1813 Gleaner

Gleaner 1813

Published Friday Evening, Wilkes-Barre, PA By MINER & BUTLER

1 Jan. 1813

For Sale – Farm & Plantation on which Jonas INGHAM, Esq. now lives, and also that on which Amasa WELLES now lives, both lying on Wyalusing Creek and being part of the Manor of Dundee, together with the buildings and other improvements thereon. Terms of payment will be one fourth in cash, the residue in three annual installments, secured by mortgage on the premises. Possession will be given to the purchaser on demand. John R. COATES, Philadelphia.

James LEE to Miss Patty CAMPBELL, at Hanover, by Rev. LANE (no date)

William SILL to Miss Caty SIMS, at Plymouth, by Rev. LANE (no date)

William MYERS, of Kingston to Miss Betsey WADHAMS, of Plymouth (no date)

Lemuel SLOCUM to Miss Nancy COLLINS, at Pittston (no date)

Caution. All persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing three judgment notes given to Jacob COOLY of Bridgewater, or any one of them. The notes were given 3 Nov. 1812; one of the notes payable January next, the sum sixty dollars; the second ninety dollars, ten dollars endorsed, payable April 1813; the 3rd for twenty dollars payable July 1813 as I have fulfilled a contract made with said Jacob COOLY, after the notes were given, which contract I have in writing, signed by said Jacob, and as I have received but a small part of the property for which the notes were given, together with the fulfillment of the said after contract, I am determined not to pay the said notes to any purchaser thereof. John HAWLEY, New Milford.

8 Jan. 1813

Abraham FREAR, Junr. To Mrs. Betsey WILLIAMS at Tunkhannock by Rev. N. SMITH (no date)

Benjamin SULL to Mrs. THOMAS, both of Bridgewater, by Cyrus AVERY, Esq. (no date)

Jesse STEPHENS to Miss Polly BILLINGS (no location or date)

Nathan PALMER, Esq., is appointed Treasurer of Luzerne Co.

Notice – Whereas I have out of fear, through false reports, advertised three notes, which I gave to Jacob COOLEY, and he has since fulfilled his contract to my satisfaction; I do hereby dis-annul the former advertisement, and wish that no exception should be taken by any person against said Jacob on that account. John HAWLEY.

New-Baltimore Turnpike – The books will be opened, for receiving subscriptions at the following places, viz: Harry MORGAN, Wysox; Jacob MYER, Wysox; Godfrey VOIGHT, Orwell; Lemuel STREETER, Orwell; Parley COBURN, Esq., Orwell. Benjamin DORRANCE, Wm. MYERS, John P. ARNDT, Parley COBRA, Theron DARLING, Commissioners.

Officers of the Bridgewater & Wilkes Barre Turnpike elected Jan. 4th:
President: Ebenezer BOWMAN
Treasurer: Jesse FELL
Managers: Benj. DORRANCE, Isaac SLOCUM, Elisha HARDING, Benj. JENKINS, Elijah SHOEMAKER, Jacob BEDFORD, Alpheus FINCH, Thomas SCOTT, Isaac POST, Joshua W. RAYNESFORD, Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Jeremiah SPENCER.

Letters on hand at the Post-Office in Wilkesbarre on Jan. 1st:
Stephen BARNES
Jelano Jay COUNT
Robert GRAY
George GORE
John L. HYDE
Sally HART
Sylvina HOYT
Jabez HYDE
Joshua MOORE
George NAGLE
Samuel PEASE
Martin SMITH
Frederick WAGONER
Christ’n WEAVER
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Letters on hand at the Post-Office, Kingston, Jan. 1:

15 Jan. 1813
Sergeant Godfrey PERRY, formerly of this town, died at the Lazaretto, near Philadelphia (no date)
Letters on hand at the Post-Office, Tunkhannock, Jan. 1st:
William COOK
Ruluff W. GREEN
Bildad HUBBELL, Rush
Lemuel HALSTEAD, Thornbottom
Loami MOTT, Rush
Timothy MIX, Bridgewater
Ebenezer PICKET
Zopher PLATT
Levi SHORE, Rush
Varnum SAUNDERS, Bridgewater

Letters on hand at the Post-Office, Pittston, Jan. 1st:

22 Jan. 1813

Charles VAN METER to Miss Mary STERNES, at Mount Pleasant, Wayne Co. (no date)

De Witt ROSENCRNAS [ROSENCRANS] to Mrs. WHEELER, at Kingston (no date)

Nathaniel GATES to Miss Ruth RICHARDS, in Wilkesbarre by Rev. LANE (no date)

Correction – the list of officers of the Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike published in the Gleaner for 2 weeks past, the name of George DENISON, Secretary, was inadvertently omitted. It will be found corrected in this paper.

29 Jan. 1813 [Not on microfilm]

Appointments by the Governor:
Francis M’Shane, Justice of the Peace, Kingston Charles Chapman, Justice of the Peace, Kingston

5 Feb. 1813 [Not on microfilm]

12 Feb. 1813

1812 Expenditures of Luzerne Co.

James WANDLE to Miss Lucy TILBURY in Plymouth on the 4thinst., by Noah WADHAMS, Esq.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: 1. Petitions praying that the Lackawanna and Bowman’s Creek may be declared public high ways have been presented. 2. Petitions were presented praying for new election districts in different parts of the counties of Luzerne, Susquehanna and Bradford 3. A bill passed to a third reading granting to the heirs of Daniel BRODHEAD the same compensation for land held under warrants of 1794 in the seventeen township Luzerne, that the Connecticut settlers, to whom the land is certificated under the law of 1799 and its supplement, pay the state.

Dissolution of Partnership of MINER & BUTLER is this day dissolved by mutual consent. Jan. 29th.

19 Feb. 1813

For Sale – A handsome lot of land situated in the township of Wilkes-Barre, one mile and a half from the Borough on the main road leading to Hanover containing 4 acres, 2 rods and 34 perches. A comfortable framed house and barn, with a good well of water by the door, and is deemed suitable either for a store or a mechanic; and more particularly for a tanner or blacksmith, as there is a stream of water running through said lot. For terms apply to the subscriber in Salem Twp., John CAREY or Joseph PRUNER, near the premises. Alex’s JAMESON, Salem.

$25 Reward!! Last Sunday evening, two men names Samuel HORN and John TOWN, procured from the subscriber, a horse and sleigh, pretending to hire them to ride a few miles and to return the next morning. Neither the horse, sleigh or men have since appeared; and their being strong reasons to believe the men have absconded with the property, the above reward will be given for apprehending them, and returning the horse and sleigh or ten dollars for the horse and five for the sleigh and harness. The horse is a dark brown, about seven years old, hind feet white, and a star in his forehead, and one eye-brow has been partly torn off. Sleigh is new, painted blue inside, and coat of yellow outside and red runners. HORN is a native of Easton and a hatter by trade, and lately a drummer in the public service – TOWN is a taylor, said to be from Jersey. Joseph DENNIS & Benjamin BOLTON, Wilkes-Barre.

26 Feb. 1813

On Monday morning last, William NEAL, constable of Martick Township, Lancaster Co., while attempting to arrest a certain Hugh M’FALL, for debt, was shot by the latter and instantly killed. ON the evening of the same day, M’FALL and two other men, his comrades, were committed to prison in this borough. (Lancaster, Feb. 13)

Daniel COLLINGS, respectfully informs the public that he continues to carry on the Watch & Clock Making Business in all its various branches, at his Old Stand on the North side of the Public Square. Clocks made and warranted for ten years; and clocks and watches repaired at the shortest notice. Wilkesbarre.

5 March 1813

Mrs. Susanna Barbara VON BRANDHOFFER, relict of John Peter LUTYENS, died in Providence on the 22nd Feb., in the 81st year of her age, having been a widow for 30 years. She is much regretted by her family and acquaintances.

