1830 Susquehanna Democrat

The Susquehanna Democrat 1830

Published on Friday Morning, Wilkesbarre, PA
By Sharp D. LEWIS

Terms Of The Democrat. Two Dollars per annum, half yearly in advance, or Two Dollars and Fifty Cents, if not paid within the year, exclusive of Postage. Interest charged on payments as they become due. Such kinds of Country Produce as the Wilkesbarre Storekeepers receive in exchange for Merchandize – and also Lumber, will be taken on Subscriptions, at the Market Price.

1 January 1830

Report of Canal Commissioners

Edward LYNCH, Esq., of Philadelphia has been elected Cashier of the Wyoming Bank. Mr. Lynch is said to be an experienced financier.

Pardon – On the last day of this administration, Gov. SHULZE pardoned a famous bank robber, by the name of PLYMERT.

On the 5th ult. a Temperance Society was formed in Windham: Jasper FASSETT, was elected President, and Doct. CARNEY secretary.

Notice. A stated meeting of the Franklin Beneficial society will be held on Wednesday the 6th of January next, at half past 6 o’clock P. M. in the Upper room of the Court House, in the borough of Wilkesbarre. J. J. WARD, Sec’y.

Extract from a Borough Law relative to Side Walks.

Notice to Creditors. We have applied to the Judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne Co., for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws of Pennsylvania, and they have appointed the first Monday of January Court next at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, to hear us and our creditors, where you can attend. William KATING*, Jacob SAYLES, Daniel GORE, Thomas JENKINS*, James MULLISON, Benjamin SMITH.

Estate of Samuel STONE, late of Abington Twp., deceased, requests payments and demands. Prudence STONE, Lemuel STONE, executors.

8 January 1830

Estray Red Heifer, came to the enclosure of Richard COVERT, on 8th November last. The owner can have her by proving property, and paying charges.

Sheet Iron Stove Manufactory. Sampson ALMOND, Wilkesbarre.

Married – On the 31st Dec. by Lemuel STONE, Esq., Imanuel NORTHROP to Miss __phia, daughter of Rev. J. MILLER, both of Abington

15 January 1830

Berwick, Jan. 9. Accidents. On Monday last, a truly shocking accident occurred in this town. Workmen were employed in clearing out a well in Front street, and at the time the accident took place, were raising a pump log out of it, for the purpose of putting in others, when Robert FAIRCHILDS, who was present, and while in the act of reaching over the well, as it is generally believed, to render some assistance, unfortunately made a miss-step, was precipitated head first into the well, and of course instantly killed, he being quite a large man and the well very deep, (about 93 feet). When the body was brought up, it presented a most melancholy spectacle, the top of the head being shockingly mangled, and the face very much lacerated. The deceased was a single man, about 35 years of age, and formerly of Stratford, Conn. Where his friends now reside, and had for a length of time been employed in Mr. INMAN’S Tin-ware Factory, in this town.
On Friday morning last, four horses attached to a stage, for the purpose of trying them, took fright, and in turning the corner of Market and Front Street, the driver having lost all command over them, the stage upset and George OBETS, who, with others, was in the stage, had his arm broken. A physician was immediately called, and the wound dressed. At the time, the wound was not considered very serious, but in the course of twenty-four hours, the injured limb became very much inflamed, mortification took place, and on Thursday morning he died, in the greatest agony. He left a wife and seven children in indigent circumstances.Berwick Gazette.

List of Letters, remaining at the Post Office in Nanticoke, 1 January.
Charles BENNET
George KOCHER, jr.

Married – At the Plains, on the evening of the 12th inst. by Rev. SHERMAN, John SNOW, of Dundaff, to Miss Catharine, daughter of Henry CORTRIGHT.

Died – At his residence in this township. On Friday morning last, after a painful illness, Jehoiada Pitt JOHNSON, in the sixty-third year of his age. The deceased had been an inhabitant of this part of the country since almost the years of his infancy. And although too young to participate in the first struggle of the settlement of this valley, yet he has been actively engaged in many which have been subsequent. He has always pursued a private path unambiguous of public honor. The general outlines of his character are expressed in a few words: He was a kind husband – an affectionate father – a worthy citizen – and an honest man.

Appointments by the Commissioners. Sharp D. LEWIS, to be Treasurer of Luzerne Co. Jesse FELL, Esq., Clerk.

The Hon. Samuel D. FRANKS has resigned the office of President Judge of the 12th Judicial District. We understand Gov. WOLF has offered the appointment to Garrick MALLERY, Esq., of this place.

New Paper – The Wayne Enquirer, new paper from Bethany, Wayne Co., PA, published by William SASMAN.

On the 7th inst. Mr. DENISON presented petition to the Legislature, praying for the incorporation of a Wyoming Coal Company.

Accident. Frederick RAICH, of new Covington, fell from the roof of his barn on the 26th ult. and was so seriously injured that he survived but a few hours. He has left a wife & six helpless children.

Appointment by the President, with the advice and consent of the Senate. Henry BALDWIN, to be an Associate Judge of the Supreme Court of the United States, vice Judge WASHINGTON, deceased.

The contractors on the North Branch Division of the Pennsylvania canal, held a public meeting at Danville on the 30th ult.

Henry G. SARGENT, Esq. Chief Engineer on the Delaware Division, Pennsylvania Canal has resigned his situation, and John HOPKINS, Principal Assistant on the Lehigh Canal, appointed in his place.

Internal Improvement. The citizens of Luzerne Co., friendly to the Canal system of Pennsylvania, are requested to meet at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, on Monday evening the 18th inst., at 7 o’clock, to take into consideration measures connected with the progression of this great and important work.

Notice to debtors of the Philadelphia Bank. John N. CONYNGHAM, Agent, Wilkesbarre.

Notice That Must Be Attended To. All persons against whom I have Tavern bills are informed that immediate settlement of them is necessary. Unless such bills are settled by the first day of April next, I will place them in the hands of a Justice for collection. O. HELM.

300 Sides of Upper Leather. Harness Leather at 21 cents per pound. Tanner’s Oil may be bought cheap. Wm. B. NORTON, Wilkesbarre.

TRACY & DRAKE, have moved their Coach and Waggon making establishment and Blacksmith Shop to the new buildings on Main street, opposite Z. BENNETT’S Store. V. TRACY, George C. DRAKE.

Take Notice. Last call (free of expense) upon the debtors of the late Samuel MAFFET, Esq., of Wilkesbarre. All persons indebted for Papers, for Printing, for Fees in the Prothonotary’s office, in the Register’s and Recorder’s office – in the Court of Quarter Sessions and Orphans’ Court, while those offices were held by Samuel MAFFET, dec’d, are requested to call upon the Subscriber and settle their respective accounts without delay. O. COLLINS, Executor.

Cheaper than Ever! New Goods. James WRIGHT has just received a large and well selected assortment of Dry Goods, Groceries, hardware, Nails, Sole Leather, Iron, American Eng. Blister, and Cast Steel, Fine and Wool Hats, Ladies’ Leghorn Hats, Willow Baskets, Morocco & Prunella Shoes. Also on Hand, Pork and Whiskey, By the barrel or less quantity. Salt, Patent Pails &c &c. Tunkhannock.

22 January 1830

Paper Missing

29 January 1830

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held fifteenth of February at 10 o’clock in the forenoon, the estate of Obadiah SCOTT. Tract of land in Huntington Township, being lot no. 4, containing eighty-eight acres. Sylvester SCOTT, Adm’r.

An African Colony has been formed in Canada, principally by blacks from Cincinatti township, Ohio.

A man by the name of GRAVELY, who resides in the village of Havana, Tioga Co., New York, was, on the evening of the 21st ult. seized by a number of persons in disguise, tarred and feathered, and rode through the village on a rail. The cause assigned for the outrage is repeated acts of severity towards his wife.

Treasurer’s Sale Information by Sharp D. LEWIS, Treasurer of Luzerne Co. (no names of property owners given)

Died -in Wyalusing on the 30th December last, Mrs. Sarah STONE, consort of Raphael STONE, and daughter of the late Jonas INGHAM, of Bucks Co. She during this life, unceasingly endeavored to fulfil the various duties of daughter, sister, mother, wife and neighbor. A friend to the poor, loved, respected, her loss will long be remembered with regret by her numerous relations and friends.

Wyoming Bank. This Institution has commenced operations. The bills issued. ___such of them as we have seen are payable to George WOLF.

Coal was lately discovered on the farm belonging to Robert MINER, which in quality perhaps, is not surpassed.

Pennsylvania Legislature. On the 19th inst. a petition was presented to the body from the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company, praying for authority to extend their canal to the Susquehanna River… On the day previous, Mr. DENISON and Mr. READ, presented several memorials from Susquehanna and Luzerne Counties, complaining of the Hudson and Delaware Canal Co., and asking for relief were referred to Messrs. READ, DENISON, EMLIN, DRAFT and PETRIKEN.

Wyoming Bank. Notice is hereby given. That the Wyoming Bank will commence business on February 1st. Banking hours from 9 A. M. until 3 P. M. Notes will be received for Discount during banking hours, every business day in the week, except Wednesdays, when they must be handed in before half past 9 o’clock in the morning. All Notes discounted, will be paid after 1 o’clock on Wednesday. (Discount Day) Notes presented for discount, must be drawn in the following manner – viz:” – _(no date)_ 1830 “Sixty days after date, I promise to pay _(blank)_ or order, _(blank)_ dollars. _(blank)_ cents, at the Wyoming Bank at Wilkesbarre, without defalcation, value received. “Credit the drawer” Edward LYNCH. Cash’r. Wilkesbarre. [blanks in article]

Estate of Jehoiada P. JOHNSON, late of Wilkesbarre township, requests payments and demands. Ovid F. JOHNSON, Administrator.

Estate of Thomas BENEDICT, late of Pittston township, dec’d, requests payments and demands. Peter WINTER, Jacob LANCE, Administrators, Pittston.

Insolvent debtor. John ACKERLY, court date 1st Monday in April next.

5 February 1830

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held the second Monday of February next, as the estate of Benjamin SPENCER, the following tracts of land:
1) Land in Nicholson and Abington Townships, bounded by S. REYNOLDS, containing 64 acres
2) Land in same bounded by north branch of Tunkhannock, E. LEWIS, Philadelphia and Great Bend Turnpike road, containing 27 acres.
Jeremiah G. NORTHUP & George A. BAILEY, Administrators

Receipts and Expenditures for Luzerne County for year 1829. Isaac HARDING, William SWETLAND, Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Commissioners. Jesse FELL, Clerk.

Married – At Providence, by Elisha S. POTTER, Samuel C. STOCKBRIDGE and Miss Eleanor JOHNSON; both of Pittston.

Died – In this township, on Wednesday, the 26th ult, Mrs. Clarinda BLACKMAN, aged 61 years, consort of Maj. Eleazor BLACKMAN.

Died – In this borough, on Wednesday morning last, Mrs. Patience JEWITT, at the advanced age of 81 years.

Distressing Calamity. On Sunday last the 17th inst., John COMER, of Malaga, Gloucester Co., NJ, burned to death in his house. (See article)

Swingle Tow Bought at Mauch Chunk. Two cents a pound will be paid for good clean swingle tow, at Mauch Chunk. Josiah WHITE, A. M.

Estate of John KELLY, late of Kingston, requests payments and demands. John EATON and Sarah EATON, administrators. Exeter.

Notice. All persons indebted to the firm of R. & J. HOLGATE, are requested to settle their accounts immediately, and save costs.

12 February 1830 – Paper is missing

19 February 1830 – Paper is missing

26 February 1830

Estate of Daniel ESTELL, late of the township of Windham, request payments and demands. Ambrose GAYLORD and Amy ESTELL, Administrators.

Act to authorise a loan to defray the expenses of the Pennsylvania Canal and Rail Road.

Origins of “Yankee Doodle”

Curiosities of Pennsylvania – In Crawford County, on an extensive plain, there is a vast mound of stones, containing several hundred thousand cart loads. This pyramid has stood through so many ages, that it has become covered with soil and from the top rises a noble pine tree. (See article)

Insolvent debtors, to appear in court last Monday in April next: Chris’r. APPLETON, John ACKERLY, Stephen SCOTT, Frederick NAGLE.

Appointments by the Governor:
Henry PETTEBONE, Prothonotary, Clerk of Quarter Sessions, Oyer, Terminers, Orphans’ Court, for Luzerne Co. Isaac BOWMAN, Register and Recorder

By the Attorney General:
James M’CLINTOCK [MCCLINTOCK], to be Deputy Attorney General for Luzerne Co.

Meeting to establish a public Library, was held on the 23rd of February. Thomas DYER, Esq., chosen Chairman and Charles D. SHOEMAKER, Sec’y. Committee to report organizing a company for carrying into effect the objects of this meeting: Messrs. MURRAY, MAY, INGHAM, ULLMAN, W. S. ROSS, O. COLLINS, and Doct. MINER.
To make list of books: Chester BUTLER, Mr. LYON, C. D. SHOEMAKER, Joshua MINER, Wm. L. BOWMAN.

Internal Improvement Convention. In pursuance of previous notice, the delegates from the counties of Wayne, Pike, Luzerne and Susquehanna, assembled at Dundaff on 23rd February, it was thought advisable to organize the Convention in the Church, Whereupon, John ROOSA, Esq., of Wayne Co., was chosen President, David POST Esq., and Jesse LANE, Esq., of Susquehanna Co., Vice Presidents and Ziba BENNETT, of Luzerne Co. and David M.
BRODHEAD, of Pike Co., Secretaries. Delegates from the following counties:
Wayne Co.: L. C. JUDSON, Jirah F. MUMFORD, Calvely FREEMAN, Squire WHITAKER, James MUMFORD, Warner M. PRESTON, Squire SAMPSON, Daniel KIMBLE, Charles FORBES, Stephen BRUSH, Geo. M. KEEN, S. W. GENUNG, Phineas HOWE jr., John ROOSA, John D. TAYLOR, Alva W. NORTON, Warren DIMICK, Daniel OSTRANDER, James L. GRAY, Thomas CLARK, Amaziah HALL, Matthias KEEN, Isaac P. FOSTER, Pope BUSHNELL, Virgil GRINELL, Stephen TORRY, Richard L. SEELY, Amzi FULLER, James MANNING, Jason TORRY.
Luzerne Co.: Sharp D. LEWIS, Ziba BENNETT, Nathaniel COTERIL, Henry HERMANS, Jeremiah CLARK, William CLARK, Isaac SHERMAN, Charles BERRY Esq., William RICE, W. S. WILBER, James W. GOFF, Luther CATLIN, Alexander DOLPH, Samuel HODGDON, R. B. PAINE, Dr. W. C. GRIPMAN, Henry TAYLOR
Susquehanna Co.: Chester ADAMS, Simon STEVENS, James NOBLE, Wm. JACKSON, Asa DIMOCK, Charles HATCH, S. E. KINGSBURY, Joab TYLER, Balisle LINES, Bela JONES, S. S. MUMFORD, Horace G. PHELPS, Gould PHINNEY, Geo. W. HEALY, Jabez TYLER, Joel LAMB, Martin HALL, Jesse LANE, Job TYLER, Ephraim SMITH, Benjamin LATHROP, David POST
Committee of five persons from each county for drafting resolutions:
Wayne Co.: Amzi FULLER, L. C. JUDSON, R. L. SEELY, Alvah W. NORTON, Jirah MUMFORD
Pike Co.: B. A. BIDLACK, Abraham SHIMER, Doct. Geo. F. SHOTWELL, Otto KIMBLE, Jacob BONNELL
Luzerne Co.: Sharp D. LEWIS, Nathaniel COTTERIL, Wm. CLARK, Alexander DOLPH, W. C. GRIPMAN
Susquehanna Co.: Joab TYLER, Benj. LATHROP, Bela JONES, Gould PHINNEY, Sylvanus S. MUMFORD
Committee of two persons from each county, to wait upon our Delegation in the Legislature and apprise them of the wishes and feelings of their constituents:
Wayne Co.: Daniel KIMBLE, N. B. ELDRED
Susquehanna Co.: Isaac POST, Wm. JESSUP
Luzerne Co.: Gen. Isaac BOWMAN, Samuel HODGDON

Wyoming Bank, Wilkes-Barre – Five dollars per Share of Capital Stock must be paid at the Banking house on or before the first of April next, and a further instalment of like amount on or before first July next. In case any person shall fail or neglect to pay the said instalments as called for, or either of them, the Stock standing in his or her name, and all money previously paid thereon, shall be forfeited to the use of the institution. By order of the board. Edward LYNCH, Cash’r.

