crossroad leading into Carytown 3) lot of woodland on back road, containing about 160 acres. Jacob ROSENCRANS

20 Jan. 1809

Sidney TRACY to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob SINTON, Merchant, both of Wilkesbarre, on Monday evening last, by George ESPY, Esq.

Abner C. ROCKWELL to Miss Betsey FOWLER, at Towandee, by Eliphalet MASON, Esq. (no date)

Hannah, wife of Luke SWETLAND, died in Kingston on the 8th Jan., aged 70 years and 9 months; having for several years past been feeble and on the decline.

Mrs. Martha, consort of Chester BINGHAM, died at Claverack on the 29th Nov. last, after a painful and lingering illness, which she bore with exemplary fortitude and resignation, aged 58 years

Robert COOLY, died at Braintrim on the 3rd inst, aged 23 years. A young man who was very much respected as a good citizen and left a number of friends and relations to deplore his untimely end.

Appointments by the Governor:
Hugh BELLAS to be Prothonotary of Northumberland Co., in place of Daniel LEVY. John COOLBAUGH to be Prothonotary of Wayne Co., in place of John ROCKWELL, who had been appointed by the late Governor in place of Mr. BROADHEAD.

Henry BUCKINGHAM has just opened a new and general assortment of Goods. Also wishes to contract for 2 or 3 rafts of lumber and 1 raft of flat rails for which good pay will be made. Kingston.

27 Jan. 1809

Benjamin LATHROP to Miss Clarissa AVERY, at Bridgwater (no date)

The Governor of Pennsylvania has removed Thomas WELLES, Esq. a young gentleman of uncommon merit and abilities from the Office of Prothonotary of the county of Luzerne, and appointed David SCOTT, in his place. Thomas GRAHAM, Esq. has also been removed from the office of Register and Recorder of that county and Benjamin NEWBURY has been appointed in his place.

3 Feb. 1809

Notice — All persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing two notes given by the subscriber to Abram SMITH, jun. each for one hundred dollars. One of them payable April 10, 1801 and the other April 10, 1811, as I am determined not to pay said notes until said SMITH fulfills his contract. Christian STOUT, Newport.

Look Here! All persons indebted to the subscriber for Ferriages, are earnestly desired to make immediate payment. Those who do not comply with this request, must expect to be dunned in a different manner. Gideon BEEBE, Kingston.

Ten Dollars Reward. The hose of the subscriber was broken open about the last of October 1st, and the following articles stolen, viz: one gun (commonly called a smooth rifle) with a false breech-pin, marked on the barrel, J. Dickert — four shaving or drawing knives — one pair of coopers compasses and a hand-saw. Also, lost a leather pocket book, containing one promissory note, signed by Amos Mix to the subscriber for thirty-five dollars, dated Nov. 1796, one judgment note by Job Irish for twenty dollars, dated May 1808, one note by Alpheus CHOATE for sixteen dollars and seven cents, one note by John VAUGHN, for between 4 and 5 dollars. Two five dollar New York Bank-Bills. One Doylestown-Academy Lottery Ticket Nov. 5576. And his Account Book, accompanied with other papers and orders. Whoever will apprehend the thief or thieves, so that the property may be recovered, and the villains brought to punishment, shall receive the above reward. Shartile OLDEN, Standing-Stone.

Notice — All Constables or other Persons holding Warrants for collecting Militia fines, in the 144th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 9th Division, Pennsylvania Militia, are requested to make returns to the Pay Master of said Regiment, within twenty days. On neglect, they may expect to be dealt with, as the law directs. Daniel STERLING, Major Commander, Braintrim.

10 Feb. 1809

G. W. TROTT hopes no advantage will be taken of his former lenity, when he assures his employers that imperious circumstances, render it absolutely necessary for him to settle up his accounts immediately. This Notice is intended to preclude the necessity of any further dunning.

New Goods — A general assortment received and for sale by the subscribers. Jacob & Joseph SINTON

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held March 1st — Land located in Kingston Twp.: Meadow Lots #36 and 37 in the 2nd Division, containing 76+ acres. Also Meadow Lot #35 in the 2nd Division, containing 19+ acres. Also 19+ acres being part of Lots # 33 and 34. Also 3 acres being another part of Lot #33. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Thomas DUANE.

17 Feb. 1809

Nathan DENISON, one of the Associate Judges of Luzerne Co., died at Kingston (no date)

Mrs. Martha, relict of the late Isaac TRIPP, died at Providence (no date)

David OLES to Miss Almira GRANT, at Wysox, by William MYERS, Esq., on the 2nd day of Feb.

Reuben HUDLESON to Miss Lovisa GARRIS (no date or place)

James ECLOR to Miss Phebe PEPERS (no date or place)

Public Vendue — The subscriber will offer for sale on March 1st the following property, viz. A blacksmith’s bellows and anvil, a machine for cutting and meading nails, with hammers, one desk and sundry other articles. Peter YARINGTON, Wilkesbarre. Those who are indebted to the subscriber are earnestly requested to make immediate payment and save him from the necessity of any further sale of his property.

24 Feb. 1809

Henry WELLES, of Athens (Penn.) to Miss Phebe PATRICE, at Kingston by Rev. HOYT, on Monday evening the 20th inst.

Dr. Seth C. WHITNEY to Miss Betsey DORRANCE, by Rev. HOYT on Tuesday evening

To Be Rented — A farm, containing about 150 acres, lately occupied by Constant SEARLE, Esq., deceased in the township of Providence. About 40 acres are under good improvement. There is on the premises, a frame house, together with a large and convenient barn. The farm will be rented, one, two or three years, as can be agreed upon. A part of the rent may be paid in improving the farm. Possession will be given in April. For particulars, enquire of either the subscribers at Pittston. William, SEARLE, Roger SEARLE

3 March 1809

Luzerne Co. Amount of Orders for 1808

Sarah, consort of Philip JACKSON, died in Kingston on Saturday last, the 25th Feb., of a general dropsy, at the age of 61 years and 1 month. She was an affectionate wife and mother and a great friend to the poor. She bore her painful disease for eighteen months.

To be sold or rented for one or more years, as best suits the tenant, that noted Stand, where the subscriber lives, opposite the Forty Fort great Eddy for a Tavern, Store or other public business. Philip JACKSON, Kingston.

Estate of Thomas A. ALKINS, late of Wilkesbarre Twp., requests payments and claims. Polly ALKINS and Stephen ARNOLD, Admin’s.

Estate of Asa COBB, late of Providence Twp., requests payments and claims. Cyprian COBB, Admin.

Lost — About three weeks since a German made single case, silver watch, with a blue silk chain, and a pinch beck key, representing the rising sun on one side and stars on the other. It is supposed ot have been lost between KEELER’S Ferry and Isaac SLOCUM’S at Tunkhannock. The person who has found the watch, and will return it to the subscriber, shall be generously rewarded. Joseph BRACE, Kingston.

Sheriff’s Sales — To be held on April 3rd at Luzerne Co. Courthouse in Wilkesbarre:
1. Land in Newport Twp., being lot #14 of the first division and second tier, containing about 57 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of William BELLOWSFELT
2. Land in Newport Twp., being lot # 19 of the second division containing 110+ acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Christian SARVER
3. Land situated in Wilkesbarre Borough, being part of town lot #22 (adjoining Eunice SPRAGUE, Silas JACKSON, Benjamin DRAKE, Jehoiada P. JOHNSON and MARBLE), containing about 1 _ acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Solomon JOHNSON

Notice to Creditors — I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the laws made for the relief of insolvent debtors, and they have appointed April 3rd next, to hear me and my creditors at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you are requested to attend. Benjamin VANHORN, Salem

Notice to Creditors — I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the laws made for the relief of insolvent debtors, and they have appointed April 3rd next, to hear me and my creditors at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you are requested to attend. Marshall STURDEVANT, Braintrim

10 March 1809

William JENKINS, of Exeter to Miss Eliza SLOCUM, of Pittston, at Wilkesbarre by C. CORTRIGHT, Esq. (not date)

David POST to Miss Minerva SCOTT, at Bridgwater (no date)

To be sold at public vendue, on March 25th, tat the house of Eli DOWNING, in Wilkesbarre, household furniture and a few saddler’s tools. Polly ALKINS and Stephen ARNOLD, Admin’rs.

17 March 1809

Treasurer’s Statement for Luzerne Co. 1808

24 March 1809

Farm for Sale — Situated on the waters of Solomon’s Creek, about 1 mile below Borough of Wilkes Barre. Containing 300 acres, 75 are improved and divided into four fields by three division fences and all in good repair; running water in each field. Ten acres of meadow and more can be made. The land affords good timber and stone coal. There is on the farm two orchards of apple trees, each containing 100 trees, bearing fruit sufficient for any one family’s use and a small peach orchard, bearing 100 bushels per year, for common. Also, garden fruit trees and a house 18 x 38 feet. A good title will be given. Andrew WICKIZER.

4 Dollar Reward — Ranaway from the subscriber living in Wyalusing Township, an indented apprentice boy named Daniel VAIL, bound to the millwright and shop business, between 19 and 20 years of age, near 6 feet high of light complexion, had on when he went away a check flannel shirt, linsey trowsers, a round about jacket, new shoes, a castor hat part worn. Whoever takes up the said runaway, and secures him in any goal, so that his master may get him again, shall receive the above reward and reasonable charges paid by me. Joseph INGHAM. All persons are forbid harboring said apprentice at their peril.