Fire! On the night of the 18th inst. the house of Henry PARKE, in Bridgewater was entirely consumed by fire, with nearly the whole of its contents; and the family who escaped with very few articles, left exposed to the cold, until they could reach the house of a neighbor. The papers – drafts, books and instruments of Isaac A. CHAPMAN a boarder, in the house were likewise consumed. The fire we understand proceeded from the tub in which ashes were kept. Would not the inhabitants of Wilkes-Barre do well to take warning by so many instances of fire? There is neither engine nor fire hooks in the town, and the few fire buckets would be almost useless in case of an alarm. Should a fire break out in some parts of the town, one half of it would probably be consumed.

Cotton Factory. Notice is hereby given to the stockholders of said company, to meet at the house of Peter HALLOCK, in Pittston on March 13th at 10 o’clock A. M. to choose a President and Managers for said company. All persons holding subscription books are requested to attend with them – and likewise all persons wishing to become stockholders are requested to attend and encourage the manufacturing of the raw materials the growth of our country. Nath. GIDDINGS, Peter HALLOCK, Wescot STONE.

Elisha BLACKMAN, 2d, informs the public that he has commenced the Cabinet Making Business at the house of Joseph FELL in Pittston. He flatters himself, from the excellent quality of his stock, together with his ability and desire to please, he will be able to give general satisfaction. Orders from a distance, will be thankfully received and punctually attended to. Pittston.

Take Notice – The subscriber will remove in a few days to the State of New York. Therefore requests all indebted to him to make settlement by the fifteenth day of this present month, as no further time can be given. Elisha DELANO, Wilkesbarre.


16 April 1813

In consequence of a requisition from the Governor of this Commonwealth, the volunteer Company of Artillery of Kingston, commanded by Capt. THOMAS, yesterday marched for Lake Erie, to defend the shipping building at that place. They were escorted some miles by Capt. CARPENTER’S Troop of Horse. Should they be called into action we have no doubt they will do themselves and their country honor.

To Be Sold – Two Small Farms. Adjoining the well known Flat called Smith’s Bottom, lying in Newport Township adjoining the Susquehannah, to be sold separate or together. There is on the Premises, two sugar works; and the land shares of two shad fisheries; two dwelling houses; one two story; the other 1 1/2 story; two barns; two sheds, and other necessary buildings, all of frame and stone. Likewise a great assortment and abundance of fruit trees; and if it should suit the purchaser, there will be sold with place, the crop of grain on the ground and thirty-four head of cattle, and as many sheep and hogs as they wish; likewise , as much grain, meat, fish &c. if applied for soon. As the Subscribers have purchased at the Genessee, a bargain and immediate possession will be given, if applied for soon. For further particulars inquire of Lord BUTLER, Esq., Wilkes-Barre or subscribers on the premises. Silas SMITH and Martin SMITH

Notice – Commissioned and staff officers of the 45th Reg. PA Militia are hereby directed to appear at the house of C. OTIS, in Tunkhannock on 26th inst,, with their firelocks and side Arms for exercise. Ordered by Lieut. Col. WHEELER, John EVANS Jr., Adjt., Tunkhannock.

Pathenia GORDON, milliner, informs the public that she has removed to the room, over the new Gleaner Office, where she has for sale Ladies’ Bonnets, suitable for summer; and other articles in the line of her business.

23 April 1813

Mrs. Sally, wife of Isaac CASH, Esq., died at Sheshequin on the 23rd March after an illness of only four days. She was the daughter of Obadiah GORE, Esq., aged 38 years. The disorder of which she died is supposed to be the same that has, of late, proved -mortal in the Lake Country. What adds to the distress of the family is, that on Monday the 12th inst., at about 3 o’clock in the morning, Isaac CASH, Esq. died after a very short illness. They have left a family of 11 children to mourn the loss of a father and mother, the youngest not 6 months old. [see next obituary]

Mrs., wife of Capt. Wanton RICE, died on the 12th inst., after a few days sickness. She has left a family of 9 small children, with a partner of her youth to mourn her loss. The remains of the two last mentioned persons (Mr. CASH and Mrs. RICE) were brought together to their graves and a very appropriate sermon preached on the occasion by the Rev. William WISNER, of Tioga Point.

At Watertown, Conn., from January 1st to March 26th, 28 persons died, principally of the prevailing fever, among them Maj. Caleb HICKOX, Capt. R. FENN and S. W. SOUTHMAYD, Esq. In Canandaigua, NY, Oliver S. PHELPS, Esq. (names in fold)

30 April 1813

Catch the Runaways! Ran away from their masters on Thursday evening the 15th inst., Daniel M’ALPIN, an apprentice to the tin Plate and Copper Smiths business and Samuel HARFORD, an apprentice to the hatting business. M’ALPIN was about 16 years old, light complexion, small of his age, dressed in yellowish pantaloons, dark round about jacket and fur hat nearly new. HARFORD is about 16 years old, light complexion, down look , dressed in dark coloured clothing. One cent for M’ALPIN, and three for HARFORD, and no charges, will be paid to whoever will bring them back. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting them. Peter GALLAGHER & Barnet ULP, Wilkes-Barre

Francis M’SHANE, Esq., died on Monday evening last, of a lingering illness, aged 33 years. He was a native of Philadelphia, where he was educated, studied the Law, and was admitted to practice. Having a large body of new land in this County, he gave up the business of his profession, for the purpose of improving and settling his property, and removed to this town in 1808. It is now but little more than a year since we recorded his marriage with the amiable young lady of this place, the daughter of Col. Eliphalet BULKELEY. How soon are her wedding garments changed to weeds of mourning, and the bright prospects of happiness clouded with woe? Early has she to taste of the cup of sorrow, for the beloved partner of her joys and her hopes is gone forever. He was a man highly esteemed for his probity and virtue, and promised to be a useful citizen in public as well as in private life. Society, therefore, as well as his friends have occasion to deplore his loss.

7 May 1813

David LEONARD, aged 21 years, of Juniatta Twp., Cumberland co., died in this town at Mr. REEDER’S tavern. He with his brother, were on a trading voyage up the river. On Monday he complained of being unwell, he reached this place in the afternoon, and died the following morning. Yesterday the corpse was carried into the Meeting house, attended by a considerable number of citizens, where a very appropriate discourse was pronounced by the Rev. WOODBRIDGE. He received every attention during his illness, and great respect after his death. And his brother tenders his grateful acknowledgments to the inhabitants of this Borough [Communicated]

Lake Plaister – 35 Tons of Lake Plaister, of an excellent quality, for sale, price $20 per ton, by Amos LANING, Wilkes-Bare.

Mrs. Thomas OVERTON Esq., died at Sheshequin, of the prevailing fever. (no date).

George DENISON, Esq. was admitted to practice as an attorney at the late court.

Treasurer’s Sale of Luzerne County Unseated Lands – Listing of number acres and warrantee’s name.

14 May 1813

It is probable that, as the regular news book, having the names of our subscribers was burnt, an imperfect copy only having been preserved, that in some cases papers are sent to those who had ordered them discontinued in others, papers are not sent to many subscribers, their names having been lost and in many cases we fear that papers are sent in wrong packets. Any information enabling us to put things to rights again will be thankfully received.

Found, floating in the River, near Standing Stone, on the 6th inst. a new Saddle – The owner by making inquiry at S. TUTTLE’S Store, in Wilkes-Barre, can know more about it.

New Store. Jeremiah DECKER has for sale (at the store lately occupied by Benjamin DRAKE) a general assortment of dry goods, groceries, crockery and glass ware, &c. Cheap for cash or country produce. Wilkes-Barre.

Notice – All persons indebted to the estate of Thomas BATES, late of Willingboro Township, Susquehanna Co., deceased are requested to make immediate payment; and all persons having claims against said estate are desired to bring them forward properly attested for settlement, to the widow of the deceased, Adm’x. and to the subscriber. Joseph BOWES, Admin.

