1828 Susquehanna Democrat

The Susquehanna Democrat 1828

Published on Friday Morning, Wilkesbarre, PA
By Sharp D. LEWIS

Terms Of The Democrat. Two Dollars per annum, half yearly in advance, or Two Dollars and Fifty Cents, if not paid within the year, exclusive of Postage. Interest charged on payments as they become due. Such kinds of Country Produce as the Wilkesbarre Storekeepers receive in exchange for Merchandize – and also Lumber, will be taken on Subscriptions, at the Market Price.

4 January 1828

William WARREN professing to be a physician, was tried at Albany, and found guilty of a misdemeanour in administering arsenic as a medicine to John HOGLE, which killed him. He was found guilty, and sentenced to three year’s imprisonment in the county jail. Mild enough.

Elizabeth PAYNE, forty years of age, and having five children, died on Sunday week, at Bethnal Green, from taking tobacco water as a cure for worms. A quack doctor, named Gabriel ORE, recommended the specific! Verdict, man-slaughter, & the doctor was committed to Newgate.

Married – A Wyalusing, on the 23rd ult. by Rev. BIBBINS, Dilton YARRINGTON, of Dundaff, to Miss Rebecca LAMBERT, of the former place.

Married – At Huntington, last evening, by Elder Joel ROGERS, Silas KALENDER, of that place, to Miss Mary KARKHUFF, of Wilkesbarre.

It is said that in consequence of sickness in the family of Capt. DRUMHELLER, one of the delegates to the Jackson Convention, he has declined attending. On Tuesday last the proper committee appointed Jacob ROMBACH, Esq. To supply his place.

Wm. MILLER has been sentenced to be hung in New York, on the 27th January next, for the murder of the master of a small vessel, on the Hudson River. The act was marked with the most shocking cruelty. The poor wretch was intoxicated.

The Lycoming Penn. Gazette states that a company of enterprising citizens of the state of New York, have purchased a tract of ten thousand acres of land, situated on Lycoming Creek, and containing an inexhaustible bed of Stone Coal. The creek has so far been rendered navigable by the labours of the company that during the late rain, two arks laden with coal descended from the mines. The country watered by the west-branch of the Susquehanna River, abounds in mineral treasurers.

In Royalton, Vermont last week, a man named CONE committed suicide by hanging after being accused of theft. He leaves a wife and several children. (See article)

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, Jan. 1st:
Peter C. WARD
Charles FORBS
Nathan STARK
Daniel LEE
Jos. B. TUTTLE, P. M.

Susquehanna Division of the Pennsylvania Canal. Proposals for the construction of a Towing Path Bridge, connected with a Road Bridge, across the Susquehanna River from Duncan’s Island to the Dauphin shore. Also for the first section of Canal on said division across the Island, and for constructing three locks on the said section, similar to other locks on the said division, furnishing all materials. C. MOWRY, Act. Canal Com.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Jan. 1st:
Francis O. ALLEN
Stephen BURRET
Rachael BEEMER
Jacob BUCK
Nathan CAREY
Henry COLT
Burrows DOWDRY
Charles ELLET
Abraham FRACE
Charles FULLER
George FREY
Nathaniel GIDDINGS
Joshua GREEN
Oliver HELME, Jr.
Charity JACOBS
Jeremiah KITE
Margaret MELLEN
Elizabeth MILL
Joseph OGDEN
Elnathan RICE
Benjamin PERRY
Matthew PETERS
Samuel RAUB
Leonard SANTEE
Voluentine SME_Z
Elizabeth STYER
Jeremiah SMITH
John Palm STEEL
Joseph SLOUM
Frederick VOGLE
Prestus UTLEY
Barnet ULP
George WEISS
George YALE

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, Jan. 1st
Julian BROWN
William CULVER
Daniel GORE
Elias HOYT
William HICKS
Conrad or Philip KUNCLE
Arthur KELLY
Griffin LEWIS
Joseph M. OGDEN
Abraham ORR
Daniel ROTH
John WURTS, Senr.

Notice to Bridge Builders And Others Concerned. The sale of the Hanover Bridge, over the Creek near Samuel PELL’S in said township, is postponed to Saturday the 12th January inst., at which time the Commissioner’s will attend. Arnold COLT, John BITTENBENDER, Isaac HARDING, Commissioners.

Thomas BORBRIDGE & Co. Have just received and offer for sale, Cheap for Cash or Produce, A Large and Elegant Assortment of Seasonable Goods. Also A Large Assortment Of Boots & Shoes, Which they will sell at very reduced prices. Kingston.

The Stockholders of the Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company, are requested to meet at the house of Joseph B. TUTTLE, in the Township of Tunkhannock, on the first Monday of March next, and elect by ballot, Three Managers. Benj. PERRY, Secretary.

Strayed away from J. P. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre, sometime in November last, a Dark-red cow, about six years old..

Broke into the enclosure of John H. TAYLOR, Exeter, about first of December last a two year old Heifer, of red and white color.

11 January 1828

Appointment by the Commissioners. Zurah SMITH to be Treasurer of Luzerne County.

Mrs. DRAKE, Has just returned from Philadelphia with Leghorn & Straw Bonnets, Silks, Combs, Laces, and every description of Millinery.

Stray Cow. Came to my premises about 12th October last, red & white Cow with a white face, supposed to be about 11 years old. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take her away. Wm. MUCHLER, Union.

Stray Ox. Came to my enclosure last month a brindle and white Ox, supposed to be 2 years old. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take it away. Michael RIMER, Wilkesbarre.

18 January 1828

Page 1 & 2 Missing

Married – At Exeter, on the 10th inst., by Rev. STOCKING, Fisher GAY of Kingston, to Mrs. Susanna OSTERHOUT, of the former place.

Married – In Falls Township, on the 30th ult, by Miles AVERY, Esq., John AGER to Miss Sarah , daughter of Caleb AVERY.

Married – In Eaton, on the 26th ult, by Rev. FREAR, Segar GRAHAM to Miss Harriet HALLOCK.

Married – In Abington, on the 3rd inst. by Rev. John MILLER, Asahel GARDNER to Miss Rebecca, daughter of Joel COLVIN.

Married – At Huntington on the 25th ult, by Jon. WESTOVER, Esq., John MINGUS to Miss Catharine PIATT, all of that place.

The survey of Mr. RANDALL along the north branch of the Susquehanna was commenced in July. He began at the New York line til he arrived at Northumberland, a distance of 161 miles. The whole distance located in this way, will amount to $1,820,587.79 or $11,308 per mile. From Northumberland to the Wyoming Valley, keeping on the west side all the way, the cost for 56 miles will not exceed $8,500 per mile.

Washington, Jan. 4. In the Senate yesterday, a bill was reported from the select committee on the subject, for the relief of the surviving officers of the Revolution. The bill for abolishing imprisonment for debt was taken up and in some material points, amended. Nat. Journal

Our readers probably bear in mind that the miserable being ZIMMERMAN, confined in the jail of Schuylkill County, was killed by (blank) WALTER, who was sent in to sweep the room. WALTER has been found guilty of manslaughter, and sentenced to two years confinement in the state prison.

Notice to Land Holders. The owners of Unseated Lands, situate in Luzerne County, are hereby notified, that if the Taxes due thereon are not paid by the first day of March next, they will be subjected to pay for the advertising thereof. Zurah SMITH, Treasurer.

25 January 1828

Report of the Canal Commissioners of Pennsylvania.

Married – Last Sunday evening by Rev. L. BALL, Jonas HARTZELL, of Hanover Township, to Miss Sarapta DOWNING, of Wilkesbarre.

Married – At Allentown sometime since, by Rev. John GRAY, John COOPER, Jr., of Easton, to Miss Elisabeth, daughter of Jonh EVANS, Esq., deceased, of Allentown, Pa.

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Petition from sundry inhabitants of Susq. & Luzerne Counties, praying for the incorporation of a company for the purpose of making a turnpike road from Tunkhannock to Dundaff.
Petition for an appropriation in aid of improving the road leading from Sunbury to ROGER’S Ferry.

Carpentering and Joinering – J. P. BABB

Store Hogs. The Subscriber will pay 1 _ cts. Per lb. Cash – or 3 cts in Store Goods for all Store Hogs, weighing 100 lbs. Or upwards, delivered at his Distillery within two weeks. C. APPLETON, Laurel-run.

1 February 1828

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Petition for examination of the boundary line of Susquehanna, Luzerne and Bradford counties.
Petition to authorize the governor to incorporate the Susquehanna and Delaware Canal and Rail Road Company.

Wilkesbarre Fire Company to meet at the Court House tomorrow evening.

Coach Making & Blacksmithing. V. TRACY & G. C. DRAKE

New Goods. Elijah SHOEMAKER, Kingston

The Subscriber will give 2 Gallons of first rate Whiskey for 60 pounds Rye or Corn delivered at his distillery or Store of Thomas BORBIDGE & Co. Caleb CRIDLAND, Kingston

Notice. Whereas my wife, Lydia, has behaved in an improper way by running me in debt, I hereby forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. Abraham S. BRUNDRIDGE, Greenfield, Jan. 25, 1828.

Receipts & Expenditures for Luzerne County – 1827
Expenditures include:
Auditors: Philip MYERS, Jasper FASSET, Moses OVERFIELD
County Commissioners: Arnold COLT, Deodat SMITH, John BITTENBENDER, Isaac HARDING
Clerks: Jesse FELL
Care of public buildings: John EWING

8 February 1828

Page 1 & 2 missing

Married – In this borough on Sunday evening last by Rev. MAY, Elisha ATHERTON of Kingston, to Mrs. Caroline Ann, daughter of Gen. Wm. MAFFET.

Married – At Tunkhannock, on the 31st ult, by Miles AVERY, Esq., Daniel NEWMAN to Miss Maria FERGUSON, all of that place.

A brief account of the Execution of The Six Militia Men. (a large portion has been cut out from the beginning of this article). The men were arrested, tried & put to death under the orders of Gen. Andrew Jackson, the order of execution was dated January 22, 1815. The article mentions HARRIS, a Baptist preacher with a large family of nine children, had been hired as a substitute for three months. A man named LEWIS. No others are mentioned, nor the crime for which they were accused. Col. RUSSEL commanded at the execution. [See 14 March 1828]

15 February 1828

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held March 26th, as the estate of Philip SHAVER, deceased, tracts of land in Kingston, Dallas and Bedford Townships. John P. SHAVER and Wm. SHAVER, administrators.

Estate of William CURRIE Jr., late of Plymouth Township, requests payments and demands. Freeman THOMAS Adm’r.

Waggon Maker Wanted. A person who understands the Wheelright or Waggon Making business, will meet with a good situation, by applying to the subscriber. A person who has a small family will be preferred. Elijah SHOEMAKER, Kingston.

Notice. Taken up in the River Susquehanna, in the lower end of Pittston Township, on the 8th January by the subscriber and others, a quantity of Hewed White Pine Timer and Sawed Scantling. The owner can receive it by proving his property and paying charges. Calip BILLINGS, Pittston.

Creditors take Notice. That we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, and that the First Monday in April next, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre has been appointed to hear us and our creditors, where you can attend if you think proper. Andrew BARTHOLOMEW, John HONEYWELL, Jr.

Appointment by the Governor. Frederick SMITH, Esq., of Reading, Judge of the Supreme Court, in the room of Thomas DUNCAN, Esq., deceased. Calvin BLYTHE, Esq., to be Attorney General, in place of Frederick SMITH, Esq., resigned.

22 February 1828

Married – In this Borough, on Wednesday evening last, By the Rev. Geo. PECK, Christopher H. BAKER, late of Princeton, N. J. to Miss Esther, daughter of Elnathan WILSON, of the former place.

Married – At Mauch Chunk, on Sunday evening, the 10th inst., by John PRYOR, Esq., Nathan PATTERSON, late of Luzerne County, to Miss Susan LETCHWORTH, late of Burlington County, New Jersey.

New York, Feb. 15. Death of Gov. De Witt CLINTON on Monday evening. He was seated in his study, apparently in good health, with his two sons. His head suddenly drooped, and he instantly expired. The funeral was to take place yesterday.

New Post Offices. A new Post-Office has been established in Northmoreland, to be called Unison, and Conrad CONKLE appointed Post Master. A Post-Office has been established in the same Township, to be called Fullersville, and Anson BROWN appointed Post-Master. [Note – see 27th March for change to Fullersville]

29 February 1828

Died – In this borough, on Wednesday evening last, Harriet, infant daughter of Geo. DENISON, Esq., aged 1 year and 9 months.

At a meeting of the corresponding committee of Luzerne County, (appointed by the regular Democratic Republican Convention, held at Harrisburg on 8th January last), held at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, on 7th February, Noah WADHAMS, Esq., was called to the chair and Col. Lazarus DENISON and Jacob DRUMHELLER, Esq., were appointed secretaries. Several committees were appointed to promote and support Andrew JACKSON for President and John C. CALHOUN for Vice President:
Sugarloaf: George DRUM, Esq.; James COVELL; Andrew WOLF
Nescopeck: Jonas Buss, Esq.; Philip MIXEL; Abraham SHORTZ, Esq.
Salem: Sebastian SYBERT, Esq.; John VARNER, Senr.; Christian BILHEIMER
Huntington: Elisha MYERS; Thomas PATTERSON; John KOONS
Union: Lot SEARCH; Ichabod SHAW; Manuel TURNER
Plymouth: James NESBIT; Truman ATHERTON; Wm. C. REYNOLDS
Dallas: Abraham S. HONEYWELL; John SHAYER; Thomas IRWIN, Esq.
Kingston: David BALDWIN; Fisher GAY; Orr SCOVELL
Exeter: Henry KERN; Lot BREES; Ezekiel GOBLE
Northmoreland: David B. ROGERS; Lewis WHITLOCK; Ashbell LEE
Eaton: Forbes LEE; Benjamin JENKINS; Jesse LEE
Windham: Maj. John FASSETT; Asa STEVENS, Esq.; Wm. SMITH
Braintrim: Nicholas OVERFIELD; Charles KINNEY; Paul OVERFIELD, 2nd
Tunkhannock: Luman FERRY, Esq.; Jesse TUTTLE; Daniel SHAW
Nicholson: John MARCY; Nathan BACON, Esq.; Henry FELTON
Falls: John OSTERHOUT, Nathaniel FITCH; Homan MORGAN
Greenfield: Benjamin SMITH; Samuel VAIL, Esq.; Charles BERRY
Blakeley: Hiram CASE; Moses VAUGHN; Joseph STEVENS
Providence: Michael SWARTZ; John A. KOON; John VAUGHN, Jr.
Pittston: Zephaniah KNAPP, Samuel SIALOR; Samuel SHRINER
Wilkesbarre: henry PETTEBONE; James HANCOCK; Wm. APPLE
Hanover: Nathan WADE; Jacob ANDREWS; John ASPY
Newport: John ROMBACH; Andrew CROOP; Michael GRAVER
Covington: Vharles TERWILLEGER; Lewis STULL; George FRAZIE
Abington: Lemuel STONE, Esq.; Matthew JACKSON; John MILLER

New Goods at the store of Jacob RICE, Truxville.

Estray Calves. Came to the enclosure of Albert SKEER, Kingston, about two weeks since.

