1814 Gleaner

Gleaner 1814

Published Friday, Wilkes-Barre, PA By Charles Miner

7 Jan. 1814

Land For Sale by subscriber:

1) 288 Acres in Plymouth on West side of Susquehanna, eight miles below Wilkes-Barre on the main road to Huntington. 70 acres are of first quality. 65 acres are cleared. On Premises are a long house, a good framed barn 30×40, and excellent young orchard and between 60 and 70 valuable sugar trees, on a small spot of ground. The farm is well watered having a number of sweet and living springs, is a good Shad Fishery, producing one eighth of all the Fish free of expense.

2) 311 Acres of land on Hunlock’s Creek with a valuable Mill Seat. A strong stream of water falls 30 feet and affords water for a grist mill, saw mill and indeed for every sort of water works a most eligible position. Its situation for a Forge is particularly excellent as three is a large body of Iron Ore within three miles of it. The whole is well timbered, and lies on the Post-road from Wilkes-Barre to Northumberland, within 9 miles of the former place.

3) Lot #5 in 3rd Division of Huntington, containing 92+ acres. Lot #6 in same containing 91+ acres, both within two miles of Shickshinny, well timbered with a good Sugar orchard on one of them. A considerable part of the land is suitable for meadow or the plow.

Jonathan HUNLOCK, in town of Union, late part of Huntington Twp.

List of letters at Wilkes Barre Post Office:
Daniel BLAIN
Benjamin BOLTON
Commissioners of Luzerne
Richard COVART
Richard DELI
Cornelius GARRISON
Thomas HOLMS
Thomas HART
Margaret LEWIS
Joseph MOORE
Jeremiah MORESON
Richard INMAN
Frederick NAGLE
Rebecca SARTER
Valentine SMITH
Martin SMITH
Charles VAUN
Crandall WILCOX
Amariah WATSON
J. CIST, P. M.

Letters in the Kingston Post-Office, Jan. 1:
William COOPER
Jeremiah DARBEE
Sylvanus FILLER
Fisher GAY
Daniel C. MARSH
George NASE
Chauncey NEWCOMB

Notice of Insolvent Acts Files in Court of Common Pleas by: Peter GALLAGHER and John R. LITTLE

Election of Stockholders in the Easton and Wilkes Barre Turnpike Company results:
President, Lord BUTLER
Treasurer, Stephen TUTTLE
Managers: Matthias HOLLENBACK, Joseph SLOCUM, John ROBINSON, Joseph SINTON, John P. ARNDT, Nathan PALMER, Thomas WRIGHT, Philip MYERS, Benjamin DORANCE, Eleazer BLACKMAN, Cornelius CORTRIGHT, John STODDART

Notice – The subscriber informs his Customers that his butchering business for the last year is at a close, therefore he wishes them to call and settle without cost.

J. S. BROWN, Wilkes-Barre

Gilbert LAIRD to Miss Charlotte WATLEY, formerly of Albany, on Saturday evening last.

James BARNES to Miss Eliza WOODBRIDGE, on Sunday evening.

Thomas B. OVERTON, Esq. to Miss Maria HODGKINS, on Monday evening

William CURRIE JR. to Miss Jane DEVANS (no date)

Henry BROWN died at Providence on Wednesday the 29th ult, aged 25 years.

Elisha HYDE, Esq., Mayor of Norwich, died in Norwich on Thursday, Dec. 23.

14 Jan. 1814

Notice – having sold the plantation where he now lives and is about the remove soon, notifies all persons any way indebted to him, that settlement and payment must be made immediately. They who neglect this notice will find their accounts and notes in the hands of some attorney or Justice of the Peace for collection after Jan. 15th. John PHILLIPS, Pittstown

James CAMPBELL died in Burlington on Wednesday morning the 28th Dec., aged 74 years. He was the father of five sons and six daughters, ninety-three grand children and twenty two great grandchildren. He was a member of the Methodist society and was much respected for his virtues. (“Bradford Gaz.”)

In about 20 of our papers last week, was published the marriage of William CURRIE, jr. and Miss Jane DEVANS, when we were told that the account was incorrect. We regret extremely the error, for no consideration would induce us to wound the feelings of anyone in so delicate a matter.

21 Jan. 1814

Andrew BEAUMONT, Collector of Revenue, Wilkes-Barre.

Take Notice – All persons indebted to the subscribers, for dressing cloth, are requested to call and settle their accounts by the first of March next. Grain or other merchantable produce will be taken in payment. Those who cannon pay, can call and settle, and give Due-bills. Those who do not comply with this request, will find their accounts sued, and collected as expeditiously as the law will admit. Samuel BREES and Lot BREES

Any person wishing to rent or buy a Fulling-mill, shop and clothiers tools; a good house and barn, in the centre of a good neighborhood, can be accommodated by applying to the subscriber living on the premises. Lot BREES, Kingston.

Robert PATTON, Esq., died at Philadelphia, Post-Master of that City (no date)

Gen. William ALEXANDER, died in Carlisle, suddenly, in his 66th year (no date)

Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Hon. James HILLHOUSE, died at New-Haven, aged 59 (no date)

David EVERETT, Esq., died at Marietta, Ohio, aged 44, formerly editor of the Boston Pilot and Yankee and latterly of the American Friend (no date).

George GILPIN, Esq., Post Master of Alexandria, died in that place, aged 73 years (no date).

Hon Benjamin STODDERT, died in Bladensburg, Md., aged 62, he was Secretary of the Navy under President Adams. (no date)

Lieut. Joseph E. SMITH, of the US Navy, died in Pittsburg, aged 27 (no date)

28 Jan. 1814

For Sale – A valuable tract of land, containing about 200 acres, including an excellent Saw-Mill, upon that competent stream of water called “Butter-milk Falls Creek”, in the township of Tunkhannock: It is well timbered and there is a small improvement upon it. Any person desirous of making a good bargain may purchase this land, to which there is an indisputable title, upon very easy terms by applying to T. GRAHAM or T. B. OVERTON, who are duly authorised to sell the same.

Friendly Notice – All those indebted to the subscriber, are requested to make immediate payment. Benjamin BAILY, Wilkes-Barre.

Estate of Henry BROWN, late of Providence Twp., request immediate payment and demands. Polly A. BROWN, Admin.

4 Feb. 1814

Wm. W. BROWN to Miss Ruth, daughter of Joseph KINNEY, Esq., at Sheshequin, Bradford Co. (no date)

Harry MORGAN, of Wysox to Miss Harriott BISHOP, at Orwell (no date)

Gen. Simon SPALDING, died at Sheshequin, the 24th inst., in the 73rd year of his age. He left behind him, 5 children, 62 grand children and 12 great grand-children, the greatest part of whom attended his funeral. He had lost 6 children and 12 grand-children, making the whole amount of children, grand-children and great grand-children, which he has had, nine-two; add to this, his sons and daughters-in-law, and his grand-sons and grand daughters by marriage, it will make a total of one hundred seventeen. His funeral was attended with masonic honors and a sermon delivered from the text above quoted, to a large concourse of people.

Mrs. Phoebe, consort of David PAINE, Esq., died at Athens (Tioga-Point), much lamented. (no date) [Poem]

Notice – All persons indebted to the Subscriber, in any manner whatever, are requested to call and settle their accompts without delay, as no further indulgence can be shewn them. As the Subscriber calculates to leave the place shortly, it is expected that his request will be complied with immediately. Lyman SHOLES, Wilkes-Barre.

11 Feb. 1814

Miss Mary HORTON, died at Springfield, Mass., on the 9th inst., aged 92 years; on the following day Miss Margaret HORTON, aged 90 years. these maiden sisters had lived together 90 years, and the death of the eldest was about 11 hours previous to that of the youngest.

Widow Sarah BISHOP, died at North Stamford, Con. On the 11thinst., aged 99 years and 10 days.

Matthew WILLIAMS, died in Frankford, Sussex Co., NJ, on the 14th inst., at the advanced age of 124 years. He was born in Wales (Europe) in Jan. 1690 – was a soldier during the reign of Queen Ann, and was at the taking of Minorea from the Spaniards, and in all the most memorable battles in the last century, to the taking of Quebec under Wolf, after which he settled in this county; but losing his wife, by whom he had two sons, he at the late revolution joined in the service, which he continued until the close of the war, since which he has lived in this county, until his death. He was upwards of twenty years in the sea-service, and more than that time in different services as a soldier on land. His recollection was admirable until a short time before his death: he would related the different transactions of his life from his early days, and gave a most distance account of the different engagements he had been in.

Isaac FULLER to Miss Nancy WORTHINGTON, both of Bedford, on Tuesday evening last, by Rev. Ard HOYT

Mrs. CAMPBELL, consort of Peter CAMPBELL, died at Lindsley-town, NY (Jan. 18th)

Books for sale by J. & W. BARNES at their store on the North side of Public Square, Wilkes-Barre.

Mrs. Mary, wife of Eliaseph WHITNEY, died at Stamford, Conn., Middlesex Parish, on the 14th inst., aged 91 years and 3 months. He will be 97 years of age on the 14th Feb. next. They were married I 1774. The house in which they resided he built 68 years ago, and has lived in it ever since. He and his wife had 10 children and under his roof grand children and great grand children have been born and what is still more singular, this is the first death that ever occurred in his house. The number of his descendants now living are 7 children, 47 grandchildren 8– (number faded) great grandchildren and 6 of the fourth generation.

