1836 Republican Farmer and Democratic Journal


Published on Wednesday, Wilkesbarre, PA

6 Jan. 1836

Curing Hams – Recipe

Married – On the 31st ult., by Rev. J. M. SNYDER, Ira MARCY to Miss Mary Ann TEETOR, all of Wilkesbarre

Married – On the 31st ult., in Providence Township, by Erastus SMITH, Esq., Lyman KNAPP, of Pittston, to Miss Phebe CORAY, of the former place.

Died – At Harrisburg, on Saturday last, Orlando PORTER, formerly of this place.

Died – On the 31st ult., Mrs. BIRMINGHAM, wife of T. BIRMINGHAM, of this borough.

To Farmers. W. P. JOHNSON, has now got the Laurel Run Mill in complete repair for doing all kinds of custom work. He has now attached to the Mill, a Plaster Machine, in which he is enabled to grind corn with the cobs.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkes-Barre, Jan. 1st:
Jacob ABLE
Elizabeth ALSBACK
Lucius AYRES
Dennis ALSOP
George BUDWORTH or
Jacob R. BLOOM
George BEIGE
William DENNIS
Gushaerd GOLON
Samuel HAWK
Samuel HOW
Edward JONES
Jeremiah KEFF
Robert LAUD
William LAREW
Christian F. LEWDER
Archibald MC NEALL
Matthew MERRY
Margaret MOORE
Winslow MORE & Co.
Samuel MAPES
Philip SINE
Henry Q. TIMER
Rev. Francis S. TODRIG
Robert WOOD
Nathan WADE
William WURTS

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, Jan. 1st:
David AMEY &
Benjamin BERTRON
Joseph CAMP
Julian JAYNE
Abram LUCE
Noah or David TAYLOR
Temperance STARK
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Pot Office at Pittston, Jan. 1st:
Elizabeth BURGEST
Catharine HEPLER
Rebecca LEPPER
John W. RACE

Look At This! Wm. P. REED, late of Point of Rocks, Virginia, and formerly of Luzerne Co., Pa. Whereas, I cannot ascertain the present residence of Wm. P. REED, I publish this advertisement, hoping that it may come within his sight, or that of some of his friends who will forward this paper to him. I hereby request him to make an explanation of some matters which he himself will full well understand & direct the same to me at Baltimore. Unless said explanation be made forthwith, I shall affirm before a proper person to the circumstances of my acquaintance with said Wm. P. REED, and publish the same with an attest copy of a short manuscript to which is affixed the signature of Wm. P. REED. Fred H. KNAPP

William MOTT, of Akron, Ohio, has hand billed his wife, stating that some villain has seduced her from his “bed and board” by the agency (as he supposes) of Low Powder!

Estate of James HARDING, of Exeter Township, requests payments and demands. Daniel & James HARDING, administrators.

For Sale. Several Building Lots in the borough of Wilkesbarre. Also several tracts of land in different parts of the county. Enquire of Henry COLT.

13 Jan. 1836

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Plymouth, Jan. 1st:
Simeon F. BROWN
Goodwin BAKER
Thomas CASE
Samuel KOONS
Joshua PUGH
Freeman THOMAS
Frances L. THOMAS

Married – On the 7th inst., by Rev. J. J. HARVEY, Henry SHAFER to Miss Susanna JACKSON, all of Kingston.

Married – By the same, on the 24th ult., Joseph E. SANDS to Miss Esther LUNDY, all of Mount Pleasant, Columbia Co., Pa.

Married – At the same time and place, by the same, George W. SHIVELY, of Greenwood, to Miss Rachel EVES, of Madison, Columbia Co., Pa.

A Democratic Republican Meeting was held at the Court house, Wilkesbarre, N. OVERFIELD, Esq., appointed President; Benjamin REYNOLDS, Nathaniel COTTRILL, Fisher GAY and Philip MEIXELL, Esqrs., Vice Presidents; Bateman DOWNING & Joseph S. RYMAN, Secretaries. Committee to draft preamble and resolutions: Ziba BENNETT, John FASSETT, Joseph MOSS Jr., H. B. WRIGHT and L. KIDDER.

20 Jan. 1836

Pennsylvania Democratic State convention, held at Harrisburg on 8th Jan. (All county delegates listed)
Columbia: Stephen BALDY, George SMITH
Luzerne: Benj. A. BIDLACK, John R. DEAN
Northampton, Lehigh, Pike & Wayne: Jedian IRISH, D. M. BRODHEAD, henry G. GUNDIE, Conrad SCHEIMER, Wm. BROWN
Susquehanna: Samuel W. MORRIS

List of persons under sentence of death by order of a military tribunal, held at Tampico, to be shot on Monday 14th December, 1835 (See article for complete story):
Arthur N. CLEMENT, native of Pennsylvania, aged 40 years, no parents
Thomas WHITAKER, native of Pennsylvania, aged 30, father in Pennsylvania
Wm. C. BARCLAY, native of New York, aged 20, parents in New York
Jacob MORRISON, native of New York, aged 24, parents in Kentucky
Edward MOUNT, native of New York, aged 23, mother in same state
Charles GROSS, native of Pennsylvania, aged 23, mother in same state.
Isaac F. LEEDS, native of New Jersey, aged 30, no parents
Mordecai GIST, native of Maryland, aged 53, father in Maryland. His own last residence Indiana
David LONG, native of Ohio, aged 25, mother in Ohio
Wm. H. MACKAY, native of Virginia, aged 20, mother in Virginia
Jonas K. STUART, native of Vermont, aged 33, mother in Vermont
Daniel HOLT, native of Canada, aged 18, parents in Canada
James CRUMP, native of England, aged 22, parents in Oswego, NY
Lewis JACOBS, native of England, aged 22, parents in Oswego, NY
Lewis Jacobs, native of England, aged 21, mother in Lower Canada
Thomas H. ROGERS, native of Ireland, aged 23, parent in Ireland
Daniel DONNELLY, native of Ireland, aged 20, parents in St. Johns, N. B.
James FARRELL, native of Ireland, father in Greene County, NY
John M. IVES, native of England, aged 35, no parents
Augusto San S. SEAR, native of France, aged 25, parents in France
Augusto DEMOUSSENT, native of France, aged 25, parents in France
Fred DELBOY, native of Dantzic, aged 21, parents in Dantzic
Frederick Wm. MAUER, native of Germany, aged 22, parents in Saxony
Henry WAGNER, native of Germany, aged 24, no parents, last residence Philadelphia
John IVISH, native of Germany, aged 24, no parents
Andreas HELM, native of Germany, aged 50, no parents
George J. SELIN, native of Germany, aged 28, father in Germany
Wm. H. MORRIS, native of New Providence, aged 28, no parents
L. M. BELLEPONTE, native of Hanover, aged 26, no parents
Three prisoners died in the Hospital viz:
_(no name)_ FLEMING, aged about 25, a native of Pittsburg, Penn’a.
Harris BLOOD, aged 40, native of England
James M’CORMICK, aged 30, native of Kentucky

Notice. The public are requested to meet at the house of Col. DENNIS, Wilkes-Barre, on 21st inst., to adopt measures to secure the extension of the North Branch Canal.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the 20 Feb. next to hear us and our creditors. John P. FARNHAM, John EVANS, Wandell BENSON

Appointment by the Governor. John SMITH, to be Prothonotary and Clerk of the several Courts of Luzerne County. Henry C. ANHAEUSER, Register and Recorder.

Poem to the Memory of Thomas WRIGHT (Missouri Republican, 2 Dec. 1834)

27 Jan. 1836

We have had no mails from Easton or Philadelphia since Saturday last. The Turnpike is covered with snow to the depth of three feet, and as yet remains trackless.

Memorial to Major Orlando PORTER

Died – In this Borough on Sunday evening last, of consumption, Mrs. Mary, consort of Benjamin PERRY Esq., aged about 60 years.

A meeting was held at the house of Col. Jacob J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre on 21st inst., Gen. Isaac BOWMAN was called to the chair, assisted by Jarius HARRISO and Chester BUTLER, Vice Presidents and Luther KIDDER and William H. ALEXANDER, Secretaries. Committee to draft resolutions: John N. CONYNGHAM, J. W. LITTLE, Col. O. MOSELY, Z. BENNET, Anning O. CHAHOON, A. C. LANNING, Palmer STEEL and Jacob KUTZ. A committee of men from each township to procure signatures on Petitions, for the speedy extension of the North Branch Canal to the New York State Line:
A. G. BRODHEAD, Sugarloaf
A. P. HAMPTON, Nescopeck
S. J. BEACH, Salem
Wm. KOONS, Huntingdon
John K. DEAN, Union
David THOMPSON, Newport
__(no name)_ OGDEN, Fairmount
Oliver M. KEEL, Lehman
Abm. S. HONEYWELL, Dallas
H. GAYLORD, Plymouth
Wm. C. REYNOLDS, Kingston
Isaac HARDING, Exeter
Philip LEE, Eaton
Orange FULLER, Northmoreland
John WRIGHT, Monroe
John FASSETT, Windham
John STURDEVANT, Braintrim
Schuyler RUSSEL, Washington
Henry STARK, Tunkhannock
Nathan BACON, Nicholson
Henry OSTERHOUT, Falls
Doct. A. BEDFORD, Abington
Charles BERRY, Greenfield
Lewis JONES Jr., Carbondale
Isaac LONDON Blakely
Sylvanus HARMONS, Providence
David D-LE, Covington
Abm. BIRD, Pittston
John D. STARK, Wilkes-Barre Township
Lewis WORRALL, Wilkes-Barre Borough
Lewis HORTON, Hanover

3 Feb. 1836

Statement of the Receipts and Expenditures of Luzerne County for 1835:
Tax Collectors for 1835:
Asa KNIGHT, Abington
James MOTT, Blakeley
Thos. MORLEY, Braintrim
Curtis M. STERLING, Covington
Daniel TAYLOR, Carbondale
Asa W. SHAVER, Dallas
Thos. A. MILLER, Eaton
Peter POLEN, Exeter
Phineas SHERWOOD, Falls
David MELICK, Fairmount
Jacob COON, Greenfield
Richard DODSON, Huntington
Lorenzo RUGGLES, Hanover
Miner ROBERTS, Kingston
Martin MYERS, Lehman
Sovreign BROWN, Monroe
Daniel REYNOLDS, Nicholson
Jacob HESS, Nescopeck
Wm. B. CHAMPLIN, Northmoreland
Henry RASELEY, Newport
Adam A. COON, Providence
Samuel FRENCH, Plymouth
Adam DETRICK, Pittston
James CAMPBELL, Salem
Jacob GEATING, Sugarloaf
P. m. OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock
Benjamin MOSS, Union
Jose4ph BRAMHALL, Washington
Nathaniel C. FROST, Windham
John D. Stark, Wilkesbarre

Expenditures: D. A. BARDWELL, Tunkhannock Bridge and Ira MARCY & others, Mahoopany Bridge

Died – James TRIMBLE, Esq., of this borough, died last evening at a very advanced age. (Harrisburg, Jan. 26)

Democratic Republican Meeting, held at the house of George P. STEEL, Wilkesbarre, on 28th Jan., for those opposed to the recharter of the Bank of the U. Stages. J. KUTZ was appointed President, I. HART and Wm. A. MERRIT, Vice Presidents and Joseph P. DENNIS and George P. STEELE, Secretaries. The Committee to draft preamble and resolutions: H. B. WRIGHT, W. J. STEPHENS, J. C. SNOW, Ziba BENNETT, Henry COLT, Geo. W. WOODWARD, Charles F. WATTS, Anthony MILLER, L. KIDDER, D. COLLINGS, J. MYERS, Wm. SWETLAND, Geo. W. WILLIAMS, C. B. TUTTLE, Samuel P. COLLINGS, Francis L. BOWMAN, Robert PORTER, Charles P. BARTON, Charles H. HAY and John ATHERHOLT.

At an adjourned meeting of (above), at the house of G. P. STEELE, 30th Jan., Jacob KUTZ was called to the chair; Isaac BOWMAN, Henry PETTEBONE, William A. MERRITT and Isaac HART, appointed Vice Prest’s, and George P. STEELE and Joseph P. DENNIS, Secretaries. Committee to superintend the publication of the proceedings of meeting and to forward the same to the Governor of the Commonwealth and each member of Legislature: Geo. W. WOODWARD, Isaac BOWMAN, H. B. WRIGHT, Henry COLT, Daniel COLLINGS, William J. STEPHENS, Geo. P. STEELE and Joseph P. DENNIS.

Married – At Tunkhannock, on 21st ult., by _ (no name) _ HARDING, Esq., Thomas OSTERHOUT to Miss Mary, daughter of Jabez JENKINS.

Married – On the 24th ult., by John BRIGGS, Esq., Peter KOPE, of Huntington Township, to Miss Catharine BELLAS, of Nescopeck Township.

Died – On Friday morning, 27th Jan., in 62nd year of his age, Joseph SINTON, of the firm of Jacob and Joseph SINTON, Merchants of Wilkesbarre. The deceased was a native of the county of Down, Ireland, and emigrated to America in 1795. In 1804, he removed with his brother from Sunbury to Wilkesbarre, where for more than 30 years they have done an extensive business. He lived and died a bachelor. He was a member of the Borough Councils for a number of years, for a long time one of the directors of the Philadelphia Branch Bank, and at time of his decease, member of directors of Wyoming Bank.

Died – In Wilkesbarre, on 25th Jan., Mrs. Mary, wife of Benjamin PERRY, Esq., aged about 50 years, after a long and painful illness. She was the daughter of Jonas INGHAM, formerly of Bucks County, late of Bradford County, Pa. She was a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church.

10 Feb. 1836

For Rent, a large and convenient Store, on Market Street, now occupied by A.H. EMLEY. Henry F. LAMB, Wilkesbarre.

The Appointments. We a week or two since announced the appointment of H. C. ANHAEUSER as Register & Recorder of this County. We have now to “record” the appointment of Mr. M. SLOCUM, Mr. ANHAEUSER having been superceded. Whether the last appointment will be a permanent one, we are unable to say.

Died – Recently in Philadelphia, Judge Roberts VAUX, of Philadelphia and his brother George VAUX, died of scarlet fever.

17 Feb. 1836

Insurance From Fire. H. B. WRIGHT, Agent for the Philadelphia Fire & Inland Navigation Insurance Co.

To Rent, The Old Hotel or Tavern Stand, now in occupancy of Tho’s H. MORGAN, possession to be given 1st April next. G. M. HOLLENBACK, Wilkesbarre.

Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Dividend, of Two Dollars, on each share of capital stock of said company.

Dissolution of Partnership, between Paul GIULINI & Lewis GROSHOLZ, in mercantile business & tavern, Wilkesbarre, was dissolved 1 Jan. 1836.

Notice. Lewis GROSHOLZ and F. P. HOFFMAN, of Phila., have associated themselves in the dry good and tavern keeping business in Wilkesbarre, under the firm of GROSHOLZ & Co.

For Sale. At the Wyoming Hotel, Fresh double Strong Beer, manufactured at Danville, by the barrel, half barrel and quarter or any smaller quantity. GROSHOLZ & Co., Wilkesbarre

24 Feb. 1836

Mail Robber. Through the exertions of our Post Master, Col. DIBBLE, a tavern keeper by the name of DARBY, was arrested last week, about ten miles north of Erie, Pa. Who had abstracted two hundred dollars from a letter in one of the Post Offices on the road. After his arrest, and the Money refunded, he was sent to Pittsburg to await his trial. Buffalo Whig and Journal.

Corrington W. SEARLE, formerly of this county, has lately been elected president Judge of the fourth Judicial District in the state of Ohio.

House of Representatives, Feb. 10th, Mr. BEAUMONT submits report on Marshal ROCHAMBEAU, an emigrant who rendered services during the revolutionary struggle.

Theatre. On Friday Evening, Feb. 26th, at the PHOENIX Hotel, will be presented the Grand Melo Drama of “The Lady on the Lake.” The evenings entertainment to conclude with the Laughable Farce of “Fortune’s Frolicks or The Ploughman turned Lord.” Mr. DAY & Co. would inform the Ladies and Gentlemen of Wilkesbarre that they will amuse them with Theatrical performances, for a few evenings, at Mr. ALEXANDER’S hotel. Admittance 25 cents, children half price.

2 March 1836

Many errors have been discovered in the Treasurer’s Advertisement for the sale of Unseated Lands, as published in the Farmer of last week – they have since been corrected and are listed again:

Luzerne County Treasurer’s Sale of Unseated Lands to be held June 2nd next at the Court house in Wilkesbarre. Number of acres and tax owed are listed for each person – see article.
Abington Township: William CHAMBERS, Robert GRANT, Elias HOYT
Blakeley: Robert BELL, Sarah BELL, John BARRON, Christian BRANHAM, John WILSON, David BENNETT, Eleanor BRANHAM, Ebenezer BRANHAM, Robert BROWN, Jesse BELL, Thomas BRITTON, Sarah CLARK, John CLARK Jun., John CLARK, Aaron CLARK, Samuel CLARK, Ann CLARK, James CLARK, Thomas CONRAD, Mary CONRAD, John CHAMBERS, John CONRAD, Ann DILLY, Anderson DANA, Abel DOLBY, George EDDY, Mary ELLIS, James ELLIS, Edward POLK, Jesse POLK, Lewis FARMER, Jacob FISHER or RIDER, Cadwallader FOULKE, Elizabeth FARMER, Robert GRAY, Jacob HABER, Elizabeth KELLOGG, Jonathan KELLOGG, David LEWIS, Hannah LESTER, Benjamin R. MORGAN, Jeremiah MUTCH, Joseph OGELBY, Joseph OGELBY Jr., Susanna OGELBY, John PENROSE, Enoch ROBERTS, Isaac ROBERTS, William RYON, David RIDGEWAY, William RAWLE, Judah ROBERTS, Levi ROBERTS, David ROBERTS, Robert REILEY, Edward ROBERTS, Olive SMITH, Elizabeth SINGER, Abraham SINGER, John SINGER, Jacob STEINHIZER, Daniel SHEPHERD, Jacob SEIGLE, Robert WALN, Enoch WALTON, Joha WHITE, Hezekiah WALKER, Hugh WILSON, John COB
Buck: Jonathan BROWN, Christian BARRISTINE, John BROWN, Job BUTCHER, James BURNSIDE, Daniel CRAIG, Reuben DOWNING, Benjamin DAY, Thomas DYER, Joseph DYER, James DAVIDSON, James DAVIDSON Jr., William DAVIDSON, George ESPY, Edward EDGERTON, Peter FEATHER, Peter FILBERT, Thomas GRANT, John GREEN, Richard GARDNER, Alexander HUNTER, John HARRIS, George HOLLENBACK, Christian IMMELL, Silas JACKSON, John KLINGER, James MORGAN, John KEIME, Wilham MILNOR, James MORREL, Robert PATTERSON, Collinson REED, William PRESTON, Hannah REESE, John REESE, Abraham SCOTT, John STINE, Peter SHULTZ, John SIMPSON, George or Stewart SHAW, Stephen TUTTLE, John THOMAS, Valentine WAGGONER, John SHAW, Martin WITHINGTON, Thomas WRIGHT, Nathan WALLER, Peter YARINGTON, Joseph SPRAGUE, Joseph C. TOWN, Abraham SINGER, John GRAFF, Mary RICHARD, John DUNWOODY, Mary WRIGHT, Evan REESE, Thomas PRYOR, John WIGTON
Braintrim: George RICHARDS, James QUINN
Covington: Moses BENEDICT, Solomon BENNETT, Andrew BENNETT, Ishmael BENNETT, Benajah BENEDICT, Wm. BENEDICT, Wm. BENEDICT Jr., Massey COMFORT, Francis EVANS, Andrew MILLET, Moses MILLET, John MILLET, Wm. MURDOCK, David RICHARDS, Sarah RICHARDS, Aaron RICHARDS, Mary RICHARDS, John SHAW, Daniel SHAW, Comfort SHAW, Sarah STRONG, Samuel SCOTT, John TWADDLE, James TWADDLE, Joseph WORRALL, Mary LANE, John SKISIN, Benjamin HORNER, Wm. WEST, John FIELD, Thomas PAUL, John NORTON, Daniel DRINKER, John THOMAS, Henry S. DRINKER, H. W. & R. DRINKER
Carbondale: Mary BOYER, John DILLY, Solomon ELLIS, Patrick GRAY, Peter GRAY, Reuben GRAY, Samuel MEREDITH, Samuel PORTER, Walter PORTER Joseph PORTER, James PEGRAM, Samuel CLARK, Peter RIPHOLTZ, Mary RYON, Benjamin SHOVE
Dallas: James MEASE, John ELY, George FELL, Jacob RYMAN, Patrick MORE, John ODEN, Joseph SANSOM, Amos WICKERSHAM, William SANSOM, John EATON
Eaton: Daniel JACKSON, William MUZZAY, Isaac SIMPSON, Stephen BAKER, Wilham BETTERTON
Exeter: William COUCH, James DAVIS, Andrew DAVENPORT, William EVANS, Jacob FOX, John FOULKE, John GREEN, Joseph HORSEFIELD, Joseph HUNT, Mathias KAPLIS (?), John KING, Frederick PHILE, Morris ROGERS, Theophilus LEARNED, Eliphalet B. WORTHINGTON, Daniel TURNER
Fairmount: Alexander BOYD, Abraham DUBOIS, Jacob DOWNING, Thomas P. COPE, Frederick HAILER, Charles HASSEL, William SANSOM, Joseph SANSOM, John SKIRON, George A. KERR, Henry HAUS, John HANNAH, Samuel HALL, John SKYRIN, Amon GOSS, Edward FOX
Falls: William COCHRAN, William DUNCAN, John DELONG, Andrew EPPLE, Archibald ENGLE, Hugh JACKSON, William LANE, Barnabas M’SHANE, Matthew M’CONNELL, William MOULDER, Timothy PAXTON, William NICHOLSON, Hannah NICHOLSON, Ann NICHOLSON, John NICHOLSON, Rosanna PATTERSON, Andrew PORTER, Jeremiah PARKER, Richard PARKER, Jonathan SMITH, Elisha SPARKS, Robert SMITH, Henry TOLLAND, William WESTON, James HUTCHINSON, Adam PHILO, Peter ENT.
Hanover: John ALEXANDER, Thomas ARMAT, Joseph BELL, William BURGESS, William BELL, William BROWN, William BULL, John BECKLY or BUSBY, Nathan BEACH, John BROWN, Garrett COTRINGER, George CLYMER, Robert CURRY, James COTRINGER, Henry CLYMER, Mary CURRY, Meredith CLYMER, James CHAPMAN, Mathew CONRAD, John COWDEN, Andrew CARSON, Thomas P. COPE, William DAVIDSON, Robert DORROCK, Thomas DYER, Sarah DYER, William DAVIDSON, William DORROCK, Nicholas DEPEW, Samuel DEPEW, Jane DYER, John DORSEY, Jesse DYER, John DYER, Griffith EVENS, John FULLER, Jesse FELL, Jacob FRANCIS or FOLMER, Josiah GALBRAITH, William GRAY, John GARTLEY, George HEBBERTON, Josiah HAINES, Alexander HUNTER, James HEPBURN, James HAZLEHURST, Samuel HAZLEHURST, Samuel HOWELL, Charles HAMASELL, Robert IRWIN, Jeremiah JACKSON, Andrew KENNEDY, Conrad KRIDER Jr., Darby LEARY, Aaron LEVI, Samuel MEREDITH, William MORRIS, Thomas MORRIS, William M’DOWELL, Benjamin MIFFLIN, David MORGAN, Barnabas M’SHANE, Solomon M’NAIR, James M’NEIL, William NICHOLAS, Joseph OGDEN, John PORTER, Thomas POULTON, Thomas PASCHALL, Polly PHILE, John PRITCHARD, Geo. RODEBUSHER or RODEBECK, John RICHARDS Jr., James REESE, William STEDMAN, John SEVERNS, Margaret SMITH, Jeremiah SMITH, Philip SHRAWDER, Daniel SMITH, Uriah SMITH, Jeremiah SMITH, John SIMMS or SIMONS, John SMITHERS Jr., Henry SMITHERS, Samuel SCOTT, Josiah THOMAS, Josiah WRIGHT, Tobias WEAVER, Sarah AVERTON, Benjamin AVERTON, Joseph AVERTON, Abraham KRIDER, John SWAINE, Henry SHEAFF, Thomas WRIGHT, Agnes DARRACK
Huntington: no names
Lehman: Samuel CALDWELL, Joshua BOND, Margaret DELANY, James COCHRAN, John M’CALLA, James RICAN, Edward BUMP, John BAYARD, Allen BUMP, Joshua BUMP, Jesse BUMP, Thaddeus BOWMAN, Cornelius COMEGYS, John CHRISTY, Daniel DELONG, Thomas DELANY, Nicholas CARMAN, William ELY, Joseph FELL, Patrick FARRELL, John GARLINGHOUSE, William HODGE, Simon MEREDITH, William M’CALLA, Alexander M’MULLEN, Christopher MARSHALL, Patrick MOORE, Joseph STEWART, Henry SHOEMAKER, Eleanor WOODSIDE, James WYTHE, James MILLER
Bedford (Certified): no names
Monroe: Samuel ALLEN, Jacob BETTERTON, David BAILY, Duah BAILY, Daniel BAILEY, Jonathan COMBS, Margaret CAMPBELL, William DUNN, Reuben DOWNING, Fanny DELANY, Robert FINNEY, Thomas GOOD, Daniel GRIDLEY, Wallace HARMONSON, Nicholas HARMONSON, Simon HERMON, Jacob HERMON, William HERMON, William KING, Thomas LOUGHEAD, John M’KINNEY, William MILLER, James MILLER, Thomas POULTON, Polly PIERCE, Clarissa PIERCE, Joseph RICH, John RICH, John RENSHAW, Simon STEVENS, Peter SMITH, John TRIPP, John TODD, Williamson WILSON, Robert PHINNEY
Nescopeck: Nathan BEACH, James or Jane BRADY, Susanna BEACH, Mary CUSTER, David EVANS, Charles IRWIN, John IRWIN, Priscilla LEE, Andrew LEE, John LOCKHART, James NODD, Samuel MIFFLIN, James M’NEILL, David OWEN, Joseph FITTSWORTH, Samuel WELLS, Frederick SHORTZ, James M’NEAL, Joseph THOMPSON
Nicholson: James CUMMINGS, Joseph FRITZ, William POTTS, Phebe RANDALL, John WHITEBREAD, Joseph ROGERS, Robert LAWSON, John MARCY
Northmoreland: John PARKS, Susanna BEACH, Jonathan GOOD, Luther MOORE, William MOORE, George MOORE, Benjamin DORRANCE
Greenfield: Samuel CALDWELL, Edward DUNLAP, Henry KLING, Ludwick KLING, Conrad NESHEWANDER, William KELLY, John REED, Archibald STEWART, David SCOTT, Wm. or Patterson CHAMBERS, Daniel CHAMBERS, Heirs of GASKILL
Plymouth: Sunbury Manor, William HYDE, John LISLE Jr., Alexander LAWRENCE, Lois SWEET’S Heirs, Phineas BRADLEY, Elizabeth HURLBUT, Joshua PUGH
Pittston: Caspar THEILL, Isaac BENEDICT, Seth BENEDICT, Levi BENEDICT, Thomas BENNET, Archibald BATH, Timothy BROWNSON, Matthias BABB, Jonathan BUTLER, Nathaniel BROWN, Arnold COLT, John DOWNING, Jesse FELL, Richard GARDNER, Thomas GOOD, David HURLEY, Robert IRA, Jonathan HANCOCK, Jacob HOLDRON, Jonathan LARGE, John MYER, William PARKER, Jeremiah PARKER, Nathan STARR, Thomas STARR, John SPHON, John SPAYD, Benjamin SLOCUM, Ebenezer SLOCUM, John VANORMAN, William WRIGHT, Mary WRIGHT, David YOUNG, Charles BENNETT, Ishmael BENNETT, Benjamin HEACOCK, Daniel HEACOCK, Daniel STYLES, Richard SAVAGE
Providence: Christopher AVERY, Henry BRANHAM, Charles BUTLER, Mary BRANHAM, Lydia BROWNSON, Jacob BROWNSON, John CAREY, Jabez FISH, Elizabeth FARMER, Lewis FARMER, Elizabeth GUISE, William GUISE, John HAWN, Philip HAWN, Rhoda HOLCOMB, Henry HILL, Aaron HUNT, Robert IRWIN, Nicholas ROUSH, William ROSS, Jonathan STEPHENS, Emmanuel SINGER, Daniel VANCAMP, Thomas WRIGHT, Nathan WALLER, Thomas WEEKS
Newport: William COOK, William GRAY, Adam GUIER, Christopher HURLBUT, Jacob STOMBACH, John SWAIN, Nathan BEACH, Jacob BOWER, Noble CALDWELL, John FRASER
Salem: Abiel FELLOWS, Lewis ALLEN, John KUNKLE, John or Thomas RICHARDS, Joseph REED, Obadiah SCOTT, Richard LEWIS, Obediah SCOTT
Sugar Loaf: William ALLIBONE, John ALLEN, Michael APP, Hamilton ARMSTRONG, Joseph BROWN, James BLACK, Frederick BOLLER, Robert BRADY, John BEATTY, Philip BUNTING, George CLARK, James CHAPMAN, Edward LYNCH, John MORRELL, John TAGGART, Joseph HOWEL, John KUNKLE, Robert CARNES, George CHAHOON, William CURWIN, Joseph CLARK, Joseph DAVIS, David DAVIS, James DAVIS, John DUNLAP, John DIXON, John ECKY, John ELEY, Jasper EWING, Charles GOBIN, William GRAY, John GARTLEY, Robert CLARK, Godfrey HAGA, Peter HUTTON, Reuben HAINES, David HAMMOND, Charles HAINES, John JORDAN, James JENKINS, William IRWIN, Jeremiah JACKSON, Robert IRWIN, David IRELAND, John KUNKLE, Sarah KUNKLE, Philip C. KUNKLE, Christian KINKLE Jr., Christian KUNKLE, Mary KUNKLE, James LATTIMORE, Henry LEBO, John LOCKHART, Robert LATTIMORE, John MORGAN, George MOORE, John MORRELL, Elizabeth MYERS, James MORGAN, John MOORE, Abraham MASON, Benjamin MASON, John M’GOWEN, James M’NEAL, Jacob MITCH, Abraham MASON, Benjamin POULTNEY, William POTTER, Thomas PALMER, Henry ROPE, Job ROPE, Levi ROBE, Daniel ROPE, Simon ROPE, Simp ROBE, Flavel ROAN, Solomon ROPE, John L. SMITH, John SPROUT, John SITGREAVES, Robert SHAW, Samuel SCOTT, James STEADMAN, Abraham SCOTT, William STEWART, Gen. Waltar STEWART, Rebecca STEADMAN, Elizabeth STEADMAN, William STEADMAN, John TAGGART, Bartholomew WISTAR, Abigail WILLING, Joshua WALLACE, William WILSON, Richard WISTAR, Jonathan WALKER, Samuel BLAIR, Samuel ROPE, John ROPE, John STICKAFOUS, John BEISEL, Peter SMITH, Andrew DOUGLASS, Thomas GRANT, Samuel HEFFNER, John HERRING, George STAUFFER, Abraham KLINE
Tunkhannock: Jacob AULD, John ELY, Polen B. GILBERT, Moses HOBSON, George HEPLER, Paul KUGLER, Peter MUHLENBURG, John NELSON or J. HUNT, Hannah NELSON, Andrew NORNEY, Aaron PHILLIPS, Wm. J. Davis PHILIPS, Benjamin RITTENHOUSE, William M. SMITH, Francis SWAIN, George HEPLER Jr. William WHITE, Isabella WHITE, Robert LAWSON, Simon SMITH, Miles AVERY
Union: Moses BUMP, Garrett COTRINGER, Peter CONSTANT, Mary CUSTARD, Israel COPE, Thomas P. COPE, Israel COPE, James CARPENTER, Thomas CLAY, Nathan BEACH, Jacob DOWNING, John GALLOWAY, James HILL, John HARVEY, John JONES, William MORRIS, Edward MIDDLETON, James M’NEAL, John LISLE, William LYON, William LAWRENCE, Thomas PASCHALL, William PLUNKET, George PLIM, Casper RICHARDS, Michael RILEY, James REES, William SHANNON, Thomas PASCHALL, Henry SHEAFF, Joseph SANSOM, Moore WHARTON, George WILSON, John R. DEAN
Windham: Zebulon BUTLER, Peter BELLESON, James COTTRINGER, Sharp DELANY, Samuel HAZLEHURST, Francis TENCH, William MORRIS, Henry LOTT, Richard SODERSTON, Henry SHEAFF, James REESE, Christopher AVERY, Joel BURRET, Dennis CONNRAD, John CONNRAD, John DONALDSON, John HALL, Isabella HALL, Edward INMAN, Lydia PILES, Nathaniel PARLEY, Jonathan STEVENS, James TODD
Washington: William BELL, Lewis ELOISE or Paul HAMPTON, Ann SHORT, James M’CALLS
Wilkesbarre: William BELL, John BARRON Jr., John CAPP, James DELMER, Thomas DORROCH, Agnes DORRACK, George ECKART, Edward EDGERTON, John M’DOWELL, Benjamin PERRY, William PRESTON, Joseph THOMAS, John THOMAS, John TWADDLE, Isaac VANORMAN

A New Post Office, has been established in Falls Township, called Bald Mount, and Salmon C. STRONG, appointed Post Master.

Married – On the 15th October, Frederick HANCOCK, of Philadelphia City, to Miss Ann P., daughter of the late William COLLINS, Esq., of Delaware County.

Married – In Wilkesbarre, on Tuesday evening the 23rd ult., by the Rev. John M. SNYDER, Joseph BARNES to Miss Mary Ann BERNUM (or BARNUM), all of Wilkesbarre.

Notice. All Persons indebted to the firm of J. & J. SINTON, are hereby notified to call and settle the same with Jacob SINTON.

Money Found! On the 29th ult. in the road between Mr. TURNER’S and Mr. REYNOLDS’ store in Plymouth, a Wallet, containing a sum of money. The owner can have it by paying the necessary charges, on application to John S. MADDIN, Plymouth.

9 March 1836

Sheriff’s Sales to be held at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, on 4th April next:
1) A Frame House or building, standing on land in possession of Gilbert BARNES, on Union or Canal Streets, Wilkesbarre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John B. WOOD against Alvan DANA.
2) Land in Kingston Township, bounded by main road from Kingston to Plymouth, lands of EDWARDS, Gilbert LEWIS, containing about 1 acre. Also land in Plymouth Township, on road leading from Kingston to Blind Town, and by lands of Michael PACE, containing about two acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Marmaduke PEARCE against Anson MARTIN
3) A certain house now erecting in the village of Tunkhannock, situate upon the Northwest side of the Bridgewater and Wilkesbarre Turnpike, bounded by Thomas S. SLOCUM, late estate of Henry STARK, James KELLEY, Miles AVERY, trustees of the meeting house for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church and all other denominations. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Enos P. ROOT, against the trustees aforesaid.
4) Land in Dallas Township, part of Lot No. 52, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James NESBITT Jr. against Samuel WARDEN, John WARDEN and Abram WARDEN.
5) Land in Covington Township, on the Philadelphia and Great Bend Turnpike, bounded by Daniel STOUT, heirs of John ASHLEY, containing 23 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William A. WALKER against Thomas I. EDWARDS.
6) Land in Union township, containing 99 acres, bounded by Zirih MARVIN, John HESS, Robert SAMPLE, John P. SHAW, John JOHNSON. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Thomas CONNELLY against Warren ARNOLD.
7) Land in Kingston Township, bounded by N. MULFORD, Abel MUNSON, road leading from Kingston toward Northmoreland, containing 12 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John ORR against Jonas DELONG
8) Land in Wilkesbarre Township, on west side of road leading from Wilkesbarre to Hanover, bounded by D. BOYD, FINCH, Mr. BURTON, containing about 1 acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Chancellor L. HARRINGTON against Sarah FORSTER.
9) Land in Falls Township, bounded by Charles COMSTOCK, Elias BEEMER, Stephen SCOTT, containing 100 acres, of which about 20 is cleared land. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jesse G. THOMPSON against Joseph ROSELL and Samuel ROSELL.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the 2 April next to hear us and our creditors. Samuel WILSON, Patrick GRATTAN, Benj. R. MERACLE, Henry MYERS

Appointments by the Canal Commissioners:
John TAGGART, Supervisor on North Branch Division of the Pennsylvania Canal, from Northumberland to Berwick. Samuel BROBST, on same division from Berwick to the head of navigation and Abraham TAYLOR, Esq., on the West Branch Division, from Loyalsock to the head of Canal.

Mr. COLT, of Connecticut, improves fire arms.

Married – On the 1st inst., in Harrisburg by Rev. STEM, the Hon. David SCOTT to Mrs. Mary S. DORRANCE, of Lykens Valley, Dauphin Co.

Estate of Orlando PORTER, late of Harrisburg, requests payments and demands. J. M. BURTIS, Admin.

Estate of Elijah AYRES, late of Exeter Township, Auditors will meet at the house of Col. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre, 22nd inst., to settle estate. Thomas DYER, Joseph SLOCUM and M. MYERS, Auditors.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 2nd April:
1) Land in Providence Township, bounded on north by township line between Providence and Blakeley, Thomas GRIFFIN Jr., containing 2 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James HALL & Co. against Elisha S. POTTER
2) Land in Tunkhannock Township, adjoining John SHEBLY, William DRIGGS, and being the same lot of land on which Ebenezer CAMP now lives, containing about 400 acres. Also one undivided sixth part of a saw-mill situate in the same township, known by the name of STARK’S or Lower Mill, being near the house of Hiram STARK. Also one undivided sixth part of a Sawmill in same township, known by the name of CAMP’S Mill, being near the house of Ansel CANNON. Also all rights and privileges of and about said Mills which Ebenezer and Gurdon CAMP has to the same. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ziba Smith against Ebenezer CAMP and Gurdon CAMP
3) Land in Providence Township, containing about 225 acres, bounded by H. W. DRINKER, Wm. A. WALKER, Curtis M. STERLING and Elder HOUSE. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John SNELLENBERGER against John BEESUCKER
4) Land in Carbondale, bounded by William EGGLESTON, Jesse CLARK, John H. M’ALPIN, the public street, containing about 1/8 acre, with house and blacksmith shop. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of David P. MAPES and Nathaniel MANN, late trading under the firm of MAPES & MANN, to the use of David P. MAPES against Isaac DITMARS.
5) Land in Wilkesbarre Township, one of Lots number 12 (out of the Borough), established between admins. of Henry TOLAND, dec’d, and of Jesse FELL, dec’d, filed in Prothonotary’s Office. The other Lots numbered 13, being 2 lots which Edward JONES bought at sheriff’s sale of Jesse FELL, dec’d, August Term 1831. Also a shop on lands of Jonathan BULKELEY, in Wilkesbarre Borough. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Peter R. WINGATE and Peter Penn GASKELL, trading under the firm of WINGATE & GASKELL against Edward JONES.

16 March 1836

Stray Colt came to the premises of Lewis HORTON, Hanover. The owner is requested to prove property, pay charges and take her away.

House of Representatives, Feb. 29th. Mr. BEAUMONT presented the petition of the heirs of Benjamin HARVEY, deceased. Referred to the Committee on Revolutionary Claims.

Democratic Anti-Bank Meeting, held at the house of George P. STEELE, Wilkesbarre, John R. DEAN, Esq., called to the Chair, B. DOWNING and J. P. LE CLEEC, Esqrs., Vice Presidents and Joseph P. DENNIS and S. P. COLLINGS, Secretaries. Committee to draft preamble and resolutions: Messrs. BENNETT, G. P. STEEL, H. B. WRIGHT, William WATTS and Charles BARTON.