7 March 1828

To Builders. Sealed proposals will be received at the Canal Office, Harrisburg, for six Lock houses on the Eastern Division of the Pennsylvania Canal and one brick house at the locks near Harrisburg, until March 28th. C. MOWRY, Actg. Can. Comr.

Register’s Notice. The following estates have been filed: Hamilton GRANT, late of Connecticut, deceased and Benjamin FULLER, late of Huntington Township, deceased.

Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Dividend has been declared on the 4th inst., of One Dollar, On each share of Capital Stock.

Vendue, 27th inst., a quantity of Household and Kitchen Furniture, a Stove, a quantity of Hay, and number of other articles. John HANCOCK, Wilkesbarre.

Luzerne County Sale of Unseated Lands, to be held the second Monday in June next. A list by township of the number of acres, warrantees name and tax.

Married – At Chestnut Hill, Northampton County, by George BUSKIRK, Esq., John STARK, of Wilkesbarre, to Miss Ann, daughter of Conrad SOX, Esq.

The Post Office lately established at the Five Corners in Northmoreland, is called Centermoreland and not Fullersville, as stated in this paper of week before last, and Anson BROWN, Esq., is appointed P. Master

Washington, Feb. 26. Major General Jacob BROWN, Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the United States, expired at his residence in this city, yesterday after a brief illness of three or four days, preceded by a general indisposition of longer duration. Intelligencer

14 March 1828

Six Militia Men – Article mentions that one was John HARRIS, a minister of the gospel. [See 8 Feb. 1828]

On the 4th inst. on motion of Dr. WHIPPLE, the subject of the illegal execution of Six Militia Men was brought before the House of Representatives, with a view to make some pecuniary reparation to their widows and orphan children.

Died – At Pittston, after a short but severe illness, on Saturday morning last, Mrs. Tamer FELL, wife of Samuel FELL, formerly of Buckingham, Bucks Co., in the 76th year of her age.

A new Post Office has been established in Newport, and David THOMPSON, Esq., appointed Post Master.

Thomas SMITH, Esq., has been appointed Post Maser in Pittston Township, in place of Zephaniah KNAPP, Esq., resigned.

We have been requests to state that Lemuel STONE, Esq., one of the persons appointed on a committee for Abington Township, to promote the election of Gen. JACKSON, declines serving. He has the fullest confidence in the present administration, and will give it his support.

The building of a bridge, over the Susquehanna, at Danville, has been contracted for by Messrs. SCHUYLER and FLETCHER, for $27,250.

Ware House, 106 Smith’s Wharf, Baltimore. CAREY & BARNUM, Respectfully inform the public, that the above House is open, and in good order, for receiving storing and making sale of Susquehanna Produce.

Public House. Archippus PARRISH, Would inform his friends and the public that he has taken the Tavern Stand, lately Occupied by O. PORTER & A. COLT, Esq., one door below the Bridge, on Bank Street, where he Solicits a share of public patronage.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 5th April:
1. A tract of land called the Raven’s Dale, in Providence Township, being parts of Lots No. 20 & 21, bounded by Lackawanna River, Lot No. 22, containing 247 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Stephen BARKER against Eliphas SPENCER.
2 A tract of land called Wild land, in Pittston Township, being lot No. 11, 34d division, late estate of Chester DANA. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jonathan BULKELEY, late Sheriff of Luzerne County against Chester DANA and John OSTERHOUT.
3 A tract of land in Northmoreland Township, bounded by Joel ROGERS, Cyrus MANN, William BRACE and Oliver LEWIS, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Arthur KELLY against Jonas WOOD and Jonas WOOD Jr.

21 March 1828

Died – At Hanover, on Wednesday last, Isaac HARTZELL, Esq., Register and Recorder of Luzerne County, aged about 60 years.

Died – At Pittston, on Friday the 16th day of February last, Miss Nancy, daughter of Doct. Nathaniel GIDDINGS, of that place, aged 27 years.

Died – At Dallas, on the 12thinst., Frances Antoinett, daughter of Jacob J. BOGARDUS, Esq., aged eleven? Months.

Wyoming Seminary – A Select School – Will be opened on Monday the 14th day of April next, at the House of the Subscribers, where Young Ladies will be instructed in those branches of Science, taught in our most approved Seminaries, together with the more fanciful female accomplishments, comprising Needle-work, Plain and Ornamental Drawing, Music, etc. etc. Terms of Tuition will be from $2 to $5 per quarter. Board, $1.50 per week. Music will form an extra charge. Many lessons will be given per week, as shall be found most advantageous to the learner. A share of public patronage is respectfully solicited. R. D. CHAPMAN, Principal, S. E. TROOT, Assistant. Wilkesbarre.

$300 Reward. Abiel FELLOWS, Late of Huntington Township, County of Luzerne having fled from his residence about the 20th of February last, after having been guilty of a most infamous breach of the peace, a reward of Three Hundred Dollars will be paid by the Subscriber, residing in said township, to any person who will deliver the said FELLOWS to the Constable of said township, or secure him in any Jail within this Commonwealth. FELLOWS was seen about the last of February in the Western part of the State of New York; and it is probable that he is now in the neighborhood of Buffaloe. He is between 60 and 70 years of age, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, has dark eyes, dark complexion, and dark hair, probably somewhat grey. He took with him a new fur hat, a new light drab great coat, a tight bodied coat of dark grey cloth. All persons who have any regard for just administration of the law upon offenders, are respectfully solicited to secure him if possible. Samuel HARRISON.

Notice. All persons indebted to the Subscriber on Note, Bond or Book account, are requested to call and settle the same between this and April Court, and save Costs. Particular attention to the above is desired, as necessity compels me to take this step. Charles J. CHRISTEL, Wilkesbarre.

Pork. 70 Barrels First Rate Mess and Prime Pork. Just received from the State of New York, together with a quantity of Lake Salt and Plaister. For sale by Z. BENNETT.

28 March 1828

Act Relating to the Pennsylvania Canal, and to provide for the commencement of a rail road to be constructed at the expense of the state and to be styled the Pennsylvania rail road.

A new Post Office has been established, about five miles from Wilkesbarre, on the Dundaff road, to be called Plainsville, and Samuel SAYLOR, appointed Post Master.

A shock of an earthquake was sensibly felt in this place, on Sunday night last, about 11 o’clock, accompanied by a rumbling noise. Enquirer, Bedford, PA, March 14.

It is said there are now in Canada, only two survivors of Gen. WOLFE’S army, and they are nearly one hundred years old. John ROBINSON, who came to Canada and joined WOLFE’S army in 1757, died recently in the parish of St. Roch, aged 97.

Lancaster, March 18. Wm. M’CULLOUGH, Esq., of Little Brittain Township, this county, was wounded with a large butcher knife, by Joshua BACON, a negro man, on Sunday the 9th inst., of which wound he died on the Wednesday following. A reward of fifty dollars is offered for the apprehension of BACON, who is described to be about five feet, 7 or 8 inches high, stout built; about 30 years of age. He has a defect in two of his front teeth in the upper jaw, high cheek bones, looks pleasant when spoken to. His dress was a blue coat, gray, cassenet pantaloons and waistcoat of the same, a fur had about half worn. Intel.

Estate of Isaac A. CHAPMAN, late of Mauch Chunk, deceased, requests payments and demands. Rebecca D. CHAPMAN, Administratrix.

Notice. All persons indebted to henry F. LAMB, are requested to call and make settlement without delay.

Andrew RAUB has on hand, and offers for sale at his Distillery in Kingston, a quantity of First Rate Refined Whiskey. He will sell by the Barrel or by such quantity as may be desired.

Came to the enclosure of Cornelius BOYD, Plymouth, some time last fall, a Black Heifer. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take her away.

4 April 1828

Died – At Sheshequin, Bradford Co., Pa., on the 19th of February last, Col. John SPALDING, aged _(blank)_. He entered the service of his country soon after the commencement of the Revolutionary War, when quite young, and continued in it, till the close – was in the Wyoming Battle, and one of the few that escaped that horrid massacre, and was in many Battles. If he possessed faults, those faults were never discernable, for dissimulation formed no trait in his character. He was open, generous, and brave, and died as he had live, fearless of the approaching enemy. Brad. Republican

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives:
Not. 291 Authorising the governor to incorporate the Dundaff and Tunkhannock turnpike company. Ordered to a third reading.

Distressing – On Monday night the 10th inst. Capt. William GUTHRIE, with one of his sons in attempting to drive across a high bridge, about 5 miles from Kittaning, Armstrong County, the old gentleman, horses and waggon, were precipitated over the side – and Capt. G. instantly killed; his body, head and limbs were dreadfully bruised. The son fortunately escaped by leaping from the horse on which he was riding. Capt. GUTHRIE was about 73 years of age; he was a soldier of the revolution, and was at Paoli at the time of the shocking massacre of the troops at that place, where he narrowly escaped. He drew a pension. As a man he was much esteemed, and his melancholy end is the subject of general regret. He has left an aged widow and numerous relatives to mourn his loss.

All persons friendly to the distribution of the Bible among the destitute citizens of Luzerne County, are requested to meet at the Court House on Tuesday the 8th inst. to devise measures to carry into effect the plan lately recommended by the American Bible Society.

Wilkesbarre Fire Company will meet tomorrow evening at half past 6 o’clock at the Court House., for the election of officers for the ensuing year.

New Store at the east corner of the public square, in the building formerly occupied by Gould PHINNEY and C. APPLETON. Dry Goods, Groceries, hard Ware, Queens Ware, Glass-Ware, Paints, Dye-Stuffs, &c. &c. J. D. HAFF, N. RUTTER, Wilkesbarre.

Removal. The Subscribers having removed to the house lately occupied by Jonathan HANCOCK, in addition to their former stock, have just opened and now offer for sale a general assortment of new goods. DONLEY & LAYNG, Wilkesbarre.

The Noted Horse, King William, will be kept this season at the stable of Wm. M. HART, Wilkesbarre. His pedigree can be seen by calling on the subscriber.

11 April 1828

Appointment by the Governor. Charles D. SHOEMAKER, Esq. to be Register and Recorder for Luzerne County, in the place of Isaac HARTZELL, Esq., deceased.

A Public Meeting convened at the Meeting-House in Wilkesbarre, on Tuesday evening last for the purpose of taking measures to ascertain the number of families in Luzerne County, at are now destitute of the Holy Bible. The meeting was organized by the appointment of Rev. Cyrus GILDERSLEEVE, President and Ziba BENNET, Secretary. A committee of eight to carry into effect the object of the meeting: Judge SCOTT, Rev. Geo. PECK, John N. CONYNGHAM, J. D. HAFF, Z. BENNETT, H. C. ANHAEUSER, Lewis WORRELL and Benjamin F. BAILEY.

On Friday of last week, the bill for the relief of the widow of the late General BROWN, giving her 5,500 dollars, the amount of pay, emoluments and allowances, from the time of his death to the end of the present year – passed in Senate of the United States.

Any person wishing to purchase a small, but handsomely situated Farm on reasonable terms, may, perhaps, accommodate himself by calling Amzi WILSON, at Pittston.

Brigade Orders. The Volunteers and enrolled Militia residing within the bounds of the 2nd Brigade, in the 8th Division of the Penna. Militia, are hereby notified to meet for Training and Inspection by Regiments and Battalions as follows:
2nd Reg., on 12th May
Volunteer Batt. commanded by Major BOWMAN, the 13th
115 Reg. commanded by Col. JENKINS and the Volunteer Batt. commanded by Maj. BUTLER, on the 15th.
1st Batt. of the 116th Reg. commanded by Col. AVERY, on the 16th, 2nd Batt. on the 17th
Volunteer Batt. commanded by Major STURDEVANT on the 19th
76th Reg. on the 21ast
Volunteer Reg. commanded by Col. JESSUP on the 22nd
70th Reg. on the 24th
Volunteer Batt. commanded by Lieut. Col. WILBER, on the 26th
Samuel THOMAS, Insp’r., 2nd Brig. 8th Div. Penna. Militia, Kingston.

The Stockholders of the Company for erecting a Bridge over the river Susquehanna, at the Borough of Wilkesbarre, will meet at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, on May 5th for the purpose of choosing One President, One Treasurer & Six Managers. George C. DRAKE, Sec’ry.

Edward JONES, manufactures and keeps constantly on hand An Elegant Assortment of Ladies’, Misses’ and Children’s Boots and Shoes.

The Genuine Draught Horse, Premium Bay, will stand for Mares at the farm of Robert MINER, Wrightsville.

Public Notice is Hereby Given, That a certain Note given to me by Nathaniel STARK for $80, and about 75 cents – dated I think in May the 23rd, 1822 – payable in four years after date. The first two years without interest. The said note was given on certain conditions, that is viz: If a certain note given to John WILLIAMS, by Paul STARK and Marshall DICKSON, Jr. was paid or satisfied, the said note given to me was to be void, and given up to the said Nathaniel STARK, and the said note being taken from me in a fraudulent manner, in the month of February or March last without my leave or consent, this is to show or represent, that the note given to John WILLIAMS is paid and I am satisfied for the one given to me by Nathaniel STARK, which ought to be given up to him. Jesper BILLINGS, Tunkhannock.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, April 1st:
Lucretia BOWMAN
Christopher C. BUSKIRK
Charles BRYANT
Justus A. BROWN
Virgil L. DIBOLL
Charles FULLER
Daniel LOCKE
Frederick MAIN
Joseph MARSH
Abraham J. ORR
Christopher G. OEHIMG
Andrew ROPE
Jacob RICE
Philip SCRIE
William SHAFER
Issac WORT

To Teamsters. The Subscribers wishes to employ, during the summer, 3 or 4 Teams to carry Produce to the Delaware and Hudson Canal. C. APPLETON, Laurel Run.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, April 1st:
Stephen ABBOTT
Dr. E. L. BOYD
Israel BREES
Derick BIRD
Benjamin BAILEY
Olivia CAREY
Stephen COHER
William DEETER
Benjamin DUNKAN
Jonathan DILLEY
Christena DOWNING
Joseph P. DENNIS
Richard DAVIS
Gabriel D. DAVIES
Joshua GREEN
Richard GREEN
Patrick GREEN
Prescella HORTON
Abraham HART
David HAWK
Jonathan HANCOCK
Michael HOOVER
George LEARN
William LEWIS
Lucinda Adaline MASSEY
Abraham or James NESBITT
Jacob & Joseph SINTON
George YALE

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, April 1st:
Thomas CAREY
Joseph CAMP
Isaac POST
Eleanor STAGE
Eliphalet MASON, Esq.
William S. JAYNE
Joseph QUICK
Percipher LEMAN
Abraham JAYNE
Nathan FOOT
Stephen SQUIER
Obediah WOOD
_(blank)_ PREVOST
Gabriel ELY
Samuel HOWE
William JAYNE
Jos. B. TUTTLE, P. M.

18 April 1828

Fire. On the night of the 17th ult a house was burnt in Mifflin Township and two unfortunate beings, a father and son named OAKS, were immolated in the flames. There are circumstances attending the case, improper to detail, which would induce a belief that these unfortunates were murdered; and the fire communicated to the building for the purpose of concealing the horrible deed. Rufus OVERLY has been committed to the Prison of this county on suspicion of having perpetrated this deed of almost unparalleled cruelty. Bloomsburg Register

We have been requested to state that the Rt. Rev. Bishop ONDERDONK will deliver a discourse in St. Stephen’s Church on Sunday the 27th inst.

