1829 Susquehanna Democrat


Published on Friday Morning, Wilkesbarre, PA
By Sharp D. LEWIS

Terms Of The Democrat. Two Dollars per annum, half yearly in advance, or Two Dollars and Fifty Cents, if not paid within the year, exclusive of Postage. Interest charged on payments as they become due. Such kinds of Country Produce as the Wilkesbarre Storekeepers receive in exchange for Merchandize – and also Lumber, will be taken on Subscriptions, at the Market Price.

2 January 1829

Married – In this Borough on Sunday evening last by Rev. CARVER, Edmund TAYLOR and Miss Mary, daughter of Elnathan WILSON, both of Wilkesbarre.

Salmon – For weeks past the epicures along the Susquehanna, have been feasting on this most delicious fish. They have been caught in such quantities immediately below the Shamokin dam, as to supply the whole neighborhood and indeed, some of the finest have been sent to Pottsville, Reading and Philadelphia.

Matrimony. Matrimony seems to have been almost one of the first commandments enjoined upon man, and perhaps none more calculated to soothe and soften the cares of this life, than a kind and affectionate companion. Ad I have had the misfortune of loosing mine, and none but hired help to conduct my domestic concerns, which is not only injurious to my property but unpleasant to my feelings; and being convinced that there can be no happiness for man short of a kind, virtuous and tender-hearted wife, who has been brought up in the love of virtue and that of domestic habits, who would abhor improper conduct: To such a one would I most cheerfully unite myself, believing that my own conduct would so correspond with the above description as to be satisfactory to the most virtuous minded.
Should the above meet the approbation of any accomplished Lady, who is desirous of engaging herself to one entirely free of all bad habits, of good education and moderate fortune, of the age of thirty-nine, they will find this advertisement worthy of notice. Honor and secrecy may be most firmly relied on. As some security against improper applications, it is required that letters should be post paid, if sent by mail, to the care of Mr. ANHAEUSER, Wilkesbarre, with real name, age and qualifications, which will meet with most respectful attention. R. C.

9 January 1829

Married – In this Borough, last evening by Rev. Samuel BOWMAN, the Rev. James MAY, Rector of St. Stephens’ Church, to Miss Ellen, daughter of the late Capt. Samuel BOWMAN of this place.

Died – In Greenfield, on the 29th December, 1828, Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Daniel DAVID, after a severe illness of several months confinement.

Sentence of Truman MARTHERS, for the murder of Col. Jno. BROOKS. It appears that MARTHEWS fell in with BROOKS near Mt. Pleasant, Wayne County, Pa.. BROOKS was travelling in a light waggon and kindly gave MARTHEWS the privilege of riding with him. They travelled some miles, when MARTHEWS got out to walk a short distance, and informed BROOKS that the axletree of the waggon was broken. BROOKS immediately alighted, and while stooping to examine the axletree, MARTHEWS struck him on the head with a stone, which caused instant death. He then rifled the pockets of the deceased, and with his horse and waggon returned. Seeing that he was pursued, he leaped from the waggon and sought refuge in the woods. He was taken that night, and on the morning following he was lodged in the Bethany jail. From the testimony it appears that BROOKS had been struck on the head several times, as it was much lacerated. MARTHEWS, in his confession, said that he had committed smaller crimes before. He attributed the whole to drunkness and gambling. Mrs. MARTHEWS, the mother of the murderer, was with him some days previous to the trial, during which time it is said she suffered the severest afflictions on account of his situation. She attended at the trial to prove that her son had been subject to fits of derangement. Upon this plea his defence rested, but without avail. He was tried on the 29th and 30th of August last, was convicted, and sentenced to be hung. His sentence was executed on the 24th November last, in the presence of a large crowd of spectators. In the address of Judge SCOTT, he was to be taken to the jail of Wayne County, from thence place to the place of execution, and to be hanged by the neck until dead. Northern Eagle, Nov. 5th

Small Pox exists at present in Northumberland.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, January 1st:
Arnold COLT
Amanda ALEN
Jacob ABEL
Stephen ABBOTT
William W. BOYD
Elizabeth BROWN
Stephen COOK
Chancy CASE
Solomon CULVER
David DALE
Thomas EDDY
Thomas EGON
Aaron FINN
William M. GRAY
Michael GRUVER
Charles HARRIS, sen.
Jonathan HANCOCK
Casper HERM
Benjamin HESS
Philip HOUPT
Edward INMAN
Artimadorus INGERSOL
Jehoida P. JOHNSON
Volentine KEISER
Anna Elizabeth KNOCK
Christian KUNKLE
Gilbert LEWIS
Jacob LARN
Jefferson LANDEA
Daniel MEED
(no first name) M’CORMUAL
MOCK the Tailor
Milton P. ORTON
Lawrence PRICE
Simeon F. ROGERS
Philip RIMER
Samajiel RAUP
Volney H. SEARLE
William SCADEL
Abraham THOMAS
James D. TREET
Rosewell WELLES
Jacob WOLF
Israel B. WORT
Moses WOOD

Pork, by the Barrel and a quantity of Potatoes. Andrew RAUB, Kingston.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, January 1st:
Charles FULLER
Erastus HILL
Abraham HARRIS
Arthur KELLY
Mathew LYONS
Thomas B. OAKLY
Tilman PERRY
James SHAW
F.& William TRESWITH

5 or 6 Journeymen Shoemakers Wanted. The Subscribers wishes to employ journeymen Shoemakers, immediately. Such as well understand Men’s Work, will meet with constant employment and good wages. Edward JONES, Wilkesbarre.

Grain Wanted. The following prices will be paid in Cash, for:
Wheat $1.25 per bush. of 60 lbs.
Rye $.58 per bush. of 58 lbs.
Corn $.50 per bush. of 60 lbs.
Also wanted 50 Large Store Hogs. E. APPLETON’S Mill. Laurel-Run.

16 January 1829

Died – Austin ELSWORTH, of Harford township, was drowned on the 27th ult, by falling through the ice on a small lake. Montrose Register

Married – In Philadelphia, on the 8th inst., by Rev. J. B. GROSS, of Easton, Samuel D. GROSS, M. D. to Mrs. Louisa A. DULANY, both of that city.

Died – At the Hermings, near Nashville, Tenn., on the 22nd December last, Rachael, consort of President elect Andrew JACKSON.

Wilkesbarre Bridge Dividend. The President and Managers of the Company for erecting a Bridge over the River Susquehanna, at the Borough of Wilkesbarre, in the county of Luzerne, declared on the 10th inst. a Dividend of One Dollar and Twenty-Five Cents on each Share of the capital Stock of said Company. The Stockholders will call on the Treasurer in Wilkesbarre, where the amount of said dividend will be paid after the 26th inst. Ziba BENNETT, Treas’r.

Saddle &Harness Manufactory, On the West side of the Public Square, near the Meeting House. Edward TAYLOR, Wilkesbarre.

23 January 1829

Married – At Berwick on Friday morning last, by Rev. George LANE, Rev. Morgan SHER_AN, of Auburn, N. Y. to Miss Caroline _TEWART, of the former place.

Married – At Northmoreland on the 8th inst. by Orange FULLER, Esq., John DYMOND Jr., to Hester, daughter of Jacob HALSTED

Married – On the 18th inst., by Orange FULLER, Esq., Wm. _ATON to Miss Polly WHEELER, of Plymouth

Died – At Kingston, on Saturday morning last, infant son of Capt. Ziba HOYT

Died – In Wilkesbarre, on Saturday evening John CANOUGH, a native of Ireland, aged 23 years

The Public Records, stolen some time since from the public offices of Tioga County, Pa, have been replaced uninjured, they were found about one mile from Wellesborough, secreted in a hollow log says the editor of the Banner, that they were taken with a view to aid the liberating one Robert BAILEY, a convict in the Penitentiary. Five persons have been charged with committing the theft, and after undergoing an examination were held to bale for their appearance at the next Court of that county, to answer the charge.

We have had but little sleighing in this vicinity the present season.

School Meeting held at the house of A. PARISH, Wilkesbarre, January 19th for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of erecting a School House in this Borough, Jonathan HANCOCK, was called to the chair and J. P. BABB, appointed secretary. Will meet again on Jan. 26th.

An individual is now indicted and awaiting his trial in Upper Canada, for the murder of Abraham YOUNG. From letters received from YOUNG there is no doubt that he is still living and was in New York on the 18th October last, where he entered as a sailor on board of a vessel bound to Lisbon.

Notice. Those having unsettled accounts with the subscriber are earnestly requested to settle the same by note or otherwise immediately and save the disagreeable necessity of sending the proper officer. Those neglecting to settle by note or otherwise, may expect to have an increase of costs. James STARK, Wilkesbarre Township.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Nanticoke, January 1st:
James D. TREAT
Miner M. YORK

New Goods from N. York and Philadelphia. HAFF, RUTTER & SCOTT.

New Store. The Subscriber having purchased the Store lately kept by John DONLEY, intends keeping on hand constantly, a full assortment of Seasonable Goods. Jon’ A. BULKELEY, Wilkesbarre.

New Goods have just been received from the city of New York. Jacob Rice, Truxville (Kingston)

30 January 1829

Awful warning to Drunkards. Mr. Charles KEITHLINE, aged about 50 years, who lived at the end of the Bridge on the opposite side of the river, was killed on Saturday night last under circumstances the most melancholy. He was returning from _his place very much intoxicated, in company with some member of his family after entering the Bridge, he went on alone leaving the person who accompanied him at the gate. This person soon followed after but could find nothing of Mr. KEITHLINE. A second search was made and his hat found which led to fearful apprehensions. He was soon discovered on the ice below, having blundered through the timbers, between the wagon road and the foot path which is a little elevated and fallen about 35 feet. A person descended to the ice, and having fastened a rope to his body, others pulled him on to the bridge, where his family witnessed the most awful and heart rending spectacle they ever beheld. His head was bruised and lacerated and one of his thighs broken.
A remembrance of this scene along, to _?_ nothing of the many similar ones that have occurred is sufficient to wean the Drunkard from his bottle, unless his heart is hardened to brave danger, and his soul —-st to the common feelings of humanity. In the case of Mr. KEITHLINE respectable connexions are called to regret the unnatural death of their relative.

Pennsylvania Legislature. A petition signed by citizens of Luzerne and Columbia Counties, praying for an alteration in the law relative on the appointment of canal Commissioners. The petition stated that the Engineer, his assistants and the superintendent, on the North Branch canal were incompetent. (see article)

A family in Indiana, Pa., by the name of CUMMINS, have for several weeks past, been afflicted with poison from the glazing of crocks, in which there was honey, one of whom (by the name of Elizabeth CUMMINS) died on the 1st inst.

Mrs. DRAKE has just returned from Philadelphia with an assortment of Ladies Leghorn, Silk, & Straw Bonnets. Combs, Laces, and Silks, And every description of Millinery, Which She offers for sale on the most reasonable terms. Wilkesbarre.

6 February 1829

Paper missing

13 February 1829

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held 2nd March, for land (No. 48) situated in Township of Putnam, bounded the other part of Lot 48, Lot 52, containing 78 acres. Attendance will be given and conditions of sale made known by William SEWARD, Ex’r.

Proposals will be received at the Canal Office in Milton until 3rd March, for the construction of a Towing Path & Road Bridge, Across the West Branch of the Susquehanna at the junction of the West and North Branch Canals at the town of Northumberland. Also, for a Road Bridge across the Canal at the same point.

Revolutionary Scenes. Murder of Col. HAYNE

Biographical Sketch. James MADISON, fourth President of the United States.

Receipts and Expenditures of Luzerne County for 1828, including: Expenditures for new Bridges: Meshoping, Hunlock’s, Shickshiny, Tunkhannock, Huntington, Lackawanna, Hanover. John BITTENBENDER, Isaac HARDING, William SWETLAND, Commissioners.

Married – At Bloomsburg, on Tuesday evening of last week, by Mr. CHAMBERLIN, Esq., Charles _(name missing)_, of Mauch Chunk, to Miss Eliza RUCH, of this place.

Died – In Kingston, on the 5th inst., after a protracted indisposition, Enoch SKEER, aged 30 years.

Died – At Kingston, on Friday the 30th ult, Betsey, wife of Aaron ROBERTS, aged about 50 years.

A man named Joseph SKINNER, in Plainfield, was frozen to death on Friday the 9th ult. We understand the unhappy man was intoxicated when death in this awful form overtook him.

The fell destroyer. On the 13th of November, Jas MURPHEY, of Kennebunkport, Maine, having drank freely resolved on destroying his wife. He first heated a Dutch oven lid, and placed it on her back, as she lay intoxicated upon the floor. He next brought in an armful of brush and placed it upon her; and was just in the act of setting it on fire, when a person came in and prevented him. The wretched woman survived in excruciating pain till the 2nd ult, when she expired. MURPHEY is committed to jail for trial.

The Wyoming Troop Will meet at Major PORTER’S in Wilkesbarre on Saturday the 21st at 10 o’clock.

A Red Steer Strayed from the Subscriber. John PERKINS, Kingston.

20 February 1829

A. WESTLAKE, Surgeon Dentist, will File, Plug, Polish, Extract and Set, Artificial Teeth in the best manner. Parents are invited to bring their Children, and have their Teeth regulated before they become crowded. He will call at private dwellings if requested. His Room may be found at the House of Charles J. CHRISTELL, Wilkesbarre.

Died – In this Borough, on Wednesday evening last Matthias HOLLENBACK, Esq., aged 77 years. He life is nearly connected with the early history of this valley having been an early settler, and a resident during the difficulties with the Indians &c. He was an officer in the Revolutionary War, and has held the office of Associate Judge since the adoption of the Constitution of Pennsylvania. The funeral will take place to-morrow at 2 o’clock.

Administrator’s Sale to be held 28th inst. at the late residence of Enoch SKEER, dec’d, in Kingston. Albert SKEER, Adm’r.

Estate of Enoch SKEER, late of Kingston, requests payments and demands.

Estate of Elisha MYERS, late of Huntington Township, requests payments and demands.

The Subscriber lost from a waggon, between HOLGATE’S Factory and his residence, about two months since, a common Shot Gun. The gun was out of repair, and the stock was cracked near the breech. A reasonable reward will be given to the finder on the delivery of the same. Jacob PENCE.

27 February 1829

Died – Hon. Matthias HOLLENBACK, whose death was announced in the paper last week, was born of German parentage, in Hanover, upper Swatara, then Lancaster, now Lebanon Co., Penna. He joined the first adventurous party ,who came to make a permanent settlement under the authority of Connecticut in the Valley of Wyoming in the autumn of 1769. In 1776 (perhaps the following year) two companies were raised in Wyoming, one of which young HALLENBACK was appointed a lieutenant. He joined the army under General WASHINGTON in N. Jersey. His property was destroyed in 1778. In 1786, he was chosen and appointed one of the Justices of the Courts of Luzerne County, and re-appointed associate Judge. He was honored with the command of a Regiment by his fellow citizens, a military office, being almost the only one in Pennsylvania compatible with that of a Judge. (Long obituary)

Resolutions by the Bar of the County of Luzerne County on 19th inst. for Matthias HOLLENBACK, one of the associate Judges of the Courts of this county, and that in testimony of our respect for his memory, we will wear Crape upon the left arm for thirty days. The funeral will be on Saturday next, from his late residence. Sympathy to his widow and family.

