1815 Gleaner

The Gleaner 1815

Published on Friday, at Wilkes-Barre by Charles Miner

6 Jan. 1815

Life of Jesse Duncan ELLIOT, Esq. of the US Navy, born in Maryland on 14 July 1780. His father, Robert, was unfortunately slain by the Indians in 1794, near the Muskingum River, while transacting business for the US Army. [See article for more, also continued in future issues].

Thomas CROFT, alias John ROGERS, and James ROBINSON, alias James ELMIRE, were executed lately at Fort Mifflin, agreeably, to the sentence of a court martial. Jacob FILE who was sentenced to be shot, was reprieved.

At Evansburgh, Montgomery Co, on the 15th inst. Mary MORGAN, aged about 8 years, was killed instantly by the passage of a waggon wheel over her head. Three waggons were in company, and she is supposed to have slipped and fallen down. The Jury in the case decided that the child was killed accidentally

Rev. John GEMMIL, died the 14th ult. at his residence in West Chester, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, aged 54 years. He was late a senator of Pennsylvania – Principal of West-Chester Academy.

Letters remaining In the Post-Office, Pittston, January 1, 1815:
Richard BROWN
Peter PAYNE, jun.

Letters remaining in the Post-Office, Wilkesbarre, Jan. 1, 1815:
William AMES
Stephen ARNOLD
Fencher BROWN
Hanover BARNEY
Comfort CARY
Margaret FAUX
Isaac GRUVER &
Rev. George HARMON
Benjamin HOPKINS
Edward INMAN
George LOWRY
Gearge LEARN
Peter MINING &
Frederick NAGEL
John T. MILLER &
Frederick NOGGLE
Christian NAGLE &
Frederick NAGLE
Daniel PEAS jr.
George SMITH
Earl TUBBY &
Barnet ULP
Andrew VOGEL
Crandall WILCOX
Ephraim WHITE
Jacob WEISS jr.
Thomas WHITE
Jacob CIST, P. M.

A quantity of Flour For Sale, A good ten Plate Stove. by J. & J. SINTON, Wilkes-Barre.

An additional duty of 20 cents per gallon on Whisky, is to commence on the first of February.

Died – In this town week last, an infant daughter of John J. WARD.

Died – A child of Mrs. Anna SCOTT

Died – In Kingston Mrs. GALLUP, at an advanced age.

Died – At Wysox within a short time, three melancholy and fatal accidents have happened. Mrs. Lydia STROPE was thrown from a light waggon, by the horse’s suddenly starting – She survived the fall but a few seconds.

Died – A child of Nathaniel HICOCK jr. was so burnt by its clothes taking fire, that medical assistance was called in vain, and after four days of pain breathed its last.

Died – On Wednesday the 28th December, Miss Lydia DOLTON, aged about 15 years, fell asleep by the fire, and the candle is supposed to have overset in her lap. The flame of her clothes awoke her in distraction. She ran out of doors and could not be caught until she was so dreadfully burnt that she survived only till Friday night.

New Goods – E. CAREY. Has received and offers for sale a general assortment to Merchandise. Pittston.

Notice – Is hereby given that the sale of unseated Lands, within the former limits of the County of Luzerne (before the organization of the Counties of Bradford and Susquehanna) for arrearages of taxes thereon due, will commence at the Court House in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre on Wednesday the 15th day of February next, at two o’clock P. M. Nathan PALMER, Treasurer of Luzerne County.

13 Jan. 1815

Appointment by the Commissioners. Nathan PALMER, Esq. to be Treasurer of the County of Luzerne.

Dead Man Found. On the 27th December last the Coroner was called to hold an Inquest on the body of a man who was found dead in the woods in Providence District, Luzerne County. It is thought he had missed the way, and that he perished from cold. He was supposed to be about 60 years of age, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, and of a middling size. He was poorly dressed, and had no property with him – nor any thing by which his name or residence could be discovered. Democrat

Died – At Abington, not long since, Mrs. Mary CLARK, aged about 50 years; consort of Deacon Wm. CLARK.

Died – A Child of William CLARK Jr.

Died – At the (Plains) Pittston, Jesse GARDNER.

Turnpike Election Results (see The Advertiser, 6 Jan. 1815)

Stray Heifer. Came to my enclosure about the last of November, a red Heifer two years old, marked with a crop off the left ear. The owner is requested to prove property pay charges and take her away. John DENNISON, Kingston.

Strayed from Enclosure of the Subscriber last fall, a two year old black Heifer, whoever will take up said Heifer and return it to the owner shall be handsomely rewarded. John WILSON, Tunkhannock.

Attention the Drill!! The Members of the Wilkes-Barre Drill Company are requested to meet in the upper room of the Court House precisely at 3 o’clock on Saturday, punctual attendance is earnestly requested, as business of importance is to be transacted. Gentlemen in the Borough and its vicinity desirous of becoming members of the Company are respectfully invited to come forward and make known their names. By order of the Captain, G. GORDON, Sergeant.

20 Jan. 1815

Letters at Kingston Post Office (See Advertiser, 20 Jan. 1815)

To Contractors, Proposals will be received until the first of April next for making a Turnpike Road from the village of new-Town to the head of the Seneca Lake, distance 21 miles. By order of the Directors, Thos. MAXWELL, New-Town (or Elmira).

Our sportsmen have had fine fun the week past. The valley has been visited by innumerable flocks of pigeons. The thing is quite unusual at this season. They are very fine and fat. Several good shots have been made; and Mr. L. YARINGTON killed 14 at one discharge of his gun. Whether they have been driven from their winter residence at Florida, and the neighborhood of New-Orleans, by the battles fighting there, I presume not to conjecture. They have heretofore been caught with rice in their crops, which indicates their southern residence, and the rapidity of their flight. By the bye, I have heard it said, and I think it probable, that the war on the Lakes has driven from thence the wild geese that used to breed there in such abundance.

Exhibition at the Wilkes-Barre Academy by scholars of Rev. Wm. WOODBRIDGE.

Bite of the Viper. Mr. Miner, Should the following remarkable occurrence, in your opinion merit publicity, you are at liberty to insert it in you Gleaner. The authenticity of the fact need not be doubted. In this country it is singular only at this season of the year, when we might suppose that reptiles of every description, were in the state of torpidity, denned up for the winter.
On Monday the 2nd inst., Mrs. LACY, wife of Daniel LACY, living towards the upper end of this town, on the east side of the river, went into the cellar early in the morning to get some sauce to prepare for breakfast, without a light. When in the act of picking up the sauce, she felt the force of a quick push, or blow on the hand, which occasioned instant and intolerable smarting. She immediately cried out she was bitten by a snake, and hurried away from the place as soon as possible. A candle was lighted and search made for the enemy. On his being discovered he provided to be that species of viper well known in this vicinity by the name of “Pilot.”
In its history, by some of the Geographers, I think it is called the Rattle-snake, its cousin. But as respects the deleterious effects of their virus pervading the human system, their similarity is such as, I believe, admits of no discrimination.
I saw the woman about five hours after the bite. The extreme pain and tumefaction of the hand and arm, was accompanied with a sensation of languor peculiar to incidents so alarming; and was diffused over the whole system. However, from the present aspect of symptoms, I conclude (though with some hesitation) the patient will recover. Braintrim, Jan. 5th.

Married – On Wednesday Evening last by the Rev’d. Mr. LANE, John O. ROSAKRANS, to Miss Elizabeth C. HAINES, all of Wilkes-Barre.

Died – At Providence on Tuesday last, Miss Polly ATHERTON, aged 12 years, daughter of Eleazer ATHERTON.

Died – In this town Mrs. KENNEDY at an advanced age.

Came into the enclosure of the subscriber, on or about the first of October last, one ox, about six years old, principally of a redish colour – with a white face, and high horns – no artificial mark. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges, and take him away. David SHOEMAKER, Braintrim.

27 Jan. 1815

Penn’a Legislature: (some others also listed)
1) Act proposed to raise by voluntary enlistment, to serve for three years or during the present war, six regiments, i. e. four of infantry, one of artillery and one of riflemen. The other proposed raising immediately by general classification and draft, a corps of nine thousand, to serve one year.
2) The petition of Ebenr. BOWMAN and Joseph JAMESON, executors of James STEWART, stating the late decision in the Supreme Court, in which a warrant under the act of 1792 affords a better title than a patent derived under the act of 1799. and praying relief, &c. has been read and referred to Messrs. CATLIN, HART, HUGHES, COXE and MC KIBBEN.
3) The governor has this day signed an act for incorporating the Manufacturing Company at Waterford in Susquehanna County. They are authorized to employ a capital stock which they may increase to $200,000. The present directors are Joab TYLER, John SEYMOUR, Amasa PETERS, Cyril GIDDINGS.

WILSON & HIGHT, Tailors, return their thanks to the public, for the liberal support they have heretofore received; and beg leave to inform them that they have just received from Philadelphia the Newest Fashions. Those who may please to favor them with their custom are assured that their work will be done as usual with promptitude and neatness. Wilkes-Barre.

For Sale. The subscriber offers either the whole or half of his Estate situate at James Vill (Manlius), Onodaga County, NY for sale on very low terms. Benj. CARPENTER. (description of land given)

Manlius Plaster, either ground or in stone, in any quantities, for sale at the subscriber’s mills and plaster bed at James Vill (Manlius, Onodaga, NY. Benj. CARPENTER.

New-Orleans. 21 Dec. …Considerable reinforcements under Gens. COFFEE and CARROLLA have arrived and so many more were on their way to join Gen. JACKSON that he would soon have a greater force than could be conveniently accommodated or used with advantage. No attack had been made or attempted by the enemy…..

Died – At Buffalo, NY, Lieut. Charles Marshall MACOMB, of the corps of artillery, aged 22. He fell in an unfortunate rencontre with Capt. John W. GOOKIN, of the same corps, at the second fire. He was the youngest brother of the distinguished Major-General MACOMB, and a native of the city of New York.

Died – At Halfmoon, NY, of the Hydrophobia, William MARVIN, 16, son of Daniel MARVIN, of that town.

On digging a grave in the Friends’ burying-ground in Arch-street, on Wednesday, the 11th inst., the following lines were found on a soap stone Tombstone some distance below the surface of the ground – Here Lies A Plant. Too Many See It; Flovrish’t And Perish’t In Half a Minvte. Joseph BAKESTRAW, the son of William, 30 day of Sept. 1700, shot by a negro in the 19th year and 4th month of his age.

2 Feb. 1815

Enlistment of Minors. Daniel, son of Caleb LEWIS, being enlisted into the army by George W. HIGHT, Esq., and serving as a soldier at Fort Independence, with the consent of the master to whom hew was bound, but against the will of the father, a writ of habeas corpus was issued on the complaint of the latter, and Judge JACKSON, of the S. J. Court of the state, (Massachusetts) gave his opinion on the case, after an elaborate argument, “that the prisoner, Daniel LEWIS, cannot be held in the service of the United States.

Rates of Postage. Postmasters will take notice, that by an act of Congress, passed on the 23rd inst., the several rates of postage are augmented fifty per centum; and that after the first of February next, the rates of postage for single Letters will be:
For any distance not exceeding 40 miles 12 cents
Over 40 miles and not exceeding 90 15 cents
Over 90 do. 150 18 _ cents
Over 150 do. 300 25 _ cents
Over 300 do. 400 30 cents
Over 500 37 _ cents
Double letters or those composed of two pieces of paper, double those rates.
Triple letters or those composed of three pieces of paper, triple the rates.
Packets, or letters composed of four or more pieces of paper and weighing one ounce or more, avoirdupois, are to be rated equal to one single letter for each quarter ounce.
Newspapers – Each paper carried not exceeding 100 miles, or for any distance, not being carried out of the state in which it is printed, 1 _ cents.
If carried out of the state where it is printed, and over 100 miles, 2 _ cents
Magazines – Carried not over 50 miles, for each sheet, 1 _ cents
Over 50 and not exceeding 100 miles, 2 _ cents
Over 100 miles, 3 cents
But pamphlets are not to be received or conveyed by post on the main line in any cross road where the mail is large.
Return J. MEIGS, Jr., Post Master General

The bill for extending the time for bringing ejectments in Luzerne County, &c. having passed the day for which it was ordered, has not yet been called up – it will probably be taken up next week.

Horrors of War – Regular Army of the U. States:
Deaths in 1812 13,476
Deaths in 1813 16,409
Deaths in 1815 18,015

Died – On Wednesday morning last John HAWKINS, of Tunkhannock, aged about 30 years, was found in the street, frozen to death.

10 Feb. 1815

The War – 3rd Year. Attack on New-0rleans. Head quarters, 7th Military District, Camp below New Orleans, 27th Dec. in the morning.

Died – In this borough on Tuesday morning last, Samuel WILLIAMS, of Bucks County, Penn., aged about 23 years.

Died – In Kingston, on Thursday the 2nd inst., John L. BAKER, aged about 40 years.

The bill for raising six regiments of regulars by voluntary enlistment, was this day, Jan. 31st, lost in the Senate, by a vote of 16 to 13.

