1808 Luzerne County Federalist

Luzerne County Federalist


1 Jan. 1808
Claims of CT Settlers — Additions to Hanover, Exeter, Northmoreland, Putnam, Braintrim and Newport (See p. 2-4-b) Also Salem, Plymouth, Providence, Putnam and Springfield (See p. 4-3-b)

List of letters remaining at the Wilkesbarre Post Office, Jan. 1, 1808:
Elisha ATHERTON, Kingston
Jeremiah BLANCHARD, Wilkesbarre
Enos BROWN, Pittston
Charles BENNET, Wilkesbarre
Betsey BALDWIN, Kingston
John CAREY, Providence
Hezekiah COLE, Braintrim
Pelick COMSTOCK, Exeter
Rachel COLLINS, above Wilkesbarre
Jesse COLEMAN, Plymouth
Dwelly CORNELL, Wilkesbarre
Aaron DEAN, Wilkesbarre
Moses DOLPH, Providence
Adijah DEWEY, Wilkesbarre
Charles ELLISWORTH, Nicholson
Susanna FISH, Wilkesbarre
Obel FELLOWS, Huntington
George W. GRIFFIN, Wilkesbarre
Wait GARRIT, Wilkesbarre
John W. HYDE, Wilkesbarre
Uriel HOWARD, Plymouth
Elijah INMAN, Hanover
Esther JONSON, Wilkesbarre
Philip JACKSON, Kingston
Paul KEELER, Exeter
Washington LEE, Wilkesbarre
Margaret LEWIS, Wilkesbarre
Samuel LOFRANCE, Kingston
James MEARS, Wilkesbarre
Sam. MARVIN, Northmoreland
Walter ONSON, Exeter
Lawrence MYERS, Kingston
Conrad PEBILHIMER, Nesquepeck
Elisha POTTER, Providence
Godfrey PERRY, Wilkesbarre
Moses PARK, Hanover
Darius PRESTON, Hanover
Abraham COWERS, Kingston
Joel ROGERS, Kingston
William ROBERTS, Northmoreland
Lucy STEARNES, Wilkesbarre
Robert TUBBS, Kingston
Hannah SKEER, Kingston
John SMITH, Wilkesbarre
Richard VAN VLEET, Hanover
Sylvester SUMMERS (no location)
Eliza SLOCUM, Pittston
Joseph SLOCUM, Wilkesbarre
James THOMAS, Canaan
Joseph WOODBRIDGE, Wilkesbarre
Theodore WOODBRIDGE, Canaan
Jacob WEISE, Newport
Caleb WRIGHT, near Wilkesbarre
David WATERMAN, Wilkesbarre
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

Isaac CARPENTER and John R. ROGERS, under the firm of CARPENTER and ROGERS, inform their friends and the public that they have commenced the Hatting Business, in all its branches. In Wilkesbarre, a few doors above the Public house of Col. E. BULKELEY, where they hope by a strict attention to their business, to receive a share of the public patronage. Cash paid for all kinds of Hatter’s Furs.

8 Jan. 1808

Letters remaining at the Tunkhannock Post Office, Jan. 1st:
Ichabud SEVER, Tunkhannock
Peter OSBORN, (no location)
Amos WEST, (no location)
Elicum JONES, (no location)
Amos DOWD, (no location)
Isaac SLOCUM, P. M.

Christopher SHOEMAKER and Miss Barbara KELLER, at Rush, by Isaac HANCOCK, Esq. (no date of marriage)

John JAY to Miss Sophia ROSEWELL (no date or location of marriage)

William FRINK to Miss Ruth RUSSELL (no date or location of marriage)

Jesse BAGLEY to Miss Sally SAUNDERS, at Bridgewater, on Sunday evening last, by John MARCY, Esq.

Notice — All persons indebted to the subscriber are requested to make immediate payment. Benjamin BAILEY, Jacob’s Plains.

15 Jan. 1808

The Commissioners of Luzerne Co. will contract for building a bridge over Bowman’s Creek, near where the Main Road crosses said Creek, at the expense of the County. Elisha HARDING, Hosea TIFFANY, James WHEELER, Commissioners and Peleg TRACY, Clerk

Ranaway from the subscriber on the 30th Dec. last, an apprentice boy named Benjamin WOOLEY, about fifteen years of age of a dark complexion, impertinent and fancy in his manners, and had on when he went away a mixed coloured short coat and jacket, deerskin overhalls and a rorun hat & c. All persons are hereby forbid harbouring or trusting said apprentice or the penalty of the law. Benjamin NEWBERRY, Northmoreland.

John ROBINSON to Miss Nancy BUTLER, in this town on Tuesday evening last, by Rev. Ard HOYT

An Act — Requiring the citizens of the Borough of Wilkesbarre to procure Fire Buckets.
Sect. I: On or before the first day of April next, to procure good and sufficient fire buckets which will contain three gallons each to be made of good hardness or sole leather well painted, marked and numbered, that is to say, each and every house of three stories high, shall be provided with three buckets; each and every house of two stories high, shall be provided with two buckets, and each and every house of one story high, shall be provided with one bucket, by the occupier of the said houses respectively, which shall be kept and hung up in the said several houses, in the most convenient and conspicuous place, also each and every house to be furnished with a good ladder, that shall reach up to the eaves of the same.
Sect. 2: Every household who shall not provided himself or herself with buckets and ladder as aforesaid, shall, for every month they are destitute of the same forfeit and pay fifty cents, to the use of the said Borough, the same to be collected by the Burgess of the said Borough, and by him paid into the Treasury thereof, for the sue aforesaid.
Sect. 3: And be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, that it shall be the duty of the High Constable of the said Borough, and he is hereby enjoined and required to inspect the said several houses within the said Borough, to see that they are provided with buckets and ladder, agreeably to the first section of this act, and in case he shall find any who refuse or neglect to procure the same, he shall forthwith report them to the Burgess of said Borough.
Sect. 4: And be it further ordained by the authority aforesaid, that if any person provided with buckets as aforesaid, shall make use of the same for any other purpose than that of extinguishing fire, shall forfeit and pay twenty five cents for every such offence to be collected and applied agreeably to the second section of this act.
Passed in Town Council. Jan. 11th, 1808 Lord BUTLER, President Peleg TRACY, Clerk

To Be Sold: By private sale, a certain two story house, 45 by 20 ft. a good barn and lot of ground in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, being as per Certificate, part of Lot No. 20, containing 57 2-10 perches bounded by the centre square and centre street and by the lands of Isaac CARPENTER and the other part of said lot No. 20, with the privilege of 1-3 of a well and pump of excellent water near the house, the greater part of the buildings are entirely new and suitable to carry on any kind of pubic business being only a few rods from the Court House. An indisputable title will be given and the terms of sale made known by, Clark BEEBE. There are 10 apple and 2 cherry trees of excellent fruit on the premises.

George MILLER to Miss Sally AVERY, married at Tunkhannock on the 30th ult by Elisha HARDING, Esq.

22 Jan. 1808

Abraham BREWER, aged 17 years to Miss Hannah STAGE, aged 22 years, at Chemung, NY by Thos. FLOYD, Esq. (no marriage date)

List of letters remaining in the Post Office, Wysox, Jan. 7th:
Elizabeth SAUNDERS, Wysox
Josiah STOCKEY, Wysox
Amos MIX, Wysox
Ebenezer J. LEVENWORTH, Wysox
Joel BARNS, Orwell
Thomas REYNOLDS, Orwell
William JOHNSTON, Orwell
Peter STRICKLAND, Standing Stone
Mr. HABERLY, Towandee Creek
Loisa HIBBARD, Sugar C’k

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, Dec. 31st:
Mr. FAUSBERY, Hunt’s Ferry
Abel RUSSEL, Hallam
Nathaniel GIDDINGS, P. M.

Taken up last Spring in the time of the high water, a quantity of saw logs, at the mouth of the Little Sugar Creek (opposite Wyalusing Flats). The owner is desired to come and prove property, pay charges and take the same away. Joseph INGHAM, Wyalusing Township.

