Genealogical and historical data taken from local newspapers and from our biannual newsletter and listed here for your personal research and reading pleasure.

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Nicholson Township

October 26, 2014

“Portions of at least twenty present day townships and three boroughs in these counties once were called Nicholson.” Nicholson Township was formed by the Quarter Sessions Court of Luzerne County in August, 1795. It was created out of the townships of Tioga and Wyalusing, two of the eleven original townships of Luzerne County in 1786.…

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Genealogy circa 1895

July 19, 2014

TUNKHANNOCK S. Judson STARK, who is a descendant of the MARCYs and HARDINGs, of pioneer stock, is looking up old records preparatory to writing up his family history. The record goes back to 1772-75, the time when all this section was held under the Connecticut survey. Mr. STARK came into possession, a few days since, through…

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The Waterman Murder Trial-1895

July 19, 2014

Here are transcripts from The Scranton Tribune, the Wyoming Democrat, and the Tunkhannock Republican newspapers of a criminal trial that occurred in Tunkhannock in April, 1895. A man from Nicholson named G. or C. Washington WATERMAN was killed and several men were arrested and put on trial for the murder and/or for being accomplices. The…

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Wyoming County Newspapers Through The Years

January 19, 2014

from Lest-We-Forget Wyoming County Pioneers Vol. 6 #1 (15 Sep 1986) and Vol. 6 #2 (15 Feb 1987) Today Wyoming County has one local newspaper, the New Age Examiner [Update: Wyoming County Press Examiner in 2016]. Going through the old newspapers from the Metcalf collection (purchased and returned from NY State in 1981) we find…

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WWI recruitment poster

The Boys Who Marched Away

January 20, 2013

The Boys Who Marched Away Wyoming County Men Who Fought in World War I Inspired by posts on Facebook and Compiled by Sylvia Repsher Our hats are off to these young men and each and every veteran who has served our country during the world struggle for freedom. The photo below whet my curiosity as…

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pension card

List of Pensioners (1883)

April 7, 2012

LIST OF PENSIONERS [Taken from the Wyoming Democrat, 7 December 1883] Upon the General Government, from Wyoming County; together with the disability, monthly rate, and the number and date of such pension. No. of certificate – Name of Pensioner – Post-Office Address – Cause for which pensioned – Monthly rate – Date of original allowance.…

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School buiding

History of the Sand Hill School or Harrison Street School

April 7, 2012

History of the Sand Hill School or Harrison Street School Present Home of the Wyoming County Historical Society By Jean Brewer and Paula Radwanski The Harrison Street School building dates back to its opening in January of 1855. At one time it was called the Sand Hill School. By 1871, it was eventually run down…

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Mehoopany creek bridge

A Trip to the Coalfields of Wyoming County (1871)

April 7, 2012

A Trip to the Coalfields of Wyoming County Wyoming Democrat – 2 & 16 Aug 1871 [From Lest-We-Forget Wyoming County Pioneers, the newsletter of the Wyoming County Historical Society, Vol. 10 No. 2 (Feb. 1991)] After hearing much said about the existence of coal in various places in the County, curiosity and excitement led me…

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20th Anniversary of Wyoming County Historical Society

April 6, 2012

from Lest-We-Forget Wyoming County Pioneers Vol. 16 #2 p. 51-55 by Jean Brewer I was asked to write this article in recognition of the 20th Anniversary of the Reorganized Wyoming County Historical Society. It is hard to believe the Society has been back in operation for this many years. In order to write the article…

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