1827 Susquehanna Democrat

The Susquehanna Democrat 1827

Published on Friday Morning, Wilkesbarre, PA
By Sharp D. LEWIS

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Published by James P. BULL, Meansville, Pa., on Thursday
Note – Issues of this paper appear on the microfilm among issues of the Susquehanna Democrat. Only a few items have been abstracted from these papers.
14 June 1827, 21 June 1827, 5 July 1827, 29 July 1827, 2 August 1827

Published by T. A. WELLS, Milford, Pike County, Pennsylvania, on Friday.
Note – Issues of this paper appear on the microfilm among issues of the Susquehanna Democrat. Only a few items have been abstracted from these papers.
1 December 1827 (listed after SD 14 December 1827)

Published by DIMOCK & FULLER, Montrose, Pennsylvania, on Friday.
Note – Issues of this paper appear on the microfilm among issues of the Susquehanna Democrat. Only a few items have been abstracted from these papers.
21 December 1827 (listed after Eagle of the North, 1 December 1827)
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5 January 1827

Information Wanted. Whereas my son, Robert, having for some time past been labouring under derangement of mind and having left his home and bent his course up the river in the direction of Owego, and no information can at present be had from him, feeling a great anxiety to find him, do request any persons where he may chance to call to give him what is necessary for his comfort and send me information by mail to Windham post office, Luzerne county, Pa., who will be generously rewarded for their trouble. He is about 5 feet 3 or 4 inches high, dark hair, rather a down look, he wore away a black sortout coat, blue vest and pantaloons with a black roram hat about half worn. Stephen ARNOLD, Windham, 3rd December 1826.

Eagle Tavern, located in Bloomsburg, lately occupied by L. RUCH, now occupied by Wm. ROBINSON.

Wilkesbarre [Wilkes-Barre] Academy – The 2nd Winter term of this institution, will commence on Monday next.

A young man, Washington MATTHEWS, was murdered by his father in Paint Township, Ohio, on the 15th inst.

Melancholy Accident. On Tuesday morning about 6 o’clock, as the eastern Mail Stage Coach passed through Frankford, the horses took fright and ran as far as the Bridge over Frankford Creek, where one of the wheels striking against one of the stone fenders, the stage was instantly pitched over. The stage driver, Isaac TRUEMAN, a sober and respectable man, was flung to a considerable distance, fell, as is presumed, from appearances, on his head, and was instantly killed. Two passengers, stages drivers also, are said to have been most severely injured. One of them, Louis LEWIS, was speechless when our informant left Frankford, and not expected to recover. The other whose name is WHITE, is terribly wounded. The shock the stage received against the stone fender was so great as to smash it to pieces. The horses, with the fore wheels, ran as far as the turnpike gate, this side of the bridge; the gate being shut, the horses were arrested and taken to their stables. Press

List of Letters Remaining on hand in the Post Office at Pittston, Jan. 1st:
Samuel MOTT
Benjamin SMITH

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Jan. 1st:
Stephen ABBOTT
Rev. Horace AGARD
Jacob ARAY
Richard N. ALLEN
Gilbert BARNES
Jacob CIST, Esq.
Phineas CULVER
Nancy COX
Alfred CLARE
Erastus DEMING
Cornelius DEVAE
Jonathan DILLY
Jonathan FELLOWS
William FOGG
Abraham FRANCE
Joseph FELL or TILL
Parthenia GORDON
Henry HAY
Lathan JONES
Charity JACOBS
Nicholas KESTER
Conrad LINE 2nd
Catharine C. MORGAN
James NESBITT, jr.
Milton P. ORTON
Silas or Asept PRAT
Philip RYMER
Albert SKEER
Frederick SPRY
Rebecca Thomas
Rosewell WELLES
Sylvester WILLIAMS

List of Letters Remaining on hand in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, Jan. 1st:
Isaac HOST
Benjamin FARR
William SMAWLY
Daniel SHAW, Esq.
Catharine JONES
Eliza WOOD
Benjamin A. ROSE
Joseph B. TUTTLE, P. M.

Creditors take notice, That we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Luzerne County, for the benefit of the insolvent laws, and that they have appointed the first Monday in April next, at the Court house in Wilkesbarre to hear us and our Creditors, at which time and place you can attend. Isaac STODDART

Notice. The Public are cautioned against purchasing all or either of the four certain notes given by me to Henry HEPLER. I have receipts and book accounts against HEPLER sufficient to balance all of said notes and I hereby earnestly call upon him to make settlement with me. Christian STOUT, Nescopeck.

Notice. Came to the enclosure of David PEASE, Hanover, sometime last month, two heifers.

12 January 1827

At the last term of Court of common Pleas in Salem County, N. J., Miss Letitia Ann CULIN recovered $500 of Mister Jacob FRIES, for failing to fulfil a promise of marriage. This is all wrong. It is well enough perhaps, to scourge my gentlemen a little, who are so free to make promise of matrimony – but hand me, if I would sue for their non-fulfilment – for surely, no woman of the least delicacy or sensibility would wish to force a man to marry her! New Brunswick Fredonian

Appointment by the Governor. Thomas IRWIN, of Dallas, to be a Justice of the Peace, for Kingston, Dallas and Plymouth townships.

Appointment by the Commissioners. John MYERS, Esq., has been re-appointed Treasurer of Luzerne County.

Revolutionary Worthies. A correspondent of the Norwich Courier states that there are now living in Lisbon, Conn., 4 gentlemen who were officers & conspicuous actors in the war of the revolution. These are Samuel LOVETT, 91; Daniel CUTTER, 85; Josiah PERKINS, 87 and Rev. Dr. Andrew LEE, 81 (a respectable minister of that town) The 3 first witnessed the memorable exploit of Gen. PUTNAM at Horse-Neck – after which they returned to their native town and were appointed commissioned Officers of a company in the order in which their names are here placed and marched to the defence of New London in ‘89, when it was burned by order of the infamous ARNOLD. The latter officiated as chaplain to the regiment which was formed at that time.

Notice. The Committee of Correspondence for Internal Improvement for Luzerne County will meet at the Court House on Monday evening next.

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held 5th March next for land in township of Wilkesbarre, bounded by main road from Wilkesbarre to Solomon’s Gap, road leading from aforesaid road to Eleazer BLACKMAN’S, and James DECKER, containing 30 acres, with a dwelling house, blacksmith’s shop, barn and other out Houses, late estate of Peter YARINGTON, dec’d. Dilton YARINGTON, Adm’r.

Estate of Daniel GRIDLEY, Wilkesbarre, requests payments and demands. Gilbert BARNES, Adm’r.

Notice. Taken up on the Susquehanna River in Dec. last, 23 Stray Geese. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take them away. Thomas VAN BUSKIRK, Lyman UNDERWOOD, Kingston.

19 January 1827

Shooting Match. Fatal Casualty. On Friday the 22nd ult. A number of persons assembled at a shooting match in New Sheshequin, in this county and to add to the noise and confusing of the day, a small iron cannon was brought to the ground surcharged with powder, wadding, turf, &c. A young man named George MYERS, ventured, contrary to the warning of his friends to discharge the piece. His temerity proved fatal to him. The bursting of the cannon tore his legs and part of his body literally to pieces, so that he survived the accident only three hours. The near view of death caused an agony of mind not less acute than that which he suffered in his body. He cried mightily on that God, whom he had hitherto despised & blasphemed to pardon and accept him and he warned and admonished those about him to prepare to meet their God, that their end might not be like his. About two months since, on a similar occasion at Mount Pleasant, Wayne County, a man was shot through the head, and instantly expired; the man who fired the gun was at the time intoxicated. He was immediately confined to jail on suspicion of having which committed the awful deed. (no names given). Independent Rep.

Married – In this Borough on Wednesday evening last, by Rev. Geo. PECK, Anning O. CHAHOON, of Kingston, and Miss Deborah, daughter of Joseph SLOCUM, of this place.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Petition form Jane MILLER, for a continuance of her late husband’s pension to her.

A murder of the most atrocious kind, was committed in Hanover Township, this county, some weeks since. A young woman of the name of GARMAN with her infant, left her residence about ten weeks since and no information having been received form her, apprehensions was entertained for her safety and on Tuesday last, after her bonnet and shawl having been found in a wild and lonely place in the woods, search was made and her body found buried four feet below the surface of the ground, her brains knocked out, and her infant child, with its throat cut, laid in her arms. The murderer has taken the pains to break off a quantity of laurel, and stick it in the ground over the grave; but the shortness of its apparent growth, led to a suspicion that it was not real. Many rumors are afloat on the subject of the murder. Ib.

The semi-annual Meeting of the Susquehanna Baptist Association will commence on Friday the 26th inst. at the 4th district school-house in Plymouth.

Page 3 & 4 wrinkled and torn

26 January 1827

Married – In this borough on Monday evening last, by Rev. PECK, Robert GRANT, of Sunbury to Miss Elizabeth DYER, niece of Thomas DYER, Esq., of this place.

Married – At the same place, last evening by Rev. BIDLACK, Benjamin A. BIDLACK, Esq., to Miss Frances R., daughter of the late James STEWART, of Hanover.

Married – At Easton, on the 11th inst., by George IHRIE, Esq., Lewis HORTON, to Miss Priscilla CRISMAN, both of Wilkesbarre.

Married – In this borough, on Saturday last, by Elder Joel ROGERS, Dennis KELLY to Miss Jemima HODGDON, both of Pittston.

Died – At Winchester, W. Tennessee, on the 25th ult, William, son of the late James CAMPBELL, Esq., of Hanover, aged 28 years.

The Monument. It is to be apprehended that our fellow citizens from an ignorance of each others intentions, may become forgetful upon this subject so interesting to the best feelings of the people of this valley. For information and encouragement of those who had subscriptions to preserver – we can assure them that in the Borough of Wilkesbarre liberal subscriptions have already been made, and more is in store should a corresponding disposition manifest itself in other parts of the country. We are confident of the liberal feelings of a great majority of the people towards this worthy object, and will manifest itself if the persons holding subscription papers do their duty.

Appointments by the Governor:
Luzerne County: Charles D. SHOEMAKER, prothonotary & clerk of the several clerks and Isaac HARTZELL, Register of wills and recorder of deeds
Bradford County: George SCOTT, prothonotary and clerk of the several courts. Alpheus INGHAM, register of wills and recorder of deeds.
Susquehanna County: Asa DIMOCK, Jr., prothonotary and clerk of the several courts, also register of wills. William JESSUP, recorder of deeds.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Petition for certain alterations in the law relative to the erection of fish dams in the Susquehanna.

At a meeting of a number of citizens of Luzerne County, which on notice given by the committee of Internal Improvement for said county, was held on the 15th January and adjourned until the 20th, at which Jesse FELL, Esq., was called to the chair and Ziba BENNETT, appointed Secretary. The object of the meeting being to consult upon the most practicable measures to be pursued for making a complete ascending as well as descending navigation along the valley of the Susquehanna River. Andrew BEAUMONT, Chester BUTLER and Eleazer CAREY to be a committee to make a Report. All resolutions listed.

Saddle, Bridle, Collar & Harness Manufactory of Matthew LYONS, Wilkesbarre.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held Feb. 12th, for land in Newport Township, being Lot #22 in the 3rd division, containing 148 acres, certified to Hamilton GRANT, and late estate of said Hamilton GRANT, dec’d. John H. GRANT, Adm’r.

2 February 1827

Statement of the Receipts and Expenditures of Luzerne County for 1826
Expenditures include:
Bridge at Bowman’s Creek and Meshoppen Bridge by ELY’S.

Notice. The Andrew RAUB, Kingston, will give Two Gallons of good Whiskey for 60 lbs. of Rye and Corn, in the proportion of two of Corn to one of Rye, for any quantity amounting to a barrel or more of Whiskey, delivered at this Distillery, and for each hundred bushels of grain (of 60 lbs. per bushel) in the above proportion he will add one gallon of whiskey extra.

Estate of George KEEN, late of Nescopeck, dec’d, requests payments and demands. Abraham KEEN and Barbara KEEN, Adm’rs.

Married – Lately at Abington, by the Rev. John MILLER, Reuben SHERMAN to Miss Mariam, daughter of Lemuel STONE.

Married – William DEAN to Miss Nancy, daughter of Benjamin GREEN

Married – Hiram GREEN to Miss Eliza, daughter of James DEAN, all of Abington.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Petition for incorporation of a company to make a turnpike from Wilkesbarre to Mauch Chunk. Resolved that Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, be instructed to inquire into the expediency of establishing a post route from the Post Office at Wyalusing, in Pa., up the Wyalusing Creek to the house of Jesse ROSS, Esq., in Pike Township.

9 February 1827

Wanted. A steady, sober man, who is a good hand at the Blacksmithing Business, who may meet with good wages and constant employment by applying to Moses WOOD, Wilkesbarre.

Married – In Kingston, on Tuesday evening last, by the Rev. BIDLACK, William WOOD, of Wilkesbarre, to Miss Jane PARKINSON, of Newport.

Pennsylvania State Legislature – House of Representatives:
Petition for a state road from Northumberland to Jersey Shore
Petition for a review of the state road from Wilkesbarre to Jerseytown.
An act granting compensation to the executors of Thomas LIVEZEY, of lands certified to Connecticut claimants, in Luzerne County.

Awful! Doylestown, Jan. 29th. James CRAWFORD, who occupied a house in Buckingham; and lived entirely alone, was brunt to death in his own house on the night of the first inst. He fell from his chair in a fit, as is supposed, & when found his head was nearly burnt off.

16 February 1827

James QUINN was executed at Lebanon, on Friday last, for the murder of his wife.

Married – In this Borough on Tuesday evening last, by Rev. MAY, Thomas W. MINER, MD, to Miss Lucy Eliott, youngest daughter of Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., all of this place.

Married – At Plymouth on the 8th inst., by Rev. PECK, Andrew BEDFORD, MD, of Abington, to Miss Hannah, daughter of Benjamin REYNOLDS, Esq., of the former place.

Married – At the borough of Jersey Shore on the 31st ult, by Rev. GRIER, James WILSON, merchant to Miss Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Doctor E. APPLETON, all of said place.

Died – At Upper Sandusky, on Tuesday the 2nd ult, the celebrated chief of the Wyando__ nation, Between The Logs. He was eminent for his eloquence, the conspicuous relation he held to the nation as their chief speaker. He lived and died a friend to the American government. He was the first that embraced religion among his brethren & the nation: from his firm piety he was appointed a leader and afterwards an Exhorter in the Meth. Ep. Church. Each of these, as every other station, he filled with dignity and faithfulness. He died in full triumph of the Christian faith, and with his last breath declared the goodness of God. N. Y. Pr.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Petition for making a turnpike form Wilkesbarre to Mauch Chunk.
Petition for incorporating the Susquehanna manufacturing and wool company.
Report of survey of North Branch of the Susquehanna and Chemung.

Notice. To Laborers and Teamsters. I will employ 100 stout sober men, to work in the coal mine at Mill Creek, for one year, from the 15th April next, and also 10 substantial 4 horse teams for 8 months, from the 1st August next, to haul coal from the mine 1 _ miles to the Susquehanna River. Good boarding and lodging will be provided and liberal wages given. Zenus BARNUM.

Estate of Doct. Edward COVELL, requests payments and demands. Sarah S. COVELL, Ex’x.

Notice. Is hereby given to those who have neglected paying their County Tax, in Tunkhannock Township, for the year 1826, that unless said tax be paid by the first of May next, they may expect that measures will be pursued to enforce collections. Those wishing to pay their tax will please call on C. AVERY, Esq. who will receive it. Ziba SMITH, Collector.

23 February 1827

Report on a survey of the North Branch of the Susquehanna by John BENNETT, Esq. (long article)

Public Meeting was held of citizens of Kingston, Plymouth, Northmoreland, Exeter, Dallas and Union Townships, at the Academy, Kingston, on 19th Feb. Col. Benj. DORRANCE was chosen Chairman and Joseph WRIGHT & Henderson GAYLORD, Esqrs. appointed secretaries. The report of the canal commission was read.
Committed to draft resolutions: John SMITH, Thos. BORBRIDGE, Esq., Col. Elijah SHOEMAKER, Elisha ATHERTON, Wm. HANCOCK, John SHARPS, David PERKINS, Esq., Capt. Samuel BREESE, A. C. PHILIPS, Esq., Pierce BUTLER, Geo. CHAHOON, Doct. John SMITH

Orphan’s Court Sale to be held 2nd April, Land in Nescopeck Township, adjoining the Susquehanna River, Samuel MIFFLIN and others, with a log dwelling house and barn, containing 300 acres, about 100 cleared. Being part of the real estate of John IRWIN, late of Mifflin Co., Pennsylvania, deceased.

Cheap Coach, Gig, and Waggon Harness at the Wyoming Coach, Gig and Waggon Manufactory. George FLAKE, Jr., Wilkesbarre.

Fresh Garden Seeds from the store of D. & C. LANDRIGH, Philadelphia, for sale by Henry F. LAMB, Wilkesbarre.

2 March 1827

Reading, Pa., Feb. 17. Murder and Suicide. We learn from a source, which we believe not to be doubted that on the 4th inst., a certain miserable creature named John ECKEL, who resided in Pinegrove Township, in our sister county Schuylkill, cruelly murdered his sister, about 24 years of age, and then committed suicide.

Married – At Kingston, on the evening of the 21st ult, by Rev. PECK, Rev. Joseph CASTLE, of Bethany to Miss Martha Ann, daughter of Philip MYERS, of the former place.

Married – At Kingston, on the evening of the 22nd ult., by Rev. PECK, James HANCOCK, of Wilkesbarre, to Miss Mary, daughter of David PERKINS, Esq., of the former place.