Hatting Business, Wilkes-Barre. William MERRITT

Notice to Blacksmiths. The Subscriber offers for sale at his Bed, and at the house of Samuel SAYLOR, Stone Coal, of superior quality for Smith’s use. Desirous of entering more exclusively into the coal business, he offers the Tavern Stand, Where he now dwells, for Sale. Possession may be had on the first of April next. Elisha BLACKMAN 2nd. Wilkes-Barre. The following Certificate will show the estimation his coal is held in this vicinity:
We certify that we used the Coal of Elisha BLACKMAN 2nd for Blacksmithing, and consider it equal, if not superior to any in the county, for that purpose. John BARNEY, Solomon BROWN, Peter WINTER, James KENNEDY, Samuel COX

Notice – Members of the Franklin Beneficial Society will meet at the Court House on March 3rd. J. P. VAN TYNE, Sec’y.

Tavern and Farm For Rent – The Red Tavern Stand and the Farm attached to it, situated in Hanover Township, late the property of Frederick CRISMAN, will be offered for rent at the house of C. J. CHRISTELL, Wilkes-Barre, on 8th March next. Attendance given and terms made known at the above time and place by the heirs.

5 March 1830

Report of Committee of Ways and Means

Michael MELLAN, mail robbery in NY.

Appointment by the Governor. James MC CLINTOCK [MCCLINTOCK], Esq., to be a Notary Public of County of Luzerne.

Archippus PARISH, on Friday afternoon last, his tavern was consumed by fire, loss is several hundred dollars. Alexander Jameson Esq., loss for several buildings is estimated at $2,500.

Distressing Accident. On Saturday afternoon while the men of Thomas Borbidge & Co. were at work in the coal mine at Plymouth. Henry HORTON, one of the workmen, was instantly killed by several pieces of coal coming from a powder blast, made at a considerable distance from the place where the unfortunate man stood, at the time. The deceased was a young man of excellent character, much respected by all who knew him and his untimely death is greatly regretted. Plymouth, March 2.

Philadelphia, Feb. 62 [sic]. A suit was recently instituted against John WHITE, Esq., late County Commissioner, for a violation of the statute of Assembly, of the 11th April 1799, Purdon’s Digest 141 – 2 – which directs that the Commissioners of each and every county – shall publish a fair and accurate statement of all receipts and expenditures of the proceeding year, in the month of February, annually, under the penalty of one hundred dollars each.

Melancholy Accident. Died at Malden, on the 7th inst. Elizabeth Pickard, child of Dr. Isaac P. SMITH, aged 6 weeks. Its death was occasioned by taking the Concum or Hemlock. The plant was raised during the past year, collected, labeled, and put carefully away; but in confusion of removing to another dwelling, it was accidentally wrapped in another paper, marked Elder Flowers. Mrs. SMITH being unacquainted with the appearance of Hemlock, and deceived by the mark, made a strong infusion, with which she fed her child, and paced it in the cradle, and in less than thirty minutes it was a corpse.

Public Meeting of People of Colour in Philadelphia, to be held the 16th inst. Peter GARDNER was called to the chair and Junius C. MORRELL was appointed secretary. Mention of settlements in Ohio and Canada.

12 March 1830

Ways and Means Committee – Act to regulate Inns and Taverns and Act to increase the county rates and levies for the use of the Commonwealth

Sheriff’s Sales to be held Saturday, April 3rd at the Court house in Wilkesbarre:
1. Land in the township of Plymouth. One undivided sixteenth part of land and Coal Bed thereon. Being part of lot No. 2, in the mountain tier third division. Bounded by Lot No. 1, 3, containing 18 acres. Late the estate of Jesse FORD. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Elias HOYT to the use of the children of Myra EVANS, wife of William EVANS, against Jesse FORD
2. Land in the township of Plymouth. One undivided eighth part of land and coal bed. Being part of lot No. 2, in the mountain tier, third division. Bounded by Lot No. 1 and 3, containing 18 acres. Late the estate of David B. LEE. . Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Elias HOYT to the use of the children of Myra EVANS, wife of William EVANS, against David B. LEE.
3. Land in the township of Wilkes-Barre, being undivided half part of a Coal bed, situate and laying at the foot of the mountain upon lot No. 22, in the third division. Late the estate of Benjamin M. HINCHMAN and William NEWBOLD, who survived John HINCHMAN, late trading under the firm of HINCHMAN & NEWBOLD. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John NEWBOLD against Benjamin M. HINCHMAN and William NEWBOLD.
4. Land in Blakeley Township, bounded by lands of Alvan RICHARD, Elisha S. POTTER, John SECOR and of unknown, containing 160 acres. Late estate of William KNAPP. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Edward SPENCER against William KNAPP.
5. Land in the borough of Wilkes-Barre. Bounded by Henry F. LAMB, Stephen TUTTLE, George LAIN and Jonathan HANCOCK, containing half an acre. One other lot in boro, being part of lot No. 27, in the first division, part No. 13, and the whole of No. 14, in the town plot of second division, containing 8 acres. Described in a patent dated 12 March 1816, granted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Ebenezer BOWMAN (Patent Book H, Vol. 14, page 97). Also in the township of Kingston, being part of lots Nos. 38, 39 and 40, in the second division, containing 10 acres. Described in a patent dated 6 March 1816, granted to the same (Patent book H, Vol. 14, p. 65). Also in the township of Wilkes-Barre, parts of lots No. 47 and 48, in the third division, being three pieces – containing 50 acres, the other 7 acres and the other 90 acres, described in deed dated 29 March 1816 from Lord BUTLER to Ebenezer BOWMAN (Deed book 17, page 84). Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Philadelphia Bank against James W. BOWMAN, George DENISON and Thomas W. MINER, administrators of Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., dec’d.

Estate of Henry LUTZ, late of Newport Township, dec’d, Michael STEMMITZ and Peter FITZGERALD, administrators, have filed accounts.

Estate of Daniel COOK, late of Kingston, Putnam CATLIN, executor, has filed the administration.

Wyoming Coal.

Carbondale, seat of operations of Delaware and Hudson Canal Co.

Susquehanna & Delaware Canal and Rail Road. At a meeting of citizens of Northampton, Pike and Luzerne counties, at the house of Daniel SLEIGHT, in Stroudsburg, on 27th Feb., for the purpose of procuring a competent Engineer and party, to examine, survey and level a route for a Rail Road from the river Delaware, by Broadhead’s creek, the waters of the Lehigh, and the waters of the Roaring Brook and Lackannock, to the river Susquehanna, and to devise means for raising a fund to be applied towards meeting the expense of the same.
Luke BROADHEAD, Esq., was called the chair and Evan THOMAS and Henry W. DRINKER, secretaries.
Committee to prepare term for subscription to raise money: Stogdel STOKES, William D. WALTON, Henry W. DRINKER, Jacob D. STROUD, Henry EDDINGER, Esq. and Joseph KERR (KERN?)
Committee to obtain signatures and subscriptions in this quarter: A. L. BROWN, Esq., of Easton; Evan Thomas, Stogdel STOKES, David SMITH, John BROWN and Joseph N. WILSON.
Committee of general correspondence: John COOLBAUGH, Esq., of Pike County; James M. PROTER, Esq., of Easton, Northampton County; Daniel STROUD, Esq., of Stroudsburg and Henry W. DRINKER, Esq., of Luzerne County.

Rail Way Meeting. At a meeting of Delegates of the counties of Orange, New York, Sussex and Warren, New Jersey and Northampton, Pike and Luzerne, Pennsylvania, held at the house of Thomas ALLISON, Newton, New Jersey, on 25th February 1830. Object of the meeting, that the Legislature of New Jersey be requested to extend the charter of “The Orange and Sussex Canal Co.” and to amend the same so that the Company may have the power of constructing a Rail way instead of a Canal, if it be deemed expedient.
John COOLBOUGH, Esq., was called to the chair and John W. KNEVELS and Daniel HAINES, secretaries.
Committee to carry out above resolutions: William T. ANDERSON, Esq., Peter B. SHAFER, Dr. Elias T. HOMMEDIEU, Alpheus GUSTON & Joseph CHANDLER, Esq.
Committee to correspond with gentlemen in New York and Pennsylvania, interested in subject: Robert M’CARTER [MCCARTER], Joseph NORTHRUP Jr., Charles C. BARTON, Dr. Elias L. HOMMEDIEU and Peter B. SHAFER

Internal Improvement Meeting. At the house of Elijah N. DOAN, Danville, on 3rd March, a meeting for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of recommending to the State Legislature a suitable person to fill the office of Canal Commissioner for the North and West Branch Divisions of the Pennsylvania Canal,
John BEST was called to the chair and Jacob EVERLY chosen secretary.
John MITCHELL, declines being a candidate for re-election.
Recommend, John M’REYNOLDS [MCREYNOLDS] as the Canal Commissioner. Also that David SCOTT, Esq., continue to be on the Board of the Canal.
A copy of these resolutions forwarded to John ROBINSON, Esq., or representative and Jacob DRUMHELLER, Esq., our Senator.

The marshal of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, has advertised for public sale, Saturday the 13th inst., at the Merchants’ Coffee House, Philadelphia, as the property of Robert MORRIS and John NICHOLSON, nearly forty eight thousand acres of land, situated in the counties of Franklin, Delaware, Berks, Schuylkill, Montgomery and Bucks.

Petitions have been presented to the Legislature of Pennsylvania for a New County to be formed out of Adams & York counties – the new county to be named Jackson.

Mrs. DRAKE has just returned from Philadelphia with a fresh assortment of Bonnets, Ribbons, gloves, Handk’fs, Lace, &c &c.

19 March 1830

A woman has been committed for trial in Bath, New York, for poisoning her husband named COMSTOCK. She confessed that she had mixed it with his drams in small portions, to wean him from drink, and that in the last case she had given him a large dose. She pleads ignorance of the poisonous effects of arsenic.

Died – At Baltimore, Maryland on the 5th inst., Col. Peter LITTLE, member of Congress.

Ezekiel BIRDSEYE, now of Connecticut, invented a machine for making shingles. The whole machine, independent of the power, costs but about fifteen dollars.

The Dead Alive. The N. York Com. Advertiser states in that the winter of 1828, Asa JORDAN and family, of Coventry, Conn. were brought before the court of Justices of that town, for an examination on the charge of having been accessory to the murder of a young man named James SMITH, of the town of Sterling, in the same state. They were all honorable acquitted; but the fact of being arrested upon such a foul charge, must have left the most painful impressions. It now appears, that the supposed murdered man is alive, and belongs to the army. He was seen at Pittsburg by an old friend, lately on his march to protect the fur traders, near the Rocky Mountains. He states that the news of the arrest of Mrs. JORDAN produced a serious effect upon his mind; and he solemnly averted that no difficulty had ever occurred between them.

Notice. Stockholders of the “Wilkes-Barre Library Company” are requested to meet at the Academy on March 27, to elect a Librarian and three Directors.

Elias HOYT & Co., Kingston, has just received a handsome assortment of New Goods.

26 March 1830
Paper missing

2 April 1830
Paper missing

9 April 1830

Hurricane or Tornado at Washington, Westmoreland and Alleghany Counties on 22nd March.

West Point Academy – Resolutions have been submitted in the house of representatives by Mr. CROCKETT, of Tennessee, for abolishing West Point Military Academy.

Chemung Canal (New York) will be constructed this season.

On Wednesday last on motion of John N. CONYNGHAM, Esq., Thomas Edward PAINE was admitted to practice law in the several Courts of this county. On motion of the same, Alpheus INGHAM, Esq., of Bradford County and John TAYLOR Esq., of Wayne County, were admitted to practice in Luzerne County.

Temperance Society Meeting held at Wilkes-Barre on the 6th inst. Ebenezer SLOCUM, Esq., was appointed chairman, William L. BOWMAN, secretary. Report given by Oristus COLLINS, Esq., of the Executive committee was adopted.

Delaware and Raritan Canal – Canal subscriptions were opened in Trenton on the 22nd ult. Three hundred and seventy-five shares were subscribed and at New Brunswick on the 26th, about 400 shares were subscribed. By act of incorporation 5000 shares are required to be taken, before the company is organized, and unless 5000 shares be taken within one year from the time of opening the books of subscription, the act of incorporation becomes null and void.

To the President of the United States – Navy Department, March 30th. It has been proved to my satisfaction, that Lieutenants Edward BRYNE and Hampton WESCOTT, passed Midshipman Charles H. DURYEE and Midshipman Charles G. HUNTER, of the Navy of the US, were recently concerned in a Duel, which took place between the last named officer and William MILLER, Jr., of Philadelphia, which results fatally to the latter. I respectfully recommend to you that the names of the said officers be erased from the list of officers of the Navy of the United States. John BRANCH.

March 31st. Let the above named officers of the navy be stricken from the Roll. Andrew JACKSON.

Died – On Sunday morning, March 3rd, at his residence in Bedford, Hon. John TOD, one of the Associate Judges of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

Notice – A meeting will be held at the Court House on Monday evening the 13th inst. to consider the propriety of establishing a school for the Broad Sword Exercise. Gentlemen of the Wyoming Troop, and others wishing to embrace the opportunity, will please attend.

Brigade Orders. The Militia and Volunteers within the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, will parade for training and inspection in the following order:
10th May – 1st Battallion 2nd Regiment – commanded by Col. John BITTENBENDER; the Volunteer companies commanded by Capts. James WINTERSTEIN & George KLINGER
11th May – 2nd Battalion and Volunteer companies commanded by Capts. Matthew MC DOWELL and Isaiah SALMON
12th May – Volunteer Battalion commanded by Maj. Edward L. TRESCOTT
14th May – 1st Battalion of the 115th Regt. Commanded by Col. Jacob J. DENNIS
15th May – 2nd Battalion
17th May – 1st Battalion of 116th Regt. Commanded by Col. Moses VAUGHN, and the Volunteer Battalion commanded by Maj. Silas CLARK
18th May – 2nd Battalion
20th May – Volunteer Battalion commanded by Maj. John STURDEVANT
22nd May – 2nd Battalion of the 76th Regt., commanded by Col. Joseph WARTROUS
24th May – 1st Battalion
27th May – 2nd Battalion of the 70th Regt. Commanded by Col. Nathaniel B. ELDRED
28th May – 1st Battalion and the Volunteer company commanded by Capt. Gilbert M. LEE
31st May – Volunteer Battalion commanded by Lieut. Col. Gould PHINNEY
Isaac BOWMAN, Insp’r. 2nd Brig. 8th Div. Penna Militia.
N. B. It may be proper to remark, that the 136th Regt. of Volunteers, commanded by Col. L. RICHARDSON and the Wyoming Volunteer Battalion commanded by Lieut. Col. John L. BUTLER, will not parade for inspection till sometime I the month of September next, at the request of the commanding officers. If the commanding officer of any other Volunteer Battalion makes the above request, that part of the above Brigade order will be countermanded.

Estate of Sarah BENEDICT, late of Pittston Township, requests payments and demands. Jacob LANCE and Peter WINTER, Administrators.

An Apprentice to the Carpentering Business, wanted immediately by Gilbert BARNES, Wilkes-Barre. A Boy about 15 years old, of good moral character, will find a good situation, by applying immediately.

16 April 1830

An Act relative to the appointment of Canal Commissioners.

Legislature of Pennsylvania passes 194 acts and 12 resolutions, the following concern citizens of Luzerne County:
1. An act to establish an academy in the town of Dundaff, county of Susquehanna, and for other purposes.
2. Act to authorise the commissioners of Potter, Allegheny and Lancaster Counties, to perform certain acts therein named, for the appointing trustees of the estate of James DECKER, of Luzerne County, a maniac.

Norfolk, April 1. Fire on Sunday night at the Court house and Clerk’s office of the county and Superior Courts of Hertford, NC, Winton.

Died by Poison. Died in Sunbury on the 28th ult, Jeremiah SNYDER, 14th year of his age. The deceased was a promising youth and only son of John SNYDER, a highly respectable merchant of this place. The deceased is said to have died in consequence of eating Apple-butter that had been in earthen crocks, which had imbibed the glazing which was made of red lead. Mr. SNYDER, his wife and three others ______ family eat of the butter and were sick, but there are very favorable hopes is entertained of their recovery. Persons should be cautious how they use earthen ware that is glazed with this pernicious poison. Gazetteer.

Married On Sunday evening, 11th inst., by Rev. MAY, Thomas CARPENTER and Elizabeth CRAVER.

Married – In Northmoreland on Saturday 10th by Rev. Isaac JONES, M. John R. MOORE to Miss Sarah BODLE.

Died – In Harrisburg, on the 10th inst., Samuel D. FRANKS, Esq., formerly President of the 12th Judicial District.