It is rumoured that the entire Bridge across the Susquehanna, opposite Berwick, was on Monday evening last swept away by the flood and ice.

Adoption of a Flag by the Texians.

Died – At Easton, on the 3rd last, after an illness of several weeks, occasioned by a severe fall, John CONNOR, formerly of this place, aged 82 years, 4 months and 17 days. The deceased was one of the few surviving soldiers of the Revolution.

Died – At his residence in Asylum, Bradford County, on Thursday the 11th Feb. inst., Bartholomew LAPORTE, Esq., in the 78th year of his age.

Died – On the 7th Feb. at the Seneca Reservation, the celebrated Chief, Gar-Van-Wah-Gah of Cornplanter, aged about 100 years.

A stray Boar was left a few days since at the Wyoming Hotel, by a driver whose drove it followed on the road – the owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take him away.

To My Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the 2 April next to hear me and my creditors. William CONNOR

Public Vendue will be held at the house of T. H. MORGAN, Wilkesbarre on 26th March.

23 March 1836

Fatal Accident – William ARNOT, aged about 26 years, was killed on Tuesday morning about three miles from this village, by the falling of a tree. His head was literally crushed to atoms. He had no family. Elmira Gazette

Cash Store. Chauncey SHERWOOD, Buttermilk Falls, informs his friends and public generally, that he has just received a new and splendid assortment of Spring & Summer Goods, All of which he offers for sale, cheap for prompt pay, at the stand formerly occupied by Maj. M. G. BRACE & Co.

For Sale. 1000 Acres of Land, on the waters of Nescopeck Creek, adjoining the route of the contemplated Canal. This Land is well timbered, and contains two valuable Mill seats. There area also many signs of Anthracite Coal on the premises. Lazarus STEWART, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Amasa HOLLISTER Jr., of Covington Township, request payments and demands. Eliza HOLLISTER, Admin.

Boot and Shoemaking Business, at his stand in Main Street. Thomas DAVIDGE, Wilkesbarre.

Coach, Gig and Wagon Manufactory. G. A. DAVIS, on the east side of Franklin Street, above market street.

We are sorry to say, it is rumored that the Canal and Towing-Path Bridge, over the Susquehanna at Duncan’s Island, has fallen. Should it prove to be a fact, we fear it will have a serious effect upon the revenue of the commonwealth, during the present year.

Loss of the Berwick Bridge. We much regret, that the rumor of the destruction of the Berwick Bridge, as noticed in our last, proved but too true. So tremendous was the force of ice and water, that scarcely a wreck was left behind. It was built in 1813 and cost 36,000 dollars.

Horrible Tragedy. On Sunday, 27th Feb., at Liberty, Union Co., Ia (?)., Isaac HELER, murdered his whole family, wife and three children. He struck his wife with an axe, literally splitting her down. A girl, sister to the wife, being present and seeing the stroke thus made at her sister, flew to give the alarm, but before relief could reach the place the work was done. He then threw the children on the floor and severed their heads from their bodies. He fled but immediately pursuit being despatched he was overtaken six or eight miles on the Brookville Road and surrendered without resistance, only giving in justification of the act that “they were likely to become a county charge, and he would rather see them in their present situation.” It is said he has been guilty of murder before, in Western Penn. And convicted by a jury, but reprieved by the Executive, on the plea of insanity. He had two brothers living in the neighbors, with one of whom he was then residing. He was discovered one morning before the family rose, to be making some arrangements in the house that alarmed them. They rose and fled to the house of the other brother not thinking at all of a child – an orphan child living with them – and left in a bed. After reaching the place of retreat, the woman thinking of the child, mentioned it, observing that he could bear no malace against the child. The two brothers, however, returned in the deserted house and found that he had murdered the child in bed and fled. After being taken – standing a trial, and finally being reprieved, he came to Indiana and at the suggestion of some of his friends dropped his true name, which was YOUNG, and assumed that of HELER, that being a middle name from his mother. There are some suggestions that he is now insane. He some five or six months since said that he was insane, and frequently told persons that he had an inclination to kill his wife and family. He is now safely lodged in the Liberty jail. Brookville American (Indiana)

Public Meeting for citizens favorable to erecting a new Academy in the borough of Wilkesbarre; a number met at the old Academy on 18th March. Rev. John DORRANCE, was appointed Chairman, G. W. WOODWARD, Secretary. Committee to report, the best mode of raising the requisite funds to build a new Academy and most suitable location, size and plan of the proposed building, with an estimate of the probably cost: J. N. CONYNGHAM, G. W. WOODWARD, Thos. W. MINER, henry F. LAMB and Henry COLT.

Died – In this Borough on Monday last, John, eldest son of Henry C. ANHAEUSER, in the 17th year of his age.

Notice. The Luzerne county Temperance Society will meet at the Meeting house on public square on April 9th.

30 March 1836

Homicide. On the 25th ult., Dr. Lewis SANDERS, of Smithland, KY, was shot dead in that place by a young man named ASTON. ASTON awaits his trial on the same day, a recounter took place between Thomas CROUCH, both of Livingston Co., in which both was immediately killed.

Married – On Sunday evening 27th inst., in St. Stephens’ Church, Wilkesbarre, by Rev. J. MAY, Anthony H. EMLEY, merchant, to Miss Elizabeth, daughter of John MYERS, esq., all of this borough.

Farm For Sale. Ziba SMITH, offers for sale the farm on which he now lives, situate in Tunkhannock Township, containing about 112 acres, about 40 acres improved. On the farm, two dwelling houses, a frame barn, and out houses. Also a tannery, with convenient buildings, and fixtures for carrying on an extensive business. Farm is well timbered and well watered, and good for grain and grass. It being in the immediate vicinity of the pleasant and thriving village of Tunkhannock, adjoining the Tunkhannock Creek near its mouth.

An extensive Boat building establishment, situate on a basin adjoining the Pennsylvania canal, Borough of Wilkesbarre on the North branch of the Susquehanna River is for rent. A. GRAY, Agent.

Susquehanna Canal to Tide. We learn from Harrisburg that the bill authorising the Susquehanna Canal Company to construct their work on the west side of the river, finally passed the Legislature of Pennsylvania on Wednesday, and only requires the signature of the governor to become law.

6 April 1836

Public Meeting – The New Academy. Citizens met the 26th at the old academy, Wilkesbarre to receive the committee report. Rev. John DORRANCE officiated as Chairman and George W. WOODWARD as Secretary. The best way of raising funds is by individual subscriptions of stock to the amount of not less than $2,000 in shares of $10 each. The cost of a building will not much exceed $2,000. Committee under 1st Resolution (to prepare articles of association): Rev. James MAY, Chester BUTLER, G. W. WOODWARD, Ziba BENNETT, V. L. MAXWELL, John N. CONYNGHAM. Committee under the 2nd Resolution (to obtain subscriptions): F. W. STURDEVANT, Henry COLT, Dr. JONES, W. C. GILDERSLEEVE, John N. CONYNGHAM, Oristus COLLINS, Ziba BENNET, William S. ROSS, Gilbert BARNES, and George M. HOLLENBACK. Committee under the 3rd Resolution (to address the public through newspapers): Rev. John DORRANCE, Thomas W. MINER, Volney L. MAXWELL and Oristus COLLINS.

Died. Mrs. Sarah, wife of Benedict ARNOLD, the traitor, died at Uxbridge, Mass., on the 14th ult., aged 83 years. (See article for more on the ARNOLDS)

Brigade Orders of the Militia and volunteers of the 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, will parade for training and inspection in the following order:
1st Batt., commanded by Lieut. Col. David MIDDAUGH, on 9th May
2nd Batt., on 10th
Volunteer Batt. of Columbia Guards, commanded by Major M. M’DOWELL, on 11th
Volunteer Batt. of Union Guards, commanded by Major Abraham SMITH, on 12th
Huntington and Union Volunteer Batt, commanded by Major Edward L. TRESCOTT, on 13th
2nd Batt. of Wyoming Volunteer Regt., commanded by Col. H. B. WRIGHT, on 14th
1st Batt. of same, on 16th
2nd Batt. of 115th Reg., commanded by Col. John JOHNSON, on 17th
1st Batt. of same, on 18th
Invincible Batt. of Volunteers, commanded by Major James ROBERTS, on 19th
1st Batt. of Volunteer Regt. Of Washington Guards, commanded by Col. Benajah P. BAILEY, on 20th
2nd Batt of same, on 21st
Volunteer Batt. of Northern Guards, commanded by Major Henry MILLER, on 23rd
1st Batt. of 70th Regt., commanded by Col. John A. CUSTIN, on 24th
2nd Batt. of same, on 25th
Wayne County Troop, formerly commanded by Capt. L. GRAVES, on 26th
1st Batt. of Volunteer Regt. #136, commanded by Col. Amherst CARPENTER, on 27th
2nd Batt. of same, on 31st
1st Batt. of 76th Regt., commanded by Col. Samuel D. TOWNSEND, on 28th
2nd Batt. of same, on 30th
Volunteer Rifle Batt., commanded by Major Ira ROBINSON, on 1st June
2nd Batt. of 116th Regt., commanded by Col. John MONTANYE, on 2nd
1st Batt. of same, on 3rd
Miles AVERY, Inspector, 2nd Brig. 8th Div. P. M.

Military Elections:
1st Batt. of 115th Reg., 2nd Brig, 8th Div., at house lately occupied by Major Oliver HELME, Kingston on 23rd
April, to elect one Major, in place of James ATHERTON, resigned.
1st Batt. 2nd Reg., 2nd Brig., 8th Div., on 23rd April to elect one Colonel, in place of Col. Jacob HESS,
resigned to meet at house of Jacob SLOYER, Nescopeck Township, and 2nd Batt. to meet at house of James SYBERT, Berwick, Columbia Co.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, April 1st:
Houghton W. BROWN
William BULWER
James BIRD
George A. BAILY
Samuel D. BROBST
Maryhan BARTON
Cynthia BURR
Hannah BURT
Permilla CHAPIN
Margaret CROOP
Ephraim CLARK
Jeremiah P. HAMER
Samuel HAIT
William HAMSIN
Philip JACKSON Jr.
Maryann KRICK
Conrad LINES Jr.
Charles MOTT
Elizabeth OGEN
William ORR
Alfred PAGE
Samuel RAUB Jr.
Orran SAGE
Sarah SCOTT or James
Jacob SAX
Philip SYNE
George P. STUDS
Maj. James WAITE
Priscilla WHARTON

List of Letters Remaining in the Post-Office at Plainsville, April 1st:
William STUCKER or

List of Letters Remaining in the P. O. at Tunkhannock, April 1st:
Archibald DUNN
Joseph EARL
Alfred HINE
Benjamin JENKINS
Thomas KELLY
Abram LUCE
William MYERS
William POLEN Jr.
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Pittston, April 1st:
William SITES
Catharine CLARK
Jonas DOTY
Benjamin R. MARKELL
John SAX
Elder Norman G. CHASE

Letters remaining In the Post Officer at Pittston Ferry, April 1st:
William HUGHES or
Jno. Oven ROUCH
A. BIRD, P. M.

The immense bridge of ice, which had covered our noble river for so many weeks, on Thursday last passed gracefully and quietly off with the current, without any material injury. The river is now clear of floating ice, and has risen to such a height as to inundate some of the lower flats – and still continues to rise. The great body of snow that has so long covered our hills, is gradually disappearing, under the genial influence of the fine spring weather, with which we have been blest for the last few days.

The musical amateurs of our quiet Borough, were favored with a delicious and rare treat, on Wednesday evening last. A number of the sons and daughters of the Borough and its vicinity, who had been for the last few months under the tuition of Mr. RUSSELL, an accomplished master of the science of vocal music, very generously offered to gratify the public with an exhibition for the benefit of our worthy and venerable sexton.

Execution. On Monday evening the 20th Feb., as was expected the court of Peers condemned FIESCHI, MOREY and PEPIN to death. On Friday morning, at ten minutes past eight o’clock, the awful sentence of the law was carried into effect upon FIESCHI and his accomplices.

Another Breach of Promise. The New York Transcript states that James PERKINS has been saddled with damages to the amount of $450, for refusing to marry Miss Nancy GRIFFITH, after having paid attention to her for a space of twelve years. Both parties belonged to Pike, which is in Allegheny County, but the action was tried in the county of Livingston.

Burd PATTERSON, Esq., of Pottsville, will give 1000 dollars per ton for ten tons of good iron smelted with anthracite coal. Phil. Nat. Gaz..

Died – On Sunday the 27th ult, in Abington Township, James STONE, Sen., in the 85th year of his age. He was a soldier of the revolution, and belonged to the corps under the command of the illustrious LA FAYETTE. He came to this State from New England, about 22 years ago.

Estate of Henry ASH – notice to creditors, heirs and all other persons, interested, the apportion of assets will be tended to at my office on 30th April. Volney L. MAXWELL, Auditor, Wilkes-Barre.

The Stockholders of the Wilkes-Barre Water and Insurance Company, are notified to meet at the House of Gregory KOHER Jr., Wilkesbarre on 16th inst. John MYERS, Sec’y.

13 April 1836

Seminary for Young Ladies. Miss PERRY, assisted by competent teachers will open a select school on April 18th.

The Ministerial Conference for “Northern Pennsylvania,” which was to meet at Abington on the second Wednesday in April next, is postponed to the second Wednesday in July next, to meet in the Baptist Meeting House near Eld. John MILLER’S at 10 o’clock, A. M. Davis DIMOCK, Moderator, Montrose.

Married – In Brooklyn, on Sunday the 3rd inst., by Rev. Daniel TORRY, Rodney JEWETT to Miss Sally Maria, daughter of Col. Frederick BAILEY, all of Brooklyn.

Married – On the 3rd inst., by J. W. RAYNSFORD, Esq., Osburg WOOLSEY, to Miss Parmelia A., daughter of Lory STONE, of Bridgewater.

Married – On the 31st ult, by Rev. GIDDINGS, Henry JAQUES, to Miss Harriet FORGERSON, all of Northmoreland.

Wyoming Steam Cotton Manufactory Meeting will be holden at the Court house in Wilkesbarre, on 14th inst., to consider the propriety of establishing a Cotton manufactory, in or near the village of Wilkesbarre.

Estate of John ROTRUCK, of Wilkesbarre Township, request payments and demands. John C. WURTH, Admin.

A Yoke of Oxen, 4 years old this Spring, offered for sale by Charles WRIGHT, Pittston.

A Democratic Meeting met at the Court House in Wilkesbarre, on the 6th inst. Asa STEVENS, Esq., of Windham, was appointed President and A. KNIGHT of Abington, James CAMPBELL of Salem, Benjamin REYNOLDS of Plymouth, Philip SWARTS of Providence, Valentine KIZER of Hanover, Phineas SMITH of Sugarloaf, Daniel KOONS of Huntington and William EGGLESTON of Carbondale, Esq’rs, Vice Presidents and John VAUGHN and S. P. COLLINGS, Secretaries.

The committee of one person from each township to draft a Preamble and Resolutions:
Thomas SMITH, Abington
Samuel FERRIS, Blakely
Benjamin SAYLOR, Pittston
Col. H. JENKINS, Exeter
Henry YOST 2nd, Sugarloaf
Dr. James KELLY, Tunkhannock
William VAIL, Greenfield
Joseph ROBINSON, Eaton
William FELTON, Nicholson
Samuel HUNTINGTON, Hanover
Luther DAILY, Falls
John R. DEAN, Union
John MONTGOMERY, Carbondale
John FASSETT, Windham
Abid BALDWIN, Plymouth
E. L. TRESCOTT, Huntington

Ziba BENNETT, J. P. LECLERC and G. W. WOODWARD, Wilkesbarre

20 April 1836 (not on microfilm – nothing found)

27 April 1836 (not on microfilm)

Two small Buildings on Franklin Street were consumed by fire on Monday morning last. It has become evident the fire Company should be re-organized. A meeting for that purpose was held Tuesday evening. There is to be an adjourned meeting on Saturday next at the Court House.

Died – On Friday last, Sarah, daughter of Henry PETTEBONE, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, aged 8 years.

Died – On Monday evening last, of scarlet fever, Edward F., son of Jeremiah SMITH, aged 2 years and 2 months.

4 May 1836

Suicide. John CARTER, a young man, of this county, put an end to his existence on Saturday last under circumstances truly horrible. He left this place, on the afternoon of that day for the residence of his father, about four miles distant. While on the road he remarked to a companion that it was his intention to destroy himself, assigning as a reason that he was tired of life. Having previously made many similar threats, little notice was taken of what was said on this occasion. Scarcely had he reached home when he procured a gun, went up into his chamber, and deliberately, as we may presume, pulled of his coat, boots and stockings, sat himself down in a chair, the muzzle of the gun in his mouth, and in that situation drew the trigger with his toes – the whole charge passed through his head, literally sprinkling the ceiling with his brains! The deceased was a respectable connexions, and a printer by profession. Elkton Gazette .

Married – On the 18th Feb., by Rev. John COBB, William ALLEN, of Pourhkeepsie, Dutchess Co., N. Y., to Miss Ama COBB, of Blakely Township, Luzerne County.

Wanted. 100 Laborer’s on the Lehigh works, three miles from Stoddartsville. Constant employment and good wages will be given by Cha’s. TERWILLIGER, John JAMESON.

Estate of Isiah LONGSHORE, of Salem, Luzerne County, requests payments and demands. The administrator will attend to the settlement of accounts on Tuesday and Friday of each week during the months of May and June, at the house of Jesse WILSON in said township. Geo. MUCHLER, Admin.

Military Notice! The Wyoming Volunteer Regiment will meet, equipt for parade and inspection with six rounds of blank cartridges, at the house of Wm. H. ALEXANDER, Wilkesbarre, on 16th May next. Henry COLT, Adm’t.

Commissioned officers of the Wyoming Volunteer Regiment will meet for drill on 14th May next, at the house lately kept by O. HELME, Kingston. H. B. WRIGHT, Colonel.

Estate of John GARDNER, late of Exeter Township, requests payments and demands. Mary GARDNER, Exec.

Kingston Hotel (formerly kept by Maj. O. HELME) has been taken over by Francis FRANK, Kingston.

Six Cents Reward. Ranaway on 12th inst., James PRINGLE, an indented apprentice to the farming business, he was about 14 years of age, of light complexion. All persons are forbid harboring or trusting him on my account as no charges will be paid. Isaac SMITH, Exeter Township.

Estate of Uria WILSON, late of Monroe Township, requests payments and demands. Hannah WILSON, Admin.

Died – John L. COOK, one of the editors of the Richmond Enquirer. Richmond Enquirer, 26th ult.

Pennsylvania Legislature, Acts passed:
To incorporate the Hazelton Coal company
To incorporate the Summit Coal Company
To incorporate the Susquehanna Canal Company (approved on 15th April)
To incorporate a company to make a turnpike road from the Nanticoke Dam in Luzerne County, via
Shickshinny and Columbus, to Hughesville, in Lycoming County; also an act relative to the Milford and Owego turnpike road, and to incorporate the Washington and West Middletown turnpike road company
To incorporate the Cattawissa and Towanda rail road company.
For the relief of HORTON and FARROW, contractors on the Beaver division of the Pennsylvania Canal
Claims of Edward INNMAN, James and Samuel THOMPSON and Joseph WRIGHT

Died – In Plymouth, on the 4th ult., Benajah FULLER, a veteran soldier of the Revolution, in the 80th year of his age.

