1819 Susquehanna Democrat

The Susquehanna Democrat 1819

Published on Friday Evening, Wilkesbarre, PA

By Samuel MAFFET, Main Street

1 January 1819

Navigation of the Susquehanna River (p. 3)

…On the 9th March 1771, an act was passed declaring this river a public highway, as far down as WRIGHT’S Ferry… A supplement passed 31 March 1785 declared the Susquehanna River throughout the state a public highway…

To The Public – The subscriber has with much pain observed in the Susquehanna Democrat an article taken from the Montrose Gazette, signed Davis DIMOCK, with an affidavit attached signed Daniel JACKSON, taken before Noah WADHAMS, Esq., dated Nov. 9th, 1818, in which it is stated that the subscriber, in company with Epaphras THOMPSON, has been out to the westward calling themselves Missionaries from the Bridgewater Baptist Church, &c. Notwithstanding my good opinion of D. JACKSON, and believing he misunderstood me, I am therefore obliged to state in my own defence, that I never did say to said JACKSON, or any other person, that I was a Missionary or a member sent from the aforesaid Church – believing my authority is derived from a higher power. Mr. MAFFET will please give the above one insertion, and oblige. John SMITH.

A journeyman blacksmith wanted immediately. Apply to Ranslaer WELLES, Wilkesbarre.

The Wyoming Fire Company will meet at the house of Thos. H. MORGAN, on Monday evening next. S. PALMER, Secretary.

8 January 1819

Stray Heifer at the plantation of Isaac HARTZELL, Hanover.

Last Notice! All persons indebted to the subscriber by Note or Book account, are requested to come forward, and settle their respective dues – and save cost. Samuel SHOEMAKER, Kingston.

Stop the Swindler!! 300 Dollars Reward. Absconded from this Borough, on the 11th December, Joseph LENOVER. He is about 45 years of age; 5 feet 10 inches high, has a down look and a hard substance the inside of the middle finger on the right hand. He took with him a sorrel mare, a light horse waggon and accompanied by a boy about 12 or 13 years old who was on horseback. He was to have taken about one thousand dollars in silver and a large quantity of genuine and counterfeit bank notes. He may have gone to the state of Indiana, about 13 or 14 miles from the Rising Sun, where he has a brother and one or two sons living. Appollos WOODWARD, Samuel HEPBURN, Jacob GRAFIAS, Thomas CALDWELL, Williamsport, Lycoming Co.

Montgomery Township, Somerset County, N. J. Two persons, Rebecca DUGAM, of dark complexion, the other her son, Henry DUGAMG, about 20 years of age, came from Wilkesbarre or the neighborhood of that place, some time in September last, and brought with them two valuable rifles, with silver mounting, the one smooth bore with moulds for balls, also one musket, a cow, two young cattle said to be left on the road (the guns and cow are here, with the persons.) We have reason to think the above articles were stolen, because the persons are poor and the young man was lately let from the state prison in this state. They both have passed in the habit of beggars. We desire the above may be inserted in your paper that the owner of said property may know where he can find it – and the transgressors may be brought to justice. William CARRISON.

George M. HOLLENBACK, of Wlkesbarre [Wilkes-Barre], has been appointed by the Commissioners. Treasurer of the county for the year 1819 is Joel ROGERS. We learn also that Jesse FELL, Esq. has been appointed clerk to the board to commissioners, in the room of Arnold COLT, Esq.

Wilkesbarre Turnpike Elections held Jan. 4th:
President: Ebenezer BOWMAN
George __?__
Robert H. ROSE
Isaac POST
William DRINKER Jr.
Treasurer: Garrick MALLORY

To The Public. As the subscriber sometime since cautioned the public not to trust or harbor his wife, Priscilla on his account, she having left his bed and board – now feels it to be his duty to state to the public, that the difference which existed have been happily adjusted, and that the said Priscilla and him are again reconciled and live together as formerly. John WELL, Exeter.

Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Jan. 1st, 1819:
O. S. Seymoer ADAMS
William APPELL
Dr. Samuel BALDWIN
Daniel BEST
Elijah BURKE
Atemus BAKER
Charles COBURN
J. Milton CLARK
Benjamin CARY
George EIK
Thomas GEARY
Hannah GOSS
Rosewell H. HALE
William JONES
Latham JONES
Catherine LOWRY
William LITTLE
Frederick NAGLE
Godfrey RAISH
Benjamin SMITH
Samuel H. STEEL
Stephen VAN LOON
Frederick WAGONER
Jacob WOLFE & Daniel KOONS
Jacob CIST, P. M.

15 January 1819

Married – At Northumberland on the 6th January inst., by Rev. SMITH, Capt. J. P. BABB, of Pittston, Luzerne County, to Miss Mary, daughter of John SHRINER, of that place.

Married – On Friday the 1st January by Rev. PECK, Isaac MERRILS to Miss Mary LAIRD.

Military Notice – Second Regiment, P. M., An adjourned Court of Appeal, to consist of the Field Officers of this Regiment will convene at the house of Andrew M’CLURE, at Newport, on 9th February next, to hear the returns of the constables and collectors of Military fines. Capt. Samuel MAFFET, of the 8th, and Capt. Benjamin STOOKEY, of the 9th companies are directed to attend and adjust the accounts of the Paymaster. As they will then be closed and the Law enforced against the delinquent collectors. Isaac BOWMAN, Col. 2nd Reg’t. P. M., Wilkesbarre.

22 January 1819

Doct. T. BEEBE, having lately moved into the house a few rods north east of J. HANCOCK’S respectfully informs the citizens of Wilkes-barre and its vicinity, that he is ready to attend to any calls in his line of business – presuming that after more than three years close application to the study of Physic, and from the experience he has had in the state of N. York that he will not be found wholly incompetent to do justice to those who may require his assistance.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: Petitions presented include:
The resolution relative to increasing the penalties for violating the acts of regulating the fisheries on the Susquehanna was adopted.
For increasing the penalty for fishing for shad in the river Susquehanna, on days whereon fishing is prohibited by law.
For erecting a new county out of parts of Washington, Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny, to be called Jackson.
From citizens of the townships of Covington and Dallas, Luzerne County, for a new election Districts.
Alexander PATTERSON, of Northampton County, an officer of the revolution, for relief in case of a tract of land held by him in Luzerne County; and for compensation for his services during the revolution. Committee on claims.
Enrolled militia of Covington Township, Luzerne Co. to be authorized to do militia duty in company, and to be exempt from battalion meeting. Committee on the militia system.
To incorporate a company for making a turnpike road, from Wilkesbarre to Meansville.
Committee on roads, &c.
For the appointment of commissioners to lay out a road from Wilkesbarre to Milford on the Delaware. Same committee.
Wilkesbarre Bridge Company, for further aid. Committee on roads and island navigation.
Dallas Township, Luzerne County, to charge the place of holding elections and a petition to increase the bounty on wolf scalps, on which there is a bill
A supplement to the act erecting the town of Berwick into a borough.

Married – At Windham, on the 16th inst., by Josiah FASSET [Fassett], Emer HARRIS to Miss Deborah LOTT.

Died – At Montrose on the morning of the 6th last, Mary J., third daughter of Rev. Davis DIMMOCK, aged 10 years.

Lemuel STONE, Esq., of Abington – Elisha S. POTTER, Esq., of Blakely and Isaac HARDING Esq., of Exeter, have been appointed by the Governor, Justices of the Peace for the districts in which they serve all reside, in Luzerne County.

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held the 15th February, for the estate of John T. MILLER, late of Union Township, for tracts of land in Union Township, one containing 300 acres and the second tract containing 85 acres. Susanna MILLER and Noah WADHAM, administrators.

Wilkesbarre & Easton Mail Stage – Through in One Day. Miller HORTON, Thomas ELEY, Josiah HORTON.

Wilkesbarre & Northumberland Mail Stage, leaves MORGAN’S Hotel, Wilkesbarre every Sunday and Wednesday morning. Miller HORTON, Jesse HORTON.

29 January 1819

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: Petitions presented include:
Incorporation of a company to make a turnpike road from the borough of Northampton to Wilkesbarre.

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held 27th February next, land in Salem Twp., estate of Jeremiah KULP, junior, being parts of Lots 47, 48, & 49 in first division, bounded by John CLENTOBS, Henry HEPLER, Nathan BEACH and Susquehanna River. Elizabeth KULP & Charles HOLLOWAY, administrators.

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held the first Monday of March next, for the estate of Elisha ATHERTON, of Kingston, several tracts of land in Kingston and Plymouth Townships. Eunice ATHERTON and Samuel CARVER, executors.

The sheriff of Centre County has received the death warrant for the execution of James MUNKS, which is to take place on the 23rd inst.

Letters on hand Jan. 1st, for the Post Office, Kingston:
Epaptras P. BUTLER
Solomon CHAPIN
Anthony FICK
Peter GRAY
Fisher GAY
Daniel HOYT
Oliver HELME
William HUNT
Thomas KELLY
Jacob RICE
Abigail SPACE

5 February 1819

Luzerne Co. Receipts and Expenditures for 1818, includes:
Road Damages to Peter YARINTTON, admr’s of Samuel BOWMAN, Marshall DICKSON, James SCOTT
LACY & WHITCOMB, Tuscarora Bridge
Adam WILSON, Bowman’s Creek Bridge
Elisha HARDING, Bowman’s Creek Bridge
Ebenezer MARCY, bridge at the falls of Lackawanna
William WIGTON, rebuilding Meshoping [Meshoppen?] bridge
Luman FERRY, Bowman’s Creek & Tunkhannock bridge
Caleb ROBERTS, bridge in Nicholson
John TURNER, repairing bridge Harvey’s Creek
Henry V. CHAMPION, repairing Meshoping [Meshoppen?] bridge

Appointment by the President. Samuel D. INGHAM, Esq., to be Marshal of the Eastern district of Pennsylvania, in the room of John SMITH, Esq., resigned.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: Petitions presented include:
For a law to make a turnpike road from Meansville to Wilkesbarre.

The Speaker laid before the House a letter from the Secretary of the Commonwealth enclosing examinations in a case of complaint against David PERKINS, a Justice of the Peace in Luzerne County, which were referred to READER, M’KEAN, LAWRENCE, STURGEON, FORWARD.
Against striking off any part of the borough of Berwick
To incorporate a company for making a turnpike road from Meansville to Wilkesbarre.

Military Notice to members of the Wyoming Guards, that an Election will be held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, on the 6th of February next to elect one Second Lieutenant and one Ensign. John PERKINS, Major, 1st Battalion 2nd Reg’t, P. M.

Samuel HORTON, of Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY, served as a drummer seven years in the revolutionary war under the command of Col. LAMB, who commanded the heavy artillery company. Towards the close of the war I was taken prisoner by the enemy – afterwards made my escape and regained my company and received a furlough for six weeks. On my return, I found peace was declared. I then asked for my discharge – was informed it was sent by a certain captain. But as he fled to the British, I never received it. If there be any no living, who can testify that I served my country, and they will inform where they reside, they will confer a lasting favour upon their friend. I have received the testimony of one, and wish to obtain one more. If the printers in the United States will give this one or two insertions, they shall receive the thanks of an old man, destitute of money, and almost worn out with age.

12 February 1819

Married – At Braintrim, on the 28th ult, by Josiah FASSETT, Esq., of Windham, James BONNEL, of Tunkhannock, to Miss Eliza RUSSEL, of Braintrim

Afflicting – On the evening of the 7th inst., George C. W. BARBER, a resident of this town, on his return from Stoddardsville, in company with several other young gentlemen, in a light Waggon had the misfortune to fall from the Waggon, which produce a contusion in his head of which he expired about day break on the following morning. It appears that one of the wheels of the waggon in consequence of the breaking, or falling out, of the pin that held it. Ran off the axletree, which striking the ground, produced such a jar that several of the passengers were thrown out, and the deceased, in attempting to jump out, was detained by the catching of his clothes on the seat of the waggon, which threw him off his balance and brought him head foremost to the ground. Mr. B. was lately from Boston (Mass.)

