1822 Susquehanna Democrat

The Susquehanna Democrat 1822

Published on Friday Evening, Wilkesbarre, PA
By Samuel MAFFET, Main Street

4 January 1822

Married – On Tuesday the first inst., by Rev. George LANE, Elias SMITH, of Canaan, Wayne County, to Miss Mary H. TYSON, of Wilkesbarre Township.

Married – At Bloomsburg on the 13th ult. By Rev. SNOWDEN, Abraham KLUTZ, Esq., Post-Master at Conyingham, to Miss Ann BARTON, of Bloomsburg.

List of Letters On Hand, January 1st:
Henry H. BURR
John P. BABB
Catharine BERRY
Jonathan FINCHER
Stephen FOSTER
William GRAHAM
Elizabeth H__L
Edward INMAN
Frederick KLINE
Andrew M’CLURE
James MILVIN, Jun.
Marmaduke PEARCE
Elizabeth RAMOW
Jabez SILL
Barnet ULP
Charles H. WELLS
J. CIST, P. M.

Dr. WOOD’S Celebrated Rheumatic or Bone Ointment.
17 December 1821, Elizabeth ATHERTON, of Luzerne County, under oath states that she is of Kingston Township, and was a cripple for nearly fourteen years, so that she had no use of one leg, and she applied to Dr. Wm. WOOD and by the skillful means he has used, together with the virtues of his Ointment, has so far restored her to soundness that she is able to walk with very little inconvenience, which is a great blessing to her. Sworn and subscribed before Samuel THOMAS, who states the above to be true.

11 January 1822

From the Methodist Magazine. Sketch of the Life, Experience and Death of Mrs. Eliza S. AKERS, who departed this life on 22 May 1821. She was a daughter of John and Eleanor FARIS, born in Flemingsburg, Kentucky on 27 August 1802. She had a sister, Martha, who died in 1814. On the 12 March 1818, she and I were married. On the 26 April 1819, she had her first son, John Bryon, who lived only seven weeks and two days. On the 22 September 1820, she had her last son, William Dennis, who is yet living. [Large article – Part 1]

Estate of Elisha COURTRIGHT, late of Salem Township, requests payments and demands. Abraham, Isaac and Andrew COURTRIGHT, Executors.

Estate of William COOPER, late of Plymouth Township, requests payments and demands. Margaret COOPER, Joze ROGERS, Executors.

I do hereby certify that I have had during the past season, BAKER’S Patent Tew-Iron, in use in two fires in my Forge, and do not hesitate to say that I have found it a most valuable and important improvement. Washington LEE, Luzerne County.

Notice. The public is hereby cautioned against purchasing from Anderson DANA, a yoke of two year-old Steers – one white and one red, the other red with some white on the flank; Also a heifer, which will be three years old in May next, and of a deep brown color. Said Cattle were unlawfully taken by said DANA from the subscriber, and are now offered for sale by him. Isaac WICIZER, Wilkesbarre.

Militia Elections. Notice is hereby Given to the enrolled inhabitants of the Second Battalion of the Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia, commanded by Col. Harris JENKINS, that they are to elect one Captain, one First Lieutenant and one Second Lieutenant to each company as follows:
Seventh Company, including Pittston Township, at the house of John BENEDICT, on 21st.
Fifth Company, including Wilkesbarre Township & Borough, at the Court-House, on 21st.
Fourth Company, including Covington Township, at the house of George BUCK, on the 23rd.
Sixth Company, including Hanover Township, at the house of Frederick CRISMAN, on 24th.
First Company, including Newport Township, at the house of Jacob ROTHBACH, on 25th.
Barnet ULP, Major Command’t

18 January 1822

From the Methodist Magazine. Sketch of the Life, Experience and Death of Mrs. Eliza S. AKERS, who departed this life on 22 May 1821. Written by Peter AKERS, 18 July 1821. [Large article – Part 2]

The members of the Pennsylvania Legislature removed to their new capitol, at Harrisburg, on the 12th ult, on which occasion the Rev. Dr. MASON delivered an appropriate address.

Section cut from page 3

Tan-yard to Rent, lately occupied by Ebenezer DRAKE, deceased, and now by Isaac VAN BUREN, in Pittston, is offered for rent. Apply to Elizabeth DRAKE, Pittston.

Married – On Sunday evening last, by Rev. GILDERSLEEVE, Jonathan PARSONS, of Lisle, to Miss Rebecca JACKSON, of Newport.

Died – In October last, at Harmony, in the Osage Nation, Mrs. Jane, consort of Rev. Wm. B. MONTGOMERY, late of Danville, Columbia County.

Military. Appointments by the Brigadier General. Bela JONES, of Bridgewater, Susquehanna County, Aid-de-camp. Thomas C. FOSTER, of Brier Creek, Columbia County,, Brigade Major, John RAYMOND, of Bethany, Wayne County, Brigade Quarter master; each with the rank of captain, who are to be obeyed and respected accordingly. Samuel THOMAS, 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, P. M., Kingston.

Militia Elections. Notice is hereby given to the enrolled inhabitants of different Companies, composing of the 1st Battalion of the Regiment of Pennsylvania Militia, commanded by Col. Harris JENKINS, that they are to elect one Captain, one First Lieutenant and one Second Lieutenant to each company as follows:
Ninth Company, comprising of part of Plymouth Township, which lies between the Mountain and the River, at the Academy in Plymouth, on the 21st.
Second Company, comprising of parts of Kingston and Exeter, bounded on the South by the Road leading from the Paper Mill to the river, on the West by the Mountain, North by Laton SLOCUM’S and East by the River, at Col. Harris JENKINS, on the 22nd.
Third Company, including part of Kingston lying between the mountain and the river, not included in the bounds of the 2nd Company, at the house of Naphtali HURLBUT, on the 23rd.
Eighth Company, including townships of Dallas and those parts of Plymouth and Kingston which lie West of the mountain, at the house of George HAWK, on the 24th.
Ziba DAVENPORT, Major Command’nt, Plymouth

25 January 1822

State Legislature – House of Representatives.
Petitions for:
A change in the place of holding elections in Choconut Township. Luzerne County.
A new county out of parts of Luzerne and Susquehanna.
Improve the road from Wilkesbarre to Meansville.
A new county out of Columbia and Luzerne.
To Establish a public ferry across the north branch of the Susquehanna at town of New Salem.
An extension of the time for patenting lands in the 17 townships of Luzerne County.
Against the appropriation of taxes to the improvement of the road from Wilkesbarre to Towanda.
Clearing out the Susquehanna from Columbia to tide water.
That Harmony and Jackson Townships, Susquehanna County, may not be included in the new proposed county, out of the counties of Luzerne and Susquehanna.
From the Athens Bridge Company for authority to raise their tolls.
Elisha SATTERLEE, a revolutionary soldier, for relief.
John WHITAKER, for divorce
Alterations in the law relative to the sale of islands in the Susquehanna River.
Against a new county out of parts of Luzerne and Columbia.
Reuben COOK, an old soldier, for relief.
Report: Unfavorable to the claim of Samuel CAREY, was considered.
Bill: An act entitled “An act erecting parts of Columbia and Luzerne counties into a separate county to be called Berwick.”
Bill: A supplement to an act entitled “An act granting compensation to John KOONS for tracts of land certified to Connecticut claimants I the seventeen township of the county of Luzerne.”

Notice. All persons are forbid digging or taking away Coal, cutting Timber,, or any manner intruding upon Lands of William HILLHOUSE, in Pittston, under the penalty of the law, which will be enforced upon those who disregard this notice. E. CAREY, Agent for William HILLHOUSE.

Notice to Debtors. Thomas DYER, Esq., has the collection of Debts due to me – if you appear before him at any time within twenty days, and confess Judgements it will be in your favor as well as mine. I have waited a long time, and no one has reason to complain of this measure.

Fifty Dollars Reward. Stolen from the subscriber on the 19th inst., a white mare, by George M’CALPIN, who took with him a saddle, bridle and martingales. M’CALPIN, is about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, light complexion, and speaks quick. Twenty dollars will be paid for the mare and thirty for the thief and all reasonable charges. Ezekiel GOBLE, Exeter.

Married – At Abington on Sunday evening last, by Samuel STONE Esq., Dr. William H. NICHOLS, of City of Oxford, N. Y. to Miss Cibyl MILLER, daughter of John MILLER.

1 February 1822

Expenditures for Luzerne County in 1821, include expenditures:
Philip HERMANS for repairing bridge in Providence
Zerah MARVIN, for bridge in Union
Elias DODSON, for bridge in Huntington
Isaac BOWMAN, Sheriff, supporting prisoners, &c.
Edward COVELL, physician to prisoners
Paying Auditors: John EMERY, Benjamin REYNOLDS, George MILLER
Paying Commissioners: Elijah SHOEMAKER (former), Cyrus AVERY (late), Joel ROGERS,
Samuel YOST, Hezekiah PARSONS
Paying Clerk: Jesse FELL

8 February 1822 – (no articles found)

15 February 1822

Married – In Kingston, on Thursday the 7th inst., by Rev. GILDERSLEEVE, John BENNET, Esq., to Miss Matilda BUCKINGHAM, both of that township.

Died – In Doylestown, Bucks County, on the 15th of January, Seth MINER, aged 77 years, father of the Editors of the Correspondent and the Village Record, formerly of Wilkesbarre. During the arduous era of the Revolution, he took up arms in defense of his country and performed several tours of duty with an alacrity and zeal adapted to the importance of the cause. He was a tender and affectionate parent and by the performance of his relative and society duties, endeavored so to live as not to be taken by surprise, when the Messenger of Death should call him hence. His friends hope it was his happy lot to realize the sentiment. “In my Fathers house are many mansions.”

Notice. The President and Managers of the Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company, declared on the 4th inst. a Dividend of one dollar and fifty cents on each share of Capital Stock. Steuben BUTLER, Treasurer.

22 February 1822

New Store – Ziba SMITH & Wm. SWETLAND, New Troy, Kingston.

Dissolution of Partnership – The partnership of HOLGATE & ROYAL is dissolved by mutual consent.

Sudden Thaw. On Monday last we had a severe Snow storm, which continued the whole day. On Tuesday morning the snow was on the average about 16 inches deep. It began to thaw on Wednesday, and the snow is now entirely all gone. Unless the weather becomes cold, the Ice in the Susquehanna, which is very thick and strong, must break up and much damage be done to property along the river.

1 March 1822 – Paper missing

8 March 1822

Luzerne County Sale of Unseated Lands, to be held the second Monday of June next. A complete listing of warrantee names, acres and tax due is given.

The Wyoming Guards will meet at the house of N. HURLBUT, in Kingston on the 16th inst. for elections. Samuel D. BETTLE, Captain.

Married – At Northmoreland, on the 3rd February, by Rev. Joel ROGERS, Severyn BROWN to Miss Deliverance ROGERS, both of that place.

Married – In Wilkesbarre, by the same, on the 6th February last, Jonah ROGERS, of Northmoreland, to miss Catharine LAFEY, of Kingston.

Married – On Wednesday, the 26th Feb., by Rev. GILDERSLEEVE, Luen P. KENNEDY, of Arkport, Steuben County, N. Y. to Miss Mary Ann HURLBUT, of Kingston, Luzerne County.

Owing to the high waters, and the bad state of the roads, the last mail from Harrisburg did not arrive at Wilkesbarre.

Strayed away from the subscriber on Tuesday the 5th inst., a bay mare. Caleb INMAN, Hanover.

For Sale or Rent, a house and lot on the south west corner of Union and Franklin Streets, Wilkesbarre and a house and lot of ground on Union Street, Wilkesbarre. Henry COURTRIGHT, 2nd.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held first day of April, a tract of land in Kingston Township, as the estate of George H. ROYAL, late of Kingston Township, bounded by Daniel HOYT, Lord BUTLER, Adam SHAVER, road, John BOWMAN and corner below blacksmith shop. Containing 17 acres, having a Factory thereon, being parts of Lots No. 14 & 15 in the 3rd Division. Also at same time will be offered for sale the other 2/3 of above described property. The Factory building is 35 by 60 feet on the ground and three stories high, there are three dwelling houses, good apple orchard. There are two other sites for mill or water works. William ROYAL and Reuben HOLGATE, administrators.

To Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed Saturday the 29th April next for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Cornelius ATHERTON.

Mr. DIMMICK, one of the representatives from Northampton, Wayne & Pike counties, fell near the door of his lodgings, at Harrisburg, and fractured his leg.

15 March 1822

The Trenton Federalist says since our last publication the accounts received of disasters by the uncommon fresh of the 21st and 22nd ult. are numerous and afflicting. NO less than seven county bridges are reported to be destroyed in this (Hunterdon) county and the damage to mils, dams, &c. is proportionally great, likewise, in the neighboring counties of Monmouth and Burlington.

22 March 1822

Aldiborontiphoscophornion Club. Members of this Institution will meet this evening at the Ridgumfunidos Hall, by order of the board. J. J. B. WRIGHT, Scriba, Wilkesbarre. [Name of club and hall is correct as spelled]

Whereas my wife, Levza, hath this day quit my bed and board without any just cause or provocation, this is therefore to forbid all persons from harboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting, after this date, unless compelled by law. Randal SPENCER, Nicholson.

Boot and Shoe Store – Joshua GREEN, Wilkesbarre.

29 March 1822

Estate of Benjamin FULLER, late of Huntington, requests payments and demands. Sally FULLER and Abiel FELLOWS, Adm’s.

Married – At Kingston on Thursday the 21st inst. by the Rev. Geo. LANE, Abraham THOMAS to Miss Abigail STEWART, all of this county.

Married – Last evening by the same, H. BONNAT, merchant of Pittsburg, to Miss Frances HENTZ, of Wilkesbarre.

Died – At Montrose, on Saturday, the 6th inst., Agnes and Susanna, children of David POST, Esq., of that place.

Died – On Friday the 8th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth CARBINE, wife of Horace CARBINE.

Died – On Wednesday the 13th, Mrs. SNOW.

Died – On the 14th, Ebenezer WILBER.

For Private Sale. A small farm in Kingston Township, containing 50 acres, 20 acres under good improvement, grist mill, oil mill, 2 dwelling houses, 2 barns, blacksmith shop and orchards. Adam SHAVER, Kingston.

Last Notice. All persons indebted to the subscribers are requested to make payment to Garrick MALLERY, and save costs, as no longer indulgence can be given. Jacob & Joseph SINTON, Wilkesbarre.

5 April 1822

This newspaper now published by MAFFET & WRIGHT, West Corner of the Public-Square, Wilkesbarre.

Married – At Pittston, on Sunday evening last, by Rev. John MILLER, David JENKINS to Mary HALLOCK.

Section cut from page 3.

Doylestown Correspondent. In the Borough of Wilkesbarre, county of Luzerne, they have a handsome and commodious Presbyterian Church. The second story of the Court-House is conveniently fitted up for the purpose, and is occupied as a place of worship by the Methodist Society. Clergymen of the Baptist Society, occasionally reach in the Court-room. Yet, with all these accommodations, the people of the Borough, with a spirit very honorable ot themselves, are preparing to erect an Episcopal Church.

The Indian Chief, Cornplanter, has addressed a letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania, complaining that the whites had broken the treaty of Stanwix, by destroying all the wolves, by stealing his melons and vines, by destroying the pine trees, and by bringing amount the Indians, great quantities of whiskey, by which his people became drunken. He protests also against the people of Warren County compelling him to pay taxes for the land; and expresses his wish that a commissioner may be sent to the Allegheny, to enquire into his situation and to instruct the white people, how they should conduct themselves towards the Indians. It is impossible not to feel a sympathy for these sons of the forest: and as the race is fast passing away, humanity calls for something to be done to ameliorate their condition.

On the 11th ult., Mr. HERRINGTON of the Senate, reported a bill for the relief of Cornplanter.

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office At Kingston, April 1st:
Phineas N. FOSTER
Fisher GAY
William C. JOHNSON
Margaret ORR
Thomas PACE
William ROYAL
Bergaman REAHL
Dr. John SMITH
Silas WEED

Stockholders of the Wilkesbarre Bridge are to meet at the Court-House on Monday the 6th May next for an election. Peleg TRACY, Sec’y.

Brigade Orders. The enrolled Militia and Volunteers, within the bounds of the Second Brigade, Eighth Division, Pennsylvania Militia, are directed to parade for training as follows:
Company Trainings will be on the first Tuesday.
Second Reg., commanded by Col. John SNYDER, on 14th
Sugar Loaf Rifle Company, commanded by Capt. DRUMHELLER, same day as above at or near
same place.
First Batt. 115th Reg., commanded by Col. JENKINS, on the 15th and Second Batt. on the 16th.
First Batt. 116th Reg., commanded by Col. GREEN, on the 17th and Second Batt. on the 18th.
First Batt., 76th Reg., on the 21st and Second Batt. on the 22nd.
70th Reg., commanded by Col. BRUSH will parade on the 23rd.
Bethany Volunteer Light Infantry Co., commanded by Capt. James MANNING, same day and
near same place as the 70th.
Volunteer Batt., commanded by Major John L. BUTLER, on 4th July, in Wilkesbarre.
Samuel THOMAS, Inspector, 2nd Brigade, 8th Div., Pennsylvania Militia

Orphans’ Court Sale By Adjournment.. The sale of the one third part of the Factory in Kingston, and lot of land attached as the property of Geo. H. ROYAL, dec’d, is postponed until the 22nd inst. The remaining two thirds of the above mentioned property, owned by the Administrators, will be offered for sale at the same time. Wm. ROYAL & Reuben HOLGATE.

Elizabeth KENDALL, has returned from Philadelphia with a supply of Bonnets, Parasols, Ribbons and Fancy Goods, also a fresh supply of Tea. Wilkesbarre.

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, April 1st:
Stephen ABBOTT
Gilbert BARNES
Thomas BROWN
Celertia CAREY
Richard DILLY
William DILLY
Thomas ELY
Simeon EVANS
William FISHER
Sarah FELL
Cornelius GARRISON
Lyman HINE
Frederick HERTZ
Francis HORE
Edward INMAN
Reuben JONES
Samuel JONES
Frederick KLINE
Elizabeth LAFFERTY
Daniel LERCH
Chester LOWTON
Robert MINER
James NESBIT, Jr.
Hezekiah PARSONS
William S. H. RODGERS
Barnet ULP
Phineas WALLER
Jacob CIST, P. M.

John BOON, a lad of 17, when he left the place of his nativity, Lower Oxford, Chester County, Pa., in 1816. He had been some time at the Carpenter trade. He has not since been heard of by his relatives, who are extremely anxious to obtain some account of him. Address correspondence to Levi M’CORMICK, near Cochranville, Chester Co., Pa.

12 April 1822

Section cut from page 1.

List of Titles of Acts passed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania in 1821-1822, including:
For the relief of Daniel M’NEAL, old soldier
Authorizing Magdalen, widow of John EWING, deceased, to mortgage his real estate.
Authorizing Isaac LEEDOM, guardian of Harriet WINNINGS, to sell and convey certain real estate.
Relief of Molly M’KOLLY, for her services during the revolutionary war.
Authorizing additional constable in Mount Pleasant Township, Wayne County.
Relief of William HARBREON and Peter KIDD, old soldiers of the revolutionary war.
Relief of the estate of William BINGHAM, deceased.
To annul the marriage of John R. LIVINGSTON and Eliza, his wife.
To enable Robert M. WAUGH, administrator of William BROWN, deceased, to sell and convey certain real estate.
Relief of heirs or legal representatives of John DUNN, a soldier of the revolutionary war.

Wilkesbarre Academy

A shocking murder in Lancaster County on the 1st, a quarrel had existed for some time between J. LECHLER and B. HAAG. Between 12 and 1 o’clock, a noise in the house of Mr. HAAG caused him and his wife to rise, when two pistol balls pierced the door, and killed Mrs. HAAG instantly; two other balls passed through the door. The wife of LECHLER was found in the upper story of his house, and appeared to have been strangled or hanged. As LECHLER absconded early that morning, he is supposed to be the perpetrator. $400 is offered for the apprehension of LECHLER. He is suppose to be about 37 years of age, of middle stature, about 5 feet 8 inches high, dark hair, a scar on one cheek bone (supposed to be the left) below one eye; has also had one jaw bone broken, which has twisted his mouth, talks very rapidly, so much so that he often appears confused and repeats his words. Lancaster Intelligencer of Saturday last.

Loudoun County, Virginia, a man named Jacob ROOSE, was while in the state of intoxication, abusing his wife. His son, aged about 18, interfered, when the infuriated father, seized a hammer, and by one blow on the head, terminated the existence of the youth!

Died – On the 7th inst., Mrs. Frances, wife of Eleazer CAREY, of this Borough, in the 32nd year of her age. She sustained a lingering illness of several months with the most exemplary patience. The following lines she repeated near the closing scene:
“Jesus can make a dying bed, Feel soft as downy pillows are,
While on his breast I lean my head, And breathe my life out sweetly there.”

Died – In Nescopeck Town, Luzerne County, on the 9th of March, Jane, only daughter of Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Esq., aged two years and three months.

Married – At Northmoreland, on Sunday evening last, by Orange FULLER, Esq., Henry H. BROWN to Miss Frances BRUYN, all of that place.

Daniel WHITE, Wheelright, has removed to the dwelling house and Shop formerly occupied by Peter YARINGTON, in the South part of the Borough, at the termination of Franklin Street, where he continues to carry on the above business, and is ready to execute all orders in his line.

19 April 1822

List of Titles of Acts passed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania in 1821-1822, including:
Granting John KOONS, for tract of land certified to Connecticut claimants in the seventeen township of the county of Luzerne.
Relief of soldiers of the Revolutionary war: Frederick BIRD, Frederick WENDT and John M’CLEAN
Confer on John KENWORTHY & Mary KENWORTH the rights and privileges of children born in lawful wedlock.
Relief of Sidney PENDERGRASS, Deborah M’COY and Margaret CAPPLE.
To incorporate the trustees of the proprietors of Kingston, Luzerne County.
For Administrators of estate of James LINDSEY, dec’d, to convey certain lots of land.
Relief for Mary, widow of Peter GUYER, a soldier of the revolutionary war.
To establish a ferry on the West Branch of the Susquehanna River, adjoining the borough of Williamsport, Lycoming County and vesting the right thereof in Charles LOW.
Authorizing Isaac and George STOUT, executors of Isaac STOUT, dec’d, to sell and convey real estate.
Relief of Elizabeth WILLIAMS
Relief of Samuel KELLY, an old soldier.
Relief of Catharine PINKERTON, widow of an old soldier.
To incorporate the president and managers and company of the Luzerne and Wayne County Turnpike Road.
Relief of Hartman LEITKESER, an ensign in the revolutionary war.
Relative to the real estate of William HENDERSON, late of Montgomery County, dec’d and Jacob RAMSEY
Authorizing Jane, wife of Andrew HUTCHINSON, who is non compos mentis, to join in making partition of the real estate of Nathaniel BUTTAIN, dec’d.
Incorporate a company for erecting a bridge over the river Tioga, at the village of Athens or Tioga Point.
Annul the marriage of Elem SICKMAN and Mary his wife.
Annul the marriage of Christian JOSENHAUS and Eve Dorthy, his wife.
Relief of Cornplanter, a chief of the Seneca tribe of Indians.
Relief of John LAUER and Andrew SMITH.
Relief of Wm. JOHNSTON, an old soldier
Relief of Christian GLEIM.