17 Feb. 1815

Official Account of the Battle at New-Orleans

The Court Martial of Gen. WILKINSON

The following officers, who now _(page torn/missing)_ commissions in the United Sate army, served in the Revolutionary Army, viz:
Name – Years of service – Age
Gen. WILKINSON – 32 – 63
Gen. BURBECK – 30 – 62
Gen. CUSHING – 32 – 56
Gen. M. PORTER – 35 – 57
Gen. BISSELL – 27 – 59
Col. FREEMAN – 27 – 63
Col. KINGSBURY – 38 – 57
Col. SPARKS – 27 – 53
Maj. PIKE (father of late Gen. Z. M. Pike) – 32 – 64
Maj. WHISTLER – 26 – 58
Maj. BEALL – 25 – 59
Many of these officers entered the revolutionary army as privates, most of them were subaltern officers at the close of the war.

PEACE. The great and joyous news of PEACE between the United States and Great Britain. The treaty was signed by the American and British commissioners at Ghent, on 24th December, and ratified by the Prince Regent on the 28th.

The subscriber will attend at the store of LANE & HARVEY, in Plymouth, for one week, commencing on Monday the 2nd of March, for the purpose of settling up all his old Accounts. Those who do not attend will most assuredly be called upon in a different way. George LANE.

Cotton Yarn, just received and for sale by Isaac GRANTHAM, Wilkes-Barre.

Instructions from the Revenue Department peremptorily enjoin the strict and inflexible execution of the Revenue Laws. I therefore take this method to advise those who are delinquent in the payment of Duties of any description, that unless there is a speedy compliance with those Laws, legal measures will absolutely be taken to induce such compliance. A. BEAUMONT, Collector, 20th Collection District, Penn., Wilkes-Barre.

A Family Frolic, from the Orange County Gazette, Jan. 27: Married – A mother, two daughters and one son, all the same evening by the same Rev. Gentleman. On the 24th ult, by the Rev. VAN DOREN, John JANSON to Mrs. Catharine HOUSELANDER – James CRANS to Miss Susan HOUSELANDER – James TERWILIGER to Miss Mary HOUSELANDER – Nicholas HOUSELANDER to Miss Polly NORRIS, all of Burlingham.

Died – In Bolton, Massachusetts, 19th Jan., widow Elizabeth SAWYER, aged 105.

24 Feb. 1815

Receipts and Expenditures of the County of Luzerne for the year 1814, includes:
Viewing and laying out Union and Windham Townships
Expense of prisoners in County Prison: Calvin CONE, Joseph EDWARDS, Benjamin HEAD, John PIKE, Daniel DEVOUR, George BRACK, Zephaniah LOTT, Daniel C. WATKINS.

Take Notice. All persons having book accounts open with the subscriber, are requested to call and settle them immediately, either by note or immediate payment. Those who neglect a compliance with this request, may expect by the 20th day of March next, to find their accounts in the hands of a magistrate for collection. John S. WHITCOMB, Windham.

Notice. Hard times and bad jobs have reduced the subscriber to the necessity of calling on those indebted for immediate payment. The least delay will be attended with costs. Zeb. BUTLER, Wilkes-Barre.

Bristles. In the present situation of our country, every one ought to exert himself to encourage domestic manufactures. It is a singular fact that every family wants Brushes, and almost every family has eery year the principal materials to make them, and neglect even to save and convey them to the stores where they will be paid for them, and then they can ask me for brushes of any sort with confidence and success. I cannot make a brush without that necessary but neglected article, Hogs Bristles, no better than a man can make paper without rags, or a hat without fur. The prudent part of the community that have saved them, will do me a favour to send them to the stores of Messrs. BUCKINGHAMS, or any other store that will buy them, at from 20 to 30 cents pr. lb. and then I can satisfy any call for brushes. J. PATTRICK, Tunkhannock.

Estate of Daniel STOOKEY, late of Salem, request payments and demands against estate. Isaac COURTRIGHT and James DODSON, Executors, Salem.

Married – Last evening by J. WRIGHT, Esquire, John WORDEN, aged 65, to Mrs. Peggy AMES, aged 71, all of Wilkes-Barre

3 March 1815

The President and Managers of the Easton and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Road, have this day declared a dividend of two dollars seventy-five cents on each share of the capital stock of said company, which is payable to the stockholders or their legal representatives, on demand. Stephen TUTTLE, Treas’r., Wilkes-Barre, Feb. 6.

Treaty of Peace and Amity between His Britannick Majesty and the United State of America – printed in its entirety.

Married – In Salem by Rev. CHRISTIAN, Amos VAN BOWMAN. to Miss Ellen DODSON.

Married – Benjamin STOOKEY to Miss Martha GRUVER.

At Berwick, by Rev. Thomas BOWMAN, William HICKS to Miss Sally BROWN.

At Norwich, Con., Cushing EELLS to Miss Ruth HAWLEY.

Windsor, NY, on the 31st Jan., Mr. Perlee SMITH to Miss Amanda, daughter of Capt. Nathan WALLER, formerly of Wilkes-Barre.

Died – At Bozrah, Con., Elias WEST, Esq., aged 70.

Died at Guildford (found dead on the floor with her work in her hand), Mrs. Ordrea BISHOP, aged 90, and within a few days after, her sister, Mrs. Anna CALDWELL, aged 87.

All persons indebted to the subscribers are earnestly called upon to make a full settlement of their accounts before the 15th of arch next. Those who do not comply with this request will find their accounts placed in a legal train for collection. Daniel STERLING, Braintrim.

Dissolution – This day dissolved by mutual agreement, the partnership of BARNES & Co. All debts due by the later firm are to be paid by Wm. BARNES and all debts due the late firm are to be paid to him. Wm. BARNES and B. D. BARNES, Feby. 27, 1815.

Wm. BARNES, respectfully informs the public that he shall continue business at the Old Stand next door to J. HANCOCK’s Tavern, where he now offers for sale a general assortment of Dry Goods, cheap for cash. Also Whiskey by the Barrel or less quantity.

B. D. BARNES, has now on hand at his store, next door to LANE & HARVEY, a general assortment of Dry Goods at Peace Prices, for cash.

Collectors Accounts for the several townships with the county of Luzerne. Gives collector’s names, year, amount, amount paid and amount due. Only name of collector and year given below. (See article for further info.)
Abington: Samuel STONE (1813); Jeffrey DEAN (1814)
Braintrim: Joel DOWNING (1806); William SMITH (1813); Joseph BURGESS (1814)
Huntington: Reuben BLISS (1799); Thomas STEVENS (1802); Amariah WATSON (1809); Daniel TURNER (1813); Stephen HARRISON Jr. (1814)
Hanover: Stephen BURRETT (1813 & 1814)
Exeter: Gideon FITCH (1813); Thomas MANN (1814)
Kingston: Solomon CHAPIN (1807); Fisher GAY (1814); Joseph TUTTLE (1813); Philip MYERS (1814)
Newport: Jacob ROMBACK (1813); John NOBLES (1814)
Nescopeck: Jacob HESS (1813); Jacob BITTENBENDER (1814)
Nicholson: Henry FELTON (1807); Elisha BELL (1812); Elemuel CAREY (1813); Caleb ROBERTS (1814)
Pittston: Ebenezer MARCY (1812); John BENEDICT (1813); James SCOTT (1814)
Plymouth: Joel ROGERS (1812); George LANE (1813); Jonah ROGERS (1814)
Providence: Edward SPENCER (1812); Daniel DAVID (1813); Ebenezer SLOCUM (1814)
Sugar Loaf: Barnett HONSINGER (1813); Venus SMITH (1814)
Salem: Jesse HICKS (1806); Sebastian SYBERT (1812); Nathan BEACH (1814)
Tunkhannock: Newton SMITH (1813); Nathan JACKSON (1814)
Wilkes-Barre: Isaac CARPENTER (1809); Philip WEEKS (1812); Anderson DANA (1813); Isaac BOWMAN (1814)
Wysox: Zacharius PRICE (1809)
Willingboro: Lyman TORWBRIDGE (1809)
Clifford: Elisha HARDING (1809); John Kent (1811)
Wyalusing: Benjamin ACKLEY (1811); John HOLLENBACK (1812)
–Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Benjamin CAREY, James REEDER, Commissioners

17 March 1815

[Note this paper has been torn and sections missing.]

Married – On Thursday evenin__, Andrew BEAUMONT, to Miss Jul___, daughter of Arnold COLT, ____.

Died – At Hanover, on Thursday ___ing the 9th inst. Mrs. Priscilla ____, aged 64 years, consort of Capt. ___ LEE.

Distressing Accident. On Friday afternoon the 10th inst., Jabez AMES, aged 17 years, and his brother James, aged 9, sons of William AMES, left their father’s house, which stands near Col. HOLLENBACKS Mill, in this town, to go down by the river to cut some drift wood, which they had caught. When evening began to approach, the family felt uneasiness that they did not return…..search of them ….. drowned rushed with …… rocks at the river bank ….. eldest were found and …. .were afterwards traced ….. no returning track cou__ ….. No doubt remains but th__ ….. that bourne from wh__ ….. turns.” The youngest ….. by accident, and the elde__ …. generous attempt to save …… made but the bodies cou__. The water was high and ….. believed they were was_ ….. the current. Should the corpses be ……. we doubt not will decen__ …. we would be thankful fo__ …. on the subject that may …… communicate it to their af___.

24 March 1815

Married – In this Borough on Friday evening last, by Rev. Ard HOYT, Philip ABBOTT to Miss Mabel MERRITT.

At Durham, Eng. Lord BYRON, to Miss MILBANKE.

Died – In the town of Windham, Conn. (Scotland Society) on the 26th ult, John BAKER, in the 99th year of his age. He was born the 12th of Dc. 1716. His wife, Mrs. Marey/Marcy? BAKER died the 23rd March 1814 in the 89th year of her age. They lived together in marriage state 69 and a half years.

Died – At Norwich, Conn. Capt. Gurdon BILL, aged 56 years.

The old Gleaner accounts o the firm of MINER & BUTLER, which remain unpaid, in Towanda, Sugar Creek, Canton and Wysox, are no in the hands of Harry MORGAN, Esq.

The subscriber offers for sale a pair of good working horses and their harness. Frederick GOSNER, Wilkes-Barre.

For Sale – One horse, a four horse waggon, and a number of farming utensils. Inquire of Stephen TUTTLE or Edward COVELL., Wilkes-Barre.

The Court Martial (for the trial of delinquents) of which Lieut. Col. CONYNGHAM is President, is adjourned to meet at the court house in Wilkes-Barre on the first Monday of June next, at 8 o’clock A. M. of which all concerned will please to take novice. Per order, David SCOTT, Judge Advocate.

To Coal Diggers. Wanted 700 tons of Coal to be dug at the “Weiss Coal Bed,” near the Lehigh. The coal to be raised of a convenient size for handling, with the drill and slider – to be weighed at the river. No advance of cash to be made, and not more than half the amount of any quantity of coal to be paid at any time, until the contract is fulfilled. J. CIST and C. MINER & Co.

Dr. COOK, respectfully informs his friends and the public, that on the 25th inst., he shall have returned to his former residence in Bridgewater, Susquehanna County, where he will attend to all calls in the line of his profession. All persons indebted to him are earnestly called upon to settle their accounts without delay.

Notice – Will be sold at the shop of the subscriber in Wilkes-Barre, on Wednesday the 5th April, the following articles, viz: One Set Cabinet Maker’s Tools – some Cabinet Work and household furniture. Terms of payment made known at the day of sale. Joseph POTTER.

Wm. BARNES as agent for a powder manufactory, offers for sale Powder of the First Quality, by the keg or less quantity. Also clover seed.

Estate of Ezra STURDEVANT, deceased, late of New Milford Township, Susquehanna Co., request payments and demands. Mila STURDEVANT, Ad’x., New Milford.

Thoughts – A man should never be ashamed to own he has been in the wrong; which is but saying in other words, that he is wiser today than he was yesterday.

31 March 1815

A friend from Towanda, Bradford County writes, that an inexhaustible mine of Coal has been discovered upon that creek.

Six Cents Reward. Ran away from the Subscriber, on the night of the 21st of January last, an indented apprentice to the Carpenter and Joiners business, by the name of Josiah HORTON, about 5 feet 10 inches high, round shouldered, down look, and a black curly head, is very fond of hearing himself swear and sing, and will be found in the worst of company. Whoever will take up said apprentice, and return him to his master, shall have the above reward. George CHAHOON, Wilkes-Barre.

G. W. TROTT, gives notice to those indebted to him, whose accounts are of more than three months standing, that if not settled by the last day of April, they will be sued. Wilkes-Barre.

A Thousand Rails are wanted, to be delivered at J. BLANCHARD’S landing, at the Plains or at Wilkes-Barre.

7 April 1815

Captain STOUT arrived at Norfolk, from Bermuda, informs that midshipman DALE (con of commodore DALE) who was wounded in the action between the United State frigate President and a British squadron, died at Bermuda before the Catherine sailed.

Died – At Nicholson, much lamented, Jacob STEPHENS, aged 26 years, son of Ebenezer STEPHENS.

Valuable property to be sold, a house and 250, 150 and 450 acres of land in Berwick, by Nancy BRYAN.

New Line of Stages, from Wilkes-Barre to Painted Post in New York run by Coonrod TEETOR.

New Line of Stages, from Wilkes-Barre to Northumberland and Sunbury run by Miller HORTON.

For Sale. Lot and buildings at the corner of Main and Northampton Streets, Wilkes-Barre by Lewis DELAMANOM.