Died – In this Borough on Tuesday morning last, Dominiqe GERMAINE, merchant, a native of France, aged about 72 years. He has been troubled with Dropsy in the Chest for some years, though not confined to his bed. On the morning of his death, he felt unusually unwell, and assisted by Mrs. GERMAINE, he attempted to place himself upon a bed, and while in this act the vital spark fled. He has left an amiable wife and daughter, to deplore the loss of a husband and parent.

Re-appointment by the Attorney General. Benjamin A. BIDLACK, Esq., to be Prosecuting Attorney for Luzerne County

Internal Improvement meeting was held on 23rd February, at the Court House in Borough of Wilkesbarre, Gen. William ROSS, was called to preside and Hezekiah PARSONS and Steuben BUTLER, appointed Secretaries. The subject was benefits resulting from Canal Navigation. C. D. SHOEMAKER and Wm. S. ROSS to be added to the committee of correspondence.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Petition for a canal on the Susquehanna from Peter’s Mountain to the New York state line.
Petition to review part of a state road from Wilkesbarre bridge to Jerseytown.
Petition of to change place of holding their elections in Braintrim Township.

Died – Path-killer, the head and the oldest chief of the Cherokee nation is dead.

Register’s Notice that the following estates have been filed: James SEARCH, Union Township and Casamere FETHERMAN, Newport Township.

Look Here. 9 to 11 cts. Per lb. Paid for Calf Skins at the Tannery of William L. BOWMAN. Wanted at the same place 200 Cords of Bark, for which the highest price will be given. Wm. NORTON for Wm. L. BOWMAN, Wilkesbarre.

Notice. The Subscriber will give as much for Hides and Calf Skins as any other Tanner, at his Currying Shop on the west side of the Public Square in Wilkesbarre. Isaac BOWMAN.

9 March 1827

Adrift. Was taken up in the Susquehanna River (at the time the ice was running) by Samuel SAILOR & others, a few miles above Wilkesbarre, a bottom and some other parts of an Ark, with a small quantity of Pipe Staves. The owner is requested to prove, and take away his property. Pittston.

Register’s Notice that the following estates have been filed: Charles BLACK, late of Newport Township.

Married – In Plymouth, on Thursday evening of last week by Rev. Geo. PECK, Doct. James F. CASE, to Miss Eliza Jane HODGE.

Public Meeting held at the house of Jerusha OTIS, Tunkhannock, on 21st February, Henry HEISZ was chosen Chairman and Luman FERRY, Secretary. The report of the Canal Commission was read. Henry HEISZ, Luman FERRY, James WRIGHT and Alfred HINE are to be a committee of correspondence.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 31st March:
1. Land in Providence Township, bounded by the Lackawanna Creek, Joseph GRIFFIN, containing 5 acres, late estate of Stephen GRIFFIN. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Susqa. Bank against Stephen GRIFFIN, Richard EDWARDS and John I. DINGS.
2. Land in Wilkesbarre Township, being Lot No. 1, in the fourth division, bounded by road leading form Wilkesbarre to Pittston, John P. ARNDT (now Andrew BEAUMONT), containing five acres, late estate of William RUSSELL. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Philada. Bank against Jehoida P. JOHNSON and William RUSSELL.
3. Land in Greenfield Township, being same tract that was conveyed by James A. GORDON to Elijah SHOEMAKER and John BENEDICT, recorded Deed Book 21 page 185, late estate of Elijah SHOEMAKER and John BENEDICT. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Philada. Bank against Elijah SHOEMAKER and John BENEDICT.
4. Land in Union Township, bounded by Jacob STEEL, Miles SUTLIF, Paul WOLF, Miles SUTLIFF, Philip GOSS and John BOWMAN, containing 66 acres, late estate of Daniel DOWNING. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of George M. CUMMING, executor of the last will of David CUMMING, dec’d.

Wanted. 1 or 2 hundred Bushels of Good Charcoal, for which the highest price will be given at his shop. Joseph P. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Nicholson MARCY, late of Tunkhannock Township, dec’d, request payments and demands. Zebulon MARCY, Jun., Administrator, Tunkhannock.

16 March 1827

We announce with feelings of regret, the destruction, by fire, of the dwelling house of John LAZARUS, a very industrious Farmer of Hanover. The building took fire on Sunday morning last from a stove-pipe running through an upper floor, and in a few moments the flames were inextinguishable. Excepting about 150 bushels of Potatoes, which were in the cellar, the principal part of the property, furniture, &c. within the house, was saved by the assistance of the neighbors. We have not learned the loss sustained by this unfortunate family, probably it is not short of $1,000.

Cows. A bushel of potatoes given half at night and half in the morning, with a small allowance of hay, is sufficient to keep three cows a day. On that allowance their milk will be as rich and as good, and the quantity as great, as in the summer months when the cows are in good pasture.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 31st March, (no township mentioned), land bounded by Bowman’s Creek, Thos. MITCHEL, Elisha HARDING, containing about 214 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jesse FELL against Asahel ATHERTON.

For Sale. A stout yoke of Oxen – a fine Young Horse and a first rate new Sulky. C. APPLETON, Agent, Wilkesbarre.

Ale, Ale, Ale. The Subscriber has commenced Brewing at his Brewery lately erected at the corner of Union and Bank Streets a short distance above the Wilkesbarre Bridge, & offers for Sale Strong Ale at 6 dolls. Per barrel, and Table Beer for Family use at 3 dolls. Per barrel. Thomas INGHAM, Wilkesbarre.

Public Vendue to be held 29th March, for Two Acres of Land, a Small Dwelling House, in the lower part of Wilkesbarre Township, together with Household Furniture and Farming Utensils. David DOWNING, Wilkesbarre Twp.

One Cent Reward. Ranaway from the Subscriber living in Wilkesbarre, on the 14th inst., a bound boy named Squire ALLEN, aged 17 years. C. J. CHRISTEL.

Estray. Came to the enclosure of the Subscriber about the first of January last, a heifer. Trumanda PETTIBONE, Kingston.

23 March 1827

Warranted French Burr Mill Stones. The Subscriber former conductor of Messrs. BUTZ and HERSTERS’ manufactory, having lately established himself in the Borough of Easton, informs the pubic, that he has lately returned from New-York, after making a choice assortment of Blocks, which enable him to accommodate those who may favor him with a call. Those giving orders for Mill Stones will please to be particular to state what kind of grain is to be ground with them, or if all kinds of grain – as it is necessary that the quality of the stone should correspond with the grain. William M. FIELD, Easton. Those wishing repairs done on Mill Stones, such as Facing, Dressing, Centering and Framing irons – putting in Blocks, Backing, &c. can be accommodated by applying as above.

Married – In Pittston, on Sunday the 11th inst., by Mr. WEST, Rufus MILLER, of Pittston Township, Luzerne Co. to Mrs. Cynthia HOWARD, of State of New York.

Public Meeting was held by citizens of Windham & Braintrim, for the purpose of rendering a united and public expression of their sentiment in relation to internal improvement by canal navigation, at the house of Daniel STERLING, Braintrim. Samuel STURDEVANT, Jr. presiding and Salmon KEENY, Esq., and Dr. R. ROBINSON, appointed secretaries. Committee of five appointed to prepare a preamble and resolutions were: Moses OVERFIELD, Nicholas OVERFIELD, Daniel STERLING, Salmon KEENY, Esq. and Dr. ROBINSON.

Harrisburg. March 16. The corner stone of the first lock on the Pennsylvania canal, was laid on Tuesday last in ancient form by the Masonic Lodge of this place.

Post Roads. The following new Post routes have been established in this District at the late Session of Congress. Much credit is due our Rep. Gen. M’KEAN, for his persevering exertions in procuring the establishment of these mail routes:
From Columbia, Luzerne County, by Harvey’s mills, J. HAFF’S and Fuller’s mills, to Kingston.
From New Berlin to Lewisburg to Milton.
From Dunnsburg by the mouth of Sinnemahoning and Bennets branch to Smithport.
From Pottsville by Mifflinburg to Berwick.
From Pennsborough, Lycoming County by Huysville & Mount Lewis to Cherry on the Berwick turnpike.
From Mansfield, Tioga County through Dorts settlement to Wellsborough.
From Selins Grove to Lewisburg.
From Sunbury by Liberty pole, Cattawissa to Nescopeck.
From Wilkesbarre by Dallas, Northmoreland, Lee’s tavern, Nicholson, Abington, Buttermilk Falls and thence to Wilkesbarre.
From Berwick by the Nob mountain, Jersey town, Fruitstown and M’Eewensville to Watsontown.
From Paul FURMAN’S past James MORGAN’S & Samuel EDSALL’S to James FRENCH’S in Wells Township
From Wyalusing Post Office up the Wyalusing Creek to the house of James ROSS in Pike Township.
From Windham in Bradford County to Smithsborough in New York.

Fire! Fire! Fire! To Citizens of Wilkesbarre. An ad to form a Fire-Company, and organized by the appointment of certain officers, and the adoption of certain rules that would cause the Engine to be kept in good repair, and preserve order in case it should be necessary to use it. A meeting to be held the 31st inst. at the Court House, to adopt such measures as shall be necessary to revive the old Fire-Company, or organize a new one. John Michael KEINZLE, High Constable.

Young Eclipse, Will stand at the Stable of the Subscriber in Wilkesbarre for the purpose of being let to Mares this season. William PRICE.

For Rent. The House now occupied by H. COLT, for A Tavern, 2 doors below the Store of Gm. M. HOLLENBACK.

30 March 1827

The next quarter of the Wilkesbarre Academy will commence on Monday, April 19th.

A new Post Office has been established in Nescopeck Township, and Christina KUNCKEL, Esq., has been appointed Post Master.

To Mechanics. The flourishing state of Towanda village, we think would afford pretty good encouragement to mechanics of these kinds: A Silversmith, with two or three hundred dollars: a Chairmaker, and a Tin and Sheet-iron Worker. Men of loose and intemperate habits would not be encouraged, but those of a different character, possessing industrious habits, would be well received. Ind. Repub.

Stop a Murderer. John KROSS, charged with a most cruel, inhuman and outrageous outrage upon Rebecca, his wife (who is since deceased), lately absconded from the neighbourhood of Speedwell Furnace, Burlington County. One hundred dollars is offered by the people of the neighbourhood for his apprehension, and we are request to insert the following description of his person. He is 6 feet high, large & robust; dark hair and small black whiskers; light complection; a scar on his right cheek near the nose; has a speck and dimoess in his left eye. A scar on the bottom of one of his feet; his right breast considerably larger than his left; has on when he went away, a blue coat and pantaloons, red flannel shirt, and half worn hat. He is supposed to be between 40 and 50 years of age. Woodbury Herald

New Goods at the Store of William SWETALND, New-Troy.

Notice. Those persons against whom the Treasurer of Luzerne County, holds Notes, Bonds or Judgments, in favor of the county, will do well to settle the same immediately. John MYERS, Treasurer.

Notice. All persons indebted to Mrs. Anna M. OVERTON, Milliner, late a partner of Mrs. DRAKE, are informed that their accounts are placed in the hands of John MYERS, Esq., for Collection. Wilkesbarre.

6 April 1827

On Wednesday evening last a dead body was discovered under a bridge in Bear-Creek, about 9 miles from this place. Next morning the Coroner held an inquest over the corpse. It appeared that his name was Charles URIEL, aged about 50 years, and he had fallen from the bridge on Friday night last previous.

On motion of John N. CONYNGHAM, Esq., Andrew L. KING, Esq., a member of the Bar of Lehigh County, was admitted to practice as an Attorney at Law, in several Courts of this county, yesterday morning.

The poor unfortunate wretch, ZIMMERMAN, who was about three years since, condemned to death for the murder of his daughter, but whose execution was prevented by the exertions of some benevolent individuals, still continues to linger in the jail of Schuylkill County, in a state of complete insanity. Miner’s Journal

Brigade Orders. The Volunteers & enrolled Militia residing within the bounds of the 2nd Brigade in the 8th Division of the Pennsylvania Militia are notified to meet for Training and Inspection by Regiment and Battalions, as follows:
2nd Reg., Monday 14 May
Volunteer Batt., commanded by Major BOWMAN, on the 15th May
1st Batt., 115th Reg., on 17th May; 2nd Batt., of same, on the 18th
Volunteer Batt. commanded by Major BUTLER, on the 19th
1st Batt, 116th Reg. on the 22nd; 1st Batt of same on the 21st
Volunteer Batt. commanded by Major WILBER, on the 23rd
1st Batt, 70th Reg., on 25th; 2nd Batt. of same on the 26th
1st Batt. of Volunteer Reg. #136, on 28th
2nd Batt, 75th & 2nd Volunteer Reg. #136, on 29th
Volunteer Riffle Batt., commanded by major STURDEVANT, on 31st
Samuel Thomas, Inspector, 2nd Brig., 8th Div., Pa. Militia

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office, at Wilkesbarre, April 1st:
George AIL
Sidney BEERS
Timothy BARNES
Benajah F. BAILEY
Benjamin CAREY
Jacob CIST
Solomon L. CULVER
Eleazer CAREY
Bateman DOWNING, Esq.
Sylvester DANA
Francis DANA
Johanna DALES
Benjamin EARS
Frederick GRUB
Charlotte GLASPY
Michael HAOUSE
Rosewell HALE
Matthias HOFFMAN
Sidney HAWK
Benjamin HUMMEL
Fredk. MEYER
Christian NAGLES
Joseph RIANT
Henry RAW
Albert SKEER
Charles SMITH
Henry TEAL
Jacob E. TETOR
Elizabeth WALLACE
Squire WEDGE
Crandal WILCOX
Nathaniel J. WHULE
A. Beaumont, P. M.

Land for Sale. The Subscriber offers for sale a Farm (on which he resides) in the township of Northmoreland, containing 150 Acres, 50 Acres of which are under good improvement. A good Frame Dwelling House, a large and commodious Barn and an excellent large Orchard. Also 300 Acres of first rate Wild Land, situate in said township, about 2 miles form the above farm and about 3 miles from the Susquehanna River, which will be sold together or divided to suit purchaser. Reuben MONTROSS, Northmoreland.

Notice. Stockholders of the Wilkesbarre Bridge Company will meet for election of officers at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on the 7th May.

Young Eclipse, That was advertised to stand of O. PORTER’S, is sold, and has gone to the State of New York, near Ithaca.

13 April 1827

Poem – composed by a young lady, a resident of Braintrim Township, Luz. Co., on the death of Elias and Jackson MOWRY, who were drowned together in Meshoppen Creek, May 10, 1827. These little children were sons of Ezekiel & Abigail MOWRY, of Braintrim. [Note on page 2: Erratum – On 1st page, 1st column, 8th line – read 1826 instead of 1827.

Married – On Sunday last, in Kingston by John BENNETT, Esq., Daniel HARRIS, to Miss Darcus MONTANYE.

Died – At Easton, on Wednesday morning of last week, Samuel SITGREAVES, Esq., in the 64th year of his age.

Bill for extension of the Pennsylvania Canal – all Sections listed.

Estate of Henry ASH, late of Hanover Township, requests payments and demands. Bateman DOWNING, Adm’r., Hanover.

Wilkesbarre Fire Company. A special meeting of members will be held at the Engine House tomorrow afternoon. S. D. LEWIS, Sec’ry.

List of Letters, Remaining on hand in the Post Office, Tunkhannock, April 1st:
Isaac POST
Jonathan KELLOG
Martin PARKS
Joseph LUTES
Joseph CAMP
Gabriel ELY
Cornelius P. LOTT
Eliza M. BAKER
Rev. Newton SMITH
James TOIS (OTIS?)
Orison CLARK
Jos. B. TUTTLE, P. M.

List of Letters, Remaining on hand in the Post Office at Kingston, April 1st:
Valentine C. ATHERTON
Preston C. BREES
Virgil M. DIBOLL
William HICKS
Naphtali HURLBUT
George HAUK
James SHAW
Betsey TORRY

Public House. A Change of Things. The Subscriber has taken for 2 years the Tavern House belonging to N. HURLBUT, Esq., situate in the lower part of Kingston and lately kept by Widow JOHNSON, where he intends keeping a House of Entertainment. He would inform travellers and the public generally, that he has been particular to furnish the House commodiously, and will spare no pains to give satisfaction to his customers. John SAX, Kingston.

List of Letters, Remaining on hand in the Post Office at Pittston, April 1st:
Thomas M. CULLEY
Doct. E. L. BOYD, Jr.
William OSBORN
Leonard REED

Young Farmer, will stand for mares this season at the following stables: Freeman THOMAS, Plymouth; Harris JENKINS, New Troy; Calvin T. RICHARDSON, Pittston; Oliver HELME, Wilkesbarre; Silas ALEXANDER, Hanover; Silas ALEXANDER, Hanover; Thomas BEACH, Salem. Isaac JENNINGS.

20 April 1827

James HAMLIN, of Lunenburg County, Va., was murdered on the 9th ult. by his slaves. Seventeen of them have been committed to the county Jail to await their trial.

Married – In this Borough, on Sunday evening last, by Rev. GILDERSLEEVE, Joseph J. B. WRIGHT, M. D., of Kingston, to Miss Eliza, daughter of Amasa JONES of the former place.

Page 3 torn in many places.

27 April 1827

Page 1 & 2 missing. This would have contained the Title of Acts of Legislature that are continued in the next issue.

Married – On the 25th inst. by Rev. I. ____, George KOCHER, to Miss Phemy CRISMAN, both of Hanover Township.

The Commissioners named in the act to incorporate a company to make an artificial road from the Borough of Wilkesbarre by way of Solomon’s gap and Mauch Chunk to the borough of Northampton in the county of Lehigh are:
Luzerne County: Isaac HARTZELL, William S. ROSS, Ziba BENNETT
Northampton County: Josiah WHITE & Thos. CRAIG, jr.
Lehigh County: Chirstina PRETZ & John WILSON

Shocking Suicide – Andrew BEISTEL, of Mount Pleasant Township, an old pump maker, shot himself at his house one day last week. Greensburg Gaz. (See article for more on suicide)

Attention Citizen Volunteers. You will meet for exercise on 7th May at the house of O. HELME, Wilkesbarre. By order of Capt. ROSS. Joseph P. DENNIS, O. S.