Cautionary Notice. Whereas the subscriber, on the first day of April, inst., gave Elijah AYRES, a Due Bill for Forty Dollars. Said Due Bill being obtained by fraud, I hereby give notice that I will not pay it unless compelled by law. Thomas MANN, Northmoreland.

List of Letters In the Post Office at Pittston, April 1st:
Theophilus BROOKS
Newman BROWN
George PRICE

John LAMOREUX, of Plymouth Township, dressed in one day, ninety-six pounds of flax and Absalom CASE, of the same township, dressed in one day, one hundred and two pounds.

Married – At Alexandria, D. C., on the 27th February last, George GORDON, formerly of this Borough, to Mrs. CHARD, of the former place.

Married – In Pittston, on the 21st February last, by Rev. KENDALL, Joseph HUTCHINS, to Miss Susanna MACARTNEY.

Married – In Providence, by Deodat SMITH, Esq., John COLEMAN to Miss Christiana FELTS.

Married – At Selisgrove on the 28th of March, by Rev. J. P. SHINDLE, George A. SNYDER, Esq., to Miss Ann Ellen, eldest daughter of the late Stephen DUNCAN, deceased.

Died – At Tobehanna, on Tuesday last, after an illness of about a week, Samuel DELAMARTRE, aged 27 years.

26 April 1822

Six Cents Reward. Absconded from the service of the subscriber, living in Pittston Township, on then light of the 14th inst., an apprentice to the tanning business, Henry GARDNER, about 20 years of age, light complexion, and about five feet, six inches high. Charles DRAKE, Pittston.

Caution. My wife, Elizabeth, having left my bed and board, and being in the habit of enticing my son, George, from my service, and keeping him from home, much against my will, and to his damage. I do hereby caution the public against harboring my said son, and of trusting or harboring the said (long fingered) Elizabeth, on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting, hereafter. Peter ANDERSON. April 26th.

We congratulate our friends on the prospect obtaining a supply of fresh Shad. About 60 were caught here on Wednesday, and yesterday upwards of three hundred. We lean that at Berwick they are caught in abundance.

LECHLER, whom we lately mentioned with the commission of murder in Lancaster, has been apprehended and committed to the prison of that place. He was at the residence of his sister in Cambria County.

The land belonging to the Holland Company, consisting of about a million and a half of acres, lying in the western part of the state of New York, is said to have been purchased by a company in Albany.

List of Resolutions passed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania in 1821-1822, including:
To the removal of the state library.

Died – On the 4th inst. at Bethlehem, in the 90th year of his age, Francis THOMAS, known in every part of the United States under the appellation of Daddy THOMAS.

Died – On Thursday, the 11th inst., in the borough of Easton, after a lingering illness, Capt. Alexander PATTERSON, aged 79 years; formerly an officer in the Revolutionary War.

Died – At Harrisburg, on the 19th inst., Capt. John M’CHESNEY. He was stationed for some time at this Borough during the late war.

Died – Lately, at his quarters in Cambridge, Mass., Brevet. Brig. Gen. Moses PORTER, Col. of the 1st Reg. U. S. Artillery, aged a67 years. He had been a soldier of the Revolution.

Regimental Orders of the 115th Reg., Pennsylvania Militia:
1st Batt. will meet at the house of Naphtali HURLBUT, Kingston on the 14th May
2nd Batt. will meet on the Public Green, near MORGAN’S Hotel, Wilkesbarre, on the 15th
Harris JENKINS. Col., Kingston

Regimental Orders of the 116th Reg., Pennsylvania Militia:
1st Batt. will meet at the house of Russel CAHOON, in Abington on the 17th
2nd Batt. will meet at the house of David OSTERHOUT, in Tunkhannock on the 18th.
Henry GREEN, Col.

Enrolled Inhabitants of the Borough and Township of Wilkesbarre, will assemble o the 7th of may, on the Common, opposite MORGAN’S Tavern. Jacob J. DENNIS, Captain.

To Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in June next, for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Conrad TEETOR, David MARPLE and William MILLER, jr.

3 May 1822

Andrew RAUB, of Kingston, killed a hog, not quite three years old, which weighed when dressed, six hundred and seventeen pounds.

Military Appointments made by the Field Officers of the Second Regt., P. M.
Surgeon: A. B. WILSON
First Mate: Tabor BEEBE
Second Mate: Horace GRISWOLD
Adjutant: Henry BOWMAN
Quarter Master: Eleazer BROTHWELL
Serg. Major: John FREES
Quarter Master’s Serg.: Andrew CORTRIGHT
Drum Major: Andrew DECKER
Fife Major: Conrad LINE

Distressing Casualty. On the morning of the 17th April, between 11 and 12 o’clock, a hemlock tree was fractured by a violent gust of wind, and the top, which was broken off, in its descent fell upon the house of Morris ZUBER, of Delmar Township, Tioga County, Penn. It broke through the roof and upper floor, and killed Mr. ZUBER, his wife and a grandson. The sculls of the two latter were fractured and they expired instantaneously, but Mr. Z. lingered about 12 hours vomiting blood. His daughter (wife of Morris MILLER) exhibited great presence of mind, in helping him from under the timber which was heaped upon him, in extinguishing the flames which had been kindled by the fuel falling from above into the fire, in returning to the assistance of her father, helping him to bed, and then proceeding through the woods to a neighbor’s for assistance. The family have been four years and a half from Germany, and Mr. Z. has left one son and three daughters, two of whom are married, to lament this awful dispensation. Lycoming Gazette

Married – At Salem, on Thursday, the 25th ult., by the Rev. HENDERSON, Dr. Ashbel B. WILSON to Miss Minerva, daughter of Alexander JAMESON, Esq.

The Second Battalion of the 116th Regt. will assemble at the house of Jesse LEE, in Eaton, instead of David OSTERHOUT’S, as published in Regimental Orders of the 16th ult., and will take place on the 16th and 17th, not the 17th and 18th as published in the Democrat.

The Wyoming Guards will parade on the 15th inst., at the house of N. HURLBUT, Kingston, dressed in their summer uniform for Company Drill. Persons wishing to become Members of said Company, are requested to attend in the white uniform, at the same time and place. James WARNER, O. S.

10 May 1822

Small Pox has broken out at York, Penn. Raft men, take care.

Bridge- Company Election. At an election held at the court house on Monday last, the following persons were elected officers of the Wlkesbarre Bridge Company for the ensuing year:
President: James BARNES
Managers: George M. HOLLENBACK, Elijah SHOEMAKER, Samuel THOMAS, Joseph SINTON, Joseph TUTTLE, William SWETLAND
Treasurer: Elias HOYT

Married – In Maritime Co., N. C., in December last, Rev. Edward BIRD, aged 83 and weighing 100 pounds, to Miss Eliza CHERRY, aged 75, and weighing 200 pounds.

Died – At Windsor, Broome County, N. Y., on the 18th April, Mrs. Elizabeth WALLER, in her 69th year, wife of Nathan WALLER, formerly of Wilkesbarre.

Died – At Braddock’s Field (the seat of George WALLACE) on the 10th ult., Gen. John GIBSON, an active and courageous soldier of the war which “tried men’s souls,” in the 82nd year of his age.

Died – At Philadelphia, on the 5th inst., after a lingering and severe illness, in the 68th year of his age, Commodore Thomas TRUXTON, late of the United States Navy.

Died – In New York, Gen. Aquila GILES, an officer in the revolutionary war.

Died At Coventry, Conn, Hon. Jesse ROOT, aged 85, formerly Chief Justice of that state. He, with Dr. JOHNSON and Col. DYER, were the agents of Connecticut, on the arbitration held in Trenton, many years ago, relative to the Wyoming dispute with Pennsylvania. Dr. JOHNSON died about a year ago, near 90, and Col. DYER a number of years since. Col. ROOT graduated at Princeton in 1756.

Huron, Ohio – Common Pleas of March Term, 1822. Isaac & Samuel GRUVER vs John CARKHUFF. In Chancery. The said Isaac and Samuel, having heretofore exhibited their Bill for the foreclosure of said John’s right in Equity to redeem certain Tenements, heretofore mortgaged by said John to said Isaac, which Bill is filed, and it appearing to this Court that said John is not a resident of this State, on motion of Mr. LANE, Solicitor for the Complainants, it is ordered, that a notice of this suit be given in some paper published in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, for nine consecutive weeks. Notice is therefore given to said John, that unless he enters his appearance in this suit at the next term of Court, and file his plea, demarrer or answer, within sixty days thereafter, that said bill will be taken as confessed to be true, and such deeree entered therein as Equity may require. D. GIBBS, Clerk pro tem.

To Let, Upon an Improving Lease, From 5 to 10 years. A small farm in Abington Township, with a small Frame House thereon, and about 20 acres of improved land. For further particulars apply to Doct. Wm. H. NICHOLLS; near the premises, or to the subscriber in Wilkesbarre. James A. GORDON.

The Junior Volunteer will parade on the 16th at 10 o’clock A.M. on the Public Green, near the Bridge, in complete uniform. Persons desirous of becoming members of this Company, will please to apply at the above time and place. Z. MOOR, O. S.

17 May 1822

On the 30th, William GROSS was convicted of the murder of Keziah STOW, before the court of Oyer and Terminer, in Philadelphia.

Court Martial. The trial of Capt. SHAW, at Boston, is that he is sentenced to be suspended from his command for the space of 6 months, which sentence the President of the U. S. has approved.

The bones, of about 3000 of our countrymen who were slain by the savages in the battle of Minisink, have been collected by the citizens of Goshen, and are to be solemnly interred in that village on the 22nd July, the anniversary of the battle. Subscriptions are on foot to erect a monument to the memory of these brave patriots.

Coal Trade – We expect to see the arrival of 200 tons of Wyoming Coal from Plymouth, Luzerne County, via Baltimore, announced in the Philadelphia papers in the course of few days.

Wm. Cox ELLIS, has been admitted to practice as an Attorney in the several courts of Lycoming County.

New Militia Law Fees

Married – At Providence – Harry TAYLOR to Miss Ann ATHERTON. (no date)

Married – At Pittston, Casper ENGLAR to Miss Hannah SCOTT. (no date)

20 Dollars Reward. Ranaway from the subscriber, Saturday 20th April, a negro man named Sam, aged about 28 or 29 years, about five feet four or five inches high, yellow complexion, has a small scar on his left thumb occasioned by the cut of a scythe. The plays tolerably well on the fife. The above reward will be paid to any person who will return the slave to the subscriber in Walpack Township, Sussex Co., N. J. or secure him in any jail in the United States, and give information to Daniel SHOEMAKER.

Ten Dollars Reward. Escaped from the subscriber on the 4th May inst., while under arrest by a State-Warrant, George CROOP. whoever will apprehend said CROOP, and bring him before Jacob RAMBACH, Esq., so that he may be dealt with according to law, shall receive a reward of ten dollars. William THORNTON, Deputed to execute said Warrant.

Military Notices. Court of Appeal for the 115th Regim’t of P. M. will be held on Monday the third day of June next as follows:
First Battalion, at the house of Naphtali HURLBUT, by Capt. Henry BREES, Lieuts. John PIERCE and John W. LITTLE
Second Battalion, at the house of Archippus PARRISH in Wilkesbarre, by Captains Jacob J. DENNIS, John KIDNEY and Timothy BARNES.
Harris JENKINS, Col., Kingston.
For the 116th Regt. P. M. will be held on Monday 3rd of June next:
First Battalion, at the house of Russell CAHOON, by Captains Joseph CAMP and Mathew JACKSON, and Lieut. Joseph STANTON.
Second Battalion, at the house of Jesse LEE, in Eaton, by Captains David OSTERHOUT, George HARDING and Josiah ROGERS.
Henry GREEN, Col., Abington.

Four Cents Reward. Eloped on the 30th ult, an intended apprentice to the Printing business, John REA, aged about 20 years, about five feet two or three inches high. All persons are hereby cautioned against harboring said boy at their peril. The above reward and reasonable charges will be paid, for apprehending said runaway and confining him in any jail in Pennsylvania, so that I may get him again. Henry FRICK, Office of the Miltonian.

