1835 Republican Farmer and Democratic Journal


Published on Wednesday, Wilkesbarre, PA

7 Jan. 1835

Died – Capt. Beekman V. HOFFMAN died a few days since at Jamaica, L. I., a distinguished officer in the US Navy. NY Daily Adv.

A Democratic Meeting was held at the Court House, Wilkes-barre, on Jan. 6th. Bateman DOWNING, Esq., was chosen president; Capt. Joseph TUTTLE and Lot SEARCH, Esq., vice presidents and Benjamin SAYLOR and John BREES, secretaries. Ziba BENNETT and Benjamin A. BIDLACK, Esqrs. are appointed delegates to meet in Convention on 4th March next, at Harrisburg.

The Braintrim Temperance Society held an Annual Meeting on Dec. 25th, and elected officers for ensuing year. Dr. WEST, President; A. GAYLORD, Vice President and R. C. SMITH, Secretary.

Married – In this Borough on 28th ult, by Rev. George C. DRAKE, of Bloomsburg, Henry H. WELLS, Esq., Attorney at law, to Miss Mary E. PUTMAN, both of Owego, N. Y.

Married – In Plymouth on the 1st inst., by Elder G. W. RICHMOND, Eliphalet BULKELEY to Miss Jane SHAW, both of Plymouth.

Stray Steer came to the enclosure of Noah WADHAMS, Plymouth Township, about first November last. The owner is desired to prove property, pay charges and take it away.

Millwrighting. Charles MATHERS, Kingston.

List of Letters Remaining in Post Office at Plainsville, Jan. 1st:
Susannah STUCKER
William APPLE
Nathan CAREY
Samuel SAYLOR, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, Jan. 1st:
Edwin FELL
Ebenezer MARCY
Marmaduke PIERCE
Abram WEST

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, Jan. 1st:
Margaret HOPKINS
George MILLER 2nd
Thomas J. MILLER
William POLEN
Nathaniel STARK
Woodbury S. WILBER
Henry STARK, P. M.

14 Jan. 1835

Celebration of the 8th January, was held at the house of George P. STEELE, Wilkesbarre Borough. John MYERS, Esq., was elected President and Daniel COLLINGS and Joseph P. DENNIS, Vice Presidents; John R. DALRYMPLE and Wm. J. STEPHENS, Secretaries. Toast given by Volunteers: Isaac BOWMAN, Daniel COLLINGS, Joseph P. DENNIS, John MYERS, John R. DALRYMPLE, Job BARTON, Henry COLT, Geo. W. WILLIAMS, Hiram DENNIS, H. W. WRIGHT, Wm. J. STEPHENS, Abm. SMITH, Isaac HART, Henry PETTEBONE, Geo. WILLIAMS, John MENSCH, Chester STEELE, B. DOWNING.

The second Winter Term of the Wilkesbarre Academy will commence on Monday, Jan. 26th.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Plymouth, Jan. 1st:
Morgan ALLEN
Patrick CULLEN
Almyrah P. EVANS
Henry ROWE
Wm. WALTON 1st
Wm. WALTON 2nd

21 Jan. 1835

House of Representatives:
Jan. 9th – Petition of Mr. BENNETT, for extension of the North Branch Canal and also one for aid in the
construction of an artificial road through the narrows from Tunkhannock to HUNT’S FERRY; also one from Robert STEBBLESON and others, for compensation for certain lands in Luzerne County, certified to Connecticut claimants.
Mr. BIDLACK – petition from Lot SEARCH, for damages sustained in the construction of the North Branch Canal.
Jan 12th – Mr. BIDLACK, petition from Mary CORNELLE for a divorce.

Easton, PA, Jan. 9. Melancholy Accident. Joseph HELLER, of Lewisburg, Wayne County, Pa., was shot, in Pocono Township, this county on the night of the 1st Jan. last. It appears that a number of persons had collected on New Years day for the purpose of amusing themselves by shooting at a mark. A short time after dark a lantern was set up as a target. Unfortunately, Mr. HELLER went out with a lantern, to examine the match, when another person coming out mistook the lantern which he held for the mark, and after deliberate aim, fired. The ball passed through the lantern and so severely wounded Mr. H. in the abdomen, that he survived but a short time. He was thirty-two years of age and he left a wife and five children to lament their sudden bereavement.

Married – At Pemberton, on 1st Jan., by Rev. C. W. MULFORD, Albert G. W. BARTON, formerly of this place, to Miss Ruth R., daughter of late Abel WATKINSON, of Pemberton, N. J.

Died – Peter MARTIN, a native of England, aged 39 years, was found on Thursday morning frozen to death, in the stable rear of No. 98 Greenwich Street, N. Y.

List of Dead:
Buried in the common burial ground last year: Adults 9, Children 27
In St. Stephens’ Church Yard: Adults 0, Children 2
Of these were inhabitants of this Borough: Adults 4, Children 18
The others are from the environs of this borough and strangers. John M. KIENZLE, Sect., Wilkesbarre

Married – On Wednesday last by Rev. John DORRANCE, George SHOEMAKER, of Kingston, to Miss Rebecca, only dau. Of Jno. JONES, of Berwick.

Married – By the same on 7th inst., Jacob PROAT of Belvidere, N. J. to Miss Mary TATTERSHALL, of Lehigh.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 14th Feb., for land in Township of Wilkesbarre, bounded by highest point on the rock on the West side of Mill-Creek near the Saw Mill, built by Richard WESTBROOK, Thomas WRIGHT, East line of township of Wilkesbarre, Maj. H. STARK, dec’d,, containing 250 acres, being parts of Lots No. 6 & 8 in 3rd division of township. Late estate of Leman DUNNING, deceased. Anning O. CAHOON, Ad’mr.

28 Jan. 1835

Five persons have died in New Hampshire over 110 years of age:
Zacckheus LOVEL, 110, father of John, Englishman who served in CROMWELL’S army
Wm. PERKINS, 116, Englishman, a son of his died aged 87, and grandson at 32
Robert MACKLIN, 115, lived at Portsmouth
WELCH, died at 112, at Bow, N. H., had a sister reach 100, as did his mother, a brother was 99
SCOBY, died in Londondery, died at 110, and Irishman
John SUMMERS, died at 116, in Kentucky, 10 years ago, he had 19 children, 200 descendants.
Ephream PRATT, died at 117 in 1800, in Shutesbarry, Mas., married at 21, had 1500 descendants before his decease. Had four sons living in 1801, eldest 82, youngest 20.

Murder of Missionaries. From Batavia we have the melancholy intelligence that Mr. LYMAN and Mr. MUNSON, two American Missionaries who embarked last from Batavia for Sumatra, were murdered and eaten by the natives of Batta County, Sumatra, on the 28th July last. Their bereaved widows are still at Batavia, waiting anxiously for an opportunity to return to their native land.

4 Feb. 1835 (not on microfilm)

Pennsylvania Legislature – House of Representatives, Petitions. Thursday, Jan. 22, Mr. BENNETT, one for aid to improve the road from Tunkhannock to Hunt’s Ferry.

Married – On Monday last, by Rev. STOCKING, John B. WOOD, of Wilkesbarre, to Miss Sarah GORE, of Kingston.

11 Feb. 1835 (not on microfilm)

Married – On Thursday evening last, by Rev. James MAY, Truxton SLOCUM, of Tunkhannock, to Miss Ann, daughter of Jacob J. DANIELS, of Wilkesbarre.

Married – In Dallas Township, on 27th ult., by A. C. PHILLIPS, Esq., Elias HESST (?), to Miss Elizabeth WILLSON.

Died – In the borough of Wilkes-Barre, on Sunday last, Thomas HUTCHINS, aged about 35 years.

18 Feb. 1835

Receipts and Expenditures of Luzerne County for 1834, including some expenditures:
Bridges – Washington LEE, Nanticoke Bridge
FINCH, BUTLER and PURDY, Buttonwood Bridge
Joshua PUGH, Harvey’s Creek Bridge
Isaac VOSBURG, Tunkhannock Bridge

Public Meeting held at the Court House, Wilkes-Barre, 14th Feb., Joseph TUTTLE Esq., of Kingston was appointed President; Gen. Wm. ROSS, of Wilkesbarre, Cornelius CORTRIGHT, of Pittston, George LAZARUS, of Hanover and Elias HOYT, of Kingston, Vice Presidents and Oristus COLLINS, of Wilkesbarre and John BREES, of Kingston, Secretaries. Propose of meeting of taking into consideration the proposition of the Lehigh Coal and navigation Company to make an ascending navigation on the river Lehigh from Mauch Chunk to Wright’s Creek, and the Wyoming and Lehigh Rail Road to Wilkesbarre. Committee to report resolutions and preamble: Charles L. TERWILLIGER, George M. HOLLENBACK, William S. ROSS, Oristus COLLINS, Daniel COLLINGS, Chester BUTLER, George W. WOODWARD, Sharp D. LEWIS and Elias HOYT.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held 2nd March, for land in Sugarloaf Township, (no acreage given), late estate of John MACKLE, deceased. John BEISEL, Ad’mr.

Public Vendue or Outcry, on 2nd March, for land in Newport Township, adjoining lands of Andrew KEICHLINE, Philip DUFFORT, Jacob WATSON, Joseph KIECHLINE, being Lot No. 13, containing 22 acres, late estate of Aaron BEAM. Solomon TRANYER, Ad’mr.

Breach of Marriage Promise. The Maine Press, contains a full report of the evidence in a case of breach of promise of marriage, which was tried recently at Augusta; Eliza Ann FAIRBANKS, plaintiff, Capt. Edward KNIGHT, defendant. The case was fairly made out, and the jury returned a verdict of $1,500 for the plaintiff.

Melancholy. On Tuesday morning last the body of Nancy SIMMONS, whose parents reside in Middlebury, was found in her room at the inn of John G. ROSENDOLPH, Batavia, burnt in a horrible manner about her breast and face. Two juries of inquest were called, who agreed upon a verdict that she came to her death by suffocation and burning. A mystery hangs over the death of this girl, and the community is already sufficiently excited, we forebear making any comments this week, or attempting to give a history of dark transaction. We may next week be able to throw more light upon the subject. Attica Republican, Jan. 31. [Article again repeated in March 4th paper and his surname is listed as RORENDOLPH, but no additional info. given.]

Notice. The public are hereby cautioned against purchasing two notes, given by Philo BOWER, Kingston, to Alanson BOWER, as he has received no value and shall not pay them unless compelled by law.

Notice. All persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing a note of $22, payable 1st Sept. next, in Young Cattle, given to Hiram BRACE, as I have received not value, and will not pay unless compelled by law. John FRANTZ, Unison.

Notice. All persons having unsettled accounts with Alvan DANA, are requested to call and settle the same without delay and those indebted to make payment. John VAUGHN Jr., Assignee of Alvan DANA, Providence.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 7 March, for land in Pittston Township, being #38 in the second division, containing 129 acres. Also a tract being Lot # 40 in second division of hundred acre lots in said township, containing 102 acres. Also one tract being part of No. 50 in first division of Pittston Township, containing 54 acres. William TOMPKINS, Ad’mr.

To Bridge Builders and Others. A contract for building a county Bridge across the Mehoopany Creek, in Windham Township, near the scite of the old Bridge at WHIPPLE’S mills, will be sold at auction to the lowest responsible bidder 27th Feb. next. Plans may be seen at the house of Benj. BARNES, Windham. T. MYRES, clerk

Taken Up and fastened on the little Island, above Cahoon’s Eddy, seven Platforms of White Ash Plank and Sawed Rails. The owner can have them by proving property and paying charges. John LITTLE, Plymouth

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held, 13th March, at the late residence of Alvin RUSSELL Jr., deceased, Washington Township, for land in said township, bounded by Schuyler RUSSELL, Emanuel OVERFIELD, Jotham MC MULLIN, containing 23 acres. Also one other portion, bounded by where stage road intersects with west line of Schuyler RUSSELL, to stake in road leading to HUNT’S Ferry, containing 3 acres. Barton RUSSELL, Executor.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held 2nd March, for 64 acre tract in Providence Township, being Lot No. 51, late estate of John HANCOCK, deceased. William HANCOCK, Ad’mr.

25 Feb. 1835

A meeting of Democratic Republicans of Plymouth Township was held at the Plymouth Academy School house on 21st inst. James NESBITT, Esq., was appointed President, Robert DEVENPORT an Harman SURLES, Vice Pres’ts., and Ira DEVENPORT and Goodwin BAKER, Secretaries. A committee to draft preamble and resolutions: E. W. REYNOLDS, Cha’s. C. CURTIS, Daniel DEVENPORT, Benj. REYNOLDS, Samuel DEVENPORT, Josiah IVES, Robert DEVENPORT, Noah WADHAMS, Esq., & Harman SURLES.

Died – In Hanover Township, on 18th Jan. last, Mrs. Sarah THOMAS in the 90th year of her age. She was a member of the Baptist Church.