18 Feb. 1814

Notice – The following places for holding appeals on taxes will be in several townships of the said county for 1814 are:
Elijah AYERS, Exeter Twp.
Charles OTIS, Tunkhannock Twp.
(also for Nicholson Twp.)
Daniel STERLING, Braintrim Twp.
Robert STONE, Abington Twp.
Stephen TRIPP, Providence Twp.
Frederick CRISMAN, Hanover Twp.
Cornelius BELLOWS, Newport Twp.
Archibald MURRAY, Sugar-Loaf Twp.
John BITTENBENDER, Nescopeck Twp.
James CAMPBELL, Salem Twp.
Stephen HARRISON, Huntington Twp.
George P. RANSOM, Plymouth Twp.
Philip MYERS, Kingston Twp.
E. CAREY, Pittston Twp.
Commissioners Office for Wilkes-Barre

The subscribers to the stock of the Bridgewater and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Road, who have not paid their two installments of ten dollars each share subscribed, and on which five per cent. Per month, since the first of January must be added, are earnestly called upon to discharge the same without delay to save costs. Jesse FELL, Treasurer, Wilkes-Barre.

Edmond WORTH to Mrs. Lucy FOLLET, at Harford by Job TYLER, Esq. (no date)

25 Feb. 1814

Jonathan HANCOCK to Miss Polly, daughter of William WRIGHT, all of Wilkes-Barre, on Tuesday, the 22nd inst., by Joseph WRIGHT, Esq.

Mrs. Anniss, consort of Col. Aden STEVENS, died at Pike, Bradford Co., in the afternoon of Sunday the 6th inst., in the 49th year of her age. She was for many years a member of the Presbyterian Church. Six days illness terminated her earthly career. On Tuesday following her remains were consigned to the dark mansions. The Rev. YORK attended and delivered an impressive and appropriate discourse to a very numerous and sympathetic audience.

Entertainment – The subscriber has opened a house of Entertainment, at the house formerly occupied by Lewis JONES, in Exeter, and will pay all due attention to persons who may call on him in that line. All persons indebted to him, either by Note or Book Accompt, are requested to make immediate payment. Elijah AYERS, Exeter.

1814 Luzerne County Statement

4 Mar. 1814

Died – At Canton, Susquehanna County, on Tuesday the 12th of February, aged 32 years, Mrs. BAILEY, consort of David BAILEY, and eldest daughter of Ezra SPALDING. Her illness was long and painful, which she bore with Christian fortitude. She has left no children to mourn for her; she had been the mother of two, both of whom she followed early to the grave. The deceased possessed as many virtues as falls to the lot of her sex and she has left a disconsolate husband to mourn with relatives and friends their irreparable loss.

Died – At New-York, Robert LANG, Esq., aged 78, father of the respectable writer Editor of the New York Gazette.

Died – At Lower Mount Bethel township, Northampton county, James HUTCHINSON, aged 101 years and 10months.

11 Mar. 1814

Married – At Mount Pleasant, Samuel ROGERS to Miss Sally MUMFORD (no date)

Married – Harry MUMFORD to Miss Sally TANNER (no place or date)

Married – At Clifford, Benjamin BAKER to Miss Anna FINN (no date)

18 Mar. 1814

Died – At the Plains (Wilkes-Barre) on Monday morning the 14th inst., Peter WINTERS, formerly of Northampton County. He was 70 years of age – a very active, industrious and respectable man. He was at his well watering his horses, fell suddenly and expired in a few minutes.

Died – On Monday last at Wyalusing, Mrs. INGHAM, wife of Jonas INGHAM Esq., formerly of Bucks County.

Died – At Tunkhannock, Mrs. VOSBURGH, wife of Abraham VOSBURGH (no date of death)

Died – At Norwich, Con., on the 2nd March, Lemuel BUSWELL, aged 48 years.

Departed this life, at Warren, Bradford County, on Wednesday the 2nd inst., Capt. Ebenezer COBURN, aged 67 years.

At the same place, on Wednesday the 23rd Feb., George, son of Jonathan COBURN, aged 15 years.

On Saturday, 24th Feb., an infant son of Benjamin T. CASE, Esq.

On Sunday, the 27th, Jonathan COLURN, aged 57 years.

On Friday, the 4th March, Jacob ALLEN, aged 38 years.

On Friday, the 4th March, Mrs. Chloe BOWEN, aged 48 years.

25 Mar. 1814

Died at Braintrim, on Saturday last, Mrs. Molly ALDEN, widow of the late Mason F. ALDEN, aged about 60.

Died at Corydon, Indiana Territory, on the 11th Oct. last, John MAFFET (father of the Editor of the Susquehanna Democrat), aged about 55, formerly of Lycoming Pa.

Died at Pike, Bradford County, on Monday evening, the 14th inst., John BRADSHAW, aged 64 years. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church, at Wyalusing; a lover of the Truth; sound in the faith, and died, as the righteous die, rejoicing in the Divine Mediator.

Died at the same place, Alanson, son of Abraham TAYLOR, aged 23 years.

1 April 1814

Estate of Reuben MULLESON, late of Tunkhannock, request payments and claims. Daniel SHAW, Reuben MULLESON, Exec., Tunkhannock.

Notice – Thomas B. OVERTON, Esq., of Wilkes-Barre Borough, a creditor, having applied to the Register of Luzerne Co., for Letters of Administration upon the estate of Thomas GRAHAM, late of said county, deceased, Notice is hereby given, that unless objections are filed in my office within twenty-five days, Administration will be granted accordingly. Geo. DENISON, Reg.

Coal Bed For Sale – to be sold at private sale, one half of a very valuable coal bed, lying about two miles and a half from Wilkes-Barre, and about a mile from the state road. The bed is now open, and has been worked the winter past. The Coal is very easily dug, of an excellent quality, and is found in great abundance. Hugh MULHOLLAND.

Bridge to be built over the Susquehanna at the Falls of Nescopeck by Theodore BURR. John BROWN, Treasurer.

For Sale – A small improvement on land situated in the township of Union, about three miles from Potters and Dodson’s mills, containing about twenty acres, one fourth of which is meadow, the other plowland, there is on the premises a tolerable comfortable, log house and three excellent springs of water. The above lies on the west branch of Dodson’s mill creek, and is an old possession, with a privilege of four hundred acres of land, well timbered, part of which is good meadow land, a considerable part of which well timbered and watered, with a small sugar works which will be disposed of on reasonable terms, if good pay can be made and possession given by the first of May next. Jonathan NICHOLSON, Union.

James MURPHY, House-carpenter and Joiner, respectfully informs his friends the public in general, that he continues the above business in Kingston a few rods back from the Mill formerly owned by Peter GRUBB, Esq. where work will be done on the most reasonable terms and at the shortest notice. An apprentice is wanted to the above business – a smart, active lad, 14 or 15 years of age, will meet with good encouragement by applying at above. Kingston.

Capt. Phineas WALLER, of this town to Miss Betsey, daughter of Doct. David H. JEWITT, of Montville, Con., on Thursday evening, in this borough.

Ebenezer GREENOUGH, Esq., of Sunbury, Penn to Miss Abigail ISRAEL, of Christina Mills, Del., on the 5th March at Christina Mills, Del.

Thomas GRAHAM, Esq., died in this town on Saturday morning, March 26th, aged 33 years.

Mrs. Jabez SILL died at Careytown on Tuesday.

The subscriber proposes to supply such of the inhabitants of Wilkes-Barre as wish it, with FLOUR at their houses once a week, from Butler’s Mill in Hanover. Orders at the store of Stephen C. KING, will be duly attended to by the subscriber. E. BROWN, Hanover.

To be sold at Public Vendue on May 5th, at the house of John BITTENBENDER, Nescopeck Twp., Luzerne Co., a Valuable Tract of Lane, containing one thousand and eight acres with allowances – Belonging to the German Reformed Congregation of the City of Philadelphia, being part of the donation made to them by the state of Pennsylvania; situated on the waters of the Nescopeck Creek, in Nescopeck township aforesaid, and lying about three miles from the Susquehanna River, and about the same distance from a town on said River, called New Philadelphia, and about one and a half miles from the Susquehanna and Lehigh Turnpike Road, and three miles from BITTENBENDER’S Mill. The neighborhood is rapidly settling. For further particulars apply to Abraham KREIDER or Andrew ZEISS, Philadelphia.

An Ark Taken Up, Adrift, near Wyalusing Falls. The owner is desired to call, prove property, pay charges and take it away. Samuel STURDEVANT, Jun., Braintrim.

Take Notice – All persons indebted to the Subscriber either by Note or Book account, must make payment by the 20th of April next or they will be compelled by law. Isaac SLOCUM, Tunkhannock.

Nathan BARNEY still carried on the Plough Making Business at his old stand in Careytown, about a mile below the Borough of Wilkes-Barre.

8 April 1814

Letters in the Post-Office, Kingston on April 1st:
Samuel BREES
Cornelius BUSKIRK
Elizabeth DONLEY
Stephen HEITS
William MARSH
George NASE

John DAWSON, Esq., Member of Congress from Virginia, died at Washington City, on the 1st inst.

Rebecca, aged wife of Capt. Elijah HOYT, died in Danbury, Con. (no date)

Oliver H., infant son of Com. PERRY, died at Newport, RI. (no date)


15 April 1814

Notice – The Subscriber having removed to Sunbury, notifies all whom it may concern, that his accounts are in the hands of William BARNES, for settlement. All accounts not settled by the first of May will be prosecuted. Lyman SHOLES.