Take Notice. The subscriber is under the necessity of calling on his customers, for settlement, and wishes to close all his accounts between this time and the first of next May. Samuel SHOEMAKER. P. S. A clothier, who is a good workman, and can come well recommended, will be engaged on terms advantageous to him, by applying as above. Kingston.

Pittston Cotton Factory. Publick Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders of said company, to meet at the house of Peter HALLOCK, in Pittston, on Saturday the 22nd inst. at 10 o’clock A. M. to elect one President, one Treasurer, and Managers for said Company, and do any other business necessary to be done. Nathaniel GIDDINGS and Peter HALLOCK, Pittston.

Look Out! All persons are hereby cautioned not to purchase a certain note given by the subscriber to Jacob TAYLOR, as full and special payment on said note can be proven. H. BUCKINGHAM, Kingston.

Letters remaining at Kingston Post Office (see The Advertiser, 7 April 1815)

Publick Notice. The President and Managers of the Clifford and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Road Company, will meet at the house of William SIMRALL, in the township of Abington, on Monday the 24th inst., at two o’clock. on business of importance. Punctual attendance is requested. Benjamin PERRY, Sec.

The undersigned commissioners, appointed by “an act authorizing the Governor to incorporate “The President, Managers and Company of the Smithfield Turnpike Road commencing from the house of Henry DILLS, in Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton County and passing through the Delaware Water Gap to the Easton and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike; hereby given notice that books will be kept open for subscriptions for stock of said company, at the house of John P. ARNDT, Wilkes-Barre; George DRAKE in Stroudsburgh; John HOUSER in Lower Smithfield; Henry DILL in Upper Mount Bethel and Jacob HOFFMAN in Richmond. Commissioners: John HOUSER, Evan THOMAS, Samuel STOKES, John BAKER, John P. ARNDT, Stephen TUTTLE, Thomas ARMAT, Daniel STROUD, Jacob BROWN, James BURSON, Peter KOCHER.

14 April 1815

List of letters remaining at the Post Office at Wilkes-Barre, April 1st:
Jacob BOSTON &
Comfort CAREY &
Isabella COUVER
Samuel CAREY
Catharine COUVERT
Harris COLT
William COOK
Philip HANN &
Benjamin HEAD
___ HORTON, Esq.
Christopher KAUCK
Samuel LOGEN
Robert LEWIS
Sylvanus MOORE
Cornelius NEFUS
Philip REED
Daniel R. STILES
George SMITH
Jabez SILL
Matthew TEEPLE
Ashbel B. WILSON
Jacob BOBB
Joseph S. BARNES
& Samuel PEASE
George D. CLARK
William COOK
Jonathan DILLEY
Anderson DANA
Zephon P. FLOWER
George GORE
William GALLUP
Lavina HAYES
Jonathan KELLOG
Elizabeth MILLER
Frederick NAGLE
Samuel PEASE
Thomas SMITH
Andrew VOGEL
Elizabeth VAN VLEET
David Waterman
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Brigade Orders. In obedience of the 17th section of the militia law passed in 1814, the several colonels within the bounds of the 2nd Brigade 8th Division P. M. are directed to have their battalion trainings in the following order, viz: the 2nd battalion in the 2nd regiment commanded by Col. Isaac BOWMAN, on Monday the 8th day of May next; The 1st battalion in the 76th regiment, commanded by Col. Frederick BAILY, Wednesday the 10th; the 2nd battalion on Thursday the 11th. The first battalion in the 70th regiment commanded by Col. Moses THOMAS, on Friday the 12th, the 2nd battalion on Saturday the 13th. The colonels will designate the places of meeting, with the privilege of calling the regiment together, on either of the days mentioned for the battalions to meet, if they shall think proper. Isaac POST, Brigade Inspector, 2nd brigade, 8th division, Penn. militia, Montrose.

Notice – I am under the necessity of collecting my debts immediately. Those who do not pay me by the first day of May must not complain if they are put to trouble and costs. David B. WHEELER, Tunkhannock.

Estate of Benjamin COOLBAUGH, lately of Towanda Township, deceased, request payments and demands. Robert RIDGWAY and Jerusha COOLBAUGH, administrators, Towanda.

Court – George BRACK had been indicted for the murder of Robert DIXON, in August last. At last October term he was tried , and found guilty of murder in the first degree. On motion, the Court granted a new trial. At January term, some error having been made in summoning the Jury, he could not be tried. On Friday last he was arraigned at the bar, and his trial commenced. Messrs. EVANS and MALLERY were counsel (appointed by the Court) for the prisoner. Mr. ROSS on behalf of the prosecution. The trial was managed by the counsel on each side with the ability which is known to distinguish the gentlemen engaged. It is in contemplation to publish a full account of the trial; we there fore abstain from giving a sketch of the evidence, and the charge of the Judge, which we had prepared for the press. The verdict of the Jury was Murder in the second degree. BRACK received his sentence on Monday – Twelve years imprisonment in the Penitentiary; eleven of them at hard labour, and one in the solitary cells.

Died – At Bridgewater, Susquehanna County, Jedediah HEWETT, formerly of Norwich, Connecticut, aged about 40 years.

Died – In Allentown, Pa., in the 60th year of his age, John MULHALLEN, Esq., Prothonotary, &c. of Lehigh County.

Fire – On Saturday night (before Easter) the house of John GETTYS, of Sugar-Loaf township, was consumed by fire with all its contents. The loss was about one thousand dollars. He has the reputation of being a very honest and industrious man, and it is hoped that the able and humane will contribute to make up his loss.

Indian Murder – Milledgeville, March 15. Another Murder has been perpetrated, by a party of Creek Indians, upon the body of a wagoner, near Fort Perry. We understand the wagon was rifled of its contents; the horses stolen, and the negro who was in company with the wagoner, either murdered or taken off. This act, it is sated, was entirely unprovoked. These prowling banditti, who infest the nation, roaming after plunder, should be immediately hunted down, and receive exemplary punishment – or, we fear, it will be our unfortunate province to record many a similar act of their barbarity.

21 April 1815

Public Notice of assessments to be taken. Joseph TUTTLE, Kingston, Principal assessor of the 20th District. (See article for lists of assessment items)

Young Antog, will stand for mares the ensuing season. At the stable of N. HURLBUT, Kingston, every Saturday and the rest of the time at the stable of Philip READ, Careytown, Hanover. The terms are two dollars the single leap – four the season or five to ensure a foal. Money to be paid by the first of January next.

Regimental Orders. The enrolled militia who belong to the 2nd Battalion, in the 2nd Regiment are notified to meet near the market house in Berwick, on Monday the 8th day of May next. Those who belong to the 1st Battalion, are notified to meet on the ground on the north side of the bridge below the house of Isaac HARTZELL, Esq., in Hanover, on Tuesday the 9th of May next. Battalions to meet at 10 o’clock A. M., completely armed and equipped for exercise as the law directs. Capt. H. PARSONS, Lieut. J. NESBIT and Ensign L. MYERS, are the officers appointed to hold the Court of Appeal for the 1st Battalion, to meet at the house of Col. N. HURLBUT in Kingston, on Monday the 22nd May next at 10 o’clock, A. M. Capt. L. SEWARD, Lieut. J. HESS and Ensign P. FREECE, are officers appointed for the Lower Battalion, to meet at the house of James CAMPBELL, in Salem, on the same day and at the same hour. Isaac BOWMAN, Colonel, 2nd Regiment, P. M., Wilkes-Barre.

Regimental Orders. The 76th Regiment Pennsylvania Militia, are hereby directed to meet in Battalions as follows: The 1st Battalion to meet at the house Major Isaac SLOCUM, in Tunkhannock, on Wednesday the 10th, and the 2nd Battalion to meet at Edward FULLER’S, Montrose, on Thursday the 11th of May next, at 10 o’clock, A. M. on each of said days, armed and equipped for military duty as the law directs. All persons within said regiment holding military property belonging to this commonwealth, are directed to deliver the same to the commanding officer at said battalion trainings. Frederick BAILEY, Colonel 76th Regiment., Waterford.

28 April 1815

Notes of Stephen HOLLISTER (See The Advertiser, 21 April 1815)

Saddling Business by Lyman SHOLES, of Wilkes-Barre.

Farmers Attend! “Pay what thou owest.” Blacksmith’s Business of Peter YARINGTON, Wilkes-Barre.

Notice of Orphan’s Court for estate of Lewis HEPBURN. (See The Advertiser, 28 April 1815)

5 May 1815

At the commencement of the late war, a company of men from Kingston, in this county, under the command of Capt. THOMAS, volunteered their services to the government. When the fatal disaster befell our army under Gen. HULL, at Detroit, and large reinforcements were wanted the Kingston Volunteers were called upon to perform their tour of duty. They marched with alacrity, and remained under the command of Gen. HARRISON, until the reduction of Upper Canada rendered it prudent to dispense with their future services. Among the Volunteers was a young man, James BIRD, aged about 20 years, born in Exeter, where his parents now reside. He enlisted in the marines while at Erie, and served on board the St. Lawrence, under the immediate command of Commodore PERRY. BIRD wrote a letter dated, 9 Nov. 1814, to his parents telling of his death sentence for deserting from the Marines at Lake Erie, and was confined on board the US brig Niagara. Soon after the receipt of this letter there came another from an officer on board the squadron stating the execution of BIRD on the next day. So perished as brave a soldier as belonged to the army. [See large article.]

Married – At Bridgewater, on Wednesday the 19th ult, by the Rev. Davis DIMOCK (the father of the bride), Nehemiah SCOTT to Miss Sarah DIMOCK, all of that place.

Married – On Thursday evening the 4th inst., by Rev. Ard HOYT, Samuel MAFFET, editor of the Susquehanna Democrat, to Miss Caroline Ann, daughter of Gen. William ROSS, all of this borough.

Died – At New York on the 20th April, Dr. Philip TURNER, aged 75 years, formerly of Norwich, Connecticut.

Public Vendue. The subscriber is about to leave the country: he therefore offers for sale, by public vendue, at his house on Wednesday the 17th inst. a number of head of cattle, sheep, farming utensils and household furniture. Terms made known on the day of sale. Silas SMITH, Newport.

12 May 1815

Died – Mr. D. M’KENZIE, of the Theatre, Boston, suddenly disappeared and from a number of circumstances it was then apprehended that in a fit of desperation, he had destroyed himself. Now several weeks later, his body was found in the Charles River on Sunday, with the appearance of his having been a long time drowned.

Died – At Weston, Con., Mrs. Charity HENDRIX put an end to her existence, by hanging herself. (no date of death)

Died – At Danbury, Mrs. Zadock ELWELL, aged 45, died in the same dreadful manner. (no date of death)

Married – IN this Borough, on Tuesday evening last, James DIXON to Miss Nancy MILLER.

Died – In Philadelphia, several weeks since, Mr. G. N. LUTYENS, aged about 70 years, of Providence, Luzerne County, a native of Germany.

Died – In Wilkes-Barre, some time in April last, Miss Elizabeth BIGGER, aged 55.

Died – In this Borough on Monday last, Mrs. CONNOR, consort of Deacon Hugh CONNOR, aged about 70 years.

New Store – Three miles above WRIGHT’S Forge. General assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Books and Stationary, also window glass, yarn, straw and silk Bonnets. George GORDON & Co., Providence.

19 May 1815

Married – At Hanover, on Friday evening last, by Isaac HARTZEL, Esq., James DILLEY to Miss Margaret, dau. of James CAMPBELL, Esq.

Married – On Sunday evening last, by the Rev. Benjamin PADDOCK, John TURNER, of Plymouth, to Miss Jemima dau. of Col. Edward INMAN, of Hanover.

To be Sold, The right of raising and taking Stone Coal, from the land of Joseph HAZARD, on the river bank, in the lower part of Pittston. Also from the lands of Joseph WASBURN and Jonthan DOLPH, in Providence Township. Enquire of James and Samuel SUTTON, in Exeter.

Strays. Came to the house of the subscriber, on or about the first of May, a brown Mare, and a brown Colt. The owner or owners are desired to come forward, prove property, and take them away. Wm. BRANDON, 2nd, Huntington.

Elegy for Mrs. Hannah, consort of Col. Joshua HUNTINGTON, of Norwich, Connecticut. The poem mentions “cherished infant” – the child of Frederick WOLCOTT, Esq., of Litchfield, and grand-child of Mrs. HUNTINGTON; who on the death of Mrs. WOLCOTT, took the infant home. Also ‘the youth,” Hezekiah WILLIAMS, an amiable young man, then near the close of life with consumption at Mr. HUNTINGTON’S. (See large article)

Epitaph – “Her lies Samuel UNCUS. For beauty bright, For sterling sense, For temper mil, And Eloquence – For courage bold and things Owegan, He was the glory of Mohegan.” Upon his request his body was conveyed to Norwich, and there interred in the neighborhood of one of his forts – this spot was selected by him, previous to his death, and it was his dying request that the whole family of Uncus should be there buried, a request which had been strictly complied with by the Mohegans; who although the distance is seven miles from their own burying ground, have and continue to deposit there the descendants of their reverend Sachem.” (See large article – no date of death given.)

26 May 1815

Notice. The Managers of the Bridgewater and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Road Company, are requested to attend a special meeting, at the house of Isaac SLOCUM, in Tunkhannock, on Tuesday the 13th day of June next, at 10 o’clock, A. M. Benjamin PERRY, Sec.