Died – In Kingston, on morning of 23rd inst., of a short but painful illness (inflammation of the lungs), Emaus LOCKE, aged 61 years.

Estate of Sarah Thomas, late of Hanover Township, request payments and demands. Freeman THOMAS, Admin.

To Be Rented – for one or three years, a Tavern Stand in Pittston, now occupied by A. PRATT. Aaron BROWN, Pittston.

Sealed Proposals will be received at the house of Lewis HORTON, Hanover, till 17th March next, for building a Meeting House near the burying ground in Hanover. Geo. P. STEELE, Lewis HORTON, David THOMPSON, Building Committee.

A meeting of Citizens of the Wyoming Valley was held at the house of J. J. DENNIS, Wilkes-barre, on 23rd Feb. Daniel COLLINGS, was appointed Pres’t, Wm. BARKER, Kingston, Vice Pres’t., and John ATHERHOLD, Secretary. Purpose of meeting the proposed connection of Rail Roads. Committee to prepare preamble and resolutions: Doct. Thomas W. MINER, Wm. L. BOWMAN, Wm. BARBER, Wm. J. STEPHENS, Henry COLT, Robt. PORTER, Luther KIDDER and Oristus COLLINS, Esq.

4 March 1835

Murder – The Newburg Gazette gives an account of a horrid murder, committed in Minisink, Orange County, which was obtained from one of the coroner’s Jury. The murderer is Peter CRINES. He returned home drunk from a wood frolick, sent one of his children for a whip, with which he beat his wife till it was worn out; he then went himself for others, and beat her till he had worn out seven whips. He also kicked and stamped upon her, threw her upon the fire and dragged her out again until she had become almost senseless. He then placed her upon the bed and lay beside her. In a short time in consequence of her groaning the unfeeling Wretch kicked her upon the floor. After leaving her there a while he arose, and again laid her on the bed, saying to his little girl that her mother was dying, but refusing to let the alarm be given to the neighbors until about an hour after her death. The brutal murder was committed in the presence of his family, the oldest a girl of 18 years of age, who were deterred from giving the alarm by the threats of the father to kill them likewise. The mother was the daughter of a respectable inhabitant of Minisink, and has left 5 small children. CRINES is now in Goshen jail.

Letter from S. D. INGHAM, Esq., President of the Beaver Meadow Rail Road and Coal Company.

An Act to regulate the pay of the Navy of the United States has been enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives. See article for complete pay schedules.

Another Affray – On the 4th inst., Mr. DAUSSATT made an attack with a cane upon Samuel KNOX, in Camp Street. KNOX took the cane from his assailant and beat him with it and while doing so DAUSSATT drew a pistol from his pocket which he fired at KNOX, the ball of which lodged in his neck. DAUSSATT was immediately arrested.

Horrible Occurrence. The Bangor, Me. Mechanic and Farmer, on Friday last, says that a lumberman’s camp, a few miles up the river, near Great Works Falls, took fire last night, and three men perished in the flames, Mr. HALL, Mr. RANDALL and Mr. LIBBEY, who were from the town of Guilford.

Public Meeting held at the house of Leonard STODDART, Stoddartsville, on 21st of Feb. by inhabitants residing near the river Lehigh in Luzerne and Northampton Counties, to take into consideration the navigation of the river. Conrad SAX, Esq., was appointed President, Noah STEVENS and Robert NEWAL, Vice Presidents and Henry COURTRIGHT and Leonard STODDART, Secretaries. Committee to report preamble and resolutions: Charles L. TERWILLIGER, Thomas TATTERSHALL, Isaac SIMONSON, Joseph NAGLE, Philip SIGLIN, Henry STODDART, Wm. ADAMS, Conrad SAX Jr., John WHITE and Henry STRINGHAM.

Married – In Dallas, on the 19th ult., by Thomas IRWIN Esq., John ANDERSON, to Miss Rachel, daughter of Christian ATHERHOLT.

House of Representatives, Feb. 18th: Mr. BENNETT presented a petition of Margaret BARICKMAN, widow of an old soldier.
Mr. BENNETT, from the committee on lands, reported a bill granting compensation to Josiah T. BEACH, for a certain tract of land situate in Salem, one of the seventeen townships of Luzerne.
Feb. 19 – Mr. BIDLACK, petition from Buck Township, Luzerne County, asking that the name of said township might be changed.

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 1st April, for land in Salem Township, bounded by Conrad KLINETOB, John Adam HERMON, Conrad VARNER, Silas E. SEYBERT, Joseph DAVENPORT, containing 50 acres. Being same land which Patrick M’GROW, now resides, late estate of Francis SHAFER, dec’d. John CONNER, Jesse BOWMAN, Ad’mrs.

Register’s Notice of estates filed:
William MYER, exec. of Theophilus MOOER (or MOOEN), late of Wysox, Bradford Co. [Note – in March 18th issue the names is listed as MOGER]
Philip SINE and Achillus SINE, execs. of Isaac SINE, late of Sugarloaf Township
Anning O. CHAHOON, admin. of Leman DUNNING, late of New Haven, Connecticut
Susannah DRUM, and Abraham DRUM, admin’s, of George DRUM Jr., late of Sugarloaf Township
Susannah WHITNEY and Chester BUTLER, admin’s of Dr. Asa C. WHITNEY, late of Wilkesbarre
George LUTZ, admin. of Adam LUTZ, late of Newport Township

11 March 1835

Appointment by the Post Master General – Benjamin SAYLOR, Post Master at Plainsville vice Samuel SAYLOR resigned

Committee report on Susquehanna Steam Navigation Co., building a steam boat nearly completed, at Owego. George J. PUMPELLY, Lathan A. BURROWS and Henry W. CAMP, Committee

House of Representatives, Feb. 28. Mr. BENNETT, on leave, presented the petition of Samuel SHOEMAKER and David MC CORMICK, of the state of NY, soldiers of the revolution, for relief.
March 2 – Mr. BENNETT & BIDLACK for an appropriation to improve the state road leading from the termination of Pennsylvania canal to Tunkhannock.
Mr. BENNETT, against an appropriation for making a towing path along the pool of the Nanticoke dam

Married – On the 22nd Jan., by Rev. G. W. RICHMOND, Morgan ALLEN to Miss LANE (no first name), both of Plymouth.

Married – By the same, Feb. 11th, Abraham DAVENPORT to Miss Mari-Ann PACE, both of Blindtown

Married – By the same, on 4th March, Eleazar ATHERTON Jr. to Miss Caroline CORBIN, both of Providence.

Married – By the same, March 5th, Jacob SNYDER to Miss Mary HOWARD, both of Blindtown

Register’s Notice of estates filed:
Polly HARDING and Isaac HARDING, admin’s of John HARDING
Abiel M. FELLOWS, admin. of George GOODWIN

18 March 1835

Democratic State Convention held at the Court House, Harrisburg, March 4th, all delegates listed including:
Bradford & Tioga: John L. WEBB, James FORD
Columbia: Daniel SNYDER, William COLT
Luzerne: Ziba BENNETT, B. A. BIDLACK
Pike & Wayne: G. H. GOUDIE, Daniel M. BROADHEAD
Susquehanna: Chas. CHANDLER Jr.
Susquehanna, Tioga &c: Benj. LATHROP

A meeting of the Luzerne County Temperance Society will be held at the Meeting House on Public Square, 7th April. Wm. L. BOWMAN, Sec’y.

25 March 1835

Died – Another Revolutionary Veteran. The Hon. Benjamin TALLMADGE died on 8th inst. at his residence in Litchfield, Conn. at an advanced age. He was an officer of great merit in the army of the revolution, and was for a long time a Representative in Congress from Conn.

A public meeting was held the Academy in Plymouth Township, Freeman THOMAS was called to the chair; John INGHAM and Hiram DRAKE were appointed Vice Presidents and Charles C. CURTIS, Secretary.

Died – Louisa, daughter of George and Abbey WILLIAMS, about eleven years old. On Monday, 16th, she was at school, but went home ill; on Wednesday she died, so malignant was the billious complaint, which medicine could not reach.

“Hark! They whisper – Angels say; Sister spirit – come away!”

Died – At Mill Creek, on the 10th inst., Helen, only daughter of John HOLLENBACK, aged about 4 years.

House of Representatives, March 11th. The bill supplementary to the act incorporating the Lackawanna
rail road company, passed a second reading.
March 12th: Mr. BIDLACK & IRISH, petitions from Luzerne and Northampton Counties, for permitting the
Beaver Meadow rail road company to extend their road below Mauch Chunk.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the first Monday in April to hear us and our creditors. William PRICE, Jacob E. TEETOR, Harman SAUNDERS, John W. PARKE, Wm. POWELL

1 April 1835

The account given by the Mobile Register of the execution of the murdered BOYINGTON, (NY Courier).

House of Representatives, March 16th: Mr. BENNETT, presented a petition from Elisha BLACKMAN an old soldier
Mr. BIDLACK, one from Rufus BENNETT an old soldier
March 19th: Mr. Bidlack, one from Wm. MOORE, of Luzerne Co., a soldier of the revolution praying for relief.
March 20th: Mr. BENNETT, presented a petition from citizens of Nicholson Twp., praying that the place of holding their general elections may be changed to the house of Nathan BACON.

Appointment by the Post-Master General. Daniel COLLINGS, Esq., to be Postmaster at Wilkes-Barre.

A horse was stolen in Bloomsburg on Thursday the 12th inst., by a man of the name of Alexander WENDALL, who passed through this place on his way northward on Friday morning after he had stolen the horse. He was pursued by Messrs. ROBINSON and BEIDLEMAN of Bloom, and was overtaken in Luzerne County, about 70 miles from where he had stolen the animal. He was brought through this place on Sunday last, with his hands and feet fastened with a strong cord. He appeared to be a man of good health, and every way capable of earning an honest livelihood. He moved with an air of self-importance, as if he was pleased with the situation he was placed in, yet his heart, no doubt, was secretly troubled. This is another warning to those who would not hesitate to participate in the same breach of the law. Berwick Gazette.

Attention! A meeting will be held at the house of G. P. STEELE, on Thursday evening next, at early candle-light, for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Brigade Inspector.

8 April 1835

Robbery of Mr. LIVINGSTON, the American Minister to France. His residence at Red Hook (formerly that of Mrs. Gen. MONTGOMERY – now Mrs. LIVINGSTON) was burglarized of all the valuable moveable it contained, to the amount of more than $2000. A large reward was offered by Mr. VANEUREN, agent for Mr. LIVINGSTON. The robbery was committed by Peter Z. MOORE, about 27 years of age, his father a highly respectable man, had moved out to the west, and left his large farm to his son, who was supposed to be doing a good business, and who, having married the daughter of Baltus WAGNER, of Red Hook, was considered very reputable. [See article for more on the robbery]

List of Letters Remaining at the Post Office at Plymouth, April 1st:
Ephraim R. KETTLE
Catharine MILLER
James OWEN
Freeman THOMAS
William WALTON

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, April 1st:
Alfred HINE
Thomas H. MUZZY
Mrs. Eunice PARKE
Nathaniel STARK
Caleb ROBERTS 2nd
Miss Lydia-Ann WILCOX

List of Letters Remaining at Pittston, April 1st:
Freeman MOORE

List of Letter Remaining in the Post Office at Plainsville, April 1st:
Benjamin SAYLOR, P. M.

Another Revolutionary Patriot Gone! Died – at his residence in Kingston, Luzerne County, near the scite of ‘Forty-Fort,’ so memorable in the tragic story of Wyoming, where he has resided for upwards of 50 years, Philip MYERS, Esq., in the 76th year of his age. He was a native of Frederick, Maryland. He joined the army under WASHINGTON and was in the Battle of Germantown.

A Democratic Meeting was held in the township of Tunkhannock, at the house of Moses ROBERTS, in the village of Tunkhannock, on 4th April Luman FERRY, Esqr, was appointed President; James KELLY Esq., Vice President; Washington STANSBERRY and Ziba SMITH, Secretaries. Committee appointed to draft a preamble and resolutions: Isaac VOSBURGH, John PHILLIPS, Doct. John V. SMITH, Nathaniel STARK, Ziba SMITH, Washington STANSBERRY, Andrew SICKLER, Homer S. FERRY, Elijah LEE, William POLEN, John JOHNSON, Samuel STARK 2nd, Isaac S. HIGGINS and Paul STARK.