Appointment By The Governor. John ROSS, of Bucks County, to be one of the Associate Justices of the Supreme Court, in the room of John TODD, deceased.

Fire – some evil disposed person or persons set fire to the timber on the Broad Mountain, which continued the greater part of the present week, and consumed and injured several thousand dollars worth of timber. Miner’s Jour.

An Act concerning Liens.

Furniture Auction – At the house of Col. J. J. DENNIS, Wilkes-Barre on April 20th.

Wyoming Seminary – The Young Ladies’ School under the superintendence of Mrs. CHAPMAN and Miss TROTT, will commence its Spring Term on Monday, April 26th.

Sheriff’s Sale – to be held 8th May, at the house of Jacob KLUTZ, in township of Sugarloaf. All the right, title and interest of Robert SYMMERS, to a certain lot in Sugarloaf Township, bounded by Jacob SPAID, unknown, John CAWLEY, containing 400 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jacob SPAID against Robert SYMMERS.

Sheriff’s Sale – to be held 10th May, at the Court House in Wilkes-Barre. Land in Greenfield, bounded by Isaac FINCH Jr., Leonard SPENCER, unknown, containing 96 acres. Late the estate of Isaac FINCH. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Eliphas SPENCER, to the use of Joshua GRIFFIN, Jr. against Isaac FINCH.

Notice. The enrolled inhabitants residing within the bounds of the 5th Company 115th Regiment, P. M., are required to meet at the house of Archippus PARRISH, Innkeeper, Borough of Wilkes-Barre on 3rd May, armed and equipped as the law directs for parade and exercise. Ira ASH, Capt.

23 April 1830
Paper missing

30 April 1830

On Friday evening last, at Port Deposit the large merchant mills, granary and partly finished dwelling house, the property of James BOSLEY, were all consumed by fire, which originated from the friction of the machinery in the south gable end of the mill. Balt. Sun, April 5

Pensacola, April 3rd. Information has been received here that two companies of US Troops have been ordered from Tampa Bay to Fort Mitchell, Alabama. The recent indication of a hostile disposition among the Indians, in vicinity, having probably rendered the re-inforcement of that post a necessary treasure.

One hundred and thirty salmon and other fish, were lately taken at a single haul, in the Susquehanna, near Sunbury. Shad are abundant and fine – and sold at ten cents.

Married – At Mauch Chunk, by J. PRYOR, Esq., John SPEECE, late of this place, to Miss Lydia DODSON, of Mauch Chunk.

Appointed by the Governor. John FOX, of Doylestown, Bucks County, to be the President Judge of the Several [sic, maybe should have been “Seventh”] district, in the place of Judge ROSS appointed to the Supreme Court.

The Post Office. Sir: I beg permission to complain through the columns of your paper, of the neglect, and unofficer like conduct of the Post Master of Wilkes-Barre having had a letter detained in his office since last January, with a clear direction on it, for Jas. JACKSON, Tunkhannock, or Wilkes-Barre, Penna. North America. This letter was from my agent in London, enquiring where he could remit a sum of money. In consequence of not receiving which letter, I have been the subject of severe reflections & have been thrown into the greatest distress, by having my property levied upon. Being an entire stranger here, my feelings, and the feelings of my family were pained to a degree almost insupportable. By chance, looking at a paper I saw an advertisement of a letter at Wilkes-Barre, in my name – & calling found it was for me. I stated to the boy in the office, that it was shameful to de__ letters in that office with a directed to me at Tunkhannock – he ____ me…… (page torn and missing)

Steam Boat Accident – “Chief Justice Marshall,” on her way from Albany to New York on Thursday evening, stopped at Newburg about 9 o’clock PM to take on board passengers. She had just shoved off from the wharf and the wheels had scarcely made two revolutions, when the larboard boiler burst, on the upper side of the after end. There were on board 170 passengers. Nine were most shockingly scalded; and, after the most careful search, fourteen others were missing. The gentleman from whom we gather these particulars was on board the boat at the time of the explosion & within a few feet of that part of the boiler which burst; he was hastening aft, and by some accident stumbled and fell flat upon the dock – At that moment the explosion took place – and the persons who were in contact with him when he fell, were shockingly scalded. US Gaz.

Millers look out. The following is from the US Patent Office, under date of the 20th ult: “The right of Michael WITHERS for wing or mill dudgeons, expired on the 24th Aug. 1827. If any one is now attempting to dispose of any such right, he ought to be apprehended as an imposter.”

30,000 Dollars!!! Luzerne County Lottery & Exchange Office, or Temple of Fortune! The Subscribers being appointed Agents for the Managers, in distributing a proportion of the Lucky Numbers to the people of this place – beg leave to inform the inhabitants of Wilkes-Barre, Kingston, Plymouth & the surrounding Townships, that they have just received a few Select Tickets in the 7th Class, Union Canal Lottery, for 1830 – cut up into convenient Shares, (Halves, Quarters and Eighths) – All signed by the managers – which they are desirous of disposing of without delay. “First come. First serve. “The drawing in Philadelphia, 8th May next, present price of Tickets 10 dollars – shares in proportion.

Ten dolls. Reward, Will be paid for any information whereby a recovery may be made of a gold watch, with a gold chain and seal, which was left in the Privy back of J. J. DENNIS’ Tavern, on the evening of the 13th inst.

Wyoming Circulating Library & Reading Room. Notice. The inhabitants of Wilkes-Barre, and the public generally, are respectfully informed, that a Circulating Library of miscellaneous reading, under the above title, will be opened tomorrow (May 1st) at the late residence of Mr. E. BOWMAN, deceased, in Centre or Market Street, nearly opposite the Post Office, where their patronage is particularly solicited, to aid the Proprietor in his endeavors to afford such additions to the stock of Books in said establishment, as will meet the desires of all those Ladies and Gentlemen who may honor him with their subscriptions.
He has it also in contemplation to establish a “Reading Room” for Gentlemen, in connexion with the Library, provided sufficient encouragement is given to warrant the undertaking, in which will be found the “Prices Current” of Philadelphia, N. York & Baltimore, together with a selection of the best Newspapers from all our principal cities, including Harrisburg, Washington, &c.
The terms will be put as low as they can possibly be afforded; and the strictest attention will be paid to the convenience and desires of the subscribers, or contributors, either to the Reading Room or the Library.
Terms – For the use of the Library alone $3.00 per year; $1.75 for 6 months, $1.00 for 3 months, 37 1/2 per month.
Contributors, for each volume, with the privilege of keeping it one week 6 1/4
For the privilege of the Library & Reading Room $5.00 per ann.
For the Reading Room alone $2.50 per ann.
Payable half in advance, and the other half at the end of six months from the date of subscription.
Rules and Regulations also listed.

Vitctualling House, And Confectionary. The subscriber has taken the cellar, under the Tavern of C. L. TREWILLAGER (formerly kept by Thos. HUTCHINS) Wilkes-Barre Borough, where he keeps for the accommodation of those who may call on him, Strong & Small Beer, and the necessary ingredients to making Lemonade, & Ice Cream: Crackers, Pies, Victuals, of various kinds and a variety of articles in the Confectionary line. He also intends keeping during the Summer, Pickled Oysters and during the Fall and Winter, Fresh Oysters, Bread and Cake will be furnished as usual. Ladies who may feel disposed to patronise the subscriber, and regale themselves of a warm evening on a bottle of pleasant Beer, &c can find good accommodations at his residence on Bank Street. Samuel WRIGHT.

7 May 1830
Paper missing

14 May 1830

To Journeymen Carpenters. J. P. BABB will give employment to several good Journeymen Carpenters, if application be made soon. Wilkes-Barre

Leather. M. B. NORTON receives from Philadelphia fresh supplies of every kind of Finished, as well as Sole Leather, every two weeks, which he will sell at his usual low prices. Wilkes-Barre.

Wanted – A Boy, between 15 and 16 years of age, of good moral habits, as an apprentice to the Tailoring business. G. GRAVES, Wilkes-Barre.

Estate of David ESTELL, late of Windham Township, requests payments and demands. Ambrose GAYLORD, Amy ESTELL, Administrators.

Philadelphia Court of Oyer and Terminer. On Saturday 1st inst., the Court assembled to pass sentence on the different prisoners convicted during the term. The first called up, were William CLARK, convicted of the murder of his wife Rosanna CLARK and Jacob LENTZ, convicted of the murder of Charles DEGNIER. Sentence that both undergo an imprisonment in the Penitentiary of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, in separate and solitary confinement at labour for twelve years; that you be fed, clothed and otherwise treated as the law directs, that you pay the costs of prosecution, and stand committed until the sentence of the court is complied with.

An act to supplement “An act to declare and regulate escheats.”

An act to supplement “An act for taking lands in execution for the payments of debts passed in 1705.”

An act for the furtherance of justice between obligors and obligees, and other creditors and debtors.

Lumber – An immense quantity of lumber has descended the Susquehanna the present season; more, it is estimated, by one third, than descended any previous season.

Melancholy. Mr. Rudolph COLE, the stage drivers between this place and Clark’s Ferry, was unfortunately drown in the canal at the latter place on Tuesday last. He was ungearing his team when one of the horses broke loose running away, jumped into the canal. COLE followed him, and in endeavoring to get him out lost his life. It is believed that Mr. COLE has a mother residing in Lancaster or Northampton Counties and as he died possessed of some property, it is desired that editors in those counties would republish this notice. Harrisburg Rep.

A Post Office has been established at Shickshinny in this County, Stephen VAUGHN appointed Post Master.

The terms upon which the Indians have proffered to sell their land are, one million of dollars, each man to have a section of land west of the Mississippi in fee simple, and to be transported to the country allotted them at the expense of our government, and to be supported from the time of their arrival twelve months.

Another Steam Boat Disaster, on 10th ult, 7 miles below New Madrid, one of the boilers of the steam boat “Caledonia” exploded and killed seven persons and wounded 14 or 15 others. Wheeling, May 1.

An act for regulating Hawkers and Pedlars.

A man and his wife, by the name of STARR, were killed by lightening on the evening of the 23rd ult, at their residence in Pine Grove Township, Schuylkill Co., Pa. The Reading Chronicle thus narrates the melancholy occurrence – About 8 or 9 o’clock of that evening, there was a heavy gust of rain, accompanied by lightening, and from the best information we can collect, they were considerable frightened, and deferred getting their supper, in consequence. The next morning Mr. STARR was found extended on the floor behind the door, a lifeless corpse, and his wife also dead, lying across the cradle, which contained an infant. The infant was uninjured, and also three children that were in bed in the same room. It is supposed that Mr. STARR was in the act of opening the door, and that Mrs. STARR had, at the moment placed the infant out of her arms into the cradle. A son, who slept up stairs, came down in the night, but did not observe that his parents were fast in the arms of death. Thus in a twinkling, have 5 children been deprived of their father and mother, and become orphans.

Arctic Expedition. Captain ROSS’S expedition to the arctic pole has safely reached 67th degree of north latitude.

Stop the Swindler. $21 Dollars Reward. Ranaway from the township of Covington, Richard HEACOX, who left a considerable many Debts, and swindled honest people out of their property, &c &c. HEACOX had on, when he went away, a suit of new blue broad cloth Coat, and Pantaloons, is about five feet five inches high, straight and slim built, light complexion, blue eyes. He rode away a brown horse, with watch eyes and a white stripe in his face. He also took a pair of saddle bags which he did not come honestly by. Any person who will bring said HEACOX back with the horse, shall receive the above reward, and 15 dollars for the horse, by calling on the subscribers when they return the swindler. Frederick NAGLE, Barnabas CARY, Harman SANDERS.

21 May 1830

[Note p. 2 & 3 missing from microfilm]

Died – On the morning of Thursday 13th inst., in Hanover Township, in this county, Mrs. Mary FISHER, aged 105 years, 7 months and 18 days. She was born in Germany on the 24th September 1724, and was brought to America by her parents, in her infancy. She had been an inhabitant of this county 44 years.

Died – On Sunday last, at his residence in Pittston, after a short and painful illness, John CORTRIGHT, in the 40th year of his age, leaving four children of tender years destitute of an earthly parent, the mother having paid the debt of nature about fifteen months ago.

A new Post-Office has been established in Braintrim Township, called Skinner’s Eddy. Maj. John STURDEVANT is appointed Post-Master.

Anthracite Coal. We are indebted to Judge FELL, for several facts relative to the early introduction of this article, which at this day we think cannot fail to be interesting:
The late Obadiah GORE, Esq., an earlier settler in Wyoming, is supposed to be the first person who attempted to use the Coal. In 1768 or 69, he found, by experiment, that it was valuable in blacksmithing, and soon its use became general among the blacksmiths of the valley, to the entire exclusion of charcoal. About 42 years ago, Judge FELL, used it in a nailery, for making wrought nails. It not only heated the rod quicker, and enabled the manufacturer to do one third more work in a day, but it was found that the nails weighed heavier than the iron of which they were made. In the early part of the year 1808, being of the opinion that it would answer for family use, he had prepared a small grate, similar to those in common use now, in which he tried the experiment, of making a coal fire. In this he succeeded far beyond his expectations. Some light improvement was made in the form of the grate, and one after another procured one, until the coal became extensively used. Judge FELL is supposed to be the first person who attempted to use coal for common purposes.

28 May 1830
Paper missing

5 June 1830
Paper missing

12 June 1830
Paper missing

19 June 1830

At Blairsville, Indiana Co., Pa., Miss Margaret WADSWORTH recovered damages of George AUCKERMAN, in Westmoreland County, to the amount of $200, that being all the defendant was worth, for a breach of marriage promise.

At the last court of general session for Oneida County, New York, Orrin KENT was tried on an indictment for assaulting and beating his wife. They had not been married many weeks before he began to box the ears of his bride, then whipped her with a little stick. The defendant was found guilty and fined.

Philadelphia, June 12. A warrant for the execution of PORTER and WILSON, signed on Tuesday was received by the Marshall. The execution will take place on Friday the second of July in the field north of Bush Hill, near the junction of Schuylkill Sixth street and Francis’s Lane.

Appointed by the surveyor General, Henry COLT, Deputy County Surveyor for Luzerne County.

It is said that WILSON, POTEET and PORTER, the mail robbers, became acquainted with each other in the Maryland State Prison.

Melancholy. Leonard HOUSE, a respected citizen of Northmoreland, hung himself in Kingston on Friday morning last. We have not heard any particular cause assigned, but have understood that he had been in a melancholy state of mind.

Canal Commissioners met at Harrisburg on Monday last, and organized by appointing James S. STEVENSON, Esq., President and Francis R. SHUNK, Esq., Secretary. The following appointments of Superintendents, Engineers &c. have been made:
West branch and Susq. Div.:
Col. J. RYON, superintendent
F. W. RAWLE, engineer
A. M’REYNOLDS [MCREYNOLDS], supervisor for 33 miles of Susq. Division
North Branch Div:
Col. James P. BULL, superintendent
Doct. C. T. WHIPPO, engineer
Juniatta Div.: James TAGGART, superintendent
Western Div.: Samuel JONES, superintendent
Eastern Div. And Columbia rail road:
J. S. BARBER, superintendent; E. F. GAY engineer of E. D. and Maj. Jno. WILSON engineer of R. R.
Delaware Div.: Thos. G. KENNEDY, superintendent

Baltimore, June 3. Abraham POTEET, alias WILLIAMS, one of the mail robbers, was brought here on Monday from Philadelphia, by Messrs. RIGGS and JEFFERIES, police officers, and lodged in the jail. He yesterday received his sentence, which was 25 years confinement in the penitentiary.

Varioloid. This alarming disease made its appearance in the borough of Montrose, about five weeks ago; since which time three new cases have made their appearance. One of its victims, Jacob WILSIE, died on Saturday morning last. Dundaff Repub.
[Varioloid’s modern definition:a mild form of smallpox affecting people who have already had the disease or have been vaccinated against it.]

Mourning. The Mount Holly Bachelors’ Club have agreed to wear black crape garters, in consequence of the Secretary of their association having accidentally committed matrimony.

Estate of Joseph QUICK, dec’d, late of Nicholson Twp., requests payments and demands. Reumah QUICK and Nathan BACON, Administrators, Nicholson.

Estate of John CORTRIGHT, late of Pittston Township, dec’d, requests payments and demands. Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Adm’r., Pittston.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held June 25th, for land in township of Nescopeck, a certain moiety and undivided half part of a plantation or tract of land, called “Bonny How” situate one mile & an half above Nescopeck falls on the northwest side of the north-east branch of the Susquehanna River, formerly in Northumberland, now Luzerne, containing 304 acres. Granted to George IRWIN by patent dated 22 Jan. 1789; which tract was afterwards vested in the said John IRWIN and Henry IRWIN, as tenants in common in equal shares, together with hereditaments and appurtenances, late the estate of John IRWIN. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of York Bank against Samuel PURVIANCE, administrator de bonis non, of John IRWIN, mortgager, deceased, and Sarah IRWIN, mortgager with the said John IRWIN, dec’d.