Boarding and Day School Ad – Run by Mr. and Miss WOODBRIDGE, from Philadelphia

For Sale – Town Plot in Bradford Co. viz. One house, three rooms on a floor; a large Kitchen and Cellar under the same; a stable 32 ft. by 14, well finished; 6 acres of meadow, with 60 bearing Apple Trees, also Peach, Plum and Cherry Trees, and a handsome Garden, the above premises has been occupied as a public house for thirteen years past. This property is pleasantly situated on the Bank of the Susquehannah River; adjoining the above is a store house, now occupied by Maj. Harry SPALDING. Also one other building, 24 feet by 18, with half an acre of ground suitable for a garden; also 24 acres of land, chiefly laid out in town lots. The whole or part will be sold as may best suit the purchaser; an indisputable title will be given. For further particulars apply to Ebenezer B. GREGORY on the premises. N. B. On the aforesaid premises is a good situation for a Fulling Mill, Tannery or Trip Hammer. The subscriber will also dispose of 253 acres of excellent land for meadow, lying 17 1/2 miles distant from the aforesaid Town Plot, the title derived from the compromising contract. E. B. GREGORY, Towanda.

21 May 1813

Doctor Matthew COVELL, aged 53 years, died in this Borough, on Tuesday morning, the 18th inst., deeply lamented.

Widow BRINK, died at Tunkhannock, on Friday, the 14th, aged 76 years.

The subscriber respectfully informs the farmers, that he still carries on the Plow Making Business, at his old stand in Carey Town, one mile below the Borough of Wilkesbarre. Nathan BARNEY, Carey-Town, Wilkes-Barre.

Estate of Thomas HARDING, late of Harford Twp., Susquehanna Co., deceased are requested to make payment to Elisha HARDING, of Luzerne Co., or Stephen HARDING, Jun., of Susquehanna Co., Admins.

28 May 1813

Mr. Jonathan SMITH, a worthy citizen, died at Tunkhannock. (no date or age)

Stop Thief! One hundred dollar reward. Was stolen from the subscriber yesterday, by Samuel TUBBS, who in the absence of the family, broke open a chest and took there from about Eleven Hundred Dollars. Said TUBBS came from the State of New York; he is about five feet ten or eleven inches high, light complexion, light hair, one black eye, and the other a hazel colour. He is crippled in his feet, and has a running sore on the bottom of his right foot. Had on or took with him, a black coat, light coloured pantaloons, a new castor hat, and some other clothes. Whoever will secure the thief, so that he may be got again, with the money, either by delivering him to the Subscriber, or securing him in any goal, shall have the above reward and all reasonable charges. Abraham SWISHER, Knolton, Sussex Co., NJ.

Notice – All persons indebted to the estate of Francis M’SHANE, late of Wilkes-Barre, deceased request payments and demands. Frances M’SHANE, Exec.

A Wool Carding Machine will commence operation on the 1st June with new cards, at the mill formerly occupied by SPENCER & HOLLISTER. Wool can be left at the store of Messrs. ROBINSON & KING in Wilkes-Barre, and at Miner SEARLES’, Pittston and returned every Friday at Pittston and Saturday at Wilkes-Barre. Constant attendance will be given by Daniel D. SPENCER & Philo C. CURTIS. For the proprietors, Joseph SWETLAND & James HUGHES, Kingston.

4 June 1813

Parthenia GORDON, Milliner, has just received from Philadelphia, a new and elegant assortment of bonnets, from seven dollars to three-fourths of a dollar a-piece. She also has a neat assortment of Caps, Ribbons, Artificial Flowers, and various other articles in her business, suitable to the season. Old Bonnets altered and repaired – Mantua making and all kinds of sewing done in a neat manner and at the shortest notice. Wilkes-Barre.

The Subscriber has put his Notes and Book Accounts into the hands of George HAINES, Esq., for collection. Persons concerned, may apply to him for settlement. G. W. TROTT, Wilkes-Barre.

11 June 1813

Lost, on Wednesday evening last, between the house of John P. ARNDT in Wilkes-Barre, and the subscriber’s house in Hanover, two Packages of Papers, containing Notes of hand to a considerable amount. Whoever has, or may find, said Packages, shall be generously rewarded by leaving them at the Gleaner Office, or delivering them to the subscriber. Cornelius GARRISON, Hanover.

Putnam CATLIN, Esq. to be Post-Master at Hop-Bottom, Susquehanna County (a new Post-Office).

Appointments by the Governor. Joab TYLER, of Harford and Zenas BLISS, of Bridgewater, Susquehanna Co., Justices of the Peace.

Fatal Accident. On Sabbath evening last, Levi C. PHELPS, of Bridgewater, was killed instantly by the fall of a tree which was blown down.

Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Maj. Wm. SPALDING, late of Sheshequin, died in New York on April 21. She has left a husband and ten children to lament the loss of a friend and parent.

Alas! The hour of separation
Calls the ling’ring soul away;
While the voice of restoration,
Bids it to eternal day.

Mrs. WHEELER, relict of James WHEELER, Esq., deceased, died at Kingston, aged 45. (no date)

Daniel DOWNING, died in this town on Wednesday evening last, at an advanced age. (no date)

Zimri ARMSTRONG, a black man, drowned on Sunday last, in this town. (no date or age)

Thirty Dollar Reward. Ran away from the subscriber living in Downingtown, Chester Co., PA, on the night of the 8th May, a dark mulatto girl, Amelia SERGANT; who has a term of years to serve; she is of a middle size, slim made, thin visage, thick lips, down look, very fond of talking to white people, and fond of liquor. Stole and took with her a dark suit of home-made flannel, one green calico frock, one pink muslin do. A straw bonnet trimmed with green ribbon, and a number of other clothes. It is thought she is going in the company with a white man; he is of full Negro features and curley wool, though nearly white, some small black spots on his face at a small distance resembling a fly. The above reward will be given for securing her in any jail in the US, so that I can get her again. Jesse EVANS, Downingtown.

Estate of Matthew COVELL, late of Wilkes-Barre Township, requests payments and bills. Orvil COVELL, Edward COVELL, Stephen TUTTLE, Adm.

Estate of Jonathan SMITH, late of Tunkhannock, requests payments and bills. Anna SMITH, Newton SMITH and Elisha HARDING, Adm.

Notice – The Pews in the Meeting House will be sold, for the term of one year, from that day, at Public Vendue, on the 19th inst. at 3 o’clock, P. M. The Vendue will be held in the said Meeting House in Wilkes Barre; and the appropriation of the money so to be raised, made known before the sale shall commence by Hugh CONNOR, Peleg TRACY & Rosewell WELLES, Committee.

18 June 1813

General Invitation to all, from the Field Officers to the Private Militia and Volunteer Companies belonging or attached to the 35th Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia, and all others who wish to attend, to meet at the widow Jenkin’s Ferry on Saturday the 26th June at 11 o’clock, A.M. Officers and privates, uniformed and equipped for training; and the musicians, with their drums and fifes conscious of our inexperience, and desirous of perfecting ourselves in Military discipline: we think it a duty incumbent on us to give this invitation, knowing that when people attend by choice, they gain more information than y compulsion. Peter HALLOCK, Joseph SWALLOW, Daniel DAVID, Elijah AYERS, Captains.

Estate of Samuel ALLEN, late of Plymouth Twp., requests payments and bills. Mercy ALLEN and Otis ALLEN, Adm., Plymouth.

The Board of Field Officers for the 55th Regt. PA Militia, will meet at the house of Jude GOODALE, in Tunkhannock, on Saturday the 26th inst. at 10 o’clock A.M. Constables holding warrants, for the collection of fines, are directed to settle them with the Pay-Master previous to that time. D. B. WHEELER, Lieut. Col., Tunkhannock.

25 June 1813

Tornado – A terrible storm of wind and rain swept through Salem and Nescopeck on Wednesday evening the 16th inst. The orchard and forest trees in its way were either blown down or twisted off. Houses were unroofed – barns blown down, and the fences and vast quantities of grain leveled with the earth. The damage is very considerable. Providentially no person was hurt and but few animals killed.

Samuel CULVER to Miss Hannah MINER, married in this town on Sunday evening last.

2 July 1813

Independence. The Federal Republicans, and the Friends of Peace, of Wilkes-Barre, and its vicinity, are invited to attend the celebration of our Independence, at the house of J. P. ARNDT, on 5th July, at 10 o’clock, A.M. where suitable preparations will be made.
Phineas WALLER
Benjamin BAILY
Steuben BUTLER
Committee of Arrangement

Henry BLACKMAN to Miss Sally BENNET, married at Hanover, on Sunday evening last, by George Espy, Esq.