Regimental Orders. The Enrolled Militia of the 115th Reg. will meet as follows – 1st Batt. at the house of john SAX, Kingston on the 17th and the 2nd Batt. at the house of O. PORTER, Wilkesbarre. Harris JENKINS, Col.

The Washington Guards, will practice on the 5th May, at Philip MYERS’, Kingston. The company will meet in citizen dress, with blue coats and white pantaloons. Platt HITCHCOCK, Capt., Kingston.

Tayloring. Charles BOWMAN, has commenced the Tailoring Business in all its various branches, at the shop formerly occupied by Oristus COLLINS, Esq., and latterly by M. LYONS, 2 doors below Isaac BOWMAN’S Currying Shop. Wilkesbarre.

The Celebrated Horse, King William, will stand for Mares at the stable of Thom. HUTCHINS’ in Wilkesbarre, at the low rate of eight dollars to ensure foal, or eight Bushels of wheat if delivered before the first day of January next.

4 May 1827

Titles of Acts of the Pennsylvania Legislature 1826-1827:
173 Act vesting certain powers in the administrators of estate of James ELLIOTT, deceased.
177 An act for relief of William BLAIR and William LECKNEY, administrators of James ARTHUR, deceased, and sureties of Samuel MANN, late collector of taxes in city of Pittsburgh.
181 Act vesting in Rachael VAN FOSSEN, the illegitimate child of Mary OGLE, deceased, the estate of the deceased.
182 Act for relief of John BARTLET, a soldier of the revolution.
3 Resolutions relative to the further distribution of PURDON’S Digest.
12 Resolution relative to the employment of counsel by the Auditor General in the case of the heirs of John NICHOLSON, deceased, in prescribing the duties of the Attorney General, and fixing his compensation.

Married – In Kingston on the 4th ult., by Rev. Geo. PECK, James HOLGATE, to Miss Sylvina TRUX, both of Kingston.

Married – In Eaton, on the 19th ult, by the same, James PIKE, of Northmoreland to Miss Katharine, daughter of Geo. MILLER, Esq., of that place.

Married – In Dallas on the 26th ult., by the same, Wm. KIRKENDALL, to Miss Mariah D. REEMER, both of Dallas.

Married – In Salem Luzerne County, on Thursday last, by Rev. Christian BOWMAN, John KINSEY, of Fishing Creek, Columbia County, to Miss Mary CAMPBELL, of the first mentioned place. Berwick Gaz., of April 28

Another Veteran Gone! Died at his residence in Exeter, in March last, Col. John JENKINS, aged 76 years. He was a native of Connecticut, whence he emigrated to this county before the Revolution – he bore the commission of a Lieutenant in the Continental army and was equally distinguished for his attachment to the cause of Liberty and his intrepid bravery. He was left in command of the fort in Kingston during the memorable battle of Wyoming.
He afterwards accompanied Gen. SULLIVAN in his expedition against the six nations of Indians, having been selected for that service on account of his accurate knowledge of the then almost unknown and savage wilds, of Northern Penna. And Western N. Y. In the cruel and relentless warfare prosecuted by the British Indians & Refugees, against the defenseless frontier, he bore a distinguished part, it has been well said that he defended and supported the first settlers of this valley with his rifle in one hand and his hoe in the other. As a patriot and soldier on the narrow stage upon which it was his destiny to act, he developed those traits of character which in a more extended sphere would have given his memory to fame. He lived to see that colony whose commencement was a midst scenes of famine, bloodshed and desolation, to the defense of which he had devoted his best days, enjoying in the midst of abundance, the blessings of health, liberty and peace, and has in the fullness of his days committed himself to rest in the bosom of what soil which he had contributed so well to defend.

Election for Borough Officers:
Burgess: John N. CONYNGHAM
Town Council: Oliver HELME, Samuel RAUB, John W. ROBINSON, G. M. HOLLENBACK, C. D. SHOEMAKER, Wm. S. ROSS, William L. BOWMAN
High Constable: John M. KEINZLE

Harrisburg, May 1. The trial of Thomas M’ELHENY and Matthew BURLIN, for the murder of Miss GARMAN, terminated yesterday. The verdict was not guilty. They were however, remanded to await their trial at the next court in August, for the murder of the child of Miss GARMAN.

Apprehension of DUMM. The Post Master of this place has received a letter, covering another for his excellency Gov. SHULZE, giving the information that Thos. DUMM, Jr. who killed John FRY, in Richmond Township, in this county in October last, and who fled from justice, and for whose apprehension the Governor offered a reward of $200, has been safely lodged in the jail at Geneva, Ontario County, N. Y. Reading Chronicle, April 24.

At a court of oyer and terminer, held in Huntingdon County, week before last, a man by the name of DEMPSEY, aged 75 years, was found guilty of murder in the second degree, for killing his wife; Judge BURNSIDE sentenced him to six years imprisonment in the state prison.

At the Court of Oyer and Terminer held for Northampton County, which commenced at Easton, on the 16th ult., George ZEIGENFUSS, Esq., a Justice of the Peace, Michael OHLEWEIN, William SHERMAN and Samuel WRIGHT, were tried for a Conspiracy to pass counterfeit money & found Guilty. The defendants have not been sentenced; a number of others have been arrested and will be tried in the next term. Doylestown Democrat

A fellow named VANIMION, committed to Easton jail, some weeks ago for debt, attempted to impose upon his creditors and ourself by writing under another signature an account of his death, and sending a copy to us for publication. Oh! The Scamp. Belvidere, N. J. Apollo

Premium Bay, will stand for Mares, at the farm of Robert MINER, Wrightstown, Luzerne County.

Orphans’ Court Sale will be held 1st Saturday, July next, for land in Huntington Township, bounded by Miles SUTLIFF, Bille HARRISON, line of Huntington Township, Henry BENSCOTER, containing 150 acres, late estate of Earl TUBBS. Matthias WILLIAMS & Charles TUBBS, Administrators.

Notice. All persons having unsettled accounts with the Subscriber in the Tavern Line, are requested to call and settle the same before the first day of July next, as all tht remain unsettled at that time will be left with a Magistrate. H. COLT.

11 May 1827

Volunteer Rifle Battalion are hereby directed to meet at the house of William CARNEY, Windham, on the 31st inst. in complete Uniform for Inspection. John STURDEVANT, Major, Braintrim.

At the last court of Oyer and Terminer in Genesee, David BOWEN, verging on his 60th year, was convicted of assault and battery, with intent to murder his own son. The defence set up was, that he was under the influence of liquor when committing the act: but, the judge ver properly remarked: such an excuse aggravated, instead of mitigated, the offence. His sentence was, seven years hard labor at Auburn.

Married – In Salem, on the 2nd inst. by Rev. George LANE, Rev. Francis M’CARTNEY, of Virginia, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of A. JAMESON, Esq., of Salem, Luzerne County, Pa.

Died – At midnight, on Sunday, the 29th of April, the Hon. William TILGHMAM, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, in the 71st year of his age.

Died – At New York, at his residence, No. 518 Broadway, on Sunday evening, the 29th ult, in the 73rd year of his age, the Hon. Rufus KING.

To Printers. We have been requested by B. A. BIDLACK, Esq. to ask, on his behalf, the favor of Printers with whom we exchange. He has left this place for the purpose of conducting a weekly newspaper at Milford, Pa. He would be greatly assisted in commencing his paper, if such Editors as will favor him with an exchange, would forward their papers immediately & as soon as his is issued he will reciprocate. Direct, Delaware Democrat, Milford, Pike Co., Pa.

The railroad at Mauch Chunk is complete, it is 9 miles in length.

An Act to authorise the governor to incorporate a company for making an artificial road from the Borough of Wilkesbarre, by the way of Solomon’s gap & Mauch Chunk to the borough of Northampton in county of Lehigh. Three sections listed.

May 8. A Proclamation by the Governor, J. And’w. Shulze, was handed to us for publication, by the secretary of the commonwealth, offering a reward of fifty dollars for the apprehension of Daniel HICKS, who is accused by the grand jury of Allegheny County of the murder of Levi SMITH, if taken within said county or fifty miles from that place the murder was perpetrated: one hundred if within the commonwealth beyond that distance from said county or place; and two hundred if out of the state. It was handed to us too late for this paper, but shall appear in our next. IN the mean time the above reward may be relied up. Penn. Int.

A General Assortment of New Goods by Jacob & Joseph SINTON.

Regimental Orders. The enrolled Militia belonging to the 116th Reg. Pa. Militia are notified to assemble for Inspection and Training:
2nd Batt. at the house of Joseph B. TUTTLE, Tunkhannock, on 21st May and the 1st Batt. at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington, on the 22nd May. Court of appeals will be held on June 11th as follows: 1st Batt. at the house of Otis COLVIN, Abington, by Captains Joseph CAMP, Gilbert DUNNING & Lieut. David STANTON. For the 2nd Batt., at the house of Jesse LEE, Eaton, by Capt. Josiah ROGERS, Lieut. George REMINGTON and Lieut. Isaac MORRIS. Miles AVERY, Col.

Doct. E. L. BOYD, having removed to Wilkesbarre with a view to a permanent residence, and taken the west part of the House at Wilkesbarre Bridge, offers his services to the public in the practice of Physic and Surgery. Dr. B. has devoted a number of years to the practice in the States of Massachusetts and New York.

Roderick W. M’KINNIN, formerly of Savannah, Georgia and recently in the employ of the subscriber, in Philadelphia, absconded on the 30th April, taking with him $425 in bank notes, the property of the subscriber. He is about 30 years of age, of a ruddy complexion, black hair and eyes; dresses well and fashionably; speaks in a soft, mild tone of voice and has a genteel air. He is about 5 feet 8 inches high and slender made. Whoever will lodge him in Jail shall be liberally rewarded. John BINNS, Philadelphia.

18 May 1827

Married – At Kingston, last evening, by the Rev. M. PECK, Clark SHAVER to Miss _(blank)_, daughter of Fisher GAY.

Died – In this township, on Sunday the 6th inst., Mrs. Rosina, consort of the late John SMITH, aged upwards of 98 years. She had been a member of the Presbyterian Church upwards of 40 years.

Two thousand four hundred and seventy barrels of flour from Susquehanna country were inspected at Baltimore, during the last week of April.

Montrose, May 11. Slander Suit. At the Court of Common Pleas, held in this village the last week, an action was bro’t by Aaron THAYER, in behalf of his daughter, Miss Louise, against Jacob BLAKE, for slander. It appeared in evidence that BLAKE had been guilty of circulating reports calculated to ruin the reputation of the young lady, and render her an odious and contemptible object in the eyes of the moral and virtuous part of the community. Miss THAYER, against whom the slander was reported, is a young lady about 18 or 19 years of age, possessing rather more than ordinary accomplishments, and had always sustained an unsullied character until this Mr. BLAKE, to gratify an animosity against the father, sought to blast her prospects by reporting one of the foulest slanders that could be invented against the female character. It was not attempted on the part of the defendant to substantiate any proof of the reports. The jury after being out about two hours, returned the exemplary verdict of Fifteen Hundred Dollars for plaintiff. Register

An American female dwarf, Miss A. M’DOWELL [MCDOWELL], is at present exhibited in N. York. She was born in Cecil County, Maryland, March 26, 1797, and is now in her 31st year, weighs 50 pounds, and is only 20 inches high.

Jacob BARKER, of New York, has been convicted of another libel on Abraham B. MEAD. He has also entered into recognizance to keep the peace for two years. When the jury had brought Jacob in guilty, he said he verily believed, that if he were indicted for the murder of MORGAN, the freemason, any New York Jury would find him guilty! So says maj. Noah.

Explosion. On Tuesday, the 17th ult, about 1 o’clock, P. M. the powder mill of John READ, near Sumneytown, Montgomery County, with all its contents, consisting of 15000 weight of powder, and the same quantity of salt petre, together with the adjoining buildings, were totally demolished, two hands were employed in the mill at the time, one of whom, Henry WEAVER, we regret to say, was almost instantaneously deprived of life; and the other, Frederick POLIG, although severely wounded, is said to be in a fair way of recovery. Mr. REED’S loss is estimated at $6000. Our informant says that it was not ascertained how the explosion originated.

The Commissioners of Luzerne County have appointed the Appeals of the County Taxes levied for the year for several Townships at the Commissioners Office from June 5th to 10th. Deodat SMITH, Arnold COLT, John BITTENBENDER, Commissioners.

Wool Carding with their new Carding Machine, near the Mills and Store of Jacob Rice will be ready to receive Wool by the 25th May. John P. RICE and Wm. W. KIRKENDALL, Branchville.

Butchering at the Slaughter House at his residence. William SPEECE, Wilkesbarre.

25 May 1827

Albany Daily Advertiser. Horrid Murder. On Monday evening, John WHIPPLE, while sitting at his writing desk, in the back room of the second story of his dwelling at Cherry Hill, about a mile south of this city, was shot dead by someone who fired through the window at him. The catastrophe took place about 10 at night. The wife of Mr. W. had been in the room but a moment before, and the next time she saw her husband he was a corpse! – In relation to the murder of WHIPPLE, the Argus yesterday reported Jos. ORTON, was arrested on suspicion of murder, has been fully committed for trial under strong presumption of guilt. The circumstances of this case, if the half is true that is reported, are revolting enough. We forebear, however to go into the particulars, until they shall be officially divulged. The trial will take place at circuit court on the last Tuesday of August next, unless a special session be ordered in the mean time.

Married – In Hanover, on Thursday evening of last week, by Rev. Cyrus GILDERSLEEVE, Anderson DANA, Jun., of Wilkesbarre, to Miss Ann, daughter of Samuel JAMESON, Esq., of the former place.

Died – At Lowry-town, on Tuesday the 25th inst., Mrs. Rebecca, consort of David CORAY, and daughter of the late Elisha ATHERTON, of Kingston. She has left a kind husband and four small children to lament her untimely death.

Joseph SULLIS, who was convicted sometime since of murder in Dublin Co., N. C. was executed on the 27th ult.

A man named MC LEAN, killed his wife a few days since in the city of New York, by stabbing her with a knife. He immediately swallowed a dose of Arsenic, and was arrested. He has since died.

A quarrel arose between two neighbors at a training on Monday of last week at Pike Township, Bradford County, which ended in the death of one of them. Their names were EVITTS and PLATT. After some blows, EVITTS aged 73 years, struck PLATT on the head with a stick – immediately after PLATT threw a stone against EVITTS head, which killed him instantly. One of these imprudent men is in his grave – the other in jail. A serious lesson to intemperate and quarrelsome men.

A man in the Alms House of Bucks County, Joseph FORCE, died at the advanced age of 107 years. On the afternoon of his death he was able to walk about his room.

Mr. HEWS, of Columbia, was drowned in Culley’s falls in the Susquehanna; and while engaged in blowing a rock to raise the body and man had his arm blown off & has since died.

Female Veteran. The Dedham Register, states that Mrs. Deborah, wife of Benj. GANNETT, of Sharon, Mass. died on the 9th ult. She enlisted as a volunteer in the American army of the revolution, in the Massachusetts corps, having the dress and appearance of a soldier. She continued in the service until the end of the war, three years, sustained an unsullied character, and performed the duties of a soldier with more than ordinary alertness and courage, having been twice dangerously wounded, though she preserved her sex undiscovered. At the disbanding of the army she received an honorable discharge, and returned to her relatives in Massachusetts, still in the regimentals. When her case was made known to the government of this state, her full wages were paid, and a considerable bounty added. Congress allowed her a pension, which she has regularly received.

Meansville, May 17. At the late Court of Quarter Sessions, which terminated in this village on Saturday last, Wm. NICHOLS was convicted of larceny and sentenced to the Penitentiary three years. Mr. ALPIN of passing counterfeit bank paper and sentenced five years. Frederic SCHRADER of altering and publishing counterfeit checks of the Mauch Chunk Company on the Northampton bank, and sentenced to three years hard labour in the Penitentiary. There can be no doubt that there is an extensive and organized gang of counterfeiters in the country, a portion of which are located in Bradford County. Settler

The Wilkesbarre, Mauch Chunk and Northampton Turnpike Road, will open Books to receive subscriptions in Wilkesbarre on 25th June next, at the house of Charles J. CHRISTEL. Isaac HARTZELL, Ziba BENNETT, Wm. S. ROSS, Commissioners for Luzerne County.

Wanted. An apprentice to the Saddle and Harness Making Business. A steady, active lad 14 or 16 years of age, desirous of learning this trade will meet with a good situation by applying immediately. Thomas HUTCHINS, Wilkesbarre.

Nancy S. DRAKE, Bonnet-Maker, Wilkesbarre, PA, near the Wilkesbarre Bridge.

1 June 1827

The biographer of John HART of New Jersey, one of the signers to the Declaration of Independence, relates that after the British took possession of New Jersey and of his won farm, being unwilling to be absent from the neighbourhood of his family, he became a wanderer in the woods, carrying his grey hairs and his infirmities about from cottage to cottage, and from cave to cave. The extremities to which he was reduced, may be judged from two facts: one is, that for a long period he never ventured to sleep twice at the same house; and the other, which he very good humoredly told of himself, was, that on one occasion, being sorely pressed for a safe night’s lodging, & being unknown where he applied for one, he was obliged to share the accommodations with a large dog – a bed fellow, as he declared, not in those evil times the most exceptionable.

New Goods at the store of Abraham THOMAS, Wilkesbarre.

Died – In this Borough, on Sunday afternoon last, Harriet WILSON, aged 45 years. The deceased bore, with Christian meekness, the sufferings of a long and painful illness, and welcomed the approach of Death with perfect resignation.