Valuable Property For Sale – A Farm in Newport, containing 82 acres. There is an excellent mill site and also an excellent site for a Carding Machine, &c. Coal has been found in two places. This farm may conveniently be divided into three lots, & will be sold separate if desired. For further particulars apply to Edward PARKENSON, owner, on the premises, or to Moses WOOD, Wilkes-Barre.
There is also offered for sale, a farm in Dallas, containing 100 acres, now occupied by John SIMPSON.
A small sum of money will be required on each sale, and a mortgage will be taken to secure the payment of the balance in 5 or 7 years. Moses WOOD.

Physic and Surgery – Alden I. BENNETT, MD, Hanover.

Mill-Wright Business. Wm. BERGSTRESSOR, will be glad to receive orders for building or repairing anything belonging to this line of business. A specimen of his workmanship may be seen at the mill of Gen. ROSS or A. MINER. He is at present engaged in Mifflin County, where he may be addressed.

More New Goods! HAFF, RUTTER & SCOTT, Wilkes-Barre.

New Store. CAHOON & LANING, Kingston.

Troop Uniform. A suit of the uniform of the Wyoming Troop, is offered for sale cheap. Apply at this office.

New Drug Store. C. P. LANE, Apothecary & Druggist, has opened in market Street a few doors from the Bridge, nearly opposite to G. M. HOLLENBACK’S Store.

Thomas DAVIDGE, has moved his store from his former dwelling house to Main Street, formerly the office of the Susquehanna Democrat, where he has Boots and Shoes.

Saddle and Harness Manufactory. Edward CROSTHWAITE, Kingston.

25 June 1830

The Salem Murder. Richard CROWNINSHIELD, jr., hanged himself in his cell this afternoon. Mr. BROWN, the jailor, at about a quarter after 2 o’clock had occasion to go to the cell to speak to him, and, on looking in to find him, saw him hanging. He immediately opened the door and with the assistance of the turnkey, cut him down, and with all possible speed, called several physicians; they opened a vein, and he bled freely, but all their efforts to revive him were ineffectual. A coroner’s inquest was then held.
To accomplish his purpose he tied together three handkerchiefs: after tying the knot about his neck, and fastening the other end firmly to the grate, he got into a chair, then tied his hands behind his back, then leaped off. His feet just touched the floor.
—In the cell were found two letters, one to his father, the other to his brother, George. He was 26 years of age.
—It is very probable that the recent discovery of a quantity of stolen goods at Danvers, which had been just been made known to him, convinced him that proofs were thickening of the depravity of his life, and impelled him to escape from the overwhelming disgrace and shame.
—The Patriot mentions that the brother of this desperately wicked man “was confined in the adjoining cell, and they frequently talked to each other (overheard, of course, by the guard) in the dialect common to persons of this stamp. The guard, 20 min. before Richard was found dead, understood George to ask him when he was going, to which he was understood to reply, he was about to go. Writing materials had been at his disposal; but it was not known whether or not he left any disclosures.
—It is supposed that this is the result of a deep laid plan on his part; and that as he was originally the only one indicted as principal in the murder, a new indictment must be made, in which the late disclosures would implicate Jos. J. KNAPP, Jr. as principal, and prevent his being taken as State’s evidence, and at the same time give George a chance to escape.

Destructive Storm of wind and rain at Nashville and in Rutherford Co. (Tenn.) on 3rd inst. The cotton, gin and horse mill of Mr. JONES were entirely demolished. The Court House in Charlotte, Dickson County, a two story brick, was nearly leveled with the ground, and Mr. COLLIER, who lodged in the upper story was killed. The Court House and Methodist Church in Shelbyville, Bedford County were also destroyed.

Married – On the 21st by Rev. J. MAY, Hiram M’ALPIN [MCALPIN], of Mass. and Miss Louisa, daughter of Capt. Hezekiah PARSONS, of Wilkes-Barre Township.

Appointments by Governor:
William L. SEBRING, Esq., Prothonotary and Christian J. HUTTER, Esq., Recorder of Northampton Co.

A monument with the following inscription has been sent to Harrisburg to be placed over the grave of a late distinguished representative of this city in the legislature:
Dedicated by sisterly love to the memory; of William LEHMAN, Who died on the 29th March, A. D. 1829, In the 50th year of his age, And whose remains are those of an exemplary son and brother, an upright man, a liberal friend, a general scholar and a most useful citizen.

Cow Cabbage. This is the name of a vegetable recently introduced into this country. It is from six to twelve feet high, and affords abundant supply of green fodder for cattle.

Wyoming Troops – The members of the Wyoming Troop will meet at the house of O. PORTER, in Wilkes-barre, on Saturday the 3rd July, at 10 o’clock, A. M.

Superior Claret Wine. A few dozens of St. George’s Marsellers Claret (a pleasant and wholesome beverage for the approaching warm season) will be kept on retail, either by the Box at $4, or by the single Bottle at 40 cts. each, during the summer. At the Library & Reading Room, Market St., nearly opposite the P. Office, Wilkes-Barre.

4th of July. All those who are disposed to unite with the Wyoming Troop in the celebration of our National Independence, at the house of Major PORTER, will please leave their names with him or with the committee of arrangement, two or three days previous to the 3rd of July. Saml. RAUB Jr., Geo. FLAKE Jr., Wm. HANCOCK, Committee of Arrangement.

Notice – A person well qualified to teach a common English School, may find employment in one of thirty or forty scholars, in the new School house at Laurel Run. On application at this office immediately, further information may be had on the subject. It is desired that the school shall commence on the first or second Monday of July.

Register’s Notice. Estate of William CURRIE Jr., late of Plymouth Twp., has been filed by Truman THOMAS, administrator.

For Sale. A small tract of land containing about 83 acres situate in the township of Dallas, 2 1/2 miles from Jacob RICE’S mills, is offered for sale. Henry COLT, agent.

For Sale. The unexpired term of five years from the 20th December next, of a lease of premises with the improvement, situate on Laurel Run, in the township of Wilkes-Barre, consisting of two Dwelling Houses, and about 18 acres of land. A Merchant Mill, in complete repair. A Distiller, fitted up with every thing required for carrying on an extensive business – together with a Cooper’s Shop, Stables, Hog-pens, &c. Apply on the premises to C. APPLETON, agent for E. APPLETON. N. B. Immediate possession given if required. Should a sale not be effected, the above premises will be for rent.

Estate of Leonard HOUSE, requests payments and demands. Henry H. BROWN, Northmoreland.

2 July 1830

Declaration of Independence

Died – In this Borough on Sunday last, William RUSSEL, aged 56 years.

Destructive Hail Storm – A storm of Hail passed through the upper part of this county on Monday last, which, it is said, injured the crops of grain and grass very much. In some parts of the townships of Abington, Greenfield and Tunkhannock, we learn the crops were nearly destroyed. The destruction of window glass, &c. was also very great. Some of the hail stones are said to have been as large as hen’s eggs.
—Since the above was in type, we have understood that in some places the ground was covered with hail to a depth of 9 inches. In Braintrim, and other townships through which the storm passed, a number of gardens were completely destroyed.

Michael STEFFY, of Adamstown, Lancaster Co., states his age as 102 and the partner of his heart 101, married 67 years.

A story has been going the rounds of the papers with regard to an alleged outrage committed upon Mr. MORGAN, of Chenango Point, whilst fishing in the Lackawaxen near Honesdale, accompanied with a robbery. For the credit of our Country we deem it our duty to state that the whole is a vile fabrication. Wayne Enq.

The last of the Mohicans. Died, at the farm which her great grandfather tilled, Lucy TANTIQUIGION, at the advanced age of 97, having descendants of the seventh generation. Lucy was born in the 6th year of George the second’s reign, and retained in her memory many events of the early settlement of the white people, who came from beyond the great waters. Although she could not boast of any connection with the house of Hanover, or with the white or red rose of York or Lancaster, she sprang from a race of kings on the maternal side, whose uniform friendship to our Pilgrim Fathers, should never be forgotten by their children. While other surrounding tribes were prowling around our borders, creating alarm by the war whoop and savage yell, the family of Uncas gave to the Pilgrims the wampum of peace, and when occasion required, their intrepid warriors wielded the tomahawk to their defense. Lucy TANTIQUIGION was the sister of the Rev. Samson OCCUM, the Indian Minister, who went out to England in the year 1766 with Rev. WHITAKER, to obtain assistance for the School for the Indians, then in charge of Mr. WHEELOCK, afterwards President W. OCCUM was graciously received at Court, and received many tokens of kind feeling while in England, and was always greeted by the late Doct. Levi HART, of Preston, with a uniform smile of benignity, whenever he visited his family. Norwich Cour.

20,000 Dollars!! Temple of Fortune!! The Union Canal Lottery, 11th Class, draws to-morrow afternoon at 4 o’clock. We will sell tickets (if we have any left) until 11 o’clock A. M. on Monday next. Tickets only $5 – shares in proportion. WEST & Co., Market Street, Wilkes-Barre.

Philadelphia Bank. The Debtors to this Institution are reminded that the 2nd installment on their debts becomes due on the 1st July. Particular attention to the payment of it is required. John N. CONYNGHAM.

Select School. Mr. MADELL, will open on the 5th inst., at the Academy in Kingston, where he will teach various branches of an English and Classical education. Terms of Tuition:
Writing, Reading, Spelling and the elements of Arithmetic, per quarter $2.00
Higher branches of Arithmetic, English Grammar, Geography and History $3.00
Mathematics, Greek and Latin languages, the elements of Astronomy, Natural & Moral Philosophy, Chemistry, &c &c. $4.00

Cash & Country Produce, will be taken in payment for the Cheapest articles of Dry-Goods, Groceries, Hardware, &c &c. At the Celebrated Cheap Store, Corner of Franklin & Union Streets.

Register’s Notice for estates of:
John ENGLER, late of Newport Township, filed by Thomas WILLIAMS, administrator.
Isaac A. CHAPMAN, late of Luzerne Co., filed by Rebecca D. CHAPMAN, administratix
John HANCOCK, late of Boro’ of Wilkes-Barre, filed by Jonathan HANCOCK, administrator

9 July 1830

Milton, July 3. “The Militonian” canal boat, Capt. James BLAIR, returned form her trip on Tuesday last, after an absence of six weeks. She left here in May with 1000 bushels of wheat for Philadelphia, delivered her cargo in Prime order; took a load of oats for Pottsville; loaded at that place with coal for Philadelphia; and has now safely returned to our shore from the latter, with 20 tons of Nova Scottia plaister. She has had a prosperous trip. Militonian

Register’s Notice. Estate of Enoch SKEER, late of Kingston Twp., has been filed by Albert SKEER, administrator.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office, at Wilkes-Barre, June 30:
Samuel V. BATTLE
Patrick BREEN
Mrs. CAMPBELL, Widow
Dr. Richard P. CORSON
Laurence CORBIN
Jospeph DOAN
Abraham FRACE
Derius FINCH
Coleman FISHER
Maj. John FINLEY
Amanda GERRY
Priscilla L. HORTON
Henry HICE
Patrick MEEAN
Rev. MAY
Williston PRESTON
Thomas E. PAINE
George IKE
Merrite SLOCUM
James H. SMITH
Margaret SPEECE
Hannah STEEL
Benjamin TRVON or RYON
Harrison WRIGHT, Esq.
Archalous WILKISOS
Crandell WILCOX
Thomas WRIGHT or
Benaijah WHITE
Mr. WALF, stage Driver
Charles F. WELLS, Esq.

Married – At Harrisburg, on the 29th ult., by Rev. DE WITT, Garrick MALLERY, Esq., of Wilkes-Barre to Miss Catharine J., daughter of the late Doct. HALL, of the former place

On the 3rd inst., the citizens of Wilkes-Barre agreeably interested in witnessing the ascension of a Balloon. It was started from the hotel of O. PORTER, in Wilkes-Barre Borough in an easterly direction, rapidly in the air.

Celebration on the anniversary of Independence, was celebrated on the 3rd inst. Toasts were given by Capt. CONYNGHAM. Paraded about 11 o’clock and after going through various evolutions, were dismissed to partake of a dinner prepared by Maj. O. PORTER. Volunteers that gave speeches: E. CAREY, Hon. D. SCOTT, Z. BENNETT, D. ULLMAN, George DENISON, C. D. SHOEMAKER, W. SMITH, Col. BUTLER, G. FLAKE. Capt. HOWE’S Co. of Volunteers paraded on the same day, and dined at the house of Col. J. J. DENNIS.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Nanticoke, July 1st:
Rev. Oliver HILL
William WRIGHT

Miners and Laborers. A number of good Miners & Laborers wanted at Carbondale by Thos. INGHAM. Miners Wages – $20 per Month.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held July 31st:
1. Land in Salem Twp., on the west bank of the north-east branch of the Susquehanna River, including the mouth of Lee’s Run, containing 72 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Whitman WILCOX jun. Against Isaiah LONGSHORE.
2. Land in Nicholson Twp., bounded by John HABLE, James SHUSTER, Peter (no name)_, Peter HABLE, containing 200 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Benajah CHURCH, and Melissa his wife, late Melissa REYNOLDS, against Clark CORNELL
3. Land in Salem Twp., bounded by Susquehanna River, Nathan PENROSE, Charles HALLOWAY, containing 10 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John CLINTUP, ass’ee of Jacob CLINTUP, against William HICKS.
4. Land in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, bounded by Union St., Franklin St., John W. ROBINSON, Jehoida P. JOHNSON, (no name) MINER, containing 1 acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Philadelphia Bank, against Nathan PALMER.
5. Land in Nescopeck Twp., bounded by Jacob SYBERLING, Nescopeck Creek, Robert WARTON, William HICKS, containing 108 acres, new saw mill, a forge partly finished, two dwelling houses, blacksmith shop. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joseph WOOD and Thomas WOOD, merchants, trading under the firm of Joseph and Thomas WOOD, against Enos LEIDY.
6. All right and title and interest of Benjamin COOPER to tract in Pittston Twp., bounded by Jeremiah BLANCHARD, main road from Wilkes-Barre to Pittston ferry, Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Susquehanna River, being Lot No. 5 in 1st Division of Pittston, containing about 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Asa JACKSON against Benjamin COOPER.
7. Land in Salem Twp., bounded by John JONES, Sebastian SEIBERT, Alexander JAMESON, Frederick HILL, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Philadelphia Bank against Nicholas SEIBERT and Bernard SEIBERT.
8. A town lot in Borough of Wilkes-Barre, bounded by William ROSS, Josiah LEWIS, William ROSS, back street, Northampton Street, containing about 7 1/2 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William WARNER against George CHAHOON.
9. Land in Providence Township, bounded by Preserved TAYLOR, Rev. BISHOP, Lot No. 8, main road through township, containing 248 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John J. DINGS, who survived John WATERS and Isaac TRIPP, committee of the proprietors of Providence Township, against Benjamin FELLOWS, Administrator of Philip HARMANS and Joseph FELLOWS and Daniel PEPPER.
10. Land in Wilkes-Barre Twp., bounded by road leading from ferry through Wilkes-Barre, Martin DUDLE, conveyed to Jesse FELL by Jonathan AVERY (21 Dec. 1787, Book 1:71), also land in Wilkes-Barre, bounded with public road leading to ferry, conveyed by Martin DUDLEY to Hugh CONNER, STOCKIN’S Lot, Jesse FELL lot, containing 1 acre, conveyed to Jesse FELL by Martin DUDLEY (28 Aug. 1788, Book 1:72). Another town plot, being part of Lot No. 35, south side of road dividing town lots from back lots and opposite the middle of the cross road leading to YARINGTON’S ferry, west corner of Lot Nov. 35, containing 5 acres, conveyed to Jesse FELL by Jabez SILL and Elizabeth his wife (8 April 1789, Book 1:151). Also, One equal and undivided moiety or half part of back Lot No. 35, bounded on Frog Street, dividing the town plot and back lots, WIGTON’S lot; DURKEY’S Lot (saving out 5 acres agreeably to the metres & bounds conveyed to Jesse FELL) containing 123 acres, conveyed to Jesse FELL by Moses SILL (28 Jan. 1790, acknowledged before Matthias HOLLENBACK, Judge of Common Pleas, 4 Feb. 1790). Also Lot No. 30 in town plot of Wilkes-Barre, bounded by square on which Court house now stands, public road through Wilkes-Barre, road leading through great swamp, lands of Jesse FELL, John FRANKLIN, containing 3 acres, conveyed to Jesse FELL by Paul STARK and Samuel STARK (27 March 1792, Book 2:107). Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Robert FELL for the use of John Barnhill TOLAND, Henry TOLAND and Robert TOLAND, adm’rs of Henry TOLAND, deceased.