29 Jan. 1808

Caution — Whereas my wife, Rebecca, has eloped from my bed and board without any just provocation, I therefore forewarn all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will not pay one farthing of her contracting from this date. William PHILLIPS, Abington, Jan. 15.

5 Feb. 1808

Sheriff’s Sale – A certain tract of land, situated in the township of Claverack, adjoining lands of William MEANS, northwardly thence of John BROWN westerly lands of Daniel FOX, John FOX and Jacob BOWMAN southwardly, and eastwardly on the Susquehanna River, containing about three hundred and sixty four acres, with the appurtenance. Seized and taken in Execution, at the property of James DAVIDSON. Jacob HART, Sheriff

One Cent Reward — Ranaway from the subscriber on the 19th inst. an apprentice boy named David WOODRUFF, above seventeen years old, of a dark complexion, thick lips, impertinent a saucy, in his behavior. He had on when he went away, a grey sailor coat and jacket, leather trowsers, a new wool hat, &c. All persons are hereby forbid harboring or trusting said apprentice, on the penalty of the law. Whoever will bring back said boy shall pay all charges, and the above reward. George GALOWAY, Clifford

Luzerne Co. Statement — 1807 (See p. 3-1-t)

12 Feb. 1808

Pennsylvania Legislature Extracts – Petitions of inhabitants of Burlington Twp., Lycoming Co. and of the north part of the counties of Lycoming and Luzerne, praying that a new county may be erected by law, to be called Hiram.

Notice to Executors and Administrators — Whereas Letters of Testamentary and Letters of Administration have heretofore issued to the several persons hereafter named, and they having neglected to settle their respective accounts, within the time limited and appointed by law for that purpose. Now Notice is given to the said Executors and Administrators, that unless their said several accounts are filed with the Register for settlement, on or before the fourth day of April next, application will be made to the Orphan’s Court to compel a settlement of the same.
Thomas WIGTON, adm’r. of the estate of Elijah BROWN, deceased
Seth ROBERTS, adm’r of Elias ROBERTS
Joseph TYLER, adm’r of Ephraim TYLER
Joseph JAMESON and Alexander JAMESON, adm’rs. Of Robert JAMESON
Sarah MITCHELL, adm’x of David Mitchell
Aaron HUNT, adm’r of Thomas JOHNSON
George P. RANSOM, adm’r of Japeth UTLEY
Lawrence MYERS, adm’r of John GARNSEY
Alice ABBOTT, adm’x of John ABBOTT
John DORRANCE, adm’r of George DORRANCE
Abigail RICHARDS, adm’x of Asaph WHITTLESEY
Wm. H. SMITH, adm’r of Clement DANIELS
John CARY, adm’r of Barnabus CARY
William ROSS, adm’r of Jeremiah ROSS
William SLOCUM, adm’r of Thomas SAWYER
Abisha and Mary BINGHAM, adm’rs of Asa LYON
Stephen BURRETT, adm’r of Cyprian HIBBARD
Noah MURRAY, adm’r of Thomas HETH
Desire WILLIAMS, adm’r of Elihu WILLIAMS
Richard GORDON, adm’r of John GORDON
Martha and James STEWART, adm’rs. Of Lazarus STEWART
Jemima POINT, adm’x of John POINT
William ROSS, adm’r of Isaac SMITH
Obadiah GORE, adm’r of John MURPHY
Benja. CARPENTER, adm’r of Eliphalet FOLLET
Stephen GARDNER, adm’r of Jonathan AVERY
Ira MANVILLE, adm’r of Nicholas MANVILLE
John STAPLES, adm’r of James STAPLES
George P. RANSOM, adm’r of Samuel RANSOM
John TAYLOR, adm’r of Silas BENEDICT
Oliver PETTIBONE, adm’r of Noah PETTIBONE
Stephen BEEKWITH, adm’r of Ephraim BOWMAN
Nathan BEACH, adm’r of Joseph GABLE
Silas Ford ANDREWS, adm’r of Ebenezer ANDREWS
Jehiel FRANKLIN, adm’r of Daniel FRANKLIN
Daniel PEDRICK, adm’r of John PEDRICK
Abigail BIDLACK, adm’x of Shubal BIDLACK
William JOHNSON, adm’r of Henry JOHNSON
Henry HARDING, adm’r of Stephen HARDING
Robert HEMPBILL, adm’r of Edward HEMPHILL (surname spelled two ways)
John LEONARD, adm’r of Ebenezer ROBERTS
Charles E. GAYLORD, adm’r of Charles GAYLORD
Zebulon BUTLER, adm’r of Esbon HATCH
Benjamin CARPENTER and Diana HAGEMAN, adm’rs of John HAGEMAN
Benjamin SMITH, adm’r of Benjamin HATCH
Cain BILLINGS and Geo. COOPER, adm’rs of Samuel BILLINGS
Willmot MUNSON, adm’r of Daniel MUNSON
Mary LEONARD, adm’x of James LEONARD
Elizabeth WADE, adm’x of Nathan WADE
Hallet GALLUP, adm’r of Rebecca GROMITT
David DIMOCK and Hannah HARDING, adm’rs of Henry HARDING
Abel YARINGTON, adm’r of Samuel WALLIS
Rosewell WELLES, adm’r of Zebulon BUTLER
Nathan BEACH, adm’r of William DAVIS
Ebenezer WILLIAMS, adm’r of Thaddeus WILLIAMS
John BROWN and Elizabeth BROWN, adm’rs of Alexander BROWN
Michael HOFFMAN, adm’r of John HOOVER
Mahitable MUNROW and Charles E. GAYLORD, adm’rs of Nathan MUNROW
Elizabeth HOLLENBACK and Matthias HOLLENBACK, Esq., adm’rs of John HOLLENBACK
Arabella DUNCAN and James DUNCAN, adm’rs of Joseph DUNCAN
Mary HAGER and Samuel MOORE, adm’rs of John HAGER
Benjamin DORRANCE, adm’r of Abel DORRANCE
Parthenia GORDON, adm’x of James GORDON
Samuel HALSTEAD and Thomas HARDING, adm’rs of Josiah HALSTEAD
Anna SHAW, adm’x of Palmer SHAW
Thomas DYER jun. adm’r of John DURKEE
Thomas DYER, adm’r of James FLINT
Eunice FALLS and Jacob HART, adm’rs of Thomas FALLS
Richard DILLEY and Nathan WADE, adm’rs of Richard DILLEY
Deliverance ROGERS, adm’x of Josiah ROGERS
Thos. HARDING, adm’r of Alexander WILMOT
William MILLER and Abraham UTTER, adm’rs of Abraham UTTER
Oliver PETTIBONE, adm’r of Stephen PETTIBONE
Ebenezer BOWMAN, adm’r of James PARKS
Nancy STRICKLAND and Matthias HOLLENBACK, adm’rs of Stephen STRICKLAND
Joseph SPRAGUE, adm’r of Doct. Joseph SPRAGUE
Samuel JAMESON, adm’r of Abigail BIDLACK
William JACKSON and Silas JACKSON, adm’rs of Samuel JACKSON
John ALDEN, adm’r of James PARKES
Lenah WOLF, adm’x of Jacob WOLF
Josiah PELL, adm’r of Josiah PELL
Obel FELLOWS, adm’r of Ephraim FELLOWS
Mary EICK, adm’x of Arthur EICK
Jehoida P. JOHNSON, adm’r of Jacob JOHNSON
Abigail BENJAMIN, adm’x of Isaac BENJAMIN
Dennison KINGSBERY, adm’r of Phineas KINGSBERY
Nancy MARBLE and Nathan PARISH, adm’rs of Martin MARBLE
Margaret AUSTIN, adm’x of Edmund AUSTIN
Eunice WALL, adm’x of Shelden WALL
Elizabeth SWALLOW and Joseph SWALLOW, adm’rs of James SWALLOW
Samuel WALL, adm’rs de bonis non, of Sheldon WALL
Michael HERTER and Philip FINSTERMACKER, adm’rs of Martin HERTER
Rebecca DANA and Eleazer BLACKMAN, adm’rs of Aziel DANA
Frederick BOYER and Henry HENRITZY, adm’rs of Peter LEHNHARTS
James MEARS, adm’r of George MEARS
Silas JACKSON, adm’r of Elizabeth PELL
Isaac OSTERHOUT and Jonathan STEVENS, adm’rs of Peter OSTERHOUT
Mary Ann POTTER and Obel FELLOWS, adm’rs of John POTTER
Nathan PARISH, adm’r of John FREEMAN
Wm. GALLUP and Sophia GALLUP, adm’rs of Hallet GALLUP
Abraham TILBERY and Jacob WEISS, adm’rs of George RICE
James STEWART, adm’r of Hester TREADAWAY
John P. ARNDT, adm’r of Philip ARNDT
George KOCHER and Henry KOCHER, adm’rs of Christopher KOCHER
John SORBER and George SORBER, adm’rs of Abraham SORBER
Hannah SKEER, adm’x of Isreal SKEER
Ellen WADHAMS and Noah WADHAMS, adm’rs of Moses WADHAMS
Peletiah PIERCE, adm’r of John PIERCE
Charles HOLLOWAY, adm’r of Isaac HOLLOWAY
Jane CALDWELL, adm’x of William CALDWELL
George SMITHERS, adm’r of John Nicholas HAUS
John HYDE, adm’r of Ezekiel HYDE
Sabury HOPKINS, adm’x of James HOPKINS
Sarah BURGER and John JENKINS, adm’rs of Conrad BURGER
Aaron PERKINS, adm’r of John PERKINS
Ebn’r BOWMAN, adm’r of Dan. BARNEY
Reuben MULLENSON, adm’r of Luther JONES
Frederick WAGNER and George WAGNER, adm’rs of Adam WAGNER
Sarah GARRETSON and John SEELEY, adm’rs of Jacob GARRETSON
Lawrence SLIKER and Stephen SLIKER, adm’rs of John SLIKER
Joseph Lee SMITH and Thomas DYER, adm’rs of Ephraim KIRBY
Huldah BILLINGS and Cornelius COURTRIGHT, adm’rs of Ransley BILLINGS
Daniel FOX, adm’r of Rudolph FOX
Nathan FORBS, adm’r of Nathan FORBS
Thomas GRAHAM, Register, Feb. 9th