On Monday morning last, a boy, aged 15 years, was found frozen to death in the woods in Union Township. On Thursday previous, he started from the River to go to the back road in that township, and is supposed to have become weary, and set down to rest on a log, from which he fell on his face, and there laid until found. (no name given)

In Union Township, a man working on the Canal, was killed on Saturday, by the falling of earth. The ground being frozen on the top, the hands were working under, and the surface giving way, one man was killed and two others considerably injured. (no names given)

A merchant from St. Louis, named JONES, committed suicide in Philadelphia on the 16th inst. He had been entrusted with a parcel, said to contain a sum of money, consigned to a house in Pittsburg. It not being convenient to deliver it personally, he put it in the hands of another man and remained at Philadelphia. When the parcel arrived, it contained no money. Fearing that he might be suspected he discharged a pistol in his mouth which caused instant death. He is represented to have been a wealthy and remarkably upright man; and to sensitive to live liable to a suspicion. The persons who enclosed the money do not suspect him of dishonesty.

Cheap For Prompt Pay. Wholesale & Retail Establishment. Thomas BORBRIDGE & Co., Kingston.

Married – At Abington, on the 12th inst. by the Rev. John MILLER, Stephen CAPWELL and Miss S. L. SIMMONS.

Died – At Montpelier, Va. The residence of James MADISON, on the 11th inst., Mrs. Eleanor MADISON, the venerated parent of our Ex-President, at the advanced age of 98 years.

Creditors Take Notice; That I have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, and that they have appointed the 1st Monday in April next, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, to her me and my Creditors where you can attend. Caleb CRIDLAND.

Public Sale on 6th April, for property in the Boro’ of Wilkesbarre, at the junction of Main & Northampton Streets, containing One Acre, House, Store House, Barn, excellent Well of water, number of Bearing Apple Trees. For terms apply to John N. CONYNGHAM

6 March 1829

Revolutionary Pension – 1. Those whose whole property consists in a fixed income of 96 dollars a year. 2. Those whose property consists of lands, buildings, money, and other property convertible into money, and value of less than 960 dollars. 3. Those one tenth of whose property consisting lands & c. added to any fixed or yearly income they may receive amounts to less than 96 dollars.

Married – At Plymouth, on the 26th ult, by Orange FULLER, Esq., Chandler NEWBERRY to Miss Lucinda EVANS.

Married – In this township, on the 19th ult, by Rev. BIDLACK, Charles CORTRIGHT to Miss Rebecca, daughter of Jacob HART, Esq., of this place.

Died – At Wrightsville on Wednesday morning, Helen, an infant daughter, and child of Robert Miner of that place.

Died -At his residence in the Boro’, on the 1st inst. Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., one of the earliest patriots of the Revolution. He was a native of Massachusetts. He was at Lexington where the fire of liberty first blazed, he was present and shared in the honours and dangers of the first struggle. He enlisted at the at age of seventeen, was at the battle of Breeds or Bunker’s Hill. He also performed a tour of duty of several months at the post of Ticonderoga, under the command of Col. Reed but ill health induced him to return to place of his residence, and a delicate constitution rendering him unable to sustain fatigues of a military life, he returned to his studies at Harvard College, and studied law. He emigrated to Pennsylvania and after some time spent in Philadelphia, he selected the valley of Wyoming the place of his permanent abode. He regularly attended the Episcopal Church. At the age of 71, he became convinced that the period of his departure drew nigh, an sinking away without any apparent disease, he professed a resignation to the will of Heaven, and cheerfully awaited the summons of death with a perfect possession of his mental energies, until the last effort of expiring nature. (Long obituary)

At a meeting of the Judges of the Court & members of the Bar of this county, held in consequence of the death of the late Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, resolved that he was one of the oldest members of the bar in Pennsylvania, sympathy to his family, and will attend his funeral and wear crape upon the left arm for thirty days.

A Bill has passed the lower House of the Legislature of Pennsylvania which makes it the duty of that body to elect a Board of Canal Commissioners on Monday next.

Writing School. F. W. GEYER, Professor of Penmanship. Has commenced in the office, formerly occupied by Judge SCOTT, in this Borough. His mode of instruction and style of writing are highly approved by the best judges. Hours of instruction, for Ladies, from 10 to 12 A. M. and for Gentlemen, from _ past 12 to 2, P. M. and from 7 to 9 in the evening.

Orphan’s Court Sale, to be held 26th March, as the estate of Cornelius GARRISON, dec’d, for three tracts of land in Hanover Township. Jacob GARRISON and John SAUM, Administrators.

Register’s Notice, that the following estates have been filed for the following deceased:
Jeremiah HESS, late of Nescopeck Township
Christion WENNER, late of Sugarloaf Township
Peter GLACE, late of Sugarloaf Township
Earl TUBBS, late of Huntington Township
Account of Henry LINES as Guardian of Henry SIMMS and Elizabeth SIMMS

Notice. Conrad SAX, sen’r, one of the Justices of the Peace, for the district composed of the Townships of Wilkesbarre and Covington, hereby gives notice that he will do no more business as a magistrate, except to settle up such as is now on his Docket. March 4.

Estate of late Samuel MAFFET, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, last call upon Debtors of his estate.

Notice. Whereas my wife, Dolley, has left my bed and board without any just cause or provocation, I therefore warn all persons against harboring or trusting her on my account as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. William SIGLER, Exeter.

13 March 1829

Methodists. The present year will form the centenary of Methodism. In 1779, this sect first commenced at Oxford, under Rev. J. WESLEY.

Dreadful. We understand that two men in a skiff, one by the name of CHAMBERS residing on Grand Island and another from Chippewa, were carried over the Falls of Niagara on Sunday night the 8th inst. They were attempting to smuggle into Canada a few barrels of whiskey for which purpose they left the American shore about four miles above the Falls but a storm suddenly rose, and finding themselves unable to contend with current, which was setting down with great rapidity, and were swung into its vortex and soon precipitated into the chasm below. Their bodies had not been found as late as the 21st.

Married – In Kingston, on Thursday, 5th inst., by the Rev. J. Castle, John RICE of that place to Miss Mary Ann KUNCKLE, of Dallas.

Died – At Plainsville, Pittston Township, on Thursday evening the 12th ult, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Mary, consort of William SEARLE, aged 47 years.

Large section was cut from this paper.

20 March 1829

House of Representatives:
Petitions from citizens of Luzerne County, for a law to prevent the erection of certain dams.
Petition from inhabitants of Windham Township, for a change in their election district, and that a
portion of the tax on unseated lands in Windham township, may be expended on a certain road.

Married – In Exeter, on the 15th inst., by I. HARDING, Esq., Alexander RAY to Jennet , daughter of William SICKLER, all of Exeter.

Died – At Pittston, on Monday morning the 9th?, John STEWART, formerly of Philadelphia, in the 62nd year of his age.

Died – In Pittston, on Tuesday evening last, Miss Sarah SLOCUM, aged about 30 years.

Died – At the Poor House in the town of Stonington, Connecticut, on the 17th, Amos BROWN, a soldier of the American Revolution, aged 88 years.

Died – At the Poor House on the 19th ult, Joseph COOK, aged 102 years. He came to this country from England at the age of 28, and was present at BRADDOCK’S defeat, he enlisted in the Continental Army and was a faithful soldier under the immediate command of General WASHINGTON, and shared in the dangers at Monmouth, Trenton and Yorktown. Since the close of that war he has resided in this town. Although poor and extremely illiterate. Ever sustained the character of an honest, industrious and temperate man he arrived at the age of 100 years, he partly supported himself by his own labor. Telegraph

Shamokin Dam. About 400 feet of the Shamokin dam upon the Sunbury side of the river was swept away by the ice on the evening of the 11th inst. The cost of repairing it will about to about $5,000. It will be put in complete repair by the first of June, the period when it is expected the canal will be opened for navigation. The stone work along the line of the canal, has suffered very little or no injury. Another article in the paper, gives the proposal to rebuild the dam.

Notice. Those persons who have subscribed to aid in building a new School House in Wilkesbarre, are requested to meet at the house of A. PARRISH, on the 23rd inst. All persons who intend to become subscribers are respectfully requested to attend.

Estate of Matthias HOLLENBACK, late of Wilkesbarre, request payments and demands. G. M. HOLLENBACK, Charles F. WELLS, Chester BUTLER, Administrators.

Removal. The Store of HAFT, RUTTER & SCOTT has been removed to the Store house owned by George LANE, formerly occupied by Mr. J. DONLEY, west side of the public Square, Wilkesbarre.

Ark Ropes. Albert SKEER, Kingston, informs Rivermen and others who have occasion to use this kind of Ropes, that he has a quantity of them on hand, of a good quality and will sell them singly or by the dozen, on reasonable terms.

Removal. Archippus PARRISH, informs his friends that he has removed to the house formerly kept by him, and lately occupied by Maj. O. HELME, Wilkesbarre, where he intends keeping a Public House.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held on 4th April, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre:
1. Land in Abington Township, bounded by Solomon REYNOLDS, south branch of Tunkhannock Creek, road leading from KEELER’S ferry to the Great Bend, containing 1 acre. Also land in same township, bounded by Sylvester R. TANNER, public highway leading from the Great Bend to KEELER’S ferry, containing one quarter acre, it being conveyed to Mary Ann, wife of Sylvester R. TANNER, by Solomon REYNOLDS. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William James and Thomas James, who survived Robert James, late merchants in co. trading under the firm of Robert James & Co. against Sylvester R. TANNER.
2. Land in Pittston, bounded by Lackawanna river, estate of Thomas WRIGHT, dec’d, being the PEDRICH lot, containing 110 acres. Also another piece in Pittston Township, bounded by Lackawanna, Jonathan and Ebenezer MARCY jr., Benjamin KNAPP, containing 20 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ebenezer BOWMAN and Joseph JAMESON, ex’rs of the last will, &c. of James STEWART, dec’d, ass’ee of George LANE, against Ebenezer MARCY.
3. Land in Union Township, surveyed in name of Casper RICHARDS, adjoining land in name of William LEWIS, John LEWIS, containing 200 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jacob HUNTZINGER against Christian HALDEMAN
4. Land called Dyerstown, on the forks of Lehigh and Bear Creek, now in county of Luzerne, bounded by Thomas POLTON, John BRADSHAW, Joseph BROWN, containing 400 acres. Being same which John CURWIN junr. By indenture bearing even date herewith and executed immediately before presents for the consideration therein mentioned, the whole whereof it hereby secured, granted and conveyed unto said Robert KENDAL in fee. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John CURWIN, junr. Trustee of Armat STODDART, of Philadelphia against Robert KENDAL and terre tenants.

27 March 1829

Joshua BARNEY, of Maryland – American Revolution

A Post Office has been established in Huntington and Benjamin HARVEY has been appointed Post Master.

House of Representatives:
Petition to incorporate the Wyoming Bank at Wilkesbarre

Joseph BROWN, a mason in Boston, has invented a cement for the outside of buildings, which is a very good imitation of marble. It is said to resist moisture, smoke and severity of climate.

In the Court of Oyer and Terminer, N. York, on the 10th inst., came on the trial of Richard M. JOHNSON, for the murder of Mrs. Ursula NEWMAN, on the 20th November last, at her own house in the city of New York. The defence set up by the prisoner’s counsel was insanity, and his general good character. The court verdict was guilty.

Elijah CROSSWHITE was tried and convicted in Kentucky, for passing counterfeit coin. Sentenced to four years in the penitentiary.

Notice. All persons indebted to Edward FELL, Wilkesbarre, are requested to come forward and settle their accounts on or before 15th April next, to enable me to pay my debts – those who do not, can expect no further indulgence.

The Wyoming Troop will meet at the house of William EDWARDS, Plymouth, on 4th April.

Wyoming Seminary – The Young Ladies’ School, Under the instruction of Mrs. CHAPMAN & Miss TROTT, will commence its Spring Quarter on April 13th.

3 April 1829

Paper missing

10 April 1829

Steam Carriage, resembling a stage coach except it had a chimney rising about six feet above the roof, invented and constructed by Nathan GOUGH of Salford. Manchester Mercury

Married – On Wednesday the 18th ult., by Luman FERRY, Esq., John CHATFIELD to Mrs. Phebe BALL, of Tunkhannock.

Presentment of the Grand Jury of the County of Luzerne for April Sessions, 1829, was read aloud in Court & ordered filed. To the honorable the Judges of the Court of Quarter Sessions of the Peace in and for the County of Luzerne. The Grand Jury of said county respectfully present to your honors, that the vice of intemperance is a growing evil, and of alarming magnitude. The Grand Jury fully sensible of the duty of all guardians of the public welfare, to unite and combine their influence against the further progress of this vice; and believing that much may be done to correct the customs which inevitable lead to it, beg leave to present the former custom of introducing ardent spirits into the Grand Jury room during their deliberations upon public business, a grossly improper and tending to give countenance to the vice of intemperance, and therefore pledge ourselves to discourage this custom, and to prohibit any of our members of any occasion, from introducing ardent spirits, wine or fermented liquor into the Grand Jury room, and cordially tender our influence as a Grand Jury, to assist other branches of our civil authority, to discourage and prevent the growing evils of intemperance.

David SCOTT, of Luzerne, is one of the Canal Commissioners, waiting the governor’s signature on the bill to become law.

Those who have been stricken from the pension Roll, on account of the amount of their property, which was valued at less than 960 dollars, are informed that they can make their declaration for the purpose of being restored, before a Justice of the Peace.

We learn from a friend in Harrisburg, that the Shamokin Dam is to be built on an entire new construction – a model of which was presented by Mr. STERLING, of Luzerne, and the same allotted to him. It will cost about $9.36 per foot lineal. Miltonian

Harrisburg, April 6. Last week some of the workmen on the canal near CLARK’S ferry, demanded higher wages from their employers. This being refused, they were paid off and discharged; on which a band of between 200-300 laborers collected and formed themselves into a mob, refusing to work or suffering any one else to work, not even the employers themselves – threatening violence to all that would do any work on the canal. On Friday application was made to the sheriff for a posse commitatus to restore order, and disperse the rioters. The sheriff having summoned a part of the cavalry of this place and a few citizens, proceeded to the scene of action; and after calling in the assistance of the Halifax infantry, several of the ringleaders were taken and confined in the jail of Dauphin County. The riot appears to have been systematically undertaken, as persons from the various sections on the Susquehanna and Juniata were present; and it is to be feared that much mischief may yet be one before order is restored. Intelligencer

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office in Nanticoke, April 1st:
Darius FINCH
Morres SPAOR

The Stockholders of the Company for erecting a Bridge over the River Susquehanna, Wilkesbarre will meet on May 4th, to elect A President, A Treasurer and Six Managers. Geo. C. DRAKE, Sec’ry.

To The Public. The subscriber is very anxious to know where his father, Robert KEATING, is. He and myself were taken sick at Liverpool, on the Susquehanna River, near a year ago, and recovering partially, he left there, and for the last 6 months I have not heard from him. I am now at Falls Township, Luzerne County, Pa. In bad health, and very anxious to hear from my father. John KEATING.

Notice. All persons indebted to the late Firm of G. M. HOLLENBACK & Co. either by Note or Book Account, are requested to call and settle their respective accounts as early as possible and oblige. G. M. HOLLENBACK & Ziba BENNETT

Estate of John BAUGHMAN, late of Nescopeck, requests payments and demands. Moses S. BRUNDAGE, Administrator.

Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, April 1st:
Ebenezer L. BOYD, jr.
Christopher H. BAKER
Theron FINN
Darius FINCH
Samuel KOONS
Christian KUNKLE
Daniel LYONS
George MACK
Mary Ann OGDEN
Abraham PIKE
William PRICE
Benjamin PINE
Samuel PELL
Philip RIMER
Valentine SMITH
Jeremiah SMITH
Benjamin STONE
Frederick VOCLE
Rosewell WELL
Darmarius WILLIAMS

Adrift. Taken up lately in the Susquehanna River in Union Township, a Raft, composed of Posts, Rails and Shingles. The owner can have the same by applying to the subscribers and paying charges. Philip VENIMO, Matthew HUGHES, Sam’l FAUGHSNAUGH.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Kingston, April 1st:
Charlotte V. BUSKIRK
William SHAW
Martha Thomas
Thomas BORBIDGE, P. M.

Apprentices Wanted. 2 Boys to the Hatting Business. Wm. A. MERRITT, Wilkesbarre.

17 April 1829

Easton Whig – Circuit Court – Northampton County. March 31. The jury were sworn in the case of Timothy ABBOTT, Wm. ABBOTT and Nathan SMITH vs Nathan BEACH – Ejectment for about 700 acres of land including the Beaver Meadow coal beds in Lausanne township. This was a case of great importance, and contested inch by inch. The plaintiffs claimed under two warrants applied for by John NICHOLSON in the names of Mary and Patty KEAN, on the 7th September 1789 & alleged surveys thereunder – a Sheriff’s Sale of NICHOLSON’S property to Jesse SHARPLESS in 1798, and title deduced from him to the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs also gave in evidence two Patents granted to John PRYOR in July 1814, and titles deduced from PRYOR through Geo. F. A. HAUTO to them.
The defendant claimed in virtue of an improvement commenced in July 1806, and two warrants subsequently issued in his favor for the land. They contended that NICHOLSON’S title was divested by a deed to Michael HILLEGAS and William NICHOLS, before the Judgment. (This deed the court held not to be operative, not being recorded before the Sheriff’s sale in this county.) That no survey had ever been made on the ground under the Mary and Patty KEAN warrants, that the Patent to PRYOR was procured by forgery, and that the surveys returned into the Surveyor General’s office, on the 18th March 1814, on which the patent issued, were procured fraudulently. That these surveys could not endure to the benefit of the plaintiffs, whose warrants were alleged not to be descriptive, and if they were any right which otherwise might have been acquired under them was lost by negligence.
After a very patient and laborious investigation, the Judge charged the jury on Saturday afternoon in a clear and lucid manner, pretty pointedly in favor of the defendant and in a short time the jury returned a verdict accordingly.
This case brought up more law on the subject of original titles than in usual in this county, or than perhaps ever arose in one cause. The counsel on both sides exerted themselves much – bringing their best powers and best researchers to bear on it. The occupied all Friday, and the major part of Saturday in their addresses to the jury, besides several interlocutory arguments on questions of evidence.

Died – In this Borough on the 15th inst., Charles Miner ROBINSON, in the 19th year of his age.

Died – In this Borough on Wednesday evening last, John, a promising son of Maj. O. HELME, aged about 15 years.

Shocking Accident. We learn that a young woman aged 15 or 16 years, daughter of Harman HARVEY, of Huntington Township, was drowned on the 2nd inst. She was missed by her friends on the afternoon of that day, and was supposed to have gone to visit a neighbor on the opposite side of Harvey’s Creek. The only means of crossing which was by a log. The creek being very high, rapid, strong fears were entertained of her fate, which were realized on finding her body next day some distance below the crossing place.

Second reading of the Canal Bill passed the Senate for execution of those sections on the Delaware division of the Pennsylvania Canal, between Bristol and Easton and on the North Branch division between Northumberland and Nanticoke Falls were read on Tuesday last. The Bill appropriates three million and two hundred thousand dollars for the purposes of internal improvement the present year.

House of Representatives:
Act authorising William and Ebenezer TRESCOTT of Luzerne County to erect a wing dam in the river Susquehanna.

Act passed for the appointment of the Canal Commissioners, two being David SCOTT, of Luzerne County and Nathaniel B. ELDRED of Wayne County.

GAYLORD & REYNOLDS, Plymouth have just received 110 Barrels of Rectified Whiskey from the State of New York.

24 April 1829

An Act Relative to the Patenting of Lands.

John NICHOLSON was comptroller of Pennsylvania from 1782 to 1794, during which period more than twenty seven millions of dollars of public money passed through his hands. (See article)

Married – At Pittston, on the 12th inst. by Rev. CASTLE, Erastus SMITH to Miss Matilda HOWARD, both of that place.

Married – In this Borough, on Sunday evening last, Jacob HANN, of Huntington, to Miss Nancy JOHNSON.

We understand the Canal & Canal Road Bill contains no provision for completing the canal from Nanticoke Falls to Northumberland.

Wilkesbarre & Pittston Rifle Blues, will meet on the 4th of May, at the house of Calvin STOCKBRIDGE, Pittston, completely equipped as the law directs. Benj. SAILER, O. S.

5th Company 115th Reg. P. M. are required to meet at the house of Jacob J. DENNIS, innkeeper, Wilkesbarre on the 4th May, for parade and drill. Ira ASH, Captain.

The enrolled Militia of the 115th Reg. P. M. are to assemble for Military exercise and inspection on the 15th May, at the house of Jacob J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre. Jacob J. DENNIS, Col.

Edward JONES, Boot and Shoemaker, On the North Side of the Public Square, Wilkesbarre.

1 May 1829

Paper missing

8 May 1829

Titles of Acts Passed 1828-1829:
1. Act Authorising the executors of Abraham GROSS, deceased, to sell and convey certain real estate.
4. Relief for Elizabeth LABAR and Barbara KING, widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war, and for the relief of Isaac GIBSON, James FRANCIS, George FISHER, soldiers of the revolution.
6 To legitimate Emiline, daughter of Michael M. GUNGLE.
7. Authorise Peter SNYDER, executor of Peter HERBEIN, late of Berks County, deceased, to sell and convey certain real estate.
8. For the relief of Abraham SMITH and Richard MATTOX, soldiers of the revolutionary war.
10. For the relief of Christain CORRELL, a soldier of the revolutionary war.
12. For the relief of Anna Maria DORNBACK, widow of a soldier of the revolutionary war, and for the relief of Jacob RITTENHOUSE, a soldier of the revolution.
14. To authorise George MUSSER, surviving executor of Matthias YOUNG, late of the city of Lancaster, deceased, to sell and convey certain real estate.
15. Act relative to Catharine WEIDNER.
20. Act supplementary to an act, entitled An act to enable the guardians of the minor children of Thomas J. PASCHALL and Mary H. MORRIS to sell and lease on improvement, certain lands in Schuylkill Co.
21. Act for the relief of Daniel JOHNSTON.
25. For erecting Christ’s Church & St. Peter’s Church, in the city of Philadelphia, and St. James’ Church, in the same city, into two separate corporations.
28. For the relief of Margaret GILLISPIE, widow of a soldier of the revolutionary war.
30. For the relief of Mary MANTZ, Catharine BURKE, and Priscilla ADAMS, widows of revolutionary soldiers.
31. For the relief of William M’GAHEY, William SPEAR and George GOASHORN, soldiers of the revolutionary war.
34. To annul the marriage contract of Anne Gilbert Marc Anthony FRENAYE and Virginia his wife. (all one person??)
38. Relief of soldiers and widows of soldiers of the revolution. (no names)
41. For the relief of Margaret HUGHES, late Margaret M’CURDY, widow of a soldier of the revolutionary war.
44. For the relief of sundry soldiers and widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war.
45. For the relief of Jacob WALTER, a soldier, and Elizabeth WEYGANDT, the widow of a soldier of the revolutionary war.
46. For the relief of Catharine NEWMAN and Mary VANWHYE, the widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war.
47. For the relief of George ERISMAN, soldier of the revolutionary war.
48. For the relief of John TAYLOR, soldier of the revolutionary war.
54. Granting compensation to Josiah LEWIS, and to the executors of Thomas LIVEZEY, for certain lands certified to Connecticut claimants, in Bedford, one of the seventeen townships in the county of Luzerne.
57. For the relief of Daniel WILLIAMS.
65. Authorising the guardian of Anna Harriet EVANS to sell and convey certain real estate.
66. To repeal the fifth section of the act entitled an act for the relief of Frederick NAVEL and others, soldiers, and the widow of a soldier of the revolutionary war, approved April 10th, 1828.
68. To authorise Thomas GRIM, a committee of the estate of Jacob GRIM, a lunatic, to convey certain real estate, the property of said lunatic.
74. For the relief of sundry soldiers, and the widow of soldiers of the revolutionary war. (no names)
75. Authorising the guardian of Ellen T. and Caroline WILCOX, to sell and convey certain real estate.
76. Authorising Daniel CAMERON to erect a wing dam in the river Susquehanna.
83. To annul the marriage contract of John SCHANK and Sarah his wife.
85. For the relief of David FORE and John STONER, late supervisors of Air township, Bedford County.
90. Authorising the court of common pleas of Cumberland County to appoint a committee to take care of the person, and estate of James WOODS, a deaf and dumb person & authorising the appointment of trustees of Harris COLT, senior.
93. An act to incorporate the Wyoming Bank at Wilkesbarre.
94. Authorising Louisa DE PUI to convey certain real estate.
96. For the relief of sundry soldiers of the revolutionary war. (no names)
100. For the relief of Nathan ROBERTS, a soldier, and Elizabeth NEW, the widow of a soldier of the revolutionary war.
103. Altering the name of Charles COLLADAY.
105. For the relief of Vincent IMFELT, a soldier of the revolutionary war.
112. To annul the marriage contract between Alfred KEISER and Susannah his wife.
114. For the relief of sundry soldiers and widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war. (no names)
115. Appointing commissioners to run the lines of the counties of Lycoming, Bradford and Tioga.
[Continued the following week – 15 May 1829]

Trial of Jacob K. BOYER for counterfeiting. Witnesses were summoned from Reading, near which city two men named MC CLINTOCK and SELTZER, were arrested in the fall of 1827, with a quantity of counterfeit money in their possession. BOYER was found guilty. Phila. Bulletin.

Sudden Death – We understand that Elijah AYRES, of Exeter Township died suddenly on Monday last. He was standing in the door of the public house kept by John HARDING, of that township, apparently as well as usual, and suddenly fell to the floor. On approaching him, it was found to the astonishment of those present that the vital spark had fled. A large family are left to mourn the sudden and unexpected death of their earthly protector.

The Act to incorporate the Wyoming Bank at Wilkesbarre. (2 sections listed).

Public Notice is hereby given that Books will be opened for the purpose of receiving subscriptions to the Capital Sock of the Wyoming Bank at Wilkesbarre, on Monday the 8th June at the Court House and will be kept open for six days. Wm. ROSS, Henderson GAYLORD, John N. CONYNGHAM, William SWETLAND, Isaac BOWMAN, Comm’rs.

Notice to Bridge Builders. Sealed Proposals will be received by the Easton & Wilkesbarre Turnpike Road Company until the 16th inst., for the building of a Bridge over Tobyhannah Creek, to be 72 feet long between abutments, and extend 5 feet over at each end, to be 20 feet wide. The abutments to be built with stone, by the perch – to be 15 feet high, from the bottom of the Creek to the top of the floor of the Bridge. Jesse FELL, President.

Luzerne Volunteer Rifle Battalion is to meet at the house of William CARNEY, in Windham, on 21st May, uniformed and equipped for military exercise. John STURDEVANT, Major, Braintrim.

Estate of Michael SWARTZ, dec’d, requests payments and demands. William EVANS, Adm’r., Providence.

Who Has Got It? Whoever borrowed a small iron kettle, used for boiling oil, will prevent exposure and trouble by returning it immediately. It is shameful to borrow any thing and not return it. George HOTCHKISS, Wilkesbarre.

15 May 1829

Titles of Acts continued from last week:
124. To annul the marriage contract of Joseph MULHART and Catharine his wife. (Surname may be MUTHART?)
126. To legitimate Nancy, daughter of George M’KINNEY, Esq., of the borough of Strasburg, Lancaster County, and for other purposes.
127. Supplement to an act to annex part of Centre County to the county of Lycoming, passed the 27 March 1819.
129. Relative to the escheated estate of Arthur BROWN, late of Berks County, deceased, and for other purposes.
133. Relating to the escheated estate of Robert CALVIN.
137. For the relief of sundry soldiers of the revolutionary war. (no names)
138. For the relief of anna Eliza RODEN.
144. To vest in Stephen GOOD, Osborne GOOD and Salley BROOKE, illegitimate children of Catharine GOOD, late of Mercersburg, Franklin County, deceased, and in Maria, Henry, Nancy, Jacob and Catharine GOOD, children of Henry GOOD, deceased, who was also an illegitimate child of the said Catharine GOOD, deceased, the right of this commonwealth to her real and personal estate.
149. To annual the marriage contract of Charles CARE and Sarah his wife.
150. To legitimate James Nelson ROGERS, son of James ROGERS.
151. to authorise the surviving administrators of Christian BUTTZ, and also the administrators of David BUTTZ, to convey certain real estate.
No numbers given to the following entries:
Relative to the real estate of George BUTTINGER, a lunatic.
To annual the marriage contracts of Martin OVERFIELD and Susanna his wife.
A further supplement to the act for the relief of William WILLINK, Hendrick VOLLENHOVEN and
Rutger Jan SHIMMELPENNICK, passed 31 March 1823.
For the relief of sundry soldiers and widows of soldiers of the revolutionary war. [Several of these
entries are given with no names.]
For the establishment of a classical and agricultural school in Susquehanna County.
Authorising the executors of John LINDSAY and the guardian of the minor child of George W.
ABBOT, to sell and convey certain real estate.
For the relief of John BELL, of the borough of Carlisle.
To prevent the erection of batteries in the river Susquehanna.
Authorising Mary METZGAR and Henry ROTH, guardians of certain minors, to sell and convey
certain real estate.
To annual the marriage contracts between Peter HOTZ, jun. And Phebe his wife.
To annual the marriage contracts of John BARDSHER an Elizabeth his wife, Michael
REYNOLDS and Mary his wife, and Jacob MOYER and Susanna his wife.
For the relief of Justina WEISER, the widow of a soldier of the revolutionary war.

Harrisburg, May 9. A jury of Inquest was yesterday held by Jacob HEISS, coroner, over the dead body of a man, his name unknown. The body was perceived floating down the river, about three miles below this place, and brought to land, it appeared to have been some time in the river, was dressed in blue, and in the pockets a very large pocket knife, a key, some twine, and pieces of lead, such as are used on small seines. Argus

Appointment by the Governor. William S. ROSS, to be Associated Judge of the Courts of Luzerne County, the vacancy occasioned by the death of the late Judge HOLLENBACK.

Jacob K. BOYER, who was convicted in the Circuit Court of the United States, of passing counterfeit money, has been sentenced to 18 years imprisonment at hard labor.

Wm. JESSUP of Susquehannah, John STRUDEVANT of Luzerne, and Jos. STILWELL of Union County, are appointed commissioners to run the lines between the counties of Lycoming, Bradford and Tioga.