Jacob ZELL to Miss Margaret, daughter of Mrs. Frances EVANS, of the Borough of Lancaster, at Strasbug, Lancaster Co., by Rev. Sample. (no date)

Joseph WHEAT to Miss Content RICE, at Bennington, Vert., by Rev. Corn-wall. Quite a grainy affair.

Roger SEARLE, died at Pittston on Saturday, the 19th ult. (no age)

A child of Jonas SMITH drowned in Wysox, aged 13 months. (no date)

Mr. TURNER, from Wayne Co., died in Wilkes-Barre Twp., on the 16th ult., by accidentally falling into Mill Creek, above this Borough.

Ran Away from the Subscriber on the evening of the 24th June, an indented girl, named Nancy HOWELL, aged about 17 years. She is small of her age; light complexion; wore away it is probable, a gingham cross barred gown; and had with her a white muslin. It is supposed she went away with a married man, as one with whom she was intimate is missing from the neighborhood. Five cents reward and no charges will be paid to any person who will return her to the subscriber. Robert ROBBINS Hanover.

A Living Elephant, to be seen at Capt. F. CRISMAN’S, in Hanover, on 5th July; at John P. ARNTS, Wilkes-Barre on the 6th and 7th July; at Kingston the 8th; at Pittston the 9th; and at Exeter the 10th July. Admittance Twenty-five Cents. Children half price.

9 July 1813

David GAUFF had commenced colouring Yarn, blue and red, at the Paper Mill in Kingston.

The direct tax to be laid is estimated that Luzerne and the part of the two counties attached to it will have to pay $2700 and indirect taxes for Luzerne will be about $3000.

Elisha GRIFFIN to Miss Letitia BLASDELL, married at Bridgewater. (no date)

Solomon MILLARD to Miss Polly TRIPP, married at Pittston. (no date)

James PURDY to Miss Charity CAREY. (no place or date)

Letters on Hand at the Wilkes-Barre Post Office, July 1:
Phillip ABBOT
Stephen ABBOT
Ishmael BENNET
Catherine COVAR
Richard DILLY
George GORE
Daniel GOULD
Martin HIRT
John JACOBS Jun.
William MILLER
Christian SERVER
Edward SMITH
William SHORES
Freeman UTLEY
Thos. WALL
Crandall WILCOX
Robert YOUNG
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Letters on Hand at Kingston Post Office, July 1:
Col. Lazarus DENISON
Fisher GAY
Elias HOYT
Ezra IDE
Morgan YOUNG

A Stray Mare taken up by Samuel A. BROWN, Bridgewater, Susquehanna Co.

Estate of Roger SEARLE, late of Pittston, requests payments and bills. Caty SEARLE, Adm.

Notice. The subscriber would inform his creditors, that he is now able to satisfy any just demand which may be brought against him, he therefore requests them to call and receive their pay; and all indebted to him must make immediate settlement to save cost. My neighbor, Ezekiel, is informed that I can supply him with Whiskey. Jacob COOLEY, Bridgewater.

16 July 1813

Mrs. BUCK, consort of Capt. Ichabud BUCK, died at Willingsborough. She was deservedly esteemed for her virtues, and her loss is sincerely mourned by an affectionate husband, a numerous family of children and large circle of acquaintance and friends. (no date)

Christopher AVERY, formerly of N. London, Con., died at Tunkhannock. (no date)

Estate of Capt. Stephen FULLER, late of Athens, Bradford Co., requests payments and bills. John FRANKLIN, Admin., Athens.

Letters on hand at the Pittston Post Office, July 10:
Ebenezer MARCY
Jedediah COLLINS
Rosewell SMITH
Newcomb WILCOX

To Farmers. The Subscriber will pay cash for young beef cattle at $4 per cwt. delivered to Wilkes Barre. John P. ARNDT

23 July 1813

It has rarely fallen to the duty of a person to record a more melancholy and afflicting accident than one which very lately happened in Rush. Mr. Stephen HYDE- (brother to the Sheriff of this county) and a Mr. DIMOCK, went into the woods after deer and seated themselves upon a log waiting for game. After tarrying sometime a deer came in sight and Mr. HYDE stepped a pace or two from the log fired, and wounded the deer, but not so mortally that he ran. Eager for the game he called to his companion to fire, who cocked his rifle but in turning himself, the object his gun accidentally went off and the ball entered the right side of Mr. HYDE and passing nearby the heart, came out his left breast. “You have killed me”, he exclaimed “I am dead – dead – dead”, the last word dying on his lips, and he expired in the arms of his companion. He was a native of Franklin in Connecticut, from which place he removed with his parents to the Wyalusing in the year 1800. The deceased was about 28 years of age. Full of health, sensible and amiable he gave great promise of future usefulness. He had established himself a merchant at the Forks of the Wyalusing in which business industry and fairness had already rendered him successful and his prospects were as flattering as his fondest hopes. No young man in the county was more esteemed: No one could be more regretted. The sun rose and found him hale and fresh as the morning. The sun declined in night and lo! He had set in darkness. But the sun shall rise again and illumine with his cheering smile all who gladden in his ray but no more shall he return to his fond parents his relations and friends whom he delighted with his presence. Consolation to his aged and excellent parents we would gladly impart but their deep affection can only be assuaged by consolation from Heaven.

Melancholy! On Saturday the 22nd ult., a log house belonging to Mr. BRACE, in Pulteney, Steuben Co., NY was consumed by fire. Such was the fury of the flames that Mrs. BRACE and an infant perished, not being able to get out of the house!

The subscriber will take a smart active boy, about 14 or 15 years old, as an apprentice to the Tin Plate and Copper Smith Business. Those who wish for articles in the line of his profession, are invited to call at his new shop in Main Street, where all orders will be gratefully received and promptly attended to. Peter GALLAGHER, Wilkes-Barre.

Notice – Public cautioned on purchasing certain Lands in Luzerne county, advertised for sale by the Sheriff of said county on the 23 July instant, alias Pluries testatum Venditioni Exponas, issued at the suit of Lewis RUSH against John BOYD, administrator of Samuel WALLIS, deceased, particularly those included in the following list. The said lands being the property of Samuel MEREDITH and George CLYMER, deceased, situated in the Townships of Clifford, Nicholson, Abington and Tunkhannock. A listing of acres and warrantee names is given.

Estate of Daniel DOWNING, late of Wilkes-Barre, requests payments and bills. Daniel & Reuben DOWNING, Adm., Wilkes-Barre.

Five Dollars Reward. Ran Away from the subscriber, on Sunday the 18th inst. an indented apprentice to the Cabinet Making Business, Azor DUNCAN. He is about twenty years of age, five feet eight or nine inches high, light complexion, very red hair, and black eyes; had on a light coloured coatee, dark velvet pantaloons, striped waistcoat, and a new fur hat. Whoever will secure the said apprentice in any jail in the US, and give information to his master, so that he may get him again, shall have the above reward. I forbid all persons harboring or trusting the said apprentice.
Jacob J. DENNIS, Wilkes-Barre. P. S. He went away in the company with Mordecai MC KINNEY, and is supposed they are gone to Philadelphia.

30 July 1813

US Volunteers For Twelve Months; for the defense of the Delaware. Capt. GOODMAN, has opened a Rendezvous in Wilkes-Barre, opposite Mr. ARNDT’S, for the reception of all able bodied young men, who are willing, with good pay, good clothing, and good treatment, to serve their country in the capacity of Volunteers; for the short space of Twelve Months. “This is the time that tries men’s souls: the summer Soldier, and summer patriot, will shrink from danger, but he who now steps forward deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” Sixteen dollars bounty, an elegant suit of uniform clothing, and eight dollars a month will be given.

Came to the stable of the subscriber on Thursday the 22nd inst., a Bay Horse, about 14 1/2 hands high, and stout made. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges, and take him away. John P. ARNDT.

For Sale, An elegant Coach and Plated Harness. The Carriage is very superior in the excellence of its workmanship, and the neatness of its finishing. It is nearly new, and will be sold reasonable, for part cash and part trade. Apply to Joseph SLOCUM or Peter GALLAGHER, Wilkes-Barre.