19 Feb. 1808

Joseph LOTT to Miss Semantha DIXON, married at Braintrim on the 27th ult, by Josiah FASSET, Esq.

James STEWART died in Hanover on Monday evening

Job HATHAWAY died in Hanover (no death date)

Caution — Whereas my wife, Susannah, has eloped from my bed and board without any just provocation and otherwise hath behaved herself in an unbecoming manner. I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined not to pay any debts of her contracting, after this date. Moses MILLER, Towandee, Feb. 10th

26 Feb. 1808

Caution — Whereas my wife, Polly, had eloped from my bed and board, without any just provocation. I therefore forewarn all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, as I will not pay one cent of her contracting, from this date. John SECOR, Providence, Feb. 22nd

Dissolution of Partnership — CARPENTER and ROGERS — on Friday the 19th inst., by mutual consent dissolved. The Hatting business will be carried on by Isaac CARPENTER, a few rods back of the Public House of Col. Eliphallet BULKELEY.

John DOUGHERTY, informs his friends and the public generally that he has commenced the Tailoring Business, at the house of Peter GALLAGHER in Union Street, Wilkesbarre, where he solicits share of the public Patronage. Feb. 26th

4 Mar. 1808

Sheriff’s Sale — Land situated in Wilkesbarre Borough, taken in execution as the property of Jonathan SLOCUM

Pennsylvania Legislature — Jan. 8th — Petition of Martha WILSON, adm’x of Col. Charles STEWART, deceased, stating that at the time of his death he was seized of four several tracts of land, in the townships of Hanover and Newport in Luzerne Co., containing in the whole 1282 acres. That the commissioners under the act of April 1799, valued the said land; that the said deceased released his title thereto for which neither the petitioner nor the said deceased ever received any compensation, and praying relief; and said petition was read and referred to Messrs SERGEANT, BEACH and BOILEAU.

Pennsylvania Legislature — Feb. 4th — Mr. BEACH from the committee appointed for the purpose on the 20th ultimo, reported a bill No. 91 entitled “An act for annexing part of Northumberland County to the County of Luzerne; which bill was read the first time, and Ordered that Monday next be assigned for the second reading thereof.

Fair Warning — All persons indebted to the subscriber are earnestly requested to make payment on or before the 6th of April next. Those who neglect attending to this invitation, may expect to receive a notice in the name of the Commonwealth. N. PALMER, Wilkesbarre

Public Sale — March 15th at 2 o’clock, at the house of George TAYLOR, Wilkesbarre as the property of Mathias SALSBURY, deceased — two working mares, one waggon and geers, some articles of clothing and several other small articles. James PIERCE, adm’r.

Notice — The subscriber informs his old customers that he has old tavern bills some constables fees and a few bills for sheriff’s fees, which he offers for cash or grain; if not exchanged soon he will be under the necessity of applying for some assistance in making the exchange. James WHEELER

Estate of Christian SAUM, late of Hanover, requests payments and claims. John SAUM, Exec., Hanover

John BRINK, of New Jersey to Miss Caroline M. WRIGHT, late of this Borough, at Bucks Co., on the 9th Feb.

John DICKENSON, Esq., formerly president of Pennsylvania, and author of the “Farmer’s Letters”, died at Wilmington, Del. (no death date)

Carlisle, Feb. 9th — Yesterday Edward DONALLY was executed agreeable to the warrant issued by the governor, a few days before his death he acknowledged murdering his wife, and afterwards consuming her body by fire. When the cap was drawn over his face, he said “I am gone.” He was launched into eternity twenty minutes past twelve o’clock. (See p. 4-1-b)

11 Mar. 1808

All persons indebted to the subscribers, are hereby notified ot make immediate payment. By the 10th of April next, all delinquents may depend on being called upon according to law. H. BUCKINGHAM & Co.

18 Mar. 1808

Notice — The Co-Partnership which has existed between John BOWMAN and Peletiah PIERCE, was dissolved this day by mutual consent. All persons indebted to said Partnership are requested to make immediate payment to John BOWMAN who is authorized to settle said Partnership concerns. Kingston, March 3rd.

Notice — All persons who are indebted to Horace MORSE, either by book, note, training bills, or any other way, must come forward and pay immediately, or they will be put in suit. Moses MORSE, Lovisa MORSE, Plymouth, March 18th

25 Mar. 1808

Lands For Sale — Two Hundred and Seventy Five Acres, lying within three quarters of a mile of Berwick Turnpike, adjoining Huntington township; forty of which are under improvement, meadow land that will produce 20 tons of hay annually; lying on both sides of Huntington Creek, and excellent place for a Grist and Saw Mill — there is a sufficient quantity of white pine timber on the premises to supply the mill for ten years. Two dwelling houses and a bewed log barn, 50 feet by 30, nearly completed. Possession will be immediately given. For further particulars enquire of John CRAGG or the Subscriber, who will how the premises. Abiel FELLOWS, Huntington.

1 April 1808

Carlisle — Feb. 20th — The following humorous incident is said to have taken place, at the resurrection of John M’KEAN, who was executed at Chambersburgh for the murder of his wife. Some persons had gone to the grave, taken up the body, laid it on a bier and were bearing it away: when a rescue came, they ran away and left the corpse which was taken, and one of the company lay down on the bier, covered with a white sheet; after sometime when their fright was over, the first party came back, found the bier, took it up and marched off, but it being weighty, says one he is d-d heavy, I think so too, says another, well says the man in the sheet, I will walk a piece, upon which the carriers took to their heels and left the man in the sheet to walk home at his leisure.