Murder – Hugh CURRY, was yesterday morning committed to prison, charged with the murder of his wife, Mary. It appears that about two weeks since, he returned home to his house, No. 219, William Street, N. Y., when a quarrel between himself and wife took place. After beating her, he threw a tea-pot at her head, which wounded her severely near the eye and caused an inflammation of which she died. A woman who lived in the same house has also been arrested, charged with being an accomplice. The coroner’s inquest which sat on the deceased’s body, returned a verdict of murder, “having come to her death by reason of violent blows inflicted on the head by her husband, Hugh CURRY.”

For Sale – Within the borough of Wilkesbarre, directly at the lower end of Union or New Street, and fronting the same. Its improvements are convenient and comfortable dwelling house, with a cellar under the same – a never failing well of water at the door. The lot contains about one and a half acres of land. On which there are thirty bearing apple and other fruit trees and an excellent garden, a good barn and also a large blacksmith shop, which can be converted to any mechanical purpose or even a dwelling house, it being an excellent frame, and well covered with clapboards and shingles. Enquire of Arnold COLT who is in possession or of Peter YARINGTON.

Stray Steer at the premises of John MILL, Hanover.

19 February 1819

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: Petitions presented include:
Relative to obstructions in the Susquehanna at the Maryland canal.
Eight petitions for a removal of the seat of Justice of Tioga County, from Wellsboro to Lawrenceville. Referred to the members from Bradford, Tioga, Susquehanna, Luzerne and Lycoming Counties.
The bill for exploring the route of a road from the Susquehanna, at or near the mouth of Nescopeck Creek, to the highest navigable part of the river Schuylkill.
Bradford County, for the renewal of the law for building a bridge over the Tioga River at the village of Athens, and for aid.
Authorising the executors of Benjamin NEWBERRY to sell lands.
Providing compensation to James LOCKART for a tract of land in Salem Township, Luzerne County.
For the incorporation of a company to make a turnpike road from Wilkesbarre to Allentown.
Of Daniel GRIDLEY an old soldier, for relief.
Aid to the Susquehanna and Cayuaga turnpike road company.
Also relative to a salt spring discovered by Joseph H. ELLIS in Bradford County, and asking aid to erect salt works.
To incorporate a company for making a turnpike road, from the 30 mile stone of the Easton and Wilkesbarre turnpike, in the north westerly direction through Ligget’s gap in the Lackawanna mountain to the Cochecton and Great Bend turnpike, at or near Itham or MOTT’S.

The following law has passed both houses of the Legislature of the State, and has been approved by the Governor – An Act to prevent the imprisonment of Females for debt.

Married – At Boston, on Tuesday, 26th ult, by Rev. LOWELL, George M. FOWLE, to Miss Margaret L. EATON

Died – At his residence in Sunbury, on Friday morning, the 29th ult, Andrew KENNEDY, senr., formerly editor of the Phoenix, in the 55th year of his age. He established the Sunbury and Northumberland Gazette, in 1792, the first newspaper ever printed in Northumberland which he edited during a period of 25 years. On Saturday his remains were conveyed from his dwelling house to Northumberland, followed by his relatives and several acquaintances, and were interred with masonic honors, by the brethren which compose the lodges of both towns.

Died – At Philadelphia, a few days since, Alexander WILSON, late chief clerk in the State Treasurer’s office at Harrisburg.

Died – At Old Providence, on the 20th of Sept. Col. Jared IRWIN, formerly a representative in congress from Pennsylvania, who joined General M’GREGOR’S at Amelia Island and had since attached to the command of Commodore AURY.

Samuel D. INGHAM, Esquire, declines receiving the commission of Marshal of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania: and will continue to execute the duties of Prothonotary of Bucks County.

The Execution of James MUNKS, for the murder of Reuben GUILD, took place near Bellefonte, on Saturday the 23rd ultimo.

26 February 1819

Died – In Montrose, on Tuesday the _?_, after a short, but distressing illness, Susan POST, in the 6th year of her age, only daughter of Maj. Isaac POST. She is the second daughter that this afflicting family have been called to mourn the loss of in the last nine months.

Died – At Carlisle, on Saturday last, James HAMILTON, Esq., President of the Court of Common Pleas of that district.

Jacob RA__BACK, Esq., of Newport and Conrad SAX, Esq., of Covington, have been appointed by the governor, Justices of the Peace for their respected districts and have taken and subscribed the oaths necessary to qualify them to act as such.

The dwelling house of David PERKINS, Esq., of Kingston, burned down on Thursday the 18th inst. The fire was caused by a stove pipe running through the roof.

A Quantity of Iron, will be sold cheap for Cash by William WRIGHT.

Register’s Notice:
Account of Isaac Cortright and James DODSON, executors of Daniel STOOKEY, late of Salem
Account of Hannah GOULD and Benjamin REYNOLDS, executors of Peter GOULD, late of Plymouth
Account of Margaret SEELY and Isaac CORTRIGHT, administrators of Samuel SEELY, late of Salem
Account of John ATWORTH, administrator of James CONNER, Esq., late of Providence
Account of Mary FREECE and John KIRKPATRICK, administrators of John FREECE, late of Kingston

Weaving by Andrew BENNET, Kingston.

5 March 1819

Died – In this village on Wednesday morning, the 17th inst., Chapman CARR, Innkeeper, aged 32 years. He suffered long under a severe fit of sickness, which he bore with Christian fortitude. He leaves a widow and two small children, one of his children died before he did. He was interred on Thursday and his child with him. Funeral from the Court house with Elder Davis DIMOCK, where was collected a very numerous assembly to pay their last respects to a worthy citizen, and what added solemnity to the scene, was the presence of the corpse of Miss Amy, daughter of Eli GREGORY, of this village, who died also on the morning of the 17th inst., aged 17 years.. Montrose Gazette

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: Petitions presented include:
A petition of the British emigrants of Susquehanna County, unfavorably, and the report was adopted by the house
Petition for the election of a Constable for the Borough of Wlkesbarre
Removal of obstructions to the navigation of the Susquehanna
Supplementary to the act to promote the comfort of the poor, was considered in and the bill provides that kitchen furniture shall be exempt from execution for debt, and that household furniture to the amount of 100 dollars shall also be exempted.
Relief of the Rev. Thomas SMILEY.
Granting of a loan of $20,000 to John HARKNESS and others of Bradford County.
Ambrose MILLARD, Justice of the Peace, of Tioga County, favorable to the Justice.
Running and marking the lines between Lycoming and Luzerne Counties.
To incorporate a company for making a turnpike road from the falls of Cochecton to the Cochecton and Great Bend turnpike.
George HENDRICKS, for remuneration for a tract of land in Luzerne County, certified to a Connecticut claimant.

12 March 1819

Died – On Monday the 1st of March, Mrs. Mary, consort of John BITTENBENDER, of Nescopeck Township.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: Petitions presented include:
Susquehanna and Tioga turnpike road company for aid.
Report on complaint against David PERKINS, unfavorable to the Justice, with resolution attached. Also next day because of official misconduct, resolution for his removal.
Aid to the New Milford and Montrose turnpike road.
Subscribe shares of stock in the Wilkesbarre Bridge Company.
Propriating for the road from the Cochecton and Great Bend Turnpike to the Moosic mountain to the west line of the State

Goods, Just Received and for Sale by S. C. KING, Tunkhannock.

Register’s Notice – Accounts have been filed by Anna SCOVELL and James BULKELEY, administrators in the estate of Anderson SCOVELL, late of Exeter.

19 March 1819

To Subscribers. Those persons who know themselves to be indebted to the printer, for subscriptions, advertisements, jobs, blanks, or any other manner, are requested to make immediate payment. Those who wish to pay in Grain will please to deliver it soon as possible. Each subscriber is requested to reflect upon the situation of his account and after he has done this we know his conscience will say  “o and pay the Printer.” Court Week will afford many opportunities, which we hope will be embraced, to call or send and pay at least a part of what may be due.

Estate of Lydia AVERY, late Lydia EBBERT, late of Tunkhannock, requests payments and demands. Zebulon AVERY, Adm’r., Tunkhannock.

Estate of Phineas PRESTON, late of Huntington Township, requests payments and demands. James CAMPBEL, Adm’r., Huntington.

Jacob S. DAVIS vs Sarah DAVIS, for divorce. Sarah to appear before the Judges at Bethany, Wayne County Court of Common Pleas, on the 4th Monday in April next to answer to the libel of Jacob, praying for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony, otherwise he will be divorced accordingly. Salmon JONES, Sheriff.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 5th April.
1) Land in Exeter Township, bounded by Lott BREES, heirs of Thomas JENKINS and heirs of David SMITH, containing 43 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ezekiel GOBLE against George TAYLOR.
2) Land in Plymouth Twp., bounded by line of Dallas Twp., Asahel DRAKE and of unknown, containing 21 acres. Also land in Bedford being 100 acres, undivided of Lot #47, in the back tier. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of David SCOTT against Summers BALDWIN.
3) Kingston Twp., two lots, lot one bounded by a road between Plymouth and Kingston, mountain tier of lots, lot #2, part of same lot owned by James MURPHHY, containing about 34 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Elias HOYT against Elihu PARRISH.
4) Land in Pittston Township, bounded by the widow of Ebenezer MARCY, Lackawanna River and Thomas WRIGHT, containing 37 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Zenus BARNUM against Peter HALLOCK.
5) Providence Township, bounded by Lot #28, James GRIFFIN and Lackawanna Creek, containing 80 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of David SCOTT against Edward SPENCER.
6) Land in Pittston Twp., bounded by heirs of William SLOCUM, Susquehanna River, heirs of Constant SEARLE and the main road, containing one half acre. And a tract bounded by the public highway, heirs of William SLOCUM, Jedediah COLLINS, containing one acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Benjamin PERRY, administrator of Godfrey PERRY, surviving partner of the firm of HART & PERRY, against Miner SEARLE

Married – At Montrose on the 25th inst., by David POST Esq., Anson DART to Miss Eliza, eldest daughter of Putnam CATLIN, Esq., Cashier of the Silver Lake Bank.

Married – At Windham, on the 11th inst., by Josiah FASSET [Fassett?], Esq., Sylvester SUMMERS to Miss Polly AMES.

Married – On Thursday, the 11th inst., at Muncy, Lycoming County, by Rev. J. B. PATTERSON, Jonathan LODGE, Editor of the Danville Express, to Miss Jane BUCHANNON, of Muncy.

Died – In Kingston, on Friday the 12th inst., George ROYAL, aged 24 years., a native of Germantown, near Philadelphia. He removed to this place with other gentlemen from Germantown, to establish a woolen factory. He was seized with violent disease, which lasted five weeks. His trembling voice was often exerted in singing the following lines of the poet
Jesus can make a dying bed – As soft as downy pillows are
While on his breast I lean my head – And breathe my life out sweetly there.
The funeral sermon was delivered by Rev. B. BIDLACK in the Kingston Meeting House. After which his remains were consigned to the grave by his Masonic Brethren.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: Petitions presented include:
Mr. GILMORE moved to consider the report and address to the Governor, for the removal of David PERKINS, a Justice of the Peace of Luzerne County, from office which was agreed to. Mr. PURDON moved the postponement of the question on the address, what it might be so moulded as that the documents should accompany it, and the Governor have some ground on which to exercise his discretion in the removal.

Caution – All persons are hereby cautioned against taking any assignment of certain Notes given by Harrington NORTHROP to Isreal CHONANT, as such notes were obtained by fraud, and I am determined not to pay them unless compelled by law. Harrington NORTHROP, Tunkhannock. N. B. The Editor of the Otsego Herald will please to publish the above four weeks, and send his account to Phineas SHERWOOD, Tunkhannock.

Register’s Notice – Account of Anderson SCOVELL, late of Exeter, has been filed by Anna SCOVELL and Jonathan BULKELEY, administrators.

26 March 1819

Married – On Thursday the 4th inst., by Rev. Christian BOWMAN, Henry KINGSBURY to Miss Amanda CULVER, all of Huntington Township.

Died – In Dansville, N. Y., on the 8th inst., John L. HYDE, printer, aged 22 years, after a lingering illness. He formerly resided in Wilkesbarre.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: Petitions presented include:
A remonstrance against changing the place of holding the Supreme Court for the Middle district from Sunbury, and praying for the erection of a Northern District, the Courts to be holden at Wilkesbarre.
For the extension of the law of the 25th March 1817, with regard to release and uncertified lands within the 17 townships of Luzerne County, and a bill to continue the said act in force for two years longer.
For incorporating a company to make a turnpike road from Allentown in Lehigh County to Wilkesbarre in Luzerne County, has passed the house of representatives.
Letter from the Secretary of the Commonwealth was received, enclosing examinations taken in a case of complaint against Guy WELLS, a Justice of the Peace of Bradford County.

