1813 The Advertiser

The Advertiser

Friday Publication

Aug. 6-13 (partial)
Aug, 27 (partial
Sept. 3- Dec, 1813

Considerable portions of the issues marked “partial” are missing. The other issues appear to be complete.

6 Aug. 1813

13 Aug. 1813

Hugh H. ANDERSON, respectfully informs the Public in general that he has removed his shop one door below the shop he formerly occupied, where he is determined to finish his HATS in the neatest and most substantial manner. Wilkes Barre.

Mrs. _______. Joseph (page torn – but apparently a marriage or death)

Letitia, an ….. Charles MINER (page torn – but apparently a marriage or death)

27 Aug. 1813

3 Sept. 1813

Wanted Immediately, An Apprentice To the Blacksmith Business. A Smart, active Lad, about 14 year old, would be preferred. A boy of the above description, by applying immediately to the Subscriber, will receive good encouragement. Peter YARRINGTON, Wilkes Barre

Wanted to employ, three or four Good Female Weavers, who can come well recommended. Good encouragement will be given. Benjamin PERRY, Wilkes Barre

Mrs. Margaret, wife of William CURRIE, died in this town on Saturday last.

Catharine, daughter of Jacob KEICHLINE, died on Thursday last, aged 8 years.

A barn belonging to Benjamin REYNOLDS, of Plymouth, with all its contents, consisting of grain, hay &c. was destroyed by lightning on Wednesday evening last.

Distressing Fire! A dreadful fire broke out this week, at Mount Pleasant in Wayne Co., which destroyed two houses, and two or three out-buildings, belonging to Mr. TANNER. The fire is supposed to have caught from the oven.

Wool Spinning. Domestic Manufacture. The subscriber has in operation at his place of residence in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, two spinning machines, a Billy of fifty and a Jenny of sixty spindles, for the purpose of spinning Merino and Country Wool, under the superintendance of Dennis M’COMBS, a professed spinner of Wool, from one of the first Woolen Factories in the US. Merino Wool spun at 3 cents per cut. County Wool spun at 2 1/2 cents per cut. Persons wishing to have their wool spun on machines, by leaving their wool with the subscriber, (uncarded) would be preferred, as the spinner will give the necessary directions in what manner to have the wool carded, to make good work. (The price of carding to be added) As the subscriber has been at a very great expense in erecting his spinning establishment, and procures a good workman, he hopes to meet with encouragement from his fellow citizens. Benjamin PERRY.

Allen JACK, merchant, died in this town on Thursday evening. His death was occasioned by a fall from a scaffold to a new building, which he was erecting. He fell on Thursday morning, and languished in extreme pain until about 12 o’clock at night. It is supposed to have been an internal confusion that occasioned his death, as no fatal wound appeared externally. Thus has this worthy man, been cut down in the prime of life – full of vigor – and full of health. He was a valuable citizen honest, industrious and benevolent: and society will long mourn the loss of one of its brightest ornaments.

John BAILEY, died at Lehigh, whose death was occasioned by wounds received in blowing rocks.

17 Sept. 1813

Drovers may be accommodated with pasture, by applying to the Subscriber, residing near the Great Bend and Beech woods road, two miles above Wilkes Barre. Thomas WRIGHT.

Federal Delegate Meeting, held at Wilkesbarre, on the 4th Sept. the following Ticket was agreed upon:
Assembly: Rosewell WELLES, Putnam CATLIN
Commissioner: Joseph WRIGHT, of Plymouth
Sheriff: John ROBINSON, Napthali HURLBUT
Coroner: Phineas WALLER, Caleb ROBERTS
Auditors: Henry BUCKINGHAM, Caleb HOYT, Eleazer CAREY

Republican Delegate Meeting, held at Kingston on the 8th Sept, the following Ticket was formed:
Assembly: Jabez HYDE Jr., Joseph PRUNER
Commissioner: Benjamin CARREY
Sheriff: Elijah SHOEMAKER, Noah WADHAMS
Coroner: Eliphalet SMITH, John JENKINS
Auditors: Asa STEVENS, Cyrus AC—N, Charles BARRELL

Mrs. Jonathan HANCOCK, died in this town on Wednesday. She was a worthy woman and her family will long mourn her loss.

24 Sept. 1813

Thomas OVERTON, Esq., of Sheshequin to Miss Mary TRACY, of Towanday, at Towanday, on Monday the 15th inst., by Burr RIDGEWAY, Esq.