Execution! The two black men, JOYCE and MATHIAS, who murdered Mrs. CROSS, were executed at Philadelphia on the 14th inst.

Catharine GILL, aged 101 years, died on Feb. 24th at Cheltenham, Montgomery Co.

Mrs. Rebecca YARINGTON, aged 66 years, wife of Abel YARINGTON, died in Wilkesbarre on Sunday the 27th March.

8 April 1808

John HARRIS to Miss Nancy WINSLOW, at Braintrim on the 23rd ult., by Josiah FASSET Esq.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, April 1st:
Foster HORTON, Tunkhannock
Nathan C. BATES
Hezekiah PRAY, Tunkhannock
Francis BREWER, Tunkhannock
George LOWERE, Tunkhannock
David OLDS, Orwell
Isaac SLOCUM, P. M.

Caution — Whereas my wife, Anna, has by many breaches of trust and confidence that I placed in her, by her wicked and malicious temper, and avaricious disposition, and very unbecoming behavior, and disgraceful conduct, to me, herself, and my family, I now therefore debar her from, and make null and void all the power by Attorney, that I ever gave her, to act for or against me or mine from this date. I do hereby forbid all persons from purchasing, contracting, dealing with, or harboring her, or receiving any of my property, which she has taken out of my possession, carried, sent or conveyed off to private places…..I have wrote to her respectfully, to return home to her duty, and be happy with her old friend and husband, but she utterly refuses. Moses MORSE., Plymouth, March 8th (see article for more)

Estate of James STEWART, late of Hanover Twp., requests payments and claims. Joseph JAMESON and Ebenezer BOWMAN, Exec’s. Public Vendue will be held on 21st inst., at the house of the deceased, to see the following property, viz. Horses, cows, young cattle, sheep, swine, farming utensils, household furniture &c.

15 April 1808

Titles of Acts Passed #1-65 (See p. 1-3+)

On Monday last, Jedediah SEWARD, was committed to prison in this place for passing a counterfeit bank note.

Take Notice — I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne Co. for the benefit of Insolvent Laws — Joshua LOMEREAUX

Letters remaining in the Wilkes Barre Post Office, April 1st:
Charles & Stephen ABBOTT, Wilkesbarre
Elizabeth BROWN, Wilkesbarre
Matilda BRINK, Wilkesbarre
Samuel BREECE, Kingston
Anna BUCK, Kingston
Betsey BALDWIN, Kingston
Enos BROWN, Wyoming
Andrew CANFIELD, Rush
Sophia CRATOR, Newport
Reese CADWALLADER, Bridgewater
Jonas CARTER, B. Walnut Bottom
Lanor CHESTNOR, Hanover
Zachariah CHAPMAN, Kingston
Benjamin DORRANCE, Kingston
Aaron DOWNING, Wilkesbarre
Isaac DAYTON, Wilkesbarre
Gideon DRAPER, Wilkesbarre
Joseph DODSON, Huntington
Mary DAVID, Providence
Stephen DEWERY, Sidney
Frazer EATON, Bridgewater
Jacob EARNHART, Wilkesbarre
Edward FOSTER, Plymouth
Abraham FARVER, Northmoreland
George W. FULLER, Abington
John FOOT, New Milford
Abel FLINT, Wilkesbarre
Daniel GRIDLEY, Wilkesbarre
Eleanor GAY, Kingston
Joseph GREGORY, New Milford
Abner GOODRICH, Canaan
Timothy HOLISTER, Canaan
Isaac HEWIT, Wilkesbarre
John HUNEWELL, Wilkesbarre
Matthias HARRIS, Salem
Isaiah HALSTEAD, Thornbottom
Thomas HOWARD, Canton
Ichabod HALLSEY, Bridgewater
Joel HALE, Wilkesbarre
Moses IRELAND, Providence
Wm. JACKSON, Newport
Joseph JOHNSON, Wilkesbarre
John KENNEDY, Wilkesbarre
Samuel LANDON, Pittston
Christopher LONGSTREET, Bigbend
Charles MINER, Wilkesbarre
Ancell M’CALL, Wilkesbarre
Walter MUNSON, Exeter
Lovica MORSE, Plymouth
Jeremiah MEACHAM, Bridgewater
John NOBLES, Newport
John OSTERHOUT, Putnam
Rev. Anning OWEN, Kingston
Benjamin PERRY, Wilkesbarre
Thomas PACE, Kingston
Abel PIERCE, Kingston
Aaron RICE, Kingston
Jacob RIMER, Wilkesbarre
Joel ROGERS, Wilkesbarre
Joseph ROSSELL, Wilkesbarre
William RUSSELL, Wilkesbarre
Alfred RUGGLES, Wilkesbarre
William ROBERTS, Northmoreland
David STEWART, Wilkesbarre
Joseph SLOCUM, Wilkesbarre
Simon D. STRATTON, Wilkesbarre
Joseph TUTTLE, Kingston
Elizabeth SCOTT, Newport
Joshua SAUNDERS, Bridgewater
Robert or Hannah STAGE, Exeter
Rueben SKINNER, Damascus
Daniel WALES, Wilkesbarre
Joel WALLER, Wilkesbarre
Andrew WICHOIZER, Wilkesbarre
Samuel A. WALLIS, Wilkesbarre
Mashick WALKER, Wilkesbarre
Samuel WILLIAMS, Wilkesbarre
Epaphrus WADSWORTH, Huntington
Charles WARRELL, Providence
Jonathan HANCOCK, P. M.

22 April 1808

Acts of Title Passed #66-#127 (See p. 1-2+)

One Dollar Reward — Was stolen on Monday night last, from the door of Jonathan HANCOCK, in

Wilkesbarre, a horse and saddle. The horse has since been found, but the saddle is missing; it was almost new, silver mounted, with a Great Coat tied on behind. Any person who will return the saddle to the house of Jonathan HANCOCK, or to the house of the subscriber in Pittston, shall receive the above reward. Ebenezer MARCY, Pittston.

29 April 1808

Commissioners of Luzerne Co.: Elisha HARDING, Hosea TIFFANY and James WHEELER

Estate of Hallet GALLUP, late of Kingston, will be sold at Orphan’s Court Sale on 14 June next, ordered on 4th April. Pieces or parcels of land, viz — The south east part of Lot #1, in the third division of said township, containing (none listed) acres and also the southeast part of Lot #1 in the fourth division of said township containing (none listed) acres. Attendance will be given and conditions of sale made known by Zerviah SMITH, surviving administratrix, of Hallet GALLUP.

Estate of William GALLUP, late of Kingston, will be sold at Orphan’s Court Sale on 14 June next, ordered on 4th April. The following tracts or lots of land, to wit: A small house lot situated in Kingston Twp., containing about 2 _ acres also a wood lot, situated in township, containing about 5 acres, also another lot situated in Exeter Twp., commonly called the Mill lot, containing about 175 acres. Attendance will be given and conditions of sale made known by Daniel HOYT, Henry BUCKINGHAM and Freelove GALLUP, Admr’s.

Estate of Alloy DIMON, latte of Lawsville, will be sold at Orphan’s Court Sale on 14 June next, ordered on 4th April. The following lot or tract of land, situated in Kirby and Law’s Settlement in Luzerne Co., containing 100 acres. Attendance will be given and conditions of sale made known by Benjamin DOOLITTLE, Admin.

29 April 1808 Supplement

Borough Elections – On Tuesday last the following persons were elected borough officers:
Burgess — Rosewell WELLES
Council — Lord BUTLER, Nathan PALMER, Ebenezer BOWMAN, Jesse FELL, Joseph SINTON, Thomas DYER and Charles MINER
High Constable — Peter YARINGTON

The commissioners of the county will again receive proposals and contract with any person or persons for a Public Building — Fire Proof: Sufficiently large for the accommodations of the several Public Offices and safe keeping of the Public Records and Papers of said County. For which purpose they will attend at their Office in Wilkesbarre, on Monday the 13th June next and on Thursday following they will contract with the Person or Persons who shall offer the best plan of the building, and the cheapest price for doing the same.