A Democratic Meeting held at the Court House, Wilkes-barre, April 7th, for appointing delegates to the Lewistown Convention on May 6th, Col. Moses VAUGHN was appointed President, Fisher GAY, Esq., Benj. REYNOLDS Esq., Wm. SWETLAND and Lot SEARCH, Esq., Vice Presidents, Col. Harris JENKINS and George W. WILLIAMS, Esq., Secretaries. A committee from several township to draft preamble and resolutions:
Henry YOST Jr., Sugarloaf
Philip MEIXELL, Nescopeck
Philip KOONS, Huntington
John R. DEAN, Union
Watson BALDWIN, Lehman
Jared R. BALDWIN, Plymouth
Hiram DENISON, Kingston
Josiah ROGERS, Northmoreland
Daniel HARDING, Exeter
Ashbel LEE, Eaton
John WRIGHT, Monroe
Doct. J. KELLY, Tunkhannock
Miles AVERY, Falls
Thomas SMITH, Abington
James W. GOFF, Carbondale
Nathaniel COTTRILL, Providence
Samuel SAYLOR, Pittston
Isaac HART, Wilkesbarre

Bateman DOWNING, Hanover

Ziba BENNETT and Benjamin A. BIDLACK would be delegates to Lewistown Convention.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkes-Barre, April 1st:
Charles ADAMS
Burton ASKEM
William BRITTS
Edmund L. BABB
Joseph S. BARNES
George BEGGE
Samuel E. BOGS
Nathan CAREY
Cornelius CORTRIGHT Esq.
James CAIN
Comfort CAREY
Mrs. Mary DECKER or John
Elizabeth ELLIOT
Jesse FELL
William FOGG
Mary Magdalen LEADER
Mary Ann OGDEN
Thompson PRICE
Ann Maria PLUM
Poor Directors
S RAUB Jr. or
Robert SMITH
John C. SNOW
Arthur SMITH
Charles SMITH
Philander STEPHENS
Mary Ann SMITH
William A. ST JOHN
Philip SINE
Reuben M. TABER
Lucretia WOOD

New Assortment of Goods. A. H. EMLEY, Wilkesbarre

15 April 1835

The Jackson Courier & Democratic Advertiser has been established at Doylestown, Bucks Co., Pa., by Franklin S. MILLS.

The “Sea Serpent” has again been seen on his old cruising ground off Gloucester, Mass, last Saturday, blowing like a steam engine. The whole crew of Capt. SHIBLES, of the Moneganet Gloucester, states he was about 200 to 250 feet long and his motions like those of a snake and every time he put his head above water he made a noise like that of steam escaping from the boiler of a steamship. Pennsylvanian.

A meeting of Democratic citizens, of Dundaff and Clifford Township, convened on 31 March. Col. Gould PHINNY was chosen President, James COIL and Charles H. BELLS, Vice Presidents and Sanford ROBINSON and E. JOHNSON, Secretaries. Committee to draft resolutions: William JACKSON, S. JOHNSON, Dilton YARRINGTON, Benjamin BROWNELL, James CHAMBERS, J. B. SLOCUM, James WELLES Jr., Thomas P. PHINNY, Chas. MILLER, Jonathan BURNS and Samuel WESTON.

Notice. J. J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre, offers himself to the public as a candidate for the office of Brigade Inspector, in the Second Brigade, Eighth Division Pennsylvania Militia.

Brigade Orders of the Militia and Volunteers of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Div. Pa. Militia will parade for inspection in the following order:
Major A. SMITH’S Volunteer Batt. of Union Guards, on 11th May
Major M. M. DOWELL’S Volunteer Batt. of Columbia Guards on 12th
2nd Regt. Commanded by Col. G. MACK, on 13th
Major E. L. TRESCOTT’S Volunteer Batt., on 14th
Col. Wm. S. ROSS’S Regt. Of Volunteers on 16th
115th Regt. Commanded by Col. J. J. DENNIS, on 18th
1st Batt. of 115th Regt. Commanded by Col. M. VAUGHN, on 19th
Major Miles AVERY’S Volunteer Batt. of Invincibles, on 20th
Col. G. PHINNEY’S Volunteer Batt. of Washington Guards, on 21st
Volunteer Batt. of Northern Guards, lately commanded by Major G. M. LEE, on 22nd
Capt. A. H. AVERY’S Batt. on 22nd
1st Batt. 70th Regt. Commanded by Col. C. SKINNER, on 23rd
2nd Batt. on 25th
Wayne County Troop, commanded by Capt. L. GRAVES, on 23rd
76th Regt. Commanded by Col. J. WATROUS, on 26th
136th Regt. Of Volunteers commanded by Col. A. DIMOCK, on 27th
Volunteer Rifle Batt. commanded by Major L. C. KIDDER, on 29th
2nd Batt. of 116th Regt. Commanded by Col. J. ROGERS on 30th.

Stage House. Abram BIRD, having taken the well known stand, at the sign of the Stage, Pittston, formerly occupied by Asa PRATT, informs his friends and the public generally that he is now prepared to attend to such as may favor him with a share of their custom. His table will be furnished with the delicacies of the season. His bar will be well supplied with the choicest liquors of all kinds. And he flatters himself that none will go away dissatisfied, who may call upon him.

22 April 1835

Jacob KUTZ, Tailor, has removed his shop in Market Street, to the house lately occupied by Wm. WILLITS, three doors below Geo. P. STEELE’S Tavern.

Lumber Wanted to be delivered on the Canal Bank at Wilkes-Barre. Alexander GRAY

Estate of Philip MYERS, late of Kingston, requests payments and demands. John & Henry MYERS, Execs.

At a public meeting held at the house of Maj. J. PERKINS in New Troy, on 18th inst., for the purpose of recommending a suitable person to be supported for the office of Brigade Inspector, Wm. C. REYNOLDS was appointed Chairman, Wm. WILLETS and J. PERKINS, Vice Presidents and J. BREES, Secretary. The meeting recommended Col. Hiram DENISON, of Kingston.

The Trial Of LAWRENCE. The Globe of yesterday says that the trial of LAWRENCE commenced on Saturday morning. Mr. KAY made a speech principally as to the sanity of the prisoner. The jury retired at 6 P.M. and returned the following verdict in about ten minutes: “Not Guilty,” being of the opinion that he was under the influence of insanity at the time the act was committed.” The Court then remanded the prisoner to jail.

Blacksmithing. John G. FELL and George F. SLOCUM, have entered into Partnership under the Firm of FELL & SLOCUM, at the stand on the east side of Public Square, near the Court House, formerly occupied by Joseph SLOCUM.

29 April 1835

Appointment by the Governor. S. D. LEWIS, Esq., to be Justice of the Peace for the district of Kingston. He is well known as the Editor of the Wyoming Republican.

Military Election for the Enrolled Militia and Volunteers within the bounds of the 2nd Brigade of the 8th Division, Pennsylvania Militia, will be held on the first Monday of June next:
Volunteer Batt. of Union Guards, at house of John CHARLES, Sugarloaf Township
1st Batt. of 2nd Regt. At house of Jacob SLOYER, Nescopeck Township
2nd Batt. of said Regt., at house of John JONES, Berwick
Volunteer Batt. of Columbia Guards at house of _(no name)_ HILL, at Fort Jenkins’
Huntington and Union Volunteer Batt, at house of William KOONS, Huntington Township
1st Batt. of Wyoming Volunteer Regt., at house of Capt. Wm. H. ALEXANDER, Wilkesbarre
2nd Batt. of said Regt. At house of Samuel RANSOM, Plymouth Township
1st Batt. of 115th Regt., at house of Maj. O. HELME, Kingston Township
2nd Batt. of said Regt., at house of Col. J. J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre
1st Batt. of 116th Regt, at house of Nathaniel COTTRILL, Providence Township
2nd Batt. of said Regt., at house of Jesse LEE, Eaton Township
Invincible Volunteer Batt., at house of Jeremiah CLARKE, Abington Township
Volunteer Rifle Batt., at house of Maj. FASSETT, Windham Township
1st Batt. of Volunteer Regt. No. 136, at house of James W. BELKNAP, Harford Township
2nd Batt.of said Regt., at house of Daniel CURTIS, Montrose
1st Batt. of 76th Regt., at house of D. H. WADE, New-Milford Township
2nd Batt. of said Regt., at house of R. HINES, at Montrose Hotel
Volunteer Batt. of Washington Guards, at house of Benj. AYRES, Dundaff
1st Batt. of 70th Regt., at house of Thomas CLARKE, Canaan Twp.
2nd Batt. of said Regt., at house of Capt. J. C. RILEY, Lebanon Township
Volunteer Batt. of Northern Guards, at house of Frederick SWINGLE, Canaan Township.
Isaac BOWMAN, Inspector, 2nd Brigade, 8th Div. Pa. Militia.

Tunkhannock Bridge. Notice is hereby given to stockholders of the Company for erecting a Bridge over the river Susquehanna at the town of Tunkhannock, that an election will be held at the house of Homer S. FERRY, Tunkhannock, on 19th May next, to elect one president, six managers and one treasurer, for the ensuing year. Henry STARK, Ziba BENNETT, Luman FERRY, James KELLY, Morris ROBERTS.

Lost on 26th somewhere in Wilkes-Barre or on road from Wilkes-Barre to Kingston, a Silver Swiss Watch, with brass chain and key, with initials of “D. W.” on inside. Reward offered. Daniel WOODWARD, Kingston.

Lost on 24th somewhere between John JAMESON’S on the Easton and Wilkes-Barre Turnpike, or the streets of Wilkes-Barre, a calf-skin pocket book, containing several notes and four executions, drawn by Richard DRINKER Esq., and several receipts for land payments to H. W. DRINKER, and several other papers. Any person finding the same, and give information to Thomas J. EDWARDS, New Covington, shall be handsomely rewarded.

A Supplement to the Act to establish a General System of Education by Common Schools, passed the first day of April 1834. All Sections listed.

6 May 1835 (not on microfilm)

Military Meeting At Tunkhannock – At a meeting of enrolled citizens of the 116th Regiment Pa. Militia assembled at the Hotel of Capt. John MONTONYE, in the village of Tunkhannock on Saturday the 2nd May agreeable to notice. Capt. John MONTONYE was chosen President, Capt. Joseph TAYLOR Vice President and Ziba SMITH and F. E. HEISS were appointed Secretaries.
On motion of the committee consisting of Doct. John V. SMITH, William POLEN, Thomas OSTERHOUT, Ziba SMITH, Gurdon HEWETT, F. E. HEISS, Homer S. FERRY, Punderson AVERY, Moris ROBERTS and Isaac VOSBURGH was unanimously chosen to draft a preamble and resolutions expressive to the sense of the meeting.
That a committee of five be appointed to correspond with individuals in the different sections of this Regiment and other parts of this Brigade, in relation to the nomination of a candidate for the office of Brigade Inspector, the offices of Col. and Lieut. Co. of this Regiment, and the office of Major of the 2nd Battalion and make report to the next meeting. That Doct. James KELLY, P. M. OSTERHOUT, Henry STARK, Ziba SMITH and Theron MARCY, constitute said corresponding committee.

13 May 1835

Wanted Immediately by Dilton YARINGTON, Dundaff, an apprentice to the Blacksmithing business, a steady, industrious lad of good habits, from 15 to 17 years of age. Such a one would meet with a good opportunity to learn the trade, if application be made soon. For particulars, apply to John G. FELL, Wilkesbarre or Dilton YARINGTON.

Blacksmithing. Thomas WOODHOUSE and George EICKE, have entered into partnership under the firm of WOODHOUSE & EICKE, at the stand formerly occupied by Luke MOORE, three doors northeast of the public house of G. EICKE.

A Wind Up. Whitney SMITH intends to remove from this section of the country soon, requests all those in anywise indebted to him to make immediate payment. By complying with so reasonable a request, they will save cost, which must (as a matter of course) ensue, in all cases of delinquency, without respect to persons. Wilkes-Barre.

Orphans’ Court Sale, to be held 1st June next, for land in Salem Township, adjoining Wm. HARRIS, Matthias GARRSION, Conrad VARNER, Wm. MOORE, containing about 75 acres. Late estate of Jacob KLINETOB, dec’d. S. F .HEADLY, Attorney for the heirs.

Appointment by the Post Master General. A new Post-Office, called Blindtown, has been established in the township of Plymouth, and Rev. Geo. W. RICHMOND, Esq., appointed Post Master.

Democratic Convention for the nomination for President & Governor was held 6th & 7th inst., delegates for all counties listed, including:
Bradford: Dr. S. SAILSBURY, Dr. D. L. SCOTT
Columbia: John F. DERR
Luzerne: Ziba BENNET, B. A. BIDLACK
Wayne & Pike: Thomas FULLER
Tioga: Samuel WEEKS
The names of Martin VAN BUREN and Henry A. MUHLENBERG have been raised.

Wyoming Bank Directors have declared a dividend of four per cent on the capital paid in, for the last six months, payment will commence on the 16th inst. E. LYNCH, Cashier.

Notice. All persons having unsettled accounts with Robert JAMESON, are requested to call and settle, and those indebted to make payment. Will be sold at auction on 15th inst., at house of Robert JAMESON, 6 horses & colts, cows & young cattle, farming utensils and household furniture. A. THOMAS, assignee of Robert JAMESON.

Spring Goods and New Goods at the store of Isaac S. OSTERHOUT, Wilkesbarre.