Six Militia Men Court Martial. From documents it appears that the Militia Law of 1795 restricted the term of service to three months. On 10th April 1812, a law was passed requiring the militia to serve a term not exceeding six months. This law was limited to 2 years and expired on the 10 April 1814. On the 18th of this month a law was passed extending the term of service to six months, in he opinion of the President the public interest required it. Consequently if the President had issued an order requiring the term to be extended to six months, the unfortunate men who were shot ought to have remained in service that length of time – but if the President had issued no such order, then there was no law to compel them to serve longer than three months. That the President had issued no such order will appear in the following extract of a certificate accompanying the documents. The men who were shot, were called to service on the 20th June 1814, and as no order had been issued by the President, their term of service expired on the 20 September 1814, the day on which the left the army. The Proceeding of Court Martial ordered by Gen. Andrew JACKSON for Jacob WEBB, a Private in Captain STROTHER’S Company, on charges of Desertion, Mutiny and Robbery, he was found guilty of the first two charges, and sentenced him to receive the punishment of death by shooting. (See article for testimony of witnesses)

Boston, April 5. On Tuesday last, the remains of the late Ex-President ADAMS, and those of his Lady, were removed from the family tomb in Quincy, and deposited in a stone vault under the Church. A marble monument is to be erected over them, in the interior of the Church.

Wilkesbarre Tract Depository. The Subscribers to this Institution met on the 16th inst. and elected David SCOTT, Esq., Pres’t., Lewis WORRALL, Sec’ry, and J. D. HAFF, Treas’r. Rev. Cyrus GILDERSLEEVE, Rev. James MAY, Rev. Isaiah BALL and H. W. NORTHRUP were recommended as suitable persons to form a board of agency for Luzerne County. The object of this society is to distribute religious tracts in those parts of the county seldom visited by missionaries, and to supply Auxiliaries, Sunday Schools, and individuals, with the means of religious instruction. 88,000 Pages of Tracts, are now procured and may be had at the Phil’a. prices, at the Depository, HAFF & RUTTER’S store, Wilkesbarre.

Attention Citizen Volunteers. You will meet for exercise on Monday the 5th May next, at the house of Charles J. CHRISTEL, in Wilkesbarre, at nine o’clock, A. M., completely equipt as the law directs. By order of Capt. ROSS. Jos. P. DENNIS, O. S.

Strayed Heifer from the enclosure of T. W. MINER, in the early part of this month.

25 April 1828

American Biography – Major General BROWN, Late Commander in Chief of the Army. He was born in 1776, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he resided until he attained the 20th year of his age. He resided in Ohio and New York. His public life began with the war of 1812, when he was called into service as a militia general. In 1814 he was promoted to the rank of Major General, and appointed to the command of the Army of Niagara. At the close of the war Gen. BROWN and Gen. JACKSON were retained in the service as major generals of the army; and in 1821 the former was left with a reduction of the military establishment, in sole command. Since that time he has been established with his family at Washington City where he died. [See article for more information.]

An Act of Relief for the Poor, enacted by the House of Representatives of Pennsylvania in General Assembly.

In Womelsdorf, Berks County, on the 4th inst. John WHITEMAN, an industrious mechanic, while he was playing fiddle for a company of dancers, was murdered by a man named UMSTEAD, a tobacconist. UMSTEAD came up to WHITMAN, who was intent upon the Reel he was playing, and with a desperate blow struck a butcher knife through his head from the right temple to the left. UMSTEAD was lodged in jail on the following day.

Died – Rev. Charles R. MARSH died or rather fell asleep on the evening of the 10th at half past 11 o’clock. His funeral was attended on Thursday the 13th. The Masonic brethren attended. (Copy of a letter from a gentleman in Susquehanna County, to his Friend in Luzerne)

Miss Martha E. ROSS, Milliner, Respectfully informs the Ladies of Tunkhannock and the vicinity that she has commenced the Milliner & Mantuamakin Business, in the Stage House of John MONTANYE.

Regimental Orders – 116th Reg. PA Militia:
1st Batt. will meet at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, in Abington on the 16th and the 2nd Batt. will meet at the house of Joseph B. TUTTLE, in Tunkhannock on the 17th. Courts of Appeal will be held for the 1st Batt. at the house of Otis COLVIN in Abington by Captains Joseph CAMP, Benjamin W. READ and Stephen MILLER. For the 2nd Batt. at the house of Capt. David OSTERHOUT in Tunkhannock, by Captains Josiah ROGERS, Richard ADAMS and Oliver CULVER. Miles AVERY, Col. Of the 116th Reg.

Wyoming Guards will meet for exercise at the house of Joseph SOX, in Kingston on the first Monday of May next. E. HILL, Capt.

Estate of Andrew WALTMAN, late of Huntington Township, requests payments and demands. Valentine WALTMAN, Adam WALTMAN, Administrators.

Married – In this Borough on Sunday evening last, by Rev. Geo. PECK, William C. AGERMAN, of Kingston, to Sarah, daughter or Maj. O. HELME, of Wilkesbarre.

Died – At Baltimore on the 11th inst., Edward C. PINKNEY, Esq., of Baltimore.

Died – Revolutionary Hero gone! On Thursday morning, April 10, 1828, aged 74, Major David LENOX.

Six Militia Men – We continue to extract the Court Martial. The case of David MORROW was not charged with desertion. He was a member of Capt. John STROTHER’S Company attached to the 1st Reg. Tennessee Militia. The charges against him were mutiny and exciting to mutiny. He was sentenced to be shot. (See large article)

Public Meeting was held in Wilkesbarre on Tuesday evening last for the purpose of ascertaining the number of families in Luzerne County that are now destitute of the Holy Bible. Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., was called to the Chair and Ziba BENNETT, appointed Secretary. The following were elected officers to serve until the next annual meeting:
President: Hon. David SCOTT
Vice President: Thomas DYER, Esq.
Treasurer: James D. HAFF
Corresponding Secretary: J. N. CONYNGHAM
Recording Sec’ry.: Ziba BENNETT
Managers: David SCOTT, Oristus COLLINS, Ebenezer BOWMAN, Ziba BENNETT, Sharp D. LEWIS, H. W. NORTHROP, Christian NAGLE, Zurah SMITH, Lewis WORRALL, Joseph SINTON, John N. CONYNGHAM, Anderson DANA, Benjamin BAILEY, H. C. ANHAEUSER, Jacob RICE.
Resolved that the Female Bible Society of Luzerne County be requested to co-operate with this Society, and to unite their exertions in the same holy undertaking.

Samuel IRWIN informs his friends and the public that he has rented the Public House in Cattawissa, on Market Street, near the bank of the Susquehanna – sign of Gen. WASHINGTON, formerly kept by Samuel WATERS and recently by Jonathan CASHINS – where he intends keeping the best of Liquors, Beds, &c. for

2 May 1828

Titles of Acts Passed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania at the 1827-28 Session. (All acts listed)
4. An Act for relief of Nicholas SWOYER a soldier, and Christiana HOUSE, the widow of a soldier, of the Revolution.
6. An Act to vest in Mary LEABORD, the right of this commonwealth to the real and personal estate of her illegitimate son, Jonas RICHARDS, late of Duglass, Berks County.
7. An Act for relief of Elizabeth BERNARD, widow of a revolutionary soldier.
10. An Act for relief of Robert GLENDINING.
13. An Act to authorise the governor to incorporate the president, managers and company of the Lackawaxen turnpike road.
14. An act granting all the right, title and interest of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the estate of John JOHNSON, deceased, and also the estate of Charles JOHNSON, deceased, to Samuel JOHNSON, the natural brother of said John & Charles.
17. An act to legitimate Maria Eve SNYDER, daughter of Daniel UDREE.
21. An act for relief of Thomas ELTON and Benjamin HUNTER, soldiers of the revolution.
23. An act to authorise the committee of Michael HANCHMAN, a lunatic, to sell and convey a part or parts of real estate of the said lunatic.
26. An act for the relief of Irwin ELLIOTT, of Fairfield Township, Westmoreland County.
29. An Act granting a gratuity to Rich___ __AGLE, a revolutionary soldier.
36. An act for the relief of John MARTIN, late supervisor of Mifflin Township, Lycoming County.
43. An act for relief of Samuel LOCKHART and John LIGHT, soldiers of the revolutionary war.
58. An act for the relief of William M’CRUM and William STITT, Soldiers, and Mary EICHELBERGER and Massey HARBESON, widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war.
59. An act to enable the acting executor of Lewis REITZ, dec’d. to convey certain real estate.
63. An act granting a gratuity to Robert MAXWELL for his revolutionary services
66. An act authorising Nathaniel B. BOILEAU to sell and convey certain real estate, the property of Mary JENKINS.
67. A supplement to an act entitled ‘an act to authorise the governor to incorporate a company for erecting a bridge over the river Susquehanna, near the north line of Pennsylvania, in Harmony Township, Susquehanna County.’
71. An act to erect the town of Dundaff, county of Susquehanna, into a borough; the village of Towanda, Bradford County.
74. An act for the relief of sundry soldiers and widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war.
80. An act to vest in Nancy DUNN the right of this commonwealth to the real and personal estate of Charles DOUGHERTY, of Warren County.
82. An act to annul the marriage contract of Jabez SHERWOOD and Elizabeth SHERWOOD (late HORTON) and confirming the marriage of Elijah PECK and the said Elizabeth, for other purposes.
83. A supplement to an act, entitled ‘an act authorising the governor to incorporate the Lackawanna and Susquehanna rail road company.’
86. An act for the relief of Margaret CLARK, widow of a revolutionary officer.
92. An act to enable the guardian of Ellen T. and Caroline WILCOX; and John KUHNS guardian of the minor children of Abraham RINGLE to convey certain real estate.
93. A supplement to the act entitled ‘An act for the relief of John JOHNSTON and others.’
96. An act for the relief of sundry soldiers, and widow of soldiers of the revolutionary war, and granting to Sarah WITHERS compensation for a tract of donation land.
101. An act authorising the sale of the real estate of Andrew HAMILTON, deceased.
102. An Act for the relief of martin RANNEY.
103. An act authroising Wm. VANSANT to convey certain lands therein mentioned; and also to authorise Ludwig NEFF and Michael EVERETT guardians of the minor children of Henry CREUTZ, late of Lehigh County, deceased, to sell and convey certain real estate, and authorising Lewis TAYLOR of Phila. To sell and convey certain real estate.

Six Militia Men – We continue to extract the Court Martial. Trial of John HARRIS, a Private in Capt. STOTHER’S Company. Charged with Mutiny, Conniving at Mutiny. He was found guilty. (See large article)

Doct. C. T. WHIPPO and company, left Wilkesbarre on Tuesday morning last, to commence locating the Canal on the North Branch of the Susquehanna.

On Saturday last a Canal Dinner was given to Judge SCOTT, Messrs. DENISON and MALLERY, and Dr. WHIPPO, at the house of O. PORTER.

Casualty. A few days since in Bradford County, a Mr. MERITHEW; while engaged in rolling saw logs, was crushed to death, by several logs rolling over his body. He left a wife and two or three children.

The negro man who murdered Wm. M’CULLOUGH [MCCULLOUGH/MACULLOUGH], Esq., of Lancaster County, some weeks since, was apprehended in Cattawissa, Columbia County. He has been delivered over to the sheriff of Lancaster County and by him lodged in jail, where he awaits his trial.

Henry GARDINER, lately deceased at Charleston, in his 94th year, was with Paul JONES in the Revolutionary contest; and at the age of 78, at the commencement of the late war, entered the navy as sail maker. He was born in Rhode Island.

Militia Elections of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division. (Each company tells what officers are to be elected.)
1st Batt. in 2nd Reg., at the house of Major John BITTENBENDER, Nescopeck Township
2nd Batt, of said Reg., at the house of John JONES, Berwick
Huntington & Union Volunteer Batt, at the house of Widow FULLER, Huntington Township
Wyoming Volunteer Batt. & 1st Batt. 115th Reg., at house of John SAX, Kingston Township
2nd Batt, of said Reg., at house of C. J. CHRISTEL, Wilkesbarre
1st Batt., 116th Reg., at house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington Township
2nd Batt., of said Reg., at house of Jesse LEE, Eaton Township
Invincible Volunteer Batt., at house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington Township
Volunteer Riffle Batt., at house of William CARNEY, Windham Township
1st Batt. Volunteer Reg. No. 136, at house of Amos TIFFANY, Harford Township
2nd Batt., of said Reg., at house of Daniel CURTIS, Montrose.
1st Batt. of 76th Reg., at house of Jonas B. AVERY, New Milford Township
2bd Batt., of same Reg., at house of Daniel SEARLE, Montrose
1st Batt. of 70th Reg., at house of Thomas CLARK, Canaan Township
2nd Batt. of same Reg., at house of John C. RILEY, _(blank)_ Township
Volunteers Companies commanded by Captains BAKER, PHINEY and ELLIS, will form an
Independent Battalion, and hold election at the Dundaff Hotel.
Samuel THOMAS, Insp’r., 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Penna. Militia, Kingston

S. ALMOND, Coppersmith and Iron and Tin Ware Manufacturer, Wilkesbarre.

A Journeyman Blacksmith Wanted. George FLAKE, Jr., Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Isaac HARTZELL, late of Hanover Township, requests payments and demands. Jonas HARTZELL, Ex’r.