Estate of John EBBERT, late of Kingston, requests payments and bills. James WHEELER, Kingston

31 March 1809

House, Coach and Sign Painting, Gilding and Glazing. Paper Hangings, done with neatness and dispatch. Also house and lot for sale convenient for the accommodation of a small family, for which store goods will be taken in part payment and a credit on nearly one half the amount given until Sept. 1811. Leonard BEATTY, Wilkesbarre

John BOLLES, Saddler, has commenced the Saddling Business, near the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre.

7 April 1809

Communicated from Athens, PA, March 20th, Mrs. Phebe, the amiable consort of Henry WELLES, died in this town on Wednesday evening last in the 19th year of her age. But three short weeks transpired, and she came to this place the happy bride of the friend of her heart! In the prime and bloom of life, at the commencement of the fairest prospects of future temporal felicity. Alas! She is called to the world of spirits — to be seen of men no more! On Thursday her remains were consigned to the house of Death. The assemblage of people was great, and last sad offices of friendship were performed with every due degree of solemnity appropriate to the occasion.

Mrs. Hester JOHNSON, died in this town on Monday evening, the 3rd inst., aged about 32 years, after a long and severe illness.

Remarkable! On the 20th Jan. last, a black snake, three fee and a half in length, was killed on the snow, by Abraham WILLIAMS, in Hanover Twp., of this county.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, March 31:
Henry BISHOP, Elk-Woods
William DAYTON, Lackawack
John FAIRCHILD, Hanover
John FAIRCHILD, Newport
Isaac HICKMAN, Pittston
William STAGE, Exeter
Solomon WEST, Clifford

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, April 4th:
Charles & Stephen ABBOR
Elias BELL
Samuel BREES
William BARKER
Anderson DANA
Asahel DRAKE
Jabez S. FITCH
Esther GAY
Eleanor GAY
Philip GOSS
Ebenezer HALL
Christian HONS
Oliver HELMS
Millicent HOLLY
Gideon KENT
Conrad LINES
Zebulon MARCH
Catharine MERCER
Silas & Archibald PARKER
Jabez SILL
David SINK
Wescott STONE
Elijah SHAW
Jabez SILL
Hezekiah SMITH
William H. SMITH
James WARD
Elnathan WILSON
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Poem on the death of Mrs. Phebe WELLES

Salt — 100 barrels Lake Salt of the best quality, for sale at six dollars and fifty cents per barrel. Cash or good notes, payable the 1st of May, will be taken in payment. M. HOLLENBACK, Jr.

14 April 1809

John ESPY to Miss Lovina INMAN, at Hanover (no date)

Bronchotomy — Sept. 29, 1807 — Eliab FARRAR’S little daughter of Clifford, Luzerne Co., aged about two years, while eating a piece of Watermelon, she was suddenly taken coughing, choaking, strangling and almost suffocated, which continued with short intervals for three weeks, which originated the opinion that she had sucked something into her windpipe. The child continued to be constantly affected with difficulty of breathing, choaking, strangling and gasping for breath, from one to five minutes every time she coughed, cryed or laughed, and it was with difficulty that she obtained a regular respiration afterwards.
March 6, 1808, Doctors Truman ALLEN, Asa PARK and myself, met for consultation at the house of Mr. FARRAR, with candor and attention examined the child, and were unanimous of opinion that she had a hard extraneous substance in her windpipe, which would ultimately terminate in her death, and to appearance shortly, and that a surgical operation was the only probable means within our reach that could be made use of to effectually remove the obstruction.
March 7, Doct. ALLEN and myself, Doct. PARK acting as an assistant, performed the operation by cutting thro’ the skin and muscles on the anterior part of the windpipe — and 3-4 of an inch in length just below what is called the Fomun Adann, or swell of the windpipe. After the bleeding had ceased which was inconsiderable, we discovered on examination that the obstructing substance lay below the incisure, and that it was impracticable to introduce an instrument to extract it on account of the pipe being small, and the child’s neck very short and fleshy. I then closed the wound and secured the integuments with a stitch, and after dressing it, she was laid on the bed. She immediately fell asleep, and slept about four hours. When she awoke she coughed considerable for a few minutes, and her breath passed thro’ the orifice of the pipe and her respiration became regular. Next morning the obstruction and difficulty of breathing appeared to be completely removed — but what constituted the obstruction still remained undiscovered. Until the evening of March 7, (the child being left under my care) after removing the dressing I observed that the wound was unusually swelled and appeared to be irritated by a hard substance. I immediately removed the stitch, and on examining the wound I discovered and extracted a water melon seed, from the incision in the windpipe! Of a middling size, completely round — in the presence of a number of respectable witnesses. After the extraction of the Seed, the wound healed very fast — and the child was completely recovered in three weeks after the operation and has remained free from all complaints of the windpipe, except such as are incident to children on taking cold, ever since the seed was extracted, it being now rising of a year since the operation was performed.
The above is a true statement of facts, as they occurred, and its authenticity may be relied on by the public. Eleazar PARKER, Willingboro, March 16th.

To Be Sold — By the subscriber on the 5th May next to the highest and best bidder, two lots of land containing 200 acres each. One lot containing 287 acres, of land under good improvement with a house, fruit trees, &c. Situated about two miles from Isaac OSTERHOUT, on the road leading from thence to the Great Bend. Also one pair of oxen, one breeding mare, and a number of swine. The conditions of the sale will be made known and attendance on the premises given by the subscriber, on said day. Comfort SHAW. Commissioners Certificate will be given to insure the title.

21 April 1809

Estate of Joseph DOOLITTLE, deceased, late of New Milford Twp., requests payments and claims. Hosea TIFFANY, Admin.

Estate of Solomon JOHNSON, deceased, late of Wilkesbarre Twp., requests payments and claims. Will be sold at Public Vendue, on May 6th, all the personal property belonging to the said estate. Zeb. BUTLER, Ex’r.

28 April 1809

To the Public — After next week, this paper will be conducted by Sidney TRACY and Steuben BUTLER. C. MINER

Important Notice — Those who have obtained Patents in the 15 townships upon credit, according to the provisions of the supplement to the Law of ’99, and who have not procured a record of their Patents to be made within 6 months from their date, according to the provisions of that act, are informed that an act was passed during the late session of the Legislature granting to such Patentees a term of 90 days from the first of April, to have their Patents recorded, and declaring them if recorded within that time, good and effectual.

Take Notice — All persons who are indebted at the store of Daniel STERLING in the District of Wysox, are requested to call immediately and settle their accounts and the subscriber contemplates leaving Wysox — and it is indispensably necessary that his accounts should be closed. For Daniel STERLING…William KEELER, Wysox.

5 May 1809

Appointments by the Governor — Isaac BROWNSON, of Rush and William TRUCKS, of Kingston, Justices of the Peace.

Estate of John CAREY, jun., late of Wilkesbarre, deceased, requests payments and claims. John CAREY, Wilkesbarre, Admin.

Wanted Immediately, as an apprentice to the Windsor, Fancy and Squareback Chair and House Painting Business. A lad between the ages of 16 and 18 years, who can come well recommended will meet with good encouragement, by applying to George PATRICK, Wilkesbarre.

12 May 1809

Newspaper now published by Sidney TRACY and Steuben BUTLER — Friday publication.

Distressing Accident. A very distressing accident happen at the Susquehanna opposite Danville, in this county on the 11th inst. William DOUGLAS, Elisha CAMPBELL and Alexander CAMPBELL, the two former young men and the latter a boy were drowned in at ___pting to cross the river. They were __ attendants on the ferry at Danville. ____ had gone out with the flat to take ____ travelers across the river, and had reached the middle of the stream, when a sudden and very violent storm of wind and ____ accompanied with severe thunder and lightning came on; the flat was immediately filled with water. The sufferers on the flat, one with the boy in his arms ___ endeavored to save themselves by swimming but the furious elements baf____ their efforts, and in a few minutes sank to the bottom. The passengers who ___ained by the flat were taken off by ____ CAMPBELL father to the unfortunate _____, after the storm had slightly abated. (“Northumberland Gazette”)

Removal — The office of the Luzerne Federalist, is removed to the building on Bank Street, next door above the house lately occupied by A. COLT, Esq.

Borough Elections – The following gentlemen are elected borough offices for the ensuing year.
Burgess — Zebulon BUTLER
Town-Council — Joseph SINTON, Nathan PALMER, Charles MINER, Isaac GREEN, Jesse FELL, Thomas DYER and Benjamin PERRY
Constable — Peter YARINGTON

Geo. KINNEY to Miss Polly CARNEY, at Ulster, Lycoming Co., on the 7th inst., by Samuel GORE, Esq.

Estate of William CAMPBELL, late of Nicholson Twp., now Clifford, deceased, requests payments and claims. Abel KENT and Asa DIMOCK, Clifford Twp.,

One Cent Reward — Ranaway from the Subscriber on Sunday the 16th April last, an indented apprentice to the farming business, names John ROSENCRANS, he sometimes called himself PNEWMAN. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting him on my account. Whoever will apprehend said boy, shall receive the above reward, but no charges. Hosea TIFFANY, Harford.