Strayed or stolen from the Subscriber, about the 10th of this month, a large, red, farrow Cow. A piece is out f the underside of her left ear – she has large, broad horns, with holes bored through them, and is about 8 or 9 years old. Any person who will return the Cow to the subscriber, shall be reasonable rewarded. Margaret DENNIS, Wilkes-Barre.

Carding Machines, at his old stand in Kingston. Carding done by Jacob PLUMB. Joseph SWETLAND, Kingston.

A sad accident happened in town the beginning of the week. A noble pair of horses, harnessed to a waggon, took fright, ran down the bank and precipitating themselves into the river, sunk almost instantly. They belonged to Gen. BUTLER.

James SINTON, of Wilkes-Barre, is appointed Cashier of the Northampton Bank, at Allentown, Lehigh County, in the place of Henry D. MANDAVILLE, resigned.

Married – At Lancaster, Pa., on the 4th inst., by Rev. Joseph CLARKSON, Dr. William A. FINLEY, of Shippensburg, to Miss Barbara S., daughter of the late Joseph WORK, Esq., of Lancaster.

Died – In this town on Wednesday evening last, Dr. Geo. W. TROTT, aged 37 years.

Died – In Fredericktown, Md., on the 2nd inst., John Hanson THOMAS, Esq., aged 36, a member of the Maryland Legislature, a distinguished Orator and Statesman.

2 June 1815

The subscriber has lost a Draught Chain, almost new, a swivel in said chain; it is about nine feet long. The chain has either been lost from his waggon, or some person has taken it off. Whoever returns it, or informs where it may be got, shall be rewarded one dollar. William BARKER, Wilkes-Barre.

Wanted – A journeyman to the Boot and Shoemaking business, who is a good workman would find constant employ and generous wages by applying to the subscriber. One who could also work at the tanning and currying business would be preferred, and would find an engagement very advantageous to him. An apprentice to the above business who could come well recommended, would meet with good encouragement. Apply to Samuel STERLING, jr., Braintrim.

Dartmoor Prison holds five or six thousand American prisoners. Whether two thousand of these were impressed seamen does not yet appear.

Washington LEE, Esq., formerly of this place, is retained in the army of the US, as Assistant Paymaster General.

Brevet Capt. Luther SCOTT, formerly of this place, is retained as 1st Lieut. in the corps of artillery – and we understand has sailed for the Mediterranean, in the squadron commanded by Commodore DECATUR.

Lieut. Thomas WRIGHT, formerly of this place, is retained as 1st Lieut. in the eighth infantry. Majors HELME and GRAY, Captains MACHESNEY, GOODMAN and BALDY, and Ensign COURTRIGHT, [the last formerly of Wilkes-Barre] who were for some time on the recruiting service in this place, are dismissed.

Appointments made by the Governor – Justices of the Peace:
Edmund RUSSELL, of Bradford Co., May 1815
Joshua MILES Jr. and David POST, of Susquehanna Co., 1 May 1815
Samuel STRAIT, [Lemuel STREETOR], of Bradford Co., 10 May 1815

Married – In Huntington, on Tuesday, the 23rd ult., by the Rev. HAZARD, Fletcher BOWMAN, of Briar Creek, to Miss Eleanor DODSON, of the former place.

Died – On Wednesday the 3rd of May, Carey, eldest son of Rev. John MILLER, of Abington, after a very short illness. He was about 16 years of age, very much beloved and respected by all who knew him. His amiable disposition, virtuous life, and engaging manners, were truly worthy of the highest esteem.
The voice of this alarming scene, May every heart obey;
Nor be the heavenly warning vain, Which calls to watch and pray.

It has become our painful duty to announce the death of Brigadier General Jonathan WILLIAMS, one of the members elect of congress for this district. He died on Tuesday night, at his country seat on the banks of the Schuylkill near Philadelphia. [US Gaz., May 20]

New Store – The subscriber has just received from Philadelphia, a general assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., which he will sell at the most reduced prices for cash or produce, at the house lately occupied as the Gleaner (printing) office, corner of New and Centre Streets, Wilkes-Barre. Benjamin DRAKE.

Joseph SWETLAND and Jacob PLUMB, have dissolved partnership. All indebted are requested to come forward and make payment immediately. Kingston. [See 23 June 1815 for correction]

Notice – The Stockholders of the Pittston Cotton Factory will please take notice, that the President and Directors at their meeting on the 19th ult. ordered, that an installment of five dollars on each share be paid into the hands of the subscriber, by the first of August next. Nathaniel GIDDINGS, Pittston.

9 June 1815

New Millinery Store – Misses JEWETTS respectfully inform the public, that they have just arrived from New York with a supply of Millinery, which they offer for sale on the most reasonable terms, opposite Mr. HANCOCK’S Inn. Wilkes-Barre.

Died – In Kingston, on Tuesday evening last, Master George, son of Alexander BANKS, of New-York, aged 13 years.

New Goods – Stephen TUTTLE, has just received an assortment of new goods. Wilkes-Barre.

16 June 1815

New Store – The subscribers having entered in to partnership under the Firm of Perkins, Son & Atherton, respectfully inform their friends and the public, that they have opened a new store in the upper part of Kingston, where they have A General Assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware &c. Which they offer for sale cheap. David PERKINS, John PERKINS, Elisha ATHERTON, 2nd. Kingston.

The estate of Doctor George Washington TROTT, late of the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, request payments and demands. Lydia TROTT and George HAINES, Administrators.

Masonic Festival – The festival of St. John the Baptist will be held by lodge No. 61 on the 24th inst. The lodge to open at 10 o’clock A. M. A public address on the occasion, will be delivered in the meeting house, by a brother. The members of the lodge, and all brothers of regular standing, in the vicinity, are respectfully invited to attend. O. HELME, A. BEAUMONT, W. BARNES, Committee of arrangement.

Married – In Leicster, Mass., John WILDER to Miss Lucinda A. WASHBURN, both of said town. (poem)

23 June 1815

Certificate Lost – The person holding a Commissioners Certificate to Joseph SCOTT, Executor of John SCOTT, deceased, in trust for the heirs of the said John SCOOT, for 199 acres 120 perches of land in Exeter township, is requested to deliver it to James SCOTT of Pittston, acting agent for the subscriber. The further detention of the certificate will be at the peril of the holder, as considerable damage is accruing to the Executor, and other heirs entitled to it. Joseph SCOTT, Pittston.

Independence. The anniversary of American Independence and the return of Peace, will be celebrated at Wilkes-Barre, by the Federal Republicans, with the usual demonstrations of respect and joy. The citizens will convene at the house of Arnold COLT, Esq., at 10 o’clock, in the morning. The Federal Republicans of Wilkes-Barre and the neighboring towns, are respectfully invited to unite in the celebration. Cornelius CORTRIGHT, George CHAHOON, Isaac BOWMAN, Phineas WALLER, Stephen C. KING, Committee of Arrangement.

Three weeks ago it was incorrectly stated in the Gleaner, that Joseph SWETLAND and Jacob PLUMB had dissolved partnership. SWETLAND & HUGHES have dissolved partnership.

30 June 1815

Massacre at Dartmoor Prison. [See large article]

Pews – The sale of the Pews of the Wilkes-Barre Meeting-House, will take place on Saturday the 8th day of July, at 3 o’clock, P. M.

Caution – All persons are cautioned against purchasing a note for thirty dollars which I gave Joseph WHEELER, dated 2nd January last, as I have received no value, and am determined not to pay it unless compelled by law. Abial KEENEY, Braintrim.

Stray Mare – Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber about the 18th June, instant, an old dark bay Mare; black mane and tail, a natural trotter, shod all round, her back somewhat galled with the saddle. The owner is requested to call, prove property, pay charges and take her away. Wm. SEARLE, Pittston.

Riflemen – All those who are desirous of forming a Rifle Company, are requested to meet at the house of Benjamin CAREY, in Hanover Township, Luzerne County, on Saturday the 8th day of July next, at one o’clock, P. M. Those who have signed an article for that purpose, are earnestly requested, and other invited, by Five of the subscribers to the above article.

Cavalry – The members of the Troop of Horse, are requested to meet at the house of John P. ARNDT, in Wilkes-Barre, on Saturday the 8th day of July next, at 10 o’clock, A. M. on business of importance. All well wishes to said company will please to attend. Joshua PETTERBONE, John PERKINS, James THOMPSON, Committee. Kingston.

Melancholy – A daughter of D. PERKINS, Esq., of Kingston, aged about 5 years, unfortunately fell into the well, last week, and bruised herself so shockingly, that she died instantly.

Died – At Exeter, on Friday last, Anderson SCOVELL, aged 28 years.

Indian War! The family of Robert RAMSEY, near St. Louis, U. L., were all butchered by the savages in May. On the 24th May, the Indians attacked a party of our men from Fort Howard. A battle ensued. Capt. CRAIG and Capt. MUSIC commanded our forces. Our loss was eleven killed and three wounded. Captain CRAIG fell early in the action. The loss of the Indians supposed to be greater.

7 July 1815

Mammoth Tooth – We learn that a huge tooth, supposed to belong to a Mammoth was discovered about four weeks ago, in Sheshequin, Bradford County. The discovery was made by digging in the hill for the purpose of making a road. The tooth was about two feet beneath the surface of the earth. It is a grinder, and weighed eleven and a half pounds. The other bones of the animal are probably near the spot where the tooth was found, but whether search had been made for them we have not learned. Many years ago a monstrous tooth or horn was found in Tioga branch of the Susquehanna, about 16 miles above Sheshequin, belonging without doubt to the same species of animal, and from the discovery the river bears the name of Chemung, signifying big horn. [See 21 July 1815 for more information on the “tooth.” that was found by Samuel BARTLET]

Died – At Union, N. Y., on the 25th ult, David WATERMAN, Esqr., aged 64 years, formerly of Salsbury, Conn. recently of Wilkes-Barre.

Letters in Post Office at Pittston [See The Advertiser, 7 July 1815]

List of Letters remaining on hand in the Post Office at Providence:
Leonard HOWARD
Johnson KNIGHT
Benj. SLOCUM, P. M.

Another New Store – The partnership of Elias HOYT and William SWETLAND, Kingston, with assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Hardware and Stationary.

Information Wanted – A gentleman by the name of Robert GRAY, a native of Ballybay, County of Monaghan, Ireland, emigrated to this country about the year 1803 or 1804, son of James GRAY and Elizabeth GRAY, alias CORRY. Any information respecting him, forwarded to James GRAY, at Mr. SCOTT’S Manufactory, No. 626 Greenwich Street, N. York will be gratefully received.

Pocket-Book Lost – Yesterday on the road between Newport and Wilkes-Barre, the subscriber lost a red morocco Pocket Book, containing sixty two dollars in Philadelphia Bank Notes (two of twenty, three of five and two of three dollars, and one dollar in silver with some small change) – together with two notes payable at the Office of Discount, Wilkes-Barre, and some other papers of no value to any person except the owner. Whoever has found, and will deliver said Pocket Book with the contents at ARNDT’S tavern or the Gleaner office shall receive a reward of ten dollars from me. Conrad BIEBELRAIMER, Nescopeck.

Married – At Kingston, by Charles CHAPMAN, Esq., James JENKINS, of Exeter, to Miss Betsey BREES, of the former place. (no date)

Look Out. Whereas the subscriber holds patent right for making and vending of Fanning Mills, for the county of Luzerne, state of Pennsylvania, purchased from Thomas S. BARNUM, patentee for the United States. This is to give notice, that nay infringement on said patent right, will be prosecuted to the very extend of the law. Hugh H. ANDERSON. Any person wishing to purchase a patent right for the whole county, or a township shall have it on reasonable terms. Wilkes-Barre.

New Goods just received from New York and Philadelphia at the store of Jeremiah DECKER, at Tioga Point.

14 July 1815

Moral Society – A special meeting of the members of the Kingston Moral Society is hereby warned to be held at the house now occupied by Ashbel WOODBRIDGE, formerly the residence of Lawrence MYERS, Esq., in said township, on Saturday the 15th day of July inst. at four o’clock, afternoon. It is expected that the Rev. Ard HOYT and the Rev. Wm. WOODBRIDGE will attend, and deliver a Moral Lecture, on the nature and object of the institution. Charles CHAPMAN, Recording Secretary.

Married – At Sheshequin, on the 4th of July, by Jared HOLCOMB, Esq., John OVERTON to Miss Julia-Ann CLARK.

Married – At Plymouth, on the 9th inst., by the Rev. LANE, Benjamin HARVEY to Miss Sally NESBIT.

List of Letters in Post Office at Kingston [See The Advertiser, 14 July 1815]

The Public are hereby cautioned not to take an assignment of a certain note, given by the subscriber, to John KECK of Nescopeck township, dated the 29th July, 1814, for sawing a certain quantity of stuff, as the said John KECK has not complied with his contract for which the note was given, nor have I received any value for the same, I am determined not to pay it or any part thereof unless compelled by law. The said John KECK refusing to give me up said note, induces me to believe he means to fraudulently attempt to recover the amount of the same at some future day. James SHINER, Salem.

For Sale – The farm on which I reside at Sheshequin, on the Susquehanna River, Ulster Township, Bradford County, eight miles above the seat of justice. The farm consists of 292 acres, nearly sixty acres under improvement. Wanton RICE, Sheshequin. [See article for full description of land]

Notice is hereby given, that lots of land in Montrose town-plot will be sold at public auction to the highest bidder on the first Monday of September next. Isaac BROWNSON, Jonah BREWSTER, Hosea TIFFANY, Jr., Commissioners of Susquehanna County.