9 May 1828

Titles of Acts Passed by the Legislature of Pennsylvania at the 1827-28 Session. (All acts listed)
107. An act authorising Rudolph WISLER to improve an island in the Susquehanna River, called, Sandy island.
110. An act authorising Isaac STRAUB to erect a dam and wing-dam at Vincent Island, in the west branch of the Susquehanna River.
115. An act confirming the name George M. STROUD.
117. An act for relief of sundry soldiers, and the widow of a soldier of the revolutionary war.
118. An act for the relief of Samuel WOLF
119. An act for the relief of Susannah SCHREIBER, widow of a soldier in the revolutionary war.
120. An act authorising the executors of the last will and testament of Aaron HACKNEY, deceased, to sell and convey certain real estate.
122. An act for relief of Moses VAN CAMPEN, an officer of the revolutionary war.
123. An act to enable George D. B. KEIM, of the borough of Reading to sell and convey certain real estate.
124. An act for the relief of Stephen KINGSTON.
126. An act authorising the surviving trustees, of William YOUNG’S burial ground to exchange certain parts thereof.
127. An act for the relief of Frederick NAVEL and others, soldiers, and the widow of a soldier of the revolutionary war.
129. An act to authorise the governor to incorporate the Dundaff and Tunkhannock, and other turnpike road companies.
133. A further supplement to the act entitled An act to authorise the governor to incorporate a company for erecting a bridge over the north east branch of the Susquehanna River, between the town of Cattawissa and the mouth of Fishing Creek, passed the 15 March 1815.
139. An act to incorporate the Presbyterian Congregation of Montrose in Susquehanna County.
144. An act to authorise the trustees under the last will and testament of James LYLE, deceased, to make investments of his state.
145. An act granting compensation to Benjamin TANNER, for his services in the engraving of the state map.
147. An act for the relief of Christopher SYPE, a soldier of the revolutionary war.
148. An act, entitled an act to empower James CUMMINS, guardian, of the minor children of Thomas ACHESON, deceased, to execute a deed.
151. An act granting authority to purchase real estate with certain monies of Samuel Dickson M’CLY, a minor, and authorising the guardian of John EVANS, a minor, to purchase certain real estate.
154. An act authorising Peter KAFROTH and Christian CARPENTER, executors of the last will and testament of Jacob KAFROTH, as trustee under the last will and testament of Catharine GREIDER, deceased, to purchase real estate.
156. An act authorising the Orphans Court of the county of Philadelphia to empower John WILLIS, the trustee of John LOCKHART and Elizabeth LOCKHART, to dispose of certain real estate in the county of Philadelphia.
157. An act for the relief of the lineal heirs of David BELL, a soldier of the revolutionary war.
158. An act appointing a trustee of certain trust estates and property of Ann Penn GREENLIEF, wife of James GREENLIEF.
165. An act for the relief of sundry soldiers and widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war, and granting relief to Martin WEAVER, administrator of the estate of John BALDY, deceased.
170. A supplement to the act, entitled an act enabling certain trustees to sell and convey the real estate of Henry STRATER, a lunatic, passed 29 March 1809.
172. An act for the relief of sundry soldiers and widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war.
175. An act to annul the marriage contract of Henry HEIL and Rosa his wife.
176. An act to vest in Isaac ANGNEY and Jane his wife, formerly Jane HUSTON, the right of this commonwealth to the estate of Jonathan HOUSTON of Cumberland County
188. An act authorising the executors of Peter DREHER, of Schuylkill County, deceased, to sell certain real estate.
195. An act for the relief of James SAWYER, a soldier of the revolutionary war.
205. An act for the relief of Everhart OHL, a soldier of the revolutionary war.
206. An act for the relief of George HARMAN, a soldier of the revolutionary war.
208. An act for the relief of Wm. KINSEY and Thomas BODLEY, soldiers, and Catherine ROBERTS, widow of a soldier of the revolutionary war.

Six Militia Men – We continue to extract the Court Martial. Henry LEWIS, charted with Exciting to mutiny and Mutiny. Sentence – Death by shooting. (See large article)

Notice to Bridge Builders. The County Commissioners will attend at the house of Peter HERMANS, Innkeeper, Providence Township, on the 21st, to contract for the building of a Bridge over the Lackawanna Creek, near Ebenezer SLOCUM’S.

Proposals Will be received at the Canal Office in Liverpool until 23rd May, for the construction of 13 Lock Houses on the Susquehanna Division of the Pennsylvania Canal. Also Proposals for constructing Guard Gates, at the feeder near Montgomery’s ferry and also for Wasteweirs along the line of the canal, and for constructing a turnpike road from the end of the tow-path bridge, so far as the present turnpike is to be destroyed, on the island by the location of the canal.

In the Democrat of last week, a notice of the dinner given at Major PORTER’S, the names of Judge SCOTT and Dr. WHIPPO, were erroneously introduced. The dinner was given exclusively to Messrs. DENISON and MALLERY.

We are requested to state that the 2nd Batt. of 2nd Reg., will hold their election at the Town House in the Borough of Berwick, and not at the house of John JONES.

We have been requested to state that Col. Miles AVERY, of Falls Township, will be a candidate for the office of Brigade Inspector at the ensuing Militia Elections. The military life of Col. AVERY, commenced in 1810, when he was appointed to the office of 4th corporal. He has been gradually promoted since then until 1823, when he was elected Colonel of the 116th Regiment, and has served in that office until the present time. In this is an evidence that Col. AVERY has made himself acquainted with discipline, and that he is a good officer.

We understand that several persons in the lower part of this county, are sick with the Small Pox. Perhaps it would be prudent in parents to have their children vaccinated.

An Act Concerning small notes for the payment of money.

16 May 1828

Page 1 not microfilmed

Six Militia Men – We continue to extract the Court Martial. David HUNT, charged with Mutiny. Mention that he was the son of John HUNT, of Rutherford County, Tennessee. A letter is published by David Hunt, written to his Mother and Father on 21 Feb. 1815 from Mobile, that he expected to die an innocent death, between 2 and 4 o’clock, also mentions his brothers and sisters. (See large article)

The office of the county court clerk in King and Queen County, Va, has been burned, and it is thought by design. All the papers, nearly the whole of the records, the laws furnished for the use of the court, and the seal of the office, were destroyed by the fire.

The body of Nelson PATTERSON, has been found on an island in the Ohio, near the mouth of the Tennessee River. Gambling, trick and forgery, brought him to the desperate act of taking his own life. He had held many responsible stations, among them that of Secretary of the JACKSON Committee at Nashville.

Another Victim to – Whiskey! In Burke County, N. Car., John MARTIN, having broken into his neighbor’s stillhouse, drake of the delicious contents of a whiskey barrel, till he was dead.

Cart Horses. John KANE was tried, convicted and sentenced to the Penitentiary for six months at hard labour, for unmercifully beating his horse. He is a gray headed man – 63 years old. N. Y. Adv.

Military Meeting held by a number of enrolled Militia & Volunteers of Luzerne County, met at the house of O. HELMS, Wilkesbarre, May 12. Col. Harris JENKINS was called to the Chair and C. D. SHOEMAKER, appointed Secretary. A committee of 5 was appointed to make a report of the meeting: W. S. ROSS, Lot BREES, Elisha ATHERTON, Jesse CRISMAN and James HANCOCK. They recommended: Orlando PORTER, of Wilkesbarre, for Brigadier General, John PERKINS, of Kingston as candidate for Brigade Inspector; Major Samuel THOMAS for office of Brigadier General, and Col. Miles AVERY, of Falls Township, for candidate of Brigade Inspector. On motions the Resolution for Major THOMAS, was negatived, the one recommending Major O. PORTER, was adopted. On counting the votes for Brigade Inspector, Col. AVERY had a majority of five over either of the other candidates.

An Apprentice To The Tailoring Business Wanted immediately. A Boy between the ages of 12 & 15 years, of good character, disposed to learn this business, will find a good situation by applying soon to the subscriber. Jacob KUTZ, Wilkesbarre.

Notice. Whereas my wife, Lucinda, has left my bed and board, without any just cause or provocation, I do hereby forbid all persons against harboring or trusting her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. John FITCH, Northmoreland, May 13, 1828.

23 May 1828

Died – At Milford, Pa., on the evening of the 11th inst., Mrs. Frances R., consort of Benj. A. BIDLACK, Esq., aged 21 years. By her death a disconsolate husband, and a helpless infant, were bereft of an amiable companion and a tender mother. Mrs. B. was late of this place, where her death will be mourned by a numerous circle of her acquaintances.

Six Militia Men – the conclusion.

Public Meeting of the Officers of the 3rd Battalion, 116th Reg., at the house of J. B. TUTTLE, in Tunkhannock Township on May 17th. Capt. Josiah ROGERS, was called to the Chair and Capt. Latan ROBERTS, appointed Secretary. The object of the meeting having been stated from the chair, after a free interchange of sentiment upon the subject of the next military election, it was on motion and seconded. Resolved that we recommend to the electors of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Div. P. M., Col. Miles AVERY, of Falls Township, for the office of Brigade Inspector., Major Moses VAUGHN for Colonel of the 116th, 1st Batt., Capt. Josiah ROGERS, Lieut. Colonel, Lieut. Thomas HADLEY, Major.

Military Meeting of the citizens of the Township of Exeter, Kingston and Plymouth, at the house of Philip MYERS, in Kingston, on the 13th inst., Capt. Ziba HOYT was called to the chair and Stephen WILSON, appointed Secretary. Recommend Major Orlando PORTER, of Wilkesbarre for the office of Brigadier General, Maj. John PERKINS, of Kingston for Brigade Inspector, Capt. Jacob J. DENNIS, of Wilkesbarre for Colonel, Hiram DENISON, of Kingston, for Lieutenant Colonel.

Military Meeting at the house of Henry SHAFFER, in Pittston, on May 21st, by members of the Wilkesbarre and Pittston Rifle Blues, and others subject to military duty in the township, Lieut. John CAREY, was appointed President and John KENNEDY, Secretary. Samuel WILLCOX, Henry CORTRIGHT, Crandall WILLCOX junr., Samuel COX and Cornelius SEARLE were appointed a committee of nomination. Maj. Samuel THOMAS recommended for Brigadier General, Maj. John PERKINS, for Brigade Inspector, Maj. John L. BUTLER for Lieut. Colonel of the Wyoming Volunteer Battalion and Capt. Wm. S. ROSS for Major.

Military Meeting of officers of the 1st Batt. of Luzerne Volunteers, held at the house of William CARNEY, in Windham Township, on the 19th inst. Major John FASSETT was called to the Chair and John STURDEVANT appointed Secretary. Maj. Samuel Thomas nominated as Brigadier General and Col. Miles AVERY as Brigade Inspector.

Tailoring. Seth KERSHAW and James AUSTEN have commenced this business in the shop lately occupied by C. H. BAKER, as a Bindery, next door but one to Isaac BOWMAN’S Currying shop. Military work will be done neatly and according to law. Cutting done on short notice.

Notice. C. H. BAKER has removed his Book Bindery to the second door above W. L. BOWMAN’S Tannery, on Main Street.

Notice. Whereas my wife, Polly, having left my bed and board without provocation, and having behaved improperly in running me into debt and taking articles that did not belong to her, all persons are forbidden to harbor or trust her on my account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. Thomas LOMERAUX, Plymouth.

30 May 1828

We have been requested to state, that Col. Ziba DEVENPORT, declines being considered a Candidate for the office of Brigade Inspector, at the ensuing Election.

Public Meeting of the officers of the 1st Batt., 116th Reg., at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington Township, on 16th, Capt. Samuel CHURCH was chosen President and Benjamin F. BAILY, appointed Secretary. Another meeting held the 17th at the same place, to nominate candidates for field officers for the ensuing term of 7 years. Resolve to support Samuel Thomas for Brigadier General and Col. Miles AVERY for Brigade Inspector, Henry HERMANS for Colonel and Elias GRIFFIN for Major of 1st Batt.

Military Meeting at the house of J. B. TUTTLE, Tunkhannock, of the 2nd Battalion, 116th Reg., on 26thMay. Luman FERRY, Esq., appointed Chairman and Henry STARK and Ziba SMITH, Secretaries. Resolve to support Maj. Samuel THOMAS, of Kingston, Brigadier General, Col. William JESSUP, of Montrose, as Brigade Inspector, Maj. Moses VAUGHN, of Abington, as Colonel, Adjutant Reuben FASSETT, of Tunkhannock, for Lieut. Colonel and Adj. James STERLING, of Braintrim as Major of the battalion.

Public Meeting held at the School house in Tunkhannock Township, May 27th, by members of the 116th Reg. Pa. Militia and the Invincible Volunteer Battalion. Capt. Joseph CAMP was called to the chair and Lewis DICKSON and John SHAW, appointed Secretaries. Resolved to support Maj. Samuel THOMAS, of Kingston, for Brigadier General and Col. Miles AVERY, of Falls Township for Brigade Inspector.

Meeting of the several Independent and Militia companies in Susquehanna County, held at the house of Daniel SEARLE, Montrose, on the 16th, Asa DIMOCK Jr. was chosen Chairman and Cha’s. CHANDLER 2nd appointed Secretary. Resolved to support Samuel Thomas, Esq., for Brigadier General, William JESSUP, Esq., of Susquehanna County, for Brigade Inspector.

John J. WARD, Tailor, has removed from his old stand in Franklin Street to a more eligible one in Main Street, next door to Z. BENNETT’S store and near the store of Messrs. DONLEY & LAYNG.

Kingston Saddle and Harness Manufactory. Edward CROSTHWAITE.

An Act by the Senate and House of Representatives of Pennsylvania – Concerning small notes for the payment of money.

6 June 1828

Married – At New York, George FULLER, one of the Editors of the Montrose Register, to Miss Mary BARNARD.

Died – In Salem on the 29th ult. of a pulmonary consumption, Lewis H., son of the late Dr. CONOVER, of Philadelphia, aged about 30 years. The deceased had been labouring under this disease for several months, during which time his sufferings were very great.

Died – In Doylestown, on Friday afternoon last, the 23rd inst., Elisha B. JACKSON, in the 25th year of his age, the senior publisher of the Bucks County Intelligencer. The disease which closed his career of life so early, was pulmonary consumption. He was a native of Columbia County in this state.

Died – Another Revolutionary Character Gone. A letter dated at Greensburg, near Tarrytown, 24th inst. states that Isaac VAN WART, one of the captors of Maj. ANDRE in the Revolutionary War, died on Friday last.

Appointment by the Attorney General. George C. DRAKE, Esq., to be Deputy Attorney General for Luzerne County, vice B. A. BIDLACK, Esq.

Messrs. Ebenr. BOWMAN and Lewis WORRALL, the agents appointed by the Bible Society of Luzerne county, to ascertain the number of families resident within the Borough of Wilkesbarre, destitute of a copy of the Holy Bible, have faithfully performed their duty. They proceeded to make the necessary enquiries at every house within the Borough, thus ensuring the correctness of the returns they were called upon to make. It is hoped that the agents of the several Townships of our County, will as completely perform their parts in this undertaking, so interesting to every friend of the Bible cause.

It will be seen by the Sheriff’s advertisement in our paper, that the property of De Witt CLINTON, is advertised to be sold next week. It was a mortification from which we hoped to be spared. We did think, a few weeks ago, that sufficient money could be raised in this great state , to save the children from its greatest benefactor, the little that he left. Albany Advertiser

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held July 11th, land in the warrantee name of Jacob STRUMBACK, bounded by lands surveyed of Jacob HOGERSHIMER, John CLINGMAN, Thomas PALMER, Alexander I. LITCHER, Jos. THOMPSON, Jane BRADY, in Nescopeck Township, late estate of John Henry KNOWS, dec’d., for such estate, and under such rents and conditions, as the said decedent had and held the same before his decease. Attendance will be given by William DEITER.

Cabinet and Chair Making Business, Anson MARTIN and Edward ROHN, Kingston.

Strayed from the enclosure of O. HELME, Wilkesbarre, on the 21st ult., a dark bay horse. Whoever will return the said Horse to the Subscriber or to O. HELME, shall receive a reasonable reward and all reasonable charges. Eliphalet STEPHENS, Nicholson. P. S. If said Horse has been stolen the owner will pay Twenty Dollars for the apprehension of the Thief, and Ten Dollars for the recovery of the Horse.

Strayed from the Subscriber in Kingston, on the 1st inst., a bay horse. Elisha ATHERTON, Kingston.