Six Cent Reward, and no charges. Ranaway on the 30th day of April last, an indented servant boy named Auguston GARRIS, seventeen years old, about five feet high, with a light complexion, and light hair: had on when he went away, a light mixed woolen coat and trowsers. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting said Auguston GARRIS, under the penalty of the law. Josiah PIERCE, Wysox.

19 May 1809

At Reading, on the 8th inst. Judge SPAYD pronounced sentence of death upon Susanna COXE, a mulatto, on a charge of having murdered her own child.

Ebenezer HARRIS to Miss Sally Ann CARTER, at Braintrim, on Thursday the 11th inst., by Josiah FASSETT, Esq.

For Sale — A Tract of Land, in Exeter Twp., Luzerne Co., known by the name of the GALLUP Estate, one mile from the river Susquehannah, containing 173 acres, handsomely timbered with oak and pine; has also a good stream of water running on the south side, on which is a good Saw-Mill, which underwent considerable repairs the last summer, and which with a small expense laid out in further repairs will be capable of sawing a large quantity of lumber. The soil is good and calculated to make a good farm; for terms apply to Jacob & Joseph SINTON, Wilkesbarre or C. HATHAWAY, Philad’a.

Taken up at the upper end of Jacob’s Plains, by the Subscriber about the first of April last, a small part of a raft of Boards and Plank. Also about the same time, a few bunches of Long Shingles. The owner or owners are desired to prove property, pay charges and take them away. Jeremiah BLANCHARD.

26 May 1809

20 Dollar Reward – Ranaway, on Sunday night, the 14th inst., from the subscriber living in Knowltown Twp., Sussex Co., NJ, a negro slave, named Mike, about 23 years old, and a handsome looking fellow, looking rather young for his age; 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high, dark complexion, although none of the blacknest. He had on a coat considerably worn of a blackish coloured cassimere, home made grey linsey pantaloons, the vest not known, and a half worn roram hat: he is very forward and talkative in company. Whoever takes up said run away, and delivers him into any goal or brings him back to the subscriber, shall receive the above reward, and all reasonable charges paid by Jonathan HILL.

Strayed from the enclosure of the subscriber on the 18th inst., a dark brown horse, marked with the traces on his sides. Whoever will take up said horse and return him to the subscriber, shall be handsomely rewarded. Benjamin PERRY, Wilkesbarre.

Sheriff’s Sales — To be held June 12th at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre:
1. Land in Kingston Twp., Lots # 35, 36 and 37 on the map of Kingston, bounded by lands of Nathaniel LANDON, Thomas DUANE and Susquehanna River. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Thomas DUANE
2. Land situated at Buttonwood, in Hanover Twp., being part of Lot #9 of the 1st Division, bounded by lands of Edward INMAN and John INMAN, William ROSS, Esq., Edward SPENCER. Also another tract in Hanover Twp. bounded by main road, containing 2 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of William CALDWELL, deceased.
3. Land situated in Kingston Twp., being #23 in the town plot of “Forty Fort”, containing five acres and also parts of Lots # 11 and 12 in the same town plot, containing about 2 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Andrew BENNET
4. Land situated in Plymouth Twp., being # 7 in the 3rd division of lots containing 48 acres. Also Lot #9 in the 4th division of said township containing 107+ acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Nathan PARISH

2 June 1809

Sheriff’s Sale – To be held, June 10th at the house of James WHEELER, Esq., Kingston. One wind mil, two ten plate stoves, two cows, one waggen, two heifers, one mare, two colts, two clocks, one silver watch, nine hogs, one rifle, three feather beds, one spinning wheel and two desks. The property of Samuel ATHERHOLT.

30 Dollars Reward. Runaway from the subscriber on the 25th March last, living in the city of Trenton, NJ, an apprentice boy named Jacob HOUGHABOUT, by trade a taylor, 19 years of age, with black eyes, fresh complexion and trim made, about five feet seven inches high; had on when he went away a dark coate, with a black cape, with dark or stripped pantaloons and bootees. Any person or persons that will take up and secure said runaway in any jail, so that his master can get him again, shall receive the above reward and all reasonable charges paid. John MORRIS, Trenton.

30 Dollars Reward. Made his escape on the night of the 24th May from his keeper, while in my custody, on a mittimus issued from Eliphalet MASON, Esq. one of our Justices of the Peace, in and for the County of Luzerne, John E. KENT, who was taken for passing a Twenty Dollar Bill, on the New York State Bank, supposed to be Counterfeit. The said John E. KENT is about 6 feet high, swarthy complexion, and light eyes; his cloathing was a green coat, a dove colored waistcoat, cross barred with white, light colored fancy cord pantaloons. Said KENT is a good blacksmith and may be lurking around a smith shop. Whoever will apprehend the said KENT, and convey him to the jail of Luzerne Co., shall have the above reward, and all reasonable charges by me. Elisha WYLETH, Constable of Towanday Twp.

9 June 1809

James W. WHITING, informs the public that he has just received from the Pennsylvania Hospital, a supply of the genuine Kine Pock matter. Those who would wish to be inoculated with this sure preventive of that fatal malady the Small Pox, will do well by applying to him, residing at Capt. P. TRACY’S in Wilkesbarre, where he is ready at any time to attend on those who may call.

Auger HOYT to Mrs. Mary GRUBB, at Kingston by Rev. HOYT (no date) [note — see next paper]

Harry B. SMITH, formerly of Wilkesbarre to Miss Juliana PERKINS, of New-Berlin, NY, at New-Berlin, NY (no date)

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held the 13th inst., at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre
1. One tract of land situated on the East branch of Fishing Creek, containing 367 acres, taken up the name of William PLUNKET, and one undivided half, being part of 930 7/8 acres, situated on the waters of the Wyalusing Creek, taken up in the names of William PLUNKET, James WILSON and Thomas DUNDAS, with the appurtenances. Seized and taken in execution as the property of William PLUNKET
2. Two tracts of land called “Campbell’s Ville” and “Bony Haw,” situated on the south side of the Susquehanna River, in the township of Nescopeck, adjoining lands surveyed for the late proprietaries, containing together 444 acres and allowance of 6% for roads, &c. with the appurtenances. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Christian ESH.

5 Dollars Reward. Lost, on the 6th inst., a ten dollar bill, on the Bridgport, or the United States’ Bank. It is supposed to have been dropped near the door of J. & J. SINTON’S store. Whoever will leave it at the Office of the Luzerne Federalist, shall receive the above reward. Wm. C. TURRELL.

16 June 1809

Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Timothy WINSHIP, died suddenly on the 7th inst. at Breakneck, Luzerne Co., aged 44 years. She has left a kind husband and six children to join her friends and other relatives, in lamenting the loss of a virtuous member of society.

Errata – In the marriage of Mrs. GRUBB, published last week, part of the papers were printed Mary GRUBB, instead of Sarah GRUBB.

Estate of Peter SAILER, late of Pittston Twp., deceased, requests payments and claims. John P. ARNDT, Admin.

Land for Sale — At the house of Charles HEGGINS, tavern-keeper in Sunbury, Northumberland co., on July 8th next, three tracts of land, on or near the waters of Wappaseening Creek, formerly called Michiango, or Red Bark Creek, in Luzerne Co., on or near the waters of Towandee Creek. These tracts contain about 300 acres each. They are a part of the estate of James TILGHMAN, deceased, and are to be sold by virtue of powers given to his executors, by his will. William TILGHMAN, Ex’r, Philadelphia.

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held July 8th – Land situated in the Borough and Township of Wilkesbarre. Town Lot #19 containing 2+ acres; Mill Lot containing 50+ acres, Back Lot #16, containing 213+ acres, Back Lot #18, containing 214+ acres, Part of Back Lot #19, containing 14+ acres, Lot #39 in the fourth division containing 4+ acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Matthias HOLLENBACK, jun.

Stray — Came to the plantation of the subscriber in Hanover, about the 1st of June inst., a black cow, there are three slits cut in her left ear; the right ear is cut square off. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take her away. Jane CALDWELL.

23 June 1809

Peter BARNARD to Miss Phebe NEWELL, at Ulster, Lycoming Co., on the 18th inst, by Samuel GORE, Esq.

James M’CARTEY to Miss Ann, daughter of David COLE, of Otsego, NY, at Rush, PA, on the 26th April last.

Jacob J. DENNIS, respectfully informs the public that he carries on the Cabinet Making Business, in the shop lately occupied by W. H. SANDERSON, on Bank Street, Wilkesbarre.

A new double wool carding machine, will be in operation at the Still House of the subscriber in Wilkesbarre, on about the 20th June inst. The wool should be picked and greased; one pound of soft grease to ten pounds of wool. John P. ARNDT.

30 June 1809

Notice — Huldah HAYDEN — By virtue of an Alias Subpoena to you directed, now in my hands, you are commanded to be and appear in your proper person at the Court of Common Pleas to be held at Wilkesbarre for the County of Luzerne, on the first Monday of August next, to show cause, if any you have, why your husband, Samuel HAYDEN, should not only be divorced from your bed and board, but also from the bonds of Matrimony, which he hath contracted with you. And hereof fail not at your peril. Jacob HART, Sh’ff, Wilkesbarre.

