Known Funeral Directors of Wyoming County, PA

from “ Lest-We-Forget Wyoming Co. Pioneers” Vol. 5 #2 p. 64-65

Beaumont (Monroe Twp.)
From the 1900 Wyoming County Directory, Thomas NULTON is listed. He started in business circa 1890. The business then passed to his son Paul NULTON and is currently operated by his grandson, Paul NULTON Jr.

Factoryville (Clinton Twp.)
From the 1900 Directory, two funeral directors are listed William L. FOLLETT and George W. STANTON. George STANTON’s son, Robert M., continued his business after his death. From tombstones I find a William FOLLETT who died 24 March 1926. George W. STANTON died 7 Feb. 1916. Robert M. STANTON was born 1889, we find no stone for him.*
*Circa 1939 Perry COLVIN (1903-1949) opened his own funeral parlor. After his death in 1949 his wife, Bertha (now (OWENS) continued the business with the assistance of Willard BAKER until she sold out to Willard in 1950. He operated the business until March of 1970 when he sold out to Anthony LITWIN who presently operates it.

Falls-Mill City (Overfield-Falls Twp.)
1900 Directory lists L. H. WINTERS (nothing further known).

Laceyville (Braintrim Twp.)
The 1900 Directory lists S. H. GREGORY. His tombstone reads 22 Nov. 1831 – 16 Dec. 1906.

About 1927, Burns SHELDON (1879-1944) started a funeral business in that village. That business was taken over by his son, Benjamin O. SHELDON (1910-1973). After Ben’s death it was operated through his brothers, Bryce and Ralph SHELDON who each had their own funeral parlors in Meshoppen and Tunkhannock respectively. It is now under the direction of Ben’s son, Benjamin B. SHELDON.

Mehoopany (Mehoopany Twp.)
The 1900 Directory lists William DECKER (nothing further known).

Forest DUNLAP opened a business there circa Jan. 1925, which he operated until his death, 1 Sept. 1959. Mr. DUNLAP was born 30 March 1897. His widow “Kate” Catherine ACE operated the business until 1970 with the help of Willard BAKER. Mrs. DUNLAP died in December 1985. Since 1970 there has been no funeral director in Mehoopany.

Meshoppen (Meshoppen Twp.)

The 1900 Directory lists George A. CARTER. His tombstone reads 1862-1946. In the early 1940’s, Bryce SHELDON, a son of Burns SHELDON of Laceyville, opened a funeral parlor in Meshoppen. He operated the business until his death in December 1975. It is presently under the direction of his nephew, Benjamin B. SHELDON, son of Benjamin O. SHELDON.

Nicholson (Nicholson Twp.)
In 1900 no funeral director is listed.

Charles LITWIN, who currently operates a business there tells me he bought out George RENVILLE about 1974. And that Mr. RENVILLE had bought the business from Charles TERRY.

Northmoreland (Northmoreland Twp.)
The 1900 Directory lists G. H. STROH and SON. There is a tombstone listing for G. H. STROH 1849-1931.

Tunkhannock Boro
In the 1900 Directory, two funeral directors were listed, Theodore STREETER and Robert C. COOK.

Theodore STREETER (16 Mar. 1844 – 30 Dec. 1934) sold out to Ray GREENWOOD. Mr. GREENWOOD operated the business until his death on 17 March 1961.

Robert C. COOK sold out in the early 1900’s to Burns O. SHELDON (1879-1944). About 1910, Mr. SHELDON sold to Burt BILLINGS and moved to Howie Springs. In 1912, he returned to Meshoppen where he opened a bakery and confectioner store, which he operated until about 1927 when he went to Laceyville to begin a furniture and undertaking business. Mr. BILLINGS (14 Jan. 1878 – 15 Aug. 1945) operated the Tunkhannock business until his death in 1945. His widow continued in the business with the assistance of their nephew, Samuel HARDING, until 1963. In 1963, Blanche BILLINGS sold the business to her nephew. Mr. Samuel B. BILLINGS stilll operates the business. In 1959, Ralph B. SHELDON, another son of Burns, opened his own undertaking business in Tunkhannock, which he continues to operate with his son, Ralph B. Jr.