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14 Jan. 1814

24 Jan. 1814

28 Jan. 1814

4 Feb. 1814

11 Feb. 1814

Isaac FULLER married to Miss Nancy B. WORTHINGTON, at Bedford on Tuesday Evening last by Rev. HOYT.

Harry MOGAN, of Wysox to Miss Harriot BISHOP, at Orwell (no date)

Gen. Simon SPALDING, died as Sheshequin on the 24th ult., in the 73rd year of his age. He left behind him, 5 children, 62 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren, the greatest part of whom attended his funeral.

Mrs. Phebe, consort of David PAINE, Esq., died at Athens, much lamented. (no date)

25 Feb. 1814

Mrs. Annis, consort of Col. Aden STEVENS, died at Pike, Bradford Co., in the afternoon on Sunday, the 6th inst., in the 49th year of her age. She was a member for many years of the Presbyterian Church. Six days illness terminated her earthly career. On Tuesday following her remains were consigned to the grave. Rev. YORK attended and delivered an impressive and appropriate discourse, to a very numerous and sympathizing audience.

4 March 1814

Jonathan HANCOCK married to Miss Mary WRIGHT in this town (no date)

Dr. Harry MUMFORD to Miss Sally TANNER, at Mount Pleasant, Wayne Co. (no date)

Samuel RODGERS to Miss Sally MUMFORD, at Mount Pleasant, Wayne Co. (no date)

De Witt ROSENCRANS, formerly of Wilkesbarre, died at West-Middletown, Ohio (no date)

11 March 1814

Joseph POTTER, of Wilkesbarre to Miss Mary STOCKMAN, in New London, Conn. (no date)

18 March 1814

Stray Sheep came to the Plantation of the Subscriber, sometime in July last, Four Sheep. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take them away. John TAYLOR, Providence.

Dr. Ammi DOUBLEDAY, Jr., of Chenango, Broome Co., NY to Miss Susan PIERCE, of New-Lebanon, NY, at New Lebanon, NY (no date)

Peter WINTERS, died at the Plains, suddenly on Tuesday last, at an advanced age.

Mrs. Jonas INGHAM, Esq., died at Rush (no date)

25 March 1814

Ebenezer GRENOUGH, Esq., of Sunbury to Miss Abigial, daughter of the late Joseph ISRAEL, Esq., of Christiana Mills, Del., in Christiana Mills, Del, on the 5th inst.

John BRADSHAW, died at Pike, Bradford Co., on Monday evening the 14th inst. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church at Wyalusing.

Alanson, son of Abraham TAYLOR, died on 23rd March, aged 23 years (no location)

1 April 1814

Wanted, a active lad, about 15 years of age, as an apprentice at the said Kingston Paper Mill. H. BUCKINGHAM.

A Coal Bed For Sale – To be sold at private sale, one half of a very valuable Coal Bed, lying one mile from the new State Road, and two miles and a half from Wilkesbarre. The bed is now opened, and has been worked at the last winter. The Coal is easily dug, is of the best quality, and found in great abundance. Any person wishing to purchase, will please to call on the subscriber, living near the bed. Hugh MULHOLLAND, Wilkesbarre.

Susquehanna Bank – We the subscribers, commissioners for that purpose, appointed by the Act of Assembly of this State, entitled “An Act regulating Banks,” Do hereby give notice that Books will be opened for the purpose of receiving subscriptions of Stock for the said Bank, on May 2nd – 7th at the houses of:
Jonathan HANCOCK’, Wilkesbarre
Archippus PARSIH, Kingston
Charles OTIS, Tunkhannock
Stephen HARRISON, Huntington
James CAMPBELL, Salem
John BITTENBENDER, Nescopeck

At which several places, one or more of the Subscribers will attend for that purpose. The shares of stock are fifty dollars each, five dollars to be paid on each share at the time of subscribing.

Abiel FELLOWS, Noah WADHAMS, Cyrus AVERY, Geo. M. HOLLENBACK, George DENISON, Commissioners, Wilkesbarre.

Capt. Phineas WALLER to Miss Bestsey (sic), dau. of Dr. JEWETT, of Montville, Conn., in this town last evening by Thomas DYER, Esq.

Thomas GRAHAM, Esq., Attorney at Law, died in this town on Saturday last.

Mrs. Hannah, consort of Jabez SILL, died on Monday last, after a very long and painful illness, which she bore with patience and resignation of a Christian. During the last states of her illness, her only desire appeared to be, that the Lord would hasten her departure – and she died in the full assurance of a happy and blessed immortality.