Notice — The subscriber informs the Public, that he continues running his Carding Machine, and it will be ready to run with New Cards, on Monday the 26th inst. Those persons who will favour him with their custom, may depend on the greatest attention by Stephen HOLLISTER, Kingston.

7 July 1809

Reading, PA June 17th — Last Saturday the 10th inst. the execution of the unfortunate Susannah COX took place.

Doct. Ethel B. BACON to Miss Anna, daughter of Capt. Daniel HOYT, at Kingston on Wednesday evening last, by Rev. HOYT.

Charles CHAPMAN, of Kingston to Miss Patty, daughter of Col. Eliphalet BULKELEY, of Wilkesbarre, in this town on Thursday evening last by Rev. HOYT.

Letters remaining on hand, July 4th, at the Wilkesbarre Post Office:
Stephen ARNOLD
Herbert W. BEST
Charles BARNY
William COOPER
Solomon CULVER
Calvin CONE
Sheffield COON
William GEORGE
Ebenezer DRAKE
George FRANS
William A. GEORGE
William P. HATCH
Mordecai HEYLMAN
Robert HOOPS
Christian HUTCHINS
Isreal INMAN
Samuel KING
George LANE
Benj. LULL
Ebenezer MARCY
William MOORE
Balt’r MYERS
Benjn. OLNEY
Robert OLDS
Daniel POINT
Stephen POTTER
Gottfried RAISCH
James ROSS
Saml. ROSS
Shepherd STERNS
Obadiah SCOTT
Ebenezer SEWARD
Josiah M. SMITH
Benjamin SLOCUM
William TRUCK
Nicholas VAN SOON
Gilbert WEEKS
Nathan WADE
Miner YORK
Jacob CIST, P. M.

14 July 1809

Notice to Creditors — I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the laws made for the relief of insolvent debtors, and they have appointed August 7th next, to hear me and my creditors at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you are requested to attend. William MILLER, Wilkesbarre

John INGHAM, to the amiable Miss Miranda, daughter of Edmund STONE, of Rush, at Merryall (Wyalusing) on Sunday the 9th inst. by Guy WELLES, Esq.

Raphael STONE to the amiable Miss Sally, daughter of Jonas INGHAM, at Merryall, on Monday evening the 10th inst. by Salmon BOSWORTH, Esq.

Instances are constantly occurring which prove to us that our actions are the effect of the operations of our minds, and that it is necessary to keep the mind free from confusion and disorder, or the most dangerous consequences may result. We have the melancholy instance of this, in the death of Robert FOLLET, of Harford Township in this county. Mr. FOLLET was naturally a reflecting man and had for some time been more than usually serious and deliberative, upon a late revival of religion in that part of the county. From his conversation, it appeared that he found great difficulty in reconciling Predestination and Moral-Agency, and thought it necessary to believe in both, or she should be damned. He appeared ver absentminded, and was unable to attend to any business of his farm. Some of his family discovered a rope in an unusual place and upon inquiry, he said that he had prepared it to hang himself, but since had concluded not to do it. His family were afterwards watchful of him, lest he should lay violent hands upon himself. His mind afterwards appeared deranged, and he frequently expressed a fear that some person would murder him. In the afternoon of Monday, he said that some time that night “they would come to bury him alive;” and when he retired to bed, he could not be persuaded to undress. A person passed thro’ Mr. FOLLET’S field that night, on his way for a Physician to attend a sick neighbor. In letting down a pair of bars in the fence, he disturbed Mr. FOLLET, who sprang from his bed, saying that “they were come to bury him alive,” and ran into another room. His brother immediately followed him, but found him with his throat cut from ear to ear. Surgical aid was immediately sent for; in the mean time the attendants partly succeeded in stopping the blood. He recovered a little, and was able to walk across the room. When the surgeon arrived, they attempted to sew up the wound, but he fainted and recovered no more. He was an industrious man, and a valuable neighbor, and has left a wife and several children to lament his loss. His funeral was attended on Wednesday June 23, by a large concourse of people. On the Sabbath following, upwards of forty young people of both sexes, joined the Church at that place.

21 July 1809

Samuel HEPBURN, Esq. of Northumberland is appointed by the Attorney General of Pennsylvania, Prosecuting Attorney for the Counties of Luzerne and Lycoming.

Gloomy Prospect. We have had rain for about a week past, almost constantly, which has raised the Susquehanna River, to an unusual height for this season of the year. The water, we believe, has been about sixteen feet above low water mark. The immense loss that will be sustained by the farmers who have land adjoining the river, will be incalculable. Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn and Grass, will be entirely destroyed; which will render the situation of many of our farmers truly distressing. A flood in July has not been known before, for more than twenty years. The ruin and distress what will be occasioned by it, from the source, to the mouth of the river, will be beyond all calculation.

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held Aug. 7th at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre:
1. Land situated in Newport Twp., being Lot #37 in the 2nd Division, containing about 110 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Andrew M’CLURE
2. Land situated in Providence Twp., bounded on Lackawanna Creek and land of John CAREY, containing 375 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of William MILLER
3. Land situated in Plymouth Twp., known as Lot #7 in the 3rd Division, containing about 60 acres, bounded by the lands of Peter GRUBB and John BAKER’S heirs and 3 tracts of land in the Warrantee names of James CHAPMAN, Matthew CONRAD and William GRAY, containing 1200 acres, situate, bounded by and adjoining a certain tract or parcel of land sold by James WILSON to Nicholas BROWN, Thomas P. IVES and Ebenezer BOWMAN, with appurtenances. Seized and taken in execution as the property of James WILSON, deceased.

Estate of Nathan DENISON, late of Kingston, requests payments and claims. Elizabeth DENISON, Exec., Kingston.

In the evening of the 26th inst. in the 76th year of his age, Henry DRINKER, a native of this city, formerly a merchant in very extensive business of great respectability. (Philadelphia paper, June 28th)

28 July 1809

Seril PECK, died at Auburn, in this County (no date)

To be sold — in the Borough of Wilkesbarre — a new two story house, with a kitchen, all nearly finished, with three quarters of an acre of land, it being a corner lot suitable for a merchant, mechanic or tavern. I. GREEN

Notice — All persons indebted to the subscriber, either by Note, Bond or Book Account, are requested to call and settle their respective accounts without delay. If not settled by the first of September next, they may expect ot find their accounts in the hands of Josiah FASSET and Henry V. CHAMPION, Esquires or Thomas GRAHAM, Esq. for collection. My store will be furnished with a General assortment as usual in September by John SUTTON. Daniel STERLING, Braintrim

4 Aug. 1809

Isaac BENNET, died on Friday last at Newport, aged 76 years.

Mrs. Elizabeth BENNET, died at Newport, aged 45 years (no date)

Appointments by the Governor: Asa STEVENS, of Braintrim, Moses SCOVIL, of Exeter and Abiel FELLOWS, of Huntington, Justices of the Peace

Appointment by the Surveyor General: Jonathan STEVENS, Deputy-Surveyor of the county of Luzerne.

To Lovers of Literature – The “Wilkesbarre Beneficial Society”, meets every Monday and Thursday evening at the Academy for the purposes of Debating, Reciting and Critising. Persons who wish to become members of so useful an Institution, are invited to attend.

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held Aug. 9th at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre — A certain Messuage and tract of land situated in the neighborhood of Willingsborough, in Kirby and Law’s Settlement, known by Lot #211, in the Settlement, bounded by Ira BISHOP, and lands of Tench FRANCIS heirs, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Samuel WOODCOCK.

John WARD and Andrew STILWELL, respectfully inform their friends and the public generally, that they have commenced the tayloring business in the borough of Wilkesbarre, at the shop lately occupied by Joseph BASCKENSTOSE, on Bank-Street, next door below Mr. TAYLOR’S Inn, under the name of WARD & STILWELL.

Estate of Isaac BENNET, late of Newport, requests payments and claims. Rufus BENNET and Benj. REEDER, Admins.

Caution — Whereas my wife, Jane, has eloped from my bed and board without any just provocation. I therefore forewarn all persons from trusting or harboring her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting after this date. James SHINER, Berwick, Aug. 4th.

11 Aug. 1809

Horace SPALDING to Miss Harriet, daughter of I. CHAPEL, Esq., at Canton on the 30th ult., by Eliphalet MASON, Esq.

Hiram WARD to Miss Lucy P. WITHEY, both of Braintrim, at Braintrim on Tuesday the 1st August, by Henry V. CHAMPIN, Esq.

Mrs. Anna DARLING, died at Orwell on the 26th ult. in the 55th year of her age.

Statement of Receipts and Expenditures of Wilkesbarre Borough for 1860, 1807 and 1808.

Five Dollar Reward — Ranaway from the subscriber in Pittston, an indented apprentice to the carpenter’s business, named Calvin EDSON, about 18 years of age, light sandy complexion, a little freckled, has a scar on one instep, about 5 feet 5 or 6 inches high. Had on when he went away a striped homspun sailor coat, homspun shirt and trowsers, and a wool hat. Whoever will return or secure said apprentice, or give information where he may be found, shall receive the above reward by Jared MARCY, Pittston. He is supposed to have stolen from me about 20 Dollars, at the time he went away from Mr. MARCY, as he was boarding at my house, and the money has since been missed. John A. LEOB, Hanover.