List of Letters in the Post-Office at Wilkes-Barre:
Phillip ABBOT
Richard ALLEN
Samuel CAREY
Com’ns. Luzerne County
George T. FRAZER
George GORE
Sarah HART
Jehoida P. JOHNSON
& Archibald SMILEY
Benjamin ALNEY
& Geo. Wilson
Sarah ULP
Phineas WALLER
Crandall WILCOX
Christemah ALLEN
Benjamin BOLTON
Benjamin BAILEY
Catherine BROWN
& Samuel PEAS
Samuel BAIRD Esq.
Samuel CARY &
Jacob GUTH
Daniel GOULD
James HILL
Allen JACK
Daniel LERCH
Conrad LYONS
Christian NAUGLE
Jehoida P. JOHNSON &
Hezekiah PARSONS
Martin SMITH
Henry LINE
Amariah WALSON
Lucretia WOODS
Jac’b CIST, P. M.

21 July 1815

Last week it was discovered that the County commissioners office had been robbed of more than 1800 dollars in County Orders, which had once been paid up, and laid by. Yesterday Doct. J. VON SICK was committed to prison to await his trial on suspicion of having committed the theft.

Married – In Norwich, (Conn.) on Monday evening, by Dr. STRONG, Eleazer CAREW, merchant to Miss Sally EELLS

Married – In this town, Thomas BROWN to Miss Maria ADKUM.

Suicide – On the 4th July inst., Mr. BINGHAM of Bridgewater, Susquehanna County, recently from Windham (Con.) took his gun and very deliberately shot himself. He was about 21 (24?) years of age, and has left a wife and one child. No satisfactory reason is assigned for the dreadful deed.

Laws of Pennsylvania – Act to amend the act entitled “An Act directing the mode of selling unseated lands for taxes and for other purposes.” (See article)

Notice to Officers. All those militia officers within the bounds of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, P. M. who consider their commissions void by not being in uniform within six months from the time of receiving their commissions, or from their election, will make it known to the proper authority by the first of August next, so that new elections may be held to supply the vacancies. Isaac POST, Inspector.

Public Notice is hereby given, that a number of Orders drawn by the Commissioners on the Treasurer of Luzerne County, dated before the year 1814, have been stolen from this office. We have thought it proper, therefore, to stop payment of all the county orders dated before the year 1814 and request all persons holding county orders of a date before said year 1814, to present them to the Commissioners for examination, and all such as shall not appear to have been stolen will be renewed so as to make them valid. Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Benjamin CARY, Commissioners.

28 July 1815

Massacre at Dartmoor

New Store of PEET, WHEELER & Co., Wilkes-Barre, in the house of Jacob J. DENNIS, nearly opposite Mr. REEDER’S Inn, offering a good supply of Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery and Hardware.

Married – In this town, John H. C. KAUKE to Miss Polly HOOVER.

Married – In Albany, NY, on the 17th ult, by the Rev. Loring GRANT, Rev. George HARMON to Miss Maria GERMAN.

Died – At Tunkhannock, Dr. Wm. Hooker SMITH, aged 92 years and 6 months. (no date)

A Meeting of subscribers for opening, repairing and improving the Road lately laid out from WRIGHT’S Mill to the Ten Mile Run, will be held at the house of Elisha BLACKMAN in Wilkes-Barre, on the second Saturday of August.

4 Aug. 1815

Law of Pennsylvania – Selling Unseated Lands (all sections of act listed)

Joseph Edwards MONTONYE, a lad about 14 years of age left his mother in February last in company with a person named Brittain WHITE, & it is supposed went to the western part of the state of New-York. His mother, anxious to have her son restored to her, hereby most affectionately request him to return. Printers of News Papers in the western part of the State of New-York will confer a particular favour on a mother by giving this notice an insertion in their papers. Elizabeth VANFLEET, Wilkes-Barre.

All Hands Ahoi!! The Federal and Constitutional Republicans of Luzerne are requested to meet at Mr. COLTS on Wednesday evening next at 6 o’clock.

List of letters in the Braintrim Post Office:
Elijah BOMAN
William CARRY
Abraham MILLER
Zepheniah LOTT
William STARK (Putnam)
Daniel STERLING, P. M.

11 Aug. 1815

Lehigh Mill – We witness with great pleasure every improvement that is calculated to increase the business, and consequent prosperity of our county. It is believed that no part of the state improves more rapidly than Luzerne. The Merchant Mill, just completing by John STODDART, Esq., at the falls of Lehigh, in this town, is a noble structure, and is thought by good judges to be surpassed by no mill in the state. The building is of stone, 50 x 70 feet, and four stories high. It will contain four run of stones, three of which are the first rate French Burrs. The Mill is now in operation, and purchases of wheat are making for it. There is no doubt but that the Lehigh may be rendered navigable from the mill, for boats to Philadelphia. What a prospect does it open to that noble city and to our northern country! We hope that Mr. STODDART, whose enterprise is truly a great public, as well as private benefit, will not let the important subject rest; but will pursue it until its importance is known in the city, and then we are sure it will be immediately accomplished.

The public meeting of the Federal and Constitutional Republicans met at the house of A. COLT, Esq., in Wilkes-Barre. Doctor Nat’l GIDDINGS was elected Chairman and Eleazer CAREY, Secretary. The following citizens to be a Committee of Vigilance and Correspondence in each township, for the ensuing election:
Sugar-Loaf: Conrad HERMAN, Roger PARKE
Nescopeck: Abraham BALLIARD, Benj. MILLARD
Salem: James SANTEE, Charles HOLLOWAY
Huntington: Jarus HARRISON, Daniel FULLER
Union: Joshua DODSON, Shadrack AUSTIN
Newport: William JACKSON, William LUTZ
Hanover: Elisha BLACKMAN, Thomas BENNET
Plymouth: Joseph WRIGHT, Jesse BROWN
Bedford: Almon CHURCH, Jeremiah FULLER
Kingston: Elias HOYT, George TAYLOR
Wilkes-Barre: Cornelius CORTRIGHT, George CHAHOON
Pittston: Miner SEARLE, Isaiah TYSON
Exeter: John GARDNER, Samuel SUTTON
Northmoreland: Orange FULLER, Joseph WHITLOCK
Tunkhannock: Elisha HARDING, David OSTERHOUT
Braintrim: Daniel STERLING, Samuel STURDEVANT Jr.
Windham: John S. WHITCOMB, Joseph BURGESS
Nicholson: Lemuel CAREY, Caleb ROBERTS
Abington: Wm. HALL, James BROWN
Providence: Benjamin SLOCUM, Reuben TAYLOR

All persons indebted to the Subscriber in any way whatever, are desired to make immediate payment, as he wishes to have his accounts closed without delay. Attention to this call will save trouble as well as cost. Daniel COLLINGS.

18 Aug. 1815

Massacre at Dartmoor

To be sold at public auction, lands in the counties of Genesee and Alleghany, in the state of New York, containing 64,000 acres, on 24th October, at the Tontine Coffee House, NYC.

The Partnership of John BUCKINGHAM & Co. ins this day dissolved by mutual agreement. All indebted are requested to make immediate payment to John BUCKINGHAM, who is authorized to settle all the business of the firm. Henry BUCKINGHAM, John BUCKINGHAM, Tunkhannock.

John BUCKINGHAM informs his friends and customers that he has just received from Philadelphia, a supply of New Goods, viz: Dry Goods, Groceries, Queensware, Hardware, Drugs, Medicines and Paints, &c. &c. for sale at the former stand. Tunkhannock.

Died – In Maryland, Philip B. KEY, Esq., formerly distinguished member of Congress from that state.

Died – Hon. James A. BAYARD, late Commissioner at Ghent, and was landed at Wilmington, Del, where he expired last Sunday night.

Money Found – The subscriber who lives one mile from Middletown, in the county of Dauphin, found a small Religious Book, with a small sume of money in bank notes, among the leaves, also a Pocket Inkhorn. They were found not far distant from the river Susquehanna. The owner may have them again by paying the expenses and a moderate reward to the finder, and proving his property, which is lodged with Elisha GREEN, Esq., in Middletown. Peter CARNES, Derry Township.

The Luzerne Troop of Horse, are requested to meet at the house of Oliver HELME, on the first Saturday in September next, completely uniformed and equipped, for the purpose of electing one Captain, two Lieutenants, and one Cornet. By order of the company, J. BULKELEY.

Columbia (Pa.) Bridge Notice – Proposals for Roofing the Bridge at this place, accompanied with plans of the work, will be received at the office of the Company until the 2nd day of November next. By order of the Board, Joseph MIFFLIN, Clerk, Bridge Office.

25 Aug. 1815

Notice is hereby given to all concerned, that I have made application to the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, for the benefit of the several laws now in force in Pennsylvania, for the relief of insolvent debtors, and that the said Court has appointed the Monday next preceding the next November court, to be holden at Wilkes-Barre, in the county aforesaid, to hear me and my creditors at the Court House in Wilkes-Barre aforesaid; at which time and place my creditors may attend if they think proper. Abraham “X” (his mark) RILEY, Wilkes-Barre.

Road Meeting. At an adjourned Meeting of the Contributors to the Fund for opening, repairing and improving the Road, from Wrights Mills to the Ten Mile Run, held at the house of Elisha BLACKMAN in Wilkes-Barre, on Sat., the 19th Aug., Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Esq., was chosen Chairman and Josiah WRIGHT, Secretary. The following Resolutions were unanimously adopted:
1) John COURTRIGHT be appointed to superintend, oversee and direct the manner in which the work is to be done on said road, and Timothy BARNES be appointed his Assistant.
2) Benjamin BAILEY and Hezekiah PARSONS be a committee to inspect the work.
3) Work be commenced on 28th August, and continue during every other week, alternately, until the second Tuesday in December next, if the superintendents shall deem it so long necessary.

Riflemen. All those who belong to the Rifle Company now forming, are requested to meet at the house of Benjamin CAREY, in Hanover, on Saturday the 2nd of Sept. next. All who wish to join said company, are earnestly requested to meet at the above time, as only about ten men are wanting to make up the complement required by law.

Land for Sale – One Lot containing 136 acres lying in Pittston, well timbered, a Coal Bed and an excellent Mill Seat on the same. Land is tillable and well watered. One Lot containing 282 acres lying in Providence, one mile from WRIGHT’S Forge in Pittston, on road from Wilkes-Barre to Great Bend. Enos FINCH, Pittston.

The Baptist Yearly Meeting will commence on Thursday the 7th of September at the Academy in Plymouth at ten o’clock A. M. Joel ROGERS.

A. DUTOT & Thomas ARMAT, owning Lands on the Banks of the Delaware, on the west side of the Blue Mountains, have there laid out a Village or Town, called Dutot’s Town, and propose selling Building Lots. to settlers. (See large article)

1 Sept. 1815

At a communication of Lodge No. 70, held at their Lodge Room in Athens, Bradford County, Penn. on Tuesday the third day of May, A. D. 1814, A. L. 5814, Doct. David Sherwood RICE, was expelled said Lodge, for crimes of the darkest hue. Per order. Joseph KINGSBURY, Wm. M. Attest. Tho. T. HUSTON, Sec. Pro Tem. Editors friendly to Masonry throughout the United States, are requested to give the above publicity. Athens, August 16, 1815.

Died – On the 6th July, at his place of residence in Waterford, Susquehanna Co., Deacon Joshua MILES, aged 62.

Died – Chauncey GOODRICH, Lieut. Gov. of the state of Connecticut, in his 57th year of age.

Died – In Kingston, David WOOSTER, aged about 40.

Four Dollars Reward – Strayed from the subscriber in Plymouth, a bay Mare, about three years old, docked but not broke to the harness, black mane and tail. Strayed about five weeks since. Whoever will take up said mare and deliver her to me shall receive the above reward, and all reasonable charges. Jacob GOULD, Plymouth.

Notice – A meeting of the Waterford Manufacturing Company, will be held at the Factory on 20th September next, for the purpose of electing officers, increasing the active capital of the company, and such other business as my be thought necessary. John SEYMOUR, agent, Waterford.

Children Wanted – Two or three families of good, steady and industrious habits, may have constant employ and good wages by applying at the Waterford Manufactory. Yarn and Cloth on hand, for sale at the Eastern Factory, prices, and of excellent quality. John SEYMOUR, agent, Waterford.

Estate of Joshua MILES, late of Waterford, Susquehanna County, request payments and demands on estate. Mary MILES, Joshua MILES Jr. and Putnam CATLIN, administrators.

Twenty Dollars Reward. Ran away from the subscriber, on Saturday last, the 12th inst., an apprentice to the printing business, named William L. FORREST, between 15 and 16 years old, dark, ruddy complexion, dark eyes and hair, a likely face, and tall for his age. Hand on and took with him, an olive coloured cloth long coat, with yellow metal buttons, nankeen trowsers, spotted single barred muslin waistcoat, a muslin ruffled shirt, white cotton stockings, a fashionable cross barred neck cloth, roram hat, and calf-skin or cordovan shoes, all of which are new or nearly so. Beside the above clothing, he took with him two plain domestic muslin shirts, three round about jackets and two pair of trowsers of domestic chambray, and two pair blue cloth woollen trowsers. Whoever takes up said runaway, and secures him in any jail in the United States, so that I may get him again, shall receive the above reward and reasonable charges. Masters of vessels and all others are forbid harboring or secreting said lad, at their peril. William M’CORKLE, Editor of the Freeman’s Journal, Philadelphia.