6 May 1808

Land to be sold at Philadelphia in Luzerne and Lycoming Co. (See p. 1 – 3 for listings)

13 May 1808

Land to be sold at Philadelphia (continued) (See p. 1)

David B. WHEELER to Miss Olivia HALL, married at Braintrim

John CARKHUFF, an enterprising and patriotic farmer of Plymouth, has at a very considerable expense, introduced into the county, two extrodinarily find half blooded Spanish Sheep. Last week he sheared them, and the two produced 18 _ pounds of clean wood of a very superior quality.

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held June 13 — Land situated in Newport, #42 in the 2nd division, containing about 79 acres, with the appurtenances. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Joseph REEDER.

Estate of Abel KENT, late of Clifford Twp., request payments and claims. John KENT, Exec. The personal property will be sold on 30th inst. in Clifford Twp. at the house of John KENT, in Clifford Twp.

20 May 1808

Jacob HART, Esq., Sheriff of Luzerne Co. to Miss SEARLE (no first name), at Pittston by Joseph WRIGHT, Esq.

27 May 1808

The subscriber has for sale, a quantity of Mess and Prime Pork, and Mess Beef, all of the best quality, at reasonable prices; either for cash or on credit. Also sheep’s wool of a good quality. Henry WELLS, Tioga-Point

3 June 1808

Jacob TAYLOR to Miss Polly EBBERT, at Kingston on Wednesday evening last by Lawrence MYERS, both of Kingston

Mrs. Zerviah, consort of Ebenezer PICKET, died at Rush on Friday the 22nd April, after a severe sickness of three months, aged 56 years.

Estate of William PACE, late of Plymouth, requests payments and claims. John TAYLOR and Uzillah PACE, Admin’rs.

At a meeting of the Susquehannah and Tioga Turnpike Road Company, Samuel BAIRD is to authorized and requested to contract for immediately opening the Road for the passage of Waggons, to Loyalsock and from thence to Towandee, about one mile west of DOUGHERTY’S, on the Track approved and adopted by the Board last season.

An Apprentice Wanted — A likely lad, of 14 or 15 years of age, is wanted by subscriber as an apprentice to the Cabinet Making Business. W. H. SANDERSON, Wilkesbarre

Wanted Immediately, 5 or 6 Journeymen house carpenters, to work on the inside of the meeting-house in Wilkesbarre. Those who wish to find employment and can come well recommended, will meet with good encouragement. Application must be made by the first of July next, to Asahel AVERY, Bridgewater

10 June 1808

Thos. CARNEY to Miss Sally LOTT, at Braintrim, on Sunday evening the 22d ult, by Josiah FASSETT, Esq.

John MILLER to Miss Susanna GRIFFIN, on the 2nd inst. (no location)

17 June 1808

A Bargain! For sale — situated about 1 _ miles from the Court — House in Wilkesbarre. Farm consists of 30 acres (more may be had if the purchaser chooses, 7 or 8 acres are under improvement. A convenient dwelling house is on the premises. The Mill is 30 fees by 35, two stories above ground. Has now one pair of Stones and a superfine boulting cloth. There is sufficient room in the Mill for another Water Wheel and two more pair of Stones. The mill is erected just below the junction of all the branches of Solomon’s Creek and offers an inviting situation to any person disposed to enter into the Milling Business. For terms apply to the subscriber on the premises. Samuel ROTHROCK.

Increase of Bees — Capt. Jeremiah BLANCHARD, of Pittston, informs me that last Fall he brought home a Hive of Bees — And last Monday a swarm left the hive, flew round awhile and returned again. ON Tuesday the swarm left the hive again and were well secured. On Wednesday there came out a second swarm, and were hived. On Thursday there came forth a third and on Friday a fourth swarm — all from the same hive, and are well secured. These Bees must I think, be of a Grecian or New England breed, from their sending forth so many emigrants. This great increase I think argurs well to the owner, and good fortune has fallen to a worthy man.

The subscribers of the Wilkesbarre Ship Building Company, are desired to meet on Saturday the 2nd July at the house of George TAYLOR, Wilkesbarre.

24 June 1808

Mrs. Eleanor, wife of Wm. KEELER, died at Keeler’s Ferry on the 21st inst., aged 23 years. Her children are bereft of a kind and tender mother, and the father an affectionate wife.

Caution — Where as Grace, my wife, has eloped from me without any just provocation, and refuses to return and perform her duty. I therefore forewarn all persons from trusting or harboring her on my account, as I will not pay any debts of her contracting after this date. Daniel EMENS, Assylum. June 11.

1 July 1808

Appointment of Jacob CIST, Esq., Post-master of this Borough

Two prisoners have been for some time confined in the Goal of this town on criminal charges. SEWARD for passing counterfeit money, DODGE for stealing. [See 3-1/2]

Letters remaining at the Wilkesbarre Post office, which if not called for in three months, will be returned:
Cha’s AVERY, Bedford
David ARMSTRONG, Bridgewater
Wm. BAKER, Plymouth
Orlando BAGLEY, Bridgewater
Elijah BRACE, Exeter
Phebe BLANCHER, Kingston
Jacob BEDFORD, Kingston
John CARY, Cary-town
John DIGERMAN, Salem
Susanna FISH
Jacob HART
John HARDING, Exeter
Munson HOBBS, Beachwoods
Oliver HELM
Wm. JENKINS, Kingston
Mrs. Esther JOHNSON
Jehoida P. JOHNSON
Samuel KING, Huntington
Gideon KENT
Timothy LEE, Northmoreland
Samuel LUCAS
Josiah LEWIS
Mrs. Rhoda LACY, Braintrim
Mrs. Rosamond LAWRENCE
Samuel W. MORRIS
Joseph MURPHY, Wrightsville
Sabastian MILLER, Carytown
Miss Rebecca MERRILL, Litchfield
Lewis MAFFER, Canton
Miss Mabel MERRIT, Plymouth
Jonathan OSMON
Mrs. Ann PAINE, Canaan, Wayne Co.
David PRATT, Canton
Tho’s WILMARTH, Harford
Peter LATOUNETTE, Hanover
Juniah PRESTON, Huntington
Polly PRESTON, Huntington
Ebenezer PARISH, Plymouth
James ROBERTS, Plymouth
Elizabeth ROBERTS, Kingston
Nathan ROBERTS, Capouse
David SMITH, Exeter
Azor STURDEVANT, Kingston
William SKINNER, Newport
David SMITH, Exeter
Elish N. SILL
Daniel SPENCER, Hanover
Elijah SHOEMAKER, Kingston
Peter SNYDER, Kingston
Abraham SCOTT
Adam SHAFER, Kingston
John TRUCKENMILLER, Huntington
Isaiah TYSON, Wrightsville
Barnet ULP
Nathan WADE, Hanover
Sally WOODBRIDGE, New Canaan
Joseph WRIGHT, Plymouth
Samuel WOODRUFF, Orwell
Noah WADHAMS, Plymouth
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Strayed from subscriber in Exeter on 16th June, a brown mare. Richard GARDNER.

8 July 1808

Mr. CARKUFF, the enterprising farmer of Plymouth, who has introduced a pair of half blooded Merino Sheep into our County, has just sheared a lamb from this stock on July 4th and yielded three pounds of the most beautiful wool.

List of letters remaining at the Tunkhannock Post Office, July 1st:
Ezekiel NEWMAN
Frances BREWER
James OSBURN, Bridgewater
Penere PARK
Asel GREGORY, Luzerne
David OLDS
Isaac SLOCUM, P. M.

Was found some time last summer, a gun barrel, lock and mounting. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take the same away. Joseph INGHAM, Wyalusing.

Blacksmithing Business, on the front street in Wilkesbarre, second door below Messrs. SINTON’S Store. Luther YARINGTON. An apprentice, is wanted to the above business. A likely active lad about 15 or 16 years of age, will be received, if application be made soon.