Wyoming Guards to meet at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, on Saturday the 3rd April. By order of the Captain. Z. B. PEET, 1st Sergn’t.

Wyoming Fire Company will meet at the house of Jonathan HANCOCK on Saturday evening the 3rd of April. S. PALMER, Secretary.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 5th April:
1) Land in Dallas Township, bounded by heirs of Elisha ATHERTON, John SHAFFER and William HONEWELL, containing about 300 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Anderson DANA, Barnet ULP and Abraham JOHNSON against Joseph ORR.
2) Land in Kingston Township, bounded by main road, Christopher MINER and Joseph G. SOMMERS, containing one acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the Philadelphia Bank indorsee of Uriah HAYWOOD, Fisher GAY and Oliver PETTIBONE against Daniel C. MARCH.

2 April 1819

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: Acts passed include:
For a Turnpike from Wilkesbarre to Allentown, by Solomon’s Gap and Lausanne.
For a state road from Milford, Pike County to Wilkesbarre, Commissioners name in the law are Cornelius CORTRIGHT and Isaac A. CHAPMAN of Luzerne and John BRODHEAD of Pike, to enter upon the duties before the first of June next.
Authorizing the citizens of Wilkesbarre to elect a Constable.
For extending the act of the 25th March 1817, securing to Connecticut claimants within the seventeen townships, the preference for two years longer to apply for their lands. All persons interested in this law will do well to embrace its provisions as soon as possible, as there is no prospect of any further preference being given. After that time any person that chooses can take up the Land in the same way that other unappropriated Lands are to be taken up. This law is important, and if embraced by the people will effectually put down that system of dishonest speculation which had already commenced in some of the townships..
Bounty of each wolf scalp raised to twelve dollars.
The line between Luzerne and Columbia counties is hereafter to be taken and considered as the northern limits of the Borough of Berwick.
James LOCKHART, of Salem, has been compensated for a tract of Land certified to Connecticut settlers.
The penalty for fishing in the Susquehanna on days prohibited by Law, is raised to three thousand five hundred Dollars.

Clover Seed for sale at the stores of William ROSS, Wilkesbarre and ATHERTON & PERKINS, Kingston.

Wilkesbarre Bridge Company stockholders to meet on 3rd May to elect One President, One Treasurer and Six Managers. Jacob CIST, Sec’y.

9 April 1819

Letters on Hand in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, April 1st:
Jeremiah BROWN
Leonard BEATTY
Eliphalet A. BULKELY
George BLAIN
Theophilus BROOKS
Christopher BOWMAN
George B. BARBER
Joseph S. BARNES
Daniel CAREY
George CLARK
Phineas CAMP
Chester DANA
Oliver W. DODGE
Sarah FELL
Thomas FELL
Henrietta GABLE
Parthena GORDON
Walter GREEN
Frederick GRUB
William GOULD
Thomas GEARY
Abraham HART
Rosewell H. HART
Edward INMAN
Elijah IDE
Lathan JONES
William C. JOHNSON
Charles KEENY
Christian LABACK
James LINN
Frederick MILLER
Elizabeth MUTZTER
Frederick NAGLE
Horace G. PHELPS
Hezekiah PARSONS
Frederick PRESTON
Jacob PLUM, Jr.
Jacob PENY
Philip REED
Francis RAINOW
Ichabod SHAW
William SHUVER
Samuel H. STEEL
Jacob SHLEPY Jr.
Stephen TANER
George E. TELLE
Charles H. WELLES
Crandall WILCOX
Elizabeth WATKINS
Phineas WALLER
Desimaris WILLIAMS
J. CIST, P. M.

Married – On Sunday evening last, by Thomas DYER Esq., John EVANS, Esq., Attorney at Law, and Mrs. Arabella DUNCAN, all of Wilkesbarre.

Information Wanted By a Soldier of the Revolution. I enlisted in the Continental War, about the middle of November, in the year 1775, in Marblehead, Mass. under Captain Jerry or Jeremiah ONY, Col. HITCHCOCK’S Regiment; went from thence to Boston, New York and Long Island; was transferred in May or June to Capt. John ALLEN’S Company of Artillery, stationed at Fort Lee. I went through the Jersies on a retreat; was returned to Capt. ONY – I fought the Hessians at Trenton on 26th Dec. ’76, and the enemy at Princeton, 2nd Jan. ’77. I got my discharge on the 2nd Feb. of the same year, at Morristown. If any of my fellow soldiers are living, they w ill confer a particular favor by furnishing me with a certificate of my having served my country, that I may be enabled to obtain its bounty. Manuel TRUAIR, Sherburne, Chenango Co., NY.

Appeals Board of the Commissioners of the County of Luzerne will be held between the 26th of this inst. and 15th May next. List of townships, dates, places of appeal listed. Isaac HARTZELL, Elijah SHOEMAKER and Cyrus AVERY, Commissioners.

Estate of Hezekiah SMITH, late of Exeter, request payments and demands. John JENKINS and Isaac SMITH, executors.

Estate of Gideon BURRITT, late of Hanover Township, request payments and demands. C. M. HOLLENBACK, Adm’r.

Caution. All persons are hereby cautioned against taking any Notes, Bonds, or Agreements, given by me to Henry YOUNG as I have paid said notes, and am determined not to pay them again unless compelled by law. John PIERCE, Plymouth.

Indian Account of the First Arrival of the Dutch at New York Island (From HECKEWELDER’S “Historical Account of The Indians”)

16 April 1819

Proposal by John ROYER, for publishing a weekly newspaper in Pottstown, Montgomery Co., to be called The Pottstown Times. Price to be two dollars per annum, payable half yearly in advance. No subscriptions taken shorter than six months.

Post Office, Kingston, Letters on Hand, April 1st
Samuel BREES
Doct. Saml. BALDWIN
Jemima DARBY
Benajah FULLER
Naphtali HURLBUT
Elias HOYT
Franklin JENKINS
Philip MYERS
Daniel C. MARSH
Jacob RICE
Samuel B. WELLES

The next quarter of the Wilkesbarre Academy will commence on Monday the 25th day of the present month.

Members of the congregational Society of Wilkesbarre will meet on the 3rd Monday of May next at the Meeting house. James REEDER.

A number of arks and rafts have been lost during the late high fresh in the river Susquehanna. The water is now reduced to a good pitch for running, but we fear the quantity of Plaster and Lumber taken to market will be small, owing to the low sate of the market.

The following paragraph is published for the information of the friends of the Deceased A. C. STEWART, Esq., who has been thus cut the prime of life, was a native of New England. He studied Law, we believe with Judge SPAYD, of Reading, in this state – after which he resided some time in Wilkesbarre, and then settled in Bradford county, where he married Mrs. Alice, daughter of the late Capt. Frederick CRISMAN, of Hanover, in this county. About two years since he removed to the Illinois where his death occurred in the melancholy manner stated. Bellville is about twenty miles from St. Louis, on the east of the Missouri.

Another Murder – On Monday, the 8th ult, Alphonso C. STUART, Esq., attorney at law, was murdered at Bellville, Illinois, by a man of the name of BENNETT. We understand that the murder was of that description which results from the practice of dueling; and that the surviving principal and the seconds are well ironed in Bellville Jail, there to await the punishment due to the violators of the laws of God and man. Since writing the above, we have learned that the prisoners have been admitted to bail. St. Louis Gaz.

Murder – On the 5th ult. a man by the name of William LEWIS, a Mill-wright, lately from Bradford County, Pa., was inhumanly murdered at Cincinnati, by a certain George DUNSETH, a citizen of that place – the said LEWIS was shot by DUNSETH, between 8 and 9 o’clock in the evening; it is said that little or no provocation was given by LEWIS – and that he (LEWIS) was an upright and industrious young man and much esteemed by those who knew him. DUNSETH was apprehended the next morning and committed to prison.

Another Mail Robber – For ten days past, the Wilkesbarre and Easton Mails have come to this office with letters taken from them, and after a detention on the road for some days. Some mails from Wilkesbarre have not been received. This led to a suspicion that the robbery must have been committed between this and Easton. I accordingly mentioned the subject to Mr. BAILEY, agent for the General Post Office, with a request that he would proceed on that route, to ascertain where the robbery was committed. On his first journey he discovered it to be on this side of Dylestown, and on his second journey (yesterday) he was so fortunate as to detect the person. It is not thought proper at this time to communicate to the public more fully on the subject. It is requested, however, that those persons, who within a fortnight past, have sent letters by mail, containing money from Easton or Wilkesbarre, will advise the Post Master at Philadelphia, of the same. Richard BACHE, P. M., Philadelphia. Persons who have placed letters & c. in the Post-office at Wilkesbarre directed to Philadelphia, any time during the last month, will please to give immediate notice of the same at the Wilkesbarre Post-office.

23 April 1819

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives: Bills passed included:
An act relative to habitual drunkards – that upon application by petition of any relation, by blood or by marriage, had become incapable of managing his or her estate and is wasting and destroying the same, it shall be lawful for the court of common pleas to appoint commissioners and be used in cases of persons non compos mentis, and if found incapable the court will appoint two persons, who shall not be heirs or next of kin to said person, to be guardians and trustees of said person for the care of the estate.

The fresh in the Susquehanna still continues and we are sorry to learn that considerable property has been lost. The Wilkesbarre Bridge has sustained serious injury, several rafts have been stove against one of the piers, which has contributed to endanger its safety.

Take Notice – All persons indebted to Samuel and Ezra WALL, of Abington, in Company for carding, cloth dressing, book account, note or otherwise are hereby requested immediately to come forward and settle their respective dues, and save cost.

30 April 1819

Lehigh Navigation Company – Fifty good steady hands (young men) can find employ for the season. Wages – fifteen dollars per month. Apply at Mauch Chunk, to WHITE, HAUTO & HAZARD.

O. COLLINS, has commenced the Practice of Law in Wilkesbarre Borough.

Joshua GREEN, Boot & Shoemaker, from Philadelphia, has opened a shop in Wilkesbarre Borough.

Managers of the Bridgewater-Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company are requested to meet at the house of John BUCKINGHAM, Tunkhannock Township on 12th May, on business of importance.

Orphan’s Court Sale of Land in Kingston and Plymouth Townships, late estate of Elisha ATHERTON of Kingston, containing several tracts, to be held on 24th May. Eunice ATHERTON and Samuel CARVER.

Married – On the 17th inst. by Rev. LANE, Lewis N. KETCHAM, and Miss Deborah ELDRIDGE.

Married – At Doylestown, on Sunday, the 18th inst., by Rev. DUBOIS, Doct. Abraham STOUT of Northampton Co., to Miss Anna Maria MINER, daughter of the editor of the Pennsylvania Correspondent.

Wilkesbarre Bridge – We regret that we have to notice that some of the structure has given way, and two of the piers fallen. The pubic calamity was caused by settling of one of the piers, during the late high fresh. The loss to the company is great, but not irreparable. The abutments, two of the piers and two of the arches remain uninjured, and the Bridge will doubtless be rebuilt in the course of the season.

The person who set Oliver EVANS’ factory on fire, has been apprehended and has confessed the fact. He is a lad of about 20 years of age, and was not induced by any motive to commit the act, but that of wanton and unprovoked mischief.

Frederick AXE, late County Commissioner, has been found guilty in the Supreme Court, of taking a bribe to give his vote for a certain person as County Treasurer in the county of Philadelphia.

Estate of Edward EDGERTON, late of Hanover, requests payments and demands. Prudence EDGERTON, David RICHARDS and Jonathan DILLY, exr’s.

Brigade Orders for Regimental or Battalion Trainings:
1st Battalion 70th Reg., commanded by Col. Isaac DIMMICK, on Monday 9th May. The 2nd Battalion on the 10th.
2nd Battalion 76th Reg., commanded by Col. Frederick BAILEY, on Wednesday, the 11th. The 1st Battalion on the 12th.
1st Battalion 2nd Regiment, commanded by Col. Isaac BOWMAN, on Friday the 13th. The 2nd Battalion on the 14th.