Distressing Accident. On the night of the 9th inst., Mrs. Jane BENDISON, fell into a pitt, through which the beam runs that turns the factory of Thomas THORNLY, at the Lower Falls of Big Beaver, Pennsylvania. The factory being in motion, the beam caught her clothes, and drew her under it. She was found shortly, in a mangled condition – her bones all broken and dislocated.

Mrs. Maria, relict of the Hon. Robert R. LIVINGSTON, late of Clermont, died at Washington City, on the 22nd inst.

Lt. Francis HOWARD, of the first rifle regiment, highly esteemed by his brother officers, died suddenly on the 18th inst., at Louisville, on his way from Sackett’s Harbor to Virginia. [Note should have been ult. instead of inst.?]

An Act. To promote the comfort of the poor. Be it enacted &c. That after the 1st day of September next, the following articles owned by or in possession of any debtor, shall be and hereby are exempted from levy or sale on any execution or other legal process which may be issued against such debtor for debts, rents excepted, which shall have been contracted after said first day of September, that is to say: household utensils, not exceeding in value 15 dollars; the necessary tools of a tradesman, not exceeding in value twenty dollars; all wearing apparel; two beds and the necessary bedding; one cow and a spinning wheel.

Letters remaining at the Post Office in Wilkes-Barre on April 1st:
Nathan ALLEN
Cornelius ATHERTON
Simeon TUBBS
Jonathan BAITS
Elleanor BIGGER
Jonathan S. BROWN
David COY
Jonathan DILLEY
Ebenezer DRAKE
Richard DILLY
William GRAY
Ephraim HELLER
Caleb HOYT
Kaviah HESS
Francis IRWIN
Nathan JONES
David KING
Parley LYON
Conrad LINES
William MILLER
Frederick NOGLE
Edward INMAN
Jesse S. PECK
Robert LEWIS
Philip REED
Joseph STEEL
Eliphalet SIMSON
Eliphalet VONVLICT
Crandall WILCOX
Benjamin WALKER
Ephraim WHITE
Thos. WRIGHT, Lieut.
J. CIST, P. M.

“A Soldier in the noblest name.” 124 DOLLARS BOUNTY – And One Hundred and Sixty Acres of LAND, Will be given to all patriotic, able bodied young men, who are desirous of shouldering a Musket to defend the rights of an injured country, against a tyrannical and barbarous enemy, on application to the subscriber, at his rendezvous in Wilkes-Barre; together with elegant uniform clothing, and all other necessaries for the comfort and convenience of gentlemen. John BALDY, Capt., 16th Regt. U. S. Infantry, commanding Recruiting Rendezvous. Wilkes-Barre.

Lehigh Navigation – The subscriber Commissioners appointed by an act of the Assembly of this state, entitled “An act to enable the governor of this commonwealth to incorporate a company for improving the navigation of the Lehigh,” do hereby give notice, that the books will be opened for the purpose of receiving subscriptions for stock, a the house of Jas. REEDER, in Wilkes-Barre, on Thursday the 19th day of May next, at 10 o’clock, A.M. at which place one or more of the subscribes will attend for that purpose. The shares of stock are 50 dollars each, five dollars to be paid on each share at the time of subscribing. Ebenezer BOWMAN, Joseph PRUNER, Jacob CIST, Wilkes-Barre.

Thomas WOOLLY married to Miss Polly LAUBACH, in this town, by Isaac HARTZELL, Esq. (no date)

Mrs. Eunice SPRAGUE, died in this town on Tuesday evening last, aged 82 years. She was one of the first settlers in this place.

Mrs. Ann Elizabeth KAUKE, died on Thursday last, aged 58 years 7 months

Mr. Jude GOODALE, died at Tunkhannock. (no date)

William M’CREERY, Esq., formerly a Representative in Congress from the state of Maryland, died at Baltimore. Also Dr. John WORTHINGTON.

John BOYLES, aged about 20 years – on the next day his brother, Abraham BOYLES, aged about 22 years – also their grandfather, Jacob SUTFAN, aged about 80 years, died in Independence Twp., Sussex County, New -Jersey on the 19th inst. The three dead bodies of the above named were all lying in the same house, on the morning of the 21st inst.

From the Chambersburg Republican: SIX CENTS REWARD!! Good people all, Ill tell you plain, My ‘prentice Boy ‘s run off again; Five feet eight is just his height, Won’t work by day and rakes by night. Isaac WISNER is his name, When he ran off he took with him A good brown coat, and ‘pon my word, As Good as war times can afford, His pantaloons were brown likewise, His hair cut short, and dark blue eyes, If to the jail he is convey’d, By me no charges will be paid. George MONDIS

22 April 1814

DIED – As Lisbon, Conn. Elisha MORGAN Esq., aged 66, and his wife, Mrs. Olive MORGAN, aged 60. At Franklin, Mr. Cyrel PECK. At Bozrath, Elijah HUNTINGTON, Esq., aged 79 after a confinement of eleven years with rheumatic complaint. At Norwich, Mrs. Molly CAREW, aged 75, wife of Eliphalet CAREW; Mrs. Darius LOTHROP. Mrs. Sarah PRENTICE, Mr. Barzillai TAYLOR, aged 27. At New London, Mrs. Abigail CAULKINS. At Waterford, Mrs. Sally WHEELER, aged 57. At Lyme, Mrs. Dorcas BROCKWAY, age 78, wife of Ezra BROCKWAY. Mrs. Samuel ELY, aged 42. At Lebanon, Mr. Arunnah Williams, aged 58, Mrs. Samuel FULLER, aged 87. At Windham, Jacob BURNET, aged 53, Eleazer TRACY, aged 51.

E. CAREY, has for sale, 40 Tons Plaister. Pittston.

Mortality,”Death like an overflowing stream – Sweeps us away.”

In this town, on Monday morning last, Mrs. Charity STILES died, aged about 40.

On Monday afternoon, Henry DRAKE died, Student at Law, aged 21 years, much regretted by his acquaintance.

On Tuesday last, Enoch OGDEN died, aged about 40.

At Kingston, on Thursday the 14th inst. Mrs. FISH died at a very advanced age.

On Thursday morning last, Miss Allice PIERCE died, aged 86 years.

At Bridgewater, on the 27th March, Edmond STONE died, aged 50.

On the 2nd inst., Mrs. Lois, wife of E. STONE died, aged 47.

29 April 1814

Susquehanna Bank. We the subscribers, Commissioners for that purpose, appointed in and by an act of Assembly of this state, entitled “An act regulating Banks,” do hereby give notice that the Books will be opened for the purpose of receiving subscriptions of stock for the said Bank on Monday the 2nd day of May next at the following places, to wit:, at the following houses:
Jonathan HANCOCK, Wilkes-Barre
Archepus PARISH, Kingston
Chas. OTIS, Tunkhannock
Stephen HARRISON, Huntington
James CAMPBELL, Salem
John BITTENBENDER, Nescopeck

At which several places one or more of the subscribers will attend for that purpose. The share of stock are 50 dollars each, five dollars to be paid on each share at the time of subscribing.

Abiel FELLOWS, Noah WADHAMS, Cyrus AVERY, Geo. M. HOLLENBACK, Geo. DENISON, Commissioners

A great many Raftmen have been taken sick on their return from down the river. Their cases too are generally severe, for, being eager to get home, they travel long after they should be lying by and taking care of themselves. It cannot, we hope, be necessary to urge on the good people of the county, to be kind to them. The precepts of Religion and humanity call for the most active benevolence towards these unfortunate strangers.

In this town on Tuesday, Eliud R. WALLER, of Oquago, NY died. He had been down the river where he was taken ill – he returned as far as his brother’s, and died in a few days, aged 38 years.

Richard VAN FLEET died. (no date)

At Northmoreland, Mrs. DRAKE, the mother of Mr. H. DRAKE, whose death we recorded last week died. (no date)

At Kingston on Wednesday night, George, son of Col. B. DORRANCE, aged 7 years died.

In Willingborough, on the 13th inst., the Rev. Daniel BUCK, died in the 77th year of his age, after a short and severe fit of sickness, which he bore with Christian fortitude, and at last died without a groan, his soul reposing in full confidence in his Savior. He was buried on the 14th, and a sermon delivered to a large concourse of people, by the Rev. Nathaniel LEWIS, from Revelations 22nd ch. And 12 v. Mrs. BUCK was formerly from New Milford, Con. His posterity is very numerous, consisting of 179 children, grand-children and great-grand children.

At Sheshequin, Bradford County, on the 16th of April 1814, Capt. Jabez FISH died in the 67th year of his age. He was a man of examplary piety and died in the triumphs of faith. His loss is felt by all who were in habits of intimacy with him; but particularly by his family, and the church of Christ in Athens, of which he was a beloved member.

Silver Lake Bank. We the subscribers, Commissioners for that purpose, appointed in and by an act of Assembly of this state, entitled “An act regulating Banks,” do hereby give notice that the Books will be opened for the purpose of receiving subscriptions of stock for the said Bank at the following houses:

Bradford Co.: Wm. MEANS, Esq., Towanda; Stephen HOPKINS, Athens; Wm. MYERS, Wysox; Jesse ROSS, Esq., Pike; John HOLLENBACK, Wyalusing; Wm. MEANS, Esq., Towanda

Susquehanna Co.: Austin HOWELL, Montrose, Sylvanus HATCH, Willingborough, Hosea TIFFANY, Harford, Edward FULLER, Montrose

Wayne Co.: Jason TORREY, Esq., Bethany; Thomas SHIELDS, Damascus; Samuel STANTON, Esq., Mount Pleasant.