Died – In Rowley, Massachusetts, on the 7th ult, after many months of extreme suffering, Robert S. COFFIN, the Boston Bard, Son of the late Ebenezer COFFIN, A. M. His remains were brought form Rowley to Newburyport, and carried into St. Paul’s Church.

Appointment by the Governor. Jonathan WESTOVER, of Huntington, to be Justice of the Peace for the townships of Huntington, Salem and Union.

Boring For Salt Water. We have neglected to mention the enterprising efforts of a company of gentlemen in Huntington Township in this county, to procure the means of making salt. It has been nearly on year since the company was formed and commenced the laudable undertaking on the lands of Jonathan WESTOVER, Esq., on pine creek, in the western part of the township. During this time, they have sunk the augur about 300 feet, through a solid rock. Some part of the distance, the rock was soft & easy penetrability. And in other parts it was of adamantine hardness, and almost impenetrable. For several days, the auger descended but about _ inch per day. We understand the company have incurred considerable expense and trouble in procuring the information necessary to enable them to prosecute their labours with facility, and are now going on in fine spirits. The intend boring to a depth of 5 or 600 feet, if the rock continues solid, and they do not find saline water sooner. They bore with strong machinery kept in motion by water. The undertaking certainly does credit to the place, and to the enterprize of those engaged in it. We wish them success, and hope that they may find it as profitable, as boring through the hard rock is tedious.

It appears from the Albany Daily Advertiser, that in 1824 or ‘25, a horse was found dead in the woods, near Cayuga Lake, and a pair of saddle bags cut open. This led to the belief that a murder had been committed. It now appears, that the horse belonged to Jesse STRANG, now in prison on a charge of murdering Mr. WHIPPLE. The deception was played off by STRANG, as he had committed forgery, to avoid detection. STRANG has since passed by the name of Joseph ORTON. On Friday STRANG confessed the fact, and laughed heartily at the trick.

Wilkesbarre Fire Company. A Stated meeting of this Company will be held at the Court House to-morrow afternoon at 4 o’clock – at which hour the C. H. Bell will be rung. S. D. LEWIS, Sec’ry.

The estate of Benjamin CRIDLAND, late of Covington Township, request payments and demands. Caleb CRIDLAND, Adm’r.

Estray – Came to the enclosure of Oliver PETTIBONE, Kingston, a black and white cow.

Wanted Immediately. Two Hundred Bushels of Charcoal, At our Manufactory, for which the highest price will be paid. HOW & HENTZ, Wilkesbarre.

8 June 1827

Revolutionary Reminiscences of American and British Officers. Listed are WASHINGTON, Maj. Gen. GREEN, Gen LA FAYETTE, Gen. WAYNE, Lord STERLING, Col. MORGAN, Col. HAMISTON, Maj. LEE, Sir Wm. HOWE, Sir Henry CLINTON, Gen. MAXWELL. It states that Gen. SULLIVAN, was a man of short stature, well formed and active, his complexion dark – his nose prominent – his eyes black & piercing and his face altogether agreeable and well formed.

15 June 1827

Large section cut from page 1 & 2

On the 15th ult., in Poultney Township, Ohio, Samuel HENRY, was killed by his son, Robert HENRY, aged 17, by shooting his father. The boy has not been apprehended.

It has lately been discovered that the Hession Fly is committing depredations in some of the wheat fields in this vacinity.

Mrs. Susan BRUCE, of Nottoway, N. Y. came to her death in a singular manner one day last week. She was riding in a dearborn —the horse took fright and ran off, and so great was her terror and alarm, that she fainted & expired in the wagon.

Agreeable to public notice a meeting of persons desirous of forming a Troop of Horse in this valley was held Tuesday the 12th inst., when Gen. Isaac BOWMAN, was called to the chair and Maj. John BUTLER, appointed secretary. They will reassemble on Saturday next, the 16th inst., at the Court House, Borough of Wilkesbarre.

Notice. The Farmers and Manufacturers, and friends of the agricultural and manufacturing interests of Luzerne County, are invited to attend a meeting to be held at the Court-House in Wilkesbarre on the 20th June, at 6 o’clock P. M. for the purpose of adopting measures to promote these great sources of national industry & national prosperity.
Hezekiah PARSONS
Phillip MYERS


23 June 1827 Paper missing

29 June 1827

Farm For Sale at Public Vendue on July 28th, situated in Huntington Township, adjoining farm of Abel FELLOWS, Esq. Containing 137 acres, 50 of which is flat, a large Dwelling House, Large Barn and a Young Orchard. Jonathan FELLOWS.

Milling Business. The Subscriber respectfully informs the Public that he has recently put in a new Country Bolt, which with former new Machinery, puts the Mill in complete order for making the best of work, both Merchant and Country. He has also engaged a good Miller. By trenching the head of the Run he will keep such a supply of water as will enable him to grind the year round.

C. APPLETON, Agent of E. APPLETON, Laurel-Run.

Two Cents a pound will be given at Mauch Chunk Store for Clean and Good Swingling Tow. J. WHITE, Acting Manager of the Lehigh C. & N. Co.

Estray came to the enclosure of Calvin STOCKBRIDGE, Pittston, a Sorrel Mare.

Piracy and Murder. The brigantine Crawford, Capt. Henry BRIGHTMAN, belonging to Troy, Mass., sailed form Matanzas on the 28th ult., with a cargo for New York, & eight passengers, (four of whom, a Frenchman and three Spanish sailors). On the 1st June, about midnight rose upon the captain, crew and remaining passengers & slaughtered all except three, viz, the mate, Edward DOBSON, of Somerset, Mass. The cook, and a French gentleman, passenger. They stabbed the mate, but he having ran aloft, where he remained during the night, they spared his life in consideration of the assistance he might render them as a navigator. After their bloody and revolting task the Frenchman took the command of the vessel, destroyed her papers and colors, and substituted a complete set of Spanish papers which they brought on board with them. At Capes of Virginia, Mr. DOBSON, was ordered to a boat and sculled away for the shore. On landing the mate related the particulars to several officers of the Fortress. The pirate captain cut his throat and the three Spaniards got a boat and made their escape to the Elizabeth City shore. The victims were:
Capt. Henry BRIGHTMAN, of Troy, Mass., stabbed and thrown overboard
Asa BICKNELL, seaman, of Conn., shot & thrown overboard
Joseph DOLIVER, seaman, of Salem, Mass, throat cut and thrown overboard
Oliver POTTER, seaman, of Westport, Mass., stabbed desperately, but escaping his butchers, ran up the mast head, where he remained, until exhausted by the loss of blood, he fell to the deck & expired.
Nathan _(blank)_, seaman, jumped overboard and was sometime afterwards heard calling for a plank or barrel to be thrown to him, but the demons regarded him not.
Norman ROBINSON, of Connecticut, passenger, part owner of the cargo, jumped out the cabin window and was drowned.
An Irishman, (name not recollected), murdered while lying in his berth.
An American, not named, a carpenter by trade, from Providence, R. I. Who had been following his business for some time at Matanzas, was killed and thrown overboard.

Creditors take notice, That we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Luzerne County, for the benefit of the insolvent laws, and that they have appointed the first Monday in August next, at the Court house in Wilkesbarre to hear us and our Creditors, at which time and place you can attend.

Susquehanna Canal. John RANDAL, Jr., Esq., the Engineer, employed by the Canal Commissioners to locate a canal along the North Branch of the Susquehanna, left this place to join his party at the York state line, on Saturday morning last, after having spent several days here in making the necessary preparation to commence his examinations.

The Eagle of the North has been published at Milford, Pike Co., Pa, the title being changed from Delaware Democrat, by Mr. BIDLACK.

Samuel WRIGHT, Baker & Brewer, has opened his house on Bank Street, second door above the Philadelphia Bank, Wilkesbarre.

6 July 1827

Dr. William C. CHAMBERS, of Carlisle, had several specimens of black and white marble, recently discovered on the banks of the Susquehanna River, four miles below Harrisburg, on the line of the Pennsylvania Canal. Also black marble, taken from a recently discovered vein at Wrightsville, on the Susquehanna, 25 miles below Harrisburg.

Suicide. An account of a horrible suicide is given in the Tioga Pioneer. Garret DURYEA, in a fit of insanity attempted suicide by taking two ounces of the oil of vitriol; this not having the desired effect, he precipitated himself into a well 30 feet deep, but receiving no material injury he ascended form the well – procured a razor and cut his throat in a shocking manner when he was discovered in the act and the razor was taken from him. He lived about 30 hours after taking the sulphuric acid.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, July 1st:
Doct. Ebenezer L. BOYD Jr.
Henry & William GREIM
Wm. Miam (?) HOWARD
Jonathan SLOCUM
Frederick SWINGLER

4th of July. Wednesday last, the 51st Anniversary of American Independence, was ushered in by the ringing of Bells and firing of Cannon in this Borough. The day was celebrated by a number of parties, assembled at different places. Capt. W. S. ROSS’S Company of Citizen Volunteers, and a number of other citizens dined with Maj. O. HELME. A dinner was prepared at Plymouth, of which the Plymouth Rangers and a number of invited guests partook. A very pleasant ride bro’t a small company to Covington, where an excellent dinner was found on the table of Conrad SAX, Esq. Those who are fond of fine Trout and young Venison, and all things apropos, may regret that they did not partake of the Dinner prepared by Mrs. SAX.

At the 4th of July Celebration at the house of Major HELME, where after exercising and drill the Citizen Volunteers sat down to an excellent dinner; and after the removal of the cloth, Capt. Wm. S. ROSS, was appointed President, Lieut. Samuel HOW, Vice President and J. P. BABB, Secretary and Geo. C. DRAKE, Assistant Secretary. Toasts were drunk accompanied with the discharge of cannon and musketry.

Manufacturer’s Convention was held in Harrisburg on 3rd July, among others, George DENISON, of Luzerne, was appointed to represent this state in the general convention.

The Wilkesbarre Academy will commence on July 9th.

The Wilkesbarre Fire Company meeting will be held at the Court House tomorrow evening at 6 o’clock.

Trial List – August Term

Register’s Notice. The following estate have been filed at the Register’s Office:
Cornelius GARRISON, late of Hanover Township
David DARLY, late of Tunkhannock Township
Jeremiah SMITH, late of Abington Township
Samuel MYER, late of Nescopeck Township
John OSBOURN, late of Pittston Township
John BAUGHMAN, late of Nescopeck Township
Alexander LOVE, late of Braintrim Township
Frederick WENT, late of Exeter Township
Jacob KESTER Jr., late of Nescopeck Township

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, July 1st:
Nathan BACON, Esq.
Joseph CAMP
Stephen BAKER
John STEEL, Jr.
Jonathan MOTT
Horatio G. ELY
Charles FORBES
Jos. B. TUTTLE, P. M.

13 July 1827

Register’s Notice. The following estates have been filed at the Register’s Office:
John Michael MACKLEY, late of Sugarloaf Township
John COURTRIGHT, late of Wilkesbarre Township
Simeon CULVER, late of Union Township

Mr. JOHNSTON’S (of Botetourt County, Virginia) Narrative of his Capture by the Indians

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 4th August:
1 Land in Union Township, bounded by John K. MOORE, Jacob BENSCOTER, Wm. HARNED, Walter MOORE, containing 10 acres, late estate of John H. MOORE, who agrees to pay the debt and damages in said writ named. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Peter WYANT, against George MUCHLER
2 Land in Wilkesbarre Township, bounded by MINER, Stephen ABBOT, MACK, MINER & Josiah WRIGHT, containing 7 acres, late estate of Cornelius CORTRIGHT 2nd. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Cornelius CORTRIGHT Esq., against Cornelius CORTRIGHT 2nd.
3 Land in Kingston Township, bounded by main road at corner of House Lot number four, containing 9000 feet, and known as house lot #3, it being and lying now between lands occupied by Naphtali HURLBUT and Elijah LOVELAND. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Daniel C. MARSH against James GRIDLEY.
4 Land in Providence Township, bounded by main road from Dundaff to Wilkesbarre, Joseph FELLOWS, containing 1 acre, late the estate of Welles BENNET. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joel HALE and Joseph FELL against Welles BENNET.
5 Land in the certified township of Bedford (now Dallas), drawn in the name of Abraham WESTBROSK, containing 360 acres, late estate of Adam SHAFER. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Susquehanna Bank against Adam SHAFER and James HUGHES, who survived Joseph SWETLAND.
6 A house or shop being 30’ long and 18 feet wide and 1 _ stories high, in township of Northmoreland, founded by road leading to Asa KEELER’S, and being on lands owned by A. BROWN & Co., late estate of Matthias BUTTON. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of A. BROWN, & Co. against Matthias BUTTON.
7 Land in Sugar-Loaf Township, interest and claim of James TURNBULL and Alexander TURNBULL, jr., on tract called Plainfield, containing 206 acres; one called Eyerly Retreat, containing 206 acres; one called Janivis, containing 305 acres; one called Paper Money, containing 417 acres; one called Greenfield, containing 210 acres; one called Springfield (no acres), being same 6 tracts which was conveyed by Joseph MUSS, to Alexander TURNBULL by deed dated 7 Aug. 1822, Luzerne Co. Deed Book 22 page 527 Also one tract in the warrantee name of Sarah KUNKLE, containing 439 acres, one in the Warranted name of Christian KUNKLE, containing 441 acres, one in the warrantee name of James LATTIMORE, containing 429 acres, one in the warrantee name of Conrad P. KUNKLE, containing 443 acres, one in the warrantee name of Mary KUNKLE, containing 439 acres, all in the township of Sugar Loaf. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William DRYSDALE, administrator of Alexander TURNBULL, dec’d, against James TURNBULL and Alexander TURNBULL Jr.
8 Land in Abington and Greenfield, bounded by William CHAMBERS, Thomas IRWIN, William GRAY, David CHAMBERS, Elijah WEED, containing 290 acres. Tract was surveyed in pursuance of a warrant dated 20 Feb. 1776, granted to Matthew IRWIN, late the estate of Samuel GRAVES. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Benjamin ARMITAGE, Ass’ee of John B. WALLACE, against Samuel GRAVES.
9 Land in Covington Township, 6 tracts, surveyed by warrants dated 2 Sept. 1786 viz: Jeremiah MUTCH, containing 403 acres; Thomas MUTCH, 403 acres; Evans Evans, 403 acres; Jesse JONES, 403 acres; Samuel STERLING, 403 acres; William MURDOCK, 403 acres., making 2424 acres more or less, being same tracts of land which George PALMER by his assignment or six separate deed polls dated 27 July 1822, granted and conveyed to said Jacob and Henry. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Henry W. DRINKER, ass’ee of George Palmer, against Jacob WEISS, jr. and Henry COLT.
10 Land in Plymouth Township, called Mount Prospect, being parts of Lots # 1, 2 & 3 in upper tier of meadow parts # 6, 7 & 8 and the whole of 9, 10, 11 & 12 in the upper tier of house lots the whole of #40 and part of #43 in the third division, containing 173 acres & which tract was surveyed to Samuel LUCAS, Simon PARKE and Hugh FOWMAN, in pursuance of an act of Assembly, passed April 4, 1799, became vested in James BARNES. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Hiram PALMER, Adm’r. of Richard PALMER, against James BARNES.

Wanted. Immediately, a Journeyman Cabinet and Chair maker. Also, an apprentice to the above business, to which good Encouragement will be given. John W. LITTLE, Kingston.

Married – In this township, on the 4th inst., by Rev. PECK, Crandall WILCOX 2nd, to Miss Mary CANADA.

Married – In the same place by the same, on the 10th inst., Cornelius CORTRIGHT 3rd to Miss Harriet BAILEY.

Celebration 4th July, at the house of J. B. TUTTLE, Esq., in Tunkhannock, on the 9th of July (The 4th being rainy). The following were chosen Managers: Luman FERRY, Esq., Henry G. HAMMOND, Doct. Jas. KELLY, Col. Abel MARCY & Reuben MARCY. The following were appointed officers of the day: Luman FERRY, Esq., President & Henry C. HAMMOND Vice Presid’t, Col. Abel MARCY, Marshall and A. HINE, Esq., Asst. M. and Elisha HARDING jr. Esq. and Ziba SMITH, Secretaries. The day was ushered in by the firing of Cannon, an excellent and sumptuous Dinner was prepared by J. B. TUTTLE, Esq. and about 150 persons escorted by the marshall and ass’t. marshall marched in the most complete and martial order from the house to the Bowery under which the table was set and partook of dinner. After which toasts were drunk. (Toasts are listed)

List of Letters, Remaining on hand in the Post Office at Kingston, July 1st:
Nicholas KIEZER
Gilbert LEWIS
King MAY
Nancy SHAW
John WORT, Jr.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
Rev’d Horace AGARD
Miner CARY
Jacob CULP
Richd. COOK
Andrew CROOP
Catharine CRISMAN
Nathaniel CRANDALL
Joseph B. DODSON
Elijah DOON
David DALE
Solomon FRANTY
Nathaniel GOSS
Fredk. GRUB
Amanda GERY
Anthony GIBSON
George GAREY
Charity JACOBS
Christian KEIZER
Christian KUNCKLE
Maria KULP
Margaret KREMER
Jacob KULP
Parley LYONS
Michael LEARY
Andrew MARSH
Amoritt MOWRY
Joseph OYER
Philip OYER
Content OSBORN
Anthony ORR
John SCOTT, Esq.
Ephraim SLATER
Rev’d. M. SEAGER
Barbary STONE
Saml. Thomas
Frederick VOGLE
Jacob WOLF
John C. WARD
Crandall WILCOX
Preserved TAYLOR

20 July 1827

Edward JONES, Boot and Shoemaker, Wilkesbarre.

Henry MILLER, aged 17years, was on Thursday, 5th inst. killed by lightning in a field near Hartford, Conn. He had taken shelter under a tree.