Stray. Taken up by the subscriber sometime in June last, a bay mare, about 4 years old, with a small white star in her forehead, and shod all around. The owner is desired to come prove property pay charges and take her away. Charles SUTTON, Orwell.

Estate of Robert FOLLET, requests payments and claims. Lucy FOLLET, Admin., Harford.

Lost or Stolen from the subscriber, sometime last spring, a Certificate from the State Commissioners, for Lot #3, in Springfield Township. All persons are hereby warned not to receive the said certificate. And any person who will return it, shall be generously rewarded. James QUICK, Braintrim.

Elopement — Whereas my wife Henrietta, through deception, having caused me to marry her, and has never performed the duties of a wife, and forfeited all claim to my confidence. I do hereby forbid any person or persons trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting from this date. Jospeh BALLARD, Burlington, July 14th.

Caution — As William ANDERSON of Plymouth Twp., Luzerne Co., has lately launched into the line of Speculation, and as some well disposed persons may very innocently be led into difficulty: I therefore take this method to caution all persons from purchasing two Lots # 45 and 46, river tier and 3rd Division in the town of Plymouth, as I now hold a Sheriff’s Deed for part of the said lots, and Josiah IVES (whose part I have purchased) has a deed for the remainder. Since the sale of the land by the Sheriff, the above described lots have been offered for sale by the aforesaid William ANDERSON, and his father: and as some difficulty might arise, I have thought proper to caution the public in this manner. Mr. ANDERSON has a Patent for the above land, taken out in his father’s name. And as he has gone some distance for the purpose of effecting his object, I think proper to describe him in the following manner. He is tall and slender made, his speech and actions very slow, he wears a very heavy cue, or hair tail, and the figure of his ears different from any I have ever seen, but may not be very easily discovered as they are covered with his hair. For the benefit of the public, it may be well for the different printers throughout the state to publish the above. John CARKHUFF, Plymouth.

18 Aug. 1809

1) Borough Laws — Section 1 & 2 No sheep shall be suffered to go at large within Borough. If found, owner shall pay Constable 2 cents for each sheep for his trouble. If no owner can be found after five days notice by advertisements, they shall be placed at public vendue for the best price. Passed Aug. 15th
2) Act to Establish a Public Lumber Yard in the Borough of Wilkesbarre. On a lot of ground on the bank of the river between Union Street and the upper line of the Borough, for a lumber-yard, and all persons are authorized to place their lumber thereon free of expense, on condition of piling it in such a manner as to leave a road along the bank of the river 75′ wide. Those having lumber on the commons below Union Street more than thirty days, shall remove the same or the Street Commissioners shall remove it to the lumber yard for a reasonable compensation paid by the owners. Passed Aug. 15th.
3) Ordinance to preserve the Public Commons and Streets — Be it ordered by the Town Council of Borough of Wilkesbarre, that no person shall dig or cause to be dug, any sand, stone, dirt, gravel or any other substance from the river bank, or from any of the commons, streets or alleys, of the Borough, without liberty first obtained from the Burgess. And any person offending against this act, shall forfeit and pay a fine not exceeding Ten dollars, to be collected as other penalties on complaint before the Burgess. Passed Aug. 16th.
Jesse FELL, President and Peleg TRACY, Clerk of Town Council

For Sale — Lands belonging to the Estate of Daniel WILLIAMS, the Elder, will be sold on Sept. 4th.
Lands in Berks, Lycoming and Northumberland (tracts listed — see ad p. 3). The discharge of John MOULSON and Sarah, his wife, from executorship of the last will of said WILLIAMS. John and George MOULSON, brothers are endeavoring to make sales of land, that conveyance to John and Sarah MOULSON are deeded to be void and of no effect. Clayton EARL and T. MITCHELL, Admins. De bonis non. With the will annexed of Daniel WILLIAMS, deceased.

The Luzerne County Commissioners give notice that they will attend to hear Appeals on the County Taxes Assessed for the present year at the times and places as follows:
Hanover Twp., Sept. 5th — House of Frederick CRISMAN
Newport Twp., Sept. 6th — House of Jonathan KELLOG, Esq.
Nescopeck Twp. (including Sugar Loaf Twp., lately organized), Sept. 7th — House of Philip FENCETERMAKER
Salem Twp., Sept. 8th — House of Elisha CORTRIGHT
Huntington Twp., Sept. 9th — House of Stephen HARRISON
Wilkesbarre Twp., Sept. 11th — Court House
Plymouth Twp., Sept. 12th — House of George P. RANSOM
Kingston Twp. — House of Philip MYERS
Pittston Twp., Sept. 14th — House of Peter DECKER
Exeter Twp., Sept. 15th — House of John HARDING
Tunkhannock Twp., Sept. 16th — House of Charles OTIS
Braintrim Twp., Sept. 18th — House of Daniel STERLING
Wyalusing Twp., Sept. 19th — House of John HOLLENBACK
Towanda Twp., Sept. 20th — House of William MEANS
Canton Twp., Sept. 21st — House of Seely CROWFEET
Wysox Twp., Sept. 22nd — House of Wm. DENINGER
Orwell Twp., Sept. 23rd — House of Josiah GRANT, deceased
Rush Twp., Sept. 25th — House of Isaac BRONSON, Esq.
Bridgewater Twp., Sept. 26th — House of Isaac POST
Lawsville Twp., Sept. 27th — House of Stephen BARNUM
Willingborough Twp., Sept. 28th — House of Benjamin CASE
New Milford Twp., Sept. 29th — House of Benjamin HAYDEN
Harford Twp., Sept. 30th — House of Hosea TIFFANY, Esq.
Clifford Twp., Oct. 2nd — House of Asahel GREGORY
Providence Twp., Oct. 4th — House of Ebenezer SLOCUM
Abington Twp., Oct. 5th — House of Robert STONE
Nicholson Twp., Oct. 6th — House of Ebenezer STEPHENS

Notice — The Partnership under the firm of Elijah & Richard BARNUM, is this day dissolved by mutual agreement. All persons indebted to said Firm, are requested to make immediate settlement. Tunkhannock, July 15th.

Elijah BARNUM, had just received a general assortment of goods, suitable for the season, which he will sell on reasonable terms for Cash or any kind of produce. Tunkhannock.

Caution — All persons are hereby forewarned not to receive certain Notes, dated May 1805, which I gave to Calvin WHEELOCK, for a lot of land lying in Braintrim Twp., as he has not fulfilled his contract and I am determined not to pay them, unless compelled by law. John B. GRIST, Delaware Co., Ohio.

25 Aug. 1809

Daniel GILBERT, of Asylum to Miss Polly WEYTH, of Towanda, at Towanda on July 9th by Charles BROWN, Esq.

David VARGUSON to Miss Abigail BRUSTER, both of Wysox, at Asylum, August 10th

John KENNEDY, Sen., died in this township at an advanced age.

Orphan’s Court Sale — To be held Sept. 19th at the house of Samuel STURDEVANT, Inn keeper in Braintrim Twp., the real estate of Daniel TRUESDALE, late of Braintrim Twp., deceased. Land held under an application issued in the name of Rudolph HOPE, dated 3 April 1769, situated at or near the mouth of Tuscarora Creek, as it lies outside the township of Braintrim, containing two hundred acres. Daniel STERLING, Admin.

1 Sept. 1809

John ELY, died in this town on the 30th ult.

Mrs. Susannah INMAN, died at Hanover, on Monday the 21st ult, aged 88 years

Notice — The subscriber informs the public that he will run a Stage from Wilkesbarre to Exeter, one mile west of Jenkin’s Ferry, the place at which the Methodist Camp-Meeting will be held, for the purpose of accommodating those who wish to attend the meeting on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, to commence running on Thursday the 7th Sept. The state will run four times in each day, and start from the Ferry, opposite the Borough, at 6 o’clock in the morning. Peter GALLAGHER, Wilkesbarre

Notice to Creditors — I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the laws made for the relief of insolvent debtors, and they have appointed Sept. 25th next, to hear me and my creditors at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you are requested to attend. Cotterell M’COY, Kingston

8 Sept. 1809

Capt. Daniel GORE, died in Wilkesbarre Twp. (no date)

Miss Betsey, daughter of James WHEELER, died in Kingston, aged 13 years. (no date)

Melancholy Occurrence — On Sunday morning last, Joseph JOHNSON, and four other persons were crossing the Susquehanna at the Falls, about a mile above the Borough, in a boat laden with brick, when near the opposite shore of the river, the boat sunk, and Mr. JOHNSON was unfortunately drowned. The other persons reached the shore in safety. Mr. JOHNSON has left a wife and two small children to lament their irreparable loss.