Information Wanted. If John BRIXEY, a native of, and who left Lymington, in Hampshire, England, about thirty years since, and is now (if living) about 51 or 52 years of age and residing in some part of the Union, will address a letter to J. H. M., Post Office, Philadelphia, he will hear of something to his advantage. Information concerning him will be thankfully received.

To Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in June next, for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Daniel P. MILLS.

24 May 1822

Error Corrected. An error has occurred in Col. JENKINS’ notice of the Court of appeal for this Battalion. Capt. MOYER, of Hanover, was appointed on the court, and not Capt.. KIDNEY as published in the advertisement.

The delegates from the different Horse Companies in the counties of Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks and Philadelphia, composing “The United Companies for the detection of Horse Thieves, and the recovery of stolen property,” held their annual meeting in Philadelphia, May 14th. Evan JONES, of Montgomery was elected president and John W. IRWIN, of Chester, secretary.

Married – At Kingston, on Sunday the 5th inst., Abiel ABBOTT to Miss Sibyl WHEELER.

Died – General STARK. This gallant veteran departed this life at his residence in Manchester, on the bank of the Merrimack, New Hampshire, on the 8th inst., aged 93 years, 8 months and 24 days. His last illness appears to have been short, but very distressing. Fourteen days previous to his death, he sustained, as was supposed, a paralytic shock, which discovered itself in choking, and mobility to swallow while eating, after this he ate no more, and during his remaining time, he was speechless, although it was apparent to his watchful friends and relations who stood around him that he remained his senses to the last. Until this attack, he had ever been able to walk about the house, and in pleasant weather out of doors.

Wool-Carding. HOLGATE & HICKS, Kingston.

31 May 1822

Accident. On the 21st May inst., George DRUM, Esq., of Sugarloaf, in this county, had his leg shattered by the accidental discharge of a gun, loaded with a bullet and a number of buckshot. The shot struck the leg just above the ancle, and shattered it for about six inches. The advanced age of Mr. DRUM & the seriousness of the injury received, render his recovery doubtful. The gun was in the hands of Mr. DRUM’S son, a lad about 15 years of age, who was passing the door of the room to which his father was sitting , when the door was blown by the wind against the lock with such force and in such a manner as to cause the gun to go off. Many serious accidents have lately occurred in different parts of the country, and afforded melancholy warnings against the careless use of fire arms.

Coopering – The subscriber informs the public that he carries on the Coopering Business at his shop in Wilkesbarre. Two good Journeymen Coopers can have constant employment and good wages by applying to the above. A lad about 17 or 18 years of age, of good morals and industrious habits, is also wanted as an apprentice to the Coopering Business. Abraham PARRISH.

Rifle Rangers. A meeting of the members of this Company will be held at the house of John FREDERICK, in Hanover, on Saturday, the 16th June next. A punctual attendance is requested, as business of importance will be laid before the Company preparatory to its organization. Those who wish to become members are also invited to attend.

7 June 1822

A Handsome Place and Good Stand For making Money for Sale, in the borough of Wilkesbarre, consisting of a lot containing one acre, dwelling house, store, store house, barn, also an assortment of Goods and Merchandise of various kinds. D. GERMAINE, Wilkesbarre.

Died – At Towanda on the 25th ult, Sarah, daughter of Charles and Ellen WELLES, aged about 6 years.

Died – On Monday, the 20th ult, Mrs. SEWARD of Huntington Township, Luzerne County, in the 77th year of her age.

Died – Suddenly at Mauch Chunk, o the 27th ult, Mrs. Philip ABBOTT, she has left a husband and six children to lament her unexpected departure.

Died – On the 14th ult., at his headquarters in Cambridge, Brigadier Geneneral Moses PORTER, Colonel of the first regiment of U. S. Artillery, aged 66. He commenced his career as an officer of artillery in the memorable Battle of Bunker Hill, in 1776, was in service during the war of the revolution, all other succeeding Indian wars, the late war with England, in the last of which his service were rewarded with the brevet of Brigadier General.

Luzerne Volunteers. The members of this company will parade on the 4th July next at 9 o’clock A. M. near the Market-house, in the borough of Wilkesbarre, armed and equipped agreeably to law. Z. MOOR, O. S.

Estate of Simeon CULVER, late of Union Township, request payments and demands. Permelia CULVER, William MUCHLER, Administrators.

14 June 1822

Died – Joseph L. HEPBURN, Esq., Attorney at Law, lately of Wilkesbarre, has been killed in a duel at the Southward. Particulars in our next.

A few weeks since, a young man, while ploughing a field belonging to Noah WADHAMS, Esq., in Plymouth, Luzerne County, struck up a stone – and from the fact that the same field had been tilled near 40 years, and a like occurrence never experienced before, he had the curiosity to dig up the stone. While attempting to do this, it was found to be part of the enclosure of a cave, which was opened and found to contain a skeleton of what is supposed to have been an Indian. The bones are large, and those of the check and under jaw remarkable prominent. A string of beads were round the neck, and a stone jug placed by the side of the neck, partly filled with oil, which is supposed to be Bear’s Oil. The jug is perfectly sound and bright, and the oil clear. The oldest inhabitants never heard of any Indians or Whites being buried in that neighborhood – and it is their opinion that this burial must have been made 75 or 100 years ago. The Grave was walled round with thin river stone.

Dreadful Shipwreck – The loss of the Liverpool packet ship, Albion, with her Captain and all her passengers save one. With 27 passengers, sailed from New York on the first of April and had arrived within two or three days sail of Liverpool when she was over taken by a tremendous gale (on the 31st) which she weathered through the whole day; and in the evening the captain encouraged his passengers with the hope that the danger had passed them; and that they should be able to reach Liverpool in two days. Another squall struck the vessel and prostrated every mast upon the deck. Just before daybreak the Captain discovered the light-house at Old-head, on the coast of Ireland; but it was not the light of hope! It was a beacon of destruction, which informed him that the tempest which he could not resist, in a few minutes, would furiously dash his labouring ship upon the rocks of the coast, the howling breakers of which, already roared a horrid death knell upon his ears. The Captain had hardly time to communicate the heart chilling intelligence to the passengers, before the ship was shivered upon a rock, and the sea passed over it. The names of the passengers in this vessel were as follows:
Cabin Passengers, Mr. BENYON (a London gentleman); *Mr. N. ROSS, of Troy, near New York; Mr. CONVERSE, his brother-in-law; Major GOUGH, 68th Reg.; Mr. and Mrs. CLARKE, Americans; *Madame GARDENIER and son a boy about 8 years old; Col. PREVOST; *Mr. DWIGHT, of Boston; *Mrs. Mary PYE, N. York; *Miss POWELL, daughter of the Hon. W. Dummer POWELL, Chief Justice of Upper Canada; *Rev. HILL, Jamaica, coming home by way of the U. S.; Professor FISHER, New Haven, Conn.; Mr. GURNEE, New York; Mr. PROCTOR, New York; Mr. DUPONT, and 5 other Frenchmen.
Steerage Passengers: Mrs. Mary BREWSTER; Mr. HIRST; Mr. MORRISON; Stephen CHASE. The bodies marked * have been picked up and buried.

New Store In the Borough of Wilkesbarre. The subscriber has entered into co-partnership with John DONLEY, of Philadelphia and has opened a store in the borough of Wilkesbarre. Thomas BORBRIDGE, Kingston.

Abraham ZOOK, any person acquainted with the residence of Abraham ZOOK, who formerly resided on the Ridge Road, Rosborough Township, and moved thence, as it is supposed, in Chester County, will do him a service by informing the Editor of the Democratic Press, Philadelphia.

All persons indebted to the subscriber either by Bond, Note, Book account or otherwise are desired to make immediate payment. Cyrus AVERY, Tunkhannock.

21 June 1822

Jonathan TODD, accused of Blasphemy, was sentenced at the late term of Common Pleas for the County of Tioga, N. Y. to be imprisoned in the county jail for the space of thirty days, and to pay a find of 50 dollars.

New and Cheap Goods at M. HOLLENBACK & Co.

Died – At Covington on the 6th inst., Mrs. NAGLE, wife of John NAGLE, and daughter of Ira WINTER, of Newport, aged about 22 years.

Died in Wilkesbarre Township, on Saturday morning last after a long and severe illness, Mrs. Catherine, wife of Solomon DOTTER, in the 64th year of her age.

On Monday last, during the thunder shower the Printing Office of the Wyoming Herald was struck by lightning. A young man named Elijah WORTHINGTON was struck down, but we are happy to state that he was not seriously injured.

The Duel. We last week mentioned that Joseph L. HEPBURN, Esq., Attorney at Law, formerly of Wilkesbarre, had been killed in a Duel at the southward. The Duel was fought on the South Carolina side of Savanna River, about ten miles below August, on Tuesday the 28th of May last. His opponent was a lawyer of Milledgeville, Georgia named Tracker B. HOWARD. Two shots were fired, he second of which took effect, “by striking Mr. HEPBURN on the point of the right hip bone, and glanced around the abdomen, so as to escape on the opposite side.” He was married at Augusta on Thursday the 29th May, and the Examiner states that “a feeling and truly eloquent discourse was pronounced by the Rev. BRANTLEY. The procession was formed at Mrs. BEACH’S, and although the deceased was a stranger, and had passed from time to eternity in a manner every how opposed to public sentiment, his funeral obsequies of the most honorable kind.” His aged mother, sister and brother, and other connexions of the deceased, reside in Wilkesbarre. (large article)

A coroner’s inquest was held before William HINNS, Esq., in Kent County, Md., on the 2nd inst., on the body of a transient person, found drowned in a pond in the Southern District of that county. His name appeared to be Nicholas VEDDER, of New York. The verdict was accidental death.

John FULLMER, of Philadelphia, was killed by lightning on the 2nd inst. while returning home on the Germantown road in a gig.

To the Heirs and legal Representatives of Conrad SHAFFER, late of Wilkesbarre Township, deceased. Take notice that an Inquest will be held at the late dwelling house of the deceased, on the 20th of July next, for the purpose of making partition of the real estate of said deceased, to and among his children and representatives; if the same can be done without prejudice to, or spoiling of the whole; otherwise to value and appraise the same, according to Law – at which time and place you are required to attend if you think proper. Isaac BOWMAN, Sheriff’s Office.

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28 June 1822

Notice. I Caution the public against crediting on my account, Sarah DAVENPORT, who calls herself BICKHAM; as I will not be answerable for debts of her contracting, she having no just reason for taking my name. R. J. BICKHAM.

Accidents – Monday evening last a colored man in this town discharged a gun loaded with two balls at a Dog – but unfortunately one of the balls struck the wrist, the other, the hand of Richard COVERT, who happened to be in direction in which the gun was fired. One of the balls has been extracted and the other yet remains in the hand near the thumb joint.

We learn also that Mrs. M’CARTY, of Nescopeck was lately shot in the arm by the carelessness of some persons who were shooting at a mark. We understand the wound is not dangerous.

List of Causes for Trial at August Term.

5 July 1822

The Mifflin Eagle gives an account of the most formidable hail storm, that passed over Tuscarora Valley, Pennsylvania, that we recollect of have read of – it leveled trees and fences and destroyed the crops, with many young hogs, sheep and cattle. The hail was the size of a hickory nut, and in some places lay a foot deep. Its course was about a mile and a half wide.