William ORE was drowned in Schuylkill River on Tuesday the 28th June. He was engaged by a Mr. JENNINGS, in boating sand. Throwing out the anchor, the rope caught one of his legs & threw him overboard; he was taken up the next day and buried. The deceased is said to have resided in Columbia County, Pa., with a wife and children.

New and Cheap Goods. David BALDWIN, Kingston.

If any person should chance to see a youngerly man, named Joseph BALCOMB, pulling northward at about this gate, they will please throw no impediments in his way, but let him scrabble on as far and as fast from the Borough as he can, notwithstanding he cleared the cape without paying, among others. The Printer’s bill.

Notice. The Democratic Republicans of Luzerne County, are requested to meet at the Court-House in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, on Tuesday evening (7th) of the first of August Court, to make arrangements for the approaching election. Benj. REYNOLDS, Wm. APPLE, Ziba BENNETT, Standing Committee.

27 July 1827

Died – At Braintrim, Luzerne, on the 17th inst., William OVERFIELD, aged 26 years, Minister of the Gospel of the Methodist Church.

3 August 1827

Married – At Lowry-Town, on Sunday last, by the Rev. ABLE, John LOMERAUX, of Plymouth, to Miss Sarah DUFFY, of the former place.

Died – In the City of N. Y., on Sunday last, after a short and painful illness, William CHAMBERS, M. D.

Murder. George P. H. WALKER, was murdered a short time since, in Somerset County, Pa., by Andrew BURNS. BURNS was mowing on WALKER’S land and was requested to mow better, which enraged BURNS. BURNS threw his scythe at WALKER and nearly severed his arm and inflicted several severe wounds, he gave the final blow, which almost severed his body. His breast and side were laid open in so shocking a manner that a part of his lever fell out. The father of the dec’d., Philip WALKER, offers a reward of $200 for the apprehension of the murderer. He is thus described: About 30 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, dark sandy hair, dark reddish complexion, sharp nose and is an Irishman by birth.

Depravity – On Thursday the 19th inst. at the raising of a barn in Clifford Township, Jefferson J. FOSTER was killed in a fighting affray, by Erastus FINN. We understand the former to have been the aggressor, and that the latter acted only upon his defence. FINN surrendered himself to the authority. Montrose Reg.

For Sale – Property situated in Borough of Wilkesbarre, consisting of a Lot of Ground containing One Acre, on which are erected a Good Dwelling House, Store, Store House, Barn &c., All Good Substantial Frame Buildings, an excellent Well of Water, a number of Bearing Apple Trees. It is at the junction of Main and Northampton Streets. Sophia GERMAIN, is desirous of leaning this country and offers the above property for sale at reasonable terms. There are many articles of Merchandise in the Store which are offered for sale.

For Sale – The House and Lot in Dundaff, Susquehanna County, lately occupied as the banking House of the Northern Bank of Pennsylvania. The premises are pleasantly situated, and would be well calculated for a Dwelling House and Store. John N. CONYNGHAM, Eleazer CAREY, Trustees.

Troop of Horse. The Subscribers to the Wyoming Light Horse Company and those persons who may desire to join the same are requested to meet at the House of John SAX, Kingston, on the 17th August.

Wanted. An Apprentice to the Carpentering & House Joining Business. A Steady boy, of moral habits, between 15 and 17 years of age, desirous of learning the above trade, will meet with good situation by applying to the Subscriber. Gilbert BARNES, Wilkesbarre.

10 August 1827

A melancholy event. On the 20th inst., during a violent thunder shower, four men in the employment of J. GORDON, three miles north of this village, who were collecting hay, took shelter under a hay stack, when the lightning struck it and set it on fire, and killed Horace AVERILL and Caleb ORCOTT. The other two were stunned but soon recovered. Syracuse, N. Y. Gaz.

Aug. 3. Jesse STRANG, charged with the murder of John WHIPPLE, had his trial before the Albany court of oyer and terminer, last week, and was found guilty. The trial of Mrs. WHIPPLE, wife of the deceased, who stood charged with a participation in the horrid crime, commenced on Monday last.

Notice. The public are cautioned against purchasing or in anywise receiving a note of hand for twelve dollars given by me to Lord STEPHENS. Said note was given in May 1826, and was payable 4 months from its date. I will not pay the same unless compelled by Law. Wm. M’INTOSH [MCINTOSH, MACINTOSH], Nicholson.

One ct. Reward. Ranaway from the Subscriber living in Pittston Township, on the 4th inst., a Bound Girl, named Elizabeth GROVES, aged 9 years. Any person who will bring back said girl to the subscriber will receive the above reward but no charges. William __ABAR, Pittston. [first letter in surname faded]

Married – In Nicholson, on the 22nd July, by Luman FERRY, Esq., Gurdon HEWITT, of Tunkhannock, to Betsey STEPHENS, daughter of Maj. Eliphalet L. STEPHENS.

On motion of Geo. DENISON, Esq., George C. DRAKE, was admitted on Wednesday last, to practice as an Attorney at Law in the several Courts of this County.

Democratic Meeting of the Democratic Republicans was held on the 7sth August. Major Samuel THOMAS was called to the Chair and Nathan BACON, Esq. appointed Secretary. The following gentlemen were appointed to committees of vigilance:
Sugar-Loaf: George DRUM, Jr., Esq. and Abraham KLOTZ
Nescopeck: Jonas BUSS, Esq., & Peter RUFFLE
Salem: Sebastian SYBERT & James CAMPBELL
Newport: Jacob RUMBACK & Andrew CROOP
Union: Manual TURNER & Lot SEARCH
Hanover: Conrad RUMAGE & Jonas HARTZELL
Plymouth: Noah WADHAMS, Esq., & John TURNER
Wilkesbarre: James HANCOCK & William APPLE
Kingston: Capt. Henry BREES & Erastus HILL
Dallas: Abraham S. HONEYWELL & Thos. IRWIN, Esq.
Covington: Conrad SAX, Esq. & Chas. TERWILLEGER
Pittston: Zephaniah KNAPP, Esq. & Thos. SMITH
Exeter: Lot BREES & Ziba DEVENPORT
Northmoreland: Capt. Josiah ROGERS & Sherman LOOMIS, Esq.
Eaton: Jesse LEE & Forbes LEE
Windham: John FASSET & Amasa ROBINSON
Braintrim: Nicholas OVERFIELD, Jonathan PARKER
Tunkhannock: Luman FERRY, Esq., & Dr. Jas. KELLY
Falls: Miles AVERY & Nathaniel FITCH
Providence: Michael SWARTZ & John I. DINGS
Abington: Dr. Andrew BEDFORD & John KENNEDY
Nicholson: Nathan BACON, Esq., & John MARCY
Greenfield: Samuel VAIL, Esq. & Charles BERRY
Blakeley: Elisha S. POTTER, Esq., & Timothy YOUNGLOVE
Huntington: Robert WILLSON & Septimus BACON
Delegates will meet at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, on the 25th September.
Standing Committee for ensuing year: William HANCOCK, William APPLE & Henry F. LAMB.

Greek Meeting, held at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, 9th, Thomas DYER, Esq. was called to the CHAIR and Ziba Bennett, appointed Secretary. Resolved that a committee of five persons be appointed to circulate subscription papers for the purpose of raising funds in aid of the suffering Greeks. Col. N. HURLBUT, Chester BUTLER, Sharp D. LEWIS, G. M. HOLLENBACK, Ziba BENNETT and H. C. ANHAEUSER were appointed.

The Partnership of B. A. BIDLACK & w. LEWIS has been dissolved by mutual consent.

The Partnership of H. JENKINS & J. R. COUDREY has been dissolved by mutual consent. New-Troy.

The impaired health of the Subscriber has induced him to decline business; those indebted will confer a favor by calling as soon as convenient and make arrangements for the settling of their respective accounts. All persons having demands will please present them for settlement. John DONLEY.

Henry PETTEBONE, Attorney At Law. Office, North Wing of the Court House, Wilkesbarre.

17 August 1827

STRANG, the murdered of Mr. WHIPPPLE, who was tried at Albany a short time since, is to be executed on the 24th inst. Mrs. WHIPPLE, who was tried as an accessory in the murder of her husband was acquitted.

It is said that Andrew BURNS, the murderer of Mr. WALKER in Somerset County, has been apprehended and lodged in the jail of Franklin County.

Consecration. The new Church in Hanover will be consecrated on Sunday the 9th September next. The Rev. HOFFENDITZ and Rev. BROBST will attend on this occasion. The service will commence at 10 o’clock – and at 12, an English sermon will be delivered. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, another sermon will be preached. The inhabitants of Hanover & the vicinity, are invited to attend. No spirituous liquors will be allowed.

Notice To Bridge Builders & Others. That the Commissioners will attend at the mouth of Meshopin Creek, on Thursday the 30th inst. at 9 o’clock in the morning, to contract for re-building a Bridge as that place. Also that they will attend at the mouth of Hunlock’s Creek on the 4th September at 11 o’clock A. M. and at the mouth of Shickshenny Creek, on the 5th September.

Pay Your Taxes. All persons, within the township of Wilkesbarre, who have not paid their taxes for the year 1825, are requested to attend to it without fail, before the first day of September next. Every man, whose tax is not paid before that time, will be dealt with according to law. Frederick WAGGONER, Collector.

Accounts of the Treasurer of the Borough of Wilkesbarre for the year ending July 4th, 1827. List of Funds and Expenditures in the hands of the Treasurer are given. Henry F. LAMB, Treas.

Notice To Farmers & Teamsters. The Delaware & Hudson Canal Co. will give employment the ensuing winter to 50 or 60 Good Teams, In hauling Coal from their Mines at Carbondale, to the head of the Canal at the forks of Dyberry. Well construct Turnpike Roads will be made form the Coal Mines to the Milford and Owego road at Rix’s Gay & from Cherry Ridge to the Canal – the routes for which are now surveyed and the ground may be examined. Proposals for hauling Coal will be received by Mr. Thomas YOUNG, at the Mines and by letter to Clarksville, Wayne Co., Penn. Any time before the 1st of November next, in which the number of tons and the price of hauling per ton must be distinctly sated exclusive of toll. Cash will be paid weekly. Maurice WURTS, Agent, Clarksville.

24 August 1827

The WHIPPLE Murder. Jesse STRNG*, who was convicted of the murder of Mr. WHIPPLE, has been sentenced to be executed on Friday the 24th August. Mrs. WHIPPLE has been tried and acquitted. She was represented to be ignorant, silly, childish, with bad propensities. She was married at the tender age of 14 and from a boarding school. (See long article) *His surname should be STRANG?

The wife of John KELLY, now residing in Wolf Creek Township, Mercer County, Penn., recently from Ireland, yesterday had five living children at one birth. They all died shortly after. Previous to her leaving Ireland this same lady had two at once, and on her way hither, while in the state of New York, she had also five at one birth, making in all, twelve children, within about 18 months! All their births were premature. The lady and her husband are healthy, fresh, young looking people, and only two years married. Press

Orphans’ Court Sale will be held 22 September, for land in Huntington Township, bounded by Miles SUTLIFF, Bille HARRISON, line of Huntington Township, Henry BENSCOTER, containing 150 acres, late estate of Earl TUBBS. Matthias WILLIAMS & Charles TUBBS, Administrators.

A Few Barrels of No. 1 & 2 Mackerel. Also a Quantity of Cedar Ware, just received for sale by Z. BENNETT.

31 August 1827

Hints to Aliens. For the information of aliens desirous to become naturalized, we are induced to publish the following statements of different classes entitled under the acts of congress, to citizenship:
1st Class. All who have resided in the United States, five years, and have made their report and declaration of intention, two years.
2nd Class. All of lawful age, who arrived in the country before they were 18 years old, and have resided in the United States five years altogether.
3rd Class. All who were residing in the United Sates at any time between the years 1798 and 1802, and have continued to reside therein.
Aliens coming under either of the above classes, can be immediately admitted to citizenship, on making application at any of the proper public offices; taking care to have with them a citizen of the United States, who can depose to their good moral character, their attachment to the principles of the Constitution, and their having resided in the United Sates the requisite period.

Married – At York, Pa., on Saturday the 18th inst., by the Rev. Doctor CATHCART, David S. BARNUM, to Miss Sarah GILMORE, both of Baltimore.

Land Department. Harrisburg. The board of property are authorised by law, to make contracts with the Deputy surveyors or other fit persons, for ascertaining, as far as may be practicable, the owners or occupiers of unpatented lands in the commonwealth, held under proprietary rights or grants; and also to obtain returns of surveys in addition to the names of the owners or occupiers of all such tracts, upon which surveys have not been returned into the surveyor general’s office. (See large article)

Public Sale. A Grist Mill, with 150 Acres of land situated on the Large Nescopeck Creek, Sugarloaf Township, Luzerne County, to be held on 2nd October at the house of Jacob DRUMHELLER, in said township. John N. CONYNGHAM.

Pennsylvania Canal Office, Harrisburg. Proposals will be received until 26th September, for constructing A Stone Dam, across the River Susquehanna, at the upper termination of the Eastern Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, at Clarks Ferry.

New Rye. 37 _ Cents a Bushel will be paid in Cash for all Rye delivered at my Mill the next and following week. C. APPLETON, Agent for E. APPLETON. Also Wanted to purchase A Good 4 Horse Waggon.

24 Stray Sheep. Strayed away from the Subscriber in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, sometime in June or July last. Job GIBBS.

7 September 1827

Signers of the Declaration of Independence – Memoranda

The Delaware and Hudson Canal on the Delaware and Lackawaxen is in a steady course of construction.

Married – In Covington, on Saturday evening, the 25th Aug. last, by Richard DRINKER, Esq., Nathaniel CARTER to Miss Mahala WHORL.

Melancholy Accident. We learn that Elijah CLARK, was killed in Kingston, on Tuesday last, by a waggon running over him. His ribs were broken very badly, and he, otherwise injured so badly, that he survived but one hour. He was aged about 40 years, has left a wife and several children to mourn his untimely death.

Miss Urena MANTONYE, spun off a common spinning wheel for John BALDWIN, in this Township on Saturday last, between half past four A. M. and seven P. M. one hundred and twenty two knots of good woolen yarn, and reel’d it. Exeter. Sept.3rd.

TRACY & DRAKE, Will give employment to a Journeyman Waggonmaker and Blacksmith, and good wages, if application be made soon, at their Shops on Franklin Street, Wilkesbarre.

General Election will be held Tuesday the Nineth October next.

Camp Meeting Will commence on Thursday the 13th inst. near Jacob Rice’s, in Kingston, on the ground which has been occupied two years past for that purpose. All huxters and venders of Ardent Spirits, are cautioned to keep at the distance prescribed by the Law.

14 September 1827

Died – In this borough on the 6th inst. after an illness of several years which she sustained with becoming fortitude, Mrs. Mary, consort of Patrick MC GUIGEN, aged 54 years and 4 days. The deceased had long been an inhabitant of this borough, in which she has won the friendship of a numerous circle.

Died – At Exeter, on the 9th inst., after a protracted illness, Mrs. Hannah, widow of John BENEDICT, aged 81 years.

Died – At Cattawissa, on Saturday evening last, Dr. Marshall WADSWORTH, aged about 26.

John M’REYNOLDS & Doct. Samuel HEADLEY, have been nominated by the Democratic Delegates of Columbia County, for members of Assembly. Doct. HEADLEY resides at Berwick, is a thorough going advocate of the Canal system, and if elected, will doubtless make a useful member.

A meeting of the Democratic Republicans, was held in Montrose, 3rd September, Hon. Wm. THOMPSON was chosen Chairman and Davis DIMOCK, Jr. Secretary. Hosea TIFFANY, Jr., Esq., was recommended for Representative in the next Legislature.

Public Meeting. At the house of Edward THOMAS, Hanover, on 8th Sept., to consider prospects of this section of the State in regard to its Internal Improvement &c., Jacob ROMBACK, Esq., of Newport was chosen Chairman and Washington LEE, of Hanover, was appointed Secretary. Garrick MALLERY & George DENISON, Esquires ere chosen Candidates for the Assembly at the next election.

Drowned in the Penobscot, July 29th, by falling from a wharf in Hampdon, Joseph BROOKS, aged about sixty. He had been heard to say in reference to an exchange of worlds, that he hoped he should be drowned, so that he might have a quick passage to hell, and wished also to have a bottle of rum with him!

Horrid Death. John RIGLE, of Lower Mt. Bethel, Pa., nearly opposite this place, was engaged in opening a lime kiln, the arch sustaining an immense weight of lime, gave way, and precipitated him into it, the hot lime closing in upon him up to his neck. At the time of the accident, no one was near to render any assistance; the screams of two or three of his small children alarmed Mr. RIGLE’S wife, who arrived in time, not to extricate him, but to receive his last words. He survived but a few hours after being taken out, having literally roasted to death. The deceased has left a wife and six small children to lament his premature loss. He was a respectable and worthy citizen, in the prime of life.

The Democratic Republicans of the Township of Wilkesbarre are requested to attend an Election to be held at the Court House, on Saturday the 22nd day of September inst., for the purpose of electing a Delegate to attend the County Convention, which will convene at the House of Philip MYERS, in Kingston, on Tuesday the 25th inst. The committees of Vigilance are requested to give notice of the time & place of holding such elections in their respective Townships, and to super intend the same. H. F. LAMB, Wm. HANCOCK, Wm. APPLE, Standing Committee.

Notice. The Subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has taken George W. LAYNG into partnership with him, their business in future will be conducted under the firm of DONLEY & LAYNG. John DONLEY.

Loaned, Some two or three years since three volumes entitled Nature & Art. Also, a folio volume, what is commonly called a Note Book, filled up principally with the heads of adjudged cases and points of Law, in manuscript. Whoever may have those Books, or any of them, in possession, by giving information, will greatly oblige the subscriber. Rosewell WELLES.