20 May 1835 (not on microfilm – nothing found)

27 May 1835 (not on microfilm)

Married – On Wednesday evening, 13th inst., by Rev. John M’DOWELL, Asher MINER to Mrs. Thomazin H. BOYER, of Chester County.

3 June 1835

Lightning. A child of John LANDIS, of Manheim Township, was struck by lightning during the storm of Tuesday last. Though much burnt and otherwise injured, it is said that the child is in a fair way of recovery. Lancaster Examiner, of Thursday

William BREWER, has received from Philadelphia and now offers, perfumery, cologne water, lavender, hair powder, bears oil, shaving soap, etc. Also confectioneries, fruits and sweat-meats, oranges, dates, &c., for cash. Wilkesbarre.

Storage, Forwarding & Commission Business, late of the firm of HACKLEY & KNAPP, having taken the Store-House of Samuel HODGDEN, recently occupied by Geo. DIES, offers his services. G. F. KNAPP, Carbondale.

For Sale. Several Building Lots in borough of Wilkesbarre, adjoining the canal and one house & lot in borough. Also several tracts of Land in different parts of the county, a substantial saw mill with 534 acres and other species of property. Henry COLT, Wilkesbarre.

One Cent Reward. Runaway from Wm. SHOEMAKER, on the 5th inst., Dick WOOD, an indented apprentice to the carpentering business. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting him on my account.

Public Notice. The public are hereby cautioned against purchasing two notes, given by A. VANCAMP 2nd, to James R. SAGE, for he has received no value and will not pay them until compelled by law.

Married – In the city of New Brunswick, on 5th inst., by Rev. Joseph H. JONES, Charles C. P. ARNDT, Esq., of Green Bay, Michigan Territory, to Miss Catharine A. MARSH, of New Brunswick.

10 June 1835

Indian Cemetery. A singular cave was discovered a few days since, among the cliffs on the bank of the Ohio, nearly opposite Steubenville, when first opened was nearly full of human skeletons. Articles found indicate that they belonged to the aborigines of the country, and more than probable to the Mingoes tribe. Wheeling Gazette [See 8 July 1835]

High Constable’s Sale to be held 27th June, for colts and horse, taken up in pursuance of ordinance passed Sept. 1814, entitled an act to restrain horses from running at large in the borough of Wilkesbarre. To be sold for cash only by John M. KIENZLE, Wilkesbarre.

Died – In Lehman, on 26th ult, Ann Louisa, 13 month old daughter of John & Ann MAJOR.

Military Elections:
Dundaff: Brigadier General: ROSS (296)
Brigade Inspector: DIMOCK (154), MUMFORD (98), AVERY (44), DENNIS (6)
Montrose: Brigadier General: ROSS (20); JESSUP (43)
Brigadier Inspector: DIMOCK (69), WARTROUS (76), AVERY, (2), DENNIS (2)
Montrose Volunteer.

Military Elections:
Brigade General: DIMOCK (79), Wm. S. ROSS (37)
Brigade Inspector: Harry MUMFORD (116)
Wayne Co. Herald.

At a meeting of School Delegates from different township of Luzerne County, held 4th May, Sharp D. LEWIS, Esq., was chosen Chairman and John KOONS, Secretary.

John KOONS, Huntingdon
Shadrack AUSTIN, Union
John R. MOORE, Northmoreland
Daniel GOODWIN, Fairmount
J. W. BURNHAM, Carbondale
Samuel MAPES, Washington
Benj. F. BAILY, Abington
William SHAVER, Dallas
Jacob J. BORGARDUS, Lehmen
Daniel FROST, Windham
S. D. LEWIS, Kingston
Daniel SEAVER, Providence

At a meeting held the 27th May, Sharpe D. LEWIS, Esq., Chairman and John KOONS, Secretary. The following delegates were in attendance, viz?
Moses VAUGHN, Blakely
John MILLER, Greenfield
John KOONS, Huntington
John H. MOORE, Union
Jacob J. BOGARDUS, Lehman
Wm. SHAVER, Dallas
S. D. LEWIS, Kingston
Solomon MUNSON, Exeter
John R. MOORE, Northmoreland
Daniel FROST, Windham
Peter B. STURDEVANT, Braintrim
Earl MANCHESTER, Nicholson
J. W. BURNHAM, Carbondale
George SWALLOW, Pittston
Daniel GOODWIN, Fairmount

This meeting authorized the laying of a tax of Three Thousand Dollars, and if that sum should be found insufficient to entitle the county to the State appropriation to levy such sum as will be double the amount of such appropriation by the State tax. The next District meeting to be held first Saturday November next:
School House, Buck
Matthias OMSTEAD, Blakely
Daniel VAIL, Greenfield
E. EDSAN, Huntington
John A. HESS, Union
Clinton BROWN, Lehman
John JENKINS, Kingston
David P. SWAN, Exeter
Orange FULLER, Northmoreland
John FASSETT, Windham
Charles PHINNEY, Braintrim
Wm. FULLER, Nicholson
Mansion House, Carbondale
John SAX, Pittston

17 June 1835

Schedule, Graduating the duties on Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Foreign Merchandize, in Luzerne County, from 1st May 1835 to 1st May 1836:
6th Class: HOLLENBACK & RUTTER, Wilkesbarre
7th Class:
Kingston: William SWEATLAND & Co., Wm. C. REYNOLDS
Tunkhannock: H. STARK
8th Class:
Washington: James STERLING
Abington: Wm. CLARKE, N. D. GREEN, B. F. BAILEY, Ezra WALL
Windham: P. B. JENNINGS, Isaac Thomas, W. H. BARNES
Nicholson: Nathan BACON, E. S. ROBERTS
Carbondale: Geo. DIES, MAPES & MANN, Martin CURTIS, Pierson LAND & Co., A. B. HACKLEY, MOTT & Co., WHITE & GILLSPIE
Huntington: J. J. BOWMAN, Wm. KOONS, James BUCKALEW, Benjamin HARVEY, John KOONS
Northmoreland: Chester BROWN, Asa KEELER
Plymouth: C. A. REYNOLDS, & Co.
Union: Zerah MARVIN
Sugarloaf: Henry SEIBERT, Jacob DRUMHELLER, Geo. LANE & Co., BILHEIMER
Greenfield: John SHERMAN
Nescopeck: James LAMON, V. SEIWELL
Hanover: David THOMPSON, ESPY & Son, Silas ALEXANDER

24 June 1835 (not on microfilm)

The Tornado – On Friday afternoon last, our Valley was visited by a severe storm of wind, hail and rain, which we are sorry to learn has done much damage to the crops, fences, buildings and orchards, in different parts of the county.

1 July 1835

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 18th July, for equal undivided half parts of lot in Greenfield Township, on the headwaters of Tunkhannock Creek, being part of tract called Mount Hope, bounded by Robert TAYLOR, Archibald STEWART, containing 86 acres. A warrant from Commonwealth of Penna., dated 5 July 1774, granted to Robert TAYLOR, late estate of John TOMPKINS, deceased. Horatio TOMPKINS, Ad’mr.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the first Monday in August to hear us and our creditors. Ira ASH, Alvan DANA, James MC FALLS, Joseph TURNER, Webster M. STEWART

Celebration of American Independence. The Committee of Arrangement hereby gives notice that the Anniversary of the 4th July, will be celebrated at New Troy, near the Wyoming Monument on 4th inst. Plain and economical refreshments will be in preparation at an early hour, with a view to the accommodation of all who may see fit to partake of them. Fisher GAY, Wm. SWETLAND, Hiram DENISON, Erastus HILL, Harris JENKINS, W. C. REYNOLDS, G. P. STEEL, Samuel RAUB Jr., Wm. APPLE, G. W. WILLIAMS, Samuel SAYLOR, George SIVELLY, B. DOWNING, C. TUTTLE.

Committee of Correspondence, for Luzerne County, appointed by the Democratic State Convention at Lewistown:

Christian KUNCKLE
John R. DEAN
Charles BERRY
David DALE
William DRUM
Charles HAY
Thomas MYERS
Jacob KUTZ
Isaac HART

Military Election.
Miles AVERY, Brigade Inspector
Wm. S. ROSS, Brigadier General
2nd Regt.:
Jacob HELL, Colonel
David MIDDAUGH, Lieut. Col.
Samuel CREARY, Major 1st Batt.
John KINSLEY, 2nd Batt
70th Regt.:
John A. GUSTIN, Col.
William L. APPLEY, Lieut. Col.
Charles JAMESON, Major 1st Batt.
David SHERWOOD, Major 2nd Batt.
76th Regt.:
Samuel D. TOWNSEND, Col.
Harry LEACH, Lieut. Col.
Jared TYLER, Major 1st Batt.
Albert L. POST, Major 2nd Batt.
115th Regt.:
John JOHNSON, Col.
John W. LITTLE, Lieut. Col.
James ATHERTON, Major 1st Batt.
John VANDERMARK, Major 2nd Batt.
116th Regt.:
John MONTONYE, Col.,
Gilbert DUNNING, Lieut. Col.
Matthias ATHERTON, Major 1st Batt.
Myrtle G. BRACE, Major 2nd Batt.
136th Regt.:
Amherst CARPENTER, Col.
Davis D. WARNER, Lieut. Col.
John BLANKING, Major 1st Batt.
Thompson PERKINS, Major 2nd Batt.
Wyoming Volunteer Regt.:
Hendrick B. WRIGHT, Col.
George SCHLEPPY, Lieut. Col.
Milton CORTRIGHT, Lieut. Col.
Abid BALDWIN, Major 2nd Batt.
Washington Guards:
Benajah P. BAILEY, Col.
Leavered BACHELOR, 2nd Major
Volunteer Rifle Batt.:
Ira BALDWIN, Major
Invincible Volunteer Batt.:
James ROBERTS, Major
Huntington & Union Volunteer:
Edward L. TRESCOTT, Major
Volunteer Batt. Union Guards:
Abraham SMITH, Major
Columbia Guards:
Matthew MC DOWELL, Major
Northern Guards:
Harvey MILLER (no rank)

To Contractors. Proposals will be received at the office of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company at Mauch Chunk, until 16th July, to construct the Dams, Locks, Tow Paths, and other works necessary to form a complete Navigation along the Lehigh River, with at least five feet depth of water, between Mauch Chunk and the mouth of Quacake Creek, a distance of 9 miles. For plans and specifications of work, apply to E. A. DOUGLAS, the Engineer, or the Assistants on the Line. Josial WHITE, Chairman, Executive Committee of Lehigh Coal and Nav. Co.

For Sale. 35 Acres, being part of the Tract in the name of Enoch ROBERTS, Blakeley Township, on the line of Wayne County, near or upon the Luzerne and Wayne County Turnpike. Also 35 acres of Enoch ROBERTS, in the same neighborhood. John COBB, Agent.

Register’s Notices, of estates filed:
Jacob RICE, admin. of Jonah MC CLENNAN, late of Dallas Township
Frederick GRUBB, surviving exec., of Philip GRUBB, late of Newport Township

Reliance Fire Company. Members will meet at the Engine House on 4th July. John M. KIENZLE

For Sale Cheap, a good New Two Horse Wagon, also a Uniform Suit in the Wyoming Throop of Horse. B. DRAKE, Wilkes-Barre

8 July 1835

Indian Cemetery – Steubenville Herald. A cave at the base of the hill opposite this town, had been used as a burial place, which when opened containing about 40 or 50 skulls, fragments of stone pipes, flint arrow heads and pieces of pots or crocks made of a mixture of clay and shell. The cave is about 16′ in length, 6 or 8′ wide, and 5 or 6′ in height, and is entirely covered by a rock, the entrance into the cave is in the side of the rock and is about three feet in diameter, of circular shape. The cave has been visited by a large number of people, and considered probably that it had been used by the inhabitants of the Mingo village situated on or near Mr. CLARK’S farm, a short distance below, or that the bodies had been therein deposited after some hard fought battle in the vicinity. It is to be regretted that these last remains of the sons of the forest, have been so rudely seized and widely scattered. [See 10 June 1835]

Rail Road Accident. A sad accident happened on the Columbia Rail Road on Friday last. Just before the locomotive with its train of passenger cars arrived at Columbia, a cow was run over and immediately killed – but still worse, two of the cars were thrown off the track, by which Daniel MARTIN, a laborer of Columbia, who was standing on the side of one of them, was thrown on his head with such force as to cause his immediate death. Pennsylvanian.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkes-Barre, July 1st:
Rebecca AMES
Phineas CULVER
Philemon CLARK
Edward CARR
Celinda CAREY
Rev. Davis DIMMOCK
Joseph DUBS
Hermon L. EMMUNS
Joseph GERB
Patrick GILLIN
Miss Harriet HOLLAND
Matthias HAMER
Harriet N. HART

Register’s Notices of estates filed:
Andrew FELLOWS, exec., of Abial FELLOWS, late of Kalamazoo County, Michigan Territory
Jacob RICE, admin. of Jonah MC CLENNAN, late of Dallas Twp.