16 July 1830

Notice to Creditors. I have applied for benefit of the Insolvent Laws, creditors will be heard 1st Monday in August at the Court House in Wilkesbarre. John STOCKER, Jr. and John LITTLE.

Married – On the 9th inst., by the Rev. BIDLACK, George W. LAYING, Merchant of Kingston, to Miss Elizabeth N., 3rd daughter of James DONLEY, Esq., formerly of Philadelphia.

Died – In this Borough, on Monday last, Jonathan HANCOCK, aged 62 years.

The Governor of Pennsylvania has offered One Hundred dollars for the apprehension of Patrick M’CARTY [MCCARTY], Francis GAINA alias KANAH, Garret ROACH and Thomas DUFFY, or either of them, who are charged with the murder of John PETTERS, late of Williams Township, Northampton County. The particulars of the murder we have not heard, but in hopes of aiding in the detection of the perpetrators, we subjoin the following description:
Patrick M’CARTY, is a tall thin spare faced man, about 5 feet 11 inches high, sandy complexion and freckled face, between 25 and 30 years of age.
Francis GIANA, alias KANAH, is a stout thick set man between 25 and 30 years of age, light complexion, has lost two front teeth, and has a singular upper lip, something like a hair lip – wore a white hat and light gray roundabout.
Garret ROACH, is a stout heavy thick set man, about 6 feet high, with a full red face, and yellowing hair – wore a seagrass hat, and is about 25 years of age.
Thomas DUFFY, is a middle sized man, rather thick set eyes, hair, and complexion dark, about 33 or 35 years of age – wore a black hat, sailor jacket, and blue pantaloons.

Bank Robbery. John FULLER, the second teller in the U. S. Branch Bank, Boston, who was advertised as having absconded with upwards of $40,000 belonging to that institution; and who, it was afterwards ascertained, had become a defaulter to an additional amount of more than $17,000, has remained concealed in town, and during the night of Sunday, voluntarily surrendered himself to Mr. FROTHINGHAM, the cashier. He is now confined to await his trail at the next term of U. S. District Court. Nearly all the money taken was given up.”

We received a school slate form the extensive manufactory of James M. PORTER, of near Easton, Penn.

Democratic Republican Citizens of Luzerne County, are requested to meet at the Court House in Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday the third of August next at 7 o’clock P. M., to adjust measures preparatory to the ensuing General Election. Wm. ROSS, Noah WADHAMS, Joseph TUTTLE, Thomas WILLIAMS, David SCOTT, Standing Committee.

Cabinet and Chair Manufactory. John W. LITTLE, Kingston.

23 July 1830
Paper missing

30 July 1830
Paper missing

6 August 1830

Bushels of Ashes wanted by A. HARRIS.

Saddle & Harness Making. William M’ANNELLY [MCANNELLY], Wilkes-Barre

The Susquehanna Baptist Association will meet at the house of Elder Joel ROGERS, Huntington, on 26th August, to continue four days.

On Tuesday morning last, on motion of G. MALLERY, Esq., George W. WOODWARD was admitted to practice Law in this County.

Republican Democratic Meeting – Held at Wilkes-Barre on Tuesday evening, the 3rd inst., Gen. William ROSS was appointed President and Benjamin REYNOLDS and Ziba BENNETT, Secretaries. On motion of Noah WADHAMS, Joseph TUTTLE, C. D. SHOEMAKER, James M’CLINTOCK [MCCLINTOCK] and Henry PETTEBONE were appointed a committee to prepare resolutions. The Committees of Vigilance were appointed:
Sugar-Loaf – George DRUM and Andrew WOLF
Nescopeck – John BITTENBENDER and Jonah BUSS
Salem – Sebastian SYBERT, Catlin STOCKEY
Huntington – Jon’n WESTOVER, John KOONS
Newport – Jacob ROMBACK, Philip SHIREMAN
Union – Ichabod SHAW, Lott SEARCH
Plymouth – Daniel DAVENPORT, James NESBITT, Senr.
Hanover – Wm. APPLE, Jacob ANDRE
Wilkes-Barre – Daniel COLLINGS, James HANCOCK
Kingston – David BALDWIN, Thos. MYERS
Pittston – Thos. SMITH, Samuel SAYLOR
Exeter – David GOODWIN and Daniel HARDING
Eaton – Isaac MORRIS, Asa LEE
Northmoreland – Josiah ROGERS, Ashbel LEE
Dallas – Thos. IRWIN, William ___NTONEY
Lehman – Amaziah B. BALDWIN, Oliver M’KEEL [MCKEEL]
Falls – Miles AVERY, Thomas BRINK
Tunkhannock – Henry STARK, Luman FERRY
Windham – John FASSETT, Asa STEPHENS
Braintrim – Moses OVERFIELD, Ezekiel MOWRY
Nicholson – John MARCY, Nathan BACON
Abington – Dr. BEDFORD, Matthew JACKSON
Greenfield – Charles BERRY, Samuel VAIL
Blakeley – Alexander DOLPH, Samuel FERRIS
Providence – E. S. POTTER, John I. DINGS
Covington – John WHITE, Geo. FRAZIER

In New York, on Saturday, Mrs. BAGLEY sent a child to an apothecary’s shop for some opening pills – the druggist mistaking her pronunciation for opium pills, gave her such; Mrs. B. took them and died. Peter LYNCH was on Monday committed to jail for murdering a female, and Michael DOWNING was committed for stabbing his wife. U. S. Gazette

Wm. B. NORTON, Wilkes-Barre, just returned from Philadelphia with a large assortment of leather.

Estate of Jonathan HANCOCK, late of Wilkes-Barre Borough, requests payments and demands. David SCOTT, William HANCOCK, Mary HANCOCK, administrators. The personal property consisting of horses, waggon, harness and household furniture will be sold at Public Vendue, at his late residence on the 14th inst.

Estate of John HANCOCK, late of Wilkes-Barre, requests payments and demands. William HANCOCK, Administrator de bons non.

Estate of Isaac TRIPP, late of Providence, requests payments and demands. Catharine TRIPP and Benjamin FELLOWS, administrators.

Estate of John F. LEE, late of Carbondale, Blakeley Township, requests payments and demands. Eliza LEE, Adm’x.

13 August 1830

Luzerne Co. Temperance Society was held at the Court House on the 4th inst. Rev. Cyrus was called to the Chair and Wm. L. BOWMAN, Secretary. Oristus COLLINS, Esq., delivered an address. Officers appointed for the ensuing year:
President: Hon. David SCOTT
Vice President: Doct. L. JONES
Corresponding Secretary: O. COLLINS, Esq.
Recording Secretary: William L. BOWMAN
Treasurer: Sharp D. LEWIS
Gilbert BARNES
Nicholas KENTZ
Deodat SMITH, Esq.
Anderson DANA Jr.
Philip YOST
Eb’r SLOCUM, Esq.
Joshua MINER
Sharp D. LEWIS
Anthony BROWER
Jasper FASSET Esq.
George C. DRAKE
James D. HAFF
Lem’l STONE Esq.
Abraham FREAR

Warning to Boys. A melancholy accident happened on Barter’s Island, Boothbay, one day last week. Thomas, son of Stephen DUNTON, a lad of ten years, climbed up a tall pine tree, on which was a fish hawk’s nest and took from it one of the young hawks and brought it down. He went up again for the purpose of getting more young ones, when he was so violently attacked by the two old hawks, that he fell about 40 feet upon a solid ledge and dashed his brains out. The death is a serious warning to children who indulge in such hazardous sports. Wiscasset Citizen

Pennsylvania Coal Regions. Catawissa Valley. Stephen GIRAD, Esq., purchased an extensive body of land in this quarter, known as the NICHOLSON Claim.

In the Borough of Wilkes-Barre, on Wednesday last, another of the few remaining aged citizens of this place, departed this life at the advanced period of seventy-nine years. The deceased, Jesse FELL, Esq. Had resided in this county more than forty years. He has filled several important stations as a public officer. He was elected Sheriff and soon after that term expired he was elected Associate Judge, which station he filled to the day of his death. He also served several years as Clerk to the Commissioners. In religion he professed attachments to the Society of Friends, although ministers of other denominations found his doors of hospitality opened for their entertainment and comfort. His sickness was short, and in his sudden death his family have to mourn the loss of a kind, relative who always sought to advance their happiness. Few men lived more esteemed, or died more regretted.

Appointment by the Commissioners of Luzerne County. Eleazer CAREY, Esq., Clerk, in place of Jesse FELL, Esq., deceased.

Temperance in Braintrim. We understand that 80 farmers in Braintrim have used no liquor in their Harvest fields this season. Comment is unnecessary.

Quarter Sessions. The trial of John COLMSTALK for shooting Joseph QUICK, came up on Wednesday of last week.
It appears from the mass of testimony that the prisoner was a man of about 70 years of age. He came to Nicholson several years since, peddling essences. He there purchased an acre of ground adjoining a lot owned by Joseph QUICK, on which he lived alone. He raised onions and kept a number of small articles for sale, such as essences, vegetables, whiskey, cider, &c. Being an eccentric old man, his house became a place of considerable resort. Some young persons were in the habit of indulging in light kind of sport with him, for merriment. It sometimes amounted to teasing him, until he became vexed. He at length expressed fears that some mischief was intended to be committed upon his person or property, and he consequently made some threats, which it appears were not regarded.
Leonard WROUGHT [ROUGHT] testified that on the 13th May last, he was working for the prisoner. Some difficulty took place between him and QUICK about a fence. The prisoner had moved his fence 4 feet upon his own land. QUICK was putting up a pannel, reaching to COLMSTALK’S fence. COLMSTALK told him if he put up that pannel he would pull it down. QUICK said if he did, he would throw him in the creek or sprout him. After talking together a short time they separated. Presently witness saw COLMSTALK coming with a gun, and QUICK with a slab or board to put on the fence. COLMSTALK said to QUICK, “don’t come here,” QUICK kept on, and in less than a minute after COLMSTALK spoke to QUICK, he shot, without taking aim. The charge entered the lower part of the abdomen. QUICK walked about 2 rods and said to witness, “I am a dead man.” On the day following he died.
It does not appear that QUICK supposed the old man would shoot – for when witness saw the prisoner coming, he informed QUICK that he had a gun, to which he paid no attention, but kept on with his slab, without saying a word, or altering his step.
Messrs. COLLINS & MALLERY, addressed the Jury on the part of the prisoner, and Mr. M’CLINTOCK [MCCLINTOCK] on the part of the Commonwealth. On Friday evening the Jury retired, and on Saturday morning returned a verdict of “Guilty of murder in the second degree.”
The prisoner was sentenced to undergo an imprisonment of eight years in the new Penitentiary.

Census of Blakeley Township – 1196, including 249 foreigners not naturalized.
Covington Township – 501, including 13 foreigners. 5 free colored persons.
Providence Township – 976 inhabitants.

Death of King George the Fourth. Accession of William IV.

Gen. Antonio Jose DE SUCRE was assassinated while on his way to Pasto [COLUMBIA]. He was the first president of the late constituent congress at Bogota.

A Camp Meeting will be held in Braintrim Township, about 2 miles above the mouth of Meshoppen Creek, during the second week of next September. It will commence on Monday the 6th and close on Friday following.

Notice – The citizens of Wilkes-Barre and its vicinity, favorable to raising an Artillery Company, are requested to meet at the house of J. J. DENNIS, on the evening of August 21st at 6 o’clock P.M.

Estray Oxen. Taken up about the 20th July, a large yoke of Oxen – one brindle and the other a black, with a white face and back, & partly shod – stout 12 years old. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take them away. Samuel WILCOX, Pittston.

20 August 1830

Address delivered August 6th at the Annual meeting of the Luzerne County Temperance Society, by Oristus COLLINS, Esq.

Luzerne Anthracite Coal Region, relative to the Susquehanna Coal Region, particularly the Wyoming and Lackawanna.

Died – In Falls township, about the middle of _vember last, Mrs. Rebecca, wife of Reuben TAYLOR, aged 94 years, Formerly of Norwalk, Conn.

Died – In Falls Township, about the middle of June last, Thadeus TAYLOR, aged 66 years.

Died – On the 12th inst., at his residence in Georgetown, Maryland, The Rev. Samuel SITGREAVES, son of the late Samuel SITGREAVES of Easton, in the 32nd year.

The death of the late Judge FELL, having been announced, on the 12th inst., the surviving members of the Court of Luzerne County, (then in session) and the members of the Bar, resolved to attend the funeral, and also to wear crape on the left arm for thirty days as a further testimony of respect to the deceased. On Friday the 13th, his remains were followed to the grave by the largest concourse of citizens, perhaps, that ever assembled in this place on a similar occasion. A sermon was preached at his late residence, after which the procession formed in the following order: Members of the Lodge; Members of the Bar; County Officers; Clergy; Corpse and pall bearers; Relatives of the deceased; Citizens. His remains were interred according to the solemn and impressive form of the Masonic Institution, agreeable to a re__est left upon record.

Pittston Township Census – 1017, including 5 foreigners not naturalized; one blind, 2 males and 2 female free colored persons.
Plymouth Township – 1799, including 167 foreigners not naturalized; 1 male and 1 female free colored persons.

Awful Calamity. The 2nd inst. about 10 o’clock at night a heavy rain fell, attended by brilliant claps of thunder. At about 11 o’clock, the electric fluid descended on the northern end of M. LANGDON’S large wooden building on Market and Second Street, Wilmington, N. C. The flames then began to blaze forth and spread through the contiguous buildings, until the whole block of wooden houses from Second Street to Mrs. WHITE’S alley, was consumed.

Notice is Hereby Given, That the books for receiving subscriptions for the Dundaff and Tunkhannock Turnpike Road, will be opened at the house of John MANTAUNEY, in Tunkhannock, on the third Monday of September next at 9 o’clock A. M. Cyrus AVERY, Archippus PARRISH, John MARCY, Commissioners.

Orphans’ Court Sale – Land in Providence Township, being part of lot number 8, lying on the northwest side of the main road leading through the township, containing 310 acres. Also land in Kingston Township, being parts of lots nos. thirty-eight, thirty-nine and forty, in the second division, bounded by road on line between Kingston and Plymouth, George DENISON, Aaron ROBERTS, George M. HOLLENBACK, Susquehanna River, containing 10 acres. Late the estate of Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., deceased. James W. BOWMAN, George DENISON, Thomas W. MINER, Administrators.

Orphans’ Court Sale – Land in Exeter Township, containing 47 acres (the same being the southern part of a larger tract of land surveyed to Isaac VANLUVANER). Late estate of Samuel SHRINER, of Pittston, dec’d. John SHRINER Jr. and Richard H. BROWN, Administrators.

Death of Gen. Philip STUART, a distinguished officer of the revolutionary army.

27 August 1830

Page 1 & 2 missing from microfilm

Died – In Erie, Penn., Mary, daughter of James A. GORDON, aged 3 years.

Appointment by the Governor. Charles D. SHOEMAKER, Esq., one of the Judges of Luzerne County, supply the place of Jesse FELL, Esq.

Wilkes-Barre Township, including the Borough, Census – 2209 inhabitants, foreigners not naturalized – free colored persons, 43 males, 34 females, 1 slave.
Hanover Township – 1173 inhabitants, including 6 foreigners not naturalized – free colored persons 14 males, 17 females
Newport Township, 859 inhabitants, including 23 foreigners not naturalized – free colored person, 1 female
Nescopeck Township, 982 inhabitants.

Anthracite Coal, from the Lackawanna beds some of which are situated immediately on the banks of the Susquehanna, about 809 miles below Owego. Owego Gaz.

Sea Serpent. On Friday last, the monster was again seen off Nantucket, by a very respectable gentleman of Boston.

Smuggling. A new kind of Smuggling has lately been set on foot by the British, namely sending their perishing paupers to this country. Alabama County. John WARREN being duly sworn says that he was born in Erazenfield, Suffolk, England, that he is 24 years of age, that he landed in the city of New York about seven years ago; that he came to this country in the ship Brunswick, and sailed from London. That his passage was paid by the parish officers of the parish to which he belonged, Shelfanger, Nolfolk. He has a wife and one child, and received from the parish officers ten shillings sterling for each of his family, in addition to his passage, that a number of people from the same parish to which he belonged were sent over in the same ship. There were about 200 passengers on board of the ship, the greater part of whose passengers were paid by the parish officers. That he remained in the city of New York two or three days, then came to this city, and paid his own passage out of the money given him as above stated – that he is sick and unable to labor, and all his money is expended, and he has no means to support himself and family, and prays for relief. Sworn before J. O. COLE, Justice of the Peace.