11 May 1836

A Public Meeting, held at the Academy, Wilkesbarre, on 23rd April, G. W. WOODWARD, was called to the Chair, E. A. BULKELY, appointed Secretary. That they approve of the policy by the Legislature in authorizing and providing the means for a Geological and Mineralogical Survey of this state.
The following are to be a Mineralogical Committee for Luzerne County:
Wilkesbarre Borough and Township: Charles MINER, E. W. STURDEVANT, John LYNDE, Chester BUTLER, Wm. MERRITT, Ed. LYNCH, G. W. WOODWARD, Dr. J. SMITH, J. P. LE CLERC, Edwin PARSONS, A. C. LANNING, Welding F. DENNIS, H. F. LAMB, Dr. L. JONES, Fred’k FREDERICK, B. A. BIDLACK, Wm. P. MINER, V. L. MAXWELL, Thos. MYERS, G. P. STEEL, Geo. W. WILLIAMS, E. A. BULKELY, Lord BUTLER
Abington: Andrew BEDFORD, Thomas SMITH, Jeremiah CLARK
Blakely: John COBB, James MOTT, Plat STEVENS
Braintrim: John STURDEVANT, H. W. NORTHROP, Isaac LACY Jr.
Carbondale: James ARCHIBALD, Dr. Thomas SWEET, Lewis JONES
Covington: Henry W. DRINKER, David DULE
Dallas: Thomas IRWIN
Exeter: Charles FULLER, Gould WHITLOCK, Isaac HARDING
Falls: Miles AVERY, A. W. TWICHEL, Charles COMSTOCK
Fairmount: John KOONS, Levi SEWARD, Peter BOSTON
Greenfield: Charles BERRY, Benson STONE
Hanover: Robert JAMESON, Dr. E. L. BOYD, Israel INNMAN, Maj. J. WHITE
Huntington: Nathaniel GOSS, Zebulon H. STEVENS, B. HARVEY
Kingston: Elias HOYT, S. D. LEWIS, James GALLUP, Hiram DENISON, C. D. SHOEMAKER
Monroe: Josiah NEWBURY, George KARR, Elisha PARRISH
Nescopeck: Richard G. TOMPKINS, Christian KUNKLE
Newport: Washington LEE, George SCHLEPPY
Northmoreland: _(no name)_ CULVER, Vergil PIKE, Jeremiah FULLER
Nicholson: E. S. ROBERTS, D. N. BACON, Benj. A. ROSE, J. F. DUPEE
Pittston: Nathaniel GIDDINGS, Calvin STOCKBRIDGE, Jeremiah BLANCHARD, Ira ASH
Providence: Lorden DEWEY, Samuel DEPUY
Plymouth: Dr. Enenezer CHAMBERLIN, Freeman THOMAS, J. WRIGHT
Sugarloaf: A. G. BROADHEAD, H. B. YOST, Moses S. BRUNDAGE
Salem: Nathan BEACH, Doct. CRAREY
Tunkhannock: Jas. KELLY, Henry STARK, Abel MARCY
Union: J. R. DEAN, Joseph MOSS, Wm. TAYLOY
Washington: W. RUSSELl, W. S. JAYNE
Windham: Anson MARTIN, Grudon FASSETT, Thos. M. ROBBINSON, G. WHIPPLE, Schuyler FASSET
Committee to prepare articles: Rev. James MAY, Chester BUTLER, George W. WOODWARD, Ziba BENNETT, John N. CONNYNGHAM and V. L. MAXWELL
Committee to publish proceedings: V. L. MAXWELL, D. COLLINGS, E. A. BULKELY

Volunteer Rifle Batt., 2nd Brigade, will parade at the house of Samuel V. MYERS, Windham on 1st June. Ira ROBINSON, Major

Wyoming Troop, will meet at Wm. H. ALEXANDER’S on 16th inst., by order of Capt.

Wyoming Bank. The directors have declared a dividend of five per cent on the amount of Capital paid. E. LYNCH, Cashier.

Take Notice. Whereas, my wife Olive, has refused to accept of my accommodation, I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account for I will not pay any debts of her contracting. Nicholas MOSELEY, Windham, May 5th

Rev. Dr. ELY, and “his band of emigrants” left Pittsburg on Tuesday last, for Marion City, Missouri.

The house of J. H. LINEON, of LaGrange, Lorraine County, Ohio, was consumed on the 23rd ult about midnight, two of his children perishing in the flames. The parents were absent on a visit.

Mr. FONTAINE, keeper of a coffee house in Louisville, Ky., was recently stabbed to death by Mr. HAMILTON, from Henry County, in that state.

John HAWARD, of Talcott County, Geo., has been convicted of the murder of his brother.

Mrs. H. RANDOLPH, a poor widow woman, burned to death at Burlington, N. J., on 12th inst.

Public Meeting of School delegates, was held at the Court House, Wilkesbarre on 2nd May. John COBB, of Blakely, was chosen Chairman. Henderson GAYLORD of Plymouth and James STARK, of Wilkesbarre, appointed Secretaries. The following were in attendance:
Sebastian SYBERT and Samuel SAYLOR, County Commissioners
James STARK, Wilkesbarre
Jacob ROMBACH, Newport
P. SMITH, Sugarloaf
Thomas SYBERT, Salem
Wm. KOONS, Huntington
Lot SEARCH, Union
Henderson GAYLORD, Plymouth
Benj. F. WESTLEY, Lehman
Joseph S. RYMAN, Dallas
Alva C. PHILIPS, Kingston
Harris JENKINS, Exeter
James PIKE, Northmoreland
Orril ORCUST, Monroe
Russell PARKS, Windham
Lyman KINNEY, Braintrim
John BUNNEL, Washington
Henry G. HAMMON, Tunkhannock
Isaac TILINGHART, Abington
Rufus DAVIDSON, Greenfield
John COBB, Blakely
Johnathan DALE, Carbondale
John SAX, Pittston
Lewis SEWARD, Fairmount

No representative from Hanover, Nescopeck, Eaton, Falls, Nicholson, Providence, Covington, Lehigh or Buck

Murderers Arrested. The Wheeling Times, states that the coroner’s inquest in the case of Jesse CHRISTMAN, of Illinois, who was found murdered in that city, have returned a verdict that the deceased came to his death by violence, at the hands of two persons named, Boon LONG and Thomas WINTRINGER. The accused have been arrested and committed to prison, and one of them, LONG, it is said has made a confession of their guilt.

Married – On Thursday the 21st April, by Rev. RICE, Professor John S. HART, of the College of N. J. to Miss Amelia, daughter of the late Edmund MORFORD, Esq., all of Princeton, N. J.

18 May 1836

Wool Carding and Cloth Dressing. Calvin PARSONS has rented the Fulling Mill of his father, Hezk. PARSONS. Wilkesbarre.

House of Entertainment. A. R. BACON, informs the public that he keeps a house of the above description; at the noted place of Z, KNAPS, Pittston.

Capital Stock of the Nantucket and Hughesville Turnpike Road Company, will be sold on the 6th June for six days at the hotel of William H. ALEXANDER, Wilkesbarre, store of Henderson GAYLORD, Plymouth, house of John KOONS, Columbus, house of Thos. VAN BUSKIRK, Hughesville and house of Joseph HALL, Williamsport. One of the commissioners will attend and permit all persons of lawful age to subscribe in their own names or in the names of any other person: Elisha W. REYNOLDS, John KOONS, John PEAL, Alex COLLY, George RHONE, John DODSON, Charles BARRETT, Jarius HARRISON, Richard B. FARR, Israel LUDLOW, John EPHLIN, Thomas DOWNING, Abm. BODINE, John HILL, Evan THOMAS, Thomas ELLIS, Jon R. DEAN, Chester BUTLER, Joshua PUGH, Joh. MC’HENRY, Henderson GAYLORD, Commissioners.

Most Foul. Mrs. BRISTOL, only 19 years old, was murdered a short time since at St. Antones de Zilly, about 20 miles from Quebec, by her own husband! She was very beautiful, and had been married to the brute but 18 months. He has fled to the United States, and a reward is offered for his apprehension.

25 May 1836

New Store. Stephen P. HILL, has moved his stock of Goods from Kingston to Wilkesbarre, in Col. LAMB’S store house, recently occupied by A. H. EMLEY.

Journeymen Shoemakers Wanted, 5 or 6 steady men, and good workmen will find constant employment and good wages by calling on Thomas DAVIDGE, in Main St., near Doct. CHRISTEL’S Hotel, Wilkesbarre

For Rent. The valuable business stand on Market St., lately occupied by W. A. MERRITT, consisting of a Dwelling House & Store, a good garden, Barn, &c. H. F. LAMB, Wilkesbarre.

Military Notice. The 115th Regt. Of 2nd Brigade, 8th Division, Pa. Militia will meet at the house of Col. J. J. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre on June 4th, to organize a Military Music School and to receive the names of those who wish to attend said School. H. TILBURY Jr. and J. MOORES.

The Wilkesbarre Academy is now in operation under the charge of Sylvester DANA, Esq. He is a graduate of Yale College.

At a meeting of the Mineralogical Committee of Luzerne County, 14th May, Col. H. F. LAMB was called to the Chair, E. A. BULKLEY was appointed Sect’y. Henry F. LAMB, John LYNDE, Chester A. COLT and V. L. MAXWELL, of Wilkesbarre, are authorised to receive specimens of Minerals, &c. from members of the committee and other who may furnish the same. The keeper of the specimens is instructed to label each with a number, and keep a book in which he shall enter the number of each, the name of the depositor, the name of the mineral, its locality and such other facts connected with it as may be useful.

1 June 1836

Distressing Casualty. An accident happened in this town on Friday morning near the German reformed church, by which an individual was killed. He was a carter, we understand, in the employ of Mr. KENDALL, and is supposed to have become entangled in the reins, and being thrown down, the wheel passed over his head and fractured his skull so dreadfully that he died in half an hour. No person was present when the accident occurred, except a little boy, too young to give any intelligible account of it. The deceased we learn was a German, recently from Pottsville. His name was Charles AUBLE. Reading Journ..

John EARLS was executed at Williamsport on Tuesday last, at 3 o’clock, for murdering his wife. He was hung within the jail yard. The Lycoming Gazette of yesterday says that on Saturday last he made a full and entire confession of his guilt to his late counsel – the confession is to be printed in pamphlet form and sold for the benefit of the orphan children.

The murder of Ellen JEWETT, in New York, is as yet quite mysterious affair. An anonymous writer in a New York paper acquits ROBINSON of the deed, and confesses that he, to be revenged upon ROBINSON for an old grudge deliberately laid the plan, and executed the crime, in such a manner as to fix all suspicion upon ROBINSON. He succeeded in concealing himself under Ellen’s bed, and when ROBINSON and Ellen were asleep, he set fire to the bed, then gave the fatal blow with the hatchet and instantaneously made his escape.

8 June 1836 (not on microfilm)

Committee of correspondence for Luzerne County appointed by the Democratic State Convention at Harrisburg on the 8th January last:
Benjamin PERRY
Thomas SMITH
Stephen VAUGHN
Joseph P. DENNIS
Christian KUNCKLE
Dr. Mason CRARY
John R. DEAN
Charles BERRY
David DALE
William DRUM
Charles HAY
Thomas MYERS
Jacob KUTZ
Isaac HART

Edward ARMSTRONG, of Carlisle, committed suicide on Saturday last, by hanging himself.

Take Notice – Whereas, my wife Olive has refused to accept of my accommodations, I therefore forbid all persons harboring or trusting her on my account for I will not pay any debts of her contracting. Nicholas MOSELEY, Windham

15 June 1836

Advance or strike: The Journeymen Cordwainers of Wilkes-Barre and vicinity, are hereby notified that a Meeting will be held at the house of Lewis GROSHOLZ on Saturday, the second of July next, at 3 o’clock P. M., for the purpose of forming a regular list of Advance Wages.

Notice. The partnership heretofore existing between the subscriber, trading under the firm of REYNOLDS and DAVENPORT, is dissolved by mutual consent. Those indebted will please make payment to E. W. REYNOLDS, who is duly authorised to settle the same. E. W. REYNOLDS and Saml. DEVENPORT Jr., Plymouth.

ROBINSON who was charged with the murder of Ellen JEWET; has had his trial and been acquitted by the court and jury.

Schedule Graduating the Duties on Wholesale and Retail Dealers in foreign Merchandize in the county of Luzerne from the 1st May, 1836 to 1st May, 1837. 1st to 5th classes none.
6th Class:
Wilkesbarre: HOLLENBACK and RUTTER
7th Class:
Kingston: William SWETLAND & Co., William C. REYNOLDS
Plymouth: Henderson GAYLORD, John TURNER
Tunkhannock: Henry STARK
8th Class:
Washington: Daniel STERLING
Abington: William CLARKE, N. D. GREEN, B. F. BAILEY, Ezra WALL
Nicholson: Nathan BACON, E. S. ROBERTS
Newport: Jacob REMBACK
Salem: Sebastian SYBERT
Carbondale: MAPES & MANN, Martin CURTIS, Peerson LAND & CO., A. B. HACKLEY, MOTT & Co., WHITE & GILLESPIE
Huntington: J. & J. BOWMAN, William KOONS, James BUCKALEW, Benjamin HARVEY, John KOONS
Kingston: Jacob RICE, Elisha ATHERTON, George SHOEMAKER, MOTT & Co., CHURCH & REESE, Elias HOYT, John R. COUDRY
Northmoreland: Chester BROWN, Asa KEELER
Plymouth: C. REYNOLDS & Co.
Pittston: John ALLMENT, Crandall WILLCOX
Union: Zerah MARVIN, Darwin CRAY & CO.
Sugarloaf: Henry SYBERT, Jacob DRUMHELLER, George LANE & Co., Jacob B__HEIMER (faded)
Tunkhannock: P. M. OSTERHOUT, Thos. OSTERHOUT, Alpha DURHAM

Caution. I hereby caution all persons against purchasing a note given by me to John FISH, for $45 dated, May 21st, 1836, payable six months after date – Whereas I have received no value, for said note I am determined not to pay it unless compelled by law. Charles MOORE

22 June 1836

Mildred, aged 13 years, daughter of Mrs. Nancy WOMACK, of Bedford County, was killed on the 31st ult. by a gun shot. The article tells of a dreams that Mrs. WOMACK had before this incident and also before the deaths of her husband and two other daughters (See article.) Lynchburg Virginian .

To the Heirs and legal Representatives of Christian SERBER, dec’d, and all others interested in the estate, Take Notice, that on the 8th April the Orphans’ Court of Luzerne County granted the following rule, which is returnable to, and will be argued, on the first Monday of August next, in said court at 10 o’clock A. M. “Rule on the Heirs and legal Representatives of said Christian SERBER, dec’d, and all persons interested, to show cause why the administration should not be discharged; and why the Bond given on the application of the Administrator for the sale of the Real Estate of said Decedent should not be cancelled.”

For Rent. The Laurel Run Distillery situated one and a half miles from Wilkes-Barre. The Distillery is suppyed with an excelent [sic] Spring of water, and capable of running 40 bushels of grain per day. There is on the premises, pens sufficient to contain 200 Hogs. Possession will be immediately. PABSMAN & LAFONTAIN, Wilkesbarre.

Boat Men Wanted to transport 2,000 tons of Coal from Wilkes Barre to Columbia, for which High Prices will be given. Alexander GRAY, Wilkes-Barre.

“Citizen Volunteers” A special Court of Appeal, will be held on the 11th July next at the house of H. ALEXANDER, in Wilkes Barre, by the Commissioned Officer of the Company. All absentees will therefore, pay attention to this notice. J. C. SNOW. O. S.

Lodge No. 61, At Wilkes Barre, Will dine at Brother A. PARRISH’S on the 24th June inst., in commemoration of St. John the Baptist.

S. H. TAYLOR, has been appointed Agent for the sale of Fairbanks’ Patent Hay Scales and Portable Platforms Scales for Groceries, Manufactories, Flour Mills, County Stores, &c., in the counties of Susquehanna, Luzerne, Wayne, Northumberland and Bradford. Letters to be sent to Lynn P. O. Springville, Susquehanna Co., Pa.

North Branch Canal. The engineers have arrived at Towanda and will proceed on Monday to the state line to commence their labors. Much interest is taken by many in the location of the canal which will soon be settled. Tow. Argus .

Suicide. On Saturday morning last, George PITNER, of Roaring Creek Township, put an end to his existence by hanging himself in one of the rooms of his own dwelling house. Mr. PITNER was about 55 years of age, in easy circumstances, and had a large family of children, some of them married. No satisfactory reason can be assigned for this rash act of self destruction.

Died – In this Borough, on Saturday last, of Scarlet Fever, Mary, only child of Martha and E. W. STURDEVANT Esq., aged two years and six months.
“Bright, early, trancient as the morning dew – She sparkled, was exhaled and went to heav’n.”

The trial of Peter PANGBURN, for the murder of his wife, came on at the Delaware County Circuit, held at Delhi last week. It lasted four days and resulted in the acquittal of the prisoner.

29 June 1836

Statement of the appropriations required for the current year by the Canal Commissioners.

An Act To consolidate and amend the several acts relative to the General System of Education by Common Schools. (Entire act printed)

Boot & Shoe Making. WATTS & SIMONS, Wilkes Barre

Reliance Fire Company, will meet at the Engine house on 4th July. Chester A. COLT, Sec’y.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the last Saturday of July next to hear us and our creditors. Horace STILES, Jerome B. BLAKESLEE

6 July 1836

At a recent breach of promise case in Montreal, I. C. the plaintiff Miss Maria POULER, recovered three thousand dollars from the faithless one, Samuel WORKMAN. No less than seventy love letters were read on the trial in open Court, which had passed between the parties during the tedious courtship of years – light and shadows alternatively prevailed.

Died. John GERINGER, contractor on the Dam A. of the Lehigh navigation. He was killed on Friday evening about 8 o’clock, by the fall of a fragment of a rock upon his head thrown into the air by a blast put off a short distance from the place he was standing at the time. Mr. G. was a highly respectable farmer of Wyoming Valley, in the meridian of life and had by habits of industry and frugality acquired a handsome property. Mauk Chunk Courier.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 30th July, for land in Falls Township, bounded by Thomas ASTLEY, Nathaniel FRITH, Henry OSTERHOUT, TURNBULL and SMITH, with a barn, gristmill and sawmill, containing about 262 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James STERLING against Homan MORGAN.

Register’s Notice, for estate of Emeus LOCK, late of Kingston, 4 August has been set for the confirmation and allowance of account.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, July 1st:
Ebenezer CAMP
William FELTON
William W. JACKSON
Thomas KELLY
Stephen A. KENEDY
Stephen LUMMIS
Denison LOTT
Benjamin JENKINS
Abraham MILLER
Theron MARCY
I. M. and T. I. PECK
William T. RESLER
William SUTTON
Nicholas STEVENS
Oliver STARK
Charles W. SEELY
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Plymouth, July 1st:
Rebecca BANGS
Charlott EVANS
Mary Ann EVANS
Mahaly EVANS
Christopher GORAHAN
Daniel LEACH
Freeman THOMAS
Joseph WIGHT

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Wilkesbarre, July 1st:
Thomas ADAMS
Elisha AMES
Burton ASCAM
George BEHEE
Benam_n BAILEY
Francis BESLER
George BATH
Henry W. CAMP
George H. CAREY
Pohenas FRENCH
William FRACE
Mathias FRECK
William B. GODFREY
Temperance JAMISON
Josiah LEWIS
William LOVE
Elizabeth MC DONALD
Darrice A. MC INTHN_
Daniel Osburne OWEN
George PRATT
Alijah Poter REES
Daniel William ENOCH
Lorenzo RUGLES
Samuel RAUB
Whitney SMITH
George TENCH
Charles F. WATTS
Ephraim WHITE
Miss Harriet L. WILLSON
Daniel COLLINGS, P. M.

The Fourth of July. The anniversary of this Glorious day, was celebrated in this place by the raising of flags, the discharge of cannon, and the ringing of bells. A part of our citizens took a ride upon the canal, and others met at the different public houses of entertainment.

Died – Ex-President, James MADISON, died at his late residence in Orange County, Virginia on the 28th June.