13 & 20 June 1828 – Papers Missing

27 June 1828

Sad Occurrence. About three weeks since a son of Jonathan CARPENTER, Esq., of Northmoreland, aged about 6 years, strayed a short distance from his father’s residence into the woods, in company with another boy, and was most shockingly bitten by a Rattlesnake. It is thought that the child did not observe the reptile, and that he supposed there were briers about his feet, as he did not move from the place until bitten several times. The snake was discovered by his little companion who warned the unfortunate child of his danger. He attempted to escape, but so furious had the snake become, that it continued to thrust its fangs into him until he fell. Being unable to walk, the child crawled on his hands and knees to the road, a few years distant, when the snake let go his hold, (by which he had been dragged through the brush) and retreated. By the time assistance was offered him the child was senseless and so badly swollen, that he could not open his eyes. Medical aid was immediately called, and every exertion made to relieve him – but of no avail. He lived about 36 hours, senseless, when the vital spark fled.
It is said that Rattlesnakes are unusually plenty this season, and it would be well for parents, who live in the woods, to keep an eye to their children. Let this case serve as a caution to all others.

Execution. On the 30th ult. at Concord, N. C., Joseph WEAR, was executed for the crime of kidnapping. On the same day and at the same place, negroes Joe and Molly, were hung for the murder of Mrs. LONG.

The paper mill of John SNYDER, near Selinsgrove, with all its contents, was entirely destroyed by fire, early on Friday morning last. Five workmen, three men and two boys, who slept in the mill, were wrapped in its flames, and buried in its ruins. One of the sufferers, we understand was the brother of Joseph BROWN of this place, and the only one who has left a family without a head, and with slender means of support. We have understood that this destruction is supposed to have been occasioned by the indiscreet use of a candle or lighted cigar, by one or more of the workmen in going to bed; and who were known to have been absent at a late hour of the night. Col. Register.

Six Cents Reward. Ranaway from the subscriber on Tuesday, June 24th, an indentured apprentice to the Tailoring business, named David LAPHEY. Is near 20 years of age, about 5 feet 11 inches high, and proportionally large. A. BROWER, Wilkesbarre.

4 July 1828

A Supplement To an ordinance, It shall not be lawful for any person to strip himself, for the purpose of swimming or bathing in the river, in said borough, at any time, within the distance of fifteen rods, either above or below the center of the abutment of the bridge, under the same penalties for every offence, 1811, to which this is a supplement. Passed June 26, 1828. Arnold COLT, President.

The office of the Susquehanna Democrat is removed to the new building on Main Street, two doors above the Store of Ziba BENNETT, near the north east corner of the public square.

A man named Combs DECKER, near Dundaff accidentally shot himself on Thursday of last week. He was attempting to hang a gun on a tree by the guard, and in mistake let the trigger rest on a limb. The gun discharged, and the ball entered his thigh, and passed out near the knee. Hopes are entertained for his recovery.

A man by the name of Jonathan BROOKS, of Orange County, N. Y. was murdered near Belmont, Wayne County, Pa., on Wednesday of last week, by a stranger whose name we have not learned. It is said that BROOKS had a large sum of money with him, which probably induced the wretch to take his life. The murderer has been taken and lodged in jail at Bethany.

On Saturday last a man by the name of Charles SHIPPY, was bitten on the end of the finger by a Rattlesnake, in Blakeley Township. In less than 10 minutes he was speechless. Our informant says the man was living the day after he was bitten, and thinks he will probably recover.

The level of the river Susquehanna at Sunbury, it has been ascertained, is upwards of three hundred feet lower than the Schuylkill at Pottsville. This is a remarkable fact.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
Wilott ALLEN
Rev. F. BAHL
William BATY
John P. BABB
Elisha BLACKMAN 2nd
Charles BOWMAN
Solomon COLVER
Frederick CARNEY
Margaret CROOP
Eleazer DANA
Virgil M. DIBOLL
Rachael DECKER
Joseph P. ENDDIS
John DEWI__
Daniel DAVID
Virgil M. DIBOLL
Benjamin ERIS
Elizabeth FLANAGAN
Abraham FRAW
Amanda GAREY
Elizabeth F. GRAVER
Olver HELME, Jr.
James C. HELME
William HOWARD
Daniel K. JONES
Susannah JOHNSON
Samuel KOONS
Susannah LEOB
Josiah LEWIS
Joshua F. MILLER
Archippus PARRISH, Principle Paper Maker
William ROBS
Philip SINE
Levi RAY
Samuel RAUB
Archibald SMILEY
Leonard SANTEE
Jeremiah SMITH
Jeremiah SMITH
Abraham or Henry TILLBURY
Frederick WAGGONER
John J. WARD
Rosewell WELLES
William WARREN
Daniel WHITE
Israel WORT

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, July 1st:
Christopher BUSKERK
William LITTLE
Frederick MAIN
Stephen ROBINS
J. Nelson ROSS
Daniel ROAT
William T. TUTTLE

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, July 1st:
William AMES
Cyrus H. AVERY
Joseph CAMP
Ebenezer CAMP
David or Samuel DAILY
Samuel HOW
Zebulon MARCY
Jonathan PARKER
Ebenezer POTTER
Benjamin SLOCUM
Samuel A. ROSE
Benjamin A. ROSE
Joseph SHAW
Doct. Royal ROBINSO
Nathan STARK
Jos. TUTTLE, P. M.

11 July 1828 – Paper missing

18 July 1828

A young woman of Doylestown, about 25 years of age, Miss Sarah SIEGFRIED, committed suicide, a few days since, by drowning in herself in a mill-pond. False promise of marriage are said to have caused this catastrophe.

Died – At Berriesburg, Dauphin County, Pa., on the 16th ult., John BERGSTRESSER, late of this county, aged about 26 years.

Notice. The Democratic Republicans of Luzerne County are requested to meet at the Court House, in Wilkesbarre, on Tuesday evening of the first week of August court, to make arrangements for the approaching annual Election. Wm. HANCOCK, H. F. LAMB, William APPLE, Standing Committee.

Jeremiah MATLOCK was so severely injured by the premature discharge of a gun from battery of the Columbia Artillery Company at Washington, on the 4th that immediate amputation became necessary. He was otherwise injured, and is not considered out of danger.

Estate of John BERGSTRESSER, late of Luzerne County, requests payments and demands. William BERGSTRESSER, Administrator.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 2nd August next at the Court House in Wilkesbarre:
1) Land in Falls Township, bounded by Elias SMITH, containing 155 acres, late property of Paul GREIMER. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jacob FAATZ against Paul GREIMER.
2) Land in Exeter Township, bounded by David CULVER, Asa STANTON, Stephen HADSELL, containing 56 acres; (being same land Richard GERNON conveyed to James HADSELL). Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John KEATING, administrator of Richard DERNON, dec’d, against James HADSELL and terre tenants.
3) One equal undivided fourth part of a certain Saw Mill, with the equal undivided fourth part of one acre of land belonging thereto, situate in the township of Tunkhannock. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Zebulon MARCY, against Gideon A. COREY and Oliver STARK.

Notice. Ranaway from Stoddartsville on the 6th July, with a worthless woman named Jane BLINKER, Rosewell H. HALE, a man of 45 years of age, good size, dark complexion, hollow face and roman nose. Said HALE left a wife with 2 children in Wilkesbarre, after having entered her house in the night and rifled it of everything he could carry, together with her clothing. HALE had runaway when he came to this County, leaving a wife and children behind him, which I did not know when I married him. From the best information I can get, HALE has runaway from 2 wives before he came to this county. He left here much in debt, and as he is a poor worthless vagabond I deem it proper to caution the public against him. Any person who will address a letter to James STARK, Esq., Wilkesbarre, Pa. Giving information where he is, shall be rewarded, and will confer a favor upon an unfortunate woman. Sarah HALE.

25 July 1828

New Article of Commerce: Not long since, an Ark Load of Live Hogs, belonging to Mr. LEIDY, 80 in number; and averaging about 200 lbs. Each, in weight; left this place for Philadelphia, by way of the Union Canal, &c. in the care of Geo. B. STACKHOUSE. Berwick Gaz.

Since the commencement of Harvest, the weather has been very wet. Scarce a day is passed without a shower of rain, which has caused great inconvenience and injury to the farmers. The wheat crops have been materially affected, the berry shrunk. Some fields, it is said will not produce half a crop. Other crops are promising, and will, it is thought turn out well.

A Public Meeting of the inhabitants of Pittston, convened at the house of Calvin STOCKBRIDGE, on the 17th June to recommend persons for members of our state legislature. John BENEDICT was called to the chair, Dr. Nathan GIDDINGS & Amzi WILSON, appointed secretaries. Recommended that Garrick MALLERY be supported as Senator for the counties of Columbia and Luzerne. George DENISON and John N. CONYNGHAM to the electors of Luzerne and Susquehanna. Zenus BARNUM, Richard H. BROWN and John THOMPSON to prepare an address to the citizens of the senatorial and representative districts.

John N. CONYNGHAM declines being a candidate.

Wyoming Troop. Members will meet at Olivier HELME’S Tavern, Wilkesbarre on the 16th August. It is particularly desired that as many members as possible may be equipped by that time: It is therefore suggested that the cloth for the uniforms be immediately placed in the hands of the Tailors, and measures be taken to procure the other necessary equipments, in order that they may be prepared by the 16th. Several persons in Wilkesbarre & Kingston have already procured their uniforms, and from them the proper pattern can be obtained. All persons who may wish to join the Troop, are requested to attend at the above mentioned time and place.

Estate of Philip HEERMANS, late of Providence, requests payments and demands. Benjamin FELLOWS, Adm’r.

1 August 1828

North Branch Canal. Agreeable to public notice given by Thomas WOODSIDE, Esq., Superintendent, proposals were received at the Canal Office in this place, until Wednesday evening last, for the excavation and construction of 27 miles of the North Branch Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, commencing at Nanticoke falls, and ending about 8 miles below this place – divided into 73 sections. For several days before the letting our town was thronged with applicants from different parts of Pennsylvania, N. York, N. Jersey and Canada; probably a greater number than had ever assembled on a like occasion, in any one place in the U. States – the most of whom were old substantial contractors. The number of proposals received for the different sections is not yet ascertained, but it will most likely amount to near 1500. In our next we shall be able to give the exact number, and also the names of the successful applicants. Berwick Gaz., July 26

A man by the name of EVANS, has recently been tried in Jefferson County for the murder of two fellow beings, convicted and sentenced to be executed on the 22nd of next month. It is the first capital case that has ever occurred in that county. In the course of the testimony on trial it was found necessary to introduce a son of EVANS, 10 years of age, whose testimony was not considered valid by the court, on account of his ignorance of the existence of a God! Surely the prospect of sudden death, to such a parent must be awful indeed. Albany Reg.

The Danville Watchman establishment has fallen into the hands of Mr. V. BEST and the title changed to the Danville Intelligencer. It will continue to support the election of Gen. Andrew JACKSON for President.

Ancient Burying Ground – While at Pittsburg, Pa., in May, the Rev. GWINN, an aged and respectable member of the General Conference, related to me some circumstances respecting ancient burying grounds, in the section of the country in which he resides, which appeared to me of an interesting character. Having a desire to retain the facts, he very kindly gave them to me in wiring with permission to make any use of them I pleased. My informant said that he had examined those grave yards himself, and could attest to what he had written – the substance of which I forward you for insertion in the Herald if you think it worthy a place. J. SANBORN, New Bedford, Mass., June 26, 1826.
In White County, Tennessee, near the town of Sparta, there have been discovered three burying grounds, where a very small people are deposited in tombs (coffins) of stone. The greatest length of the skeletons is nineteen inches. Some being worn smooth and short, while others are full and long. Many of the tombs (graves) have been opened, and the skeletons examined. The graves are about two feet deep; the coffins are of stone, made by laying a flat stone on the bottom, one at each side, one at each end and one over the corpse. The dead are all buried with their heads to the east and in order, laid on their backs and their hands on their breasts. In the bend of the left arm is found a cruise or mug, that would hold nearly a pint, made of ground stone, or shell of grey colour in which is found one, two, or three shells, supposed to be sea shells. One of these skeletons had about the neck, ninety four pearl beads. Near the one which I examined is the appearance of an ancient town. The bones found in these graves are strong and well set. The whole frame appears to be well formed. These grave yards are in extent from half an acre to an acre and a half. In the same neighbourhood is a burying ground where the dead are buried in the same manner as above described, where the skeletons are from seven to nine feet long. Zion’s Herald

The Young Men of Luzerne County friendly to the Administration of the General and State Governments, are requested to meet at the Court House in the Boro’ of Wilkesbarre, on the 1st day of September next, with a view to take measures preparatory to the Presidential Election, and promotive of the arrangements of the General Democratic Convention, held at Harrisburg on the 4th day of January last. Several Young Men.

Carbondale and Blakeley Turnpike Road Company. The Subscribers, appointed by an Act of the last Legislature, Commissioners, for the purpose of opening Books to receive Subscriptions to the Stock of said company will be opened on 1st September at the house of Joseph STEPHENS, Blakeley; 2nd September at the house of Salmon LATHROP, Carbondale and the 3rd September at the house of O. HELME, Wilkesbarre. Joseph STEPHENS, Salmon LATHROP, Samuel CALLENDER, Jr., Commissioners.

New Goods at the store of HAFF & RUTTER.

Estray Hogs. Taken up, after trespassing upon the premises of Robert MINER, Wrightsville, one large white Sow and small Barrow. The owner is requested to prove property, pay damages and take them away.

8 August 1828

Revolutionary Sketch – The capture of Major General PRESCOTT.

Carrying a scythe in a thunder storm. On Saturday afternoon, the 28th ult. a young man of the name of ATKINSON, aged about 16 years, while returning from the field with his scythe, was struck by lightning. His father, William ATKINSON, of Upper Makefield, Bucks County, Pa. And another person were within one or two hundred yards at the time, and on hastening to the spot found him lifeless. His hat and shoes were much torn, and his head scorched and brused. No other trace of the lightning was perceptible – but the effect was such as to render interment necessary early the next morning.

Notice. The friends of the Administration of the General Government, are requested to attend a County Meeting, On Wednesday the 10th September, at the Court House in the Borough of Wilkesbarre. David SCOTT, George LAZARUS, William S. ROSS, Sharpe D. LEWIS, Committee of Correspondence.

Militia Notice. Members of the Luzerne Rifle Volunteer Battalion are notified that an election will be held in the several Companies on Monday the 18th inst., for electing a Captain, one 1st & one 2nd Lieutenant, at the following places. Bowman’s Creek Company, at the house of Elihu PARRISH; The Windham Rangers at the house of Col. Joseph BURGESS; The Washington greens at the house of S. STURDEVANT; The Washington Guards at the house of E. MOWRY, Esq. John STURDEVANT, Major, Braintrim.

A meeting of the Wyoming Military Band will be held at the house of A. PARRISH, Wilkesbarre on the 23rd inst. Anderson DANA, Junr., Captain of the Band.

Estate of Lewis H. CONOVER, late of Salem, request payments be made to Joseph LOCKHART within six weeks, or their notes and accounts will be placed in the hands of Alexander JAMESON, Esq., for collection. W. H. SLOANE, Adm’r.

Dundaff & Tunkhannock Turnpike Road. Notice is hereby given that the Books will be opened for subscription, for making the Dundaff and Tunkhannock Turnpike Road, at the house of Beach TUTTLE, Tunkhannock, on the 15th September next; William STEPHENS, Nicholson on the 22nd September and at the Dundaff Hotel, Clifford on the 29th September. Cyrus AVERY, John MARCY, Archippus PARRISH, Commissioners.