8 April 1814

Letters in the Post-Office, Kingston on April 1st:
Samuel BREES
Cornelius BUSKIRK
Elizabeth DONLEY
Stephen HEITS
William MARSH
George NASE

Thomas WOOLLEY to Miss Polly LAUBACH, married in Carytown on Sunday last by Isaac HARTZELL, Esq.

Zachariah HARTSHOUGH died of the prevailing epidemic, at Genoa, Cayuga, NY on the 14th March last and on the 16th, Mrs. HARTSHOUGH, his wife. They were highly respected in their neighborhood; both their funeral sermons were preached by the Rev. Anning OWEN, Elder of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of Ulysses, Seneca Co.,, who was immediately seized with the same disorder and died on the 26th. Next morning, Mrs. Mary OWEN, his wife died; and on the ensuing day, they were both interred in one grave; to which they were attended by a numerous company of Methodists, and other professing Christians, as ever was witnessed upon a similar occasion. The marked solemnity, and deep gloom, upon every countenance, showed the respect he was held in, for his usefulness as a preacher; and forcibly exhibited, the great loss, society hath sustained by their death. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. Samuel L. RALEIGH, of Cayuga Circuit; from these words. “Set thine house in order, for thou shalt die, and not live.” Both families, were old settlers in Wyoming, a few years ago.

15 April 1814

Philip OYER to Miss Sarah WAGGONER, at Plains, on Sunday last, by Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Esq.

Mrs. Eunice SPRAGUE, aged 82 years, died in this town, on Tuesday evening last. She was one of the first settlers of this place.

Mrs. Ann Elizabeth KAUKE, died, aged 58 years (no date)

Jude GOODALE, died at Tunkhannock. (no date)

29 April 1814

Mr. Elind (Eliud?) WALLER, died in Wilkesbarre, on Tuesday last, aged 38 years.

Mrs. DRAKE, died at Bedford (no date)

Capt. Jabez FISH, died at an advanced age, at Sheshequin, Bradford Co., formerly of Wilkesbarre. (no date)

An act passed the Legislature of this state at their last session, which raises the wages of the County Commissioners and Auditors to two dollars per day.

6 May 1814

Lewis HEPBURN, a very worthy and valuable man, died in this town on Tuesday last. His loss will be severely regretted by his family and friends.

George, son of Col. B. DORRANCE, died at Kingston, aged 7 years. (no date)

Mrs. Hezekiah SMITH, died at Keeler’s Ferry (no date)

John BENNET, of Kingston, is appointed by the Surveyor General of Pennsylvania, Deputy Surveyor of Luzerne Co.

13 May 1814

Mrs. BOUDON, died in this town on Tuesday last.

20 May 1814

Removal – The office of the VISITER, is removed to the Shop in Centre Street, lately occupied by Dr. CRARY.

27 May 1814

Abel PIERCE, died at Kingston, on Monday last, aged 78 years. He was one of the earliest settlers of this country, and was highly esteemed and respected by all who knew him.

Thomas BARTLETT, aged 26 years died. He lived beloved – and died lamented. (no date)

Joseph J. HUBBARD, died in Wilkesbarre, a soldier in the U. S. Service. (no date)

Laura, daughter of Nathan PALMER, Esq., died, aged 7 years (no date)

Alexander LEFEVRE died at Wyalusing, aged 26 years, a native of Paris, France.

3 June 1814

Mrs. Susan, consort of Benjamin DRAKE, died in this town on Friday evening last, highly esteemed and respected by her neighbors.

George NACE, died at Kingston in Friday last.

Mrs. Catharine, consort of John ENGLA, died at Newport. (no date)

10 June 1814

Dr. NEWTON’S, Essence of Pennyroyal and Essence of Checkerberry, Essence of Itch Ointment, Essence of Tansy and Essence of Peppermint is prepared and sold by E. LOVELAND, Kingston, PA

17 June 1814

A Quantity of First Quality, Prime & Mess Pork, Hams and Lard, just received and for sale by J. & W. BARNES.

24 June 1814

Calvin EDWARDS, Tailor, respectfully informs his friends and customers, that he has just received from Messrs. Charles C. & J. WATSON, of Philadelphia, patterns of the Newest Fashions, and would be happy to receive the orders of his friends. He has also procured a First Rate workman from the same shop, and flatters himself that he will be found ready and capable of giving as ample satisfaction to those who may honor him with their custom, as they can receive in Philadelphia or elsewhere. Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Thomas BARTLETT, late of Kingston Twp., requests payments and claims. Elias HOYT and Garrick MALLERY, Admin’rs.

Notice – Is hereby given, that the pews of the Meeting house in the Borough, will be sold, for the year ensuing, to the highest bidders, on the first Saturday of July next at 4 o’clock P. M.