At which several places one or more of the subscribers will attend for that purpose. The share of stock are 50 dollars each, five dollars to be paid on each share at the time of subscribing. Benjamin LATHROP, Daniel ROSS, Reuben HALE, George SCOTT, Samuel STANTON, Abisha WOODWARD.

6 May 1814

The Subscriber offers For Sale, two full blood Merino Bucks, and fifteen half Bloods, two years old each. P. CATLIN, Hop-Bottom.

Auburn, NY, April 13. A Warning. Drowned on Friday last in Cayuga Lake, Jacob T. C. DE WITT (formerly sheriff of this county) his wife, and a daughter, about 6 years old, and two men (who were brothers) by the name of KNIFFIN. The boat was overturned by the carelessness of Mr. DE WITT, who stepped on its side to fix the sail. Of six persons in the boat, only one saved himself, all the rest fell into the vasty deep, as the boat overturned. The one saved was found in the stern of the boat, which was full of water.

Highway Robbery, Danville, Penn., April 16. We have been informed that a most atrocious robbery was, about the beginning of this week, committed on Col. James MOODIE, of Milton (between Harrold’s and Selins-grove) on his return from Harrisburg to his residence. The robbery, we understand was perpetrated by three men, against two of whom Col. MOODIE defended himself with spirit and success, until the third villain came up and knocked him off his horse. When the miscreants thus had him in their power, they took his pocket book, &c. and treated him otherwise in a most inhuman and barbarous manner. As one of the robbers was cut by Mr. MOODIE, over the eye, it may serve to lead to his detection, provided the citizens generally show a proper alertness in endeavoring to apprehend the marauders.

The estate of Thomas GRAHAM, deceased, request payments and demands. T. B. OVERTON, Admin., Wilkes-Barre.

Notice. John EVANS & T. B. OVERTON, having entered into the Law Partnership, and having taken the Office in the N. E. wing of the Court House, lately occupied by Thomas GRAHAM, Esq., offer their professional services to the public. Wilkes-Barre.

Died in this town on Tuesday morning last, Lewis HEPBURN, aged 48 years; deeply lamented.

Appointment by the Surveyor General. John BENNET, of Kingston, is appointed Deputy Surveyor for the County of Luzerne.

Mr. MINER, I take the liberty to offer to the people through your paper, a few hints, which if adopted, I am persuaded would be found useful.

During the prevalence of sickness, when the fears of all are excited, the sick are particularly affected by the tolling bell. Would it not be very proper to dispense with a ceremony injurious to some and beneficial to none?

The practice of the mourners and friends, waiting at the grave till it is entirely finished, is not, it is believed, generally practiced in the populous parts of the country. When the weather is fair, no inconvenience arises, yet, being a custom, it is thought disrespectful not to wait also, in very warm, or rainy weather, thereby exposing many, and often those whose constitutions are illy able to bear it.

It is recommended that the procession wait till the coffin is decently covered and the grave half filled, then retire. Remaining friends or the Sexton, whose duty it is, will immediately complete what remains to be done.

To the Town Council it is recommended earnestly, immediately to provide a more suitable bier, and a hearse. The village is large – the inhabitants not numerous – the streets often very difficult to pass.

The practice of delivering a sermon at every funeral it is thought might be dispensed with. A sermon, however excellent and appropriate, would make little impression on a heart that was not deeply and sensibly affected by the occasion.

The utmost kindness and attention to the sick need not be inculcated among the humane people of the vicinity. But unnecessary visits from curiosity may perhaps be well avoided.

Dissolution of Partnership. The Partnership heretofore subsisting between the subscribers trading under the firs of Wright, Rogers & Co. is this day by mutual consent, dissolved. All persons indebted to said firm are requested to call at the store of Joseph Rogers & Co. and discharge the same by the first of June next – or their accounts will be left with a Justice of the Peace for collection. Joseph

WRIGHT, Joseph ROGERS, Benj. REYNOLDS, Plymouth.

Calvin EDWARDS has removed his Tailoring Business from his old stand to the room over the Gleaner Office, Wilkes-Barre.

Stop Thief. A fellow who calls himself WOOD or WOODS, came to me on Wednesday last and offered himself to me as a journeyman Shoemaker, and on Thursday night ran away and stole from me sundry Shoemakers tools. He was about 28 years old, a stout built fellow, had on a brown sailor Jacket. I will give TEN DOLLARS to any person who will take him up and return him to me at Wilkes-Barre & reasonable expenses. John JONES.

13 May 1814

Important Law Decision. Philadelphia, April 29. Circuit Court of the US, for the District of Pennsylvania. Judge WASHINGTON, yesterday morning, decided that the Insolvent Law of Pennsylvania, passed on the 13 March, 1812, was unconstitutional and void.

Died in this town on Tuesday last, in the 41st year of her age, Mrs. Mary BOWDEN.

The estate of Edmund STONE, late of Bridgewater, request payments and demands. Raphel STONE, Administrator, Wyalusing.

20 May 1814

Dr. ROGERS’ Vegetable Pulmonic Detergent, For Coughs, Consumptions and Asthmas. The most violent coughs yield to it, and Consumptions even in their most advanced state, are sure to find relief, Price two Dollars. For sale by J. W. BARNES, Wilkes-Barre.

Married in Providence, on the 5th inst., by the Rev. Wm. BISHOP, Francis G. LUTYENS to Miss Elizabeth STEPHENS.

Died in this town, on Tuesday morning last, Joseph J. HUBBARD, a soldier in the U. S. Service. He was interred with military honours.

At Kingston, on Monday last, Mr. FISH died, at an advanced age.

At Newport, on Friday last, Mrs. Catherine, consort of John ENGLA, died, leaving a husband and five small children to mourn their loss.

At Kingston, on Thursday evening last, Thomas BARTLETT, aged 26 years died. He lived beloved and his death is sincerely lamented by his acquaintance.

The subscriber wishes to take two smart Boys, as Apprentices to the Cabinet Making Business. By applying soon, good encouragement will be given. Lads well recommended, between the age of twelve and fourteen years will be preferred. Jacob J. DENNIS, Wilkes-Barre.

27 May 1814

Singular and Shocking event. On Saturday, the 30th April, as Wakeman HILL, of Deposit, was rolling logs into a pile to burn, one end of a log came suddenly upon his hand spike, which struck and fractured his scull – he fell upon a rock, and the log falling upon his breast, nearly cut him in two. He instantly expired, leaving a wife and four children. On the Monday following, Mrs. HILL, the mother of Wakeman, attended his funeral; and on returning on Tuesday, when within four miles of home a tree suddenly fell, and separated her left arm near the shoulder, and threw it some distance, leaving it shockingly mangled – the teguments of the head were considerable lacerated also. She having had surgical aid there is some prospect of her recovery. Others of the family did but just escape the tree. A valuable horse on which Mrs. HILL rode, was instantly killed. [Broome Co., NY]

We are sorry to learn from several travellers that sickness to an alarming degree prevails among the watermen who have descended the river during the present season. It is said that there is scarcely a tavern on the road between Columbia and Sunbury in which there is not some since – and many have died. (“Times”, May 13)

45th Regt. PA Militia Notice. The Court of Appeal for the current year, are, for the first battalion, Captain PEASE, Lieut. WILBER and Ensign REYNOLDS, to meet at the house of Wm. WALL in Abington on May 30th at 10 o’clock, A. M. For the second Battalion, Capt. WILSON, Lieut. WHITCOMB and Adjutant HARDING, to meet at the house of Jonas CARTER, in Tunkhannock on the same day and hour. The Board of Field Officers will hold an adjourned meeting at the house of Charles OTIS, in Tunkhannock on July 1st, at 9 o’clock A.M. Captains CAMP and EVANS will attend to examine the accounts of the Pay-Master, at which time the accounts of the Regiment must close. David B. WHEELER, Lieut. Col., Tunkhannock.

Notice. On Tuesday the 12th inst. A Raft broke loose from the landing at Forty-Fort, Kingston, on which was a small Bay Horse, with a rope round his neck, and only one shoe on. The raft has since been taken up a few miles below Wilkes-Barre, and the Horse is missing. Whoever has or shall take up the said Horse, and deliver him to the subscriber, or at J. P. ARNDT’S in Wilkes-Barre, shall be reasonable compensated. James LEE, Hanover.

The Subscriber has now in operation two Carding Machines in the upper part of Kingston, near Shoemaker’s Mills, where Merino and common Wool will be carded by careful hands on the shortest notice. Samuel SHOEMAKER, Kingston.

In this town on Wednesday evening, Laura, daughter of Nathan PALMER, Esq., aged 7 years, died.

At Kingston on Monday last, Abel PIERCE, aged 78 years. The deceased was one of the earliest settlers at Wyoming. He was remarkable hale and active until his last sickness, which was of only a few days continuance, having the esteem of all who knew him and enjoying his old age with all the cheerfulness of youth.

Miss P SALER, aged 17 years, died at Pittston. (no date)

Frances, daughter of Isaac WILSON, died at Pittston on Monday last.

Aaron FELL died at Exeter. (no date)

Mrs. Hezekiah SMITH, died at Exeter (Keeler’s Ferry). (no date)

Alexander LEFEVRE, aged 26 years, died at Wyalusing on Tuesday the 17th May, a native of Paris, France.