15 August 1828

Page 3 & 4 Missing

22 August 1828

Berwick, Aug. 16. Fire on Monday morning last at the store of T. W. LEIDY. The store was set on fire in six different places, five of which after burning for some time had smothered for the want of air. One corner of the store being completely enveloped in flames but by the timely exertions of the citizens, aided by the stillness of the morning, the fire was soon extinguished. The principal part of the goods were more or less damaged but the property was insured to the an amount sufficient to cover all losses.

A Fatal Riot at Northern Liberties on Monday last, by a number of Weavers with clubs and pistols, for the purpose of attacking the watchman. During the affray, R. M’GOFFIN, received a blow on the head, which fractured his scull, and caused almost immediate death. Another watchman, Eleazer HAND was slightly injured in his head, by a shot. Three persons suspected of having been concerned in the riot, have been committed to prison.

Another riot! A second riot occurred on Tuesday evening, a man named NELL, was dreadful beaten with clubs and a young lady struck in the face by several small shot. Chronicle

Democratic Republican Meeting, convened at the Court House on the 5th inst. Gen. William ROSS, was called to he Chari and Jasper FASSETT and Thomas SMITH, Esquires appointed Secretaries. Two persons were appointed Committees of Vigilance for each Township:
Kingston – Joseph TUTTLE, Henry BREES
Wilkesbarre – Daniel COLLINS, James HANCOCK
Nescopeck – Samuel SMITH, Peter RUCKLE
Newport – Philip SHIREMAN, Moses FITZGERALD
Hanover – Jonas HARTZELL, John ESPY
Sugar Loaf – John CAHRLES, David MIDDAUGH
Covington – John TATTERSHALL, Lewis STULL
Braintrim – Moses OVERFIELD, Ezekiel MOWRY, Esq.
Plymouth – Noah WADHAMS, Esq., James BESBITT
Windham – Charles KINNEY, John FASSETT
Northmoreland – Lewis WHITLOCK, Ashbel LEE
Providence – Nathaniel COTTRILL, Michael SWARTZ
Tunkhannock – Luman FERRY, Benjamin JENKINS
Nicholson – Henry FENTON, John MARCY
Abington – Matthew JACKSON, Lemuel STONE, Esq.
Pittston – Samuel SAILOR, Charles DRAKE
Huntington – John EMERY, Lewis TRESCOTT
Union – Ichabod SHAW, Manuel TURNER
Blakeley – Hiram CASE, timothy YOUNGLOVE
Eaton – Jesse LEE, Benjamin JENKINS
Greenfield – Samuel CALLENDER, Samuel VAIL
Dallas – Thomas IRWINE, Esq., Wm. SHAFER
Exeter – Ezekiel GOBLE, Ziba DAVENPORT
Salem – Christian BILLHEIMER, George VARNER
The election of Delegates will be held in the several townships on the first Saturday of September next. Delegates will meet at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, on the second Tuesday of September next. Jacob DRUMHELLER and William SWETLAND, Esquires, be conferees to meet the conferees of several counties of the 9th congressional district at Pennsborough, Lycoming County, on the third Tuesday of September. Fisher GAY and Daniel COLINGS, be conferees to meet the democratic republicans of Columbia County at the house of Lewis HORTON, Berwick on the third Tuesday of September. Benjamin PERRY, Fisher GAY and John MYERS be a standing committee for the ensuing year.

Died – At Pittston, on the 9th inst., Samuel SHRYNER, formerly of Northumberland, aged _0 years. [faded – maybe 30?]

Died – In this Borough, on Friday morning last, Charles, son of Matthias HOFFMAN, aged 18 months.

Died – In this Borough, on Monday evening last, Mary Ann, daughter of Jonathan BULKELEY, aged 2 years and 6 months.

Hezekiah PARSONS, Esq., of this place has now in operation at his saw mill, a machine for making Shingles. The young man who created the machine informed us that he had made 80 shingles with it in a minute – 80,000 could be made in one day.

ULMSTEAD, recently tired in Reading for murdering John WITMAN, at Womelsdorf, in April last, has been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment, of which 18 months are to be spent in solitary confinement.

On the 24th ult., a severe thunder gust passed over the village of Meadsville, Pa. Nine men were at work in a wheat field and repared to a large elm tree to for shelter from the rain; the lightning struck the tree, and instantly the nine young men were laid prostrate and senseless on the ground. Joseph SLOAN was killed, the others escaped with their lives, though very much injured.

New Brunswick, N. J., Aug.13. the Execution in this city on Friday last, the 8th inst. the sentence of the law was executed upon George B. JARMAN, for the unprovoked murder, last spring, of a young man of the name of Robert TITUS. JARMAN was about 50 years of age.

Valuable Property For Sale or Rent. Property at Lackawanna, consisting of a small Farm, Grist & Saw Mill, 2 Dwelling Houses, Barn and other out Buildings. Also 130 acres with a valuable Coal Bed, near the river, with buildings and improvements. J. P. BABB, Wilkesbarre.

Copper, Brass, Iron and Tinware Manufactory. Sampson ALMOND, Wilkesbarre.

The Subscriber wishes to employ 3 or 4 Millwrights, who are good workmen, or 3 of 4 Carpenters who understand their business well. William BERGSTRESSER, Wrightsville.

Estate of Joseph DODSON, late of Union Township, requests payments and demands. Richard & Joseph DODSON, Administrators.

5 September 1828

General Election will be held on Tuesday the 14th October, at the following districts:
Sugar-Loaf – At the School House in Conyngham
Salem – At the house of James CAMPBELL
Nescopeck – At the house of George KERN
Huntington – At the house of Eliphalet EDSON
Union – At the house of Ichabod SHAW
Plymouth – At the Academy school house
Newport – At the house of Henry SMITH
Hanover – At the house late of Frederick CRISMAN
Wilkesbarre – at the Court House
Kingston – At the house of Philip MYERS
Pittston – At the Central School house
Providence – At the house late of Philip HERMAN
Greenfield – At the house of Samuel VAIL
Abington – At the house of William H. NICHOLS
Nicholson – At the house of Ebenezer STEVENS
Tunkhannock – At the school house near Samuel WHITMORE’S
Braintrim – At the house of Daniel STERLING
Windham – At the house of John FASSETT
Exeter – At the house of John HARDING
Eaton – At the house of Jesse LEE
Northmoreland – At the house of Orange FULLER
Blakeley – At the house late of George HARBERGER
Dallas – At the house of Sylvanus FULLER
Falls – At the house of John OSTERHOUT
Covington – At the town house in DRINKER’S settlement
Lehigh – at the house of George BUCK

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held 2nd October next – One undivided eleventh part of two thirds of Lot No. 3 in the certified Township of Providence, containing in the whole 362 acres, late the estate of Preserved Z. TAYLOR, deceased.

Butchering. R. SHARPE, Wilkesbarre.

Died – At Philadelphia, week before last, Judge PETERS, at an advanced age. Funeral on Saturday.

Died – In this Boro’ last evening, James CHAMBERLAIN, aged 42 years. Funeral to-morrow afternoon at 4 o’clock.

Died – A stranger who called himself Thomas LEECH, died in this township on Saturday last, the 30th ult, aged 59 years. He came to this place on Tuesday apparently in ill health. He obtained permission of John METCALF to stay at his house a few days. He said he came from opposite Philadelphia, where he left a son and 2 daughters, his wife died about 7 years since. He was on his was to visit a relation by the name of LEECH who resides in the upper part of this county, and that in crossing some river he lost his clothes and about $40 in money. He was a native of Lancasshire, England, from which place he emigrated about 13 years ago. He was decently interred in the old burying ground on Sunday afternoon.

Young Mens’ Meeting held on Sept. 1st at the Court House, Doct. B. A. BOUTON, was called to the chair and Zurah SMITH appointed Secretary. George C. DRAKE, Esq., Robert JAMESON, Ovid F. JOHNSON, Elijah WORTHINGTON and Hendrick B. WRIGHT were chosen a committed to draft resolutions. They consider Gen. JACKSON a dangerous and improper person and oppose his election to the presidency. They support Richard RUSH, Esq., for Vice Presidency.

12 September 1828

We have neglected to notice the receipt of a paper lately established at Owego, NY, called the Free Press. It is of good size, nearly printed, and will support the present Administration.
A new paper was issued in this place last week, entitled The Farmer, published by Henry HELD and Henry PETTEBONE
The Wyoming Herald has been enlarged to the size of this paper, and is now published by Steuben BUTLER, the former editor, and Elijah WORTHINGTON.

Administration Meeting, held at the Court House on Sept. 10. Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Esq., was called to the chair and Nathan DODSON & Thomas W. MINER, were appointed Secretaries. A committee of 7 was chosen: Joseph WRIGHT, William S. ROSS, Elias HOYT, Alexander JAMESON, John STEPHENS, Nathan WALLER & Thomas Y. ATHERTON.

Luzerne Democratic Meeting, was held at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston Township, on 9th inst., and the following delegated produced certificates of their election:
Union: Ichabod SHAW
Plymouth: Noah WADHAMS
Abington: Matthew JACKSON
Tunkhannock: Luman FERRY
Nicholson: John MARCY
Hanover: George BEHE
Braintrim: Paul OVERFIELD 2nd
Exeter: Ziba DEVENPORT
Newport: Michael GRUVER
Pittston: William LABAR
Providence: John VAUGHN Jr.
Northmoreland: Lewis WHITLOCK
Dallas: William SHAVER
Greenfield: Benjamin SMITH
‘Sugar Loaf: George DRUM
Windham: Daniel HIX
Kingston: William SWETLAND
Wilkesbarre: Cha’s D. SHOEMAKER & John G. HOLLENBACK
Noah WADHAMS, Esq., was called to the Chair and Luman FERRY and Matthew JACKSON, appointed Secretaries. Resolved to support
Assembly: George DENISON, Jasper FASSET
Sheriff: Charles J. CHRISTELL, Benjamin REYNOLDS
Coroner: Henry COURTRIGHT, 2nd, Manuel TURNER
County Commissioner: William SWETLAND
Auditor: Matthew JACKSON.

County Meeting held at the house of Col. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre to recommend a suitable Ticket to be supported at the General Election. Joseph WRIGHT, Plymouth, chosen Chairman; Alexander JAMESON, Esq., Salem and Alvah C. PHILIPS, Esq., appointed Secretaries.
Congress: Philander STEPHENS
Senator: Nathan BEACH
Assembly: George DENISON, Garrick MALLERY, Isaac POST
Sheriff: Oliver HELME, John L. BUTLER
Coroner: Philip YOST, Paul OVERFIELD, 2nd
Commissioner: Henry F. LAMB
Auditor: Zebulon H. STEPHENS

Last Friday week, Dr. WHITE, of Cherry Valley, cut a cancer from the breast of Mrs. INGOLD, of Schoharie, New York. This is the fourth time that Mrs. I. Has submitted to similar painful operations.

Members of the Wyoming Troop will meet at the house of John SAX, Kingston, Sept. 20th.

Wyoming Guards, Attention! You are hereby notified to meet at the house of John SOX, Kingston, Sept. 27th, in full uniform, for the purpose of exercise and drill as the law directs. John BREES, Capt. Elect.

Hat Store. William A. MERRITT, Wilkesbarre.

Cloth Dressing, at the old stand in Huntington. Septimeus BACON.

Estate of Samuel ACKLEY, late of Plymouth, requests payments and demands. Keturah ACKLEY, Administrator

Stray Heifer. Broke into the enclosure of Berthiah JENKINS, Exeter, on 13 August last. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take her away.

19 September 1828

Page 1 & 2 missing

Delegate Meeting for Luzerne and Columbia County, was held at the house of Lewis HORTON, Innkeeper, Berwick on the 15th September. Col. Naphtali HURLBUT, chosen Chairman and Col. Daniel FOWLER, appointed Secretary. Resolved to recommend Nathan BEACH Esq., of Luzerne County for Senate.

Pennsylvania Canal North Branch Division. Proposals will be received at the office in Danville until five o’clock Wednesday, 22nd October for the excavation and construction of about 18 miles of said Division. Thomas WOODSIDE, Superintendent.

Sections of this paper are faded and can not read.

26 September 1828

Two Apprentices Wanted to the Carpentering and House Joining business. Benj. ST JOHN, Wilkesbarre.

Naturalization. There are two exceptions to the rule requiring a previous declaration to have been made of the intention to become a citizen.
1st. All applicants, who can show that they arrived here before the 18th June 1812.
2nd Those who can show that they were under 18 years of age when they arrived here.
Persons coming within either of these exceptions need only bring their two witnesses (who must be citizens) into court, to prove either of the above facts, and the five years residence, &c. &c. and they will be admitted at once – the only expence being about $2 for the certificate of naturalization.
All others who may be requir3d to produce certificates of their declarations two years ago, should come prepared with those certificates as well as with their two witnesses.

Sunbury, Sept. 1_. Shamokin Dam is now extended across the entire stream and the work rapidly progressing.

Married – At Northmoreland, on the 21st inst., by Orange FULLER, Esq., Doct. Alfred BRACE, to Catharine, daughter of Abraham VANLOON, of Exeter.

Died – At Kingston, on Sunday morning last, Arnold TAYLOR, aged 32 years. He had suffered much for four weeks, under the influence of disease.

Died – At Lowry-Town, on the 18th inst., after an illness of 5 weeks and three days, Eleanor, consort of Samuel TAYLOR, aged 24 years, 10 months and 2 days.

At a respectable meeting convened at the Fire Proof, Sept. 23rd, Henry C. ANHAEUSER, was chosen Chairman and G. C. DRAKE, appointed Secretary. Henry F. LAMB, Esq., recommended for County Commissioner.

Democratic Convention, from several counties in the 9th congressional district, convened at the house of Thomas HALL, Borough of Muncy (Pennsborough), 16th Sept., Jacob DRUMHELLER, Esq., was called to preside and William A. PETRIKIN & Eliphalet MASON, Esquires, chosen Secretaries, to recommend suitable persons in the 21st Congress. The following were nominated with number of votes: James FORD, Esq., of Tioga County (16); Philander STEPHENS, Esq., of Susquehanna County (15); Lewis DEWART, Esq., of Northumberland County (14), Alem MARR, Esq., of Columbia County (5).

At a meeting held 16th September at the house of Wm. JACKSON, Lenox, Susquehanna County, Isaac RYNEARSON, was called to the chair and Solomon BOLTON appointed Secretary. Almon H. READ, was recommended as a suitable person to support for a member of Assembly. That they approve the nomination of Philander STEPHENS, for Congress, Joseph WILLIAMS, for Commissioner and Orange MOTT, Jr., for Auditor.