A private soldier, of the name of FISHER was lately shot at Franklinton, Ohio, for repeatedly deserting.

Patriotic & Public Meeting held at the house of John P. ARNDT, on 27th July.

Court. On Monday the court commenced in this town under the new arrangement, by which Luzerne is attached to Judge GIBON’S district. Judge GIBSON delivered to the Grand Jury an excellent charge, and condemned, with merited severity, the licentiousness of the press. Business progressed as it ought to do, and the people seem satisfied.

John CARPENTER, of Harford to Mrs. Lydia PATTEE, of Chenango Point, married at Chenango Point, on 1st June, by Rev. GRISWOLD.

Henry BROWN to Miss Polly TAYLOR, married at Providence. (no date)

Last Call. All those who have neglected my former notice for a settlement of all accounts, are informed that no longer indulgence can be given them and that unless they are settled immediately, they will be lodged in the hands of a proper person for that purpose. Isaac OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock.

Caution. All persons are cautioned against receiving a certain Due-Bill given by the subscriber to Wm. SIMERALL 3 years ago, for two dollars; as said due-bill was obtained by fraud, and I shall not pay the same unless compelled by law. Wm. MC INTASH, Nicholson (Susquehanna Co.)

Debtors and Creditors, Take Notice. All persons indebted to the subscriber are requested to make immediate payment. And all persons having demands are invited to call and receive their pay. Solomon MILLARD, Nicholson.

6 Aug. 1813

Thomas WRIGHT Junr., aged 31 years, son of Thomas WRIGHT, Esq., of this place, died on the 7th June at Fort George.

Mrs. Levina, wife of Albegence STEVENS, died at Wyalusing on the 15th inst., in the 25th year of her age.

Bravery and Good Fortune – An obliging friend at Braintrim, has favored us with a letter, written to him from Genessee – from which we have extracted the following account, the authenticity of which we have no reason to question. Mr. Isaac STIRLING was employed with his team, in transporting articles for the army in Canada. At the time of this surprise of our troops at Forty Mile Creek, he was there with his waggon. Hearing a disturbance in the night, he roused up, and stepping from his waggon found four men near it, who immediately called upon him to surrender, threatening to kill him if he resisted. Mr. STIRLING was true-blooded. Cowardice and he were no partners in trade. Finding they were enemies he drew a pistol and shot one of them dead on the spot. His other pistol was left in the waggon. The other three attacked him: from the foremost he had the good fortune to wrest his gun, and immediately he plunged the bayonet into him. The other two attempted to fly, but Mr. STERLING killed one of them and the fourth escaped. Thus did Mr. STIRLING kill three of the enemy and save himself from the attack of four, but not without injury, he was wounded in the wrist, in the arm, and in the side, but is slowly recovering. A braver or more successful exploit has rarely been met with. Mr. STIRLING certainly deserves a high reward for his valor.
Nathan BEACH, Foreman of the Jury.

13 Aug. 1813

Mrs. Hannah, consort of Joseph HITCHCOCK, of this Borough, died on Wednesday the 11th inst., after a long and distressing illness.

Letitia, daughter of C. MINER, aged 9 months, died on Saturday morning the 7th inst.

20 Aug. 1813

Federal Republicans Meeting to be held 30th inst.

Whereas the yearly meeting of the Baptist Churches and Brethren was appointed to commence on Thursday the 9th Sept. at 9 o’clock, A.M. at the house of Joel ROGERS, the same day which the President has appointed as a day of Fasting and Prayer: The Church think it expedient that public notice should be given to Brethren living at a distance, and all others who wish to attend that the business of the Church will be omitted on that day, and the Fast attended to. Signed by order of the Church, Joel ROGERS, Ch. Clk., Plymouth. N. B. Preparations will be made for entertaining those who attend from a distance free of expense.

Susanna AVERY, a respectable young woman, in the 24th year of her age; daughter of Mr. AVERY, of L. Island, died at Tunkhannock, on Friday evening, the 6th inst. (August). She came to this county on a visit, but alas! To return to her parents no more. Her funeral was attended on Sunday, by a large assembly and a very affecting sermon preached by Rev. John MILLER, of Abington, from Isaiah, fortieth chapter and sixth verse.

At Harford, on the 12th inst., by Elder Gideon LEWIS: Wheaton CAPRON to Miss Dordana ALDRICH
Silas STURDEVANT to Miss Betsey WRIGHT
Daniel THATCHER to Miss Hulduh REED
–all of Harford.

Mrs. Hannah SEARLE, aged 82 years, died at Pittston, on Monday the 16th inst. She was highly esteemed in life for Christian piety and example and in her death universally lamented. On the day following her funeral was attended by a numerous family of her descendants with many friends and neighbors, when a Sermon suitable to the occasion was delivered by Mr. MILLER from Rev. 14th 13th. “And I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth yea, saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them.”

On the 8th July, at Mercer, Pa., John ENBODIE, Stephen CLARK, Jacob ENBODIE and Peter WOLFORD, were suffocated by foul air, by descending into a well.

Ran Away from the subscriber, Harris JOHNSON, an indented apprentice to the Clothiers’ business; about 18 years of age, 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, light complexion, light hair and eyes. Had on a black fur hat, dark nankeen coat, and yellow pantaloons. As he took other clothing with him, it is probable he will change his dress. He plays well on a fife. All reasonable charges will be paid by the subscriber, for his apprehension. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting him, on penalty of the law. John WATERS, Providence.

Peter YARINGTON and Ransler WELLES, respectfully inform the public, that they have entered into partnership under the firm of YARINGTON & WELLES and intend to carry on the Blacksmith’s Business, at Peter YARINGTON’S old stand, in all is various branches. The public favor is solicited, and those who may favor them with their custom, are assured that all orders will be attended to promptly. To enable them to carry on their business successfully, a settlement of all accounts half yearly will be expected. An Apprentice is wanted to the above business. A smart, active, robust boy, 15 or 16 years old, will meet with good encouragement. Wilkes-Barre.

Five Dollars Reward. Ran Away from his master in the night of Sunday, the 1st August inst., an apprentice to the Coppersmith business, Daniel M’ALPIN. He is about 16 years of age, light complexion, small of his age. Had on a home made blue striped round about jacket, and trowsers nearly of the same, fur hat half worn, and wore off a fine fur ruffled shirt. Any person who will apprehend the said runaway and deliver him to me, or secure him in any jail within the state, shall have the above reward, and all reasonable charges. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting the said runaway under the penalty of law. Peter GALLAGHER, Wilkes Barre.

Wool Spinning by Benjamin PERRY, at his residence in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, has two spinning machines, a Bille of fifty, and a Jenney of Sixty spindles, for the purpose of spinning Merino and Country wool, under the superintendance of Dennis M’COMBS, a professed spinner of wool from one of the first Woollen Factories in the US. Merino Wool spun at three cents per cut. Country Wool spun at two and a half cents per cut.

27 Aug. 1813

Estate of Matthew COVELL, requests payments by first October next, or they will be placed in the hands of Thomas DYER, Esq. for collection.

Last Notice. All persons indebted to the subscriber either by Note or Book, are informed that unless the same are settled by the 10th Sept., they will be put in the hands of Thomas DYER, Esq., for collection. Attention to this will save cost. L. DELAMANOM, Wilkes-Barre.

Vendue. On Thursday, the 16th day of September next, will be sold at Vendue, at the house lately occupied by Daniel DOWNING, dec’d, the personal property of the estate consisting of: Household Furniture, Farming Utensils, Horses, Cattle, Hogs and a variety of other articles. Terms of sale will be made known at the time of the Vendue. Daniel & Reuben DOWNING., Wilkes-Barre.

Estate of Thomas SCOTT, late of Bridgewater, Susquehanna Co., request payments and bills. Sarah SCOTT & Samuel SCOTT, Admin.

3 Sept. 1813

A barn filled with hay and grain, belonging to Benjamin REYNOLDS, in Plymouth, was struck by lightening on Wednesday night and entirely consumed.