Sheriff’s Sales will be held 30 July next, at the Court House, Wilkes-barre:
1) Land in Huntington Township, bounded by Johnathan WILKINSON, containing about 10 acres.. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Charles J. CHRISTELL against Calloway HARVEY and Harmon HARVEY.
2) Land in Kingston Township, bounded by John BENNETT, William CHURCH, road. Contains dwelling house, shop and Barn, and about 2 _ acres. .. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Peter SHARP & Eliza SHAFER, admins. of estate of John SHAFER, deceased, against Christopher V. BUSKARK.
3) Land in Covington Twp., bounded by H. W. DRINKER, Richard DRINKER, containing about 100 acres. .. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of W. B. GODFREY against Abraham DEPEW.
4) Land in Falls Township, bounded by Thomas ASTLEY, Henry BEEMER, Samuel KOOK, Andrew THOMPSON, with house, containing about 150 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Sebastian SYBERT, S. SAYLOR and John FASSETT, Commissioners of Luzerne County, or their successors in office, against Henry STRADER.
5) Land in Wilkesbarre Borough, bounded by John P. BABB, Lewis WOORALL, Gilbert LAIRD, containing about _ acre. Also on main street, a house and large three story shop, bounded by N. BEACH or H. MANN, O. COLLINGS. .. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of E. V. ELY against J. J. DENNIS
6) Land in Carbondale Township, on West side of the Lackawanna and on west side of the Turnpike road, leading from Carbondale, containing about _ acre, with a house with a shed roof. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of BENJAMIN and VANBERGEN against William DAVIS
7) Land in Kingston Township, bounded by Lot No. 4 in 4th Division, containing 161 acres, conveyed to Jacob HOLGATE and William HICKS, Feb. 26, 1818, by Garrick MALLERY, also an other piece being part of Lot No. 3 in Mountain tier of 4th Division, containing 90 acres. Also another piece being part of Lot No. 13, in 3rd division, containing about 22 acres, reserving to the heirs of Adam SHAFER the half of a Coal bed and privilege of using and conveying the water to the Oil Mill as it was used and conveyed in 1817, and the two last pieces conveyed to said Jacob HOLGATE and William HICKS, 29th Nov. 1817 by Joseph SWETLAND and Clarissa, his wife, except two small pieces conveyed to George W. LITTLE by Jacob HOLGATE and recorded Luzerne County 29:165. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the Bank of Germantown against Reuben HOLGATE, Exr. Of Jacob HOLGATE, dec’d.
8) Land in Pittston Township, being part of Lot 27 in 1st Division, bounded by Ebenezer MARCY, Lackawanna River, to near stake and stone near the Forge formerly owned by Thomas WRIGHT, containing 27 acres. Land was conveyed by Garrick MALLERY and wife on 31 May, 1820 (Luzerne Deed 20:123) to Samuel CONRAD, who died intestate leaving neither widow nor lawful issue, but a father, Michael and brother John, and sister Margaret, subject to the life estate of Michael CONRAD, and said John by Indenture, bearing date 22 Aug. 1828, conveyed his moiety thereof to the said Michael CONRAD and the said Michael CONRAD being seized thereof devised the same to the said John CONRAD in trust for the children of said John with power of alien, enfeoff (?) convey &c., and died leaving a widow, the said Jane CONRAD. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Abraham ELKIN against Margaret CONRAD.
9) Land in Carbondale, bounded on Street No. 6, with a frame house and blacksmith’s shop, joining land of Jessey Clark TOWNSEND and Poor and Thomas HURLEY. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Isaac S. DITMARS against Cortez ANGEL
10) Land in Blakeley Township, bounded by Isaac LONDON, Allen SECOR, Thomas MERRIDITH, Noah STEVENS, with a Tavern house and barn, containing about 40 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of HOLENBACK and RUTTER against William H. COTRILL and also by Nathaniel COTTRILL to the use of Calvin WADAMS against William H. COTTRILL.
11) Stone house and frame barn in Salem Township. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jonathan EWAS against Isiab LONGSHORE and William RADLE against Isiah LONGSHORE
12) Land in Greenfield Township, bounded by Daniel ENOS, Henry C. WADEMAN, Jacob SNYDER, containing 81 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Thomas GRAHAM against George W. HEALEY and also of Joshua FLETCHR and Ephraim JOHNSON against Geo. W. HEALEY.
13) Land in Nicholson Township, bounded by Tunkhannock Creek, Wonton HILL, Stephen PARKER, containing 20 acres (part of tract of land originally surveyed in the name of William WHITE), being same piece which Joseph L. INGLES and Sophiah his wife, by deed 10 July 1830 conveyed to Seth DAN Jr. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of George A. BICKNELL against Seth DAN Jr.
14) Land in Pittston Township, containing about 4 acres, bounded by Susquehanna River, John BENEDICT’S Estate, highway, heirs of Constant SEARLE. One other lot in same, containing _ acre, bounded by highway, heirs of Roger SEARLE, Eleazer CARY. One other lot in same, containing _ acre, bounded by heirs of William SLOCUM, Joseph FELL, heirs of Constant SEARLE, Susquehanna River. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William M. HART, admin. of Jacob HART, deceased, vs Andrew BEDFORD
15) Small framed one story house, on East side of the Blakely & Carbondale Turnpike Road, short distance from Village of Carbondale. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of WHITE and GILLESPIE against David DAVIS
16) Land in Providence Township, on road leading from Jacob R. BLOOMS to SLOCUM’S Mills, standing on part of Lot No. 34. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Henry SIVELY against Rufus BENNET, Darius FINCH and Samuel CHURCH.
17) Land in Northmoreland Township, bounded by William BRACE, Daniel BODLE, Cyrus MANN, Eben WINTERS, with a log house and barn, containing about 56 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William BRACE against Elijah PEMBLETON.
18) Land in Providence Township, bounded by Thomas GRIFFIN Jr., David KOTZE, Philip and Joseph MEAD and Michael BEESUCKER, containing 30 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of J. DILLINGER, admin. of John DILLINGER, deceased, against Hannah VANSLACK and John I. DINGS, admins. of Henry VANTORK, deceased.
19) Land in Windham Township, bounded by Mahoopany Creek, Anson MARTIN, Isaiah ADKINS and Allen FERMAN, with a log barn, containing about 90 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of D. and J. STERLING against Evie HINKLEY
20) Land in Pittston Township, bounded by James THOMPSON Jr., Francis YATES and Joel HALE, containing 50 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Wm. TOMPKINS, admin, of John BENEDICT, deceased, against Frederick DAY and Harris DAY
21) About _ acre with house, bounded by John DAVIS, turnpike road leading from Carbondale to Dundaff, West side of the Lackawanna. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of BENJAMINE and VAN BERGEN against John JONES.

13 July 1836

Wanted. A Good Printer. A workman acquainted with the business, will find constant employment in this office.

Married – On the 4th inst., by James KELLY Esq., Milton COOPER, of Nicholson, to Miss Caroline, daughter of Nathan BACON, Esq., of the same place.

Died – Sydney L. BROWER, aged 27, of Pulmonary Consumption, a native of this valley. He sought the mercantile profession and whilst engaged in an active and lucrative business during a journey to England he was seized with the consumption.

Died – Samuel YOST, Esq., on Wednesday morning in Sugarloaf Township, in the 55th year of his age.

The Luzerne County Temperance Society for the election of officers will be held at the Meeting House on Public Square, 7th August. Wm. L. BOWMAN, Sec’y.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Pittston Ferry, July 1st:
John SOX
A. BIRD, P. M.

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Plains, July 1st:
James STARK Esq.
Jeremiah BLANCHARD Esq.

20 July 1836

Married – In Pittston on the 18th inst., by Erastus SMITH, Esq., James STOUT to Miss Peggy Ann WOOD, all of Pittston. [See next paper]

Stop Thief!! 50 Dollars Reward. Was stolen from the pasture of John S. HYNDSHAW, of Greenwich Township, Warren County, New Jersey, on the 20th June, a blood bay horse. Any person taking the horse and thief, and serving the thief in any jail within 150 miles of Easton, Pa., shall receive the above reward, or $25 for returning the horse.

Boat Men Wanted, to transport 2,000 tons of Coal from Wilkes Barre to Columbia, for which two dollars will be paid per ton, upon delivery to Columbia. Alexander GRAY, Wilkes-Barre.

27 July 1836

Horrid Murder. From the Alton, Ill. Telegraph. Last Wednesday at Burlington, Wisconsin Territory, a man by the name of RICHARDSON, had entered a piece of land, which was considered valuable; so much so, that another man attempted to wrest it from him by a second entry. After some dispute, both of the parties commenced improving the land. They had proceeded in ploughing until they came within one furrow of each other, when RICHARDSON was warned by his opponent not to set foot upon the ground he had broken. RICHARDSON, however, disregarded the threat and continued his work, when the monster took deliberate aim with his rifle, and shot him through the heart. RICHARDSON expired without a groan. The murderer was secured, and now awaiting his trial.

New York, July 7. Wm. D. GRAY, was arraigned on three several indictments, two for petty larceny and one for grand larceny to which he pleaded not guilty. This is the individual whose cloak Richard P. ROBINSON had on the night of the murder, and which cloak was found in the yard in the treat of Thomas Street. While ROBINSON was in prison at Bellevue, GRAY was also there and they contrived during that time to keep up a correspondence by letter with each other. After GRAY’S arrest, a letter written to him, whilst both of them were in prison, was found upon him, in which ROBINSON states that himself would be tried on such paday, and that he, GRAY, wanted to get clear of his wife and get married again, that he would be able, when he got out, and get a divorce from his wife, as he, ROBINSON after his acquittal, would go and seduce her, and be evidence for him to prove the criminal conversation; adding that it was not the first time he had obliged a friend that way. This letter was written only a few days before ROBINSON was to be tried for his life. On the acquittal of ROBINSON, a great flourish was made about his falling upon his father’s neck and weeping. If so, it must have been sheer acting. His conduct immediately afterwards was that of indecent levity; and on the day following, his language respecting his father – when the jailer was making out his bill – was not only disrespectful bur unfeeling. N. Y. Com. Adv.

Biography of William WHITE, D. D., Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the state of Pennsylvania, and rector of Christ’s Church St. Peter’s and St. James’, Philadelphia, was born in Philadelphia on 4 April 1748.

Died – William WHITE, Bishop of Pennsylvania, breathed his last yesterday noon. A memorial to him appears in another article.

Five Presidents of the United States, all men of the revolution, terms of service expired in the 66th year of their age.

Mr. TRASK, injured by the Providence Rail Road accident has since died.

Married – In Pittston on the 18th ult., by Erastus SMITH, Esq., James STOUT to Miss Peggy Ann WOOD, all of Pittston. [Printed in previous papers as “inst.”]

Revolutionary Widows. A bill passed at the late Congress extending the benefits of the act of 1832 granting pensions to certain persons engaged in the land and naval service during the war, to the widows of the officers and soldiers of the revolutionary army who were married before the expiration of said service.

A man named DAGGERT (a fatal name) in the upper part of Louisiana, had a quarrel a short time since with another man, and in the course of it plunged a knife into the heart of the latter.

Storing and Forwarding. Abraham THOMAS, Wilkesbarre, has erected a convenient Store house on the canal at this place, and will attend promptly to the above business on the usual terms.

Stray’s Broke into the enclosure of David DALE, Covington on the 14th inst. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take them away.

Public Sale of Valuable Property to be held 22nd August, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, land in Hanover Township, containing 138 acres, late estate of Conrad KNOCK, deceased, of which about 60 acres is cleared and under good cultivation, with a Frame Dwelling House, Barn and out houses. The principal value of the Property consists in Stone Coal, lying in the range of the principal coal mines of the Wyoming Valley, three different openings into them having already been made.

Estate of Samuel YOST, late of Sugarloaf Township, requests payments and demands. Henry B. YOST, Executor.

New York Smoked Beef, of superior quality, for sale by L. BURR, Wilkes-Barre.

3 August 1836

An Act granting half pay to widows or orphans where their husbands or fathers have died of wounds received in the military service of the United States in certain cases, and for other purposes. Approved 4 July 1836

Married – In Susq. Co. on Wednesday the 20th ult, by Samuel BARKLEY Esq., Daniel BOOTHE, of Kingston, Luzerne Co. to Miss Anna Lodema, daughter of Samuel A. BROWN, Esq., of the former place.

Married – In Bridgewater, on the 21st inst., by Rev. Timothy STOW, Doct. DeWitt C. WARNER to Miss Rhoda HELME

Died – The following obituary which we copy from the Sangamo Journal, many of our readers will be reminded of an old friend who left this Valley about the year 1820. Elijah SLATER, departed this life, July 6th, aged 60 years. He was an elder of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Springfield.

Lost Cow, strayed about the 1st June last. Dyer LANPHEAR, living near Thomas WILLIAMS, Plains.

10 August 1836 (not on microfilm)

Died – On Saturday the 24th ult. In this place, Ira, on the 30th Whitney, and on the 3rd ult. Harriet, all infant children of Charles and Betsey TLBURY, Thus in little more than one week, have these parents been deprived of all their children, three in number.

Died – On the third ult., Mary SPEECE, of this place.

Died – On Friday, the 5th ult., Charles, infant son of John GRUVER.

17 August 1836

Democratic Meeting held Aug. 2nd, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre, in pursuance of notice from the Standing Committee. A Committee of one or more, from each township, appointed to draft a preamble and resolutions:
Abington: Andrew BEDFORD
Blakely: Samuel FERRIS
Braintrim: Ezekiel MOWRY
Covington: Edward WARDELE
Carbondale: Buonaparte BAKER
Eaton: Philip LEE
Exeter: Daniel HARDING
Fairmount: David WYANT
Greenfield: Charles BERRY
Hanover: Bateman DOWNING
Huntington: Newton BOONE
Kingston: Joseph TUTTLE
Lehman: John LINSKILL
Nescopeck: Philip MEIXSEL
Nicholson: Orren L. HALLSTEAD
Newport: Geo. SCHLEPPEY
Northmoreland: Henry WEBB
Pittston: Benj. SAYLOR
Plymouth: Aued BALDWIN
Providence: E. S. POTTER
Sugarloaf: Henry B. YOST
Tunkhannock: Henry STARK
Union: Barnabas SUTLIFF
Windham: Wm. R. ROBINSON
Wilkesbarre: G. W. WOODWARD, H. B. WRIGHT, Ziba BENNETT

Committee of Vigilance:
Abington: Norvel D. GREEN, Asa KNIGHT
Blakely: H. CASE, Isaac FERRIS
Braintrim: Charles KINNEY, M. OVERFIELD
Buck: Charles L. TERWILLEGER, Geo. TRACY
Carbondale: Wm. EGGLESTON, Daniel TAYLOR
Dallas: Sanford MORE, Charles C. HONEYWELL
Eaton: Forbes LEE, James BROWN
Exeter: Harris JENKINS, Josiah SWARTOUT
Fairmount: Jonathan PENINGTON, Titus SEWAR
Greenfield: Samuel VAILL, John SHERMAN
Hanover: Jonas HARTZELL, Conrad ROMAGE
Huntington: Jarius HARRISON, John BRITTON
Monroe: John WRIGHT, Christopher KERKENDALL
Nescopeck: George FENSTIMACKER, John BRIGGS
Nicholson: James VAN FLEET, Wm. SCOTT
Northmoreland: Josiah ROGES [sic], Jonathan DAILY
Pittston: James S. KENNEDY, John C. DOTY
Plymouth: Truman ATHERTON, E. W. REYNOLDS
Providence: Samuel DE PUY, Nelson NICKERBACKER
Salem: Jesse WILSON, James CAMPBELL
Sugarloaf: A. SMITH, J. C. BENNETT
Tunkhannock: Isaac VOSBURG, J. JACKSON
Union: John R. DEAN, Joseph MOSS Jr.
Washington: Abm. JAYNE, Jared ROBINSON
Windham: Thos. L. WRIGHT, Anthony OSIAH
Wilkes-barre: Geo. P. STEEL, Daniel COLLINGS
Whites Haven or Eastern District of Hanover: John FORESMAN, Hiram BLANCHARD
Standing Committee for ensuing year:

The case of MALONE. The Jury empaneled in the case of John MALONE, charged with the murder of Mr. FELLOWS, returned a verdict of manslaughter. His counsel applied for a new trial, which application was held under advisement until next court of Oyer and Terminer.

New Post Routes:
From Columbus, by the way of Fairmount, Colesville, in Columbia County & Davidson to Taneyville in Lycoming Co.
From Abington Centre, by the way of Factoryville, and Nicholson, to Brooklyn, Susquehanna Co.
From Skinners Eddy post office, by Springhill and Jones mills, to intersect the post route from Wyalusing to Rushville, at Stevensville
From Tayneyville, Lycoming Co., by Heddleson’s to Columbus, Luzerne Co.
From Wilkes-Barre, by White-Haven, Lowrytown to Lousanne
From Carbondale, by the way of Greenville, Wallville, Abington and Nicholson to Tunkhannock
From Stoddardsville to Clifton

Committees of Correspondence, appointed by the young men’s Democratic Convention, assembled at Harrisburg on the 4th July:
Luzerne County: Geo. W. WOODWARD, Payne PETTIBONE, George P. STEEL, James W. GOFF, Luther KIDDER, Wm. DALE, John GRIFFIN, F. L. BOWMAN, Erastus SMITH, Wm. B. SCOTT, Henry YOST, W. P. JOHNSON, A. T. MC CLINTOCK, Chester TUTTLE, J. QUITER, Herman SEARLES

Appointment by the Governor – O. COLLINS, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, to be President Judge of the Lancaster district, in place of Hon. C. OGLE, resigned.

For the Farmers. On Friday, the fifth of August inst., Mrs. Margaret E., wife of Jasper FASSETT, Esq., of Windham Township, aged 42 years, spun and reeled 162 nots of woolen yarn – she reeled 32 times. This was done in the time intervening between the appearance and disappearance of day-light. Girls can you “beat this?”

24 August 1836

How to make a Blackberry Cordial

How to make perpetual Yeast

The Members of the Mountaineer Light Infantry Company are required to meet at Northmoreland Centre, on Saturday, 3rd Sept. next, for exercise and drill. All members will be considered as absentees who do no appear in uniform. H. WEBB, Captain.

The Invincible Volunteer Battalion will meet at the house of Jeremiah CLARK, Abington, on 12th Sept. next, uniformed and equipt for inspection. James ROBERTS, Major.

Information Wanted. Whereas John HESS, a brother of the undersigned left this place some time in August 1830, calculating to go to the Juniatti Canal, and as I have not heard any thing from him since, I hereby offer a Reward of Twenty Dollars for Positive Information, whether he is living or dead. He was 36 years old when he left home, of a strong, robust constitution, full face, dark complexion, and about 5 feet 10 inches in heighth [sic], and had the initials of his name, J. H., printed on his right arm. Thomas HESS, Plainsville, Luzerne County.

31 August 1836

Died – Mrs. Catharine HARRIS, who has resided for several years past at the English neighborhood, and has been living in recently at the house of Mrs. S_DORS, upon BULL’S Ferry, was found on Friday morning last suspended by one of her feet from the bed room window quite dead. She has been in the habit of using opium for several years past, but of which, she had been deprived lately, by whom, we know not. On Thursday night last she retired to rest as usual, but was heard by some of the family to rise shortly after and walk about the room. It is supposed that her melancholy death was owing to her deprivation of opium, which produced delirum trements, [sic] and that in attempting to jump from the window the sash fell and caught one of her feet by which she was suspended when her lifeless body was discovered on the following morning. She was nearly seventy three years of age. She had lived a most exemplary life, and had endeared to her a large circle of acquaintance. Jersey Blue.

Died – John BROWN, a native of Ireland, but for the last fifty years a citizen of New Jersey, died in Mansfield, Warren County, on the 22nd inst., aged 150 years!

Appointment by the Governor. Jacob J. BOGARDUS, of Lehman, a Justice of the Peace.