Executions. Richard JOHNSON & Catharine CASHIER, under sentence of death for murder, were this forenoon executed on Blackwell’s Island. Evening Post

The Invincible Volunteer Battalion of Luzerne County, will meet at Wallsville, in Abington, on 1st June, for duty and inspection, equipped as the law directs. Per Order of Major HUBBARD, Ezra WALL, Adj’t.

J. P. BABB will give employment and liberal wages to 6 or 7 good Journeyman Carpenters, if application be made soon. Wilkesbarre.

Joshua GREEN wishes to employ Six Journeyman Shoemakers, to whom constant employment and good wages will be given. Wilkesbarre.

Persons wishing to purchase any kind of Lumber, and make good bargains by applying Lazarus STEWART, Wilkesbarre. Lumber will be furnished to any bill at the mill, for cash or country produce delivered at the Store of G. M. HOLLENABCK, Wilkesbarre.

22 May 1829

Married – On the 12th inst. near Mercersburg, by Rev. ELLIOT, Frances WYETH, editor of the Harrisburg Argus, to Miss Susan H., daughter of William MAXWELL, of Franklin Co.

Died – On the 7th inst., at his residence in Sunbury, Ohio, after a short illness, Lawrence MYERS, Esq., Post Master of that place, aged 35 years. The deceased was the son of Philip MYERS, of Kingston, this county. Thus has this family been bereft of 3 of its members within (3 or 8) years. Surely in the midst of life we are death.

The Delaware Journal of Tuesday last, contains the following. At the Court of Quarter Sessions recently sitting in Sussex County, the Grand Jury found three indictments against Patty CANNON for murder, and one against each of the brothers, Joe and Ebenezer JOHNSON for the same crime. Patty CANNON is in custody, and will be tried, we presume, at the court of Oyer and Terminer, in October – the others reside out of the state – where, its not exactly known, but we take it for granted, that the proper steps will be taken to discover and bring them to justice.

Caution to Tobacco Chewers. An account is given in the late number of the Medical Intelligencer, that two cases of cancer upon the tongue and lips, both produced from the use of tobacco.

James M’CLINTOCK [MCCLINTOCK], Attorney At Law, May be consulted at his Office between the Stores of Messrs. BULKELEY & BENNETT, in the borough of Wilkesbarre.

Ladies’ Music School, by Miss E. C. TABER, $5 per Quarter.

Auction and Commission Store. At the stand lately occupied by HAFF, RUTTER, & SCOTT, with a view to establish a regular Auction Store. After the 24th inst. he will be ready to receive property of every description. All kinds of Merchandise, Watches, Household Furniture, will be gladly received and disposed of to the best possible advantage. John J. WARD, Wilkesbarre.

Carriage, Waggon and Sleigh Manufactory, Jerome B. BLAKSLEY, New Troy.

Abraham PIKE. The subscriber having engaged to take care of Mr. PIKE, hereby forbids all persons harboring or giving him intoxicating liquor, as it entices him from home and makes trouble for themselves and me. I will pay no debts contracted by him, or caused by him. If any person does give him liquor and any trouble or sickness ensues in consequence thereof, it must be at such persons risk and expense, and I am determined to pay no debts of this kind. Richard HONNYWELL, Jr. Dallas.

29 May 1829

History of the Discovery and Use of Anthracite Coal.

Extract of a letter from Jesse FELL, Wilkesbarre, Dec. 1st, 1826. The late Judge GORE, in his life time, informed me, that he and his brother, the late Captain Daniel GORE, (both being blacksmiths) were the first that discovered and used this coal in their blacksmith’s fires and found it to answer their purpose well. This was before the revolutionary war, and as near as I can collect information, about the year 1770 or 1771, and it has been in use ever since, by the blacksmiths of this place. In 1783, I used in the nailory, and found it to be profitable in that business. The nails made with it, would heat the weight of the rods, and frequently a balance over. But it was the opinion of those that worked it in their furnace, that it would not do for fuel, because when a small parcel was left on their fires and not blown, it would go out. Notwithstanding this opinion prevailed, I had, for some time, entertained the idea that if a sufficient body of it was ignited, it would burn. Accordingly in the month of February 1808, I procured a grate, made of small iron rods, ten inches in depth, and two inches in height, and set it up in my common room fire place, and on first lighting it found it to burn excellently well. This was the first successful attempt to burn our stone coal in a grate, so far as my knowledge extends. On this being put in operation, my neighbours flocked to see the novelty; but many would not believe the fact until convinced by ocular demonstration. Such was the effect of this pleasing discovery, that in a few days there were a number of grates put in operation.

Patty CANNON, recently apprehended in Delaware, upon a charge of murdering some black persons, has escaped a trail by law, which awaited her in August next. She died in prison on the 11th inst.

Married – At Pittston on Wednesday evening last, by Rev. George LANE, James WRIGHT, of Tunkhannock, Merchant, to Miss Roda, daughter of the late William SLOCUM of the same place.

Married – By Rev. George LANE, at Berwick, on 20th inst., Samuel FRENCH to Miss Lydia WADHAMS, both of Plymouth.

The Post Office has been established in the North part of Abington, and Ezra WALL appointed Post Master.

A riot at the North Branch Canal below Nanticoke, Friday night last involved Irish emigrants. One of the rioters, David ARAT, only support of an aged mother, who could not swim, was beaten and drove into the river, and soon sunk to rise no more. Of those arrested by Sheriff HELME, five were bound over for court, several said to be ringleaders escaped. The body of ARAT was found on Tuesday last. (See article)

John HEATH, an aged and almost helpless man, is very anxious to hear from his son, Thomas HEATH, who when he last heard from him, lived in Lycoming or Northumberland County. If this should meet his notice, his father wishes him to write immediately.

A Pelican. One of these singular birds was shot in the river opposite this place, on Friday last. Jesse DERICKSON has preserved the skin and stuffed it. Its bag, when killed, contained two gallons of water. We believe this is the first one ever seen on the waters of the Susquehanna. Miltonian

Wonderful Children. The two children, Susan and Deborah TRIPP, now at the Museum, are the most wonderful beings ever seen in Albany, and exceeded by none, probably in the world. The oldest is 5 years and 8 months old and weighs 203 lbs.; the other is two years and ten months, and weighs 119 lbs. They are active, and their gait resembles the rocking of a 74 in a storm. Their countenance indicates health, and there is no reason to be given for their remarkable size. The sight of them strikes the spectator with the greatest astonishment, for no one can previously conceive a proper idea of their appearance. They were born in the town of Freedom, Dutchess County. Daily Advertiser

At the late Court of Oyer and Terminer, Doylestown, Bucks Co., Joshua G. WALKER, was convicted of Arson, for burning the barn, bark house, currying house and stable of Joseph WORSTALL, Newtown, Bucks County, and sentenced to the Penitentiary for a period of nine years, to be kept at hard labor, one ninth part thereof in solitude – he was further sentenced to one year hard labor for Larceny, to commence upon the expiration of the nine years. When brought into Court to hear his sentence, it is said, he evinced the greatest impudence & obduracy, thanked the court for their sentence, and said it was lighter than he expected.

Hon. John JAY, died Sunday at his seat in West Chester County, about 85 years of age.

A Cooper Wanted. Leonard HOUSE, Northmoreland, wishes to employ a Cooper to work altogether on Tight Barrels, at his shop at the 4 corners in Northmoreland.

Two Journeymen Hatters Wanted Immediately. Barnet ULP, Wilkesbarre.

73 Barrels of Rectified Whiskey from NY for sale at the hotel of O. PORTER, Wilkesbarre, also a few barrels of Salt.

Pine Boards For Sale. A Few Thousand Feet of first rate and common Pine Boards. H. COLT, Wilkesbarre.

5 June 1829

Paper missing

12 June 1829

Life of John JAY.

History of the Lehigh Canal, commenced in the summer of 1825.

Cherokee Clans – Mutual Laws.

Hollywell Paper Mill – Straw Paper, by Mr. SHRYOCK. Chambersburg.

Died – Deacon Hugh CONNER, died Friday the 5th June in the 85th year of his age.

Died – In this township on Sunday evening, Miss Christiana, daughter of John SMITH, aged 25 years.

Died – In this Borough on Monday morning, Joseph Platt, an interesting child of Ziba BENNETT, aged one year. [Poem]

Improvements are being made to the Brewery of Mr. INGHAM.

A New York Paper gives a full account of the trial of 3 men, in Ontario County, who were concerned in the abduction of MORGAN. Eli BRUCE, lately a Sheriff of Niagara County, was upon trial – the main witness against him was a mason, who conscientiously felt it his duty to state all he knew. In his testimony he strongly implicated BRUCE. BRUCE was convicted and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. A man by the name of WHITNEY was convicted and sentenced to imprisonment 1 year and 3 months. One other was on trial but the jury not agreeing in their verdict were discharged.

Pennsylvania Canal Commissioners. Judge SCOTT was unanimously elected President of the new Board of Canal Commissioners at Harrisburg on the 1st inst. Mr. M’ILVAINE being informed that the salary of the Secretary had been reduced to $1000, declined the office, and Francis R. SHUNK was chosen. The following were appointed:
James CLARKE, acting commissioner on Juniata division
James S. STEVENSON, acting commissioner on the western division
John FORRY, acting commissioner on the eastern division
John MITCHELL, acting commissioner on the North Branch division
John RYON, jr., superintendent on the Susquehanna and West Branch division
Thomas G. KENNEDY, superintendent on the Delaware division
John BARBER, superintendent on the Columbia and Philadelphia division
DeWitt CLINTON, principal engineer on the Juniata division
Edward F. GAY, principal engineer on the eastern division
Charles T. WHIPPO, principal engineer on the North Branch division
John WILSON, principal engineer on the Columbia and Philadelphia rail road
Henry G. SERGEANT, principal engineer on the Delaware division
Francis W. RAWLE, principal engineer on the Susquehanna division

Estate of Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., late of Wilkesbarre, requests payments and demands. James W. BOWMAN, George DENISON, Thomas W. MINER, Adm’rs.

Dissolution of Partnership. The Tayloring business in Kingston, lately conducted by JONES & LYONS, is dissolved June 1st. The business will continue by Reuben JONES, at the old stand. Kingston.

Estate of Elijah AYRES, late of Tunkhannock, requests payments and demands. Luman FERRY, Joseph KICHNER, Administrators.

19 June 1829

Sentence of Jacob K. BOYER, on 13 May, who was convicted of the crime of uttering and delivering a counterfeit note of the Bank of the United State, knowing it to be counterfeit & with the intention to defraud that institution. Sentence to be imprisoned and kept to hard labor for three years, pay the costs of prosecution and stand committed until the same be paid.

Married – At Columbia, Pa. on the 11th inst., by Rev. HOUSTON, George C. DRAKE, Esq. of this Borough to Miss Abigail daughter of George HAINES of this place.

Died – In this township on Sunday morning, Cornelius SEARLE, aged _?_ years.

John KECK, was shot on Wednesday last, a short distance from _?_ by his son, Henry KECK.

Kingston Post Office. Mr. BORBIDGE was removed from the office. See article on charges.

Wholesale and Retail Leather Establishment. William B. NORTON, Wilkesbarre.

To Creditors. We have applied to the Judges of Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County for the benefit of the insolvent laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in August next, to hear us and our creditors, at the Court House, where you can attend if you think proper. John LITTLE, Robert BROWN.

26 June 1829

Massachusetts once owned almost all of the western part of the state of New York – the whole region west of Seneca Lake, except a tract of a mile in width along Niagara river. In 1787 Massachusetts sold these lands, six million s of acres, to Oliver PHELPS, of Granville, Mass. And Nathaniel GORHAM. In 1788, Mr. PHELPS penetrated the wilderness to Canandaigua, and purchased of the Indians (among whom was the famous chief Red Jacket, who is still alive) all that part of the tract which lies west of the Gennesse River, about two millions of acres, and a space of 12 miles by 24, on the west side of the river. The land on the west side of the river was obtained in the following manner. Mr. PHELPS proposed the erection of mills on the west side at the Falls, (where Rochester is) and told the Indians that he wished a competent space around them for a mill yard. The Indians finally assented to his request, and gave him a tract about twenty four miles long twelve wide, for a mill yard. When the Indians came to see the mill that was erected, and found out what a small thing it was, and how much land was requisite for a mill yard, they uttered their expression of surprise, quaah! And added hauskonmhicos! (signifying waterfall) the name by which they ever after called Mr. PHELPS. This mill yard included the present towns of Gales, Greece, Caledonia, Wheatland, Chili, Riga, Ogden and Parma, and the flourishing village of Rochester. Hamp. Gaz.

The Shamokin Dam, it will be recollected, was taken away in part by the ice freshet, is now re-building under the superintendance of Mr. STERLING of Luzerne County. The work is progressing rapidly – a large number of hands are at work daily, and should the water continue in its present state, this important link in our present chain of internal improvement will be completed this fall.

Epitaph On Col. PICKERING. Salem, June 16. A Monument of Chelmsford Granite, massive and plain, has been erected over the remains of Col. PICKERING and his wife in the south burying ground, only a short distance from the mansion-house in which he was born, as well as from that in which he died. Their bodies repose in one common grave, next to those of his parents, agreeably to his wish, indicated not long before his decease.
Epitaph: Beneath this monument, Are deposited the remains of Timothy and Rebecca PICKERING. He was An assertor of the Rights Of the North American Colonies, A Soldier In the war of the Independence, A Statesman In the Cabinet of Washington. Integrity, Disinterestedness, Energy, Ability, Fearlessness in the Cause Of Truth and Justice, Marked his Public Conduct. Pure in Morais. Simple in Manners, Sincere, Benevolent, Pious, In Private Life. He was Revered and Honored. She, during a life Of Extraordinary Vicissitude, Was distinguished by Fortitude, resignation, Discretion, Maternal Affection; In the words of her bereaved husband, A Spirit more gentle, Never, perhaps, Appeared in the female form. He was born July the 17th, 1745, And she on the 18th of the same month 1754; She died August 14, 1828, He, January 29, 1829.

Married – In Kingston on Thursday the 18th inst. by Rev. LANE, Reuben JONES to Miss Cynthia, daughter of Darius WILLIAMS.

Married – At Towsmensing, Lehigh County, on Friday the 12th inst., Hugh S. JACKSON to Miss Mary Ann YARINGTON, daughter of Luther YARINGTON, of this place.

Married – At —aronsburg, Centre Co., on Wednesday the 10th inst., by Rev. William __?__, Alexander GRAHAM to Miss Mary B., daughter of James DUNCAN, Esq., all of that place.

Died – on the 17th ult, at his residence in the country of Albemarle, Virginia, Captain William GRAYSON, in the 97th year. He was born the 25th November 1732 in Spottsylvania, was a soldier in early life, being in FORBROS’S campaign in the year 1758, expedition to Fort Pitt (now Pittsburgh) to expel the French and Indians from that part of the country, which __?__ three years after BRADOCK’S defeat. Captain G. was actively engaged during the war as a ranger, and had frequent skirmishes with the Indians. His illness lasted two or three days.

Died – The Boston paper bring intelligence of the death of General Henry DEARBORN, at the residence of his son in Roxbury, Mass. on the 13thinst., aged 78 years and 3 months.

____________- in Susquehanna county, has __________ the public in defence of her _________ against certain insinuations under ________by her husband. She says ________________ the habit of abusing her, ____________ of a jealous disposition, ______ thinks he possesses in an ___________. She speaks spiritedly, _________ by the hearty wish that but ____________ may be tormented with such a _____________ and but few women with such _______________.