At a meeting of Senatorial Conferees of Luzerne and Columbia Counties, held at the house of Lewis HORTON, Berwick on the 16th September, Fisher GAY, was chosen Chairman and William COLT, Secretary. The following are recommended for the Democratic ticket:
Senator: Jacob DRUMHELLER
Assembly: George DENISON, Jasper FASSETT, Benjamin LATHROP
Sheriff: Charles J. CHRISTELL, Benjamin REYNOLDS
Coroner: Henry CORTRIGHT, 2nd, Manuel TURNER
County Commissioner: William SWETLAND
Auditor: Matthew JACKSON
County Ticket:
Senator: Nathan BEACH
Assembly: George DENISON, Garrick MALLERY, Isaac POST
Sheriff: Oliver HELME, John L. BUTLER
Coroner: Philip YOST, Paul OVERFIELD, 2nd
Commissioner: Henry F. LAMB
Auditor: Zebulon H. STEPHENS

Wilkesbarre Academy. The semi-annual examination is held to-day (Friday) at the Academy. The next quarter will commence October 13th, under the care of Mr. SPENCER, from Connecticut.

Register’s Notice: Barbara KEEN and Abraham KEEN, Administrators of George KEEN, late of Nescopeck have filled their account.

Distillery For Sale, in Plymouth Township. Thomas BORBRIDGE.

Vendue will be held at the house of Widow JOHNSON, Wilkesbarre on the 30th inst. Jane TYLER

Estate of Arnold TAYLOR, late of Kingston, requests payments and demands. Mary TAYLOR, Adm’x.

First Rate Whiskey at the Distillery of Andrew RAUB, Kingston.

3 October 1828

Died – In Pittston, on Sunday Morning last, Elijah, son of Ebenezer MARCY, aged 18 years.

At a meeting of conferees of the 9th Congregessional District, held at the house of Wm. ROBINSON, Bloomsburg, on the 23rd Sept., Andrew MC CLENEHAN, Esq., was called to the chair, George A. SNYDER, Esq., appointed secretary. The following ticked was agreed on: John MURRAY, of Columbia; George M. HOLLENBACK, Luzerne and Chauncey ALFORD, of Tioga.

G. M. HOLLENBACK, declines nomination as candidate.

Winchester Republican, Va., 19th. Four men arrived in town last night from Cumberland, in pursuit of George SWEARINGEN, sheriff of Washington Co., who is charged with the murder of his wife a few days since. He is about 6 feet, stout frame. He had with him when seen at the Big Cabon River, a woman with whom he had cohabited with for the last two years.

Wilkesbarre Fire Company will meet at the Court House to-morrow evening.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, October 1st:
Edward ANGEL
Stephen ABBOTT
Thomas ALGER
Amramariah ABBOTT
Sydney BEERS
Nathan CAREY
Rev. Joseph CASTLE
Francis CAREY
Sally EALY
Horatio N. HUGHES
Monsieur HENTZ
Edward INMAN
Christian KIZER
Jacob KUTZ
Gilbert LAIRD
Daniel LERCH
George LEARN
Theophilus LARNED
Samuel C. LOWRY
Martha LEE
Andrew MOCK
Frederick PRATT
Julius D. PRATT
Daniel REES
Matthew REES
Jonathan RAY
Marinus STULL
Mrs. Jane N. WHOAD
Francis YATES

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, October 1st:
Jesper JONES
William S. JAYNE
Joseph S. MEEKER
Matthew NEWTON
Anthony OSURE
Adonijah TAYLOR
Felton SMITH
Lewis Thomas
Daniel SHAW

Wyoming Seminary. The friends of the Young Ladies’ School, under the superintendence of Mrs. CHAPMAN, are respectfully informed that the third Term will commence on Monday the 13th October next.

Ale of the best quality, made from Barley, at $6.00 per barrel, and do. From Wheat and other grain at $4.50, for sale at the Brewery of Thos. INGHAM, Jr., Wilkesbarre.

For Sale, A Small Farm, Situated in Dallas Township, containing 104 acres, improved new frame house, new frame barn 30 by 42; small Orchard, about 30 acres under improvement, the remainder is the first rate of wild land. E. WORTHINGTON, Dallas.

Cloth Dressing, at the old stand of H. PARSONS, Esq., on Laurel Run near Wilkesbarre. Philip RIMER, Mortimer D. PARSONS.

10 October 1828

Last friendly Notice to the Debtors of Samuel MAFFET, dec’d. Take Notice that all accounts and claims in favor of the late Samuel MAFFET, dec’d. will be immediately prosecuted without fear, favor or affection, under less amicable adjusted. O. COLLINS, Executor, Wilkesbarre.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held on 1st November at the Court House in Wilkesbarre:
1. Land in Clifford, bounded by James CAWTHER, containing 333 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel E. HOWELL, George HOWELL, Joseph E. HOWELL, William E. HOWELL, Richard R. SMITH against Asa DIMOCK.
2. Land in Clifford, bounded by John ROBERTS, Adam CLELAND, James PIGMAN, containing 302 acres. Surveyed pursuant to a warrant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, granted to Domenick HAND, and is the same tract conveyed by said parties secondly hereto, to Asa DIMOCK, and the purchase money secured to be paid by these presents, together with the appurtenances. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel E. HOWELL, George HOWELL, Joseph E. HOWELL, William E. HOWELL, Richard R. SMITH against Asa DIMOCK.
3. Land in Clifford Township, bounded by Adam CLEALAND, James CAWTHERS, containing 302 acres. Being same tract conveyed by said parties to Asa DIMOCK. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel E. HOWELL, George HOWELL, Joseph E. HOWELL, William E. HOWELL, Richard R. SMITH against Asa DIMOCK.
4. Land in Clifford, bounded by William CLARE, Wm. COAPLAND, Philip CLAMPHOR, Dominick HAND, containing 302 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel E. HOWELL, George HOWELL, Joseph E. HOWELL, William E. HOWELL, Richard R. SMITH against Asa DIMOCK.
5. Land in Clifford, bounded by Dominick HAND, containing 302 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel E. HOWELL, George HOWELL, Joseph E. HOWELL, William E. HOWELL, Richard R. SMITH against Asa DIMOCK.
6. Land in Providence, bounded by the Lackawanna River, Lot No. 43, Township line, Lot No. 42, containing 208 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John DONLEY, assignee of Daniel DAVID against John B. QUICK, Warmaldus COOPER and Abraham LE FOY.
7. Land in Providence Township, being part of Lot No. 26, bounded by Susquehanna River, Henry SIVELLY, Daniel M’KEENEY, Henry CHAMPION, Rosewell RICE. Being same lands and Mill that Rufus BENNET and wife conveyed to Henry CHAMPION, together with a carding machine, that CHAMPION sold to Warren BUTTOLPH, late the estate of William KNAPP, Lyman SMITH and John G. FINCH, containing 2 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John ALWORTH against William KNAPP, Lyman SMITH and John G. FINCH.
8. Land in Providence Township, called Ravin Dale, bounded by parts of Lots No. 20 & 21, Lot No. 22, Lackawanna River, containing 47 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James HALL and Jacob G. MONTROSS, merchants, trading under the firm of James HALL & Co. against Eliphas SPENCER.
9. Land in Abington Township, bounded by Solomon REYNOLDS, Tunkhannock Creek, Road leading from KEELER’S Ferry to the Great Bend, containing 1 acre. Also another tract in same township, bounded by Sylvester R. TANNER, public highway leading from the Great Betd to KEELERS Ferry, containing one quarter of an acre, during Sylvester R. TANNER’S natural life, and no longer, it being conveyed to Mary Ann TANNER, wife of said Sylvester R. TANNER by Solomon REYNOLDS. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William James and Thomas James, who survived Robert James, late merchants in co. trading under the firm of Robert James & Co. against Sylvester R. TANNER.
10. Land in Tunkhannock Township, being undivided fourth part of lot formerly owned by John M’CORD, dec’d, and set off to his widow during her natural life, now the wife of Samuel WHITMORE, bounded by Reuben FASSET, Ebenezer and Benjamin SLOCUM, Cyrus AVERY, Esq., and Tunkhannock Creek, containing 250 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John SHAVER, senr. Against John MORRISON.

Married – In this Borough last evening by Rev. PECK, Henry MUNDY, late of New Brunswick, N. J. to Miss Mary Ann, daughter of Gilbert BARNES, of this Borough.

Bible Notice. A part of the Bibles intended for distribution among the citizens of Luzerne County, have been received.

The members of the Wyoming Troop will meet at the house of Oliver HELME, Wilkesbarre, on the 18th October.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, October 1st:
Elijah AYRES
Mariah FENDY
Henry HICE
Egber B. MOTT
Joseph RYMAR
Elizabeth SPENCER
Samuel Thomas
Thomas BORBIDGE, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, October 1st:
William DAY
Volney H. SEARLE
Diana CAIN
Thos. SMITH, P. M.

Dissolution of the co-partnership of J. D. HAFF & N. RUTTER, is this day dissolved. The business hereafter will be conducted under the firm of HAFF & SCOTT, at the old stand in Wilkesbarre.

Five Dollar Notes. Notice is hereby given, that no bill of a less denomination than Five Dollars will be received in payment for Licenses. Zurah SCOTT, Treasurer of Luzerne County.

Estate of Uriah MACE, dec’d, late of Abington, request payments and demands. Eunice MACE, Adm’x.

Estate of Michael SWARTZ, late of Providence, requests payments and demands. William EVANS, Adm’r.

17 October 1828

Sheriff’s Sales. All the Land Sales heretofore advertised, that remain unsold, are adjourned until Saturday the first day of November next, at the Court House, in the Borough of Wilkesbarre. N. HURLBUT, Sheriff.

Married – Thursday the 9th inst., at Carbondale, by Rev. CAMPBELL, of Bethany, David B. BLANCHARD, of Pittston, to Miss Lydia, daughter of Salmon LATHROP, formerly of Sherburne, N. Y.

A letter from Northmoreland concludes thus: All our officers in this Township, Judges, Clerks, Assessor and Assistant Assessors, are Administration men. ADAMS and RUSH will get a majority of at least 25 votes in this Township.

Palmyra – There is no village on the line of the Erie Canal, says the Wayne Sentinel, that has felt the benefits of that new channel of commerce more sensibly than Palmyra. A year previous to the completion of the canal, the population was 600 souls, but is now estimated at 2000 within the corporation.

A Difference. On the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, WASHINGTON released all who were in confinement, that the general joy might not be damped by the cries of tears of widowhood and orphanage. At the close of the late war, JACKSON ordered six militia men to be shot, and 108 to have half of their heads shaved. Thus he caused the wailings of the bereaved to mingle with the shouts of victory, and a conqueror’s name to be merged in that of tyrant.

Accident – At Bolton, Connecticut, on the 23rd ult, in firing a salute in honor of General JACKSON, the cannon burst, and Benjamin F. KEASLR*, of North COVENTRY, was blown to pieces, (his head severed from his body, &c.) and Amos AVERY dangerously Wounded. (*spelling ok)

An adjourned meeting of the 20th Biennial Session of the American Convention, for promoting the Abolition of Slavery, &c. will be held at Baltimore, Md., on the 2nd & 3rd November.

Estate of James CUMMINGS, late of Salem, requests payments and demands. John FARRALD, Adm’r.

Estate of George FINK, late of Union Township, requests payments and demands. George FINK & Lott SEARCH, Adm’rs.

Official Vote of Luzerne County, Oct. 14th:
Congress: Philander STPEHENS (1755), Alem MARR (1495), James FORD (1493), Chauncey ALFORD (188), John MURRAY (199)
Senate: Jacob DRUMHELLER (1080), Nathan BEACH (1124)
Assembly: George DENISON (2189), Jasper FASSETT (948), Benjamin LATHROP (909), Garrick MALLERY (1472), Isaac POST (1342), A. H. READ (64)
Sheriff: Charles J. CRISTELL (751), Benjamin REYNOLDS (989), John L. BUTLER (1044), Oliver HELME (1216) [Note – CRISTELL (25), REYNOLDS (4), BUTLER (3) with only one name on.]
Coroner: Philip YOST (1065), Paul OVERFIELD 2nd (1048), Henry CORTRIGHT 2nd (1014), Manuel TURNER (1042), Henry CORTRIGHT (40)
Comm’r: William SWETLAND (1183), Henry F. LAMB (783), Josiah LEWIS (379)
Auditor: Matthew JACKSON (972), Zebulon H. STEPHENS (1115)

24 October 1828

Page 1 & 2 missing

Married – On Thursday morning last, in St. Stephen’s Church, this Borough, by Rev. MAY, James D. HAFF, merchant to Miss Nancy, daughter of Jonathan HANCOCK.

Married – In Northmoreland on the 16th inst., by Orange FULLER, Esq., Thomas A. STODDARD, to Miss Lydia, daughter of Capt. Jared SLAUTER.

Died – In Northmoreland, on the 7th inst., Mrs. Mary, wife of Daniel BRACE, in the sixtieth year of her age; death is supposed to have been from an affection of the liver. She was confined eight weeks, and the last twenty six days, she took no kind of nourishment. Not withstanding, she retained her senses until the last, and her speech until two hours before her death. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Died – In this Borough on Wednesday morning last, Amelia, eldest daughter of Benj. ST JOHN, aged 4 years, 5 months.

New Orleans, Sept. 22. Murder. Yesterday about five o’clock in the afternoon, John SAUNDERSON, after drinking with a Jeremiah FIX, and whilst walking with him some distance with locked arms, drew a pistol from his pocket and shot him through the breast. SAUNDERSON, was intoxicated & we were unable to learn any cause for the act. Argus

A Whaler, George Washington GARDNER, of Nantucket, has passed over a million miles on the ocean, and taken 1064 whales. Prov. American

Clothing Store. Removed to the building east of Mrs. CIST’S Store, Bank Street. His Taylor Shop is connected with the same building. Anthony BROWER, Wilkesbarre.

Cheap for prompt Pay. Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Whips, Trunks, &c., At the Manufactory of Matthew LYONS, Kingston.

Notice. All those indebted to the late firm of TAYLOR & LYONS, will confer a great favor by calling and settling their respective accounts without delay, as those persons in the city of Philadelphia to whom the firm were indebted, request an immediate settlement of the amount due them. Kingston.

Estate of Arnold TAYLOR, late of Kingston, requests payments and demands. Mary TAYLOR, Adm’x.

Notice – Whereas my wife, Clarissa RICHARDSON, is wholly unmindful of the duties of her relation to me by the marriage vow, and totally neglectful of every domestic concern – these are there fore to advertise all and every person not to trust her on account of any responsibility in me, for I am determined to pay no Debts of her contraction. Calvin T. RICHARDSON, Pittston.

Book Bindery – Christopher H. BAKER, Kingston.

31 October 1828

New Goods At Pittston Ferry, Suitable To The Season. Calvin STOCKBRIDGE, Pittston.

Apprentice Wanted. The Subscriber wishes to take an Apprentice to the Blacksmithing business. A boy of good habits, 16 or 17 years old, desirous of learning the business, will find good situation by applying soon. Joshua WILLIAMS, Wilkesbarre.

Register’s Notice. Asher MINER, Executor of the estate of Thomas WRIGHT, late of Wilkesbarre, has filed his account.

Died – At Huntington on the 22nd inst., Capt. Simon TUBBS, in the 49th year of his age.

Died – In this borough on Tuesday morning last, a transient man named John MILLER, aged about 30 years. He was lately from Ireland.

On Thursday the 23rd inst., the Corner Stone of the Episcopal Church was laid in Danville, Columbia Co.