New County. At a meeting of citizens of Carbondale, at the Rail Way Hotel, 22nd inst., William ROOT Esq., was called to the Chair, Jeremiah WILBER, chosen Vice President and Wm. EGGLESTONE and Judson W. BURNUM, Secretaries. Lewis JONES Jr. Esq. and Amzi WILSON addressed the meeting. The committee to report the preamble and resolutions: Amzi WILSON, Lewis JONES Jr., James SCOTT, George F. KNAPP and Zephaniah KNAPP. The new county is to be formed out of parts of Luzerne and Susquehanna Counties. Committees for correspondence and to superintend the application for, and the erection of the aforesaid New County:
Carbondale: Amzi WILSON, Lewis JONES Jr., James SCOTT, Charles WHITE, Samuel HODGDON
Providence: Levi DINGS, Nelson KICKERBACKER, Liman SMITH
Blakeley: James MOTT, Samuel CALLENDER, Daniel BAICON [BACON?], Samuel PECK
Abington: John MILLER, Andrew BEDFORD, Mathew JACKSON, Ezra WILLIAMS
Nicholson: James VAN FLEET, John MARCY, Oren L. HAULSTEAD, William FELTON
Greenfield: Samuel VAD, Nathaniel WETHERBY, John LOWRY, Abel GRITMAN
Clifford: Thomas P. PHINNY, Charles WELLS, James H. PHELPS, Wm. JACKSON, Jonh T. SNYDER [John T. SNYDER?]
Herrick: Walter LYONS, Martin DIMOCK, James GIDDINGS, Erastus DAY, Benj. SMITH
Lenox: Charles CHANDLER, Shubael DIMOCK, W. GROW
Committee of three to incorporate the village of Carbondale: Judson W. BURNHAM, Lewis JONES Jr., Wm. ROOT

Married – On the 18th inst., at Wilkesbarre, by John MYERS, Esq., John ALLEBACH, to Miss Sarah LOMERAUX, both of Kingston.

Married – On the 26th inst., by the same, John MC GINNES to Miss Mary HOFFMAN, both of Wilkesbarre

Died – In this borough, very suddenly, on the morning of the 27th inst., Miss Maria SCHRADER, aged 21.

Died – in this borough on Friday, the 26th inst., Charles R., infant son of H. B. WRIGHT, aged five months and fourteen days.

Members of the Wyoming Debating Society, and all who feel disposed to join, are requested to assemble at the academy on Friday evening the 2nd Sept., for the purpose of re-organizing and continuing it as formerly.

Reliance Fire Company meeting will be held at the Engine house on Sept. 5th. Chester A. COLT, Sec’y.

Wyoming Troop will meet at the house of Capt. Wm. H. ALEXANDER, Wilkesbarre, on 10th September , armed and equipt as the law directs, for parade and drill. Robert MINER, 1st Sergeant

7 Sept. 1836

Congressional conferees Meeting was held at the house of Thomas REYNOLDS, Berwick, on 2nd September. Wm. SWETLAND, Esq. was appointed chairman and S. BALDY, Esq., Secretary. Present from Luzerne County was John KNOOR and S. BALDY.

Jesse CHRISMAN, formerly of this place was murdered in the vicinity of Wheeling, on 15th April by Thomas WENTRINGER and his accomplice, Boon LONG. (See article)

Married – At Hanover, on 29th August by Samuel JAMESON, Esq., Charles ADAMS of Mass. to Miss Sarah DARLING of Columbia Co.

Married – In Pittston, on the 30th ult., by E. S. POTTER, Esq., Edward B. FELLOWS, merchant of New York City, to Miss Henrietta, daughter of Aaron BROWN of the former place.

Died – In this place on the 15th August, Mary Edy, infant daughter of Loyd ATKINS, aged 17 months and 18 days.
So fades the lovely, blooming flow’r, Frail, smiling solace of an hour
So soon our trancient comforts fly, And pleasures only bloom to die.

Democratic Republicans of Northmoreland are requested to meet at the house of H. WEBB on Sept. 17th, to appoint a delegate to attend the County Convention at Kingston on the 20th. J. ROGERS, J. DAILEY, Committee of Vigilance.

Stray Heifer, about 25th July last, came to the premises of Mary GARDNER, Exeter Township. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 29th Sept. at the court house, Wilkesbarre, for Land in Kingston Township, bounded by Lot No. 4 in 4th Division, containing 161 acres, conveyed to Jacob HOLGATE and William HICKS, Feb. 26, 1818, by Garrick MALLERY, also an other piece being part of Lot No. 3 in Mountain tier of 4th Division, containing 90 acres. Also another piece being part of Lot No. 13, in 3rd division, containing about 22 acres, reserving to the heirs of Adam SHAFER the half of a Coal bed and privilege of using and conveying the water to the Oil Mill as it was used and conveyed in 1817, and the two last pieces conveyed to said Jacob HOLGATE and William HICKS, 29th Nov. 1817 by Joseph SWETLAND and Clarissa, his wife, except two small pieces conveyed to George W. LITTLE by Jacob HOLGATE and recorded Luzerne County 29:165. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the Bank of Germantown against Reuben HOLGATE, Exr. of Jacob HOLGATE, dec’d.

14 Sept. 1836

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the first Saturday in November next to hear us and our creditors. Matthias OLMSTEAD, John T. SNYDER

The Antimasonic Ticket. We forgot to mention that several weeks since, the opposition delegated representing a little more than half the township in the county, met and put in nomination for Assembly, James NESBIT and Richard DRINKER; for Commissioner, Charles BARRETT; Auditor, Jesse HARDING. Messrs. CONYNGHAM and Elias HOYT were nominated delegates to the Convention, but they declined the honor.

Married – In Kingston, on the 1st inst., by Rev. Geo. W. RICHMOND, Job J. HARVEY to Miss Celinda COREY, all of Kingston.

Mechanic’s Meeting, The meeting of mechanics of the Borough of Wilkes-Barre will be held at the house of George EYCKE tomorrow evening, the 15th, for the purpose of forming a union for the protection of their rights.

Wanted Immediately, A Boy, Between the ages of 14 and 16, as an Apprentice to the Tailoring Business. Enquire of A. MORSE, at his new establishment in Market Street, next door to W. C. GILDERSLEAVE’S Store.

$20 Reward. Whereas Obstructions have been placed upon the Lateral Rail Road, leading from Coal Brook Mines to the Basin, near the canal, by which the property of the owners of said mines has been injured, and the lives of persons in their imploy [sic] endangered; and it is believed that some of the obstructions have been willfully placed on said road. Public Notice is hereby given, that a Reward of Twenty Dollars will be paid to all persons who will furnish information by which any person or persons who may hereafter willfully put any obstructions upon said road which may cause injury to said company’s property, can be brought to justice; as said company are resolved to prosecute every person so offending with the full rigor of the law in such case made and provided. Alexander GRAY, Agent, Wilkesbarre.

Caution. All Persons are hereby forewarned not to purchase three notes of hand. One to Joseph LOUCHARD, dated June 27, 1863 for 68 dollars; one to Oliver EVANS, dated August 5, 1836, for 35 dollars and one to Whalin DURLIN, dated August 5, 1836, for 20 dollars. As said notes were obtained by fraud, and for which no value has been received. I am therefore determined never to pay the same or any part thereof unless compelled by law. Andrew WALTON, Huntington.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the 8th October next to hear us and our creditors. Geo. W. HOLLENBACK, John TURNER, Trustees of MACK & FRITCHER

Sheriff’s Sale to be held 29th September inst., for land in township of Tunkhannock, containing one acre, bounded by James KELLY, Ziba SMITH. Also _ acre bounded by public road, Ziba SMITH. Also _ acre bounded by public road, Ziba SMITH and Tunkhannock Creek. Also one dwelling house on James KELLY’S land, now occupied by John KOTING (which was moved off one of the above mentioned Lots. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ziba SMITH against Asher SMITH.

21 Sept. 1836

General Election will be held on 11th October in the several districts, as follows:
Sugarloaf – at the school house, Conyngham
Salem – at the house of James CAMPBELL
Nescopeck – at the house of George KEEN
Huntington – at the house of Eliphalet EDSON
Union – at the house of Ichabod SHAW
Plymouth – at the Academy school house
Newport – at the house of Henry SMITH
Hanover – at the house of Frederick CRISMAN and house of John FORSMAN
Wilkesbarre – at Courthouse
Kingston – at house of Philip MYERS
Pittston – at the Central School House
Providence – at the house of Sylvanous HEEMANS
Greenfield – at the house of Samuel VAIL
Abington – at house late of William H. NICHOLLS
Nicholson – at house of Nathan BACON
Tunkhannock – at school house near Samuel WHITMORE
Washington – at Russell school house
Braintrim – at house of Daniel STERLING
Windham – at house of John FASSET
Exeter – at house of John HARDING
Eaton – at school house on the turnpike, near Jesse LEE’S
Northmoreland – at house of Orange FULLER
Monroe – at house of George CAIRL
Blakeley – at house of Wm. H. COTTRILL
Carbondale – at mansion house in Carbondale
Falls – at house of John OSTERHOUT
Covington – at school house in Yorkshire
Lehigh – at house of George BUCK
Lehman – at house called Centre Schoolhouse
Dallas – at house of William HONEYWELL
Fairmount – at house occupied by David D. DAVIS

Senetorial [sic] Convention of Luzerne, Wayne, Pike and Monroe met at the house of Luther WESTON (late O. HAMLIN), in Salem Wayne Co. on the 10th Sept., and appointed Dr. Andrew BEDFORD, of Luzerne, chairman and E. KINGSBURY, Jr., of Wayne Secretary. Delegates that appeared:
Luzerne: Geo. W. WILLIAMS, Amizi WILSON, Dr. A. BEDFORD & Thomas MYERS
Wayne: Eb. KINGSBURY Jr., Dethic HEWIT
Pike: Solomen WESTBROOK
Monroe: Moses W. COOLBAUGH, Morris D. ROBESON, John KELLER, John MERWINE

Married – In Carbondale, the 15th inst., by Rev. MOSIER, John M. SMITH, of Chickago, Illiinois [sic] [Chicago], to Miss Mary S. RAYNOR, of the former place.

Married – In Greenfield, on Sunday the 11th inst., by Rev. John MILLER, Lewis BACON, of Blakely, to Miss EMELINE SIMRELL, of the former place.

Died – In Greenfield on Sunday the 11th inst., Margaret Jane, daughter of Samuel VAIL Esq., aged about seventeen years.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the first Saturday in November next to hear us and our creditors. Homan MORGAN

To the Heirs and legal Representatives of Christian SERBER, dec’d, and all other interested in his estate, that on the 8th April, Orphans’ Court, granted the following rule, which is returnable to, and will be argued on the first Monday of Nov. next, that all persons interested, to show cause why the administration should not be discharged; and why the Bond given on the application of the Administrator for the sale of the Real Estate of the Decedent should not be cancelled.

28 Sept. 1836

Luzerne County Democratic Convention, at the house of the late Phillip MYERS, Kingston (no date given), Bateman DOWNING was appointed President; Seth L. KEENEY and Daniel BACON, Vice Presidents and George W. WILLIAMS and Chester TUTTLE, Secretaries. The following delegates appeared:
Andrew BEDFORD, Abington
Daniel BACON, Blakeley
Adam BENIGER, Braintrim
William EGGLESTON, Carbondale
David DALE Jr., Covington
Thomas IRWIN, Dallas
Ashbel LEE, Eaton
Daniel HARDING, Exeter
Henry OSTERHOUT, Falls
Jonathan C. PENNINGTON, Fairmount
Robert BERRY, Greenfield
James TUBBS, Huntington
B. DOWNING, Hanover
Chester TUTTLE, Kingston
John N. ZIZER, Nescopeck
John JACKSON, Lehman
John WRIGHT, Monroe
E. N. BACON, Nicholson
John SCHLEPPY, Newport
H. WEBB, Northmoreland
Benjamin SAYLOR, Pittston
Harman SEARLE, Plymouth
Jesse WILLSON, Salem
A. G. BROADHEAD, Sugarloaf
Ziba SMITH, Tunkhannock
John R. DEAN, Union
G. W. WILLIAMS, Wilkesbarre
Thomas P. MEEKER, Washington
Seth L. KEENEY, Windham

The following ballot was nominated:
For Assembly: Henry STARK, W. C. REYNOLDS
Commissioner: Wm. KOONS
Auditor: Amzi WILSON
Representative Delegates: A. BEDFORD, Wm. SWETLAND
Congress: David PETRIKIN
Senatorial: G. W. WOODWARD

Eleventh Senatorial District. A committee of correspondence of five for each county for the ensuing year:
Wayne: E. W. HAMLIN, Benj. B. BEACH, Richard LANCASTER, Enos WOODWARD, George BUSH
Pike: M. M. DIMICK, Otto KIMBLE, Henry S. MOT, Richard ELDRED, James WATSON
Monroe: John KELLER, Morris D. ROBINSON, Joseph TRACCH, Wm. YOUNG, John B. BUSH

At a democratic republicans meeting in Nicholson Township, held at the house of Wm. FINN, on 17th inst., Andrew GORDNIER was called to the chair, assisted by Owen L. HALSTED and David REYNOLDS as Vice Presidents and Eli N. BACON and Jasper STEPHENS, secretaries. Committee to draft resolutions: Stephen CARPENTER, Abram HOBBS, Solomon REYNOLDS 2nd, Elijah HOBBS, Holloway JAYNE and Wm. CARPENTER Jr.

The political opponents of VAN BUREN and JOHNSON, in Luzerne County, in plain English, The Bank folks, and a few spurious democrats, held a convention in Kingston on the 24th ult., and nominated:
Assembly: John NESBITT Jr. and Richard DRINKER
Delegates to Convention: John N. CONYNGHAM, Elias HOYT
Congressional Conferees: Sharp D. LEWIS, James JENKINS, Eliphalet A. BUCKLEY

North Branch Canal Commissioners have issued proposals for putting under contract 35 miles of the N. Branch Canal, commencing at Athens. The canal is to be located on the west side of the river from Athens to Towanda, when it is to cross over to the eastern shore. Canal Letting will take place at Towanda on the 25th of next month.

Democratic Meeting was held in Northmoreland Township, on the 17th inst., with Col. Josiah ROGERS chosen President, Ariel ROBERTS, Vice President and David C. AUSTIN appointed Secretary.

Died – On the 13th inst., Thomas Miner, son of L. STUART, aged 11 years and 9 months.

Estray. Strayed from the subscribers at Bear Creek, 1 cow, 2 steers, 1 yearling steer and 1 yearling heifer. Joseph SLOCUM, Geo. SIVLEY, A. C. LANNING

Estate of John SEIWELL, late of Sugarloaf Township, requests payments and demands. Cornelius RITTENHOUSE, Exec.

Hazleton Coal Company. Stockholders are notified that a second instalment [sic] of ten dollars per share, on stock of company is required to be paid on the 25th October. P. A. READING, Sec.

5 Oct. 1836

Young Men’s Democratic Meeting at Wilkesbarre, held at the house of Mr. LANDON, 26th inst. David L. MILLS was called to the Chair, Ziba SMITH and Chester TUTTLE, Vice Presidents, J. J. SLOCUM and J. R. BALDWIN, Secretaries. Committee to draft resolutions: J. R. DALRYMPLE, F. L. BOWMAN, H. WEBB, Payne PETTYBONE and Wm. J. STEVENS. Committee of vigilance: Daniel COLLINGS, Henry COLT, A. FITZGARALD, Wm. J. STEPHENS, John PATTERSON, J. R. DALRYMPLE, J. J. SLOCUM, C. L. HARRINGINGTON [sic][HARRINGTON?], Anthony MILLER, Henry AUSTIN, Cha’s P. BARTON, Nehemiah SIMONS, Jo’s P. LECLARC, F. L. BOWMAN, Ch’s H. HAY, Isaac HART, Pleman B. PATTERSON, Ja’s FITZGERALD, M. P. LANDEN, Chester A. COLT, Joseph EVERETT, John ATHERHOLT, Isaac GRAY, Jacob F. CHOLLET.

At a Democratic Citizens meeting of Kingston, at the house of Jacob J. SHOEMAKER, New Troy, on the 27th, Col. Harris JENKINS was appointed President, Capt. Lot BREES, Jacob J. SHOEMAKER and Samuel RAUB, Vice Presidents and David BALDWIN and Joseph DAVISON, Secretaries. Committee to draft resolutions: Payne PETTEBONE, Isaac H. BALDWIN, Chester TUTTLE, John JOHNSTON, Isaac C. SHOEMAKER, Johnathan [sic] MOOERS, Gamaliel HILL, Hiram SWETLAND, Charles CHAPIN, Benjamin GIFFORD, Jacob DELAY, Charles KENN, Charles BARNEY, Enos PEDRICK, James BROWN, Joseph BLANCHARD, John BRYAN, Uriah SWETLAND, Chs. VAN BUSKIRK.

To the Town Council of the Borough of Wilkesbarre. Gentlemen, your particular attention is now called to the alarming fact that there is now in store in this Borough about 450 barrels of gun & blasting Powder, therefore you re hereby called on to devise some means for the removal of the same without the precincts of the Borough. Many Citizens.

Died – In Plymouth, on the 15th inst., Elder Griffin LEWIS, in the 69th year of his age. He became a preacher of the Baptist persuasion.

Workingmen’s Meeting of Wilkesbarre township will be held at the house of Mr. LANDON on the 6th inst. Joseph P. DENNIS, Charles H. HAY, Edward CARR, Standing Comm.

1 Cent Reward. Ran away from David B. ROGERS, Northmoreland, on the 4th inst., an indented apprentice, Elias BRACE. All persons are forbid harbouring or trusting him on my account. The above reward but no charges will be paid for his delivery to me.

List of Letters remaining at the Post Office, Wilkes-Barre, October 1st:
William BANDEN
Miss Susan BLAIR
Richard CROSBY
Miss Dorothy DARBY
Bernard DUPPY
Joseph P. DENNIS
Eartlet C. GAY
George GORE
Gushen GOLON
John V. HART
Matthias HUFFMAN
Abraham HART
Charles L. JACKSON
Ambrose JONES
Peter LINK
William STARK
Miss Jane C. SPEECE
George TEACH
Mrs. Jane TATE
Maria TAYLO [sic] [TAYLOR]
William THRODE
Blanchard VANHORN & Co.
Charles VICTOR
Frederick VANFLEET
William WATSAN
Edward E. WARNER

List of letters remaining in the Post Office at Tunkhannock, October 1st:
Solomon G. BATES
Joseph EARLE
Sarah FELL
Joseph, Wm. or James HALDSTED [sic]
Elias W. HALE
Obodeah JOHNSON [Obadiah?]
Benlamin JENKINS [Benjamin?]
Delilah MARCY
Benjamin NEWMAN
Obodiah WOOD [Obadiah?]
Bartlett WALL
William WRIGHT
Henry STARK, P. M.