Another Accident. We learn that Mrs. TRUMPHOAR, of Lausanne Township, Northampton County, near the Beaver Meadows, was lately shot. Some of her children discovered a rattlesnake in the bushes near the house, but in such a situation that it would not be got at with a stick. Mrs. TRUMPHOAR got a rifle from the house for the purpose of shooting the snake – but by this time it had changed its situation so as to enable her to get at it with a stick – she laid the gun across a log and killed the snake; and in attempting to take up the gun, she caught it by the muzzle and drew it towards here, when the lock was caught either by the log or a bush, and the the ball passed completely through her body. She then sent her two eldest children after her brother, and returned into the house when she took up her infant about eight weeks old, sat down in the cradle and suckled her child. IN about tow hours her brother arrived and found her still sitting in the cradle with the child in her arms, the two of her other children engaged in wiping away the blood from the wounds in her sides. She appeared to be quite sensible, and told her brother that she should die in three hours from that time, and in three years he would die by a similar accident. She did die in three hours – but whether her prediction respecting her brother will be fulfilled or not time only can disclose.

It has been stated in papers that General STARK, was the last surviving General Officer of the Revolution. A correspondent of the Haverhill Gazette states, that within a few months he has received letters from General PUTNAM, in Marietta, Ohio, where he now resides.

American Patriots – The bones of about 300 of our countrymen who were slain by the savages in the battle of Minisink, have been collected by the citizens of Goshen, New-York, and are to be solemnly interred in that village on the 22nd July, the anniversary of the battle. Subscriptions are on foot to erect a monument to the memory of these brave patriots.

The Pennsylvania Intelligencer, is now being published by Simon CAMERON and Charles MOWRY.

12 July 1822

Celebration of the 4th of July. A Company of Citizens met at the house of Archippus PARRISH in Wilkesbarre in the cool of the evening, and amidst a burst of conviviality drank a number of Toasts, interspersed with Songs appropriate to the occasion. No President nor Secretary. Also a celebration at Mr. CONNER’S Mineral Spring, where they drank toasts and Joshua GREEN officiated as President and T. DAVAGE as Vice President.

On Tuesday the 4th ult. David WRAY was tried at Augusta, Geo., on the charge of willful murder, and found guilty. It appeared in evidence that the prisoner had manifested a design to murder his own wife, and went to the house of Mrs. THOMAS, his wife’s mother, for the purpose of executing his bloody purpose, but not succeeding in this, he deliberately shot Mrs. THOMAS through the head, by which her life was instantly terminated. He was to be hung on the first day of July.

Married – At Wilkesbarre on Sunday evening last, by Roswell WELLES, Esq., James TAYLOR to Miss Maria LANE.

Wilkesbarre Academy – The next quarter will commence on Monday the 15th of July.

The Fourth of July. The day was celebrated in Wilkesbarre by several companies of citizens, and also by the Battalion of Wyoming Volunteers, and The Luzerne Volunteers commanded by Capt. GORDON. The day was ushered in by the firing of cannon and the ringing of Bells, passed off without any accident to mar the general festivity.

Division of the County

List of Letters ON Hand – In the Post Office, at Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
William AMES
Allanda ALLEN
Daniel CARY
Harris COLT
Chancy CASE
Nathaniel CRANDELL
Chester DANA
Frederick DETRICK
Benj. ELY
Nancy W. FELL
Robert GREEN
Joshua GREEN
Jonathan GRUB, Jun.
Cornelius HOLGATE
Richard INMAN
Edward INMAN
Robert LEWIS
Daniel LERCH
James M’IDE
Leonard STYER
William SHORTS
Melchior TRANSUE
Abraham TOLLES
Harriet WILSON
Crandel WILCOX
Joseph WOODS
Jacob CIST, P. M.

The Treasurer’s Sales of Unseated Lands in Luzerne County will be held the first Monday in August next. Benjamin BAILEY, Treas’r.

19 July 1822

Page 1 and 2 missing.

Rattlesnakes. A son of William SAX, of Pocono, was bitten on the 2nd inst. and has suffered the greatest agonies, however he is likely to recover, but still fears are entertained that he will lose the use of his leg. A son of Mr. D. CASWELL, of Union township, has been bitten by a Copperhead. The boy has suffered greatly, but he is in a fair way of recovery. The bite of the Copperhead is considered nearly as dangerous as that of the Rattlesnake.

Four children, one boy and three girls, the youngest about seven and the oldest about eleven years of age, of this town, and a girl about fifteen years of age, of Hanover, were lost on Saturday last, while gathering whortleberries on the Penobscot Mountain, about four miles from Wilkesbarre. They were found on Sunday morning by young Richard INMAN, and got home safe before ten o’clock.

Grand Inquest of the County of Bradford, as a public abuse, the late conduct of the officers and agents of the “Susquehanna & Tioga Turnpike Company.”

Mr. KNAPP, of Pittston, Luzerne County, saw a rattle snake in his meadow, and having boots on, stepped one foot on his head, the other on his tail, and then tying a string around his middle, brought the reptile home and put him into an old bee hive – the strangest thing that ever man attempted to domesticate – but the fellow struck so ferociously at all who approached, that very wisely they killed him. Vil. Rec.

Married – At Pittston, by Deodat SMITH, Esq., Elisha ATHERTON to Miss Catharine DILTZ.

“When fascinating beauty smiles, Tho’ deem’d a transient flower;
Vain man, with all his boasted might, Submissive owns its power.”

Died – On Saturday last, in Wilkesbarre, after a severe illness, Mrs. Hannah, wife of William APPLE, and daughter of Isaac HARTZELL, Esq. It is but a few months since we announced the marriage of this young woman – her prospects were then bright, and promised long life and happiness – but now, she is “numbered among the clods of the valley.”

To The Electors of Luzerne County. I respectfully solicit your support for the office of Sheriff of the County of Luzerne, on the second Tuesday of October next. Naphtali HURLBUT.

List of Letters On Hand – In the Post Office, at Kingston, July 1st:
Samuel BREES
Triphena BRUYN
William BARKER
John FOX
Nancy HOYT
Roswell HOLCOM
Joseph F. HULL
Dr. John Wm. LEPPILT
Jonathan O. MOSELEY
Thomas MAJOR
Joseph ORR
Sylvester ORCUTT
Benjamin REALL
Thomas BORBIDGE, Assistant P.M.

26 July 1822

Letters In the Post Office at Pittston, July:
Theophilus BROOKS
George NAFUS
Alexander ROGERS

Died – In this town on Saturday last, an infant of Eleazor CAREY, It is but a few weeks since we announced the death of Mrs. CAREY.

The ferocious and bloody war which for nearly four years, has been waged between the Osage and Cherokee Nations is about to be terminated by the assembling of a Council of Chiefs.

The subscribers inform their friends and the public that they have removed to the Brick Store lately occupied by Mr. CAREY, where they intend keeping on hand a general assortment of seasonable goods. BORBIDGE & DONLEY, Wilkesbarre.

Gould PHINNEY, takes this method to inform those concerned that he has taken an assignment of the Debts, both Book and Note, due John LINES, at the store formerly kept by Eleazer CAREY, and that settlement without delay will save costs.

2 August 1822

The Susquehanna. It gives us much pleasure to state that the Commissioners appointed to superintend the improvement of the bed of this river, have been actively engaged this summer in the arduous duties of their appointment. Mentions obstructions at a placed called Turkey Hill Falls.

At a late session of the U. S. District Court held at Batavia, N.Y., Jones Whitney FARNSWORTH was tried and convicted of forging spurious U. States Patents for military bounty lands – 46 of which were found in his possession, with vignette, seal, &c. used in fabricating them. The sentence of death was pronounced on the prisoner by Judge SKINNER, and his execution directed to take place on the 20th of September next.

On the 12th inst., the house occupied by William PROUT, near Middletown, Con. was consumed by fire, with most of its contents. So rapid were the flames that Mr. PROUT was brunt to death before he could be extricated.

Col. Ethan BALDWIN, of Bradford County, is a Candidate to represent the northern of this Congressional District, in the congress of the United States, at the coming Election.

The Measles are very prevalent in Wilkesbarre and its vicinity – many children are now sick, and some of them considered dangerous. The Dysentery also begins to show its self , and some are apprehensive that we shall have a sickly season.

The beds of Stone-Coal in the Wyoming Valley are numerous – the coal is of the best quality, and appears to be inexhaustible.

The Baltimore American informs us the improvement contemplated at Turnkey Falls has been completed.

Marshal’s Sale to be held at the District Court of the United Sates for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 14th August, for land in the county of Susquehanna (late Luzerne) viz: Twenty acres, at the junction of the Clifford & Wilkesbarre and Coshecton and Great Bend Turnpikes, bounded by Asa PARK, John LAW, heirs of Henry DRINKER. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Return J. MEIGS, Post Master General of the United States of America, against John KENT, Asa DIMMOCK and William TANNER. Elijah SHOEMAKER, Deputy Marshall.

Poor Laws. The 6th section of the act of 9th March 1771, provides that it “shall and may be lawful for the Overseers of the Poor of the several townships of this Commonwealth, by the approbation and consent of two or more Justices of the Peace of the proper county, to put out as apprentices all such poor children whose parents are dead, or shall be by the said Justices found unable to maintain them – male to the age of twenty one, and females to the age of eighteen years. The Overseers of the Poor of the township of Wilkesbarre, in pursuance of the law referred to, wish to procure suitable places for the children of the following families, to wit: Henry MAUCK, Joseph WORDEN, William CAPWELL, Henry SHRIVER. The Children to be bound according to law, as from the present condition and conduct of the parties, it is evident that they can neither support their children, nor bring them up in anyway calculated to make them useful members of society. Any person willing to take one or more of said children will please apply to John CORTRIGHT or Morgan HUGHES, Overseers of the Poor of Wilkesbarre Township.

Wanted Immediately, A good Journeyman Blacksmith, to which will be given good wages and constant employ. Apply to A. O. CHAHOON, Wilkesbarre.

9 August 1822

Sugar Maple and Beech Land For Sale. A few tracts in Asylum Township, Bradford County, on the head waters of Sugar Run. Ralph PETERS.

Samuel DAVISON, of Romulus, Seneca County, N. Y. has invented a Flax Dressing Machine. He has also invented another machine for drawing Boats, & c. up Falls.

Died – In this town, on Friday last, Maryann PORTER, in the 13th year of her age.

Died – On Wednesday, the 7th, Jonathan, an infant son of Jonathan HANCOCK, of this Borough.

Died – In Wilkesbarre Township, on Monday the 5th, Hiram BLACKMAN, aged about 22, son of Maj. Eleazer BLACKMAN.

Died – On Saturday the 3rd, a Stranger, supposed from a letter found about his person to be George COLVALLEE. He was attended to the grave on the following morning by a respectable number of citizens. The letter was so torn that nothing more or less could be made from it then, that it was directed to Col. William STRANAHAN, Butternut Township, Otsego County, N. Y., but appears to have been intended for the deceased. He was deranged during his sickness and repeatedly said that he had two sisters in Philadelphia, one of whom is married to a Cooper by the name of ROBINSON who lives in Water Street.

Died – At Abington on the 21st of July, Miss Abigail, daughter of William WALL, in the 18th year of her age. “who lived respected and died lamented.”

Died – At the same place on the 2nd inst., Jonathan DEAN, Esq., in the 8th year of his age. He hath left lasting impressions of his worth in the minds of his numerous acquaintance and a very respectable circle of relatives to mourn his loss.

For Sale. Brick Store and Frame Dwelling House, thereon erected, late property of Allen JACK, deceased, on Main Street, near public Square, borough of Wilkesbarre. The storehouse is now occupied by Messrs. BORBRIDGE & DONLEY. Also thirteen Shares of the Stock of the Easton & Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company. Apply to the Subscriber at A. PARRISH’S tavern in this borough. William SIMPSON.

16 August 1822

Among the celebrators of the 4th of July at Lebanon, Connecticut, was Col. Jonas CLARK, in his 93rd year, and who commanded a company under the heroic PUTNAM, on Breed’s Hill, in 1776. He wore the hat which William WILLIAMS wore, in 1776, when he signed the Declaration of Independence.

A grave in Kentucky, in which Mrs. SMITH had been interred about 13 years ago, was lately opened, when on raising the coffin, the body was found to be undecayed, and resembling a marble statue. The grave had been for a considerable time under water.