15 July 1808

James SCHOTT, merchant to Miss Rebecca, daughter of Guy BRYAN, Esq., all of Philadelphia, on the 5th ult., in Philadelphia

Trustees of the Wilkesbarre Academy would inform the public, that they have procured a Principal, with his Usher, to take charge of the Institution.
In their choice they feel highly gratified, believing, that those who shall put their Children under their direction, will not be disappointed in the advantages they may expect to receive.
In the Academy, will be taught the Latin and Greek languages, the English language and Rhetorick, Mathematicks, Arithmetick and Writing, Geography and Philosophy. A careful attention will be paid to the morals of those Children, who shall be committed to their charge, and Tuition made as low if not lower, than at any other Academy in the state. The friends of Science, are therefore invited to send their children, as they may rest assured, no means will be left untried to make the institution both respectable and advantageous.
By order of the board, Ard HOYT, President; Peleg TRACY, Secretary, Wilkesbarre

Look Out! At August Court, H. BUCKINGHAM & Co. calculate to put a large portion of their Notes and Accounts, into the hands of Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq. for Collection. Those who call and settle previous to that time, will save cost and trouble. Kingston.

Sheriff’s Sale — Land situated in Plymouth Twp., Lot #20 in the third tier and fourth division of lands, containing 82 acres with appurtenances. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Benjamin BARNEY.

22 July 1808

Russell FOWLER to Mrs. Sophia LAWRENCE, both of Towandee, at Towandee, by Elip-let MASON, Esq., on the 4th inst.

List of letters remaining in the Wysox Post Office, 30 June:
Elisha COLE
Jacob BELL
Benjamin MARTIN, Wysox
Parley COBURN, Esq.
Jephihah BRAINARD, Orwell
Eliphalet MASON, Esq.
Benjamin LANDEN
Nathaniel BABCOCK
Stephen WILCOX
Stephen WILSON, Bridgewater
Abraham FOSTER, Sugar Creek
Jaduthan WITHY, Burlington
Mr. SMITH, Luzerne Co.
David RIDGWAY, Ass’t P. M.

29 July 1808

Notice — The Legislature of Pennsylvania at their last session, having passed a Law to arm the Volunteer Corps in this state, while doing military duty in the same, (that have offered their services to the United States). The officers commanding said volunteer corps giving surety to the Brigade Inspector, of the Brigade to which they are attached, to keep said arms in complete repair.
The Members of the Light Infantry (called the Wyoming Blues) are requested to meet at the house of Frederick CRISMAN in the township of Hanover on Monday the 8th day of August next, at 10 o’clock in the morning, in complete Uniform, to make a return to the Brigade Inspector, to obtain the Number of arms from the Adjutant General, for as many as shall appear in complete uniform. All delinquents who do not appear in complete Uniform must not expect to obtain their arms & accoutrements from the State. Benjamin PERRY, Captain.

5 Aug. 1808

Good Steering! Jonathan STEPHENS, Esq. and Samuel WIGTON, both of Luzerne Co., some time ago navigated a raft of Logs, from the mouth of Wyalusing Creek, down the Susquehanna to Green’s Mill, 9 miles above Harrisburgh; distance 180 miles — the raft contained one hundred large saw-logs. Length of the raft 13 _ rods — supposed to weigh between 45 and 50 tons. The oldest inhabitants on the banks of the river who saw the raft, allowed it to be the largest and heaviest raft that ever came down the river – and navigated only by two men. (“Dauphin Oracle”)

The Commissioners of the County of Luzerne will Contract for Building a Bridge over the Meshoppen Creek, where the Post Road leading from the Tunkhannock to the Great Bend, now crosses said Creek. The Commissioners will be on the spot where the Bridge is to be erected, on Monday the Twenty Ninth day of August, inst. at 1 o’clock P. M. To be given to the lowest and best bidder. The purchaser to find all materials, and enter into bonds with good security for the faithful execution of the work.
Also a Bridge over the Tunkhannock Creek, in Nicholson Township, where the Main Road leading from Keeler’s Ferry to the Great Bend now crosses said Creek. The Commissioners will attend at the place where the Bridge is to be built, on Tuesday the Thirtieth inst. It will be sold to the lowest and best bidder. The purchaser to find all the materials, and give good security for the faithful performance of the work. Elisha HARDING, Hosea TIFFANY, James WHEELER, Commissioners.

Dividend. The President and Managers of the Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company, have declared a Dividend of two and a half per cent on the Stock of said Company to this date, equal to one Dollar and twenty-five Cents on each share, which will be paid to the Stockholders of the said Company or their legal Representatives on demand.
The Dividend due to Stockholders resident in Luzerne Co., will be paid by Lord BUTLER, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, if demanded within three months. Samuel SITGREAVES, Treasurer, Easton.

Caution! All persons are hereby cautioned against taking a Note which I gave to Jedediah SEWARD, for Fifteen dollars, payable in January next, in Grain, as I am determined not to pay said Note, unless compelled by law. David ROSS, Sugar Creek.

12 August 1808

Charles WRIGHT, of Owego, NY to Miss Betsey DUNHAM, of this place, at Orwell, by Parly COBURN, Esq., on the 24th July

Thomas SAUNDERS to Miss Nabby TEWKSBURY, at Bridgewater (no date of marriage)

Josiah GRANT, aged 57 years, died lately on his farm in Orwell. His remains were interred with Masonic honors by the brethren of Union Lodge, of which he was a member.

Announcement of the appointment by the President of the US, on the 9th inst, that William DUANE, Lieut. Col. Commander of the 25th Reg. PA Militia, to be Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st Reg. of Riflemen in the US Service.

Attention! The “Luzerne Volunteer Matross” are hereby commanded to appear at the parade near John EBBERT’S in Kingston, on the 3rd Monday in September next at 12 o’clock, completely equipped and in uniform for Military duty. Benjamin BAILY, Captain. Wilkesbarre.

19 Aug. 1808

Estate of Isaac HEWIT, late of Pittston requests immediate payments or demands against estate to John PHILLIPS, of Pittston. John PHILLIPS and Mary HEWIT, Admin’rs., Pittston.

Orphan’s Court Sale — To be held on Oct. 3rd — Land situated in Plymouth Twp. from estate of Peter GRUBB, late of Plymouth Twp. Lord BUTLER and Sarah GRUBB, Admin’rs.

26 Aug. 1808

2 Sept. 1808

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held July 1st — Land situated on the west side of the North East Branch of the Susquehannah River, about 16 miles above Wyoming, in the county of Luzerne (late Northumberland) containing 316 acres (surveyed for Richard BUTTS in 1774. Also another tract of land surveyed for Thomas WALKER in 1774, containing 276 acres. Seized and taken in Execution as the property of Thomas PROCTOR, deceased.