Notice – Taken up in Wilkes-barre borough, black horse. The owner may have horse by paying charges, if not taken away, he will be sold 9th July at the Pound to the highest bidder for cash only. John M. KIENZLE, High Constable

Military Meeting. We have received for publication the proceedings of a “large and respectable meeting of the enrolled inhabitants of the 71st Regt., 1st Brigade, assembled at the house of C. A. BROBST, Catawissa, recommending, Col. Joseph PAXTON, as a “suitable person to fulfil the duties of the office of Major General.” As the election takes place before our publication day, the proceedings are omitted.

Democratic Meeting of the Fourth of July At The Wyoming Monument. A large number of citizens of Kingston and its vicinity, met at the Wyoming Monument, under a bowery prepared through the liberality of Fisher GAY, Wm. SWETLAND and Erastus HILL, Esqrs., and sat down to an excellent dinner furnished by Mr. SAGUR, of New Troy. Rev. Benjamin BIDLACK, a revolutionary patriarch, who followed WASHINGTON from Bunker’s Hill to Yorktown, presided, assisted by Samuel CAREY, one of those who escaped the horrors of the Wyoming Massacre, and Valentine KEYZER, a democrat of ’98, as Vice Presidents. After the cloth had been removed the Declaration of Independence was read by H. B. WRIGHT, Esq., and the following toasts were drank with great spirit and unanimity. Individual toasts given by 1st & 2nd Vice Presidents, Fisher GAY, Z. BENNETT, Wm. APPLE, Jonathan MOOERS, G. W. WOODWARD, Henry COLT, Christian NAGLE, John BREESE, J. ATHERHOLD, D. COLLINGS, C. H. KINNARD, Payne PETTEBONE, H. B. WRIGHT, Bateman DOWNING, B. A. BIDLACK, J. R. DALRYMPLE, Jacob KUTZ, Samuel SAYLOR, James STARK, William SWETLAND, Andrew BEAUMONT, J. P. LECLERC, Erastus HILL, D. BALDWIN, S. P. COLLINS, James JONES, Geo. P. STEEL, James WILLIAMS, Wm. C. RIVES, F. VANFLEET, Henry CORTRIGHT, Stephen P. HILL

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, July 1st:
Peter BUTZ
Doct. B. A. BOUTON
Archibald DANA
Ebenezer & Gurdon CAMP
Miss Minerva HEISZ
Alfred HINE
Zebulon MARCY
William TAYLOR
Woodbury S. WILBER
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, July 1st:
Benjamin MENCH

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Plainsville, July 1st: John AARON, Wm. THOMPSON or Mr. THOMPSON, Benj. SAYLOR, P. M.

15 July 1835

Notice – Democratic Republicans of Luzerne County, are notified to meet at the Court House, Wilkes-Barre, 4th August next (Court week) at early candle light in the evening, to make arrangements preparatory to the next October Election. Wm. SWETLAND, Hiram DENISON, Daniel DEVENPORT, Samuel SAYLOR, Jacob KUTZ, Standing Committee

Died – Hon. Chief Justice MARSHALL died in Philadelphia on the 6th inst.

Union. On 4th a number of our citizens assembled at the house of Andrew SORBER for the purpose of raising a volunteer company. John R. DEAN, was chosen President, Ichabod SHAW, Esq., Isaac BENSCOTER and John HESS, Vice Presidents; Joseph MOSS Jr. and Jacob BENSCOTER, Secretaries. Toasts were given by: I. SHAW, Esq., Isaac BENSCOTER Sr., Powel WOLF, John HELL, J. R. DEAN, G. G. WANDLE, Andrew SORBER, Anthony BELLIS, John BOWMAN, Jacob BENSCOTER, Joseph MOSS Jr., Samuel HOWARD, Jacob WOLF, W. WOLF, John HESS, S. WOLF, Barnet SUTLIFF, Peter ADLEMAN, Joseph NEWEL, Peter SHAFER, Abraham KREMER.

Proceedings of a Meeting held, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre on 30th May, John JAMESON was appointed Chairman and Wm. J. STEPHENS, Secretary. A committee was appointed to raise by subscription, the necessary funds to procure a Clergyman of the Universalist order: A. C. PHILIPS Esq., Fisher GAY, Doct. James R. LEWIS and Lott BREESE of Kingston; Thomas B. WORTHINGTON, of Lehman; Caleb ATHERTON, of Plymouth; Zephaniah KNAPP, of Pittston; James W. GOFF, of Carbondale; Miles AVERY, Esq. and Henry OSTERHOUT of Falls; Daniel HARDING, Esq. and Gould WHITLOCK of Exeter; John FREEMAN and Elisha HARDING Esq., of Eaton; James KELLY Esq. and Joseph CAMP, of Tunkhannock; Solomon WHITCOME and B. C. BARNES, of Windham; Orrin D. W. C. ORCUTT and John EVANS, of Monroe; John JAMESON, John CHAHOON and John R. DALRYMPLE of Wilkesbarre.
Committee of general Correspondence: Wm. J. STEPHENS, Henry COLT, Thomas B. WORTHINGTON, A. C. PHILLIPS Esq.
Committee to draft a proper form for subscriptions: John JAMESON, Thomas B. WORTHINGTON, Henry COLT
Committee to prepare a suitable address for publication: Thomas B. WORTHINGTON, Wm. J. STEPHENS

B. S. WOOLVERTON, Danville, has just received New Burr Blocks

To Bridge Builders. Sealed proposals will be received until 15th August next, for erecting a Bridge across the River Delaware at Dingman’s Ferry, Pike County. Four hundred and seventy five feet long, on the Burrows plan. Danl. W. DINMAN, Prest. & Co., G. BROADHEAD Jr., Secretary

22 July 1835

Capture of Mormon Angel. A western paper has a curious account of a new adventure with the Mormons. Joe SMITH, the High Priest and Prophet of these fanatic vagabonds, was not long since upon his proselyteing expedition to Ohio, and to give more solemnity and eclat to his administration of his baptism, he gave notice that an Angel would appear on the opposite side of the river in which the ceremony was performed, as often as the rite should be repeated. Accordingly, whenever the baptism took place, a figure in white sure enough appeared upon the Bank of the Grand River, and continued there as long as the ceremony lasted. Some of the unbelievers, however, secreted themselves near the spot, and the next time it showed itself, his Ghostship, after several most unghost-like attempts to escape, and after a dunking in the river to which it was driven, was taken bodily possession of, when it was found upon examination to be nothing more or less than the Prophet himself.

Married – On Thursday evening last, by Rev. G. W. RICHMOND, Jabez H. JENKINS of Exeter, to Miss Mary LARNARD of the same place.

Married – On the 16th inst., by Rev. MAY, Edward L. M’SHANE, to Miss Martha TRACY, both of this village.

Northern County Farmer, new democratic paper established at Easton.

29 July 1835

Breach of Promise. Circuit Court – Thursday before his Hon. Judge EDWARDS. George G. BARNARD vs. John I. GAUL and Mary H., his wife, formerly Mary H. POWERS, now of the city of Hudson. This was an action for breach of a contract of marriage, made between the plaintiff, who is a respectable journeyman ornamental painter of this city and Mary H. POWERS. The damages were laid at $10,000. There was no tie of consanguinity that bound them together as relatives, but the marriage of the father of Mary H. POWERS to the aunt of Mr. BARNARD, as his second wife, about ten years ago; the plaintiff and Mary called each other cousins and cherished all the kindly feelings that the tie of blood enkindles. In Sept. 1832 he submitted to her proposals of marriage in writing and four days afterwards, her answer was in the negative, saying “With my present feelings, I cannot say that I will become your partner for life.” On the 28th she repented her rejection. Later she discovered or pretended to discover, that the violence of temper and repulsiveness of manner of the plaintiff were not such as to render their union happy, and she resolved to dissolve the connection. In April 1833 she agreed to become the wife of Mr. GAULT, and on 5 June 1833 the marriage was solemnized. On June 11th the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff for Damages of $1,000.

The annual meeting of the Luzerne County Temperance Society will be held in the Meeting house on public square on 6th August next. W. L. BOWMAN, Secretary.

To the Independent Electors of Luzerne Co., Elisha S. POTTER, Providence, offers himself as a candidate for Sheriff at the ensuing election.

Laborers take Notice! 100 stout able bodied men are wanted to work at the dam and lock No. 1 the first below, Wright’s Creek, on the Lehigh. Men are wanted who do not fear hard work, straw beds, and plain and substantial fare – to such immediate employment and good wages will be given. HACKLY & BLANCHARD.

Lost! On 27th inst. somewhere in the streets of Wilkesbarre, a note against John and George MOYER, to the amount of $111, about one-half of which was paid and endorsed on the back. Whoever returns the said note shall be liberally rewarded. John NAGLE, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Newton SMITH Jr., formerly of Blakely Township, did on the 22nd June last, execute to me an assignment of his property, real personal and mixed, for the benefit of his creditors as therein provided, and that I have in accordance with the Act of assembly in such case provided, files a schedule or Inventory of his property so assigned, and given security. All persons therefore indebted to him are requested to make immediate payment and those having claims to present their accounts legally attested to. Martin SMITH, Assignee.

5 Aug. 1835

Married – On Tuesday last, by Rev. STEM, Ovid F. JOHNSON, Atty. At Law, to Miss Jane, daughter of late James ALRICKS, Esq., all of Harrisburg.

Estate of John JAYNE, of Washington Township, requests payments and demands. John BUNNEL & Mary JAYNE, execs.

To Contractors. The Beaver Meadow Rail Road and Coal Co. will let on the 15th inst., 12 miles of grading, for their Rail Road on the Lehigh river. Morris HALL Jr., Sec’y.

Estray came to the enclosure of Andrew STEEL, Union Township, some time in May last, two heifers. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take them away.

Democratic Meeting held Aug. 4th, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, William SWETLAND, Esq., chosen President; Samuel VAIL Esq., Amzi WILSON Esq., Benj. REYNOLDS Esq., Harris JENKINS, John R. DEAN, John SLEPPY and Thomas IRWIN Esq., Vice Presidents. Daniel HARDING, Josiah ROGERS, William FELTON and Thomas SMITH, Esqrs., Secretaries. Committee of one person from each township to draft preamble and resolutions: Dr. BEDFORD, Bushrod CONNOR, Ambrose GAYLORD, James W. GOFF, David DALE, Joseph S. RYMAN, Forbes LEE, Lot BREESE, Miles AVERY, Wm. MOORE, Jonas HARTZEL, Joseph TUTTLE, Thomas O. BOGARDUS, John WRIGHT, Nathan KOKER, Josiah ROGERS, John SCHLEPPY, Geo. FELTON, Truman ATHERTON, Joseph GRIFFIN, Samuel SAYLOR, Andrew OXRIDER, Dr. Mason CRARY, H. STARK Esq., Lot SEARCH Esq., Wm. MYERS and A. BEAUMONT.
Persons appointed to committees of vigilance:
Sugarloaf: Henry SYBERT, Andrew OXRIDER
Nescopeck: Jonas BUSS, Philip MIXEH
Salem: Sebastian SYBERT, James CAMPBELL
Huntington: William KOONS, Jarius HARRISON
Fairmount: Chauncy BAKER, Jonathan PENNINGTON
Union: Jacob BENSCOTER, Andrew SICKLER
Newport: Michael GROVER, Jacob ROMBACH
Hanover: John FREDERICK, Bateman DOWNING
Plymouth: Charles C. CURTIS, Truman ATHERTON
Wilkesbarre: Luther KIDDER, James WILLIAMS
Kingston: Payne PETTEBONE, Chester TUTTLE
Dallas: Jacob MYERS, William SHAFER
Lehman: Oliver MC KEEL, John WHITEMAN
Monroe: John WRIGHT, John EASTWOOD
Exeter: Thomas HEADLY, Andrew LOOMIS
Pittston: Erastus SMITH, Benjamin SAYLOR
Eaton: Daniel LEE, James BROWN
Northmoreland: John A. WILLIAMS, Josiah ROGERS
Providence: Jacob R. BLOOM, William MERRYFIELD
Covington: Edward WARDELL Jr., John BEESUCKER
Blakeley: Moses VAUGHN, John COBB
Carbondale: Chester B. TUTTLE, Ezra WILLIAMS
Abington: N. D. GREEN, Stephen CAPWELL
Greenfield: William MOORE, Robert BERRY
Nicholson: William FELTON, Orrin l. HALSTEAD
Tunkhannock: Doct. John SMITH, Thomas OSTERHOUT
Washington: Willis LOTT, Abraham JAYNE
Braintrim: Nicholas OVERFIELD, Ezekiel MOWRY
Windham: Milo GAY, William MYERS
Falls: Alexander MC MILLAN, Giles FITCH
Correspondence Committee: Henry STARK, H. B. WRIGHT, Daniel COLLINGS, Thomas DYER, Luther KIDDER, G. W. WOODWARD, William APPLE, Ziba BENNETT, Geo. W. WILLIAMS, Joseph P. LECLERC, Fisher GAY
Standing Committee: Erastus HILL, William EGGLESTON, Dr. A. BEDFORD, Bateman DOWNING, Daniel HARDING

12 August 1835

Five Gamblers Hung Without Trial at Vicksburg. The house where they were gambling was broke open by towns-people, seized five men, dragged them to the public square, and hanged them. They posted sentries and gave notice that any person who approached them for 24 hours would be served likewise. All the money, a large amount, was piled upon a table before the suspended bodies, and the committee paid it away to all who could prove they had lost money at the house. Since the above was in type we have learned that Dr. BODLEY was murdered in the gaming house, after having won a considerable sum of money at the table, which was the original cause of this execution of the summary justice, or Lynch law as it is called. The persons executed were: Mr. NORTH (who kept the tavern), Dutch Bill (his bar-keeper), Samuel SMITH, Mr. CALLUM and Mr. MC CALL. Louisiana Advertiser.