Since the death of Major Gen. DEARBORN, the Boston Patriot mentions Capt. S. TREVETT as the only surviving captain of the Bunker Hill veterans. Capt. TREVETT is now about 77 years old; commands the revenue cutter at Boston, is an active officer, and lives on board his vessel doing continual duty.

Reminiscence on the noticing the death of Gen. H. DEARBORN. Of the heroes of the Army of the Revolution, there are still living the following persons who ranked above Captains: David COBB, Richard VARICH and Hodifah BAYLIES, who were attahced to th4e military family of the Commander in Chief; Wm. NORTH and William POOPHAM, who were aids to Gen. Baron STEUBEN; Daniel LYMAN and Henry SAVALL, who were aides to Gen. HEATH; Nathan RIVE, who was a Major in the Continental Line; and three field officers in the state of New York, WILLET, LEWIS and VAN CORTLAND. Of the Massachusetts regimentals which made up the Continental Army, twelve Captains are still living. Boston Gazette.

The Wyoming Troop Will meet in front of O. PORTER’S Tavern in Wilkesbarre on 4th July next.

Notice. I have the disagreeable task of collecting the County Tax, for the Township of Wilkesbarre for the present year, 1829 – and being in bad health, I hope my friends will not give me much trouble in the business. Jonathan HANCOCK.

Will be sold 4th July at the house of Christian ESHLEMAN, Wilkesbarre Township, two horses. Terms Cash and Cash only.

Information is wanted on John and Michael KECK, of whom nothing has been heard by their friends during the last five years. Their brother is very desirous to know where they are, and wishes them to write or come and see him immediately, at Wilkesbarre, Luzerne County. Daniel KECK.

3 July 1829

The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America – Read in Congress July 4, 1776.

The early part of this week was extremely cool.

The Engineer Department on the North Branch Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, as it is now organized, is composed of the following persons: Dr. C. T. WHIPPO, Principal Engineer; John BENNET and P. H. PETRIE, Principal Assistant Engineers; Lord BUTLER, Geo. SHOEMAKER, Thomas BENNET, David J. SCOTT & George MACK, Assistants; Geo. P. BOWEN, James M. CHEMBERLIN, James WILSON and Booth HOYT, Rodmen.

Temperance. Extract of a letter to the Editor, dated Braintrim, June 24, 1829. Knowing you to be particularly friendly to the cause of Temperance, and wishing to aid in that laudable object, I send you a sketch of the prospects here: A Society has been recently formed in this neighborhood for the suppression of Intemperance, auxiliary to the County Society formed at Wilkesbarre. We have about 25 members, many of whom were among the opposition at the first meeting of the Society. As a proof of the effects likely to result from the exertions of the members of these societies, I would quote an instance which occurred at a meeting of the military band called Washington Greens, commanded by John L. LACEY: A very handsome and appropriate address was delivered to the company by H. W. NORTHUP, Esq., upon the subject of Intemperance: after which a resolution was adopted by the members of the company dispensing with the use of the ardent spirits on parade days, which resolution has become an article in their by-laws.

Jonas BARNES, aged 45, was found dead near the road in Reading, Vt. On the 31st May, with the deadly weapon (a jug of cider brandy) by his side.

According to some of the Irish editors, Catholic emancipation has put a stop to the emigration of Irish peasants to America. No passengers could be had in the port of Dublin, for the ships that used to be crowded with emigrants.

Emigration – Cleveland, Ohio, June 4. Every steam boat and vessel is filled with emigrants to the western country. It is computed that 600 have landed at this place within a fortnight, mostly from the eastern states, and are settling in the adjacent counties.

The remains of MORGAN found. We have been informed, in a manner to leave no doubt upon our minds, that the body of Wm. MORGAN, so long the subject of newspaper and legal investigation in the state of N. York, has been found in the sand on the beach near Fort Niagara, by some soldiers of the garrison. What forces the conviction more strongly that it is the body of the ill-fated MORGAN is, that some heavy weights were found attached to his remains by a rope. An inquest is to be held upon the body today. Upper Canada Herald, June 18.

Died – Was drowned on Wednesday the 24th ult, Mabel Eliza, daughter of Peter B. STURDEVANT, of Braintrim, in the fourth year of her age.
So fades the lovely blooming flower ~ Frail smiling solace of an hour;
So soon the transient vision’s fled ~ And every springing beauty’s dead.

The next quarter of the Wilkesbarre Academy will commence on the 6th inst.

The members of the Wilkesbarre Fire Company are requested to meet at the Engine House to-morrow evening. Z. BENNETT, Sec’ry.

Heirs and Legal Representatives of Gideon BURRET, deceased, are to come forward on the 3rd August next. An Orphan’s Court to be holden at Wilkesbarre, then and there to accept or refuse the Real Estate of the said deceased, as set off to them by the Inquest. Oliver HELME, Sh’ff.

Notice. The books of John DONLEY and DONLEY & LAYNG are in the hands of the Subscriber for collection; all accounts remaining unsettled on the first day of August next, will be sued, without respect to persons. James M’CLINTOCK [MCCLINTOCK].

10 July 1829

Extract from a Charge upon the Institution of the Sabbath, Delivered before the Grand Jury of Luzerne County, August 1800, by the Hon. Jacob RUSH.

New Store – CHAHOON & LANING, Kingston.

Selling off at Cost! John O’CONNER & Co., New-York Cheap Canal Store, On the line of Canal, a short distance above Lot SEARCH’S Tavern, Union Township, Luzerne County, where they have on hand a general assortment of Dry Goods, Cloathing, Hats, Groceries, Liquors, Crockery, &c. N. B. As J. O’C, intends to return to New-York, and discontinue business in this section of the country, the stock is offered to the public at Cost.

Register’s Notice, for the following estates: John WILSON, late of Eaton Township; William KNAPP, late of Pittston Township; James CUMMINS, late of Salem Township; Jacob GARRISON, late of Hanover Township.

Wyoming TROOP – For some considerable time efforts have been making to form a Troop of Horsemen in this vicinity. The necessary number required by law, is 45, and of this number 37 have been obtained and are nearly all equipped. At a meeting on Saturday last it was agreed to meet on the 25thinst. With a view to be organized. Before which time, however, eight more members must be enrolled, or the attempt will be abortive. We hope, we believe there is military spirit enough besides that which __?__ in the breasts of members of other Volunteer Companies, to make up the deficiency in this company. At the last session of the Legislature, a law was passed to furnish companies of cavalry with swords and pistols at the expense of the state. This reduces the expense so much, that the means of equipping the troop is in the hands of almost every individual. There are other inducements. How delightful it is to mount a gay charger and __?__ a training day without being subject to the fatigue of walking. How much more agreeable to the feelings of men, __?__ to swelter under a musket with wea—- limbo, on a hot day. And how pleasing will it be on training days to see on the parade ground a good company of horsemen. Buttons, &c. for the uniforms have been ——ed by Capt. CONYNGHAM and may be obtained by applying to him. We __?__ the deficiency in number will be made up next week, so as to ensure __?__ on the 25th inst. __?__ and then the swords and pistols will be immediately __?__ to encourage new recruits. Extracts of the Law Sect. 4 & Sect. 5 were listed, Act passed 14 April 1827.

Letter to the editor from Jos. HEMMELWRIGHT, Kingston. Mentions reading a letter at the house of John SHARPS, Kingston, when a young man employed in the Farmer Office, left an unsealed letter and requested it be handed to Henry PETTEBONE. The letter was to Joel B. SUTHERLAND, asking him to use his influence to remove Henderson GAYLORD, Post Master of Plymouth, because he was a federalist. It was rumored in Kingston that I was the young man, and an editorial appeared in the Farmer. Mr. SHARPS, the father-in-law of Mr. PETTEBONE, says he told him I was entirely innocent. [See article]

Address read to the Democratic Republicans on 4th July.

17 July 1829

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 1st August next:
1. Land in Newport Township, containing 415 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of George ENSLIN against Leonard STYER.
2. Land in Pittston Township, bounded by Eleazer ATHERTON, Lackawanna River, containing 44 acres, late estate of Welles BENNET. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Arthur LEPPER against. Welles BENNET.
3. Land in Borough of Wilkesbarre, bounded by road on north east side of the centre square, Barnet ULP, Jonathan HANCOCK, John Frances DUPEY, containing 28 perches, frame house, jeweler’s shop, nail shop and small frame barn, late estate of Daniel COLLINGS. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the Philadelphia Bank against Daniel COLLINGS, Samuel D. BETTLE and Elijah SHOEMAKER.
4. Land in Providence Township, bounded by lands surveyed to Robert IRWIN, John DONALDSON & Ebenezer BRANHAM, John HART and Henry BRANHAM, containing 441 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Edward SPENCER against William KNAPP.
5. Land in Salem Township, bounded by Lot No. 1,on the margin of the river Susquehanna, Andrew WOOD, Conrad VARNER, containing 10 acres, being part of lot no. 2, surveyed to Alexander JAMESON. Also tract or part being a certain Island lying contiguous and opposite the above premises, in the Susquehanna River, containing 6 acres, late estate of William TRESCOTT. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joel CHAMBERLAIN against William TRESCOTT.
6. Land in Plymouth Township, being undivided 16th part of land with Coal Bed and being part of Lot no. 2, mountain tier of 3rd division, bounded by Thomas INGHAM, containing 18 acres, late estate of Samuel CLEMENT. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Elias HOYT to the use of the children of Myra EVANS, wife of William EVANS against Samuel CLEMENT.

Uniontown, Penn., June 17. After an interval of seventeen years, Locusts have reappeared among us in vast numbers, the orchards and woods are literally swarming with them.

Ladies’ Temperance Society of Harford, auxiliary to the Susquehanna Co. Temperance Society, adopted measures to aid in discounterancing the prevailing sin of the Intemperance. Sixty Ladies are now members.

Mr. FINDLEY has recently published a map of Pennsylvania, showing the route of the proposed canals and rail roads – price on rollers, and varnished, one dollar; in pocket book form, 62 _ cents. It is well engraved, and of very convenient size for travelling.

We were yesterday showed a pitcher or cream jug, which holds about half a pint. It was made of wooden staves, hooped with silver and a glass bottom. The staves were taken from the Tree under which William PENN made his Treaty with the Indians. We expressed some surprise when we were told that the Pitcher had been taken to pieces to decide a wager of twenty dollars, and that one thousand and six staves were counted in it. It was made by Joshua PEDDLE and it is the property of John JOHNSON. Dem. Press.

Died – In Kingston, on Tuesday last, Col. Elijah SHOEMAKER, aged 51 years. He was an honest philanthropic citizen.

The publication, Towanda Republican, has been discontinued.

Democratic Republican Meeting, held at the house of Widow JOHNSON, Wilkesbarre, 13th inst., Col. Harris JENKINS was appointed chairman and Hezekiah PARSONS, sec’ry. It was stated to be the object to take into consideration the present political aspect, and to adopt such measures as might be thought conducive to the interests and harmony of the democratic party. On motion, George M. HOLLENBACK, Esq., Benjamin DRAKE, Sharp D. LEWIS, Ziba BENNETT, William HANCOCK, Judge ROSS and Nicholas R. HENTZ were appointed a committee to devise such measures as to them might seem expedient. George WOLF was declared democratic republican candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania.

SMITH’S Coal Mines, Plymouth Township, it is something like nineteen years since they commenced working these mines, and have penetrated a distance of thirty or forty rods through the solid coal.

24 July 1829

Married – In Factoryville, on Thursday 16th July by Rev. John MILLER, Thomas J. MAYNARD to Miss Susan CAPWELL.

Died – In this Borough on Monday last, of Hopping-cough, a child of Wm. L. BUTLER, aged about three years.

Died – In Philadelphia, on the 18th inst., in the 85th year of his age, Capt. John SCHOTT.

Letter to Editor from Joseph HIMMILWRIGHT, Kingston.

For Sale by the Subscriber – a set of Blacksmith Tools, A Book Case, A Wheelbarrow, A Cut Rifle, 3 Shot Guns, Several Shovels. And a number of other articles. Any persons wishing to purchase either can have it cheap. Luther YARINGTON, Wilkesbarre.

31 July 1829

The first newspaper printed in Philadelphia was commenced Dec. 22, 1719. The first in New York, is dated October 16, 1725. That in the former city was edited by Andrew BRADFORD and that in the latter by William BRADFORD. The Philadelphia paper was called the Weekly Mercury, and that in New York, the New York Gazette. The Rhode Island Gazette was set up by James FRANKLIN, in Oct. 1733. The first paper printed in Connecticut, was edited and printed by James PARKER in 1755. The first one in New Hampshire by Daniel FOWLE, in 1756.

Died – Charles MINER, Jun., third son of Asher MINER, departed this life, at his house in West-Chester at 4 o’clock on Monday morning the 20th inst., aged 15 years, 4 months and 15 days, the victim of pulmonary consumption. An Obedient Son – an affectionate brother and a warm friend. Death Loves A Shining Mark.

A Temperance Society was formed a few weeks since in Braintrim Township. Jonathan PARKER was elected President, John STURDEVANT, Vice President, and H. W. NORTHUP, Secretary. A similar society was formed recently in Pittston Township. Deodat SMITH, Esq., is President – John DRAKE, vice President and Wm. HOWARD, Secretary.

Letters to the Editor from William SWETLAND and William BORGSTESSOR on the Joseph HIMMILWRIGHT articles.

Several good Miners, and from 12 to 15 Labourers, will find employment by applying to the subscriber. None need apply but sober and efficient men. John L. BUTLER, Agent, Wilkesbarre.

7 August 1829

Died – In Plymouth on Saturday the 26th ult. Nathan PARRISH, senr., aged _?_ years, a Soldier of the Revolution.

Died – At Tunkhannock, on the 27th ult, Cyrus, son of Col. Abel MARCY, in the 21st year of his age.

Melancholy. We understand that a lad aged 17 years named John DIAMOND, was drowned at Falls Township on the _?_ inst. He attempted to swim across the river in company with another lad, & __?__ to rise no more with life. His body was found about an hour after his death.

The first meeting of the Temperance Society was held at the Court House on Wednesday evening. A. C. TALCOTT and John DORRANCE gave speeches.

Since the commencement of Court several causes have been disposed of. The trial of Henry KECK for Murder, came up on Wednesday afternoon, and after several challenges by the defendant, a jury was —-nnelled. RAKE, the prosecuting Attorney DENISON and M’CLENTOCK for the Commonwealth – COLLINS, CONYNGHAM and BUTLER for the Defendant.