1 July 1814

8 July 1814

Dr. CRARY, informs the public that he has removed his Family to the house lately occupied by Judge GIBSON, in Wilkesbarre and has just received a Fresh Supply of Genuine Drugs & Medicines, Carefully selected, and intends keeping a supply equal to the demand.

Elisha BLACKMAN married to Miss Polly SEARLES, at Pittston (no date)

15 July 1814

to the Public – The subscriber has taken a convenient House, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, a few rods east of the Courthouse, where he proposes keeping a Boarding House and Tavern. Travellers and others, who are disposed to call upon him shall be accommodated in the best manner he is able. Arnold COLT.

22 July 1814

Mrs. Mary A., wife of Joseph WORTHINGTON, died at Bedford on Monday last, after a lingering illness, aged 44 years. She was esteemed and respected by her neighbors, and her family and friends, will long regret her loss.

29 July 1814

Letters in the Post Office, Kingston, July 1st:
Alexander JACKSON
Philip MYERS
Ebenezer PARISH
Elnathan WILSON
Thomas WALL

Seymour GAREY to Miss Sally CARNEY, at Braintrim, by H. V. CHAMPION, Esq., on Thursday the 21st inst.

5 Aug. 1814

12 Aug. 1814

Estate of Aaron FELL, late of Pittston Twp., request payments and claims. Amos FELL, Adm’r, Pittston.

Samuel WILLIAMS, Jr., died in this town on Tuesday last.

David M. DELAVAN, died at Tunkhannock lately, aged 26 years, sincerely regretted by his friends and neighbors.

Robert DIXON, died at Bear-Creek, a soldier in the service of the U. S. in consequence of wounds received from Sergeant BRACK.

19 Aug. 1814

Will be sold at Tunkhannock on the 5th day of Sept. next, at public vendue, at the late dwelling house of John M’CORD, deceased, the following property, viz, horses, oxen, cows, sheep, hogs, household furniture, wheat rye, oats and hay, with a number of other articles. Terms of sale will be made known at the day of the sale by Sally M’CORD and Elisha HARDING.’

Joseph L. WORTHINGTON to Miss Hannah FULLER, at Kingston on Tuesday last by Charles CHARMAN, Esq.

Mrs. Saloma, wife of Joseph SWETLAND, died at Kingston on Tuesday the 3rd inst., aged 48years. Her family and the neighborhood will long miss __(faded)__ her loss.

Paine, son of Oliver PETTIBONE, died, an industrious and respectable young man. (no date)

26 Aug. 1814

“Post Captain”. The person who took the book under the above title, from the Visiter Office, will please to pay for it immediately, as I am not in the habit of lending Books which are for sale. S. BUTLER.

2 Sept. 1814

WILSON & HIGHT, Tailors, from Philadelphia, inform their friends and the Public, that they have taken the Stand lately occupied by Calvin EDWARD’S, over the Gleaner Office, where they intend to carry on their business in all its various branches. All orders left at their shop, will be punctually attended to and they will endeavor to do their work in the neatest and most fashionable style. Wilkesbarre.

9 Sept. 1814

Military Election, for field officers for the Regiment, composed of the townships of Briar Creek and Mifflinsburg, in Columbia Co., and of Sugar Loaf, Nescopeck, Salem, Huntington, Union, Newport, Hanover, Wilkesbarre, Plymouth, Bedford and Kingston in Luzerne Co. were as follows:
Colonel: Isaac BOWMAN
Lieut. Col.: Redmond CONYNGHAM
Majors: Stephen VANLOON and John SNYDER

An Ordinance For the Regulation of the Market in the Borough of Wilkesbarre.

Alba BANGS to Miss PRINGLE, at Plymouth (no date)

23 Sept. 1814

Federal Ticket:
Assembly: Putnam CATLIN, Benjamin DORRANCE
Commissioner: Daniel HOYT
Auditors: Philip FENSTERMAKER, Stephen TUTTLE, George MILLER
Democratic Ticket:
Assembly: Jonah BREWSTER, Abiel FELLOWS
Commissioner: James REEDER
Auditors: Abraham SHURTZ, Benjamin SMITH, Asa SMITH

30 Sept. 1814

Stray – Came and broke into the enclosure of the subscriber about the first of August past, a small bay horse colt. The owner is requested to prove his property, pay charges and keep it away. Zeb. BUTLER, Wilkesbarre.