Battalion Trainings. The Enrolled Militia, residing within the bounds of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Reg., Pennsylvania Militia, are notified to meet for training on the 14th May next near the house of Col. Naphtali HURLBUT, Kingston. John PERKINS, Major.

7 May 1819

Married – On the 27th April, by Rev. Samuel HENDERSON, Percipher LEMON, of Point Township, Northumberland County, to Miss Mary, daughter of Nathan BEACH, Esq., of Beach Grove, Luzerne Co.

Died – At New York, on Thursday, the 15th inst., at the house of Elijah WARD, Oliver EVANS, Esq., of Philadelphia, aged 64 years.

Wilkesbarre Bridge Company Election held on Monday last:
President – Elias HOYT
Treasurer – Edward COVELL
Managers – Joseph TUTTLE, Elijah SHOEMAKER, Samuel THOMAS, James BARNES, Joseph

The sentence of Death passed upon David CONKLIN and Jack HODGES, has been changed to that of state’s prison.

A daughter of Ludwig FRITZ, near Lancaster, Penn. has been committed to prison on her own confession and oath that she was the mother of two daughters and one son by her own father! The son is dead, the daughters living.

James TEED and David DUNNING have been executed at Goshen, N. Y. for the murder of a Mr. JENNINGS.

Cornelius P. DOREMUS, of Pequannock Township, Morris County, died by the accidental discharge of his gun. Newark Centinel

Jacob BUSWELL, of Salisbury, Mass. has fallen a victim to repeated doses of the Inflated Lobelia, or Emetic Weed, administered to him by a Quack of the name of John TRUE, who immediately absconded.

Wyoming Guards are commanded to meet at the house of Naphtali HURLBUT, in Kingston, on Friday, the 14th May at 9 o’clock A. M. in uniform. Joseph G. SOMMERS, 1st Lieut.

Garden Seeds at the store of H. BUCKINGHAM, Kingston.

14 May 1819

Married – On Sunday evening last, the 9th inst., by Rev. LANE, Daniel L. TRACY, and Miss Matilda KENDALL, all of Wilkesbarre.

Died – In this town, on the 1st, Mrs. Patti, wife of John CONNER, Jr., after an illness of about one year.

Died – At Portsmouth, N. H., of the dropsy, Mrs. Polly BLOZEDELL. She had been tapped since Nov. 1805, more than two hundred times and more than eight thousand nine hundred gallons of water, equal eleven hogsheads drawn from her.

Died – At Sackett’s Harbor, on the 14th inst., Lieut. Lewis GERMAN, of the U. S. Navy, son of Gen. Obadiah GERMAN, of Chenango. He was a brave and notorious officer; second in command on Lake Ontario and nobly defended his country in the late war, under the gallant HULL and BAINBRIDGE, on board the Constitution frigate, when the Guerrier and Java British frigates, were taken.

Wanted, an apprentice to the Blacksmithing Business, a boy about 15 or 16 years of age. Isaac MERRILS, Pittston.

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held Monday, 14th of June, for land in Tunkhannock Township, being part of Lot #48, containing one hundred and eight acres and also another part of Lot #48, containing 20 acres. Elisha HARDING and David OUSTERHOUT, Administrators.

Shad are this season taken in unusual numbers. They have been sold at Philadelphia as low as four dollars and a half a hundred, and at Potomac fisheries at three dollars!

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held 5th July next, land in Salem Twp., estate of Jeremiah KULP, junior, being parts of Lots 47, 48, & 49 in first division, bounded by John CLENTOBS, Henry HEPLER, Nathan BEACH and Susquehanna River. Elizabeth KULP & Charles HOLLOWAY, administrators.

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held 26th June next, as the estate of Peter GOULD, late of Plymouth Township, land in Plymouth Township, being parts of Lots #25, 26 and 27, in middle tier of House Lots, containing four acres and one other tract being parts of Lots # 6 and 7, in first tier of House Lots, containing four acres. Another tract being Lot #14 in the third division, containing 6 acres. Hannah GOULD and Benjamin REYNOLDS, Executors.

21 May 1819

Died – Thursday morning (8th April), of a consumption, Capt. Luther SCOTT, of the artillery. He was engaged in the military operations on the northern frontier during the late war, and was rewarded with a brevet for his gallantry and good conduct on several occasions. He died deeply lamented by his brother officers, to whom he has endeared by the kindest manners and the best of hearts. He was a native of Blandford, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts, and brother of the Hon. David SCOTT, President Judge of the 11th Judicial District of Pennsylvania. After a few years residence in South Carolina, he became an inhabitant of Wilkesbarre. Soon after the war with England, he received a Lieutenant’s commission in the U. S. Army. He died of consumption, and on the morning of the 8th he gently slumbered life away, and on the same day his remains were consigned in the Protestant Burying Ground, in this city. (See article for more on his life)

Gen. James IRVING, died in Philadelphia, a few days ago, in the 84th year of his age.

Lieut. EDDY, of the 8th Infantry, for having pawned his uniform coat, and other unmilitary conduct, has been dismissed the United States’ service, by order of D. PARKER, Adjutant and Inspector General.

For Sale – 500 Bushels of Potatoes, for which Bridge Notes will be received. James BARNES, Kingston.

Take Notice. The subscriber having disposed of his goods, solicits and immediate settlement of all his accounts. In most cases payment will be expected, but where this is impracticable, Notes will be required. Inattention to this notice will be assuredly add Cost to Debt!! George LANE, Wilkesbarre.

Regimental Orders. Courts of Appeal, for each Battalion in the 2nd Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia will be held on Friday the 28th of this month. For the 1st Battalion, at the house of Col. N. HURLBUT, in Kingston. Captains Ziba DAVENPORT, Silas H. ORCUTT and Nathan CAREY, are the Judges appointed for that purpose. For the 2nd Battalion, at the house of John JONES in Berwick, the judges are Capt. Christopher BOWMAN, Lieut. Peter YOHE and Lieut. George DIXON. Isaac BOWMAN, Col. 2nd Regiment, P. M.

28 May 1819

Married – On Tuesday evening the 17th inst., by Rev. LANE, Lorain THORN to Miss Margaret REIMER, all of this place.

Married – On the some evening, by Rev. ROGERS, Jeremiah SMITH, to Miss Caroline BAILY, all of this place.

Land Agency Office has opened in the village of Montrose for the purpose of selling Improved Farms. Charles CATLIN.

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held on 19th June, as estate of Samuel BOWMAN, late of said borough, for land in the township of Wilkesbarre, several tracts: part of Lot #24 and the whole of Lot #25 in the third division, containing 405 acres; part being part of Lot #24 in the third division, containing 43 acres; #25 in Town plot part of 50 acres Lot 42, 3rd division, containing 203 acres; and part of a 50 acre lot. Eleanor BOWMAN and William L. BOWMAN, administrators.

Stray Colt at Elisha HARDING, Gibson, Susquehanna Co.

Take Notice. whereas a certain Woman has lately come to this place, calling herself my Wife. This is to forbid all persons from harbouring or trusting her on my account, for I shall pay no debts contracted by her. Roswell H. HALE.

4 June 1819

Members of the Congregational Society of Wilkes-Barre are requested to meet at the Meeting-House on the 5th. By order of the trustees, E. COVELL, Secretary

Nails for sale at the factory of COLLINS & BETTLE, Wilkesbarre.

Wool Carding by the subscriber at his old stand in Kingston. Samuel SHOEMAKER

Estate of George H. ROYAL, late of Kingston, requests payments and demands. Reuben HOLGATE and William ROYAL, administrators.

The Establishment lately carried on under the firm of HOLGATE, ROYAL & Co. will still be continued by Reuben HOLGATE and William ROYAL, trading under the firm of HOLGATE & ROYAL, and the different branches namely, Carding, Spinning & Cloth dressing. Kingston.

Wool Carding and Cloth Dressing. The subscriber has taken the Mill late the property of John WATERS, in Providence, where he is about to commence business, with new Cards. He flatters himself that from the long experience he has had with Hezekiah PARSONS, and others, that he will be able to do his work to the satisfaction of customers. Country Produce will be received if delivered when the work is taken away, but Cash would be preferred. Where credit is given, Due-bills will be required, payable the first of January next. N. B. Work done at the usual prices. Daniel D. SPENCER.

Caution – Whereas my wife, Mary REED, has left my Bed and Board without any just cause, this is therefore, to forewarn all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. Benjamin W. REED, Exeter.

11 June 1819

Married – In Plymouth, on Saturday, the 5th inst., by Rev. Joel ROGERS, John MEKEEL to Miss Keturah LAMERAUX, both of Plymouth.

Estate of Michael MEKEEL, late of Plymouth, request payments and demands. Oliver MEKEEL, Adm’r., Plymouth.

Particular Notice – Estate of Benjamin BROWN, of Providence, accounts of creditors should be given to Benjamin BROWN, Administrator, Providence.

18 June 1819

Married – In Kingston, on the 10th inst., by Rev. LANE, the Rev. George PECK, to Miss Mary MYERS.

Died – In Huntington on Monday the 14th inst., Darius SUTLIFF, after a lingering illness, which he bore with Christian fortitude and registration.

State Capital. The corner stone was laid at 12 o’clock on Monday the 31st of last month, by Stephen HILLS, architect, William SMITH, stone cutter and Valentine KERGAN and Samuel WHITE, masons.

Wyoming Guards to meet at the house of A. PARRISH, in Wilkesbarre, on 5th July at 10 o’clock A. M. John L. BUTLER, Capt.

25 June 1819

Married – On Sunday last, by Peter WINTER, Esq., Archibald KNIGHT, of Abington, to Miss Margaret, daughter of Capt. Jeremiah BLANCHARD, of Pittston.

Married – On Tuesday, 3rd June, by Rev. LANE, William ROYAL, of Kingston, to Miss Deborah FIELDS, of the same place.

Married – On Tuesday, the 15th inst., by Rev. PLUM, John TAGGART, to Miss Hannah HUSTON, all of Northumberland.

The editor of the Susquehanna Democrat, has been absent for some time on a visit to Philadelphia – and since his return home he has been the greater part of the time confined to his bed by sickness. This will account for his not having noticed the very friendly attacks by the editors of the Harrisburg Chronicle; and manly and dignified mode of slandering, which they have adopted, to the exclusion of all that is Just and Honorable. [Editor is Samuel MAFFET]

Christopher KLOWSON, for many years a watchman of the city of Philadelphia, died lately of Hydrophobia. He was bitten Feb. 20th last while on duty.

A Coal Bed For Sale, lying at the foot of the mountain, about two miles and a quarter from the borough of Wilkesbarre. Also fifty tons of coal on the Bank of the River. The subscriber will sell very low for Ready Money. Thomas BROWN, Wilkesbarre.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held the sixth July at the house of Jonathan HANCOCK, Wilkesbarre, viz: one gig, one sleigh, bedsteads, tables, household furniture to numerous to mention. Stephen VAN LOON, Sheriff.

Gun Lost. At the last Battalion Training a Shot Gun, was left at the house of Elnathan WILSON, Kingston, and which has been taken away, as is supposed by mistake. Whoever will return said gun shall be generously rewarded. William MILLER, Jr.

2 July 1819

Strays. Lost from a Drove, last fall, between Charles FULLER’S Tavern in Exeter and the Tavern 7 miles east of Wlkesbarre, on the turnpike, two three year old heifers. Whoever will inform Henry BUCKINGHAM or the subscribers where they are shall be rewarded by FOSTER & RAYNSFORD.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office, Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
Mary ASH
Nathan ALLEN
Seymore ADAMS
James BOYD
Cornelius BELLIS
Jonathan BULKLEY
Sally Ann BROWN
Comfort CARY
Robert CLARK
Almeda CLARK
Benjamin CARY
Chester DANA
Consider DERBY
Thos. DYER
Henrietta GABLE
Matthias HOFFMAN
Philip HANN
Edward INMAN
Charles KEENY
Christr. G. LUEDER
Henry F. LAMB
Frederick MILLER
Samuel MILER
Christian NAGLE
Frederick NAGLE
Joseph OAT
Romanta PHELPS
Solomon PARKER
Michael PACE
Joseph PARKS
Thomas PACE
Johnson ROBINS
Leonard STYNE
William SAYRE
Adam SHAFER, senr.
Barnet ULP
Doct. A. B. WILSON
Crandall WILCOX
Charles H. WELLS
Nathaniel WORDEN
Phoebe YOUNG
J. CIST, P. M.