To the Public — I am obliged to decline being a Candidate for the Legislature at the next election because of private concerns requiring my attention. Charles MINER, Wilkesbarre

20 Dollar Reward – Stolen from the subscriber on the 17th inst., a large bay mare, about 15 hands high, trots and canters handsomely, supposed to be about 15 years old, her left hind foot white, a sear nearly in the form of a backward C on the point of her buttock, near her tail. A saddle and bridle with plated stirrups and plated bits, almost new. The thief is a man about 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, with black hair, a mole on the right side of his neck just under his jaw, and is about 24 years of age. He has called himself by the names of Jedediah VAN RANSELEAR, alias BROOKS, alias SMITH, but his real name is Jedediah FINCH; whoever will return the said thief, horse, saddle and bridle to the subscriber in Blooming-Grove, Orange Co., NY or lodge the same in the county, where they may be obtained, shall be entitled to the above reward, and all necessary charges, or 10 dollars for the property or thief alone. It is more than probable if he should be taken, Counterfeit Bank Bills may be found with him, as he is a noted villain. Charles HOWELL.

To the Charitable. Those persons who have subscribed to enable me to build a house, are desired to come forward as soon as it may be convenient, to assist me in the manner they have agreed to, as the cold weather is approaching, and I am much in want of their assistance at this time. To all who have subscribed, I tender my sincere thanks; and if any others feel disposed to assist the unfortunate, their mite will be gratefully received. Daniel R. STILES, Wilkesbarre.

15 Sept. 1809

Dr. George W. TROTT to Miss Lydia CHAPMAN, in Wilkesbarre (no date)

Samuel WOODRUFF, of Orwell Twp. to Mrs. Mary HUBBEL, of Wysox, at Wysox on Sunday evening last by William MYERS, Esq.

John ELEY, died in Wilkesbarre on the 30th ult, aged 26 years. He had long been afflicted with the consumption, which he bore with great fortitude, and resigned his breath, without a murmur. He had for some time past been the contractor for carrying the Mail of the U. States between Wilkesbarre and Harrisburg, and had by his honesty, and attention to his business, gained the esteem of a numerous circle of acquaintance.

Calvin EDWARDS, respectfully informs the Public that he has commenced the Tayloring business, in all its various branches at the shop two doors west of Mr. Jonathan HANCOCK, where he solicits the patronage of the public. Wilkesbarre.

Stray came to the house of the subscriber in Newport on Sunday the 17th August last, a sorrel mare, about 3 or 4 years old, with a white strip in her forehead, a natural trotter and shod all around. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take her away. John HESS, Newport.

For Sale — A Valuable farm situated on the west side of the Susquehanna river in Braintrim Township, containing 300 acres of land; about 26 acres under good improvement. There are on the premises a new log dwelling house, a new frame barn, 30 by 40 feet, and other out houses. Also about 100 bearing fruit trees, and excellent spring of water brought within one rod of the house in pump logs. The little Mahoopeny Creek runs thro’ the Farm which affords a good seat for a Saw-Mill. There is a great quantity of valuable timber for sawing, such as white pine, ash and white-wood. The soil is of a good quality, with very little waste land; and a sufficient quantity of good fencing timber. A Warrantee deed will be given to secure the title. For further particulars enquire of the Printers, or the Subscriber living on the premises. Possession will be given in April next. Solomon WHITCOMB, Braintrim.

22 Sept. 1809

Advertisements for two Fulling Mills:
Napthali HURLBUT, Pittston and Samuel BREES, Kingston

Law of Pennsylvania – It shall be the duty of the commissioners of the several counties within this commonwealth, at the time of assuring their receipt to the assessors — to require the assessors to receive from parents the names of all the children between the ages of five and twelve, who reside therein, and whose parents are unable to pay for their schooling. To inform parents that children will be sent to the most convenient school, free of expense. (See law for more requirements)

Mrs. Peggy GRIDLEY, daughter of Maj. James WHEELER, died in Kingston on Tuesday last.

Caution — All persons are hereby forewarned not to receive two certain notes, given by the subscriber to Theron HAMILTON, of Luzerne Co., for a Lot of land, lying out of the seventeen townships, on Bowman’s Creek — One note was payable in Nov. 1806 and the other in 1807. Each note amounting to fifty seven dollars, and fifty cents. As the said HAMILTON had not fulfilled his contract, I am determined not to pay the said Notes unless compelled by law. Isreal HARDING, Harford.

29 Sept. 1809

Justus GAYLORD, of Braintrim to Widow RHOADS, at Rush on Thursday evening, Sept. 14th by Isaac HANCOCK, Esq.

James WHEELER, Esq., died in Kingston on Tuesday last. We record this death with pain, as he is the third one in this family who has fallen a victim to the fever. He had formerly been Sheriff of Luzerne, and at the time of his death, was one of the county commissioners. He was an honest industrious, and upright man, and society will long lament the loss of one of its most valuable members.

New Store — Delamanon & Co. — has been opened at the house formerly occupied by ARNDT & ROBINSON, on Bank-Street, next door above Mr. TAYLOR’S Inn in Wilkesbarre, where they offer for sale on the most reasonable terms, a general assortment of dry goods and groceries., also an assortment of drugs and medicines. All kinds of country produce will be taken in payment for goods.

Estate of Daniel GORE, late of Wilkesbarre Twp., requests payments and bills. George GORE and Benjamin BAILEY, Execs.

6 October 1809

Capt. Martin COWLES, of Farmington to Miss Harriet WELLES, of Wilkesbarre, at Hartford, Conn.

Stephen TUTTLE, died in town on Friday last, aged 74 years.

Maj. Henry WELLES and John FORSTER, are candidates for the Assembly in Lycoming Co.

Letters on hand at the Post Office, Wilkesbarre on Oct. 1st:
Daniel ACTON
Jacob BOBB
Stephen BALL, Jun.
Elizabeth BLANE
Catharine BERRY
Cornelius V. BOSKIRK
Ezekiel BISSET
Parby COLE
Margaret COOPER
William COOPER
Doctor. Z. CHAPMAN
Crocker JONES
Thomas DYER
Isaac FOOT
Nathl. GOSS
Oliver HELME
Jacob HOFF
Jonathan KELLOG
Gideon KENT
Elias LONG
Robert MOORE
Anna Maria MEYER
Daniel C. MARSH
Sally OWEN
Zoroaster PORTER
Thomas PACE
Hezekiah REED
Abraham VAN LOON
Ntahan VOSS
Meshack WALKER
William WHITE
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Letters remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, on Sept. 30th:
John CARY, Providence
Miner CARY
George D. CLARK
David HALE
Christopher STROPE, Pittston
Robert STAGE, Buttermilk Falls

Sketch of the life of William LAKE. William LAKE was born in Luzerne County, Penn., on 20 Sept. 1787. His father, Joseph LAKE, though condemned by misfortune to tread the lower walks of life, had once enjoyed the smiles of affluence, and received an education which, had his inclination prompted him, might justly have entitled him to a high rank among the Sons of Science. He was born and educated at Eton in England; but fond of roving, and a warm enthusiast for Liberty, he left it as and early age, for what he termed the western wilds of Freedom.” And crossing the Atlantic, settled, after various removes at Kingston, the place of my friend’s nativity…..Between fifteen and eighteen his business led him in different parts of the Union, and even to Europe, returning from which he paid of nature on the morning of the fifteenth of December, 1805.. (Philadelphia, Feb. 3, 1806) [See article for more]

13 Oct. 1809

The Subscribers – To the Ship-Building Company will take Notice, that a meeting will be held at the House of George TAYLOR in Wilkesbarre, on Saturday the 21st inst. at two o’clock P. M. to elect a Manager in the room of Arnold COLT, (who has removed out of the country,) and to do such other business as may be necessary to be done on said day, when a general attendance is expected by the Managers. John P. ARNDT, President of the Board.

Notice to Creditors — I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the laws made for the relief of insolvent debtors, and they have appointed November 6th next, to hear me and my creditors at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you are requested to attend. John Leonard BAKER, Wilkesbarre.

Zeb. BUTLER, has just received, and is opening, for sale, at the store of Nathan PALMER, Esq. in Wilkesbarre, a general assortment of merchandise.

20 Oct. 1809

Luzerne Co. Election Results

Timothy ALWORTH to Miss Polly ROGERS, at Braintrim, on the 3rd inst., by Josiah FASSETT, Esq.

Ordination. We are requested to mention, that M. Miner YORK, of Wyalusing, will be ordained a Minister of the Presbyterian Church, at that place, on Friday the 27th inst.

The massacre at Wyoming is the most memorable event that has occurred in this county, since its first settlement by the white people. Three fourths of the inhabitants able to bear arms were cut off in a single day, and our settlements whelmed in ruin. Our men were borne down by a vast superiority of numbers, and terrible was the destruction that followed. I will not now discuss the question, whether it was proper to risk an engagement under the circumstances in which it took place; but is shall hereafter be done, and I am confident it will appear that our brave but unfortunate troops were actuated by the most glorious motives that can govern and honor a soldier. For my present purpose it is sufficient to say, and I blush while I say it, that hundreds of our brave fathers and brothers, who fell on that fatal day in defense of our liberties, lie buried on Abrahan’s Plains without the notice of a single stone to mark the spot of their interment! It is not disgraceful, while we are enjoying the blessings of that independence which they bled to obtain, that we should have given no evidence of regard for their sufferings and memory? The patriotic stranger often enquires, “Where is the monument raised to those who fell in the battle of Wyoming? Alas! The son can scarcely find the spot where his father sleeps! The grave of our patriots lie unnoticed — unhonored, and almost unknown” Citizens, let it be so no longer: Wipe off the disgrace of your former neglect, and let us do honor to the memory of the brave. “It is proposed that a sum should be raised by subscription, to erect a monument on the spot where those who fell in the battle were buried. A piece of ground including the grave ought to be handsomely enclosed and planted with weeping willows. The expense of the monument must be determined by the amount of the subscription.
The meeting will be held at the house of James SCOVELL in Exeter, on Saturday the 25th day of Nov. next, to consider of the best plan of a monument, and to make such further arrangements on the subject as shall be deemed proper. All who are disposed to promise the patriotic object, are invited to attend.
Persons through the county who are willing to receive subscriptions, are requested to cut out this piece, and attach to it a white paper, and present it for subscription to the liberal and the patriotic — and to forward the subscription papers to Jacob CIST, Esq., P. M. at Wilkesbarre, by the 15th November, to be laid before the meeting at Mr. SCOVELL’S.
The subscribers promise to pay the sums annexed to their names, to be applied to raising a monument over the graves of those patriots who fell in the battle of Wyoming.