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office at Plymouth, Oct. 1st:
John B. ABEL
Josegh B. DODSON [Joseph?]
Oliver IDE
Horace MORSE
Joshua PUGH
Charles SCOTT
Freman Thomas
Charles Peter YOUNG

12 Oct. 1836

Execution. Boon LONG, the accompolice [sic] of WINTINGER in the murder of Jesse CRISSMAN, in April last, was executed at Wheeling on Friday last.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 5th November, at the Court House, Wilkesbarre:
1) Land in Northmoreland Township, bounded by Abraham LEIRGERS, containing 162 acres, being part of a tract of land surveyed in the name of Abraham LEIRGER, and conveyed to the Bank of North America by Charles HALL Esq., by deed of 29 Dec. 1804, and same tract conveyed by the Bank of North America to Jonathan CARPENTER. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of the President and Directors and Company of the Bank of North America against Robert CATON and Horton W. CARPENTER administrators of Jonathan CARPENTER, deceased.
2) Land in Kingston Township, being Lot No. 4 in second division, containing 36 acres. Same as certified to Philip JACKSON, and by virtue of sundry assignments on said certificate, became vested in John MESSENGER, who by assignment of the same to Christian G. OEHMIG. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Calvin WADHAMS assignee of John MESSENGER, against Christian G. OEHMIG.
3) Land in Falls Township, bounded by Miles AVERY, Joseph POST, Samuel DAILY, M. RICE, containing about 50 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Asa KEELER against Emanuel DAILY
4) Land in Plymouth Township, bounded by Jacob GOULD, Noal WADAMS, George P. RANSOM, containing about 16 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Martin MC ALISTER against Hiram CUVER
5) Land in Pittston Township, bounded by Josiah LEWIS, Zephaniah KNAPP, containing 50 acres with house and barn. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ebenezer MARCY, for the use of John R. COUDRY against Jane STEWART and Moses STEWART
6) Land in Greenfield Township, bounded by Harriet HUBBARD, Henry COLT, G. M. HOLLENBACK, Dethic HEWITT, containing about 50 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of George W. WILLIAMS, treasurer of Luzerne County against John MALONE
7) A house nearly opposite the Delaware and Hudson Canal Co. mechanic shop. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William EGGLESTON and Co. ag’st John BABCOCK
8) Land in Huntington Township, bounded by Levi SEWARD, Joseph LONG, Jacob LONG, Abraham LONG, with a dwelling house, barn and about 109 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Joseph PAXTON against Nathan DODSON.
9) Land in Carbondale, bounded by Delaware and Hudson Canal Co., Street #5, Church Street, Thomas MERIDITH, containing about 1/3 acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Samuel ALBRO against James LOWRY
10) Land in Wilkesbarre Township, bounded by the Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike, John TILMAN, containing about 1/4th acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Jane RIEMER against Samuel GASTON
11) Land in Providence Township, bounded by the Lackawanna River, Abram DANA, James GRIFF, heirs of Henry VAN STORT, containing about 14 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James HALL & Co. against Elisha S. POTTER
12) Land in Abington Township, bounded by Job NORTHOP, containing about 40 acres, with a stone house. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John FOSTER against Jesse MULLINIX
13) Land in Tunkhannock Township, bounded by Henry STARK, Peter WAGGENER, unknown, Lewis DIXON, containing 140 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James S. DAVISON against George MULLISON
14) Land in Pittston Township, bounded by Ebenezer SLOCUM, Merrit SLOCUM, Susquehanna River, Jacob FELL, containing 58 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Eleanor JENKINS and David JENKINS against Calvin STOCKBRIDGE and Elam STOCKBRIDGE.
15) Land in the township of Salem, consisting of all rights of David BERLIN in estate of Jacob KISNER, late of Salem Township, being one tract, bounded by Nicholas SIEBERT, Susquehanna River, Honteter SIEBERT and John VENIER, containing 200 acres. Also two other lots in the back part of the township near the nob mountain, containing 500 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Messrs MC KELVY and WILLITS against David BERLIN
16) Land in Windham Township, bounded by road leading down the Mehoopany creek, John FASSETT, Thomas PRENTICE, containing about 2 _ acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Alpha DURHAM against Elick HINCKLEY
17) Land in Greenfield Township, bounded by road leading from Caleb BROWN’S to Jacob COON’S, Henry COON, STEWART’S heirs, Jonathan VAIL, containing about 99 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Lathrop BURGESS against Wheler DOLPH

Snow Storm. On Wednesday last there was an unusual fall of snow. We are informed that it fee in the upper section of the country to the depth of ten or 12 inches, and in Susquehanna Co. to nearly 2 feet.

A meeting of the “Bible Society of Luzerne County” was held at the Methodist meeting house, Wilkesbarre, 4th October, when Rev’d James MAY, President of the Society presided and the Secretary being absent, Geo. W. WOODWARD was chosen Secretary. The following were elect Officers for the Society for the ensuing year:
President: Rev’d James MAY
Vice Presidents: Rev’d John DORRANCE, Rev. FOX, Hon. David SCOTT, Hon. Oristus COLLLINS, J. N.
Secretary: Voloney L. MAXWELL Treasurer: Henry C. ANHAUSER
Executive Committee: Dr. Lathan JONES, Edmund TAYLOR, W. C. GILDERSLEEVE

Estate of Valentine WAGONER, late of Wilkes-barre Township, request payments and demands. George SIVELY, Exec.

J. B. MILLS, intends to open a school in the lower room of the academy, Wilkesbarre borough, on the second Monday of November.

19 Oct. 1836 (not on microfilm)

Died – In this borough on the 17th inst., Mrs. Elizabeth HOTCHKISS.

26 Oct. 1836

The subscribers to the new Academy and all those friendly to the object, are requested to meet at the house of Col. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre, on 30th October.

Wyoming Bank. A meeting of Stockholders will be held at the banking house on Nov. 1st, for the election of officers. Edward LYNCH, Cashier

Strayed from Joseph TUTTLE, Lowrytown, about 11th Aug., heifers and steer. They were marked with tar on the right hip.

Strayed from Thomas CAMPALL, Whites Haven, a steer.

Taken Up. Thos. M. WILSON and Asbeel LEE, on the morning of the 18th October, in the Susquehanna River, four miles below Tunkhannock, in Eaton Township, a Canoe with the initials of J. B. cut on the one edge, and had in it an old fashioned cut rifle, with bullet pouch and powder horn. The owners are requested to come forward prove property pay charges and take them away.

Nathaniel GOSS, has been appointed administrator in the estate of Abiel FELLOWS, late of Huntington Township, and requests payments and demands.

Estray came into the enclosure of John THOMPSON, Pittston, a heifer.

The Citizen Volunteers will have a Court of Appeal, at the house of S. LANDON, Wilkes Barre, on 17th November. John C. SNOW, 1st Serjent [sic]

List of Letters remaining in the Post Office, Plainsville, Oct. 1st: Jacob PENCE, Henry COURTRIGHT 2nd, Cornelius CORTRIGHT, Wheeler SEARLES, B. SAYLOR, P. M.

2 Nov. 1836

Died – On Tuesday the 25th ult., in 87th year of his age, John Francis DEPUY, a native of Bordeaux, France, but many years a naturalized citizen of the United States, and respectable resident of this place.

9 Nov. 1836

Died – In Wilkesbarre, on the 4th inst., John J. WURTS, Esq., Attorney at Law, aged 36 years and 9 months.

Wyoming Bank has this day declared a dividend of 5 per cent on the amount of Capital Stock paid in from the profits for the last six months, which will be paid on the 11th.

Military Election will be held for the 116th Reg., 2nd Brig. 8th Div. Pa Ma., on 26th Nov. at the house of Col. John MONTONY.

Stray steer and heifer came to the enclosure of George RAUT, Newport, sometime in October.

16 Nov. 1836

Owing the continued illness of the publisher, the mechanical execution of the Farmer has sometimes been deficient. Permanent arrangements have now been made to remedy the evil. More attention will hereafter be paid to that department of the paper.

Case of Arson. During the present sitting of the Court in this county, John CHARLES was tried on a charge of burning the unfinished dwelling house of Mr. BRUNDAGE, in Sugarloaf. After a patient investigation of the case the jury returned a verdict of acquittal. Mr. CHARLES was subsequently bound in a recognizance to keep the peace.

The application for a new trial in the case of MALONE, who was convicted of Manslaughter at the last Oyer and Terminer, was argued on Monday last, and the prisoner remanded to prison without a final decision.

Yesterday afternoon, the Court decided against granting the application for a new trial, and proceeded to sentence him to three years imprisonment in the penitentiary.

23 Nov. 1836

Appointment by the Post Master General:
E. W. REYNOLDS, Post Master at Kingston, in place of Wm. C. REYNOLDS, Esq., resigned
Samuel DAVENPORT, Plymouth, in place of E. W. REYNOLDS, resigned
David ST. JOHN, Rileysville, Wayne County.

The Wyoming Battle. For the purpose of preserving what relates to those who fell in the memorable battle, we have thought best to publish the following extract of a letter, dated Buffalo, N.Y., Nov. 10, 1836.
Sir – Some three months or more since a gentleman from your place, whose name I do not recollect, passed through this city. He represented himself as one of a committee which had been appointed to collect names of such persons as fell during the battle of Wyoming, and whose bones are probably in the mound. He represented the object to be to have them inscribed on the monument about to be erected to their memory. He engaged to call on me, on his return, when I should be able to furnish him with a few names, as my mother was taken prisoner at that time, and from her recollection, I have ascertained the following particulars, and as the gentlemen above mentioned has probably gone home some other way, I send the result to you. She says that a Mr. TERRY and his wife were murdered by their son Parskall TERRY, on the night of the battle, as she thinks, and so near the ground that their bones are doubtless in mound. Of those killed in battle she recollects Joseph CAREY, Silas BENEDICT, Capt. DURGEE, Mr. ABBOTT, Dethick HEWITT, Constant SARLES, Mr. GARDNER, Stephen WILCOX, Capt. Lazarus STEWART, and his cousin Lazarus STEWART, Mr. WILLIAMS, Philip WEEKS, Thawley WEEKS, and Jonathan WEEKS, three brothers. This is the extent of her recollection, being then only 14 years old, she is now 73 years old. Her father’s name was Alexander MC KAY. The family were permitted, with others, to quit the country, and went eastward. Your &c. John WADSWORTH

Military Meeting held the 19th November, of the 2nd Batt. of the 116th Regiment Pennsylvania Militia, met at the house of Mrs. OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock. Doct. Alfred BRACE, of Northmoreland, was appointed President; Doct. John V. SMITH, of Tunkhannock and Lieut. Horatio TAYLOR of Falls, Vice Presidents and G. W. OSTERHOUT and Ziba SMITH, Secretaries. Committee to draft resolutions: Capt. Jacob SICKLER, Moris SMITH, Joshua SWARTOUT, Hiram JONES, George MILLER, Stephen G. HARDING, Moris ROBERTS, G. W. OSTERHOUT and Ziba SMITH. Whereas in consequence of the removal of Col. John MONTANYE from the bounds of this Reg’t a vacancy of the office of Colonel has occurred. Major Thomas HADLEY, was nominated for the office. That Capt. John H. READ, Capt. William A. BRINK and Capt. Jacob SICKLER be a committee to communicate as soon as practicable to the members of the first Reg’t the nomination that has been made and solicit their concurrence in the measure.

Senatorial Delegates:
Columbia & Schuylkill: George SMITH
Luzeren, Monroe, Wayne and Pike: George W. WOODWARD
Bradford and Susquehanna: Almon H. READ
Representative & Senatorial Delegates:
Bradford: Nathaniel CLAPP
Columbia: Ezra S. HAYHURST
Luzerne: William SWETLAND, Andrew BEDFORD
Northampton and Monroe: James M. PORTER, James KENNEDY, Wm. OVERFIELD
Pike and Wayne: Mr. GRENELL
Susquehanna: Jabez HYDE

Married – In Honesdale, on Sunday the 13th inst., by B. TARBOX, Esq., Washington ROWLSON [ROLLISON?] to Miss Elizabeth SIMESON, both of Palmyra.

To Charles HARDING. You are hereby notified that by virtue of a writ of partition, to me directed, issued out of the Orphans’ Court of Luzerne County, state of Pennsylvania, for the partition or appraisement of the estate of James HARDING, late of Exeter Township, deceased, I shall hold an inquisition on the premises situate in said township of Exeter, on the 22nd December next, at which time and place you can attend if you think Proper. Thomas MYERS, Sheriff.

William BREWER, Libellant vs Evanna BREWER, Respondent. Whereas, upon the libel of your husband, the above named William BREWER, a subpoena issued from the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, returned to the term of August last past it was duly proved that you could not be found in the said county, and thereupon an alias subpoena issued upon the return thereof, it was duly proved that you could not be in said county; you are therefore required to appear before the Judges aforesaid, on the 1st Monday in January next, to answer the said complaint or libel. T. MYERS, Sheriff.

Mary KIRKENDALL, by her next friend, Thomas IRWIN, Libellant vs Samuel KIRKENDALL, Respondent. Whereas, upon the libel of your wife, the above named Mary KIRKENDALL, a subpoena issued from the Court of Common Pleas of Luzerne County, returned to the term of August last past it was duly proved that you could not be found in the said county, and thereupon an alias subpoena issued upon the return thereof, it was duly proved that you could not be in said county; you are therefore required to appear before the Judges aforesaid, on the 1st Monday in January next, to answer the said complaint or libel. T. MYERS, Sheriff.

Canal Meeting!! The citizens of Luzerne, Susquehanna and Bradford counties are to meet at the village of Tunkhannock, on 8th December, to take into consideration the importance of the north Branch Canal, and urge upon the proper authorities the great benefits that will result to the Commonwealth from its early completion and the importance of putting the remainder under contract as early as possible.

30 Nov. 1836

One of our subscribers in Northumberland Co. informs us he has made payment to Henry ZUPPINGER of whom we have no knowledge. We embrace this opportunity to say that no payment will be allowed, except those made to B. A. BIDLACK, to whom the accounts have been transferred, and to such persons as he may duely [sic] authorise to receipt the same, and to whom he may forward bills.

Selling off At Cost. Stephen P. HILL has moved his Goods to New Troy, in the David BALDWIN’S Store House.

Estate of John ROMBACH, late of Newport Township, request payments and demands. Silas ROMBACH, Peter MILL, Admins.

Estate of Griffin LEWIS, late of Plymouth Township, requests payments and demands. Joel ROGERS and Jonah R. LEWIS, Executors.

7 Dec. 1836

Printed and Published by H. WEBB, For The Proprietor.

Sheriff’s Sales to be held 31 Dec. 1836 at the court house in Wilkesbarre:
1) Land in Tunkhannock Township, bounded by Samuel STARK, Tunkhannock CREEK, Joseph CAMP, unknown, containing about 50 acres. Also one piece in Nicholson Township, bounded by Walter BACON Esq., Caleb ROBERTS, William DRIGGS and unknown, containing about 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ziba SMITH against Ebenezer CAMP and Gurdon CAMP
2) Land in Tunkhannock Township, bounded by Abel MARCY, John MONTONY, Alpha DURHAM, James WRIGHT, Abel MARCY, Wilkesbarre and Bridgewater Turnpike, containing 1/5th acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Isaac KOONS & Co. against Theron MARCY
3) Land in Carbondale Township, bounded by the company’s blacksmith shop, rail road, Silas B. HATHAWAY, being 40′ width and 80″ depth, with dwelling house and shop. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Michael NIERPOSS and Co. against Henry B. JADWIN
4) Land in Wilkesbarre Borough, bounded by the Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike, William ROSS, containing 2 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Charles J. CHRISTEL and Abraham THOMAS against Jonah LEWIS
5) Land in Hanover Township, bounded by John A. CAREY, Jane STERLING, Ashbel RUGGLES, Henry BARNEY, George M. HOLLENBACK, Michael HOOVER, Elisha A. BLACKMAN, containing about 70 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ziba BENNET against Charles STERLING
6) Land in Pittston Township, bounded by ___es THOMSON Jr., Francis YATES, Joel HALL, containing 50 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of William TOMPKINS, administrator of John BENEDICT, dec’d, against Frederic and Harris DAY
7) Land in Kingston Township, bounded by Main road from Kingston to Plymouth, Mr. EDWARDS, Gilbert LEWIS, containing 1 acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Marmaduke PEARCE against Anson MARTIN.
8) Land in Wilkesbarre Township, known as Lots No. 21 and 20, in the 3rd division, bounded by main road leading through Hanover township and on the township line between Wilkesbarre and Hanover, Wm. ROSS, the back road, land formerly owned by Elisha BLACKMAN, containing 84 acres. Also land in same being parts of lots No. 21 and 22, mentions highest ridge called Bald ridge, containing 273 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Henry YOUNG against Napthali HURLBUT and Avery HURLBUT
9) Land in Wilkesbarre Township, bounded by main road leading form Wilkesbarre to Carbondale, James STARK, John STARK, containing 17 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James STARK to the use of Thomas HESS against John BOGART and Henry HAY.
10) Land in Greenfield Township, bounded by John WETHERBEE, Benjamin SLOCUM 2nd, heirs of Isaac TRIPP, containing 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Ziba BENNET against Ebenezer SLOCUM
11) Land in Pittston Township, bounded by Ebenezer MARCY, J. COOPER, Valentine ROW, James STARK, containing about 100 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Asher MINER against Jacob SHIFFER.
12) Land in Sugarloaf Township, bounded by Susquehanna and Lehigh Turnpike road, containing 13 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John CHARLES against John R. JACKSON
13) Land in Carbondale Township, bounded by vacant lot, Delaware and Hudson Canal Co., H. HACKLEY, Street No. one, parade ground, Canal Co.’s Rail Road, being about 40 feet front and sixty feet deep. Also a piece in said village bounded by Thomas SWEET, Harvey JOHNSON, Church Street, Isaac S. DITMAS, being about sixty feet front by one hundred and fifty feet deep. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Wm. S. HERRIMAN, Lord NASH and Sanford COBB Jr. against Eleazer M. TOWNSEND and John M. POOR.
14) Land in Tunkhannock Township, village of Tunkhannock, bounded by Main road, Theron MARCY, P. M. OSTERHOUT, Wilkesbarre and Bridgewater Turnpike, containing about _ acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of James WRIGHT against John MANTANYE
15) Land in Hanover Township, being one Saw Mill and all the right title and interest of John LINES in a dwelling house. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of John J. EARLE against John LINES
16) Land in Pittston Township, bounded by Henry HEERMENS, William MERRIFIELD, Mr. TINKLEPAUGH, Lackawanna River, containing about 40 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of Cottriland DEWEY against Anson H. WOOD, for the use of Calvin WADHAMS
17) Land in Wilkesbarre Borough, bounded by Franklin Street, J. P. BABB, Lewis WORRALL, Gilbert LAIRD, containing about _ acre. Also a lot on Main Street, with a house and large 3 story shop, bounded by A. BEACH or H. MANN, O. COLLINS, alley, containing _ acre. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of E. S. ECY & Harrison PALMER against Jacob J. DENNIS
18) Land in Blakely Township, bounded by the Lackawanna River, John DALE, John VAUGN Jr., containing above 200 acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of GOULD, CONKLING and MESIER against Philander STEVENS, Stephen BOLLES, Isaac VAUGN and William VAUGN

The proprietor has employed Mr. WEBB, an experienced workman, to publish the Farmer. If sufficient encouragement is offered the paper will be enlarged in the spring. The neglect of the subscribers to make payment, has theretofore embarrassed the operations of the establishment, and it is hoped they will see the necessity of prompt payment in the future. An expense of between 80 and 100 dollars per month cannot well be met for years, without those for whom it is made make some return.

Married – At Windham on the 20th ult, by Schuyler FASSETT Esq., John THOMAS to Miss Amelia HARRIS

Married – At Windham, by the same on the first inst., Albert PARK, Esq., to Miss Jayne HUBBERT

Died – In this borough, on Sunday last, Mrs. Mary GIBBS, aged 58.

Easton and Wilkesbarre Turnpike Company, election of officers will be held at the house of William SHOUSE, Easton, on 2nd Jan. S. BUTLER, Treasurer.

Notice. Whereas an individual by the name of John LITTLE has applied for the benefit of the Insolvent laws, and has advertised in the papers to that effect, and whereas many individuals with whom I have dealings, erroneously suppose that I am the same person who has made such application. Now be it know that my name is John W. LTTTLE, and a distinct person, both in identity and name from the mentioned John LITTLE, for whom the public have taken me. I have not applied for the benefit, and never intend to, until my circumstances are far more desperate than at present. John W. LITTLE, Kingston.

14 Dec. 1836

COBB’S Series of School Books, For sale at the Bookstore of Chester A. COLT, Market St., Wilkes-Barre.

To The Humane. On Saturday night, the 25th September, Joseph BOWEN left his bed at the house of William BOWEN, his brother, Morristown, N. J., and has no been heard of since. Three years since he removed from Morristown, N. J. to the town of Derby, N.Y. and about four months since exhibited signs of insanity, which induced his friends to return him to the place of his nativity, from which he escaped. It is feared that he may now be wandering in the woods or may have perished; and his friends are anxious to hear from him. He is about 53 years of age, 5 feet high, dressed in a suit of black – pantaloons cotton; light complexion, with light frame and thin of flesh. Possibly he may have wandered towards the state of New York and whosoever will give any information to his distressed connexions and direct a letter to John A. BOWEN, Derby, Tompkins County, N. Y. or to Jonathan NIXON, Morristown, N. J. or return him, shall be reasonable compensated for their trouble. Montrose, Pa. Nov. 19, 1836. Editors of papers in Pennsylvania and New York, are requested to give the above a few insertions.