Joshua GREEN – Boot & Shoemaker. Just returned from Philadelphia with an assortment of leather, shoes, boots and pumps. All boots sold at his shop are warranted to be made of the best materials – and all rips mended gratis. Wilkesbarre.

For Sale – A Valuable Saw-Mill, situated on the Lackawanna Creek, about 13 miles from its mouth, in the midst of large forests of best quality white pine timber. Said Saw-Mill is constructed to run two pairs of Geers, one of which is complete for running – together with 400 acres of land on which the said mill now stands. There are about 1000 Logs already cut. Being property of the late firm of Messrs. CARPENTER & COX, Insolvent debtors and sold for the benefit of their Creditors. Sale to commence on the 24th July next at RICHARDSON’S Tavern, Blakeley Township. Thomas YOUNG, Eleazer CAREY, Benjamin DRAKE, Trustees of the Estate of CARPENTER & COX, Wilkesbarre.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held the 2nd August:
1) Land in Kingston Township, bounded by Pierce SMITH, Elijah SHOEMAKER and main road, containing 7 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Walter WARD, to the use of Wm. MEGUIRE, against Lud GAYLORD and John SMITH.
2) Land in Putnam Township, bounded by Jabez JENKINS and heirs of Jude GOODALE, containing 111 Acres. The other situated on south branch of Tunkhannock Creek, adjoining Putnam Township line, land of W. MEREDITH, dec’d, and others, containing 405 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Eleazer CAREY & Co. against Isaac SLOCUM
3) Land in Kingston Township, bounded by main road, James BARNES and Henry BUCKINGHAM, containing one half an acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Stephen BARKER against Elnathan WILSON
4) Land in Kingston Township, Lot #2, third tier, bounded by E. SHOEMAKER, Isaac SHOEMAKER, heirs of Nathan DENISON and Samuel BREES, containing 50 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joseph HORSFIELD against Jacob BEDFORD and Thomas WRIGHT.
5) Land in Nescopeck Township, bounded by Turnpike Road, Mercer Street, containing one fourth acre. Also 122 acres of unimproved land in Huntington Township, bounded by Charles FRITZ, the Assylum Company, Charles BARRET and James SLONE. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William BENSEY and John BENSEY against Charles BARRET and David E. OWEN.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 13th July:
Land in Nescopeck Township on Wapwallapen Creek, bounded by John HORN, Peter BABB, line of M’NEAL and BEACH’S land, containing about 108 perches. Also Lot #29 in last division of Pittston Township, called Windsor, containing 143 acres. Also two town lots on Front Street in Nescopeck Township, # 1 & 2. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John PHILIPS against Peter BABB.

9 July 1819

Notice – The Pews of the Wilkesbarre Meeting House will be sold on Tuesday, the 13th day of July next, precisely at 6 o’clock P. M. Sale to take place at said Meeting house.

A List of Letters Remaining in the Post-Office at Kingston, July 1st:
Samuel ALBRO
Samuel BREES
Daniel BRACE
Christopher C. FOSTER
Sylvanus FULLER
William HICKS
Margaret HAGAMAN
William C. HAGAMAN
John IDE
Philip MYERS
Daniel C. MARSH
Christian OCHMIG
Jacob RICE
George C. WICKS
Elnathan WILSON

H. HENTZ, havning removed his Tobacco Manufactory, to the stand lately occupied as the office of the Wyoming Herald, nearly opposite Mr. SINTON’S Store, now has on hand a large assortment of chewing and smoking tobacco; which he offers for sale for Cash or Country Produce only. Large Twist 26 cts; Plug 24 cts., Segars 2 for 1 ct.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 2nd August:
1) Land in Kingston, bounded by Henry BUCKINGHAM, Elijah LOVELAND and main road, containing three fourths of an acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Benjamin PERRY, administrator of the estate of Godfrey PERRY, deceased, surviving partner of the firm of HART & PERRY, against Miner SEARLE.
2) Land situated in Providence Township, bounded by Lot #28, James GRIFFIN and Lackawanna Creek, containing 80 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of David SCOTT against Edward SPENCER.
3) Land in Pittston Township, bounded by Stephen DECKER, Benjamin KNAP and Spring Brook, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of B. D. BARNES, assignee of Zenas BARNUM against Joseph MARCY.

Married – At Huntington, on Sunday, the 27th June, by Charles E. GAYLORD, Esq., John KOONS, to Miss Ann, daughter of Col. Abiel FELLOWS.

Died – In Berwick, on Thursday, the 1st July inst., Evan OWEN, Esq., in the 74th year of his age. He was the proprietor and founder of the Borough of Berwick.

Bethany, PA, June 21. Distressing Occurrence. On Saturday last, between the hours of 10 and 11 o’clock in the morning, the dwelling house of John SCHELLER, in this vicinity, was consumed by fire, and two youngest children perished in the devouring flames. The parents, having been absent at the commencement of this afflicting scene, arrived in time only to witness a spectacle of deplorable reality.

Outline of the law for making a Turnpike road from Wilkes-barre to Towanda, the act authorising the Governor to incorporate a company making an artificial road from Meansville, county of Bradford, in a southern direction to the borough of Wilkes-Barre, in Luzerne County. The commissioners appointed are: Samuel HODGDON, Benjamin TILGHAM and Richard PETERS, jr. of Philadelphia, George CHAHOON, Benj. DORANCE and Joseph BURGESS, of county of Luzerne and William MEANS, Reuben HALE and Jacob BOWMAN, of county of Bradford.

Part page 3 & 4 gone.

16 July 1819

Miss Eliza FRAME, about 19 years, who resided in Second Street, near Catharine, died of Hydrophobia a few days since, after being bitten about four weeks ago by a small grey dog. Examination of body by Harvey KLAPP, M. D., Joseph KLAPP, M. D. and Henry NEILL, M. D., Philadelphia.

An Ordinance to prevent Dogs or Bitches, from being found at large, in the borough of Wilkesbarre. Passed in Town Council, 10th July.

Appointment by the Governor:
Samuel D. INGHAM, Secretary of the Commonwealth, in place of Thomas SERGEANT, resigned
Thomas SERGEANT, Attorney General, in place of Amos ELLMAKER, resigned.

Married – In Williamsport, Lycoming County, on Thursday the 17th of June last, by Rev. GRIER, Dr. William R. POWER, of that borough, to Miss Mercy, daughter of Judge HEPBURN, Deer Park.

Married – On Thursday, 1st July inst., by Rev. GRIER, Dr. Joseph WOOD, to Miss Jane CALWELL, both of Williamsport, Lycoming County.

Married – In Baltimore, Alexander CLAXTON, Esq., U. S. Navy, to Miss Rodolph LAVALL (no date)

Married – At St. Mary’s, G. J. R. MADISON, Esq., U. S. Navy, to Miss Maria C. HOUSTON (no date)

Died – In Williamsport, Lycoming County, on the 20th June last, Michael ROSS, Esq., in the 60th year of his age, an old and respectable inhabitant of that Borough.

Died – At New Orleans, Joseph M. H. D’AUDIBERT, Marquis of Lavillasse, a French officer, at the battle of Waterloo; his remains were attended to the grave by General LAILEMAND and others.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 2nd August:
1) Land in Sugar Loaf Township, bounded by J. REMALE, turnpike road and land surveyed for and in name of the BALLIOTS or Little Black Creek, containing 300 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John READ and William CRASDILL against Lorenzo DA PONTE.
2) Land in Plymouth Township, bounded by the river, Henry YOUNG and road, containing 32 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Abraham NESBITT assignee of William ROSS against Henry YOUNG.

Register’s Notice – Account of administration has been filed by Charles JEWETT, administrator in estate of George JEWETT, late of Tunkhannock.

Tunkhannock and Wysox Turnpike – Whereas by an act of Assembly passed on the 23rd March 1818, authorizing the Governor to incorporate a company to make an artificial road , commencing at Tunkhannock, on the East side of the Susquehanna River or near where the Wilkesbarre & Bridgewater Turnpike Road crosses said River, thence following the Main Post Route leading to the river, to or near the Guide Board standing close to J. M. PIOLLET’S house in Wysox, Bradford County. The Books will be opened for stock of the company, at the house of John BUCKINGHAM, Tunkhannock and Major Daniel STERLING in Braintrim, Luzerne County; at Humphrey BROWN and John HOLLENBACK in Wyalusing and at Jonathan STEVENS and J. M. PIOLET in Wysox. Signed by the following appointed commissioners: J. M. PIOLETT, Jonathan STEVENS, Salmon KEENEY, John HOLLENBACK, Daniel STERLING, John BUCKINGHAM, Cyrus AVERY.

23 July 1819

Emily FOX, a sprightly daughter of Moses FOX, of Carmel, Putnam Co., N. Y., was killed by lightning on the 4th June. A thunderstorm was approaching; she ran to assist her mother, and received the fatal shock. Life how uncertain! Death how sure!

Towanda, July 10. Murder. On the 5th inst. Joseph PATTERSON Jr. of Ridgebury, Bradford County, was committed to the jail in this village, charged with the murder of Mrs. Bulah RICKEY of the former place. He will probably receive his trial September next.

Died – In Jerusalem, on Thursday last, Jemima WILKINSON, aged about 75 years. She was a travelling preacher in New England many years ago. For some time past she has directed a sect of religionists in Jerusalem. Sometimes she called herself “the Savior,” and died as the “universal friend.”

Estate of Darius SUTLIFF, late of Huntington Township, requests payments and demands. Rosannah SUTLIFF, Nathaniel GOSS, Executors.

Northampton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike – Whereas by an act of Assembly passed on the 23rd March 1819, authorizing the Governor to incorporate a company to make an artificial road from the borough of Northampton, County of Lehigh to the borough of Wilkesbarre. Commissioners are: Thomas ALLIBONE and William ALLIBONE, of Philadelphia; Charles L. HUTTER and Stephen BALLIOT Jr., of Lehigh County and John HAGENBUCH and Jacob WEIS, of Northampton County and William ROSS and David RICHARDS, of Luzerne County. Books for stock will be at the house of James REEDER, on Aug. 30th next for three days.

Information Wanted. At the time of Gen. ST CLAIR’S defeat, about 28 years ago, the subscriber was taken prisoner by the Indians, and thereby separated from her kindred, of whom she has not heard since. She was the daughter of James STONE by his second wife – was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Her father removed from thence to Little Whitely creek, about 3 miles from its confluence with the Monongahela River, where he died. At this place her half-brother, Elias STONE (who married Miss Betsey BALDWIN) then lived; who had a sister living about 40 miles above at a place called the Forks of Cheat. At Little Whitely Creek her mother was married to Peter WALDEN, who removed with his family to Post St. Vincent, on the Wabash River, where he was killed by the natives. Here she was married to Jas. FULLEN (who she believes was killed) and her mother to Lewis SURVEYOR. One of her sisters (Margaret STONE) married a Mr. MALBUFF – the other (Betsey) a Mr. SMITH. She had three brothers, James, Samuel and John STONE. After eleven months cruel treatment by the savages, she was ransomed by a benevolent Frenchman of Detroit, who was then trading among the Indians. If any person can give information of her connections, they will confer a favor by addressing a letter to her by mail Sally (or Sarah) GEARHART, Elmira, Tioga Co., N. Y.

Laws of Pennsylvania – Concerning Strays (the creature, horse, cow or sheep).

30 July 1819

Democratic Meeting of the Democratic Republicans of Luzerne County will hold their yearly Meeting for the arrangements preparatory to the next General Election, at the Courthouse in Wilkesbarre, on Tuesday, 3rd August at 7 o’clock, P. M.

Married – On Wednesday evening, the 21st inst., by Rev. WILSON, Capt. David MAFFET, to Mrs. Elizabeth B. MYRES, both of Philadelphia. August 1819

Stray Horse taken up at Kingston on 26th July by Wm. C. JOHNSON.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 18th August:
Several tracts of land: Land in Kingston Twp., bounded by William SWETLAND, James ATHERTON and Public Highway, containing 92 acres; another tract being the lower part of Manockany Island, adjoining land of Jacob GOOD, containing 10 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Daniel L. MILLER, James KINSEY, John COOPER, trading under the firm of MILLER, KINSEY and COOPER, against David PERKINS.

