Wyoming County Newspapers Through The Years

Old newspaper

from Lest-We-Forget Wyoming County Pioneers Vol. 6 #1 (15 Sep 1986) and Vol. 6 #2 (15 Feb 1987) Today Wyoming County has one local newspaper, the New Age Examiner [Update: Wyoming County Press Examiner in 2016]. Going through the old newspapers from the Metcalf collection (purchased and returned from NY State in 1981) we find…

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1799 Wilkes Barre Gazette & Luzerne Advertiser

WILKES BARRE GAZETTE & LUZERNE ADVERTISER TUESDAY PUBLICATION PUBLISHED BY – JOSIAH WRIGHT WILKES BARRE, LUZERNE CO., PA 8 Jan. 1799 Common Pleas Court of Luzerne Co., Jan Term – the following have made application for the benefit of the laws of this Commonwealth relative to insolvent debtors: Joshua BURGES Land for sale from estate…

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