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held July 1st — 25 Tracts of land in Luzerne Co., all seized and taken in execution as the property of John COLES:
(land of, situated in, acres)
Nathan Beach — near the cleared meadow — 201+ acres
Roger Boggs & Jesse Lukens — on Tuscarora Creek – 206+ acres
Henry Boggs — on Tuscarora Creek — 214+ acres
Thomas Cummings — on Lackawanna near the Beaver Dam — 301+ acres
John Coates — on Shickhiny — 439+ acres (adjoining John SOBER)
William COUCH — on waters of Sturreco Creek — 405+ acres
Alexander COCHRAN — on Shickshiney Creek — 428+ acres (adjoining Thomas DUNDAS
John DEFRANCE — on path above Meshoppen — 299+ acres
Thomas EWING — on Tunkhannock Creek — 433+ acres (adjoining P. W. GALLAUDET)
Hannah HOOD — on Harvey’s Creek — 434+ acres (adjoining M. MEREDITH)
Moses HOBSON – on Conewacto Creek — 444+ acres (adjoining Daniel REESE)
Jacob HOSTERMAN — on path above Meshoppen — 272+ acres (adjoining John DEFRANCE)
James M’NEAL — on Wappallopen — 227+ acres (adjoining Nathan BEACH)
Stephen MAXFIELD — on Goosberry meadows on Sugar Run — 400 acres
John RUNCKLE (or KUNCKLE) — in Wilkesbarre — 406+ acres
Lewis RICHARDS — on Shickshinny Creek — 302+ acres
Michael ROGERS — on south branch of Tunkhannock — 389+ acres
Henry ROGERS — on south branch of Tunkhannock — 410 acres
John REED — adjoining the Manor of Dundee – 112 acres
John STONEMETZ — in Wilkesbarre — 407+ acres
Grace STONEMETZ — in Wilkesbarre –405+ acres
John STREMBACK — in Wilkesbarre — 372+ acres
Mary STREMBACK — in Wilkesbarre — 405+ acres
Jacob STREMBACK — in Wilkesbarre — 405+ acres
John SHOEMAKER — on Wysocking Creek –294 acres (late estate of John COLES)

9 Sept. 1808

Meetings of the Pennsylvania Militia:
129th Reg. 2nd Brigade, 9th Division — at the house of Joseph CHAPMAN, Jun. in Bridgewater on the 26th — Thos. PARKE, Lieut. Col.
144th Reg. — at the house of Bartholomew LAPORTE in Assylum on the 26th — Job IRISH, Lieut. Col.
35th Reg. — at the house of Jonathan HUNLOCK in Huntington on the 26th — Benj. DORRANCE, Lieut. Col.
45th Reg. — at the house of Lewis JONES in Exeter on the 26th — Napthali HURLBUT, Lieut. Col.

16 Sept. 1808

James LOVE, of Salem to Miss Wealthy TUBBS, of Huntington, in Huntington by Alexander JAMESON Esq., on the 8th Sept.

William BARKER, an ingenious mechanic in Kingston, has invented and obtained a Patent for a machine for raising water and turning mills upon streams where dams are impracticable. Mills may now be erected upon the principle of Mr. BARKER’S invention, upon broad streams and without any considerable fall of water. We shall obtain from the Patentee a particular description of the invention, for the gratification of the public. The inventor deserves much credit for the discovery, and we have no doubt, while the public are greatly benefited, that he will obtain the just reward of genius and industry.

23 Sept. 1808

Meetings of the following:
Light Infantry Co. “American Blues” — at the house of Isaac WILSON on Oct. 5th — Peter HALLOCK and John ELDRIDGE
1st Troop of Horse of Luzerne Co. (Cavalry) — at the house of Aaron DEAN in Kingston on the first Monday in October next — Elijah SHOEMAKER, Capt.
8th Co. of 35th Reg. PA Militia — at the lower schoolhouse in Wilkesbarre on the first Monday in October next — P. WALLER, Capt.

30 Sept. 1808

General Elections of this Commonwealth will be held on the second Tuesday of October next (11th) at the following:
Nescopeck and Salem Twps. — at the house of Nathan BEACH Esq. in Salem Twp.
Huntington District — at the house of Charles E. GAYLORD, Esq., in Huntington Twp.
Wilkesbarre, Hanover and Newport Twps. — at the courthouse in Wilkesbarre
Plymouth, Kingston and Bedford Twps. — at the house of Lawrence MYERS, Esq., in Kingston
Pittston and Providence Twps. — at the house of Dr. William H. SMITH in Pittston
Exeter and Northmoreland Twps. — at the house of John HARDING, Exeter
Tunkhannock District — at the house of John M. M’CORD in Tunkhannock
Braintrim District — at the house of Daniel STERLING in Braintrim
Wyalusing District — at the house of Jollus GAYLORD Jr. in Springfield Twp.
Wysox District — at the house of Amos MIX in Wysox
Towanday and Canton Twps. — at the house of Wm. MEANS, Esq. in Canton
Orwell District — at the house of the late Josiah GRANT (dec’d) in Orwell
Harford District — at the house of Hosea TIFFANY, Esq. in Harford
Abington District — at the house of Robert STONE, in Abington
Bridgewater District — at the house of Edward FULLER in Bridgewater
Williangborough, Lawsville and New Milford Twps. — at the house of Josiah STEWART at Great Bend ferry
Clifford District — at the house of Asahel GREGORY in Clifford
Rush District — at the house of Jabez HYDE in Rush
Nicholson District — at the house of Ebenezer STEPHENS in Nicholson
That part lately belonging to Northumberland County, and now annexed to the County of Luzerne, lying north-east of the straight line from the mouth of Nescopeck Creek to the north west corner of Berks County — at the house of James CAMPBELL

7 Oct. 1808

Stray — A white middling sized sow came to the enclosure of the subscriber about 26th April. The owner is desired to pay charges and take her away. Benjamin POTTS, Wilkesbarre (Jacobs Plains)

The Fulling Business will be carried on in its various branches with Neatness and Dispatch by Azor STURDEVANT, Upper-End Kingston

14 Oct. 1808

List of letters remaining at the Wilkesbarre Post Office at the close of the close of the Quarter ending Sept. 30th:

Elijah & Shadrack AUSTIN
Charles BARNEY
Rebecca DANA
Michael EBBERT
Edward FELL
Elizabeth HEBARD
Rev. James HERREN
Benjamin HILLMAN
Ebar. HALE
Edward INMAN
Artemadorus INGERFOLL
Alexander JAMESON
Josiah LEWIS
Elias LONG
Lawrence MYERS
Zebulon MARCY
Rebecca OLIVER
Shepherd PATRICK
Ebenezer PARRISH
William RUSSEL
Nathaniel READ
Rev. James RILEY
Jabez SILL
Andrew Stillwell
Wescox STONE
Miss Frances STEWART
Thomas WALL
Catharine WRIGHT
George WELLS
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Thomas VOSE to Miss Laura WHITCOMB married at Braintrim on Tuesday evening the 4th inst., by Josiah FASSETT, Esq.

Allen WILSON to Miss Betsey VOSE on the 22nd Sept. last by J. FASSETT, Esq.

James LATHROP to Miss Lydia L. BIRCHARD at Rush (no date)

Spencer LATHROP to Miss Clarissa TUPPER at Rush (no date)

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held Nov. 7th — The one equal half of a Saw-Mill erected on Dry Creek, so called, between the houses of Darius WILLIAMS and Samuel LUCAS in Plymouth Twp., containing 3 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Oliver HELME. The other half of same to also be sold. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Nathan PARISH.

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held Nov. 7th — Lots of land with the appurtenances in Northmoreland Twp., known by # 9 and 10 in the Fifth division, containing together 600 acres more or less. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Thomas WIGTON.

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held Nov. 2nd – Two lots: 1) land situated on Toby’s Creek called “Trim”, containing 407+ acres. Surveyed in pursuance of Warrant dated 1 July 1784, granted unto Jacob S. HOWELL. Of this tract 100+ acres being sold and deeded to Absalom ROBERTS by his deed from William COATES, broker, dated 8 July 1803, is not to be included. 2) other called “Hope”, containing 407+ acres. Surveyed in pursuance of a Warrant dated the 1 July 1804, granted to Samuel NICHOLAS. Both seized and taken in execution as the property of Wm. COATES, late of Philadelphia County, deceased broker.

21 Oct. 1808

Luzerne Co. Election Results

Wanted Immediately — A smart active Lad, between the ages of 14 and 15 years, as an apprentice to the Shoemaking Business. One who can come well recommended, will meet with good encouragement, by applying to Glover LAIRD, Wilkes Barre

28 Oct. 1808

Orphan’s Court Sale –To be held Oct. 3rd next (note at bottom of notice — this will be postponed until Nov. 7th) — Real estate of Peter GRUBB, late of Plymouth Twp. Lord BUTLER and Sarah GRUBB, Admins.

WAR! BONAPART declared War against America, seized and imprisoned all American subjects in his dominions, and confiscated all American Property.