Mrs. Margaret, consort of William CURRIE jun., died in this town on Saturday the 23rd ult., in the 32nd year of her age. In the death of this lady her friends and neighbors have lost an agreeable companion, her husband an affectionate wife, and her aged mother a kind and dutiful daughter. Her illness was short, but painful, which she bore with fortitude and resignation. She is gone, and we sincerely hope to a better and happier world. Her remains were on the Sunday following Interred in the Burial Ground, attended by a large concourse of people; where a very suitable discourse was delivered on the occasion, by the Rev. Mr. LANE.

Catherine, daughter of Mr. KEITHLINE, died in this town, aged 9 years (no date)

Proclamation Notice of Election by Edward FULLER, Sheriff of Susquehanna Co.

Our subscribers will recollect that they are not authorized to pay anything to Conrad TEETOR, on our account, without written order.

10 Sept. 1813

The remains of Capt. LAWRENCE and Lieut. LUDLOW have been obtained from Halifax by Capt. CROWNINGSHIELD, in a flag of truce, and interred at Salem in a manner suitable to their merits and the public affection and regret.

Twenty-Five Cents per pound, will be paid in goods, for Hogs Bristles, at the stores of Col. HOLLENBACK, Wilkes-Barre; Mr. H. BUCKINGHAM, Kingston; Mr. J. BUCKINGHAM, Tunkhannock or Mr. J. DECKER, Tioga.

Fatal Accidents. On Thursday morning, Allen JACK, merchant of this place, was walking on the scaffold around the second story of a new store he was building, when unfortunately he trod on the end of a board not properly secured – the board gave way and precipitated him head long to the ground. He was taken up senseless and every aid in the power of the faculty afforded to restore him, but in vain. He expired at 12 o’clock the same night, aged 37 years. He was a native of Ireland and for some years made Baltimore his residence. In 1806 he established himself in business in this town, where his uprightness, benevolence and industry acquired for him an honorable name and an accumulating fortune. Mr. JACK has left no relative here, but the sigh of pity and the moan of sorrow will not be suppressed. He goes not down to the grave unhonored and unwept – but the tear of sensibility shall bedew his grave, and the sincere grief of hundreds mark their respect for the stranger living, and their sorrow for his untimely fate. Green be the grass that grows upon his grave and light the turf that rests upon his bosom.

On Monday last, John BAILY, of this town, was blowing rocks at the falls of the Lehigh. Imprudently he attempted to blow a match which was slow to go off. In the daring act the powder caught, and blew him up, tearing him most shockingly. He exclaimed, “God have mercy on my soul!” and died.

17 Sept. 1813

Drovers may be accommodated with pasture, by applying to the subscriber, residing near the Great Bend and Beech woods road, two miles above Wilkes-Barre. Thomas WRIGHT.

Notice for sale of unseated lands within the former limits of the county of Luzerne (before the organization of the counties of Bradford and Susquehanna) for arrearages of taxes thereon due, will commence at the Court-house in the Borough of Wilkesbarre on Monday the 18 October next at 10 o’clock A.M. Nathan PALMER, Treasurer of Luzerne Co.

A stray mare came to the enclosure of John LOWEL, Windham, on 20 August and a bay mare to Joseph BURGESS, on the North Branch of the Mahopany [Mehoopany] Creek. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take them away.

Thomas PRINGLE to Miss Elizabeth HARVEY at Plymouth by Rev. George LANE (no date)

Esq. Oliver F. ADAMS to Miss Catharine KOLCK—ER, in this town by Thomas DYER, Esq. (no date)

Thomas OVERTON, Esq. and Miss Mary TRACY, at Towanda (no date)

Mrs. Martha, consort of Jonathan HANCOCK, died on Wednesday Evening last, aged 50 years. She was an affectionate wife and mother, and obliging neighbor. —ed esteemed, and died much lament.

The subscriber being long solicited to suffer his name to go forward as a candidate for the high Sheriff’s Office in Luzerne County at the ensuing Election, takes this method of informing his friends that he is quite willing to consider himself the public’s humble servant. Jacob ROMIG, Hanover.

24 Sept. 1813

Wanted to employ, three or four good female weavers, who can be well recommended. Good encouragement will be given. Ben PERRY, Wilkes-Barre

The subscribers, appointed as a Committee, by the Managers of the Bridge-water and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike, to contract for making said road; will meet at the house of Jesse LEE, in Tunkhannock, on Friday the 24th inst., for the purpose. Elisha HARDING, Elijah SHOEMAKER, Jacob BEDFORD

On Saturday the 28th ult. the body of Miss Sally, daughter of Samuel HAMILTON, Esq., of Athens, was found in the creek which empties into the Hudson near that village. The circumstances attending the murder of this young lady, as published are somewhat mysterious. It appears that the villains who murdered her must have forcibly carried her from the street of a populous part of the village when she was within a few rods of her father’s house, between 8 and 9 o’clock in the evening. Governor TOMPKINS, has by proclamation offered a reward of Five Hundred Dollars for the detection of the murderers, and a like reward is offered by the Trustees of the Village of Athens. Troy Post

Kingston, Sept. 7. Two US soldiers were apprehended at Hudson, on Friday last, strongly suspected of having murdered Miss Sally HAMILTON, of Athens. We are informed that they offered for sale at a grocery store, Miss H’s ear rings, when they were immediately taken into custody.

Being solicited by but few, I come forward at a late hour for the office of Coroner, at the ensuing election. As merit or qualification is not requisite for Office, I think my request on my Fellow Citizens, on as good grounds as any. Your compliance to my request, shall be returned with the thanks of yours, Ebenezer PARISH.

A public meeting of a number of citizens of Kingston Twp., convened at the house of Archeppus PARISH, for the purpose of considering the propriety of supporting Arnold COLT, Esq., as a Candidate for the office of Sheriff.

Sarah WRIGHT, aged 11 years died at Wright’s-ville [Wrightsville] on Friday last. She was the grand-daughter and adopted child of Thomas WRIGHT, Esq. The amiable disposition and endearing manners of the deceased, had bound her very near to the hearts of her friends, and severe was the pang when the tenderest ties of nature and affection were rent by her dissolution. Her remains were interred on Sunday, and an appropriate discourse afterwards delivered by Rev. Mr. LANE. Early bright, transient as the morning dew She sparkled, was exhaled and went to heaven.

Isaac BOWMAN, has for sale at his currying shop, in Wilkes-Barre, sole and upper-leather; calf skins, suitable for suarrow and cossack boot legs. Also lampblack.

A Peck of troubles – A man by the name of James STEWART, of Zanesville, Ohio, has advertised his wife, Hannah, for quitting his bed &c. and in the same paper which contains the advertisement of his wife Hannah, he advertises his wife, Jane, stating that she had lived with him only 6 days after marriage.

A New Fulling-Mill, in the upper part of Kingston, near Shoemaker’s mills, will commence operation on the fifth day of October next, where the subscribers intend work shall be done in the best manner. Samuel SHOEMAKER, William SWETLAND, Kingston.

Taxes in Luzerne County.

General Election – Locations on where to vote in Susquehanna Co.

Supplement to the act organizing Bradford &c.

Letters on hand at Post Office in Wilkes-Barre, Oct. 1:
Anthony BROWER
Theodore BURR
Fancher ROWN
Jonathan COOPER
Jonathan DILLY
Alexander EDGAR
Peter Farber
Thomas GOULD
Rev. George HARMAN
Wheeler HINMAN
Edward INMAN
Frederick MILLER
Marmaduke PEARCE
Hezekiah PARSONS
Thomas ROSE
Garret SCOT
Jacob WEISS, jun.
Frederick WAGGONER
J. CIST, P. M.

We commence the publication of the tax laws this week. They will necessarily occupy a considerable portion of our paper. When the people are called upon to pay exorbitant sums from their hard earnings, they ought to have the laws before them that they may be sure that they are not imposed upon. Lay by the papers carefully. Now we shall have swarms of Assessors, and tax gatherers, and collectors of revenue, and a host of pensioned supporters of Administration, to live on the sweat of the farmer. The taxes are already in Luzerne County too heavy to be borne with patience. With the immense load to be added, incumbered as the people are with debts for their land to the state, I hardly know what way our citizens will turn. Many of the comforts and conveniences of life are already nearly doubled. Sugar that was a shilling and 15 cents per pound is now two shillings – and this is a war tax paid by the people, without helping the government. Cloths are risen amazingly – Tea is hardly to be got for less than two dollars a pound. What glorious encouragement to support democracy which has led us into this pleasant situation. And for what end.?