Francis RICKETS, a private in the 20th Regt., of regular troops – once a celebrated Pedestrian and Circus Rider, died at Plattsburgh. (no date)

Stephen MACK, Esq., the first Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Broome Co., NY and Editor of the American Farmer, died at Owego Village on the 16th ult.

Isaac WELLS, a merchant on Market St., Harrisburg, was murdered in his sleep on Tuesday night last. His body was found by his brother the next morning. His remains were interred on Thursday, attended by the Masonic Order.

3 June 1814

The estate of Enoch OGDEN, deceased request payments and demands. Lovisa Ogden and John DAVIS, Admin.’s., Wilkes-Barre.

Susan, consort of Benj. DRAKE, died in this Borough on Friday night, the 27th May, aged 32. She was deservedly esteemed for her virtues, and her loss is sincerely lamented.

Solomon CHAPIN, died at Kingston. (no date)

George NACE, died at Kingston. (no date)

Samuel STEDMAN from Jerico, died at Keeler’s Ferry (at Mr. SMITH’S) on the 29th April. He had been down the river on a raft.

Miss Polly PHILO, aged 17, died on May 29th, at the same place.

10 June 1814

Five Dollars Reward. Lost by the Subscriber, on May 9th last, a Silver Watch, supposed on the road from Wilkes-Barre to Harvey’s Lake, between Joshua FULLER’S and Joseph WORTHINGTON’S. The person who will return it safe, shall receive the above reward. Jesse FELL, Wilkes-Barre

17 June 1814

Ordination – At an ordination held by the Right Rev. Bishop HOBART, in St. John’s Chapel, in the city of New York, on the 8th inst., Harry CROSWELL (late Editor of the Balance), Eli WHEELER and Alanson W. WELTON, were admitted to the holy order of Deacons.

Cyprian COBB married to Miss Hepsibah HANES, at Salem, Wayne Co. (no date)

Wm. A. BABCOCK, major commandant of the 2nd company of the governor’s horse guards, died on Wednesday at New Haven, Conn.

Whereas my wife Polly, hath, without any just provocation, absented herself from my bed and board, and otherwise behaved in an unbecoming manner; I therefore forwarn all persons trusting or harbouring her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contraction after this date. Lark MOORE, Choconut.

24 June 1814

Charles LANE, late of this county to Miss Cynthia, daughter of William SPIER, Esq., at New Canaan, NY. (no date)

Taken up floating on the River Susquehanna, near the mouth of Tunkhannock by the subscriber, on the 18th May last, an old Ark, the owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take it away. Joseph EARLL, Tunkhannock.

Estate of Thomas BARTLETT, late of Kingston Twp., request payments and demands. Garrick MALLERY or Elias HOYT, Executors.

Estate of Lewis HEPBURN, late of Wilkes Barre, request payments and demands. Patrick HEPBURN, John P. ARNDT, Admin’s.

Notice is hereby given that the pews of the Meeting House in the Borough, will be sold, for the year ensuing to the highest bidders on the first Saturday in July next, at four o’clock P. M.

1 July 1814

Lands For Sale. Pursuant to the last will of Silas JACKSON, deceased, will be sold at Vendue, on Tuesday the 26th inst. At the Court-house in Wilkes-Barre, at 11 o’clock, A.M. One tract of Land, adjoining Long Pond in Nescopeck Township, containing 400 _ acres; surveyed (as appears by a draft in the hands of the subscribers) for Mary CUSTARD, June 27th, 1793, pursuant to a warrant dated August 31st, 1792, on which it is said there is a good Mill Seat, and plenty of timber. Also one tract on Wapwallopen Creek, containing 406 acres, taken up in the name of Isaac NORRIS. The title is derived from Commissioners Sales for taxes in the year 1800. Terms made known at the time of sale. Elizabeth JACKSON, Joseph SINTON, Charles MINER., Wilkes-Barre.

Edward PACKER to Miss Mary LORD, at Waterford, Susquehanna Co., June 5th by Joshua W. RAYNESFORD, Esq.

Charles PERIGO to Miss Mary TIFFANY, June 12th.

8 July 1814

Estate of Jude GOODALE, late of Tunkhannock Township, requests payments and demands.

Elisha HARDING, David OSTERHOUT, Admin’s., Tunkhannock.

Now or Never – To be sold on Thursday the 28th day of July next, at 10 o’clock A. M., at the house of Capt. Zephaniah LOTT, in Braintrim Township, the Building of a Bridge, over the Mahoopeny Creek, near the mouth. Terms made known on the day of sale, by: John S. WHITCOMB, Paul OVERFIELD 2nd, Supervisors for Braintrim.

Letters on hand at the Post Office in Wilkes Barre, July 1st:
Abraham ARNAL
Ebenezer DADAM
Catherine COUBERT
John M. CARY
Nathaniel CRANDALL
George D. CLARK
Waterman EDDY
Abraham HART
Rebecca INGHAM
Ezra IDE
George JEWEL
Samuel JONES
Christian LEADER
Henry MACK
Nehemiah MONRO
Josiah PELL
Sheldon M. PERRY
Marmaduke PIERCE
Philip READ
Jacob RICE
Archibald SMILEY
Valentine SMITH
Wescott STONE
Nathan WADE
Phineas WALLER
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Letters on hand at the Post Office in Pittston, July 1st:
Warren BROWN
Ebenezer MARCY
Stephen SCOTT
Thomas SMITH
Ebenezer DRAKE
Stephen TRIPP
Daniel SCOTT & Deodat SMITH
Isaac WILLSON & Ebenezer DRAKE
Joseph WEBSTER, Coroner of Luzerne Co.

Estate of George NASE, late of Kingston Twp., requests payments and demands. E. HOYT, Kingston, Executor.

Fatal Occurrence. On the 23rd ult., Ephraim C. WEATHERBE, of Abington, aged 19 years was killed by the fall of a tree. He was a young man of an amiable disposition, virtuous life and engaging manners, and much beloved by all who knew him.

The 4th of July. The thirty-eighth anniversary of American Independence was celebrated by the Federal Republicans of Wilkes-Barre and its vicinity, on Monday last, with a degree of zeal, evincing the genial spirit of ’76. At 2 o’clock, the company marched in procession from Mr. COLT’S to the Court-House. Rosewell WELLES, Esq., President, and Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., Vice-President of the day; they partook of a sumptuous dinner, prepared by Mr. COLT for the occasion. After the removal of the cloth, toasts were drank, accompanied by discharges of cannon.

Elisha BLACKMAN 2nd to Miss Polly SEARLE, at Pittston, by Enos FINCH, Esq. (no date)

15 July 1814

Take Notice. All persons indebted to the Subscriber are requested to make immediate payment; and those having demands against him, to present the same for settlement. It is expected this request will be attended to as 1 calculate to quit the county the first of October next. Joseph BOWES, Willingborough.

Estate of John M’CORD, late of Tunkhannock Township, request payments and demands. Sally M’CORD, Elisha HARDING, Admin., Tunkhannock.

To the Public. The Subscriber has taken a convenient house in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, a few rods east of the Court-House, where he proposes keeping a Boarding-House and Tavern. Travellers, and those who are disposed to call upon him, shall be accommodated in the best manner he is able. A. COLT.

22 July 1814

Appointments by his Excellency Simon ___der, Commander in Chief of the Militia of the State of Pennsylvania. The following commissions bear date July 4, 1814:

–Northampton, Pike & Lehigh: Thomas CRAIG, Major General; Henry SPEARING, Henry MERTZ Brigadiers General; Matthias GRESS, John FOGEL, Brigade Inspectors.

–Northumberland, Union, Columbia, Luzerne, Susquehanna & Wayne: Daniel MONTGOMERY, Major General; John LIGHT, William ROSS, Brigadiers General; John JONES, Isaac POST, Brigade Inspectors

–Lycoming, Potter, M’Kean, Bradford & Tioga: Major General, John BURROWS; John BURROWS, John CUMMINGS, Henry WELLES, Brigadiers General; Joseph J. WALLIS, Edward HENRICKS, Brigade Inspectors

We are sorry to state that the brave gen. SWIFT [formerly of Wyoming] was lately killed by the Indians, while on a scouting party, at the head of his active company of Volunteers.

Mrs. Mary, wife of Joseph WORTHINGTON, died at Bedford on Monday last, after a lingering illness, aged 44 years. She was esteemed and respected by her neighbors and her family & friends, will long regret her loss.

29 July 1814

Wood Carding. The Subscriber having found it necessary to move his new Carding Machine, for the want of water, informs the public that he now has two Carding Machines and a Picking Machine in the completest order for business, at the old stand in Kingston, near Swetland’s Mill, where wool will be carded on the shortest notices. People coming from a distance may generally have their wool to carry home with them. As the subscriber has taken unwearied pains to get the first of Cotton Cards for the purpose of carding cotton, and merino wool, has hired Jacob PLUMB, who is a first rate workman, he flatters himself that the public will patronize him. Wool. May be left at the store of Stephen C. KING, Wilkes-Barre, at the store of Miner SEARLE, Pittston, where a waggon will be sent weekly for the purpose of getting wool and returning rolls. All kinds of produce taken in payment; every tenth pound of wool will be taken when it is requested, but no trust. Elijah SALTER, Plymouth

For Sale. The farm of the subscriber now lives in Tunkhannock township, containing one hundred and sixty acres, bounds on the west side of the river Susquehanna. A never failing stream runs through the said lot, which is well timbered with Chestnut and Oak, and a framed Barn and Corn House, together with hewed log dwelling house, are on the premises. Forty acres are under improvement and enclosed within a good fence. An indisputable title will be given, (patent from the state). Terms made known by applying to the subscriber. Thomas MITCHELL, Tunkhannock.