Uncommon Circumstances. Middletown, Conn. Sentinel. Singular marriage. In the month of January 1817, Harry ROCKWELL and Esther NILES were united in bands of matrimony, by Rev. WEST, of East Hampton. In October 1817, business called him to Savannah, from which place he intended to return in about six months; but unforeseen circumstances prevented his return until the fourth of the present month – having been absent 16 years 8 months and 27 days. During his absence, Mrs. ROCKWELL obtained a bill of divorce; and a second time married. With her second husband she lived until his death, which happened March 12, 1831, and from that to the present time she has remained a widow. On Saturday the 4th inst., Mr. ROCKWELL arrived in Catham, East Hampton Society, and found her, that was once his wife, in the same house he left her in 1817; and on Thursday afternoon, the 9th inst., they were again united in the bands of matrimony, by Rev. LOPER, of Middle Haddam.

Piano-Fortes, Tuned and Repaired. J. G. HOUSTON, Wilkesbarre

Military Election:
Members of the 2nd Batt. of the Wyoming Volunteer Regt., will be held 17th inst., at the following locations:
Dallas & Plymouth Riflemen, at house of Truman ATHERTON
Plymouth Rifle Greens & Shawnee Rangers, at house of Mr. FULMER
Newport Riflemen, at house of John GROUVER
Abid BALDWIN, Major

Military Elections of the 2nd Batt., 115th Reg., to be held 17th inst., at the following locations:
1st Co., at house of John GROUVER, Newport
4th Co., at house of John NAGLE, Covington
5th Co., at house of J. J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre
6th Co., at house of Lewis HORTON, Hanover
7th Co., at house of John SOX, Pittston

Military Election:
1st Batt. Wyoming Volunteers, Aug. 3rd, at following places:
Wyoming Troop & Citizen Volunteers, at house of Capt. Wm. H. ALEXANDER
Wyoming Guards, at house of Col. Jacob J. DENNIS
Wilkes-Barre & Pittston Rifle Blues, at house of John SAX, Pittston
Milton COURTRIGHT, Major

Democratic Meeting held at the house of C. J. CHRISTEL, Aug. 10th, Sebastian SYBERT was called to the chair and Nathaniel COTTRILL & Harmon SURLES, appointed Secretaries. Committee to draft resolutions: David KROTZER, Joseph P. LECLERC, John HARNARD, Henry COLT and Jacob KUTZ

19 Aug. 1835

Removal. Mrs. N. S. DRAKE has removed her shop from her old stand on Market Street, to opposite the store of Ziba BENNETT on Main Street. She is now in Philadelphia procuring a new supply of articles in her line of business. Wilkesbarre.

New Store is now opening at the store-house recently occupied by Reuben HOLGATE, Esq., Stephen P. HILL, Kingston.

Democratic Meeting held on Tuesday evening, first week of August Court, Wm. SWETLAND, Hiram DENISON, Daniel DEVENPORT, Samuel SAYLOR and Jacob KUTZ were appointed a Standing Committee.

26 Aug. 1835

Declinations to be member of the Committee of Vigilance:
Jonathan DAILY, Northmoreland
C. RUMAGE, Hanover

Estate of Asa LEE, late of Eaton Township, requests payments and demands. Jesse LEE, admin.

2 Sept. 1835

Orphans’ Court Sale to be held 19th October, for land in Kingston Township, being part of lots # 39 and 40 in 2nd division, containing 10 acres, being same patented by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Ebenezer BOWMAN, Esq., by patent, 6 March 1815 and enrolled in Patent Book 1 Vol. 14 page 65. V. L. MAXWELL, Admin.

Bible Society for this County, held a meeting on 25th Aug. at the Methodist Episcopal Church, Wilkesbarre Borough, Rev. EBAUGH, of Carlisle, agent of the American Bible Society, gave the address. Rev. Selah STOCKING was appointed Chairman and John N. CONYNGHAM, Secretary. Officers appointed for the following year:. Rev. James MAY, President; Rev. John DORRANCE, Hon. David SCOTT, Oristus COLLINS and John N. CONYNGHAM, Vice Presidents; Volney L. MAXWELL, Secretary; Henry C. ANHAEUSER, Treasurer. Executive Committee: Dr. Lathan JONES, Edmund TAYLOR and William C. GILDERSLEEVE.

Notice. Democratic Citizens of Dallas Township, will meet at the house of Jacob MYERS, 19th September, to take measures for a WOLF chase. Wm. SHAVER and Jacob MYERS, Committee of Vigilance.

9 Sept. 1835

General Election will be held October 13th.

Appointment by the Surveyor General – Wm. H. ALEXANDER to be county surveyor for Luzerne, in place of Henry COLT, removed.

Declinations to be member of the Committee of Vigilance, C. L. TERWILLIGER

Married – In this Borough on Tuesday the 8th inst., by Rev. MAY, John KREIDLER, to Miss Lydia RANSOM, all of Plymouth.

18 Sept. 1835

An Agricultural Society. We are told that a number of the Enterprising Farmers of our Valley, are about to establish a society for the promotion of Agriculture – we are glad to hear of this undertaking, and wish it success commemorate with its importance.

Declinations to be member of the Committee of Vigilance, Jacob WOLF and John KLINETOB

Married – On Monday morning last, by Rev. John DORRANCE, John G. FELL to Miss Mary Ann OGDEN, all of Wilkesbarre.

Married – On Sunday morning the 6th inst., by James KELLY, Esq., Solomon BATES, of Tunkhannock, to Miss Sera ESTIN, of Washington.

Declinations to be member of the Committee of Vigilance, David TAYLOR, Nicholson Twp.

To Contractors. Proposal will be received at the office of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company at Mauch Chunk, until the 1st October next, to construct Dams, Locks, Two Paths, and other works necessary to form a complete Navigation along the Lehigh River, with at least five feet depth of water, between Quakeke Creek and Wright’s Creek, a distance of about 17 miles. For Plans and Specifications of the work, apply to E. A. DOUGLASS, the Engineer, or the Assistants on the Line. Josiah WHITE, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co.

22 Sept. 1835

The case of Joseph BLUNDIN, who was recently executed at Doylestown. (See article)

To Bridge Builders. Notice is hereby given that Sealed Proposals will be received at the Commissioners Office, Wilkesbarre, until 20th October next, for building the following bridges: One across the Nescopeck Creek about one-half mile above Nescopeck Forge, to be built of good materials and on the same plan of a bridge opposite BOWMAN’S mill, one mile below said creek, length about 110 feet. Also a bridge across Hunlock’s Creek in Union Township, with a pier in the middle of the creek of stone or timber to be put upon the old abutments made of good and sufficient materials, plank to be 3 inches thick, about 60 feet. T. MYERS, Clerk.

A large Democratic meeting was held at the house of Wm. MYERS, 19th September, Windham Township, Wm. MYERS was chosen President and E. HINKLEY, Secretary. Seth L. KEENEY Esq., was chosen the delegate to meet delegates from several townships in the county, at the house of Philip MYERS, Kingston, dec’d, on 22nd present month.

A large meeting was held in Exeter Township at the house of John OLIVER, on 19th of Sept., Capt. Artrmidorus INGERSOLL, a soldier of the revolution was appointed President, assisted by Maj. E. GOBLE and Joseph W. ROGERS Vice Presidents and William Jenkins and Lord JONES, Secretaries. Committee to draft preamble and resolutions: Harris JENKINS, Daniel HARDING, John BALDWIN Jr., M. N. INGERSOLL, Charles CHAPIN, Andrew LOOMIS, Joshua SWARTWOUDT, Isaac SMITH and Timothy GOBLE. That Capt. Lot BREES, Capt. Timothy GOBLE, Lewis CULVER, Joshua SWARDWOUDT, John BALDWIN Jr. and Wm. DYMOND, together with T. HEADLY Esq. and Andrew LOOMIS be a committee of vigilance.

A meeting of Democratic republicans of Nicholson Township, met at the house of Wm. FINN, on 19th inst., Andrew R. BACON was called to the chair, assisted by Wm. STEPHENS and William SMITH as Vice Presidents and Eli N. BACON and John F. DEPUY Jr., Secretaries. Committee to draft resolutions: Orrin L. HALLSTEAD, Wm. STEPHENS, A. TUTTLE, Andrew R. BACON, Geo. PRATT, J. F. DEPUY Jr., Stephen CARPENTER, Wm. SMITH, J. BRAGEE, Josiah G. KENNEDY, Eli N. BACON, Wm. FELTON.

At a meeting of Democratic citizens of Dallas, at the house of Jacob MYERS, Sept. 19th, James SHAVER was called to the chair and Hervey WORDEN appointed Secretary. Committee to draft preamble and resolutions: Jacob MYRES, William SHAVER, Conrad KUNKLE, Joseph ANDERSON, William C. ROUSHEY, Joseph S. RYMAN, Edward P. ONLEY and Simon SPENCER.

30 Sept. 1835

A meeting of democratic citizens of Kingston was held at the School house near Mrs. CARVERS, on 26th Sept. Joseph MONTONYE Sen. was chosen President. Daniel HEFFT, Jacob FRANTZ, Isaac CARVER and Abel MUNSON, Vice Pres’ts. James R. LEWIS and Joseph MONTONYE Jr., Secretaries. Committee to prepare preamble and resolutions: William C. HAGAMAN, Samuel HEFFT, Hiram SWETLAND, Jonas FRANTZ, Hiram MONTONYE, Jacob ATHERHOLT, Solomon FRANTZ, Charles SMITH, John LOUNDENBURG, Charles HEFFT, Samuel CARVER 2nd and Samuel DAVIS.

A large meeting of Democratic citizens of Union Township was held 19th inst., at the house of Andrew SORBER. Ichabod SHAW, a soldier of the Revolution was called to the chair and John R. DEAN was appointed Secretary. Committee of Vigilance for the township: Samuel WANDELL, Isaac BENSCOTER, Barnard SUTLIFF, Andrew STEEL, George G. WANDEL, Anthony BELLES, S. DAVENPORT, Andrew SORBER, Asiel WANDELL, Benjamin MOSS, Michael BIRD, John HESS, Jacob VANORMAN, Joseph MOSS Jr., Adam MORTE, Levi ARNOLD, H. W. MUCHLER, Garret SCOTT, John HARNED, John A. HESS, Samuel DODSON.

Register’s Notices of estates filed:
David SCOTT and William HANCOCK, admins., of Jonathan HANCOCK, late of Wilkesbarre Borough
Huldah HARRISON, exec., of Stephen HARRISON, late of Huntington Township
Nathan CAREY and Elias CAREY, admins. of Benjamin CAREY, late of Hanover Township

Democratic Citizens of Luzerne County. I am not a candidate for Sheriff. Bateman DOWNING, Hanover.

Luzerne County Democratic Delegate Convention, held at the house of the late Philip MYERS, Kingston, on the 22nd, William SWETLAND, was chosen President; Seth L. KEENEY and Geo. W. WILLIAMS, Vice Presidents and Amzi WILSON and N. D. GREEN, Sec’ys. The following took their seats:
N. D. GREEN, Abington
John COBB, Blakeley
Ezekiel MOWRY, Braintrim
Amzi WILSON, Carbondale
William MALLERY, Covington
Jacob MYERS, Dallas
Philip LEE, Eaton
Thomas HADLEY, Exeter
Giles FITCH, Falls
Henry TAYLOR, Greenfield
John MENSCH, Hanover
William KOONS, Huntington
William SWETLAND, Kingston
John EASTWOOD, Monroe
Abram FERGUSON, Northmoreland
Peter FITZGERALD, Newport
Andrew R. BACON, Nicholson
Jonas BUSS, Nescopeck
Charles C. CURTIS, Plymouth
Erastus SMITH, Pittston
Jacob R. BLOOM, Providence
Phineas SMITH, Sugarloaf
Isaiah LONGSHORE, Salem
John SMITH, Tunkhannock
Jacob BENSCOTER, Union
Seth L. KEENEY, Windham
Thomas P. MEEKER, Washington
George W. WILLIAMS, Wilkesbarre

Benjamin A. BIDLACK, was unanimously chosen one of the candidates for Assembly. After the fifth ballot, Thomas SMITH, was chosen to be another gentleman for member of the Legislature. Thomas MYERS, for Sheriff; Maj. John FASSETT, for Commissioner; George P. STEELE, for Auditor.
Committee to draft address: Amzi WILSON, George W. WILLIAMS, N. D. GREEN, Charles C. CURTIS, William SWETLAND.