New Cast-Iron Foundry, on the west branch of Toby’s Creek, one mile from Jacob RICE’S Mills. Ira BRUNSON, Plymouth.

Estate of Ebenezer BARTLET, late of Tunkhannock, requests payments and demands. John STEPHENS, Adm’r, Tunkhannock.

3 September 1830

Ashes – Abraham HARRIS, Kingston, will pay in cash, 15 cents per bushel for good Ashes delivered at his residence.

Court, Salem, Mass. John Francis KNAPP, was found “Guilty,” in the murder of WHITE. He was to be carried from hence to the prison from whence he came, and from thence to the place of execution and there be hanged by the neck until dead. The trials of Joseph J. KNAPP, Jr. and George CROWNINSHEILD, were necessarily postponed till the next term of Court, which will sit in Salem, November 9th.

Samuel KEEP, a native of Boston, resident of Washington, formerly agent of the United States at Pensacola, 26 years of age, married on the evening of the first instant to a daughter of Peter LENOX, Esq., of Washington City. He asked for a glass of cider at BARNUM’S Hotel, Baltimore and a bottle of corrosive sublimate had been left in the bar, which the porter by mistake drew for cider. A small portion of it was drunk by Mr. K. and produced immediate vomiting. The strongest hopes were entertained of the recovery until Monday, when symptoms of mortification appeared, which terminated in his death. Phila. Chron. & Penn Inquirer, Aug. 17.

Fire. The large and commodious dwelling house of Wm. D. COPE, of Springville, was destroyed by fire on the 20th ult, with nearly all the furniture, &c. The fire was communicated to the building from the oven, and had progressed so far before discovered, as to render every attempt to extinguish the flames ineffectual. The loss is estimated at from $1500 to $2000. Montrose Reg.

Died. Col. Marinus WILLETT, the hero of Fort Stanwix, died yesterday, upwards of 90 years. Com. Advertiser, Aug. 23

Died – In Pittston Township, on Monday evening, last, John BENEDICT, aged 48 years.

Died – In Northmoreland on the 25th ult., Nancy, daughter of Asa KEELER, Esq., aged 14 years.

John FISHER was found guilty in Albany, on two indictments for robbing the mail, and on Thursday morning was sentenced to five years imprisonment, on each indictment, in the Auburn Sate Prison.

Notice. The sale of the personal property of Jonathan HANCOCK, dec’d, will stand adjourned until 7th September.

Notice. During the continuance of the Camp Meeting that will soon commence in Pittston, John SEARLE will run a Stage daily, or oftener, if necessary, from Wilkes-Barre to the encampment, for the accommodation of those who may prefer a speedy passage.

Estate of Benjamin CAREY, late of Hanover, requests payments and demands. Nathan CAREY, Elias CAREY, Administrators.

10 September 1830

Married – In Wilkes-Barre on Sunday last, by Rev. MAY, Doct. A. I. BEN_(page torn)_, and Miss Mary Ann, daughter of Thomas BENNETT, of Hanover.

Luzerne County Democratic Republican Delegate Meeting, held at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, on 7th September. Noah WADHAMS, Esq., was called to the chair and Moses OVERFIELD & Amzi WILSON, secretaries. The following delegates were in attendance:
Asa KNIGHT, Abington
James ANDERSON, Blakeley
David GOODWIN, Exeter
Wm. LABAR, Pittston
William SWETLAND, Kingston
Asa LEE, Eaton
Asa STEPHENS Esq., Windham
Amzi WILSON, Greenfield
Abraham DRUM, Sugar Loaf
Nathaniel COTTRILL, Providence
Alexander M’MILLAN [MCMILLAN], Falls
Henry STARK, Tunkhannock
James CAMPBELL, Salem
Jacob KOTZ, Wilkes-Barre
John MARCY, Nicholson
Lott SEARCH, Union
Moses OVERFIELD, Braintrim
Noah WADHAMS, Esq., Plymouth
Delegated proceeded to elect:
For Assembly – Joseph J. WRIGHT, George DENISON
For County Commissioner – Jacob ROMBAUGH
For Auditor – Luman FERRY

At a meeting of a large and respectable number of Democratic Republican citizens, at the house of Mrs. Mary AYRES, in the township of Exeter, on 28th August, Dr. E. B. WEST was called to the chair and John BALDWIN appointed secretary. Isaac HARDING, Esq., James PIKE and Capt. Absalom SWARTWOUDT, were appointed a committee to draft resolutions on Freemasonry.

At a meeting of Democratic Jackson men, held at the house of John CAREY, Pittston, on the 9th Sept. inst. to take into consideration the propriety of supporting the Candidates nominated for several offices by the Delegate meeting on the 7th. This meeting disapproved of the nomination of Dr. Joseph J. WRIGHT for State Legislature and recommend James M’CLINTOCK [MCCLINTOCK], Esq. Nominations were:
For Assembly – George DENISON, James M’CLINTOCK
For Commissioner – William APPLE
For Auditor – Ziba BENNETT

Notice – Josiah T. BEACH, of Beach Grove, having been informed that a large number of persons are or have been engaged in making shingles on lands late the property of John Barker CHURCH, situate in the township of Windham, on the west side of the Susquehanna River – This is therefore to give notice, that as the legal title is now in the subscriber, and not having empowered any person to dispose of and sell the timber on any of those tracts of land, he will prosecute any person or persons who may hereafter be found tresspassing as aforesaid on the said lands.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held October 4th
1. For land in Pittston Township, an equal undivided half part of a certain tract or lot of land and Coal Bed, being lot No. 70, in the second tier of hundred acre lots, adjoining lands of Jacob SHAFER, Benjamin KNAPP and Ebenezer SLOCUM, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joseph JAMESON, surviving executor of James STEWART, deceased, Assignee of George LANE against Ebenezer MARCY.
2. Land in Providence Township, bounded by the Lackawanna River, Thomas GRIFFIN, Henry VONSTORK, containing 50 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Isaac GRIFFIN against Silas B. ROBINSON

Sheriff’s Sale to be held October 7th:
Land in Nescopeck Township, called Bonnyhow, one and a half miles above Nescopeck Falls on the northwest side of the north-east branch of the Susquehanna River, formerly in Northumberland, now Luzerne, containing 304 acres. Granted to George IRWIN by patent dated 22 Jan. 1789; which tract was afterwards vested in the said John IRWIN and Henry IRWIN, as tenants in common in equal shares, together with hereditaments and appurtenances, late the estate of John IRWIN. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Henry IRWIN. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Anne CROMWELL, against Thomas T. CROMWELL, administrator of Henry IRWIN, deceased.

Estate of Archibald SMILEY, late of Hanover Township, requests payments and demands. Sarah SMILEY and Thomas SMILEY, administrators.

Notice. All those having claims against us will please present them at the house of Joseph L. WORTHINGTON, Plymouth, at which place one of us will attend on the 17th and 18th of September. FRETCHER & MACK, Plymouth.

To the Lovers of Good Mutton. A. FERRIS, Kingston, will kill ten of the fattest sheep ever raised in the country on Friday the 17th inst. and offer them for sale in on the morning of the 18th at the market house in Wilkes-Barre, where those who love good Mutton are invited to attend.

Notice to Bridge Builders. Sealed proposals, on the 15th inst. at the commissioners office, for building a bridge across the south Branch of Mahoopeny [MEHOOPANY] Creek near the forks – eighty-two feet in length; the abutments of stone masonry – firm and substantial. E. CAREY, Clerk.

17 September 1830

General BRADDOCK narrative.

Married – At Montrose on the 8th inst., by Rev. S. MARKS, Charles TRACY to Miss Sarah BLAKESLEY, both of Springville.

A meeting September 11th, at the Court house in Wilkes-Barre, Andrew CORTRIGHT was called to the chair and Merritt SLOCUM and Harris COLT, appointed secretaries. Object of the meeting to form a county ticket. It was recommended that for Assembly – George DENISON and Benjamin DORRANCE, for Commissioner, Andrew CORTRIGHT and for Auditor, Ziba BENNETT. The standing committee for the ensuing year -Henderson GAYLORD, Elijah WORTHINGTON, James D. GALLUP, Aning O. CAHOON and Nathaniel RUTTER.

An Independent Meeting of the Democratic and Federal Republicans met at the house of J. L. WORTHINGTON, Plymouth, on 14 Sept. John TURNER was called to the chair and Truman ATHERTON and Chauncey A. REYNOLDS, appointed secretaries. The object of the meeting being made known. Doct. E. CHAMBERLIN, Jos. L. WORTHINGTON and Stephen ATHERTON were appointed a committee to draft resolutions. The meeting nominated Major Daniel STERLING, of Braintrim, and Doct. Mason CRARY, of Salem, for representatives. Jacob ROMBAUGH, Esq., for Commissioner and Luman FERRY, Esq., for Auditor.

The Wyoming Troop of Horse will meet at the house of Maj. O. PORTER, Wilkes-Barre, on Saturday the 2nd October at 9 o’clock A. M.
A. C. LANING, Q. M. S.

Luzerne and Delaware Rail Road – The books will be opened at Wilkes-Barre on Monday the eighth day of November next and at Milford, Pike county on Tuesday the 16th November for the purpose of receiving subscriptions to the stock of the same. David SCOTT, Henry HEERMANS, John ROOSA, Nath’l B. ELDRED, Dan’l M. BROADHEAD, O. S. DIMMICK, Moses KILLAM Jr., Commissioners.

Estate of John BENEDICT, late of Pittston Township, requests payments and demands. William TOMPKINS, Administrator.

24 September 1830

Deaths of the Kings of England

Oyster War between the Staten Islanders and the Jerseymen, relative to oyster beds, is now going on again.

Ebenezer COX, convicted of the murder of Col. DUNN, superintendent of the Harper’s Ferry armory, was executed in pursuance of his sentence at Charleston, Va. On the 27th ult. He left a written confession of his guilt, in which he implicated seven other men as accessories to the murder. It is said that these men have absconded.

The Union Canal is not yet navigable on account of want of water on the summit level. The Pennsylvania Canal, between Middletown and Clark’s ferry, which has been under going repairs for several weeks past is nearly completed. The Dam at Clark’s ferry will be completed, should the Susquehanna continue low, about the first of October. The Juniata Canal is navigable from Clark’s ferry to Lewistown. Inq.

Good Pickleing Vinegar, for sale at the Brewery of Thos. INGHAM, Jr.

Estray, came to the enclosure of James THOMPSON, Jr., about the 1st inst., a Red Cow, supposed to be 6 or 7 years old. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take her away.

We are authorized to say Major Daniel STERLING and James M’CLINTOCK [MCCLINTOCK], Esq. decline being candidates for the Legislature.

We understand Philander STEPHENS, James FORD and Lewis DEWART were nominated for Congress by the Democrat Convention.

Sugar Loaf Township Census 1486 inhabitants, including 1 foreigner not naturalized, 1 blind, 1 deaf and dumb. Free colored persons, males 10, females 9.
Falls Township, 785 inhabitants, 1 blind, 1 deaf and dumb
Nicholson Township, 881 inhabitants
Exeter Township, 767 inhabitants – 2 deaf and dumb
Northmoreland Township, 785 inhabitants – 1 blind
Greenfield Township, 1309 inhabitants, 1 blind, and 1 foreigner not naturalized

Electors of Luzerne County. I decline the intended honor for County Commissioner. William APPLE, Hanover.

Anti-Masonic and Republican Meeting, held at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston on the 18th inst., for the purpose of forming an Anti-Masonic ticket. Charles BARRET, Esq., was called to the chair and Doct. E. B. WEST was appointed secretary. There be two persons selected from each township represented to form a ticket:
Exeter – Isaac HARDING Esq. and Gould WHITLOCK
Northmoreland – James PIKE and Conrod KUNCKLE
Kingston – Henry BREECE and William JOHNSON
Plymouth – Hendrick B. WRIGHT and Caleb ATHERTON
Huntington – Charles BARRET Esq.
Nescopeck – Christian KUNCKLE Esq.
Wilkes-Barre – John J. WARD and A. C. LANING
Pittston – Elijah L. WORTHINGTON and Thos. FELL
Eaton – Samuel ALBRO
The following ticket was adopted:
Assembly – Henry W. DRINKER and Doctor John SMITH
Commissioner – Charles BARRET Esq.
Auditor – Moses S. BRUNDAGE

Luzerne County Lottery & Exchange Office, or Temple of Fortune, results.

1 October 1830

Democratic Congressional Conference, held on the 21st September at the house of Thomas MONTGOMERY, Pennsborough. Among those who appeared:
Luzerne County – Wm. ROSS, Noah WADHAMS
Susquehanna County – Charles CHANDLER 2nd, Asa DIMOCK Jr.
Bradford County – Reuben WILBER, James P. BULL

Died – Mrs. MUNROE, the respected lady of the late President, died on the 23rd _t.
Died – a few weeks ago at Albemarle County, Virginia, George HAY, United States Judge for the Eastern District and son in law of James MONROE, late President of the United States.

Abington Township Census – population 1330, 2 foreigners not naturalized.
Kingston Township, population 1549, _?_ deaf and dumb, 2 blind, 12 foreigners not naturalized, free colored persons – males 5, females 3

A Sharp Look Out – John M’GLAUCHLIN [MCGLAUCHLIN] who escaped from the prison of this county a few weeks since, and for whose apprehension a Reward of $30 is offered by the Sheriff; is still hovering on the borders – the beginning of last week, he was in Windham Township, Luzerne County, where he bargained for a horse at sixty five dollars, paid down $70 in counterfeit and received his change in good money.

Solomen DANIELS, who was imprisoned for debt in the jail of this county some few days since, was seized not long after his commitment with a spasmodic affection, and soon after became insane. A number of gentlemen in town, actuated by motives of humanity, tendered themselves for bail and procured his discharge. It is believed he would not have survived twenty-four hours longer in confinement. Since his release he has become more rational and seems likely to recover in a few days. Wellsborough Phoenix

p. 3 col. 4 – article cut from paper

Notice – The firm of SHAFFER & PENCE is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The Distilling business is not carried on at the establishment formerly occupied by E. APPLETON, by ___VER & PENCE, Laurel Run

Notice to Creditors. George RICHARDS has applied for benefit of the Insolvent Laws.