Democratic Republican Meeting, held at the Court House on the 3rd inst. Col. H. JENKINS, of Exeter, was appointed President and Samuel YOST, Esq., of Sugarloaf, Vice President. William HICKS, of Kingston, and Ziba BENNETT, of Wilkesbarre, were appointed Secretaries. The committee to prepare resolutions & c, were Wm. S. ROSS, Sharp D. LEWIS, Charles D. SHOEMAKER, George C. DRAKE and Charles BARRET. The following were appointed committees of vigilance, and are requested to see that delegated are elected (or by them appointed) in their respective townships:
Sugarloaf – Philip YOST, Christian MENSCH
Nescopeck – Jacob BITTENBENDER, Philip MIXSELL
Newport – Wm. JACOBS, Edward Thomas
Hanover – Peter MILLS, John LEADER
Wilkesbarre – Ziba BENNETT, Charles D. SHOEMAKER
Pittston – Charles DRAKE, Peter WINTER, Esq.
Covington – Conrad SAX, Esq., Charles TREWILLAGER
Providence – Robert MARYFIELD, (second name not listed)
Falls – Miles AVERY, James WILLIAMS
Blakeley – Joseph STEPHENS, Isaac LANDON
Abington – Robert STONE, Doct. A. BEDFORD
Greenfield – Samuel VAIL, Roger ORVIS, Esq.
Nicholson – Benj. W. ROSE, Nathan BACON
Tunkhannock – C. H. AVERY, Ziba SMITH
Braintrim – Jonathan PARKER, David JAYNE
Windham – Asa STEPHENS, Esq., D. M. BIERS
Eaton – Jesse LEE, James BROWN
Northmoreland – Conrad KUNCKLE, Josiah ROGERS
Kingston – Reuben HOLGATE, Dr. John SMITH
Plymouth – Doct. E. CHAMBERLIN, Wm. REYNOLDS
Dallas – Abrm. S. HONEYWELL, James RYMAN
Union – Lot SEARCH, Isaac BENSCOOTER, senr.
Huntington – Jonathan WESTOVER, Esq., David TRAVIS
Salem – John CLINTOP, Sebastian SYBERT

We have seen a few of the new five cent pieces, and think they are among the best sunk and handsomest pieces of coin which have ever come from our mint. They are really a credit to it. Dem. Press

To Printers and Publishers. J. HOWE, Corner of Crown & Callowhill Streets, has added the manufactory of moveable type to his Stereotype establishment, respectfully solicits a share of the patronage of the Printers of Pennsylvania and the adjacent States.

Public House. John STEPHENS respectfully informs the public that he has taken the old Stand formerly occupied by J. B. TUTTLE, in Tunkhannock, where he is keeping a house of entertainment. Travellers and others can be accommodated. N. B. There is kept constantly on hand at this house, Rolling Screens, for Mills; and Sieves, of all descriptions, for cleaning grain, &c.

Joseph EDWARDS, Abington, is about finishing 3 or 400 first rate Cider Barrels, which he offers to the Farmers cheap. A credit to the beginning of next year will be given. N. B. the timber is good, and has been seasoning 2 years.

14 August 1829

Died – In this borough on Tuesday afternoon last, Mrs. Nancy GILDERSLEEVE, consort of Wm. C. GILDERSLEEVE, aged about 40 years. She was a kind mother, an affectionate wife and an amiable member of society.

It is pleasant to the eye to look upon our Corn-fields. Perhaps there was never a fairer promise of large crops. The winter crops too were good – and have been secured in good order. The promise that the husbandman shall be rewarded, is fulfilled.

Appointment by the Governor. David B. BLANCHARD, to be a Justice of the Peace for the district composed of the Townships of Pittston, Providence, Exeter, Northmoreland & Blakeley.

Proceedings of Court. Trial for Murder. The Jury in the case of Henry KECK, on Saturday morning last, brought in a verdict of Guilty of murder in the first degree. It was a solemn scene, and particularly so, as it was the first sentence of the kind that was ever passed upon a mortal being in Luzerne County.

Testimony taken before Court in the case relative to the affray on the Canal in May last.
Commonwealth vs James GRANEY – Indicted for Murder
Commonwealth vs James GRANEY, Francis MC BRIDE, Patrick CASTELLO, Owen SHERIDAN, Francis Mc GUIRE & William GALLAGHER – Indicted for Riot and Assault & Battery with intent to kill Simon LARNER, and one other. On Monday morning the prisoners were sentenced as follows:
James GRANEY, was sentenced to 5 months imprisonment in County Jail, pay a fine of $20, costs, and stand committed till sentence is complied with.
Francis MC GUIRE & Francis MC BRIDE, were sentenced to 2 months imprisonment and each pay costs and a fine of $10, and stand committed, &c.
Patrick CASTELLO & Owen SHERIDAN, were sentenced to 10 days imprisonment, each pay a fine of $5, and costs, and stand committed, &c.

Melancholy Accident. Was drowned, on Monday the 3rd inst., in the Lackawanna, about four miles from its mouth, Thomas BENNET.

Melancholy and deplorable -. Drowned, in Otsego Lake last __?__, three men. (The rest of the article is faded)

_(Beginning is taped over)_ The following persons were appointed committee of Vigilance for their respected Townships:
Sugar-Loaf – Abram WOLF, Abraham DRUM
Nescopeck – john BRIGGS, Jacob HESS
Newport – Edward Thomas, Peter FITZGERALD
Hanover – Jonas HARTZELL, Bateman DOWNING
Salem – Sebastian SYBERT, Chris’n. BILHEIMER
Huntington – Stephen HARRISON, Jr., Thomas PATTERSON
Union – Lot SEAARCH, Manual TURNER
Plymouth – Benjamin REYNOLDS, Daniel DAVENPORT
Kingston – Thomas CARKHUFF, Maj. William JOHNSON
Dallas – Abraham S. HONNEYWELL, Joseph S. RYMAN
Northmoreland – David B. ROGERS, Ashbel LEE
Exeter – Lot BREESE, Henry KERN
Eaton – Jesse LEE, Isaac MORRIS
Windham – William SMITH, Amasa ROBINSON
Tunkhannock – Henry STARK, Luman FERRY
Nicholson – Jno. MARCY, James VANFLEET
Abington – Rev. John MILLER, Matthew JACKSON
Greenfield – Samuel VAIL, Isaac FINCH
Blakeley – Samuel FERRIS, Alex’r DOLPH
Providence – Elisha S. POTTER, John VAUGHN, Jr.
Pittston – Henry CORTRIGHT 2nd, Charles DRAKE
Falls – Nathaniel FITCH, Alexander M’MILLAN
Covington – Timothy BARNES, John STULL
Wilkesbarre – James HANCOCK, William APPLE
To meet at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, on 22nd Sept. to select suitable candidates for members of assembly, and the several county officers to be supported at the ensuing annual election. Noah WADHAMS, Esq., of Plymouth, Gen. Wm. ROSS, of Wilkesbarre and Joseph TUTTLE, Esq., of Kingston, to be standing committee of the JACKSON democratic republicans for the ensuing year.

21 August 1829

Address delivered Aug. 5th at the Annual meeting of the Luzerne County Temperance Society, by Rev. John DORRANCE.

Died – At Newport on Saturday last, Valentine SMITH, aged 54 years.

Proceedings of Trial For Murder – Commonwealth vs Henry KECK, Indicted for Murder in the shooting of his father, John KECK. Testimony given by Sheriff HELME, Col. Ed INMAN, Wm. B. NORTON, Hiram HOSKINS, Webster STEWART, Mrs. STEWART, Daniel KECK, Elizabeth KECK (wife of deceased) states her husband was 53 years old. The counsel for Prisoner moved for a new trial. On Wednesday following the Court overruled the reasons filed by the Prisoner’s Counsel, and refused granting a new trial. The sentence of the law, and the sentence of this court is, that you, Henry KECK, be taken from here, to the jail of Luzerne County from whence you came, and from thence to the place of execution, and that you there be hanged by the neck until dead. And may God of his infinite mercy save your soul.

Died – Charles GILBERT, late lessee and manager of the Bowery theatre, died literally of madness, produced almost instantaneously on hearing that Mr. HACKET had taken the theatre with which he had been so closely connected from its foundation. The phrensy came suddenly and terribly upon him, and continued without abatement until morning, when he dropped down dead. He neither ate nor slept, nor was he undressed for six or seven days; but paced his room, watched and guarded by five or six men, to prevent violence upon himself. Commercial Advertiser

The Democratic Republican Citizens of Wilkesbarre Township are requested to attend an Election at the Court House on the 22nd August inst., to elect a Delegate to attend the County Convention, which will be at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, 1st September. Ziba BENNETT, C. D. SHOEMAKER, committee of Vigilance.

Estate of Elijah SHOEMAKER, late of Kingston, requests payments and demands. Charles D. SHOEMAKER, O. COLLINS, Acting Executors.

Public Vendue. At the late residence of Elijah SHOEMAKER, deceased, in Kingston, Farming implements and animals, and at private sale the land in Kingston Township.

28 August 1829

The Editor was absent when this paper was printed and will not return, perhaps two or three weeks to come.

Suicide – Benjamin SAFFORD, of LaFayette, hung himself on Saturday last, in his hog pen. His body was discovered some hours afterwards, shockingly mutilated. He was upwards of sixty years old, through a long life sustained a character of an honest man. Syracuse Reg.

A sea devil, or fishing frog, so called from its resemblance to the tadpole or frog, was picked up on the Essex side of the river, near Gravesend, on June 15. This extraordinary lump of deformity, whose head is much larger than his whole body, exceeds five feet in length. The eyes are placed on the top of the head, and surrounded with prickles.

Dissolution of Partnership. The partnership existing between Joseph WRIGHT and Asa COOK, trading under the firm of WRIGHT & COOK, is by mutual consent this day dissolved. All persons having claims against or owing said firm, will call on Asa COOK for settlement. Plymouth.

Proposals, By Sharp D. LEWIS, For Publishing By Subscription, At Wilkesbarre, A Sketch of the History of Wyoming, by Isaac A. CHAPMAN, Esq. It will contain between 200 & 220 duodecimo pages, bound in sheep, and delivered, for One Dollar per Copy, payable on delivery.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held third Saturday of September next:
1. Estate of Michael SWARTZ, dec’d. Part of Lot No. 28 in Providence Twp., bounded by Philip SWARTZ, Jacob BESUCKER, Levi DEPUI and Samuel SHERWOOD, containing 100 acres.
2. Estate of Andrew WALTMAN, deceased, land in Huntington Township, bounded by Andrew WALTMAN, Erastus BACON, John WHITE, Thomas BAKER, John BOWMAN, Jonathan WESTOVER, containing 95 acres.

Wyoming Seminary For Young Ladies. R. D. CHAPMAN, Principal, Wilkesbarre.

Public Notice of Tolls that will be charged on the Lehigh Navigation. Josiah WHITE, Acting Manager, Mauch Chunk.

Saddle and Harness Manufactory. Wm. M. NELLY, at junction of market and Franklin Streets, Wilkesbarre.

4 September 1829

Married – In Wellsborough, Tioga Co,. on the 23rd ult. by B. SMITH, Esq., John DONALDSON to Miss Violet NILES, all of Delmar Township.

Public Vendue. On 26th September, at the house of Oralndo PORTER, Wilkesbarre, a tract of land on Bowman’s Creek, Northmoreland (formerly Exeter) Township, containing 408 acres. Part of the real estate of John ARNDT, late of Easton, deceased. Philip H. MATTES, Adm’r.

11 September 1829

Married – In Kingston on Sunday evening last, by Mr. SHERMAN, Rev. Joseph CASTLE, of Auburn, NY, to Miss Ann BUTLER, of this place

Died – At his late residence in Williamsport, Lycoming Co., Espy VAN THORNE, Esq., in the 35th year of his age.

Chambersburg, Pa., Sept. 2. Mammoth. The remains of one of those enormous animals have been discovered on West Conococheauge, by Gen. S. DUNN. The Path Valley is bounded on the east by the Kittetinning, and on the west by the Tuscarora mountains, at this place the valley is about two miles wide. This is the first evidence we have that this mighty race so long extinct as not even to be mentioned in history, and whose remains have been discovered in various parts of the world, has once inhabited the valley of Conococheague.

The body of a new born infant was found in the canal basin, which seemed to have been recently thrown in. The coroner was called. A young woman of Canastota confessed that she was the mother but declined giving any account of its death. She alleges she was the victim of the betrayer, who had promised her marriage. The agony of her mind in making the confession is indescribable, and failing in two attempts to put an end to her life, she went into the cellar, where she was shortly after found suspended by the neck from one of the joists, and quite dead. I put in the call to Mr. P. for the fair but didn’t hear anything back yet. May stop in the building today when I am in town and see if there is anything on the answering machine. Cazenovia Rep. (no name)

18 September 1829

Paper missing

25 September 1829

Died – Clark HAINES, of Patterson, Putnam Co., about 22 years, died by falling from a horse. On the 22nd ult. the deceased was engaged in running horses near Haviland’s Corner, when he was thrown violently against a stone, and was so much injured that he survived but a few days, and expired in great agony.

Notice. All persons indebted to the Subscriber, either by Note of Book account, are requested to call and settle the same immediately. Produce generally, will be received in payment. A compliance with this request will oblige. Ziba BENNETT.

The Fulling Mill of J. RICE, Trucksville, is in business.

Estate of Valentine SMITH, late of Newport, requests payments and demands. Henry SMITH and Abraham SMITH, Administrators.

Tailoring. Reuben JONES, Kingston, informs the public that he has received the latest Fashions from one of the first Shops in Philadelphia. He has made such arrangements as will enable him always to make clothes by the latest fashions. Wanted. A Boy aged 15 or 16 years as an apprentice to the Tailoring Business.

Leather. The Subscriber has just returned from Philadelphia with a General Assortment of Leather consisting of 400 sides superior Sole, and every variety of Finished Leather and Morocco. Zurah SMITH

2 October 1829

Paper missing

9 October 1829

Oprhans Court Sale, to be held 31st October, for land in the township of Putnam, containing 78 acres. Attendance will be given by William SEWARD, executor.

Register’s Notice. Account of Henry HEISZ, Guardian of his children. Aurora Eliza, Catherine Sheffield, Dezia Morrell, Frederick Earll, Minerva, Cynthia, Ann, John Markland, Eddwin and Maurice HEISZ, has been filed.

Register’s Notice. Executors have filed accounts in the estate of Jacob SMITHERS, late of Nescopeck Township.

Estate of Hontice TINKLEPAUGH, late of Greenfield Township, requests payments and demands. Peter SWARTZ.

Estray Red Cow, Came to the enclosure of Crandal WILCOX, Wilkesbarre.

Creditors Take Notice; That we have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws, and that they have appointed the 1st Monday in November next, at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, to hear us and our Creditors where you can attend.
George SAYER
Samuel CROOP

Died – At Kingston, on the 6th inst., of a severe attack of the typhus fever, Scudder S., only son of Sarah PRALL, of Amwell, NJ.

The Governor’s warrant for the executing the sentence of the court, upon Henry KECK who was convicted at our last Oyer and Terminer, of the murder of his father has been received by the Sheriff. The execution is fixed on Friday, the 13th November next, between one and two o’clock.

Drowned – On Saturday morning last, two children, one aged nine and the other seven years, were drowned in the Susquehanna River at Wyalusing. John SMITH of that place, with his wife, and children, attempted to ride across the river in a wagon, and getting a-side __?__ the fording place, were all in imminent danger loosing their lives. Mr. and Mrs. SMITH, and one of the children, were saved and the other two met an untimely death.

During the last two or three weeks we have been __?__ with sever frosts. Some fields of Buckwheat escaped without injury. Some are partially injured, and others it is said are entirely destroyed, __?__ effect has been much greater in the upper part of this county, and in the low part of Susquehanna County, than in __?__ immediate neighborhood.