Look Out! All persons indebted to the subscriber are requested to call and settle their accounts without delay. Henry GREEN, Abington.

The hooping cough is at present very prevalent in Sussex, New Jersey, and is very fatal in its progress.

13 August 1819

Republican Meeting held 3rd August:
Christian MENSCH, chosen chairman and Isaac HART, Esq., Secretary
A Committee of Vigilance, to consist of three persons, in each township of the county, be appointed, viz:
Wilkesbarre: Capt. Hezekiah PARSONS, Daniel COLLINGS, A. BEAUMONT, Esq.
Hanover: John MIL, Joseph PRUNER, Henry RYMER
Newport: Jacob ROMBACH, Esq., Andrew KEITHLINE, Andrew CROOP
Sugar Loaf: Valentine SEIWELL, Esq., Philip DRUM, Capt. Jacob DRUMHEILER
Salem: Sebastian SYBERT, John VARNER, Adam BRADER
Huntington: John EMERY, Joseph POTTER, Elisha MYERS
Union: Ichabod SHAW, Esq.., Daniel CASWELL, Jonathan HARNARD
Plymouth: Noah WADHAMS, Esq., John TURNER, Joze ROGERS
Kingston: Samuel THOMAS, Esq., John BENNET, Dr. John SMITH
Dallas: Jacob J. BOGARDUS, Esq., Abel WHEELER, Abraham S. HUNNEYWELL
Exeter: Isaac HARDING, Esq., Maj. Ezekiel GOBLE, Franklin JENKINS
Northmoreland: Josiah W. NEWBERRY, Josiah ROGERS, Sherman LOOMIS
Eaton: Jesse LEE, Daniel LEE, Jabez CARVER
Windham: Josiah FASSETT, Esq., Amasa ROBINSON, Ambrose GEARY, Jr.
Braintrim: Ezekiel MOWRY, Joshua KEENEY, Moses OVERFIELD
Tunkhannock: Miles AVERY, Albert LEWIS, John JAYNE
Nicholson: Nathan BACON, Esq., John MARCY, Henry FELTON
Abington: Samuel STONE, George A. BAILEY, John KENNEDY
Greenfield: Roger ORVIS, Esq., Samuel CALLENDER, Micah VAIL
Blakeley: Elisha S. POTTER, Esq., Samuel FERRIS, Jr., William KNAPP
Providence: Isaac HART, Esq., Michael SWARTZ, John HUTCHINS
Pittston: Peter WINTER, Esq., Jacob BEDFORD, Peter HALLOCK
Covington: Conrad SAX, Esq., Robert MAXWELL, Timothy BARNES

Joseph BATTERSON, jun., of Bradford County, Penn. has been committed to prison on a charge of having murdered Mrs. Bulah RICKEY. [In paper, 23rd July his surname is given as PATTERSON]

At Carlisle, Dr. Patrick SMITH was lately killed by his horse falling with him while running a race.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 23rd August:
Land on the waters of Tunkhannock Creek, bounded by Charles C. WHITE, Peter W. GALLAUDET, Azariah HORTON, Moses HOBSON, containing 422 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of George UNKIE against William HORTON, Nicholas F. HORTON, Lewis HORTON, Azariah HORTON and Samuel WESTON.

20 August 1819

Leather Lost. Lost sometime in December last, between Philadelphia and PUTZ’S Tavern, from the waggon of the subscriber, two sides of Soal Leather, One side having a pair or two of soals cut out of it – a small bundle to Ticking or Sacking was rolled up in the Leather. Whoever has found the same, or will give information where it can be found shall be handsomely rewarded by the subscriber, living in Hanover, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Daniel TURNER.

Alarming Accidents. On Sunday the first inst., in Salem Township, Luzerne County, about 3 miles from this Borough, the barn of Mr. STECKLY, was struck by lightning and consumed to ashes. On the same evening a barn of Caspar CHRISTMAN, of Bloom Township, in the occupancy of Joseph GARRISON, was consumed by lightning, with all their harvest which was very considerable, about 600 dozen sheaves of wheat and 200 of rye, a find crop of hay, waggon, gears, &c. The loss of Mr. CHRISTMAN is very great. Berwick Independent American

Harrisburg, Aug. 7. On Sunday last, a traveler came to this borough, about noon, being excessively warm, he imprudently took too suddenly a drink of cold water, was in a few moments caused his death. His name was Michael DONNEHOUGH and it is said has family in Philadelphia, lately arrived from Ireland. His remains were interred in the Catholic burying ground. Several other deaths we hear, within a few days taken place in the neighborhood, by incautiously taking cold water, while being overheated. Such repeated warnings, should not be forgotten.

Married – At Meansville, Bradford County, on the 4th inst., by Eliphalet MASON, Esq., Gurdon HEWIT, of Oxford, N. Y. and Miss Celinda, daughter of William MEANS, Esq., of the former place.

Wilkesbarre Bridge – We are happy to announce that the new contractor has commenced the re-building of this Bridge, and engages to have it again usable by the first of January.

Stray Horse came to the enclosure of the subscriber living in Pittston Township. Martha GARDNER.

For Sale – A Valuable Saw-Mill, situated on the Lackawanna Creek, being property of the late firm of Messrs. CARPENTER & COX, has been adjourned until 10th September. [See ad in 2nd July]

Appointment by the P. M. General. Gen. Samuel M’KEAN, to be Post Master at Burlington, Bradford County, Pennsylvania.

Cure for the Gout – The best cure is to apply a leek poultice to the part affected.

27 August 1819

Christian DOCHTERMAN was lately tried before Judge FRANKS in Lebanon County, and sentenced to six years imprisonment, for the murder of his son.

Died – In Harford, Susquehanna County, on the 18th inst., in the 23rd year of her age, Hannah, daughter of Rev. Ebenezer KINGSBURY.

Died – In Philadelphia, on the 16th inst., after a long illness, in the 69th year of his age, William LEWIS, Senior Counsellor of the Pennsylvania Bar.

3 September 1819

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held the 27th of September next, for the estate of Elisha ATHERTON, of Kingston, several tracts of land in Kingston and Plymouth Townships. Eunice ATHERTON and Samuel CARVER, executors.

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held 27th September next, as the estate of Peter GOULD, late of Plymouth Township, land in Plymouth Township, being parts of Lots #25, 26 and 27, in middle tier of House Lots, containing four acres and one other tract being parts of Lots # 6 and 7, in first tier of House Lots, containing four acres. Another tract being Lot #14 in the third division, containing 6 acres. Hannah GOULD and Benjamin REYNOLDS, Executors.

Bridge Builders Take Notice. The Board of Commissioners of the County of Luzerne, will attend at the bridge at the mouth of Shicshinny Creek, in Union Township, on Saturday the 25th inst., at nine o’clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of contracting with such person who may make the best offer for rebuilding said Bridge. Isaac HARTZELL, Elijah SHOEMAKER, Commissioners.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 18th September:
Land in Exeter Township, bounded by Henry KERN, Benjamin SMITH, Harris JENKINS, containing 389 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the Philadelphia Bank against Benjamin JENKINS, Thomas BIRD, Harris JENKINS and John SMITH.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 4th October:
Land in Borough of Wilkesbarre, being lot #2, called in the Patent from the Commonwealth to John P. ARNDT and Arnoes VALE, containing 3 acres (except about half an acre conveyed to Leonard BEATY and Wm. BOWN). Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the Farmers’ and Mechanics’ Bank against John P. ARNDT.

30 Dollars Reward. Broke Jail on the night of the 22nd July last: Francis MORANG, John M’LAUGHLIN and Barnard FAREL. MORANG about 5′ 8″, black hair and baird, about 36 years old, he has a spot of grey hairs on one side of his head, supposed to be on the right side. M’LAUGHLIN, is about 5′ 7″ or 8″, dark complexion, large sandy whiskers, about 35 years old. FARELL, about 5′ 10″, lame in the left him and is 40 or 50 years old. The above reward will be paid for the whole or ten dollars for either of them secured in any jail and information given to the subscriber, or if returned to this jail, all necessary expenses will be paid. M. D. BURNET, Sheriff of Orange Co., NY.
A man answering the description of MORANG has been at the house of Dr. GIDDINGS, of Pittston, Luzerne Co., upwards of three weeks sick, and on 27th August left Dr. GIDDINGS, and has not been heard of since.

Died – At her residence in Doylestown, on the 25th inst., (the 18th Anniversary of her marriage), Mrs. Rebecca, consort of Samuel D. INGHAM, Esq., Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in the 49th y ear of her age after a long and painful illness. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Strayed away from the subscriber, living on the Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road, near Tobyhannah, a yoke of brown steers. Thomas WOOD.

House & Lot For Sale, on Main road leading through Hanover Township, adjoining Daniel TURNER, Edward INMAN and the main road. The price will be reasonable and terms of payment accommodating. Isaac WICKIZA.

10 September 1819

A Powder Mill was blown up in East Hartford, Conn., on the 19th ult, and Mr. PERRY, the Foreman, was killed by the explosion.

Died – Lately at the Chester County Academy, John Jr., eldest son of John VERNETTE, of Berwick.

Died – In this town, an infant daughter of George DENISON, Esq. (no date)

Died – In Pittston, Mr. BARNUM, at an advanced age. (no date)

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 4th October:
1) Land in Union Township, 311 acres, bounded by Andrew BLANCHARD, Elizabeth HURLBUT and Jonathan HUNLOCK. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Gilbert SMITH against Jonathan HUNLOCK.
2) Land in the Town Plot of the Borough of Wilkesbarre, bounded by Susquehanna River, Asher MINER, Anderson DANA, containing about three quarters of an acre, with a dwelling house, store house and other buildings. Also Lot #7, in town plot of same, bounded by River Street, Ebenezer SLOCUM, John P. ARNDT, containing 56 perches. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John HINCHMAN, Benjamin HINCHMAN and William NEWBOLD against John P. ARNDT.
3) Tract of land in Wilkesbarre Township, containing 4 acres, and found numbered 5 in the division of the estate of Daniel DOWNING and also Lots # 2, 3 & 4 in the fourth division, containing in all about 16 acres. Also Lot #9 in first tier of first division in township of Newport containing 52 acres. Lot #53 in second division of township of Newport, containing 126 acres. Lot #53 in third division of township of Newport containing 169 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of WEEMES, RAWLINGS, etc., against John P. ARNDT.

Mr. F. WATSON, a young man 25 years of age, arrived in America this summer, from England, and wishes to engage himself as a Schoolmaster, who has received instruction in some of the largest Schools in England.

17 September 1819

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 9th October:
1) Several tracts of land in the township of Wilkesbarre and Hanover, borough of Wilkesbarre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of THOMAS and KELLE against Benjamin DRAKE.
2) Lots #23 and 24 in fourth division of township of Wilkesbarre, containing 16 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of George IHRIE Ind. of Abraham DOLL against John P. ARNDT.
3) Land in borough of Wilkesbarre, containing 54 perches. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Thomas B. OVERTON against Joseph OAT.

Printing Establishment For Sale – Owing to the state of the editor’s health, he had been induced to offer the printing office and establishment of the Susquehanna Democrat for sale.

Adjourned Sale – The property of the late firm of Messrs. CARPENTER & COX, has been adjourned until 10th October.

Lost Letter. A letter directed to Jacob WEISS, Abington Township, Luzerne County, was lately received by Jacob WEISS, of Nescopeck – but on opening it was found not to be for him, and to contain a sum of money, sent by a man at work on the Lehigh to his wife. If any person in Abington knows to whom the letter belongs, and will furnish the necessary proof of ownership, it may be had on application to the editor of the Susquehanna Democrat.

24 September 1819

Married – On Thursday the 26th ult, by the Rev. GRIER, Andrew V. STEUART, of Lycoming Township, to Miss Mary RITCHIZ, of Bald Eagle Township, all of Lycoming County.

Died – At Selinsgrove, Union County, on Monday 13th Frederick –n—es SNYDER, son of Gov. SNYDER, in the 19th year of his age. (faded)

Died – At Carlisle, on Wednesday, 15th inst., David WATTS, Esq., counsellor at law.

1 October 1819

Apology. Owing to the dryness of the season, and consequent scarcity of water, the Paper mill has not been able to furnish us with paper of the usual size. We are therefore obliged to issue a small sheet, but hope next week to go on as usual.