(bottom of page 3 and 4 torn and missing)

Strayed from the plantation of the subscriber, sometime last month, a black Steer, three years old, of small size. Whoever will give information so that I can get him again shall be suitably rewarded. T. WRIGHT, Jacob’s Plains.

7 Sept. 1815

(top of page 1 & 2 torn and missing)

Married – In Providence, Luzerne County, the 27th August, by James CONNER, Esq., Henry G. WEDEMAN, to Miss Catharine SNIDER, both of the same place.

Died – On the Plains (Wilkes-Barre) on Saturday last, Mrs. Frances WILLIAMS, at the advanced age of 91 years.

Died – On Friday morning, the lifeless body of Diah MANNING was taken out of the Little River, a few rods below Lord’s Bridge, in this city. The deceased had risen at a very early hour, and from a part of his clothing found on the bridge, it is supposed he leaped there from into the stream. The Inquest which sat on his body returned a verdict of “Insanity.” (Norwich Courier, Aug. 30)

General Election will be held on the second Tuesday of October next, at the several districts thereof, to wit:
Salem district, at the house of James CAMPBELL, in Salem
Nescopeck district, at the house of George KEEN, in Nescopeck
Sugar-Loaf district, at the school-house in Conyngham
Huntington district, at the house of Stephen HARRISON, in Huntington
Union district, at the house of John T. MILLER, in Union
Wilkes-Barre district, at the Court House in Wilkes-Barre
Hanover district, at the house of Frederick CRISMAN, in Hanover
Newport district, at the house of Christian STOUT, in Newport
The district composed of the township of Kingston, and that part of Bedford not included in the Plymouth district, at the house of James WHEELER, Kingston
The district composed of the township of Plymouth, and that part of the township of Bedford lying back of the township of Plymouth, at the Academy school-house, in Plymouth.
Pittston district, at the central school house
Providence district, at the house of Stephen TRIPP, in Providence.
The district composed of the township of Exeter and Northmoreland, at the house of John HARDING, in Exeter
Tunkhannock district, at the house late of John MC CORD, in Tunkhannock
Braintrim district, at the house of Daniel STERLING, in Braintrim
Windham district, at the house of Joseph BURGESS, in Windham
Abington district, at the house of Robert STONE, in Abington
Nicholson district, at the house of Ebenezer STEPHENS, in Nicholson
Elijah SHOEMAKER, Sheriff’s Office, Wilkes-Barre

Take Notice – The subscriber would inform the public in general, that he has taken the Fulling Mill formerly occupied by John WATERS in Providence, where he expects to commence Fulling and Dressing cloth by the first of October next. He flatters himself, that from his knowledge of the business, having served a regular apprenticeship, with one of the first rate workmen in the state of New York, that he shall be able to give general satisfaction to all those who are willing to favour him with their custom. All calls will be attended to, and cloth received at the following places, viz:

At Stephen TRIPP’S and John ALSWORTH’S, Providence and at the house of Enos FINCH, Esq., in Pittston, and returned to the same places after dressed. All kinds of country produce will be received in payment at the market price, provided the produce is delivered at the time the cloth is taken away. Those who leave cloth at the above mentioned places, are requested to leave particular directions in writing. Darius FINCH.

15 Sept. 1815

Thirty Dollars Reward – Ran away from the subscriber on Sunday, the 13th inst., two apprentices to the printing business: Peter KEEN, between 19 and 20 years of age, about 5 feet 7 inches high, proportionally made, of light complexion, handsome faced and of very pleasing aspect. He is a German by birth. Samuel WEIR, is between 18 and 19 years of age, about 6 feet high, slim made, dark complexion and not remarkable well favored. He is shrewd and intelligent, forward in his manners, has traveled a good deal through the western country, is a good English speaker. James PEACOCK, Editor of the Pennsylvania Republican, Harrisburg.

Ten Dollars Reward – Ran away from the subscriber on the 7th inst., an apprentice to the printing business, Thomas LEWIS, about 17 years of age, not large for his age, is a little freckled, has a down look and very indifferent countenance. He has the remains of a scabby head, which he was afflicted with when I agreed to take him as an apprentice. He is an incorrigible liar and I suspect his honesty. His mother resides somewhere in Mecklenburgh County, North Caroline, and it is supposed he has gone to the southward. William HAMILTON, Editor of the Lancaster Journal.

Blacksmithing – Ransler WELLS, respectfully informs his friends and public, that he has taken the shop of Peter YARINGTON, where he carried on the Blacksmith’s business in all its various branches. Wilkes-Barre.

Delegate Meeting of Luzerne County, held 9 August, Joseph WRIGHT of Plymouth called to the Chair and Miner SEARLE, chosen Secretary, that Lord BUTLER be recommended as County Commissioner and Shadrach AUSTIN be recommended as Auditor.

Public Meeting of the Federal Republicans in Susquehanna County, held at the house of Edward FULLER, Mont Rose, the 6th inst., that the following persons be held in nomination:
Sheriff, Col. Frederick BAILEY, John CARPENTER
Coroner, Asa LATHROP, Joseph CHAPMAN, Jr.
Commissioner, Oliver C. SMITH
Auditor, Myron KASSON
The following persons appointed a committee of vigilance, who are requested to use all fair and honorable means to support the preceding nomination:
Springville: Thomas PARKE, Asa LATHROP, John BOWLES
Bridgewater: Samuel SCOTT, Edward FULLER, John ROBINSON
Waterford: Jeremiah GERE, Chas. PERIGO, John SEYMOUR
Silver Lake: Zenus BLISS, Henry HOAG, Joseph WHIPPLE
Great Bend: Ichabod BUCK, James NEWMAN, Simeon WYLIE
Hartford: Thomas SWEET, Aaron GREENWOOD, Elias CARPENTER
New-Milford: Benjamin DOOLITTLE, Job TYLER, Belus FOOT
Gibson: Waller WASHBURN, Nathan MAXON, Freeman CLINTON
Harmony: John HILBORN, Meritt HINDS, Hezekiah BUSHNALL
Choconut: Reuben FAXTON, James ROSE, Levi SMITH
Clifford: Steven ELLIS, Benajah MILLARD, William HALSTEAD
Middletown: Jonathan WEST, Jabez A. BIRCHARD, Jesse BIRCHARD
Lawsville: Stephen BARNUM, Ephraim SMITH, James TRUSDALE
Auburn: Thomas WHEELER, Hiram CARTER, Amos BROWNSON
Lenox: Solomon MILLARD, John ROBINSON, Benjamin RIDER
John TYLER, Chairman and Harry CATLIN, Secretary

Delegate Meeting at the house of Charles OTIS, in Tunkhannock, on Saturday the 9th inst., chose John TYLER Chairman and Benjamin BAILEY, Secretary. Resolved, unanimously, that Nathan PALMER and Putnam CATLIN be recommended as suitable persons to represent this district in the General Assembly of this state.

General Election will be held on the second Tuesday of October next, at the several districts in Susquehanna County, to wit:
Bridgewater district, at the house of Isaac POST, in Bridgewater
The district composed of the township of Lawsville, Great Bend and Harmony, at the house formerly occupied by Josiah STEWART, G. Bend.
New-Milford district, at the house of Hezekiah LEACH Jr., in New-Milford
Gibson district, at the house formerly occupied by Asahael GREGORY, in Gibson
Clifford district, at the house of James WELLES, in Clifford
The district composed of the township of Harford and Lenox, at the house of Hosea TIFFANY, in Harford
The district composed of the townships of Auburn, Rush and Middletown, at the house of Thomas PARKE, in Springville
The district composed of the townships of Auburn, Rush and Middletown, at the house of Joab PICKET, in Rush
The district composed of the townships of Choconut and Silver Lake, at the house of Levi SMITH, in Choconut
Edward FULLER, Sheriff’s Office, Mont.

New Goods at the store of George GORDON & Co., Providence.

Land Office. The subscriber respectfully informs the publick that he has opened an office for the purchase and sale of real estate. Charles MINER, Wilkes-Barre.

22 Sept. 1815

Died – John WEBER, Esq., lately Speaker of the House of Representatives, of this commonwealth, died at his residence in Skipp_ek?, Montgomery County, on the 24th of August. His father, Christian WEBER, died at Millertown, Berks County, the Saturday following.

New Store – E. PARKER, has received from New York a general assortment of Dry Goods and Groceries. Kingston.

Stray – Came to the enclosure of the subscriber, a Black Mare, supposed to be five or six years old. The owner is desired to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away. John VARNER, Berwick.

Bradford County Delegate Meeting, held at the house of Col. Harry SPALDING, in Monmouth, on 12th September, and ensuing election Samuel CAMPBELL was called to the chair and Simon KINNEY was chosen secretary. Resolved unanimously that the following gentlemen be recommended to fill the several offices aforesaid:
Senator: Col. John FRANKLIN, of Athens
Representative: Col. Joseph KINGSBURY, of Ulster
Sheriff: John SPALDING 2nd, of Athens
Coroner: Eben’r B. GREGORY, of Monmouth
Commissioners: Nathan ALLEN, of Burlington and Salmon BOSWORTH, of Pike
Auditor: Col. Theron DARLING, of Orwell

29 Sept. 1815

Apology – It is with mortification that we send out the Gleaner, so badly printed. The cause was, our paper was to wet to much and though we took unwearied pains to remedy the evil, a part of the impression looks shamefully. Please excuse us this time, and indeed we wont do so any more.

Married – At Asylum, Bradford County, John PREVOST, of Germantown, to Miss Cecelia LEFEVRE, of the former place.

Died – In this town on Saturday morning last, aged 22 years, Bright RUPERT, student at law, the son of Col. Leonard RUPERT, of Columbia County.

Died – At Carey town, after a long and tedious illness, Mrs. Susanna, consort of John CAREY, at the advanced age of 70 years. She was not only resigned, but desirous of leaving the cares of this world, having full and lively hopes through the merits of a Redeemer, to remove to a better.

Died – At Hanover, Frederick CRISMAN, aged 57 years.

Lost, A Blue Silk Umbrella, with plated mounting; the letters I. G. cut on the place on the end of the handle, and my name written on the handle. It was taken from Mr. HOYT’S on the evening of Monday, the 11th inst. it is presumed through mistake, by some person who attended Conference. The person who will have the goodness to return it to me, at my store, will confer a favor, and shall receive my thanks. Isaac GRANTHAM, Wilkes-Barre.

Fulling and Dressing Cloth. Hezekiah PARSONS, Returns thanks for past favors, and informs his friends and the public that he has commenced Fulling and Dressing cloth, and having a good journeyman, flatters himself he shall be able to satisfy those who may favor him with their custom. Cloth will be received and returned when dressed, at the stores of Wm. BARNES, Wilkes-Barre and SEARLE & SMITH, Pittston. Daniel D. SPENCER, having made arrangements fo Fulling and Dressing Cloth at the shop of Hezekiah PARSONS, will receive cloth and return it when dressed, at Elias HOYT’S store and Philip MYER’S, Kingston and ROGERS & Co., Plymouth.

Regimental Orders – The commissioned and staff officers who belong to the 2nd Reg. of Pennsylvania militia, are notified to meet at the house of William BELLAS, in Shickshinny, on Monday, 6th October next., completely equipped for discipline, as the 16th section of the militia law of this commonwealth directs. The company trainings will be on Monday, the 234d October next, and the captain or commanding officer of each company is directed to give publick notice, by advertisement, at least ten days previous to said Monday, of the places and times of day for meeting. Isaac BOWMAN, Col. Com’t. 2nd Reg. 2nd Brigade 8th Division, P. M., Wilkes-Barre.

Stray – Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber, on the 15th September one Red Cow. The owner is requested to call pay charges and take her away. Timothy BURGER, Kingston.

Publick Notice – Distillers and Manufacturers are requested to bring in their respective accounts, by the term prescribed by law. Delay induces risk and confusion. A. BEAUMONT, Collector.

6 Oct. 1815

Letters in the P. O. at Providence, Oct. 1st:
John J. DING &

Notice. Joseph POTTER’S Vendue Notes are left with me for collection, and must be paid immediately. George LANE.

List of Letters in the P. O. at Wilkes-Barre, Oct. 1st:
Stephen ABBOTT
Daniel P. AUGER
Katharine BLANCHER
Samuel CAREY
Samuel EGLEE
William FREE
Gospard FRARE
Lovina HAIS
Gideon KENT
Henry H. KING
Henry LINE
Daniel LYON
Ezekiel MANE
John ORR
Alandson B. SHAW
Elizabeth SMITH
Zephaniah SPACE
Jacob CIST, P. M.

Publick Vendue. On Thursday the 19th of October next, at 9 o’clock A. M. (if not previously disposed of at private sale) will be sold, at the house of the subscriber in Tunkhannock the following articles, viz:
1 Yoke of Oxen
4 Cows
1 Heifers
3 Calves
household furniture, plows, a cart and almost all kinds of farming utensils. An excellent clock. Two rights in a good fishery, together with various articles too numerous to mention. The terms are a credit till the first of May next, on giving a judgment note and security. All persons indebted to the subscriber by note or book account, are desired to call and settle their dues with out delay and save cost. Jonas CARTER, Tunkhannock.