List of Letters remaining at the Post Office, Tunkhannock, Oct. 1st:
Robert DREW
Jullyjam HORTON
Hezekiah PRAY
Joshua MILES
Stoddard COTTON
Isaac SLOCUM, P. M.

Notice — The mutual Agreement , Co-Partnership of John P. ARNDT and John ROBINSON, Merchants trading under the firm of ARNDT & ROBINSON is dissolved. Settlements of accounts requested within two weeks.

Caution! Whereas, Nancy, my wife, has without any just cause, eloped from my bed and board, and refuses to live with me. I do hereby forbid all Persons harboring or trusting her, on penalty of the law, or trusting her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting, after this date. Stephen TITUS, Smithfield, Sept. 7th.

4 Nov. 1808

Edwin TRACY, Saddler and Harness Maker, respectfully informs the Public, that he carried on the Saddle and Harness Making Business in the building, adjoining the house of Geo. CAHOONE, on Bank Street, Wilkes Barre.

11 Nov. 1808

Furniture will be exchanged for good Merchantable Wheat, at 7s. 6d. per bushel, by W. H. SANDERSON, Wilkes Barre.

Daniel SMITHERS to Mrs. Nancy FINE, both of Salem, at Salem, by Alexander JAMESON, Esq.

Daniel TRUESDALE died at Braintrim on Sunday, the 6th inst., of a lingering illness

Alpha, son of Isaac GREEN, died in this town, aged about 5 years.

Wanted, two or three Journeymen Carpenters. Also three apprentices, 14 or 15 years old, will be taken to the above business. Good encouragement will be given by the Subscriber, living in Nicholson, near Mr. HALSTEAD’S Tavern. Woodbury WILBOUR.

Notice — The Public Lots in Springfield Twp. will be sold at Public Vendue on Dec. 6th, at the house of Justus GAYLORD in said town. John TAYLOR, Town Clerk, Wyalusing.

Last call but one. The Partnership of Henry BUCKINGHAM & Co. was this day dissolved by mutual consent. All who are indebted to said Firm are hereby notified to call and settle the same without delay with Henry BUCKINGHAM (who is duly authorized) or expect Cost. George CHAHOON, Henry BUCKINGHAM, Kingston, Nov. 10th.

Stray. Broke into the inclosure of the Subscriber, a two year old Steer, about the 15th Oct. last, of a brindle color. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take him away. Asa KEELER, Tunkhannock.

18 Nov. 1808

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held Dec. 10th:
1) Land in Luzerne Co., containing 111+ acres, the property of Asa ADAMS
2) same county containing 106+ acres, property of James MITCHELL
3) same county, including a Plantation in a settlement known by the name of Willingborough, containing 295+ acres, property of Orasha STRONG
4) same county, containing 135+ acres, property of Elisha LEONARD
5) same county, containing 212 _ acres, property of William FORSYTH
6) same county, above mouth of Darrow’s Brook, being a lot in neighborhood called Willingborough, containing 100 acres, property of John DARROW
7) same county, lots in neighborhood called Willingborough, containing 81 acres, property of Arthur KIRKWOOD
8) same county, lot in neighborhood called Willingborough, containing 113 acres, property of Edward DAVIS

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held Dec. 10th: An undivided moiety or half part of the following tracts situated in Borough and Township of Wilkesbarre. Town Lot #19 containing 2+ acres. Back Lot #16 containing 213+ acres. Back Lot # 18, containing 214+ acres. Part of Back Lot #19, containing 14+ acres. Lot #39 of the 4th Division, containing 4+ acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Matthias HOLLENBACK, Jr.

25 Nov. 1808

Pennsylvania Election — Official Returns
2nd Dist. (Montgomery, Bucks, Northampton, Wayne and Luzerne) Robt. BROWN, William MILNOR, John ROSS
4th Dist. (Northumberland, Lycoming and Centre) George SMITH
8th Dist. (Northampton and Wayne) William LATTIMORE, Matthias GRESS
9th Dist. (Northumberland and Luzerne) James LAIRD, Nathan PALMER*
10th Dist. (Lycoming, Centre & c.) William BOROUGHS*
(Northumberland) John MURRAY, Frederick EVANS, Leonard RUPERT, Andrew ALBRIGHT
(Luzerne) Charles MINER, Benjamin DORRANCE
(Northampton and Wayne) James RALSTON, John WEISS, Jacob NEWHART, Jacob WEYGANDT, Daniel W. DINGMAN
(Lycoming) Isaac SMITH, Samuel SATTERLEE
* = new members

Mrs. Elizabeth CHAPMAN, formerly of Norwich, Conn., died at Bridgewater on the 21st inst, aged 57 years.

2 Dec. 1808

Creditors Take Notice — That I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, for the County of Luzerne, for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in January next for a hearing between me and my Creditors, at the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you may attend if you think proper. Oliver HELME, Wilkesbarre

Notice — John EVANS, has returned to the practice of the Law, and will attend to such business as his friends shall employ him in. Wilkesbarre.

9 Dec. 1808

Jasper MILES to Miss Betsy BAILEY, both of Braintrim, at Braintrim, on the 1st inst., by Rev. Davis DIMOCK

John MURPHY, of Wilkesbarre to Miss Almeda TAYLOR, of Wysox, at Wysox on Sunday evening last, by William MYERS, Esq.

Theophilus MOGER to Mrs. Lydia PIERCE, by William MYERS, Esq. (no date or place)

Nathaniel HARTSHOUGH to Miss Thankful PIERCE, both late of Kingston, at Milton, NY. (no date)

Daniel SIMS to Miss Catharine HIDILLE, on Sunday evening, 4th inst., at Newport, by Jonathan KELLOGG

Jonathan SMITH to Miss Anna NELSON, at Wilkesbarre by Jonathan KELLOGG, on Monday evening, 5th inst.

Creditors Take Notice — That I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, for the County of Luzerne, for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday the second day January next (1809) for a hearing between me and my Creditors, at the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you may attend if you think proper. George BROWN

Creditors Take Notice — That I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, for the County of Luzerne, for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in January next for a hearing between me and my Creditors, at the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you may attend if you think proper. Nathan PARRISH

Public Take Notice — That I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, for the County of Luzerne, for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed Monday the second day of January (1809) for a hearing between me and my Creditors, at the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you may attend if you think proper. Silas WIGGINS, John BOWMAN, John SIMS (each sign with “X”, his mark)

Estate of Isaiah LUCAS, late of Kingston, deceased, requests payments and claims. Anne LUCAS, John BOWMAN, Execs., Kingston.

Estate of Stephen JENKINS, late of Exeter Township, deceased, requests payments and claims. Thomas JENKINS, Jabez JENKINS, Admins., Exeter

Creditors Take Notice — That I have applied to the Court of Common Pleas, for the County of Luzerne, for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in January next for a hearing between me and my Creditors, at the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre, at which time and place you may attend if you think proper. Richard HALSTEAD/

16 Dec. 1808

Sheriff’s Sale — To be held Jan. 2nd — Tract of land situated in Northmoreland Township, being part of lot #4 in the 2nd Tier of lots, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in Execution as the property of Artemedorus INGERSOL

Orphan’s Court Sale — To be held Jan. 2nd — Real estate of Joseph HAZARD, late of Pittston Twp., located in Pittston Twp., being part of Lot #8 of the 1st Division, about 31 acres. Comfort HAZARD, Admin.

23 Dec. 1808

John MILLER, of Athens to Miss Rachel CRILMAN, of Hanover, at Hanover, by Rev. Ard HOYT (no date)

Peter ROCKWELL to Miss Christina SNYDER, both of Nescopeck, at Nescopeck, by Rev. Geo. CLIME (no date)

30 Dec. 1808

Malachi SHOEMAKER to Miss Susan SHAFFER, at Kingston by David PERKINS, Esq. (no date)

Solomon JOHNSON died in this town on Wednesday last.

John CAREY, Jun. died (no place or date)

Estate of Daniel TRUESDALE, late of Braintrim, requests payments and claims. Daniel STERLING, Admin., Braintrim.
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