Notice – Came to the enclosure of the subscriber on the 20th inst. A small bay horse, with a star in the forehead, about four or five years old. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take him away. David DALEY, Tunkhannock.

The Drawing for the preference of Lots in the town of New Baltimore, will commence on the tenth of September next at the house of the subscriber in Wilkes-Barre. John P. ARNDT.

Letters on hand at the Kingston Post Office, July 1st:
Alexander JACKSON
Philip MYERS
Ebenezer PARISH
Elnathan WILSON
Thomas WALL

5 August 1814

The Scholars of the Academy, under the direction of Rev. Wm. WOODBRIDGE, passed a public examination on Tuesday last; it being the close of the first quarter since that gentleman has presided over the institution.

The Public are hereby notified that the subscriber has purchased the Patent Right of Biswell, Hinman and Gaines’ new patent Cotton and Spinning Machine, for the County of Luzerne, and offers rights by the town or single. The Machine can be seen in operation at his works in Kingston, where he will attend on those who wish to purchase. Recommendations from the best factories in the state of New York, can be produced, to prove the usefulness of the Machine as well for family as a public use. Sam SHOEMAKER, Kingston.

William Sawyer, son of Eleazer CAREY, died at Pittston on Saturday evening last, in the 2nd year of his age.

John DICKSON, Esq., departed this life on the 14th ult., Editor and Proprietor of the Petersburg Intelligencer, aged 32. (no date)

12 Aug. 1814

Notice is hereby given to the owners of unseated lands, situated in the county of Luzerne, and those parts of Bradford and Susquehanna counties, lately part of said county, who are delinquent in the payment of the county and road taxes due thereon, for one or more years, levied before the present year 1814, that if the said taxes due are not paid to Nathan PALMER, Esq., County Treasurer, at Wilkes-Barre, within three months from the date hereof, the said Treasurer will be directed to make sale of so much thereof as will satisfy the taxes due, and costs of sale thereon. Abiel FELLOWS, Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Benjamin CARY, Commissioners.

Will be sold at Tunkhannock, on the 5th day of September next, at Public Vendue, at the late dwelling house of John M’CORD, deceased the following property, viz: horses, oxen, cows, sheep, hogs, household furniture, wheat, rye, oats and hay, with a number of other articles. Terms of sale will be made known at the day of the sale by Sally M’CORD, Elisha HARDING.

Patent Loom. The Subscriber is happy in assuring the public, that he has succeeded in perfecting an improvement in a Loom, which from the encouragement he has hitherto met with, he flatters himself is the most simple and easy method of Weaving. The whole process of making cloth is performed by moving the lathe and treading, which delivers the web, throws the shuttle, and winds the cloth. A person can weave from 20 to 30 yards per day, with ease; the principle may be seen in operation at Benjamin PERRY’S Inn, in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, who is legally authorised to sell rights in Luzerne County. George W. HAKES, Patentee.

19 August 1814

Joseph L. WORTHINGTON to Miss Hannah FULLER, in Kingston. (no date)

Mrs. Saloma, consort of Joseph SWETLAND, died in Kingston, aged 48 years. (no date)

Payne PETTEBONE died. (no date)

26 August 1814

Notice is hereby given to the members of the Troop of Horse, formerly belonging to the 35th Regiment, PA Militia, to meet at the house of Col. Naphtali HURLBUT, in Kingston, on the 27th inst., at one o’clock in the afternoon, to ascertain whether they will be able to have the company organized. Isaac CARPENTER, Joshua PETTEBONE. N. B. All well wishers of the company are particularly desired to attend.

Attention!! The patriotic young men of Wilkes-Barre and its vicinity, who are willing to join a Rifle Company, and turn out for the defence of their country, will please to meet at the house of John P. ARNDT, on Thursday (September 1st) next, at 3 o’clock P.M.

At a Church Meeting held at Plymouth, the 20th inst. It was thought expedient to notify our brethren and the community at large (as some mistakes have already been made) that the Baptist yearly meeting will commence on Thursday the 8th September at the house of Elias DODSON in Huntington. By order of the Church, Griffin LEWIS.

The Subscriber wishes to purchase a quantity of good Saw-Mill Logs, for which a generous price will be given, and the money paid on their delivery. Samuel SUTTON, Exeter.

Amelia, daughter of Garrick MALLERY, Esq., died in this town on Saturday morning last, aged 6 months.

2 September 1814

WILSON & HIGHT, Tailors from Philadelphia, inform their friends and the public, that they have taken the stand, lately occupied by Calvin EDWARDS, over the Gleaner Office, where they intend to carry on their business in all its various branches. All orders left at their shop, will be punctually attended to; and they will endeavor to do their work in the neatest and most fashionable style.

Gentlemen Who are passing from the Upper Section through Wilkes-Barre, with DROVES, are respectfully notified that they can be accommodated at Jacob’s Plains, two miles north of the Borough, at the noted stand of John and Henry CORTRIGHT’S. A meadow of fifty acres, at their doors, has been reserved on purpose, for the accommodation of Drovers. Decent accommodations at the same place for travellers.

9 Sept. 1814

Peace Nominations:
Luzerne County:
County Commissioner: Daniel HOYT
Auditors: Philip FENSTERMAKER, Stephen TUTTLE and George MILLER
Bradford County:
County Commissioner: John TAYLOR
Auditors: David Paine, William F. DININGER, Salmon BOSWORTH

Wolves! These destructive animals have lately made a great havoc amongst the flocks of Sheep in Kingston, Exeter, Plymouth and the vicinity. To remedy so great and destructive an evil, a number of the inhabitants of said townships, have agreed to meet at the house of N. HURLBUT in Kingston, on Wednesday the 14th inst. at 2 o’clock, P. M. to devise means to secure themselves against like devastation in future.

Married – At Mounty-Moriah, on the 11th Aug. last, by Rev. Worthington WRIGHT, Dr. Florrence MAHONY, of Bethany, to Miss Christiana, daughter of Ephraim KINBLE, of Mounty-Moriah, Wayne.

The Subscribers Have entered into a partnership under the firm of SEARLE & BLACKMAN, for the special purpose of keeping a retail store, commencing on the 18th July, 1814, and have just received a new supply of Domestic and Foreign Goods, which they offer for sale, at low prices, for cash or produce, at their store in Pittston. Miner SEARLE & Elisha BLACKMAN 2nd

Notice – Estate of William BRYAN, late of Berwic, requests payments and claims. Joseph BRYAN and John BARTON, Administrators, Berwic.

One Yoke of Oxen, at $100, and one Cow for sale, by Joel ROGERS, Plymouth.

New Baltimore. The Drawing for the Preference of Lots, in the Town of New Baltimore, is unavoidably postponed until the first Saturday in November next, when it will positively be drawn at the house of the subscriber. John P. ARNDT, Wilkes-Barre.

Militia Election. At an election held on Monday last, the 5th inst., at the mouth of Shickshinney Creek, for Field Officers, for the 45th Regiment, the following persons were elected:
Colonel: Isaac BOWMAN
Lieut. Colonel: Redmond CONYINGHAM
Majors: Stephen VANLOON, John SNYDER

A Camp Meeting, will be held in Hop-Bottom, Susquehanna county, to commence on Thursday, the 15th Sept. next.

16 Sept. 1814

A meeting of the Federal Republican Delegates from Luzerne, Bradford and Susquehanna, convened at the house of Charles OTIS, in Tunkhannock, on the 12th September.

Notice – All persons indebted to the subscriber, in any way whatever, are desired to make immediate payments. Stephen HOLLISTER, Kingston.

Notice – Is hereby given to all concerned, that as the subscriber expects soon to leave his present place of residence, it is indispensably necessary that all of his accounts should be immediately settled. Attention to this will save cost. George LANE, Plymouth

Last Notice. All persons indebted to the late firm of Wright, Rogers & Co. are hereby earnestly requested to call at the store of Joel ROGERS & Co., and settle the same within twenty days and save cost. Joseph WRIGHT, Joel ROGERS & Benjamin REYNOLDS, Plymouth.

Estate of Nathan TYRREL, late of Northmoreland, requests payments and claims. Jehiel FULLER, Administrator, Northmoreland.

Died – At Lenox, Susquehanna county, on the 7th Sept., John DECKER, aged about 30 years.

At an election for officers for the 2nd brigade 8th division Penn. Militia for the county of Susquehanna, the following persons were elected:
Colonel: Frederick BAILEY
Lieut. Colonel: Joseph BURGESS
Majors: Isaac SLOCUM and Benjamin LATHROP

At an election for officers for the 2nd brigade 8th division Penn. Militia for the county of Wayne, the following persons were elected:
Colonel: Moses THOMAS
Lieut. Col.: Job TYLER
Majors: Joseph WASHBURN and Luther STARK.
The counties of Luzerne, Susquehanna and Wayne, for the 2nd brigade of the 8th division, Pa. Militia.

Wolf Hunt. The Committee appointed to organize a Wolf Hunt, have agreed to propose Tuesday the 20th inst. for the day to scour the Woods; and the line to be formed to commence at or near the house of Elijah AYRES in Exeter and to extend southwardly to Nehemiah IDE’S; from thence on a line to Tilbury’s Mills. The line to be formed by eight o’clock in the morning and in order to insure an early start it is recommended to encamp on the line the night preceding, and close in at Forty Fort the same evening. The bounty given is to be divided equally among the company – and it is hoped that every man will turn out on the day.