Register’s Notice of estate filed:
Valentine SEIWELL, admin. of Henry WINTEN, late of Sugarloaf Township

William TOMPKINS against the field, encouraged by the dissatisfaction of all parties as to their candidates for Sheriff, is induced to offer himself as a candidate for that office. He by no means wishes to compell any of his friends to vote for him, and in this respect he flatters himself that he is distinguished from his opponents. If he only received the votes of those who are dissatisfied he will be content, feeling assured that they will elect him. It may also be necessary to observe that he is a true republican.

7 Oct. 1835

Notice – Rev. Thomas J. CROWD, will preach in this borough on Sunday the 11th inst. at 11 o’clock A. M. and at New Troy the same day at 3 o’clock P. M.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, Oct. 1st:
Jacob K. BROWN
Ebenezer CAMP
Esther EARL
Samuel W. EARL
Thadius FERRE
Royal GROW
William F. JONES
Thomas T. SLOCUM
Rachel WOOD
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, Oct. 1st:
David RACE
Dr. Nathaniel GIDDINGS

List of Letters, Remaining in the Post Office at Plainsville, Oct. 1st:
Malinda KEYZER

Preamble and Resolutions of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation Co., were adopted at Philadelphia, Sept. 21st. Edwin WALTER 2nd, Sec’cy.

The Bank Anti-Masonic Ticket:
Governor: Joseph RITNER
Assembly: James NESBITT Jr., Richard DRINKER
Sheriff: Eliphalet A. BULKELEY
Commissioner: E. WADSWORTH Jr.
Auditor: Jesse HARDING

Bank Caucus Anti-Reform Ticket:
Governor: George WOLF
Assembly: George M. HOLLENBACK, Jacob DRUMHELLER
Sheriff: Oliver HELME
Commissioner: Frederick F. BAILY
Auditor: Wm. S. JAYNE

Fatal Accident. On the 22nd ult, John BIRMINGHAM, a laborer was killed instantly upon the Coal Brook Rail Road near this village – the cars on this Road descending by their own gravity, and while a loaded train was getting under way, he ran before the forward car and in the attempt to get on at that place his foot slipped and he fell, the wheels of the forward car passed over his body.

Zephaniah KNAPP, Esq., Pittston, has left at our office several stalks of Timothy, measuring 5 feet 6 inches in length – he had upon his farm several acres of this extraordinary Timothy. He has also left with us a sunflower measuring 18 inches across.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed October 31st to hear us and our creditors. John MURPHY, Jasper BILLINGS, Felix HOOVER, Jacob FERTICK

14 Oct. 1835

Look Here. Property in Borough of Wilkesbarre, occupied by Thomas H. MORGAN is now offered for sale at a very low price. The property fronts on Bank and Franklin Streets and contains between 3 and 4 acres, with large dwelling house, out houses, &c. Henry COLT, Agent.

Murder at Dubuque. Woodbury MASSEY, a merchant of that place, was shot dead on the 7th inst., by Capt. Wm. B. SMITH and his son. SMITH shot first and his son immediately afterwards. MASSEY’S hand being raised the ball passed through it, entered his left breast and lodged in his right side. The parties were engaged in a law suit, in which MASSEY had the better, after which SMITH was frequently heard to threaten his life. When he had shot MASSEY, he immediately gave himself up to the civil authorities, but his son tried to escape and was shortly after taken. Each are lodged in jail. Mr. MASSEY was buried the next day, leaving a wife and four children.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, Oct. 1st:
Burton ASKAM
Lucius AYRES
Miss Sabina BORROTT
Washington J. DENNIS
Rev. John S. EBAUGH
John ESPY & Son
William FREY
George GEALE
Miss Mary HUNTER
Samuel HOW
Catherine HAMMEN
Mr. HOYT (surveyor)
Elizer C. HORTON
Joseph IRVIN
Samuel JONES
Edward JONES
William P. JOHNSON
Ephraim H. KITTLE
Joseph J. LEWIS
Permelia MULFORD
Phineas PITT
Thankful POST
Thomas PARRY
Miss Isabella RUDOLPH
Miss Jane O. SPEECE
Mrs. Martha STOUT
Samuel STARKES Jr.
George W. SOUTH
Richard SHARPE
Priscilla STUART
Patrick WARD
Matthew WATSON or
William WENTZ
Edward WADE
Charles E. YOUNG Jr.

Lumber Wanted by A. GRAY, Agent, Wilkesbarre

Boatmen Wanted. Employment will be given to Boatmen to take coal from the Coal Brook Mines at Wilkesbarre, to Columbia, the boats will be loaded from a shute, and when arrived at Columbia are to be left there. A. GRAY, Agent, Wilkesbarre

To Miners. Proposals will be received by the subscriber for the mining of coal, in the Coal Brook Mines near Wilkesbarre. A. GRAY, Agent, Wilkesbarre.

Two Hundred Hands Wanted, immediately to work at Dan and Lock No. 1 on the Lehigh – wages $16 per month. HACKLY & BLANCHARD, Whites-Haven.

21 Oct. 1835

Gun Makers Wanted. Fifteen or Twenty good journey men Gun-Makers will find constant employment and good wages, on application. Jacob FORDNEY, Rifle Manufacturer, Lancaster City, Pa.

5000 Laborers Wanted. The above number of steady and industrious laborers are wanted on the upper grand section of the Lehigh Navigation, for the construction of dams, Locks, &c., on the River Lehigh, for which the highest price will be given and prompt pay. The commencement of the improvement is about 15 miles from Wilkes-Barre, in the county of Luzerne, and thence extending down the River Lehigh. The country is very healthy and water pure, perhaps it is not surpassed in this respect, by any other country on earth.

Notice. C. L. HARRINGTON, here by gives notice that all persons indebted to him either by note or book account, that unless they call immediately and pay up, he shall place them in the hands of an Attorney, for collection. Also that his whole stock of goods are now offered for sale at cost, as he expects to close his business in Wilkesbarre immediately.

Official Statement of votes polled in the County of Luzerne, October 13th:
Governor: Henry A. MUHLENBERG (1886), Joseph RITNER (1488), George WOLF (618)
Assembly: Benjamin A. BIDLACK (1995), Thomas SMITH (1873), James NESBITT Jr. (1948), Richard DRINKER (1152), Jacob DRUMHELLER (820), George M. HOLLENBACK (91)
Sheriff: Thomas MYERS (1896), Eliphalet A. BULKELEY (1450), Oliver HELME (799), Elisha S. POTTER ( 371), George EICKE (317), William TOMPKINS (234)
Commissioner: John FASSETT (1911), Benjamin F. BAILEY (676), E. WADSWORTH Jr. (1268)
Auditor: George P. STEELE (2002), Jesse HARDING (1570), William S. JAYNE (248)

Forgery! On Friday evening last, after the last paper we issued before the election, was printed and circulated, John FRUIT, Esq., P. M. at Jerseytown in this county, arrived in Danville with two copies of a forged letter that came to the Jerseytown post office on Friday, one directed to Abraham WELLIVER and the other to Jacob SWISHER Esq. They were postmarked Harrisburg, Oct. 6th, as appeared by the Post-bill accompanying them, signed by James PEACOCK, a Wolf post-aster and a member of the Wolf Central Committee of Correspondence. (See article for letters) $500 Reward offered for author or authors of the forged letters. Danville Intelligencer.

Wyoming Bank. Election of thirteen Directors to serve for the ensuing year will be held at the banking house, on 16th Nov. A general meeting of the Stockholders will be held on 3rd November next. Edw. LYNCH, Cashier.

28 Oct. 1835

Pennsylvania Legislature (all counties listed)
Luzerne & Columbia: Uzal HOPKINS
Susquehanna, Bradford & Tioga: Almond H. READ
Northampton, Lehigh, Pike & Wayne: Peter NEWHARD, Peter S. MICHLER
House of Representatives:
Northampton, Wayne & Pike: John HUTSON Jr., Isaac STOUT, Charles E. WEYGANT, Nathaniel A. WOODWARD
Columbia: John F. DERR
Luzerne: B. A. BIDLACK, James NESBITT Jr.
Susquehanna: Bela JONES
Bradford & Tioga: D. BULLOCK, Henry MYERS

4 Nov. 1835

Married – On Thursday the 29th ult, by Rev. MAY, Matthias H. LANING to Miss Ann OVERTON, all of Wilkesbarre.

Married – In Wilkes-Barre, on Tuesday morning the 13th ult., by Rev. James MAY, Luther KIDDER, Esq., Atty. of Law, to Miss Martha, daughter of Hon. David SCOTT.

Married – On Sunday the 18th inst., in Carbondale Township, by Amzi WILSON Esq., Henry DINGS to Miss Nancy, daughter of Solomon DEPUY

Married – At Greenfield on the 11th inst., by John LOURY Esq., William BECHANON to Miss Elizabeth WALLACE

Estray, dark brown colt, came into the enclosure of Ambrose GAREY, Windham, some time in the month of October last. The owner is requested to come forward and prove property, pay charges and take him away, otherwise he will be disposed of according to Law.

11 Nov. 1835

Gilbert DUNNING, of Providence Township, has sent to our office a turnip, which weighs more than 13 pounds and measures one foot in diameter or three feet in circumference!

To the Public. The accounts for Subscriptions to the Susquehanna Democrat from the first of April last, are assigned to the Publishers of the Republican Farmer, to who our establishment has been sold. All those who know themselves indebted to said establishment for Advertising and Job work, are invited to settle the same with the late publisher of said paper. James RAFFERTY, Wilkes-Barre.

Dentist. Dr. KNAPP, of Baltimore, has taken a room for a short time at the Phoenix Hotel (ALEXANDER’S) where he will wait upon all who may require his professionals services. He will insert the Siliceous, Metallic, Human and Porcelain Teeth, from one to entire set. Artificial Eyes nearly inserted, so as to move in unison with and imitate toe natural living Eye.

Notice. Strayed from John SEARLE, Wilkesbarre Township, a two year old steer and bull. Any person shall be liberally rewarded that will give information where they are.

Wyoming Hotel, GIULINI & GROSHOLZ, most respectfully inform the Public that they are now in possession of the old, well known and commodious Tavern Stand, formerly occupied for a number of years by Charles J. CHRISTEL, on Main Street, Wilkes-Barre.

Isaac GRAY, Fashionable Tailor, Franklin Street, Wilkes-Barre

New Arrangement. The proprietors of the Farmer having purchased the Establishment of the Susquehanna Democrat, and the accounts for subscription to the same, since first of April last, the Farmer will be sent to all who are subscribers to the Democrat for the current year, upon the terms containing in that paper. Those who were subscribers to both papers, will of course receive only one copy and pay for only one, from this date.

Highway Robbery. At the late session of the Court in this County, James DICKINSON was tried on a charge of robbing from the person of a colored man, by the name of WRIGHT. The offence was alleged to have been committed on the Turnpike leading over the mountain from Beaver Meadow to Conyngham, in this county. The Jury, after retiring for a time, returned a verdict of not guilty, and the prisoner was consequently discharged.

The Hon. A. BEAUMONT has left at this office to keep company with the mammoth Turnip, a Radish raised by him this summer, measuring 13 inches in circumference and 22 in length.

Democratic VAN BUREN and JOHNSON Meeting, held at the Court House, Wilkesbarre on 3rd November. Moses OVERFIELD, President; Ziba BENNETT, John R. DEAN, Thomas SMITH, Fisher GAY, John MILLER, Vice Presidents. Harman SEARLES, J. W. GOFF, Secretaries.
Committee to draft resolutions:
Dr. BEDFORD, Abington
Dr. MINER, Wilkesbarre
Daniel HARDING, Exeter
John SMITH, Tunkhannock
Bateman DOWNING, Hanover
Ashbel LEE, Eaton
William LABAR, Pittston
Samuel WANDELL, Union
Miles AVERY, Falls
John MYRES, Wilkesbarre
L. FERRY, Tunkhannock
O. L. HALLSTEAD, Nicholson
John LOWREY, Greenfield
William HANCOCK, Kingston
Samuel FERRIS, Blakeley
Moses OVERFIELD, Braintrim
John FASSETT, Windham
A. BEAUMONT, Wilkesbarre
W. A. MERRITT, Wilkesbarre
W. MERRYFIELD, Providence

18 Nov. 1835

Wanted immediately, an apprentice to the Coach Making business. One between the age of 15 to 17 who can come well recommended will meet with good encouragement. George A. DAVIS, Wilkesbarre.