21 September 1827

A child aged 4 years, son of Abijah KEELER, was killed in Auburn week before last, by having a wooden ramrod from a rifle shot through his body. It took place immediately after the close of an officer parade, while a number of riflemen were carelessly discharging their pieces in the streets. This practice of firing on parade days, in crowded streets, is dangerous and reprehensible, though but too common among us. Ithaca Chron.

Another Patriot of the Revolution has gone! The remains of Dr. Matthew IRVINE were yesterday consigned to the tomb. Distinguished in the Revolutionary War – eminent in the Medical Profession – ardent in his attachment to his country – urbane and courteous in his manners – he has gone full of years and full of honor, attended by the general esteem and sorrow of our city. Charleston Mercury, 1st.

Sterlingville Woolen Factory. Jona. PARKER, Sterlingville.

Blacksmith Business. John MILROY, Wilkesbarre.

28 September 1827

Testimony of Elsie D. WHIPPLE, taken 26 may 1827, before J. O. COLE, Justice, Albany Co.

A Democratic County Convention at the house of Philip MYERS in Kingston on Tuesday last, formed the following ticket:
For Assembly: George DENISON, Esq. & Maj. Samuel Thomas
For Commissioner: Isaac HARDING, Esq. For Auditor: Luman FERRY, Esq.

At a meeting held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on the 25th, Garrick MALLERY and George DENISON, Esq’rs were nominated as suitable persons for members of assembly.

Mrs. WHIPPLE is said to have gone to Canada, to a Nunnery, perhaps – for voluntary solitary confinement for life – for contrition and penance.

Another Warning. On the 13th inst. a young man, Isaac WARDWELL, living in Darien, committed suicide by drinking rum! It is stated that after drinking very freely at a store, he returned home, found his father’s bottle, drank a pint of the liquor, and not long after expired. Norwalk Gazette, Conn.

An old Soldier who deserves well of his country. Births Extraordinary. The wife of Isaac PECK, a Revolutionary Soldier and Pensioner, living in the neighbouring town of Berlin, was last week safely delivered of a pair of twins, who, with their mother, we understand, are doing well. Mr. PECK has entered his seventy fifth year. Ought not Congress take his case into consideration and increase his pension! Hartford Mer.

A short Chapter of human depravity. Willis HENDERSON killed Gen. ARNOLD, at Alexandria, D. C. on the 30th ult. – Jesse DODSON killed Wm. WILSON, 23rd ult. in Tennessee – Henry RINKE was killed at Montezuma, on the 25th ult. – Edmund STONE shot himself at Limerick, Me. Avowing that he was going to shoot a pigeon – Wheeler DYER ended his troubles in Sacoriver near Salmon Falls, recently – Benj. H. MERIAN killed his infant son at Wallingfield, Con. by cutting his throat – the VAN ALENS, for killing Garrit STEERS were sentenced to 14 years imprisonment in the Penitentiary.

The Wilkesbarre Academy will commence next Term on Monday October 15th.

5 October 1827

Stop the Murderer. We stop the press to say that an atrocious murder is thought to have been committed on the body of Adison ELTING, of Bethany, Pa. The murderer is supposed to have fled down the Delaware River to Easton. Milford Eagle [See 2 Nov. 1827 issue]

Troop of Horse – Will meet at Oliver HELME’S Tavern in Wilkesbarre on 13th October. They are requested particularly to attend, in order to take the cloth for the uniforms, which is now at Mr. HOLLENBACK’S Store.

Married – In Conyngham, on Thursday of last week, by Rev. Joseph OGDEN, Abraham SMITH, to Miss Catharine M’MUTRIL, all of Conyingham.

Died – In this Borough at the residence of his father, Geo. HAINES, on Friday morning last, the 28th ult. after an illness of ten days, Isaac C. HAINES, in the 23rd year of his age.

Died – In this Borough on Friday evening last, after a long illness, William SPEECE, aged _(blank)_ years.

At a Meeting of the Democratic Republicans at the Fire-Proof in Wilkesbarre, on the 3rd, Deodat SMITH, Esq. of Pittston was called to the chair and George M. HOLLENBACK, appointed Secretary. It having been stated that the object was to take into consideration the nominations of Susquehanna County for Assembly, and to examine information related to Mr. TIFFANY’S sentiments on the Canal question – it was agreed to appoint a committee of 7 for that purpose. Thomas BORBIDGE, Wm. HANCOCK, Hezekiah PARSONS, Charles D. SHOEMAKER, Henry F. LAMB, sharp D. LEWIS and John MYERS, were appointed such committee. Resolved that they should support for Assembly, George DENISON, Samuel Thomas and Hosea TIFFANY, Jr.

At a Democratic Republican meeting held at Wilkesbarre on the 2nd inst., Gilbert BARNES, was appointed chairman and Wm. S. ROSS, Secretary. Placed on the ticket are Isaac HARDING for Commissioner and Auditor, Luman FERRY.

At a meeting of citizens of Brooklyn Township, Susquehanna County, Ebenezer GERE was called to the Chair and Samuel WESTON, appointed Secretary. Almon H. READ, Esq., to be supported as one of our Representatives.

Fatal Catastrophe. On Tuesday last, a labourer on the canal, Patrick DEARY, fell from the second story of the public house of James M’NAMEE [MCNAMEE/MACNAMEE], and was killed. The unfortunate man had been confined with sickness; during which time his sight became very much impaired, and so much injured, that a little boy was in the habit of leading him about. The boy being away at the time the accident occurred, the sick man, probably in want of something, ventured to go down stairs without the usual assistance. In the attempt he opened a window, which as it moved upon hinges, he no doubt mistook for the door. He fell and survived but a short time. Harrisburg Oracle.

The Wilkesbarre Fire Company Will meet at the Engine House tomorrow evening at 5 o’clock precisely. Bell will be rung at the hour. S. D. LEWIS, Sec’ry.

Section cut from p. 3 col. 5

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, Oct. 1st:
Samuel DARBY
Charles FULLER
William HICKS
Theopolis LEARNED
Joseph MARSH
Maranda OLIVE
Increase OWENS
Ebenezer PARRISH
Samuel ST. CLAIR

To the Debtors of Dr. Wm. P. CLARK. All the Notes & Accounts now due, are left in the hands of Thomas DYER, Esq., for collection – on whom those concerned had better call and save Cost. E. CAREY, Agent.

12 October 1827

The Indian War at an end. We learn, from traveller, that Col. M’KENNY, of Washington City, arrived at St. Louis on the 17th September from the Winebago County. He bro’t information to that place that the Red Bird, the principal war chief of the hositle band of the Winnebagoes together with a young Brave of the same band, had been given up to General ATKINSON, the Winnegagoes had sued for peace, and had promised to give up all the party which made the attack on the keel boats, and committed the murders at Prairie du Cheis, &c. National Int.

John RANDALL, Esq., and the party engaged under him in exploring the North Branch of the Susque’a. River reached this place, on their way down, on Saturday evening last. On the arrival of the boat, a salute of 13 guns was fired in honor of the anticipated Canal. The Company remained here a few days to repair the boat, prepare clothing suitable to the season, and to lay in the a store of provisions, and on Thursday morning re-commenced their labours. We understand that all possible haste is made by Mr. RANDALL, in order to get through in good season.

We are pleased to notice proposals issued by Ezra and John GROSSMAN, for the publication of a weekly paper in Sunbury, Pa. – to be entitled the Susquehanna Emporium.

There is in the Poor House, at Stonington, Conn., a pauper named, Joseph COOK, aged 101 years. He was at BRADDOCK’S defeat, and served in the Revolutionary Army during the war, but is unable to procure certificates necessary for a pension. U. S. Gaz.

It appears from the Buffalo Emporium, that Red Jacket, the celebrated Indian Chief, has been denounced and deposed by the chiefs of the tribes of the six nations, for his immorality and opposition to all improvements proposed by the whites.

The Chair placed in the Speaker’s desk in the Pennsylvania Capitol, was brought to Philadelphia, form England, by William PENN, and was occupied by John HANCOCK, as President of the Continental Congress.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held November 5th:
1. Land in Dallas Township, bounded by Lot No. 5, 3, 4, containing, after excepting and deducting there from 53 acres, conveyed to Peter CONNER, 5 acres to Mary ROBBINS and 2 _ acres to Philip SHAFER, leaving 99 acres. Also land in Kingston Township, being part of Lot No. 27 in the back tier of the fourth division, bounded by public road leading from near Jacob RICE’S saw mill to BENNET’S saw mill in the upper part of said township on the line between said lot and lands owned by Walter MUNSON, lands sold by Addison CARVER to Charles STOUT and now owned by Walter MUNSON, Nathan MULFORD junr., containing about 40 acres, and late estate of John HUNNEYWELL, jr. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jacob RICE to the use of Samuel RANSOM, against John HUNNEYWELL, jr.
2. Land in Greenfield Township, bounded by Edward DUNLAP, Archibald STEWART, containing 173 acres, late estate of Jonathan HUBBARD. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Wescot STONE, against Luther HUBBARD, administrator of Jonathan HUBBARD, dec’d.
3. A dwelling house of about sixteen feet square and one and one half story high, with back linter, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, on the south side of Franklin Street, on lands belonging to Ziba BENNET, now occupied by John J. WARD’S family adjoining Mr. BROWER. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John DONLEY against John J. WARD.
4 Land in Pittston Township, bounded by David MOORE, John CALDWELL, certified township line of Pittston, containing 182 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John KOONS against Elias SCOTT.
5 Land in Sugar Loaf Township, bounded by the turnpike leading to Berwick, Redmund CONYNGHAM, Daniel WEAVER, George DRUM, containing 3 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John CHARLES and Abraham KLOTZ against John GIRT.
6. Land in Greenfield Township, containing 50 acres, a part of a tract surveyed in pursuance of a warrant No. 39 granted to John M. NESBITT. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James FOSTER to the use of John BUDD, jr. against John JUDER.
7. Land in Hanover Township, bounded by the River Susquehanna, containing 146 acres, being part of a tract called Mount Hope, which the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by their patent bearing date the 29th March 1806 granted and confirmed unto Lord BUTLER & his heirs. Another tract bounded by Lot No. 16, 17, containing 61 acres, called Biddleford, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Patent bearing date of 11 March 1805, granted and confirmed to Lord BUTLER and his heirs. Lord BUTLER by deed conveyed these tracts to Joseph PRUNER in fee simple. Upon the premises are a good frame House and Barn, also an excellent Grist Mill with two run of stones upon a good stream of water. About 130 acres are under improvement, the residue is well wooded and timbered. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Garrick MALLERY, John L. BUTLER and Chester BUTLER, Adm’rs. of Lord BUTLER, dec’d against Joseph PRUNER and Terre Tenants.
8. Land in Tunkhannock Township, being an undivided fourth part of a lot formerly owned by John MC CORD, dec’d, and set off to his widow during her natural life, now wife of Samuel WHITMORE, bounded by Reuben FASSET, Ebenezer and Benjamin SLOCUM, Cyrus AVERY, Esq., Tunkhannock Creek, containing 250 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John SHAVER, sen’r. against John MORRISON, Esq.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Oct. 1st:
John J. ADAM
Christopher B. BAKER
Charles BOWMAN
Dr. E. L. BOYD
Elizabeth BROWN
Letitia CLARK
Abraham CAP
Jacob CIST
Michael CAREY
Jacob CALB
Christian CAYSER
Albert H. DULL
Erastus DEMING
Charles ELLET, Jr.
Jonathan FELLOWS
Elisha HARDING, Sen.
Rosewell HALE
Michael HOOVER
Henry HELD
Benjamin HOPKINS
Jacob KUTZ
Josiah LEWIS
Jesse LEE
Daniel J. D. MILLER
Daniel M’C. (name ok)
Levi RAY
Catherine RAFFERTY
Samuel SAYER
Margaret STUART
Freeman Thomas
Rosewell WELLES
Katherine CRISMAN
Andrew BEAUMONT, P. M.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, Oct. 1st:
Abraham HOLMES
James IVES
Isaac POST
Erastus DAY
Erastus ELY
Doct. John A. WILSON
Jos. B. TUTTLE, P. M.

Cloth Dressing. Philip RIMER, Mortimer D. PARSONS, Wilkesbarre.

19 October 1827

Sad Accident. We learn that Benjamin SPENCER, the return judge of the general election from Nicholson Township, while on his way to meet the judges from the other townships, at this place, was thrown from a waggon & had his skull so badly fractured that he survived but a few hours. The accident occurred on Friday last in Providence. The unfortunate man, we understand had a few days previous discharged the balance of a debt due for a snug property on which he lived, and was just prepared to live comfortably at his ease. Truly may it be said that in the midst of life we are in death.

Official Statement Of The General Election In Luzerne County:
Assembly: George DENISON (1897); Garrick MALLERY (1504); Samuel Thomas (677); Hosea TIFFANY, Jr. (507); Almon H. READ (1112)
Commissioner: Isaac HARDING (1004); Elisha HARDING, Jr. (918)
Auditor: Luman FERRY (908); Christian STOUT (963)

The Delaware & Hudson Canal is now in operation for 65 miles, and is completed from Kingston, upon the Hudson, to Carpenter’s Point upon the Delaware, near Milford. The remainder of the lien is now under contract, to be finished this season. 2000 hands are now engaged in the work, and more would find employment.

Baltimore, Oct. 13. Col. John Eager HOWARD is no more! Maryland has to lament the loss of another of her gallant and venerated Sons in the death of Col. John Eager HOWARD, who departed this life last evening at about half past eight o’clock. The name of this gallant officer and public spirited citizen, is so identified with the history of our Revolution, and the prosperity of our city, that so long as the well earned fame of the old Maryland line shall endure, or the vestage of our metropolis remain, the character of the Hero of Cowpens and Eutaw will be cherished with fond remembrance. Patriot

For Sale – Grist Mill and Tract of Land in Susquehanna County, 300 Acres, 100 cleared and in grass, a good House and Barn. Samuel M. LYNN, Montrose.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, Oct. 1st:
Dr. Francis CARY
Samuel HANES

Notice. This is to notify that my wife, Cassandra, has left my house and board, wherefore I forbid all persons harbouring or trusting her on my account, I will not pay any debts of her contracting after this date. Timothy KINGSBURY, Windham, Oct. 9, 1827.

26 October 1827

Murder and Suicide. Shelbyville, Ky. Sept. 8. On Saturday evening last, Captain James BURTON, on Floyd’s Fork, Oldham County, shot his wife and shot himself. All of this was done in the presence of several small children, the oldest of whom is about ten or eleven years of age. See article for more information.

Dr. YOUNG, a representative in congress from Kentucky, died on the 9th ultimo.

Pennsylvania Elections – House of Representatives:
Columbia: John M’REYNOLDS, Christian BROBST
Luzerne & Susquehanna: Garrick MALLERY, George DENISON, Almon H. READ
Bradford: Constant MATTHEWSON
Northampton, Wayne & Pike: Peter IHRIE, jr., Robert BUTZ, N. B. ELDRED

Curious change of Names. The following singular application is made to the Legislature of Tennessee now in session: Mr. M’GABEE introduced a bill to alter the name of Susanna CREMER to William CREMER, which was read the first time, and passed. The petitioner had been considered a woman, had worn female clothes upwards of 20 years, and had gone by a female name. In 1825, petitioner changed his habits, went to Virginia, married a wife, and is now living in Green County. The ministeral arrangements are nearly completed.

In Stockport, Wayne County, a disease prevails, chiefly amongst children from twelve to fourteen years of age, resembling dysentery, which generally terminates in a mortification of the bowels, and proves fatal in twelve or fourteen days; and that the physicians of the neighbour hood are totally at a loss how to treat it. A disorder very similar to that said to be raging at Stockport, was a month or two since, very prevalent in Indiana County, and some other places in this state.

The Democratic Republicans of Luzerne County friendly to our National Administration are requested to meet at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on Nov. 5th, for appointing Delegates to the Democratic Convention at Harrisburg on 4th January next.

Attention! Wyoming Guards. The members of this Company will meet for exercise on 3rd November at the house of Maj. HELME, in Wilkesbarre. E. HILL, Capt. The day of Appeal for said company, will be the Monday following training, when those interested, will attend, at the same house and hour.

Strayed from the Subscribers some time in July last, a Red Cow. Arnold TAYLOR, Kingston.

2 November 1827

We regret to announce the death of Right Rev. Bishop KEMP; his death was caused by the upsetting of the Stage, between New Castle and Frenchtown. Many of the other passengers were seriously wounded. The drunken condition of the Driver is given as the cause of this calamity. Shall he not be punished? Dem. Press

A villain calling himself Benjamin D. FRANKLIN, a blacksmith by trade, made his appearance at Fort Ball, Seneca County, Ohio, in October last, married a respectable young lady, contracted various debts, stole money, borrowed a horse, ran away, forged an order for more money, sold the horse in Michigan, went to York, Upper Canada, stole another horse, started for Ohio, sold the horse as he had done before, stole another, got home, was sent to jail for forgery, broke out, o his was to Sandusky city stole more money, and eluded his pursuers by taking sassage for the state of New York. He is a bout 25 years old, 5 feet 8 or 10 inches high, slender built, light brown hair, blue eyes, down cast looks, remarkable for gestures when talking, a great egotist, and has the faculty of recommending himself to the favorable notice of strangers. E. DRESBACH and A. RAWSON of Fort Ball would like to hear from him. Albany Daily Adv.

The Pennsylvania Canal. The celebration of the Braking of Ground on the Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, took place at Bristol on Saturday last.

Members of the Wilkesbarre Fire Company will meet at the Engine House tomorrow afternoon. Sharp D. LEWIS, Sec.

New Goods. A General Assortment of Seasonable Goods Just received for Sale on very moderate terms. Jacob & Joseph SINTON.

A quantity of Short Shingles, Is Wanted at the Store of A. THOMAS, Wilkesbarre.