Medical — The subscriber informs the public that he has recently commenced the practice of Physic and Surgery, in Kingston and Plymouth. He boards with Henry BUCKINGHAM, where prompt attention will be paid to all calls in the line of his profession. Eleazar PARKER, Kingston.

Estate of Seril PECK, late of Rush Twp., requests payments and bills. Jabez HYDE, Jr., Rush, Adm’r.

Saw Logs – Lodged on the Farm of the subscriber in Pittston, at the time of the great Freshet, in July last, a Raft of Saw Logs, of Pine and Whitewood, the greater part of which are White Pine. The owner or owners, are desired to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take them away. Jacob GOOD.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Wysox on Sept. 30th:
Elijah TRACY
David BERCELEY, Esq.
Godfrey VOGHT
Hippocrates ROGERS
Jeremiah TAYLOR
Solomon COLE
Squire STEEL

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock (no date):
Andrew AMES
For Rush:
Hezekah LEE
Jarmaiah TURNER
Frances BRUNER
Isaac SLOCUM, P. M.

Orphan’s Court Sale — To be held November 8th at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre: Real estate of Joseph WILSON, of Huntington Twp., deceased, two lots of land in Huntington Twp., one containing about 90 acres partly under improvement; the other unimproved, containing about 122 acres. Robert WILSON and Jacob BASTON, Admins.

27 Oct. 1809

Henry D. MANDEVILLE (of the house of Schoot & Mandeville, merchants, Philadelphia) to Miss Charlotte, daughter Capt. John P. SCHOOT, formerly of this town, lately in New York, by the Rev. Dr. ABEEL (no date)

Lands For Sale — By virtue of a vote of the township of Pittston, the subscribers, a Committee for the said Town, Do Make Known, that the following tracts or Parcels of Lands, will be exposed to Sale at Public Vendue. To be held Dec. 25th at the house of Peter DECKER, Pittston. The purchaser or purchasers, to have 8 years credit by paying the interest annually or giving their due-bills for the security of the interest money, and a mortgage on the lands for security of the principal or an approved underwriter to a Judgement Bond, for the several sums of money that the Sales may amount to. The lands aforesaid, lying and being situates in the township of Pittston and described by the State Certificates, as follows, viz:
Lots # 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 20 in 2nd Division of 100 acre Lots, containing 836 Acres, 9 Perches. Lots # 13 and 14, in the 2nd Division, containing 251 Acres, 141 Perches
Lots #10, in the 2nd Division, containing 144 acres, 137 perches
Lot #40, in the 2nd Division of 100 acre Lots, containing 102 acres, 28 perches
Lot #66 in the 2nd Division, containing 110 acres, 112 perches
Lots # 36, 37 and 38, called Pine Lots, containing, 7 acres, 62 perches
In the whole 1453 Acres and 12 perches, which lands will be sold to the highest and best bidders by: Wm. SLOCUM, Wm. SEARLE, Jesse GARDNER, Township Committee, Pittston.

A Hint — All persons indebted to me, are most cordially desired to call and pay me. And those whose accounts have been standing more than six months, are informed by discharging them immediately, they will oblige themselves, gratify me and confer a particular favor on my creditors. David B. WHEELER, Braintrim.

3 Nov. 1809

Sheriff’s Sales — To be held at the courthouse on Nov. 10th next:
1. Land situated in the township of Newport, being Lot #37 of the 2nd Division, containing 110 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the Property of Andrew M’CLURE
2. Land situated in Providence Twp., being part of Lot #17, bounded by Lackawanna River, John HOLLENBACK and Joseph YEOMAN, containing about 200 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the Property of John STAPLES
3. Land situated in Northmoreland Twp., # 1 & 2 in 1st Tier, containing 81 acres and 132 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the Property of John TAYLOR
4. Land situated in Kingston Twp., adjoining Lawrence MYERS, Henry BUCKINGHAM and highway, containing about _ acre. Seized and taken in execution as the Property of John EBBERT
5. Land situated in Nescopeck Twp, bounded by Nescopeck Creek, Susquehanna River, Alexander RODDY, Sen., Evan OWEN, containing about 470 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the Property of Tench FRANCIS
6. Land situated in Nescopeck Twp., bound by Nathan BEACH, Abraham SHORTZ, Jacob FRINK, containing about 170 acres, Seized and taken in execution as the Property of Jacob SHOVER
7. Land situated in Plymouth Twp., being part of house lots #7 & 8, from Old Road (so called), Aaron ROBERTS, Samuel LUCAS, containing 8 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the Property of Nathan PARISH (this land listed twice exactly same way)
8. Land situated in Kingston Twp., being parts of 3 meadow lots, # 35, 36 & 37, on map of Kingston, bounded by Nathaniel LANDON, Thomas 9. Land situated in Plymouth Twp., being #7 in 3rd Division, containing 48+ acres, adjoining lands of Aaron ROBERTS and Lot #9 in 4th Division, containing 107+ acres, adjoining Lord BUTLER, Henry BUCKINGHAM. Seized and taken in execution as the Property of Nathan PARRISH
10. Land situated in Kingston Twp., #23 in town lot of Forty Fort, containing 5 acres and parts of Lots #11 & 12 in same town plot, containing about 2 acres Seized and taken in execution as the Property of Andrew BENNET
11. Land situated in Kingston Twp., bounded by lands of Benjamin CARPENTER, Solomon CHAPIN, containing about 120 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the Property of Gilbert CARPENTER.
12. Land situated in Northmoreland Twp., being parts of Lots #1 & 2 in 1st Tier, containing 81+ acres. Seized and taken in execution as the Property of John TAYLOR, Collector for Exeter Twp., for 1806.

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held at the court-house on the 10th inst. — Tract of land in Hanover Twp., being part of Lot #24, containing 220+ acres. Seized and taken in execution as the Property of James CAMPBELL.

Notice to Creditors — I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the laws made for the relief of insolvent debtors, and they have appointed 1st Monday in November, to hear me and my creditors at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you are requested to attend. John WALK (his mark)

10 Nov. 1809

Kimbell PRINCE, died in this town on Monday last, after an illness of about 3 weeks, aged 24 years, formerly of New-London, Conn.

Isaac BOWMAN, has for sale his tan-yard in Wilkesbarre, a quantity of sole and upper leather, calf-skins and boot-legs, which he will sell cheap for cash. He will give 5 cents per lb. For good beef hides.

For Sale — Land situated in Huntington Twp., containing 112 acres. Land is well timbered with White-Pine and Oak and is within one hundred rods of a good saw-mill, and within a mile and half of the Grist-Mill called Potter’s Mill. Said farm lies on Pine-creek, which runs through it from north to south. It is also very well watered with several never failing springs. Eighteen acres is under good improvement, with two log-houses, one of which is new and very convenient. There is also an orchard of about 30 apple trees. Seth TRESCOTT, Huntington (living on premises)

17 Nov. 1809

Members of the Legislature of Pennsylvania in 1809
Northampton & Wayne Co. — James RALSTON, Jacob WEYGANDT, Daniel W. DINGMAN, Jacob NEWHART, John WEISS
Luzerne Co.: Benjamin DORRANCE, Thomas GRAHAM
Lycoming Co.: Henry WELLES, John FORSTER
Northampton & Wayne Co.: James WILSON

Vendue — Will be sold on the first Monday of December next at the dwelling-house of the late James WHEELER, deceased, the personal property of the deceased. Those indebted to estate are expected to make payment without delay. Those having demands, requested to produce them legally attested for settlement. D. B. WHEELER & Zeb. BUTLER, Admins.

Dry Good, Groceries, Crockery & c. also medicines, at the store of Isaac POST, Bridgewater, where he also carries on the blacksmithing business.