Asa DIMOCK, Jonah BREWSTER and Hosea TIFFANY, Esquires, are all candidates for the assembly, to represent the counties of Luzerne and Susquehanna.

8 October 1819

To Printers – The Harrisburg Republican is offered for sale.

Democratic Republicans of Pittston, held a meeting at the house of Capt. Peter HALLOCK, on 30th September and Enos FINCH, Esq., was called to the chair and John P. BABB, appointed Secretary.

Com. Oliver H. PERRY, of the U. S. Navy, died at Port Spain, Island of Trinidad on 23 August last. [The following newspaper has a large article – stating his remains were entered at Port Spain on the 24th August.]

Letters in the Post Office, Exeter, October 1st:
John HARDING, jun.
Phineas WIMAN

To The Public. Whereas it has been reported that the subscriber is not competent to transact business, in consequence of his never having been pardoned by the Governor of Pennsylvania, for a crime of which he has been convicted – and as the said report has been injurious to me in the transaction of business – I have thought it my duty to published the following certificate, which proves that a pardon has been granted, and I of course reinstated in all my rights as a citizen. While I deplore this necessity, I ask the pubic not to condemn entirely for the commission of one offence, which is sincerely regretted, and as sincerely repented of. Joseph EDWARDS. Abington. I certify, that it appears from the account rendered to the county Commissioners of Luzerne County, by Thomas BRADFORD, Jr., agent for the Philadelphia Prison, that Joseph EDWARDS was pardoned December 17th, 1816. Jesse FELL, Clerk, Commissioner’s Office, Wilkesbarre.

J. HARDY, respectfully informs the inhabitants of Kingston and its vicinity, that he has just returned from New York, with Grocery Stores, which he intends selling on reasonable terms for Cash only, at the Wyoming Hotel.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held Oct. 18th:
1) Land in township of Tunkhannock, bounded by John P. SHOTTS, Elisha SPARKE, William ROGERS, Abel PATRICK, Edward SESFIED, John WILSON, Thomas ATKINSON, containing 297 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Soloman TRACY assignee of Thomas OVERTON against Robert DREW.
2) Land in township of Kingston, bounded by road, Samuel THOMAS, Gilbert LEWIS and James BARNES, containing one acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Elijah LOVELAND against William TICKNOR.

Register’s Notice – The account of John ALSWORTH, administrator of the estate of James CONNER, Esq., late of Providence Township, deceased, has been filed. Also the account of Martha GARDNER and John THOMPSON, executors in the last will and testament of Jesse GARDNER, late of Pittston, dec’d.

15 October 1819

Sheriff’s Sale to be held October 25th:
1) Land in township of Wilkesbarre, bounded by Lots #31 and 32, Eleazer BLACKMAN, containing 174 acres, being part of Lots 30 and 31 in third division. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jonas BRUSH against John P. ARNDT.
2) Land in township of Wilkesbarre, bounded by Reuben DOWNING, Jehoida P. JOHNSON, A. DANA, containing 14 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the United States against John EWING, Henry BUCKINGHAM and Lazarus STEWART.

Wilkesbarre Academy next quarter will commence on the 25th.

Typhoid Fever prevails in the counties of Pickaway, Franklin and Delaware, in the state of Ohio.

Reading, Pa., Sept. 25 – A few days ago a skeleton of a man was found in a secluded spot, amongst rocks, about three quarters of a mile from the old Sunbury road, and between 40 and 40 miles from this borough. The remains of a pair of fair top boots, and of a blue coat with velvet collar, were also found. Near the skeleton laid a pair of pistols. Upon removing the bones a large bullet, somewhat flattened, and considerably larger than the bore of either of the pistols, was found. No doubt this bullet caused the death of this yet unknown person – and we fear it was but too successfully used of the accomplishment of the most foul purposes. We understand that the bones, as well as the articles found near them have been deposited at the tavern near to where they were found, in the hope that they may lead to a discovery. As yet it is impossible to conjecture who the unfortunate person was.

Letters on hand in the Post-Office, Kingston, October 1st:
Daniel BRACE
Samuel BREES
Samuel DERBY
Benajah FULLER
Sylvanus FULLER
Fisher GAY
George HAWK
William C. HAGAMAN
Cyrus MANN
William OWEN
Hannah RYMAN
Jacob RICE
William ROYAL
Nathan SMITH

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 1st November:
1) Land in Union Township, containing 311 acres, bounded by Andrew BLANCHARD, vacant land, Elizabeth HURLBUT, Jonathan HUNLOCK. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John CUTHERTSON and Frances, his wife, late Frances STEWART against Jonathan HUNLOCK.
2) Land in township of Kingston, bounded by Pierce SMITH, Elijah SHOEMAKER, main road, containing 7 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Walter WARD to the use of William MEGUIRE against Lud GAYLORD and John SMITH.

Tobacco, Cheap & Good, Watches from France. N. M. HENTZ, Wilkesbarre. N. B. Two apprentices are wanted immediately, to the above business, between the age of 10 and 14 years.

New Paper – Lebanon Courier

Letters on hand at the Wilkesbarre Post Office, October 1st:
Nathan ALLEN
Stephen ARNOLD
Joseph S. BARNES
Rev. Samuel BACON
Robert BROWN
Catharine COUBERT
George D. CLARK
Comfort CAREY
Benjamin DRAKE
Anderson DANA
Joshua GREEN
Parthena GORDON
Thomas GEARY
Justus GOULD
George HEIDE
Samuel HOLLY
Abraham HART
Edward INMAN
Catherine JONES
George KOHAR
Josiah LEWIS
William MARTIN
Frederick MILLER
Thomas MOORE
William PROUD
Betsey SHAW
Charles SELY
Ichabod SHAW
Stephen TAYNOR
Rosewell WELLES
Jacob CIST, P.M.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held October 25th:
Land in borough of Wilkesbarre, bounded by John B. WALLACE, John PIERCE, R. WELLES, main road, containing about 42 rods. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the United States of America against William BOWN and John P. ARNDT.

22 October 1819

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 25th October:
Land on north side of the public square in borough of Wilkesbarre, bounded by late estate of William BARNES, deceased, Daniel COLLINGS and public square. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of BOLLS & STANTON against Parthenia GORDON, George GORDON and John M. GORDON.

Having lately received from our subscribers nothing but promises, and complaints of hard times, we now give notice that we will receive in payment any of the following articles, viz: Beef, Pork, Butter, Cheese, Wheat, Rye, Oats, Corn, Dried Beans, Peas, Honey, Wool, Flax, Rails, Boards, Buckwheat, Potatoes, &c. &c. A few tons good Hay will also be received in payment of newspaper debts, if delivered soon. Those who are indebted will oblige much by settling their accounts at the November Court.

Wyoming Guards will meet at the house of Thomas H. MORGAN, on the first day of November next, in uniform. S. D. BETTLE, O. S.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held on 1st November:
Land in the township of Wilkesbarre, bounded by the public highway leading from Wilkesbarre to Sunbury, road from the main road to back road, John CAREY and Miller HORTON. Containing 10 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of David SMITH, Adm’r of Susanna SMITH, dec’d to the use of John HANCOCK against John SMITH.

Statement of Votes in the several Election Districts in Luzerne County, 12th October:
Number of votes in ( )
Assembly: Benjamin DORRANCE (1188); Jacob BREWSTER (567), Asa STEVENS (723)
Asa DIMOCK (610), Hosea TIFFANY, Jr (61)
Sheriff: Dr. John SMITH (728), Isaac HARTZELL (583), Isaac BOWMAN (780), David
STERLING (529), Jacob RUMBACH (27 – not a candidate)
Coroner: Dr. Henry GREEN (748), Jacob DRUMHELLER, Jr. (787), Fisher GAY (786), John
Commiss’r: Joel ROGERS (884), Joseph PRUNER (746), Samuel YOST (49, not a candidate)
Auditor: Isaac HART (790), Benjamin REYNOLDS (831

In Columbia County, Col. James M’CLURE is elected to the Assembly and John UNDERSOOD, sheriff.

In Northumberland County, Lewis DEWART, and John HAAS, elected to the Assembly.

One Cent Reward. Ran away from the subscriber on the 7th of May last, an apprentice to the tailoring business, John ROSE, aged about 16 years. He had on and took with him several changes of clothes, which it is deemed needless to specify. The above reward, but no charges, will be paid for returning said Boy to his master, and all persons are forbid harboring or trusting the runaway at their peril. Jasper FASSETT, Windham.

29 October 1819

Cloth Dressing, at the Fulling Mill, on Laurel Run, near Wilkesbarre. PARSONS & BROOKS.

Improved Farms, for sale in the vicinity of Four Corners, Clifford Township, Susquehanna County, also 2000 acres of land in the Nescopeck Valley, near the Lehigh and Susquehanna Turnpike. Redmond CONYNGHAM.

Caution. To dealers of Gunpowder. Having found that inferior Gunpowder of other manufactories is offered for sale in kegs branded, “Du Pont,” where by attempts are made to injure the well established character of our Gunpowder, and impose upon the public. We think it necessary to Caution the public against purchasing our Gunpowder, except from our agents or from those who are known to purchase from our agents. E. I. Dupont de Nemours & Co. Dupont’s Gunpowder – For Sale and orders enclosing the remittance, executed by John VAUGHN, Philadelphia.

5 November 1819

Accidents – Yesterday afternoon as Mr. JONES of this borough, was driving a span of horses in a waggon, they took fright and ran, and Mr. JONES, in attempting to jump from the waggon, became entangled in the lines, and was dragged some distance before the horses could be stopped. He was considerably bruised and had one of his legs badly broken. This is another proof that in all such cases there is less danger in remaining in the vehicle than in attempting to leave it. We have been requested to state that the bridle slipped off one of the horses in consequence of its having throat latch.
Mr. PATTERSON, also of this town, recently had his leg broken while at work on the bridge.
A small child, living with Mr. HOWLAND, had its arm broken a few days since, by falling from a fence.
And a child of Mr. RAFFERTY was lately hooked by a cow under the chin, and considerable injured.
All these accidents happened in families living within a few rods of the other, and three of them at the corner of Main and Union Streets.

Mr. DEETH has commenced a School in the S. E. wing of the Court House, Wilkesbarre, He will teach Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Mensuration, Book Keeping, Geography, Rhetoric, Surveying and Plane and Spheric Geometry, Trigonometry and Astronomy. Terms of tuition $2.00 per quarter.

Bible Society of the County of Luzerne – Meeting held at the Meeting House in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, to consider forming a Bible Society, Auxiliary to the Bible Society of Philadelphia. Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., called to the Chair and Dr. Edward COVELL, appointed Secretary. See article for the constitution. A committee of three persons to be appointed to nominate twenty five Managers for the Society, and David SCOTT, Samuel THOMAS, and Henry V. CHAMPIN, Esquires, were named as a Committee, who reported the following managers:
Ebenezer BOWMAN
Rev. Geo. LANE
Rev. Joel ROGERS
Daniel HOYT
Nathan BEACH
Washington LEE
Isaac HART
Nathaniel GIDDINGS
Rev. John MILER
Which report was approved, and the Society adjourned.

At a meeting of Managers, held the same place and day, Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., was called to the Chair and Dr. E. COVELL, appointed Secretary. On motion, it was Resolved, That the Managers proceed to elect, agreeably to their Constitution, the Officers of the Society for the ensuing year:
President: Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq.
Vice Presidents: David SCOTT, Esq., William ROSS, Esq., Capt. Daniel HOYT
Corresponding Secretary: Dr. Edward COVELL
Recording Secretary: Andrew BEAUMONT, Esq.
Treasurer: George M. HOLLENBACK

12 November 1819

Estate of James SEARCH, late of Union Township, requests payments and demands. Elizabeth SEARCH and Lott SEARCH, administrators.

Wyoming Fire Company will meet at the house of A. PARRISH, Saturday, 13th inst. at 2 o’clock. Samuel MAFFET, Captain

Notice – Constables who have neglected to make returns of Militia Fines, for the 86th Reg. P. M. are notified that they must attend to the same immediately, or they will be prosecuted. Francis FORDHAM, Pay Master.