The Annual Meeting of the Luzerne County Bible Society will be held November 3rd, at the Episcopal Church in Wilkesbarre.

Notice. The Carpenters of Wilkesbarre and the adjoining townships are requested to attend a meeting for consultation on Wednesday, Nov. 5th, at the house of Jacob J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre.

7 November 1828

Paper Missing

14 November 1828

Indian Murder. On the 31st of August last, six soldiers of Cantonment Townson, had permission to go to the Kemeche a fishing. Corporal Thomas GLOYD and musician GLENN, preceded the party thirty or forty yards; when six miles from their post, those in the rear heard the report of a gun, followed by the exclamation O God I am killed! The party knowing that neither GLOYD nor GLENN had a gun, concluded they were attacked by the enemies, and returned to the garrison. After stating the facts, a detachment of twenty men was ordered out by Major BURCH, under L. CASY, who returned with the corps of GLOYD and GLENN, the former being marked with a ball and many arrows, and the latter with arrows only. The alarm was given, and the garrison with citizens and friendly Indians, amounting to about forty men, pursued the murderers, overtook them the fourth day encamped about ninety miles off, near the Blue Water River, dancing round the scalps of their victims. The detachment rushed suddenly upon them, a few only escaped through the thicket. The governor has ordered two detachments of militia to hold themselves in readiness to co-operate with the garrison at the cantonment in case of necessity.

Married – Thursday the 16th of October by Esq., DE _?_ , C. H. HERRICK, eldest son of Edward HERRICK, to Miss Harriet, eldest daughter of Judge KILBURN, of Lawrenceville, Pa. Brad. Settler [Note see the 21st November]

On the motion of Garrick MALLERY, Esq., Sylvester DANA, was last week admitted to practice as an Attorney at Law in the several Courts in Luzerne County.

The Prothonotary’s office at this place on Thursday night, was broken open and two of the dockets taken out. From the manner in which the robbery was committed it would appear that the purloiner must have been acquainted with the situation of the books and papers of the office. Harrisburg Argus

Charleston, S. C., Nov. 3. Gen. Thomas PICKNEY, another of the few Revolutionary worthies, died in this city yesterday morning, after a lingering and painful illness of several months.

San Felipe De Austin, Province of Texas, Aug. 13, 1828. Isaac B. DESHA is no more, he died in confinement in this village the day before his trial for the murder of a fellow traveller. Alabama Journal

A List Of the retailers of foreign Merchandise and Liquors within the County of Luzerne as returned by the Constables for October 1828:
Abington: Samuel GRIFFIN, William STOVIER
Braintrim: Thomas MORLEY, Benjamin EDWARDS & Co., Henry W. NORTHROP
Covington: Conrad SAX Jr.
Eaton: William B. MONEYPENNY
Huntington: John KOONS, Jarius HARRISON, William BOON & Co., George BOWMAN, Francis SHERMAN
Hanover: Silas ALEXANDER
Newport: David THOMPSON
Nescopeck: Jacob MILLER & Co.
Northmoreland: Anson BROWN, Chester BROWN, FULLER & WORRELL
Pittston: Calvin STOCKBRIDGE, John ALEMNT
Salem: Robert M’CURDY, Phineas TUTTLE & Co., Abel DOLBY, Henry GAGEN, Thomas KELLEY
Sugar-Loaf: Moses S. BRUNDAGE, Albert G. BROADHEAD
Tunkhannock: James WRIGHT, Alpha DURHAM, Henry STARK, Jesse TUTTLE
Wilkesbarre Borough: Sarah H. CIST, George M. HOLLENBACK, J. & J. SINTON, Abraham
Wilkesbarre Township: James STARK
Zurah SMITH, Treasurer, Luzerne County

21 November 1828

An Act Concerning Small Notes For The Payment Of Money, passed by the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

Information Wanted. Furman L. BEACH, son of widow Polly BEACH, of Litchfield, CT. Mysteriously left this place (Rochester, N. Y.) early in the month July since which nothing has been heard of him. If any person should chance this note, who may have any knowledge on him, they would subserve the common cause of humanity, by addressing a line to Raphael BEACH, Rochester, N. Y. or to the widow, Polly, Litchfield, Con. He is about 16 years old, middling size, of modest appearance and demeanor, blue eyes, dark hair and florid courtenance. Zechariah PADDOCK.

Married – In Windham on Thursday the 10th inst., by -asper FASSETT, Esq., Benjamin EDWARDS, Merchant to Miss Hannah FASSETT.

Married – In Mehoopeny on Thursday the 10th inst., by —asper FASSETT, Esq., John M. FROST, to Miss Parne S. FASSETT.

We have just learned that the account of the marriage of C. H., son of Edward HERRICK, to Miss Harriet KILBURN, of Lawrenceville, Tioga Co. published in our last, was an infamous publication, imposed upon us by some unprincipled wretch of that place. The statement was made to us in an anonymous post marked at Lawrenceville, and dated October 18th. The author of such a shameful imposture which could only have been made to injure the feelings of two respectable families, ought to be exposed, and if we were in possession of his name we would most certainly do it. Brad. Settler

Died – At Stoddartsville, on Thursday evening of last week, John NAGLE, aged about 77 years. The deceased has been a soldier in the revolutionary war, and for a time a resident of this place where he died thus are the relics of the memorable revolutionary dropping off.

Apples are very scarce here the past season. Scarcely a barrel of cider can be purchased in the county.

Stealing Public Records. It will be noted that a short time since, the Prothonotary’s office of Dauphin County was entered and robbed of a part of the public records. Singular as was this robbery, it has now a parallel. We observe an article in the Pheinx, a paper printed in Tioga County, Pa., that the Prothonotary’s office of that county was entered on the night of the 8th inst., and robbed of 15 volumes of Records. This is really a strange kind of robbery; and as it appears to be getting fashionable, it will be well for Prothonotaries to be on the look out.

Jacob H. SHERMAN was recently liberated from Chatauque County jail, N. Y., where he had been confined three months on suspicion of having murdered one John STARKS no bill being found against him. He immediately made search for STARKS, and found him at Lockport, where he had been sick. A hard case this.

Milton, Northumberland Cy., October 31. Re-action Wheels. The Saw Mills lately erected by Isaac STRAUB, of this borough, on the principle of the re-action wheel, is now in complete operation; and performs to the entire satisfaction of our industrious and indefatigable townsmen. The saw mill will make from 110 to 120 cuts a minute, through a two foot log. Three saws are attached to the mills, and a Shingle Machine will also be connected with the works.

146th Commemoration of the Landing of William Penn was held on 24th October, at the Mansion House of Joseph Parker NORRIS, Esq..

Notice. The subscriber gives notice, that he is now determined to settle his old accounts. All person indebted are therefore desired to come forward immediately, and square up the old score. Unless the above request is complied with, within a reasonable time, coercive measures will be resorted to. Reuben JONES, Kingston.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held the second Saturday in December next:
1. The estate of Andrew WALTMAN, dec’d. Land in Huntington Township, bounded by Andrew WALTMAN, Erastus BACON, John WHITE, Thomas BARKER, Jonathan WESTOVER and John BOWMAN, containing 95 acres.
2. The estate of John Henry KNOUSE, dec’d. Tracts of land, one in the warrantee name of Jacob STRUMBACH, bounded by lands surveyed of Jacob HOGUSHIMER, John CLINGHAM, Thomas PALMER, Alexander S. LETCHER, Joseph THOMPSON and Jane BRADY, in Nescopeck Township.

28 November 1828

Died – A young man by the name of BRUNER, of Cranbury Township, Butler Co., accidentally shot his father, on Sunday the 2nd inst. They were watching a deer lick, and the father having wandered from the course agreed upon, the son perceived something moving in the bushes, which he supposed was a buck, and fired; when conceive his astonishment on coming up to find instead of a buck, the almost lifeless remains of his father. An awful warning to Sabbath breakers.

Easton & Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company. Notice is hereby given to the Stockholders, that an Election will be held at the house of William SHOUSE, in Easton, on the first Monday of January next, to elect a President, Twelve Managers and Treasurer. S. BUTLER, Treasurer, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Dr. E. COVELL, deceased, requests payments and demands. Sarah S. COVELL, Executrix, Wilkesbarre.

For Sale. A stand for the Blacksmithing business, situate near the residence of Orange FULLER, Esq., at the five corners in Northmoreland. It consists of 99 square rods of land, on which is a new Blacksmith Shop, 40 by 20 feet in size. There will be sold with the property a complete set of Blacksmith Tools, now in the Shop. The premises afford a handsome situation for a Dwelling House. Thomas A. STODDARD, Northmoreland.

Notice is hereby Given, That application will be made to the Legislature of Pennsylvania, at the Next Session, for an Act to Incorporate the Baltimore and Susquehanna Rail Road Company. George WINCHESTER, President, Baltimore.

5 December 1828

Annual Report of the Baltimore and Susquehanna Rail Road.

Died – In Kingston, on the morning of the 3rd inst., Weyman DENISON, son of Col. Lazarus DENISON, aged 20 years.

On Monday morning last the Susquehanna was in fine rafting order, owing to the rain that fell the last few days previous. It yet continues high.

Andrew RAUB, of Kingston, killed on Wednesday last, 41 hogs, which together 10,750 pounds.

George FULLER has disposed of the interest he held in the Montrose Register. It is now conducted by Davis DIMOCK, Jr., the former junior editor.

A man named M’GARVEY [MCGARVEY/MACGARVEY], residing in Pine alley below South St. Philadelphia, on Friday night, the 21st ult, tied his wife by the hair of her head to the bed post, and beat her in a shocking manner with a cart-whip; he afterwards cut her throat, and was in the act of throwing her from the chamber window, when he was detected by some of the neighbors, taken before a magistrate and committed. The woman died the same night. He has since been tried, convicted and sentenced to 18 years confinement in the Penitentiary – 8 years of which, to do hard labor.

A Public Sale of Florida lands is to be held at the Land Office at Tallahassee on the second Monday of January next.

Murder. A most horrid and cold-blooded murder was perpetrated in this city on Thursday the 20th inst. upon the person of Mrs. Ursula NEWMAN, late of Philadelphia. It appears that Richard JOHNSON, who boarded with her here as well as at Philadelphia, had been to Rochester, whence he returned with an infant child, which he attempted to force Mrs. JOHNSON to accept and acknowledge as hers. This she refused to do; on which he threatened to shoot her, and actually proceeded to do so by discharging a pistol at her, charged with buckshot, four of which entered at the right breast and lodged near the back bone. The ruffian then fled, but speedily returned with a pistol in his hand containing a charge of slugs, exclaiming with an oath, if the first did not kill you, this shall! By this time a number of boarders and neighbours had collected, but all stood aghast at the appalling spectacle, except the eldest daughter of Mrs. NEWMAN, a young woman about 18, who courageously seized the murderer’s arm and endeavoured to divert the deadly aim. But proving unequal to her task (her hand, however, still on the instrument) JOHNSON fired. The pistol burst, lodged a number of slugs in Mrs. N’s arm lacerated the arm of the young woman dreadfully, and also hurt the villain’s own hand. He was now captured after some exertion, tied upon a cart, and carried to the police office. Mrs. NEWMAN lingered in an anguished at he most distressing, until Saturday at 11 o’clock A. M. when she expired. Rev. MASON, of the Cedar Street Church, attended the dying woman, and administered the consolations of religion. We understand that she has left seven young children, utterly destitute of the means of support. N. Y. Chris. Adv.

Register’s Notice: Joseph JAMESON administrator of Patt LYNCH, late of Salem Township, filled his account.

12 December 1828

Paper missing on microfilm

19 December 1828

Estate of Dr. WHITNEY requests payments and claims. S. WHITNEY and C. BUTLER, Adm’rs.

Estate of Samuel WHITMORE, late of Tunkhannock Township requests payments and claims. Miles AVERY, Executor.

Age is honorable they say. What are we think of two geese, which were owned in Greenwich, Conn. They were presented in 1777 to the grandmother of Jared MEAD, and they were then 36 years old. One died last winter, and the other died on Thursday week, aged 88 years. They were annually plucked, and had a most respectable and venerable appearance. No animal but a goose would have lived 88 years, to be plucked every year.

It is stated that Col. BREALY has left the Creek Nation for the Arkansas, with a second emigrating party of Indians, consisting of 500 and that the troops recently stationed at Fort Mitchell have been removed to the Pole Cat Springs.

Capt. Benjamin PENDLETON, of Stonington, has been appointed direction pilot of the discovery expedition to the South Seas, with the rank and pay of a Lieutenant in the Navy. The expedition will consist of the sloop of war Peacock, lately rebuilt, and two brigs adapted to the service.

PA Commonwealth vs Michael SIMONS, Assault & Battery, Dec. 4, 1828. The Right of husbands to chastise their wives. The defendant was indicted for an assault and battery upon his wife, Bridget. Jury found him guilty. Henry STOCKVINE was indicted for a similar offence, having threatened her and turned her with a sick infant out of the house and kicked her violently. The child has since died. She swore that for sixteen years, she has endured harsh treatment. Jury verdict was guilty.

A quantity of Tar, by the Barrel or less quantity, for sale by Z. BENNETT.

26 December 1828

Married – In Covington on the evening of the 15th last, by Richard DRINKER, Esq., Michael MC WADE to Miss Elizabeth DALE

Died – At Mauch Chunk, on the morning of the 17th, an infant daughter of Nathan PATTERSON.

Legislature of Pennsylvania:
Petition for passage on an act authorising the secretary of the land office to place to their credit
certain sums overpaid on lands in Luzerne County.
Petition from inhabitants of Susquehanna County, praying that provision may be made for the support of a general system of education.

The Democratic citizens of Luzerne County are requested to meet on the 6th January next at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, for the purpose of appointing Delegates to represent this county in the State Convention to be held at Harrisburg on 4th March next.

24 Stray Sheep, Strayed from Job GIBBS about the first of July.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held on Saturday, 3rd January next at the Court House in Wilkesbarre:
1. Land in Abington, taken up in the name of William CHAMBERS, bounded by David CHAMBERS, Robert GREYS, Elijah WEED, containing 306 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Mary GRIFFITH, assignee of John B. W. WALLACE against Stephen TRIPP.
2. Land in Abington Township, bounded by Patrick MOORES, containing 301 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Mary GRIFFITH, assignee of John B. WALLACE, against Joseph FELLOWS.
3. Land in Abington Township, bounded by Samuel GRIFFIN, John COATS, Benjamin W. REED, containing 52 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of henry CLYMER, George CLYMER, John READ and others against John DIXON.
4. Land in Abington Township, bounded by Moses STAN, land surveyed to John DIXON, Thomas GRANT, land sold to Bill BAILEY, containing 51 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of henry CLYMER, George CLYMER, John READ and others against Esther IRELAND.
5. Land in Wilkesbarre Borough, on Northampton Street, bounded by John B. GIBSON, Dominique GERMAIN, containing _ acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Thomas FIELD against Abraham TOLLS
6. Land in Greenfield Township, bounded by John INDOR, Nathan CALLENDAR, Samuel MEREDITH, John J. MILLARD, containing 54 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of PHELPS & PHINNEY against James FOSTER.

30 December 1828

Paper missing

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