8 October 1830
Paper missing

15 October 1830

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 30 October, at Court House in Wilkes-Barre:
1. All the undivided right, title, interest and claims of Robert MITCHELL (of the city of Philadelphia), Messuage, Tavern, Gristmill, with four run of stones, Saw-mills and tract land at the falls of the Lehigh, including Stoddardsville, and bounded by the river Lehigh, Barnabas M’SHANE [MCSHANE], John THOMAS, Thomas WRIGHT, Richard GARDNER or Benjamin DAY, Jonathan BROWN, Joseph DYER, it being part of a larger tract of land laying and being situate partly in Luzerne and partly in Northampton Counties, and the whole tract containing 4000 acres. Also to nine other contiguous tracts, containing 400 acres, another containing 401 acres, another containing 385 acres, another containing 400 acres. The first four of which nine tracts John JOHNSON and others by indenture dated the 28 June 1814, and recorded Luzerne County Deed book 15:329, granted and conveyed the same to John STODDART in fee, and the five last mentioned of the nine tracts by Henry TRIMPRE and wife, by indenture dated the 1 August 1813, Recorded in 15:114, granted and conveyed the same to John STODDART in fee, and John STODDART by his indenture bearing the date (none listed), conveyed the same to Thomas FLETCHER and Jacob BRETZ, and the said Thomas FLETCHER and Jacob BRETZ, assignees of the estate of John STODDART, by their indenture bearing date 16 March 1821, recorded 21:499 and conveyed same to Maria BRETZ, William P. DEWEES, as guardians to the children of John L___, dec’d, Robert MITCHELL and Frederick THOMMAN, John FRIES, Parnel EARL, Rebecca BREVARD and James S. SPENCER, as by reference to said Deed will more fully appear together with the appurtenances hereunto belonging, late the estate of Robert MITCHELL. Taken in execution at the suit of Joshua SCHIVELY against Robert and Frederick THOMMAN, trading under the firm of MITCHELL & THOMAS
2. Land in Hanover Township, surveyed in the name of Robert DARRACH and bounded by William DARRAGH, Charles HOMSEL, unknown, containing 440 acres. The other_ surveyed in the name of Andrew GANGUIRE, bounded by William NICHOLS, Josiah WRIGHT, Peter THOMPSON, containing 512 acres, and late the estate of Nathan SMITH. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Clement REMINGTON against Nathan SMITH.
3. Land in Greenfield Township, in the warrantee name of George SHERWOOD, containing 300 acres, adjoining lands in the warrantee names of Archibald STEWART, William ALLEN, Hugh FRAZER and William KELLY. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Edward HULL against Joseph STEVENS.
4. Land in Sugar-Loaf Township, bounded by John KUNCKLE, John BALLIOT, James LATTIMORE, containing 400 acres, taken up in the name of Jacob EYERLY. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John BITTENBENDER against Abraham BALLIOT.
5. Three tracts of land. One in Hanover Township, bounded by Susquehanna River, Jacob ANDREY, heirs of Lord BUTLER, deceased, highway, containing about 40 acres. Lot in Providence Township, bounded by Gilbert DUNNING, Samuel SHERWOOD and others, containing 5 acres. Also one in Wilkes-Barre Boro, bounded by heirs of Matthias HOLLENBACK, Northampton Street, Franklin Street, containing one fourth acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Nathan WADE against Henry SIVELLY
6. Land Plymouth Township, being a lot or piece of ground, coal mine and premises, being part of lot No. 2 in third division, called the mountain tier of lots, bounded by road, lot No. 2, containing 18 acres. Also the common right and privilege of a road to be 1 1/2 perch in width, from corner of lot along line of lot No. 2 to public road. Reserving 1/16 part of tract which was sold by the Sheriff to Elias HOYT, as estate of Samuel CLEMENT. Also 1/8 part sold to Elias HOYT, as estate of David B. LEE. Also 1/16 part sold to Elias HOYT as estate of Jesse FORD. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Pennsylvania Union Benevolent Society of Pennsylvania against David B. LEE, Samuel CLEMENT, Robert JORDEN, Peter J. WILTBOHN, Ebenezer PARRISH, Jesse FORD, Jacob W. SMITH and Joseph STEPHENSON.
7. Land in Union and Salem Townships, bounded by lands surveyed to Casper RICHARDS, William LEWIS, William BRINK, William SHEER and Isaac LEET, containing 420 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Alanson W. STEWART against Isaiah LONGSHORE.
8. Land in Pittston Township. One bounded by line between lots # 29 & 30, containing one acre. Also 3/4 or more part of lot and coal bed, being part of lot #29, containing 1/2 acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joseph SWALLOW against Jeremiah BLANCHARD Jr.
9. Land in Blakeley Township, bounded by Thaddeus FINCH, Lackawanna River, Nathaniel COTTRILL [might be CORTRILL], and unknown, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Nathaniel COTTRILL [might be CORTRILL] against Isaac VAUGHN.
10. Land in Kingston Township, being part of Lot #24 in the third division, containing 74 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Abraham THOMAS against William TUTTLE.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held October 25th:
Land in Plymouth Township, called Mount Prospect, being parts of lots No. 1, 2 & 3 in the upper tier of meadows, parts of # 6, 7 & 8 and the whole of 9, 10, 11 and 12 in the upper tier of house lots, the whole of #40 and part of #43 in the third division. Bounded by road, Lot #41, 5, 6, 7, 8, small creek, Lot #2, 4, 3, Susq’a River, Lot #43, 39, containing 173 acres. Being tract surveyed to Samuel LUCAS, Simon PARKE and Hugh FOWMAN. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Harrison PALMER, Adm’r of Richard PALMER, against James BARNES.

Wyoming Bank. An election will be held in the Borough of Wilkes-Barre on the 15th. E. LYNCH, Cashier

Died – In Kingston, on Monday last, of small pox, Edward UTLY, formerly of Courtland County, NY, aged about 22 years. He was taken ill in Wilkes-Barre, and symptoms of the small pox appearing, he was immediately removed to the river to a house, several of these inmates had recently recovered from the same disease. In burying the body of the deceased every precaution was taken to prevent communicating the disease.

Several cases of Small Pox within a short distance of Wilkes-Barre.

Appointments by the Canal Commissioners:
Thomas FOLLMER, to be Supervisor, from the Dam at Muncy Hills to Lock #6, on the North Branch division of the Pennsylvania Canal. Ellis HUGHES, to be Supervisor from the dam at Nanticoke Falls, to the head of Lock #6, on the North Branch division of the Same. Elijah N. DOAN, to be collector of tolls for the North and West Branch and Susquehanna Divisions of the Pennsylvania Canal, at the conjunction of said divisions, in Northumberland.

Old Ironsides repaired and again restored to service of the Navy. [USS Constitution]

Died at Plesgow, Russia, in April last, a farmer named MICHOFSKY, who was 165 years old. He led a sober life, though occasionally partook of ardent spirits, never ate meat more than twice a week. At 120 he still labored in the field. He left 4 children, 36 grand-children, and 16 great-grand-children. His mother lived to the age of 117, one of his sisters to 112, but his father died at 52.

Wallenpaupack Improvement Company. Subscriptions to the Capital Stock will be received at the house of John ROSA, Salem, Wayne County, on the 13th November and at the office of James M. PORTER, Esq., in Easton, Northampton County on the 15th November. James M. PORTER, David NOBLE, Jeremiah BENNET, Evan REESE, Nathaniel B. ELDRED, Commissioners.

Coal. $1.50 per ton or $1.00 at the bed. Thos. INGHAM, Plymouth

Cloth Dressing, at the Fulling Mill of H. PARSONS, Esq., on Laurel Run, near Wilkes-Barre. Philip RIMER, Mortimer D. PARSONS.

Estray Cow came to the enclosure of Jas. HANCOCK, Wilkes-Barre.

Notice to Creditors. George RICHARDS has applied to benefit of the Insolvent Laws.

Register’s Notice. The following estates have been filed:
Jacob DRUMHELLER, late of Sugar-Loaf Township, dec’d
Ira HOLLY, late of Tunkhannock Township, dec’d
Benjamin SPENCER, late of Abington Township, dec’d
Guardianship of Hannah PEARCE, late Hannah STEWART, with her husband Marmaduke PEARCE, guardian of her children, Lazuras STEWART, Mary STEWART, Frances STEWART intermarried with Benjamin A. BIDLACK.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post-Office at Kingston, October 1st:
Elias HOYT
Alfred JENKS
Care of Jas. DONLEY
Henry H. KING
James LOV
Daniel P. MASCHO
Nathaniel MULFORD
Thompson PRICE
Adam SHAFFER, Junr.
Arnold SMITH

Estate of James COVELL, late of Sugar-Loaf Township, requests payments and demands. Lyman COVELL, Asa R. HOWELL, Administrators.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post-Office at Nanticoke, Oct. 1st:
William CLEARY
Nicklaus DAVIS
Charles C. MOWER
Hannah SHAW

22 October 1830

Official Statement of Votes in Luzerne County, October 12th:
Congress: James FORD (1366), Phillander STEPHENS (1339), Lewis DEWART (1969), George WALKER (599), John BURROWS (646), John BARRET (1)
Assembly: George DENNISON (1329), Benjamin DORRANCE (829), Joseph J. WRIGHT (670), Doct. John SMITH (662), Henry W. DRINKER (617), Mason CRARY (220), Daniel STERLING (105), John SMITH (12), Henry Drinker (18)
Comm’r: Jacob HOMBACH (1203), Andrew CORTRIGHT (427), Charles BARRETT (597), Charles BARRETT, Esq. (9)
Auditor: Ziba BENNETT (1014), Luman FERRY (800), Moses S. BRUNDAGE (390)

A part of the great chain which was extended across the North River at West Point, during the Revolutionary War, has been recently taken up by some vessels that were engaged in fishing for anchors. About fifty feet of this chain is now in the possession of Mr. E. ALLEN, blacksmith, No. 500 Water Street, New York. It is in a good state of preservation – the links are above a foot in length.

M’GLAUCHLIN [MCGLAUCHLIN], the counterfeiter. This fellow escaped from the jail in Columbia County, and was soon after seen loitering about a Mr. WALLINS’ in Albany township, Bradford County. He went to Mahoopeny [Mehoopany], and there bought a horse with counterfeit notes on the Commercial Bank of Philadelphia. A brother of the owner of the horse and another person came to Albany in pursuit of him and called on Moses A. LADD of that township to assist in his apprehension. Mr. LADD and Mr. GRANT watched WALLINS’ house one night and saw WALLINS’ wife start with a gun and some victuals out towards the woods, but it was too dark to distinguish where she went. The second morning after this Mr. LADD went to watch the house in company with a Mr. WINSLOW; after being there some time WINSLOW left him, and in a few minutes after WINSLOW was gone, Mr. LADD discovered M’GLAUCHLIN and WALLINS’ wife talking together within a few rods of WALLINS’ house and as soon as Mrs. WALLINS saw him M’GLAUCHLIN fled, and Mr. LADD pursued him and eventually overtook him, and told him he had an advertisement for him, and wanted him to surrender. He swore he would not and Mr. LADD seized him and threw him down; he raised with Mr. LADD, and swore he would take his life, and while they were yet grappled he stabbed him with a dirk four times in the back, at the fourth stab Mr. LADD became so faint and benumbed, that M’GLAUCHLIN broke loose from him, and after scrambling up his hat and bundle, he sprang at Mr. LADD with his dirk, and as Mr. LADD retreated, he drew a pistol from his pocket; on seeing which M’GLAUCHLIN leaped behind a tree, and Mr. LADD chased him from tree to tree until growing faint with loss of blood, he was obliged to abandon the pursuit. Bradford Settler.

Mr. SARGENT who has been some weeks employed in surveying the Susquehanna River, arrived here on Saturday, and left yesterday morning. He has completed the survey from Cooperstown to Tioga Point, and is now surveying the Chemung from this village to its junction with the Susquehanna. There are about 400 feet fall from the Otsego lake to Tioga Point. Our readers have been heretofore informed that this is a preliminary step to the contemplated slack-water navigation of the Susquehanna River. Elmira Republican

Explosion. We regret to learn that the press house of the powder mills, near Newburg, New York, belonging to Daniel ROGERS, blew up on Thursday morning, a little after 10 o’clock. Six men, who were in the house at the time, were killed, none wounded. Mr. ROGERS was in one of the buildings attached to the establishment, at the time of the explosion, but he sustained no injury whatever. The pack house was entirely destroyed, and two or three of the mills near it, slightly injured. The loss of property is small, not exceeding probably $700. Newburg Tel.

Census – Dallas Township, population 456 inhabitants.
Lehman Township, population 231 inhabitants.

Notice To Bridge Builders. Sealed proposals will be received until the 13th November for building a bridge across Nescopeck Creek, in Nescopeck Township, near BOWMAN’S mill. Length about 100 feet, single arch. The abutments of substantial stone masonry. Also a bridge across Nescopeck Creek at CONYNGHAM’S mill, in Sugar-Loaf Township, upon the plan of Canal Bridges. Length about 50 feet. The abutments of solid stone masonry. By order of a Board of the Commissioners, E. CAREY, Clerk.

Notice. Is hereby given, to whom it may concern, that the warranty in the deed given by the subscriber for the lands levied on at the suit of Nathaniel COTTRILL against Isaac VAUGHN, as advertised in this paper for sale by the Sheriff, was procured by fraud and falsehood, and whoever may become the purchaser of said premises, is notified that the subscriber will not make good his warranty unless compelled by law. Nathaniel COTTRILL.

29 October 1830

In the Circuit Court of the U. States on Wednesday morning, George H. SMITH was sentenced to seven years imprisonment at hard labor, and to pay a fine of 500 dollars, for passing a counterfeit note and committing forgery on the Bank of the United States. Calvin J. CARPENTER was also sentenced to pay a fine of three thousand dollars, for passing a counterfeit note on the same bank.

Plymouth Academy will commence on 25th October under the super-intendance of William M. PATTERSON, late a graduate of Rutgers College, New Brunswick. Joseph WRIGHT, Henderson GAYLORD, Robert DAVENPROT, Trustees.

Carbondale and Blakeley Turnpike. The Stockholders are hereby required to pay an instalment of five Dollars on each Share subscribed by them respectively, on or before the 25th November next. E. M. TOWNSEND, Treas’r.

Notice. Coal will be delivered for $1.25 per ton, for Cash only. Orders to be left at the Baltimore Company’s Scale house. J. L. BUTLER, Agent.

Notice. Proposals will be received until 1st January next at the office of the Baltimore Coal Company, for running 6000 Tons Coal, To Columbia, or the lower basin of the Maryland Canal. (the Company to pay the lockage.) The Coal lies convenient for loading. Twenty five dollars will be advanced on each Ark, as soon as the Arks are loaded, and forty more at Columbia. Proposals directed to John L. BUTLER, Agent, Wilkes-Barre.

5 November 1830

Coal. The subscriber will deliver Coal in Wilkes-Barre at the following prices: Fine Coal $1.25 per Ton – Coarse Coal $1.40 per Ton. Charles SINIS.

Fall and Winter Goods at LE CLERC’S New Store.

Wilkes-Barre Bridge Money, Can be had at the store of CHAHOON & LANING, at a discount of ten per cent. A. C. LANING.

New Store. John TURNER has just opened his old stand in Plymouth with a general assortment of Goods.

Copper Mine, about a century ago on the Perkiomen Creek. Norristown Herald

It is a fact, not generally known to Americans, that the father of this country held the office of Marshal of France, under Louis XVI, at the same time that he was performing here the duties of Lieutenant General in the Revolutionary army. He was created Marshal to enable him to command ROCHAMBEAU, who in rank was a very old general, and could only be commanded by a Marshal of France. On a picture presented to him by the Earl of Buckan, was written: “To Marshal General WASHINGTON. [See the 19th November paper]

Apprehension for Murder. Cornelius ALBERSON and his wife were arrested on Saturday evening last, the 31st ult, on a charge of having murdered a Pedlar about a year ago on the Broad mountain, three miles from Mauch Chunk, at the place of their residence. They were examined on the Monday following before Samuel HOLLAND, Esq., and committed to the jail of this county. Mauch Chunk Cour. [See below*]

Died – Hon. John M’LEAN [MCLEAN/MACLEAN], one of the senators of Congress, from Illinois, died on the morning of the 14th ult. [Could be 11th]

Died – In Windham, on Tuesday the 2nd Nov., Sybil ROBINSON, aged 18 years, daughter of Jared ROBINSON. She was beloved by all her acquaintances, and esteemed very much by her friends.

The Board of appraisers of damages on the Pennsylvania canal and rail road, met in Harrisburg on Tuesday last, and organized by appointing Dr. SAMPLE, of Lancaster, President.

Mysterious. Some time last winter a pedlar from Philadelphia disappeared suddenly somewhere in the neighborhood of Mauch Chunk, in this county, and was never heard of afterwards, although strict enquiry was made after him in different places by his relatives. A few days since, a person who keeps a tavern in the neighborhood where the unfortunate pedlar was last seen, having an altercation with his wife, in an angry moment she charged him with the murder of the unfortunate trader, in the presence of several persons. We forbear stating any thing further, as the man and his wife are both in prison, and a legal investigation will soon be had. Easton Pa Demo. [*See above]

The Pennsylvania Reporter will publish full, fair and impartial reports of the proceedings of both branches of the legislature.

List of Retailers of Foreign Merchandise & Liquors, within the County of Luzerne.
First to Fourth Class – None
Eighth Class: A. G. BRODHEAD; Moses S. BRUNDAGE; Henry STARK; Solomon C. STRONG; James BARNES, Windham; Andrew BEAUMONT; Naphtall HURLBUT; Jonathan BULKELEY; ANHAEUSER & GILDERSLEEVE; John M. POOR; OVERTON & MARVIN; Jarius HARRISON; Thomas MORLEY; STERLING & NORTHROP; WAKEMAN & EDWARDS; Sebastian SYBERT; Nathan R. PENROSE; George LANE & Co.; Charles BERRY; Matthias FRICK & Gen. PENROSE; John J. WARD; James WRIGHT; Alpha DURHAM; J. & J. D. STARK, Pittston; J. & J. D. STARK, Wilkes-Barre; Ziba SMITH; HARDING & JONES; George C. DRAKE; J. D. HAFF & Co., Hanover; John COONS; John ALLMENT; Thomas CONNELLY; J. JENKINS & Co.; John BREES; Jacob RICE; Elias HOYT & Co.; Samuel THOMAS; William CLARK; Parker STONE & Co.; Benjamin F. BAILY; William B. MONEYPENNY; William BOONE; Benjamin HARVEY; Jesse BOWMAN & George LANE; Matthias FRICK; FULLER & WORRELL; Chester BROWN; David WESTOVER; ROMBACH & WILLIAMS; George ESPY; David THOMPSON; John TURNER; Asa COOK; Abed BALDWIN; BARNUM & BROWN; Nathaniel COTTRILL; John VAUGN Jr.; David HADKINSON (no such merchant); Elisha S. POTTER; Calvin STOCKBRIDGE; Jesse GARDNER; Egbert MOTT; Elijah WORTHINGTON; BRACE & MOORE; William S. EVANS.
S. D. LEWIS, Treasurer of Luzerne County. (See article for “paid and not paid)

Journeyman Blacksmith Wanted. A good workman will find a good situation and good wages by calling at the Wyoming Coach, Gig and Waggon Manufactory. Geo. FLAKE, Jr.