Apprentices Wanted. Two smart active Boys will meet with situations at the Coach & Waggon Making Business, by calling at the Wyoming Manufactory, on Bank Street, Geo. FLAKE, Wilkesbarre.

Citizen Volunteers. The Court of Appeal will be held at the house of Maj. O. HELME, in Wilkesbarre on Monday the 12th. Wm. S. ROSS, Capt., Wilkesbarre.

Married – In this Borough, on Thursday evening of last week, by the Rev. MAY, Richard GREEN, to Miss Margaret J., daughter of Thomas W. MEREDITH, of Mt. Pleasant, Wayne Co., Pa.

Addidson ELLTING, the person supposed to have been lately murdered in Wayne County, of which a notice was published in this paper a few weeks since, is yet living. He states that he was taken in the night form Mt. Moriah, Pike County, by 3 persons unknown to him, and thrown into a large box, lying in a covered waggon. In this box he was kept 23 days on bread and water, and was then set at liberty near Philadelphia very much exhausted. Suppositions are afloat respecting the cause of his abduction and confinement, which time will probably confirm or prove foundless. [See 5 October 1827 issue]

We understand that the erection of the dam at Shamokin Ripples has been put under contract by Charles MOWRY, Esq., acting commissioner, at more than fifty per cent less than the estimate of the engineer. Should the work proceed at the rates heretofore contracted, the canal will not cost the State more than half the amount paid by the State of New York for a work of similar magnitude. States Adv.

MORGAN Matters. It is sated from the west that the body of a man, supposed to be that of William MORGAN, has been found in Lake Ontario, on the mouth of Orchard Creek, County of Orleans. A Coroner’s inquest has been held, and the wife of the deceased was sent for to see if she could identify the supposed remains as those of her late husband. The body having been in the water upwards of thirteen months, it would necessarily be a pretty difficult matter to ascertain the personal identity with precision. We are told however, that the clothes were supposed to be the same that MORGAN had on when taken away. His wife, moreover, said she should know the body in consequence of a fractured arm, which had never been properly set. She also stated that he had double teeth all round, one of which had been extracted, and another broken in the attempt to draw it. These peculiar marks, it is said, were all found on the examination of the body. N. Y. Enq. The body of MORGAN was brought to the village of Batavia on Friday last and interred. N. Y. Statesman [See article for more information]

The Democratic Republicans of Luzerne County, friendly to the election of Gen. Andrew JACKSON, for President of the United States are requested to meet at the Court House in Wilkesbarre on the 6th. Inst. for the purpose of appointing Delegates to the Democratic Convention to be held at Harrisburg on the 8th January, to form an Electoral Ticket.

9 November 1827

On Wednesday morning, Captain PARRY and his surgeon Dr. BEVERLY arrived at the Caledonian Hotel here, after another arduous but unsuccessful attempt to accomplish the Polar voyage. Inverness Courier.

MORGAN not found. The Albany Advertiser publishes an extract of a letter form a gentleman in Rochester , dated 26th inst., that the body found at Oak Orchard Creek & since interred at Batavia, proves not to be that of MORGAN, but of a man from Canada. The wife and friends have removed the body from Batavia to Canada.

At the Democratic meeting held at the Court House on Monday evening last, Philip YOST, of Sugarloaf was called to the Chair and Isaac HARDING, of Exeter, was chosen Secretary. We will support John Q. ADAMS at the ensuing election for President. Messrs. DENISON and HOLLENBACK and Jabez HYDE, Jr. were appointed Delegates to represent this district and Doct. A. B. WILSON, of Berwick, to represent the senatorial district in the 4th January Convention. Judge SCOTT, C. D. SHOEMAKER, John BENNET, Hezekiah PARSONS, Zurah SMITH, Wm. S. ROSS, George DENISON, Isaac HARDING, Jonathan PARKER, John BITTENBENDER, Jonathan WESTOVER, Thomas INGHAM & Noah WADHAMS, appointed a standing committee of correspondence.

On the 12th inst., the house of Judson BROOKS, in Steuben, Oneida County, N. Y., was consumed by fire, and two children perished in the flames. They were left alone by their mother, while she went on an errand to a neighbour’s.

Stray Steer. Trespassing on the premises of Ishmael BENNET, Pittston.

Eleazar CAREY, Informs his Susquehanna friends and the public generally, that he has formed a connexion with D. S. BARNUM, of Baltimore, under the firm of CAREY & BARNUM.

Cabinet and Chair Making Business. J. J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre. He has now 500 chairs ready for sale.

Notice. Was found in Kingston Township, very near the ground lately occupied by the Camp meeting, an apparently genuine Bank Note of considerable worth; the finder will give it to the true owner, when he or she will give satisfactory description of it to Asher STOUT, Teacher of the Hollow School, Kingston.

Wyoming Guards. The Court of Appeal for the above Company will be held at the house of Maj. O. HELME, in Wilkesbarre, on Saturday the 17th inst. E. HILL, Capt.

A Flat Adrift. There was taken up in Exeter, sometime in September or October, a Large Flat, which the owner can have, by paying charges and proving property. Ziba DAVENPORT.

Estate of John BAUGHMAN, late of Nescopeck Township, requests payments and demands. Moses S. BRUNDAGE and Elizabeth BAUGHMAN, Adm’rs..

Estate of Benjamin SPENCER, late of Nicholson Township, requests payments and demands. Jeremiah G. NORTHROP and George A. BAILEY, Adm’rs.

16 November 1827

MORGAN not found. Another investigation has been had as to the body recently found on the lake shore, in the county or Orleans. On this occasion the widow of Timothy MUNRO, who was drowned at the mouth of the Niagara river in September last, appeared and minutely described the clothes, &c. found upon the deceased body. Her testimony was corroborated by that of her son, and John CRON. MUNRO resided in Canada. A third inquest was held over the body at Batavia, the official result of which we have not seen. If the descriptions given of MORGAN and MUNRO are both correct, there must have been many similar marks of identity between the two. The circumstantial evidence to prove the body found to be that of MORGAN, was very strong – similar evidence to prove it the body of MUNRO, will probably overbalance it. Ithaca Chron.

Allentown, Nov. 8. The wretched ZIMMERMAN, who was confined in the jail of Schuylkill County, a long time already, under sentence of death for the murder of his daughter, was killed on Saturday last in prison. On Saturday last another man confined with him, wanted to sweep the room, contrary to the wishes of ZIMMERMAN, who attempted to prevent him; a scuffle began, and in the contest, ZIMMERMAN received a blow on his head with the brush, which fractured his skull in such a manner that he died in a few hours afterwards. We have not heard the name of the murderer. Herald

William KELLER, 45, recently died in Franklin County, Ky. During the last year of his life, he increased in weight upwards of 150 pounds; 582 pounds was found to be his weight three or four weeks before his death. His height was about six feet.

Labourers Wanted. On the Pennsylvania Canal. Several hundred good hands would find constant employment and good wages, on the line of the Canal from the mouth of the Juniata to Northumberland. James APPLETON, contractor for the 31st and 32nd sections, 5 miles below Selinsgrove, is in want of good hands.

Married – At Eaton, on the 9th inst., by Orange FULLER, Esq., Adam SHAFER, jr. to Miss Emuline SHAFER.

At the Democratic Republicans meeting, friendly to the election of Gen. Andrew JACKSON for Presidency, on the 6th at the court House in Wilkesbarre, Benjamin REYNOLDS, Esq., was called to the Chair and William APPLE and John G. HOLLENBACK, appointed Secretaries. Benjamin A. BIDLACK, Benjamin PERRY, James M’CLINTOCK, Charles J. CHRISTELL and John CHARLES, a committee to draft an address. Gen. William ROSS and Jacob DRUMHELLER, appointed delegates to attend the Convention at Harrisburg on 8th January. Anthony BROWER, Jacob ROMBACH, Benjamin REYNOLDS, Joseph TUTTLE, Elisha S. POTTER, John MARCY, Daniel COLLINGS, William APPLE and James HANCOCK, a committee of correspondence. That Robert MOORE, Esq., a member of the Senate, from Luzerne and Columbia, be a delegate on the part of Luzerne to attend the convention at Harrisburg on the 8th January next, to nominate an electoral ticked pledged to the support of Gen. Andrew JACKSON.

Regimental Courts of Appeal. The Field Officers of the Militia Regiments in the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, P. M., are to assemble in their respective Regiments to exonerate any fines that ought not to have been assessed, or that are impracticable to collect:
70th Reg. – at house of Nathan KELLOGG, Bethany, Wayne Co. on the 26th
116th Reg. – at house of David OSTERHOUT, Falls Township, on 28th
115th Reg. – at house of Jonathan HANCOCK, Wilkesbarre, on 30th
2nd Reg. – at house of John JONES, Berwick, Columbia Co., on 1st December
76th Reg. – at house of John BUCKINGHAM, Montrose, on 3rd November (date ok)
Samuel Thomas, Brigade Inspector, Kingston

New Museum. Just arrived from Boston, a new , curious & pleasing collection of Wax Figures, as large as life, consisting of some of the most extraordinary characters the world has produced for centuries, among which are, Duncan BRADLEY, the Yorkshire Giant, eight feet seven inches high; Daniel LAMBERT, who weighed 730 pounds, 10 feet 4 inches round the body, 3 feet one inch round the leg, &c. who lately died in London: and a great variety of Figures too numerous to mention. Also – Natural and artificial curiosities, painting electricity, &c. Also, just added, and elegant German musical automaton Clock, containing nine elegant moving figures, one playing the Clarionet, one playing the French horn in concert with the organ, for a company of Ladies and gentlemen to dance. The price of admittance 12 _ cents per hour for each person, without distinction of age. The above may be seen this day & tomorrow at Maj. O. HELME’s Hotel and at Tunkhannock on Thursday the 22nd inst. and the two following days.

Wire Manufactory. All kinds of Wire Sieves, For cleaning Grain, such as Cockell, Wheat, Flaxseed, Clover and Indianmeal Sieves – Fanning Mill Riddles and Screens – Dusters for Paper Mills, Rolling Screens, Fanning-Mills for cleaning Grain, and Meat Safes, all of which he will sell as low as they can be had in the city, and will take any kinds of Produce in payment. John STEVENS, at Bowman’s Creek, Eaton Township.

23 November 1827

TECUMSEH, A new historical novel, by Mrs. DUMONT, of Vevay, Indiana.

Married – In this borough, last evening, by Rev. G. PECK, Edward FELL to Miss Sarah KARKHUFF, both of this place.

Death of another Revolutionary Hero. Died at Lexington, Ohio, on Monday, the 29th ult, Colonel William MUNROE, aged 86.

Thomas A. EMMET, Esq., of New York, was struck with apoplexy at the bar of that city on the 14th inst. and at half past 10 in the evening the vital spark fled.

Commissioner’s Sales of Unseated Lands, for taxes and for other purposes, will be held on the 7th January next. Each gives the number of acres and amount that is due. The following are the Warrantee Names:
Abington: Elias HOYT
Blakeley: Joseph THOMAS, Jacob STEINHEIZER, John MORTON, David MORTON, Robert LEWIS, Robert REILY, Elizabeth SINGER, David RIDGEWAY, Susannah OGLEBEE, Joseph OGLEBEE, Joseph OGLEBEE, jr. Ebenezer BRANHAM, Christian BRANHAM, James CHAPMAN, John CHAMBERS, Mary CONNART, Abraham SINGER, Peter GRAY, Lewis FARMER, Elizabeth FARMER, Thomas CONNRAD, Joseph BREW
Braintrim: James GUINN, James M. CALLA, Christian GROSS
Covington: Hugh CALHOON, Henry S. DRINKER, John MONTGOMERY, Barnabas MC SHANE, Robert MC CLAY, Job BUTCHER, Thomas BRITTAIN, Hugh WILSON, Isaac ROBERTS, Charles FRENCH, John THOMAS
Dallas: John WILSON, Henry SHOEMAKER, John App OWEN, William HYDE, George ESPEY, Lawrence ERB, Jacob DOWNING, Daniel BALDWIN, John BALDWIN
Eaton: Samuel FOWLES, Matthias HOLLENBACK
Exeter: John GRAY, John FOULKE, John BAY, John EVANS, William EVANS, George FELL, Jacob FOX, David ANDREWS, John HANNARD, George TAYLOR, Morris ROGERS, Joseph or Josiah HUNT, John GREEN, William NICHOLAS
Greenfield: Levi HOYT, Dominick HAND, Philip CLAMPHER, Samuel MEREDITH, John M. NESBITT, James PORTER
Huntington: Charles HASSELL, Abraham OWEN
Newport: James LATTIMORE, John LOCKHART, George HAWKER, Peter DEHAVEN, John FRAZIER, Noble CALDWELL, William COUK, William GRAY, Jacob BOWER, Nathan BEACH
Northmoreland: Lot No. 14 (no name), Richard DOUGHERTY
Nicholson: James QUINN, John KEEGLER, Peter HARVEY
Pittston: Andrew KENEDY, Hill or Theill CASPER; Hill or Theill HENRY; Richard SAVAGE
Plymouth: Friendship, Joseph TURNER, Sunbury Mannor
Providence: Agnes HART, William or Kelliam MAY, Lewis FARMER, Christopher GETTING, Eleaner BRANHAM
Salem: John KUNKLE, Lewis MIX, Lewis RICHARDS
Sugar-Loaf: Josiah HAINES, reuben HAINES, Samuel HEPBOURNE, Andrew DOUGLASS, Samuel DEPUY, John BALLIOTT, Michael APP, William SAMSON, Abraham SCOTT, Peter THOMPSON, junr., George WARNER, Thomas PASCHALL, Alexander NESBITT, Jeremiah SMITH, John KUNKLE, Christian KUNKLE, John KUNKLE, John MOORE, George MOORE, Abraham MASON, Jacob MITCH, Charles HAINES, Robert IRWIN
Tunkhannock: Lewis ELOISE or Paul HAMILTON, Robert HAMPTON, Robert LAWSON, Daniel SCHRANK, Reuben BLISH
Union: Hugh MC GLOUGHLIN, Alexander MC GLOUGHLIN, Daniel REES, Robert SAMPLE, John M. TAYLOR, John WOODSIDES, Israel COPE
Wilkesbarre: Samuel CUSTARD, John W. GODFREY, Martha GODFREY, Joshua GILPIN, Matthias HOLLENBACK, Rebecca KELSO
Windham: Benjamin BROWN, George EDDY, John GORE or GEORGE, Samuel HAZLEHURST, James HALL, Robert MORRIS, Moses MUSGRAVE, Daniel SHEPHERD, George STEWART, William WHITE

The firm of MAPES & Co. is this day dissolved by consent of each party, and the business will after this be conducted as before, exclusively, and in the name of J. N. MAPES, Dundaff.

30 November 1827

Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company. Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders of this Company, that an election will be held at the house of Oliver HELME, in Wilkesbarre, on the first Monday of January next, to elect a President, Twelve Managers & Treasurer. S. BUTLER, Treasurer.

Ale. The Subscriber has again commenced Brewing, And Offers For Sale Beer of the best quality, made from Barley, at 5 doll. Per Barrel – in Barrels, Half Barrels and Kegs. Thomas INGHAM, Jr., Wilkesbarre.

Married – In Nicholson Township, on the evening of the 20th inst. by Miles AVERY, Esq., Ziba SMITH, of Tunkhannock, to Miss Sarah, daughter of Maj. Eliphalet STEPHENS, of the former place.

Stone Coal. A bed of anthracite coal has recently been discovered on Fishing Creek about two miles from the town of Bloomsburg, in this county. We understand a company has been formed and commenced digging to ascertain the probable extent of the bed, as well as the quality. Berwick Gaz.

Members of the Wilkesbarre Fire Company will meet at the Court House, to-morrow evening at half past 6 o’clock precisely. As usual the bell will be rung. S. D. LEWIS, Sec’ry.

New Goods. David BALDWIN, Kingston. N. B. 6 _ cts. Paid for Beef Hides.

Luzerne and Wayne County Turnpike Road Company Stockholders will hold an election on the First Monday of January next, at the house of John ROOSA, Salem Township, Wayne County, for electing: Six Managers, One President, One Treasurer & One Secretary. John ROOSA, Secretary.

Creditors take notice, That we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Luzerne County, for the benefit of the insolvent laws, and that they have appointed the first Monday in January next, at the Court house in Wilkesbarre to hear us and our Creditors, at which time and place you can attend. Michael SCHOUK, Plymouth.

The following is a list of Retailers of Foreign Merchandize:
Wilkesbarre: E. APPLETON, Jas. STARK
Tunkhannock: James WRIGHT, Henry STARK, J. B. & J. TUTTLE
Sugarloaf: Robert M. LATIMORE, Albert G. BROADHEAD, Moses S. BRUNDAGE
Providence: Michael MC KEEL, John VAUGHN
Braintrim: Henry W. NORTHROP
Huntington: Jarius HARRISON, John KOONS, George BOWNE, William BOWAN, Francis SHERMAN
Abington: Samuel GRIFFIN
Blakely: Joseph STEPHENS
Nescopeck: Andrew ARBUCKLE, Lewis CONOVER
Newport: Silas ALEXANDER, David THOMPSON
Northmoreland: Anson BROWN & Co.
Covington: Canrad SAX, jr.
No township: Isaac GRIFFIN, Comer PHILIPS, George L. DINSMORE, A. DURHAM

7 December 1827

Married – At Dundaff, on the 3rd Oct. by Rev. THOMPSON, David ROGERS to Miss Mahala, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel WETHERLY.

Married – At Abington, on the 1st Nov. by Rev. John MILLER, Thos. S. SMITH to Miss Polly, daughter of Jeffrey DEAN.

Married – At Greenfield, on the 4th ult. by Samuel VAIL, Esq., Dr. Francis CAREY, to Mrs. Olivia, consort of Gahiel CORVIN, of New York.