Wilkesbarre Academy. Mr. A. TALCOT, having relinquished his situation as principal of this Institution, with a view of pursuing his professional studies, the next quarter will commence on 26th October under the charge of Daniel ULLMAN, a graduate of Yale College.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held on the 31st October:
1. Land in Pittston Township, bounded by the Lackawanna Creek, Miller’s Mill Creek (so called), containing 72 acres, being part of Lots Nos. 36 and 35, with appurtenances, late the estate of John DILLS Jr. and Jesse K. DILLS. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of O. COLLINS against John DILLS Jr. and Jesse K. DILLS.
2. Land in Abington Township, bounded by a post on the Nicholson road, Job BRIGGS, containing 61 acres. Late the estate of Uriah MACE, dec’d. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Lemuel STONE against Eunice MACE, administrator of Uriah MACE, deceased.
3. Land in Exeter Township, bounded by the Susquehanna River, Stephen HARRIS, lands of unknown, containing 400 acres, late estate of Ezekiel GOBLE. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the Philadelphia BANK against Ezekiel GOBLE.
4. Land in Plymouth Township, in the middle tier lots, being Lot 38, bounded by the road leading through Blindtown, Reuben JONES, __(no name)__ CLARK, Philip SHOUP, Jacob KELLER, containing 50 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John BAIRD against Thomas B. NACE.
5. Land in Windham Township, bounded by the Susquehanna RIVER, Jacob MYERS, Thaddeus PRENTICE, George GRIST, containing by estimation 1798 acres (it being parts of two tracts of land surveyed to Philip CULP & Michael WITHER). Second tract bounded by the Susquehanna River, George GRIST, containing 150 acres, it being part of a tract surveyed to Michael WITHER, and late estate of Joseph SWETLAND, deceased, in the hands and possession of David PERKINS and John L. BUTLER, Executors. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William SWETLAND against David PERKINS and John L. BUTLER, Executors of Jos. SWETLAND, dec’d.
6. Land in Salem Township, bounded by Samuel HICKS, Susquehanna River, Philip MIXSELL, containing 50 acres, late estate of mason CRARY. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the Philadelphia Bank against Mason CRARY and Nathan BEACH.

Estate of Thomas LUMORAUX, late of Plymouth Township, requests payment and demands. John LUMORAUX, Jonah ROGERS, Griffin LEWIS, Executors.

Section cut from page 3 and 4.

Strayed away from the subscriber in August last, a Dark Red Cow, Said Cow came from Tunkhannock, and it is probable she may have strayed into that neighborhood. Richard SHARPE, Wilkesbarre.

Register’s Notice – Settlement for the estate of Jude BALDWIN, late of Dallas Township, will be presented on 9th November.

18 October 1829

The interesting and very solemn ceremony of ordination, was held in St. Stephen’s Church, in this borough on Sunday last, by the Rt. Rev. Bishop ONDERDONK; when the Rev. James MAY was admitted to the holy order of priests. Communion and rite of confirmation was administered on the same day.

Farm Sale will be held on the 20th inst.. Farm of 192 acres is in Hanover Township, situated in the midst of the Coal Region, about 3 _ miles from the Borough of Wilkesbarre, & about 2 _ miles from the Susquehanna River at Nanticoke Falls, where a Dam will be erected across the river. A Dwelling House, 200 bearing Apple Trees, well watered. Christian MENSCH, Conyngham.

Fulling Mill, of H. PARSONS, Esq., on Laurel Run, being run by Philip RIMER and Mortimer D. PARSONS.

Henderson GAYLORD & Co., have taken the Stand lately occupied by Messrs. Thomas BORBIDGE & Co., Kingston, where they have A Large and General Assortment of New and Seasonable Goods.

GAYLORD & REYNOLDS, of Plymouth, In addition to their stock on hand, are opening a fresh supply of Goods from Philadelphia.

23 October 1829

Braintrim, Oct. 17th. The Temperance Society in this town was organized on the 6th June, 1829. On the 4th September the Society was called together, and an address was delivered by Ebenezer W. STURDEVANT, Esq. On the 10th inst. another meeting was called, and an address delivered by Rev. COREYELL, of the Methodist connexion. After the exercises were concluded, 22 persons united and signed the constitution. Not one half the liquor is drunk here that there was 3 months ago. Solomon BUNNEL raised the frame of a good sized dwelling house a few days since, in the temperance fashion. All was quietness and of course soberness. A company of Riflemen in this town, commanded by Capt. KELLOGG, called the Washington Guards, voted by a majority of its members not to use any more liquor on public days as the custom has been. This took place a few days since. Our Society consists of 85 members – 60 males and 25 females.

Page 2 and 3 missing from microfilm

Married – In Plymouth on the evening of the 15th, Robert WILLIAMS to Miss Sally, daughter of the late Capt. Jesse BROWN.

Zurah SMITH, Esq., has been appointed deputy coroner by Coroner YOST.

The Wyoming Volunteer Battalion will meet in Wilkesbarre, on Friday the 13th November next, armed and equipped for duty. The line will be formed on the bank in front of Major PORTER’S – the right on South Street. J. SMITH, Adjt.

Tailoring. Gorton GRAVES, has commenced the business in all its various branches, in the house near HALF, RUTTER & SCOTT’S Store, on the North Side of the Public Square.

Public Sale, will be held 28th inst., at the late residence of Thos. LOMOREUX, deceased, in Plymouth. Horses, Oxen, Cows, young cattle, Sheep, Hogs, Farming utensils, Household Furniture, &c. &c. John LOMOREUX, Griffin LEWIS, Jonah ROGERS, Executors.

30 October 1829

Died – In Dundaff, on the 21st inst., Abel, son of Mr. D. YARINGTON, aged seven months.

George C. DRAKE, Esq., has been re-appointed Deputy Attorney General for Luzerne County.

Chester, Pa., Oct. 23. At the Court now sitting in this town, Judge DARLINGTON presiding, the Grand Jury, on Thursday last, returned a true Bill of Indictment against Thomas BROOKE, for the murder of his father, General William BROOKE, of this county. As the trial is expected to commence this day, we deem it improper to offer any comments. Visitor

The Shamokin Dam. The activity with which Maj. STERLING has prosecuted this work is deserving of the highest praise. It is nearly completed. The filling in and capping is finished, except in a few places where it was necessary to have small sluices to let the water through – and partly gravelled. We expect to see it entirely finished in the course of a few weeks. Its durability is questioned by none – and if the art of man can be made to withstand the current of the Susquehanna, this structure has a right to be pronounced immoveable. Sun. Emporium

List of Letters in the Post Office at Nanticoke, Oct. 1st:
Thomas R. BROWN
Stephen BENSON
Tryphenia HINSDALE
Robert MOROW

Wyoming Bank At Wilkesbarre. Stockholders are requested to meet 14th November, to elect Thirteen Directors. William ROSS, Henderson GAYLORD, John N. CONYNGHAM, William SWETLAND, Isaac BOWMAN, Commissioners.

New Goods. Jacob & Joseph SINTON.

Harness Leather. Wm. B. NORTON, has a quantity of Harness Leather on hand, which he will sell for 23 cents per pound. Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Samuel SHRINER, requests payments and demands. Richard H. BROWN, John SHRINER, Jr. Pittston.

6 November 1829

Paper missing

13 November 1829

Accident – Was drowned at Factoryville on Monday the 2nd inst., Lydia, daughter of Benjamin F. BAILY, aged two years and eight days.

Pennsylvania Legislature, Members of the Senate (all counties listed):
Luzerne & Columbia: Jacob DRUMHELLER
Bradford, Tioga & Susquehanna: Samuel M’KEAN
Northampton, Lehigh, Wayne & Pike: Wm. G. SCOTT, Henry King
House of Representatives:
Columbia: John ROBINSON
Luzerne: George DENISON, Garrick MALLERY
Bradford & Tioga: John LAPORTE, Curtis PARKHURST
Susquehanna: A. H. REED
Northampton, Wayne & Pike: William OVERFIELD, M. R. BUTZ, Geo. KETCHNER, David D. WAGENER

Harness Leather may be had of Zurah SMITH, at 22 cents per pound. Wilkesbarre.

New & Cheap Store. HAFF, RUTTER & SCOTT. Wilkesbarre.

Plymouth. I have just received from Philadelphia and New York A General Assortment of Shoes and Leather which I offer for sale at Wilkesbarre prices. John TURNER.

Notice to Bridge Builders. That sealed proposals will be received at the Commissioner’s Office in Wilkesbarre, until the 21st day of the present month, for the building a Bridge over the Lackawanna Creek, at WRIGHT’S old Forge – to be an Arch Bridge, agreeable to a plan which may be seen at the Commissioners’ Office. Isaac HARDING, William SWETLAND, Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Commissioners.

Teams Wanted. The subscriber wishes to employ a number of Teams in transporting Coal from his mine near Carbondale to Honesdale, at the head of the Delaware and Hudson Canal, about 17 miles. He will pay $3.50 per ton part in cash down, and the remainder so soon as he has returns from the Coal to be sent to Kingston and New York. Thomas MEREDITH, Blakeley.

20 November 1829

Millinery. Bonnets, Ribbons, Laces, Silks, Combs, &c. &c. &c. Nancy S. DRAKE

House of Representatives – Report of the Canal Commissioners.

Pennsylvania Legislature (all committees listed):
To prepare bills and present them to the Governor for his approbation: Messr. DRUMHELLER
Committee of Ways and Means: Messr. MALLERY

Married – At Braintrim on the 8th inst. by E. MOWRY, Esq., Thomas NEWMAN to Susan STERLING, of that township.

Married – On the 8th inst. in Pittston by Rev. SHERMAN, Lewis MILLER, to Miss Adelia Ann, daughter of D. SMITH, Esq., all of the former place.

Died – In Tunkhannock on the 8th inst., Mrs. Ruth, wife of Henry STARK, merchant of that place, aged 21 years.

Ordination. On Wednesday the 4th, Rev. Nicholas MURRAY was ordained and installed by the Presbytery of Susquehanna pastor of the Presbyterian Churches of Wilkesbarre and Kingston.

We are requested to state that Rev. Davis DIMOCK, of the Baptist Church, will preach in the upper room in the Court House, on Sunday morning next at 10 o’clock.

The following persons were elected Directors of the Wyoming Bank at Wilkesbarre on Saturday last: William ROSS, Benjamin DORRANCE, George M. HOLLENBACK, John N. CONYNGHAM, William SWETLAND, Henderson GAYLORD, James NESBITT, Ziba BENNET, Steuben BUTLER, Abraham THOMAS, Miller HORTON, Oristus COLLINS and John D. STARK. On Monday following the board of Directors met and elected Benjamin DORRANCE President.

Afflicting. On the evening of Monday the ninth inst., two men, one named Elias ALLEN and the other Joseph FASETT [FASSETT], was drowned in the Susquehanna river at Braintrim. They were attempting to cross river about 12 o’clock at night, in a bateau. Dr. ROBINSON who was rowing the boat, we understand says, that the boat coming in contact with a wave rocked considerably, and ALLEN and FASSETT both fell out. They were both good swimmers having each a rifle in his hand, and a knapsack on his back, containing several rounds of ammunition and some other articles were perhaps unable to swim much. ROBINSON we understand says they caught hold of the boat after rising on the top of the water, and upset it. He attempted to swim to the shore, but fearing he could not, returned to the boat. Before he reached it, he saw the unfortunate men in the last struggle. After much difficulty he landed at the shore, as he says, almost exhausted, and so bewildered that he did not find his home for several hours after. ALLEN and FASSETT have each left a wife and five children. We have received a letter from an intelligent gentleman in Braintrim, giving a most deplorable account of the misfortune, which on account of receiving other and contradictory statements, we have thought proper to omit.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held the Second Saturday of December next:
A tract of Land Mill and Messuage, in the townships of Nicholson and Abington, bounded by S. REYNOLDS, containing 164 acres, late estate of Benjamin SPENCER, dec’d. Due attendance will be given at the time and place of sale by George A. BAILY and Jeremiah G. NORTHUP, administrators.
2. A Lot of Land in Greenfield & Abington townships bounded by Wescot STONE, Abel HUBBARD, Lot #9 supposed to belong to George DENISON and others, containing 80 acres, late estate of Welcome STONE, dec’d. Due attention will be given at the time and place of sale by Benoni STONE, administrator.

The Plymouth Academy will open on the 9th inst., under the direction of Benjamin M. MYERS.

Notice to Creditors. Whereas in pursuance of an Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, an Attachment hath been granted by the subscriber, one of the Justices of the Peace in and for the County of Luzerne, against a certain Rowland MILES, of the township of Blakeley, in the County aforesaid, Rail road contractor, whereon certain effects of the said Rowland MILES have been attached, and are now in the hands of George RIX and Christopher E. WILHER of the same township, until they shall be disposed of according to law. This is therefore to give notice to the creditors of the said Rowland MILES, to appear on Tuesday the first day of December next, at the house of Salmon LATHROP, in Carbondale, Blakeley Township, then and there to discover and make proof of their demands agreeably to the directions of the said act. David B. BLANCHARD, Justice of the Peace.

27 November 1829

Yesterday morning we had a very gentle snow storm, which covered the ground.

A bill transcribed for a third reading in the House of Representatives on 17th inst. which is of importance to _?_ foreigners. It repeals so _?_ former act as required naturalization to produce a certificate un——— of the Court, as the only evidence of naturalization.