Publick Notice. For public sale on Monday, the 23rd October, at the house of Jonathan HUNLOCK, in the township of Union. Cows, young Cattle, Hogs, Fish rights, Lands, also, Lands to rent, Sheep and many articles too tedious to mention. The sale to commence at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, when the conditions will be made known by Jonathan HUNLOCK, Union.

Cavalry Notice. The members of the Troop of Horse, attached to the 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania militia, are hereby notified to meet at the house of N. HURLBUT in Kingston, on Saturday the 11th October, at ten o’clock, A. M. completely equipped for exercise as the law directs. Jona. BULKELEY, Capt.

13 Oct. 1815

Wilkes-Barre Academy. The managers respectfully inform the public, that they have engaged a Preceptor to take charge of the Academy, in the place of Rev. WOODBRIDGE, who, contemplating a removal to a neighbouring town, declines the further care of the school. The next quarter at the Academy will commence on Monday, the 23rd October, instant; and the school will be divided into to branches, in which the sciences will be taught as heretofore. Per order of the Managers.

Letters in the P. O. at Kingston, Oct. 1st:
Daniel E. BROWN
Samuel DERBY
Jeremiah FULLER
Fisher GAY
Elias HOYT
Sylvanus MOORE
Elizabeth NACE
Thomas WALL

Fulling and Dressing Cloth. The subscriber respectfully informs the public that his works are now in order, and he shall be glad to receive the favors of his friends in his line of business. A good and experienced workman is employed, and cloth will be dressed in the neatest manner. Cloth may be left at the store of S. C. KING, in Wilkes-Barre, and will be returned to the same place when dressed. Joseph SWETLAND, Kingston.

Estate of Dr. William Hooker Smith, late of Tunkhannock, request payments and demands. Newton SMITH, surviving executor, Tunkhannock.

Estate of Godfrey PERRY, late of the borough of Wilkes-Barre, request payments and demands. Benjamin PERRY, administrator, Wilkes-Barre.

Fulling and Clothing. The subscriber respectfully informs the public that his Fulling and Clothing business, near SHOEMAKER’S mills, in the upper part of Kingston, is now in operation. He has procured an excellent workman from Massachusetts, and can assure his customers that their work shall be done in a complete manner. Cloth may be left at, and will be returned to, S. C. KING’S store in Wilkes-barre, E. CAREY’S, Pittston, E. HOYT’S and PERKINS, Son and ATHERTON, Kingston. David GOODWIN.

Report on the road from WRIGHT’S Mill to the Ten Mile Run was held at Elisha BLACKMAN’S in Wilkes-Barre on 30th September, Stephen ABBOTT, Ch’n., Josiah WRIGHT, Sec’ry. The superintendent reported that work was commenced and continued, and that he had expended one hundred and seventy-five dollars of the money subscribed. He believes that after the appropriation of one week’s labour in addition to what has already been done, the road may be used by waggons and carriages the whole distance, with safety. Inspectors also report that they have viewed the work, and are of opinion that Mr. COURTRIGHT has appropriated the labour to the best advantage. Elijah SHOEMAKER appointed additional inspector. (See large article)

20 Oct. 1815

Tunkhannock, Oct. 17, 1815

Friend MINER, We have just time to inform you, that on counting up the votes for Representatives, DENNISON has 1091; CONYINGHAM has 1039, PALMER has 1030 and CATLIN has 969. Your friends, David B. WHEELER, Return judge for Luzerne County and Asa LATHROP, Return judge for Susquehanna County. So the Democratic Assembly ticket has prevailed by a small majority.

Luzerne County Ticket:
Commissioner: BUTLER (Fed.) 798, MILLS (Demo.) 651
Auditor: AUSTIN (Fed.) 736, STEVENS (Demo.) 701

Married – In Kingston, John BREES to Miss Jerusha JOHNSON (no date)

Married – At Nicholson, a short time since by Cyrus AVERY, Esq., Thomas JENKINS, of Tunkhannock, to Miss Betsey SWEET, of the former place.

Married – At Kingston on Thursday evening the 19th inst. by Rev. Ard HOYT, Levi HOYT, of that place, to Miss Sally GUNN, of Poughkeepsie, NY.

Died – In this town on Tuesday last, Abraham RILEY, aged 36 years.

Religious Tract Society. A meeting was held at the Academy in Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday the 17th October, for the purpose of considering the propriety of forming a society, the Rev. Ard HOYT, was appointed chairman and Edward COVELL, secretary. The first meeting will be held at the Meeting house in Wilkes-Barre on Monday, 23rd October at 4 o’clock, P. M.

On the 5th October the subscribers fell in company with a man travelling on the road from Wilkes-Barre to Tunkhannock, and from the circumstance of his being on horse-back, without boots or stockings, portmanteau or great coat, and apparently on a journey, it excited suspicion. Upon questioning him, he acknowledged that the horse did not belong to him, but was owned by one Henry VAN NESS, living at a place formerly called Horse Neck (now Fairfield) New-Jersey. He stated that the manner by which he became possessed of the horse was – that he was overtaken by a man on said horse, at or near a place called Black River, about forty miles this side of Horse Neck, and knowing the horse, he challenged him – that the man leaped from the horse and ran into the woods – that he was going to take the horse to the outlet of Cayuga Lake, and calculated to send him back by a man of the name of HOPPER, who was now on the road with a waggon, from the Jerseys to Cayuga, and was to return immediately. We stated to him that we should be under the necessity of having him examined: he replied that he was willing: but in the dusk of the evening, coming to a small copse of wood, not far from Isaac OSTERHOUT’S, he dismounted and fled into the wood. He is rather under the middle size, has a blemish in his right eye (apparently blind or nearly so) wore a pale green coat and pantaloons of cotton, (domestic manufacture.) The horse appears to be 10 or 12 years old, is of a dark brown or black colour, with a white stripe in the forehead, shoes very much worn. The horse likewise has the appearance of having been hard rode. The owner can have him by calling up the subscribers, living in the township of Nicholson, Luzerne County, proving his property, and paying the necessary charges. Nathan BACON and Elemuel CARY. Editors are requested to publish the above, for the benefit of the owner.

Stray. Broke into the enclosure of the subscriber, on the 27th September, two red pied Steers, tow years old. The owner is requested to call, pay charges and take them away. Hezekiah SMITH, Exeter.

New and Cheap Goods at the store of William KEELER, Wysox.

New Goods at the store of B. D. BARNES, Wilkes-Barre.

Carding Machine Factory. Jacob MYER, Jr., respectfully informs the publick, that he has commenced making Carding Machines, at Factory-hill, in Wysox, near Squabble hill street, where he intends supplying all those who wish to favour him with their custom, with machines of the first quality, cheap for case or approved credit. Having made an arrangement with card manufacturers, he will be able to furnish his machines with cards of the first quality, and on reasonable terms. All orders for machines, directed to him at Wysox post-office, Bradford County, Pa., will be thankfully received and attended to with despatch.

Take Notice. You must quit taking coal from the river bank, without leave, or I will publish your names, which I should be sorry to do. Quit and save your credit. William BARKER, Wilkes-Barre.

27 Oct. 1815

Supreme Court Case of Everand BOLTON, private in Capt. CLARK’S Company, 19th Reg. of Pennsylvania Militia, drafted 5 Sept. 1812 and found guilty of delinquency on 31 March 1814.

Pennsylvania Election. Luzerne.
Assembly: PALMER (807), CATLIN (738), DENISON (709), CONYNGHAM (650)
Comr.: BUTLER (798), MILL (651)
Auditor: AUSTIN (736), STEVENS (701)

Married – On the 3rd October inst., in Philadelphia, by Rev. Dr. JANEWAY, the Rev. Dr. GREEN, President of Princeton College, NJ to Miss Mary M’CULLOCH, of Philadelphia.

Married – In this town on Monday evening by Rev. Ard HOYT, Erastus PARSONS, of Lysle, Broom County, N. York, to Miss Jannet HEPBURN, of this place.

Births – On the morning of the 5th inst., the wife of Capt. S. B. GRUMMAN, of Bridgefield, Con. was safely delivered of two daughters and a son at a birth. They are fine, healthy children, weighing 19 _ lbs. and the mother is likely to do well.

Death – In England, July 21st, Lady Harriet ACKLAND, aged 68. Many will recollect the exemplary conduct of this lady, in attending on her husband Major ACKLAND, of the British army, who was wounded and taken prisoner in one of the actions which proceeded the surrender of Burgoyne, in 1777. The hardships she then encountered, though a lady of the most tender and delicate frame, were the theme of general remark.

Militia Notice is hereby given to the Militia within the bounds of the 2nd Regt. that Capt. H. PARSONS, Lieut. N. CAREY and Lieut. Z. DAVENPORT, are the officers appointed to hold the court of appeal in the 1st Battalion, to meet at the house of Maj. O. HELME in Kingston, on Saturday the 4th day of November next, at 10 o’clock. A. M. Capt. G. KELTNER, Capt. B. STOOKEY and Lieut. W. JACKSON, are the officers appointed in the 2nd Battalion, to meet at the house of John JONES in Berwick, on the same day and at the same hour. Isaac BOWMAN, Col. 2nd Regt. Penn. M., Wilkes-Barre.

Fall Goods. Just received and for sale a general assortment of Merchandize, on reasonable terms. Elias HOYT, Kingston. HOYT & SWETLAND, have just received an extensive and general assortment of Goods, which are for sale on reasonable terms. Kingston.

3 Nov. 1815

Susquehanna County Official Return at the General Election:
Assembly: PALMER (223); CATLIN (232); DENISON (382); CONYNGHAM (389)
Sheriff: CARPENTER (165); BAILEY (194); ROSS (364); HOWELL (419)
Commissioner: SMITH (241); WILSON (364)
Auditor: KASSON (236); TAYLOR (365)
Coroner: CHAPMAN (207); LATHROP (204); STEPHENS (385); PARKE (367)
The names of the democrats are in Italics – they have all succeeded.

Married – On Wednesday the 25th October, by the Rev. Rinaldo M. EVERTS, Richard DODSON, of Union, to Miss Rhoda GOSS, of Huntington.

John P. ARNDT, respectfully informs his friends and publick, that he has opened at his old stand, first door above his hotel, and nearly opposite the Ferry in Wilkes-Barre, and extensive assortment of New Goods.

LANE & HARVEY, have just received a new and elegant assortment of Goods. Wilkes-Barre.

Notice. The partnership of Henry BUCKINGHAM and Co. is this day dissolved by mutual agreement. All indebted are requested to make payment to Henry BUCKINGHAM, who is authorized to settle the business of said firm. Henry BUCKINGHAM, Edward COVELL. The above business will be continued by Henry BUCKINGHAM, at the old stand. Orders from Physicians will receive immediate attention and the medicines put up on reasonable terms.

New & Cheap. Geo. HARBERGER, Providence, near STEVENS’ Mill, on the forks of the road leading to the Great Bend of the Susquehanna and to Bethany, Wayne County, has received from Philadelphia an assortment of Goods.

10 Nov. 1815

Another Indian War. It appears that we are to have another Indian War on our Southern and Western border. The Creek Nation refuse to comply with the terms o the treaty they formed with Gen. JACKSON.

Died – In Philadelphia, on the 1st inst. Edward TILGHAM, Esq., an emigrant attorney of that city. (large obituary in next paper)

An Apprentice Wanted at the Gleaner office.

New Goods. A general assortment of New Good just received and for sale, as usual, on reasonable terms by J. and J. SINTON.

Stolen or Strayed, from the subscriber, on the morning of the 8th inst., a likely, dark sorrel mare, about fifteen hands high, a natural trotter – she has no particular mark to distinguish her. A reasonable reward will be paid to any person who will return the Mare; and if stolen, an additional sum for securing the Thief. Andrew BEAUMONT, Wilkes-Barre.

Farm for sale, of 424 acres in the township of Welles, Bradford County. On the land are a good House, Barn, a thrifty Orchard, sixty acres under improvement and Seeley’s Creek running a mile through the farm. A nursery of 400 apple trees, with a number of peach and plumb trees; a good outlet for cattle and one or two saw-mill seats. Terms are reasonable. C. MINER.

Farm for sale in Susquehanna County also a house and lot in Wilkes Barre on the corner of Franklin and Union Streets. Charles MINER.

Strayed away from the subscriber, in Towanda township, near FOWLER’S Mills, on the 27th May last, a large light bay Mare, nine years old next spring, a star in her forehead, her near hind foot white, from the paster to the hoof. Any person that will take up and return said mare to the subscriber, living in Towanda, shall receive Ten Dollars Reward, and all reasonable charges paid by Welch IRWIN.

A Farm For Sale in Union Township, Luzerne County containing 200 acres. Joseph WRIGHT, Plymouth.

17 Nov. 1815

Notice. Public notice is hereby given, that by virtue of an order from Charles E. GAYLORD, one of the justices of the peace, in and for the county of Luzerne, will be exposed to public sale, on Saturday, the 9th day of December next, at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, at the house of Miles SUTLIFF, Tavern keeper, in the township of Huntington, in the said county, one box of Books, together with a variety of Household furniture, attached as the property of Lemuel CROOKER, late of said township, preacher: Attendance will be given, and the terms of sale made know by Joseph RHOADS, Joseph DODSON.