Great Canal Convention, held at the Hotel of Hiram JONES, Tunkhannock, on Dec. 6th, for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of a speedy connection and completion of the North Branch Canal. On motion of Col. Hendrick B. WRIGHT, the convention was organized by appointment of G. M. HOLLENRACK, President, and the following were appointed vice presidents:
William KELLER, Esq., Towanda
Dr. Miner KELLY, Springville
Nathan BACON, Esq., Nicholson
Jabez JENKINS, Tunkhannock
William S. JAYNE Esq., Washington
Philip LEE, Esq., Eaton
Ambrose GAREY Jr., Windham
Miles AVERY, Esq., Falls
Levi JACKSON, Tunkhannock
Asa SMEAD, Lenox
Justus SMITH, Springville
John CARNEY, Washington
Elisha HARDING, Esq., Eaton

The following were appointed Secretaries:
Hendrick B. WRIGHT

Committee to draft resolutions:
Hon. David SCOTT
Edward OVERTON Esq.
Hon. Wm. S. ROSS
James KELLY, Esq.
Elisha HARDING Jr. Esq.
Perrin ROSS Esq.
Luman FERRY Esq.
Charles LOWRY

That a committee of six persons be appointed for each county, with power to establish sub-committees for the purpose of circulating memorials to the Legislation:
Luzerne: H. B. WRIGHT, B. A. BIDLACK, Hon. David SCOTT, James WRIGHT, Luman FERRY, James KELLY
Bradford: Edward OVERTON, William B. STOOM, Reubin WILBER, Charles F. WELLS, E. L. ELSWORTH
Susquehanna: Spencer HICKCOX, C. L. WARD, Davis DIMICK, Isaac POST, William HARTLEY, William JESSUP
Tioga: James FORD, H. BEEBE, John KNOX, William WILLARDS, Francis WETHERBEE, Dr. CYNIST.

Bridge Meeting of citizens, was held at Tunkhannock on the 6th inst., Elisha HARDING was called to the chair and James WRIGHT appointed Secretary. Whereas, from the peculiar formation of the Mountain region in this section of the country it becomes necessary to cross the Susquehanna at Tunkhannock in pursuing the great thorough fare of travel. And whereas, in consideration of these circumstances, the Legislature has incorporated a company for the purpose of constructing a bridge at this point and subscribed a small amount towards the stock of the same, which with all the citizens can do has been found insufficient. Therefore Resolved. That we consider the construction of said Bridge a matter of general interest and well worthy further assistance from the State. Resolved, That a memorial be drawn up and presented to the Legislature asking for further aid.

Rail-Road Meeting. The citizens of Luzerne County, favourable to a connexion of the North Branch Canal, at Wilkesbarre, with the Slackwater Navigation of the Lehigh, at White Haven, are invited to attend a Public Meeting, at KOCHER’S Tavern, Wilkesbarre, on Dec. 15th. David SCOTT, Joseph SLOCUM, Thomas DYER, William ROSS, James NESBETT, Pierce BUTLER, John L. BUTLER, Ziba BENNET, Miller HORTON, Isaac BOWMAN, John N. CONYNGHAM.

Notice. Is hereby given, that in pursuance of the act of the 16th June 1836, Henry SWARTS hath filed a claim in the court of Common Pleas against William LAZELLE, Stephen MARSH and John SEARS, building committee, for the sume of thirty six dollars and thirty 2 cents, for work done and materials furnished in and about the construction of a certain School House, to wit: situate on the south east side of the Milford and Owego Turnpike road, between the village of Carbondale and Engine number 1, on the Delaware and Hudson Rail Road, on land belonging to the Delaware and Hudson Canal Company, upon which Lien a scire facias has been issued. And whereas it is alleged that the said sum still remains due and unpaid to the said SWARTS, now, this is to make known to all other claimants and persons interested, that they be and appear before the Judges at Wilkesbarre, on the 13th January next, to show if any thing they know or have to say, why the said sum of thirty six dollars and thirty Cents should not be levied of the said building to the use of the said SWARTS, according to the form and effect of the Act of Assembly in such case made and provided, if to them it shall seem expedient. T. MYERS, Sheriff.

A Teacher Wanted, To Teach a School in Turner’s Ville, Drinker’s Beach, Covington Township. Any person well qualified to teach Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, and of good moral character, will find employment for three months to teach the aforesaid school, by applying to John HOLGATE, John SIMPSON. The school is small, and boarding near.

Steam Boat Notice. At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Susquehanna Steam Boat Navigation Company, held at Owego, Dec. 5th, James PUMPELLY, Pres., Jonathan PLATT, henry W. CAMP, Wm. A. ELY, Thomas FARRINGTON, George J. PUMPELLY, Lathan A. BURROWS. Resolved that Hendrick B. WRIGHT, Esq., of Wilkesbarre, be authorized and requested to adopt the earliest and most effective legal measures to collect the outstanding subscriptions at Wilkesbarre, and that vicinity, which subscriptions were made for the purpose of testing the experiment of the Steam Boat Navigation between Owego and Wilkesbarre. Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of the above resolution, suits at law, without distinction, will be commenced for the collections of all sums due from subscribers, immediately after this notice if not paid to the subscriber. H. B. WRIGHT, As. Secretary.

Sheriff’s Sale to be held Dec. 31st, for land in Providence Township, bounded by Alvan DANA, N. COTRIL, James GRIFFIN, H. HEMANS, containing about five acres. Seized and taken in execution at the suit of ENO and PHELPS against MOTT & SEAVERS.

To Our Creditors. The Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, for Luzerne County, for the Benefit of the Insolvent Laws of this Commonwealth, has appointed the 31 December. next to hear us and our creditors. Russel WICKWIRE, Michael SCHOUNK, Daniel HALL, Simeon FOOT, Levi H. PIERCE, Edward BOARDMAN

21 Dec. 1836

Pennsylvania Legislature, House of Representatives, Dec. 13th:
Mr. STARK, presented three petitions from citizens of Luzerne, Susquehanna and Wayne Counties for the passage of an act, authorizing the Governor to subscribe stock to the Lackawanna Rail Road.

Shocking Accident. On Friday morning the 21st, Abel MUNSON was found lifeless under the body of his wagon which was upset in the Creek about three fourths of a mile below Mr. RICES Mill, in Kingston. The Horses attached to the wagon were also dead. The road at that point being elevated a few feet above the creek it is supposed he missed his track and thus was overturned into the stream, and that the body of the wagon completely enclosed him and prevented his rising. The Horses were thrown upon their backs and perished in consequence of this position and the coldness of the water.

Rail Road Meeting favorable to a connection, by rail road, of the North Branch Canal at Wilkes-Barre with the Slackwater navigation of the Lehigh, was held Dec. 15th, at the house of Geo. KOCHER, Jr., Wilkesbarre. Gen. William ROSS was chosen president. Gen. Isaac BOWMAN, Geo. M. HOLENBACK, Pierce BUTLER, Esq., Vice Presidents and Charles DORRANCE, Geo. P. STEEL and V. L. MAXWELL, Secretaries. A committee to further the object of the meeting: Hon. David SCOTT, J. N. CONYNGHAM, Doct. John SMITH, Chester BUTLER, Dr. Thomas W. MINER, Charles DORRANCE, John TURNER, Hendrick B. WRIGHT, Geo. P. STEEL, Ziba BENNETT, Wm. SWETLAND, Cornelius COURTRIGHT, Thomas DYER, B. A. BIDLACK, Henderson GAYLORD, James STARK, Geo. W. WOODWARD, Elias HOYT, E. W. STURDEVANT.
The following gentlemen to procure signers to the petition:
Braintrim: John STURDEVANT, Nicholas OVERFIELD, Bradeley WAKEMAN, Charles B. LUM
Washington: Ezekiel MOWRY, Lewis STERLING, Wm. S. JAYNE
Tunkhannock: P. M. OSTERHOUT, Doct. James KELLY, Samuel STARK, Alpha DURHAM, Ziba SMITH
Abington: Thomas SMITH, Andrew BEDFORD, Ezra WALL, Benjamin F. BAILEY
Blakely: Levi LILLABRIDGE, Isaac LANDON, Stephen BOLLS, Samuel FERRIS
Providence: Nathaniel COTTRELL, John VAUGHN Jr., Samuel DEPUY, Joshua GRIFFIN
Pittston: Charles DRAKE, Zenus BARNUM, John SAX, Charles WILCOX 2nd, Saml. SAYLOR
Lehman: Thomas O. BOGORDUS, Oliver MC KEELE, John WHITEMAN
Wilkesbarre: Daniel COLLINGS, George KOCHER Jr., William H. ALEXANDER, henry F. LAMB, Archipus PARRISH, Nathaniel RUTTER, Isaac S. OSTERHOUT
Hanover: Bateman DOWNING, George P. STEEL, John MYERS, William BROWN
Newport: David THOMSON, Silas ROMBACH, George SCHLEPPY, Valentine MYERS
Plymouth: Henderson GAYLORD, Samuel DEVENPORT, Harmon SEARLES, Freeman THAMAS
Union: John R. DEAN, Joseph MOSS, Lot SEARCH, Thomas CONNELLY
Kingston: E. W. RAYNOLDS, Reuben HOLGATE, George SHOEMAKER, William SWETLAND, James JENKINS, Jacob SAGER
Northmoreland: Asa KEELER, Earle HEISZE, Amansa ROGERS, Robert CATON
Windham: John FASSETT, William WHIPPLE, Isaac THOMAS, Seth L. KENEY
Monroe: John WRIGHT, Josiah W. NEWBERRY, Elias PARRISH
The following to proceed to Harrisburg during the session of the Legislature, and use their exertions to procure the passage of the bill as reported: David SCOTT, H. B. WRIGHT, Ziba BENNETT, Geo. M. HOLLENCACK, William S. ROSS, E. W. STERDEVANT, George W. WOODWARD, J. N. CONYNGHAM, Chester BUTLER, Charles DORRANCE, Dr. Thomas W. MINER, Dr. John SMITH, Dr. James KELLY, Benjamin A. BIDLACK, William SWETLAND, Cornelius CORTRIGHT

At the central School House, Abington Township, 26th November, relative to the erection or formation of a new county of part of Luzerne, or of parts of Luzerne and Susquehanna counties, Rev. John MILLER was called to the chair and Dr. Hiram NICHOLS, appointed Secretary. The committee to make a report on 10th Dec. next for views and opinions with regard to the same: Benjamin F. BAILEY Esq., George A. BAILEY, Benjamin W. REED, William CLARK, Silas CLARK, Rev. John MILLER, Asa KNIGHT, Doct. James T. GORMAN, Jacob BEDFORD.
December 10th – The former secretary being absent, George A. BAILEY was appointed. That citizens in and about Carbondale, to procure division of said county so as to form a new county and fix the seat of justice or courthouse at Carbondale. And citizens of the southeastern portion of Susquehanna County desire that the new county seat be at Dundaff.
Resolved – that in our opinion that the best division is the following: Beginning at a point on the line of Lycoming County, where the old south or south west line of Northmoreland Township intersects the same, and following the said line of Northmoreland township thence, and the course thereof southeasterly, to the Susquehanna River and thence by said river to the point where the south line of Exeter township on the east side of the river leaves the same, and then following the said Exeter township line to a point where the present south line of Providence township intersects the same, and thence by said Providence township line, and continuing the course of the same to an intersection with the line of Wayne County, and including all that territory north of said dividing line in Luzerne County.

Married – On the 18th inst. by Rev. J. DORRANCE, Peter CUTTS, of Hanover, to Miss Elizabeth FAIRCHILD, of Newport.

Married – At Exeter, Ariel ROGERS, of Northmoreland to Miss Cyntha CORTRIGHT

A general meeting of Farmers and mechanics and all hard working men will be held at the house of Jacob J. DENNIS, on Saturday at one o’clock P. M. for the purpose of adopting measures relative to the establishment of a Farmers and Mechanics Store. B. DRAKE, S. HOW, R. MEDCALF, Committee

Wanted, For the Steam Boat Susquehanna, 20 Cords of split Yellow Pine Wood, to be delivered on the bank of the River, in this Borough, before the first day of February next, for which Cash will be paid. Enquire of henry F. LAMB, Wilkesbarre.

Estate of Jonathan CARPENTER, late of Northmoreland, deceased, Elias HOYT, Kingston, was appointed by Orphans’ Court to distribute the assets to creditors, in the hands of the Administrators, and appoints Jan. 16th next, at the home of Francis FRANK, Kingston Township, where all persons interested may attend.

Notice. Jeremiah SMITH hath filed a claim in Court of Common Pleas, against Hiram B. DENNIS, for the sum of two hundred eighty nine dollars, seventy two cents, for work and labor done, as a mason and bricklayer, also for material, to wit, stone, brick and lime, in and about the erection and construction of a certain building: two story house in Wilkesbarre Borough, built of wood, a piazza or porch connected the ewith [sic], being forty feet square on the ground and situated on the southeast side of Daniel WHITE’S dwelling house. The sum still remains due and unpaid, and all other persons interested to appear at the Court on 13th January next, to show if any thing they know or have to say, why the said sum should not be levied of the said building, to the use of Jeremiah SMITH.

Valuable Building Lots For Sale. Ziba SMITH announces to the public that he has had Surveyed of his farm in Tunkhannock, and now offers for sale, 33 Building Lots, in the rapidly growing village of Tunkhannock.
Ten of these lots are situate on the North of the main road leading through said Village and adjoining the road.
Eleven of them are on the south side of said road and bounded by the Tunkhannock Creek on the south, and by the said road on the North
Twelve of said lots are north of & bounded by the tier of lots first above mentioned and will be bounded on the north by the North Branch Canal when constructed.
These lots now offered for sale, in situation, advantages rarely to be met with in this
County the North Branch Canal, when constructed (and the time is not remote when it will be) will pass directly by twelve of them, and within twelve rods of ten others and within twenty five rods of the other eleven.
The North Branch Canal will cross the Tunkhannock Creek by an acqueduct within a few rods of, and in view of these lots, and a contemplated Rail Road, commencing at Tunkhannock, extending up said Creek to Nicholson and thence to Binghamton to the state of New York, must necessarily intersect the Canal within a few rods of them also.
The Lots above enumerated will for a short period, be offered for sale Cheap in this and the adjoining Counties, and all that remain unsold, (if any) after a short time will be disposed of in distant places.
On Said lots, all of which are under improvement) are Two Frame dwelling Houses, A frame Barn, a large & commodious Shed, Corn House and a Well.
Terms. One Half Cash down, and the remainder on approved credit for any term of years, if desired. A good and sufficient title will be given, and possession may be had at any time desired.

28 Dec. 1836

Pennsylvania Legislature. Senate, Dec. 16th
Mr. CARPENTER, petitions from Michael WAUGL and Henry KEEFER, old soldiers praying for relief
Dec 21st: Mr. REED, petition for a law against gambling, horse racing, &c. also one against the division of Susquehanna County
House of Representatives, Dec. 19th:
Mr. STARK, petition from Anna Maria WINTER, widow of a revolutionary soldier, praying for relief
Dec. 20th: A. DIMOCK, petitions to incorporate the Bank of Susquehanna County, at Montrose
Dec. 21st: O. S. DIMICK, one from citizens of Pike, Susquehanna and Luzerne Counties, that the
Lackawanna rail road company be authorised to make a lateral road commencing at the Starrucca summit in Susquehanna county, and terminating at Dannins Ferry, Pike County.

Isaac HARRIS, has been appointed Agent of the Luzerne county Bible Society, and authorized by its officers to visit the citizens of the County for the purpose of selling copies of the Bible and Testament, of distributing them gratis where needed; and of procuring subscriptions and donations to the funds of the society.

International Improvement Meeting, held at the hotel of Hiram JONES, Tunkhannock, on 24th December, for the purpose of consulting measures, requisite to the forwarding of the public improvement in Northern Pennsylvania. A. HINES, Esq. called order, Perrin ROSS, Esq., was chosen President, Col. Abel MARCY and Luman FERRY, Esq., Vice Presidents, and P. M. OSTERHOUT and Hiram JONES, Secretaries. Committee to draft preamble: A. HINE, Esq., Ziba SMITH, Samuel STARK 2nd, D. A. BARDWELL, John R. MORE, Ira AVERY, Punderson AVERY, George H. KITCHAM, Theoron MARCY and Charles SEELY. That the following named be Delegates to attend the Convention:
Wilkesbarre: E. W. STURDEVANT, A. T. MC CLINTOCK, H. WEBB, Thomas FOSTER Jr., S. T.
Kingston: S. D. LEWIS, Elias HOYT, Erastus HILL, John PERKINS, Jacob SAGER, James JENKINS
Exeter: Harris JENKINS, Isaac HARDING, Ezekiel GOBLE, Isaac CARPENTER, Giles SLOCUM,
Northmoreland: Asa KEELER, Josiah ROGERS, Doct. E. F. HEISZ, Doct. Alfred BRACE, Henry FULLER
Eaton: Elisha HARDING, Daniel LEE, Asa A. DANA, E. HARDING Jr., Benjamin JENKINS, Philip LEE,
Falls: Miles AVERY, Henry OSTERHOUT, Nathaniel FITCH, Henry ROBERTS, William WRIGHT, Joseph TAYLOR, Chauncey SHERWOOD, Salmon C. STRONG
Abington: Rev. John MILLER, Doct. A. BEDFORD, B. F. BAILEY, Jeremiah CLARK, N. D. GREEN,
George CAPWELL, Thomas SMITH
Nicholson: Nathan BACON, Andrew GORDINER, James ROBERTS, Eliphalet STEPHENS, E. S.
Tunkhannock: Abel MARCY, Samuel STARK, Doct. N. JACKSON, Oliver STARK, Tho. T. SLOCUM,
James WRIGHT, Perrin ROSS, Hiram JONES, D. A. BARDWELL, Samuel STARK 2nd, Lewis DICKSON, Theoren MARCY, Doct. John V. SMITH, Ira AVERY, G. H. KITCHAM, Doct. James KELLY, A. DURHAM, P. M. OSTERHOUT, A. HINE, John STARK, Calvin DAVIDSON, Hiram STARK, Jabez JENKINS, Thomas OSTERHOUT, Benjamin JENKINS, Isaac VOSBURG
Braintrim: Nicholas OVERFIELD, Daniel STERLING, John STURDEVANT, Isaac LACY
Windham: John FASSETT, William WHIPPLE, R. P. JENNINGS, Albert REDFIELD, Seth L. KENEY

Notice. The partnership of BIDLACK & ATHERHOLT has been dissolved. All accounts since September 1831 have been assigned to B. A. BIDLACK. To those who settle previous to the first of February next, there will be made a deduction of 50 Cents per year, from the terms, besides interest.

An Apprentice is wanted to the Tin & Copper Smith business. A boy of steady habits 15 or 16 years of age will find good encouragement upon application. Joseph P. DENNIS, Wilkesbarre.

Take Notice. Whereas, Jeremiah SMITH, has filed a claim against me, for the sume of two hundred and eighty nine dollars and seventy two cents, which he says is for brick, stone and labor done. This is to inform the community that his claim on me never was more than sixty dollars, and as for his finding bricks, I say it is wholly an untruth, as he never paid for a brick for me. And as for his finding lime, its an other, for he never found a bushel. And as to his finding stone for me, he bought four or five perches of Gilbert LAIRD which he was very anxious to find, and he wanted me to let him get them, which I did. And his statement, that the above remains unpaid, is another untruth for I paid him about thirty dollars before he struck a stroke for me, one cent of which he was not to have received until the job was finished, which he has not finished yet. And I have, likewise, paid him somewhere between sixty and seventy dollars. This is merely to let the public know the facts. Hiram B. DENNIS

Estate of Abel MUNSON, late of Kingston, requests payments and demands. Christian ATHERHOLT, John EATON, Administrators.

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