Cautionary Notice. All persons are hereby cautioned against purchasing a note given by me to Charles FULLER and Merritt SLOCUM, for fifteen dollars, which note was given February 20th, 1833, payable in nine months from the ensuing date, as the individual, William PETERSON, who now holds it, is indebted to us an equal sum. Isaac PETERSON, Isaac PETERSON Jr., Exeter.

25 Nov. 1835

A meeting of the Farmers and Agriculturalists of Luzerne County was held at the house of Col. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre, Nov. 9th. Col. Benjamin DORRANCE, was called to preside, Cornelius CORTRIGHT and Jas. D. STARK, Esqrs. Appointed Vice Pres’ts, and William B. SCOTT, Secretary. Charles MINER, Charmin of the Committee to prepare a Constitution, reported. The following were chosen officers for the ensuing year: President: Wm. Sterling ROSS; Vice Presidents: James STARK, Pierce BUTLER, Charles DORRANCE, A. C. LANNING, William CHURCH. Directors: Nicholas OVERFIELD, John BUTLER, James HANCOCK, Samuel WADHAMS, Josiah T. BEACH, Milton CORTRIGHT, Philip MIXELL, Andrew LEE, Benj. HARVEY, John BENNETT. Secretary: George F. SLOCUM Treasurer: Wm. B. SCOTT. A committee to draft and publish an Address: Andrew BEAUMONT, Elias HOYT, Charles D. SHOEMAKER, Miller HORTON, Charles MINER.

Estate of Charles RUPERT. The Orphans’ Court has appointed Volney L. MAXWELL, Wilkes-Barre, to attend to business at his office on Dec. 19th, where all persons interested may attend if they choose.

Estate of Jacob ROMAGE Sen., late of Hanover Township, requests payments and demands. Conrad and Jacob (Jr.) ROMAGE.

The partnership heretofore existing between George LANE, of Wilkesbarre, and Daniel STILES, of Sugarloaf, is hereby dissolved by mutual agreement.

Married – In Dallas, on the 9th inst., by T. IRWIN, Esq., Isaac HAWK, of Kingston Twp., to Miss Julian KIRKENDALL, of Dallas.

Married – On the 12th inst., by same, Nathaniel SCHOOLEY, of Kingston, to Miss Mary SALERS, of N. Jersey.

2 Dec. 1835

Trial of Abner KNEELAND, who was convicted of blasphemy, about two years since in the Municipal Court, and who subsequently appealed to the Supreme Court, where in two instances, the jury were unable to come to a decision, was yesterday brought inability, after an able and humitious charge delivered the day before by Judge WILDE. The defendant recognized for his appearance in the sum of $400. Of 48 petit jurors, who have listened to the case, 46 have been in favor of the verdict, which was yesterday rendered. Bost. Atlas.

Prisoners Escaped. The Jail of Washington County, Pa., was broken open by forcing a passage through the roof & 4 prisoners escaped the reform, on the night of the 5th inst. Their names are Alfred and William KELLEY (convicted on an aggravated case of assault and battery), Joseph FREDERIC and Hugh M’COMBS, for larceny.

Wm. DUCHER, of Wayne County, Pa., Post Master, was lately arraigned for breaking open and purloining letters from the mail, to which he plead guilty, and was sentenced to the Penitentiary for two years. A few days after his sentence, and before he had got sight of the Penitentiary, the President of the United States pardoned him. He was not a Post Master – but the Proprietor of the state house at which the mail was deposited over night for the greater convenience of the state. He was, until the late unfortunate occurrence, considered one of the most honest, respectable and upright men in the county in which he lived. He had a wife and family of small children who possessed no other earthly means of support than the daily exertions of their parent. Some petitions from the most respectable and influential of all parties, from the county in which he lived, were forwarded asking for his pardon. Berwick Gazette.

Jacob BUCHER, tried last week in Carlisle, for the murder of Frank SALTZMAN, on the second of January, was acquitted, and is now at liberty.

Register’s Notices that have been filed:
Christian GRUVER and Barbary ESHELMAN, admin’s of Daniel ESHELMAN, late of Wilkesbarre
Calvin STOCKBRIDGE, admin. of Henry DILMON, late of Pittston
Miles AVERY, one of exers. of Cyrus AVERY, late of Tunkhannock
Luman FERRY, one of admin. of Elijah AYRES, late of Exeter Township
Valentine SEIWELL and Martin RITTENHOUSE, admin’s, of Charles RUPERT, late of Sugarloaf Twp.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held Jan. 2nd, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre:
1) Land in Dallas Twp., being part of Lot. #5, containing 95 acres, heretofore conveyed by William HUNT to Peter RYMAN (being same tract conveyed by William HUNT to Abraham THOMAS and by Abraham THOMAS to Thomas F. WOOSTER, by deed dated 18 Nov. 1833, Luzerne Deed Book 29:512) Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel PARKER against Thomas F. WOOSTER
2) Land in Blakeley Township, bounded by Calvin BARBER, John FERRIS, containing about 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William EGGLESTON & Co. against Isaac FERRIS
3) House & Lot, Wilkes-Barre Borough, bounded by Canal or Union Street, Johnson HEWS, Ziba BENNET, containing _ acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ziba BENNETT against Gorton GRAVES.
4) Land in Fairmount Township, bounded by turnpike road leading from Berwick to Towanda, known by name of Gad SEWARD’S Old Tavern Stand, adjoining lands of SEWARD and BUCK, containing 25 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jacob MAYLAND & Co. against John KOONS
5) Land in Fairmount Township, bounded by Enos HORN, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Charles J. CHRISTEL against Calloway HARVEY & Harman HARVEY
6) Land in Providence Township, bounded by main road leading through Providence, James GRIFFIN, Nathaniel COTTRILL, containing 207 perches. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Nathaniel COTTRILL against Orry BURNS
7) Land in Greenfield Township, part of a tract originally surveyed to Christopher PAUL, containing 93 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of PHELPS & BAILEY against Hiram STARK.
8) Land in Blakeley Township, bounded by Calvin BARBER, John FERRIS, Lackawanna River, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Francis HULL against Isaac FERRIS

Estray Bull came to the enclosure of Henry BROWN, Wilkesbarre Township sometime in August last. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take him away.

Estray – 4 heifers came to the enclosure of Isaac PETERSON, Exeter, some time about middle of October. The owners are desired to take away after proving property and paying charges.

9 Dec. 1835

Sheriff’s Sales to be held Jan. 2nd, at Court House, Wilkesbarre:
1) Land in Lehman Township, bounded by John HOLLENBACK, Ephraim KING, John PIERCE and MAJOR, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of GAYLORD & REYNOLDS against Timothy IDE
2) Land in Braintrim Township, bounded by Christian CROSS, Samuel STURDEVANT, containing about 11 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of T. & J. MORELY against Samuel WILSON.
3) Land in Kingston Township, bounded by David GOODWIN, Samuel RAUB, Jacob I. SHOEMAKER, Samuel BREES and Jonathan MOORES, containing about 4 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William SWETLAND against Abram BIRD
4) Land, called “Hope,” in Pittston Township, being part of Lot #53, in 1st division, bounded by Lackawanna Creek, William SMITH, containing 52 acres. Also a tract in same township, No. 70, bounded by No. 36 now occupied by Stephen DECKER, containing 85 acres (according to official survey). Which last tract No. 70, Joseph MARCEY, of Salem, Wayne County and Delilah, his wife, by deed 10 Aug. 1831, recorded Luzerne Co. Deed Book 20 page 235, granted and conveyed to Ebenezer MARCEY, in fee, and the first above lot No. 53, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, by Patent, dated 5 Jan. 1808, enrolled in Patent Book 60 page 98, granted and confirmed to Ebenezer MARCY, in fee. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joseph J. ANDREWS against Ebenezer MARCEY

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the first Saturday in January to hear us and our creditors. Newton SMITH Jr., John LITTLE, Francis ARGUE, Thos. CLARK, John BABCOCK

Married – In this borough on Thursday evening last, by Rev. J. SNYDER, G. R. WALDRON, senior Editor of the Hamilton Courier, Madison Co., NY, to Miss Mary Elizabeth CRISMAN, recently of Pittsburg, Pa.

Easton & Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company Stockholders election, will be held at the house of Archippus PARRISH, Wilkesbarre, first Monday of January next.

Register’s Notices that have been filed:
Henry OPLINGER, exec. Of John BALLIOT, late of Sugarloaf Township
Henry OPLINGER, Admin. of Christian WENNER, late of Sugarloaf Township
Lot SEARCH and George FINK, admin’s of George FINK, late of Union
Peter WINTERS’, admin., of Jacob FELL, late of Pittston

Estray, taken up on road leading from White Tavern or J. LINES to Wilkes-barre, a large ox, the owner may come forward prove property, pay charges and take him away. Joseph TUTTLE.

To Contractors. The Beaver Meadow Rail Road and Coal Co. will receive Proposals at their office until 20th inst., for laying down the superstructure on 14 miles of Rail Road from the mouth of Quacake to Parryville. Morris HALL Jr., Sec.

16 Dec. 1835

House of Representatives, Dec. 2nd:
Mr. BIDLACK presented petition from inhabitants of Columbia, Luzerne and Lycoming Counties, praying for the opening of a road from Nanticoke Dam to Hughesville.
Dec. 3rd:
Mr. BIDLACK, one from Alice BIGMA and Bettra JENKINS, widows of old soldiers, praying for relief.
Mr. BIDLACK, petition and documents of Joseph PELL, a revolutionary soldier
Unfinished business: Petition of Thomas HALL, a revolutionary solder

Mill Creek Bridge. Proposals will be received by Commissioners until 13th Jan. next, for building a stone arch bridge, across Mill Creek, on the main road near Matthias HOLLENBACK’S Mill in the township of Wilkesbarre.

Wyoming Wholesale & Retail Tobacco, Cigar and Snuff Manufactory. Located on Main Street, one door above the Wyoming Hotel, in brick building recently occupied as a printing office. V. PABSTMANN, Wilkes-Barre

Laurel Run Distillery, has been rented by GIULINI, GROSHOLZ & PABSTMANN, formerly occupied by J. & W. P. JOHNSON. They also want delivery immediately of a quantity of Rye, Corn & Oats. Wanted Also 200 head of unfatted Hogs.

23 Dec. 1835

Married – In Philadelphia, on the 18th ult., by Rev. DEME, Lewis GROSHOLZ, merchant of Wilkesbarre to Miss Christena WOLF, of the former place.

Married – In Philadelphia, on the 8th inst., by Rev. BIBIGHOUSE, F. P. HOFFMAN, merchant of Philadelphia to Miss Wilhelmina WOLF, both of Philadelphia.

The annual Election for Officers of the Philadelphia and Great Bend Turnpike Road Company will be held at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington, on third Monday January next. Joab TYLER, Sec’ry.

Wyoming Monument. All person knowing themselves to be indebted as subscribers to the above work, are hereby notified that unless payment is made immediately to John BREES, Collector, the subscription will be left in the hands of a magistrate for collection, without respect to persons. By order of the Building Committee.

Fresh Fruit and Confectionery, at the store of L. BURR, Wilkesbarre. Also a large supply of Candy Toys suitable for Christmas and New Year presents.

The Democratic Republicans of Luzerne County are requested to meet at the Court House, Wilkes-Barre on 5th January, to adopt measures for the general security and welfare of the Democratic party. Erastus HILL, Wm. EGGLESTON, Andrew BEDFORD, Bateman DOWNING, Daniel HARDING.

Died – On Sunday morning the 6th inst., at the plains, Wilkes-Barre, Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Thomas WILLIAMS. The deceased was 72 years of age. She was a native of Fairfield County, Connecticut, but the greater part of her life was spent in Wyoming, being married soon after the close of the revolutionary war, in which Mr. WILLIAMS had borne an active and honorable part, and who had previously taken up a farm on the then frontier settlement near the Susquehanna. She enjoyed excellent health until about a year previous to her decease from dropsy. Ten children, six sons and four daughters (all except one son, married) were present at the funeral solemnities. The sermon was delivered by Rev. SNYDER of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

30 Dec. 1835

Regimental Courts of Appeals, for the 115th Regiment. Field Officers will assemble at the house of J. J. DENNIS in Wilkesbarre on 4th January and of the 116th Regiment, at the house of widow OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock on Jan. 9th. Isaac BOWMAN, late Inspector.

Died – Rev. John EMORY, Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Maryland was killed when thrown from a wagon, on 16th inst., about one mile from Reisterstown. Baltimore Newspapers.

Died – Of billious fever on Sunday morning, the 20th inst., William H. JORDAN, in the 30th year of his age, of the firm of W. H. & E. JORDAN, merchants of Philadelphia.

I will teach the German Language at the beginning of the next year. C. H. JESE, Wilkesbarre.

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