Died – On Wednesday the first inst., in the 65th year of his age, Edward TILGHMAN, Esq., of this city, Counselor at Law (large obituary)

Died – In Philadelphia on the 8th inst. after a long and painful illness, in the 67th year of his age Peter La Barbier DUPLESSIS, Esq., Notary Pubic and Sworn Interpreter of foreign languages.

Died – In Philadelphia, on the 6th inst., Jane, dau. of John DAVENPORT, one of the carriers of the True American. She was a child between two and three years old, and fell a victim to the merciless flames. On Monday afternoon, she was amusing herself with some light chips on the hearth; her clothes, which were of cotton, caught fire, and before the flames could be extinguished, they so burnt her, that she died seven or eight hours after the fatal accident.

Died – On the 16th Oct. in Laurens district, S. C. Solomon NESBIT, aged One hundred and forty three years. He never lost his teeth not his eye sight; a few days before his death he joined a hunting party, went out and actually killed a deer.

24 Nov. 1815

Died – In this town, on Monday evening last, Nathan, son of Dr. Joseph VON SICK, aged about four years.

New and Cheap Goods, PEET, WHEELER, & Co., Wilkes-Barre.

Notice. The Stockholders of the Easton and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike Company, are hereby notified, that an election will be held at the Court-house, in the Borough of Wilkes-barre, on the first Monday of January next, for the purpose of choosing a President, Treasurer and Managers for the ensuing year. B. PERRY, Secretary.

110 Dollars Reward. the Jail of Bucks County was broken last night and the following prisoners made their escape; viz:
Wm. WALSWORTH, committed on a charge of stealing and passing counterfeit money. He is about five feet eight inches high, with dark hair, is round shouldered, and a good-looking man – Was dressed in a deep blue coat, and pantaloons of a greenish color.
John H. KEYES, committed for passing counterfeit money. About five feet eight inches high, sandy complexion, a straight, well made-man; dressed in a brown coat, patched, and white velvet pantaloons, ribbed.
John MITCHELL, committed for horse-stealing – about five feet six inches high, had one lame arm, with dark hair, wore a bottle green coat and nankeen pantaloons.
Whoever may take up, and deliver said offenders to the keeper of the prison, at Doylestown, shall receive the reward above mentioned; or fifty dollars for either WALSWORTH or KEYES, and ten dollars for MITCHELL, if delivered separately, with reasonable charges. Ab’m. SELLERS, Jailer.

WILSON & HIGHT. The Publick are respectfully informed, that the partnership under the above firm is dissolved by mutual consent – as they have disposed of their establishment to John J. WARD. While they gratefully acknowledge the liberal patronage they have received from the public, it is necessary for them to state that an immediate settlement of all their accounts is indispensable. All who are indebted to them will therefore please to call and discharge the balances that may be due. Seth WILSON, Robert F. HIGHT, Wilkes-Barre.

John J. WARD, respectfully informs his friends and the publick in general, that he has purchased the establishment and now occupies the shop, of the late firm of WILSON & HIGHT, where he carries on the Tailoring Business, in all its various branches. Seth WILSON is employed as Foreman of the shop. those, therefore, who may please to favour him with their custom, may depend on having their work done in the most prompt, fashionable, and workman-like manner. Wilkes-Barre.

Strays. A Yearling Heiffer, has been running with my cattle since about the 1st of June last – has a bell on, and is nearly all red. Also a yearling Steer – colour, red and white. The Steer has been with them since about the first of August. The owner or owners are desired to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take them away. Sidney TRACY, Wilkes-Barre.

Notice is hereby given, that the next annual election for officers of the Milford and Owego Turnpike Road Company, will be held at the house of Edward FULLER, Montrose, Susquehanna County, on the first Monday of January next. Putnam CATLIN, Secretary.

1 Dec. 1815

Melancholy Accident – We learn that on Saturday afternoon, the 25th ult., as Mr. MINTHORN, his wife and two children, were crossing the Susquehanna, at the Towanda ferry, the flat sunk, and Mrs. MINTHORN and her two children were drowned.

Died – At Newport, on Thursday night the 23rd inst., Miss Martha, aged 23 years, daughter of William JACKSON.

Died – At Pittston, on Monday last, Mrs. GIDDINGS, aged 40 years, consort of Doct. Nathaniel GIDDINGS.

Died – In this town, on Friday morning last, Zebulon, an infant son of Steuben BUTLER.

Died – At Elmira, N. Y., on the 21st ult, Col. Isaac BALDWIN, aged 51, after a short but distressing illness of three days.

Died – Departed this life, on the 9th inst. after a short but severe illness, Mrs. Mary, consort of Deacon John PHILIPS. aged 70 yrs, 3 months and 2 days. Forty-two years since she made a public profession of Religion and joined the Baptist Church of Christ, and was a regular member of the same in Abington where she died, greatly lamented. Few, perhaps have equalled her in the conscientious discharged of the duty toward God and their fellow-creatures. In her life she was an honor to the Christian profession. During her illness she manifested an entire resignation to the Devine Will. She was favored with her senses to the last, and expired in the triumph of Faith of the Redeemer. “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright, for the end of that man is peace.”

Amount of Direct Tax. The board of principal assessors have completed the task of regulating the valuations made by the deputy assessors of the real estate of Pennsylvania, and find that the direct tax will amount to twenty-one cents and one mill for every hundred dollars of valuation: Luzerne (old limits) $7,661.37 [other counties listed also]

8 Dec. 1815

S. TUTTLE & Co., have just received new goods at their store, first door above Mr. HANCOCK’S Tavern on Main-street, Wilkes-Barre.

Preparatory Measure – “Indulgence unlimited, runs to mischief.” All accounts, notes or obligations due me of two years standing, will, unless they are settled or satisfactory arrangements made before the first of January next, be sued without distinction. And those of a later date will be sued discretionary as I may judge expedient. Elias HOYT, Kingston.

Woollen Clothes. Domestic. For Sale, at my house in Plymouth, a quantity of American manufactured Cloths, of good quality, for case, country produce, lumber, dressed deer skins or approved notes at 90 days. James BARNES.

Married – On the Plains (Wilkes-barre) by the Rev. DINSMORE, John STARK, to Miss Cornelia WILCOX. (no date)

Married – Nov. 23rd, at Wheatland, Jefferson County, Virginia, by the Rev. MEADE, Thomas ALLIHONE, Esq., of Philadelphia, to Miss Mary E. B., dau. of Henry S. TURNER, Esq.

The Influenza, which prevails throughout the United States, has visited us. At Lackawanna it has proved malignant as the Yellow-Fever. As many deaths, it is tho’t, have taken place there, within the last ten days, as in the preceding six months. Among the deaths it is our painful duty to record are – David BROWN, Eleazer BROWN, Mrs. VAN FLEET, Mr. ARMSTRONG and Thomas BENEDICT.

Died – In England, Walter BURKE, Esq., aged 76, one of the oldest Pursers in the English Navy.

Died – In the Mediterranean, Midshipman Charles DOWNES, of Guerriere frigate, brother of Capt. John DOWNES, of the U. S. Navy.

Died – In Wilbraham, Rowland CROCKER, in the 80th year of his age. An own mother who lived with him, still survives him, in her 101st year; she was able to walk out at the door and take the last look at the corpse of her aged son.

Died – In Franklin, Eli HYDE, Esq., aged 79

Died – In Franklin, Oliver ABEL, aged 83

Died – In Franklin, Elijah HUNTLEY, aged 92

Fifty Acres of improved land, within a mile of this Borough. The situation and soil considered, it is worth as much as fifty acres on the flats. Price very low, one half cash on making the title, the other half in a year. Charles MINER.

Estate of Jesse GARDNER, late of Pittston Township, Luzerne County, deceased, requests payments and demands. Martha GARDNER, John THOMPSON, executors.

Strayed from the subscriber, two yearling Steers; one a large brown without horns; the other a small red with white face – both ear-marked with a square crop from the end of the left ear and halfpenny out of the under side of the same, and a sloping crop on the upper side of the right ear. Whoever will return them or give information where they are, shall be generously rewarded. A Milch Cow for sale. Henry BUCKINGHAM, Kingston.

Notice is hereby given, that an adjourned meeting of the Kingston Moral and Benevolent Society will be holden at the house of Capt. Daniel HOYT, in Kingston, on Monday the 11th inst., at 2 o’clock, P. M. precisely. As a number of the members of said society have deemed it expedient to alter some of the articles of Association, they request a general attendance of the members, that they may know whether the society will approve or disapprove of the articles thus amended. Charles CHAPMAN, Recording Sec’y.

Turnpike Notice – The stockholders of the Bridgewater and Wilkes-barre Turnpike Company, are hereby notified that an election will be held at the house of Charles OTIS, in the township of Tunkhannock, on the first Monday of January next, for the purpose of choosing a President, Treasurer and Managers for the ensuing year. Benjamin PERRY, Secretary.

15 Dec. 1815

Died – In Plymouth on Monday, the 4th inst. , Josiah ROGERS, at the advances age of 95 years. He was a native of Windham, Connecticut; from thence he removed to Wyoming in 1776, and has been an inhabitant of Plymouth ever since. In his habits, the deceased was remarkable for industry and temperance. He used to say that he did not recollect ever to have a drank so as to feel the least excitement from liquor. To this temperance, and to his steady industry in tilling his farm, most probably was he indebted, under Providence for his comfortable old age. His sight entirely left him about six years ago; but he still retained his cheerfulness, and was fond of hearing the news: but his principal pleasure was derived from hearing the Scriptures, and religious books read to him, and in conversing on serious subjects. His confidence in his Saviour’s love, and his hopes of a blessed immortality, increased with time, and gathered strength with his years; and he died, not only with resignation, but with joy – expressing his desire to be united with Christ. His funeral was numerously attended, and an appropriate discourse delivered by Elder Griffin LEWIS.

Died – At Pittston, Elijah SILSBE, aged 43 and Eli SILSBE, his son, aged 22.

Died – In this town, an infant daughter of George GORE.

Died – Amid the general sorrow, excited by the numerous deaths in Pittston; feelings of the liveliest grief were awakened by the decease of Miss Sally, dau. of Doct. Nathaniel GIDDINGS. We last week recorded the death of her mother, Sally had been, for the year past with a relation at Bridgewater in Susquehanna County; and being sent for, arrived at home about an hour after her mother had breathed her last. In three days she was taken ill, and in five days more resigned her soul to him who gave it. She was 18 years old, amiable, sensible, and affectionate. After the departure of her mother, she was the chief hope of her father. Great indeed are his trials. His consolation must spring from Him, who is a God of Mercy as well as of Judgment.

We last week remarked that there had been more deaths in Pittston within 10 days than in the preceding six months. We are assured by good authority that in a fortnight there have more grown persons died, than in the six years past. This at once shows the extreme general healthiness of the place, and the no less extraordinary mortality of the present sickness.

Notice. All persons indebted to Eleazer CAREY, who do not make satisfactory arrangements for settling his demands against them, before the first day of the first month of next year, may reasonable expect what justice to him demands. Pittston.

Notice. All persons indebted to the subscribers, are requested to discharge their respective accounts before the first day of January, 1815 and save costs. COLLINGS & BETTLE, Wilkes-Barre.

22 Dec. 1815

Died – This morning, at Hanover, after an illness of four days, Miss Priscilla, daughter of Capt. Andrew LEE. The universal gloom that spread over our village, and the deep sensibility excited in the bosoms of her friends, by the death of this amiable and interesting young lady, speak the high estimation in which she was so deservedly held. ‘Death loves a shining mark, a signal blow.’ (See 29th Dec.)

The Bridge at Berwick is passable for teams, and we are now receiving toll.

Died – In Pittston, on Saturday, the 16th inst., Charles COOPER.

Died – In Pittston, on Saturday, Mrs. Rebecca, wife of George D. NASH, aged 30 years and William, eldest son of the same, aged 11 years.

Died – On the 20th Jared MARCY, aged about 30 years.

Died – At Providence, Mrs. Ann, wife of Daniel SCOTT Jr.

Died – In Williston, Vermont, on the 19th ult, Cabot H. HYDE, formerly of Norwich.

Cochecton and Great Bend Turnpike. Notice is hereby given, that the annual election of offices will be held at the house of John SEAMAN, in Damascus, on the first Monday of January Next. Solomon MOORE, Secretary.

29 Dec. 1815

Typhus fever had appeared in Harrisburg and four or five members of the Legislature have been ill and Mr. STEPHENSON, from Washington County died with it on the 22nd inst.

Priscilla LEE (large obituary notice – see 22 Dec.)

Valuable Property For Sale. One of the best farms in Wilkes-barre, containing 500 acres and one of the noblest coal mine’s in the county. Price $8,000. Also four parcels in Jefferson Township, Geaugua Co., Ohio and four tracts, containing 1600 acres of unimproved land on Bowman’s Creek in this county. Charles MINER.

Caution – All persons are cautioned not to take the assignment of a note given by the subscriber to Stephen HOLLISTER, for about 58 dollars – 50 of it to be paid in Scythes and Hoes, as the note has been paid. John BOWMAN, Kingston.

The person who borrowed of me, the manuscript copy of the eventful History of my own life, is requested to leave it at the Gleaner office. Abraham PIKE, The Indian Killer.

©2007 Paula Radwanski, Wyoming County Historical Society