Poor Laws. The name of John WILKESHELMS, was added to the list given in the newspaper dated, 2 August 1822.

A meeting of the Democratic Republicans of the County of Luzerne, was held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on Tuesday evening of August Court week, 6th inst. Benjamin REYNOLDS, Esq., was called to the chair and Elisha S. POTTER, Esq., appointed secretary. The following persons were appointed Committees of Vigilance in the several townships in said County, to wit:
Wilkesbarre – G. M. HOLLENBACK, George W. WILLIAMS, William APPLE
Kingston – William SWETLAND, Asa C. WHITNEY
Plymouth – Jose ROGERS, James NESBIT
Blakeley – William KNAPP, Samuel FERRIS, Jr.
Greenfield – Henry COBB, Micah VAIL
Abington – Henry GREEN, George A. BAILEY
Windham – Jasper FASSET, Chandler ROBINSON
Nicholson – Henry FELTON, Nathan BACON
Tunkhannock – John BUCKINGHAM, Luman FERRY
Dallas – Jacob I. BOGARDUS, William HONEYWELL
Exeter – Alexander M’MILLAN, James JENKINS
Hanover – Nathan CAREY, Charles J. CHRISTAL
Northmoreland – Sherman LOOMIS, Uriah ROGERS
Newport – Jacob RAMBACH, Michael GRUVER
Providence – Isaac HART, John J. DINGS
Huntington – Enos TRESCOT, Robert WILSON
Union – Daniel CASWELL, Lot SEARCH
Sugarloaf – Philip YOST, George DRUM
Salem – Christian STOUT, James SANTEE
Nescopeck – Jonas BUSS, Philip MIXELL
Eaton – Jesse LEE, Daniel LEE
Braintrim – Moses OVERFIELD, Charles KEENY
Covington – Conrad SAX, Charles TWILLEGER
Pittston – Jeremiah BLANCHARD, John P. BABB
Delegates to meet at Bloomsburg – John TURNER, Gould PHINNEY

Republican Meeting held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on Wednesday evening, 14th August, Capt. Hezekiah PARSONS was called to the chair and Capt. John BENEDICT, appointed Secretary.

Married – In Pittston on Thursday the 8th inst., by Peter WINTER, Esq., Samuel GOOD to Miss Elizabeth ERWING.

Died – In Hanover on Monday last, Mrs. Amy, wife of Henry SIVELLY, and daughter of Nathan WADE, in the 31st year of her age, leaving a husband , three small children and a large circle of relatives to lament her death.

Died – Same day in Wilkesbarre, Harriet, daughter of Barnes ULP, aged five years and seven months.

Died – In Kingston, on Sunday last, John, son of William POLAND, aged about 20.

Died – At Pittston, the same day, an infant child of Peter WINTER, Esq.

Died – In Charleston, S. C., on 30th June last, of the yellow fever, James Sidney COXE, Esq., of the United States Navy, son of Tench COXE, Esq., of Philadelphia.

Died – On the 15th inst., at Hamilton Ville, near Philadelphia, Manuel TORRES, minister of the Colombian republic near the United State, in the 58th year of his age.

Died – At Nescopeck, on Friday the 9th August, Capt. Joseph CHAPMAN, aged 74 years. He was a native of New Haven in Connecticut, from which place to the West Indies he was for many years engaged in commerce. Early in the Revolutionary War he accepted a commission in the continental army & engaged in the service of his country – he was taken prisoner in the battle of Long Island, and suffered the horrors of a British Prison Ship at New York. After his exchange, he again entered the army and continued as an officer to the close of the war. He removed his family to Pennsylvania in 1798; and was among the first settlers in that part of the state now composing of the county of Susquehanna.

Refutation. Before me the subscriber personally came Abigal CRANDALL, who being duly sworn doth depose and say that the statements made by James BARNARD, and circulated through the township of Pittston and Wilkesbarre, are absolutely false, excepting her taking a switch about eighteen inches or two feet in length, and striking him three or four times on his back or shoulders, in order to make him rise from his bed in the morning after being called a number of times, and further saith not. Abigal CRANDALL. Sworn 7 August 1822. John MYERS, Just. Peace.
We the undersigners, from our knowledge and acquaintance with the above Deponent do place the utmost confidence in the above Deposition:
Catherine BAILEY
Daniel STARK
Charlotte STARK
Daniel GOULD
Betsey CLARK
Sarah DAYTON (her mark)
Eliza’th DAYTON (her mark)
Cornelia STARK
Newcomb WILCOX
Crandall WILCOX
Elizabeth STARK

To Cider-makers. For sale a quantity of cider barrels, for Cash or Credit until Christmas with good security. A few good sheep will be taken in payment for Cooper’s work generally. Joseph EDWARDS, Abington.

23 August 1822

In the town of Nunda, Allegheny County, on the land of Benjamin EARL, Esq., was found a number of human bones, in the last state of decay….. We may conjecture that they are the remains of brave warriors who fell on the field of glory…. At a little distance from the place where these bones were found, are the remains of an old Fort, situated on the top of a hill, circular in its shape, and inaccessible on every side but one. The passage leading from the plain beneath up to the top of the hill is probably the work of art and is of sufficient width to admit three men to walk abreast. The gateway, walls, and deep fosse, are still visible. R. News Rec.

The citizens of Wilkesbarre, Kingston, Plymouth, Hanover and the adjoining Townships favorable to the opening of a Road from Wilkesbarre to Mauch Chunk are requested to meet at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, on Monday the 26th August.

A Stray Mare came to the enclosure of the subscriber on the 16th inst. Samuel ALBRO, Northmoreland.

Died – In this town on Thursday the 8th inst., a child of Barnet ULP, being the second death in his family within a few weeks p of the prevailing sickness.

30 August 1822

Died – In this township, on Tuesday the 27th inst., Sarah WINTERS, at an advanced age.

Died – Thursday, the 22nd inst., at Pittston, Bathsheba, daughter of Mr. GREEN, aged 6 years. Her death was occasioned by the bite of a Rattle-Snake in the wrist, only twelve hours previous.

At a public meeting held on 26th August, favorable for a road from Wilkesbarre to Mauch Chunk, Capt. Benjamin CAREY was called to the chair and David RICHARDS, appointed secretary. Committee to view the round for road: Fisher GAY, of Kingston; John TURNER, of Plymouth;
Nathan CAREY and Isreal INMAN of Hanover; David RICHARDS and Phineas WALLER of Wilkesbarre.
Committees to solicit subscriptions for opening said road: Samuel PRINGLE and Joseph
WRIGHT, of Plymouth; George LAZARUS and Benjamin CAREY, of Hanover; William RICHARDS and Samuel MAFFET, of Wilkesbarre and John BENNET and John PERKINS, of Kingston.

General Election will be held on Tuesday the 8th of October next.

The subscriber with the utmost solicitation requests all persons having accounts with him during his residence in Braintrim that they will call upon him and adjust the same. Isaac OSTERHOUT.

To Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed Saturday the 28th September next for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre:
William DENNIS
Charles C. CURTIS

The Independent Rangers are requested to meet at the house of John FREDERICK, in Hanover, on Saturday, 7th September next, at one o’clock, P. M.

Members of the Aldiboron Tiphoscophornton Club will meet on the 7th September. E. L. PAINE, Se’cy.

The co-partnership of Seth WILSON and Reuben JONES, Jr., Wilkesbarre, is dissolved. The Tailoring Business will be continued at the old stand by Seth WILSON.

6 September 1822

Married – At his residence in Baltimore County, on Wednesday evening, July 31st, Joseph JAMES to Miss Juliet YEARLY, and on Sunday night following said JAMES died. Now the singularity of the case does not consist so much in Mr. JAMES’ sudden death as in the fact of his leaving a widow no more than thirteen years old.

Married – In this town on the 24th ult, by Rev. SITGRIEVES, Asa L. FOSTER, merchant of Bloomsburg, Col. Co. to Miss Louisa T. CHAPMAN.

Valuable Property For Sale. A farm two miles from the borough of Wilkesbarre, dwelling house, large bran, out houses and large orchard; 800 acres of land, well timbered, within four miles of said farm; house & lot that the subscriber lives in, long occupied as a public house, with about one acre of land, barns stabling and other out-houses; one lot containing four acres with a small log house; one lot containing two acres with a small house, stable, excellent well of water, good orchard. Jonathan HANCOCK, Wlkesbarre.

Cautionary Notice. The Commissioners of Luzerne County feel it their duty to inform the Public that they have lately discovered several checks or County Orders which have been altered to larger sums than they originally issued for and in order to prevent imposition, they caution the public to be on their guard against these kind of forgeries. They are also requested to ask information of the public generally, respecting an order dated the 1st day of March 1820, No. 351, in favour of Cyrus AVERY, Esq., for two dollars – or one of the same date and number for twenty dollars – One dated the 7th of April 1821 No. 530, in favor of Samuel MAFFET, for one dollar and five cents, or one of the same date and number for nine dollars and five cents – and one order dated the 1st day of November 1820 Nov. 944 in favor of Daniel COLLINGS for one dollar, or one of the same date and number for four dollars – any person having had either of these above described orders are requested to give information, if possible, from whom they received them, and to whom they passed them, to Cyrus AVERY, Esq., at Tunkhannock, Samuel MAFFET or Daniel COLLINGS, at Wilkesbarre – to either of the Commissioners – or to Judge FELL at the Commissioner’s office. Joel ROGERS, Samuel YOST, Hezekiah PARSONS, Commissioners.

13 September 1822

Answer To the Deposition of Abigal CRANDALL. [See article Aug. 16]
Before me personally came William TOMPKINS, Elizabeth WINTER and Hannah TOMPKINS, who being duly sworn, doth despose and say that they saw James BARNARD on Thursday the first day of August, and that he stated that Abigal CRANDALL had whipped or bruized him bad. First came Wm. TOMPKINS says that the boy came to his house about half past five o’clock in the morning, and examined the boy, and found him most scandalously whipped. Hannah TOMPKINS says the same as William TOMPKINS as to the boy’s being whipped; he thinks the boy must have come about two miles. Elizabeth WINTERS says she saw the boy the same day spoken of and saw his back, and found it badly whipped, they all agree that there was as many as twenty strokes and further say not. William TOMPKINS, Hannah TOMPKINS, Elizabeth WINTERS. Sworn before Peter WINTER, Just. Peace, 24 August 1822.
We the undersigned, from the knowledge and acquaintance we have had of the above deponents, do place the utmost confidence in their depositions.
Elizabeth GOOD
Eunice BROWN
Powel ATEN
Deborah ATEN
Joseph STOUT
Elizabeth STOUT
George CAREY
Newman BROWN
Elizabeth BROWN
Esther BROWN
Catharine TEDRICK
Margaret HESS
Stephen ABBOTT
Samuel CAREY
Samuel CAREY jun.
Rosannah CAREY
Francis CAREY
William CAREY

Died – In Wilkesbarre Township, on Sunday last, an infant child of, Thomas BROWN.

20 September 1822

Regulations for the Uniform and Equipments for the Militia Officers of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Three Dollars Reward. Stolen from the subscriber about eight weeks since, a middling sized yellow dog. Aaron WRIGHT, Mauch Chunk.

Married – In this Borough on Saturday the 14th inst., by the Rev. STIGREAVES, Charles WHEELER, Esq., of Philadelphia, to Miss Eliza, daughter of the late Samuel BOWMAN, Esq.

Married – In Wilkesbarre Township, on Thursday the 5th inst., by Rev. Joel ROGERS, John SEARLE, of Pittston, to Miss Mary STARK, of the former place.

To the Electors of Luzerne County – I offer myself to you as a candidate for the office of Sheriff. Jonah ROGERS, Plymouth.