Commissioners’ Sales of Unseated Lands, to be held on the 27th January next. Isaac HARDING, William SWETLAND, Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Commissioners: (number of acres is listed)
Abington Township: John MEASE; Oliver PETTIBONE
Blakely Township: Benjamin M’CLEAN; John PRICE; Benjamin SHOVE; John SHOVE; Benjamin SHOVE, jun; Jesse SHOVE; Conrod WEAVER; David BENNET; Richard DILLY; Jonathan DILLY; Mary RYON, Daniel SHEPHERD, Jacob STERNHEZER; David RIDGEWAY; Susannah OGLEBEE; Joseph OGLEBEE; Joseph OGLEBEE, Jun.; Christian BRANHAM; James CHAPMAN; John CHAMBERS; Mary CONRAD; Abraham SINGER; Lewis FARMER; Elizabeth FARMER; Thomas CONNARD; Joseph BREW; Frederick REPHOLTZ; Jacob RILEY; Elizabeth M’CLEAN; Samuel STERLING; John SINTER; John BRANIN; John CONNARD; Henry CAMMERER; Mary M’CLEAN; William HOWARD; Mary ELLIS; Henry RANDALL; Joseph RANDALL; Deborah M’CLEAN; Sandy M’CLEAN; John BARRON; Robert ERWIN; Evan EVANS; Eleanor SURET
Braintrim Township: John DORSEY; Andrew KENEDY; George HEPLER; Daniel HITNER; John M’CALLA; Seth NICHOLSON; Hannah NICHOLSON or James RAMSEY; William PHILLIPS; William SMOCK; Robert SMOCK; Francis IRWIN; James GUINN; James M’CALLA; Christian GROSS; Charles C. WHITE
Covington Township: Edward EDGERTON; William LANE or Elizabeth WARD; William WHEELER; Henry S. DRINKER; Barnabas M’SHANE; Robert M’CLAY; Isaac ROBERTS; Charles FRESUP; John Thomas; Barnabas M’SHANE; John DUNWOODY; John EATON; Benjamin DAY; George SHAW or STEWART; Joseph EATON; Alexander HUNTER; Thomas WRIGHT; William MURDOCK; William MILNOR
Dallas Township: Edward BUMP; Daniel BAILEY; David BAILEY; Amos BAILEY; Duer BAILEY; Joshua BUMP; Allen BUMP; Amasa BAILEY; Samuel ALLEN; William ALLISON; Jesse BUMP; Benjamin BAILEY; Adam MANN; Richard or Michael M’MULLEN; Mariah R. PAYNE; Joseph STEWART; George WILSON; Hannah BRADLEY; No. 41 Bedford – CHURCH & VANLOON; No. 42, Bedford – M. HOLLENBACK; John WILSON; John Owen APP; Willis HYDE; George ESPEY; Daniel BALDWIN; John BALDWIN; John M’KENNEY; Cornelius COMEGES; William SIMS; Nov. 35 – Bedford, Zebulon BUTLER; Joshua B. BOND
Eaton Township: Harminson WALLIS; Richard RENSHAW; John RENSHAW; Samuel FOWLES;
Exeter Township: Hoy ZIBA; David ANDREWS; John HANNARD; George TAYLOR; Joseph or Josiah HUNT; John GREEN; William NICHOLAS; John KING; Stephen KING; William NICHOLS; Matthias COPLIN; Anothy ECKEY; James DAVIS; George HEPLER; Aaron HAFT; William SMITH; Anderson DAVENPORT; Sarah WHEELER, widow; Samuel GUNUNG; Eliphalet FOLLET
Greenfield Township: Samuel MEREDITH, No’s 27 & 23; John M. NISBITT; James PIGRAM; James BIDDLE
Hanover Township: Robert IRWIN; Robert DORROCK; John FULLER
Huntington Township: Abraham DUBOIS; Alexander BOYD; John ALEXANDER; Frederick HAILER; William MONTGOMERY; Daniel MONTGOMERY; Abraham OWEN; Jacob DOWNING
Nescopeck Township: Robert TAGGART; Nathan BEACH (2); Lewis BENDER; John LOCKHART; James M’NEAL; David OWEN; Thomas PALMER; James M’NEAL; Priscilla LEE; Andrew LEE
Newport Township: Peter DEHAVEN; James OLD; James LATTIMORE; George HAWKER; John LOCKHART; Peter DEHAVEN; John FRAZIER; Noble CALDWELL; William GRAY; Jacob BOWER; Nathan BEACH; Christopher HURLBUT; Jacob NEFF; Deborah STEWART
Nicholson Township: James QUINN; Peter HARVEY
Northmoreland Township: John DARBYSHIRE; Isaac FORSYTHE; Unice GALLOP; Robert MORRIS; Alice PIERCE; Asher PALMER; John TODD; Richardd DOUGHERTY; No. 13 in 4th tier; Thomas LOUGHEAD
Plymouth Township: Wm. HODGE or HYDE; Friendship; Joseph TURNER
Pittston Township: John CHRIST; Thomas DUNDAS; Robert IRVIN; Joseph LAWRENCE;
William MOORE; Jacob YEONER; Robert GRAY; John YOUNG; Caspar HILL or THIELL; Henry HILL or THIELL; Richard SAVAGE; James COLLINS
Providence Township: John HART; Lewis FARMER; Matthew COVELL’S heirs; Agnes HART;
William or Killiam MAY; Christopher GETTING; Eleanor BRANHAM; Thomas DUNDASS
Salem Township: John or Thomas RICHARDS; John KUNKLE; Lewis RICHARDS
Sugarloaf Township: Nathan BEACH; Peter THOMPSON; John BLACKEY; John BEEKLEY; Thomas P. COPE; David DAVIS; William GRAY; Peter HUTTON; Robert HILTZIMER; John KUNKLE; Andrew KENEDY; Robert LATTIMORE; Elizabeth MYERS; Jacob MYERS; William POTTER; Henry or Polly ROPE; Nicholas ROPE; Daniel SMITH; William STEWART; Josiah Thomas; Joshua WALLIS; Reuben HAINES; Samuel HEPBOURNE; Andrew DOUGLASS; Samuel DEPUY; John BALLIOTT; Michael APP; Peter THOMPSON, jun.; George WARNER; Alexander NESBITT; Jeremiah SMITH; John KUNKLE, jun.; George MOORE; Charles HAINES; Jacob FRANCIS; Michael SCHRAWDER; Philip SCHRADER; Abraham MASON; John ECKEY
Tunkhannock Township: Bell WILLIAM; Alexander FULLERTON & Peter HAMPTON; Paul KNGLER; Lewis ELOISE or Paul HAMILTON; Robert HAMPTON; Robert LAWSON; Daniel SHRACK; John WHITMAN, jun.; Peter MUHLENBURG; John BARKER; Samuel BAIRD; Andrew NORNEY; Joseph NICHOLSON; William OLIPHANT; Aaron PHILLIPS or PHIPPS; Joel SMITH; Simeon SMITH; Abraham SCHRACK
Union Township: Thomas PASCHALL; nathan BUMP; Thomas MENDENHALL; Samuel BARKER; William BUMP; Moses BUMP; Jacob DOWNING; Aaron BUMP; Isaac BUMP; Mary CUSTARD; Israel COPE (2); Thomas P. COPE; Samuel GARDNER; James Casper CARPENTER; George Adolphus KEER; Edward MIDDLETON; William PLUNKET; Joseph SANSON; George BUMP; Thomas BUMP; Levi BUMP; Hugh M’GLOUGLIN; Daniel REES; Hezekiah HUBBLE; James M’NEAL; William SHANNON (2); Thomas PASCHALL; John DUNCAN; Abraham BRADLEY; Thomas WRIGHT
Wilkesbarre Township: Nathaniel BROWN; Samuel BAIRD; Charles BRUCE; Rebecca CUSTARD; Paul CUSTARD; John HOLLENBACK; Joseph HAGAMAN; John HAGAMAN; George HOLLENBACK; John KELSO; John M’DOWELL; William STARK; Isaac VAN NORMAN; Joseph EKLSO; Samuel CUSTER; John W. GODFREY; Martha GODFREY; Matthias HOLLENBACK; Rebecca KELSO
Windham Township: John SHEE; Abraham BRADLEY; Minerva BRADLEY; Peter DELONG; William CLARK; Polly ELLIOTT; Thomas FISH; Jabez FISH; Ebenezer HIBBARD; Isaac PATTON; Benjamin BROWN; George EDDY; Samuel HAZLEHURST; James HALL; William LENOX; Robert MORRIS; Moses MUSGROV; Daniel SHEPERD; George STEWART; Rosanna VANCAMPEN; William WHITE; Zebulon BUTLER; Reuben KRIDLER or DRIDER

To Rent. For a Term of Years, A Farm in Pittston (no occupied by LIDA & OGDEN) of 312 Acres Of Land, The greater part cleared – situate _ a mile south-east of BARNUM’S Mills. Josiah WRIGHT.

Milling Business. Isaac FASNAUGHT respectfully informs his friends and the public in general, that he has taken. E. APPLETON’S Mill and solicits a share of their custom – assuring them no pains will be spared to give satisfaction. The Mill is in good repair, and completely fixed for making Merchant Flour, such as will pass inspection in the cities.

Estate of John HONNEYWELL, late of Dallas Township, requests demands and payments. Ziba HOYT, Executor.

To Creditors. We have applied to the Judges of Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County for the benefit of the insolvent laws, and they have appointed the first Monday in January next, to hear us and our creditors, at the Court House, where you can attend. William KATING, Jacob SAYLES, Daniel GORE, Thomas JENKINS, James MULLISON, Benjamin SMITH.

4 December 1829

Paper missing

11 December 1829

James WRIGHT has received a large and well selected assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Nails, Sole Leather, Iron, American Eng. Blister and Cast Steel, Fine and Wool Hats, Ladies’ Leghorn Hats; Willow Baskets, Morocco & Prunella Shoes. Also On Hand, Pork and Whiskey, By the barrel or less quantity. Salt, Patent Pails, &c. All of which are offered Cheap. Tunkhannock.

Married – At Philadelphia on the 30th November, by Rev. FORCE, John S. GIDDINGS, of Mount Carbon to Miss Harriet, daughter of the late Zebulon BUTLER, of this place.

Died – Very suddenly at Bear Creek on Monday morning last, John GIDDINGS, of Wilkesbarre, aged about 40 years. He was taken with billious colick on Sunday morning, and died the following morning.

Died – At Kingston, on Monday last, Jane, daughter of Joshua PETTEBONE, about 14 years.

The Commissioners of a part of Pennsylvania and New Jersey have entered into a final agreement for the use of the water of the Delaware River, by those states.

Temperance Society. At a meeting of the Luzerne Temperance Society, the following persons were elected officers for the ensuing year:
President: Hon. David SCOTT
Vice President: Garrick MALLERY, Esq.
Corresponding Scretary: O. COLLINS, Esq.
Recording Secretary: Wm. L. BOWMAN
Treasurer: Sharp D. LEWIS
Managers: H. C. ANHAEUSER; Dr. T. W. MINER; Dr. Lanthan JONES; Henry W. NORTHUP; Sharp D. LEWIS; Wm. L. BOWMAN; Anthony BROWER; Gilbert BARNES; Benjamin DRAKE; O. COLLINS, Esq.; Wm. G. GILDERSLEEVE; Geo. C. DRAKE, Esq.; N. R. HENTZ; James D. HAFF; Deodat SMITH, Esq.; Benjamin SMITH; Lemuel STONE, Esq.; Ziba SMITH; Zera MARVIN; Anderson DANA, Jr.; Abraham FREAR; Philip YOST; Wm. A. MERRITT.
Executive Committee: O. COLLINS, Esq.; Dr. L. JONES; C. G. DRAKE, Esq.; Joshua MINER; James D. HAFF

A meeting of the managers of the Luzerne Temperance Society was held on the evening of the 1st of December. Benjamin DRAKE was appointed chairman, pro tem and Wm. L. BOWMAN appointed Secretary. The following preamble and resolutions were adopted.
Whereas, although the Merchants of Wilkesbarre, with the exception of one or two individuals, have relinquished the sale of Spirituous Liquors in any quantity less than a quart – the Society see with regret, that the intemperate can yet find every facility for the continuance of those habits which it is our wish to prevent, Therefore, Resolved, That extracts of the Law relative to the duties of Tavern keepers, Merchants and find and imprisonment of drunkards, be published; and that the Society will enforce them whenever the violation of them becomes evident. See article for more on the laws.

The Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company have, through James SINTON, Esq., Cashier of the Easton Bank, presented to Abiel ABBOTT, of South Easton; a handsome silver pitcher, as a testimonial for his intrepidity in rescuing from a watery grave, a lad named Jabez COREY, while in the employ of the company, on the 5th ult. The pitcher bears the following inscription: Presented By the Managers of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company To Abiel ABBOTT, to show their sense of his humane and intrepid conduct in rescuing a youth from drowning in the River Lehigh, November 1829.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 2nd January, at the Court house in Wilkesbarre:
1. Land in Nescopeck, on the Wappallopen Creek, bounded by John BAUGHMAN, containing 118 acres, being part of a larger tract which the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania patent bearing date 10 February 1781, recorded Philadelphia Patent Book, No. 18, page 6, granted to Jacob CLINGESMAN, who the 29th April 1891, conveyed the same to Samuel SHOEMAKER in fee, and SHOEMAKER by Indenture dated 3 August 1816, conveyed to Jacob BOYER in fee. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel P. SHOEMAKER & Edward M. SHOEMAKER, Executors of Samuel SHOEMAKER, dec’d. against Jacob BOYER.
2. Land in Nescopeck Township, on Wappallopen Creek, bounded by Nicholas SHAFFER, Jacob BOYER, being part of a larger tract which the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania patent bearing date 10 February 1781, recorded Philadelphia Patent Book, No. 18, page 6, granted to Jacob CLINGESMAN, who the 29th April 1891, conveyed the same to Samuel SHOEMAKER in fee, and SHOEMAKER by Indenture dated 3 August 1816, conveyed to John BAUGHMAN in fee. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel P. SHOEMAKER & Edward M. SHOEMAKER, Executors of Samuel SHOEMAKER, dec’d. against Elizabeth BAUGHMAN and Moses S. BRUNDAGE, adm’rs. of John BAUGHMAN, the younger dec’d, who was son, heir and legal representative of John BAUGHMAN the elder, dec’d.
3. An undivided half part of a tract of land, situate in said county, called Bonny How, situate one mile and a half above Nescopeck falls, on the northwest side of the north-east branch of the Susquehanna River, formerly in Northumberland, now Luzerne County, containing 304 acres, granted to George IRVINE, by Patent dated 22 January 1789, which said tract was afterwards vested in the said John IRVINE and Henry IRVINE, as tenants in common, late estate of John IRVINE, dec’d. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the York Bank against Samuel PERVIANCE, administrator de bonis non of John IRVINE, Mortgagor, dec’d. and Sarah IRVINE, surviving mortgagor with the said John IRVINE, deceased.
4. Two parcels of land in the borough of Wilkesbarre, one being Lot No. 98, as laid down and established in a plot by George CHAHOON, bounded by Lot No. 7, now lands of JEWETT, alley, Franklin Street, containing 9200 feet. The other being Lot No. 9, laid down by same, bounded by Franklin Street, alley, Lot No. 8, St. Stephen’s Church, containing 9200 feet, with a two story frame dwelling House and Ketchen, Barn and two story shoe shop, late estate of Joshua GREEN. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William L. BOWMAN against Joshua GREEN.
5. Land in Pittston, bounded by the Pittston certified township, Lackawanna River, estate of Thomas WRIGHT, dec’d, being the PEDRICK lot, containing 110 acres. Also one other tract, bounded by the Lackawanna, John and Ebenezer MARCY, jr., Benjamin KNAPP & others, containing 20 acres, known by the name of the Pine lots, late the estate of Ebenezer MARCY. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ebenezer BOWMAN and Joseph JAMESON, executors of the estate of James STEWART, dec’d, assignee of George LANE, against Ebenezer MARCY.

Adjourned Sheriff’s Sale. By virtue of two several writs of Venditioni Exponas, the Real Estate of Daniel COLLINGS, situate in the Borough of Wilkesbarre – and that of Mason CRARY, in the township of Salem, taken in execution at the suit of the Philadelphia Bank, will be exposed to Sale, by adjournment, On 2nd January next.

Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company. An Election will be held at the house of Archippus PARISH, Wilkesbarre, on first Monday in January to elect a President, Twelve Managers and Treasurer, for the ensuing year. S. BUTLER, Treasurer.

18 December 1829

Register’s Notice. Whereas John EMERY and Catherine BOSTION, executors of the estate of Michael BOSTION, late of Huntington Township, deceased, have filed their account for probate. These are therefore to give notice to all legatees, creditors, and other persons concerned, that the said account will be presented to an Orphans’ Court, at Wilkesbarre, on the 6th January next, for confirmation and allowance.

Shamokin Dam. Owing to some loss of property in passing the sluice of this Dam, the members of the Legislature form the northern counties, have addressed to the Board of Canal Commissioners a petition, praying that the sluice may be completed under the direction of an experienced waterman.

The members of Masonic Lodge No. 61, will meet at the Lodge Room in Wilkesbarre, on the 26th inst., at 10 A. M., to commemorate the Anniversary of St. John the Evangelist. A public discourse will be delivered by a Brother.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 2nd January. Land in Exeter Township, bounded by the Wilkesbarre and Bridgewater Turnpike, John M’MILLAN, Susquehanna River, Samuel SUTTON and Charles SCOTT, late the estate of Jabez WILCOX and Nathan PARRISH, jr. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel SUTTON, against Jabez WILCOX and Nathan PARRISH, jr.

Sheet Iron Stove Manufactory. Sampson ALMOND, Wilkesbarre.

25 December 1829

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