Married – At Blakley, by Elisha S. POTTER, Esq., John WINN, to Miss Christiana FINCH.

Major WILLIAMSON has finished his survey of the route between the Susquehanna and Schuylkill, through the counties of Lancaster and Chester and has pronounced it well adapted for the site of a rail way.

Duel – Mr. GRAHAM, of the Enquirer, fell in a duel, yesterday morning at Hoboken. His antagonist was a gentleman from Philadelphia by the name of BARTON. New York, November 29, Courier.

John S. WIESTLING, of Harrisburg, and George A. SNYDER, of Union County, will immediately issue proposals for publishing a paper at Harrisburg.

The Harrisburg Argus, is printed every Saturday morning by Erancis WYETH.

One half of the establishment of the Bradford Settler, For Sale. James P. BULL.

Notice to Bridge Builders, and Others Concerned. The Commissioners of Luzerne County give Public Notice that they will attend at the following houses for contracts for building Bridges:
At John MANTANYE, Tunkhannock on the 19th, for a bridge across Tunkhannock Creek, near Esq. AVERY’S
At Stephen HARRISON, Huntington Township, for a bridge over Huntington Creek, near GOSS’S Mill, on the 27th
At Edward THOMAS, Hanover Township, for a bridge over the Creek near Samuel PELL’S, on the 29th
Arnold COLT, John BITTENBENDER, Isaac HARDING, Commissioners.

Private Sale, A Farm containing from 1 to 2 Hundred Acres (as suits the purchaser), lying one mile north of A. MINER’S Mills, 50 or 60 Acres under improvement, Frame House, Barn, Log House and Stable, near 100 Bearing Fruit Trees. Application to Henry STARK, Tunkhannock or John MYERS, Wilkesbarre.

Register’s Notice that the following estates have been filed: Jeremiah CULP, late of Salem Township; Peter YARINGTON, late of Wilkesbarre Township; John TAYLOR, late of Providence Township.

A Silver Watch was lost Wednesday evening, 14th November last, between the Court House and Capt. BLANCHARD’S. Subscriber will pay a reasonable reward. Wm. SEARLE, Pittston.

Rye & Corn. Zenus BARNUM, Pittston, will give 2 galls. First rate Whiskey, by the barrel, for 60 lbs. Of Rye and Corn, delivered at his Distillery.

14 December 1827

Died – Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Esq., late of this place, died at Mauch Chunk on Saturday last. He has been for some time employed by the Lehigh Company, as an engineer. In his death, a wife & several small children have been bereft of a kind husband & parent, and society of a useful member.

A solemn warning to Parents. The dwelling house of Smith TUTTLE in Dallas, in which were two children, was together with its contends destroyed by fire last week. Mr. TUTTLE was absent, and Mrs. TUTTLE, after putting her children to bed, stepped into a neighbors on necessary business, leaving a dog in the house with her little offsprings. The dog, it is supposed, by some means or other communicated fire to the building & when the flames were discovered, it was impossible to rescue the helpless sufferers. The neighbors succeeded in tearing down the building, when one of the children, a boy, was found near where the door opened with his hand upon his eyes, having got up from the bed and went in search of the door before suffocated. The other, a girl, was found lying on her face in bed, with a part of her head and one foot burnt to ashes. A quantity of grain had fallen thro’ the floor from tan upper room, and partly covered her, which preserved the greater part of her body from the fire. This relation is enough, without saying anything of the distracted mother, who, a few moments after listening to their prattling, was bereft of her only children.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 5th January next:
1 Land in Newport Township, bounded by Lot No. 5, 2, containing 155 acres, with valuable Coal Bed and buildings. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William KENEDY, Executor of the will of Thomas BARBER, dec’d, against Samuel STIVERS, adm’r. of John STIVERS, dec’d.
2 Land in Pittston Township, bounded by the Lackawanna River, Lot No. 41, 43, containing 383 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Asher MINER, Ex’r. of Thomas WRIGHT against John B. QUICK.
3 Land on the waters of Lower Wappallopen, bounded by Henry WHITEHEAD, John STREMBACK, tract is the south westerly part of a large tract called Tenants in Common, containing 387 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Stephen GIRARD against Collina VOLLMAR and William SIMON, Ex’rs. of Frederick VOLLMAR, dec’d.
4 Land on the waters of the Lackawanna, bounded by Jacob PORTER, Peter PORTER, Samuel MEREDITH, Esq., containing 490 acres & surveyed in pursuant of a warrant dated 17 September 1794 granted to Mary BOYER, who by deed poll dated 2 October, in the same year conveyed the same to Anthony BROTHERS, who by an assignment on the back of the said deed poll dated 25 July 1801, conveyed the same to Thomas OVERTON, to whom it was patented by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania & being all or the same premises which Thomas OVERTON on 6 January 1812 conveyed to Charles TAINTOR. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John WARDEN, assee. Of Jeremiah WARDEN, late Jun’r. John W. WARDEN and William S. WARDEN, assee’s of Jeremiah WARDEN, who was assignee of Thomas OVERTON, against Charles TAINTOR.
5 Land in Northmoreland Township, being part of a tract surveyed on warrant to William MC INTOSH, bounded by John PARKER, Cyrus MANN, containing 33 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John KEATING, adm’r of Richard GERNON, dec’d, against Isaac DECKER.
6 Land in Dallas Township, being part of Lot No. 4, bounded by Hunt’s Stone Coal, road, Lot No. 3, 5, containing 10 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Peter CONNER against John HONNEYWELL, senr.
7 Land in Wilkesbarre Township, bounded by Lots 9 & 10, Benjamin BAILY, Thomas WRIGHT, dec’d, on road from Jacob’s Plains to Wrightsvile, containing about 9 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Esq. against Cornelius CORTRIGHT, 2nd.
8 Land in Exeter Township, bounded by Susquehanna River, James SCOVELL, John GOODWIN, Theophilus, containing 45 acres, late estate of Nathan SMITH. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Philadelphia Bank against Nathan SMITH.
9 Land in Pittston Township, being Lot #67 in the third division of one hundred acre lots, late estate of Asa DIMOCK. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Cornelius CORTRIGHT and David SCOTT, adm’r of Jacob HART, dec’d against Asa DIMOCK.
10 Land in Providence Township, bounded by Lackawanna River, Henry SIVELLY, Daniel MC KENNEY, Henry CHAMPIN, Rosewell RICE. It being the same lands and mill that Rufus BENNET and wife conveyed to said Henry CHAMPIN, together with a carding machine, that Henry conveyed to Warren BUTTOLPH, late the Estate of Warren BUTTOLPH. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Henry CHAMPIN against Warren BUTTOLPH and Elisha S. POTTER.

Notice. Those persons who have not paid their tax, are now requested to attend to this call. I am determined to settle this business shortly, without respect to rank or size. I wish a settlement of the accounts of my deceased Son. I shall pursue the lawful demands in order to enable me to pay his honest debts. My own business is another serious consideration. I must collect my debts, and I will, in justice to those I am indebted to, as I believe more in justice than generosity. I shall be at home Monday’s and Saturday’s of every week. Jonathan HANCOCK, Wilkesbarre.

Estray. The Subscriber has lost an OX, five years old I think, a dark red, full middle size in good order, and rather loose built. I cannot give a particular description of him, but if taken up will prove my property to the satisfaction of the holder, and pay all expenses. Jonathan HANCOCK, Wilkesbarre.

21 December 1827

Married – In Exeter on Thursday evening last, by the Rev. Joseph M. OGDEN, Charles CHAPIN, of Kingston, to Miss Lydia, daughter of Henry KERNS, of Exeter.

Married – In Huntington, on Sunday the 2nd Dec., by John DODSON, Esq., John BRITTON, to Miss Almira FELLOWS, all of that place.

Married – On the same day, by Abiel FELLOWS, Esq., Elisha DAWNER, to Miss Elizabeth HOYT, all of Huntington.

Married – At Hanover, on the 13th inst., by Abiel FELLOWS, Esq., Robert DOWNER, of Huntington, to Miss Lydia, daughter of John BABB, of Hanover.

A Public Dinner – On Monday last, the citizens of Wilkesbarre gave a public dinner to John RANDALL, Jr., Esq. and the young men engaged under him in locating a canal along the North Branch of the Susquehanna River, at PORTER’S Hotel. RANDALL has completed his survey and engaged in preparing his report to the Canal Commissioners.

Another Fire. On Wednesday morning last, the dwelling house of Capt. Oliver PETTEBONE, of Kingston, was destroyed by fire. The furniture was principally saved. The fire originated from a stove pipe passing through the garret floor. He is one of the early settlers and one of the best practical farmers in our country. We sincerely regret, that the hand of misfortune has fallen so heavily upon him.

House of Representatives on the 11th, a Petition for relief to Mary MILLER, widow of an old soldier.

Improvement Meeting was held at the Court House in Montrose on 4th December, Jonah BREWSTER was chosen Chairman and Charles FRASIER, Secretary. Mention is made of the Canals on the North Branch of the Susquehanna and the Delaware and the Susquehanna & Lackawanna Rail Road.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held January 5th:
1. Land in the Borough of Wilkesbarre, bounded by Water Street, Aaron ROBERTS, Susanna WHITNEY, Franklin Street, John W. ROBINSON, containing 3 acres, with buildings. Being same property now occupied as a Public House by Maj. O. PORTER and known by the name of the Phoenix Hotel. Also another piece bounded by Water Street, Market Street, HENTZ, SLOCUM, containing 1 acre, being property now occupied as a Public House by Mrs. JOHNSON, late the estate of HINCHMAN and NEWBOLD. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John NEWBOLD, against Benjamin HINCHMAN & William NEWBOLD, who survived John HINCHMAN, late trading under the firm of HINCHMAN & NEWBOLD.

28 December 1827

United States Pensioners. By statements appended to the report from the Pension office, to the War Department, it appears that there are on the pension list, in the several states of the Union, 12,500 Revolutionary pensioners; 2,805 invalid pensioners and 19 half pay pensioners, making a total number of 16,324; to whom have been paid during the past year the sum of D967,772 12 cents. By an abstract of the returns from several pension agents, it appears, that of these time worn veterans, 491 have during the past year gone to that bourne form whence no traveller returns, and beyond the reach of the tardy and sparing gratitude of their country.

Police Affairs, by John Michael KIENZLE, High Constable of the Borough of Wilkesbarre. Summary convictions, commitments, and bindings over for trial, by the Mayor, for the week ending Dec. 22 – to wit:
Intoxication — 23
Profane swearing, 11 oath 3
Riotous & disorderly conduct — 1
Firing crackers in the city (fined $5 and costs) — 1
Selling crackers — 1
Larceny (5 offences) — 4
Assault & battery — 1
Immoderate driving ($3) — 1
Hack off stand when unemployed (fine $2 and costs) — 1
Having counterfeit Bank Note (State Bank at Camden $1) in possession, with intent to defraud the citizens of this commonwealth — 1


Published by James P. BULL, Meansville, Pa., on Thursday

Note – Issues of this paper appear on the microfilm among issues of the Susquehanna Democrat. Only a few items have been abstracted from these papers.

14 June 1827 (listed after SD 15th June)

Public Notice. Is thereby given to settlers, if any, which are living on a tract of land in the Warrantee name of Benjamin CHEW, containing 27,026 acres, in Orwell Township, the greatest part thereof in the county of Bradford, that unless they come forward and make arrangements to me 9who does with Moses WOOD own the same) within three months, they will be visited by Ejectments. Warren BROWN, Towanda Village or Moses WOOD, Wilkesbarre.

21 June 1827 (listed after SD 29th June)

Attornies, H. WILLSTON & A. INGHAM, have opened a Law Office in Towanda.

The Partnership Under the firm of M. SPALDING & Co. is dissolved by mutual consent. Morris SPALDING and Simon KINNEY

5 July 1827 (listed after SD 6 July)

On Thursday evening, STRANG made to the jailer, Mr. BECKER, a full confession of the murder of WHIPPLE, and yesterday repeated the confession to the Grand Jury. His trial will take place about the middle of July.

Married – In Asylum Township, on Thursday the 28th ult, by William TERRY, Esq., John DUNLAP, of Litchfield, to the Widow VARGASON, of the former place.

29 July 1827 (listed after SD 20 July)

Bachelors’ Dinner was held on Saturday for the bachelors of Towanda by James ELLIOTT. About a dozen of that honourable fraternity assembled. David BARSTOW, Esq., was chosen President & Benjamin SPEES Vice President. Toasts are listed. Volunteers (with toasts listed): David CASH, Esq., Hiram PAYNE, James P. BULL, George W. CASH, W. GOODRICH, Thomas ELLIOTT, D. M. BULL, Doctor LILLY, B. SPEES, Alpheus INGHAM, D. BARSTOW, Esq. By Married Citizens spectators: Warren JENKINS, James GILLSON, James ELLIOTT, Doct. WESTON, Benoni AUSTIN.

Married – In this village on Wednesday the 11th inst., by William PATTON, Esq., Nathaniel N. BETTS to Miss Eliza MEANS, both of this village.

Married – On Tuesday the 3rd inst., by Edward J. ELDRED, Esq., Hugh BOYLES to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of James KING, all of Elkland Township, Lycoming County.

Dissolution of the partnership under the firm of Benj. SPEES & Co. is dissolved. Benj. SPEES, Gilbert D. PHILLIPS, Towanda.

Waggon and Plough Factory. Benj.SPEES, G. H. DRAKE.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Burlington, July 1st:
Chester TASON
Thomas ONEBE
John ROSS, P. M.

Dissolution between John N. WESTON and Lucius LILLEY, Towanda id dissolved by mutual consent.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Towanda, June 30th:
Elnathan BEBEE
Charles BROWN
D. Andrus HOON
Rachael COWELL
Abegail COLE
Olive FOX
Russell FOWLER
Mary FOX
Willard GRANT
Joseph W. KINNEY
Robert MOORE
Hiram MIX
Archibald LUCE
Joseph C. POWELL
Samuel M. SCOTT
Hannah TRACY
N. N. BETTS, P. M.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Athens, July 3:
Elisha HATCH
Griffith BACON
James OLMSTED or John KOWN
Margaret SNELL
Russel GIBBS
Ebenezer BACHUS, P.M.
L. S. ELLSWORTH, A’st. P. M.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Wysox, on 30th June:
Wm. PARK (the late)
Elijah TRACY
Jursulay WHEELER

2 August 1827 (listed after SD 3 August) 2 pages only

Fatal Rencounter, Kingston, N. Y. July 18: On Thursday night the 12th inst., a tailor of New Paltz, by the name of MURRAY, stabbed Jacob BRENNAN, a native of that town in the head and in the abdomen, which proved fatal to him on Saturday afternoon. Ulster Sentinel

Trial For Murder, Milledgeville, July 9. Five Indians were tried and convicted at the last Superior Court, of Thomas County for the murder of Allen CARR’S family, noticed by us last December. One died, one made his escape previous to the time of the execution and the other three were hung on the 29th. Recorder

Appointment by the Governor. E. B. GEROULD, to be Justice of the Peace, in and for Covington Township, Tioga County.


Published by T. A. WELLS, Milford, Pike County, Pennsylvania, on Friday.

Note – Issues of this paper appear on the microfilm among issues of the Susquehanna Democrat. Only a few items have been abstracted from these papers.

1 December 1827 (listed after SD 14 December 1827)

New General Assortment of Seasonable Goods. J. WELLS, Milford.

One Dollar Reward. Escaped from the debtor’s apartment of the Pike County Jail on the night of the 13th, two Debtors. Charles WEATON, about 25 years of age, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, rather slender made and considerably marked with the small pox. Jesse ADAMS, about 25 or 26 years of age, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, fair skin, light hair, well built and active. C. B. SEAMAN, Shff.

Notice to Creditors. Take notice that I have applied to the Judges of the Court of common Pleas of Pike County, for the benefit of the acts of Assembly, made for the relief of insolvent debtors, and that the said court has appointed the third Monday of January next, as the place for the hearing of me and my creditors, when and where they may attend if they think proper. Andrew BORDWELL, Milford; Jonathan ROSENERANTS [ROSENGRANT/ROSENCRANTS], William M’INTIRE

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 7th January next:
1 Land in Sterling Township, Wayne County, bounded by the Bellmont and Easton Turnpike, David NOBLE, containing 50 acres. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Charles DOWLING.
2 Land in the Borough of Bethany, an equal undivided half of house lot No. 191, the northern half to include the mechanic shop which is a tow story frame building. Seized and taken in execution as the property of Addison ELTING. Joseph MILLER, Sh’ff., Bethany.

Drivers notice. The driver of the stage from Easton to Milford respectfully informs the people living upon his route, that he will bring the Milford paper to their doors every Saturday at the rate of 25 cents a year, or upon such other terms as they can agree. The drier of the Kingston Mail tenders the same proposals to those living upon his route.

Estate of John STROUD, late of Middle Smithfield Township, requests payments and demands. William J. TRACH, Peter WALTER, Administrators.

For Sale or to be let, a farm within two miles of Milford containing 268 acres, fruit trees, Log House, Frame Barn, 30 by 36 feet. Apply to John B. ROCKWELL, Milford.

For Sale. Eight hundred acres in Middle Smithfield, Pike County, lying on the Lehigh River, near the old Sullivan Ford, four miles above Stoddartsville, about the same distance below H. W. DRINKER’S settlement in Covington, Luzerne County. Apply to H. F. LAMB, proprietor, at Wilkesbarre, or B. A. BIDLACK, agent, Milford.


Published by DIMOCK & FULLER, Montrose, Pennsylvania, on Friday.

Note – Issues of this paper appear on the microfilm among issues of the Susquehanna Democrat. Only a few items have been abstracted from these papers.

21 December 1827 (listed after Eagle of the North, 1 December 1827)

Only page 1 & 2 microfilmed

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