4 Dollar Hats for 2 dolls. 50 At The Wyoming Hat Manufactory. WARNER and HOYT.

Democratic Republican Nomination of delegates from Susquehanna County, held 2nd inst., Maj. Joel LAMB was called to the chair and Philo BOSTWICK appointed secretary. The following are recommended to be supported:
Assembly – Jabez HYDE jr.
Commissioner – Hosea TIFFANY
Auditor – Bella JONES
Delegates to Bloomsburg – Bella JONES and Philo BOSTWICK

Delegate Meeting held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on the 14th inst., Joseph WRIGHT called to the chair and A. WILSON chosen Secretary. The following were nominated:
Sheriff: Archippus PARRISH, Naphtali HURLBUT
Assembly: Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Abiel FELLOWS
Coroner: Edward INMAN, Christian STOUT
Commissioner: Steuben BUTLER
Auditor: Elisha HARDING
Delegates to Bloomsburg: Christian STOUT, Alexander JAMESON

Democratic Meeting held at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston on the 14th September, called Daniel COLLINGS to the chair and Isaac HART chosen Secretary. The following were nominated:
Assembly: Andrew BEAUMONT, Jacob DRUMHELLER, Jr., Jabez HYDE, Jr.
Sheriff: Fisher GAY, Jonathan BULKLEY
Coroner: Jonathan WESTOVER, Elisha S. POTTER
Commissioner: Josiah FASSETT
Auditor: James NESBIT
Andrew BEAUMONT, Esq., be appointed a delegate to from the Congressional ticket to supply the vacancy occupied by the indisposition of Gould PHINNEY.

27 September 1822

In 1648 Margaret JONES was indicted for a witch, found guilty and executed. This was the first instance of capital punishment for witchcraft in New-England.

This year 1656, the legislature of Massachusetts, passed sentence of Banishment on all the Quakers, then in the colony. There were twelve in number.

In 1659, Marmaduke STEPHENSON, William ROBINSON and Mary DYER, Quakers, were brought to trial before the general court of Massachusetts and sentenced to death. ROBINSON and STEPHENSON were executed. They received this sentence “for their rebellion, sedition and presumptuous obtruding themselves after banishment, upon pain of death.” Mary DYER was reprieved on condition of her departure from the jurisdiction in 48 hours, and if she returned to suffer the sentence. She returned in 1660 and was executed.

In 1669 the Legislature of Carolina passed a law, entitled, “an act concerning marriage” which declared that “as people might wish to marry, and there being no ministers in order that none might be hindered from so necessary a work, for the preservation of mankind, any two persons carrying before the Governor and Council, a few of their neighbors, and declaring their mutual assent, shall be deemed man and wife.” CHALMERS observes that “during almost 20 years, we can trace nothing of clergymen, in the history or laws of Carolina.”

Married – At Owego, N. Y. on the 28th last, by Rev. H. LOMBART, Wilson JONES, to Miss Sally, daughter of Elijah AYRES, of Exeter. Luzerne County.
The above marriage was brought about by interference of wicked and mischief-making neighbors, and the Rev. gentleman who married them has been in the practice of officiating at what are called run away matches. But such conduct does he not forfeit all claims to the respect due to his calling, and disgrace the Diving Precepts which a minister of the Gospel ought to inculcate – and does he not deserve to be held up to the reprobation of community as a person walling for a paltry fee, to destroy the happiness of families. It is an old maxim “Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Married – At Abington, on Saturday last, by Rev. MILLER, James A. GORDON, Esq., of this borough and Miss Hannah WALL, of Norwich, Chenango, N. Y.

Died – At Jacob’s Plains, in the township of Pittston, the 14th inst., Mrs. Susanna, wife of Sam CAREY, in the 69th year of her age.

Another Removal. Boot and Shoe Manufactory of Joshua GREEN, has removed to his Old Stand on the North side of the Public Square.

Henry YEARICK, Esq., of Union County, Wm. Cox ELLIS, Esq., of Lycoming County and Gen. Henry WELLES, of Bradford County are the independent Democratic candidates for congress. George KREMER, of Union County and Dr. Joseph WOOD, of Lycoming County are on the Democratic Ticket. Charles DIMON, Esq., is the assembly candidate of Susquehanna County.

John SMITH, Esq., ware are told was left off the Democratic Ticket for sheriff in consequence of assertions made by his enemies that he had charged illegal fees while Deputy sheriff. One case being of Garrick MALLERY and Steuben BUTLER, administrators of the Estate of Zebulon BUTLER, deceased, against Charles OTIS and Adam WILSON. Case is listed. [More information is published in the next week’s paper]

4 October 1822

Republican Meeting held at the house of Jesse LEE, in Eaton, on the 27th inst., Jabez CARVER was called to the chair and Benjamin JENKINS, appointed secretary. They support John SMITH for sheriff of Luzerne County.

11 October 1822

The next term of the Wilkesbarre Academy will commence on Monday the 21st October.

Estrays broke into the enclosure of the subscriber some time in September last. Azial DANA, Wilkesbarre.

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office at Tunkhannock, October 1st:
Joseph CAMP
William DRIGGS
Charles FORBES
Charles OTIS
Michael OVEL
Eliphalet STEPHENS
Woodbury WILBER

List of Letters On Hand In the Post Office, at Wilkesbarre, October 1st:
William BUNNY
Cornelius DEWITT
Margaret DENNIS
James FORD
Stephen FOX jun.
William GREY
Elisha GREEN
Myron H. HELME
Philip HOUPT
William JONES
Elizabeth JACKSON
Henry F. LAMB
Parley LYON
Letitia MINER
Christian MILLER
Christian NAGLE
Joseph ORR
Ebenezer POTTER
Esther or Easter PLATT
Zebulon B. SLOCUM
Christian STOUT
Leonard SANTEE
Benjamin STUCKER
Nathan WADE
Joseph WOODS
Ephraim WHITE
Jacob CIST, P. M.

List of Letters On Hand in the Post Office, at Kingston, October 1st:
Robert BAYLE
Truman B. BROWN
Daniel H. COLE
Jeremiah DENEL
David ECK
Fisher GAY
John & William HONEYWELL
Joseph E HAFF
Harried HAIGHT
William MOORE
Elizabeth MULISON
Margaret ORR
Alexander PARR
Nathaniel SCHOOLEY
Thomas BORBIDGE, P. M.

Tanning & Curring Business, Wilkesbarre. Joshua GREEN.

Wanted Immediately, Two or three Smart Boys, about 12 years old as apprentices to the Tobacconist Business. N. R. HENTZ, Wilkesbarre.

One Cent Reward. Ran away from the subscriber on Tuesday the 3rd October, an Apprentice to the Carpenter and Joiners business, named James JOHNSON, about twelve years of age. Benjamin STUCKER, Wilkesbarre.

Military Notice. The members of the Wilkesbarre & Pittston Independent Rifle Blues are commanded to meet at the house of C. T. RICHARDSON, in Pittston on Saturday the 26th October, at nine o’clock, armed and in complete uniform, as the Law directs. John MYERS, Capt., Wilkesbarre.

Blacksmithing. The subscriber informs his friends and the public that he has taken the shop lately occupied by Renslaer WELLS, in the borough of Wilkesbarre. John MILROY.

18 October 1822

Official Statement. Votes polled in Luzerne County:
Congress: Samuel M’KEAN (775); George KREMER (999), Dr. Joseph WOOD (844); William Cox ELLIS (1071); Henry WELLES (1064); Henry YEARICK (890); Ethan BALDWIN (76)
Assembly: Andrew BEAUMONT (965); Jacob DRUMHELLER Jr. (906); Jabez HYDE Jr. (976); Cornelius CORTRIGHT(1034); Abiel FELLOWS 925); Myron KASSON (1033)
Sheriff: Fisher GAY (666); Jonathan BULKLEY (726); Naphtali HURLBUT (701); Archippus PARRISH ( 553); John SMITH (671); Jonah ROGERS (205)
Coroner: Jonathan WESTOVER (9_5); Elisha S. POTTER (872); Christian STOUT (762); Edward INMAN (8_0)
Commissioner: Josiah FASSET (951); Steuben BUTLER (1005)
Auditor: James NESBITT (1032); Elisha HARDING (846)

Murder. James BOYD was found murdered on the 10th of August, within fifteen miles of Vincennes, Illinois. The murderer was afterwards apprehended, and proved to be James M’KINNEY. He was taken to the grave of the deceased, where he made a full confession, and states that he was induced to kill BOYD, to prevent him from turning States’ evidence. It appears they were both counterfeiters, and had a quarrel about the division of the counterfeit money, when M’KINNEY, taking the opportunity of the deceased being asleep, put an end to his existence by shooting through the head with a pistol.

Married – In Plymouth, on Thursday the 26th September, Palmer BRUNSON to Miss Deliverance C. LEWIS, both of this place.

Money Wanted. A gentleman in Newport wants to Borrow two hundred and fifty dollars, to secure payment of which with its interest, good landed security will be given. Any person having money to lend will learn the name of the applicant by applying to the Printer.

Arnold TAYLOR informs the public that he continues to carry on the Saddlery and Harness Making Business in Kingston.

Rifle Rangers. The member of this company are requested to meet at the house of John FREDERICK, in Hanover, on Saturday the 26th inst.

Wilkesbarre and Northumberland Mail Coach, Via Hanover, Newport, Beach Grove, Berwick, Millers-Ville, Espy Towns, Bloomsburg and Danville. Will leave MORGAN’S Hotel, Wilkesbarre, every Saturday morning at ten o’clock, and every Wednesday morning at three o’clock, and will arrive at Northumberland every Sunday afternoon, at 4 o’clock, and every Wednesday, at seven in the same evening. Returning will leave William FORSYTH’S Inn, in Northumberland, every Monday and Thursday morning at nine o’clock, and will arrive at Wilkesbarre every Tuesday and Friday, at noon. The fare through will be four dollars. Way passengers 7 cents per mile – 150 lbs. o baggage equal to a passenger; and all baggage at the risk of the owners. The Owego state will leave Wilkesbarre every Wednesday and Saturday morning at three o’clock. Jesse C. HORTON.

Ten Dollars Reward – Ran away from the subscriber on the 26th August last, an indented apprentice boy to the Wheelwright Business by the name of Larry MILLER, aged 19 years, about middling size and light complexion. William JACKS, Dyberry Township, Wayne County.

Divorce. Nancy WHITEHEAD vs Ichabod WHITEHEAD, subpoena issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of Wayne County. Ichabod is hereby notified and required to personally appear before the Judges at Bethany, on the fourth Monday of November next, then and there to answer to the libel of wife, praying for a divorce, otherwise she will be divorced accordingly.

25 October 1822

The Agricultural Society of Susquehanna County met on the 9th inst. List of premiums awarded.

Married – In Philadelphia, on the 21st ult, by Rev. Solomon SHARP, Francis S. WIGGINS, of Trenton, N. J., and Miss Ann DOUGHERTY, formerly of this town.

Married – At Groton, Conn., A. SMITH, of Aurelius, N.Y. and Miss Lydia JOHNSON, formerly of Wilkesbarre.

Died – On Jacob’s Plains, Wilkesbarre Township, on Saturday last, Mrs. Mary, wife of Elisha BLACKMAN, 2nd.

Died – In Philadelphia, on the 12th inst., John SPAYD, Esq., of Reading, Son-in-law of the present Governor of Pennsylvania.

Died – Philadelphia on the 5th inst., Miss Alice H., in the 30th year of her age, daughter of Daniel KETCHAM of that city, and only sister of Lewis N. KETCHAM, of Wilkesbarre.

Died – Another Revolutionary Patriot Gone. In this village on Friday the 11th inst., Bartlet HINDS, aged 67 years, a veteran of the Revolution. Soon after the revolutionary contest was over, he emigrated to this country and was among the first who braved the hardships and privations incident to the settling of a new country.

At a meeting of a number of Carpenters & Joiners of the Borough of Wilkesbarre and its vicinity, held at the house of George CHAHOON, for the purpose of regulating the prices of their work. Benjamin STUCKER was called to the chair and David THOMPSON was appointed secretary. Next meeting will be held at the house of Archippus PARISH on the 14th November next.