23 Sept. 1814

Public Notice – Dissolution. The partnership of J. & W. BARNES, is this day dissolved by mutual agreement. All debts owed by the firm are to be paid by Wm. and B. D. BARNES; and all debts due the firm are to be paid to them. James BARNES and Wm. BARNES. William and Brittannia D. BRNES, have this day entered into partnership under the firm of Barnes & Co., by whom the business will be continued as usual. All persons who are indebted to the late firm of J. &. W. BARNES, are requested to settle their respective accounts immediately and save cost. Wilkes-Barre, Sept. 23rd.

30 Sept. 1814

The Editor of the Gleaner has been engaged from home the three months past, and has therefore been unable to furnish the usual quantity of original matter. The politeness of a few correspondents – the attention of those who have superintended the Gleaner in his absence, and the unequalled pressure of highly interesting war details, have rendered the paper, he trusts, all that our patrons could desire.

Militia Notice – The commissioned officers of the regiment composed of parts of the counties of Luzerne and Susquehanna, are hereby directed to meet at captain Jeremiah SPENCER’S in Springville township, Susquehanna county, on Monday the 17th October next, at 10 o’clock, A. M. armed and equipped for military discipline as the law directs. Fred BAILY, Colonel, Waterford.

Stray – Came and broke into the enclosure of the subscriber, about the first of August past, a small bay horse colt. The owner is requested to prove his property, pay charges, take and keep it away. Zeb. BUTLER, Wilkes-Barre.

The estate of David M. DILLEVAN, late of Tunkhannock, requests payments and claims. Betsy DILLEVAN and Noah SMITH, Administrators, Exeter.

An Ordinance For the Regulations of the Market in the Borough of Wilkesbarre.

7 Oct. 1814

Melancholy. Last week, Christian SARVER, of Newport, an aged man, went into the woods with his rifle, hunting. Not returning as was expected, his family became alarmed and went in search for him. He was found near a ledge of rocks, from which it is supposed he must have fallen, but the poor old man was dead.

On Tuesday evening died Katharine HOUSMAN, aged 20 years, of this Borough, formerly of Heidleberg township, Northampton county. She had been low spirited for some time, and from some expressions made two months ago, it is supposed she meditated her own destruction. On Monday she provided herself with half an ounce of opium, the principal part of which she took. Its effects were excessively distressing, and it higher and better motives have no weight her suffering should be a warning to deter others from the perpetration of so dreadful a purpose.

700 Acres of Land Will be sold at Public Vendue, at the house of Josiah FASSET, on the 10th of November next, at 10 o’clock, A. M. The Public Lots of Land in Braintrim township, Nos. 44, 37 and 3. The interest of the purchase money only will be required with good security. Two days preceding the sale, the committee will attend to show the land to any one who wishes to purchase. Josiah FASSET, Joshua KEENEY and J. S. WHITCOMB, Town Committee, Braintrim.

New Fulling Mill – The subscriber would inform the public, that he has erected a new Fulling Mill on Laurel Run, near Downing’s Saw Mill, in the township of Wilkes-Barre, where he intends to carry on the business of Dyeing and Dressing cloth in all its various branches. Having had twenty-three years experience in the business, he flatters himself that he can do his work to please all those that will favor him with their custom. Cloth will be received at the store of Barnes & Co., in Wilkes-Barre, and returned when done. Hezekiah PARSONS.

Letters on hand at Wilkes-Barre:
Stephen ABBOTT
Abraham ARNOLD
Shadrach AUSTIN
Benjamin BAILEY
Aaron BEEM
Daniel BLACK
Ishmael BENNET Jr.
Joseph S. BARNES
Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Esq.
Anderson DANA
Thomas DAVIS
Isaac GRUVER &
George GORE
Richard GOUGH
Joseph STEEL
Ezekiel HYDE
Edward INMAN
Samuel JONES
Christopher KOUKE
Lieut. Thomas R. KERNAN
George LEARN
Parley LYON
John A. LOEB
William MARTIN
Benjamin FULLER &
Godfrey MUELER
Joseph PRUNER, Esq.
Joseph POTER
Darius SUTLIFF &
Obediah SCOTT
Margaret THARPE
Jonathan WESTOVE
Josiah WILCH

Take Notice – Members of the Kingston Moral Society are hereby notified that the annual meeting of said society will be held at the house of Col. N. HURLBUT, Innkeeper in said township, on Monday the 10th day of October, inst., at two o’clock, P. M. in order to elect suitable characters to fill the different offices in said society, agreeably to the constitution and bye-laws of the same, for the year ensuing, and to do any other business proper to be done at said meeting. A punctual attendance of all the members is requested. By order of the society, Charles CHAPMAN, Recording Secretary, Kingston.

Good old W. I. Rum & Gin, by the hhd. or barrel, and 10,000 Spanish Segars, For Sale, cheap as the times will admit. A short credit will be given if required. Also a few tickets in the 2nd class of the Wilkes-Barre Lottery, now drawing in Philadelphia. Peleg TRACY, Wilkes-Barre.

Married – At Tunkhannock, Zebulon AVERY to Miss Lydia EBBERT (no date)


14 Oct. 1814

Married – At Salem, Wayne county, Benjamin HARRISON to Miss Hannah WHEATCRAFT (no date)

Died – In Georgia, Mrs. Catherine MILLER, relict of the great general Greene, aged 60.

New Nail Manufactory, North side of Public Square. Geo. GORDON, Wilkes-Barre.

Iron Works – To Let, for one or more years, the Forge, in Newport township, Luzerne county, together with 800 acres of Wood Land. The Forge is in good repair, and there is a sufficiency of Ore near. Possession given the first of March ensuing. Lazarus STEWART, Hanover.

Notice – To the Troop of Horse, are requested to meet at the house of Naphtali HURLBUT, in Kingston on Monday the 24th day of October, instant, completely equipped for exercise as the law directs. Isaac CARPENTER, Kingston. The Luzerne Volunteer Matross, will also meet at his house on Saturday the 22nd inst., at 3 o’clock, P. M. to made some arrangements for organizing the company.

21 Oct. 1814

Benj. DORANCE and Putnam CATLIN, Esquires, are elected Representatives to the Legislature for Luzerne, Susquehanna and Bradford.

Thomas MURRAY, Jr. is elected a Senator, from the counties of Luzerne, &c.

It is probable that Jared IRWIN and Wm. WILSON, are elected to the 14th Congress, from the district of which Luzerne forms a part.

Fulling Mill – The subscriber would inform the public that he has taken the Fulling Mill formerly owned by Lot BREES, near Shoemaker’s Mill, where he calculates to carry on the business in all its various branches. Cloth will be received at the stores of H. BUCKINGHAM and C. G. OEHMIG, in Kingston. All kinds of farmer’s produce will be received in payment, if delivered previous to the first of April next. David GOODWIN, Kingston.

Letters in the Post Office at Kingston:
Abner H. ALLEN
Daniel ACKLA
Leonard DEVINS
Charles HARRIS
Christian G. OEHMIG
Thos. PACE

28 Oct. 1814

Married – In Harrisburgh, his excellency Simon SNYDER, governor of this commonwealth, to Mrs. Mary SCOTT, of that borough.

4 Nov. 1814

Wanted Immediately, A Journeyman Clothier, With or without a family. Enquire of the subscriber at the mouth of Briar Creek. Wm. RITTENHOUSE.

Died – At Harford, Susquehanna county, Daniel WOODRUFF, aged 20 years. (no date)

New Fulling Mill run by Saml. SHOEMAKER, Kingston.

To Be Sold – Four tracts of land in Luzerne County, 159 acres in Exeter township; 187 acres in Providence township, 151 acres in Pittston and 226 acres part in Pittston and part in Exeter. Apply to George TAYLOR in Kingston, who will in future pay the taxes for all my lands in Luzerne county. Joseph HORSFIELD.

Estate of Solomon BATES, late of the township of Tunkhannock, requests payments and claims. Elisha HARDING, Administrator, Tunkhannock.

20 Dollars Reward – Stolen from the subscriber on the 18th July last, a large bay Mare, by Augustus AKERLY. He is about 6 feet high, stocky build, light complexion, one cheek rather larger than the other, and is about 22 years of age. He wore off a deep blue coat, white vest and white ribbed pantaloons. Whoever will secure the thief and return said mare to the subscriber will receive the above reward, or ten dollars for the mare alone. The above thief stole at the same time a saddle, somewhat worn, with a red plush padding and new girth, together with a good bridle, nearly new. Esick THAYER, Harford, Susquehanna co.

11 Nov. 1814

Sheriff’s Sale to be held Nov. 28th at Montrose by Edward FULLER, Sheriff, Montrose:

1) Tract of land in the townships of Springville and Auburn bounded by lot of land surveyed to John PASSMORE and John ROBINSON, containing one hundred and thirty-five acres, Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Daniel STERLING, Salmon BOSWORTH, Samuel RANSOM and Richard BARNUM surviving partner of Elijah BARNUM, against Loyd GOODSILL, subject to a mortgage of 264 dollars and 2 cents.

2) Land situated in the township of Rush, on the East branch of the Wyalusing creek, bounded by line of lands belonging to the estate of the late Henry DRINKER, dec’d, containing 182 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John FAIR, Henry YOUNKIN and John SMITH against Jacob COOLY.