Melancholy Accident — On Oct. 23rd last, Nathan COON, of Sugar Creek, in this county, took his rifle and went into the woods in pursuit of venison. Having hunted some time, he started three deer, which run round a hill near where the new state road crosses the line of Claverack Township. Mr. COON immediately crossed the hill with the view of meeting the deer as they should come round the point of the hill. Having proceeded a little distance he heard a noise of rustling in the bushes in the direction that he expected the deer to come, and eager for the game, stepped hastily forward, and seeing something move through the leaves, he fired, and the object fell. On approaching the spot, lo! Instead of a deer — a man had fallen, and was writhing in the most excruciating agonies. Capt. Samuel CLARK of Claverack had contracted to open a part of the state road, and was at work upon it alone, when the ball struck him near the right shoulder blade and penetrated to the spine of the back. When Mr. COON came in with the sad intelligence, measures were immediately taken for bringing Capt. CLARK to his place of residence at Capt. GREGORY’S. He received his wound about one o’clock P. M. and retained his senses perfectly, while he survived, which was until about eight o’clock in the evening, when he expired. Capt. CLARK was a respectable and worthy man, about 55 years of age, and has left five children to mourn his untimely death. Mr. COON appeared exceedingly afflicted; there was no doubt that the wound was entirely accidental; but such accidents occur so frequently, that it is impossible not to consider the persons who are the causes of them, if not guilty, at least extremely reprehensible for their carelessness. Hunters form such fatal consequences, ought to learn to exercise more prudence and caution for the future.

24 Nov. 1809

John WARD to Miss Polly TREADAWAY, in this town on Sunday last

John HUNNEYWELL to Miss Mary FASSETT, at Braintrim on Monday the 13th inst., by Josiah FASSETT, Esq.

Elijah PAKLEY to Widow CROFUT, at Tunkhannock, on the 17th inst., by Rev. George LANE

Mark HARTLEY, of Tunkhannock, died in this town on Friday evening last.

Notice — All persons indebted to the subscriber for tavern bills and for the services of the horse, American Framer, are earnestly desired to make payment, on or before the first of January next — If this request is not promptly complied with by that time, a prosecution will be entered (without fear or favor) against every delinquent. George TAYLOR, Wilkesbarre.

Notice — All persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing a note given by the subscriber to Lemuel BUTLER for Thirty-Five Dollars, given in the town of Charlotte, in Vermont, sometime in December 1803, to be paid in June 1804. As I never received any value for said note, and as the said BUTLER has not fulfilled his contract. I am determined not to pay said note unless compelled by law. Alexander LORD, Kingston.

1 Dec. 1809

At a Public Meeting held at the house of Jas. SCOVELL on Nov. 25th, for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of erecting a monument in memory of those Patriots who defended the Valley of Wyoming, during the Revolutionary War. [See article for all “Resolutions”] Obadiah GORE, Esq. was appointed Chairman and Anderson DANA, Secretary. Next meeting will be Jan. 3rd. The Committee consists of the following citizens:
Salem: Nathan BEACH, Joseph JAMESON
Huntington: Abiel FELLOWS, Thomas STEVENS
Nescopeck: George K. HARRISON, Philip FINSTERMAKER
Sugarloaf: James CAMPBELL, Redmond CONYNGHAM
Newport: Jonathan SMITH, William JACKSON
Hanover: Edward INMAN, Elisha BLACKMAN
Plymouth: George P. RANSOM, Joze ROGERS
Wilkesbarre: Lord BUTLER, William ROSS, Thomas WRIGHT, Cornelius CORTRIGHT
Kingston: Oliver PETTIBONE, Joseph SWEATLAND, Elijah SHOEMAKER
Exeter: John JENKINS, John HARDING
Pittston: William SLOCUM, Napthali HURLBUT, Roger SEARLE
Providence: Ebenezer SLOCUM, Stephen TRIPP
Bedford: Almon CHURCH, Nehemiah IDE
Northmoreland: Jehiel FULLER, Daniel TAYLOR
Tunkhannock: Elisha HARDING, Cyrus AVERY
Braintrim: Daniel STERLING, Simon STEVENS
Wyalusing: Justus GAYLORD, Jonathan STEVENS
Wysox: Moses COOLBAUGH, William MYERS
Towanday: William MEANS, Reuben HALE
Ulster: Samuel GORE, Isaac CASH
Orwell: Levi FRISBY, Nathaniel HECOCK
Bridgewater: Thomas PARKE, Asahel AVERY
Lawsville: Stephen BARNUM, Simon PARKE
Willingborough: Silvanus HATCH, Josiah STEWART
Harford: Hosea TIFFANY, John CARPENTER
Clifford: Walter LYON, Asa DIMOCK
Nicholson: Ebenezer STEVENS, Henry FELTON
Abington: Deacon CLARK, Mr. DEAN
Canton: Ezra SPALDING, Isaac CHAPELL.
Charles MINER, Philip WEEKS, Silas JACKSON, Benjamin DORRANCE, Jacob BEDFORD and Henry BUCKINGHAM will be a committee to prepare and forward subscription papers to the general committee.

8 Dec. 1809

The printers are in want of Wood. Those of our subscribers who reside near town, and who wish to pay in Wood, are informed that a few loads at this time, would be very acceptable. As a half year’s subscription is now due, agreeably to our terms, we hope this reasonable request, will be immediately complied with.

William DOWNING to Miss Lydia DOWNING, in this town (no date)

William ROBINSON to Mrs. Alice HOLMES, at Bedford on Sunday last, by William TRUCKS, Esq.

Aaron BROWN to Miss Rebecca AVERY, at Bedford (no date)

Alva PHELPS, died at Pittston after a very short illness. (no date)

Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders of the Wilkesbarre and Easton Turnpike Road Company, that an election for the President, twelve Managers and Treasurer, will be held at the Court-House in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, at ten o’clock in the forenoon of the first Monday in January next. John EWING, Secretary, Easton.

15 Dec. 1809

Notice – My wife has elop’d I now declare; ‘Twas because I whipp’d my old bay mare.
I hereby forbid all persons (either black or white) harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debt or debts of her contracting after this date. Barnard WORTHING. Bridgewater.

Estate of Kimball PRINCE, late of Wilkesbarre, request payments and bills. Leonard BEATTY, Admin., Wilkesbarre.

The Monument — Subscription papers are now in circulation to raise money for the truly laudable purpose of raising a monument to the memory of those patriots who defended the valley of Wyoming, during the Revolutionary War……It has been suggested that the names of the subscribers should be written on parchment, and preserved in a suitable deposit in the monument; this will probably be done…..Some are of the opinion that a plain marble table 6 feet by 4 — containing the inscription and raised upon a base of mountain stone 3 feet high, would be proper. Others propose that a base of mountain stone 5 feet square, and 5 feet high should be erected, a marble cone 6 or 8 feet high, surmounted by a vane, eagle or liberty cap. The form will be determined by the amount collected. From three to four hundred dollars it is calculated will be enough to finish the monument in a neat style. The subscriptions are far as we have been able to ascertain them, are from one to ten dollars. A few have prepared to subscribe more, but it cannot be necessary, for there are so many desirous to contribute, that more money might be raised, than it would be suitable for a plain people to appropriate to the object.

22 Dec. 1809

Notice — On Saturday the 30th inst. at 1 o’clock P. M. the PEWS in the new Meeting-House in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, will be leased to the highest and best bidders, for the term of one year from the first day of January next. Payable at the end of the year.

John HANCOCK, informs his friends and the public in general, that he has opened his Tavern, at his old Stand, near the Public Square in Wilkesbarre.

John CURRIE, Attorney At Law, late from Curriesburgh, Northampton Co., acquaints his friends and the Public, that he has lately removed from thence to the town of Plymouth, Luzerne Co., near Joseph WRIGHT’S Store, where he proposes practicing the business of an Attorney and Counselor at Law, in all their several branches, and draws deeds and other writings, with accuracy, secrecy, and dispatch, at the shortest notice, and at the most reduced prices.

Surveying and Conveyancing. The subscribing informs the Public that he has opened an Office at the House of Dr. George W. TROTT, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, where he will be ready to give Gentlemen any information which he may possess relative to lands in all parts of Luzerne Co. He has a large connected draught of the county, which he has carefully corrected from official papers at the Land Office of Pennsylvania. Besides separate and correct draughts of each of the Fifteen townships, copied from the official Maps in the office of the Surveyor General. He has likewise copies of most of the official draughts in the possession of the Deputy Surveyor and those Maps and Draughts, lately in the possession of George HAINES, formerly D Surveyor. He will attend to any Agency with which Gentlemen may be pleased to entrust him. He will perform all kinds of Draughting, Surveying and Conveyancing, in the neatest and most correct manner, and hopes by the proper attention to his business, to merit and share of the public confidence. Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Wilkesbarre

29 Dec. 1809

Jane, consort of James GORDON, Esq., died at Asylum in the 65th year of her age (no date)

Gen. David BROADHEAD, died at his seat in Wayne County, on the 15th ult., aged 73. A revolutionary hero.

Mr. HYDE, died at Hanover, a few weeks since, at an advanced age. He was one of the first settlers in this county. (no first name given)

New Spinning Wheel Manufactory. Thomas CARSKADDEN, keeps for sale at his manufactory in Plymouth, a constant supply of small and large Spinning Wheels, which he warrants good. Also, a constant supply of Small or foot wheels for sale at the store of H. BUCKINGHAM, in Kingston, on the same terms as at the Manufactory in Plymouth. Old wheels, repaired at the shortest notice.

Estate of George TEEL, late of Kingston Twp., requests payments and bills. Henry TEEL, Elijah SHOEMAKER, Admin’rs.

Notice to Creditors — I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the laws made for the relief of insolvent debtors, and they have appointed 1st Monday in January next, to hear me and my creditors at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you are requested to attend. Peter HARDENBERGH, Pittston.

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