Ten Dollars Reward. Escaped on the 22nd inst., while under arrest of a State Warrant, Charles CRISMAN, aged about 19 years, 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, light complexion, and dark hair. Chester DANA, Constable, Wilkesbarre.

James A. GORDON, Attorney at Law, has opened an office at his residence on Northampton Street near the office of the Wyoming Herald.

Drifted from Forty Fort, last night, a Skiff or Battean, with oars and a chain about twelve feet, supposed to be fastened to a slab. Any person taking up said Skiff will please to inform the subscriber thereof, who will pay the proper reward. Philip JACKSON, Kingston, 24th October.

1 November 1822

Married – On the Plains, on the 13th ult, by John MYERS, Esq., John DAVIS, of Wilkesbarre township, to Miss Mary HILL, late of Montreal.

Married – In Wilkesbarre, on the 15th ult, by the same, John WALKER to Miss Mary BRADER, both of said township.

Died – In this town, on Wednesday the 24th ult, and Infant child of Abraham TOLLES.

Died – On Tuesday morning last, John Calvin, son of James WARNER, aged nine years.

Died – In Salem, Luzerne County, on the 23rd inst., James LOCKHART, aged 96 years and two months. He was formerly from Ireland, but for the last thirty one years has been a resident of this county.

Died – Suddenly at Philadelphia, of the Bilious Cholic, on the evening of the 19th October, Henry DRINKER, Esq., Cashier of the Bank of North America.

Died – At his residence in Earl Townships, Berks County, Ludwig WORMAN, Esq., member of Congress for the district composed of the counties of Berks and Schuylkill.

Susquehanna River. The citizens of Luzerne County are requested to meet at the Court-House in Wilkesbarre, on Monday evening next, at 7 o’clock, for the purpose of consulting upon the most proper measures to be adopted to render the Susquehanna River completely navigable at all seasons of the year. A general attendance is expected.

New Store. Z. DEVENPORT & Co., Wilkesbarre.

New Millinery. Elizabeth KENDALL. The subscriber expects to leave Wilkesbarre in about two months and requests all those who have dealings with her to call and settle, as she does not wish to make cost, but will be under the necessity of doing so unless immediate attention be paid to this call.

8 November 1822

The consecration of St. Stephen’s Church in the borough of Wilkesbarre, will take place on Sunday the 17th inst. Sale of the pews will take place at the church, on Saturday the 16th, at which time the terms of sale will be made known.

Died – In this Borough on Thursday morning, 7th inst., about 8 o’clock, Mrs. Sarah M’COY, in the 77th year of her age. She suffered long, and died in peace with God and the world. She will be buried in the ground of St. Stephen’s Church. Funeral from the residence of her son, at the Bank, this morning at 11 o’clock.

Died – In Dallas on the 2nd August last, John BELL, about 65 years of age. He was from York State where he stated he had three children and was employed in Dallas as a School master. As his place of former residence is not particularly known, it is requested that Printers in York State who exchange with us would give the above an insertion and confer a favour upon the friends of the deceased.

Died – At the same place, last week, Silas MORGAN, from Chenango County, N. Y., employed as the above.

Died – Departed this life on the morning of the 19th ult., Gen. Thomas Humphrey CUSHING, Collector of the district of New London, after labouring under a paralyctic stroke, with which he was seized on the 3rd inst., aged 67 years.

Cash for Hides. Six cents per pound, and twenty-five cents extra for every hide brought over one mile, will be paid by the subscriber at his tan-yard in Kingston. William HANCOCK.

Estrays came to the enclosure of the subscriber some time in September last, three yearling steers. Jacob OSSENCUP, Bear-Creek.

Stray Cattle came to the enclosure of the subscriber about ten days since. Jacob SNYDER, Blakeley.

15 November 1822

At a meeting held at the Court House, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre on the 4th November., Matthias HOLLENBACK, Esq., was called to the chair and Chester BUTLER was appointed Secretary. The object being means to facilitate the clearing of the Susquehanna River. The committee to draft resolutions is to be John N. CONYNGHAM, Samuel MAFFET and Eleazer CAREY. The committees appointed in each township of Luzerne County to procure signatures to Petitions to the Legislature on the subject, viz:
Salem: Joseph JAMESON, Nathan BEACH
Nescopeck: Isaac A. CHAPMAN, John BITTENBENDER
Sugarloaf: Richard ALLEN, Samuel YOST
Huntington: Abiel FELLOWS, Jonathan WESTOVER
Union: Shadrach AUSTIN, George MUCHLER
Newport: Jacob RAMBACH, Charles BLACK
Hanover: Samuel JAMESON, John ESPY
Plymouth: John SMITH, Ziba DAVENPORT
Kingston: Elias HOYT, Harris JENKINS
Wilkesbarre: Myron B. HELME, Chester DANA
Northmoreland: Orange FULLER, Sherman LOOMIS
Exeter: Isaac HARDING, Samuel SUTTON
Eaton: Jabez CARVER, Philip LEE
Tunkhannock: Abel MARCY, Miles AVERY
Windham: Daniel FROST, Josiah FASSETT
Braintrim: Daniel STERLING, Elisha STURDEVANT
Nicholson: Nathan BACON, Caleb ROBERTS
Abington: Wm. H. NICHOLS, Henry GREEN
Greenfield: Reuben TAYLOR, Wescot STONE
Blakely: Elisha S. POTTER, Noah STEVENS
Providence: Ebenezer SLOCUM, John I. DINGS
Pittston: John BENEDICT, John CAREY
Covington: Henry W. DRINKER, A. P. CHILDS
Committee of Correspondence: Ebenezer BOWMAN, Jacob CIST, Chester BUTLER, Samuel MAFFET, Eleazer CAREY, David SCOTT, George DENISON, Daniel STERLING, John SMITH (of Plymouth), Washington LEE, Benjamin SLOCUM, George M. HOLLENBACK and Benjamin DORRANCE.

Died – John THOMPSON, a young man about 13, was instantly killed in New Huntington, Pa., on the 17th inst., by an accident in repairing a cider press, by which also, two other persons were severely injured.

22 November 1822

Stray steer came to the enclosure of the subscriber some time in September last. John KIDNEY, Newport.

An Estray came to the premise of the subscriber about three weeks since, a brindle bull. Frederick CLINE, Newport.

New Store has been opened by Zenus BARNUM and Merritt SLOCUM in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, at the stand lately occupied by Gould PHINNEY.

Old Store. The subscriber informs those concerned that he has an assortment of goods and an old assortment of Judgment Notes and Book Accounts, which individuals assured him at the time of purchase would be ready sale, but finding they are out of date, he now offers them for market at fair price. Those concerned will do well to call in a few days; otherwise, he will put them without exception in the proper officers hands, to have them disposed of at public auction.
My Terms are fair, although they are harsh.
But to tell you the truth I’m in want of Cash;
I’ve trusted this Country a thousand ascore,
If you’ll pay me off now I’ll trust you once more.
If the above notice is neglected, depend upon Cost. Gould PHINNEY, Wilkesbarre.

Married – At Kingston on Thursday, the 14th inst., by Rev WOODBRIDGE, Samuel SUTTON, of Exeter, to Miss Mary Dorrance BUCKINGHAM, late of Colchester, Connecticut.

Dr. Wm. H. NICHOLS requests all persons indebted to him for professional services to settle their respective accounts by the 15th day of December next, and save him the disagreeable necessity of calling upon them in a legal manner. Abington.

Stockholders of the Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company are to meet at the Court House in Easton, Northampton County on the first Monday of January next for elections. Peleg TRACY, Sec’ry.

Stockholders of the Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company are to meet the first Monday of January at the house of Isaac SLOCUM, Tunkhannock for elections. Benjamin PERRY, Sec’ry.

Cash for Hides. Tanning & Currying. Six cents per pound, and twenty-five cents on each hide brought over one mile. Joshua GREEN.

29 November 1822

Micah SCOTT, a revolutionary soldier who enlisted under Capt. William HELMS, in the 2nd Jersey Regiment, in the month of November 1777, at Newtown, Sussex County, and marched in December following and joined the army at Elizabethtown, under General MAXWELL, in Col. SHREVES’S Regiment, wishes to obtain from some of his officers, or brother soldiers such proof of his services, as will entitle him to the bounty of the government, as provided in the late pension law. Any information to be addressed to the editor of the Wyoming Herald, Wilkesbarre.

Information Wanted. John PUTNAM, a revolutionary solider, who belonged to Capt. Jafas DANIEL’S Company, Sixth Massachusetts Regiment, formerly of Great Barrington, now residing in Troy, Bradford County, Pa., wishes, if there are any living who can testify to his services as a soldier of the revolution, that they would address a line to Samuel M’KEAN, Post Master at Burlington, Pa. By so doing a favour will be conferred upon a faithful old soldier, who now stands in need of the assistance of his country.

6 December 1822

Died – In Abington, on the 22nd of Nov. last, Mrs. Mary MILLER, wife of Rev. John MILLER.

Stockholders of the Luzerne and Wayne County Turnpike Company, to meet the first Monday of January next at the house of Henry HEERMANS, Innkeeper in Salem Township, Wayne County, for elections. John MARCY, Sec’ry.

The subscriber wants a quantity of White wood Plan, from 16 to 22 inches in width, for which a generous price will be paid if delivered soon. Lewis N. KETCHAM, Wilkesbarre.

13 December 1822

Died – At the Plains, on Sunday the 1st inst., John CORTRIGHT, aged 50 years.

Died – In this Borough on Tuesday the 3rd inst., Mrs. Eleanor BOWMAN, in the 55th year of her age, widow of the late Capt. Samuel BOWMAN.

20 December 1822

The new road to Lowry-Town and Mauch-Chunk is by this time opened.

To Our Creditors – Take Notice, that the subscribers have applied to the Judges of the court of Common Pleas of Luzerne for the benefit of Insolvent Laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in January next for the purpose of hearing us and our creditors, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. Josiah IVES, Joseph MURPHY, Jacob OSSENCUP, James STEEL

Brigade Orders – The field officers of the following regiments within the Bounds of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Pennsylvania Militia are hereby notified to assemble on the 8th day of January next:
2nd Regiment at the house of John JONES in Berwick, Columbia County
70th Regiment at the house of Nathan KELLOGG, Bethany, Wayne County
76th Regiment at the house of Capt. Benjamin SAYRE, Montrose, Susquehanna County
115th Regiment at the house of Jonathan HANCOCK, Wilkesbarre
116th Regiment at the house of David OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock Township

Members of Lodge 61 are requested to meet at the Lodge-Room, on Friday the 27th inst. to celebrate the anniversary of St. John the Evangelist. Fisher GAY, Hezekiah PARSONS, Theophilus LEARNED, Joseph WRIGHT, Gould PHINNEY.

27 December 1822

Hat Manufactory. Thomas L. BROOKS, Braintrim.

Wolf Hunt. A few days since the citizens of the Plains discovered the tracks of several wolves leading into a swamp between the main road and the river, and immediately rallied for a hunt, to the number of 50 or 60. They formed themselves into two companies under the direction of Capt. BLANCHARD and C. CORTRIGHT, Esq., and surrounded the swamp. Almost at the first onset the company engaged a wolf, and while the animal was fighting one of their dogs Capt. BLANCHARD caught it by the hind legs and cut its ham-strings with his knife. The swamp was thoroughly invaded, and after considerable sport three wolves were caught. It appears the citizens were quite collected and cool, for there was no random shooting to endanger the lives of any concerned. The wolves had previously killed a number of sheep in that neighborhood and it is supposed there are several others prowling about, which it is hoped will eventually share the fate of those above mentioned.

Married – On 24th November, by James W. HILL, Esq., Warren W. GLA–NSEY, to M—ann BREWSTER, daughter of Johan. BREWSTER, Esq., all of Bridgewater.

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