12 November 1830

Notice. The debtors to the estate of the late J. P. JOHNSON, are again requested to make payment immediately, and informed that inattention to this notice will subject them to the payment of costs. O. F. JOHNSON, Administrator.

A young man about 22 years of age, arrived in this Colony [TEXAS] a short time since, under a fictitious name. He died about a fortnight ago, near Brasoria; on his death bed he confessed that his real name was Frederick T. WILSON, that he was a native of Virginia, and had fled form the U. States for murder! Texas Gazette

A vein of Coal has been discovered on the South side of the Susquehanna, about eight miles above Milton.

George WILSON, the Mail Robber, has been sentenced by the Circuit Court of the United States, to ten years imprisonment for robbing the Kimberton mail. The sentence for robbing the Reading mail was postponed until the next term of the court.

Shamokin Dam – Such alterations have been made in the schute of the above dam, as to render the navigation perfectly safe and easy for every description of river craft. The water now glides smoothly and without causing any re-action. Bloomsburg Register

West Branch Division Pa. Canal

Wyoming Bank. The Directors have this day declared a Dividend of three per cent, on the Capital Stock of this Bank, which will be paid to the Stockholders or their legal representatives, after the 11th inst. E. LYNCH, Cashier, Nov. 1.

For Sale, A Valuable House & Lot, in town of Wilkes-Barre, on Franklin Street, with a spacious two story new frame building, 28 feet front by 73 feet deep, a good cellar. Edward JONES.

The Republican and Anti-Masonic Inquirer is published at the seat of government of Pennsylvania.

19 November 1830

The Petrified Forest in Missouri. For a distance of twenty miles, over a high, open prairie, inaccessible to inundation, on the margin of the Missouri River, a few miles below its junction with the Yellow Stone, the earth is covered with the stumps, roots, and branches, of petrified trees – as if a great forest has been transformed into stone, and prostrated by some mighty convulsion of nature. Some of the stumps are fifteen feet in circumference. The Illinois Magazine

Dreadful Occurrence. The Norristown Herald states, that on Saturday morning last, the little daughter of Benjamin SHERRED, of Upper Merion Township, aged about 5 years, was burnt to death in a most shocking manner. It appears the little girl had been left with a younger child by their parents, sitting by the fire – the father had been absent about half an hour, when he heard the screams of his children, and when he entered the house he found his daughter roasted almost to death – the fat from her body running on the floor – the flesh from some of the bones burnt off, and the sinews twisted out of their places. The child died in a very short time after, in the most distressing agony.

Died – In Sunbury, Ohio, on the 29th Oct., Jacob SWALLOW, in the 44th year of his age_, formerly of Pittston Township, Luzerne Co.

Died – In Nescopeck Township, Luzerne Co., Tuesday the 9th inst. James PAXTON, an highly respectable citizen.

Appointment by the Governor. Ziba DEVENPORT, of Exeter, to be Justice of the Peace, for Luzerne Co.

The Season – We have heard it remarked by several aged persons that not within their recollection has the weather been so warm at this season of the year, as it is at present. Instead of snow squalls and ice, we have warm rains and muddy or dusty streets, and weather so warm as to deprive one of the pleasure of setting by a good coal fire which formerly was very comfortable at this season of the year. Since penning the above, we received from the garden of Co. Washington LEE, the receipt of which it gives us pleasure to acknowledge, a fine mess of Green Peas in the pods, accompanied with the following note: “Mrs. W. LEE desires Mr. LEWIS’ acceptance of the accompanying instance of the unusual length and mildness of the present season. Nanticoke, Nov. 17, 1830”

The paragraph stating that Gen. WASHINGTON held the office of Marshal of France, has turned out to be a lie. [See the November 5th newspaper]

Nanticoke Dam. This structure is now so nearly completed as to admit the passage of crafts through the Schute in safety.

The North Branch Canal, is navigable from the Dam to Bloomsburg, or near there.

Lock Making. Jno. H. CLEWELL has commenced the Whitesmithing and Door Lock making business. He also repairs Rifle, Musket and Pistol Locks.

Saddle and harness Manufactory. Thomas HUTCHINS. Wilkes-Barre, opposite the Meeting house on Public Square.

28 November 1830
Paper missing

3 December 1830

Estray Heifer came to enclosure middle of May. Joseph MATHERS, Wilkes-Barre

Estray Heifer came to enclosure sometime in May last. J. CRISMAN, Kingston

Estate of Lewis SMITH, late of Huntington Township requests payments and demands. Henry SMITH, Hugh WATSON, Administrators

It is our painful duty to notice the arrest of Charles WHITLEY, Leroy JORDAN and Anthony EVANS; all of them citizens of Bedford, heretofore of reputable standing, and one of them a magistrate of the county – charged with having defrauded the United States, by forging documents in the name of Revolutionary Soldiers, and drawing pensions upon them. We do not know to what extent the fraud has been carried – nor indeed whether the parties are guilty; if they are not, they will soon be enabled to establish their innocence, and wipe off suspicion.

Married – In Exeter, on Sunday the 21st ult., by Rev. Isaac D. JONES, Silas SUTTON, of Falls to Miss Harriet GARDNER, of the former place

Census of Luzerne County in 1820 was a population of 20,032 and 1830 it was 27,380. The list of each township and numbers for each census is listed in the article. Since 1820, Lehman Township has taken from Dallas. The township of Falls has been __cted out of parts of Tunkhannock and Exeter, since the last census was taken.

Appointment by the P. Master General. Lewis JONES Jr., has been appointed post master of Exeter, in the place of John HARDING resigned.

North Branch Canal. On Friday last, we understand, the water had reached as far as Espeytown, from which place to the Dam at Nanticoke, the Canal was then navigable. But two breaks have occurred since the water was let into it, and these, the Danville Intelligencer says, were trifling, and soon repaired.

Appointment by the Governor. John KENNEDY, Esq., of Pittsburg, to be one of the Associate Judges of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, in the place of the Hon. Frederick SMITH, deceased.

We learn from the Hagerstown Herald, that Frederick A. KLOUSE, was convicted on Friday last, in the Criminal Court of Washington County, Md., on the charge of kidnapping. His trial had been removed to that place, from Allegheny County, in which the prisoner resided and where the crime had been committed. It appears that he had inveigled a coloured man, in his employ, belonging to a citizen of Virginia, and had taken him to Louisville, Ky, and there sold him to some negro trader from Louisiana. From his own confession this was not the only villany he had been guilty of – he had once been a pirate on the high seas. He was sentenced to ten years imprisonment in the penitentiary.

A colored man, Edward WILLIAMS, has been found guilty of having murdered his wife by poison in West Chester, Pa. The manner of the woman’s death was discovered by mere chance. It was supposed the woman died by ordinary sickness. The undertaker who was about to assist in placing the body in the coffin, saw, or imagined he saw, the body move. After the burial, he from curiosity, related the circumstances, and was told that the husband had purchased arsenic on the morning of his wife’s death. The body was raised, and in the stomach a quantity of arsenic was found. Other circumstances brought the guilt home to the husband. He was sentenced to be hanged.

Notice to Creditors. John LYNCH and Peter YOA have applied for the benefit of the Insolvent Laws.

Strayed away about the middle of October last, a brown heifer. Richard SHARPE, Wilkes-Barre.

Schoolmaster Wanted. A person well qualified to teach an English School may find immediate employment with a prospect of continuance, on application to either of the undersigned committee. Benjamin BAILEY, James STARK, Robert MINER, Wilkes-Barre.

Register’s Notice for estates of:
Michael SWARTZ, late of Providence Township
Benjamin FULLER, late of Huntington Township

Estate of Zurah SMITH, requests payments and demands. Whitney SMITH, executor

All persons indebted to the late firm of Z. & W. SMITH, are requested to make immediate payment without delay. All demands against the firm will be adjusted by Whitney SMITH, Surviving Partner.

Luzerne & Wayne County Turnpike – Stockholder meeting at the house of John ROOSA, Salem, Wayne County on first Monday of January next for elections.

Saddle and Harness Manufactory of Thomas HUTCHINS

10 December 1830

Stray Heifer at Richard SHARPE, Wilkes-Barre

Anti-masonry is no more – Mrs. Lucinda MORGAN, the afflicted widow of Capt. William MORGAN, is married. New York Courier

Married – In this Borough, on Thursday evening of last week, by Rev. MURRY, William H. ALEXANDER to Miss Maria, daughter of Barnet ULP.

In Sudbury there is a wooden house, built 1685, which for the last 114 years, has been occupied as a tavern by a family of HOWES. Adam HOWE, who succeeded his father in 1776, is the present occupant.

Commonwealth vs Cornelius ALBERTSON. Indictment for Murder. This was the case of a person who was committed by Samuel HOLLAND, Esq., on charge of murdering Isaac SEELIGSON, the pedlar, supposed to be missing, as mentioned in our paper of some weeks ago. He and his wife were some time ago heard before Judge COOPER on Habeas Corpus, who, after hearing, discharged the wife and continued the case of the husband for further hearing. A bill was sent to the Grand July, who on Thursday last returned the same ignoramus, and the prisoner was, on motion of his counsel, Mr. BROOKE, discharged by proclamation. We take this opportunity of mentioning that the circumstances attending this case, have been greatly exaggerated by some of our contemporaries. No body has been found, no wagon, nor trace of wagon, nor any trace of the pedlar having been at ALBERSON’S about the time of his disappearance, nor was there any evidence, as far as we have been able to ascertain, even of the slightest character, to fix the charge of his murder upon the defendant, and there is every reason to believe that Isaac SEELIGSON is yet in the land of living; having, as ’tis said, bought goods, a short time before his disappearance, on credit. Easton Argus

An old cavern in the state of Connecticut, known as an abandoned copper mine, has recently been purchased by a company of individuals form New York, who intend to employ a capital of 50,000 dollars in erecting works and bringing the ore into play.

Keep Apples for Winter use

Adjourned Sheriff’s Sale – the property of James BARNES advertised to be sold on the 25th October will be held 2nd January next.

Tanner’s Oil – cheap by the barrel or less quantity. Wm. B. NORTON, Wilkes-Barre

Notice – Letters addressed to the subscriber must be post paid, or they will not be taken out of the office. Josiah WRIGHT.

Those indebted to the estate of Jonathan HANCOCK, deceased, are hereby notified that their respective notes, accounts, &c. will be put in suit, if not settled prior to the first of January next. Administrators. (no names)

National Paintings. Mr. SICKELS will exhibit a number of paintings at the Court house in Wilkes-Barre on Monday evening next, intending to represent some of the most brilliant victories achieved by the Americans during the late war: Action between the United States and the Macedonian; The massacre of the American prisoners at Frenchtown; The battle of New Orleans; The conquest obtained by the frigate Constitution; The battle of Platsburg. There will also be exhibited a number of other Paintings and a number of Wax Figures.

New Establishment. Cabinet and Chair-Making Business, by Alvan DANA, on Franklin Street, a few doors above Col. J. J. DENNIS’ Hotel.

Wire Manufactory. John STEVENS, Tunkhannock. He also wishes to employ one or two Journeymen Cabinet Makers.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 2nd January next at the Court house in Borough of Wilkes-Barre:
1. Land, remaining part of lot No. 7, in the name of James MEES, bounded by John STONE, containing 252 acres, except 50 acres sold to John STONE. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Quentin CAMPBELL and others, executors of William STOTHART, who was the assignee of John B. WALLACE, against Seth DAN.
2. Land in Exeter Township, bounded by Susquehanna River, Stephen HARRIS, and unknown, containing 400 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Philadelphia Bank against Ezekiel GOBLE.
3. Land in Huntington Township, bounded by Charles BARRET, Simon TUBBS, containing 1 acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William KOONS against Reuben R. CHAPIN.
4. Land (no township mentioned) bounded by land surveyed to William NICHOLS; James IRWIN; John SHANNON; land surveyed to William MOULDER and James HUTCHINSON, parts of two tracts patented to Henry PHILLIPS and John TRAVIS, William CRAMMOND and James CRAMMOND, dated 15 Nov. 1799, book 43 page 144. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Thomas ASTLEY, ass’ee of Samuel BAIRD, against Elias SMITH.
5. Land in Newport Township, bounded by John SHIEPPY, lands claimed by John R. DEAN and Isaiah LONGSHORE, containing 240 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Nathan BEACH against William THORNTON
6. Land in Nescopeck Township, bounded by Jacob SIBERLING, Nescopeck Creek, Robert WHORTON, William HICKS, containing 108 acres, with a new saw-mill, a Forge, two dwelling houses, a Blacksmith’s shop, &c Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John ARNOT against T. W. LEIDY, Jacob LEIDY and Enos LEIDY.

17 December 1830

RUTTER & SCOTT, having purchased the interest of James D. HAFF, in the firm of HAFF, RUTTER & SCOTT, will continue the business at their stores in Wilkes-Barre & Nanticoke.

Proposals. The subscribers will receive until 16 January next proposals for the erection of a Presbyterian Church in Kingston. The plan on which it is to be erected, can be seen at any time at the residence of Ziba HOYT, from whom all necessary information may be obtained. Samuel BREES, Isaac CARPENTER, Ziba HOYT, Kingston.

Estate of Thomas DEVENPORT requests payments and demands, Oliver DEVENPORT, Administrator.

The dwelling house of the Senator from this district, Jacob DRUMHELLER, Esq., was destroyed by fire on the morning of Tuesday last. The family made a narrow escape. Everything else the house contained, was consumed. Except a dog and bureau, with their contents, and two or three other articles.

Mr. MILLER had disposed of his interest in the establishment of the Pennsylvania Reporter to Mr. WELSH, his late partner.

24 December 1830

___ment V. ROUSSEAU, who we ____ a week or two since as having __bbed his brother, in a fit of insanity has been tried, found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, and sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in county jail, pay costs, etc. (paper torn)

We design, before long, to make some improvement in the appearance of the Democrat – to which we must necessarily incur considerable expense. To meet this, we depend upon the collection of debts owing to us. Therefore we intend to make an effort to settle with every individual, who is in arrears for one year’s paper, or more. We will make out bills up to the first of January next, and soon thereafter send some person to call upon all, as far as may be practicable. We wish subscribers would bear this in mind and prepare themselves to see the collector, who will probably call between the first of February and the first of May. Wherever it may be convenient to make payment, to do so, will oblige us; where it will not be convenient, settlement by note will be required.

Cash Store – Whitney SMITH and Isaac S. OSTERHOUT have new Goods.

Public Sale of farming Utensils, horses, oxen, furniture, will be held 14th January next. Aaron BROWN, Pittston.

For Sale, a good farm, situate about 12 miles from Wilkes-Barre, containing 100 acres, grist mill, with one run of common stones, & one run of French Burrs, a saw-mall, about 100 bearing apple trees. For information enquire at this Office.

31 December 1830

Cloth Dressing – Philip RIMER, Mortimer D. PARSONS

Pottsville, Sunbury and Danville Rail Road

Inns and Taverns Licenses

Died – In this Borough on the 28th inst., after a protracted illness, Mrs. Lucinda, wife of Arnold COLT, Esq., aged 63 years. The deceased came to this valley when a child, and participated in the early difficulties and troubles with which it was __sited.

The excavation of the Delaware and Raritan Canal is now in rapid progress.

The annual meeting of the Franklin Beneficial Society will be held at the house of the subscriber, in Market Street, on the evening of Wednesday the 5th January for the election of officers. Wm. A. MERRITT, Sec’ry.

Meeting House. The Members and Friends of the Methodist Episcopal Church on Wyoming Circuit are requested to meet at the Academy in Kingston on Friday evening the 14th day of January 1831, at early candle lighting, in order to adopt some measures to build a new Meeting House, or to repair the old one at Forty-Fort, as shall be thought best. R. HOLGATE, Sec’y, Kingston

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