1 Oct. 1813

8 Oct. 1813

15 Oct. 1813

22 Oct. 1813

Abiel ABBOTT to Miss Cylinda, daughter of Elisha ATHERTON, married at Kingston on Sunday evening last.

Miss Mary, daughter of Jonathan HANCOCK, died in this town, on Wednesday evening last, aged 17 years.

Luzerne Election – The following Gentlemen are elected:
Assembly: Jabez HYDE, Jr.; Joseph PRUNER
Sheriff: Elijah SHOEMAKER
Coroner: Eliphalet SMITH
Commissioner: Benjamin CAREY
Auditors: Charles BARRETT, Cyrus AVERY, Asa STEVENS

The Democratic Ticket, has also succeeded throughout in Bradford and Susquehanna Counties.

29 Oct. 1813

Woolen Rags Wanted – Henry BUCKINGHAM will pay Cash for any quantity of Woolen Rags and Swingle Tow, provided the shives are well shaken out. Kingston.

Joseph LOVELAND, died at Norwich, Vermont, aged about 60, by inadvertently swallowing a mouthful of the Oil of Tanzy, from a bottle which he supposed to contain spirits.

Elisha HARDING Jr. to Miss Amy JENKINS, married at Tunkhannock (no date)

Mrs. George GORE, died at Plains. The deceased was highly esteemed and respected by her neighbors. (no date)

5 Nov. 1813

Military Notice – The Board of Field Officers for the 45th Regiment Pennsylvania Militia, will meet at the house of Charles OTIS, Esq., in Tunkhannock on Monday the 13th day of Dec. next at 10 o’clock, A. M. Capts. CARVER and WILSON will attend with them to examine the accounts of the Pay-Master. Constables and others holding Warrants for the collection of Fines, must settle them on or before that day, as no appeals can be heard, or exhonerations granted in cases now existing, that are neglected after that time. David B. WHEELER, Lieut. Col. 45th Regt., Tunkhannock.

12 Nov. 1813

Jacob WORTHING, of Bridgewater to Miss Lydia, daughter of C. CAREY, married at Hanover on Sunday last, by the Rev. LANE.

26 Nov. 1813

The Luzerne Matross, under the command of Capt. THOMAS, after serving honorable their tour of duty, have been discharged and have returned home.

3 Dec. 1813

Kingston Moral Society – held a meeting at the house of Philip MYERS, Innkeeper in Kingston Twp., on the second Monday in November. Rev. Benjamin BIDLACK was again called to the Chair and Charles CHAPMAN was appointed secretary pro tem. The following gentlemen, members of said society were chosen as a committee of vigilance agreeable to the provisions of the Constitution of the same:
Charles HARRIS
Solomon CHAPIN
David PERKINS, Esq.
Fisher GAY
Capt. Joseph TUTTLE
Capt. Benjamin SMITH
Elisha ATHERTON, second
George NASE
Capt. Daniel HOYT
Elnathan WILSON
William BARKER
Aaron DEAN

Col. Benjamin DORRANCE was appointed Treasurer for the year ensuing. Charles CHAPMAN, Recording Secretary.

Gen. Andrew PORTER, Surveyor General of the State of Pennsylvanian died on Thursday last in this town, aged 70 years. (“Harrisburg Paper”)

10 Dec. 1813

Joshua MINER to Miss Fanny HEPBURN, married in Friday Evening, the 2nd inst.

17 Dec. 1813

New Goods. A General Assortment of European, India & American Goods, suitable to the Season, just received and for sale by Stephen C. KING, Wilkesbarre.

New Firm. The subscribers have entered into Co-Partnership, under the firm of HOYT & BARTLETT. They have just received from New-York a general assortment of Goods, which are offered for sale on reasonable terms at the Store lately occupied by Elias HOYT. Elias HOYT & Thomas BARTLETT, Kingston Notice: It now become necessary for those indebted to Elias HOYT, to call immediately and settle their respective accounts and save him the trouble of paying them a visit.

Oliver PETTIBONE, Jr., died in Kingston on Thursday the 16th inst., a very worthy and respectable man.

24 Dec. 1813

Miller HORTON to Miss Betsey WALLER, married at Cary-town, on Sunday evening last, by James CAMPBELL, Esq.

31 Dec. 1813

Henry YOUNGS, formerly of Connecticut married to Miss Olive PARISH, of Plymouth, at Kingston, on the 23rd inst., by Charles CHAPMAN, Esq.

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