Congress: John BOYD, Jared IRWIN
Senator: Nathan PALMER
Assembly: Putnam CATLIN, Benjamin DORRANCE
Commissioner: Daniel HOYT
Auditors: Philip FENSTERMAKER, Stephen TUTTLE, George MILLER

7 Oct. 1814

Rum. Good old West India Rum & Gin, by the hhd. Or barrel and 10,000 Spanish Segars, for sale, Cheap as the times will admit. A short credit will be given if required. Also a few tickets in the 2nd Class of the Wilkesbarre Lottery, now drawing in Philadelphia. Peleg TRACY, Wilkesbarre.

Miss Catharine HOUSMAN, died in this town on Tuesday last.

14 Oct. 1814

21 Oct. 1814

Letters in the Post Office at Kingston, on Oct. 1st:
Daniel ACKLA
Abner H. ALLEN
Leonard DEVINS
Charles HARRIS
Christian G. OCHMIG
Thomas PACE

Election in Luzerne:
Assembly: Benjamin DORRANCE, Putnam CATLIN
Commissioner: Ja’s REEDER
Auditors: Stephen TUTTLE, Philip FENSTERMAKER, George MILLER

28 Oct. 1814

Courts of Appeal – Agreeably to regimental orders issued at Shickshinny, on the 19th inst. the Officers appointed to hold the Court or Appeal, for the first battalion, are Capt. KELCHNER, Lieut. P. YOE, Lieut. R. DODSON, to meet at the house of John BROWN in Berwick on Monday the 7th Nov. next at 10 A. M.

For the upper battalion, Capt. P. WALLER, Lieut. J. CORTRIGHT and Ensign J. TURNER, to meet at the house of Capt. F. CRISMAN, in Hanover, on Monday the 7th Nov. next at 10 A. M. Isaac BOWMAN, Col., Wilkesbarre.

4 Nov.. 1814

11 Nov. 1814

To the Churches and Congregations under the care of the Luzerne Association – Recommended that the last Thursday of November be set apart as a day of public thanksgiving and praise to Almighty God. M. M. YORK and Wm. WISNER, Committee.

18 Nov. 1814

Stray Calf, came to the enclosure of the subscriber, about the first of Sept. last, a spring heifer Calf, of a red and white color. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take her away. Henry REIMER, Wilkesbarre.

Militia – Four Companies of drafted Militia under the command of Captains BAILEY, CAMP, HALLOCK and MASON, marched from Wilkesbarre on Friday and Saturday last, for Baltimore. They were generally good looking men, and will no doubt, do honor to themselves and their country.

25 Nov. 1814

Militia Discharged – Part of the Militia, which we last week stated as having marched for Baltimore, have returned, and the remainder, we understand, are on their way home. They went no further than Danville, and there received a discharge by order of the Governor. The reason of their discharge, we have not exactly ascertained, probably it is, that they are not wanted, in consequence of the supposition, that the approach of winter will oblige the enemy to leave the Chesapeake, and return to Halifax and Bermuda.

2 Dec. 1814

Ezra STURDEVANT, of Harford, Susquehanna Co., died at Danville, Columbia Co. He was one of the Drafted Militia, on a march towards Baltimore, under the late orders from the Governor. He was a worthy citizen and was buried with military honors at Danville.

9 Dec. 1814

Salt & Plaster. 300 Tons First Quality Cayuga Plaister and 100 Barrels Lake Salt, for sale on the lowest Terms for cash, by Stephen C. King, Wilkesbarre.

16 Dec. 1814

Jacob HOLGATE, is elected Speaker of the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania.

23 Dec. 1814

30 Dec. 1814

Notice in Earnest – All those indebted to the subscriber will please to make arrangements to pay him immediately, as he can give no further indulgence. George TAYLOR, Kingston.

6 Jan. 1815

Letters in the Post-Office at Pittston, Jan. 1st:
Richard BROWN
Nathaniel GIDDINGS
Peter PAYNE, Jr.

Turnpike Election. At an Election held at Easton on Monday last, the following Gentlemen were elected Managers of the Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike:

President: Lord BUTLER
Treasurer: Stephen TUTTLE
Managers: Matthias HOLLENBACK, John STODDART, Philip MYERS, Nathan PALMER, Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Eleazer BLACKMAN, Benjamin DORRANCE, Joseph SLOCUM, John P. ARNDT, John W. ROBINSON, Garrick MALLERY, Joseph SINTON.
At a meeting of the Managers, Benjamin PERRY, was re-appointed Secretary, for the ensuing year.

The Susquehanna Bridge, at Columbia, Pennsylvania, one mile and 25 perches in length, exclusive of the Abutments, is now finished, over which travellers with Carriages, Waggons, Drovers of Cattle, &c. &c. may pass without detention. (Columbia paper)

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