Truth Investigated. Whereas Wm. MILLER and Family, of Laurel Run, have circulated reports of the darkest hue, the undersigned do certify that S. Geo. DEETH taught our school the past summer to our entire satisfaction. And that from the best information we can obtain, we have not the least reason to believe, that he abused a child of Miss Ann MILLER, in any manner whatever. We are decidedly of opinion that Mr. DEETH did perfectly right in chastising her as he did, and had she been a child of ours we should have for it. We believe he is a gentleman of good morals and well qualified and calculated to instruct any English school in this part of the country; and as such we recommend him to the public. John HOLGATE, Hezekiah PARSONS, Jehoida P. JOHNSON and Godfrey RAISH. Trustees of Laurel Run District.

Fire! On Sunday last the dwelling house of John MILL, together with all his household furniture, clothing, two barns filled with hay and grain, winter vegetables, potatoes, apples, &c. were destroyed by fire. The family were at church when the fire commenced, and the wind being very high, attempts to save any of the property proved of no avail.
John CRAVER, we also learn, had all his hay and grain of every description burnt the same day and Mr. Peter GRUVER had the most of his grain destroyed at the same time.
It is hoped a generous public will throw in their mite least so far as to furnish the families with grain and fodder for the sustenance of their stock, through the approaching winter.

Mr. MAFFET is requested to state for public information, that the two State Roads authorized by acts of the last Session, in which the county of Luzerne is concerned, have been surveyed and laid out. The distance on the rout from the Nescopeck Bridge to Orwigsburg is forty miles and a half – and on the rout from Wilkesbarre to Milford, a distance of sixty miles.

Pennsylvania Legislature List of Members, exhibiting the expiration of the time of service of each and the districts for which they are elected.
Senate of Pennsylvania:
Eighth District – Northampton, Lehigh, Wayne and Pike: Joseph FREY (1821), Henry WINTERS (1823)
Ninth District – Northumberland, Columbia, Union, Luzerne and Susquehanna: Charles FRASER (1820), Simon SNYDER (1822)
Tenth District – Lycoming, Centre, Clearfield, M’Kean, Potter, Bradford, Tioga: John M’MEANS (1823)
Sixteenth District – Westmoreland, Indiana and Jefferson: Henry ALSHOUSE (1823)
House of Representatives:
Ninth. Northampton, Wayne and Pike: Dan DENMARK, James HAYS, Henry JARRET
Eleventh. Northumberland: Lewis DEWART, John HAAS
Thirteenth. Columbia: James M’CLURE
Twenty-third. Luzerne and Susquehanna: Benj. DORRANCE, Jonah BREWSTER
Twenty-fourth. Bradford and Tioga: John RYAN

Ten Dollars Reward. Ran Away from the subscriber, living in Halifax Township, Dauphin County, Monday, 26th October, an indented mulatto servant, Adam WILLIAMS, between 16 and 17 years of age, smart and active, but rather small for his years. The said runaway was seen, the day after he went off, on the route towards Sunbury. The above reward will be given for apprehending the said runaway, and all reasonable expenses if brought home, or secured in any jail, so that I may get him again. James REED, Halifax Township.

19 November 1819

Died – Simon SNYDER, late Governor of Pennsylvania, of Typhus Fever, Nov. 9th, at his residence in Selin’s Grove, Union County. He was born 5 Nov. 1759, and was 60 years and 4 days.

Died – At Charlestown, S. C., on 6th October last, Mrs. Jane CALDWELL, late of Hanover, Luzerne County, aged 70. She arrived in Charleston, in Dec. 1817. She fell a victim to the strangers fever after an illness of five days.

Died – In _(faded)_, morning last, William WHITE, in the 64th year of his age.

Died – The Honorable Elisha BOUDINOT, closed his long and useful career, on Sunday last, at his late residence in Newark, NJ, in the 71st year of his age.

Coopering. At his stand in Abington, he manufactures barrels (for whiskey, cider, meat, flour and other; wash tubs; pickle tubs; buckets, pails, churns, &c. &c. Joseph EDWARDS.

Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike stockholders will hold an election of officers on the first Monday of January next at the Court House. Peleg TRACY, Secretary.

Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike stockholders will hold an election of officers at the house of Charles OTIS, in the township of Tunkhannock, on the first Monday of January. Benjamin PERRY, Secretary.

Caution. The public are hereby cautioned against taking any assignment of or purchasing a certain Note or Bond, given by the subscribers to Baltzer SWARTZ, of Providence, Luzerne County, for the sum of one thousand three hundred Dollars, eight hundred Dollars of which has been paid, and remaining due May 1819, May 1820 and May 1821, which said Bond was given in consideration of a certain tract of land – and as we have ascertained there is a Mortgage on said Land, and the title thereby invalidated, we are determined not to pay the amount of said Bond, until the said Mortgage be satisfied and the contract fulfilled on the part of said SWARTZ, unless compelled by Law. Michael BISACKER, Philip OHL, Northampton County.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 22 November:
1) Land bounded by Nathaniel FITCH, Joseph POST, Robert DREW and Thomas OVERTON, containing 80 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Harrington NORTHROP against Isreal CONANT.
2) Two lots in Newport,, one being Lot #36 in second division containing 87 acres and the other Lot #38 in second division containing 80 acres, both described in a deed from said LITTLE to ARNDT, dated 12 March 1817. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James LITTLE against John P. ARNDT.

26 November 1819

Proclamation by Gov. William FINDLEY, that Thursday the 9th day of December next will be a day of special season of humiliation, thanksgiving and prayer.

Estate of Peter HARRIS, late of Exeter, requests payments and demands. Stephen HARRIS, Elisha HARRIS, Executors.

Company Order. In conformity to Orders received, Notice is hereby given, to all persons holding State Muskets, Rifles, Bayonets, Cartouch Boxes, Belts, Drums, Fifes, or any other description of property belonging to the State, within the bounds of the Eighth Company, 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia, that the same must be returned immediately to the subscriber. Persons neglecting this notice will incur the penalties of the law. Samuel MAFFET, Capt.

Stop the Swindler – Some villain has taken the liberty to collect 2 bills at least, on forged orders purporting to be given by the editor of this paper. The persons suspected is a journeyman printer, of very ordinary appearance – of middling stature, dark eyes and hair – he worked about 3 weeks in this office, by the name of Charles K. DAVIS, said he served his apprenticeship with Mr. KENNEDY, at Sunbury. A suitable reward will be given to any person who will apprehend said scoundrel and secure him in any jail so that he may be brought to punishment. There is a dirty looking fellow lurking about with said DAVIS, who pretends to be a comb maker, a tolerable English and German scholar – very talkative, says he was raised in or near Germantown, who is suspected to be concerned in said forgeries. His apprehension is also desired. C. MOWRY.

Married – On the 25th ult, by John MC GEHEE, Esq., David HODGE, aged 102 years and 2 months, to Miss Elizabeth BAILY, aged 40 years, both of Columbia County, Georgia. He was at BRADDOCK’S defeat and served throughout the whole period of the Revolutionary War.

100 Dollars Reward. Left his place of residence, near the Gulf-mills, county of Montgomery, three miles from Norristown, on the 12th April 1818 (in a disordered state of mind) Lindsay COATS, about 40 years of age, 5′ 9″ high, brown hair, blue eyes, has lost most of his upper fore teeth, walks very erect, not very forward in conversation, but speaks quick. From a description received from the jailer of Berks County, of a person lately confined at that place (called the wild man) there is reason to believe he is the man. Whoever takes up and secures said person (and he proves to be the said Lindsay COATS) shall by given information to the subscriber, in Norristown at the Reading Stage-office, receive the above reward. Jesse ROBERTS.

Register’s Notice. The following account has been filed:
Ebenezer BOWMAN and Joseph JAMESON, executors of James STEWART, late of Hanover

3 December 1819

Sheriff’s Office, in future, will be kept in the Fire Proof, over the Prothonotary’s Office, opposite the Commissioner’s Office. Wilkesbarre.

Stray Heifer came to the enclosure of the subscriber near Wilkesbarre. Peter ANDERSON.

Shocking Depravity. At the late term of the Superior Court of Vermont, in Manchester, two brothers of the name of BOWEN, formerly of that place, were convicted of the murder of a brother-in-law. They are sentenced to be hung on the 26th of January next. The murder was committed about 7 years ago, and one of the murderers was arrested in the western part of N. Y. where he had some time resided. One of them exhibited the most hardened unconcern. The father, a very aged man, has been committed to gaol on his own confession, for being engaged, in the same murder.

10 December 1819

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held 31 Dec., as the estate of John Gardner LOMOREUX, late of Luzerne County, deceased for land in Plymouth Township, Lot #29 in the first tier of the fifth division, containing 86 acres. Daniel LOMOREUX and Joze ROGERS, Administrators.

Married – At Wysox, Bradford County, on Tuesday the 21st ult, by Burr RIDGEWAY, Esq., Henry W. DRINKER, of Covington, Luzerne County to Miss Maria, daughter of John WRAGG.

Married – At Point Township, Northumberland County, by Rev. HENDERSON, Thomas P. BEACH, of Beach Grove, Luzerne County, to Miss Margaret LEMON, of the former place.

Married – At Pittston, by Rev. PEIRCE, Burton BUTLER and Miss Martha KENDALL (no date)

Wyoming Fire Company. At a meeting held the 4th inst., it was resolved to adopt such measures as they deem necessary, to provide water, buckets, fire hooks, ladders, &c &c. Samuel MAFFET, Andrew BEAUMONT and Samuel BOWMAN to be a committee to draft a constitution and bye laws. Samuel D. BETTLE appointed to put the Engine in complete repair before the next meeting.

17 December 1819

Married – On Tusday evening last, by the Rev. PEARCE, Mr. Strange N. PALMER, one of the editors of the New Jersey Mirror, to Miss Jane D. MAFFET.

Electors of the Ninth Senatorial District of Penn’a. having withdrawn from the practice of law for upwards of a year, I am at your service for the office of Senator, and if elected shall be for the reduction of salaries, and office fees from the Executive down to the Constable, and also opposed to all banking systems. Charles MAUS, Mahoming Township, Columbia Co.

Salt will be sold for cash or any kind of country produce, to Tow Dollars a bushel at the store of Henry C. ANHEAUSER, Hanover.

24 December 1819

Lewis N. KETCHAM – Fancy and Windsor Chair-maker – Informs his friends and the public that he has commenced the above business in the building formerly occupied as a Stand by Benjamin DRAKE, in Wilkesbarre,

Anniversary of St. John the Evangelist. All free and accepted Masons, of the fraternity of Lodge No. 1, are hereby invited to attend at the Lodge-Room, in Wilkesbarre, on Monday, the 27th inst., on business of importance. Ezra HOYT, Ransler WELLES, Prince BUTLER. Committee of Arrangement.

Fire! On Monday last the Cupolo of the Court House in this borough was discovered to be on Fire. Fortunately the fire had made but little progress before it was discovered, and by timely exertion it was soon got under, without doing much damage. It is supposed the fire took from a spark carried by the wind from one of the chimnies.

Pennsylvania Legislature – titles of resolutions and bills that have been introduced into the Senate:
An act to annul the marriage of Andrew OLIVER and Mary his wife.
An act to annul the marriage of Barnard M. CARTER and Lucy GRYMES, his wife.
A supplement to an act entitled an act to enable the Governor to incorporate a company to make an artificial road, from the Jersey Shore in the county of Lycoming, to Coudersport in the county of Potter.
An act to annul the marriage of William VAN HOOK and Maria his wife.
An act to annul the marriage of John MELISH and Jane his wife.
An act to annul the marriage of John CULBERTSON and Polly his wife.
Isaac A. CHAPMAN and John BROADHEAD, about the return of a road from Milford to Wilkesbarre – members from Pike, Wayne, Luzerne and Susquehanna.
Bill for the removal of the seat of Justice of Tioga County, from Wellsborough to Lawrenceville, and for other purposes.
To incorporate a company to make a turnpike from Wilsonville to intersect the Lackawaxon and Milford turnpikes.
A supplement to the act appointing Commissioners to explore the route and opening a direct communication from Milford to Wilkesbarre.

Married – In Pittston on Wednesday last by Enos FINCH, Esq., Jacob WOOD to Mrs. Maria COREY.

Married – By Peter WINTER, Esq., William FERRIS to Miss Anna VANLUVANEE.

The noted David LEWIS again escaped from the Jail of Bedford about half after five o’clock on the evening of the 16th.

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