Nancy ELY, respectfully informs the Ladies of Wilkes-Barre and its vicinity, that she has just received from Philadelphia, a handsome assortment of Bonnets, Also Morrocco, Kid and Leather Shoes; Vestings; Silk Velvets; Crape, & C. together with Muslins, Nankeens, and a handsome supply of Fancy Goods.

Married – At Waterford Susq. Co. by the Rev. Elisha BIBBINS, David BISSELL to Miss Lois BEEBE. (no date)

18 Nov. 1814

Fulling Mill – The subscriber informs the public that he has taken the Mill formerly owned by HOLLISTER where work in the line of Fulling and Dyeing, and all the various branches of the business, will be carried on. Cloth may be left at the stores of S. C. KING, Wilkes-Barre or H. BUCKINGHAM, Kingston, where it will be returned when finished. Joseph SWETLAND, Kingston

25 Nov. 1814

Dissolution of Partnership – The Public are hereby informed that the Partnership of I. GRANTHAM & Co. is this day dissolved by mutual agreement; all indebted to the Firm are requested to make payment to Isaac GRANTHAM, Wilkes-Barre.

Six Cents Reward. Ran away from the subscriber on the 1st inst., an apprentice named Perus BARDWELL, about 15 years of age, he had on when he went away, a coatee of Blue and white gingham, tow trowsers Copperas coloured. The above reward will be given and no charges paid to any person who brings him back. All persons are forbid to harbor or trust him under the penalties of the law. Shepard PIERCE, Wysox.

The Militia – Who marched from this place a few days ago, were dismissed at Danville, are returning home. The wisdom of our rulers is every day displaying itself. How admirable are our affairs managed! While our fellow citizens of the militia, whose interests – feelings and rights have been thus sported with, deserve high praise for the spirit manifested by them to serve their country – the conduct of the men who have dragged them from their homes thus uselessly, is a subject of universal indignation and censure.

2 Dec. 1814

Attachment – Whereas the pursuance of an Act of the General Assembly of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, an attachment hath been issued by the subscriber, one of the Justices in and for Luzerne county, against a certain Lemuel CROOKER, of the township of Huntington, in the county aforesaid, Preacher, whereon certain goods, chattels and effects, of the said Lemuel CROOKER, have been attached, are now in the custody of Joseph RHOADS and Joseph DODSON 2nd, of the same township, until they shall be disposed of according to law. This is, therefore, to give notice to the Creditors of the said Lemuel CROOKER, to appear on Friday, the thirtieth day of December next, at the house of Miles SUTLIFF, in the township aforesaid, then and there to discover and make proof of their demands, agreeably to the directions of the said Act. C. E. GAYLORD, J. P.

Married – In this town, Richard BROWN to Miss Isabella MACANALLY (no date)

Married – Barzella BROWN to Miss Polly DUNCAN (no date or place)

Died – In Danville, Pa., Ezra STURDEVANT, of Harford in Susquehanna county; he was one of the drafted militia from that county, on a march towards Baltimore, and was left sick at Danville when the militia were discharged at that place. He was a respectable citizen, and has left a worthy family to mourn his loss. He was buried at Danville with military honours by a company of volunteers from Milton commanded by Capt. MOODY.

Stockholders of the Milford and Owego Turnpike road company will meet at the house of Edward FULLER, Esq., Montrose, county of Susquehanna, on the first Monday of January next. P. CATLIN, Sec’y.

Stockholders of the Easton and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Road Company, are notified that an election will be held at the court-house in the borough of Easton, Northampton county, on the first day of January next, for the purpose of choosing one President, twelve Managers, and a Treasurer, for said Company for the ensuing year. B. PERRY, Sec’y, Wilkes-Barre.

9 Dec. 1814

To Rosewell KARSON – Take Notice, that Elizabeth KARSON, your wife, has filed her petition against your for a divorce from the bonds of Matrimony, and that an alias subpoena has issued and is in my hands, returnable to the first Monday of January next, before the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne county, to be holden at Wilkes-Barre in and for the said county, at which time and place you will attend, and show cause if any you have, why the petition and libel of the said Elizabeth should not be granted, and why the bonds of Matrimony should not be dissolved. E. SHOEMAKER, Sheriff.

To Esther AYRES. Take Notice that Daniel AYERS, your husband has filed his petition against your for a divorce from the bonds of Matrimony, and that an alias subpoena has issued and is in my hands, returnable to the first Monday of January next, before the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne county, to be holden at Wilkes-Barre in and for the said county, at which time and place you will attend, and show cause if any you have, why the petition and libel of the said Daniel should not be granted, and why the bonds of Matrimony should not be dissolved. E. SHOEMAKER, Sheriff.

Gun-Smithing. The subscriber informs the public that he has commenced the Gun-Smith’s Business on Main Street, Wilkes-Barre. William DENNIS.

The inhabitants of the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, are requested to meet at the Academy on Monday evening next, at 7 o’clock, to decide upon the best mode of warming the Meeting House.

A general attendance of the Members of the Drill Company at the Court-House, to-morrow at three o’clock, P. M. is requested. By order of the Captain. S. D. BETTLE, Drill Serg’t.

16 Dec. 1814

Fulling and Dyeing – The Subscribers respectfully inform the public generally, that with a considerable expense they have erected a new and complete Fulling Mill, on Wyalusing Creek, two miles from the village of Mont Rose. John REYNOLDS and Jacob FROST, Bridgewater.

Strayed from the enclosure of the subscriber, a three year old bay Colt, with a star in her forehead, and a slit in her left ear. Whoever will take up said colt and return it to the owner shall be handsomely rewarded. Isaac WILLSON, Pittston.

Married – On Sunday the 11th inst., by Charles CHAPMAN, Esq., Joseph SWETLAND to Miss Clarisa DEWALD, both of Kingston.

23 Dec. 1814

The Printer to his Subscribers up the River – I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I have removed to my new office and as it is right comfortable, I am sure you will all be glad of it. But then I am in debt for a part of it, and my paper-maker is really in want of his pay. Now a young man, a worthy friend of mine starts this week up to visit you, to collect the little balances due me. He has the names of about 300 subscribers from whom from three to four dollars each is due. If I could get the chief of it how rich I should feel. Com, be liberal and just to your printer – be kind to my young friend – if you have not five dollars or four, pay him three. One word to the ladies – I have tolled assiduously to please you. If you like the Gleaner as I verily believe you do, just say a good work in our favor. Down the river and up the Lackawanna, at present I have no one engaged to call, but if each subscriber would send in his dues, they would be very acceptable. The Printer.

Three Hundred Tons Best Quality Cayuga Plaister; and one hundred barrels Lake Salt, for sale, on the lowest terms for cash by Stephen C. KING, Wilkes-Barre.

Rags! Cash paid for clean Cotton and Linen rags for the Kingston Paper-Mill. An Apprentice. A smart, active lad, about 14 or 15 years of age is wanted to the paper making business, at Kingston Paper Mill. H. BUCKINGHAM.

For sale at the Pittston Wire Factory, Indian Meal Sieves, made of the best wire, ready for use. They will be sold likewise at Joseph KINNEY’S, Sheshequin, cheap for cash or country produce. Warren BROWN, Pittston.

A Stray (Ewe) Sheep, Got into the flock of the subscriber about two weeks ago. It has a swallow’s tail crop on the left ear, and is marked with tar on the rump. The owner by proving it his and paying charges may have it. Sidney TRACY, Wilkes-Barre, (Moyallen)

The Gleaner Office, is removed to the new building in Union Street, in the upper part of the Borough.

A Map of Wayne and Pike counties has recently been published by Jason TORRY, esquire, exhibiting not only a general view of those counties, but also “comprising the names of the original warrantee, and quantities of the respective tracts, distinguished by numbers, corresponding with those on the map.”” The map and warrantee names from a book of 78 handsome pages, bound neatly. The work is elegantly executed, and in our estimation reflects much credit upon its ingenious author, and deserves a liberal patronage. Such a map of Luzerne, Susquehanna and Bradford counties, is much wanted, and we are confident would well repay the labor of the publisher.

Attention Cavalry. At a meeting at the house of Philip MYERS, in Kingston, it was resolved that the company of Cavalry meet at the house of Oliver HELME, on Monday the 2nd day of January, 1815, at ten o’clock, A. M. completely equipped for military exercise as the law directs. Punctual attendance is necessary. Isaac CARPENTER and Joshua PETTEBONE, Kingston.

30 Dec. 1814

Notice in Earnest. All those indebted to the Subscriber, will please to make arrangements to pay him immediately, as he can give no further indulgence. Geo. TAYLOR, Kingston.

Bradford County – Court of Common Pleas. Amasa WITHY vs Lucy WITHY, of Bradford. Whereas Amasa WITHY did on the 18th day of April last, prefer his petition to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of the county of Bradford, at a court held at Towanda in and for the said county, praying that for the causes therein set forth, he might be divorced from the bonds of matrimony entered into with you the said Lucy WITHY. And whereas a subpoena and alias subpoena has heretofore issued from the said court, requiring you the said Lucy WITHY to be and appear in your proper person at the times and places in said subpoenas mentioned, which said subpoenas were returned not served, because you the said Lucy WITHY was not to be found. You are now therefore hereby notified and advertised that you be and appear in your proper person before the Judges at Towanda, at the Court of Common Pleas there to be held for the said county on the first Monday of February next to answer the petition or libel of the said Amasa; and to show cause if any you have, why the said Amasa your husband, should not be divorced from the bonds of matrimony; agreeable to the acts of General Assembly in such case made and provided. S. KINNEY, Attorney for Amasa WITHY, Towanda.

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