General Election – Locations on where to vote in Susquehanna County.

8 Oct. 1813

Plantation for sale – on which the subscriber now lives, in the township of Orwell, and county of Bradford, containing about 200 acres of land; 40 of it, under good improvement; being an excellent Grass Farm, well watered, with a good Log House and Barn; also a new tow story framed house, partly finished; about 200 apple trees; 100 bearing trees; together with Pear, Peach, Plumb, Cherry and Quince Trees and Grapes. Being one of the best stands in the county, for a Tavern; lying on the Wysox Creek, and on the main road from Wysox, Rush, &c. to Owego. Terms of payment made easy. For further particulars inquire of Wm. MYER, Esq., or Wm. KEELER, in Wysox, or the subscriber on the premises. Nathaniel HITCHCOCK, Orwell.

Letters on hand at the Post Office in Kingston, Oct. 1:
William LOVE
Richard NEWMAN
Esther OMIG

Estate of Allen JACK, late of Wilkes-Barre, merchant, requests payments and claims. Thomas DYER, authorized to settle accounts.

15 Oct. 1813

US Direct Tax Law (part 1)

Samuel GILBERT, an aged and respectable citizen formerly of Connecticut, died in Wyalusing on the 12th inst. Six years ago he was struck with the numb palsy, and since that time has not spoken altho’ he had his senses perfectly.

Edmund RANDOLPH, Esq. died on the morning of the 12th ult in the county of Frederick VA, after an indisposition of a few days.

22 Oct. 1813

US Direct Tax Law (part 2)

Jabez HYDE jun. And Joseph PRUNER, are elected representatives to the Legislature from Luzerne, Susquehanna and part of Bradford.

The next quarter at the Wilkes-Barre Academy will commence on Monday the 25th inst.

Abial ABBOTT married to Miss Celinda ATHERTON, at Kingston. (no date)

Elisha HARDING Jr. married to Miss Amy JENKINS, at Tunkhannock. (no date)

James BROWN married to Miss Martha RIDER. (no place or date)

James PEACOCK, Editor of the Pennsylvania Republican married to Miss Frances C. CLOUGH, at Harrisburg. (no date)

Miss Polly HANCOCK, died in this town on Wednesday evening last, in the 17th year of her age. She was a very amiable young lady – modest, sensible, affable and kind; she was deservedly beloved and is sincerely mourned.

Mrs. Mercy, consort of Zenas BARNUM, died in Pittston (no date)

Nicholas WALN, formerly a distinguished member of the Philadelphia bar, and latterly an eminent Minister of the Gospel among Friends, died in Philadelphia on the 29th ult, in the 72nd year of his age, after a long and trying illness.

Miers FISHER, Esq., of the house of Miers Fisher, & Co. St. Petersburg, formerly of Philadelphia, died in Russia. (no date)

Calvin EDWARDS informs his friends and the public in general that he carries on the tayloring business at his old stand in Wilkes-Barre.

Notice – From sickness and death in my family, I am compelled to shut my house during Court Week from any kind of business. Jonathan HANCOCK, Wilkes-Barre.

Teams wanted immediately to carry 2000 bushels of wheat to Easton. J. & J. SINTON, Wilkes-Barre.

Election Returns for Luzerne County.

29 Oct. 1813

US Direct Tax Law (part 3)

Mrs. GORE, consort of George GORE, died in this town on Monday last. She has left an affectionate husband and a number of small children to lament her death.

For Sale – A tract of 421 acres of land with allowances, situated in Sugar Valley, Nippenou Township, Lycoming Co.; on Fishing Creek, a branch of the Bald Eagle, at the distance of a few miles from the West Branch of the Susquehanna, and the county town to which there is a good waggon road. The land is of superior quality, being chiefly limestone, well watered and covered, except a small part which is cleared, with excellent timber, part of which is Sugar Maple. It was surveyed under a warrant granted to John PAINTER, in March 1798; patented in 1798. The adjacent lands are in a state of rapid improvement. It will be sold upon reasonable terms, and easy payments. For further particulars apply to Wm. LEWIS, Esq., Philadelphia, or to the subscriber at the Wappauly Mills, near Nescopeck and Berwick, on the Susquehannah. Alexander Henry DURDON.

For Sale, the farm on which the subscriber now lives; situated in Tunkhannock, adjoining the Susquehanna on the West side, containing about one hundred and eighty acres, sixty of which are under improvement, well watered and timbered. Terms made known by applying to the subscriber on the premises. Thomas MITCHELL. N. B. The above land is Patented from the state.

5 Nov. 1813

Elisha NEWMAN to Miss Martha, daughter of Elisha HARDING Esq., married at Tunkhannock by Cyrus Avery, Esq. (no date)

Mrs. RIMER, consort of Henry RIMER, died in this town, on Friday evening last.

12 Nov. 1813

Notice – The co-partnership of ROBINSON & KING, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts should be settled as soon as possible. John ROBINSON & Stephen C. KING, 4 Nov. 1813. The subscriber will continue business at the Old Stand and solicits the patronage of his former customers and the public in general. Stephen C. KING.

Military Notice – The Board of Field Officers of the 45th Reg., PA Militia, will meet at the house of Charles OTIS, Esq., in Tunkhannock on Monday the 13 day of Dec. next. Capts. CARVER and WILSON will attend with them to examine the accounts of the Pay-Master. Constables and others holding warrants for the collection of fines, must settle them on or before that day, as no appeals can be heard, or exonerations granted in cases now existing, that are neglected after that time. David B. WHEELER, Lieut. Col., Tunkhannock.

19 Nov. 1813

Jacob WORTHING, of Bridgewater married to Miss Lydia, daughter of Mr. C. CAREY, at Hanover on the 7th inst., by Rev. Mr. LANE.

Store Opened – The subscriber having purchased the stock and taken the store of the late Allen JACK, offer for sale, a general assortment of goods, which they will sell on reasonable terms for cash. J. GRANTHAM, & Co., Wilkes-Barre.

26 Nov. 1813

Pennsylvania Elections – Representatives: Luzerne, Bradford and Susquehanna: Jabez HYDE jr. and Joseph PRUNER Lycoming, Tioga & Potter: John FOSTER and Henry WELLES Northampton, Lehigh and Wayne: Daniel W. DINGMAN, Henry WINTERS, James HAYS, Philip SELLERS and Abraham RINKER Northumberland, Columbia & Union: Samuel BOND, Leonard RUPERT, Thomas MURRAY, jr. and George KREMER

The Kingston Volunteers, under Capt. THOMAS have arrived to the safety of their family and friends. We have learned two anecdotes of two of Capt. THOMAS’ Company which deserve particularly to be mentioned: 1) B. HALL was on board the (boat not named) in the heat of the battle, the last remaining sponge of their long and principal gun happened to fall into the lake. The gun would have been rendered useless. HALL plunged into the wave and caught it – his comrades seized the end of the sponge and drew him on board, and they poured away again into the enemy. 2) James, son of Mr. J. BIRD, of Exeter, was on board the Lawrence, with the gallant PERRY on the glorious tenth of September. The battle raged – many a poor fellow fell around him. BIRD did his duty like a hero. Towards the close of the engagement, a canister shot struck him on the shoulder as he was stooping to his gun. He was instantly covered with blood, and his officer ordered him below. He ventured to disobey, preferring to do duty while he had life to abandoning his post. But the blood flowed so fast that another order was issued to go below. He ran down, got a hasty bandage on the wound, came again on deck, and although his left arm was useless – yet he handed cartridges and performed the utmost service in his power with his right, until the stars and stripes waved gloriously victorious over the foe.
For these anecdotes, I am obliged to my old friend, Mr. CARKHUFF whose return I had the pleasure to welcome last Sunday. BOWMAN and another were also on board the fleet during the engagement.

Cyrel GIDDINGS married to Miss Lucy MILES, at Bridgewater by the Rev. Mr. WOOD. (no date)

Robert GRIFFIS married to Miss Lydia ROBINSON, by the Rev. Elder DIMOCK. (no date)

Whereas my wife Julia Ann LILLIE has eloped from my bed and board without any just cause or provocation; I therefore forbid all persons from trusting or harboring her, as I will pay no debts of her contracting after this date. Isaac LILLIE, Bridgewater, Oct. 15.

For Sale – That valuable stand where the subscriber now resides in Braintrim, which is well known to be one of the best for a Store and Tavern, in the county of Luzerne and has been occupied as such for many years. Also Eleven hundred acres of land, two hundred and fifty of which are under improvement, and a great proportion of the remainder is fit for cultivation. There is on the premises an abundance of excellent Pine, Oak and Chestnut Timber – there is a saw-mill, grist-mill and distillery which is built of stone, 29 by 33 feet, two stories high; three large Frame Houses, a good Store-house, three good corn and waggon houses. Horse-shed and Stableing; Tan-house and Yard, in good order. Likewise four suitable houses for Tenants, to three of which water is brought, from good springs. The above land lies in one body and is patented from the state – it is bounded more than a mile by the Susquehanna River, and has on it about one hundred and fifty acres of River flats, about seven hundred bearing apple trees and a variety of other fruit trees. Terms of sale may be known by applying to the Subscriber on the premises. Daniel STERLING, Braintrim.

3 Dec. 1813

Joshua MINER married to Miss Fanny HEPBURN, both of Wilkes-Barre, last evening by Rev. Mr. LANE

E. CAREY, has lately received a general assortment of new goods. For sale for prompt pay only. Always on hand, a quantity of iron. N. B. All debts due to him must be paid before the 1st January next. Delinquents will positively be prosecuted.

10 Dec. 1813

For Sale – the farm on which the subscriber now lives, situated in Harford Township, Susquehanna Co., on the great State Road; containing Sixty-one acres, between 25 and 30 acres are under improvement, with an excellent orchard, a good dwelling house, barn and smiths’ shop; this stand is highly recommended for a smith, and has been occupied by one for ten years past. The terms will be made known by applying to the subscriber on premises. Fredmond PECK, Harford. N. B. All persons having unsettled accounts are requested to call and settle them and save cost.

New Firm. The subscribers have entered into co-partnership under the firm of HOYT & BARTLETT. They have just received from New York, a general assortment of goods, which are offered for sale on reasonable terms at the store lately occupied by Elias HOYT. Elias HOYT & Thomas BARTLETT, Kingston. Notice – It now becomes necessary for those indebted to Elias HOYT, to call immediately and settle their respective accounts, and save him the trouble of paying they a visit.

Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders in the Bridgewater and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Road, that an Election will be held at the house of Isaac SLOCUM, in Tunkhannock on the first Monday of January next, at one o’clock in the afternoon, to choose by ballot, to be delivered in person or by proxy duly authorized one President, twelve Managers, one Treasurer and such other officers as may be necessary to conduct the business of the Company for one year, and until such other officers shall be chosen. Geo. DENISON, Sec’y., Wilkes-Barre.

Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders in the Milford and Owego Turnpike Road, that an annual election of the Corporation will be held at the house of Edward FULLER, innkeeper, at Montrose in the county of Susquehanna, the first Monday of January next, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, at which time will be chosen by ballot, to be delivered in person or by proxy duly authorized one President, twelve Managers, one Treasurer and such other officers as may be necessary to conduct the business of the Company for one year, and until such other officers shall be chosen. P. CATLIN, Sec’y.

17 Dec. 1813

Appointment by the Governor: Richard T. LEECH, Esq. of Montgomery Co., Surveyor-General of Pennsylvania, vice General Andrew PORTER, deceased.

Notice – The Stockholders of the Easton and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Company, are hereby notified that an election will be held at the Court House in Borough of Wilkes-Barre, on the first Monday of January next, for the purpose of choosing a President, Treasurer and Managers for said Company for the ensuing year. Geo. WOLF, Sec’ry., Easton.

The Stockholders in the Coshecton and Great Bend Turnpike are hereby notified that an election will be held at the house of John DUFFIELD in Damascus, on Monday the 3rd day of January next at 10 o’clock A.M. for the purpose of choosing the requisite officers to transact the business of the company one year, and until others shall be duly chosen. By order of the Managers, Solomon MOORE, Sec’y.

Notice is hereby given, that after the second Thursday of January next, no note will be received at Bank for Discount unless presented before 3 o’clock on the Wednesday preceding discount day. As this regulation will be strictly enforced it is expected that proper attention will be paid to it. John BETTLE, Cash’r.

Notice is hereby give to all Concerned, that I have made application to the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the several laws now in force in Pennsylvania for the relief of Insolvent Debtors; and that the said court has appointed the fourth Monday of December instant, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, to hear me and my Creditors, at the Court House in Wilkes-Barre, at which time and place my Creditors may attend if they think proper. George PATRICK.

24 Dec. 1813

Removal. J. GRANTHAM & Co. have removed from the store formerly occupied by Allen JACK to the New Brick Store adjoining.

Notice. Came to the stable of the subscriber in Nov. last, a Red Yearling heifer. The owner by proving property and paying charges, can have her; otherwise she will be disposed of as the law directs. Wm. RUSSELL, Wilkes-Barre.

Death of Gen. Andrew PORTER, Surveyor-General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

31 Dec. 1813

Horrors of War! Late and terrible news. A gentleman has just arrived from the North and brings the following melancholy intelligence: That our troops abandoned Fort George, and burnt Newark – that the British came into the village while burning, and were so exasperated that they came immediately over and burnt and laid waste the whole of our frontier for 12 miles, destroyed Lewistown and murdered 25 families.

Last week, at Wyalusing, a man by the name of Diah CROCKER, shot a young man in a most shocking manner. The arm of the wounded man has been amputated nearly the shoulder, and hopes are entertained of his recovery. The name of the poor fellow we have not heard, nor are we able to state the cause of the quarrel which led to the dreadful deed. CROCKER is in jail in this county waiting his trial.

Melancholy. A short time since, we learn, that Moses SCOVELL, Esq., of Exeter, set out to cross the Susquehanna in a canoe on some business. Not returning that night, his family became alarmed for his safety, and the next morning sent in search for him; when the canoe in which he attempted to cross the river was found lodged on some rock. The hat and great coat of Mr. SCOVELL in it, and no doubt is entertained by his disconsolate family that he is drowned.

D. Alanson HOLSTEAD married to Miss Phebe WELLS, at Clifford on Sunday evening last by Asa DIMOCK, Esq.

Land for sale by subscriber:
1) 288 acres in Plymouth, 65 acres are cleared, a log house, good framed barn 30 by 40, excellent young orchard and between 60-70 sugar trees. The farm is well watered having a number of sweet and living springs and what adds to its value, is a good shad fishery, producing one eighth of all the fish free of expense.
2) 311 acres on Hunlock’s Creek, this lot has on it one of the most valuable Mill Seats in the county of Luzerne. A strong stream of water falls 30 feet and affords water for a grist mill, saw mill and indeed for every sort of water works a most eligible position. Its situation for a Forge is particularly excellent as there is a large body of Iron Ore within three miles of it. The whole is well timbered, and lies on the Post-road from Wilkes-Barre to Northumberland, within 9 miles of the former place. I would dispose of it to a person who would erect mills upon it, and become interested in them if desired.
3) Lot #5 in the 3rd Division, in Huntington, containing 92+ acres, well timbered, a good sugar orchard. A considerable part of the land is suitable for meadow or the plow. For further particulars apply to the Subscriber, who lives on the farm adjoining the two first mentioned tracts, in the town of Union, late a part of Huntington Township. Jonathan HUNLOCK.

Notice – the subscriber having sold the plantation where he now lives, and is about to remove soon, notifies all persons any way indebted to him, that settlement and payment must be made immediately. They who neglect this notice will find their accounts and notes in the hands of some attorney or Justice of the Peace, for collection, after the 15th January next. John PHILLIPS, Pittstown.

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